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Jill Dando

Jill Wendy Dando (9 November 1961 – 26 April 1999) was an English journalist, television presenter and newsreader who worked for the BBC for 14 years.

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Princess Diana, Jill Dando, Pervs at the Palace and the Jimmy Savile connection
brutal murder of Jill Dando linked to ring operating within and beyond.
. Was there some connection between Cliff Richards and the Jill Dando killing?
Yes. I think the murder of Jill Dando is another one linked to underworld. Just a hunch.
have you thought of applying to UCL's Jill Dando Institute for Crime Science?
Did you Know it is highly likely Jill Dando was Murdered because she was about to Blow The Whistle on a Powerful...
Satan just a character in book by Milton. But many who profess to believe are paedophiles or their enablers. Jill Dando knew, as did Diana..
Topman J ... I've started wearing boxers a lot now tho coz if you keep on goin Jill Dando they'll end up to your knees lol
If the killer of Jill Dando' s still at large have got a contract for him.
I was thinking about you last night, Jill dando was there too. It got weird.
the fella who was done for the Jill Dando murder? That is a good shout.
"I'm not racist, I used to watch Holiday with Jill Dando when they'd go to all those funny foreign countries" Nigel Farage, 2014
to be fair and impartial, police DO frame suspects. SY framed Barry George for example in Jill Dando murder.
have a good holiday I went about 18 yrs ago had some interesting experiences! Met Jill Dando doing a holiday report & ...
Today is my first *** day since the day Jill dando got murdered!!! 1999!!! I'm mad innit
we all know disgusting criminality surrounds Blair http…
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we all know disgusting criminality surrounds Blair
Does second vehicle ring bell with anyone? A mysterious car they couldn't trace? Savile and Jill Dando also knew who killed Diana. And why.
Guess the year on The Top 10 @ 10. Big songs came from 5ive, Basement Jaxx and Britney. Celine Dion played Don Valley, Notting Hill was the big rom-com and tv presenter Jill Dando was murdered. So, what's the year and what were you upto? SCOTT
Jade Goody did not die of cancer. She was murdered. The whole thing was orchestrated by PR demon Max Clifford, who also organised the assassination of Jill Dando and the "suicide" of Mark Speight. Let's take a look at the evidence: Timing - received diagnosis shortly after becoming unpopular. Staging - received diagnosis on live television. Hatred turns to sympathy. Chemotherapy treatment begins. Becomes sick for real. Film crews banned from filming death. The reason for this should have been obvious. Dies on Mother's Day (probably due to massive overdose of morphine). This was a dangerous strategy but it paid off, as even more sympathy was generated for Goody's children. Goody no longer a hate figure, but a saint. State funeral for Goody, with massive public turnout (proof of efficacy). And so the media swept yet another problem under the rug while making a fortune through newspaper sales and TV advertisements. This happens all the time when celebrities get out of control. Next time someone famous (hopef ...
Cliff Richard, Tony Blackburn, Jet Harris, Jill Dando, Elm Guest House and the tightwad’s thank-you.
Why was Cliff Richard interviewed by Jill Dando murder detectives?.
Josh Bannister Jill Dando's husband wanted to get a new front door but apparently Jill was dead against it.
I do not know if this has been mentioned before ( apologies if it has) I really hope that Goncalo Amaral wins the trial "when ever it takes place?" Apparently GA has more evidence to show... is this spooking the Macscamms?? I'm just thinking about the man's safety for himself and his family. We all know what has happened in the past when certain people know to much! Take for example Princess Diana , Jill Dando etc.. Whatever the Mcscamms have over certain people would be interesting to no! but we can only speculate . It may take years to get to the truth, it took SA-VILES \DEATH BEFORE PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA DARED TO SPEAK OUT! And making KM Ambassador for missing children and people! are they taking the pee? Something very sinister happened on that holiday.. but the truth will out one day! I just want them arrested and soon... sorry for sounding like a nutter :)
Latest: Jill Dando was murdered by gov forces bcos she was about 2 reveal via tv media, names in high place connected with large paedo ring!
Ok so Jill Dando, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana and 9/11 victims had the same coroner? very different parts of the world, conspiracy ridden!!
So the pathologist was the sane one they used for Princess Diana, 9/11 deaths and Jill Dando and you expect me to believe anything he says.
Film idea: Dando Unchained, biopic of the late Jill Dando.
If Jill Dando were here today, she'd have been a Belieber.
Why does he hint that my friend killed Jill Dando?
just watched a YouTube vid on the allegations.Seemed to have legs until they link him to killing Jill Dando & Diana!!
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why hasn't Jill dando been on lately?
Now this is a good read. Great Stepping Stones.
Barry George - who has recently been found not guilty for the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando, was interested in stunts and was posing as Steve Majors. He was interviewed about his abilities as a stuntman. George took great pleasure in discussing his interest in stunts and in September 1981, using the name Steve Majors, Barry George arrived at the Long Eaton Stadium in an attempt to persuade the manager to allow him to carry out a daring stunt. The stunt involved skating down a 70 foot high ramp, leaping 40 feet into the air over four double decker buses and landing upon a 20 foot high structure. The event was arranged and held on the 19th September and thousands bought tickets to watch George's death defying leap. He successfully completed the jump but injured himself upon landing. He did not mind because he received attention and in doing so could share his interests with complete strangers. His performance was shown on television and was featured in local newspapers. He later performed this same stun ...
It was Hamish Campbell on the Jill Dando case, NOT DCI Redwood.
We learn today that Barry George has been denied compensation for being falsely imprisoned for the murder of Jill Dando. Despite being innocent of all charges against him, and having almost certain...
Good Morning Hall's Breakfast Show now until 10am Do you know where we're headed for today's Sat Nav Challenge? Here are the clues... 2hrs 39 minutes away, 161 miles Famous people - John Cleese, Jill Dando, Ritchie Blackmore & Jeffrey Archer We're headed south-west Go on, have a guess, you know you want to!!
Barry George, accused of killing Jill Dando was not given any proper medical help or evaluation by Met or Courts.
Random statement of the day,came from one of my work colleagues whilst listening to Tina Turner on the radio. He says, she's dead isn't she? No I say ! Ohh I must be thinking of Jill Dando is the reply?
Have a look at this one: Food fore thought.
As I said before, if the board decide that Harris/Claridge is out best option then Ambler is getting it Jill Dando style.
Jill dando made me look like a nutter and look what happened to her
question: why did the doctor who delivered the royal baby get a knighthood? he delivered a baby, nothing more, midwives have been doing it for thousands of years. but he gets one of the highest awards in the land, along with PRIVILEGES denied to every other midwife. on the other hand, THE SURGEONS WHO OPERATED ON THE TWO "TERRORISTS" WHO APPARENTLY KILLED LEA RIGBBY GOT NOTHING. THESE SURGEONS ACHIEVED SOMETHING NEVER DONE BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF SURGERY. both individuals were SHOT AT CLOSE RANGE with HIGH POWERED AUTOMATIC WEAPONS WITH "dropping ammunition" designed to stop a full grown man dead (pardon the pun)in their tracks. BOTH TERRORISTS WERE SHOT FOUR TIMES EACH IN THE CHEST. The ammunition used on these men is designed to cause massive trauma INTERNALLY to kill as quickly as possible to stop suicide bombers instantly. four holes in each chest, masses of internal damage and those "terrorists were able to stand in court unaided IN LESS THAN TEN DAYS. WHY HAVE THE SURGEONS NOT BEEN RECOGNIZED FOR T ...
The roads are as dead as Jill Dando today!
These green peace activists have no sense. They believe attacking someones property is not wrong. After doing the first time they laughed saying it should be more secure. WHEN THEY GOT WHAT THEY ASKED FOR THERE CRYING LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN. They need to know about deaths in custody in Britain and miscarriages of justice like Brighton bombers and Jill Dando's case. Children being held in custody under immigration laws, etc..
What's the difference between Shane Richie and Jill Dando? Shane Richie survived the doorstep challenge!!
London taxi drivers - always looking to help expand your knowledge of your local area: "Oh mate, you live right by where Jill Dando got killed."
It's one of those nights where my brain is trolling me. For example, trying to convince me that the ruler of the Carthaginians was Jill Dando. No, brain. Stop it.
The National Conference - 27/11/13 - at in association with the Jill Dando Institute
Arsenal were the first team on the scene when John F Kennedy got a dose of the Jill Dando aspirin
Oh, and the project is 'dedicated to Jill Dando'
JUSTICE DENIED: Jill Dando murdered by the State to keep lid on el...
The internet is great in a disturbing way. Apparently Jill Dando was killed because she discovered an "elite paedo ring" ran by Sir Cliff.
It's said that Jill Dando is the most famous person ever to be murdered in Britain. Certainly seems true in modern age. Any rivals to title?
Happy birthday to the wife - currently doing one better than Jill Dando, Qusay Hussein, Vincent Van Gogh & Michael Hutchence!
This swimming pool is as dead as Jill Dando!
Laidlaw (for Brooks) tells jury that Milly Dowler's disappearance was not front page news in week before her holiday in Dubai Jill Dando was
What do Jill Dando + Notting Hill have in common? Both were shot near Chelsea in 1999
Really? He looks like the photofit of the man who shot jIll Dando.
Redwood? Is that the same guy who led the botched Jill Dando investigation and put an innocent in jail
Remember when people bet on who killed Jill Dando? The Met cleaned up that day.
Going through a tattooist's Instagram feed. Had to do a double take when I thought someone had Jill Dando tattooed on their back
There was something in the air that night the stars were bright Jill Dando
The Jill Dando murder bears all the hallmarks of panicked cowboyed hit. What was it she knew & was about to make public? Buried for whom?
Jill Dando's head would be quite amusing.
Just answered the door to some kids whilst dressed as Jill Dando. Think the joke was lost on em to be honest. Not my usual audience.
this time of year always makes me hopeful that trick or treaters will suffer the same fate as Jill Dando.
PS do you remember doing a photoshoot for me in which you held up a sign saying Jill Dando owes me 50p?
There's more holes in that story than there were in Jill Dando's head. And you can still whistle for your license.
Watching this thing about Jill Dando getting murdered and the lass who found her reckons she ‘instinctively knew that she was dead’
matter of time before I get Jill Dando'd. I hope.
For all those who have 4gotten bout poor Jill dando. Was 1997
r u even gonna reply bout the eriksson twins or nah? We want answers!! Same for Jill dando and Lady Diana. If u have nothing to hide
just been reading ur thoughts n facts on Jill dando case. I had completely 4got all bout it and her the more I dig/read the more
You don't always get what you want, unless of course you are Jill Dando
Well we all know what happened to Jill Dando.
Barbara Castle MP, Mrs Bhutto, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Princess Diana and Jill Dando. Taken so early bar one. God bless them all.
I have. Please can you give me a link between Redwood & the Jill Dando case because I've never seen any.
Can you show me any evidence of that because I have never seen any evidence that Redwood was on the Jill Dando case.
Andy Redwood wasn't on the Jill Dando case.
Andy Redwood led the botched investigation into Jill Dando's murder. . Now he will present a "reconstruction" on Crimewatch.
deserves To say he is not innocent enough deserves another payout of £500K...
Police determined to do for murder as his life was "disposable"
Jill Dando murder witness comes forward to claim detectives IGNORED his evidence via
Watched Diana yesterday ... It was more Jill dando meets the kumars. Why can't someone invent a wig that doesn't look like a wig?
Just heard that Joe Hart is responsible for Jill Dando's death ...
Most popular Googled questions that lead people to my blog are: "How big is Jason Statham's *** " and "Did Jimmy Savile kill Jill Dando?"
Interesting Theory - one I've seen mentioned on more than one occasion over the last few years
I read an unbelievable one not long ago about the royal baby or something and the murder of Jill Dando.
you need read no further than 'looked at evidence in Jill Dando case'.
reading David Icke's take on the Jill Dando murder. Seems to think it's some kind of conspiracy
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i'm down the rabbit hole of David Icke's take on the Jill Dando murder
I don't have FAITH in Scotland Yard.Neither does Alistair Morgan, Doreen Lawrence nor Jill Dando's family & so many more
Walking round the back streets of Fulham Palace Road. All i can see is Jill Dando on her doorstep.
Jill Dando is rumoured to have uncovered the VIP paedophile ring who executed her. Coincidence about NIck Ro…
the filth that dare not speak its name. Britain's "great and good" - LOVL - and the Jill Dando murder cover-up
The brutal murder of Jill Dando was linked to a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC
It was seemingly Jill Dando's husband that is the Royal deliverer these days.
Organising our golf tournament name, so far "Jill Dando's door step challenge- best shot wins" is in the lead. Watch this space
Hmm, this is new. I'm scared. I haven't even got a Jill Dando line to cover this.
sweating like Jill Dando trying to get her key in the front door?
ha ha ha! I saw that! No, actually, it's the late Jill Dando's fiancé and gynaecologist Alan Farthing
D&D of Cambridge have had a BBQ and the Queen claims responsibility for the murder of Jill Dando. Or did I misread the news?
"and *Alan Farthing* (right), leaving the hospital. Credit: ITV News" *The late Jill Dando's fiance...*
That 'royal fan' dressed in full union jack regalia has the look of Barry George about him (the guy that didn't kill Jill Dando)
Wasn't Alan Farthing, one of the two gynaecologists who helped to deliver the baby, engaged to Jill Dando? Thought I'd heard his name before
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Got a QOM taken off me by Jill Dando. If that isn't a kick to get myself to the gym I don't know what is
Alan Farthing, the gynaecologist is the chap who was engaged to Jill Dando
History made.Welcome baby boy: Prince of Cambridge. Elated for Kate & William.Diana & Jill Dando will be partying with the angels tonight.
Is Kate's obstetrician former fiancé of Jill Dando? Thought I recognised him
After Alan Farthing's name there is always the obligatory 'Fiance of Jill Dando' paragraph
one of the doctors was the late Jill Dando's fiancé. RANDOM FACT OF THE DAY
Was that Alan Farthing as in the fella that was married to Jill Dando??
did your know Alan Farthing who delivered Kate's son was Jill Dando's fiancé!
Aw, isn't Alan Farthing the poor guy who was engaged to Jill Dando ??
interesting fact, One of the team delivering the baby was Jill Dando's boyfriend at the time of her murder.
What was the last thing that went through Jill Dando's mind?
i quite enjoyed hearing the announcement on radio this morning. Mentions of Jill dando's ex-fiancé OB-GYN less charming.
Did you know that he is Jill Dando's ex-partner? Bit of royal gynaecologist trivia for you.
This may explain why still haven't the person who killed .
Isn't it Jill Dando's ex-fiancé who will be delivering Kate's first baby? Now that's spooky!
Did Jill Dando know something about the and the Is that why she was killed?
In all the Royal baby coverage, no one has mentioned that Kate's gynaecologist is murdered Jill Dando's fiancée, Alan Farthing.
Barry didn't do it, Barry didn't kill Jill Dando!
sounds like kate has Jill Dando's boyfriend on hand as well thought i knew that name from somewhere
yeah what have Mi5 and Mi6 been up to
I'm really worried I'm going to somehow accidentally mention the Jill Dando thing.
BBC News have deleted the reference to Jill Dando from their coverage. Too little too late.
Alan farthing wasn't he engaged to Jill dando when she was murdered?
So the late Jill Dando's former fiancé is one of 's obstetricians!
I also wondered why they reported that one of the attending doctors is Jill Dando's former fiancee. Not relevant.
Not quite sure how relevant Alan Farthing being the partner of Jill Dando is relevant.
The Queens gynaecologist was also engaged to Jill Dando - he's had a tough life bless him!!
I think it was so they could say years later 'that Jill Dando was murdered by assailants unknown' - I smell a cover up
The Queen's current gynacologist is Jill Dando's ex fiance! I'm not even making this up.
Jill Dando's ex-husband is inspecting the royal carriage as we speak.
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Today will be scattered with unfortunate references to Jill Dando.
Kate Middleton's gyno was Jill Dando's fiancé. Oh, God. I hope that doesn't mean Nick Ross on the TV.
Ultimate non-news update "Assisting him is Alan Farthing, the former fiance of murdered TV presenter Jill Dando..."
dear media: stop referring to Royal gynaecologist Alan Farthing as 'ex fiancé of murdered presenter Jill Dando'. sure he must lo…
Apparently it is very important that we all know that the man looking up Kate's woo woo is the widow of 'murdered tv presenter Jill Dando'.
Reverend Cliff Richard and the tragic death of Jill Dando It’s a little known fact that holier-than-thou Reverend Cliff Richard has forgiven the brutal murderer of Jill Dando. Reverend Cliff also claims the murderer will be “forgiven by God“. Reverend Cliff also claims that the murderer was merely exercising his “ freedom of choice” when he gunned her down at point-blank range and sped off in a metallic blue Range Rover. According to John Crowley in the Telegraph: “Sir Cliff Richard said yesterday that Jill Dando’s murderer was exercising “freedom of choice” when he killed her, and he will be forgiven by God. The singer, a committed Christian who was a close friend of the Crimewatch presenter, made the comments on ITV1. Speaking on My Favourite Hymns, Sir Cliff said he would be “obliged” to forgive Barry George, 44, who is serving a life sentence for shooting Miss Dando, 37, on her doorstep in Fulham, south-west London, in April 1999. “That’s because He is an all-forgiving God. T ...
Jill Dando : Closest friend & last to see her alive - Cliff Richard. CR introduce Dando's fiance to new wife. Dando's fiance is Royal gynae
Jill Dando's fiance is also the new royal baby deliverer & Cliff introduced him to his new wife Aw
Thats very Christian of you forgiving the murderer of yr close friend
& his good friend Wonder why she was really killed? Strange that her colleague
'The curious case of Nick Ross' - some questions that have been raised …
In west briedgeford and the cocktails have Jill Dando'ed me
Ok so we are watching Celebrity Ghost Stories on Bio and Ian announces that he used to get excited at watch Anne Diamond in the early days !.
But then I remember the article I read that said to never feel safe just because you're by your house, Jill Dando was shot outside her house
I realised that Nick Ross's scruples were questionable when he insisted that Barry George really did kill Jill Dando following his acquittal
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Playing snooker with Jimmy Savile and jill dando
Wonder dose Nick Ross think the bbc is to blame for Jill Dando getting killed.
he was wrongly convicted of killing the tv presenter Jill Dando and was released after a retrial in 2008. Supports Leeds
Feeling a jill dando and a peroni down the bay
zammo from grange hill, Dr Harold Shipman, Jill Dando and that kid whose parents killed her - maddie.
Analyst en route to Sheffield for phase 2 of project to understand falls in crime over recent times. CSPs and Jill Dando Institute involved.
DIS PhD student Tessa Lambri invited to give presentation at the Jill Dando Institute International C...
Constant Jill Dando thoughts made for the briskest walk home I've done in ages.
desperately searching google for a pic of Barry. Unfortunately he has the same name as the guy who killed Jill Dando
YOU need one? You have more holidays than Jill Dando (pre 99)
do you think Jill Dando knew something?
The curious case of Nick Ross, VIP child-abuse, filthy comments, Operation Yewtree, Crimestoppers and the death of Jill Dando ...
Isn't he that bloke that didn't murder Jill Dando?
Were you ragin' when you didn't get Jill Dando's job after she got popped ?
Only 4 hours to go in work I'm sweating like Neil lennons post man
the media and Police had us all believe Barry George killed Jill Dando. He was later aquitted. Under your theory he'd be hanged
I think also that Nick Ross killed Jill dando
I'm hot like chicken from nando , get dropped on your doorstep like Jill Dando. Old school bars. shwsomelvyo
has anybody really checked his alibi for the day Jill Dando was slotted...just askin
They don't want to know. Remember Jill Dando?
Just reading through the latest Nick Ross outburst again. Did Jill Dando get too close to the truth?
Just discovered a great conspiracy theory involving Nick Ross, Yewtree and the Jill Dando murder. For some reason it won't let me post it
For once we agree. Jill Dando used to like pub quizzes, now she's just a pub quiz question.
Yet more dots being joined Everything is linked
Coming soon: Nick Ross in blackface on The One Show saying that he'd probably have murdered Jill Dando. "We're inquisitive," he says.
Pluck "Florence Nightingale? Is she the one the got shot on her door step?" Julia "No Nikki, that was Jill Dando!"
My old mans only been up an hour,He's already asleep in his chair.I swear he's got a sleeping illness,He could sleep on a knife edge.
With the murder of April Jones isnt it time to bring back hanging with the technology nowadays its very unlikely u would be convicted of a crime u didnt commit
Crime watch has lost it's sincerity without Nick Ross
Here's two autograph's i'd written to ask for some years ago & very much treasure... the late Jill Dando who was viciously gunned down in 1999 & also the unmistakeable & much missed John Thaw.
Sweating like Jill Dando trying to find her house keys.
Can't believe it's nearly 14 years since Jill Dando got shot...
lil has a way to make me laugh even when she's taking the *** of out my budgie jill dando getting eaten by a parrot when I was 5 lol
where coincidentally, a murder occurred which had striking similarities to the killing of the Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando in 1999."
Jill Dando was a great day for Sky News VIEWING.
Ahh how shans this 'am sweating like jill dando trying to find the door key' 😳
“How can a bimbo like Holly Willoughby be worth £10m? Asks agent
Oh and Jill Dando in her prime too. Night.
beaut pics YES that's where we had the massive nacho dish and a had my photo taken like where Jill dando sat!
Mum: 'the only thing I know about Weston-super-Mare is that is where Jill Dando was from'
Jill Dando was cool, bet she would've been a Vileyer.
Where I'm from Jill Dando is how it can go.
No me digas eso xk yo no te meti los cuerno .
"Hamish Campbell, who led Jill Dando inquiry, has temporarily been put in charge of Yewtree." & Review .
My blog post on Julie Burchill and her quote on Jill Dando's murder -
Scaramouche, scaramouche. Did he kill the Jill Dando? I'd be inclined to stump up too innit.
? Was Jill Dando murdered as she was about to expose Elm House + child molesters ? ?
What goes "klink klink bang" ?... Jill Dando putting the milk out
That was part of the argument that Barry George couldn't have killed Jill Dando - he was incapable of planning it.
Bullet to the head is a good deterrent...Think Jill Dando..
Can't wait for the day BBC3 do a show where they get Vernon Kay to re-investigate Jill Dando's murder.
What gets me is that people go on like Jill Dando never walked this on this planet let alone touched so many people's lives.
Got 'Jill Dando'ed' last night,worst trick ever that
Dando Unchained: Jill Dando wakes up 14 years after a failed assassination attempt and tracks down the 6 BBC presenters responsible.
Jill Dando some say was getting too close to what was going on at BBC, Barry George released presumed innocent of her execution. So.?
Jill Dando... *** HUCKNALL. The drummer from Snow Patrol told me so it checks out
lowest is a dwilf. Think Jill dando
I love how romantic Jill Dando is...just whisked off to France!! He's a bit like a Jane Ayre novel
Im from where Jill Dando is how it can go.
everyone will just think this is you and your mate will get Jill Dando'd you know? Dangerous game this.
Evidence is beginning to leak that suggests Jill Dando was investigating a celebrity paedo setup shortly before she was killed. The story takes in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, Fred and Rosemary West and the coincidence that Clarence Mitchell is common to all stories. Rebekah Brooks also gets more than a mention (News International sacrifice).
Tony Blair and his wife the Scubas Cherie Stole my Daughter Katharine they had my son murdered and Jill Dando, Doctor Kelly and Nurse Brenda Boyers who gave Doctor Kelly my DNA Sample in London, Proving beyond doubt that i am the real Father of Katharine, who they also tried to murder in 2004 with an overdose reported by Alan Johnson MP, Nurse Brenda Boyers had told me everything when i went to visit her in Australia were i was forced to go after failed Murder Attempts on my Life by the Blairs, Via Stan Henry and son Ian, George Tully and son Grant, Alan Duncan, Bill Duncan, Margaret Duncan Green, Mike Emerson and son Steven, Rob Mackenzie, Brian Mackenzie, Albert Harding, Jeffery Verrel, Jeff Docherty, Bobby Bewick drug dealer and Pimp, Norman Massey drug dealer and child Pimp, Bob Senior Alan Rankin, Ernie Cutter,& Sylvia Cutter the murders of my family and along with Irsis and David Caffery stole my endowment Policy and fathers house stocks and shares Bank and Building Society accounts they had David D ...
Omg bring back Jill Dando or Fiona Bruce because Kirsty Young never told us not to have nightmares and to sleep well
Archer was rumoured to be involved in the murder of Jill Dando at the time in May 1999. Tony Blair took a bribe from BTP the chemical company I worked for after graduating with a real degree in chemical engineering in 1997. They were doing bogus psychiatric drug research and ripping off the NHS and so 24 hours to save the NHS Tony had his cousin Terry Blair murder Jill Dando to cover it up after I telephoned ITN about it. But it is likely that homosexual William Hague MP as Leader of the Opposition was also bunged by the same company and so perhaps they were in on it as part of the Archer homosexual pedophile ring. I know TV Detective Kirk Watts and his sister Sarah are part of the child sex industry supplying children to MPs and to The Queen is is a prolific *** pedophile. And Kirk shares hotel rooms with William Hague as they are homosexual partners. Hague has separate bedrooms to his wife Sian. And of course Kirk Watts murdered Robert Jowitt at 17 Erw Terrace in Burry Port with one of his many othe ...
Barry George: Man cleared of killing Jill Dando loses battle for a £500,000 payout after judges... via
it's unbelievable that the murder of someone as high profile as Jill Dando can go unsolved
Is there ever going to be a proper investigation into Dando's death?
Set in Portmeirion, Jill Dando wakes up and realises she's a village Prisoner in BBC1's Antiques Inspectors, 1999 - broadcast posthumously!
In the search for Richard III's remains they find Shergar, the guitarist from Manic Street Preachers... And Jill Dando...
I hope those *** III DNA tests end up proving it was either an orang utan or the guy who shot Jill Dando.
There is a report that Jill Dando failed The Daz Doorstep Challenge ,lol
Just found out Jill Dando was my age when she was killed. But... but... she was a grown up! I'm... This is weird.
Barry George, wrongly convicted of killing BBC presenter Jill Dando, loses battle for compensation at High Court in London
Also a tape featuring a Leeds game and "A Tribute to Jill Dando"
how was the film mate.didnt think Tarantino would do a film about Jill dando life story.sorry Jill couldn't resist.R.I.P
Original Mode, knife only playthrough, best ending. Harder than it looks. the Jill Dando trial, but imho, a prompt apology would seem to remove any poss intimidation
A liberal smattering of blood all over my front door. A regular mystery!
an Barry George who got wrongly accused of killin Jill dando sued n got £m's so am afta Jew gold u killed4
u also killed joan of arc and Jill dando and kidnapped maddie mccann
in summary: champagne, vodka, a stray cat called Jill Dando and a medal for Steph.
'After the murder of Jill Dando,Sir Cliff Richard told the police about Jill's boyfriends & other relationships.' Was she about to do same?
Man who didn't murder Jill Dando didn't not murder her enough -
u won't contact Jill Dando shess alive an livrs in Diddbury...
Barry George was locked up Because the judge&jury cocked up He was obsessed with Princess Di So Jill Dando's similiar haircut caught his eye
Barry George has lost his bid for compensation for wrongful conviction of the murder of Jill Dando
I asked why they wouldn't give me home insurance got the answer 'remember Jill Dando'
SSHM's Prof. Bronwyn Parry will give a lecture on the Forensic Uses of Bioinformation at the Jill Dando Crime Institute at UCL today,11-1pm.
Dear Met Police, are you going to re-open the Jill Dando 'assassination' file now?
turn aff your wee stalker alert then Jill Dando!!!
yes, his tribute page has me in tears. Lovely pics - esp of all family & him as a young producer w/Jill Dando
Judges rule that man wrongly convicted of TV presenter's murder is not entitled 2 compensation
smear all you want Forbes. Remember I know you killed Jill Dando
Anyway enough about that. Today I saw a poll that said who people most wanted to see on breakfast TV, 7th was Jill Dando. That's pretty deep
It's all gone very quiet of late.. They have nothing to charge our Ian.
Hopefully. Need to get back on it tomorrow. My legs feel dead today. Jill Dando dead!
Nothing can wreak this country more than the abomination adopted Romanian gypsy House of Windsor fake royalty. They are truly the most vile pathological liar scum villains on the planet. The Polish people are morally upright and hard working and pay taxes so those scumbags can pay hush money and go about stealing children like Maddy McCann and April Jones and eat their brains for human growth hormone brains steaks. There is nothing funny about it it is sick to the core and the bent police liars from Dyfed-Powys Police who tried to laugh this off and present it as comedy are CLEARLY involved in doing those crimes and the framing of an innocent man in the aftermath. I am talking about John McMillian and Dewi Williams who is well know for child abduction going back to his *** in Australia in the 1980s.
The Radio Times did a poll for most popular BBC Breakfast presenter. Susannah won. Jill Dando was 7th
only1 person knows who killed Jill dando, Barry George. well, him and the bloke who actually did it obviously.
The concept originates from the Jill Dando Institute. The aim is to only use evidenced based solutions to reduce crime.
Barry George the man convicted of killing TV icon Jill Dando on her doorstep with a gun and subsequently was sentenced to life has been back in court.George was found not guilty after serving 8 he was claiming wrongful imprisonment.However his case was thrown out as Tory Minister for all things criminal...Chris Grayling, said he was not innocent enough...Fecksake.
All right, I made a right mess of that one, didn't I? OK, I am cutting out a number of articles from the Independent newspaper. One of them I wonder if you have seen: it's about Barry George, who was wrongly imprisoned for 8 years for killing Jill Dando. It turns out he was diagnosed with Asperger's.
Barry George, who was wrongly jailed for murdering Jill Dando, has lost his High Court bid for compensation.
Me and jill dando r listening 2 the bay city rollers
oh excuse me gutted as i was for Jill Dando and her family, did i not say at the time that was a typical case of the police setting somebody up to get a good quick result, good job we haven't got death row in this country with all the corrupt coppers oh sorry did i say CORRUPT
Hamilton Collection
Just been reading about the murder of Jill Dando. Top bird but well strange case.
Barry George, who spent eight years in prison after being wrongly convicted of the murder of Jill Dando, loses his High Court bid for compensation as a victim of a "miscarriage of justice".
Barry didnt do it...barry didnt do it.barry didnt kill jill dando!!
Barry George loses compensation appeal against 'wrongful' conviction for murder of TV presenter Jill Dando. Good. If Barry George is innocent, I'm Bruce Forsyth. Nice to see you...
Question : when my building society's automated phone answering service can't understand my Serbian surname Jovanovic and answers with "I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that" and "I'm having difficulty in understanding your answer" and puts me through to a human advisor...can I sue them for racial discrimination?
The things you learn on the Internet! Just read that Cliff Richard hired a hit man, Barry Bulsara, to eliminate Jill Dando because she was investigating Garry Glitter's dubious behaviour. Who knew that the Bachelor Boy is a Mafia Godfather?
Jim Davidson, Stuart Hall, Freddie Starr and Jill Dando's killer all going in I heard.
You know what 12 years of psychiatry has achieved? Nothing. I have not budged on one single detail of fact and I maintain that every single thing I have said is what I have always said and I have come up to proof with precision and accuracy on all occasions. I still say Nipa Laboratories were bribing the Health and Safety Executive, I still say the bribed Tony Blair and Jack Straw to change the law "to say" I'm a psychopath. And since then I solved the murder of Jill Dando that was done by Tony Blair's cousin Terry Blair. The only thing that has been truly proven is that I have never had a mental disorder or ever suffered from one single delusion as long as I have lived. That is the truth. However my accusers have been all over the place with their wild accusations that they claim they have proven. They are not to be taken seriously and have destroyed their own credibility with their deceit. Only I am worth listening to and those presentations by bent pigs presenting my ideas on my behalf are infact done ...
Just read a conspiracy theory that Jill Dando was killed to cover-up a BBC paedo ring!
Jill Dando warned me of 'pervy' Jimmy Savile, says BBC's Sally Jones | via
Excellent post looking back at coverage of Jill Dando's murder, post hacking scandal and by
This is my most offensive joke: whats the difference between Jill Dando and Danny Baker? Danny survived the doorstep challenge... Too soon?
The only way is F-Town Death town, Where outsiders are left on the ground, We got O.Gs on a rebound, Killer B's making a sound, Y.G's earning the next pound as i take the mic for the next round, Sparkos taking ya down Deep Deep underground creep creep around the Folkestone town. My head is like a external hardriver, My swagga is so hot itz like a inferno, ive got a killer instinct like Al Pachino, Like Tuxy Giver i'll chop chop you up like a prepella, lock lock u up in my cella, Shot ya Corpse on E Bay for a fiver, my mind is so deep ya can call me a Skuba Diver and offcourse I'm a O.G not a learner Im a real killa B never held a burner, But i can still make ya head go Click Click Bang like a mouse curser, When sparkos about they know i bring the mass murder, People say my bark is loud and my bite is worser, I'm about to lyricaly remove you from the game like no one has ever heard of ya, You'll get shot straight into your head outside your front door step like your name is Jill Dando, I'm going on too fre ...
I despair at the state of Dumb Britain. I asked Rebecca who Elton John originally wrote Candle In The Wind. When I put my head in my hands at the answer of Princess Di she insisted we call Lauren to prove she wasn't stupid. Answers so far: Judy Garland Freddie Mercury Elvis Presley Jill Dando . Seriously, Jill Dando?!? For a start she lived for another two years after Diana. Please excuse me. I am just off out to throw myself under a bus.
I'm proper Hank Marvin, want some Jill Dando's and some Shaun Ryder.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Allo Darlin' - Wu Tang Clan. "Getting my hair cut like Jill Dando" Fantastic
Oh I got blocked by Peter Skinner MEP. Well this is it...if Democracy excluded people and thinks they are above the law then they cause trouble for themselves. All I was saying is that Jack Straw was talking rubbish when he accused me of treason for seeking his resignation for wrong doing. What he and Tony Blair did was take bribes from BTP PLC to go about telling people I'm a psychopath and make a new law to lock me away without a trail and having done no crime just because I expose corrupt, illegal, dishonest and dangerous practices at their factory in Llantwit Fardre. They wanted revenge because I would not go along with wrong doing. I insisted they reign. They had Jill Dando murdered by Terry Blair, Tony Blair's cousin. It is treason to seek to overthrow the Democratic System. It is a Democratic Right to get the resignations of democratically elected wrong doers. Tony Blair and Jack Straw were democratically elected wrong doers and I wanted them to reign. I was not seeking to get rid of the democratic ...
Very sad to see Jill Dando knowing she was later murdered - seen here talking to Rory Bremner as a whole host of politicians
Jill Dando is interviewing Rory Bremner as John Major. John Major is much funnier than Rory Bremner has ever been.
On Ken Livingstone with a full head of hair and a tache plus Shirley Williams. Also the way of Jennifer's Ear plus Jill Dando
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