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Jill Dando

Jill Wendy Dando (9 November 1961 – 26 April 1999) was an English journalist, television presenter and newsreader who worked for the BBC for 14 years.

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very easy mistake.. I often wonder who killed Jill Dando too.
Unsure whether i'm coming down with abit of flu, or my throat is just mega sore from screaming Jill Dando
I liked this PhD number. The video seems to have been made by the team behind Minder. Slightly pervy (bad way). Echoes of Jill Dando.
JILL DANDO murdered by the ELITE paedophiles -
"This playlist is the best ever imo" - Jill Dando. Best Of 90's Alternative by Danny ♫
Speaking of manipulations of justice & perception, its great he's making such a stand it'll…
Its that time again... Can you hear the drums again Fernando... Where's Jill Dando!!!
Jill Dando was murdered by a hit man
why would they not cover this story? What happened to Jill Dando? Some people really should do their homework.
I have but she hates me talking about Jill Dando during sex😂😂
'Mentals. TAKE YOUR DRUGS OR ELSE'. Cut to us lot talking about Jill dando.
Have you figured out who killed Jill Dando yet?
He would of been sent to prison if the bbc listened to Jill Dando she tried to alert bosses to a paedophile ring at the bbc
. I guess they didn't know why Jill Dando was murdered either.
You did not know the establishment is full of child raping sociopaths? Jill Dando did.
whilst feeling sorry for the woman this is what happens when stalkers and misfits flip,we all remember Lennon,Jill Dando etc
and Jill dando was ready to call them all out and she got shot on her doorstep.
loved your Jill dando stuff. Will check this. His voice terrifies me though. I'll wait till daylight!
and was on the list no doubt the one that got JILL dando murdered
And Jill Dando was murdered because she was about to expose it all
This is part of the reason Jill Dando was assassinated .
Saddest thing about this oasis programme is seeing Jill Dando
Yup. And Jill Dando had tried to expose them all just before she was assassinated in '99. Horrifying.
"Known" within the bbc . year before Jill dando was looking into this "openly talked about fact" dando
jill dando knew and was ready to spil all. Where is she?
Jill Dando...I liked Jill, it's been a cover up on top of a cover up all the way along. The Jimmy Saville BBC. https:/…
Jill Dando tried to expose BBC paedophile ring but 'nobody wanted to know
Sat in a Pub listening to some awful🔔🔚 making up drunk stories. Next one of them will Claim they shagged Jill dando to death 💀
Jeremy Paxman & Cliff Richard both interviewed by police re: Jill Dando murder.
Jeremy Paxman & Cliff Richard were both questioned re: Jill Dando murder. Has Paxman written about that?
. who is Suzanne Dando again? Why don't people talk about Jill Dando anymore?
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God you smell good like Jill Dando did
Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedophile ring at BBC’. - New revelations indicate Jill Dando knew about...
Who can vouch for (of Fairbairn, Jill Dando, Portillo & Alex Standish fame).
Sir Cliff Richard - Lack of evidence doesn't = innocent. Google Elm Lodge Guest House and Jill Dando was about to expose a V…
Jill Dando stops shots better than Silvestri
Jill Dando, Hitler in Argentina, The Kursk, Chernobyl and nuclear explosions creating wormholes
Just watching Victoria D she is dipping her toe in the cesspit of our justice system, as jill Dando did many years before her
despite improved policing and forensics - the 1999 murder of Jill Dando remains one of 1600 UK homicide cold cases
anyone who can't see a problem with people knowing where celebrities live needs to remember Jill Dando
Got it back. Dropped it where I killed Jill Dando.
Just because I've got blonde hair and haven't been to Bosnia doesn't mean I'm a bimbo. I am stil
Jill Dando murder witness comes forward to claim detectives IGNORED his evidence 2013
I won't go near the Daily Mail or Bristol post because of what happened to Jill Dando.
As for Jill Dando being murdered because of paedophilia. I expect to see huge libel cases and...
That photo fit for Jill Dando case looked more like Kenneth Noye than Barry George.
I hope Danny Day does get taken to court. That's the only way the truth will come out. RIP Jill Dando.
6/16/16 False flag "Britain first" LOL BS. You won't know truth about this for 20 yrs like Jill Dando who was trying to out J.Savile.
Barry George is a good example, "evidence" proved him guilty of killing Jill dando, he was innocent though.
When Jill Dando showed me pictures of an MP at a rocky horror reanactment, it was dolphin sq sucking on the face of a…
There are rumours he was murdered by THE ESTABLISHMENT and MI5...It never happened. Ask Jill Dando & Princess Diana
The best presenters were Nick Ross & Sue Cook followed by the late, great Jill Dando
Cliff Richard, Alan Farthing & Clarence Mitchell got close 2 Jill Dando to see her paedophille investigation.
l'm going to watch this Jill Dando documentary. Back later.
l'll leave this here. A very interesting piece on the murder of Jill Dando. .
Hard 2 believe it's been 17yrs 2day since the beautiful Jill Dando was brutally taken by pure evilness 😔
I liked a video from Jill Dando: Unsolved Murder of a Celebrity
Jill tried to uncover a paedo ring at the BBC. It was revealed
Jill Dando, Sir Cliff & VIP Paedos Plz watch Part 3 at least, if not all. Plz RT
How long before Vardy comes out his house to get the paper and this weirdo does a Jill Dando on him
mm and didn't he die suddenly like Dr Kelly ,Jill Dando,Robin Cook,Willie McRae, just saying like... featured in NBC s Science of Love
MFI assassinated Justin Fashanu when he took an old watch to be valued at Antiques Roadshow by Jill Dando
*raises eyebrow* Shouldn't Jill Dando appear in that scenario somewhere?
I started the day after the Jill Dando reconstruction. Let's just say the tone of the office did not reflect my excitement.
She knew too much so too did Jill Dando. David Kelly was also murdered there were no WMD in Iraq
The murder of Jill Dando has remained conveniently ‘unsolved ‘ for the past 16 years.
Richard Madeira on drums, John Noakes on bass, Jill Dando on vocals, Carl Cox on the decks and Richard O Brien on harmonica.
would enjoy hearing a discussion re Jill Dando.
Preparing "research sprint" on designing research interventions with (@ UCL Jill Dando Institute)
I think 14 is getting you into Jill Dando territory myself. And why do you not emulate his sense of style?
Jill Dando. Jill Dando was one of the UK’s most prominent journalists and presenters, until her murder on the...
Thank God youre still alive Kay! I was confusing you with Jill Dando. Great job on the Antiques Roadshow by the way
I mean, maybe Kay Burley just does random RIP's every day. Tomorrow, she'll be like 'RIP Jill Dando' or something. Maybe it's her thing.
Couldn't work out who shot Jill Dando in the face in broad daylight but fancy their chances at cracking a Victorian cold case.
Police quiz two boys after teen knifed in chest at Jill Dando's school in Bristol: A TEENAGE pupil was stabbed...
'She saw the same man described by Mr Lindsey hanging around Jill Dando’s home ahead of the murder.'
Two boys arrested after pupil 'stabbed in chest' at former school of Jill Dando
David Kelly almost certainly murdered over the Iraq WMD lies. Jill Dando murdered because she knew a lot about the WM pead…
Someone in the office has just announced that one of their first dates with their long-term partner was the 'Jill Dando's Last Steps' tour.
Maddie and Jill Dando are still held hostage somewhere imo, probably Area 51
I pray David Cameron gets done like Jill Dando
Interesting points in the comments on this one mainly around boats & gliding clubs
people knew.even Jill dando handed over papers about it.and they got ignored
BDTN Breaking Down The News : Jill Dando's link to the Royal's and that nurse who was murdered -
See that BBC that had Jill Dando killed when she tried to expose the problem with the child sex scandal years ago.. Pr…
Jill Dando, Mike Smith, Paula Yates all spring to mind now you mention it! about 10yrs ago there were lots of suicides
Princess Diana knew too much along with Jill dando about VIP pedophiles, savile was on her radar as was cliff.
Researching livestock crime from UK farms for my MSc at UCL, Jill Dando institute. Any farmers please complete:
princess Diane, Jill Dando, John Smith , Robin Cook, odd the good die eh xx
Coincidence I'm sure but Deodar Road is just a mile from where Jill Dando was murdered at her home in Gowan Ave('99)
The police need to have a fresh go at finding Jill Dando's killer.
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Born today in 1961 - Jill Dando, British television presenter (d. 1999).
Royal Baby Scam : Jill Dando's Murder link and Fiance : In charge of the Scam : All you need … via
Police don't want new inquiry into Jill Dando's murder. Too many political and BBC links. They would also have to give Ba…
"Jill Dando was no personal threat to the Milosovic regime.". I am watching Conspiracy again...
There's a few other names too that could be mentioned. Jill Dando.
A fit up just like Ruth Ellis,Jill Dando and many others.
Cliff was questioned several times by police officers after the murder of Jill Dando
were you armed with your camera and was there a cctv camera in operation. Jill Dando
time to come clean about Jill Dando murder cover up? child abuse cover up? whose side are you on? NOT side of truth?
come on u have 1500 investigative journalists, BUT Jill Dando was onto truth .
I'm sure he shares a nice glass of red wine discussing memoirs of jill dando with her husband
A lot happens on cruises Cunards is a particular favourite of certain types
Jill Dando murder: Jeremy Paxman and Sir Cliff Richard interviewed by cops as witnesses
POLICE RE-INTERVIEW Cliff Richard. Friend of the murdered Jill Dando accused of child abuse.
Yewtree then. Jill Dando'd in a bit then.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Cliff Richard interviewed by police for a second time. Maybe we're finally gonna get to know who killed his confidant Jill Dando.
Considering Jill Dando was investigating the BBC for its Den of pedophiles when she ended up dead on her doorstep
The Jill Dando Institute at UCL has at last launched an undergraduate degree! See hurrah!
So I've got a meeting in Jill Dando in a bit.
Justice for Jill : How the Wrong Man Was Jailed for the Murder of Jill Dando...
They said a Serbian hit man killed Jill Dando at the time, now the evidence is mounting up we can hand it over to G4S. htt…
I'm not a great fan of conspiracy theories but this idea that a Serbian hit man killed Jill Dando has always seemed plausi…
yep watched a prog re- Barry George Jill dando poor fella was stiched up served 8 years thanks to Michael Mansfield hes free
Did you that CI documentary on the Murder of Jill Dando. Basically arrested the local wierdo
Man threatened to splatter girlfriend's brains "all over her doorstep like Jill Dando" in bizarre rap video threat
Crimes that shook Britain Jill dando special on just started 👀
I did a Ch5 thing about Jill Dando and Barry George, my children told me I looked like a guilty Barry George.
So who killed Jill Dando then-it wasn't Barry George and the Police are not in the least bit interested to find out .
Was Jill Dando silenced because she knew too much? Where is the Saville Report, the have ha…
Tony Blair helped kill how many now? Diana, Dodi, John Smith, Jill Dando, Dr David Kelly, and over 1 Million Iraqis. htt…
Anyone who knows anything knows Abramovich killed Jill Dando
sooner or later you are gonna mock and hit someone's nerve, then you'll have a Jill Dando situation on your hands
Jill Dando was murdered for wanting to expose the paedophile ring in Britain
I wonder if this story will ever make the light of day:
My *** are making killings off that white women.Jill dando 🙊 - pose!
JUSTICE DENIED: Jill Dando murdered by the State to keep lid on elite paedophile Ring
'Excuse me love is there a stone in here for Jill Dando?' Whatever I thought he was gonna ask me it wasn't that.
who assassinated JILL DANDO , who where they trying to frighten
NO wonder Jill Dando was murdered ,i wonder who arranged this , government, maybe
I assume the Jill Dando case is still (at least notionally) open? Give Bulsara his compo, you *** bags.
JS Porter knew, so did late Jill Dando - knew he was perv, but Porter knew abt young victims
we need a Campaign , who assassinated Jill Dando? and why
Given all the Westminster/BBC paedophile rings coming to light, isn't it time to reopen the Jill Dando case?
Someone with the surname Dando emailed me today. I automatically started to write "Sorry about Jill"
"Cliff Richard is the leader of a conspiracy that murdered Jill Dando" and that "Ted Heath threw raped choirboys corpses in the sea"
Remember when Nick 'don't have nightmares' Ross said Barry George killed Jill Dando ?.
Angela Saunders failings on Jill Dando - Barry George - Daniel Morgan - Lord Janner and Hillsborough
Her roles in Jill Dando, McCann and Daniel Morgan cases alongside Hamish Campbell should not be forgotten
not sure about Robin Cook or Jill Dando but I'm convinced Dr Kelly was 'taken out' as part of the rush to war
Watch film about Jill Dando in full after year-long investigation into killing
I'm with a mate who's discussing Michael Shrimpton QC, Jill Dando, David Icke. Alex Jones, Bill Binny waiting for black helo's.
TV presenter Jill Dando raised the alarm about a paedophile ring at the BBC. She was shot dead on her doorstep. -
Jill Dando did not visit her house often so someone close to her tipped off her killer when she did.
*Pushes 5k across desk*. Which one of you killed Jill Dando?!?
Did You Know Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘ring at
Funny how the BBC has resources for this but not to find Jill Dando's killer/s
All the Paedophile's at the BBC make you wonder why BBC Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando was murdered
yes, lots of questions regarding the BBC, that and Jill Dando. Like the…
Cliff Richard was one of the last people to speak to Jill Dando before her murder and he is under investigation on historic c…
I loved Jill Dando - my fave 'older woman'. So sad she was murdered :(
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Since Jill dando was murdered, till this day I haven't watched an episode and I will never watch it . I'm a real pansy lol
If wants to do a thing on paedophilles why doesn't it chase up on whether Jill Dando WAS investigating a paedo ring…
hey russell what's your take on the Jill Dando and Mike Smith links to the pedophile ring within the government?
she'd never say that unless she wanted to end the same way as Jill Dando.
.UK example is Jill Dando, one of many globally:
Jill Dando 'tried to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside BBC but no one wanted to know' | Daily Mail Online
Investigative journalism - how about it BBC? Dare you? How about Jill Dando, , politicians' NHS privateering, illegal wars etc
cheers pal. Really channeling the spirit of Jill Dando there.
Dunno. Just seemed a bit stalky. I was worried it might go all Jill Dando
Ross King is still wanted for the murder of Jill Dando. King was hired by Tony Blair for the job after doing a good job with Diana.
Presenter Jill Dando 'tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodph...: via
seen some alarmingly silly videos linking late Mike Smith and Jill Dando deaths to 80s paedophile ring.
MT: Jill Dando, about to name padeosadist ring, is killed.
Was Jill Dando murdered for trying to expose paedophile ring involving “big-name” BBC stars?
May justice finally be done for Jill Dando: It is getting closer.
Jill Dando and babes in the woods killers are Britain's most high profile unsolved murders
like what happened to Jill dando for example.
That's not Jill Dando or the 'Kings' brother
Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando survived an assassination attempt to find love with the King's brother, 1999.
Don Hale exclusive: Fresh clue in Jill Dando murder case arises (via
Journalist shot dead on her doorstep in 1999 after investigating "surprisingly big names".
another of Uri Geller's strange choice of mates. Uri Geller also used his psychic powers to support the Jill Dando serbian theory.
I liked a video The Real Killers of Jill Dando
It seems to be a familiar pattern: find somebody odd and ignore all other suspects. Jill Dando all over again.
.. Jill Dando. We know what happened: Compelling links between paedo…
Harry knew Jill Dando was murdered to silence her. She knew something
Jill Dando was murdered because she knew something.
Reading about and the pedo network which is rooted deep into system. Came across this
Will be re-opening investigation into Jill Dando's death as evidence of VIP paedophile ring continues to mount?
because if Leon Brittan falls so does the Government so does the Monarchy just ask Jill Dando?
Jill Dando was investigating paedophiles in high places
Jill Dando killed for threatening BBC paedo ring?
Lovely, strange that George was delivered by Jill Dando's fiance. Who killed Jill Dando?
the Diana Factor. She got far too close for comfort like Jill Dando?
What links Martin Brunt and Clarence Mitchell together? It's the murder of Jill Dando and the Murat fake too. htt…
. Notice article next to last one?. 53-yr-old journalist Kenneth Allsop found dead. . Jill Dando-style?.
like Rachel Nickell or Suzy Lamplugh or even Jill Dando. Often with a convenient but innocent suspect.
Jill Dando warned me of 'pervy' Jimmy Savile, says BBC's Sally Jones via
I bet you'll find people years from now who remember him and think he killed her. Like the Jill Dando case.
Sounds all too familiar... Anyone got to the bottom of Jill Dando's murder yet?
No mention of Jill Dando working on whitehall sex abuse story before she was murdered! This is a far reaching coverup!
removing dossiers and stars like Jill Dando when they ask too many questions
Strange that Alan Farthing, who delivered George, was Jill Dando's fiance... Who killed Jill Dando?
I don't think the BBC would do this. It might not have the credibility to remain unbiased after Savile an…
It’s a little known fact that Alastair Campbell was interviewed by the police over Jill Dando 's murder
Alastair Campbell and Cliff Richard - two names that have been linked to Jill Dando 's murder
More on this watch Youtube clip its almost at the end of this Crimewatch appeal by Jill Dando
Pieces falling into place. Jill Dando and Princess Diana may be next revelations.
what about the murders of JFK,Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, Mr Cooper,Angela Scoular,Jill Dando, Gareth Williams,Tomas Sarson
Any truth to the rumour there was a contract out on Jill Dando because she was about to spill the beans on Jimmy Savile.
funny the same spokesman for them Clarence Mitchell was first at the scene of Jill Dando's murder (investigated paedo rings)
So is it true there are conspiracy theories of Jill Dando being murdered as she was investigating missing Govt file with Cliff implicated?
I really wish I would get nominated for the ice bucket challenge so I can take a leaf out of book and nominate Jill Dando.
Jill Dando was killed before she could expose the Elm House Paedo ring.The Elm Guest House child abuse scandal...
likewise you furry delight. Hashtag Jill Dando.
Must have felt a bit like being Jill Dando wanting to reveal these people for what they are...
these people that don't believe should Google all these peoples names try jill dando n cliff n her ex fiance i think she was ready
Barry George, an innocent man, was imprisoned for 8 years for murdering Jill Dando and denied compensation when he was eventually released.
Got that BBC Holiday theme tune in my head. From when Jill Dando presented it. Can't get it out of my head.
Clarence Mitchell worked for Leeds(& for .Interestingly he was 1st journo on Jill Dando murder scene
Remember this story ! The truth will always come out in the end
The other thing about that night's line-up was Antiques Inspectors, the second series of which was of course Jill Dando's last series
Scotland Yard plea to Portugal > "Give us the reigns to case and we will make it all go away Same way as we dealt with Jill Dando "
went for the retro option. Could have opted for the controversial choice of Jill Dando. But i never.
Arsenal are linked with Smalling & Cleverley like Cliff Richard is with Elm House & Jill Dando. ;)
Grove is in the chart:. The Euro currency is launched. Jill Dando murdered on her doorstep. Minimum wage is...
was Jill Dando murdered to keep her quiet abt paedo ring?
"From an article in The Daily Mail: “Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando tried to get BBC bosses to...
I heard a fantastic story today about Jill Dando. My pal told me that she was researching coverups of child abuse by the police in the 80’s.
or complicit in cover up?. Look into. Elm Guest House. Jill Dando. Haut de la Garenne. Savile and Charles
I read an awesome conspiracy theory yesterday regarding Cliff Richard, Jimmy Savile, the Jill Dando murder and Princess …
Google kitty, Leon Brittan & Jill Dando. See if you stick to that opinion.
Jill Dando handed a file on the Child sex abuse to senior management
1 August 2008. Barry George was found not guilty of the murder of BBC TV presenter Jill Dando in a retrial at the Old Bailey.
I'd say Jill Dando & Suzy Lamplugh, but many more stick in my mind: Alan Wood, Melanie Hall,Babes in Wood, Hallam Tennyson.
THE detective now in charge of the hunt for Madeleine McCann is the man who led the probe into the death of TV presenter Jill Dando.
EMadeleine McCann: Detective in charge of search for missing girl led investigation into Jill Dando's murder
Jill Dando murdered for investigating pedo politicians. Tony Blair was Prime Minister and must have known about this. When will we wake up?
In July 2013, we posted the following information about the death of BBC presenter, Jill Dando: A little over a year later, the Daily Star has confirmed that Jill was indeed investigating the VIP p...
MURDERED Crimewatch host Jill Dando investigated rumours of a paedophile ring operating at the...
The plot thickens or is slowly being unravelled :(
Cliff Richard was both giving her information and pumping her for what she knew.
The paedos killed Jill Dando! Oh, hang on no, it's the Star again...
Makes you wonder whether this had something to do with poor Jill Dando's murder
Not downgrading the news, but Jill Dando's murder being linked to the Paedophile ring should be front page IMO.
So Jimmy Saville shot Jill Dando, is that what you're saying?
Jill Dando "tried to get bosses to investigate BBC paedophile ring"
Jill was investigating the VIP paedophile-ring, linked to Government, Royalty and the BBC.
Gun used to kill Jill Dando was 'used again years later', claims former police officer
Jill Dando tried to expose paedophile ring in the - the response was to terminate her and frame an innocent man
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am I making this up, or was one of the main suspects in the Jill Dando murder a substitute teacher at Rawlins for a while?
"Jill Dando was murdered for threatening to expose BBC paedo ring" is my new favourite insane conspiracy theory.
Did a paedophile ring operate within the BBC and did the threat of exposing it have consequences for Jill Dando?
The theories: Why was Jill Dando shot dead? The myriad of theories about why Jill Dando was killed resurfaced today as Barry George was cleared of her murder. Dando was shot once in the head outside her home in Fulham, south west London, on April 26 1999. The way she was killed led to theories that she might have been targeted by a professional hitman - possibly hired by a criminal imprisoned due to publicity on TV's Crimewatch, which she presented. George's defence team described the killing as "meticulously planned" and "thoroughly professional". Another possibility was an attack by an obsessed fan. The blonde news reader and TV presenter had reportedly been harassed by a fan in the year before she died. Dando also appeared leather-clad in a provocative Radio Times cover shoot in the week when she was killed. Could this have tipped a stalker or extreme fan over the edge? There were suggestions that the killing might have been linked to a charity appeal she fronted for the Disasters Emergency Committee f ...
Princess Diana, Jill Dando, Pervs at the Palace and the Jimmy Savile connection
brutal murder of Jill Dando linked to ring operating within and beyond.
. Was there some connection between Cliff Richards and the Jill Dando killing?
Yes. I think the murder of Jill Dando is another one linked to underworld. Just a hunch.
have you thought of applying to UCL's Jill Dando Institute for Crime Science?
Did you Know it is highly likely Jill Dando was Murdered because she was about to Blow The Whistle on a Powerful...
Satan just a character in book by Milton. But many who profess to believe are paedophiles or their enablers. Jill Dando knew, as did Diana..
Topman J ... I've started wearing boxers a lot now tho coz if you keep on goin Jill Dando they'll end up to your knees lol
If the killer of Jill Dando' s still at large have got a contract for him.
I was thinking about you last night, Jill dando was there too. It got weird.
the fella who was done for the Jill Dando murder? That is a good shout.
domain names
"I'm not racist, I used to watch Holiday with Jill Dando when they'd go to all those funny foreign countries" Nigel Farage, 2014
to be fair and impartial, police DO frame suspects. SY framed Barry George for example in Jill Dando murder.
have a good holiday I went about 18 yrs ago had some interesting experiences! Met Jill Dando doing a holiday report & ...
Today is my first *** day since the day Jill dando got murdered!!! 1999!!! I'm mad innit
we all know disgusting criminality surrounds Blair http…
we all know disgusting criminality surrounds Blair
Does second vehicle ring bell with anyone? A mysterious car they couldn't trace? Savile and Jill Dando also knew who killed Diana. And why.
Guess the year on The Top 10 @ 10. Big songs came from 5ive, Basement Jaxx and Britney. Celine Dion played Don Valley, Notting Hill was the big rom-com and tv presenter Jill Dando was murdered. So, what's the year and what were you upto? SCOTT
Jade Goody did not die of cancer. She was murdered. The whole thing was orchestrated by PR demon Max Clifford, who also organised the assassination of Jill Dando and the "suicide" of Mark Speight. Let's take a look at the evidence: Timing - received diagnosis shortly after becoming unpopular. Staging - received diagnosis on live television. Hatred turns to sympathy. Chemotherapy treatment begins. Becomes sick for real. Film crews banned from filming death. The reason for this should have been obvious. Dies on Mother's Day (probably due to massive overdose of morphine). This was a dangerous strategy but it paid off, as even more sympathy was generated for Goody's children. Goody no longer a hate figure, but a saint. State funeral for Goody, with massive public turnout (proof of efficacy). And so the media swept yet another problem under the rug while making a fortune through newspaper sales and TV advertisements. This happens all the time when celebrities get out of control. Next time someone famous (hopef ...
Cliff Richard, Tony Blackburn, Jet Harris, Jill Dando, Elm Guest House and the tightwad’s thank-you.
Why was Cliff Richard interviewed by Jill Dando murder detectives?.
Josh Bannister Jill Dando's husband wanted to get a new front door but apparently Jill was dead against it.
I do not know if this has been mentioned before ( apologies if it has) I really hope that Goncalo Amaral wins the trial "when ever it takes place?" Apparently GA has more evidence to show... is this spooking the Macscamms?? I'm just thinking about the man's safety for himself and his family. We all know what has happened in the past when certain people know to much! Take for example Princess Diana , Jill Dando etc.. Whatever the Mcscamms have over certain people would be interesting to no! but we can only speculate . It may take years to get to the truth, it took SA-VILES \DEATH BEFORE PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA DARED TO SPEAK OUT! And making KM Ambassador for missing children and people! are they taking the pee? Something very sinister happened on that holiday.. but the truth will out one day! I just want them arrested and soon... sorry for sounding like a nutter :)
Latest: Jill Dando was murdered by gov forces bcos she was about 2 reveal via tv media, names in high place connected with large paedo ring!
Ok so Jill Dando, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana and 9/11 victims had the same coroner? very different parts of the world, conspiracy ridden!!
So the pathologist was the sane one they used for Princess Diana, 9/11 deaths and Jill Dando and you expect me to believe anything he says.
Film idea: Dando Unchained, biopic of the late Jill Dando.
If Jill Dando were here today, she'd have been a Belieber.
Why does he hint that my friend killed Jill Dando?
just watched a YouTube vid on the allegations.Seemed to have legs until they link him to killing Jill Dando & Diana!!
why hasn't Jill dando been on lately?
Now this is a good read. Great Stepping Stones.
Barry George - who has recently been found not guilty for the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando, was interested in stunts and was posing as Steve Majors. He was interviewed about his abilities as a stuntman. George took great pleasure in discussing his interest in stunts and in September 1981, using the name Steve Majors, Barry George arrived at the Long Eaton Stadium in an attempt to persuade the manager to allow him to carry out a daring stunt. The stunt involved skating down a 70 foot high ramp, leaping 40 feet into the air over four double decker buses and landing upon a 20 foot high structure. The event was arranged and held on the 19th September and thousands bought tickets to watch George's death defying leap. He successfully completed the jump but injured himself upon landing. He did not mind because he received attention and in doing so could share his interests with complete strangers. His performance was shown on television and was featured in local newspapers. He later performed this same stun ...
It was Hamish Campbell on the Jill Dando case, NOT DCI Redwood.
We learn today that Barry George has been denied compensation for being falsely imprisoned for the murder of Jill Dando. Despite being innocent of all charges against him, and having almost certain...
Good Morning Hall's Breakfast Show now until 10am Do you know where we're headed for today's Sat Nav Challenge? Here are the clues... 2hrs 39 minutes away, 161 miles Famous people - John Cleese, Jill Dando, Ritchie Blackmore & Jeffrey Archer We're headed south-west Go on, have a guess, you know you want to!!
Barry George, accused of killing Jill Dando was not given any proper medical help or evaluation by Met or Courts.
Random statement of the day,came from one of my work colleagues whilst listening to Tina Turner on the radio. He says, she's dead isn't she? No I say ! Ohh I must be thinking of Jill Dando is the reply?
Have a look at this one: Food fore thought.
As I said before, if the board decide that Harris/Claridge is out best option then Ambler is getting it Jill Dando style.
Jill dando made me look like a nutter and look what happened to her
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