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Jill Biden

Jill Tracy Biden (née Jacobs, previously Stevenson; born June 5, 1951) is an American educator and, as the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, is the Second Lady of the United States.

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“And then Jill looked at me, sighed, and said after 5 tries- alright. For real.” -Joe Biden on proposing to Jill
First Lady Michelle Obama hugs Dr Jill Biden before the start of
Oh, how I love Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Smart, compassionate, classy, loving.…
Read your latest book...I was such a wonderful tribute to Beau. I have always thought you were a wonderf…
Former Pres. Obama, VP Biden and Dr. Jill Biden join Prince Harry for a surprise appearance at Invictus Games.
Thank you and Jill Biden for stopping by wheelchair basketball preliminaries with Prince Harry!…
What an honor to be keynoting alongside Dr. Jill Biden and General Colin Powell at Empower 18 Conference!
Bill Frist and Jill Biden: A call for better health and learning
I'm on my way to Nashville for this important summit. and Jill Biden: Better health and Learning
Joe and Jill Biden kick off bike race for cancer research
Dr. Jill Biden will be the keynote speaker at Teachers Summit hosted by on 7/28.…
Dr. Jill Biden~ you are a beautiful smart elegant women💕✨💕
Joe Biden & Dr. Jill Biden announce new venture to make progress in cancer prevention, detection, treatment, & care!
Jill and Joe Biden: We're changing how we fight cancer
Want to hear Dr. Jill Biden talk about education and the future of work? Get your ticket to BoxWorks 2017.
Biden Cancer Initiative to be Launched Today!. Joe and Jill Biden will launch the Biden Cancer Initiative today...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
.& Dr. Jill Biden announce a new effort today at 2:45 ET. Launching the Biden Cancer Initiative
Dr. Jill Biden is joining us on July 28 for CA Teachers Summit! Will you be there? Register today:
We’re thrilled to announce our 2017 keynote speaker: Dr. Jill Biden! Register today at
I just started crying because Jill Biden and Michelle Obama were in an episode of The Night Shift, if you wondered if I missed them.
Happy blessed Eid to you and Dr. Jill as well Entire Biden family
"I believe we owe those who wear the uniform, and their families, a debt of gratitude." - Dr. Jill Biden at
"More and more people are now giving community colleges a fresh look." —Dr. Biden at last night →
Military mom, professor, former Second Lady: Hopelink is honored to announce Jill Biden as our Oct. 16 keynoter!
Funny, I don't even know the 2nd lady's name. I knew Jill Biden though.
Jill Biden came to the CFI to see patients. I didn't want to speak to her because I took it as offensive that it wasn't President Obama.
BS...who cut out the hot line it WH..look what FOTUS & Jill Biden did for military fam..but…
I've met VP Biden & his wife Dr. Jill. Lovely, REAL ppl. I wish to God he had run. Give 'em *** Joe!
Thanks jill biden for following me! Check out if you want to connect further! :)
I'm a Vet. I must have missed that. Sure seemed like he cared to me. Michelle…
Joe Biden, I love you. It's OK Jill, I am happily married, but your husband is a light in these challenging times.
The USS Gabrielle Giffords will be the first Navy warship named after a living woman since Martha Washington https…
Dr. Jill Biden and the Honorable Charles Bolden are set to open the 19th National Training Seminar in...
Good for you, Jill Biden! I bet he had no idea you were there with a camera!
Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe and Dr. Jill Biden in Portsmith, NH - September 7th
I miss Dr. Jill Biden. She is smart and chic.
Dr. Jill Biden, to speak at California Teacher's Summit on Friday, July 28. It's free, register now.…
Don’t miss hearing from Dr. Jill Biden & your fellow teachers at CA Teachers Summit! Register at…
VP Joe Biden blows a kiss to wife Dr. Jill Biden, in recognition of her work for veterans at - WATCH:
We are thrilled to announce the 2017 Better Together Teacher Summit keynote speaker: Dr. Jill Biden! Register today https:/…
We’re thrilled to announce that Dr. Jill Biden will be keynoting the third annual
Join all of us at Saint Mary's in Moraga CA to hear Dr. Jill Biden!
Thank you for your work, Dr. Jill Biden. So many refugees in need.
And the Tony Award for Best Musical goes to. Jill Biden
Four strong women on the same stage. . L to R: Nancy Pelosi, Jill Biden, Gabrielle Giffords, Hillary Clinton
Jill Biden returns 'home' to address Delaware Technical Community College graduates
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Jill Biden speaks to graduates of where she formerly taught.
Former second lady Jill Biden to give commencement speech at MATC via
ICYMI: Jill Biden will give this year's commencement speech at MATC via
Vice President Joe Biden and wife, Dr. Jill Biden, greet Vice President-elect Mike Pence and wife, Karen Pence, at the White House
News today: Dr. Jill Biden will keynote shares why she's excited on the blog ht…
Following in Obamas' footsteps: Joe and Jill Biden sign multi-book deal
📚 Joe and Jill Biden have signed a multi-book deal
Former VP Biden, Dr. Jill Biden have book deals. Joe Biden's first book will explore 2015, the year Beau Biden died.
pls read: Hallie and Hunter Biden dating is NOT the same thing as Joe and Jill Biden's past dating relationship.
Save them from Joe???. Jill Biden named board chair of aid group Save the Children
Missin’ Joe? Former VP and Dr. Jill Biden launch a foundation to focus on violence against women, cancer research, and foreign…
Joe and Jill Biden announce The Biden Foundation in new vid, plan to focus on cancer research, violence against women, fo…
The Best Style Moments From the Inauguration: Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden (in L
Payday looms as Uncle Joe and Jill Biden launch the Biden Foundation
Joe and Jill Biden have launched The Biden Foundation in effort to further the work they did in Obama administration
Fmr. VP Joe Biden boards the Amtrak with Dr. Jill Biden back to Delaware. 
First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden arrive together outside the US Capitol for ceremony
Veteran homelessness has decreased by 36 percent since 2010,Thank you First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden- https…
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden confirm their husbands' viral bromance in an interview. We are going to miss them! https…
After much thought (about 1 minute's worth) I've decided that in 2020 Michelle Obama should run for president with Jill Biden as her VP.
Statement by the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden on the Shooting of Police Officers in Des Moine...
As he got back to his plane in Philadelphia, Tim Kaine was greeted by his wife Anne and Dr. Jill Biden.
Going to miss VP Joe Biden! His warmth & kindness is so real! Jill Biden...what a great couple..wish he would have run for POTUS
Jill Biden, wife of U.S. vice president, arrives in Cuba
Dr.Jill Biden is a big flyers fan and she yells at her TV when watching the game. Just another reason why the Biden family is awesome.
First Lady Michelle and Dr. Jill Biden help military spouses "overcome barriers to employment"
Enjoying Jill & Joe Biden on Late Night with Seth Meyers! Hope you are watching too!😘
There will never be another like Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden. A dying breed of class.
Jill Biden's stylists don't enough credit.
Joe and Jill Biden were just on and i feel comfortable saying they are I will accept no opposition.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
“Captain of the Vice Squad” oh man, I never knew I loved Jill Biden until now.
Jill Biden is just always fierce. I'm going to miss all four of them so much.
Joe and Jill Biden on Such outstanding people.
So glad I got home in time for Seth Meyers. Joe & Jill biden are tonight's guests.
Biden over Kaine though. All day any day. And Michelle and Jill were like the dream team. Two incredibly smart women.
Joe and Jill Biden on Late Night w Seth Meyers here in DC tonight. Joe's always interesting and entertaining.
Jill Biden: Culture is the way to working together vía
Don't want to miss as with VP Joe and Dr. Jill Biden. Plus and
I was about 20 feet from Jill and Joe Biden today and I literally have no motivation to do my homework now bc I'm still in awe
ACTION ITEM::: Dr. Jill Biden — the wife of Vice President Joe Biden — will be awarding the top Promise video in...
Joe Biden was telling a story and Jill Biden laughed and told him to not tell it cause it wasn't appropriate and I was
Live odds on the presidential election. Note Bernie having better odds than and Jill Stein having wor…
Can confirm that VP Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden are real life relationship goals. Has been witnessed.
Was thrilled to see and Dr. Jill Biden at tonight I'm going to miss them when they are no longer our…
Can Joe and Dr. Jill Biden do stage door signings after please?
Typical GW Wednesday = Seeing Seth Meyers, Joe Biden, and Jill Biden, with your best friends
I wonder if Joe Biden ever got that knife out of his back. Want a president like her? I am voting for Jill Stein wh…
Going to see Jill Biden speak next month!
Dr. Jill Biden (wife of the Vice-President) recently visited Cuba. In this positive video, she highlights Cuba's...
Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden to appear on Seth Myers tonight...
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden team up on girl power
This evening, Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden to tape an interview for 'Late Night' with Seth Meyers
I had the privilege of meeting Memory Banda earlier this year and she also spoke at our Global Education Summit.
Ben Stiller: “The footage coming from places like Syria and Iraq is numbing. But we have to fight through that...
Girls around the world are gaining confidence, taking risks, and creating new opportunities:
ICYMI: Dr. Jill Biden’s Op-Ed in Time: . Below, as part of International Day of the Girl, please find an Op-e...
Jill Biden meets with Dominican president to chat about education of women and girls
Performing on October 12, broadcast from DC, along with guests Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill B…
Jill Biden: Girls around the world are standing up for their rights
Dr. Jill Biden weighs on girls around the world fighting for their rights in the face of adversity!
awww I'm going to like it when she is our new Jill Biden. I hope she uses the position to go to USMNT and NCAA games too
“I felt the bigger me inside.” How Memory Banda is making a difference for all girls in
"She wanted to live a different life, a self-defined one." —Dr. Biden in on → http…
Dr. Jill Biden, spouse of Vice President, to arrive in today Oct. 6, to carry out agenda related to educa…
Dr. Jill Biden will arrive in on Thursday October 6 for a visit focused on education, health and culture
Thank you & Dr. Jill Biden for speaking out about the issues that are important to Veterans. Your work & call to action is needed.
What they're (Utley, Rollins, Dr. Jill Biden, etc.) saying about Ryan Howard's farewell:
I think Jill Biden is whispering in barack obama s ear to shut down for profits so the money can go to community colleges
WhiteHouse : Remarks of Dr. Jill Biden at Los Angeles City College as Prepared for Delivery
Jill Biden taught at the local community college here in Northern Virginia.
All 50 States Easing Licensing for Military Spouses! Special shoutout to Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden and the...
3 wonderful human beings: Joe Biden, Jill Biden and Tom Brokaw. Making the world a better place!
Press Briefs: Remarks of Dr. Jill Biden at Northern Virginia Community College Commencement Ceremony as Prepared for Delivery
Prince Harry cheers with Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden at the Invictus Games.
First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden speak with former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and former Senator…
I'll be there on 5/16! Join me (oh... and Dr. Jill Biden presenting an award to Link below.
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to appear on 'The Voice'
Vice President Joseph Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, visited a team of nurses, doctors, administrators,...
Joe and Jill Biden pick the perfect day for outdoor brunch in Houston - Awesome…
President Obama: First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden host a spousal tea in honor of Kalsoom Na...
Jill Biden speaks on Capitol Hill about her son Beau with Rep. Pelosi and the First Lady
Isn't amazing what events Gov. Bill Haslam decides to go to. He showed up on Wednesday to be with Jill Biden but did not meet Pres. Obama.
Remember when Jill Biden let loose with the truth that Joe got first pick?
Jill Biden coming to Nashville via With a Sing in her Heart & a Perk in her Badonkadonk!!
Second Lady Jill Biden will visit Nashville tomorrow to discuss education: by
Excited that Dr. Biden will be attending the board meeting tomorrow!
Nashville (TN) WSMV: Jill Biden to visit McGavock High School on Wednesday . More -
Dr. will be paying a visit to a Nashville high school tomorrow:
Jill Biden coming to Nashville to promote college program
Jill Biden coming to Nashville to encourage high school students to take advantage of tuition-free college programs
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Jill Biden to visit McGavock High School in Nashville on Wednesday to talk about dual-enrollment and TN Promise.
HEY The President, First Lady, Vice President Biden and Jill Biden have done more for Veterans than any other President.
Aye we had President Obama at our school and now we get Jill Biden. 💁🏽
While Jill Biden was buying 40 kilos of baklava & confusing very select parts of Istanbul with Turkey
My only social media wish is for to secretly be run by the real Jill Biden because they are both the *** realest. 🙌🏻
I hope in 2017 we all find out that has been the real Jill Biden all along
Diplomacy at work? Jill Biden buys 40 kg of baklava during Istanbul trip
Jill Biden might be a better negotiator than
Jill Biden steps in to negotiate for husband Joe at Istanbul bazaar
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year 2016 to you, VP Biden, and to Dr. Jill Biden, wish you great health and success always.
Dr. Jill Biden showcases an inspired Xmas tree at the VP residence |
Dr. Jill Biden serves Christmas lunch to patients at Walter Reed Army Hospital
Osan spouse helps decorate Biden home for Christmas - Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden take photos w...
Dr. Jill Biden, wife of VP Joe Biden explains why community college is one of America's best-kept secrets:
Dr. Jill Biden Prefers Being Called 'Captain of the Vice Squad': If there’s one thing Dr. Jill Biden is used t...
Michelle Obama, Prince Harry, Dr. Jill Biden to meet with wounded vets in Virginia:
So, is referring to Jill Biden as a Dr 3x more than Ben Carson a partisan strategy or straight up racism?
Jill Biden was disappointed that her husband Vice-president Joe passed up running for president.
Jill Biden was disappointed that Joe passed up running for president
Jill Lawrence: By not running, Joe Biden saves himself: Anyone who love...
Get ready: Prince Harry heads across the pond to D.C. and Virginia next weekend -->
Find out where Prince Harry will be visiting in the U.S. next week:
What will we call Bill? FIrst dude ?. First Husband ? IF he is not First Lady, then Jill Biden could be, married to the VP
“They carry with them stories of heroism & unending service." –Dr. Biden on the 2015 honorees →
This is why Prince Harry is coming to America next week
Prince Harry to meet with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden in US visit next week: While vis...
"Prince Harry coming to America next week
Prince Harry is coming to America next week to support a good cause
Prince Harry will meet Michelle Obama and Jill Biden in U.S. next week
BOOM: Joe Biden will discuss his decision not to run for president on 60 MINUTES… with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Britain's Prince Harry is joining forces with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. The White House says the trio will visit
Our beloved Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden talk to 60 Minutes tomorrow. Interview to be aired on Sunday
Reminder: Jill Biden teaches at Northern Virginia Community College still. She went back to school two weeks ago.
plus Dr. Jill Biden already took a full time job. She's not going to campagin for her husband?
Now news is Dr. Jill Biden has a full teaching sched this fall. So maybe Joe DID go to Warren to solicit her support for .
That seems like a Dr. Jill Biden job to me.
Biden Good Morning Mr. Vice President. I have been trying to reach Dr. Jill Biden or The First Lady to Help me out. I am a Vet HELP!
When I interviewed Jill Biden in 2012, she surprised me by leaving the door open to another Biden presidential bid:
US Second Lady Jill Biden visiting The Temple of Literature, the symbolize for Hanoi Capital. Temple of...
US Second Lady Jill Biden visiting Vietnam: On the afternoon of the same day, Dr. Biden had a talk with Vietna...
Don't think Jill Biden down with it
my name is Jill Baiden but people pronounce it as Biden like I'm not Jill Biden that's Joe Biden's wife
Dr Jill Biden, United States' Second Lady arrived at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi on US military plane, just before noon Sunday
Jill Biden arrives in South Korea to highlight empowerment of women
Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden arrived at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam just minutes ago.
I'm seeing great things about Jill Stein. Biden hasn't decided yet. Bernie's going to have to step up & so are his supporters.
Dr. Jill Biden Travels to Hanoi, Vietnam to Highlight Women's Empowerment ... - (press r...
Dr. Jill Biden Travels to Seoul, Republic of Korea to Highlight Women’s Empowerment
Joe and Jill Biden take Sasha Obama and Beau Biden's young children to the World Cup Democratic Underground
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will accompany the president and vice president to the funeral in Charleston on Friday, ai…
Heartbroken for Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden. The whole country grieves for your loss.
Remarks by the First Lady and Dr. Jill Biden at Mother&Day Tea for Military Spouses :
Reliable Source: Michelle Obama and Jill Biden make brief cameo on ‘The Night Shift’
Dr. Jill Biden (the wife of Joe Biden, our Vice President) will be speaking at CPCC's graduation. Wow.
Joining Forces Shines Light on Veteran Homelessness: First Lady & Dr. Jill Biden: Everyone who has served Amer...
Our WalMart in the same room as Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden raise the wage for working families! !!
Dr. Jill Biden collaborating with college presidents to ensure student access to the ACA
VP Joe Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden, to be guest speaker at Central Piedmont Community College’s 2015 graduation on May 14.
Jill Biden is CPCC's commencement speaker. Davidson College doesn't even get a commencement speaker. I need to be excused.
I think; OUR Vice-president,. Mr. Joe Biden is absolutely AWESOME! I. also think; Dr. Jill Biden is absolutely AWESOME TOO!
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Just heard from Washington DC that Dr. Jill Biden will speak at commencement at May 14. She will be impressed!
Check out the biography of Dr. Jill Biden, the Second Lady of the United States
Dr. Jill Biden to keynote this year's Atlanta HRC dinner:
Jill Biden will be the keynote speaker for the Human Rights Campaign's Atlanta gala dinner on May 2
On May 2, Dr. Jill Biden will deliver the keynote address at the 28th Annual Atlanta Gala Dinner
Project Lazarus welcomes Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to New Orleans! Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden are in town to...
My friend do provide black Audi A8 to VP Biden,Dr.Jill Biden,Natasha Obama,Malia Ann Obama ASAP!
.reports that Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will talk about veterans’ health issues on
Dr. Jill Biden right now at de Anza community college
Fabulous speech on Community College importance from Dr. Jill Biden at DREAM 2015 | The White House:
The vice president and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, were not at home when a car drove by the residence and several shots were fired at approximately...
The President's visit has been confirmed. President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and the VP's wife Dr. Jill Biden will visit Pellissippi State in Harden Valley as well as the Techmer PM manufacturing facility located in Eagle Bend Industrial Park Friday.
Hoda & Jill Biden are on Mer today i might just tune in
Co-host of shares her New Year’s resolution and how she almost missed meeting her boyfriend:
Palin's dog: JILL (Biden) HADASSAH (Lieberman). How'd you let that one pass you by?
All purpose parts banner
You do know this is a parody acct. Not the real Jill Biden!!!
Jill Biden can you be on my team, another Jill?!
As a student veteran, I wonder if I'll be invited... On Friday, January 9th, Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill...
President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and and the vice president's wife Dr. Jill Biden are coming to Tennessee Friday to announce a new
Jill Biden and Hadassah Joementum. named the dog after the last 2 VP wives (even though Joementum never was seated ;}
I am a dog. RUFF! RUFF! RUFF! owns me. I am named after Jill Biden and Hadassah Lieberman.
Wait. The name of Sarah Palin's dog is Jill Hadassah?! As in Jill Biden and Hadassah Lieberman? The *** is wrong with her?
Palin named her dog after Jill Biden and Hadassah Lieberman?!
Did Sarah Palin name her dog Jill Hadassah for the spouses of Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman? A vice-presidential candidate solidarity?
Jill Hadassah, as in Biden and Lieberman? Is someone still a tiny bit bitter?
can you have someone write up how that dog ended up "Jill Hadassah" (and tell me it's not Biden/Lieberman related!).
Hi VP Biden;I want to tell you that 2014 is gone;you enjoyed yourChristmas with Dr. Jill Biden.Happy New Year 2015.Preparations are for 2016
Is bringing Jill Biden to Brazil with him? You don't bring a sandwich to a buffet.
Doesn't matter your political affiliation, sweet is sweet. Jill Biden has written me every month since…
White House: Earlier today, the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden visited Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland
. None of the people who insist on calling Jill Biden "Dr." EVER refer to Condi Rice as "Dr."
Like, could Laura Bush, Tipper Gore or even Jill Biden do that and be one tenth as cool?
I'm in the room with 1st Lady and Dr. Jill Biden. — at Marriott Marquis Washington, DC
Jill Biden eating at the table next to us..Happy 2 report that $ are providing nice meals for her + entourage
Do you think the empowerment of women in Africa is a priority? A high-powered gathering at the US-Africa summit on Monday discussed the situation of women in Africa and the need to empower girls as the key to the region's development. Amongst the delegation was Chairwoman of the African Union, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim. The Delegates made the case for intervention to promote women's education, micro-financing and access to agricultural equipment. The Summit participants said that while conditions for women are improving in Africa they have a long way to go. Jill Biden, the US vice president's wife and a keynote speaker at the event, said that in the turbulent Democratic Republic of Congo 1,000 women are raped every day, and 60 percent are gang rapes. She said the stories of survivors were "heartbreaking," but said that during a recent trip she also found women "turning something that could have broken any one of us … into a way to help others. You can read more about ...
WH Source: Tomorrow"...Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden will be in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.."
Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden are vacationing today and tomorrow in
Teachers deservedly get Red Carpet treatment: Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, saw the... :
The Second Lady will be making an appearance at Tuesday’s MLB All-Star game. Dr. Jill Biden will attend the game in Minneapolis. She’ll also meet with winners of the All-Star Teachers program and go to a pregame event with them before heading over to the MLB game. The All-Star Teachers program, run by the MLB, selected 30 top teachers to...
Pictures from Dr. Jill Biden's July 2014 trip to Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone,...
White House: Dr. Jill Biden arrives in Democratic Republic of Congo 'to continue to highlight the importance of...
Jill Biden to promote women's empowerment in Africa
Dr. Jill Biden Arrives in Lusaka, Zambia to Highlight Women’s Empowerment: Dr. Jill Biden has arrived in Lusak...
Dr. Jill Biden will be in between June 30 - July 7, 2014.
Office of announces Jill Biden to travel next week to Zambia, Congo & Sierra Leone to spotlight development including …
Listening to Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden open The White House Summit on Working Families...
Working Families event w/ Jill Biden & Sec. of the Int. Sally Jewell tomorrow! Free & open to the public. More info:
The night I hung out w/ 2nd lady Jill Biden to raise funds for the
Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden with Dr. Reagan Flowers and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee at a...
I know Jill Biden went to Nova and all that, but isn't it weird that Jill Biden, one of the biggest advocates for community colleges, gave Villanova's commencement speech, while Joe Biden gave his commencement speech to Miami Dale college, the largest community college in the US?
Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden to Travel to Romania and Cyprus | The White House:
To an audience that included First Lady Michelle Obama and the vice president's wife Jill Biden, Points of Light's President of Programs Delores Morton illustrated how volunteers have changed veterans' lives.
Mrs. Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden urge Americans to support the work of military and Veteran Caregivers through several new initiatives. These initiatives include in-person peer forums, online webinars and a commitment to training 10,000 caregiving peer mentors. Learn more about the role caregivers play in the recovery and transition of Soldiers by visiting
Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Joe Biden are ready for a Friday night in Santa Barbara, Ca. Who makes these?
WH announces Jill Biden will deliver commencement speeches this season at Owensboro Community & Technical College & at Villanova University.
Jill Biden commencement addresses at Villanova and Owensboro Community & Technical College (one of alma maters, no doubt)
Inspired by Chrissandra Jackson, AHS student. She shared the stage with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.
On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, the White House will mark National Teacher Appreciation Week by hosting 20 educators from around the country at a special White House social for a conversation with Administration officials, including lifelong educator Dr. Jill Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.
Another reason to despise this "I heart radio bs" Michelle Obama and Jill Biden spewing their venomous lies and deceit. Too many complacent and blissfully ignorant citizens buy into their garbage.
First Lady Michelle Obama took her campaign to help veterans find jobs to Fort Campbell, Ky.., Wednesday where she said that most Americans don't know much about the military. Following comments from Jill Biden, the vice president's wife and Obama's teammate in helping veterans, she noted that unlik…
First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden delivered remarks to more than 1,200 Soldiers and Family members gathered at Campbell Army Airfield's Hangar 3, today. A part of the Fort Campbell Veterans Jobs Summit and Career Forum, the focus was on providing a Smooth Takeoff after the military for se…
Had a wonderful day at the job fair with the First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama and the Vice president's wife Mrs. Jill Biden at Fort Campbell, KY. Had alot of job offers, I think school is going to be the best for me right know. Finish my degree in environmental engineering and chemical engineering and start my pay at $92,000 to $121,000 will do just fine thank you. BIG BALLIN lol in about a year.
At todays anniversary celebration of Joining Forces, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden announced the...
First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, through the Joining Forces Initiative, challenged employers to reach 50,000 hires by 2015. Employers have stepped up and surpassed that goal well ahead of schedule. Standby for an exciting announcement this afternoon about the latest MSEP milestone!
First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are visiting Fort Campbell to speak with soldiers and their families at a jobs and career fair.
OMG I can't believe I'm up headed to work this early just to beat traffic because Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are coming to Fort Campbell this morning OMG give me a break!!
So Michelle Obama & Jill Biden are coming to Fort Campbell later this week. News of the royal visit came in the same edition as coverage from one of the post's brigade combat teams that is being inactivated due to this regime's budget cuts. The Army is being shrunk pushing thousands who have fought for our nation into a depressed economy so I'm not too excited about another federal program that purports to help them with job interview tips. The visit is all cosmetic if you ask me.
First and Second Ladies to visit Middle Tennessee: First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, th...
Michelle Obama, Jill Biden to visit Ft Campbell for job fair. Expected next Wed.
Jill Biden reveals what made her fall in love with Joe on Today: In an interview with the Today Sh...
Too good to pass up. When asked what originally attracted her to VP Joe Biden on the Today Show this morning...Dr. Jill Biden answered "well I fell in love with our two sons first." .and that can explain why DE is on my 6 states I have no desire to go too. LMBO!!
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden announce new efforts to support military caregivers: ... Council'...
Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and other former first ladies announce new initiative to help veterans' caregivers:
Rosalynn Carter, Elizabeth Dole to White House - WASHINGTON (AP) -- Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are getting ...
Dr. Jill Biden meets with LGBT individuals at the White House to hear about their experiences with health care coverage and how they are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act.
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