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Jet Ski

Jet Ski is the brand name of a personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The name is sometimes mistakenly used by those unfamiliar with the personal watercraft industry to refer to any type of personal watercraft; however, the name is a valid trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and in many other countries.

Sean Kingston

Looking for a fun water adventure?! Joe’s Jet Ski in Tamuning, Guam is a fantastic experience! Hubby & I just...
Police: Father and son killed in Jet Ski accident in Somers Point.
Jet Ski'd the Adriatic Sea, Partied inside a castle, and walked Kings Landing. Dubrovnik is the most beautiful city I've ever visited.
BREAKING: Person struck by Jet Ski in West Carrollton, condition unknown
Jet Ski explosions and some one jumping over a pool of crocodiles πŸ˜ƒ πŸƒπŸ». 🐊🐊🐊
New Listing!! RIVER FRONT HOME!! Fully furnished! Includes Boat dock, Boat, Jet Ski, and mower. Call today for...
VA: Last of the Tog: Made it out this weekend for the last of the Tautog season. Took my Jet Ski out in the l...
I just want my jet ski. You ever seen someone not happy on a jet ski? No
*** jet ski insurance is cheap Af I thought it was gonna be like 200 more than what it is.
I wanna go on a date to swim w dolphins and jet ski but I'm single so the homie better be down .
watching debate replay. Dut lost me at the jet ski & flag thing. Haay.
What does it take to jet ski to the Presidency?
DJ Khaled swooped by in his jet ski with a net.
I saw you try and stick a jet ski up your ***
Duterte platform:. 1. jet ski to spratlys and maybe die. 2. kill drug addicts. 3. tell people to stop
I just wanna jet ski bih . While drunk !!!
All purpose parts banner
I rode a jet ski up to the ole Hoover *** today pretty *** cool
Why do we need to invest in national defence if we can get by with a jet ski and a flag? πŸ˜‚
So I was slowly getting off the jet ski because the water was cold and my dad pushed me . He loves me !! πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
"Coming up is the anniversary of Sean Kingston's jet ski crash" -
do you know about Sean Kingston's jet ski accident in 2001
I'm lowkey waiting for the day dj khaled drops his phone while riding his jet ski
Do you not wish to drive a Jet Ski on such weather??.
if you get a jet ski, I will bring the boat, bring ppl and have a big party lol
What if were to drop his phone while riding on his jet ski . Like?? No more keys to Success? . It that the key to failure? Lol
idk how Dj Khaled doesn't drop his phone while making snaps on his jet ski
Karen, but his answers are ridiculous! Go to China on a jet ski? To their airport? And plant the Philippine…
yesterday my neighbor told me I could take his jet ski out whenever I want to
I actually use my truck to haul my boat, jet ski's and trailers so
oohh. I've ALWAYS wanted a jet ski. But I swear there is no better feeling than being on a bike in the summer!😍
Remember when the boys looked all hot riding the jet ski but then you have Niall.
If DJ Khaled can ride a jet ski without dropping his phone in the water, I can make it through the rest of the semester.
I'm selling my car and buying a jet ski yolo
Remember when the boys all looked hot while riding jet ski and then there's Niall
I added a video to a playlist Chasing Dolphins on a Jet Ski // SamΒ² // GoPro HERO4
New addition to our fleet - 58 Feet Azimut Atlantis luxurious yacht with a Jet Ski! Call for a…
Got a chance to unwind on beautiful Lake Hartwell today on the Jet Ski. Gotta come up with a name... http:…
My arms are sore now from gripping the jet ski so hard.
This weekend bout to be lit asf just got paid buying bottles and going to Galveston with the jet ski now I gotta get some ppl to come with
First Time on a Jet Ski had mad fun with my cousins
A moment of silence for the trauma Sean Kingston must have experienced back in 2011 after his life threatening jet ski accident
I could teach you world leaders. And I know how to jet ski but thx ..
A7: While at I tried a jet ski for first time. Q7 try new sports?
Rad little jet ski sesh with and Anthony
I had a dream that I saw Kanye riding a jet ski on Lake Mershon.
give it time. Remember jet ski took 2 days
The other day I showed my mom a video of me on a jet ski & now she keeps wanting to see it so she can laugh hysterically at me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
Throw back to when me and fell off the jet skiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and where just sitting in the middle of the ocean.
Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a girl on a Jet Ski.
I assume when anyone goes to buy a Jet Ski they do a background check to make sure youre an alcoholic stepdad.
Visit the Aquatic Caves on the jet ski safari Los Gigantes!. MORE INFO/BOOKINGS -
This guy on crack if he thinks imma bout to give my jet ski away for $2,400. This is my love we are taking about.
Getting picked up for a date on a jet ski. Life doesn't get much better than this
ME: *loudly* i wish for world peace. GENIE: dude i told you, there's no one around. M: just making sure. my real wish is…
Havasu bound πŸš— πŸ’¨ to set up at the jet ski world finals, if you're in the area stop by should be a…
This Plane Is Slick as a Sports Car, Portable as a Jet Ski
Squeeze till its empty even if he in a Bentley we are not friendly wet em up quick as a jet ski I'll ice a *** like Gretzky -
Want to be happy? Well, money will buy you a jet ski; Have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski?
"Wanting to spend a full day with oomf, maybe go ride jet ski, eat at her favorite place and spend the whole night watching movies"
I need to photoshop myself as the jet ski
I want to be able to park a jet ski in there
Only in Florida. This Jet Ski going through the drive-thru:
"If I get the job il buy you a Jet Ski "
Just put my jet ski up for sale on Craiglist. Still not sure if I'll go through with it. :/
322 Dock Street price change! Paddleboard, kayak, jet ski and fish from your front yard!
Sir Michael O'Neill take a bow! We're on our way!! Rowing boat, jet ski, ferry or balloon, I'll be there
Remember when 4/5 looked hot while riding a jet ski and Niall just. . . http:/…
Before takin the jet ski for a spinπŸ’¦πŸŒŠ @ Marmaris Beach
That logo on the jet ski reminds me of some kind of shirt...
Memories of my Jet Ski na.ed Zeis @ Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Our first time riding a Jet Ski was so fun! 😁😝 @ North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Great tips from Hayley's Jet Ski & Boat Rental when enjoying the sun and fun here in Brevard County, Florida.
Jet Ski's are needed for tomorrow, hopefully the game warden won't be out though...
Remember: we work on trucks, Jet Ski's, cars, late model or classic - we can make it FAST! Let's build something!! :)
TIL: On October 1, 1995 Robert Overacker went over the falls on a Jet Ski to raise awareness for the homeless. His…
Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented Jet Ski fumes and Oakley sunglasses.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Twangled News: Baby released from hospital unharmed after Jet Ski incident on Ogeechee River - Savannah Mornin...
Deano from Bondi Rescue runs over swimmer in Jet Ski: via youtube
Surfers rescue wallaby from sea and carry it to safety in jet ski jacket aww
Jet ski racing looks insane AF 😳 wish I would've grown up around that
Okay. You can play it with me. Until we get to the Jet Ski stage. Then I'm flying solo.
In the club she's amazing, she wanna jump on my jet ski, she's feeling kinda naughtyyy 🎢
Yamaha is an insane company. You can walk into one of their stores and ride out on a jet ski playing a keyboard.
All about the beach, jet ski, and the memory left. I miss you 😞 @ Lombok,…
Extreme for 69 AED. Feel the Rushing with Jet Ski at Valid for...
Top 5 funniest moments was hitting 's jet ski with mine
β€œWe have pickpocket gangs, mafia taxis, and jet ski thugs, but something has GOT to be done about tourists bringing their own chairs!”
Can't help feeling that Larry the Cable Guy on a jet ski shilling for Prilosec is the perfect fusion of artist with his medium and subject.
Convert motorcycle to jet ski. You'll get there eventually!
This is what happens when you shoot from a jet ski
Wonder if you have to be 21 to rent a jet ski πŸ‘€
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
All I want in life is a modded stand up jet ski that I can do flips on😭
Day 49 - Jet Ski. These were originally termed water scooters, developed in Europe in the 1950s.
I want to live on a beach and drive the jet ski that takes people out to the boat to go parasailing.
I'm ready to go to the lake and ride my jet ski
VA: Convict Bites: It is Thursday so I decided to jump on the Jet Ski and go and catch some fresh fish for my ...
Two years ago from today, Kuwait's Jet Ski team won it's first global victory in the World Championship for water bikes!
Honeymoon Briton Killed In Jet Ski Crash - Why is the Jet Ski owner arrested?! airways crash all over again!
VIDEO Pizza shop rides new wave to do business: Jet Ski delivery popular on Michigan lake
If I don't own a jet ski when I grow up I will be so disappointed
My body hurts from falling off the jet ski
I've said it before I'll say it again...whoever says money can't buy happiness has not ridden a jet ski
Havin fun out on the jet ski with and is coming
Tried to jump onto the jet ski and hit my face on the seat πŸ˜…
I really wanna invest in a jet ski asap I'm newly obsessed
Shark week is giving me flash backs of the jet ski 😰
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Vincent G Lynch on the jet ski at Sunset Beach.
I wanna ride your jet ski before I leave no ***
and if you have ever driven a jet ski a sprint car is similar it turns quicker if you hit the accelerator therefore I truly
I may or may not have just thrown Allie and I off the jet ski
Gona be Jameson's first time on the jet ski today, wish me luck
As soon as my dad stepped on the jet ski it flipped over πŸ˜‚
I honestly believe everyone on earth should own a jet ski because the fun I've had today has just been mad
1992 kawasaki jetski idols doesn't rev out new jet drive, seat and sits on a 2007 all aluminum triton trailer new tires don't have the time to fix we have two jet ski's already and would rather be at the lake . registered& title in hand 600 obo NEED GONE NOW!!
Lol. "You can't buy happiness. But you can. buy a jet ski. Just try being sad on a. jet ski."
Jet ski time and some wake boarding!
Got to jet ski in the gulf today and got within 10 feet from some dolphins, s'cool s'fun
I love Sup Boarding! So much fun and relaxing. I fell off once Due to jet ski playing in my zone, totally not my bad!
Couldn't ask for better waves to jet ski and tube on today 😈
I ain't bout this bike life or jet ski life✌️😫
When and I fell off the jet ski, I saw my life flash before my eyes
Update your maps at Navteq
Jet Ski head on collision. Great reactions from woman rider! Decapitation avoided! Armstrong
Dad quit charging the jet ski into birds I don't understand why this is fun for you
Following the boat on our jet ski's they are tubing lol I just fell off
Anyone tryna come out on the jet ski?? πŸ“²πŸ“²πŸ“²
just realized how much I love the jet ski
Watching and fall off the jet ski is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time
I just bought me a truck and trailer now i have a truck to pull the boat and one for the jet ski
I would be the one to fall off the jet ski πŸ˜‚
I need a house on the beach with a lot of storage for a boat, a jet ski and now a stand up paddle boat. Like where's my rich husband at?
Pro jet ski stunt rider, Jack Moule, performing some amazing tricks at Superstock Grand Prix in Torquay today
On the boat and the jet ski for the day 😍
highlight of my day driving the jet ski with guys from Great Britain βœ”οΈπŸ’―
...Sunday fun-day full of jet skiing, tubing, and misc craziness with family and friends! Yeah budddy!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ
Told Kati we should take the jet ski out on the water. I mean we know how to drive one in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
DNR takes the fun out of having a jet ski
Thinking about buying a jet ski. Power move.
I wanted to go mudding and ride the jet ski...ay para la otra..
Anyone got a jet ski they wanna give me
Maybe a little Jet Ski action today?
Note to self: don't let Jordyn drive the jet ski πŸ˜’
Does Anyone of my friends upstate have some jet ski's I can borrow one day this week???
Kyle on the jet ski. 11 years old is close 16 if you round up. I like to think of some laws as suggestions.
Omfg such a funny day. Can i just say imma pro at jet ski driving πŸ†—
*** yea. Alot of waves on the lake today. Lets see how high i can get this jet ski in the air. 6 ft is my record. 10 ft or go home!
When you go all the way to Croatia, a nice little remote jet ski rental place, waiting for people to return & it turns out to be
every time I get on a jet ski I almost kill myself
Someone tryna go on the jet ski with me?
Dolphins swimming beside us while jet skiing 🐬
Well done to every one who took part in the jrsa British jet ski champs over the weekend. Sat weather fab, today rubbish. Once again thank you to friends & family for your support x
Bummer, rode my bile 30 feet and had to stop due to "sports" injury. Last Friday as I was backing my truck down the ramp to retrieve my jet ski, I placed my right arm on the passenger seat and turned my head over my right shoulder...SHARP pain. Saturday it turns into a dull pain. This morning pain is still there but getting a little better. Since jet skiing is a sport and retrieving the ski is part of jet skiing, I'll call it a sports injury. Which sounds better than an old guy injures himself by turning his head... Anyway, looks like it's time for breakfast. :-)
I ain't lost a race on these jet ski's since a young borr. I'm putting that bread up against anybody think they fckn wit me! Put sumn up! πŸ’―
Just been on a jet ski and can't decide whether it was the best or worst experience of my life, sooo scary 😱
80 degrees. Great day to jet ski. Tube and swim
Jet skiing, knee boarding and water skiing today πŸ‘Œ
Can all the boats and jet ski's stop driving past my house because I'm getting mad that I'm not out there with them πŸ‘Ώ
Time to go jet ski with the fam and chey
β€œSunk a boat and stranded on a jet ski. I need to stay off the water
Jet ski wave jumpin is where it's at
Grand totals for the week: broken foot, bruised toe, scratched face, grease burns, broken front tooth (cap came off), thievery, dead jet ski, dead boat, had to jump a car battery, sunburn, phone in rice, lost assortment of goods.. All found again, and a TON of ibuprofen. When two of our friends were leaving, the wife turned to the husband and said," you've got my tooth, right?" Sign of a good weekend.
"Let's get wasted and rent a jet ski" from the girl who wasn't boozing today
02 Kawasaki 1100 ZXI for sale looks great and runs even better. Asking $2800 but will hear any reasonable offer. Comes with an EZ load galvanized trailer and the tags on the jet ski are good until 2015. Title clean and in hand. The only reason I'm selling it is because I want a bigger one for my family.
The boys got to jet ski afterall. thanks Gina Vergata Guenther!
Rolled the jet ski today hydroRallying hard. Nick Hartig was the casualty this time.
Had a blast at the 38 special & CCR concert last night. Only 2 O.G band members left & so what if we were the youngest couple there 😊 then to top it of the bf puts a dollar in the machine and $350 boom crab dinner on! What a fun night with my best friend. Off to jet ski have a fabulous Sunday everyone! Peace & love
Fun in the sun! Spending the day with my boo and my boys!!! Jet ski/ Beach action!!
Friends, Jet Skiing, done by Saharsh, he did many stunts as well, ofcourse with a instructor behind but he was more dare enough to do such things at the age of 5 and half
Who has a jet ski and wants to be a peach and gimme a ride? Lol one thing I've never done.
Jet Ski Kawasaki Short Overview The tale of Jet Ski began when Clayton Jacobson II, the known inventor of the initial personal water craft, marketed the civil liberties to his patent to Kawasaki. The firm began creating this individual water craft as well as in 1973, came the launch of their WSAA and also WSAB models. These 2 are understood to be the globe's very first Jet Skis. The year 1976 brought Kawasaki to manufacture their Jet Ski. This model was one of the longest-selling Jet Skis made. In the 80's, Jet Ski was more powerful with added features. It was the very first Jet Ski version to come out with changed high-capacity mixed-flow pump that provided it more power for people which really wanted to have more compared to the typical adventure. The 80's additionally gave birth to the JS300 (1986) that was hailed to be the novice's Jet Ski, 650SX (1987) powered by a 635 cm3 2-stroke Twin, 300SX (1987) with 294 cm3 reed-valve Single with CD ignition, and the initial Kawasaki Jet Ski sit-down water craf ...
Use this PWC tour overview and expert advice from Craig Nicholson to plan your own self-guided Sea Doo, Jet Ski or Waverunner ride on the Rideau Canal from Rockport, Ontario in the famous 1000 Islands to Ottawa and back.
Been at my boys house for 3 days, heading to Smith Mountain Lake tomorrow to Jet Ski. I'd say it's been a good couple of days πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž
10 Things I want to do before I move away from Texas 1. TexBBQ 2. TexMex 3. Jet Ski @ the lake 4. Pool Day :) 5. WHATABURGER @ 3am 6. Cedar Springs Night! :) 7. Oklahoma Casino Night 8. First Tattoo 9. Sneaky Pete's 10. Night in the Ft Worth Stockyards! I think I can manage doing all of this!!! I just want to see all of you awesome Texas people before I go!
When the swimming pool is not big enough, come join us on the WAIKIKI OCEAN CLUB for Hawaii’s hottest ocean activities conveniently located off the shores of Waikiki Beach. Slide into the beautiful Pacific Ocean, revel in the thrills of the Jet Ski, skim the waves on a banana sled, explore underwate…
The joys of my new job. Just had Dizzee Rascal use one of our Jet Ski's the day after Grovin the moo. Got a fist pump too.
They say Mankind is the biggest threat to the great Blue Whale more then any other. Here's my question. ..what competition do we have? Who or what else is competing with us? Number one: Mankind. Number 2: A pelican with a machine gun. And a distant number 3: A Lion on a Jet Ski. (JG)
David & Angie Nichols charting new territory by pulling their Jet Ski with his Harley. Looked pretty cool backing that Ski down our boat ramp with his bike.
It's been a great month at Black Bear Harley-Davidson and the weekend is coming up so come by and let us put you on the Harley of your dreams! We take anything in on trade with a Vin. Imports, Dirt Bikes, ATV's, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Jet Ski's, Side by Sides, etc! Let us make your dream a reality! Experience the difference at Black Bear H-D!!
Come on, Dennis Hopper overacting on a Jet Ski ... cinema gold.
ARNOLD Schwarzenegger Parachutes Down onto Z Beach at Z Compound, 20 feet from ANDY on KAWASAKI Jet Ski, who...
Airaid 350-199 Intake System Online Clearance Deal for Sale Online SEE YOUR OFFERS! : Intake System What's The Best Automobile For Towing Your Toys? Questioning what is the best car for towing your toys? If you are anyone that has a toy such as a camper, Jet Ski or boat it is vital to have a motor vehicle that will safely tow the entertaining that you choose to participate in with. Airaid 350-199 Intake System Educate Your Teen to Travel - Component four You have reached the stage the place your teen is assured with the fundamental principles of controlling the auto, they have fantastic recognition of the other automobiles and the occasions getting area all over them, and they are relaxed transferring in and all-around targeted traffic. Now it is time to place it all collectively and appear at applying the offered area all around the motor vehicle to keep as safe and sound as attainable. How Much Have We Gotten With H2o-Powered Autos? All over the earth, people have equivalent pressing issues to consider ...
I ran 6 miles this morning and this is what I learned. 90% of the trail I run is in the Bike/Pedestrian Lane on a 4 Lane stretch of road. It is somewhat uncommon that an oncoming vehicle will move to the left lane out of the right lane showing courtesy to me in the Bike Lane. Today there was Pizza box in the right lane of Thomas Drive and I watched as I approached the Pizza box and I counted the number or vehicles that moved over to the left lane to avoid the Pizza box.27 vehicles moved to the right lane to avoid a Pizza Box, where only about 1 in 27 will move to the left lane to show courtesy to a runner. Just because Someone is on Spring Break doesn't mean they should rent a MoPed. If Someone couldn't operate a MoPed while not on Spring Break it is most likely they will not be able to operate on while on Spring Break either. Same thing applies to Jet Ski's and other PWC. Drivers turning right with traffic onto the road you are running on... do not look right before turning they only look left and ...
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One for me, and a slightly bigger one for my Daddy... SPPS ALL TERRAIN CENTRE caters for Family's. We sell the Best Quality pre-loved 4X4's, Classic Cars, American Choppers, Harley Davidson's, Mustangs, Aston Martin's, Boats, Jet Ski's, and more, visit us and make us part of your family! "ONE LIFE DRIVE IT" Mission To become a an important member of Your family, We want to be Your No. 1 Stop for all Your family vehicles, Leisure Craft & More
Obexer's Boat Company is Lake Tahoe's First Marina located along the West Shore in Homewood, CA. We are a Full Service Lake Tahoe Marina offering New and Used Boats for Sale, Jet Ski and Boat Rentals, Waterski and Wakeboard Lessons, Market and Gas Dock.
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