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Jet Blue

JetBlue Airways Corporation is an American low-cost airline. The company is headquartered in the Long Island City neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens.

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Virgin, Alaska, and Jet Blue are my faves, but their flights suck out of DFW. It's American's…
The last time I flew AA I got turned off. I stick with Jet Blue &…
My takeaway from ur 😂😂show: Guy from woods should prob b on a registry & Paul Lynde is alive and a flight attendant for Jet Blue.
Just flew for the first time. Great airline! In an age where airlines treat passengers like cattle, Jet Blue stands above the rest.
Lemme guess, whichever is a heavy/bad press day for Trump? They can only fly Ivanka on Jet Blue with no makeup SO MANY…
Casey, Take good care of the girls. Have a great XMAS. Candice get some rest and drink some more Jet Blue wine.
Not the Daniel Goldstein ejected from a Jet Blue flight for speaking to Ivanka Trump, but getting the trolls.
There is no coach/first class on Jet Blue. They were on their way to their private jet.
Should not be done on Jet Blue flights, save it for the San Fran bath house
If you really think Ivanka flies coach, much less flies Jet Blue...listen I have this great secret diamond mine for sale
Liberals can't wrap their small brains around the fact that a high net worth individual like Ivanka Trump fly's Jet Blue. T…
CNN will probably report: Ivanka Trump ruins homosexual Hillary voters Christmas, has *** men thrown off Jet Blue flight out…
The *** men who harassed Ivanka Trump on a Jet Blue flight do not represent my community. They are radical leftist cowards…
If you think a *** man yelling at Ivanka Trump on Jet Blue is a big deal, you are in for a very bumpy ride. Trump is alread…
Ivanka Trump & fam targeted on Jet Blue flight - not cool. Whole communities of Americans targeted by her dad's politics?…
Ivanka Trump was on a Jet Blue flight w/ small children. screamed at her & scared her kids. Liberals are def…
Passenger kicked off Jet Blue flight for talking to Ivanka Trump. "Your father is ruining the country!," he said
Rev. Darrell Scott made the best most accurate & true opinion of all over the 'Jet Blue' incident! On Hannity tonight.
you know Jet Blue put the couple right on next plane - hubby says there was no yelling -
Wahoo for the passenger on the Jet Blue flight to Palm Springs who told Ivanka what he thought!
Jet Blue. Airbus 320. In Honor of the fire department of the city of New York. ✈️
Port Auth. to offer Terminal rent concessions plus bonus to Jet Blue to repair moving sidewalks.
Yes they just read me the company line with no options said I had to talk to Jet Blue. $14 grand on a vacation and starts this way
Jet Blue almost made me cry.they set a notif saying my flight departed but it doesn't depart until tomorrow ╭( ๐…
Jet Blue is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Jet blue is having an amazing sale rn better get on it
PSA Jet Blue is currently having a flash sale on flights.
Jet blue got the deals on flights rn.. just a heads up
we count clouds. dance by chance. in jet trails of romance. looking to the blue. I'll see you when I land. ever so gently. in…
No big deal 2018 Elijah Cabell (FL) took first BP swing over the CF wall at Jet Blue!
I'd rather see him a Blue Bomber than a Jet.
When of when will the big talkers get on a plane? Liars and cowards each and every one. C'mon Kanye Jet Blue is ready when you are. Chicken?
Elephant. Blue whale. Jumbo Jet. That's some heavy stuff right there
Ok, soryy, we'll discuss this over a nice glass of Rum, Red wine & White wine respectively on the jet
You can't do that! Vince has reserved three seats on his private jet for when we become next 3 (wo)man team
Is at Jet Blue JFK flying to Syracuse Attending tomorrow's PACNY Board Meeting.
I should've picked the jet blue hair but I'll do another red/orange
flying jet blue for the first time. There are card readers in the seat. Not sure how I feel about this.
I can count on one hand the few times that I’ve fallen in love with a brand.
Fresh off the Jet, then I breeze to the beaches. Blue Yankee fitted, G-Unit sneakers.
Jet blue got a sale ? Might fly to Texas again for the third time.
Jet Blue is having a huge sale. The only common denominator of all my favorite people is Ft. Lauderdale. In winter? OKAY!
Is that a yes? If it makes you feel better, I only fly Jet Blue. Guess you can say I'm a monogamous flyer.
don't bother waiting. Same w/me. Only to be informed all jet blue seats are gone yet it's still avail on porter
Stuck in the jet wash, a bad trip I couldn’t get off. Maybe I bit off more than I could chew overhead of the aqua blue
I mean you know it's nothing I got the blue jet on the runway now
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'll see Vegas in March. so Flash Sale from Jet Blue is no good at the moment
Loving these Jet Blue deals. Could not let this pass up, another getaway booked.
Jet blue really be having these $30 flash sale joints like every other day but I never find out about it in time
The next three are Turbo, Blue Jet, and Shuttle, not sure which first though
Blue tac your nans carpet to your cheeks
“Our planet, our spaceship, our home.” Sing along with Jet and the gang about the “tiny blue dot” we call home:
Blue, Winston, Jet and Gunner early this morning 😃
Jet Blue just hit my inbox w/ some good good. Let me book a flight or 2.
Dam jet blue doing flights to Vegas for 39 one way. 60 bucks for round trip.
Yeah... I remember a kid who grew up at Jet Blue pitching against a little squad from Orlando 🦂. Congrats Brandon! https…
Love the idea of unveiling their retro 1960s livery, when the company has only been around since 2000
I need sombody who work for jet blue southwest don't go where I'm trying to go !
Thanks jet blue... bout to gtf outta DC for inauguration weekend & hit the Bahamas lol
JFK - El Al to Jet Blue - I would look to depart between 8 and 9.
So Jet Blue changed its plan colors to red... That defeats the purpose of the air line Jet Blue.. They should now call it Jet Red
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Why is Jet Blue successful? Integrated strategy, marketing, communication, and culture. Did coach Robin?
Saw a guy at the Jet Blue terminal order a Jameson rocks, pay, chug it, and walk away.
Jet Blue flight from Ft Lauderdale to Havana far more significant than the ill advised other flight to Mexico City today.
SW & Jet Blue say they require a birth certificate to prove the child's age for under two. I don't see United say that tho
Where you check in the bags Jet Blue told me I had too many carry ONS.
How to Help The Families &. Community after Orlando Shooting. So much Love. Kudos to Jet Blue. htt…
Scott say American, Delta,Jet Blue, Southwest, and United Airlines have given free flight to "thousands" of family members.
And earlier today mile high Hollywood Today Live somewhere over the east coast on Jet Blue! Love it! And Kim...
Listening to sun city on my Jet Blue commute back from DC to Miamia .. Plane turn up!!
These are America's best airlines of 2016:. 1. Virgin America. 2. Jet Blue. 3. Delta.
I just flew with Jet Blue and the flight attendants and employees were all very accommoda...
Check in from Jet Blue in Ft. Myers. 7A baseball semi, Belen Jesuit/Tampa Gaither ready to go.
My favorite airline is Southwest above the rest. Second I like Jet Blue. I will be flying Delta for my upcoming...
BOS - Terminal C to Terminal E in 2.5 hr? - Arriving BOS on Jet Blue, terminal C at 422pm. Checked luggage.
Believe the memes! Jet-fuel can’t melt steel beams! The color blue is actually the color purple! Everyone just sees it wrong!
13 weeks till I jet off to Tenerife with the Mrs but gotta show off my claret and blue shirt when out there... Everywhere we go!⚒
Wish I was a Jet Blue Virgin right now!!! Good luck!
Somewhere out on sea there was a female sitting on top of a flat rock. She had long, jet-black hair, silver-blue eyes and fair skin. She -
Waited over 45 min for our luggage on jet blue
Mechanical problems prompt emergency landing in the Bahamas - (subscription)
Fun fact: Shane fueled Beyoncé and Jay-Z's jet tonight and saw Beyoncé giving blue a piggy back ride on to the jet. My husbands job is cool😏
The theme for my class this year is so cute 😍 jet blue 💙✈️ go seniors! ☺️
Blue Jet Above the Electric Earth | Space News: For the first time ever, an image has been captured of an elus...
I Love Jet Blue, they came through big time for Borinqueneers trip to D.C.
i sent Thro his eyes and Deep Down translation in dm ❤️❤️ i asked Omix for Jet pack blue's one, i'll give u if i get it
Can you tell me the time on Sunday for the Ed Rodrigues pitching return from injury? Jet Blue
I liked a video Blue Jet Above the Electric Earth | Space News
Birthday on Sunday and jet blue is playing with my flight status
for sure. We're still working on Scarlett learning how to say jet blue
Thoughts on VR in the air? Imagine a flight with Virgin Atlantic or Jet blue & should it be reserved for first class?
I only went to Jet Blue on Monday & then Sarasota on Tues, hope you had fun! We’ll have to catch up at the Yard!
well right now I'm down to flying Jet Blue only!!
Sitting on the couch, she stared at *** studying his face. The crystal blue eyes, jet-black hair, and strong jaw-line.
Jet Blue just aborted a landing at JFK. Possible plane on runway or winds. Didn't look good.
"Twisted off the jank I'm watching Iron Chef/ the secret ingredient was Lion's neck/ Royal Blue Cyber Tech/ ride solo like a Fighter Jet"
we all flew here on jet blue thank you THANK YOU 💟
lol that's so grimy. Sun chips seem healthy enough. Lol time to cop those blue corn chips 😂
Should I dye my hair jet black or blue black ? Someone answer
Remember that year Broadway was sponsored by Jet Blue? (Thank you. THANK YOU!!) I think about this a lot, actually...
You were red and you liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky.
It took me two weeks to sign up for Jet Blue frequent flyer miles. And, I inhaled.
Jet Blue told New Yorkers to steal its bus-shelter ads, and rewarded them for it:
Jet blue is having a flight sale. Thank me later!!
Virgin America is highest rated. I'm personally a big fan of Jet Blue and Delta.
I've dyed my hair jet black before (to get rid of the yellowish brown dye), under sunlight it appears blue at times
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Jet trails, blue sky's and sunshine no worries in my mind
- That all blue Yankee is my graduation cap.
Will Virgin America merge with Jet Blue or Alaska Airlines or both? What about Frontier merging with Spirit Air?.
flying Jet Blue means I can watch Fox News during the flight 🙌🏽😭
American and Jet Blue. I have heard enough nightmare stories to stay away from Southwest.
Red Sox game at Jet Blue facility in Fort Myers. Great way to spend day.
Well this is unexpected: Jet Blue looking to launch Cuba service from Boston's Logan Airport.
Update: Amazon Instant Video lands in Jet Blue planes for free this week
When you get the jet blue notification that you can check in for your flight 😝
got to fly Jet Blue. It's free and the flight attendants are pretty cool.😉
I loved Red (I had both, but I preferred it over Blue) and then the Anime came out & that only added jet fuel to the fire
Jet blue has that leg room and free snacks. Sold.
Okay guys serious question. Red or jet black with hints of blue??? Which color sounds best!!
And letting me use his jet blue credit ...a good friend whos lending me and tried finding me a place so I can have somewhere to stay in FL
I'm just trying cut a fool in the Bull City.Jet Blue not trying to let me be great
Polar blue under the polar jet. This will be the dominant jet for the nxt 7days
name an airline that starts with a G !. "jet blue"
Life In The Wild Blue Yonder: jet fighter pilot stories from the cold war. by John Lowery.
On a bad day I could potentially be capable of this. On a good ticks.
Today begins the journey to Jet Blue
ok nice, I didn't take care of my flight, but I think I'm taking Jet Blue.
Bullet the Blue Sky: Su-35S Named One of the World's Deadliest Fighters: via
Bullet the blue sky: is named one of the world's deadliest fighters.
Jet Blue direct flights from JFK to Daytona Beach.Come experience Palm Coast, Florida!!.
For instance, Jet Blue had round trip air fares from Austin to New York for 110 on Monday.
Pro Booster Club cheer mom is flyin in style to NCA Cheer competition in Dallas!!! Jet Blue rocks!!
Flown on: american and jet blue airlines
Watching Jessica Jones on Netflix on my PlayStation Vita while flying via free Wi-Fi on Jet Blue. It's the future!
I'm headed to a Jet Blue flight today and I'm already afraid.
I'm flying from ny to boston on jet blue points today I feel so frivolous 💅🏼💁🏻
Jet Black Heart. Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories...
Two check in lanes open at JFK at Jet Blue with an eight year old about to pee his pants. They are quickly wearing my patience.
Why, pray tell, is their only 4 check in lanes at Jet Blue at JFK. No me gusta-ing TF out of this.
U.S. carriers have begun planning service to Cuba:
Jet Blue - Listening to their customers PAYS off! -
High like a jet, like a jet blue jet 🎵
fug just found out I can fly free on jet blue 😭😭 going overseas ASAP
My guess is DJ Khaled will die in a jet ski accident while drunk off Apple ciroc, and wearing blue "bless up" sandals.
I've always fly jet blue. Unfortunately, you don't fly San Francisco to Phoenix! What's a girl to do?
Shipping delays could be causing a very blue Christmas for
and the asian chicks face! Lmao should of been an jet blue commercial. Psh, wanna get away? Ha
Jet blue hooking me uo with that free wifi han
Jet blue emailing me all these deals. Yes, I'd love to book.. But the way the holidays are set up 😩
Jet Blue is blasting TSwift and Lana and addressed me as "Mary Margaret Miss Johnston" so I am a v big fan already.
Bo. Southwest is a Michigan Company? Will have to start taking Jet Blue. GO GREEN!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Just heard that Jet Blue will do organic farming all the plane polution this should be organic, NOT! I'll pass on their blue chips
Finding a marble on a Boston beach can mean two free round-trip flights from Jet Blue.
Two plane passengers arrested after fight on Jet Blue flight at JFK: An airplane takes off fro...
India, UN appeal for peace as Nepal sends security forces to town hit with protest violence: India and the Uni...
Ukrainian filmmaker, who opposed Crimea annexation, gets 20 years in prison: A Russian court has convicted a U...
Report: Iran has no plan for swapping detained Washington Post reporter for US prisoners: Iran's semi-official...
Latest developments across Europe as the continent struggles to manage its migrant influx: Record numbers of m...
Islamic State propaganda images purport to show destruction of Syrian temple at Palmyra: The Islamic State gro...
Record number of migrants enter Hungary as it hurries to build fence on Serbian border: The latest surge of mi...
UN human rights office decries execution of man, 2 wives over kidnapping, killing of 2 girls: U.N.
Airman wounded in train attack being treated at US military hospital in Germany, doing well: U.S. military aut...
China cuts interest rates for fifth time in 9 months to spur slowing economy: China has cut interest rates for...
In absence of solid leads, Bangkok officials debate if security cameras are working or not: Bangkok city hall ...
UN says 7,000 migrants have crossed into Serbia from Macedonia since Friday: More than 7,000 migrants have cro...
After train standoff, French presidents warns his country to prepare for new attacks: French President Francoi...
Greek coast guard searching for 4 still missing after dinghy capsize off coast of Greek island: Two Greek coas...
US stock futures rise as world markets settle down despite China freefall: Most stock markets around the world...
After marathon talks, rival Koreas reach deal over land mine blast, propaganda broadcasts: After more than 40 ...
What's Pyongyang like in quasi-state of war with South, US? Pretty much like every other day: For 30 minutes i...
Safari guide killed by lion in Zimbabwe in same park that was home to Cecil: A lion has killed a safari guide ...
European Union should do more to help migrants move around, integrate and work, UN expert says: A U.N.
Russia removes foreign-branded detergent, washing power from shops: Russian authorities have begun to remove f...
Singapore to hold general election on Sept. 11 in test of ruling party's 50-year dominance: Singapore's govern...
French-American who would 'give anything' new hero in high-speed train attack: An American teacher and artist ...
From today in our offer you can find BLUE DRAGON JET MAX with large air head for bigger cables nad ducts!!!
This Jet Blue terminal in JFK is beautiful
I cashed in all my AA miles. I am not a fan of AA. Love Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest, Sorry for your ordeal.
been there before with jet blue. Missed out on a letterman taping. Hang in there!
Jet Ski 3 seater VX Deluxe less than 10 hours on engine, blue/black, like new!
but in real life TSA wouldn't allow me to bring my record player on this Jet Blue flight ***
Not trying to jump to conclusions but I think jet blue might have forgotten to get a plane for our flight? Perfect weather but a 3hr delay?
Jet blue airlines flyy you on sofas
Tempted to never fly Jet Blue again
I was in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a jet ski on some blue crush type ish lol
Gorgeous Jet Black hair and stunning blue eyes -
I’m so patriotic I *** Red, White and Blue. The doctor told me it might be patriotic cancer. I told him to shut his commi…
Check out this great item: Trek Jet 20 boys 20" Bike Blue Silver and White
Turkey president calls for new election after coalition talks deadlock: Turkey's president formally called a n...
Jet blue was there for me when no one else was.
We recently went on a trip to New Jersey on jet blue. Not only was jet blue one of the onl...
Might get purple, blue , or jet black for bts 😍😊
5 hour flight with a broken TV. Jet Blue, be better.
I gotta fly jet blue Mint when I get some money
JFK - Jet Blue to AA - I will be flying from Rochester to JFK on Jetblue, then from JFK to Honolulu on American...
Brooklyn on my flight! Good job Jet Blue. - Drinking a Brooklyn Summer Ale by -
Jet Blue plans to charge customers for a checked bag & will also force you to pay extra if u want your Potato Chips Blue colored
JFK - time between flights terminal 5 to terminal 4 - We have an incoming flight on Jet Blue arriving at 8:00 am...
Additionally: holding out for the Virgin Airlines/Jet Blue of ISPs to emerge. SOS.
Spring travel: Jet Blue two-day sale with flights from $29: Book travel through midnight Wednesday for departu...
Can I accrue United miles via Star Alliance on a Jet Blue flight operated by South African Airways?
We have had an airport since 1920. We in the Third District love our airport AND Jet Blue!
United Airlines, Jet Blue, Delta, Virgin!!! Where are you when I need you to whisk me away from this…
Jet Blue contact phone for law enforcement wanting free r-t flight to Officer Ramos' funeral in NYC.
Happy new Year. Are you local in Stradford? Can I have a look at you new jet?? Available any time. Did you SB at Blue Mtn ?
Their own mystery unsolved, families of MH370 missing view Indonesia crash with empathy, envy: Images of bodie...
Jet blue Terminal 5 music at JFK is rather good!
Jet blue telling me to check in for my flight already. Yes bae!!
Heavy rain, strong winds impede AirAsia search: A tiny window of good weather was slammed shut Thursday as ano...
Pulse-jet lavender blue airlines go through charted on oil alterum: gzlPEJnz
Egyptian appeals court orders retrial in Al-Jazeera case: An Egyptian appeals court ordered a trial Thursday i...
My New Year’s Resolution: I won’t boycott Chipotle, Jet Blue or any business based on your Faceboo...
Jet blue. How is 1465. Buf to ft lauderdale looking this am barry
PHOR Jet Blue would like to spectate if that is alright?
Heavy rains again hinder search for AirAsia jet; 7 dead found; finding fuselage top priority: Searchers were r...
Afghan authorities investigating rocket strike at wedding that killed at least 28 people: An Afghan official s...
Break in poor weather allows AirAsia search to intensify: Authorities were hoping a break in poor weather Thur...
Strange Bedfellows Or Archrivals? Southwest vs Jet Blue: Shareholders will continue to be dra...
Honestly so many props to jet blue. Got us to long beach 15 mins early than expected to make up for an hour delay. ilu jet blue 🙌💙
Cities around the world ring in New Year: Revelers around the world are bidding farewell to 2014 and welcoming...
35 killed, 48 injured in stampede at New Year's event on historic Bund waterfront: Thirty-five people died in ...
call jet blue and complain. I did. You'll get compensated
Short.Sweet . And to the point. Great article by the Chairman of Jet Blue, Joel Peterson.
Jet plane smoke blue airlines outlay envisaged so that restore yourself: hJaqX
North Korean leader open to summit with South: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in a nationally televised New ...
We need a new Jet Blue: Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer
Little Giant Ladders
.flew about 670 police officers to New York for slain officer's funeral
Thank you to jet blue for allowing our local heroes to honor NYPD's Officer Ramos.
New Year's celebrations around the world: Major cities around the world bid farewell to 2014 and welcome in 20...
jet blue ain't nothin but a thang. Lehhhgo. When we get an exact date
I respect Jet BLUE for taking care of the Men in BLUE. I do not think it isfor gain, but out of heartfelt sympathy 2 LEOs lost
So Jet Blue is racist for flying cops to the funerals for free? . Think about that... they're raci…
I really need to dye my hair dark brown maybe jet black with a blue tint when it kissed by the sun
They just want 2 have something 2 complain about, whiners & liars, I just ignore them. jet Blue did a awe…
Jet blue wooried about bflo storm re 1465 buf to ft lauder will it leave as sched must catch a cruise ship advise
Just in, ref. John Sullivan Fox Radio. Support Jet Blue, offering free airfare to Police Officers going to Officer Ramo's funeral in NY.
As America Buries Two More Cops In One Day, (Both Killed At The Hands Of Career Criminals), The Anti-Cop Protest Wages On! And Hero of the day goes to Jet Blue for flying in nearly 700 cops for free to attend the funeral of Officer Ramos! It was a sad day for America! The same media that for decades has labored tirelessly to promote a fiction of perpetual white oppression and black victimhood and that, most recently, elevated thugs Michael Brown and Eric Garner to the stature of heroes (whether sacrificial lambs or freedom fighters) are implicated in the murder of these two police officers. Like Pontius Pilate who deluded himself into thinking that he could “wash his hands” of his part in Jesus’ death, so too does Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Bill DiBlasio, and every other politician, “civil rights activist,” and commentator who did their part to fuel the inferno of anti-police rhetoric think that they can now wash their hands of their responsibility for the murders of Officers Ramos ...
Jet Blue flew about 670 police officers to NY for slain officer's funeralairline says - via
Jet Blue now just as bad as . Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer
Jet Blue flight delayed by tardy de Blasio
Pease Greeters Flight 11-14-14 We even had a Jet Blue plane land with Football players that will play against UNH tomorrow.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
bro I just remembered that the Long Beach Airport (5 minutes from my house) is a major Jet Blue hub!
There's this guy at Jet Blue's terminal at MCO who looks exactly like Peter Capaldi, attack eyebrows and everything 😂😂😂
Huge challenges at airports? Jet Blue & Autism Speaks are helping our families fly with ease!
$950 CLE-BOS-CLE on UA vs. $250 PIT-BOS-PIT on Jet Blue is a no-brainer. Had forgotten how good an airline Jet Blue is. (That the flight attendant looked remarkably like Jennifer Aniston didn't hurt.)
American Airlines and Jet Blue is always emailing tempting discounts for flights 😩
Well worth the long flight, take Jet Blue then Hawaiian airlines. Hawaii is a sight to see.
Jet Blue is definitely my favorite airline. Direct TV and free wi fi?!? Don't mind if I do
jetblue. airline. All flights tonight of Jet Blue from LGA to FL are delayed few hours!! jetblue loosing faith airline
Jet Blue or Southwest Airlines??...saving up for a visit to Bethel. :)
Which airline is better Alaska, Delta, Southwest or Jet Blue?
Jet Blue will forever be better than American Airlines.
Update on Jim and Lucky: Our stuff was moved out into storage today. Tomorrow the building people come in and remove the items we didn't want to keep. Lucky is boarding until we leave on Jet Blue this Saturday (he'll be in the cabin with me) to our new city on the West Coast: San Francisco. If we weren't so exhausted we might be excited.
JFK - Transfer from Terminal 5 to Terminal 4 - I am arriving from Buffalo by Jet Blue at terminal 5 and have...
I always fly Jet Blue, though this year I'll be stuck on an American Airlines flight.
I find it funny that airline of choice is Jet Blue XD
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
*BREAKING* Missing passenger plane.. Air Algerie jet en route to Algeria has disappeared from radar.. reporting.
BREAKING: Algerian passenger jet disappears from radar, reports say
Attack on Iraq prisoner convoy kills 60: Gunmen attacked a prisoner convoy north of Baghdad on Thursday, setti...
.Anti- Kiev in the city of Donetsk, has today dropped a jet plane and the pilot has been removed alive.
Air Algerie plane reportedly disappears from radar: An Air Algerie flight from Burkina Faso to Algiers has dis...
Official Algerian news agency says Air Algerie plane disappears from radar: The official Algerian news agency ...
Court: Poland violated human rights in allowing CIA to abuse terror suspects at 'black sites': Europe's top hu...
Sudanese Christian woman spared death sentence for apostasy flown to Italy: Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Chris...
Thailand to re-launch women-only train carriages after rape, killing of 13-year-old girl: Thailand's railway a...
Long odds for justice in Malaysia jet disaster, experts say: Anyone hoping to bring to justice whoever downed ...
The Swisher Blue Coil Jet System is designed for the cleaning of air handling units, air conditioning units and...
Norway warns of 'concrete threat' from people linked to Islamist fighters in Syria: Norway's intelligence serv...
Norway has information about terror threat from people with ties with Syria's foreign fighters: Norway's intel...
12 children die after train hits school bus in India: Twelve children were killed Thursday when a train crashe...
Chief suspect in Malawi corruption scandal released on bail after perjury charge: The chief suspect in a gover...
Australia sends 50 police to London in anticipation of joining UN security force in Ukraine: Australia has sen...
how do I personally thank the jet blue tsa officer who made my day?? Great customer service and assistance with my issue
Spain's jobless rate edges down to 24.5 percent in second quarter as economy gains traction: Official figures...
2 more planes carrying victims of Malaysian crash to fly from Ukraine to Netherlands: Ukraine's government say...
Hong Kong businesses on edge as democracy protest threatens financial hub's shutdown: As activists vow to shut...
Israeli border towns empty, adjust to new threats from Gaza as war wages on: With deadly fighting raging next ...
Typhoon Matmo brings stormy weather to Shanghai, other parts of eastern China: Typhoon Matmo is bringing storm...
Gaza fighting rages as US, others push for cease-fire: Israeli tanks and warplanes are pummeling the Gaza Stri...
Chairman of US meat supplier apologizes for China subsidiary at center of food scandal: The chairman of an Ame...
13 children killed as train crashes into school bus at unmanned crossing in southern India: Police say 13 chil...
Taiwan airline points to typhoon weather as cause of plane crash that killed 48: Stormy weather on the trailin...
European airlines cancel more flights to Israel: Air France and Germany's two largest airlines on Wednesday ca...
Annual UN human development report finds halting progress in key measures: Improvements in life spans, educati...
Why does blue eyes & jet black hair always look good on a person???
Philippines deports Australian Islamic preacher, no charges filed: Philippine immigration authorities say they...
Can't wait for my hair to be back to jet black or blue black, haven't made my mind up yet.
Just an icon, stands alone but contains data from other apps like Sephora, Jet Blue, Starbucks etc. Loyalty cards are what it holds.
Seeking to fend off rising sea, Cuba moves to save mangrove forests hurt by neglect, logging: Many people in t...
ow that *** well next time use Jet blue they are best
Japan trade deficit widens to $8 billion in June: Japan's trade deficit more than tripled from the year before...
UN humanitarian chief on funding shortfalls, Gaza and lessons from Typhoon Haiyan: The U.N.'s humanitarian chi...
China factory activity at 18-month high as mini-stimulus for No. 2 economy takes effect: China's manufacturing...
they literally always lose my luggage!! Take jet blue next time they rock
Selfie with my youngest cuñada at JFK 😝 @ John F. Kenedy International Airport Jet Blue Terminal 4
Minus the 7 pounds I lost from sweating, great day at Jet Blue Park today to shoot baseball highlights
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