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Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me is a Christian hymn set to words by Anna Bartlett Warner. The lyrics first appeared as a poem in the context of a novel called Say and Seal, written by Susan Warner and published in 1860. The tune was added in 1862 by William Batchelder Bradbury who found the text of Jesus Loves Me in this book, in which the words were spoken as a comforting poem to a dying child.

Chris Tomlin Memorial Service Amazing Grace

Jesus is Lord. John 14:6. And he loves Muslims. Come to Christ bro!
***WARNING*** The language is a tad strong, but this is awesome! We need snow!
🎶 Yes, Jesus loves me!. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me!. The Bible tells me so. 🎶.
Did you know that Jesus loves you even when you mess up? . No matter how big of a mess you think you are... He...
But Jesus loves me so I never had to pay this time 🙃😇😌
8am mass thoughts. So tired. Im falling asleep. JESUS. I love Jesus and he loves me. I'm hungry. Take care of your crying kid. JESUS. So hungry
Mom picked me up some Thic In Mc Nougats😍 Beignet Jesus Loves Me!
me: I should look nicer and get dressed up for church. inner me: it's fine, Jesus loves you the way you are
Jesus Christ, that's even worse. I'm in love with Nagito and I let everyone who loves him as well follow me.
Last wk this little girl received a Jesus Loves Me lamb in her shoebox! To send more lambs in shoeboxes click here: http…
I think the older I get the more I come to realize I don't want someone who's perfect, I want someone who makes me happy and…
A funny read on New Yorkers who changed their names to something wacky in 2016. Now pls call me "Jesus Loves Peace".
Jesus Loves Me by Chris Thomlin listen live at
Jesus Loves Me by Chris Tomlin. Not the song you sang as a child. I'm unable to hear any vocal. It mus…
I wonder what song Philip is going to kill Pastor Tim to the sounds of? Jesus Loves Me maybe? Some Christian rock? Hmm?
Nobody loves me like you do Jesus.In you I've found where I belong.I love it here...♡
I want to be with someone who loves Jesus more than me😌
Jesus Loves You so Much!. "He who did not spare His own Son, but deliver Him up for us all, how shall He not with...
I don t Why Jesus Loves Me by Tommy Walker at Andrae Crouch Tribute Concert: на
I need a man who loves Jesus more than he loves me and also loves dogs and things but loves me more than he loves dogs and t…
Because Jesus loves me, I will always do my best...
I was lost, my heart was a storm I was covered of shame, Jesus he loves me, how can it be? I couldn't run from his arms🛐
me: *sins*. them: it's okay Jesus will forgive you because he loves you. me: jesUS IS *** ?¿¿
God made us in HIS image and that's crazy!?!? like Jesus really loves me!! and I find that really super cool.
I have *five* finals this week and I just might die, but you know what-- Jesus loves me and because of that everything is okay.
😢 care for you girl!!! Let me know if you want to grab coffee and talk about life and how Jesus loves you!!!
to be 100% honest sometimes when I get super anxious I sing "Jesus loves me" to calm myself down 😂😂
Finally finished my government essay. Jesus loves me.
ugh yes 1:26am my homework is done and I have to get up at 6:20, Jesus loves me
I guess Jesus loves me cause that's what he gave me 😍
One thing I know is Jesus loves me and God has never give up on me.
Walvoord just reminded me, i am ashamed to say, tell Jesus you love him. We always say he loves us but we should tell him we love him.
Let's see if my mom loves me and brings a blizzard without me asking!
Okay so we have testing Monday Thursday and Friday and we only have 3 tests left so that means only 1 test per day OOH Jesus loves me
Jesus loves me. And His grace is strong enough to extend His love into every part of me. The good parts of me.
When I stay up until midnight thinking about everything in my life, it's pretty clear that Jesus loves me a whole lot😊
if God loves me why am I not feeling it and why did Jesus die?
The more I think of what Jesus did for us, and how much he loves us gives me goosebumps..
Jesus LOVES us!! Isn't it amazing. He is holy. Pure. Righteous. Perfect. God in the flesh. And He LOVES you and me! Thank you Jesus.
I liked a video from Jesus Loves Me! - Life Is Strange Episode 2 # 2
As fascinating as theology is, your eternal salvation hinges on your belief or disbelief in the lyrics of the children's song Jesus Loves Me
. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, . and I will love him and
I want to learn how to love people the way Jesus loves us; Forgiving our past & not holding our mistakes against us.
Allen Webster - Jesus Loves Me, This I Know (A look at the Song and the Scheme of Redemption) (1)
Woke up knowing Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life. Whether today is good or bad, ...
Jesus wanted me 2tell u He loves u & wants u 2 yield ur life 2 Him watch the results amen
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Thank you. I know Jesus loves me because He got me out of my physics test today
Girl: Promiscuity is turning out to be a lot more work than I thought it would be. –Columbia bookstore Drunken hobo singing: Jesus loves me…
Jesus Loves Me teaser. Full video coming soon!
Ok sleep time.. but wait the Lord wants me to tell you this. JESUS LOVES YOU!!! God bless everyone.
The devil man no he don't stand a chance cause she loves me like Jesus does
You're assuming Bill can read something above the level of "Jesus loves me."
The best part about living is knowing that JESUS loves me and that I'm blessed to be saved and being able to bless others !
Yes Jesus loves me the bible tells me so
memoirs of midway: it took me 19 years to be in an airport alone & im patiently waiting for a cute boy that loves Jesus to appear @ gate B16
😂 I can go on all day about selfish mfs but let me not have a blessed day jesus loves you.
They say that Jesus loves me more than I know, but it's less than I need.
"Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one that loves me." -Jesus (John 14:21)
Jesus loves the little children, now I know he loves me too. We can't always understand him, I guess we will when this life is through
🎤Jesus loves me! This I know,. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong;. They are weak, but He is strong🎹.
Jesus loves me. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves everyone. Jesus loves those we don't.
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And at the end, I realize No one is like Jesus, what Jesus can do no one else can, and How much Jesus loves me, no one else will.And Jesus
Anybody bought me New book about yet? I'll act surprised & love you the same way Jesus loves
Jesus LOVES Broken People. This means you. This means me. This means "for God so loved the world!"
Chris Tomlin - Jesus Loves Me at radio
Are you a skater who loves the Lord? Jesus called us to GO and make disciples. Grab some of your friends and...
Sometimes people make me want to smash my face against a wall. It's a struggle to remember that Jesus loves them too. Lord, open my eyes.
This lady came in my class selling chick fil a chicken biscuits 😫 Jesus loves me
man: how are you doing?. me: good how are you?. man: Jesus Christ loves you. me: oh
Priest: Jesus loves you . Me: Oh yeah? Let's see if he can name 3 of my albums
Jesus is such a romantic. Was having a rough morning & He put the cutest pink clouds in the sky. Thankful for a creator who loves & knows me
I smile everyday! Knowing I am not important to man but I am very important because" JESUS LOVES ME."
Very cool! Enjoy this and be blessed. Amen. Jesus Christ loves you.
'excuse me mam, Jesus Christ loves you' tell him he's moving too fast
Attention Journey Preschool!. It’s love month! Nobody loves us more than Jesus, and this is the month we...
If I pass both of these tests today, it's because Jesus loves me..
My first class was cancelled. That class starts at 8. That class is math. Moral of the story: Jesus loves me.
I look ratchet today but that's okay cause I woke up knowing Jesus loves me & it's gonna be okay 😊👌🏼
John 14:23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them
knows that the word of the Lord Jesus Christ is right & all HIS work is done in faithfulness. HE loves...
3 revelations that changed my life: . 1) Jesus loves me. 2) Jesus died for me. 3) Jesus wants me. So glad I gave up the li…
Night time conversations with Connor:. -Connor, I love you. Uh, huh. -Jesus loves you. Uh, huh.
Woman sings "Jesus Loves Me" and screams "I'm God, b**ch! Welcome to *** " after ramming stolen SUV into a cop.
Creepy looking dude opposite me on the train has a book mark that says "Jesus Loves Me". Dear he will try recruit me to his crazy cult
Babies who love hearing Jesus Loves Me will melt your heart on a rainy Saturday! You sure made my heart happy today Princess Grace!!
Listen to Jesus Loves Me by Chris Tomlin on Great tunes
when you don't know any gang signs but you know "Jesus Loves Me" in sign language
A man who experiences JESUS' love just loves!. We have the power to love because HE first loved us. (Joseph...
I'm so happy that Jesus saved me. I'm so happy I'm saved and on my way to Heaven. Jesus loves us so much. Do you know Him as your savior?
I know Jesus loves me, that's old news
I'm like to Jesus give me a girl who loves you! Give me a girl who does bible studies! Who likes to help out in church! Dresses modestly
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A man who loves Jesus just as much as I the man for me 💕
Yeah! My is my hubby! He loves Jesus more than he will ever love me. That's a real man!!!
The love of Jesus is unfathomable and the fact that we fall short but he still loves us still gives me chills
This little bundle of joy has taught me more about Jesus than I ever thought possible. She loves…
The one who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me...John 14:21. It"s NEVER TOO LATE to come to JESUS."
In my quest for a gif to fit me and Roundtree's convo, I found this gem. Jesus loves me this I know.
Jesus' love language = loving obedience back to him. "He who has my commands and OBEYS THEM he is the one who loves me." . …
As long as JESUS loves me we will never have to go through poverty again because once I come up I'm bringing all of GOD's people with me
JESUS loves all no matter how poor rich or middle class and will saved all that come 3him he that cometh unto me I will in no wish cast out
Don't be hypocritical and say we are all equal under God and Jesus loves us all but when I say I don't believe then you see me as "bad"
In case I had forgotten how much Jesus loves me, there was always tonight's Wind and rain to and So amazing.
A lady told me that Jesus loves me, as I left work today.
There's a lot of things that I don't understand and never going to understand, but the most important thing that I do, is J…
whoaaa lawd... the heels I've been looking @ on lola are on gojane 😫 jesus loves me..
Don't let anyone tell you that no one loves you, because Jesus loves you, so much that He died on a cross for you.
The satisfaction of putting a baby to sleep after singing Jesus Loves Me to her for 54 minutes 😎
Jesus,may I always see You for who and what You are...Someone who loves me through and through. http…
I'd walk alone if I had to, but JESUS loves me so much that he's going to make sure I have plenty of support in uplifting GOD's people.
Super simple yet important reminder tonight at Kids Week: Jesus loves you and me all the time.
Not worried about getting this flesh eating bacteria thing in the ocean cuz Jesus loves me
I whisper Jesus only tells me that he loves me when he's drunk
Jesus doesn't love me because of my perfect character, He loves me because of His. //
i bought a flag bigger than me and almost sang Jesus loves me to protestors. 🌈
Jesus loves me because he sends people to rescue me from the house and take me to get ice cream!…
I want to be a butterfly. Flying high. Flying low. I want to be a butterfly. Jesus loves me I know.…
When relationships are destroyed, when sin overwhelms, when friends fail us, there is only one truth: Jesus loves me, this I…
Jesús you aré Beautiful my sweet sweet song. You re my Jesús who loves me!!. You lead me to the truth. I Love you Jesus💓
“jesus loves me this i kno cuz republicans tell me so” . - Cartman
Yeah she knows the man I ain't, she forgives me when I can't. Yeah she loves me like Jesus does.
And I love you that much because I love me enough . Because God loves us too much . More than we deserve. I want to love like Jesus .
I just got woken up by Olivia who was singing Jesus loves me.. What is going on?
Walking the streets of old towns of England blows me away. Jesus loves these people too.
- TY for telling me that JESUS loves me. Confirmation of his love is always a good feeling.
jesus loves to hate on me. closest love I'll ever get from him, smh
Start every new day with this thought: “God loves me and gave His only Son for me. Jesus is for me today. I am...
Jesus loves me! He will stay. Close beside me all the way. Thou hast bled and died for me. I will henceforth live for Thee...
Jesus loves me even if I didn't realize I had an eight page paper due thirty minutes ago.
Jesus Loves Me. Lovely voice by Eugene Kim Yoo-jin Learning to sing this to my kids...
Victory in Jesus “The Father himself loves you. He loves you because you love me and have…
"If I stay here long enough, you will go out and try on other loves and if I sit here long enough you might just come back to me". -n.h.
I seriously cannot fathom how Jesus still loves me despite my past and all I've done 😩😩😭
Jesus sacrificed himself & died for us because he loves us. But why can't we do the same for each other?...
Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so! 😂👭
loves me, this I know, for the tells me so
May your evening be blessed by knowing how Jesus loves you.
Backstage tomorrow for Jesus loves me 😍
My favorite person to jam to Ashlee Simpson with. Thankful for her heart & that it loves me. Thankyou Jesus for her.
Found someone to take my shift tomorrow. Jesus loves me 😭😭
I was lost, but now I'm found;. For God wanted to save me,. so Jesus took on flesh,. and saved me from death and *** *God loves His children*
This dog really loves his Bud light
I just want someone who loves Jesus, will come to my show all the time, watch me dance, and bring me flowers. Too much to ask?
I just need a bf who loves adventures and enoing and Jesus and ice cream dates as much as me:'-) to picky???
If Jesus loves me he'll let me breathe from my nose tonight
when you think of me i would much rather you think "thats that crazy kid that loves Jesus with all his heart" than "thats the…
11:11 Somebody loves me and His name is Jesus!
I don't want a girl who just say she loves Jesus, I want somebody who really is living it .
Jesus knows the worst about me, but yet He is the one who loves me the most.
When I get off in the morning I won't come back until Friday. Jesus loves me, this I know. For my schedule tells me so. 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Apparently, "TRAMPS LIKE US,. BABY WE WERE BORN TO RUN". is not the last line to "Jesus loves. me, this I know". Well, EXCU…
Byron's one note rendition of Jesus Loves Me ... Accompanied by Dada on the bass guitar
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
When my day goes bad I just remember that my legs aren't broken, I can sleep in a warm bed tonight, and Jesus loves me.
Thank you jesus for puberty, you saved me.
"She loves me like Jesus." Really? I bet you anything she's not gonna be tortured and go to the cross for you.
I love anal and Jesus still loves me
John 14:21 "Jesus said to his disciples: Whoever has my commandments and observes them is the one who loves me."
"God doesn't accept me just as I am, he loves me despite how I am, he loves me just as Jesus is.". - David Powlison
Jesus loves everyone unconditionally and that's pretty freakin exciting you ask me.
Jesus loves me. He always has! 👈🏽This is the one thing that I do know of
I honestly desire a woman who will love Jesus more than she loves me!
Yes Jesus loves me, the bible tells me So 💘
I wanna push myself to do better... Cause the Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you... I don't wanna do a blame game but a changing my ways
I added a video to a playlist Chris Tomlin - Jesus Loves Me (Piano Cover) by Marcus A. Stanley
Silent Night...Oh Little Town of Bethlehem ...Away in the Manger...O Holy Night! This is the night of our Dear Saviours Birth!..Go tell it on the Mountain!' Hark' the Herald Angels Sing!... Come- They told me...Angels we have heard on High!... Jesus Loves Me this I know!.Jesus Loves the Little Children!... Were You there when they Crucified my Lord?...At the Old Rugged Cross...Hosannah! Praise ye The Lord! Blessed He that comes in the Name of Salvation!. Amazing Grace...How Great Thou Art!!!... Christ our Lord has Risen Today!!!...Onward Christian Soldiers!
This was sent to me in an email. I thought I would post it here. Thought you would like this even though you are not old. Jesus Loves Me (For Seniors and soon to become Seniors) While watching a little TV on Sunday instead of going to church, I watched a Church in Atlanta honoring one of its senior pastors who had been retired many years. He was 92 at that time and I wondered why the Church even bothered to ask the old gentleman to preach at that age. After a warm welcome, introduction of this speaker, and as the applause quieted down he rose from his high back chair and walked slowly, with great effort and a sliding gate to the podium. Without a note or written paper of any kind he placed both hands on the pulpit to steady himself and then quietly and slowly he began to speak. "When I was asked to come here today and talk to you, your pastor asked me to tell you what was the greatest lesson ever learned in my 50 odd years of preaching. I thought about it for a few days and boiled it down to just one thin ...
Watching Abby and Drew Bear sing Jesus Loves Me, accompanied with sign language and the chorus in Spanish made our evening! How amazing to be able to talk with them and see then from across the ocean!
Jesus Loves Me & Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star via // sometimes the smartest people get it so simple
Kris Davis asked, "Has anyone used ABC Jesus Loves Me for a 3-year-old? What was your experience? Do you recommend it and does it need supplemental curriculum to fill in any gaps?"
Put my niece to bed tonight and her last song request? Jesus Loves Me.
International Spy Academy Closing Assembly.the kindergarten class is up singing "Jesus Loves Me"
You know what I love about our church family?! How loved the kiddos in the church are. When Kinzie was 18mos-2yrs I was at a different church. And because mommy was finishing college and working and daddy worked nights it was so *** her to be left in the nursery. But when I would take her to service and she would whisper to me and fidget people would kindly remind me of the nursery down the hall for her. So, I quit going all together bc it was too much. We ended up at CCUMC because she was a student at Discovery School and I figured she would stay in the nursery since she was already in the same classrooms for preschool (and she did and now she's 8 and it's just her home). Well, two babies later Owen is going through a mommy phase. And as a working mom I feel guilty leaving him when he cries and tells me he wants to go to "Big God" (grown up service). And he whispers and fidgets and sings Jesus Loves Me while the pastor prays. And no one bats an eye or reminds me where the nursery is. When Jason's at ...
"She knew every word to Jesus Loves Me and could perform it in perfect pitch."
July 2 , 2010 GPC: A Festive, Sunny for Cleveland Pride Cleveland--As is generally the case in even-numbered election years, Cleveland Pride had a high number of politicians and candidates for office, though fewer than usual spoke from the main stage. They joined churches, student groups, community organizations, bars, and thousands of individuals marching from West Third and St. Clair to the festival. The parade was the second largest in Cleveland Pride history, with 2,492 people marching down Lakeside Avenue, past the rainbow flag atop City Hall, down East Ninth to Voinovich Park. In the event’s 22 years, only 2006 was larger, with 3,022. The Blazing River Freedom Band led the parade, playing the Village People’s “YMCA” and the Ohio State favorite “Hang On Sloopy.” As they have for a number of years, the band stopped at the Free Stamp next to City Hall, where an anti *** preacher harangued the marchers. They faced him and his followers and played “Jesus Loves Me.” for more...
On our way back home from Bible School tonight Deegan started singing Jesus Loves Me and that alone melted my heart but when Easton and Colton tried there best to sing too wow I had so much joy in my heart listening to the 3 of them!! One very Blessed and Proud Momma here!!
Rhett Gabbert is 3 years old and happens to have Down syndrome. He has blessed us immensely! Here he is signing 'Jesus Loves Me'.
Many thanks to Darlene Behrens, Lynn Quick and all the Christian Education assistants who made CE Sunday so special. Closing out the school year singing "Jesus Loves Me", the children of First Presbyterian-great job kids!
Young Mothers Topic(s): Mother. Children Has your child ever tossed a doll back two rows during services while you stared straight ahead wishing you were invisible? You have probably heard the voice of your own young one in the pause of "Rock of Ages" sing in an off-key "Jesus Loves Me." You heard in the interlude of announcements a little prayer in the loudest voice praying for the dog, cat, or some such. Incidents such as these make one wonder, "Why am I here'?" No sooner do you sit down than you get up, reach out, pick up, take out, and on, and on. You want so much to keep your children quiet and not distract others. In every church there are young mothers at every service. They pick up toys, dry eyes, wipe noses, and bow heads They swat, spank, scold, and wonder, "Oh why am I here?" But they come. A pattern is being set and the hand that threw the doll may some day sow the seed of salvation. Many times we wonder, we sit embarrassed, but always we're there. We have our moments of discouragement, hushin ...
Sniff, sniff. WHY oh WHY is it that we have homeless Veterans out there!? Just had an amazing experience with a young woman who is a vet, who happened to call me on one of my listings asking if the seller would do an owner finance. Long story short, she confided that she was here and homeless, living in her van.she WANTS a JOB, she WANTS a home and is willing to WORK FOR IT. She just needs an OPPORTUNITY. A HAND UP - not a HAND OUT! She drove to our office and applied for a job, immediately...not next week, not when she got around to it. Immediately. Lindsay M. Harrington gave her info on "Jesus Loves Me", a group out of the First Methodist Church in *** Gorda who would help in any way they could. Robin Seeley helped her and encouraged her and gave her some cash to help her out. Thank you, thank you to everyone here at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate *** Gorda who jumped in today. She left here feeling encouraged, lifted up and thankful. She promised to keep in touch and to call us if ...
Yep, she did it again... While singing herself to sleep, after about 25 rounds of the chorus of Jesus Loves Me, she throws in a little Bands Will Make Her Dance. I blame Mike Clay!
Kinzi's been watching your sons, "Jesus Loves Me" song ALL morning, Jeni VanDever Dohrmann!!
It was one of those Maundy Thursdays where you concoct a psalm tone based on the melody of "Jesus Loves Me" just a short while before a noontime service where a lot of kids will be present -- and who else should show up but the local Messianic rabbi. Cool to hear the kids (and everybody else -- about 95 in all) chanting the psalm. Meanwhile, great, moving service tonight. On the musical end, I'm very grateful for a choir -- with guest appearances by a couple of Baptist friends, Luke Champion Ferguson and Jodi Touchton -- that sang beautifully. Very thankful, too, for fellow instrumentalist Esther Kim on flute. Also, co-keyboardist/page turner Alexis Hardesty.
Good morning from KTJS News In Hobart this morning 48 degrees. kinda hazy. Winds northeast at 8. We've got some prettty good chances of rain Sunday. More weather below. A capacity crowd was on hand at the Hobart Chamber of Commerce banquet last night. An outstanding talk was given by Hobart native Waynel Mayes, a 1984 graudate of Hobart Highschool and a teacher for the last sixteen years. She kept her elementary students safe and calm in the 2013 May tornado in Moore leading them "Jesus Loves Me" at the height of the storm. She was later extensively interviewed on local and national television. New businesses honored at the banquet were Ace In the Hole and Davis Ford. The Business Of The Year was SKF; the Spirit Of Hobart award went to the General Tommy Franks Institute and Museum, and our Citizen Of The Year is Rick Hopson. Rick is owns and runs the Big A Burger and serves as a member of the city council and is Mayor of Hobart. Congratulations Rick, love them tacos and burgers and all you do. I'll have r ...
Back in the studio tomorrow recording, Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me with my grandson and "No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus".
Did a little spring shopping for the grand babies today. Got a tire pump and fix-a-flat for Jacob's bicycle. Bought some colored sidewalk chalk and a big bottle of bubbles. Picked up a Disney Princess scooter for Jordan. Got the hardware I need to install the hobby horse tire swing. And, picked up a stuffed lamb that sings Jesus Loves Me and a cute little bath time toy for Owen. CR Hays and I are ready. All we need is those little ones to pay us a visit!
I,m so sad one of my favorite birds died The one that sings Jesus Loves Me... He was so friendly...
Faith and Grandma playing "Jesus Loves Me" together on the bells and the piano.
Only my coworkers will understand this but Layne started singing Jesus Loves Me today and I had visions of being at work.
"Mommy, would you like to sing Jesus Loves Me with me"? -G :)
While spending quality time with EA and Steve in the bathroom closet, EA and I sang Jesus Loves Me. She is afraid of storms, but singing, praying, and discussing last night's small group Bible study kept her calm. Praying this thunder doesn't wake her up!
What a beautiful service this morning! It felt kinda like a Christmas Eve back when I was young because they had to put up folding chairs just to seat everyone. The first song was "In Christ Alone". The church was FULL of voices, it was beautiful! It's been a long time since I've heard a church sing that loud, and even threw in some harmony on some of the songs! We also sang "Abide with Me" and "Go My children With My blessing". The school kids sang "Jesus Loves Me" and the synod Called Workers choir sang "The Church's One foundation". We sang with the organ, and on that last verse of "Abide With Me" Sarah played the first line or so and then quit playing, and we finished the hymn A Cappella. So touching...the church definitely sang! That's always a hard verse to get through anyway. It was a beautiful service. Pastor Muske mentioned in his sermon how when we think of mr. Nack, we may find the urge to recite our prepositions, or wear pink (both my girls did), or to go out and buy a Ford (or not). The pink ...
Had a great service at All Saints' Episcopal Church today. The young girls from the Sunday School sang Jesus Loves Me. The song that says it all. Yes I'm scheduled to make the coffee next Sunday morning at the breakfast.
More fun with theological song lyrics: (to be sung to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me") Jesus was an ancient Jew, Different from me and you. Don't be someone who projects Your own world on ancient texts. Yes, you're a modern! Yes, I'm a modern! Yes, we are moderns! But Jesus wasn't one. (Inspired by the great discussion in last week's Christology class at Phillips Theological Seminary.)
OUR DAILY BREAD - JESUS’ LOVE FOR ALL He, bearing His cross, went out to a place called the Place of a Skull, . . . where they crucified Him. —John 19:17-18 It was a bit unusual, but three times in one day I heard the same song. In the early afternoon, I attended a hymnsing at a home for the elderly. As part of her prayer at the end of our time together, Willie, one of the residents, said, “Sing with me, ‘Jesus Loves Me.’” In the evening, I attended a gathering with young people who sang it while pounding out the beat with their hands and feet. Later that evening, I received a text message on my phone with an audio recording of my 2 1/2-year-old grandniece with a sweet little voice, singing, “I am weak, but He is strong.” People in their nineties, teenagers, and a toddler all sang that song that day. After hearing that simple song three times, I began to think the Lord might be telling me something. Actually, He gave us all this message long ago: “I love you.” We read in John 19 that H ...
Set list for Holston Creek Baptist Church senior's group - - Jesus Loves Me - Too Rah Loo Rah - If not for you - Love me Tender - In the Garden - Let me call you sweetheart - Always - You (Original) - Pass it on - How Great Thou Art - Adelweiss/May the Lord Bless you (medley) - God bless America.
A great start to my day off... Awakened by the most beautiful little voice singing, "Jesus Loves Me", while still in his bed.
I'd listen to more Jeremy Camp if all his songs rocked out like this -> Camp w/ his dad on harmonica: Jesus Loves Me:
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Tamera Mowry and her cousin Jerome singing "Jesus Loves Me"
Surely Jameis Winston is the Heisman first choice after FSU's trouncing of poor Duke yesterday! Duke, there's always basketball!.Reminds me of a Clemson-Duke homecoming game in Death Valley 1987: the Tigers won like 55-7, a real yawner. I had taken my five year old son, then in kindergarten. He was frightened by the glorious-to-me loudness of the band blaring "Tiger Rag" while passing underneath us marching into the stadium. Erik, Jr., was silent during the first half. At halftime, he piped up in boredom, however, with an unbidden virtuoso solo of "Jesus Loves Me"! The Clemson crowd in the bleachers glanced around, smiling.I was PROUD!...
Went to a bargain sale for the Fort Worth Library. $5 for as many books as you can take with you. I found a few gems that were worth the trip. Jesus Loves Me by Calvin Miller, Waking The Dead by John Eldridge, Called Out of Darkness: a spiritual confession by Anne Rice, The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, and The Nonviolent Alternative by Thomas Merton.
Here Go !!! (1)I know that Jesus loves me (2) I'm from Columbus MS (3)I love my husband (4) I have great kids (5) I miss my mom every second (6) I wish I had super powers to make the poor rich (7) I'm have amazing fb friends(8) If I had more I would give more (9) I want to own an outreach shelter (10) I love strawberry anything (11) 7/7/7? is my birthday.
I have a testimony of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that God loves me, and I LOVE my Heavenly Father. For he is on my side..
The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in You! Its so easy to LOVE!!
exactly. If your cute you can go anywhere in life 💁 The Lord will pay for my house if he loves me 🙏 "right Jesus !?!:D"
hooked me up today with a haircut, this guy loves Jesus and cuts hair incredibly well, thank you brotha!
Wanna go down south and meet a southern girl who loves me and jesus
My parents latest threat is "the wrath of God will strike you down"... Like ok. Chill. Jesus loves me... 😫
JA- my *** my *** Lol that hair tho! Pretty cool to know someone who loves Ochoa like me! Trying out for goalie? If …
Jesus loves me, yes I know, so keep on rollin' with the flow
Im takin a *** and a man walks up to me and says "jesus loves me".WHERE IS THE GUYCODE IN THIS...THERE IS NONE, LEMME TAKE MY ***
successfully made 3 kids dinner,got them all into bed, ended the night singing "Jesus Loves Me,"and prayed together. I love babysitting!
wife told me I needed to sing to our youngest before bed. I offered the song. She was looking for Jesus loves me. Can't argue
Game 2 =61-53 . Home game v. Chargers on Friday! I find it difficult to get pumped when we warm up to "Jesus Loves Me" and "Big Big House"
Hey FB: I want you to know that God loves you so much and does not want you living your life in fear. Jesus came...
to be honest i have no idea I'm just as shocked as you are.maybe Jesus just loves me man
"Katie sent me a snapchat of her gettin her Jesus on". "WHAT. why is she snapping you & not texting me". Katie loves me more than my aunt 😂😂👌
My power didn't go out because Jesus loves me.
vending machine gave me 2 bags of animal *** Jesus loves me, this I know.
My She's always here for me through anything and she "loves me like Jesus does" :) I love you!!
Driving through Huntsville with my window down yelling "Jesus Loves You" because David told me too.
& he carries me when my sins make me heavy, he loves me like Jesus does🎶❤️
Sometimes we're so use to Jesus loves ME that we forget For God so loved the WORLD.
6 CODES THIS MORNING. Jesus loves me, I need to go back to school.
Legal or illegal, still glad he loves me enough to do that. RTJesus’ crucifixion was legal, scholar says
Jesus LOVES ME, . this I KNOW, . cause the Bible tells ME SO!. ?
Missing Alaska and these moments. Raina always insisted on singing Jesus Loves Me while everyone left VBS.
no matter how difficult and confusing AND tiring life can be, Jesus loves me!
no matter what my imperfections and sins are, Jesus loves me!
Y'all so desperate to be/feel loved. Jesus loves y'all lonely behinds.
Luis Coronel is coming... yup jesus loves me. Can't believe this!!! ♥♥♥
I won't be treated as a 2nd option ever again. I want to love like Jesus loves me, and I won't settle until I'm loved like that, too.
She believes in me like she believes her bible, she loves me like jesus does!🙏
because I'm a nice person and Jesus loves me
The word God gave me was for a real good Pastor who loves Jesus. The Lord just wants 2 bless him even more.
Today a guy walked around in the mall saying 'Jesus loves you' to random passersby, funny how the Christians...
I sometimes forget that Jesus loves me when I'm doing my homework.
My Richard Smallwood pandora station helps me get through my homework and reminds me that Jesus still loves me at the same time.
I don't have to work again until Saturday morning and I got a bunch of days off next week🙌 Jesus loves me
Lord Jesus My always her will always be her. She loves me and God knows I love her..I love you…
All of our sins - present, past and future, nailed Jesus to the cross. This is how much our God loves us. Go and...
I need a huge sign to stick out my window that says "Jesus loves you" for every person that honks at me
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jesus loves me this I know, cos the bible told me so
1. Jesus Christ 2. (just kidding jesus is only option luckily he spoke to me and loves me)
I know so many sad people and it makes me sad because they could be so much happier. Jesus loves you
Jesus loves me.. So that's one person
JESUS. He loves me beyond belief & he'll never leave me or forsake me. He will ALWAYS be there for…
Day 9: I'm thankful for music. Whether it's a simple song like "Jesus Loves Me" or a more detailed song like "The Hallelujah Chorus" it's always been able to calm me, inspire me, and cheer me up. And now it does the same for my boys! Day 10: I'm thankful God gave me a good singing voice so I can prettily sing to my boys!
rocking to Jesus Loves Me on the way to the Halloween party
Just had the honor of speaking with Girl Scout Troop 7140 about breast cancer! They were very well-mannered and sweet! The girls presented me with a special gift and a few of them sang "Jesus Loves Me" to me. This is the last official day of breast cancer awareness month, but let's all continue to pray for a cure EVERY day! PS- I think I'll continue to wear the pink hair sometimes--I kinda like it ;-)
Perfect Peace be unto you! Thank You Family for Trusting in God. I had to Learn the Hard Way, through Trial and Error but His LOVE brought me through it. I am far from perfect but Jesus Loves Me just as I am. Can you believe that? A Sinner like me, a Nobody, a Wanna be P-Funkstar can you dig it? Look at me now, all cleaned up and dusted off. Host to the Master, His True Love. One who understands His ways (sort of, they are so profound). God's Chosen for ALL Mankind. To GOD be the Glory! Brothers and Sisters I can not get you Into Heaven but I have Jesus' Permission to tell you about what we do when I'm there? Oh How I Love Jesus! Remember this is MY version of Heaven yours may differ. Music plays in our minds. Jesus and I like music from the 40's to the 90's. All types as long as it has Words! We'll dance a waltz or something like that, but we prefer Sam Cooke, Del Fonics, or some Teddi Pendergras. The Motown sound is good too! I know Worldly huh? Good music is good music! We sit on t ...
The Bible says in Psalm 22:3 that He actually lives and dwells in our praises. This is the mystery and the miracle of the breakthrough power and presence of God when we worship! When we worship, we affirm the truth of God’s Word, and it is being rooted deep in our hearts. When I was 11 years old, the Jesus Movement was taking hold in my hometown of El Paso, Texas. The church I attended began to be filled with long-haired, barefoot hippies. We sang acapella songs like “Hallelujah” over and over again. It really was an authentic, powerful move of God, but I was very young, so most of the time I was bored and distracted. However, I do remember watching the Holy Spirit move on people’s lives in a special way. I remember seeing high school kids worshiping and weeping at the mention of God’s love. There was such an amazing sense of grace and unity among everyone. One Friday night as a Christian band was playing “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know,” it happened—for the first time, while observing everyo ...
SMGDS- I remember when the host of the Dallas *** Pride Parade was Tammy Faye Baker. She made us all stand up and sing Jesus Loves Me.
If someone has a working tape player, bring to garage sale and I will buy it from you or trade something for it! I am so serious; I have some old music I would like to listen to...Siouxsie and the Banshees, Men Without Hats, Gene Loves Jezebel, oh and a tape of me singing Jesus Loves Me when I was like THREE... I can't believe I don't have a tape player right now!!!
FOURS: We reviewed the story of Naaman and how he needed to listen and obey God's words. We sang 1, 2, 3 Jesus Loves Me. The children told us what they did on the Fourth of July and how noisy the fireworks were. Some told about family barbeques too. We made fireworks pictures with pieces of yarn and starch. Some were quite elaborate. They are on display on the wall. We also made glop by combining liquid starch and glue. Glop is somewhat like silly putty but not as stiff. It will bounce a little when rolled into a ball. It stretches and can be pulled. It was a lot of fun to play with. Outside we had to help our poor sunflowers which were starting to fall over. We tied them up to the fence. Some of them have flower heads on the top so maybe next week we will have flowers. Mr. Mike dug up one small sweet potato and then Miss Donna washed, peeled and sliced it. Everyone got a piece to eat if they wanted. Some said it tasted like a carrot. We'll let them grow another month or so and then harvest ...
Well i did it. I got my nose pierced! Kathi Hōgg went and held my hand... I told her that every time I have stress in my life I sing "Jesus Loves Me" to myself.. and that was her job... bless her heart.. she started singing to me as I had it done! Love her! Thanks buddy! Mark another off the bucket list! On to the next one! Have a great weekend!
NORTHLAND STUDENTS RAPPING “JESUS LOVES ME” (Friday Church News Notes, January 18, 2013, fbns866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from “Northland Students Perform New ‘Jesus Loves Me,’” In Defense of the Gospel blog, Sept. 21, 2012 -- “In his November 2010 Open Letter Northland International University (NIU) president Dr. Matt Olson declared that in the area of music philosophy, ‘NIU is unchanged!’ We have in past articles seen video evidence that NIU has changed drastically in the area of music performance. Matt Olson wrote that the goal of NIU will be to, ‘make sure Northland’s practice of music ... is built principally on clear teachings from the Bible...’ Today, I am presenting a new video recording that challenges the claim that NIU’s music philosophy is ‘unchanged’ and that clear teachings from the Bible are behind the practice of music at NIU. The video was recorded this semester at the home of current NIU Academic Chair for Communications, Mr. ...
Update your maps at Navteq
Neighborhood church bells are doling out "Jesus Loves Me." ❤
The three pictures I posted are not very good but they are from the Church services this morning. David and I had the privilege of going to services with Ken and Sherry Trivett on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Batesland, SD. To see the joy on their faces as they sing "Jesus Loves Me" just made me cry. They have nothing. The poverty level is great in this area. Ken and Sherry feed them breakfast before Church and dinner after Church, then take them home on the buses. This is a tremendous undertaking. The houses are so far apart. Sherry says her heart belongs to the children of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She is so happy. I feel blest to have witnessed their work first hand. Unbelievable!! Praise GOD!!
Please be advised. If you received an email from me via my Yahoo Account on Monday, 6/17/13, that just contained a hyperlink to various sites; I DID NOT SEND IT!!! My Account was hacked by someone in Japan that obviously has too much time on their hands!! I have done all of the usual things to restore the security of my account and my contacts as well. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused all who received an email. With that said. Allow me to clarify something about me. I do not send emails with just links, I have not been on a vacation to anywhere outside of the good ole USA for 15 years; and do not have any plans to do so in the not so distant future. I do not forward emails that say you are going to die, turn into an Ogre, or suffer eternal damnation if you do not stand on your head and sing "Jesus Loves Me"; in addition to forwarding the message to 10 people in 0.5 seconds. However, I WILL forward items that are in regard to animal rescue efforts. If I send an email, it wil ...
After 5 years of singing the same songs to Zoe each night she's now asking for new goodnight songs. Jesus Loves Me, Silent Night & Hush Little Baby are in the current rotation. I need help! What are your lullabye suggestions?
Pastor Dean is at Iowa Annual Conference in Des Moines. Michael Schmidt will lead us in worship this Sunday, June 9 Message title: "Childlike Faith" Scriptures: Matthew 19:13-15 and Matthew 18:2-6 8:45 Contemporary Service with Praise Team Songs: "Great I Am", "Great, Great God" and 3 more. 9:00 One Room Sunday School for children in kindergarten - 5th grade. Also an adult class. 10:00 Fellowship & Refreshment Time 10:30 Traditional Service Hymns: "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" and "Jesus Loves Me" Invite friends, neighbors, family to join you in worship. Love God. Love Others. Serve the Kingdom. Celebrate. Connect. Contribute.
What an awesome day - water park with my adorable niece and nephew, YVInspire rehearsal (my niece sang "Jesus Loves Me" for the group), ice cream and now enjoying the fountain lights at night. So perfect!!
In Jesus name, good morning. I would very much like you to pray with me. We could pray for all sorts of things and it would be wonderful because I believe prayer is the slender thread that moves the hand of God. This morning I am asking the we pray for the "Dowager Church". Those beautiful neighborhood churches that seem to left to struggle to survive. You know the ones. They are not mega churches but they are the churches where we first heard Jesus Loves Me. Let us pray. Remember God loves you and do I. The Dowager Church Alice J. Pomeroy © 2013 She sits all alone Full of promise and hope, Trying her best To reason and cope. Always ready to receive She waits in silent pose, When she will be called Nobody knows. She can remember And she can see, It’s just not the same As it used to be. No children’s laughter No happy joy, Yet she waits stoically For each girl and boy. Everything is ready Shiny and bright, But something is missing In the long lonely night. Where are the people Where did they go? She s ...
Student Advocate: Mr. Hoffman, I want you to meet Fernando. I was telling Fernando about how the teachers in Oklahoma saved their students by huddling in the center of the musics room, putting instruments around them, playing them, and singing "Jesus Loves Me". Me: Fernando, if you have me next year and a tornado hits Las Vegas, and we are trapped in a room together, nothing like that will happen. You better brush up on your Grateful Dead songs, young man.
If you didn't see the televised Memorial Service tonight from First Baptist Church in Moore, you can watch it tomorrow at 4:00 pm on Channel 4. It was awesome. Dennis Jernigan led worship, the kids sang Jesus Loves Me -- the song they sang through the storm -- and some heart-warming stories were shared. You should watch!
Just watched the live streaming of the Moore Tornado Memorial Service at the Moore First Baptist Church and what a wonderful service it was. Made me so proud to be a (temporarily displaced) Oklahoman. OK is so fortunate to have a great governor who is also a believer and who is not afraid to read the scripture in public. A group of children from the destroyed school sang "Jesus Loves Me", Dennis Jernigan, an Oklahoman, did a terrific job with praise and worship. I hope it offered some measure of comfort.
I finished watching the Memorial Service for the Oklahoma Tornado Victims. It was very inspiring especially when the children sang "Jesus Loves Me." Many classes sang this as the tornado came through the schools. Westboro Baptist Church, the people do pray in Moore. If they didn't then the children would not have requested their teachers that they sing it as the tornado was bearing down on them. The service had several very touching moments during the service. An Oklahoma musician wrote a wonderful song for Oklahoma. I hope they will record it. He sang two songs and the first one was like a song from Heavenly Father to his children. It gave a wonderful sense of hope and encouragement that we are not alone here but that Heavenly Father is watching over us.
This a Ministry newsletter from our Missionary Friends in Puerto Vallarta, MX. Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz Orphanage It has been very exciting for Faye and I this year as each of our classes is starting to use English when talking to us. Faye's class of about 12 children ages 3 to 5 years old has memorized songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and others in English and Spanish: They are also learning to count in English and also answer questions in English. As you know I consider Faye's class a very important class as she trains the children in proper classroom etiquette. The children at this age seem to have ants in their pants as my mother would have said. Hehe. Faye's assistant Linda is a blessing as she is with the children from early morning to evening and knows how to handle the children and their personalities better than we do on a daily basis. Faye only has her children two hours a week for English and Bible stories. My class is made up of 15 children ages 5 to 14 years old. Because of the different a ...
I saw a news interview with an Oklahoma teacher yesterday who said she gathered her children, laid across them and told them to sing "Jesus Loves Me" as loud as they could as the school around them was destroyed. I then saw a CafeMom post about it where the mom said that she was offended. No one agreed with her for various reasons. Your thoughts?
This has been a historic day, a day of import and meaning. This is a day affirming liberty and justice for all. This is a day to celebrate an equal share of responsibility and rights to all people in our state. I had the privilege to spend most of the day in the Capitol, listening to the people sing, clap, hoot and holler. It was an absolutely transcendent experience, one that does not come along often. I watched on the monitors as the Senate voted down two amendments that would have killed the spirit of the Freedom to Marry, and cheered along with the crowd. I sang along with the supporters in the Capitol Rotunda: America the Beautiful, Yes, Jesus Loves Me, The Star-Spangled Banner. I was bursting with pride to see a sea of orange and blue. It was joyous that my brother (my REAL one!) and I could be together at this time, celebrating together the fruits of the labor we put in, to share it also with friends and other families. Minnesota Senate, people of the state, I salute you with pride and joy in my he ...
5 years old folks! He played Jesus Loves Me with all the chords. @ ROOTS Worship Arts…
Jared Condon soulfully ministering "Jesus Loves Me" to the young peeps at the local pizza joint after church.
When I get married I want to know that no matter what he loves Jesus more than me.
Jesus loves me but hates Christian music
I'm having steak for dinner Jesus loves me
Man I really am glad I have Jesus! I'm so unworthy but still he loves me!
The man who loves me like Jesus does, will have my heart forever♥
I love the song Loves Me Like Jesus Does by Eric Church. ❤❤❤
I don't need a boy to tell me that he loves me because Jesus tells me everyday
I love JESUS and he clearly loves ME.
Paula's telling me all the things God has been teaching her. I'm extremely thankful to have a wife who loves Jesus with her entire being.
still have the nervous twitch of singing 'Jesus loves me' in awkward situations... GODSPELL the gift that keeps giving! :) x
I am so glad dat Jesus loves even me
Its amazing how much Jesus loves me through everything I did against Him. Thats unconditional love right there.
Die hard part 1 is on.Jesus loves me
Today, I have felt and experienced the love of Jesus like never before. He is and Me.
hi :D sorry to interrupt your scrolling, I just wanted to say thank you for following me and Jesus loves...
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