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Jesus H Christ

Jesus H. Christ is an example of slang serving as a profanity.

Joe Kinnear Jesus Christ

? Jesus H. Christ, what have we become? Thanks
Jesus H Christ. NOT EVERYBODYS LIKE THAT. I WASN'T RAISED like that I treat people how I'd like to b…
What in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus H Christ has David Silva done to his head??? 👀
Jesus H Christ. Booed their own team off at half time and full time as well, scum.
Jesus H Christ how ALL THE GOP are not gathering today for emergency session to bounce these haters --- W T F - I R…
Jesus H Christ. I’m a total wreck after that. What a team!
Sold out this weekend & sold out next weekend! Which means you only have 2 more chances to see this great show!…
Jesus H. Christ that in 2017 these scumbags are so brazen.
Jesus H Christ. Ill keep fighting the good fight, but it's going to trickle down eventually.
Jesus H. Christ. They're resurrecting demons that have died already. So much hate in their blood yo.
Oh Jesus H Christ. How about next time we care less about charism…
Jesus H Christ, what's wrong with you all?
Sorry to hear. May the LORD Jesus Christ heal you!
No one is siding with North Korea, are you ACTUALLY delusional? People are siding with N…
Jesus H Christ. Guess my team's be Hinoka-Valter-Cherche-Minerva until I get Cordelia
Uh, famous like Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Jesus H. tap dancing Christ.
Jesus H Christ. didn't command removal of Confederate monuments.In SC,GOPGovNikkiHaley did; in Alabama…
Jesus H Christ falls for a DIA memo leaked to Wash Post and triples down in his stupidity.
I literally have lost all words. Can't keep her children's genders OR medical history…
Jesus H Christ! This is a real and present danger to the nation, not war with NK!
Theres physical stress/exhaustion I've experienced from work but. Jesus H Christ and the Latter Day Saints. When will school exhaustion end
WAH!!! inappropriate Teach~! 😱 Jesus H Christ dis *** be ballsy. Worst Teacher in the history of anime 😂…
ha ha Grand Rapids??? Jesus H Christ. That's like the Kansas City of the north.
What if like the H in Jesus H Christ was like HIBIDIDOO or something. lmao
This game is actually making me sad... Jesus H Christ.
oh my god my uterus is literally trying to kill me my head is killing me I'm so thankful for my period but Jesus H Christ it's a brutal one
Of course I have an exam on campus the same night of a basketball game. Jesus H Christ parking is a disaster 🙃😒😧
Jesus H Christ do we have to form our own "wall of meat" to protect everything that's good now?
Jesus H Christ, he's playing golf again? ***
Whoa whoa whoa...So the WH has counselled the "Counsellor To The President". Jesus H Christ. You can't make this sh!t up.
White House rebukes Kellyanne Conway - I mean Jesus H Christ, talk about the pot calling the kettle black
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Just made your granola from Simply Nigella and Jesus H Christ that's amazing. Sans almonds. Served with coco yog + peaches
Jesus H Christ. Is this real or parody? When you can't tell.
Jesus H Christ.5 yrs ago I listened to an old dodery Sec Gen go on about bringing this in and thought "she hasnt a…
Ron Le Flour but Jesus H Christ is that Jason Thompson at first?
Jesus h Christ?! Dude! Glad to hear it's benign. What the *** happened??!
Jesus H Christ : Sorry pal nope your going to ***
i'm 90% sure he wouldn't have harmed us anyway he just wanted to get away from the police and stumbled upon us but Jesus H. Christ mom
I'd like to formally apologize to Mr. Jesus H. Christ himself for my terrible language in the car today
Jesus H. Christ for President 2016. He knows how to win people over. lmfao
Jesus H. Christ. Then you DEFINITELY gotta come to Manhattan College! Cmon, Harry. Free Liebmans or Losers, your choice.
Jesus H. Christ. Do they sell some kind of spray for like they do for mosquitos?
Jesus H. Christ, this is both saddening and maddening on so many levels.
Duhwight cried during his Hawks presser? Jesus H. Christ
Jesus H Christ. Same paper who berates those 'fanny foreigners' for going down too easy. Amazing.
Jesus H Christ this story has had more twists and turns than all the rides at Thorpe Park.
Chronic low self esteem will not stop me from yelling "Jesus H Christ learn to drive!" at what turns out to be a station wagon full of nuns.
Oh Jesus H Christ, watching American Idol auditions in YouTube is a SLIPPERY SLOPE.
Jesus H Christ. That car is gonna need some serious valeting. 🔫
Jesus H Christ now we’ve lost Prince is this some sort of sick joke that’s happening this year with the loss of celebrity
What !! Prince as well 😮 Jesus H Christ my youth is dying, love this mans music.
Jesus confirmed - Jesus H Christ found working in an office building. Location withheld.
Jesus H Christ, we're losing an icon a month this year
Jesus H Christ! This Celebrity Death thing is happening WAY to often! :'(
Jesus H Christ on a unicycle I was using your One Drive app yesterday. Why are you asking me to login?
what the Jesus H Christ is goin on here
Mary's. He's haploid. That is what the H is for in Jesus H Christ.
Jesus H Christ are you winding me up? My nerves are shot to ! Can you DM me please?! x
Jesus H Christ, when the is done, every tricycle and big red nose will be sold out from here to China! Romney? lol
Jesus H Christ, I give up for the night ✌, goodnight, love and prayers to the fam, 😚
Jesus H Christ. This has to be a sick joke being played on us all.
Jesus H Christ, Dave Stieren is unlistenable. Does he think it's funny to play the Fur Rondy jingle 4 times in 30 seconds? ha.
Jesus H Christ. Just heard on the radio giving a Sanders speech. Sleezy much?
I cannot believe that the best candidates for the POTUS are Clinton and Trump. Jesus H Christ! What has become of this country?
Looking back and thinking. "Jesus H Christ, I was such a Drama Queen"
Jesus H Christ that thing is terrifying
Jesus H Christ. Leicester extend lead at the top of Premier League. The joys of being an Arsenal supporter. A twist or two to come yet?
Jesus H Christ this nut tree thing is wild
Jesus H Christ on a bike, some people lead lives that inspire and teach. Then you have *** that like pulling people down.
Richard Gordon on BBC, "and they said our game would implode after the rangers situation!" Jesus H Christ.. Cannae help themselves!
Jesus H Christ, you're no writer, Scott. You're a killer.
A hundred whole days for DRIVING DRUNK and KILLING someone. Jesus H Christ. What a piece of garbage human.
This *** Nate Miclod or michclod whatever his stupid name is promotes this risky crap onto noobs Jesus H Christ read Ben Graham instead
So Israel orchestrated the whole thing as punishment. Jesus H Christ.
Jesus H. Christ was a straight up gangsta, ask yo mama!
Keep acting like children... Jesus h christ grow up.
I really do believe that Black folks are born with a no chill gene. Jesus Christ.
Jesus H Christ - This is how cops act in the US when they think no one is watching.
Jesus h Christ. My back pain is out of this world today. Awesome.
Jesus Christ i forgot the update Happened while i was not using the app. h elp what is happening i am flooded with new things
Jesus H Christ I just remembered my dream from last night... Why were there sprinklers? Who owns a men's purple tank?
Contrary to popular belief, the 'H.' isn't for Harold or Holy; it's so helicopters can land in the middle of Jesus Christ.
“keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.” . Have …
Ive just full on headbutted my knee cap whilst sneezing Jesus H Christ Im in so much pain😫
Jesus H. Christ, seems like yesterday! Any craic?
Its now the fault of white westerners that 129 people who were slaughtered by Islamic fundamentalists, Jesus H Christ.
Jesus H Christ. This Omojuwa fellow is special isn't he?
No matter what, always know that you are victorious in Christ Jesus!
Lukewarm people would be satisfied with a heaven without Christ, but true Christians are satisfied because Jesus is the ultimate prize!
Just caught up on last night's UFC. Jesus H Christ! In a state of shock
Jesus H Christ.someone want to explain to me how a blocked person can suddenly DM me again? Marked as abusive again...but jeez.
Jesus H Christ imagine that turning up to meet you 😢
Jesus H Christ. I bet you're thankful to be indoors a lot!
Jesus God *** H Christ, there is no god, grow up. And presumably "your god" would be able look after itself
Jesus H. Christ. He probably looks weary cos' he saw you wandering over Kay love.
"I have heard all the news I need when I have heard of eternal salvation by Jesus Christ!" Charles H. Spurgeon
1Pe 5:10 KJV But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye h...
Firstly . Jesus Christ. . Every. Single. Video. . Quality. They make me want this country to be better
Jesus Christ it hasn't been a good weekend for France
Jesus H Christ, I can't wait to make a. vid of that Holly KO.
We watch a lot of sports where I work, but Jesus H Christ the newsroom was a new level of hype tonight watching that Holm KO.
Jesus H Christ. It actually happened. Ronda Rousey just got KO'd by Holly Holm. Unbelievable.
Jesus Christ was never confused. Have a courageous day!
oh Jesus H Christ. You can't quote Hamilton, unless it's "don't let them know what you're against or what you're for."
Please stop throwing lobs to Festus! Jesus H Christ!
My name is Bettye Hart Taylor and I believe in Jesus Christ. He said deny Me in front of your peers and I will...
3rd & 3 and your passing?? Hand the ball to Perine or Mixon. Jesus H. Christ.
OU... you CANNOT just let Baylor walk into the end zone. Jesus H. Christ!
"Dearest Ares...wait..Your grandmother is getting married...again? Jesus H. Space Christ...I mean...There are more than-
did u identify the issues so quickly Trump?U told me to drill sergeant.Jesus H. Christ.
jesus h christ this happens to me every time I go in there
O'Malley says the Muslims are the first line of defense .Jesus H Christ.
Cafe Patron got me feelin like my boy Jesus H. Christ
Also pray to Jesus H Christ or whatever religion you pray too that Dr. Phil stays the *** out of Paris.
Jesus Christ. How many cups you going to make? Lol . Pulling an all nighter o see lol
In the last temptations of Christ and many other films Jesus is slandered and monti python made fun of him.
History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Volume 2 by B H 1857-
Infinite Godhead pre-manifest, YHVH, God the Father, Christ Jesus, Allah... Love God and love other's as...
Starting to think is answer to an ugly sweater contest. Jesus H Christ make it stop.
Jesus H Christ how stupid is this putz
Jesus H Christ.. it's a clock. Leave the kid alone.
Jesus H Christ, Lewandowski going nuts in Germany. 5 goals in about 8 minutes! Unbelievable.
Jesus H Christ this woman needs a makeover!
so I guess we finna pick up Jesus H Christ then
Possibly the nicest desert ever in last night ! Bread and butter pudding with ! Jesus H Christ
Was ready to face death but Jesus H Christ and Scara Ngobese told me it's not yet my time
Colin Mochrie vs Jesus H Christ is still great.
Jesus H Christ, let's hope Patrick's commentating in French is better than his interview is going...
USA is all bout Jesus H Christ. Born in Palestine, Middle East...(See "Bible, The" [Greek "the books"] for more info)
Jesus H Christ. Who came up with this week's opening--a millennial Animal Planet intern? .
Funny how Tea Party morph'd from John Q Public to Jesus H Christ via Koch B Industries
. Jesus H Christ on a Bike that was a truly magical journey through *** Thank you, ladies. Yeah!
Id rather have Hosmer than Jesus H Christ himself.
Gary Galley is like the second coming of Pierre McGuire, Jesus H Christ
"Dark and gritty" is one thing, DC/Warner Brothers, but Jesus H. Christ. Batman v Superman looks like it needs to take some happy pills.
Locked my keys in my car Jesus H. Christ Kenna Srsly
Sepp Blatter 'Compared to Jesus Christ and Nelson Mandela' at CONCACAF Congress: FIFA president Sepp Blatter h...
Jesus H Christ there's a blast from the past !!!
Good morning Jerusalem! We woke up really early to see the site where the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place
People complaining BvS trailer is too serious, jesus H. christ.Not everything needs to be an action comedy
Jesus H. Christ that skit lawd that was god
Jesus H Christ. Now theres the cretin calling the moron an ***
Oh, Jesus H Christ! Fred Nile Holds the balance of power in NSW? Maybe the end really is nigh. Come on! :(
wait you didn't know about Friday night lights either? Jesus h tap dancing Christ mo what DID you know
Life was so hard when I wasn't comfortable with myself Jesus h Christ
.did I just see a white person whose username is a pun on a weapon used to torture Black slaves? Yes, yes I did. Jesus H. Christ.
For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. -Eph …
“YOGA OF JESUS (Cracking The Code of the Mystic Teachings of CHRIST)” by
I got so fat after season jesus h CHRIST
Praise to our God who grants us peace & rest in Jesus Christ.
Excited for my brother in Christ's work for Jesus up in Brooklyn, NY! God is working! New Ministry Update
Honor the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ - Romans 15:6
they're coming out with that other one too Jesus h christ I can't wait to get my paws on some
Dude stop asking me for nudes Jesus H Christ
imagine you finally get on jeopardy after a lifetime of dreaming about it and your fun fact is "I like knitting" jesus h christ
Jesus H Christ someone on talking sense about overseas aid
Jesus H Christ, didn't realise you were an appointed spokesperson. Ask the big fella the lotto numbers for nxt week?!
The HEART of a Christian who has COLLIDED with the LOVE of Christ face to face BLEEDS for the lost, hurting & those in need of Jesus Christ.
OH JESUS H CHRIST NO. Also, hold your tongue about us being jerks! Blame the people who "don't care" about voting
Jesus H White Christ. I can't even get through six of them in three years.
JESUS H CHRIST...Texas makes Florida seem like a sane place to vote.
"It's doing it's best" They can't even take responsibility for their own bodies. The body has to be it's own person. Jesus H Christ
At least in 'Prisoner Cell Block H', lead characters weren't shamelessly compared to Jesus Christ by overwrought scriptwriter
Jesus H Christ! Nichola Sturgeon is dominating the she should run for PM! SNP for Thurrock!
Jesus h Christ I'm sweating and need a moment alone with this snap.
Jesus H Christ why would you ever vote Green with that pratt in charge
Website Builder 728x90
Jesus H Christ this is a nothing debate over a nothing election. Down with party politics! 💁
I just sat through Falling In Reverse- Gangstas paradise and I'm ready to kill my ears now. Jesus H Christ
Jesus H Christ. As a prof historian, I know more about Nathan Bedford Forrest than you can imagine
Jesus H Christ what am I going to do with that girl?
Jesus H Christ someone teach them how to boxout correctly
Got home from this months York Vapemeet. Picked up a Cloudpour batt and Atlantis tank - Jesus H Christ, it performs
Michelle O. Outfit You can't get your designs uglier than this! Jesus H Christ
Yeah ... and not made Minister for Children! Jesus H Christ!!
Oh holy Jesus H Christ and all that's holy!!!
Pizza Puffs so mf good bruh. Jesus H Christ
Jesus H Christ, please read back what you just said
Jesus H Christ!!! AND on what u doing to me I dam near tugged it clean off!!
Red bull with Prosecco? You bloody heathen, Jesus H Christ might as well just get a crate of MadDog20/20! .
Srsly? There's a hashtag? Jesus H Christ on a bike... can you bigot scum really get any more gullible and stupid?
Jesus H Christ, Ric. Calm down. He's not your kid.
Jesus H Christ, it's 1983 all over again. Town and Country Skate.
Jesus H Christ, he must have started drinking larger at 8 to have a set like that.
Jesus H Christ, it's a bit windy out. Think I'll stay at home tonight instead of going to the gym!!
Jesus H Christ, that is an abomination.
oh Jesus H Christ... What are you doing on ere?
What the Jesus H Christ is a selfie stick??
Jesus H Christ. These roads are scary as finuck
Jesus H Christ. I'm glad I'm older than you.
Nowt sums up Wigan like a bloke in grey trackies and smart shoes pissing himself in a dentist waiting room. Jesus H Christ.
Jesus H Christ someone please buy this for me
2-5 on a 7-game homestand and 6-12 at home. Jesus H Christ we're terrible
Apparently the H in Jesus H Christ stands for Harbaugh.
Always ready to mingle with the lord and savoir Jesus H Christ- my christian mingle bio
Jesus H Christ,I have a big butt. ._.
I can but. I think the H in Jesus H Christ stands for Herman:)
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jesus H Christ that had to be scuzzball in that smoke stick
Jesus H Christ can't believe he's missing it.
Jesus H Christ its so cold out I think my piercings have frozen into my ear. Ouch.
Why are all my friends dead people. Jesus H Christ.
Jesus H Christ on a unicycle, all these channels and still nothing worth watching .../
Jesus H Christ,Fox "News" is paying for ad space to cry about Dish Network Dropping them?
What does the H in Jesus H Christ stand for?
Jesus H Christ, UK, you're ACTUALLY being governed by Ebenezer Scrooge, pre-ghosting.
Jesus H Christ. We knew it was going to be good when Hot Toys revealed they'd purchased the Star Wars License a few months ago, but today's revelation of the first two 1/6th scale figures of Han Solo and Chewbacca have finally shown us how good. Get ready to reach for those wallets.
Jesus H Christ. Just been fortunate to witness Paloma Faith & Ty Taylor from He has one of THE best voices I…
Jesus H Christ. How long is the school day 9 to 5?
And saying George Kennedy guarantees you a lifetime of saying 'Jesus H Christ!' with authority and vim.
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: [after discovering Private Pyle's unlocked footlocker] Jesus H Christ. Private Pyle, why is your footlocker unlocked? Private Gomer Pyle: Sir, I don't know, sir. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Private Pyle, if there is one thing in this world that I hate, it is an unlocked footlocker! You know that don't you? Private Gomer Pyle: Sir, yes, sir. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: If it wasn't for *** like you, there wouldn't be any thievery in this world, would there?
Jesus H Christ to be questioned as part of operation yewtree. After allegations he offered kids as young as 6 his "body".
Jesus H Christ.. Look at him.. A broken man..
People know Vokoun isn't even available as a backup, right? Jesus H Christ. Put that through your thick skulls.
Jesus H Christ! Now Adrian Durham thinks it WAS a pen v Sunderland.he should put HIMSELF in the 'head's gone'.
There was broccoli, mushrooms and sweet corn in the Shepherds Pie she made for tea. *** is that about? Jesus H Christ.
Thank Jesus H Christ my mother is home. Good lord.
Jesus H Christ. This photo is for ANYONE who thinks Rachel Nichols looks better..
Atheists replace an exasperated shout of "Jesus H Christ!" with a more secular "William H Macy!"
I get the Joe Kinnear thing, but Laudrup? Jesus H Christ on a bike!
Series Review Jessica Lange Proves She Can Rise Above The Occasion Seven Wonders About Ryan Murphy Not Being Able To Deliver We believe Ryan Murphy did too much pot in NOLA and Vegas this past May. Season Three of American Horror Story titled with the addition of :Coven to distinguish it between :Asylum and the first season which has since be re titled to add : Murder House, will be known in the future, after the dust settles down, as an unmemorable mess. Seven Wonders story line on American Horror Story was like Samantha and Endora with Frances Conroy as Aunt Clara. No wonder why Jessica Lange, poor thing, wants out as soon as possible. Ms Lange is a trouper but Jesus H Christ, Murphy treats her like Betty Davis. Are they for real. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte but filmed while The Sound of Music was on. It was so unmemorable and mentioning it merely dates the show to the filming of around when Sound of Music was on NBC on December 5 2015. What is unfortunate is that last season, set in the 1960s made it d . ...
Jesus H Christ. John Barrowman. Even my 83 year old mother is demanding it's turned off.
Jesus H Christ... Big Reunion 2014 looks immense!!! A1 getting back together and a super group with Adam Rickett, GARETH GATES and James Kenzie! Can we go???
I've been bringing out my inner Hank Schrader today it seems because I can't stop saying "Jesus H Christ."
Jesus H Christ. I'M about 15 mins away from home!
Phil Jones has been compared to Duncan Edwards and now Roy Keane... Jesus H Christ... Who's next?
Jesus H Christ!!! That was the most exciting race I've seen in a while!!
Jesus H Christ who knew that I could be so curious about what the fox says? Or that I’d dance this hard in contemplation.
i still dont think dana lets him fight for the gold, did u see vitor? Jesus H Christ. Talk about setting the sport back.
I don't know how I'd make money. Imagine me working in a coffee shop... Ahahhaa. Big smile! Cute little apron! Jesus H Christ.
how old are you baller, 9? Jesus H Christ. I bet you think we didn't put a guy on the moon, either
My mom is seriously so concerned about my dog being with me this weekend. Jesus H Christ.
No one wants me when I'm single. But when I get a boyfriend AL THESE BOYS WANT MY MILKSHAKES Jesus H Christ
In bed by midnight with a camomile tea. Jesus H Christ.
Jesus H Christ, I'd kill for a Satriales right now.
The H in Jesus H Christ obvi stands for Homie
Huey Morgan didn't half cause everyone on the latest to think 'Jesus H Christ'. Rizzle Kicks handled it well.
Jesus H Christ I need a few bottles of wine... Unfortunately it is not possible to do my job rough
Thursday 10AM...Jesus H Christ! 16 or 17 minutes of commercials (over 50%!) on last half hour of show on this morning!
Jesus H Christ it is cold out today
You'd think Arcade Fire had murdered this guy's grandmother the way he talks about them. Jesus H. Christ.
Why is broccoli without 8 gallons of water in it such an unreasonable request west carroll? I just want the cheese to stay! Jesus H. Christ.
Jesus H Christ blanch it's the mailman, not a murderer. featured in NBC s Science of Love
lmfao swag. I'm a be JESUS H CHRIST
Jesus H Christ. One can only hope never to come in contact with these life forms.
Jesus. H. Christ. My coworker Angry Kip now claims to have been a competitive sparring champion.
I love her ! Oh my Jesus H Christ , I'm going to download it now :D
Jesus H Christ. these Republicans just hang into their talking points like a starving dog with a bone.
Jesus H. Christ I needed every last second of that hour.
People who have their infant's ears pierced make me sick. I even know some one who did it to their SON! Jesus H Christ, people! *** !
You got your money's worth! Also: Jesus H. Christ anyone paying that much for MLIS is bonkers.
Jesus h christ,... she got more roll backs than asda lmao xx
And Jesus H. Christ PBS couldn't it be alopecia or something less fatal.
Jesus H Christ.. This new bear grylls series is just insanely good
Jesus H. Christ, spying can be done if you don't get caught, I mean come on, really?
Where has Loyalty gone? Where has decency gone? I share that people are becoming more self centred and narcissist every day, I'm no saint but Jesus h Christ sometimes I retreat from society just to get a break from ignorant,selfish,money oriented, self righteous,spoiled,souless bags of. Rant Over!
Jesus H Christ Callum you need to clean your car.
Jesus H. Christ it's fecking nobbling today
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
The lungs on Nia when she's having a poo. Jesus H Christ
Jesus H Christ, what more can I possible give you.
Jesus H Christ in a rowing boat.not only has the chippy turned up, he's brought a mate! Work may be done today.
Always thought your middle initial was H. Jesus H Christ!
jesus h christ man... You still probably only got $50 ;)
Jesus h. Christ. I might have to whip me up some right now
Jesus H Christ some seniors are still acting like 10 year olds... I'm glad Wilson seniors are more mature than that.
Jesus H Christ. I would crawl across a mile of broken glass.
I say this both to one obnoxious dude in my creative writing seminar and also to me circa 2011, jesus h christ
Sweet Jesus h Christ just lost a couple of years off my life.
Pretty positive I just set a world record for longest time a single breath has been held. Jesus H Christ.
Wow just dumped a half full glass of tea on my foot anything else going to happen today or what jesus h christ
Set de fotos: marielaheaux: assfag: lawd jesus h christ thank you for this moment amen *a moment like this...
Jesus H Christ. My allergies are kicking my *** right meow.
ur team is like lightning jesus h christ gg tho well played I'm glad I stole a point
Jesus H. Christ. Also, lesson learned from this list: if the state had the word "Dakota" in it, I ain't going there
Jesus H. Christ I hate you so much !!!
but really Jesus H Christ its a great comedy..American sitcoms take note on brilliant writing and acting.
Jesus H. Christ Carver!? Who said you could join this convo!?
Spent my evening down the anti-vax rabbit hole. Jesus H Christ, these folks are so misinformed. I emailed the about a (1/n)
Jesus H Christ tamara and petra ecclestone wore the same outfit. If i was bernie i'd take them out back and shoot them
God, John B Wells, you're the greatest speaker since Jesus H Christ. You're the reincarnation of Art Bell.
hasn't seen Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.Jesus H Christ, I can't ever look at her the same...
Family meeting. Jesus H Christ get off your high horse
Big boys. Jesus H Christ spell check takes all the fun out of a decent white trash argument.
Just spent an entertaining few minutes at the Sam Adams page, harassing the stumps and cheering for the vast majority of commenters who support the brewer - they make great beer! The Squirrel's comment: "If you would remove the peanuts from your ears and listen to the script, you would realize the narrator is PARAPHRASING, not quoting! Jesus H Christ and his older brother Harry, could you stumps GET and STUPIDER. Grow up - it's a BEER ad, not a political OR religious statement!"
I mean *** can you say.Jesus H Christ on a bike.
Jesus H Christ sounds like the wild west outside. Or just a redneck firing off his own personal stash of fireworks.
Jesus H Christ just had a nightmare to end all nightmares!
Jesus H Christ , guess the H stands for
Jesus H Christ it's hot, just sat on my bed and I'm burning up, windows wide open and all!
Jesus H Christ, please grant me the strength to get through this dinner without punching my mother square in the face 🙏
Jesus H Christ this new McFly album is just amazingly epic. Their best album ever I reckon. My favourite.
I swear, you'd think that my mum's dog never gets fed...He just picked litter out of the bin and ripped open each packet. Jesus H Christ!
Jesus H Christ... “Brazilian referee quartered and beheaded by fans after killing a player via
Jesus H Christ - I've just seen pics from someones night out - im not sure if its a birthday or a Weight Watchers party.
Jesus H Christ, my heart is racing. God knows what his is like, or the lovely or Kim Sears. Well done Andy but blimey!
What in the sweet name of Jesus H Christ is Joe Kinnear doing?!
Apparently only Jesus H Christ has a tv with fuel channel! *** ! Now I got to read the UFC results online!!! Lame.
Jesus H Christ, one inning of listening to Dennis Eckersly babble on about nothing and I'm ready to scream. I don't care if Remy has to do color from his oxygen tent please bring him back.
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