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Jesus Christ

Jesus of Nazareth (7–2 BC/BCE to 30–36 AD/CE), also referred to as Jesus Christ or simply Christ, is the central figure of Christianity and is also regarded as an important prophet of God in Islam.

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I was feelin' kind of high. It was me, Jesus Christ and Haile Selassie. Selassie said greetings in the name of the most high. Jah Rhastafari
you need to repent. Your dad even hails to shill Alex Jones and you hail to witch thank you...Jesus Christ is Lord.
Government really put more effort into finding Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey than finding the missing girls. Jesus Christ.
Also I saw Derek Sanders walk to his bus and Jesus Christ what a pretty face
Good morning! Words comparing Jerry Dipoto to Jesus Christ and Jim Jones lie herein. Please enjoy, I did my best.
St. Pope JPII-The New Evangelization is get to know Jesus Christ so you can know his divine LOVE for you & u can share with the whole world
Join on April 9, 2017 at 4pm for the '7 Last Words of Jesus Christ' Palm Sunday Services at Greater New Jer…
God bless the United States of America!!! Let the truth be told. Jesus Christ brings hope!
and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ is the Lord. Evangelist Davis
Monty Python and the Holy Grail fell foul of the censors for repeated use of the words Jesus Christ, documents…
"Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together..." ~Matthew 1:18
It's a fine line between truth and lies. Jesus Christ never lied still was crucified
Lent Course "Not ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord" led by Bishop Richard continues 22nd March in church at 7:30pm. All welcome
Even medicine man shout Jesus Christ when ehn hear my flow
Jesus Christ ( zero pun intended ) that's out of control. Just like any society, the few ruin the many
Jesus Christ we live in a society full of victims god ***
In case you missed it, Pastor Steve's message "The Exclusivity of Jesus Christ" is now available online.
Taught the mid-schoolers this AM on the Hebrew calendar, the feasts established under Moses, and the fulfillment of them in Jesus Christ!
Barbara you don't have to make a big deal about your fine China plates at most they're alright with beer goggles Jesus Christ
Enemies of Christ have reduced gospel of kingdom of God JC to ordinary humanitarian project of assisting unrepentant enemies of Jesus Christ
*** people can make it into heaven but they must believe Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. he is the only way.
...of Moses the Lawgiver which points to the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Resurrected Messiah and Lamb of God?
Why do you slander Christianity and the Blood of Jesus Christ? Do you blaspheme the Blood of the Passover Lamb in the days
This is the Kingdom of God; that you should accept Jesus Christ, be baptized, receive the Holy Spirit and reign in life.
Charity is one of the key principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alongside the first great commandment to love...
“We look forward with hope to that wonderful day when the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, will be revealed.” Titus 2:13
As long as you can still contact our lord and savior Jesus Christ you've got nothing to worry about
Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? If not he's been calling you. Listen can you hear his still small voice?
She's blinded by the Light of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and all He works through.
As for God, His mercy is new every day through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, Savior and God of all mankind.
I love God and Jesus Christ is my Savior and I don't care who knows I'm very proud of it I'm blessed !
welp R.I.P . bumblebee hope he has a fun time with our lord and savior Jesus Christ
God Almighty El Elyon In the Name of Your son Jesus Christ and my Savior remove every refugee from Your USA in a peaceable way.Glory to You
House 🏠 of Jesus Christ is in Nazareth With Tehseen Gul khan Sachayi37: via
Remember that St. Patrick wasn't about beer & drunkenness, but about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who had enslaved him
The gospel of Jesus Christ is “good news.” It is “good” because it tells the greatest story ever told about how...
Are you looking towards Jesus Christ, the one who saved us all?!.
Good word from Pastor Ron about Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
4. Jesus Christ, Savior and Master Carpenter, did not build the first stepladder for you to climb on it to get in your chair and type this.
Jesus Christ imagine if Leicester city did an absolute Nottingham forest and won the CL two seasons in a row 😂
Thank you Jesus Christ all glory be to God Almighty
Sunday's Message: Tried for Truth, Acts 24-26. The Apostle Paul faces three trials for his faith in Jesus Christ and the resurrection.
“My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it…
Since Billy Davies left the first time, we've had 10 managers. Jesus Christ.
The Churches of Jesus Christ must be re-consecrated because they stumbled at removing Tom Adams's enormous wealth. That life belongs to me.
Jesus Christ: me and my cigars. {breath}. everyone knows so who wins. Let kafi win tioga
Jesus Christ naugh white man ain't Donald trump police learn from a ***
Jumping while eating *** white people kill black people with guns draw 20 big boom boom I am actually Jesus Christ. -SAADbot 1.5
Jesus Christ! may I now retire to my sweet demise.
you can never cancel Me GaL...ya bouL PJ drenched and soaked in the seLfLess sweet Blood of Jesus Christ! 🙌🏼🙌…
1 Thess 2:2 "God gave us the courage to declare his Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ to you boldly in spite of gre…
Jesus Christ. Tell them fat girls gotta eat.
We lost a hour of sleep but never our love for Jesus Christ 🙌🏾 @ Calvary Baptist Church
May any Family of the Winners' Chapel not lose any member to death in Jesus Christ's name,amen.
Jesus Christ never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. -Hebrews 13:8
Look at how fat my face is. Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the son of God ! Is Kyle the father of this gorgeous young man ? 😉
The day is coming that every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, God Bless You
*Jason Bourne dies and goes to heaven*. Jesus Christ: its Jason Bourne
Jesus Christ here we go again. Live from Elland Rd, and twice the commentary link has dropped even before kick off starts.
"to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, be the glory forever. Amen." ~Romans 16:27   10% Off
First for my award I'd like to thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and then my parents and Tracy Manning
To the only God, who alone is all-wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever! Amen.
The office workOFthe Holy Spirit is2display the glory of the person of Jesus Christ, God in man.The Holy Spirit makes known the grace OF God
1 Peter 4:3-6 🙏🏾. "...They will face a reckoning before Jesus Christ who stands ready to judge the living & the dead..."
Jesus Christ, thought that was the real Hardwick Hall up road from me for a minute!
Putting a veil on is like submission to Islam-Sharia Law! No way! My only submission is to Jesus Christ my Lo…
In the Old Testament they offered the blood of bulls and goats New Testament it's the blood of Jesus Christ offered once for all
Jesus Christ that is some sight. I hope doesn't call himself a man. disparaged John Kerry for…
Jesus Christ is the son of God. Not a prophet. The Quran was based on Old Testament. Christians follow new testament.
Jesus Christ is the God of the Old Testament.
"May I remind you of my name. It is Oscar Solis, not Jesus Christ." is new bishop of - htt…
I'm still thinking of this dentist like Jesus Christ just thinking about how many boys tried following her in University is crazy lol
I mean Jesus Christ, do they not know the difference??... Alabama State University.. The University of Alabama ??…
. 🎶Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day. 🎶 . now that song is stuck in my head.
Our elections are by no means completely clean, but Jesus Christ... How much Jim Bakker does this guy watch?
When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
The Anglican Communion’s first mark of mission is, “Proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.”
I wonder why people believe that Augustus Caesar existed but can't also believe that Jesus Christ also existed
Sean Boyce tipping up Irish Cavalier for the Gold Cup.Jesus Christ
The Story So Far's What You Don't See is the Jesus Christ of pop punk
The mystery of faith results in a silent communion, of spiritual energy through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of...
Calling Katie Campbell to serve Jesus Christ in communications media at Indiana University of PA.
Claim your inheritance based on Jesus Christ' work on the Cross.
This is against the Name of Oral Roberts University this day in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
"Faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing to help you stand “above all."" -Pastor Ryan
Jesus Christ carried our sins to the cross, died, and God raised Him to life on the third day.
As a Christian, we should not AND cannot actively pursue and live in sin - KNOWING that it put Jesus Christ on the cross.
Jesus Christ, Carlos Brathwaite got all the X chromosome in that family by the looks...
David Unsworth is one of the Ev’s all time PL top scorers. Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, girl. got me Fthr John Misty obsessed, even on this fine hungover morning. Someone's gotta help me dig 😏
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Brother George Engman, a mighty prophet, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, went home to be with His first love, Jesus Christ, on Saturday, February 11th, 2017. No man or woman of God has had more impact on my life. His legacy includes thousands, no, tens of thousands and many more who are children yet to be born into the Lord's Kingdom. George's crown and fruit of a life well lived are eternal. He will be missed here but, when this vapor of life passes and the blade of grass is withered, we will meet again. Thank you God for such a gift to your body.
The Holy Spirit is the greatest promoter who ever lived, and He Promotes just one person, Jesus Christ ~ Kathryn Ku…
In sixty years, I have found nothing more worthy of my time than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will give it all I can for…
“All that I am I owe to Jesus Christ, revealed to me in His divine Book.” ― David Livingstone
this if you're not ashamed of having a picture of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary on your timeline 😞👏❤
What's something besides a nail gun that could defeat Jesus Christ in a fight but not the Stay Puft Marshmallow Ma…
Pray the blood of Jesus Christ over all your families... May God bless!
In the Name of Jesus Christ, I am James Todd Adams of Macomb, Illinois and in 1993, I had a vision of Jesus in which He...
Get right and stay right with Jesus Christ. Amen!!!
Jesus Christ - it's like the scene with Hans Blix and Kim Jong-Il in Team America: World Police? 😂
"Today’s Growth Principle: . Never forget that God sees you clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ." Paul Chappell
So. 'Jesus Christ' is now trending in Los Angeles, and not because people are talking about Jesus.
This last great final Conflict is between the Liars of Satan the devil and those truth-tellers of God and Jesus Christ
Dawn asking Siri how old Stephen Hawkins is, 'how old is Steven.. what's his last name, Einstein??' Jesus Christ 🙄
No wonder She compared Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to Jesus Christ in one of the church in KZN, some few weeks ago
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jesus Christ you broads are never satisfied. You got *** strong female characters, wimpy *** dudes AND good writers.
An iron cage surrounding a chamber in Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus Christ is believed to...
I counter the bad spells and curses cast by Evil Witches on President Donald J. Trump, in the Name of Jesus Christ!
Can Jimmy Kimmel *not* make jokes about Mahershala's name? Jesus Christ. Come on. It's 2017.
Can people calm down and respect the death of Gerald Kaufman before talking about the by election Jesus Christ
You guys have to trust the Tree of Life. It's not me who speaks Japanese. It's Jesus Christ, who uses the Heavenly Host with Mary Jane.
I love how "The DaVinci Code" starts off at a college seminar and ends with the last known descendant of Jesus Christ. 😂🆗🆒
runs questioning the existence of Jesus Christ.
Thank you EmmanuelTv and Prophet TB Joshua for inspiring me in Jesus Christ's Name. James Letshekga. SA, Polokwane.
A date with Jesus Christ is one of the best, my Love. 😊😉☝
The good thief* one crucified for mental illness,army wing,Suffered long&much greater than Jesus Christ,Jacob Rothschild has it personal for
Jesus Christ. Even reeking compost newsbin Fox calls out Pussolini for his demented rabid spittleplume re fake news. https:/…
preaching about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, surely will
I liked a video Johnny Cash. who was it everybody- It was Jesus Christ our Lord
BODY COUNT. Who can call for protection that Andrew Breitbart didn't? Jesus Christ. Mat. 5:6
Jesus Christ the Jewish Messiah I worship doesn't want me hate anyone. It's impossible to hate any Jew who isn't a Jew. Rev 3:9
Okay, what?? The job of the Church is to make disciples (of Jesus Christ) of all nations. Priorities,
Jews need Jesus Christ their messiah like gentiles Jewish religion is anathema to the gospel of Jesus read PAULs life
How did she convert from Christian to Jewish? Did she reject Jesus Christ as Messiah?
And this is eternal life, that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou has sent. ~John 17:3
meaning and it refers to all those who FOLLOW Jesus Christ. The Biblical Israel is no longer a relevant concept in the LAST DAYS.
Meanwhile, the KKK has been committing acts of terror in the supposed name of Jesus Christ for years. . Don't see you blam…
God will go to extreme measures to save us...Jesus Christ is proof of that.
Doug Coe had a tremendous ministry that touched the lives of so many with the love of Jesus Christ. 1/2
"For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ." — John 1:17
Eph. 3:21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.
Jesus Christ the section on the third Savo Island battle in Neptune's Inferno is blood-curdling. Every page is breathtaking a…
Jesus Christ. I was wondering all day "am I going to run in to in Vancouver" and I. Just did...
"The Peace of God, Which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.". --Philippians 4…
"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.". {Romans 6:23} KJV ♥
Would liberals force an atheist to decorate the crucifix of Jesus Christ? Via via
There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the S…
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.…
Jesus Christ statue beheaded for second time
The church is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and by revelation.
Jesus Christ !!! I wish there was 10 of me ... why must moving always always be this stressful !! 😡😡
(765): Jesus Christ, it's not like going swimming. You don't have to wait 20 minutes after you eat to suck a ***
I take Captive every thought that goes. Against The Knowledge and Obedience. of Jesus Christ ~ I ask for a fresh. Anointing…
Jesus Christ, Thank god he doesn't know how to read.
Jesus Christ went to the cross and took on your shame and sin so that you might be made clean. The past is over!
[horse congress]. SEN. CARROTS (D): looks like the neighs have it again. SEN. BUTTERCUP (R): jesus christ can we pass a single god…
Is it so hard to see a thread that uplifts POC & not make it about your white *** self? Appreciate & keep it moving. Jesus Christ.
"Who is he who is constantly coming off victorious over the world but the one who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of…
I really don't get why they're hanging out with an astronaut but I could care less jesus christ they're cute
Save the date for our Easter drama presentation "Bow the Knee" as we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our…
There’s no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus - Romans 8:1
All glory, honor, and reverance to God through Jesus Christ
"Eighty two years ago I took the advice to get acquainted with Jesus Christ. Over those 82 years he's proven to be my greates…
There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28
Jesus became the Messiah, or Christ, the one appointed to be Leader and King.—Isaiah 55:4.also Jesus is also judge.John 5:22
There is not one drop of joy outside of knowing Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ. And where do you make bets at ? With pro line ?
MT Thank God! He gives us victory over sin & death through our Lord Jesus Christ.
This life is not about me but about. THE ONE WHO SAVED ME. JESUS CHRIST. My life for your Glory
What in the Jesus DeQuan Christ is this?!??
Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalo…
But God terminated that nature of sin and gave you his own nature of righteousness in Christ Jesus. To be…
Jesus Christ u should have pushed him out the helicopter
You can't labour 2 get Righteousness.D moment you gave your life 2 Jesus Christ you were made righteous,just as u were made…
All people groups on earth need Jesus Christ. SBC/IMB Missionaries need our prayers & support. CP is key to Missions
There is no stronger foundation than Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, skinny white kid on Iowa.
Jesus EFFING Christ 😂 I had my volume ON & now I need cardioversion, my HR is so high! You're in DEEP troubles..
By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of once for all. Hebrews 10:10 https…
Jesus Christ came with righteousness as a gift and until you receive it as a gift you can not live for God.
Sammy Sosa compares himself to Jesus Christ and denies PED use in the same interview:
.."The church of Jesus Christ in this age experiences a profound need to enter into contact & dialogue with all these religions," he said...
Jesus Christ...Ted Valentine would be an officiating upgrade for this game...
Alexi Lalas says the jury is still out on whether or not Pep is a good manager. Jesus Christ.
If you are an antisemitic Christian, you hate Jews and therefore hate Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah. STOP IT!!!
A tour inside the burial site of Jesus Christ, the Garden Tomb Jerusalem via
Jesus Christ is a Jewish Messiah. 10 verses in the New Testaments proves He is an Israelite. A Judean-Born Jew.
"The preaching that this world needs most is the sermons in shoes that are walking with Jesus Christ." - Dwight Lyman Moody
OUR WORLD LEADERS??? ANGELIC GUARDIANS OR DEMONIC RULERS??? What do you think this world government?... and world religions? Does this mean that God-(YHWH) also appointed angels over this World Government-(U.N.) and Christendom to guide them in their affairs? Let watch, Jesus Christ, the son of God, openly stated: ''THE RULER OF THE WORLD. HAS NO HOLD ON ME.'' Jesus also said: ''MY KINGDOM IS NO PART OF THIS WORLD... MY KINGDOM IS NOT FROM THIS SOURCE.'' (John 14:30; 18:36) The Apostle John declared that ''THE WHOLE WORLD IS LYING IN THE POWER OF THE WICKED ONE.'' (1John 5:19) It is clear that the our Nations of the world were and are ''NOT'' now under the guidance or Rulership of God or Christ!!!... While God-(YHWH) permits ''THE SUPERIOR AUTHORITIES'' to exist and maintain control of earthly government affairs, HE DOES NOT APPOINT HIS ANGELS OVER THEM. (Romans 13:1-7) Any ''PRINCES'' or ''RULERS'' over them could be placed there only by ''THE RULER OF THE WORLD,'' SATAN THE DEVIL. They would have to be ...
Jesus Christ came to address the fundamental human problem provide the only cure. -Alistair Begg
"Get all excited, go tell ev'rybody that Jesus Christ is King!" - Bill Gaither
Jesus Christ you don't even need to go past Obama's farewell speech to see all of those things lol.
It's hard to sleep because Trumpies are still insisting their guy is Jesus Christ with a bad tan.
"Upon this rock, I will build my Church." - Jesus Christ. @ The Twelve Apostles
Identity isn’t found within, but through the Savior, Jesus Christ. . Pre-order your copy here:
this is not Spam mail, U know that Jesus Christ loves U Y do people go 2 church on Sunday when God Sanctified the 7th day Holy
God Almighty appointed & no weapon formed against him shall prosper & He can do all things through Jesus Christ. Phil. 4:13
Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6
Let the church of Jesus Christ unite for a righteous revolution to begin in the United States of America right now! He…
"Enlightenment philosophers would find troubling. And note that Mason makes no reference to Jesus Christ. or to..." ht…
an amazing Internet Radio Show broadcast about the Return of Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ! You going? Hollywood Bowl is meant to be decent
Pontius Pilate looked into the face of Jesus Christ and cynically asked "What is Truth?", not realizing it was standing i…
Jesus Christ the first 100 day report will be made into a movie, I put my prized lint collection on it
Bruh, Domo got lined up by Jesus Christ himself. 🙏🏾 Lawd, Look how crisp that is 😩😍
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Mormonism is the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ of which myself am not ashamed." ~ Joseph Smith, Jr.
Holy Mary Mother of the Word Incarnate 🌹pray for us, and let Jesus Christ our Lord know of our Love for His Sacred…
Hear stories of hope found through a relationship with Jesus Christ, from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, every Sunday at 4:00 pm
Jesus Christ, it a like Lee Dixon has been watching a Partridge marathon...
Bah, now I have committed myself to the eternal, almighty, strong God, through Jesus Christ our eternal Saviour.
ExMuslim because the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ!
Love is the toughest responsibility of a believer in Jesus Christ, yet we are empowered to do so through His Spirit.
Jesus Christ this guy is 31? Was he put through Count Rugen's life taking machine?
Believers are dead to sin and born again through Jesus Christ.
Cultural Theology in Aotearoa begins with understanding Jesus Christ through tangata whenua lens. It starts at the…
Jesus Christ, I'm not scared to die, I'm a little bit scared of what comes after. Do I get the gold chariot? Do I float throu…
this is NOT TRUE! Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you people? Political agenda and money! We see through you now!
UT Rep Noel: it 'bothers me that they basically hijack my Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's religion and say 'We're Mormon'.
Jewish Dems are not Messianic Jews who follow Jesus Christ. Those who follow Christ mostly voted for…
Just saw this about the growth of female missionaries in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (
Great story on the love for his alcoholic father and the saving power of Jesus Christ via
Jesus Christ is preparing a place for His bride (the Church). Bask in His complete & everlasting love for You. His love is unlike any other.
"People who belong to Jesus Christ have the most to celebrate. Don't censor the celebration." -Pastor Mark Carter.
Watched the green mile, Jesus Christ was that emotional
"Jesus Christ is 2000 years old and still lives in his father's house. Don't stress me please"
Jesus Christ...was that their mom, or a Louis Armstrong impersonator...geesh!
And seal them with The Power Of The Holy Ghost until Jesus Christ crack that Sky and comes and get His Church. Amen in Jesus name I pray.
Praying for Jim to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Jesus Christ your blatant hypocrisy knows no bounds does it Faux?You LOVED Holder Lynch being a Barry rubber stamp.. ***
didn't South Carolina just put the confederate flag back up a week ago? Jesus Christ, I hate the politicians from my state.
D Hadith of holy prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) says :D 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ , son of Mary into this world will be :One of d
Ted Cruz thinks women having access to healthcare is comparable to having a luxury sports car. Jesus Christ.
Let me tell you about the original "Cool Dog". He was a "stray" names Jesus Christ, and he's here to "houn…
“This is the message of Good News for the people of Israel—that there is peace with God through Jesus Christ, who …”
Jesus Christ will give you and your family a happy and good health long life. He will fill New Creation Church with His glory.
I Prayer for you and your team, grate task to share the body of Jesus Christ in everyone in whole world. amen
Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. -Jesus Christ
"Jesus Christ, that is one superb owl" - the creators of the SuperBowl, upon seeing the owl after which it gained its na…
Jesus Christ died for all creation. God seen the sin in us knowing we needed a savior. That savior is our Lord, Jesus Christ.
"_is not that what you said Jesus Christ?". "_if you know i said that, you recognize not i send you learn more the bible, right now, polite."
“You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, announcing the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, wh…”
Need for Encounter with Jesus Christ - Pastor John Gray via
The church's one foundation . is Jesus Christ her Lord; . she is his new creation . by water and the Word.
Tomorrow I have the joy & privilege of sharing the life transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ w/ Southside Tabernacle Baptist Church.
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ . Many have wondered why in the most trying times the Lord…
it is never2late2take Jesus Christ as ur Lord&saviour,no matter what u have done,he died so his blood would wash away ur sins
Jesus Christ you are one desire, Lord hear my only cry, to know You all my life.
1 Corinthians 1:9 God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
Rick Carlisle Coach of the Year! Put it in the bank. The way he's got this Mavs team playing. Jesus Christ.
The church of Jesus Christ is a new creation and must live as such, so let's not waste time conserving the powers of old creation.
At the cross Jesus Christ took the letter E V I L and rearranged them into L I V E. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
Ex Muslim Imam says Jesus Christ is the Word & Spirit of God & Muhammad ...
Jesus Christ you still had to make it about white people somehow, I'm sure Lincoln would hate you and Mary Todd wou…
"The thing that's most attacked in life is our faith in Jesus Christ. The purpose of faith is to encounter God." Ps.
Jesus Christ. "Speech" at "Black History Month" event AKA rambling about himself, fake news, name dropping 5 black…
Prophetic Witness: How Our Faith in Jesus Christ can be a... Read Blog:
Jesus Christ. Word salad self-obsession. This is Trump's speech from his Black History Month event today. My god.
Jesus Christ, what a lineup! Calvin Harris, Kungs, Liam Gallagher, Good Charlotte, G Eazy for Summer Sonic on Augus…
Adam Scott looks his finest in Krampus. Jesus Christ.
Christian churches still oppress women. Examples: Pentecostal, Church of Jesus Christ & Apostolic faiths. Also Amish do too
Jesus Christ is always waiting to be recognized in migrants and refugees, in displaced persons and in exiles. - Pope Francis htt…
I love Jesus Christ and my right to pray, worship & read my Bible! I love my family and friends and pray for Peace in our land!
Bernie (I wanted to say Jesus Christ! anyone listening?) NOBODY can continue to do politics "as usual" NOW!
Jesus Christ... "betrayed"? Is everyone on this administration Mad Dog from King of the Hill?
Tom Hoefling. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is eternal, and it will eventually be made perfect, by God, in spite of...
1 Peter 1. King James Version (KJV). 1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the strangers scattered throughout...
"Ultimately, the goal of personal Bible study is a transformed life and a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ."…
temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Bodies of disciples of Jesus Christ is holy temple now. God is not concerned wit buildings.
Stubbornness and self-will will always stab Jesus Christ. It may hurt no one else, but it wounds His Spirit. Oswald Chambers
Paul Washer: "If [following Jesus Christ] doesn't cost you anything, it's because you've"
Throwback to that time in the 90's when I was on a Dave Matthews Band tour bus. That eyeshadow...Jesus Christ. 😧
Jesus Christ[ian]: John 18:36. Fake Christian: They're going to get rid of the Johnson amendment this year
Nah I'm so disgusted, did I not know what a blending brush was??? Jesus Christ
inner Terrior that someone will doubt that he is not the greatest person ever born since Jesus Christ.
Marriage is not the ultimate goal in life – knowing Jesus Christ is.
President Trump True American! America First! Thank you Jesus Christ for extending MERCY to US!
Jesus Christ.. politicians are going to be peer reviewing scientist? Should end well. In other words censorship
Suppose it sounds better than ''Jesus Christ we just signed former South Normantic Athletic player Kenneth McEvoy 😂
I choose Jesus Christ, our lord and savior
Being properly aligned under the authority of Jesus Christ isn't the easiest life...but it's the best life
Jesus Christ. What the *** is wrong with some people. Horrendous
Jesus Christ, that woman is head of the swamp donkeys
“We should not let a day go by without thanking God for His mercy and grace to us in Jesus Christ.” .
In the eternal view of God's unfailing love, the finished works of Jesus Christ, and the fearless declarations in...
Friendly reminder that Jesus Christ was also a refugee.
Just finished recording a iw grind for black sky video. I just saw how many guns they added to that game. Jesus Christ chill
I was singing the mii song in class before it was on VTV. Im basically Jesus Christ.
What did we even talk about in this get together after the Swansea game?! Jesus Christ on a penny farthing!
People think Christianity is a soft religion lol. Do you know who Jesus Christ is? The devil you serve is shook of His name a…
"There is no one worthy enough of being God in your life besides Jesus Christ" -
ty4thefollow God bless you and yours Jesus Christ is Lord in God we trust hallaluia
So much for a dream final. Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ this does not belong in the game. What a ridiculous cheap shot/slew foot. Intent to injure is uncalled…
Do you hate JimI Hendrix, Andrew? He had an encounter with Jesus Christ that resulted in "Purple Haze." Ever kiss the sky?
Jesus Christ was the David Copperfield of his time
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Trinity, Mt Vernon - Episcopalians in the Anglican Communion of the one holy catholic and apostolic church proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord!
This is getting out of hand. Jesus Christ. That NY daily news thing was so stupid. Who cares.
Thought Kyle Walker would have a deep voice but Jesus Christ anything but deep
13/17...Hallelujah! Hallelujah!. Jesus Christ has overcome. He has risen from the dead."(Lacey Sturm - Mercy Tree )
Very beautiful! Enjoy this and be blessed. Amen. Jesus Christ loves you. Jesus Christ saves.
'In the name of Jesus Christ.' Read the full text of Pastor Paula White's invocation
so great Hallelujah in Jesus Christ name
Jesus Christ. Where is Curtis McElhinney when we need him?
Pope Francis Compares Donald Trump to Hitler. [Also said Jesus Christ failed on the cross ... so ...]. |
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