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Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with lyrics by Tim Rice.

Ted Neeley Andrew Lloyd Webber Tim Rice Andrew Lloyd Weber Ian Gillan Tony Vincent Yvonne Elliman Best Musical Revival Les Mis Easter Sunday

congrats on Jesus Christ Superstar for season and landing for lead!
Um wow watching Jesus Christ Superstar on a Friday night is literally the biggest mood of all time hol…
The wonderful Tori Amos reveals the records that changed her life, including Led Zeppelin and Jesus Christ Superstar
I wish that was a clue for Jesus Christ Superstar. 🙏
Jesus Christ Superstar. He just sent a snap chat of it xx
He posts on his IG story Jesus Christ Superstar , on his snapchat, not to mention his comment on Rufu's photo earlier
My high school friends went to see this and my FRICKEN parents would not let me gone c…
He's watching Jesus Christ Superstar . IN LOVE with that movie IN LOVE! Make it happen lords of the universe make it happen!!
Is Adam giving us clues again on Snapchat. Watching Jesus Christ Superstar at 3:30am ?
No joke, Jesus Christ Superstar blew me away when I saw it live two years ago. It's genuinely such an emotional and moving show.
I feel like the teens would really dig Jesus Christ Superstar if they gave it a chance. It's like Hamilton for Jesus.
Me anytime something from Jesus Christ Superstar comes on
It's interesting how you can pick out melody themes in random music. Like that ad on snapchat with
I am not an ALW fan, but I still prefer Jesus Christ Superstar. Only about half its songs are goo…
I always wondered what the grandchildren of the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar would look like on MDM…
Jesus Christ Superstar is so underrated but I kinda love it
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Jesus Christ, superstar. i said two of those words when i saw this cover... The Women's Weekly, Januar…
I think of King Herods dance from Jesus Christ superstar 🤗🤗
Watching Jesus Christ Superstar. Was too blasphemous for previous life. What in the *** are the images?
Jesus Christ Superstar except Judas lives and opens a cat cafe in the post credits scene
Road trip music today was a Jesus Christ Superstar album sung by muppets. I cannot I hear it. Kermit’s Gethsemene w…
"Jesus Christ Superstar was the Hamilton of its time."...This and more in Ted’s interview on WYSO Public Radio.
Just got this - last minute, but if you want to see Ted Neeley and Jesus Christ Superstar - now is the time to get…
We are beyond excited to bring Ted Neeley, star of Jesus Christ Superstar, to Cinema Center on Monday, November...
www dot HeWatchesOver dot me Literally, what would Jesus do? A chat with Jesus Christ Superstar's Ted Neeley - ...
Ted Neeley comes to town this weekend for Jesus Christ Superstar remastered screenings!. Info/tickets—>...
Review of Jesus Christ Superstar:. “I laughed!. I cried!. Careful the things you say children will listen.”. —Los Angeles Daily News
Just makes me die watching the 2000 Jesus Christ Superstar film knowing Tony Vincent was almost cast as Judas. But wasn’t. Or nah.
And I can detect things that are well-thought instantly. Jesus Christ Superstar was just something else. Incomparable. ***
At first glance, I thought it was the ‘78 touring cast of Jesus Christ Superstar...
Now get tix for Jesus Christ superstar at regents open air theatre. Finishes this week. Absolutely amazing I promise.
Really hoping to see in Jesus Christ Superstar in tomorrow eve. Weather not looking good 😔🌧
Jesus Christ Superstar tonight at was simply amazing. Loved it🤘🏼
Wonderful evening at Jesus Christ Superstar at Regent's Park. Thank you Miss Oakes for a wonderful evening 😊
Hamilton is fun, but it will age as well as Jesus Christ Superstar. And that is the greatest weakness of a pop culture aesthetic.
At least the Bible has better punctuation than this guy. Call me crazy, but he doesn't seem like a Jes…
Great time today seeing Jesus Christ Superstar at Regents Park.…
Just 2 wks left of don't miss out on seeing one of the most talked about shows of the year! http…
Blessed that MT kids are in recital cause you get one person singing a piece by Schubert and another singing Jesus Christ Superstar
Thx for this & all the messages y'all have written us. I'm happy to play Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar…
"Jesus Christ Superstar" is a 1970 rock opera with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice. The musical
spending Easter watching in Jesus Christ superstar. What a voice!! Amazing to see how far you've come since!…
Jesus Christ Superstar on sale now! LMS present the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic for the first time…
Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to the Garden Theatre in September.
Whats the buzz? Tell me what's happening!!. The 2nd Weekend of Jesus Christ Superstar in partnership with SSU Player…
Watching Opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar Musical staged by Nairobi Performing Arts…
No, I think I'm going to sing a song from Jesus Christ Superstar
K I love after watching Jesus Christ Superstar lol
Full of joy after watching absolutely living in "Jesus Christ Superstar" you are incredible! 👌🏼
Limerick Musical Society are holding open auditions this weekend for major new production of Jesus Christ Superstar…
Great matinee seeing Jesus Christ Superstar! Well done and thanks for the great seats! ❤️
Anyone want to produce a gender swapped Jesus Christ Superstar? I'll be Pontius Pilate. Could be pretty awesome. Just saying.
To all of our Jesus Christ Superstar family, friends and fans... We need YOUR help!! Our dear BARRY DENNEN has...
Brilliant. The awesome Ian Gillan doing a bit of Jesus Christ Superstar. Wait for the scream!
Jesus Christ Superstar last night was bloody PHENOMENAL. Go see it. 💕🌙
Final weeks! Don't miss featuring the incredible reprising his role as Judas.
LAOS are excited for our next production in 2018- Jesus Christ Superstar!
We are seeing School of Rock and Jesus Christ Superstar next week!! Wo
Year 7 and 8 are having a wonderful afternoon at the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park. They are watching Jesus Christ Superstar.
Watching this great production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the thanks and…
Here isthe 2nd video ofthe curtain call of Jesus Christ Superstar with and
You know that horrible music they play between segments on NPR? Really wish it would just be the Overture from Jesus Christ Superstar
Beautiful day 😍 off the watch Jesus Christ Superstar at the Open air theatre before our evening show! Good luck xxx
I prefer to give a full rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar, starring myself as both Jesus and Judas.
Someone take me to watch Jesus Christ Superstar please I beg
In honour of the return of see our new gallery of backstage photos
I don't see the contradiction in that statement. He wasn't Jesus Christ Superstar. He made some very odd choices.
New post up about Jesus Christ Superstar! Get tickets to see us before we close!
New production images of Jesus Christ Superstar released
Our Last Supper has grown since last time! Come see Jesus Christ Superstar at Johnson County Community College from…
Lyric Opera - Jesus Christ Superstar dates for your diary - Booking from April 26th This blistering landmark ro...
Hello world. I have something to share: I am obsessed with Andrew Lloyd Weber's Jesus Christ Superstar.
Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote Jesus Christ Superstar when he was 21 and it wasn't even his first musical? What nonsense is this?
JC JC won't you fight for me ( Hosanna - Andrew Lloyd Webber) ,Jesus Christ Superstar. I hope JC will fig…
Our season's last show opens this Friday. Jesus Christ Superstar. lyrics by Tim Rice and music by Andrew Lloyd...
Just a little F.Y.I. about Jesus Christ Superstar. Just to shed some light on the background of the writing. Nothi…
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Jesus Christ Superstar is so good, I'm so excited
Adam has always wanted to play Judas in a musical specifically Jesus Christ Superstar he would be excellent in that role.✡️
Congratulations to for having his Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Jesus Christ Superstar picked up at NBC
Omg yas! Jesus Christ Superstar! I can't wait until 2018, not cool.
NBC's next live musical is kind of surprising:
NBC will have a second live musical next season: Jesus Christ Superstar Live!, which will air on Easter Sunday (April 1).
NBC sets live musical for spring 2018
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR MY GUILTY PLEASURE MUSICAL says the spider-man: turn off the dark's biggest fan
- dude… tell me they are grabbing folks from the Broadway run…
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR to be 2018 live musical →
'Jesus Christ Superstar' is NBC's next live musical!
NBC's next live musical will be Jesus Christ Superstar, on Easter Sunday (Apr 1) 2018, the network says. (Bye Bye Birdie comi…
'Jesus Christ Superstar' musical to air live Easter Sunday 2018 on NBC
NBC's next live musical has officially been chosen.
NBC's doing a live version of Jesus Christ, Superstar, so I guess I'll have a free Thursday night some time this fall.
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⚡ Jesus Christ Superstar will be NBC's next live musical .
NBC is doing 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live!' next Easter
I'd rather sit through Will Rogers Follies again than ever see Jesus Christ Superstar.
NBC will be doing Jesus Christ: Superstar on Easter
Jesus Christ Superstar won Best Musical Revival at the Olivier Awards. Get your tickets HERE!…
.Best Musical Revival winner, Jesus Christ Superstar was originally on in 1971.
Johnny Mundo is my dream lead for a Jesus Christ Superstar reboot
To me he will always be Ted Neeley star of Jesus Christ Superstar.
"Jesus Christ Superstar" opens Friday! Adam Vigneault shares his thoughts on playing Judas Iscariot…
Jesus Christ Superstar starring and opened at the Neil Simon Theater 5 y…
Jesus Christ Superstar, the film of Alice's Restaurant, the Bob Dylan musical by Twyla Tharp etc. etc.
On Woodstock's computer and VLC has drifted from into Jesus Christ Superstar or something. Last heard it at school.
Tickets for my next show Jesus Christ Superstar at are live now! Follow the link to get yours.
I'll still defend Hamilton as "Jesus Christ Superstar for vaguely Historical nerds" but absolutely, most books on them? 🗑
ADVERT! Enjoy listening to Jesus Christ Superstar whilst eating rice? Then you'll love Tim's Rice.
Jesus Christ Superstar is so good I swear I will never get bored of it. I mean how many versions of the crucifixion are from Judas' POV?
Now's your chance to get booking early for Tralee Musical Society's next production, Jesus Christ Superstar, in...
Of course Shawn Michaels is in a movie about a non-Christian being converted through playing Jesus Christ Superstar. What else would he do?
Great. I suppose next they'll try to make 'Jesus Christ Superstar' into some kind of book.
I would love to see Shawn michaels in a community theatre production of Jesus Christ Superstar, but wow do I not want to see that WWE movie
That part of "Trial Before Pilate" in Jesus Christ Superstar where Pilate counts the lashes makes me feel some kind of way
Am I the only one who was bothered that the only black Apostle in "Jesus Christ Superstar" was Judas? Not like we were race-blind in 1971.
So I have officially listened to next to normal, 9 to 5, Jesus Christ superstar, waitress, fun home, and in the heights in the past two days
I added a video to a playlist Jesus Christ Superstar - Gethsemane (1973)
update just finished Jesus Christ superstar
eeek so this happened! followed me! Used to love him on jesus christ superstar on
I'm sitting on my basement floor installing straps on my trainer pedals singing Jesus Christ Superstar. This is Monday people.
what about grease,mary poppins, chicago, moulin rouge,sweet charity,jesus christ superstar? xD
1st cast member to announce is Bobbie Little!! & Jesus Christ Supers…
But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law? We both have truths, are mine the same as yours (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
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Nobody found shot It was "Jesus Christ Superstar" (1973) by Norman Jewison. Next shot in 5min!
my 10th grade gf gave me an ALW cd. The Jesus Christ Superstar clip totally gave me chills. Thank you for the nostalgia.
They're a fan of Europe and Jesus Christ superstar
besides phantom of the opera, cats, evita, Jesus Christ superstar are the main ones
We are looking for 5 apostles for our production of Jesus Christ Superstar Mar 26 to Apr 8th If intere…
I am on my way to my old school, Chatham House, to do a Jesus Christ Superstar workshop this afternoon. Can't wait!
in final dress rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar. Opening night is Thursday. So psyched!!
Students & staff visited the World Forum Centre last Friday to watch the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Watch out for more trip visits!
The intro to Oh My God sounds like one of the songs from Jesus Christ Superstar
Audition pieces and all Audition Info for Jesus Christ Superstar here:
THE ENTIRETY OF JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR!. "My mind is clear now, at last all too well I can see where we all soon will be..."
Jesus Christ Superstar at is nominated for Audience Award for Best Musical. htt…
Especially when you can watch Jesus Christ Superstar nearly anytime at the Library!
Review of Jesus Christ Superstar:. “I've never lied to royalty before...I've never anything to royalty before!”. —Knoxville News Sentinel
Only musical worth watching is Jesus Christ superstar fight me
hope this isn't 'Jesus Christ superstar' 🤙
Jesus Christ Superstar Musical coming to Ivanhoe in March, save the date
I'm so ready to finish my last final tomorrow and go home and watch Jesus Christ Superstar. Yvonne Elliman has always been my mom in my head
Can I listen to Jesus Christ Superstar instead of Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" I mean it's basically the same thing
I added a video to a playlist Steve Balsamo - Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar - Ahoy, Holland
.A 1983 home video of my aunt slapping my cousin for singing Jesus Christ Superstar in front of plastic life-size nativity scene
Lin-Manuel Miranda singing "Herod's Song" from Jesus Christ Superstar with Marc Maron on was the post-elect…
So & Russell Morris play a one-off Feb 18. Surely a Jesus Christ Superstar moment has to happen?
My mother loved Helen Reddy's version of this song:. (Jesus Christ Superstar ('73). "I don't know how to love him".
in Jesus Christ Superstar was released on the big screen (personal guilty pleasure!)
Trying to decide if playing King Herod was the worst or best think to ever happen to Jesus Christ Superstar?
is Everything's Alright from Jesus Christ Superstar (extra points for being in 5/4 not as a gimmick)
remember when i saw Mel C in Jesus Christ Superstar
That's right, you guys! This Easter I will be screaming Jesus Christ Superstar in Vienna's Ronacher Theater! Can't wait!
Let's be perfectly clear, I like musicals and my favorites are the latest film adaptations of "Les Miserables" and "Jesus Christ Superstar"
Thinking of watching Gone with the Wind or Jesus Christ Superstar again later. . Anong klaseng mood ito, self?.
I'm gonna try and not say anything if it's not nice, but Jesus Christ Superstar, that's gonna be a ditty.
Prob not the right answer, but my weird brain went straight to Jesus Christ Superstar, but not to a specific point or song. ??
I cracked my camera and every picture looks like this. Also come see Jesus Christ Superstar next week
On this day in 1970, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber released a double-LP "concept" album called Jesus Christ Superstar.
Langley you're such a dirty it makes me want to lick my armpits like Jesus Christ Superstar.
Also on October 27: On this day in 1970, the Jesus Christ Superstar (original London cast) album was released.
me too. I didn't think the bus was ready for my one woman rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar
That scene in Jesus Christ Superstar with all the lepers overwhelming Jesus is My worst nightmare outpictured.
I could write an entire master thesis on how Jesus Christ Superstar has influenced the styles of current musical theater
They're showing Jesus Christ Superstar at the other hand I did in High School.
- because if it was reversed, they'd be scared it triggered me to burst into song with "Jesus Christ Superstar"?
-IS SHOCKED- You don't know who Ted Neeley is -Dies- He is a actor/Musician Who did Jesus Christ Superstar for eons -S…
Ted Yvonne great! Beautiful video! Yvonne talented for your wonderful Jesus Christ Superstar !!!
I honestly love the song Simon Zealotes in Jesus Christ Superstar lol
My mom loves that I like Jesus Christ Superstar so much & I just smile to myself bc everyone in that play is *** for Christ
Texan actor on what it was like to play a Rock 'N' Roll Savior in Jesus Christ Superstar:
I have a first generation addition of Ian Gillan singing in Jesus Christ Superstar. :)
Great photo from an amazing night in Regents Park Open Air Theatre watching Jesus Christ Superstar
He was the lead in the 79 Columbia University Production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
Random song on my mind this morning: "Heaven on their minds" sung by Jon Stevens on the 1992 Aussie production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
This man is probably one of the reasons we ever got Jesus Christ Superstar.
Make sure to get your tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar! Opening night is tonight. The cast has been working...
Jesus Christ Superstar interval chat:. Christopher Biggins: "I'd forgotten what a terribly good lyricist you are". Tim Rice: "I hadn't"
Just seen an absolutely amazing production of Jesus Christ Superstar at Launceston College. So much talent in 1 school
Blows me away every time I watch it: Steve Balsamo - Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar
Watched the Ted Neeley film version of "Jesus Christ Superstar". Guy who plays Pilate also voices Chamberlain in "The Dark Crystal". (1/2)
When I was in elementary school my dad insisted on taking me to a production of Jesus Christ Superstar starring Ted Neeley.
West End Live sound check done. Jesus Christ Superstar is sounding great! 🌟
She reminds me of Yvonne Elliman, of Jesus Christ Superstar fame..
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Jesus Christ Superstar auditions are being held again tonight with Jason Phipps at Grace Episcopal Church in...
Jesus Christ Superstar for me - shan't be visiting Regents Park Open Air this year 😞 Banal rubbish.
Peter Pan. Of Mice and Men. A Christmas Story. 9 to 5. Beauty and the Beast jr. Jesus Christ Superstar. FreckleFace. Addams Family. Let it Begin
Well I know coincedences do not exist !!! YEAH right Jesus Christ Superstar ??? I woulnd even be Suprised if that comurcial was uploaded by Hatshie M. !!! YES YOUR Bianca Dordrecht holland Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Listening to Murray Head sing "Superstar" from Jesus Christ Superstar always makes me wish I was a tenor
"Gethsemane" from Jesus Christ Superstar is literally so powerful.
Jesus has a lazy eye in the Jesus Christ superstar movie and honestly I can't stop focusing on it help
ironically enough he did come out to "I don't know how to love him" from Jesus Christ Superstar
. until I got to the last two lines, I was reading it to the tune of "Jesus Christ, Superstar".
if he doesn't go blind. He's having vision problems. He was great as Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Saw a cool production of Jesus Christ Superstar tonight. Herod, in top hat & tails w/flapper dancing girls, took a selfie with a centurion.
Jesus Christ Superstar just won the SPECIAL EFFECTS ADJUDICATOR AWARD - Musical!
He's ready for a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. Now can he sing?
It's been one week since I've seen Jesus Christ Superstar and the obsession is only getting worse
See how Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ian Gillan are connected by a certain musical
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My fave part of jesus Christ superstar is when judas comes back for jesus' death and it's all just a massive show. Judas is just great
Amazing job to the team and cast of Jesus Christ Superstar, loved it❤️
Pls dm me if any1 wants a ticket 4 Jesus Christ superstar apr 14,15&16 & the 16th matinée pm PAC, pre sale is only $5!
Ian Gillan sang on the original album recording of "Jesus Christ Superstar" 😘
andrew llyod webber steals most of his music from other composers. Except jesus christ superstar.
A night out at the theatre. Jesus Christ Superstar! Brilliant fun.
3 more shows of Jesus Christ Superstar to benefit - having both of my girls in it. All Saints Worcester today and tomorrow.
wishing you & all in a great wk with Jesus Christ Superstar next wk & of course my dad Jolly John!
Set going up for Jesus Christ Superstar. On next week!
I enjoyed Phantom of the Opera, but not Cats or Jesus Christ Superstar so much.
Jesus Christ Superstar hits this month! Don't miss this fantastic production
Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) Available for the first time on Blu-Ray, Jesus Chr...
after watching Jesus Christ Superstar. life goals: ALWAYS HOPES THAT I'DE BE AN APOSTLE
Tbh, I was born to play Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar .
I don't need to see no scars, I don't need Jesus Christ superstar...
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Thanks to and Jack Divers for coming into talk about Jesus Christ Superstar
Been in call centre box office queue for whole of 'I Hope I Get It' from A Chorus Line, & the title track from Jesus Christ Superstar. 😬🔫
On the show today, we're joined by to talk all about Jesus Christ Superstar, which opens next Friday at the Gaiety
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is nearly here. Don't miss this fantastic production
Just watched Jesus Christ Superstar. I love you so :-)
I was singing in the shower and got legit bummed when I realized I'll probably never be cast as Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar.
I'm gonna watch the 2012 arena tour version of Jesus Christ Superstar again just because
Not even remotely how that works. Jesus Christ Superstar I'm so sorry that happened to you
Big CONGRATULATIONS to the voice of the original "Brown Bible", the first Jesus Christ Superstar Album, Mr. Ian...
From the last time I did Jesus Christ a Superstar with and now I'm auditioning for it again . ...
An Episcopal church's youth group is mounting a production of Jesus Christ Superstar and that is both a beguiling and horrifying prospect.
Nothing better than dancing your *** off to Jesus Christ Superstar tonight. What an effing amazing concert.
Roger Daltrey sung Jesus Christ Superstar on this program. (UK only). Tim Rice: A Life in Song, A Life in Song .
I am, for a number of reasons, no longer religiously observant & I usually hate Andrew Lloyd Weber, but Jesus Christ Superstar is the best!
Happy Easter! Imma let you finish but Jesus Christ Superstar is the best Andrew Lloyd Weber musical of all time.
My aunt once told me that when she was in college in the 70s, the LSU chapel used Jesus Christ Superstar's libretto for its Passion text.
Dancing to Jesus Christ Superstar on this Good Friday like the good Jew that I am |
I wonder if people on the highway today guessed that I was interpretive dancing to the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar
'Jesus Christ Superstar, do you think you're what they say you are?' I'm v much of the Hedwig camp: 'No, but I love his work.'
watch Jesus Christ Superstar for Easter the dancing is fab
Phantom, Les Mis, Blood Brothers, Lion King, Jesus Christ Superstar. Never seen Whistle Down The Wind but would love to xx
As it's Easter week, which song are we on to today in Jesus Christ Superstar?
The Passion Live sounds great and all but it can't beat the time Haley Joel Osment was Judas in my high school's Jesus Christ Superstar
Can't wait to see Jesus Christ Superstar tonight! going to be an amazing show 😄 Break a leg!
Thank you so much for this wonderful review! The cast and crew are overjoyed!!
So cool! The Dutch love Love Thanks for hearing our request :-))).
I mean, who wouldn't want to listen to Jesus Christ Superstar as sung by The Muppets?.
I listened to some of Godspell and it's still good so I was like "hey, I wonder how Jesus Christ Superstar holds up!" and oh my god
OMG I just read about Eight O'Clock Theatre's production of Jesus Christ Superstar. they gender-swapped a few roles, including Judas!!
In the new open, multi-media Christian canon, Jesus Christ Superstar is the 5th gospel, ok?
Jesus Christ Superstar (1996 London Studio Cast) - YouTube. Great flashback to one of Andrew Lloyd Weber's best!
Albums that blew me away & made an impact. Jesus Christ Superstar (1970 Original London Concept Recording).
Rizzo's is staging 3 concerts of The Music of Jesus Christ Superstar in Berea, Louisville & Madison IN
All I want to listen to today is Jesus Christ Superstar. Who says Catholic school screws you up? I am entirely well adjusted.
Want to be eligible to win a Theatre Alliance “Jesus Christ Superstar” t-shirt? How about a ticket to “Blood...
Declan Bennett leads the cast in the of Jesus Christ Superstar!
Last century. Cooled off in final years. And no, Brett, not Jesus Christ Superstar either.
This is my all time favourite album of Jesus Christ Superstar (1996 London Studio Cast)
Off to see what has come up with for Jesus Christ Superstar
There's still some advertising opportunities in our programme for Jesus Christ Superstar available. Get in touch!
Vale I remember Judas from the TV ads for Jesus Christ Superstar (1972) - almost a lifelong memory
. Yes Madonna you totally inspire you inspire me like my favourite film production Jesus Christ superstar
Last chance to come and see Jesus Christ superstar, almost sold out, you can not miss this musical by Andrew...
Shine Youth Music Theatre presents Jesus Christ Superstar this week at Motherwell Concerthall. Tickets still available ! 07…
"you just came from an audition for Jesus Christ superstar". Freaking Brendon
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The news that is coming back to The Netherlands has even reached the USA:
Jesus Christ Superstar top 3 musicals of all time
Cruz is Grant. Rubio is Chester Arthur Trump is Lee and Hillary is Jesus Christ Superstar.
Michelle Terry, Declan Bennett to play titular roles in Henry V and Jesus Christ Superstar -
Seriously, it's like Rickie Lee Jones and Stevie Wonder had a kid and raised her on MIles Davis and "Jesus Christ Superstar".
They do a killer cover of “The Temple” from Jesus Christ Superstar though.
I'm listening to The Temple by Jesus Christ Superstar: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album on
Carl Anderson as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the best performances I've ever seen on screen
Jesus Christ Superstar and Voice contestant Jeff Anderson in court on child sex…
Tickets for Jesus Christ Superstar are on sale break times and lunch times in G10. Tickets £10 per adult and £8 per concession.
Tickets for our production of Jesus Christ Superstar are selling fast! See:
Philip Seymour Hoffman doing Jesus Christ Superstar in Along Came Polly is one of the most underrated B storylines of all time
I never knew her name..she was Mary in Jesus Christ Superstar!! Very cool.
Original programs and albums Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar
I honestly don't understand why everyone hated Jesus Christ Superstar. It's far better than The Passion by leaps & bounds.
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|| Yes, Katrina just quoted Judas Iscariot from Jesus Christ Superstar. . I regret nothing.
Hey I didn't know you were Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar!
Love you too Johnny! Jesus Christ Superstar is never wrong!
when walking outside & it's 7degrees, sing "Jesus Christ Superstar" Trying to remember the words will distract u from a numb face.
the Les Mis movie was mostly bad imo. It's just hard to translate play to screen sometimes. Jesus Christ Superstar is an exception.
I think if Jesus Christ Superstar had a cooler title people would like it a lot more.
OMG IanGillan singing Gethsamane from Jesus Christ Superstar on . Absolutely stunning. Always wanted to hear his version
Jesus Christ Superstar tickets to go on sale for Musical Theatre's March show: Sidmouth Musical Theatre (forme...
I found Jesus Christ Superstar with Portugese subtitles on Youtube. Perhaps that.
Finally, Jesus Christ Superstar in Rome with Ted Neeley...seems like a dream...
Jesus Christ Superstar - Superstar via "The man,the true man,thank you Jesus!"
Good day of Toronto theatre: seeing the awesome person as Jesus Christ Superstar, then ELLE at :)
Pulled off The Beatles album I was listening to and moved on to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. So. Much. Awesome!
Made by the same man who brought us Jesus Christ Superstar.
Jesus Christ Superstar came down from heaven on a Yamaha
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Looking forward to our singing rehearsal with the lead characters from Jesus Christ Superstar tomorrow. Meet in the music practice rooms.
Open auditions to be held for Jesus Christ Superstar at the
Steve Balsamo's performance of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar still gives me goosebumps
The only downside to the OBC of Jesus Christ Superstar is how much I love Tony Vincent as Simon Zealotes.
$30 -- 'Jesus Christ Superstar' in Toronto, 40% Off: Described as "infectiously melodic" by The New York Times,…
it was a real honor seeing you play Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar about 10 years ago and I've never forgotten that :)
I did Ezekiel 25 as a Samuel L Jackson imitation on my first & only audition. For Jesus Christ Superstar.
I love the lyrics for the songs in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Say what you will about Mel Gibson, but Passion of the Christ isn't half as antisemitic as Jesus Christ Superstar.
I have A LOT of thoughts on the 1973 film/recording of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar and all of those thoughts are positive.
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