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Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola (born Jessica Mendiola Tawile; December 3, 1992), is a Filipino actress. She's a part of the community of largest student body in the country, Far Eastern University - Manila.

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Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola, LizQuen win Couple of the Night.
Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano are the official Couple of the Night!
Vilma Santos reveals one observation about Jessy Mendiola qua
"Vilma Santos reveals one observation about Jessy Mendiola" -
Watch how Vilma Santos talk about Jessy Mendiola via
Ritz Azul is better than Jessy Mendiola in
I added a video to a playlist Jessy Mendiola admits talking about marriage with Luis Manzano
Jessy Mendiola (and the *** guy, I guess) managed to carry the film as it goes from typical found foo…
Jessy Mendiola is the perfect exemplification that eveything is fairly given by our God, Either looks or brains. ☺😉☺
Jessy Mendiola: "i have so much to do, i want to do so much." - yung totoo teh, ano gusto mong sabihin??? 😂 😂 😂
*Sees a photo of Luis Manzano Kissing Jessy Mendiola* . Take care of her you fool 😠
Jessy Mendiola been lookin good on the gram 😍🔥
Luis talks about the big age gap between him and Jessy. READ here:
Luis Manzano reveals why he wants to bring Jessy Mendiola back to Thailand -
I traded Anne Curtis + draft slot in GMA for Jessy Mendiola. I made the right decision.
AFOPT NEWS: Luis Manzano not rushing to marry Jessy Mendiola. Kapamilya host-actor Luis Manzano is not in a hurry...
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Jessy Mendiola just made summer hotter with her bikini shots! SEE PHOTO HERE:
Jessy Mendiola is at my place back home.
Here's further proof that Jessy Mendiola is obsessed with Old Hollywood.
the goddess is back Jessy Mendiola 🔥😂
Luis Manzano ready to tie the knot with girlfriend Jessy Mendiola?.
Luis Manzano ready to settle down with Jessy Mendiola? -
Insta Scoop: Luis Manzano States that Age Gap is Not a Problem in His Relationship with Jessy Mendiola
in flames! What Luis Manzano told Jessy mendiola today!🤓
Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto says Jessy Mendiola is a frequent visitor at their home -
Luis Manzano is not pressuring Jessy Mendiola to settle down and he finds their age gap refreshing.
Luis Manzano on settling down with Jessy Mendiola: "Definitely taking our time.".
Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto denies awkwardness with Jessy Mendiola: "I don't think may problema kami."
It's sad to see Jessy Mendiola acting the way she does. She used to be my fave Avon girl. So disappointing
Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano get cozy -
Luis Manzano proud of Jessy Mendiola's new interests.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Luis Manzano bonds with Jessy Mendiola and her mom -
Jessy Mendiola reveals talking marriage with Luis Manzano
Jessy Mendiola says she and Luis Manzano are ‘not yet’ engaged
I just feel like true story ni Jessy Mendiola yung MMK this week. 🤔
2016’s been quite a ride for Jessy Mendiola! READ HERE:
Come and see the Arci Muñoz, Jessy Mendiola, Enzo Pineda and Vin Abrenica live this Sunday, January 8, 6 PM at...
I liked a video from Kapamilya Chat with Jessy Mendiola and Enzo Pineda
Jessy Mendiola as Gee codename: 'Henya'. Extra Service showing on January 11, 2017. JOIN our Block Screening...
Jessy Mendiola says Luis Manzano has been a big part of her 2016 -
Catch Extra Service stars Jessy Mendiola and Enzo Pineda on Kapamilya Chat today at 5pm!
Jessy Mendiola is smart, loyal and fierce as "Gee" in in theaters January 11!
Jessy Mendiola Plays an Escort Who Falls In Love with a Policeman in ‘MMK’
Jessy Mendiola is Open to the Idea of Marrying Edu Manzano via
Direk Chris Martinez talks about the movie Extra Service, Coleen Garcia, Arci Munoz and Jessy Mendiola.
Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano share their diving experience -
bumped into Jessy Mendiola tonight at greenhills 😍😍😍
stars Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola. The film will be shown on January 11.…
"(Si Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola)...lethal combination of beauty and strength and intelligence." -…
Watch Jessy Mendiola play Gee (codename: Henya) in which opens in theaters January 11!
How did Lyka get out of the dark world? Let's catch Jessy Mendiola in this Saturday, few days before…
Proof that Jessy Mendiola is a true cat lady SEE HERE:
In 2017, get ready for an extra hot New Year! Catch Arci Munoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola in the movie...
And so, Luis Manzano viewed my stories on Instagram after bashing this Jessy Mendiola thru DM. 🤣
Jessy Mendiola conquers 2016 as PH's sexiest woman!
Update: Enzo Pineda will be part of "Extra Service" Casts. The said movie was top billed by Jessy Mendiola, Arci Muñoz an…
Here's the trailer for "Extra Service,". starring Coleen Garcia, Jessy Mendiola, and Arci Muñoz, together with...
Here is the Official Trailer of 'Extra Service' starring Arci Muñoz, Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola.
saw Vice Ganda, Luis Manzano, and Jessy Mendiola at the mall today
Luis Manzano seen holding hands with Jessy Mendiola at premiere; view:
: Because you have nothing to offer. Ano naman ang isasagot ko riyan, or in the words of Jessy Mendiola, "What am I…
Let us welcome Jessy Mendiola to the family of multi-awarded and longest running drama anthology,
you look like jessy mendiola here. you & Joao look good together 😙 and your kuya Miko is so hot bye 😭
Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola in Thailand with Love -
Jessy Mendiola is happy that ex-BF JM De Guzman seems to be okay now -
Parang gusto ko ulit mag host si Jessy Mendiola. "And the winner will get... the FLAKES of appreciation..." 😳
"A setback is a set up for a comeback." - Jessy Mendiola
Aww! Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola enjoy romantic vacation in Thailand - Coconuts Manila
Luis Manzano, Jessy Mendiola get cozy in Thailand -
False. Jessy Mendiola is the proof. No talent. Basic face and body. No credentials. pero maraming projects?
I liked a video from Banana Sundae shooting with Jessy Mendiola, Angelica Panganiban
every term, i always tell myself not to cram school projects. but then again,. "what am i to say to that?" (Jessy Mendiola, 2016)
Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola are such an odd couple.
's look was featured on! Very cool! Thanks to for this :)
I added a video to a playlist Enchong Dee on his kissing scene with Jessy Mendiola in M…
It's Women Power as Under Armour together with Celebrity Fitness trainer Kat Geronimo and Jessy Mendiola led the...
Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano spotted awhile ago
In the Loop: Jessy Mendiola willing ... - by ABS-CBN News -
I know someone who made Jessy Mendiola a subject of ridicule and laughed so hard with J's "what am I say to that?'. And he doesn't...
lovekikyo_'s video spotted Jessy Mendiola on the vid 😭😭😭
i just saw Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano!!
Ang success matter of perspective lng yan. A set back can be a set up for a comeback -Jessy Mendiola, Tanduay. AHAH…
Are you related to ms. jessy mendiola ? lols 😂
"I'm not the only one who's bashed. I'm not the only one who's hated. But *** I'm the sexiest woman!-Jessy Mendiola on her…
Under Armour workout with Jessy Mendiola earlier at Edsa Shangri La 💪🏼
Jessy Mendiola's grammar ERROR is now the newest topic that netizens cou... qua
Jessy Mendiola tapos Christine Reyes?? takte is this heaven or somethng?
Jessy Mendiola on Luis Manzano: He protects me.: True, Jessy Mendiola was elated about her FHM Sexiest title.
[News] Jessy Mendiola on Luis Manzano: He protects me. | via PEP Online
Jessy Mendiola on Luis Manzano: We're not yet a couple... Via News Break:
Pia Wurtzbach coming to Jessy Mendiola's defense is one of the most precious things ever ahhh gotta love women like her keep slaying kween
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pls po pull out jessy mendiola we dont like seen her in any show of abs. Nakaka irita ✌👎
Jessy Mendiola answers bashers pitting her against Angel Locsin
As what Jessy Mendiola says . "I'm not the only person being hated" . So those Cure cure out there! . Lets Bring it On!!
One of my favorite articles ever, written by one of my favorite writers.
Jessy Mendiola is "confidently sexy with a heart" at FHM Philippines 2016. READ MORE:
Honestly, I don't feel that Jessy Mendiola should be FHM's sexiest, however, this isn't an excuse to bash her body.
I used to love Jessy Mendiola but not anymore.
I will always be a loyal fan of Angel Locsin Don't compare her to someone like Jessy Mendiola, mygod!
Legit sexiest, not Jessy Mendiola ha ha ha
Jessy mendiola you're not alone. My legs are too big as well😂😂😂
Jessy mendiola bashing all over my newsfeed ☹️
Jessy Mendiola sa mga hate comments: ‘I’ll just have to suck it up!’.
"I understand why Jessy Mendiola is rubbing her "sexiest" title on our faces. She knows that's the only achievement/aw…
Be an Angel Locsin in this world full of Jessy Mendiola!
the one who keeps spewing derogatory comments at Jessy Mendiola.
can ppl pls stop body shaming Jessy Mendiola? Omg even if her thighs are big, one thing is for sure SHE IS STILL PRETTIER THAN U'LL EVER BE
Me and my friends were talking about the Jessy Mendiola issue yesterday. And we literally all agreed, that people, mostly girls, OVERREACTED
Jessy reacts to netizen who compared her to Angel: Jessy Mendiola lamented over the prevalent bashing on soci...
Most people are bashing Jessy Mendiola not because she's fat but because she's a B×TCH!
"Now we have proof that everyone can be sexy.. All types of sexy here, so you are sexy, I am sexy, everyone’s sexy.”.
To Jessy Mendiola's bashers, an enlightening message from Lea Salonga SEE MESSAGE HERE:
Stop body-shaming Jessy Mendiola pls that's just plain wrong
Remember when everyone hated Maja Salvador? Now everyone hates Jessy Mendiola. Meaning, people will get over it once they find someone else.
She's definitely confident and sexy, but Jessy Mendiola badly needs a workshop on how to use her brain before opening her mouth. 😕
Sometimes, all a girl has is this: one brave front. Don't apologize for how you choose to deal.
Lea Salonga stands in support for Jessy Mendiola - # JessyMendiola
Jessy Mendiola is not 2016's 'Sexiest Woman Alive' says
Jessy Mendiola is trending because of her fierce statement that she's the sexiest. The only actress na dinibdib ang pa…
Most Kapamilya viewers themselves didn't like what Jessy Mendiola said about her FHM sexiest crown and her haters. Nee…
FHM's Sexiest 2016 Jessy Mendiola is on cloud 9 after she topped the list! She has a message for…
"I am not the only one who is being hated but *** I'm the sexiest woman right now." - Jessy Mendiola. HOY BUMABA KA S…
Yabang yabang ni Jessy Mendiola. It's insane 😃 Where'd you get that gut? I mean Sexiest woman in the world palang naachieve…
Here's what and had to say to those posting body-shaming comments online:
Be a Pia Wurtzbach in this world full of Jessy Mendiola. A girl with a beauty and class over a girl with a trash attit…
I saw this in an article about Jessy Mendiola-- I applaud it.
Idk why Pee Noise didn't get Jessy Mendiola's humour
Lea:"Sexy has nothing to do with the outer shell & all to do with what's..."Read more HERE:
Give Jessy Mendiola a break. She was feelin' herself in the moment.
Lea Salonga defends Jessy from body-shaming bashers
Lea Salonga finds Jessy Mendiola as "one of the sexiest" SEE STATUS HERE:
Unless you'd be a Sofia Andres in this world full of Jessy Mendiola. 😜
Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano have admitted that they have gone out together.
TV host Luis Manzano has finally addressed rumors linking him to Jessy Mendiola.
When Luis confirmed he's hanging out with Jessy Mendiola... READ HERE:
Luis Manzano sets the record straight on Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola. READ HERE:
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JC de Vera admits he was surprised Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano are dating
Luis Manzano confirms 'going out' with Jessy Mendiola | via
Jessy Mendiola on Luis Manzano admitting they are dating: "Really he said that?" | via
[News] Jessy Mendiola finally opens up about Luis Manzano | via PEP Online
Luis Manzano said Jessy Mendiola had nothing to do with his break up with Angel Locsin
Jessy Mendiola so hot on trumpet dance live in ASAP with Robi Domingo
Luis Manzano gets grilled about Jessy Mendiola on ASAP
Angel Locsin asks fans not to bash ex bf Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola...
If you have it, flaunt it. And that's what you call confidence! Bravo Jessy! haters gonna hate.
Jessy Mendiola dares to do what for the first time? READ HERE:
Good Morning Turtles..Please grant our request for Jessy Mendiola and JC de Vera MMK and Teleserye
Ok why are they hating on Jessy Mendiola for being toned rather than being "skinny"
Pag may against kaya mong mkipag away.from my heart straight to your I really love jessy mendiola.
Over Thinking,again and again... Jessy mendiola JC de Vera
Jessy Mendiola definitely exudes that Sagittarius Aura 󾰀 iba.
Jessy Mendiola definitely exudes that Sagittarius Aura 😀 iba.
You're my Jessy Mendiola in this world full of Bangs Garcia or Ellen Adarna😍 (lol what?😂)
Aubrey Parlan, with the eyes of Jessy Mendiola and lips of Ellen Adarna, you look like Kristine Hermosa!
went to Pico de loro, while taking pictures naay usa ka group didto next to us. Then when i checked my IG, sila jessy mendiola diay to!
How Jessy Mendiola achieved her beach-ready body: “I work out a lot talaga. I almost work out every day,” said...
First task is to transcribe jessy mendiola's interview. Whooo! Inspired 💕
When you stalk Jessy Mendiola and suddenly get the urge to work out. Help 😢
I will go for an early lead for Jessy Mendiola on the Finals
Jessy Mendiola vs Marian Rivera/Yassi Presman. What a tough Finals it will be.
Jessy Mendiola is good at Muay Thai, and I cant even do the jump rope right. 😅
One of my favorite IG user: Jessy Mendiola! ❤️
I can't seem to be in this Jessy Mendiola bandwagon... Why??? Can't see what they see 👀
": Did anyone notice that Janella Salvador looks like Jessy Mendiola in this picture? -GEL ht…
Jessy Mendiola covers Inside Showbiz week1 April2016 💙🐢💙 grab your copies now!
Jessy Mendiola's tan skin in personal 😱
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
not sure that Jessy Mendiola is the new darna???.
Kapamilya Chat with Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera for You're My Home via
Jessy Mendiola is now a cover girl of this first week of April 2016. Grab a copy now! ☺ https:/…
Like or Dislike: Jessy Mendiola on the Cover of Inside Showbiz
It Is Century Tuna Superbods Weekend with Jessy Mendiola on April 2 to 3 at BGC Ampitheater . | Kampeon Ng...
Jessy Mendiola's tan looks really good on her, I find her sooo pretty 😍
Jessy Mendiola has a great taste in Music
& Jessy Mendiola are so sweet together! They look like a real couple! JcJessyTruth! 💑
READ: Jessy Mendiola and JC de Vera reveal the real score between them
Jessy Mendiola as one of celebrity ambassador of HOOQ. She celebrate 1st Anniversary of HOOQ 💜 http…
Terrified JC de Vera & Jessy Mendiola via ni ms jessy and you
Terrified JC de Vera & Jessy Mendiola via and i miss you so much
Terrified JC de Vera & Jessy Mendiola via good bye i dont now
・・・. What a lovely way to start the day. ☺️ Thanks to Ms. Jessy Mendiola for gracing...
JC de Vera on Jessy Mendiola: We're comfortable via ThePhilStar
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Chat with Jessy Mendiola and Jc De Vera today March 16 at 4:30 pm. Just log on to
When's the right time to let go according to Jessy Mendiola? READ HERE:
A basic wardrobe does not make for a basic girl. Right,
You're My Home's Jessy Mendiola & JC De Vera featured in today's 'TrabaHula' with madlang cotton candy vendors. .
“But, you know, as they all say, 'The flower doesn't go for the bee. It waits for the bee,' - Jessy Mendiola.
Jessy Mendiola, JC de Vera grateful to fans of READ HERE:
Jessy Mendiola teases Xian Lim about their memorable commercial shoot with HOOQ in…
Jessy Mendiola: I'm ready to fight for love, but...
Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim celebrates HOOQ's first birthday!
lol Enrique that's the most stupid chismis I ever heard! Tanong mo pa kay Bangs Garcia at Jessy Mendiola
I saw Jessy Mendiola here in Bataan but I got so kilig I forgot to ask for a pic wow niq wow
Happening now: bloggers conference with Jessy Mendiola and
Always catch Jessy Mendiola and in weeknights on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, after OTWOL! http…
Follow up projects for Jc De Vera and Jessy Mendiola after Youre My Home please
More projects for Jc De Vera and Jessy Mendiola please as well as tv guestings they look good together.
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Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera for Hype MNL!! Thanks for the photo,…
Team Reel or Team Real man, we will love and Jessy Mendiola!!!
In the name of love for Jessy Mendiola and Jc De Vera. We want 🙏🙏🙏
Currently listening to Nabihag by Jc De Vera Feat Jessy Mendiola. We want to hear them sing this in GGV
Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera are so bagay!!! Kilig much!!!
Jessy Mendiola wants you to calm down about that photo
Jessy Mendiola in a costume will have you wishing she'd get the part:.
Jessy Mendiola is willing to audition for ‘Darna’ role | via PUSH©
10 signs on IG of trouble among celeb couples: Remember how JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola's posts on their r... https:…
jessy mendiola, liza soberano or nadine lustre for Darna? Just one, needs to only choose one
Can Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera's loveteam turn from reel to real?
Jessy Mendiola rumored to be the next Darna?
So fake pala yung instagram account ni Jessy Mendiola na fina-follow ko all this time. My whole life has been a lie.
Jessy Mendiola is on a different level, man
Baket andaming galit kay Jessy Mendiola sa fashion pulis? Insecure fantards? It's not her fault she's pretty and may become the next Darna
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jessy Mendiola rumored to be the next Darna!
Jessy Mendiola dons on 'Darna' costume -
After the controversy with Enrique Gil and her ex-boyfriend JM De Guzman, Jessy Mendiola now faces another tragic...
Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera in Sherad Anthony Sanchez's "Salvage". . Showing in these schedules:. November 15,... http…
My choices for the next DARNA:. Sarah Lahbati . Maja Salvador . Jessy Mendiola . Angel Locsin(if possible😁). She has to be bea…
Here's what two Koreans had to say about Shaina Magdayao, Bea Alonzo, Erich Gonzales, Jessy Mendiola, Maja...
Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos and Jessy Mendiola, JC de Vera Starrer to be Screened this Saturday…
It's surreal how beautiful Jessy Mendiola is. Her radiance is a blinding light blazing through the world's darkness.
After breaking up with girlfriend Jessy Mendiola, actor JM De Guzman laments on social media "Hey, dad! Are you...
I swear if Nadine Lustre becomes Darna, I will flip out. It's either they wait for Angel Locsin to be alright again or have Jessy Mendiola.
Wanna see jessy mendiola's first appearance on you're my home ☺
08: oh well, that's cute then. Hmm, I got no more quest… — I idolize Jessy Mendiola. She used to be the Maria Merc…
Took a quiz about celebrity lookalikes. Jessy Mendiola took the first spot as my lookalike. Me: YOU'RE. KIDDING. NO. WAY.
Check this out..popular Celebrities here in the Philippines dancing on your song ^_^
Jessy Mendiola and JM de Guzman ended their relationship for the second time around:
Grabbed from jessy mendiola's ig. Illusion!
Jessy Mendiola (and Pokwang will join the Banana Sundae cast.
Starring Jessy mendiola and Jc de vera
Was looking for Jessy Mendiola the whole time 😪
Jessy : Siguro ngayon mas mabuti nga ito. It's God's way of saying, 'you have to prioritize other things more...
Watchin ASAP replay. Prod by Jessy Mendiola, Bangs Garcia and Sarah Lahbati left me so 💦💦💦 Grabe sila.
Anne Curtis reminds me of Anne Hathaway, Jessy Mendiola = Zooey Deschanel and Georgina Wilson = Leighton Meester.
Taping at Never say Goodbye.. with Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez. With Jessy Mendiola as event coordinator of...
Jessy Mendiola and Juan Miguel de Guzman: Are they back together?!
"Whatever you wear, whatever you choose to look like, the key is confidence." — Jessy Mendiola . Visit...
"I just love the classic look. Everyone used to be so put together but it didn’t seem too loud." — Jessy Mendiola...
Kathryn Bernardo,Angel Locsin,Jessy Mendiola and Maxene Magalona.These women have always been BEAUTIFUL even without make up. :)
Describe your crush now Describe your ideal girl — JESSY MENDIOLA. yan ang ideal girl ko
Is it just me or may resemblance si Cinderella kay Jessy Mendiola? 😉😍
Chicser with gorgeous Jessy Mendiola. See you in a bit Santo Tomas! :)
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jessy Mendiola inspired hair cut sounds good. 😁👌
Jessy Mendiola - Lily Collins of the Philippines :bd
HOLY WEEK HUGOT: Jessy Mendiola posts this quote about love. Jessy is a big believer in true love and the right...
No one will ever beat your "Jessy Mendiola" face, Biancs! miss you already ugh see you on the 25th?
"When you start being yourself, that’s when beauty starts."- Jessy Mendiola. More on
Jessy Mendiola and JM Deguzman are back together! 😍
Fab or Drab: Jessy Mendiola: Images courtesy of Instagram: wonder_jessy
More people telling me that I look like Jessy (is this how you spell it) Mendiola /Joyce Pring - . May I cry now 😳
Can i be Jessy Mendiola for a day please? huhu JM :(
Love is sweeter the second time around. Jessy Mendiola & JM de Guzman 😍💕
JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola back in each other's arms?.
Dear do you by any chance have a Phantom Cam replay of that Jessy Mendiola dance number I just saw on TV? Need that.
Lapit na ko maging straight but Jessy Mendiola is hart hart
Lord please jessy mendiola and jackie rice omayghad
Saw jessy mendiola! Will post my picture with her later! :)
you can!! With a little help from your gorgeous friends.. a.k.a Jessy Mendiola and Georgina Wilson 😉
I want Jessy Mendiola for lunch, dinner and Christmas
"Happy to have ONE FITNESS DAY tickets!" - Jessy Mendiola Thanks Jessy! See you on March 29!
My mom just called me to talk about Scandal (jake or fitz) and Pangako sa yo..she wanted jm de guzman and jessy mendiola …
Jessy Mendiola :Nice to see u again best, advance happy birthday!
We're having fun watching jessy mendiola
Hanging out with my beautiful fellow celebrity Jessy Mendiola..ahihihi
Jessy Mendiola is so pretty!!! :) im in her selfie after she performed!! :)
Having dinner at moon cafe with Jessy Mendiola
Jessy Mendiola at robenson,Dumaguete.super pretty,...
tindug is sulit.. JESSY MENDIOLA super ganda!! shes her a whle ago place dumaguete city.
Stading waiting for her for hours.but its all worth it.Finally i saw JESSY MENDIOLA
Shopping with jessy mendiola in the ramp ☺️
hi Mr. Real. I would like to ask for booking info for Ms. Jessy Mendiola. May I know your contact details? Thank you
Jessy Mendiola. So simple yet so gorgeous! 👄
mackipineda with Ms. Jessy Mendiola Watch them on friday at the Marquee Mall,Pampanga.
Does JC De Vera have a crush on Jessy Mendiola? via ABS-CBN
Does JC de Vera have a crush on Jessy Mendiola?
Saw Jessy Mendiola awhile ago DAYUM ganders talaga even without make-up
The hair of Jessy Mendiola. Its so omygosh loveet 😍😍😍
Any TV series where Jessy Mendiola's in lmao | Believe in LizQuen
Pen tool the cheese out of Jessy Mendiola's backside.. The things I do for Art Stud 140.
Jessy Mendiola and her pixie cut is my otp
JC de Vera admits feeling self-conscious around leading lady Jessy Mendiola: Dazzled by the beauty of Jessy Me...
told ya... I'm the real Jessy Mendiola 💁
Fanboys this is your chance! who wants to go on a date with Jessy Mendiola? Like Astring-O-Sol Philippines page...
When the time comes that I get to shoot Jessy Mendiola like this you'll be the first to see em
I thought it was Jessy Mendiola at first. I almost had a heart attack.
beautiful Jessy Mendiola at the premiere last night. Now Showing! nood na po guys!!
How many likes for the very beautiful JESSY MENDIOLA ?
Hello. Please vote for Jessy Mendiola as BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Power vote guys. Kindly share it also. Thank you!
at Jessy Mendiola's block screening. thank you
thanks jessy mendiola. Miss you hart hart 😂😚
For the very 1st time! Jessy Mendiola & JC De Vera pair up in a Star creatives teleserye with Richard Gomez & Dawn Zul…
Does anyone want to watch a tagalog movie THE TRIAL featuring John Lloyd Cruz, Jessy Mendiola, Richard Gomez and...
Before I forgot, The Trial by John Lloyd Cruz and Jessy Mendiola is indeed a film worth the watch. I was crying the whole time! John Lloyd♥️
two thumbs up for this movie.. Congrats to John Lloyd Cruz and Jessy Mendiola :))
UP NEXT! Special treat from the stars of 'The Trial' - Jessy Mendiola and John Lloyd Cruz!
Team 3 at the Getty Museum ! Jessy Mendiola, Yeng, Eric Santos, Sam Milby, Martin Nievera and Julia Barretto x
starring John Lloyd Cruz, Jessy Mendiola and Enrique Gil in Cinemas on October 15, 2014 please watch.
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