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Jessy Mendiola

Jessy Mendiola (born Jessica Mendiola Tawile; December 3, 1992), is a Filipino actress. She's a part of the community of largest student body in the country, Far Eastern University - Manila.

Xian Lim John Lloyd Cruz Enrique Gil Matteo Guidicelli Maria Mercedes Sam Milby Cristine Reyes Julia Montes Enchong Dee Kim Chiu Angel Locsin Richard Gomez Jed Madela Anne Curtis Maja Salvador Jeju Island South Korea Gerald Anderson

Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera are so bagay!!! Kilig much!!!
Jessy Mendiola wants you to calm down about that photo
Jessy Mendiola in a costume will have you wishing she'd get the part:.
Jessy Mendiola is willing to audition for ‘Darna’ role | via PUSH©
10 signs on IG of trouble among celeb couples: Remember how JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola's posts on their r... https:…
jessy mendiola, liza soberano or nadine lustre for Darna? Just one, needs to only choose one
Can Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera's loveteam turn from reel to real?
Jessy Mendiola rumored to be the next Darna?
So fake pala yung instagram account ni Jessy Mendiola na fina-follow ko all this time. My whole life has been a lie.
Jessy Mendiola is on a different level, man
Baket andaming galit kay Jessy Mendiola sa fashion pulis? Insecure fantards? It's not her fault she's pretty and may become the next Darna
Jessy Mendiola rumored to be the next Darna!
Jessy Mendiola dons on 'Darna' costume -
After the controversy with Enrique Gil and her ex-boyfriend JM De Guzman, Jessy Mendiola now faces another tragic...
Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera in Sherad Anthony Sanchez's "Salvage". . Showing in these schedules:. November 15,... http…
My choices for the next DARNA:. Sarah Lahbati . Maja Salvador . Jessy Mendiola . Angel Locsin(if possible😁). She has to be bea…
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Here's what two Koreans had to say about Shaina Magdayao, Bea Alonzo, Erich Gonzales, Jessy Mendiola, Maja...
Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos and Jessy Mendiola, JC de Vera Starrer to be Screened this Saturday…
It's surreal how beautiful Jessy Mendiola is. Her radiance is a blinding light blazing through the world's darkness.
After breaking up with girlfriend Jessy Mendiola, actor JM De Guzman laments on social media "Hey, dad! Are you...
I swear if Nadine Lustre becomes Darna, I will flip out. It's either they wait for Angel Locsin to be alright again or have Jessy Mendiola.
Wanna see jessy mendiola's first appearance on you're my home ☺
08: oh well, that's cute then. Hmm, I got no more quest… — I idolize Jessy Mendiola. She used to be the Maria Merc…
Took a quiz about celebrity lookalikes. Jessy Mendiola took the first spot as my lookalike. Me: YOU'RE. KIDDING. NO. WAY.
Check this out..popular Celebrities here in the Philippines dancing on your song ^_^
Jessy Mendiola and JM de Guzman ended their relationship for the second time around:
Grabbed from jessy mendiola's ig. Illusion!
Jessy Mendiola (and Pokwang will join the Banana Sundae cast.
Starring Jessy mendiola and Jc de vera
Was looking for Jessy Mendiola the whole time 😪
Jessy : Siguro ngayon mas mabuti nga ito. It's God's way of saying, 'you have to prioritize other things more...
Watchin ASAP replay. Prod by Jessy Mendiola, Bangs Garcia and Sarah Lahbati left me so 💦💦💦 Grabe sila.
Anne Curtis reminds me of Anne Hathaway, Jessy Mendiola = Zooey Deschanel and Georgina Wilson = Leighton Meester.
Taping at Never say Goodbye.. with Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez. With Jessy Mendiola as event coordinator of...
Jessy Mendiola and Juan Miguel de Guzman: Are they back together?!
"Whatever you wear, whatever you choose to look like, the key is confidence." — Jessy Mendiola . Visit...
"I just love the classic look. Everyone used to be so put together but it didn’t seem too loud." — Jessy Mendiola...
Kathryn Bernardo,Angel Locsin,Jessy Mendiola and Maxene Magalona.These women have always been BEAUTIFUL even without make up. :)
Describe your crush now Describe your ideal girl — JESSY MENDIOLA. yan ang ideal girl ko
Is it just me or may resemblance si Cinderella kay Jessy Mendiola? 😉😍
Chicser with gorgeous Jessy Mendiola. See you in a bit Santo Tomas! :)
Jessy Mendiola inspired hair cut sounds good. 😁👌
Jessy Mendiola - Lily Collins of the Philippines :bd
HOLY WEEK HUGOT: Jessy Mendiola posts this quote about love. Jessy is a big believer in true love and the right...
No one will ever beat your "Jessy Mendiola" face, Biancs! miss you already ugh see you on the 25th?
"When you start being yourself, that’s when beauty starts."- Jessy Mendiola. More on featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jessy Mendiola and JM Deguzman are back together! 😍
Fab or Drab: Jessy Mendiola: Images courtesy of Instagram: wonder_jessy
More people telling me that I look like Jessy (is this how you spell it) Mendiola /Joyce Pring - . May I cry now 😳
Can i be Jessy Mendiola for a day please? huhu JM :(
Love is sweeter the second time around. Jessy Mendiola & JM de Guzman 😍💕
JM de Guzman and Jessy Mendiola back in each other's arms?.
Dear do you by any chance have a Phantom Cam replay of that Jessy Mendiola dance number I just saw on TV? Need that.
Lapit na ko maging straight but Jessy Mendiola is hart hart
Lord please jessy mendiola and jackie rice omayghad
Saw jessy mendiola! Will post my picture with her later! :)
you can!! With a little help from your gorgeous friends.. a.k.a Jessy Mendiola and Georgina Wilson 😉
I want Jessy Mendiola for lunch, dinner and Christmas
"Happy to have ONE FITNESS DAY tickets!" - Jessy Mendiola Thanks Jessy! See you on March 29!
My mom just called me to talk about Scandal (jake or fitz) and Pangako sa yo..she wanted jm de guzman and jessy mendiola …
Jessy Mendiola :Nice to see u again best, advance happy birthday!
We're having fun watching jessy mendiola
Hanging out with my beautiful fellow celebrity Jessy Mendiola..ahihihi
Jessy Mendiola is so pretty!!! :) im in her selfie after she performed!! :)
Having dinner at moon cafe with Jessy Mendiola
Jessy Mendiola at robenson,Dumaguete.super pretty,...
tindug is sulit.. JESSY MENDIOLA super ganda!! shes her a whle ago place dumaguete city.
Stading waiting for her for hours.but its all worth it.Finally i saw JESSY MENDIOLA
Shopping with jessy mendiola in the ramp ☺️
hi Mr. Real. I would like to ask for booking info for Ms. Jessy Mendiola. May I know your contact details? Thank you
Jessy Mendiola. So simple yet so gorgeous! 👄
mackipineda with Ms. Jessy Mendiola Watch them on friday at the Marquee Mall,Pampanga.
Does JC De Vera have a crush on Jessy Mendiola? via ABS-CBN
Does JC de Vera have a crush on Jessy Mendiola?
Saw Jessy Mendiola awhile ago DAYUM ganders talaga even without make-up
The hair of Jessy Mendiola. Its so omygosh loveet 😍😍😍
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Any TV series where Jessy Mendiola's in lmao | Believe in LizQuen
Pen tool the cheese out of Jessy Mendiola's backside.. The things I do for Art Stud 140.
Jessy Mendiola and her pixie cut is my otp
JC de Vera admits feeling self-conscious around leading lady Jessy Mendiola: Dazzled by the beauty of Jessy Me...
told ya... I'm the real Jessy Mendiola 💁
Who's the fairest of them all?. JESSY MENDIOLA vs. Erich Gonzales vs. CARLA ABELLANA vs. Marian Rivera
Fanboys this is your chance! who wants to go on a date with Jessy Mendiola? Like Astring-O-Sol Philippines page...
When the time comes that I get to shoot Jessy Mendiola like this you'll be the first to see em
I thought it was Jessy Mendiola at first. I almost had a heart attack.
beautiful Jessy Mendiola at the premiere last night. Now Showing! nood na po guys!!
How many likes for the very beautiful JESSY MENDIOLA ?
Hello. Please vote for Jessy Mendiola as BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Power vote guys. Kindly share it also. Thank you!
at Jessy Mendiola's block screening. thank you
thanks jessy mendiola. Miss you hart hart 😂😚
For the very 1st time! Jessy Mendiola & JC De Vera pair up in a Star creatives teleserye with Richard Gomez & Dawn Zul…
Does anyone want to watch a tagalog movie THE TRIAL featuring John Lloyd Cruz, Jessy Mendiola, Richard Gomez and...
Before I forgot, The Trial by John Lloyd Cruz and Jessy Mendiola is indeed a film worth the watch. I was crying the whole time! John Lloyd♥️
two thumbs up for this movie.. Congrats to John Lloyd Cruz and Jessy Mendiola :))
UP NEXT! Special treat from the stars of 'The Trial' - Jessy Mendiola and John Lloyd Cruz!
Team 3 at the Getty Museum ! Jessy Mendiola, Yeng, Eric Santos, Sam Milby, Martin Nievera and Julia Barretto x
starring John Lloyd Cruz, Jessy Mendiola and Enrique Gil in Cinemas on October 15, 2014 please watch.
Excited and honored to be sharing the judges' panel with Jhong Hilario and Jessy Mendiola! Catch us…
Pero okay lang, I got to see Jessy Mendiola & John Lloyd Cruz upclose 😍😊👏
JM De Guzman had only two things left when he lost showbiz projects and Jessy Mendiola after giving in to drug...
Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli for LINE Philippines (latest news): via
Inamin ni Jessy Mendiola at Matteo Guidicelli that they love calling their loved ones abroad with
Jessy mendiola :( sometimes i feel like i'm the luckiest person in the world.
For me, Jane Oineza 's "Manika" is the most intense MMK episode so far followed by Jessy Mendiola & Mark Gil '…
Let's do common style, Ms. Jessy Mendiola. :-) Making hair shorter than ever for the season! With Ms.…
'wonder_jessy' is Jessy Mendiola's official IG account. (senorita_j was hacked) Please spread the word! :)
JM de Guzman Inspiration Song to Moved On with Jessy Mendiola: JM de Guzman did not think twice when asked to ...
Jessy Mendiola greets my Mommy Emma a happy birthday! :-)
That moment, when Jessy Mendiola went to d office to visit her aunt.. and I was like. ? xD
How did JM De Guzman handle his relationship with Jessy Mendiola?: via
I added a video to a playlist JM de Guzman open to working with ex-GF Jessy Mendiola
"A Family Story" will be Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola's first teleserye project together. Their pairing was first...
Matteo Guidicelli and Jessy Mendiola graces the LINE Premium Call exclusive promotion for Filipinos...
Enrique Gil says he will be part of the film starring John Lloyd Cruz, Jessy Mendiola,…
Not even for Jessy Mendiola. My space is sacred. Let me gawk at you like a fool from a distance.
Vina Morales, Jed Madela and Jessy Mendiola celebrate with OFWs in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and…
I liked a video from Jessy Mendiola, masaya para kina Matteo at Sarah
Another addition to our growing 9MM Girls, Jessy Mendiola!. Read my article about her here -...
Who is Your Bet for the "Female Emerging Star" ...: Janine Gutierrez, Jessy Mendiola, Louise delos Reyes, Janel...
an Mig Coffee will parade with teen rising star Jessy Mendiola
Hi jessy mendiola thankyou for always making me smile (:
Another reason why i'm excited to go home. I want to see her in person. . 👇👇👇 Jessy Mendiola 😍❤️
i dunno if jessy mendiola is a shawol, WHICH I'M TOTALLY SURE SHE WAS NOT, but overall i like her.
Just google her name Jessy Mendiola. And I'm sure you'll find lots.
oh you were talking about Jessy Mendiola right!? HFSKDHG~! ***
Jessy Mendiola actually resembles Kaya Scodelario a lil bit. Wouldn't be surprise if Taemin names her as his ideal.
love the Philippines as we love you and meet me please with ka.tunying and jessy mendiola
Jessy Mendiola: Pure WhiteWhite usually sympolizes purity and cleanliness.Many of our 9MM Girls that were feat...
My talent is to view profile of jessy mendiola and suddenly hate myself for being me.
After 14 years of being apart, Jessy Mendiola reunites with her father.
Jessy Mendiola and her boyfriend are perfect 😍
With proper amounts of black liner, Jessy Mendiola can be a deadringer of Kaya Scodelario's Effy (Skins UK), I just realized.
Jessy Mendiola's dad lives in bahrain omg yes bahrain exposure on tv 😂😂😂😂 and no wonder she's gorgeous, she has lebanese blood 👅😍
Friends, does anyone of you know Ms Jessy Mendiola's (Yes, the Philippine actress/model) manager's contact no.?...
Entertainment: Jessy Mendiola recalls reunion with British-Lebanese dad. Read more:
he was laired with megan in the Reunion and Bangs in Maala-ala Mo Kaya and soon with Jessy Mendiola... So, yeah he has and I think
We enjoyed the last day at such an awesome people & Jessy Mendiola.☺👍
Jessy Mendiola says her rumored suitor, Sebastian Lopez, is coming to Manila on July 9.
Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola backstage at the Style Origin event | Xian Lim for Mint (c) janenriquez
not a fan of Jessy Mendiola sarreh :(
BLOGGED: Jessy Mendiola seems bitter over the love affair of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli! Her post here! http:…
Jessy Mendiola starstruck with John Lloyd Cruz? Find out why:
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — Local- Cristine Reyes, Jessy Mendiola, Sam Pinto. For...
Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu for Kopiko L.A. Coffee with Matteo Guidicelli and Jessy Mendiola
To Jessy Mendiola: Hi Jessy, I just want to say that you're my one and only Maria Mercedes. Love You 😘
I wanna talk to jessy mendiola cause she's my idol!
I'll send a line message to Jessy Mendiola saying "Hi Jessy! You're my dream girl, I love you so much!"
WATCH: Jessy Mendiola in Quest's music video: Hip-hop and R&B singer Quest recently launched the music video o... http:/…
from radioroy with repostapp. ---. Inside TAG 91.1 studio with Jessy Mendiola
Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim will team up for an upcoming television series. Will this be ok to Kim Chiu's fans?...
Watch Jessy Mendiola joins in Sine Mo To segments on It's Showtime! Subscribe to the ABS-CBN Online channel! - Visit our official websit...
Jessy Mendiola opens up about new Columbian friend --
In this week's episode of "Matanglawin," actress and honorary South Korean tourism ambassador Jessy Mendiola goes trekking as she scaled Jeju Island's highest point at Seongsan Sunrise Peak.
check out QUEST ft Julianne Tarroja with Jessy Mendiola new music video called
check out QUEST ft julianne with Jessy Mendiola new music video called
hot and sexy kapamilya actress and model Jessy Mendiola spotted in Jeju Island , Korea with someone. Read more to see who is her date
"Maria Mercedes" lead star Jessy Mendiola sizzled on the dance floor of "ASAP" as she performed the show's theme song on Sunday. Mendiola, who was ...
After Jake Cuenca, Sam Milby quit courting her, Jessy Mendiola met a new guy in Boracay »
As the Korea Tourism Organization representative in the Philippines, Jessy Mendiola once again flew to South Korea to explore more of the country.
Straight forward's owner was surprised!! Date with jessy mendiola 😭😭😭
We want Jessy Mendiola back for Mcdo commercial.
Celebrities who R beautiful even without make up! Kathryn Bernardo, Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis, Jessy Mendiola, Heart Evang…
Jessy Mendiola's so lucky to be a Korean Tourism Ambassador. 😞
How to be Jessy Mendiola?. Step 1: You can't. Step 2: Repeat step 1. 😂😂😝😝
“Wala po. We’re just friends, that’s it.” MG on rumors linking him to SG. July 2013. Documented. :P
WATCH: Jessy Mendiola in Quest's music video via
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Ugh i heard again the advertisement of jessy mendiola
So the new endorsers of Mc Spicy are Solenn Heussaff and Lovi Poe? They replaced Jessy Mendiola?
The newest drama sensation and contract star of ABS-CBN, Jessy Mendiola got butterflies in her stomach during the first shooting day of her movie with character actor, John Lloyd Cruz under Star Cinema. But, all had come to past. Based on her interview with a local entertainment portal, Mendiola...
Parokya ni Edgar and gloc-9 Concert! Starring: * Jessy Mendiola * JONALYN VIRAY * Enrique Gil with 2 unexpected guests. At MOA Arena :) --- P500/Ticket. I have last 2 tickets left. Pm me for more info or contact me 0926.994.1340. Thanks and Good day! :)
Jessy Mendiola nervous about working with Xian Lim: Jessy Mendiola admitted she is quite nervous about working... http:/…
Xian Lim feels nervous doing a series with his new leading lady Jessy Mendiola
Correction: Xiam Lim to do soap with Jessy Mendiola.
This Jessy Mendiola giant poster is making me doubt all the many things about myself that I am superbly sure of.
Mother said that Lily Collins looks like Jessy Mendiola but Jessy is prettier. 👏
Xian Lim to do soap with Jessy Mendiola
if you're excited for Ms.mina's new teleserye with Ian Veneracion,Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola!:)
Please do vote for Jessy Mendiola as FHM's Sexiest Woman 2014! . Log in to ♡
The lovely Jessy Mendiola graces the cover of the February issue of Circuit Magazine. Of course, Raymund photographs her. Take a look at the ...
Xian Lim recently that he'll be doing a teleserye with Jessy Mendiola along with Ian Veneracion and Carmina Villaroel. He'd also revealed he'll be doing a pr...
Jessy Mendiola wearing a Korean traditional wedding dress. Soon to be shown on
Congrats to future blockbuster! Xian Lim to do soap with Jessy Mendiola
exactly... not even going to coin a's Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim.
Hey guys pls like Fb Fanpage of Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola (The JessXian Battalion)
Kababayan sa Dubai watch out for and Jessy Mendiola for the celebration of Philippine…
VOTE FOR JESSY! Want to vote Jessy Mendiola into the 2014 FHM 100…
Xian Lim to do a soap with Jessy Mendiola. Are you excited? -
John Lloyd Cruz and Jessy Mendiola to pair up in their most challenging roles in the movie "The Trial". SOON.
"UPDATE: KathNiel LIVE in London on July 19 with Sam Milby, Pokwang, Enchong & Jessy Mendiola for the 30th Barri…
Yay!!! Concert this cumin' SUNDAY! :) Enrique Gil, Sam Milby, Jessy Mendiola, Jed Madela will be there. Ohmygaadd! I will go! :) =))
Friends!!! Who wants to see Jessy Mendiola, Maja Salvador, Enrique Gil, Jonalyn Viray, Parokya ni Edgar and Gloc9 in concert? :)
Jessy Mendiola and Marian Rivera's showdown of bubble butt OMG
Dreams do come true! Jessy Mendiola in Roxas city, Capiz! On April 13, '14.. Thanks sa info Crii..
Dont miss Jessy Mendiola at SM City Manila on April 12 at the Upper Ground Floor Event Center! See you there!
Meet and Greet Jessy Mendiola on April 12 here at SM City Manila! Brought to us by Skyworth tablets
To one of my ever supportive, most beautiful, patient, kind, generous and the Jessy Mendiola…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Happy Birthday Jessy mendiola.. i mean to the very beautiful miss have a great one.
Watch Jessy Mendiola give this guy a surprise! What would you do if this happened to you?
PHR presents Paraiso Music Video Paraiso is the 17th installment of the Precious Hearts Romances series, and is topbilled by Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidic...
its JESSY... not JESSIE. JESSY mendiola. spell it with me.. J-E-S-S-Y.
-- tapos sabi ni Jessy Mendiola, I should call her my Tita. So, yea. :))
I want to see Tita Jessy Mendiola again. :( I miss her na!
How true rayver cruz and jessy mendiola dating?what happened to sam?
Pam Mendiola on sister "I don't want to be her shadow. Not anymore"
[CONFIRMED]. Jonghyun to become a husband in WGM Global and his soon to be virtual wife is Jessy Mendiola. cr. aprilpabo
Whatever happened in the past, truth is Matteo Guidicelli loves Sarah Geronimo and not your idol Jessy Mendiola 😛 all is …
Jessy Mendiola have the right to date whoever she wants&say no to them as wellso dont maliciously attack her personal life without any proof
Jessy Mendiola doesn't need a bf!she very independent and a strong person!having a relationship gets in the way of her career!so STFU!!
Hello trolls!!!jessy mendiola moved on a long time ago!stop gossiping about their awkwardness!no comment and stfu!just be happy for all!
Physically, you, are the unified version of Coleen Garcia and Jessy Mendiola!
My late lunch. Too bad I don't look as attractive as Jessy Mendiola when I eat it.
Watch Motorcycle Magazine's Cover Shoot for the latest issue with Jessy Mendiola.
Jessy Mendiola surprises Jeric Teng with the help of Jeron Teng
Meet Jessy Mendiola tomorrow at SM NORTH EDSA for the "A Bedroom Affair" event at 6pm!
Shoot today with Jessy Mendiola. She's so pretty shet.
Watch out for our upcoming issue with Jessy Mendiola on the cover...
Jessy mendiola all over my phone emeged.
please notice my friend aka Jessy Mendiola. 😂
shinee r ambassador jessy mendiola is ph's amb in korea ok ok nOO
BLU ENERGY DRINK PRESENTS JESSY MENDIOLA, DLSU GREEN ARCHERS, NIX *** P, PATRICK RIZARRI, CAMMY V, DEUCE MANILA, OIL DJ'S, DUGOUT DJ'S, ETC. UNIFIED | March 1, 2014 | Saturday 9pm | Dugout Parking Lot Stretch and Main Room we do not own the audio background used in this video. no copyright infringement was intended.
Wouldn't it be nice to be a mcspicy chicken burger from Mcdonalds? Jessy Mendiola will hold you in her hands.:)
Hello guys im selling tickets just pm me if you want to meet Jessy Mendiola on Saturday ♥
Jessy Mendiola will be in ER Supermall on MARCH 8! This is your chance to meet her!
TRIVIA! you know what's happening on March 1, 2014? - OIL Lounge & DUGOUT Sportsbar will UNIFIED and will be taking its party to the next level by utilizing DUGOUT'S parking lot & Main Room. - featuring Jessy Mendiola, - The DLSU GREEN ARCHERS - and presented by BLU Energy Drink + Destileria Limtuaco & Co,. Inc. (Free kickass cocktail) - with NIX *** P, - CAMMY V, - DEUCE MANILA, - PATRICK RIZARRI - plus your DUGOUT DJ'S, - and your LOVE DANCE DJ'S - also, you help rebuild BAHAY PAG-ASA - and last but not the least The *** LOVE DANCE 2014 tickets (some given away, some sold in one time promo)
Pls grab a copy of Chalk magazine with Jessy Mendiola on the cover!!! 😃😉😀
Jessy Mendiola shared the following link and had this to say about it: LIKE if you LOVE JESUS (Y) Like : KEN ballers
Buy Miche Bag Online!
DUGOUT presents "UNIFIED" Featuring Jessy Mendiola and DLSU Green Archers with music from the best DJ's in the Philippines. with 1 free beer for only 150 pesos Buy your tickets now. Guys sin.o da ma nytout? buy na kmu tickets bi skon hehe,. PM me lng ah.,
Jessy Mendiola invites everyone to Unified: Oil at Dugout on March 1, 2014!
McDonalds customers were surprised when jessy mendiola came to served with.
Jessy Mendiola is Ready for Mati City! only at ER Supermall March 8! get your tickets now!
can't w8 diz coming march to be with Jessy Mendiola and the De La Salle University players... wooaaah..see yah @ Art District guyz :) :) :)
In case you missed it: Jessy Mendiola Surprises Lucky Guys
Jessy Mendiola wants you to be there! ER Supermall March 8! Thanks!
I liked a video Jessy Mendiola with Jeron Teng Pranks Jeric Teng in McDonald
I liked a video Jessy Mendiola sizzles as Maria Mercedes
I wish ABS-CBN stars would watch the PBA. Problem is, ABS is a bitter rival of TV5 in terms of sports coverages. Remember, Jessy Mendiola was disallowed by ABS to be San Mig Coffee's muse because of the network rivalry.
I liked a video from Jessy Mendiola at Mariveles People's Park
Jessy Mendiola sooo Whoa .. can't help myself from starring at her while she's performing awhile ago :P
Jessy Mendiola's performance with the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Terpsichorean Circle at 10th USTv Awards |
iscreamist . With my baby girl jessy mendiola chosss '\m/ yeggo dont mind my face !!!
Had fun styling the super cool and fierce Jessy Mendiola for Chalk Magazine March 2014…
Update your maps at Navteq
Jessy Mendiola and DLSU Green Archers on March 1 at Dugout! Limited pre selling tickets for only 350. Contact 0932 768 1255 for tickets.
UNIFIED. *** Love Dance PreParty. Feat. DLSU GREEN ARCHERS and JESSY MENDIOLA. Pm me for tickets. :)
This video ad released by Jollibee, a Filipino-owned fast food chain, which is a direct competitor of McDonald’s is now getting viral online since it was posted on YouTube on December 13, just a week after the ‘surprised Jessy Mendiola video’ posted on December 5. The Jollibee video ad features Mang Mon, a Taxi Driver for over 15 years who had a stopover at Jollibee but was surprised by a video call from her daughter who is working abroad. While Mang Mon shed some tears, we can’t stop ourselves but cry with him as well. Every Overseas Filipino Worker out there, and their families could definitely relate. According to the ad, Jollibee offers free video call during the Holiday Seasons.
Kapamilya teen actress Jessy Mendiola took the hot seat in her "Banana Nite" guesting Monday night.
UNIFIED | *** Love Dance 2014 Pre Party | ft. JESSY MENDIOLA and DLSU GREEN ARCHERS Contact any of the council members for tickets/inquiries! :D
thank you Jessy Mendiola. you made my night last night. :))
Tickets are now available.. March 1, Saturday at DUGOUT, with Jessy Mendiola & DSLU green archers. Ticket 150php only, with free one beer.
for the first time in a long while, nagkapareho tayo ng trip Lui Mazo JESSY MENDIOLA
I returned in UST to Shoot for the USTv Awards and I did not expect, the Beautiful Jessy Mendiola to appear tonight. Thursday well spent :D
Jessy Mendiola I like you better when I'm solo fanboying you when you were at Sabel. Now you are too mainstream. :(
I keep seeing a girl who *kinda* looks like Jessy Mendiola in Malcolm. Kinda short and drives a Honda City. Someone please tell me her name! JericTeng, 2016
just now finish watching Zian Lim and Jessy Mendiola live at 48th charter anniversary in Bago City public plaza wd very nice fire works. feeling happy... thanks God...
Jessy Mendiola now performing at the Public Plaza
Happy fiesta bago. Cant wait to watch jessy mendiola and Xian Lim.jejeje
Bago City!!! Here's Maria Mercedes herself- Jessy Mendiola! See you tonight at the Public Plaza, 7pm.
Xian Lim at jessy mendiola bwas na...,,
Jessy Mendiola autograph signing at the travel fair 2014 in SMX sponsored by the Korean Tourism…
Who on Earth wouldn't fall for Jessy Mendiola
Lucky Year of the Horse for top Star Magic talents: The Year of the Wooden Horse started just right for Star Magic talents Xian Lim, Jake Cuenca, Jessy Mendiola, Ejay Falcon, Empress, Matteo Guidicelli, Sam Milby, Jason Abalos, Paulo Avelino, Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Shaina Magdayao and Zanjoe Marudo. Find … Read more »
If Vivian Velez thought Marian Rivera wasn't feisty enough in ABHSAT, I wonder what she thinks of Jessy Mendiola in Maria Mercedes. ✌️☺️
Jessy Mendiola is such a beautiful creature. I can't even :o
Does anyone else think that Kathryn looks like Jessy Mendiola here, or is it just me?
Maria Mercedes joins the now famous Legal Wife Meme. Jessy Mendiola
Jessy Mendiola was smoking hot in ASAP
Cristine Reyes and Jessy Mendiola in one dance, I just wanna die! OMG! O.o
I'm not a fan of Jessy Mendiola but with her dance number w/ Cristine Reyes I could say nilamon nya sa stage ang ex ni Rayver.
I think jessy mendiola and Christine Reyes' perf is inspired by gone not around any longer what
Supah hot Sunday with sexy primetime stars Cristine Reyes and Jessy Mendiola!
It's going to be a sizzling Sunday with the hottest primetime leading ladies Cristine Reyes and Jessy Mendiola!
LINE's gorgeous Ms. Jessy Mendiola as Maria Mercedes (Official)! Catch the pilot episode tonight! Check out some of the photos taken during the press conference.
Amazing News: Jessy Mendiola, not formally introduced by Sam Milby to family
out :D nako baby Jessy Mendiola Tawile mwah :D
Romance is set to fill the air this New Year with the special treat of Kapamilya heartthrobs Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Jericho Rosales, and Jake Cuenca; and the must-see performance of the ASAP boy group ‘GIMME 5’ composed of Nash Aguas, Brace Arquiza, Joaquin Reyes, John Bermundo, and Grae Fernandez. Meanwhile, "ASAP 19” takes the art of dancing to a higher level with the return of Maja Salvador and Shaina Magdayao’s supah hot clash dance ‘MASH;’ to be followed by the breath-taking Supahdance showcase of Cristine Reyes, Kim Chiu, Jessy Mendiola, Nikki Gil, Iya Villania, Karylle, John Prats, Rayver Cruz, Bugoy Cariño, and Brenna Garcia, together with the hip-hop dance group Philippine All Stars. Also, watch out for the hair-raising concert experience prepared by Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Charice, Erik Santos, Jed Madela, KZ Tandingan, Richard *** Abra, Kean Cipriano, Princess, Janice Javier, and Radha; the coolest rock performance of Bamboo, Yeng Constantino, and Tutti Caringal . ...
"Jeron and Jeric have a crush on Julia Montes and Jessy Mendiola, respectively." - JULRON HEA…
Jessy Mendiola surprises Teng Brothers Watch what happens when Jeric Teng gets a spiced up surprise from his brother Jeron Teng & Jessy Mendiola. # SpiceUpYourDay
Asap rehearsals with Jessy Mendiola. Repost from herself
Jessy Mendiola wants to have a career in Korea, does it means she wants to stay there for good - Artista Gallery
Four covers from Esquire Philippines featuring Solenn Heussaff, Ramon Bautista and Jessy Mendiola made it to "The...
I love Kim Chui but for me, the Best Girls to play Dyesebel are Anne Curtis, Jessy Mendiola and Julia Montes.
Jessy Mendiola is the NEW Dyesebel. I don't hate Jessy, but I think, di siya bagay sa role. Your thoughts guys?
Hi ! this is OFFICIAL FANPAGE OF Ms. Jessy Mendiola ! , PLEASE KEEP Supporting to her :) ♥. PLEASE Watch Maria Mercedes after Got to Believe ! :)
Matanglawin in Korea with Sandara Park and Jessy Mendiola - today at 9:30am.
"Kimmy Dora" star Sam Milby says he hasn't seen movie with rumored GF Jessy Mendiola
Bedrest muna c jessy mendiola cancel muna tapings and pictorials and event.
Devon Seron as Rosario,sister of Jessy Mendiola in !She's portraying her role very well !
Julia Montes and Enrique Gil as Cross and Eya. Enchong Dee and Jessy Mendiola as Lorry and Chad. :D -Admin.
Jessy Mendiola performs Maria Mercedes theme song at SM Southmall Event Center! Skyworth, my wonderful life
Jessy Mendiola Surprises Guys Celebrity Jessy became pretty popular from her McDonalds commercial, however, it seems that Ms. Mendiola and the fastfood chain had more plans in mind. Watch the video below and see how Jessy surprised unsuspecting guys at a random McDonalds store complete with red carpet and a marching band. ☥ | Osiris
JESSY MENDIOLA SURPRISES LUCKY GUYS!! Watch this! VIsit & Like our Page for more Videos \m/
A date with Jessy Mendiola will do for this christmas!
Jessy Mendiola dated SHINee. meets up with 2NE1. had a bonding w/ Boyfriend. went to South Korea. /luckiest girl in the world/
Call Center Girl is a 2013 Filipino family comedy drama film directed by Don Cuaresma, starring Pokwang, Enchong Dee, and Jessy Mendiola. The film is produced by Skylight Films and Star Cinema. It pre
Jessy Mendiola bonds with 'boyfriend' in Korea |...
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