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Jessie Spano

The American television sitcom Saved by the Bell, that aired on NBC from 1989 to 1993, follows a group of six high school students and their principal, Mr.

Kelly Kapowski Lisa Turtle Elizabeth Berkley Zack Morris Zach Morris Captain America Ainsley Hayes

Watch Save by the Bell then watch the movie Showgirls you will never look at Jessie Spano the same again!
Right! I should try doing it before I leave work. It's likely not super safe to have your Jessie Spano moment on the road.
To watch all the TV shows and sports in April I'm going to have to do it up Jessie Spano caffeine pills style.
i. smh. it was a reference to jessie spano's MOST IMPORTANT SCENE EVER I'M TRIGGERED
On a scale of zero to Jessie Spano on caffeine pills how excited are you to see me?
I'd wager that nobody knows ultimate women like Mario Lopez. Have you SEEN Jessie Spano?
More excited than Jessie Spano on caffeine pills
I'm so nervous watching Arkansas right now. I feel like Jessie Spano after she ran out of caffeine pills.
If you had Xanga and Jessie Spano on your keynote BINGO card, get out those dabbers!
on a scale of the minions I just shared to Jessie Spano on caffeine pills excited, what's your level?
Songs stuck in my head all week, today it's Jessie Spano singing "I'm so excited"...
Channeling Jessie Spano but switching the smoke for confetti.
Who could forget Jessie Spano and her caffeine pills on It was a super important issue ๐Ÿฎ
Once she has her Jessie Spano "I'm So Excited!" breakdown she & Penny will get back together. Amazing though
Remember when Jessie Spano's father married Leslie, that much younger aerobics instructor on Saved By The Bell? That was tough.
Maddow got into Jessie Spano's caffeine pills and can't pull this segment together to save her life.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
You are the Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski, & Jessie Spano of ESPN.
The faces of two grown *** women who got more excited than Jessie Spano on pills when Samโ€ฆ
Kelly Kupowski is currently cooking a meal with Jessie Spano and Ainsley Hayes on cooking channel.
already i can tell that this is going to be a classic jessie spano week...THERE'S. NO. TIME.
Jessie Spano took caffeine pills. Just to clear that up.
Mood: Jessie Spano on caffeine pills before her exams
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, and especially my hot mama, Jessie Spano
so idk if you've ever watched Saved By The Bell but Jessie Spano reminds me of you like a lot.
It's unsettling to know that Jessie Spano would probably, most likely, be, is a Hillary supporter.
My mood for watching Captain America tonight. Jessie Spano Caffeine Pill Freakout!
Wait...Jessie Spano's addiction to uppers was birthed from the fear that Hop might not make the field?
"But there's no time! THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME!!" -every fake Jessie Spano from every staged version of a ever. aka
Oh would that today's youth had a Jessie Spano to teach them the dangers of caffeine...
And have the whole world feeling like Jessie Spano ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ
The closer I get to graduation, the more I understand Jessie Spano's caffeine pill-addicted meltdown
I'm more excited than Jessie Spano to see
I read that in a Jessie Spano voice in my head
I can relate to Jessie Spano in that Saved By The Bell episode where she's addicted to pills cause I also I don't like feeling excited
Jessie Spano on caffeine pills was the best.๐Ÿ˜‚
Come November we're all going to be chanting "USA!" the same way Jessie Spano shouted "I'm so excited!"
Having a Jessie Spano moment but with less pills and more internalizing.
I'm so Jessie Spano excited.
Saved By The Bell Jessie Spano Pop! Vinyl Figure Saved by the Bell was THE show ...
I ended up in the same room as Irene Adler and Jessie Spano today. I call that a win.
Today in class an 11th grader mentioned Jessie Spano conquering her caffeine pill addiction. His parents parented well!
Met Gala fashions tonight followed by Tony Award nominations tomorrow! Reaching real Jessie Spano levels of excitement over here.
It's happening! My Kickstarter campaign will go live in June. Beyond excited, but also a little terrified! via
I don't have any extra-curriculars because I'm afraid to join any club because Jessie Spano will find a way to ruin it beโ€ฆ
I feel like he's about to Jessie Spano...๐Ÿ˜’
Type Jessie Spano in the GIF search and behold the gold
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it's jessie spano and Zach Morris. Lol
I don't get it...never seen anybody act like that from caffeine. Are they sure Jessie Spano wasn't on some other...drugs? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
*** Jessie Spano is lookin good since Saved by the Bell
Going to my first class I'm so excited. I'm so scared. I'm...Jessie Spano.
I think Jessie Spano said it best...
You comparing Emma to Jessie Spano just made my morning.
My feelings about the start of the playoffs.Take it away, Jessie Spano.
I. AM. JESSIE. SPANO. tall, lanky, and awkward
Went to a screening of tonight, and it made me Jessie Spano-excited for the Olympics
if I was hip I would send the gif of Jessie Spano singing "I'm So Excited" in Saved by the Bell
โ€œWow this is how Jessie Spano from saved by the bell looks ๐Ÿ˜
Ava Byrne has just quoted Jessie Spano at me *** ! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Goal for tomorrow: look like Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell . Reality: look like a mom from the 80s that tried and failed
I can not hear this song and not think of Jessie Spano.
I need to pack & feed my kids & do life but all I want to do is devour I feel like Jessie Spano on pills
Just under 2 months til I see at I feel like Jessie Spano. IM SO EXCITED, IM SO EXCITED
I'm so excited. I'm also so scared. I'm basically Jessie Spano with a caffeine pill addiction.
I can't believe it...I'm going to an advanced screening of Captain America: Civil War on Thursday. I'm turning into Jessie Spano right now!
staff & Jessie Spano have a lot in common tonight.
I can into Jessie Spano in the bathroom at LAX. It was just like high school.
Jessie Spano would approve of Lucha Underground's booking
I am more excited than Jessie Spano on caffeine pills!!!
The Democratic Party is all Jessie Spano on pills.
Headed in for Jessie Spano day at the TD Garden.
I have so much to watch on Netflix but not! enough! battery! life! and time. never enough time, jessie spano
. might as well have been Jessie Spano
The Jays has me more excited than Jessie Spano on drugs.
I've never seen The Notebook, but I've seen the episode of Saved By The Bell when Jessie Spano was hooked on caffeineโ€ฆ
I got Jessie Spano excited when I got my tix!
Jessie spano ended being the finest one of em all.. *** happened to Lisa Turtle
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Got told I look like Elizabeth Berkley today (Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell). Hoping I really do look like that when I'm her age..
Eric is the Zack Morris to Jennifer's Jessie Spano. Gotta get her off those pills.
Sabrina Spellman, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano and Topanga Lawrence were my role models growing up --- just kidding, they still are.
I feel like Angus is going to go all Jessie Spano by the end of
that's what I wanna know. Jessie Spano is definitely for Hil, though. Screech is for Bernie and Zach Morris for... Jeb?
It does, but Jessie Spano won't let anyone else volunteer.
Jessie Spano should not be class president. She's a drug addict and everyone knows it
- Is it funny that I think you a little like Jessie Spano in this picture?..
thank god! Without Bill Simmons I have nowhere to get my fix of Jessie Spano on speed references .
Why is Jessie Spano so popular? She's just an overachiever in mom jeans.
Jessie Spano is only 5'10". She just seems taller because she's always on that high horse. BURN!
Jessie Spano just walks by me in the hall like we didn't go to dance camp together.
Went to Palm Springs. I was visiting family but more importantly I was celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jessie Spano's dad's wedding.
I didn't know Jessie Spano was singing at the this year. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Totally. And Zack strikes me as a Trump guy through and through. Jessie Spano is holding out hope for Warren.
I imagine high AF, one pill away from singing "I'm so excited!" and then breaking down in tears Jessie Spano style.
GP I'm just wondering where Jessie Spano is.
Jessie Spano is still the best and most beautiful ๐Ÿ˜
Reading too much Ready Player One and dressing like Jessie Spano
Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater are real relationship goals
Jessie Spano mom jeans. Forgot all about them.
If I were to really sit down & think about it, I bet my rampant feminism can be traced back to Jessie Spano & Julia Sugarbaker. Thanks, TV!
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it, Jessie Spano style!
Showbiz sometimes means that Jessie Spano was one of the only 80s sitcom feminists and then later starred as a stripper in Showgirls
Has anyone else made the connection that Jessie Spano's dad looks like Roger Goodell?
I'm like Jessie Spano pill freakout excited for a whole head of dreads. And some dyed! I'm going to love it so much I can't wait
Really want him telling Jessie Spano "Tranquilo" when she gets out of line
Don't encourage him. I only wish Jessie Spano were still around to teach him a lesson, the vile pig.
I'm so torn. It's like that Jessie Spano gif come to life - I'm so excited. I'm so scared.
Who gonna be the A.C. Slater to my Jessie Spano
I am Jessie Spano about this news: New Harry Potter book to publish this summer
I'm more excited than Jessie Spano on caffein pills!
In the words of the great Jessie Spano, "I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" ๐Ÿ˜ is in too!
Eli Manning is more excited than Jessie Spano:
"Your town *** ". Cozy in my sweatshirt about L.A., the city that is the Slater to my Jessie Spano.
Perhaps and then who... is Kelly Kapowski? or Jessie Spano?
Mark Paul Gosselaar @ tonight! Wouldn't expect to see Zack Morris in Vegas. Jessie Spano? Probably.
guys let's not forget the saved by the Bell episode where Jessie Spano was addicted to pills!
KKTY 93.6, "Home of Tiger Radio", with host Jessie Spano, sports with A.C. Slater, fashion with Lisa Turtle and music by the Big Bopper!
Actually idk if it was "Jessie Spano" necessarily but it was Elizabeth Berkeley! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So y did people call u that in college lol
Omgsh Jessie Spano from saved by the bell is on this episode ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Tiffani Thessan has a cooking show and she invited Elizabeth Berkley for dinner; it's a Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano reunion omg dying
I am watching Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano cook a meal and I'm more giddy than I feel like I should be at 32.
I'm just a Jessie Spano in a world of Kelly Kapowskis.
I was the kid that had a crush on Jessie Spano over Kelly Kapowski
Planning out this trans Siberian railroad trip got me like Jessie Spano on caffeine pills
Last first day of HHS for our begins this Monday! To quote Jessie Spano, "I'm so excited, I'm so excited!"
I'd like to know exactly how many times Jessie Spano called someone a pig
I could not be more excited if I were Jessie Spano.
is he calling Jessie Spano at The Max about he has tickets for the Raiders game this Sunday.
I took Zimbio's 'Saved by the Bell' quiz and I'm Jessie Spano! Who are you?
Next up, Jessie Spano will come out in her trench coat boycotting the swimsuit competition.
Seriously waiting for one of the candidates to respond like Jessie Spano during the debate.
Okay, but the preview episode will be up before then? I am approaching Jessie Spano-levels of excitement about this
.is answering this question like Jessie Spano
Jessie Spano is nothing like her Saved By The Bell character in Showgirls
I used to think girls wanted to grow up to be Kelly Kapowski, but it turns out they wanted to be Jessie Spano.
I'm going to Fete and I'm Jessie Spano excited about it! Thanks to forโ€ฆ
Josh (bae๐Ÿ˜) is going in the Jessie Spano direction, isn't he? So excited! So...scared.
500k yo. Thank you all for making this happen. I'm basically Jessie Spano excited right now inside!โ€ฆ
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Going to gives me the Jessie Spano experience ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
thank you for putting a little bit of Jessie Spano in our day!
Jessie Spano has some pills that may help the situation... until u have to take a geometry test AND sing at The Max on the same day.
OH YES. I'm freaking out like Jessie Spano on caffeine pills, you guys! RT
Where can I get my hands on some of those caffeine pills that Jessie Spano overdosed on?
always been the wave. Word to Jessie spano
There's just never enough time. I feel like 2015 Jessie Spano.
Hold on, am I at The Max?? Jessie Spano is dancing right in front of me!!!
pretty stoked about our powerful room combination dude! like jessie spano: I'M SO EXCITED I'M SO SCARED!
Perm ya hair every week tryna look like Jessie Spano ...but get mad when he want a white woman ...
I'm more excited than Jessie Spano right now :)
I spy Mason Dye! Also, Taylor has turned into Jessie Spano from Saved By the Bell and I love it.
Guys, starts tonight. I'm so excited I could go full Jessie Spano.
CLAY is Zack Morris, VANESSA is Jessie Spano maybe Tori. DA could have Lisa Turtle. 7/22
This is what Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell looks like now
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Guys I'm like way too excited about Rita's rn. The only way I'd be more excited is if it was Ralph's or I was Jessie Spano.
Whoa Screech put the knife away. We both know Lisa Turtle is never going to like you & violence is only going to attract Jessie Spano
Jessie Spano's love affair with Paul Revere and The Raiders.
Are you a Kelly Kapowski, a Jessie Spano, or a Lisa Turtle?
So this one time Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano & Ainsley Hayes did a cooking show on Cooking Channel. Yes! And I'm making that cocktail
Is that you, Jessie Spano? Elizabeth Berkley takes on a slightly less wholesome role in
The older Elizabeth Berkley aka Jessie Spano gets the Hotter she is!
Also worth noting that Elizabeth Berkley still looks just like Jessie Spano
told me I am the perfect combination of Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle...I think he loves me.
Bill Belichick is Mr. Belding. Gronk = caffeine-pill Jessie Spano. Brady is Zach Morris, Revis is AC Slater. Yeah?
Anybody else think Darby is rocking some serious Jessie Spano hair?
I can see that. As a huge fan of the show I am, like Jessie Spano, both so excited and so scared.
I'm like Jessie Spano, there's never any time.
the reaction to the Twin Peaks revival can only be summed up by one Ms. Jessie Spano. .
Singing "I'm So Excited" the Jessie Spano way has become routine in my life since starting grad school. Is that bad?
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A realtionship like AC Slater and Jessie Spano would be nice
Iโ€™ve pulled a Jessie Spano, and Iโ€™ve had way too much caffeine today. Or maybe over the last several days.
The Fault in Our Stars 2: The Ebola in Our Everything. You can't quarantine your heart.
What happened to that girl on Saved By the Bell before "Jessie Spano"?
I feel like Jessie Spano right now. So scared.
Video footage from the best theme party ever. Special appearances by Jessie Spano, The Powerhouseโ€ฆ
What was more intense? When Carlton got hooked on speed or when Jessie Spano got hooked on caffeine pills?
Who is this half assed Jessie Spano? NOBODY LIKES YOU NIKKI.
Oh wait, maybe the Sex Factz account is assuming I don't know how sex works. Rest easy, gang. I saw Showgirls. (Why Jessie Spano. Why?!)
If I had a dollar for every lesson Jessie Spano ever taught me.
Jessie Spano pill freakout except over manual RTs
Who sang it better? Jessie Spano or every driver at the Sprint Media Tour each January?
& I should drop some caffeine pills, pop on Carmen San Diego, & muse about 'Jessie Spano' in Showgirls.
Jessie Spano moment of the day: as I'm telling a coworker I've had too much caffeine, I'm So Excited comes on the radio
If you do end up having a Jessie Spano-like caffeine meltdown on camera, I totally want you on my show to discuss.
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"I'M SO EXCITED. And I just can't hide it!" -Jessie Spano
Splashed by Jessie Spano's caffeine pills tonight at and Dustin Diamond was there too!
Going to sleep away camp tomorrow and I am terrified/excited/nervous. I feel like Jessie Spano!
Will you ever wear the Jessie Spano hairstyle & post pics in the future? I'll say this, straight hair's your best look.
Elena is going full-on Jessie Spano right now. Just give her the drugs!
"I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so, so...scared" currently channeling my inner Jessie Spano, except replace scared with nervous. Gahhh!
I'm pretty much in permanent Jessie Spano Freakout mode right now. ;)
Last night at 8pm I had a cappuccino. I went to bed at 3:30am. I woke up at 7:30am feeling like Jessie Spano in the caffeine pill episode.
My anxiety level right now is definitely Jessie Spano
No time! There's never any time! ::excuse the Jessie spano moment as I attempt to pack, work & despedirme from too many people::
be honest did you ever think Jessie Spano would say that
There's never time to do anything, my swag level is Jessie Spano
looks like he could use a Jessie Spano pick-me-up
That time when Jessie Spano totally foreshadowed Nomi Malone.
The ideas in this curly head of mine have got me more excited than Jessie Spano.
Putting stuffed panda and screamed the saved by the aborted jessie spano abortion storyline.
โ€œFinnegan again and again and again... 1 2 3.I'm so excited and so scared. I'm like Jessie Spano
Saved By The Bell. I am definitely the Jessie Spano of my friend group.
Anyone else feeling a little Jessie Spano about this weekend?
Jessie Spano got me into caffeine pills.
check out Jerry Ferrara Talk about Jessie Spano on the ARIYNBF podcast
agreed! 99% sure Jessie Spano is responsible for my feminist start at age 10
I'm Jessie Spano levels of excited right now
Tom Brady and the looked more out of sync than Jessie Spano on caffeine pills
I'm one step closer to my career and feeling like Jessie Spano in the caffiene pill episode of saved by the bell
Elizabeth Berkley's method actin as Jessie Spano in the caffeine pills episode is award winning
Zack Morris, AC Slater, Samuel Powers, Jessie Spano, Kelly Kapowski and Lisa Turtle graduated from ... you guessed it ... Baeside High
Lisa Turtle was way hotter than Kelly. Why did I not understand this back in the day? And no one likes Jessie Spano.
actually I was more of a Lisa and Kelly fan but when I seen showgirls.. opened my ๐Ÿ‘€to the real goods that was Jessie Spano
Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle & Jessie Spano were all bad. But I think Jessie was the baddest lol.
Lisa Turtle is now a buyer at Nordstroms. Jessie Spano is a Senator. Kelly Kapowski is JV volleyball coach whose husband runs a kiosk.
This weeks Grey's Anatomy is very Jessie Spano 'I'm so excited...I'm so scared.'
has anyone ever got high and then crashed as fast as Jessie Spano?
Watching Show Girls & crying over Jessie Spano. This is why you don't take caffeine pills in high school.
I think Ross has some type of Jessie Spano caffeine pill addiction or is trying to cope with the other intern's death.
How do people (Jessie Spano) take caffeine pills? I got the jitters from having a coffee & green tea too close together.
Try you some of those Jessie Spano pills, homie. They worked great for her...for a bit.
Im full on Jessie Spano, hoped up on caffeine pills, screaming "there's never enough time" mode
Is this going to turn into a Summer is Jessie Spano type energy pill thing???
Screech Powers,Zack Morris,Lisa Turtle,jessie Spano,Kelly Kapowski,A.C SlaterMr.Belding.if none these names sound familiar you missed out on one best tv shows back in good ole days that im watchin as we speak.good times great show!!!
Exams have me feeling like Jessie Spano on the infamous caffeine pill episode of Saved by the Bell
Late night channel surfing and who knew while watching this episode of Saved by the Bell years ago Jessie Spano would soon take it all off.
Kelly Kapowski, Lisa Turtle and Jessie Spano would of NEVER had an Ego boost when receiving compliments. You Heaux shouldn't either.
speaking of whining and Philly, Hartnell looks like he went from the Jessie Spano to the Screech look.
agreed on jessie spano, check her out in any given sunday.. Oh btw, u guys r *** for this convo lol
I'm feeling like Jessie Spano without the No-Doz right now.
If there were ever a time when I were to pull a Jessie Spano and get addicted to caffeine pills, this would be it.
I all of a sudden feel like Jessie Spano trying to make it to her performance of Swan Pond.
I can't watch Saved by the Bell with a straight face after seeing Jessie Spano in showgirls ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜
I'm like Jessie Spano excited about the season finale of Sons
just don't become like Jessie Spano and get hooked on caffeine pills
Jessie Spano feels the same way I do about the Sons of Anarchy season finale tonight.
Jessie Spano did. Must have been a big issue for it to hit Bayside High
The holidays make me feel like Jessie Spano on caffeine pills
pero la Kelly Kapowski from saved by the bell can get it!! Esta um poco major que la Topanga. Jessie Spano can get it too!
To quote Jessie Spano "There's no time, there's never any time"
SO *** CORRECT MS. JESSIE SPANO.! LOL... im sure you are sick of that name.! my bad.! FOLLOW BACK,! ITS FREE.! LOL.!
And his brother was curly haired dude w/ all the muscles that dated Jessie Spano in Saved By The Bell
Where is Jessie Spano in all of this?
Wow, two Jessie Spano jokes in as many days.
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Staying awake all night to do a college essay; so Jessie Spano of me, ugh.
I also thought Jessie Spano said it just a wee bit better on
Every year, before Christmas break, I always have that "Jessie Spano freak out on caffeine pills episode" kind of should commence in about a week or so.
feeling real Jessie Spano right now.
I sometimes imagine Lea dancing around her home like Jessie Spano on a caffeine-pill freak out, singing โ€œIโ€™m So Excited!" re. her album.
I'm about one more cup of coffee away from having a Jessie Spano caffeine freak out at my desk o_O
Most perfect GIF. Can never go wrong with Jessie Spano ;)
Those caffeine pills jessie spano took on saved by the bell? I need them...
nor with caffeine pills, JESSIE SPANO smdh
I save that rage for pill-poppin', confused -motivation Laurel. She has to have a Jessie Spano meltdown coming soon, right?
If you had a crush on Jessie Spano from Saved From The Bell I recommend the Showgirls.
Watching Showgirls with it takes work to make girl on girl action not hot. Apparently Jessie Spano did so.
Nero hates drugs. Probably because he almost lost Jessie Spano to caffeine pills.
I reviewed caffeine pills and said Jessie Spano was a lightweight
Definitely having a "THERES NEVER ANY TIME" Jessie Spano production day for tomorrow.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
For THOSE of you who get it...*in Jessie Spano voice* I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO EXCITED! Lol!!! But for real tho...IM SO EXCITED!! Beginning of ANOTHER NEW CHAPTER IN MY LIFE!!! NEW J-O-B, NEW APT, NEW ATMOSPHERE...Eek! The ONE thing you can ALWAYS depend on in life is its CONSTANT CHANGE!! BAM! ;)
I feel like Jessie Spano on a very special episode of
My Jessie Spano t-shirt arrived yesterday in the mail!
We are not doing anything related to the house this weekend and I'M JESSIE SPANO EXCITED ABOUT IT!
I love me some Jessie Spano references.
reminds me of Jessie Spano singing "I'm so excited" on speed
Jessie Spano is just the meg griffin of saved by the bell
One of the questions we had at trivia last night was "who is this?" Showing a picture of Jessie Spano to which I answered "Jessie Kapowski" Embarrassing, I know better than that :/
Even though I have more pills in me than Jessie Spano trying to prevent it- I have officially lost my voice. Quiet day, World.
The Jessie Spano caffeine pill addiction episode is playing on my flight. I'm so...
I'm rather saddened by the fact that fewer and fewer students every year get it when I break into a full-blown, caffeine-induced rendition of Jessie Spano's "I'm So Excited."
Where the *** is Jessie Spano and her caffeine pills when I need em!?
All of the coffee in the world will not save me. I need Jessie Spano's pills.
On this I sit with Ruby Newton she's quoting Saved by the Bell and they guy next to her says "Are you quoting Jessie Spano?" She thinks she's in love!!!
Feeling like Jessie Spano right about now. Why do I always do this to myself?!?
On this eve of Thanksgiving, we should all embrace that which is good and marvel at the triumph of human spirit. May we all find inspiration, much like that of Jessie Spano and her victory over using caffeine pills to study for Geometry tests and perform in dance troupes. Happy Thanksgiving!!
YES. Taylor Gray and my show BAYSIDE MYSELF has been accepted into SF SKETCHFEST! Jessie Spano is so excited!
How is the son of Ozzy Osbourne a better dancer than Jessie Spano? DID THESE JUDGES NOT SEE, SHOWGIRLS? WAIT WHO WON? PRECIOUS ON WEIGHT WATCHERS? OH man *changes the channel*
My grandmother is trying to tell me about Dancing with the Stars and she keeps calling Elizabeth Berkley... Jessie Spano. I love her.
That's Jessie spano on dancing with the stars and is that billy nye?
I could write a lengthy essay on why I'm thankful for my husband, but instead I'll keep this brief. There is no doubt in my mind Rinz and I were made for one another. I'll be the first to admit (and many of you who are really close to us have seen) that we have a Jessie Spano / AC Slater kind of relationship -- I'm the know it all; he's the "cool" guy -- with all the silly spats that somehow bring us closer. Rinz is far from perfect (as am I), but he's perfect for me. He fits me. And I'm thankful that we met the night of Friday, January 13th, 2006, with a full moon shining down on us. I'm certain the stars were aligned that night.
I am positive I've had too much caffeine this morning. Like one step behind Saved By the Bell's Jessie Spano. "I'm so excited!"
At this time tomorrow, I'll be waiting for my brother to step off his plane in New Orleans! I'm so excited (non Jessie Spano)! Almost
This has been an awesome lazy Sunday! Gearing up for a 2 day work week leading up to a vacay in the Bahamas. I'm Jessie Spano excited :)
Finally kicked my writers block and am flowing on this final paper!!! God knew I needed cold, rainy weather to do this! Feeling a lil Jessie Spano, refraining from singing "I'm soo excited..."
Thanks to my friends Zach Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, AC Slater, Lisa Turtle, and Samuel Powers for letting me hang out with them this morning. It's alright...
is feeling a lot like Jessie Spano today.
remember that one time when Kimberly Wareheim Lydia Fangue Nick Tsuji and Matthew Quick all donated to movember within a 12 hr time span and made my Friday go from a 0 to a Jessie Spano so excited in .2 seconds..thank you so so so much! I'm not rly sure how else to express my gratitude! So many rad humans! xoxo$xoxo
Ah the great Jessie Spano pill popping episode. I don't remember this one being so corny while growing up.
And then Jessie Spano taught us all the dangers of over the counter caffeine pills.
E! is running the Jessie Spano on caffeine pills Saved By the Bell episode right're welcome
How the HECK is it past 10:30pm already?? Not to mention there are only 33 shopping days left until Christmas. Ahhh! Time, time! There's never enough time! I'm totally having a Jessie Spano freak-out right now. High five to my fellow SBTB fans who know that episode scene by scene, line by line, lol. xo
Yes, Jake Myers recorded "Saved by the Bell" for me. Poor Jessie Spano is sooo excited!!
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