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Jessie Jackson

Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. (born October 8, 1941) is an African-American civil rights activist and Baptist minister.

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Morning Joe shrugged it off (natch) w/argument Jimmy Carter, Jessie Jackson negotiate freelance all the time.
toe GOAL of G. Soros (& his slaves: Obama, HRC, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson et al) is to CAUSE CIVIL WAR & then ini…
with Jessie Jackson never give money to us we are black pather family he never give me nothing! and georgette Adams daughter missing
Such an honor. Rev. Jessie Jackson and I celebrating black history with the Black Employee…
not really. Jimmy Carter, Jessie Jackson, Regan, all violated.
Happy 3rd Birthday to my youngest Angel. U are my world. Skylar Jessie Jackson I Love U. Have…
uh in the 1980s Jessie Jackson ran for president TWICE.
Jessie Jackson and the Dems that try and keep the hate 😡 going. If all them would shut the *** up racism would go away !!!
Jaebum said he doesn't think he's handsome and Jackson said "you look gorgeous honey" I AM CRYING
Besides being a MLK marcher he was also among the first to support Jessie Jackson presidential run
Throwback to Debby Ryan and Skai Jackson visiting the Radio Disney studio to talk about Disney Channel's JESSIE...
John Bercow looks like a liar by spreading & forgetting to mention the awards Jessie Jackson gave Trump.
Jessie Jackson states" It costs to lock out talent. We need to build more bridges and fewer walls"
Hey anybody seen Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton lately?
"Most are open books." HA!! What about Rangle?? What about Jessie Jackson? I could go on, but it wouldn't fit here.
Pelois and Warren think they represent women, Its like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson's representing blacks. is too kind.
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get ready for black lives matter and rev Al Jessie Jackson and the crew
holla for Noxeema Jackson, 'Jessie's other daughter'. oh if she only had the make-up artist from RHOA! she'da TURNED IT UP
similarly, the opposite is true for the left leaning. Jessie Jackson? not black. demonic reptilian. Al Sharpton? Not black. Green!
Jessie Jackson Black success out Black Communities are in spite of him not because of
Jessie Jackson is one of the main reasons for the collapse of black communities!
3am - been awake since 1am. Cant sleep excitement & jetlag. Today is the day i meet Rev Jessie Jackson.
He was praised by jessie jackson and Al Sharpton for what he did for urban communities.
Rev Jessie Jackson Sr Bannon wants war, let his & Trump's kids go first because they do come back in body bags.
Here's a role model for the black community to focus on. Instead of following Scumbags like Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson
Jessie Jackson is here too. He a golfer? Bulls bring all the Chitown celebs out.
Indeed. It is a despicable thing to say. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would be proud.
Alveda King contridicts her aunt's Jessie Jackson drafted letter, points out that GOP Sessions prosecuted KKK & fou…
I stand against the *** of Islam and Jessie Big Daddy Jackson it's in your mother
Jessie Jackson. These people make money making stupid and extreme statements. The purpose is to align with extreme bias, and
She was backing Jessie Jackson then for Prez.
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Yes and she was a REPUBLICAN forced to accept the Jessie Jackson Democrat Takeover of the GOP Founded NAACP.
The unmistakable voice of Rev Jessie Jackson at U of San Francisco
Currently listening to Jessie Jackson speak at USF!
"Nothing more powerful than a mind made up" - shared by from Rev. Jessie Jackson
Lost in Kings statement is the evolution of the NAAXP after King's death over a decade earlier. Jessie Jackson was…
You do realize the King family were Republicans? You know Jessie Jackson's carpet bagging Democrat left took over…
All our old hero's are being washed away, now we just have Jessie Jackson & Louis Farrakhan
Coke has a history of cowering under pressure, Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton have made a living off of that Co.
What about bo Jackson or Jessie jackson sr & jr , or micheal Jackson or even Janet or Julius jr ? Which hall of fam…
where were you sitting? We we're by Rev. Jessie Jackson. He was up and down a few times - lol.
why should John Lewis be mad at rahm Emmanuel for the crime in Chicago shouldn't Danny Davis , Jessie Jackson be mad
In today's worlds,John Lewis,Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,would not even of been friends with M.L.K.Jr. He would have seen right through them.
Bernie Sanders took part in these struggles but Lewis and Jessie Jackson spat in his face. It's 4 years of Trump, live with it.
A race baiter and rioter like John Lewis, Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton is only a hero to domestic enemies called democrats/RHINOS
Booker T was a conservative! And don't that sound like 0bama, sharpton and jessie jackson? LMFAO! Bla…
isn't it time we admit John Lewis, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, James Clyburn make their living off the oppression of the black man?
John Lewis has put himself in the same category as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson "RACE BAITERS"!!
Even the wutlis *** in Chicago haven't used that talking point lately.Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al are now speachless
would you please supply an interpreter in a split screen when interviewing Jessie Jackson
Jessie Jackson says "that legally DT is the President, but without moral foundation". Trump needs to unite not divide. Respect is earned.
After all these years, I still cannot understand Jessie Jackson when he talks.
Hero?. not by a long shot. Like Jessie Jackson he rode MLK's coat tails for the rest of his life.
and the scene with Lisa measuring it with the RULER...Jessie Jackson practice>
was that u? & then the commands of me ? who had others u less...Bill had Jessie Jackson jr
Jessie Jackson was left out . They do nothing but forwar their agendas; money and women
This Lewis is nothing like MLK-please! More like jessie jackson-dividers not uniters. It's about America
Lewis is the Jessie Jackson of the House!
But Sharpton_like Jessie Jackson & Barack Obama_was never out to help the black community. Only himself
Except mlk was no hero he was a womanizer who played for the money & influence much like jessie jackson & tax invader Sharpton.
. That's not what Jessie Jackson and others have said. You live in a false reality.
He's almost as big a phony as Jessie Jackson
can't agree with you more tell Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton oh wait wasn't he leaving the country?
he's not interested in that. Liberal blacks don't care about their own people. The Al Sharptuns and the Jessie Jackson
Amen... maybe he can ask Jessie the *** Jackson & Big Al the non tax paying racist Sharpton to help him out!
Awesome advise to a Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson want a be, but shouldn't be necessary to a U.S. Congressman!…
Al Sharpton . Jessie Jackson. Corey Booker. Elijah Cumming. John Lewis. Racist Bigots all cut from the same cloth.
Jessie Jackson said when I walk down the street I am afraid of blacks. A factoid from the late 80's. Are you retarded.
TRUMP should re-investigate the Killing of MLK! LEWIS, Jessie JACKSON & BHO's mentor FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS a known Co…
Just to let u know Al Sharpton John Lewis & jessie jackson was behine M.L.K. death but u will never no the truth only the CIA knows
Is this the same Jessie Jackson that called New York Hymie Town? He's a joke.
Actually Trump did stand for civil rights and Jessie Jackson praised him for all his work with the black community.
Went from hero to zero. Nothing more than a race pimp like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Retire and shut up John Lewis.
Just because he marched with MLK doesn't make him great, look at Jessie Jackson.
does he try t b Jessie Jackson,u can see on his face his a Racist!! hope u burn in ***
So why do YOU continue to divide us with this "African" - American nonsense Jessie Jackson started? Hmmm.
. Jessie Jackson, Al not-so-Sharpton, & John Lewis.the 3 BLM bigot stooges!!
If he was talking about Jessie Jackson, then I'd agree but John Lewis record is legit. picked the wrong man to battle.
That's exactly right All of them Al Sharpton Jessie Jackson also
Jessie Jackson is a sale-out, and a *** .. Anyway Jessie Jackson its all about himself and min 15 min famed,
Booker T Washington was right and still relevant. Just look at Rev. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. We call them ra…
EXACTLY!!! Look at Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton. Lately it seems all that means to me is hate speech and division. 1/2
End of their recognition ! Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson n Soros r the worst n recognized Criminals in this…
Fox News should be reporting unifying John Lewis statement 20x in 2hrs Not Jessie Jackson coalition video not 1x
He & Jessie Jackson were more like nightmares! Hangers on of the worst case!
Lewis thrives on race issues, just like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others. He doesn't want it to be better!
Race baiting is an industry that creates many jobs. Just ask Sharpton or Jessie Jackson.
I believe Al Sharpton is his butt brother..maybe Jessie Jackson...hmm who else .
Sharpton show up at Rally in DC. If Chicago the run for the hills. Jessie Jackson is where?
John Lewis is nothing more than Rev. Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson ...A race baiter for the democrat party.
why did Am Sharpton and Jessie Jackson give him multiple awards, why is John Lewis wit…
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where is Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton? Why aren't they decrying the brutality of this crime! That's right not a peep out of either
Jessie Jackson haven't had many episodes of nausea since he has been laying low! Say how many illegitimate babes is he up to now?
The Race-Baiting stops now Mr. Lewis. Jessie Jackson knows that. Those days are over man. All thugs go to jail equally.
as many times as fake heroes Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Where are the real civil rights heroes?
The left, MSM, BLM, Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, etc are our domestic terrorists; the 4 in Chicago are merely radicalized…
you're an *** I watched live as Jessie Jackson stopped 2 riots in LA leading up to the Rodney King case
Jessie Jackson said back in the day after he ran that racism has become sophisticated! Meaning the rise of what we see today!
Trump was honored in 1999 by Jessie Jackson Rainbow Push Coalition in NYC. He's been working with AA for decades. One exam…
Many forget that Jessie Jackson gave Trumpawards for his service to minority communities.
How? We're they supposed to write in Jessie Jackson?
So why did we back Gore and all the other white presidents? What about Jessie Jackson? 1999. Jessie Jackson has since started to doubt Trump's "nonracism." .
Jessie Jackson called NYC "Hymietown" and got removed with the swiftness.
how is this different from Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and on and on and on including BLM leaders
Jessie James and Eric decker are relationship goals
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You have to invite Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to join the movement to be more effective.
Dead to me. Time to Jessie Jackson PepsiCo product lines❗️
In 1999, TRUMP was honored by Jessie Jackson for his lifetime of helping the African American community. MSM says…
Yeah, he's as important as Al Sharpton and jessie jackson. Did you notice NO capital letters. Total disrepect for those 3
Q: if you were a girl which member would you date?.
i worked Bk NY 1975. Trump gave free rent J Jackson at 48 Wall St for Rainbow Coalition for years. Helped Jessie set it up.
Where is Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson to look into this and make sure this doesn't take place?
This from a party that gives Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Van Jones cover?
I miss Hannah Montana but more of importantly, I miss Jackson Rod Stewart
He helped Jessie Jackson with his Rainbow Coalition. Lot's of people of color voted for Trump. So, they're racist too?
She is a White/Cherokee Race pimp like Jessie Jackson extorting Wall Street.
Youngjae playing with a fan! Fan guessed JB when youngjae was imitating a giraffe and Jackson had to hold JB back 😂😂
I didn't say black friends. I said Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Those aren't just your normal black friends.
This video is of Jessie Jackson praising him for his work with Minorities
Just listened to the Rev. Jessie Jackson Convention speech in '88, he should of been president just like Bernie Sanders should be now smh
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Then why can Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton be seen in pics shaking his hand and smiling?
Jackson takes off down left for 55 yards to Wake 28. Wake's Jessie Bates is still spinning ...
You are aware that Jessie Jackson was also a candidate right?
I didn't want Jessie Jackson 2 be my first black prez, so I'm not mad that Hillary won't be my 1st female prez. I can wait 4 better.
Time for Jessie Jackson too bring back out the "disenfranchised," word
Where Jessie Jackson thanked Trump for donating an office space but no awards were given to Trump here.
She's acted worse than Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson! She is the epitome of demagoguery!
They did that to the wrong man. Where was the black lives matter protesters, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson any ***
Iconic interview today with the Rev. Jessie Jackson discuss the election and the power of the Millennials voice ✊🏾
I'll let the Rev. Jessie Jackson do it for me.
Hillary joined the ranks of Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson this going AFTER the black vote not TO the black voter
.Yes We Can politics was just Jessie Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. is correct on need for politics of justice&solidarity.
Information left media never disclosed. Jessie Jackson knew & remained silent. LIBS WANT BLACKS in their plantation…
praised by Jessie Jackson. Before run for WH of course cause it didn't fit their narrative
also if trump is so racist why has he been praised by black leaders like Jessie Jackson?
Read up on Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson for yourself. These are the people we call "black leaders"
when you leave take Miley, Whooping, Rosie, Al, Jessie Jackson. All you losers can get a discount on a bus outta here! BUH-BYE!
I see a lot of proof of Trump's racism. Like the award he received from Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson for his help in the black community.
What has Hillary ever done for black people? Jessie Jackson used to praise Trump for helping kids…
Those who profit: e.g. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton.
Some of your alternate reality clones are so anti black they make David Duke look like Jessie Jackson in comparison
.I heard the Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy speak when I was in High School. Also Jessie Jackson.
Just met Rev. Jessie Jackson. Because of this man I wouldn't be where I am now as a young black man.…
I saw Rev. Jessie Jackson sitting on "her" side...why? I thought he was for Trump? Did I miss something?
Rev. Jessie Jackson said that the more we have guns the less secure we are. Ain't that the truth!
Running into icons from Rev. Jessie Jackson to Olympian 1968 at the
.why did Rev Jessie Jackson express relief, when he saw a WHITE male, behind him?
It's sad n fustrating to see these so called Leaders like Rev. Jessie Jackson n Obama speak the way they do on natl tv is obsurd. MAGAUSA1st
Can I just say...Rev. Jessie Jackson...why do people even bother to interview him? He talks thru both sides of his mouth!
Jessie Jackson proved last night that he supports and is a founder of rioting in the streets. He makes his living this way Folks. Rev.?
Trump is not a Racist Bigot says Jessie Jackson. .
African American is a term that was coined / invented by Rev. Jessie Jackson when he ran for POTUS. If Jessie...
Thank you Jessie Jackson for your wonderful introduction
Id you condemn racism hate & fear, you must be for Jessie Jackson Lee is the most racist woman on earth.
where is Al Sharpton and Jessie jackson or cbc now.. Oh no money in it my bad..
Sheila Jackson Lee must be Jessie's daughter. She sounds just like him.
Jessie Jackson just hugged me and said "With yo bad self" 😆😭
Member when Jessie Jackson didn't have a Bernie Sander's chance in ***
Jessie Jackson totally disagrees with this *** she's a real dolt.
has done more in 2 months than Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton did over 10 years 🗣
Jessie Jackson praises Trump for lifetime of helping African American Community
He didn't become racist until he ran for Prez? Here's Jessie Jackson praising him in 1999:
no you did not. How about Jessie Jackson, or Al Sharpton? Do you think they are?
I wonder if David Leyonhjelm knows the "with apologies to Jessie Jackson" Ep of South Park is on It's his favourite
who are you to disown her are you like the jessie Jackson of the Hispanics
who led the racist birther movement, Hillary? Wasn't it Obama and his marionettes reverend Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, you
I AM SURE this "PASTOR" would not be so rude 2 Al Sharpton JESSIE JACKSON HATE SPEECH ‼️LIKE THEM‼️
The New Black Panthers, Jessie Jackson and many other black leaders are giving Trump the nod! May be a Nov. surprise
I think he gave money to Jessie Jackson as well if i'm not mistaken.
🐥. I will always be with you on the way to future👬. HQ👉🏻htt…
I wish that I had Jessie Jackson's girl
how many times has Jessie Jackson praised Trump for his work in the inner cities, why does he have 20% of vote
Al Sharpton ad Jessie Jackson will be able to retire for they will know that Ben Carson will take care of all Americans,
Thats what jessie jackson who championed civil rights said. Im glad some find that funny.
You should listen to Jessie Jackson.Trump has the will to risk and make things better
if it wasn't for the media, the Donald would been another Jessie Jackson, a wind bag with no public service record.
There is a reason that Jessie Jackson (albeit stupidly) said what he did about New York City & its citizens in 1984
Did y'all realize this was Lamar Jackson 👀
that's funny, Jessie Jackson admired him! Tired of all this racist, hateful talk! Need the issues talked about... Get over it!
ya that's all it is. Nfl will pay off Jessie Jackson then all this ends. That's the long and short
Love Howard! That panel on Refugees and Race Relations in Europe was great! Rev. Jessie Jackson is seriously good for the soul! ✊🏾
isn't it true that once the nfl gives money to Jessie Jackson you will stand? All4money
Jessie Jackson just gave the greatest 5 minute speech. So encouraging and enlightening 💕
"Deep water only drowns you when you stop kicking" -Jessie Jackson
"Strong minds break strong chains. Deep water doesn't drown you, to stop swimming does" - Rev Jessie Jackson
"When the rules are even, and the referee is fair, we can excel" - Rev Jessie Jackson
Casually sitting across from Jessie Jackson. Wow Howard is always full of surprises
I know, I wasn't putting him down! My remarks were addressed to NAACP, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc!
Your stance when blacks are killing blacks in Chicago. Sad Jessie Jackson was in Ferguson when the office was RIGHT
Racism wont end until people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have died. They keep it alive and well
Jessie Jackson PRAISES For humanist challenges and opertunities to embrace underserved communities htt…
As I watched Trump over yrs, if he was racist, Jessie Jackson would not had Honor him decade ago
I will research this but Jessie Jackson is questionable he does not speak for all AA people
quite sure it was the CF. I know trump gave a lot of $ to Jessie Jackson back in the 90's
Different world jessie jackson speech one person can make a difference
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As in the Liberal MSM/newspapers? Jessie Jackson doesn't think he's racist. 😂😂
lemme stop you there...Jessie Jackson isn't the spokesperson for all black ppl. So you can keep that video
Stonewall Jackson just popped in my head! 🎶 Waterloo, Waterloo Where will you meet your Waterloo 🎶
This is what Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson should be doing, but honestly, they don't want solutions. They make...
Allergic or Jealousy?. Yet of Jessie Jackson declared LIFETIME of HELPING 1999!
East Jackson's Jessie Marvin threw a three-hit shutout with 13 strikeouts.
All of the things MLKjr,Andrew Young, Jessie Jackson, Ralph Abernathy & Hosea Williams did 4 our basic rights & you fools just spit on it.
DEMOCRAT - The party of George Wallace, Jim Crow, KKK, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson -- racists all
Really? If so, why didn't it work for Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Allen West, Herman Cain or Ben Carson...
They do nothing to stop the racisim in South Chicago. where's obama,where's sharpton , where's Jessie Jackson. Black on black murders.
Now he switches it to African Americans, Jeh Johnson,. Rep John Lewis, Jessie Jackson, Anthony Williams, Brent Bozell.Wretched
Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson come to mind.They use racial and class conflict for gain.
Add in Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson I still wonder what happened to Jessie Jackson he walked alongside Dr MLK Jr!
"Jessie Jackson did good for himself" Donald Trump. Did I ever tell my friends about the time my dad met Jessie Jackson Jr.?
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No mention of the Rev AL and Jessie Jackson on the other networks? Trump is not racist.
And then you have a casting call for no white people, yes true- Wheres Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Gloria Alred.
they totally got the John Edward, Tiger Woods, Bruce Jenner, Jessie Jackson stories wrong.
Al Sharpton, making MILLIONS of stoking the flames of racism.CAIR, Jessie Jackson, La Raza. …
The notable silence from Rev. Jessie Jackson & Rev. Al Sharpton was probably bought and paid for by 😂😂
Jessie Jackson was the first Stacey Dash of our time... Bill called him Boy and the black community was like "W…
As well as stumped for D candidates from Jessie Jackson to more recently,Chuy Garcia.
MUST SEE! w/Rev. Jessie Jackson spk Rainbow Coalition. Bernie has been consistent!
or does get a FREE pass cause Jessie Jackson & his wife went to jail
Lewis,Jessie Jackson,Andrew young would know,I don't think that's Sanders,age doesn't add up
Wow, how could Booker know Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson so well?
Man who sending counterfeit money round Charlotte County... Jessie Jackson ain't on no *** 20 dollar bill
Have there ever been 2 red heads in the same season? Where's Jessie Jackson when we need him!?
Where's Al Sharpton's or Jessie Jackson Jackson on these remarks or is it just
Jessie Jackson talks with some voters
Let's just say I am a Polish-American, would Jessie Jackson say, I am a protected class also.I should have special privileges too. Hm
Fact: There are no African-Americans. That term was made up by Jessie Jackson in 1992 at a rally and it stuck, Thanks to the media.
Lets act like When Hilary was goin against Obama back in 07 and she lost South Carolina Bills statement was " Jessie Jackson won it in 84'"
Ppl say my bby girl looks like Sky Jackson a.k.a Zorie from the Disney show Hay Jessie what u think? Yeah r Nah? :-)
No one cares about you Jessie, besides 12 year old little boys. Invite a few over and you would be a white Michael Jackson.
he make Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton look smart...
TIL Jessie Jackson Jr won reelection in Chicago with 66% of the vote after making no publi…
Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and even Shaun King. . Even white guys can make living just being black! Lol
Keep calm and love skai Jackson aka zuri from jessie
At home in SC watching national championship news for Clemson. Jessie Jackson just gave his support for Clemson. sigh.. Roll Tide!
I have been tell everyone including Black Lives Matters,NAACP, Al Sharpton,JESSIE JACKSON
Then with Jessie Jackson the fbi leaked that he fathered a child with one of his campaign workers shortly b4 Trayvon's death.
a prime example of a black minister being used by Sanger would be Jessie Jackson. Was against
Golly, so where are Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, let alone ?
Ref looking like a younger Jessie Jackson
doesn't the White hat at the Gator Bowl look like Jessie Jackson
Had a thought, = the new Jessie Jackson, leader of & community organizer again!
Such intelligence, I take it you support Jessie Jackson for president
even Jessie Jackson sold "his own people" out. The common lib has no clue they are tools for the elite
We all but ex communicated Jessie Jackson so after ascends I'm just curious on who our next "voice" will be
Race baiters & your kind (Jessie Jackson, Sharpton) r hateful dividers of the human race
Will Smith, Jessie Jackson, Roland Martin, Vincent Brown at Harvard--just to name a few success stories.
she looks like Skai Jackson from Jessie.
After all, Bill Clinton and Jessie Jackson said Obama was only qualified to fetch their coffee.
saw Jessie Jackson at Northwestern ~'78. You can't believe what he said in those days. Crazy stuff like "be responsible".
"Being around the family yesterday reminded me how bad I'm ready to go back to school" - Jackson State
.it is not my original. That q was posed to rev. Jessie Jackson and he related it in a talk. It was stuck in my mind.
Jessie Jackson implying that Natalie Cole died!! Smh i hope this is a mistake!!!
Natalie Cole has died, TMZ and Jessie Jackson say
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Rev Jessie Jackson: "Tell me, what has President Obama done for Blacks in America?"
Oh an lives matter hasn't? Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson haven't done anything for it either!!! Islam
yea, sad when one thinks how Irrelevant Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, and the rest of the RACE BAITERS are all but silenced
Michael David Palance with Skai Jackson from Disney's "Jessie" at Premiere in Orlando
Jessie Jackson has been conning black people since before I was born and he still has a large following. ***
when u say hateful thing to u're own kind, like Jessie Jackson then well?
sharpton , Jessie Jackson know the bible as well as this pastor
OH yea..25 million will shut up real quick..she will take a donation & STFU fast, just like Jessie Jackson
nah Jessie Jackson and others ran before. Even HRC tried hard to make him lose.
I never thought I'd agree with Jessie Jackson. "Get Out the Bushes" Jeb isn't qualified to be a greeter at WalMart
A modern day Jessie Jackson We don't need an emperor of black people!
Black people are racist too. Al sharpto jessie jackson Louis Farrakhan 3 examples
Why they got this *** nick cannon rhyming everything he say like Jessie Jackson in Chi-Raq?
the media depicts respected black leaders ( i.e. Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton) in a bad light to blame for the ruin of blk communities
Jessie Jackson has it silly cracking
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I wish I were an attoryney, I would do a massive investigation on him, Jessie Jackson Clinton foundation all frauds
Jessie Jackson was a Mickey Cobra whole time and not a lot of people knew this. Him and Jeff Fort was close asl too.
Country could've voted for Shirley Chisholm,Jessie Jackson,Geraldine Ferraro!!stop annoying us
Who is Jessie Jackson, is he our congressman, thought he was in jail.
"Sometimes it's hard to follow your heart." - Jessie J
that's what I'm hoping . But I did some research and some believe him and Jessie Jackson had something to do with it
Skai Jackson is fast on Jessie she acts so sweet 🤑😇
Jackson & Jessie. That outa be good. If anyone ever translates a FULL episode.
I can't take Jessie Jackson serious he's only involved for publicity.
Sooo was he black? I'm guessing not because we've not seen Jessie Jackson in the news yet😖
do you think he's the Jessie Jackson of nerds?
Looks like jessie and jackson look good together huhu i ship
how about Lady Gaga's song since you sang already Beyonce Ariana Jessie J Christina Aguilera and Jackson 5. Another recipe!
very interesting. What would Jessie Jackson say?
*** wanna preach the good word but blame us. ...oh Jessie jackson *** ***
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
*ABC by the Jackson 5 comes on the TV*. Avah: Aunt Jessie! That's your favorite song! . Me: Wha.?
Why hasn't she arrested Al Sharpton , Jessie Jackson , black lives matter group ? On and on.looks likes she picks n chooses .
I know you're a lying racist nut like AlSharpton and Jessie Jackson.
Don't be fooled by these Jessie Jackson *** folk or those Rev. Al Sharpton either. Only used to help sustain the menta…
FARRAKAN, JESSIE JACKSON, ETC EXPLOIT THE INNER CITY. I know damming they are worth more. Ferguson was created by
After looking at Jessie's snapchat, where actually is Jackson though!?!?
The second dog looks like Samuel L Jackson
You would think that, as a man of cloth, Rev. Jessie Jackson​ would be able to project. . You would be wrong.
If Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, & Farrakahn are so evil, why are they still alive?
Jessie Jackson still on hunt. Signed up with Hill.Remember when he said he would cut off PBO's balls. Apparently a shill 4 Hill.
all about an agenda. Same cut as Jessie Jackson.
yeah him and Jessie Jackson are jealous. Sad. Crabs in a barrel. Eugene looked like he wanted to laugh at him also
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