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Jessica Yellin

Jessica Yellin (born February 25, 1971) is an American television journalist, currently serving as the Chief White House Correspondent for CNN in Washington, D.C.

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Jessica Yellin, former CNN correspondent, says network has become ‘substance-free’ - -
Jessica Yellin, once of CNN, is joining Center for Public Integrity's board of directors.
Thrilled that is joining as a member of its board of directors
Happy to be joining the board of the remarkable Center for Public Integrity. does great work. Check it out!
Jessica Yellin and John Thomas: Appeals to Trump's travel ban.
What a total rockstar moderator Jessica Yellin is.
Read Jessica Yellin Why CNN should not book talking heads like Kellyanne.
Shouldna gave it to me good like dat...shouldna hit it like...had me yellin' like...didn't know you woulda had me comin' BAC…
Zio's love war The last 3 Chairman of the FED were all Jews Alan Greenspan Ben Shalom Bernanke & now Jessica Yellin
Yellin 4 mo Former CNNer Jessica Yellin to bash the media at a closed-to-media Chicago event
Former CNNer Jessica Yellin to blast media at Chicago event that's closed to media:
Campaign and Jessica Yellin reporting at Barack Obama's first reelection rally in Columbus, OH
Tinder was down for 40 minutes this morning. It’s goin’ down. They’re yellin’ “Tinder!”
““JERKS.” Wut” lol idk just felt like yellin at ya 😂
Mom's yellin at Jessica Fletcher like she Dora
On Point interview with guest host Jessica Yellin - listen now...
I hate y'all ! And if it wasn't for Dee Rollin down the window and yellin at me I would have got a ticket 😂🚓
Katelyn butt dialed me and I'm pretty sure I heard Brenda yellin about somethin. 😂😂😂
Jessica Yellin has been appointed as head of the federal Reserve taking over Ben Ben Bianchi place
4:25 - 4:45 JACOB said he did not make that watch...stop embarrassing us (YJ) Jessica Yellin
When CNN fired Jessica "race baiter" Yellin they should have given Bash the heave *** as well
Lol yellin at me through the bus window today.. . "I KNOW HER". Yes I know you too lmao
he's literally throwing stuff and yellin and crying. Like a little baby
So I saw this suburban with cheer sticker on it so I caught up, rolled down the window &started yellin was her dad
Is it mere coincidence that 3 prominent political commentators are named Jessica Yellin, Charles Blow, and Kate Snow?
Wait jessica yellin is trying to say something .the savior of our country
Dear CNN, why in the world would you fire Jessica Yellin and keep Brooke Baldwin? A real puzzler.
what happen to jessica yellin and alie that came on Its your money?
does Jessica Yellin still work at cnn
Even your MOTHER wants to know what's up! Yellin
Very big,good guy. I'm a little sad about Jessica Yellin though,I liked her.
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Bye Bye -- Jessica Yellin Will Not Be Missed . Several news media outlets are reporting tonight that Jessica...
Morning Newsfeed: on controversial on-air comments; on troubles.
Yellin OUT they need to clean house also tired of many others
CNN to be recognized for its hiring of blah people: John King, Dana Bash, Wolf Blitzer, Jessica Yellin, etc.
Dana Bash (born Dana Ruth Schwartz; June 15, 1971) is an American journalist and anchorwoman for CNN who currently covers the Capitol Hill beat alongside John King and Jessica Yellin. Previous to this assignment, she was a White House correspondent for the network.
Wow. Jessica Yellin just blatantly called out for having "no talent" on Huh.
Just turned down the volume on CNN (Jessica Yellin).
To my CNN faves, Dana Bash and Jessica Yellin, great job filling in for Blitzer and Crowley these past two days.
"Wolf Blitzer is off today shooting a twerk video at a Walmart; I'm Jessica Yellin, you're in The Situation Room."
I'll take Jessica Yellin over bland Wolf Blitzer any day. Certainly refreshing compared to Blitzer.
Jessica Yellin of CNN is so annoying.
... Green Light ... CNN reporter Jessica Yellin just asked about the President's stance on marijuan $THC $MJNA $POT
CNN's Yellin to 'Domestic Affairs': CNN promotes several of its Washington-based correspondents.
Jessica Yellin goes back to the campaign trail, it seems.
Congratulations to my former colleague for being promoted to Senior White House Correspondent!
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Official: U.S. temporarily holds up some military aid to Egypt: By Jessica Yellin. The Oba...
Watching Colbert Report last night. How does Jessica Yellin a Harvard graduate sound like a moran.
I can't be the only one who gets Jessica Yellin and Janet Yellen confused, right?
The strategically placed darts on Jessica Yellin's blouse today brought to mind Bob Seger's reference to "points all her own".
Jessica Yellin asks the tough questions. What did they eat? Obama
Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin confirms that Hillary Clinton will have breakfast with Vice President Joe Biden tomorrow
Jessica Yellin reports Hillary Clinton will have breakfast at the Naval Observatory with VP Biden.
Jessica Yellin is really silly and a moron
Janet Yellen and Jessica Yellin are easily confused
I'm almost certain U.S. didn't " totally pull out of Iraq " as reported by propagandist Jessica Yellin - looking for numbers .
Jessica yellin.that is a funny name
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Yay, matts returning to rice next year as a PM! Student!!! Hm ...o well anddd helll have the same kidss as this year and same teacher, jess ( hes also set for ot, speech, ) ot he didnt have this year, so this is wonderfull! Jessica Danielle
You're in a mental hospital. Use the first 7 people on your chat list (no cheating) Your roommate: Mary Louise Kleinbeck Licking the windows: Joseph Cisneros Person helping you escape: Jennifer Heinrichs Your doctor: Jessica Noble Person running around naked: Jessica Nichole Swadley Person yelling nonsense about clowns: Michelle Beeghly Person you went crazy with: Jackie Swadley Whoa.. Uhm.. What the heck? — feeling Freaked out.
I hear alot of crickets chirping??? Maybe cause the spurs shut u Heat fans up!!! Is there a possible sweep coming?? #
just sitting at the hospital with my wife n new born son. man i got so much i can say just not enough people that would understand that this right here has been one *** of a ride, journey, or what ever u wanna call it. i wouldnt change nor take this n these feeling i have for not only my son but my wife. funny thing is for the past 2 years i've been through so much n had only one women ride with me through it all. had people lie on me hack in my fb n act like they were me & ect. i wont lie two u people all i want to say it thank u cuz not only did u bring me n my wife closer but also made me a better person. for what ever dosent kill me i see kills u. so keep killing yourself for u can never bring a (REAL MAN) down n keep him there. other then that i wann thank god for blessing me with a (REAL WOMEN) MARY-ANN STROUD. I LOVE U BABY N THANK U FOR NOT ONLY GOING THROUGH THIS LIFE WITH ME BUT GIVING ME LIFE .
Jessica Yellin was doing the same on CNN. Trying to make it about appointing women and mothers.
CNN's Jessica Yellin reported that her baby was in the audience crying. Had to leave to reduce noise.
Susan Rice to replace Tom Donilon as national security adviser: by Jessica Yellin and Tom CohenWASHINGTON (CNN) —...
New IRS head pledges to fix agency: CNN's Jessica Yellin on the latest back and forth surrounding the IRS targ...
So im at the laundry mat an theres this guy going crazy! Flippin off the camras an yellin lmao hes kinda scarry!
You getting mad because i didn't pick your phone call up. I was up for your information not my first priority
Started yellin Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi as I'm making my Australia Day scrap book page and my brother tells me to shut up
"Somewhere In the hood,a 5yr old is"droppin it"like its hot while the family is clappin&yellin"Go SHANIQUA!Work it girl!"
Good question. LIKE and SHARE if you're wondering the same thing!
Here is a fun filled fact for you ladies and gent's! A 5 year research by Centre For Public Integrity proves G.W.B and 7 high ranking official's made at LEAST 935 LIES about threats posed to the world and to U.S. National security after the 2001 attacks. Corporate Media uncontestedly presented these lies to rationalize both the 2003 invasion of Iraq & the "War on Terror".
In a few hrs we will be saying lata to Hawaii... but we are only a HOP away... Seriously will miss u guys.
These chicks don't even know the name of our band XD
Even with all the chaos an drama my ex causes... I can honestly say I'm so happy that I have a wonderful man standing by my side. Someone who always keeps a smile on mine an my boys faces... I am truly blessed that I have you babe, I wouldn't give you up for anything!!!
CNN Hypes Christie-Obama 'Bromance' as President Tries to Divert Attention from Scandals As CBS and NBC both touted President Obama's Tuesday visit to New Jersey, so too did CNN hype Obama's "bromance" with Governor Chris Christie as the President tried to step away from Washington and his administration's scandals. White House correspondent Jessica Yellin said it would be a "good chance" for Obama to trumpet the effectiveness of his government as FEMA's performance after Hurricane Sandy was a "bright spot" for Obama. Reporter John King also noted that "FEMA gets high marks" country-wide and Obama "gets some credit for that."
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From now on every time I comment or like more than one of a females picture I'm starting the comment with "I promise I'm not thirsty" lol females be thirsty to call s *** thirsty lol
I expect anyday to see Jessica Yellin CNN R-TV on the screen when you are spewing Republican framing in your segments.
The Daily Show host pillories the IRS for targeting conservative groups, then bashes Obama for validating the "tinfoil behatted"
dear jessica yellin, the WORST way to get a press secretary to be super duper honest with you is to accuse them of hiding something
Republican Security Council We often disagree with Boston Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA) but he is correct today in saying there will be *** to pay" for the Obama administration's misuse of the IRS. The news media is finally awake. Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney was pounded today with many hostile questions about the IRS, AP and Benghazi. Carney told the reporters to stop "editorializing." NBC's Chuck Todd and CNN's Jessica Yellin sounded like conservatives. Michelle Malkin says "The lapdogs have finally clambered off Obama's lap. For the moment, anyway. Yellin is being praised by other journalists for doing the job they have forsaken for the last five years. "This press pummeling is just epic. Where have these people been? Carney followed the 5 Ds: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge again! The Obama Press Secretary is a sad clown."
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was predictably grilled during today's briefing — in light of the recent stories involving the IRS and the Justice Department's seizing Associated Press phone records. CNN's Jessica Yellin was among those who pressed Carney, especially on the IRS issue, explain...
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney faced some tough questions from CNN's Jessica Yellin over the transparency of the Obama administration, asking him if he understands why somepeople might believe that the administration is "hiding something" when it comes to the IRS targeting right-wing groups.
Jessica Yellin of CNN to Carney: "It sounds like the administration could be hiding something."
via Is the mainstream media coming on board?
Need a bigger laugh/cry? Here it is--video of Jay Carney's presser today.
Jessica Yellin (did an excellent job at Carney's presser today...she refused to give up even as Carney stonewalled.
Jessica Yellin & CNN suffer from that "pretty white girl" syndrome!Smile, toss ur hair U dont hv 2 no anything!
So our President's administration has been involved in running guns to Mexico and now Syria, they ignore calls...
Hurry, let Jessica Yellin know what's going on with emails.
CNN reporter to the clown "Sounds like the admin is hiding something"
Reporter grills It sounds like the admin might be hiding something
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Jessica Yellin providing the comic relief today since Ed Henry is not there.
Chucky Cheese is a number-cruncher out of his element, Gotcha Gregory has ruined MTP, & Jessica Yellin is just Jessica yelling.
Jessica Yellin reports 11 Sandy Hook family members will fly to Washington with Pres. Obama on Air Force One after tonight's speech
We trying to balance the budget tell 💰he's holdingUp progress "Jessica Yellin is CNN’s
I'm thinking this Korean reporter on is hoping for at least a small conflict? After it's over she loses face time to Jessica Yellin.
Jessica Yellin should ironically do her interview while yelling.
CNN's Jessica Yellin just said Prez Obama once said Jews connex to Palestine only went back hundreds of years. what is she referring to?
Jessica Yellin admits to corporate pressure for pro Bush and War reports
can Jessica Yellin ever report on something without saying ahhh 3000 times.
CNN's Jessica Yellin might be right that Obama's Israel visit is courtesy call. But timing could coincide w/ Israel's new gov't coalition.
Good read MT Jessica Yellin: at MSNBC in 03, execs forced us to do stories - pro-war-pro-Bush
Misleading The Public: Jessica Yellin claims CNN News Execs pressured her to make Bush look good.
In April’s our Jessica is featured as 1 of 10 women crashing DC's old boys club. Preview:
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jessica Yellin & Phil Donahue at during run-up 2 Iraq War. Pressured her 2 make Bush look good,Phil fired 4 anti-war
Jessica Yellin: When I was at MSNBC in 03, corp executives forced us to present stories that were pro-war & pro-Bush
And CNN's Jessica Yellin must be competing with Wolf Blitzer for bootlicker lackey of the year.
Jessica yellin should ask legitimate questions to power.not the question she asked today to potus.grow a pair yellin.
What do Washington Post's Zach Goldfarb, AP's Julie Pace and CNN's Jessica Yellin have in common? They all the Presidential smackdown today.
your reporter shouldn't call him Mr Obama, he is the President. Jessica Yellin should say "The President" and not Mr. Obama.
it came up because *** Jessica Yellin asked him why he couldn't do more to stop the sequester.
If Jessica Yellin & were ever to have reported accurately on the Tea Party, we might not be in this mess.
CNN needs to send a serious reporter to the White House . Her question was so insipid that it makes your network not relevant when it comes to obtaining information on the state of the U.S.. Please replace her with someone of consequence like John King. Just it case I need to spell it out I am referring to Jessica Yellin
Stupid stupid question to the president she I's useless .I miss Ed Henry certainly you can do better than this slobbering excuse for a press reporter.
I'd like to tell CNN's Jessica Yellin to keep it down.
OBAMA: "I never want to make myself 100 percent clear with you guys." He also told CNN's Jessica Yellin... LOL
Asked why he doesn't just sit down with congressional leaders until a sequestration deal is reached, President Obama said Friday that he can't lock lawmakers in a room. "I am not a dictator, I'm the President," Obama said. "So, ultimately, if Mitch McConnell or John Boehner say, we need to go to cat...
Ms. Jessica Yellin got a taste of her own medicine. POTUS threw their words back at them "SUGGESTION", good one Mr. Pres.
Didn't catch her name but it wasn't Jessica Yellin
During President _Barack Obama's_ surprise sequester press conference, CNN reporter Jessica Yellin asked him why...
Her name is Jessica Yellin, WH reporter who never looks at you with a straight face (always tilted to one
How anyone could watch this presser and think the media is in PBO's pocket is beyond me. Jessica Yellin is unbelievable.
Behind watching POTUS presser. Just getting to where Jessica Yellin is giving Chris Cilliizza stiff competition for dumbest person in D.C..
Cnn is running a crawl saying Jessica Yellin presses the President -- She sounded ridiculous!
Jessica Yellin should not even be in the room, shows you how far that has fallen from glory days to lowest rating news org
Guess Jessica Yellin felt left out of the *** question game that Chuck Todd & Ed Henry play. Today she outdid them both.
Best line so far: I'm the President not a dictator, when Jessica Yellin ask him why he didn't just lock the congress in until they come to an agreement.
Jessica Yellin is a Gloria Borger in training. The amiable clueless liberal analyst slot has a deep bench at CNN.
A serious press conference discussing important issues,sends the insipid Jessica Yellin who shouldn't be covering human issues~
Jessica Yellin seems to be very popular in my timeline, I wonder if it has to do with new venture of becoming a clone
So much 4 the Right calling the President a Dictator. Jessica Yellin distrubed that he won't "lock the GOP in a room until they cut taxes"
Jessica Yellin of CNN, SHUT UP! You can't force people to come to a compromise! You know this!!!
Jessica Yellin of is making a fool of herself - she thinks she's being so clever.
If you are looking for the line between Jessica Yellin and WH staffer you won’t find it.
Now Jessica yellin is quoting Mike Bloomberg. Is she serious? This is the POTUS - not your playdate!
Jessica Yellin of CNN wants POTUS to lock up Boehner & McConnell in a room. Pres. Obama: "Jessica, I am not a dictator. I am the president."
Gotta love this Pesident. He told Jessica Yellin he can't force the GOP to do the right thing - he's NOT a dictator!
didn't jessica yellin say some nasty things about PBO ... so-called journos trying to force the PBO to say it's all his fault - I blame Rs
CNN's Jessica Yellin: "Why don't you just kidnap House Republicans and force them to agree with your brilliant, brilliant ideas?"
CNN's Jessica Yellin offers: "Couldn't you just have {GOP) down here and refuse to let them leave the room until you have a deal?"
Pres. Obama reminds Jessica Yellin of CNN that he doesn't have a "Jedi Mind Meld" that magically works on the GOP.
No Jessica Yellin, Pres Obama can't hold the GOP hostage, they would have him locked up in Guantanamo Bay by sunset.
CNN's Jessica Yellin made 's point- can't you invite lawmakers to a room & not let them leave? POTUS: "I'm not a dictator."
Did Jessica Yellin really just ask POTUS why he couldn't just lock Congress in the WH captive? LOL.
Jessica Yellin says Obama could force Congress not to leave. Obama: "I'm not a dictator. I can't have Secret Service block the door."
"I'm not a dictator. I'm the president." Pres. Obama to Jessica Yellin of CNN.
Jessica Yellin suggests in her question bring them here and lock the door and say you will not leave the room until there is a deal.
Is Jessica Yellin the biggest suck up or what?
Jessica Yellin is considered a reporter>?
Jessica Yellin wants Obama to lock everyone in rm til deal is made. Obama: I'm not a dictator.
No one painted horns on his head . . . demons grown them naturally.
CNN's Jessica Yellin on POTUS meeting with congressional leaders a few minutes ago: "The meeting didn't go so well."
People are Unbelievable!! So zach and I were at the mall getting ready to leave and as we walk past the escalator this lil baby girl (around 3 or 4 years old ) is trying to go up the escalator the wrong way all alone and then she fell and was so close to getting her hand caugh in it so I picked her up and her *** father was at the top laughing! So of course I had to go off on him! Come on what is wrong with ppl there days don't have kids if u can't handle take care of them!!
CNN's Jessica Yellin (Obama Cheerleader) and Wolf Blitzer defending the President and Gene Spurling.
Jessica Yellin just said she never feels threatened by WH.
Jay Carney makes me want to clean out my ears. It took 18 minutes for anyone (Jessica Yellin) a woman to ask a question regarding Woodward.
Viral If Woodward claimed a Rep Pres threatened him, you'd have seen the video 100 times by now
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Our happiness doesn't compare to how a prisoner gets when the soap slips out of his hand and he catches it before it hits the ground. lmao
Hope you had a nice birthday, Jessica Yellin
Washington (CNN) -- By now everyone knows the forced federal spending cuts trigger March 1 -- a week from Friday -- and will strip $85 billion from federal agencies over the next seven months.
Do you really need your music turned up so that everyone around you can hear it and proceed to scream/sing with it? No I don't believe you do.
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Jessica Yellin reports admin officials refused to put a price tag on president’s new proposals tonight.
'Now's the time' to move on immigration, Obama saysBy Dan Lothian, Jessica Yellin and Tom Cohen, CNN updated 9:58 AM EST, Wed January 30, 2013 Obama: Time to act on immigrationSTORY HIGHLIGHTS NEW: President Obama: "Now's the time" to move on immigration Sen. Rubio warns Obama against a "bidding war" for easier green cards Eight senators, four from each party, have laid out a bipartisan blueprint for reform House legislators are also said to be working on a bipartisan immigration plan Las Vegas (CNN) -- President Barack Obama threw his full support behind a comprehensive overhaul of U.S. immigration laws on Tuesday, saying "now's the time" to replace a system he called "out of date and badly broken." The president specified three pillars of immigration reform: better enforcement of immigration laws, providing a path to citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country, and reforming the legal immigration system. Speaking at a majority Hispanic high school in Las Vegas ...
Obama said in an interview published Sunday by The New Republic that he won't ignore the concerns of hunters and sportsmen as his administration pushes for t...
Congressional Hispanic Caucus members urged Obama not to unveil immigration bill? By Dana Bash and Jessica Yellin CNN (January 28, 2013) Washington (CNN) - Some senior Democratic members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus used a private White House meeting Friday to urge President Obama not to unveil his own immigration legislation, for fear of blowing up delicate bipartisan talks, Democratic sources tell CNN. This is significant for several reasons. First, because the White House has been telling senators and advocates that they are writing their own immigration bill, in legislative language. It is incredibly rare for the White House to write its own bill. Second - Democrats urging the president not to release a bill illustrates how polarizing the immigration issue remains - especially for Republicans who fear that signing onto any legislation that could be seen as authored by the president could invite primary challenges for Republicans. "It's a tricky thing. We want him to lead, but Republicans are i ...
Obama says he shoots *** at Camp David: CNN's Jessica Yellin looks at the president's latest steps to address ...
cnn's Jessica Yellin must have rug burns from all the Obama *** she performs.
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Obama to talk guns with police chiefs, sheriffs (Jessica Yellin / CNN) featured in NBC s Science of Love
lol! I didn't even know I did it! My mom would think I was yellin for her & would come in my room & find me doing that!
I hate walls, stairs, floors, poles, trees, they are my enemies plus parked cars
Today I was sitting with my cousin Jacob and he starts to poke my ribcage and I start busting out laughing so I guess I'm really ticklish in my ribs :p
Yellin' "Ma" or "Baby Momma" and whistling at me like I'm a dog? Honey I'd like your face to meet my fist.
POTUS met with a *** rights group today per Jessica Yellin's question for Carney...
John Kerry faces hearing for sec of state: By Jessica Yellin and Holly Yan , CNN Nine years after his p...
Just in- CNN Chief WH Corresp. Jessica Yellin reports Obama will nominate Mary Jo White as chair of the SEC today
Next person to walk into clanlan wearing a horse mask gets a free hour and a burger.
Old people yellin in my voicemail as if its an answering machine & i'ma pick it up if you call me 'jess, Jessica, Jessie, ... Jess it's me!'
Jessica Yellin Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is...
I sent my son out to check the mail today and I notice it's taking alot longer than usual, so I walk out to check on him, I find him by the trash can shoving paper in the can. So I ask him son what are you throwing away? Obviously I startled him cause he suddenly looked terrified. I opened the lid and there was everyone's report cards! I'm looking forward to the day I can tell his kids this story and we can all have a good laugh, but for now he's grounded. LOL
Jessica Yellin I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any...
I still say you and Jessica Yellin would make the best senators!!! But congrats anyhow.
Wolf Blitzer and Jessica Yellin make it up as they go along.Wood and Jerky.
"Jessica Yellin is getting on my nerves."
This CNN's Jessica Yellin is a bit too excited about the Beyonce/JayZ sighting.
Please tell me Jessica Yellin did not call the veep a " goof"!!!
Jessica Yellin is getting on my nerves.
Love getting timmies and going to school with Sydnee Santander and Jessica Diann Cumpstone-Fraser
While some of the steps he proposed are given little chance of winning congressional approval in the face of the nation's powerful gun lobby, Obama said all efforts must be made to reduce chronic gun violence in the country.
Having a hard time listening to Jessica Yellin..White House correspondent..too many between. :0(
So DC friends and politicos: umm what happens to Jessica Yellin and Candy Crowley post-Tapper?
Thats why im steady yellin Weather man weather man what about whatever man
We was causing a scene yellin at each other ctfu
Jessica Yellin reports Cody Keenan, who worked with the president on the Tucson speech, also helped him with tonight's.
Newtown Shooting Report There's been a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut We're told death toll is closer to 30 dead, than 20, most are children; the shooter is also dead Below are the latest updates as they come to us or you can read our story of the Connecticut school shooting [Updated at 2:09 p.m. ET] We're hearing even more devastating news out of Newtown, Connecticut. CNN's Susan Candiotti has been told that 18 to 20 of the dead are children. [Updated at 2:07 p.m. ET] CNN's Jessica Yellin is reporting that we're likely to hear from President Obama today on the school shooting, according to a senior administration official. We don't know when our where we may hear from President Obama. [Updated at 2:04 p.m. ET] Lisa Procaccini, the parent of an 8-year-old at the school, tells CNN that her daughter said school officials kept her calm during the shooting and told her the loud noise was hammering going on. Eventually police came in and let her daughter and her teacher l ...
Source: Obama to tap Kerry to be next secretary of state: By Jessica Yellin P...
could someone tell Jessica Yellin to stop talking about the politics of gun control in Obama address to this tragedy.
Absolutely correct of Jessica Yellin (to term Prez Obama as 'consoler-in-cheif'. He did a terrific job at that today.
Seriously, Jessica Yellin?? "Consoler-in-Chief"? Now is so not the time for stupid kitschy tag lines.
Jessica Yellin, CNN: Obama made a veiled reference to taking action on gun control.
Jessica Yellin on Obama hinting at gun control: "He did make a veiled reference to try to take action in the wake of this."
"The White House has admonished us not to make policy... talk about gun control..." - Jessica Yellin. Ridiculous.
CNN's Jessica Yellin: President Obama to speak in less than 2 minutes.
STFU Jessica Yellin this is the perfect time to demand tougher gun laws. Police are too busy @ stop signs to protect us
Ma im sorry i cant b ur perf daughter u know i try 2 b. U also know how much ive been through so plz stop yellin. Im not guna argue back
Jessica Yellin reports Pres. Obama will meet with Susan Rice tomorrow
Jessica Yellin and Dana Bash report Pres. Obama and Speaker Boehner will meet face to face at White House. D
Had a dream that I was brokering Middle East peace with two Jessica Yellin's in the Z house. John Kerry was there holding a volleyball.
I think she is very attractive and smart.
Tamron Hall > Wolf Blitzer but Jessica Yellin > Chuck Todd, so back to BBC World News
Long night+lots of yelling=Jessica Yellin sounds like Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog loves CNN's Jessica Yellin. On account of her "hot frog tonsils."
Jessica Yellin on CNN sounds like a female Kermit the Frog.
Jessica Yellin sounds like Kermit the frog. STOP YELLIN', JESSICA!!
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*** Jessica Yellin inserts opinions coming from voices in her tiny brain into her reports about Did BHO spurn Yellin?
Jessica did not Txt me back I'm bout to start yellin
Er, Jessica Yellin will NEVER be with Obama. is with 1 woman Yellin is a dumb-driveling newsreader on
so coming up in just over an hour . . jim acosta traveling with romey, Jessica yellin with obama . . its all still all about ohio
Did brass finally decide to listen to viewers and shoved a banana or phallic object in Jessica Yellin's mouth? Yippee!
All America wants for Christmas is for brass to FIRE JESSICA YELLIN. How did CNN go from Novak and Bernie Shaw to Malarkey Yellin?
Jessica Yellin of CNN looks & sounds ridiculous. Too much silicone, too much make up and - in a recent Obama interview - too much leg
IS A DUMB BALOON HEAD. Jessica Yellin has contributed the most to flailing deplorable ratings & needs to STOP TALKING NOW!
of you thought I was bad you should of see Jessica!! She was trynna run out the cat she was crying and yellin
I'm guessing location directors put Jessica Yellin into noisy places so viewers can watch her yelling her report... so mean.
Unless brass & honchos stick a phallic object or a banana in Jessica Yellin's mouth; count me out! She is no
Will watch U. Just put a banana in Jessica Yellin's mouth & have brass make her STOP TALKING!
My Oh My! How the mighty has fallen. From greats like Bernard Shaw to . GASP!!! Balloon Head-Dumb broad Jessica Yellin. UGH.
Thank God the fishey stench of Jessica Yellin will NEVER be burnished on & Barack Yellin is no Maddow.
All Poppy's attempts to promote flailing is in vein because of BALLOON HEAD Jessica Yellin's reports.
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Jessica Yellin is really living up to her last name. Literally SCREAMING into the mic.
Let me know if u want more sources. Jessica Yellin was just talking about it on CNN. via
Jessica Yellin, CNN, at an Obama rally, tells CNN anchor "yeah, this is a real pro-Obama crowd". LOL
n the lead-up to the new year, the nation's leaders will face three events in quick succession. First, the Bush-era tax cuts will expire on December 31, triggering a return to higher Clinton-era rates unless new policy is set. Second, $1.2 trillion of painful automatic budget cuts will be triggered --- the so-called "sequester" -- unless Congress finds an alternate path to bring that sum into the nation's coffers. Third, the country will hit a new debt ceiling in mid-spring. These events, especially the sequester, could have a devastating impact on the economy, pushing it over the fiscal cliff...Jessica Yellin
This Jessica Yellin woman is interviewing Obama and she's wearing a micro mini... gosh she's not even young! is she tryna pull a Lewinsky on O? aah ah!
Be sure to tune into CNN at 8:30 - Jessica Yellin interviewing Obama. I'll do autographs in the morning :)
Now on great piece by Jessica Yellin about the Obama presidency.
horrible choice of dress by Jessica Yellin for a presidential interview my girlfriend says so, I agree
Enjoying but did Jessica Yellin really c that fuschia pink mini-miniskirt in her closet and think: material?
Watching CNN special on Barack. It is a love-fest. Jessica Yellin is making the decision to kill Bin Laden as such a huge struggle.
Alright who let Jessica Yellin wear that short, tight fuschia dress while interviewing the POTUS?!!
Jessica Yellin on just reported on the POTUS "surprise focus on Wisconsin in the closing days of the campaign." 3 times in final days.
Pre-election jobs report spin: CNN's Jessica Yellin reports on how the campaigns used the latest jobs report to ...
Jessica Yellin, like Candy Crowley and Brianna Keiler are such Republican hacks.
Jessica Yellin can see the flower upon which my life grows, blooming into a rose. See the hope and courage in...
I just watched Jessica Yellin on give a love letter of a "news" report re BHO on Amazing. I am continually amazed.
Jessica Yellin just said no in person early voting in Virginia. Not true.
Jessica Yellin openly stumps for Obama, live on This "all-in" attitude, will net the libtard a spot at CurrentTV, when Obama loses.
Jessica Yellin of CNN says that the Obama campaign's new "Plan Book" is nothing new (October 23, 2012).
Just in from CNN's Jessica Yellin- Dept Labor spox "The Employment Situation will be released at 8:30am on Friday, Nov. 2, as scheduled."
Thoroughly enjoying watching Jessica Yellin hold onto a palm tree for dear life on right now. Ali Velshi in AC is pretty funny, too.
CNN's Jessica Yellin says the labor department is anticipating "business as usual" Friday regarding the October jobs report.
Hats off to Anderson Cooper. Only one on CNN who even tries to be a journalist. Jessica Yellin is essentially an Obama staffer. Its embarrassing. I never really thought/believed the hype that CNN was so left wing but it's getting to be almost like a Government ran media channel for the Democratic men and women in office. Fox news is right leaning but doesn't pretend to be neutral in the same gross way as CNN. Its insulting and unfair to those in airport delays.
Jessica Yellin and Joan Walsh are very disgusting women.
President Obama is tearing the shroud of secrecy off his once hush-hush death-by-drone program. From his interview with Ben Swann, host of Fox 19′s Reality Check, to hissit-down with CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin, the kill-list compiler-in-chief is gradually exposing details of the principles he purportedly follows before targeting someone for assassination. The president may assume that there is little reason to try hiding something that is being publicized daily – except in the mainstream media. In fairness, the New York Times has done fine work chronicling the expansion of the use of drones, as well as their involvement in the killing of innocents overseas caught in the blast zone of missiles aimed at alleged militants. An exception to the official policy of silence on the matter of the death-by-drone program being carried out by the White House and the CIA was made earlier this year. In April the White House’s top counterterrorism advisor, John Brennan, admitted for the ...
The most stupid anchor in USA: CNN's Ashleigh Banfield, "Do Muslims love prophet Mohammad more than Free Speech...? Ashleigh's glasses are bothersome to look at...her voice is weird, ahead of her thoughts...her hairdo old-fashion...she's an old hag from court-tv...a mistake to come AFTER my fave Carole Costello. The best CNN reporter: Dana Bash. the most glamorous reporter: Jessica Yellin. The best VOICE on TV News: Athena Jones.
In an interview this week, Jessica Yellin, CNN's chief White House correspondent, asked President Obama how he decides who will live and who will
Obama Finally Talks Drone War, But It’s Almost Impossible to Believe Him. President Obama doesn’t like to talk about how he uses drones to kill suspected militants — including American citizens. Explanations about who gets picked for remote-control death and who does the picking are left to underlings and aides. Just a few days ago, for example, Obama blew off a local Cincinnati television reporter who asked the president about his “kill list.” On Wednesday, however, CNN’s Jessica Yellin managed to get Obama to open up, just a little, about his criteria for approving drone attacks. His comments may have been the president’s most extensive so far on robot warfare. They were also total baloney, outside experts say. As the Bureau of Investigative Journalism notes, Obama told CNN that a terror suspect had to pass five tests before the administration would allow him to be taken out by a drone. “Drones are one tool that we use, and our criteria for using them is very tight and very strict,” th ...
I cannot decide who's hotter - Lara Spencer on or Jessica Yellin on Any thoughts?
Glenn Greenwald's Blog CNN's Jessica Yellin and Glenn Greenwald got into a sparring match about ...
During the American election Jessica Yellin was recorded as a hologram and beamed into the studio
“Saints to use Sean Payton Hologram During 2012 Season 2Pac and Jessica Yellin to be named assistants?
Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is waiting on Newt Gingrich and Rep. Ron Paul before his party can officially say the general election has begun. This he told Jessica Yellin on John King USA last night, when asked repeatedly why he would not exercise the power of his position a...
CNN's Jessica Yellin is almost as bad as Nancy Pelosi when it comes to inducing the makes-me-want-to-gag factor.
Nathan Fletcher joins Jessica Yellin now on Tune in to see why Nathan changed his party from GOP to I.
Now Jessica reedy!!! I'm here for her! She shows u can sing yo *** off and not do all that screaming yellin and hollering
Well Jessica Yellin is NOT the smartest pick in the bunch to assign serious SCOTUS issues. She very UNSERIOUS
Jessica Yellin/John King/CNN--who is Jessica Yellin to determine what the speech standard is when the POTUS is overseas during time of war.
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