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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Ann Simpson (born July 10, 1980) is an American recording artist, actress, television personality and fashion designer whose rise to fame began in 1999. Since that time, Simpson has achieved many recording milestones, starred in several television shows, movies and commercials, launched a line of hair and beauty products and designed fragrances, shoes and handbags for women.

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mom-shamed for daughter's costume. It looks fine to me Please Re…
# Jessica Simpson ivory white peep toe sling back heels shoes 8.5 US
Jessica Simpson hates that trolls are talking about her parenting!
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Jessica Simpson crop top with built in bra. via…
Here at Off-Brandheelz dot com we've got all the brands that fit your need and your budget!. Johnny Choon!. Dolce and…
Her: Ur ex broke up w/his gf. Me: Jessica Simpson's allergic to . Her: What. Me: Thought we were saying stuff that no…
The Internet lost it when Jessica Simpson shared this sweet family photo from Halloween
Jessica Simpson is the new Betsy Johnson tbh
Slept weird, had a dream that Ashley and Jessica Simpson had a forgotten sister all this time, and her name was Brexit Simpson.
New post (Jessica Simpson - Happy Christmas duet Ashley Simpson / Christmas Special at PBS) has been published on…
Uhhh I cannot wait til nov 1st so I can blast the Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carrey Christmas albums in the car.
Chicken of the Sea subtly nods to that notorious Jessica Simpson gaff in new digital video campaign:
News Update: Chicken of the Sea returns to Jessica Simpson's 'proverbial' question in new campaign
Jessica Simpson's Proud of her Little Surfer - via
Nantz: Tony, since we hv some time tell the story about when you took Jessica Simpson to Mexico before playoffs. Romo: You son o…
Yup he learn that from Jessica Simpson! They need King David 🗣instead of Romo. Seriously!
Would you rather greet Jessica Simpson or practise Pink
If you want cute, but comfortable . . . I would go with Kenneth Cole. Also, Jessica Simpson (not co…
hey Guys I love your reactions will you react to this song by Jessica Simpson Her Vocals Are Amazing
Gonna drive to the beach and listen to Take My Breath Away by Jessica Simpson. If I die to this song one day may BJ The…
Jessica Simpson back in her Daisy Dukes via
From dragging every single one y'all by your Jessica Simpson extensions.I watched white people act like t…
When you think it's gonna be "I Think I'm In Love With You" by Jessica Simpson, but it turns out to be "Jack and Diane…
Jessica Simpson just shared photos of her son's brand-new hairstyle and her fans had a lot to say about it. What...
I added a video to a playlist Jessica Simpson: 07. Hot Like Fire (Lyrics)
Tomi is going to get fat soon and look like Jessica Simpson 😀
# Fancy by Jessica Simpson 4 pc Gift Set for Women New in Box
I was merely giving Sanders some smack for putting Jessica Simpson in the…
Please, don't insult Jessica Simpson, Anders. She deserves better. 🙃
Jessica Simpson assistant principal honored tonight! Thank you Denise and the
Nick and Vanessa are trending and my slow *** thought it was Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo😩 Always been team Jessica Simpson anyway
Win an autographed guitar signed by Linda Perry, Christina Aguliera, and Jessica Simpson. Raffle Tickets $10...
Tami Lahren gives Jessica Simpson a run for her money... 🙄
Yeah cos before that I was deep into pop And house music id switch frm avril lavigne to Jessica Simpson to B.O.P or dj Cleo 😁
I'm talking in all of their primes here. But would you bang Jessica Simpson, Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilara, or Mandy Moore?
There was Britney, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Shakira was blonde at that time, uh. more I'm forgetting
Jessica Simpson discussing her research with university students who are working in the sex industry
"Britney is iconic. Then you had Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore." rip me
Not saying you have to act like Jessica Simpson does when someone gives her chicken of the sea --
Brads mom gives him a Jessica Simpson suitcase to take on his trip and he says "it's fine I'll just tell ppl it's my husbands bag" 😂😂😂
I got home from tech twenty mins ago and I've been sitting in my car looking at Jessica Simpson's instagram for those full twenty mins
A producer said she could spot Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's divorce coming from a mile away:…
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey had "tension" before their divorce, producer claims: https…
So it seems like everyone is opening about the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey relationship now which, to me, means the NDA is over
A Newlyweds producer is opening up about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's marriage:
Jessica Simpson celebrated her birthday with a cheeky pic:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Jessica Simpson's boots were made for walking and this picture was made for talking: "Kiss my butt 36."…
Apart from being in ROTC in 2003, and having awful ink, I was also a leading member of 98 Degrees. P…
"What's your name?". Me: "Jessica". "Like Jessica the shoes?". Me: "😐". "Can I call you Jess?". Me: "😑"
.trolls Whole Foods after chicken contamination
The only hiccup with the movie, Little Nicky, was that they forgot to pump Jessica Simpson's Christmas CD through *** s…
Whole Foods somehow mixed up chicken and tuna—and Jessica Simpson posted the perfect response…
Sleeping with fan on: normal dreams. Sleeping without a fan: dreamed that Jessica Simpson made a comeback; that I spent £577 on a food bill.
Yo happy birthday to James Rolfe, that guy who played Robbie Rotten, Jessica Simpson, Angel Haze and Nikola Tesla.
Jessica Simpson is out here with a billion-dollar business just minding her business. That's goals
Well... it would seem that America owes Jessica Simpson an apology!
- Fox of the Day vote for 6/30 - Choose wisely: Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston or Hayden Panettiere?
Jfc when did Jessica Simpson get married and have two children?? When did Ashlee and Pete break up? When did Ashlee marry Evan Ross?
Conspiracy theory: Jessica Simpson died and Avril Lavigne took over her career
Jessica Simpson: It&not often that the queen of daytime talk is knocked off…
I almost forgot how good Jessica Simpson's songs were! Thanx Ellen!
Oh Katy Perry. she took Christian music ala Amy grant, Leslie Phillips and Jessica Simpson and took a hard left into a pile of rough sex
GED grads: Judge Mathis, Jessica Simpson, Chris Rock, Peter Jennings and Michael J. Fox- they go places!
“Do not make me cut that Jessica Simpson look-alike blond hair of yours off in the middle of the day."
& oh yes, I had all the Jessica Simpson collection
Chicken Run, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and William Hurt. Directed by Tim Burton, music by Jessica Simpson. Budget: $150m
Rumor has it Jessica Simpson wants to return to good idea or bad idea?
If I was Justin at Jessica's party when Bryce locked the door
Thank God for Jessica Simpson's denim maternity line. Just bought my first couple of pairs and I'm feelin like a CUTE baby beluga😛
Troy Aikman is a *** Tony Romo landed Jessica Simpson in her prime, who's the real winner?
Dear Tony Romo, . . I am sorry I made fun of you when you dated Jessica Simpson. I am sorry I said you had a hunchback. Love Rob.
Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson are my absolute favorite white girls ever
I use to love Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey !💕💕 I can't believe they didn't stay together 😩
Jessica Simpson just may edge out Tina Turner for best legs!
this happens in real life all the time; why not in books? I've worked with Michael Jackson, Jessica Simpson, and more... 😆
Christina Agwillera and Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore had this "thing" it could work today too
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Everything from Immanuel Kant to baseball caps, Jessica Simpson to Charles Darwin in this episode.
What has Jessica Simpson been up to lately? Haven't heard much about her recently. Hope she's doin well.
Ashlee Simpson has a better discography than Jessica Simpson but Jessica is the better vocalist
Jessica Simpson at a celebration for Linda Perrys song Hands Of Love in Los Angeles
Sofia Vergara's Tempting and Jessica Simpson's Vintage Bloom smell almost identical, at least the top notes
Employee of the Month Stars two people who are better with the mute on: Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook
Jessica Simpson is the worst actress of all time
Am I the only one not over Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey breaking up orrr .
Little lacey things are now available just in time for Shop now:
inspo! Shop the Metallic Fringe Sheath Dress styled by at https:/…
The Dukes of Hazzard is a wonderful movie and Jessica Simpson is amazing
I Think I'm in Love With You by Jessica Simpson listen at
Usual befuddlements, apologies. Anyway, you like June Tabor so you would love Martin/Jessica Simpson's "Red Roses" lp
Last chance to get your hands on these Jessica Simpson boots and Steve Madden booties! Now 70% off!! Boots: origina…
. Wasn't too long ago a certain Cowboys QB took a bye week vacation with Jessica Simpson and the media crucified him over it.
and then he shaded Ricky Martin and Jessica Simpson
Margot Robbie, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Mollie King, Sienna Miller, any of those would be fine ☺
I thought Jessica Simpson had broken in, but it's murdering Angels with Robbie Williams.
Ricky Martin, Jessica Simpson and 98 Degrees performed at George W. Bush's first inauguration in 2001.
I've never liked Vanessa and Nick Lachey cause I'm team Jessica Simpson
I've been told my multiple people I look like young Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson 😁 I don't see it but thank you
"Jessica Simpson, a favorite among young girls"
Celebrities who were involved in this: Jessica Simpson, Mila Kunis, Rachael Leigh Cook, members of 98, Sugar Ray and N'SYNC.
When I was 6, I saw a commercial that Jessica Simpson was in, and that was...
Fantastic voyage: Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to share a shot of her daughter, Maxwell Dr…
CONSPIRACY THEORY: Jessica Simpson was replaced after her first single only to reemerge as Chanel West Coast years…
Jessica Simpson - Take My Breath Away via I love this son Paul Walter zaleski
No I haven't! I'll have to look it up. My favorite is Jessica Simpson's version. She does a duet w/ her sister and it's so good!
Trivia Time!Who was NOT a member of the Mickey Mouse Club?. A.Keri Russell. B.Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson Dressed as 'Sandra Double Dee' for Halloween: Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson dr...
Of Emma Watson the father can't be the father of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson because has been still child then in early 1980+.
Dak Prescott spent time with his grandma, Tony Romo dated Jessica Simpson. Clear sign of which has more maturity IMO
Remember the Jessica Simpson theory with Tony Romo several years ago? Maybe it's Olivia Munn
Tony Romo sucked *** with Jessica Simpson.. maybe Rodgers needs to break up with Olivia Munn.
Jessica Simpson got Tony Romo addicted to pain meds.
We did it with Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson too.
Dear Packer Nation, . Let's not go all Dallas/Tony Romo w/ Jessica Simpson on AR and Olivia Munn. . We're better than that.
Romo - Skip Bayless is still hung up on Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson
Tony Romo. Sending flowers to Jerry's office wont cut it anymore. Bring out the big guns. Jessica Simpson back in owner's box??
Skip Bayless says Tony Romo became a better QB after breaking up with Jessica Simpson
Didn't people make this kind of comparison when Tony Romo was with Jessica Simpson? We need an all-time charticle o…
remember yrs ago when Jessica Simpson was dating Tony Romo and she went to a Cowboys game and he SUCKED?
This guy at the bar has waited on Tony Romo when he dated Jessica Simpson & Carrie Underwood 😳
Olivia Munn is to Aaron Rodgers what Jessica Simpson was to Tony Romo.
Olivia Munn is to Aaron Rogers as Jessica Simpson is to Tony Romo? Discuss.
Hamilton Collection
That clown brought up some old stuff about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson to criticize Dez Bryant https:/…
Skip Bayless : Romo got better after breaking up with Jessica Simpson - USA TODAY
Singer and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson shared a photo of her children, daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, 4, and...
16 times Jessica Simpson's daughter was sassy as ever:
"Its success touched off a wave of young pop divas who included Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore."
Remember when Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson got a divorce and the entire world decided love is no longer real?
I'm never going to be over the fact that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson split up!
I mostly don't care about celebrity couples, but Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were perfect for each other.
he looks like Nick Lachey..boyband guy that used to be married to Jessica Simpson. Skin looks suspiciously smooth
Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are gonna last forever
Every time I see Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey with their new families it makes me a little sad
Sometimes I think of how Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey have happy little families now.
If I could witness any moment, I would go to Jessica Simpson waiting to try out for the Mickey Mouse Club right after Chr…
Russell Wilson and Jessica Simpson used the same wedding planner 😍
Jessica Simpson's cravings for corn dogs -
Jessica Simpson's cravings for corn dogs
Jessica Simpson's cravings for corn dogs - Belfast Telegraph
Jessica Simpson via IG 💜on 7/29/16: A fun treat for my hometown thanks
Fam how the *** did Jessica Simpson get two Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis beats? TWO OF 'EM! And Gwen Stefani got one too
Hot for Jessica Simpson's silly spices on Jay Leno
as a child it confused me that Jessica Simpson isn't one of the Simpsons
I'm glad Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson. He need to get focused, this his last year w/ us if we don't go 2 to the Superbowl.
vel has been steady playing Bosnian music this whole time and the one American song that comes on is "with you" by Jessica Simpson 😭😂
Love the new song! Can't help but hear strains of Jessica Simpson's 'With You' in the background though?
Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson attend the Premiere of the at the Regal Cinema, July 14, 2016 in L.A. htt…
The grass is always greener if you're a like Jessica Simpson, Jamie Foxx or Khloe, Kim and Kanye.
Jessica Simpson catches rays on tropical birthday getaway with husband Eric Johnson:
Jessica Simpson dazzles in a chic navy gown as she enjoys date night... Via News Break:
Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson step out for Gleason premiere via
Jessica Simpson and Hubby Eric Johnson Rock Matching Summer Blues for Date Night at the Movie Theater
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson enjoy date night at "Gleason" LA premiere!
Jessica Simpson with husband Eric Johnson saying she's not athletic while leaving Regal LA Live Thea: via
Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson only have eyes for each other during their LA outing:
Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Date night! The singer, who just had a birthday, is spotting looking smitten with her husband after t...
You don't Jessica Simpson when you got Rihanna
Jessica Simpson's husband, Eric Johnson was all smiles as he snapped pics with his Polaroid enjoying time ☀️🌴 htt…
Jessica Simpson in a swimsuit, in an outtake from her Spring 2016 campaign photographed by David Bellemere http…
Jessica Simpson for her 2016 Ad Campaign shot at the Malibu Café by David Bellemere. https…
Jessica Simpson won the Choice Breakout Female award for her role in the film at the Teen Choice Awards. http…
life is a used Jessica Simpson heel from Burlington Coat Factory lmfao
gotta go check archives but i think it may go. 1. Eric Johnson (Mr. Jessica Simpson). 2. . 3.
No, don't remind me of Jessica Simpson dating, chemtrail propaganda spewing Bill Corgan! Gimme the angst! Or at least Zwan
I've sung for Barry Manilow, Mark McGrath, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams & Fernando Varela. Now just want to meet u
Jessica Simpson is preparing some new music! And rumor has it she’s even rocking a look that will take you to 2005. http…
If Kelly Rohrbach were a crystal gem she'd be the fusion of Britney, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson & Charlize Theron. http…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
You ever just think about the fact that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson aren't together anymore and get sad AF
I remember when Vanessa Minnillo (sp?) interviewed then married Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson on MTV...
This day in Willie Nelson History: USO Show in Germany with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (May 23, 2005)
I sent tom a picture of Jessica Simpson with the hair I want and he said " well you will obviously look better than whoever that is" 😊
Please check out my eBay store and share :) Check out Book bag (Jessica Simpson)
Lets make Mr.Idris Alba the next BOND and MaKe Beyoncé his Bond girl add on Jessica Simpson -Rhianna also as bad girls!!!
Hot Shot for Jessica Simpson's silly spices on Jay Leno
my William Rast collection I put it in the same area as my Jessica Simpson collection I know my young shoppers love those 2..
To her credit, I do think that's a dress from the Jessica Simpson collection
Hi, Rachael. I'm Susan. You surprised Holly by meeting Jessica Simpson. I was wondering if you could let me meet Marie Osmond.
... Or trans-women that are angry with the world because they don't look like Jessica Simpson.
Blonde Ambition romantic comedy film with Jessica Simpson & Luke Wilson was really funny. :D Recommend it.
I finally thumbs-ed down enough Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson to get something different: Parade of the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi ???
I agree Jessica Simpson is Chrissy, Jason Bateman or Ryan Reynolds is Jack, is Janet
SEE VIDEO! Jessica Simpson and her fish or chicken tuna...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I fw Jessica Simpson shoes over Steve Madden b cuz they offer more support & comfort
At night, the Meatpacking District becomes a sea of flannel that smells of Jessica Simpson's perfume.
We need Jessica Simpson to make music again
yes love Catherine Bach far better as Daisy than Jessica Simpson did in the movies & cant see DD as a blonde
if Jessica Simpson plays Chrissy then Vanessa lachey should play Janet. 😮
Now I get why it was difficult for my parents to keep Britney, X-Tina, Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore straight. 💁🏼
On this day in 2006, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson fought over Brett Ratner at a bar:
Watchin an old Lakers DVD from 2004 and it shows celebs sitting courtside. Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Ritchie & Jessica Simpson 😂 😂 good ol 2004
Y now it's time for the Jessica Simpson show starring Home Loan Black. Oh, John Reed.
I mean, seriously: "Jessica Simpson: Photo shows singer dressed in bikini on vacation in Mexico." Only news if "photos" are new technology
You better believe I'm listening to some Jessica Simpson throwbacks on this Thursday
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