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Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is a prolific cosplayer and promotional model. She first gained attention at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 when she appeared as Pikachu.

Yaya Han Lollipop Chainsaw Rooster Teeth Mad Moxxi Juliet Starling

Didn't PAX kick Jessica nigri out for dressing as Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw at some point? ... five years ago, hmm
Shecember daygel pens with reference of professional cosplayer Jessica nigri jessicanigri…
Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri with her best pics
Jessica Nigri is getting in the holiday mood!
Jessica Nigri shows you were you should ***
👊 I wish Jessica Nigri was my coworker 🔝.
Jessica Nigri can have my heart, my soul, all my kids, and all of my money. 😭🤤🖤
🍍 I wish Jessica Nigri was my coworker 🙃.
I wish Jessica Nigri was my coworker.
📷 Fantastic Alexstrasza by Jessica Nigri! Awesome design as usual by Zach Fischer Illustration Photo by...
There are girls than there is Jessica Nigri. Have mercy!
I think I just found my new background and favourite Picture of Jessica Nigri
Pewdiepie is a low tier Jessica Nigri knockoff.
Jessica Nigri and her boyfriend are absolutely UNREAL, I don’t know who I’m more jealous of
What's the first word that comes to mind when you see Jessica Nigri???
Jessica Nigri and Meg Turney together... doesn't get much hotter 😍
Hamilton Collection
Jessica Nigri as the Pokemon Houndoom. Photos taken by Adam Patrick Murray.
New Jessica Nigri RP:. •now new to RP, new to character. •18+ RP, bi. •love making new friends and having fun. •DMs always…
lol oh yeah I dunno if you're a Jessica Nigri fan at all, but she's with Byron incognito right now.
me: most cosplayers can't earn a living off of it. someone: well what about (Jessica Nigri, Yaya Han, Alodia Gosieng…
Look at Jessica Nigri. Look at Calista Melissa. Implants. Also extremely anime.
Check out Cinder NOODLE (11x17 Signed Print) by Jessica Nigri on Storenvy. Birthday is coming up April 7
Had a long discussion with someone around Jessica Nigri's Lewdmas. It turned into me yelling at him...
should easily make the top 10. Better than Jessica Nigri & Trish Stratus
that's not Jessica Nigri you utter ***
"You see, there's normally kind of a bad stigma with cosplay but I'll have you know that Jessica Nigri has made thi…
📷 Ahri cosplay by Jessica Nigri Tails were made by Lindsay Elyse Keyhole bra is from SpreePicky Photo...
How is your Jessica Nigri cosplay going
I actually seen an ad for a dating website using an older photo of Jessica Nigri a while back... couldn't believe it.
Added my Jessica Nigri mini print to the store. Wont print them again so get the last few while you can :)
Jessica Nigri sexy cosplay model black cat Nigri sexy cosplay model black cat/
"So... Jessica Nigri got kicked out of PAX east..."
scrolling through my FB feed and bam! shows up via Jessica Nigri. 👍
Yaya Han & Jessica Nigri maybe. These ppl have no idea how much costumes, travel, hotels & props cost
When it's the middle of the night but "Jessica Nigri just followed you"
Thinking of doing a Lady Deathwing costume similar to Zach Fischer's design and Jessica Nigri's costume, but I want to tweak it a lot...
That time when Jessica Nigri took my camera and became a professional photographer.
Jessica Nigri. - Hate her all you want but her face. - She's hilarious. - Cosplays on point. - Stunner
Jessica Nigri getting her booty hole licked no question about it
[Photographer] So my friend got to meet Jessica Nigri this past weekend at RTX. via /r/cosplay …
I liked a video from Jessica Nigri *** Moments
Are you kidding me. Jessica Nigri is going to Montreal comic con and I can't even go. Ugghh so close and yet so far
is that the new sonico game? I heard jessica nigri did voice acting in it
Im literally hyperventilating at the thought of meeting jessica nigri i would die
Am I the only person who really dislikes Jessica Nigri's cosplays😭
Crap Jessica nigri was in Austin and I was working. My life officially ***
Me: Hey Jessica Nigri is here, come over here . Anissa: I'm coming so hard right now 󾌴󾌴󾌴
I liked a video from JESSICA NIGRI - Before They Were Famous
Sometimes when I'm down I just remember that in an alternate universe I'm dating Jessica Nigri .
Love the duo of Jessica Nigri and generic twitch streamer
On the last day and jessica nigri will be here for the last 2 hours. Man. What a nice person for a company she voice acts in amirite
Bill Doran and Jessica Nigri gun Casting Tutorial at Punished Props - YouTube
Jessica nigri at lunch but that's it until I leave around 3. You??
Decorate your wall with this 8.5x11 poster of myself! Jessica Nigri! Man… that sounds weird… you kno
Anime Expo® post by Miyuki Cosplay on instagram. partners: Kinpatsu Cosplay and Jessica Nigri
Day One of AX. Picked up badges at 7. Went to eat and a wild Jessica Nigri appeared.
Any ero cosplayers from the west besides Jessica Nigri? D: I'd like to follow you ^^
On the note of cosplayers, Jessica Nigri is my waifu
oh thats Jessica Nigri's espeon cosplay really loved the detail of it
Currently working on an espeon cosplay too inspired by this one by Jessica Nigri mine will be different though 💕
Because random pics are the best! . Featuring: Jessica Nigri & Fake Nerd Boy. Event: Puerto Rico Comic Con. Date:...
I have a picture of Jessica Nigri as Mad Moxxi (to fap to) and it says on the tip jar "insert your tip" get it?
night. Excuse me while I try to find an escape plan from, well. the clone of Jessica Nigri. And these flaming handcuffs.
I liked a video Gangnam Style with Kat Gunn, Jessica Nigri, and EG Anna Prosser
📷 sexy-cosplay-scroll: Abby Dark-Star as Jason Voorhees and Jessica Nigri as Freddy Krueger When is this...
Jessica Nigri: once saved the human race from a giant creature known as the thirstasarous Rex with her anti nudity ray. BAM.
Jessica Nigri shows us how to be the ideal tourist. I love her.
Watched until episode 8, I stopped. Worse part is Jessica Nigri being Sonico in the dub...
She's a mom now but I always get hyped when people are like a fat Jessica nigri & idk if I'm offended or honored.
I want Jessica Nigri to autograph my funko pop vinyl figure of Mad Moxxi and to kiss it with red lipstick.
- [Photographer] Jessica Nigri as Deathwing from World of Warcra…
Jessica Nigri as Deathwing from World of Warcraft designed by Zach Fischer Illustration at BlizzCon
Jessica Nigri is just on another level 😍
If i wanted that stuff, i'd go watch Jessica Nigri or "GirlGoneGamer". I thought Kate was the opposite of those sorts of youtubers.
If your fans wanted these sorts of videos, they'd go sub to Youtubers like Jessica Nigri, or the typical "girl gamers"
Jessica nigri and her boyfriend did such a good one
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don't get me wrong though, I appreciate cosplayers like Jessica Nigri but her pictures are everywhere.
Have you seen Jessica Nigri's last cosplay? I'm speechless. No one can ever say she is overrated as a cosplayer.
I don't like any of the cosplays Jessica Nigri does. they all look the same to me
Human-form Deathwing by Jessica Nigri (costume design by Zach Fischer Illustration)
Jessica Nigri would be at Disneyland when I'm not 😭
Mega popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri says yesterday that she's upset how she may have contributed to a certain culture surrounding cosplay
Possibly her best cosplay. Jessica Nigri as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw
I'd love to listen to a discussion between her and Jessica Nigri or Yaya Han. :P
Calling all judge 1st Cosplay Contest ht…
Just in time for azcentral hosts cosplay contest judged by & >>
Wait no Jessica Nigri is the perfect woman, my Lord
Jessica Nigri was cast for the Sonico english voice? Well gonna skip that. Guess actually having talent isn't needed these days.
I'm literally making it my goal to meet Jessica nigri @ PCC if i don't im probably gonna cry for 3 years
please go look up Jessica Nigri Vegeta and tell me it doesn't make you mad
I just read a comment suggesting Jessica Nigri to voice Akame. Hey, I think her Sonico is pretty good, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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ok. Ok. What about Jessica nigri. I would bang her until she had no more lives. 😉
Jessica Nigri as Sonico sounds cute. I hope she gets more roles from Sentai in the future, but this might be a one-time only role for her.
I love jessica Nigri, she is crazy ! Hellow from France !
Jessica nigri is the reason I cry at night
Jessica Nigri is at mcm in London but I can't afford to go to London 😭😭😭
Jessica Nigri basically stole your face
Heres a gif of jessica nigri in a borat bikini! Happy monday
Jessica Nigri is the female version of Vegeta and Goku.
I love Jessica Nigri for her personality
I forgot about this. I wanted to take a photo with the very well known cosplay artist Jessica Nigri, but she was...
And nowni've seen Jessica Nigri in a mankini... All set for death...
Am I the only one who finds Jessica Nigri a little obnoxious at times? I mean the way she acts some times, not her cosplays. Those are great
and nor should there be. There is a very famous photo of Jessica Nigri that I’m in the background of. You don’t hear me complaining
Jessica Nigri is going to be at Ottawa comic con, I got to meet her twice, I'm thinking about seeing her again.
Jessica nigri and her boyfriend are so funny I LOVE THEM
Breast Cancer Awareness
- show some love for a contest that indie actor Melissa Ann Marie Farley - Actor has...
my favorite french girl is a OP blonde that play csgo , im sorry i dont love you , i only love pasta + money oh and jessica nigri
So I just find out that Jessica Nigri boobies r fake so I don't care because 1.she has a dope personality
Jessica Nigri and like other people n stuff are coming to Calgary Expo and I wanna go but I'm too shy.
Jessica Nigri cast as Super Sonico in English dub
Let me tell you something about the cosplayers Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han; their *** in real life are nasty.
That actually might be sorta cool if Jessica Nigri is cast as Sonico
Jessica Nigri sexy Harley Quinn cosplay at Comic-…: this is how my future girlfriend will dress all the time!!
I would leave Rob & turn *** for Jessica Nigri is she asked me to. No questions asked
Jessica Nigri doesn't dress up like that for EDM, she dresses for Cosplay. Lolz. Sillies.
Jessica Nigri's Vegeta cosplay is what I'm talking about. I'd be happy if they replaced Page 3 with Nigri cosplays
So.. my phone's dying.. here's a pretty screenshot of Jessica Nigri.. like what
Photoset: Presenting the queen of cosplay, the one and only Jessica Nigri. Support the gorgeous Miss Nigri...
When I was @ con I went to get water n heard these guys talking about Jessica Nigri but ykno talking about her boobs n I just kinda left
Jessica Nigri's boyfriend looks like taobao Riff Raff
So Jessica Nigri has a new boyfriend and it isn't me. Weak.
*** I don't do sexy cosplay. If you want sexy, go look up for gravure cosplay or Jessica Nigri
I scored 21968 in 2048: Jessica Nigri Edition! Can you beat me?
jessica nigri needs to teach me how to highlight my boobs better. Hers always look so magical.
I'm not ashamed to admit I just spent 12 minutes watching a YouTube video of Jessica Nigri shaking her boobs. Twice.
If Jessica Nigri could not sexualise characters (Magneto for example) that would be great thanks.
//Ive seen some really good Cinder/Emerald fanart plus Jessica Nigri as Cinder is still freaking awesome.
If someone could give me Jessica Nigri.. That'd be great 👌😞
my favorite cosplay Jessica Nigri she make the amazing costumes and she has a quirky attitude is so lovable
Jessica Nigri is in England right now and I still can't see her ;_;
Hey guys I know I'm probably person number 6 billion to ask this but I need your help. I want to meet Austin st john, Walter jones and jessica nigri (who doesn't) I know Austin and walter are in theatre A but I need confirmation and also they said jessica is in hall s3, does anyone know here on this map that is.
Jessica Nigri getting a free ride from Danquish at after party!
Saw Jessica Nigri today at :D Super Happy. Not gonna lie :D
Some signed stuff I got today! Including Jessica Nigri as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, DC…
IT'S NEARLY TIME! Meet-up is as follows; Sunday - 1pm - Outside by the steps! Look for purple, my hair is pink and purple if that helps :) As we're meeting by the steps, be aware of your surroundings! Don't block them for people trying to get by and don't fall down them! If its raining, we can potentially meet just inside the doors - I am certainly not keen to get wet! Once we've met, we should try and grab some photos outside before heading in to the main hall! Then we can go to the Saints Row stand, Insert Coin stand (as they supplied lots of our clothing) and perhaps Jessica Nigri/anyone that people want to see :) ! It'd certainly be cool to get a group photo with Nigri!!! If people want to break off from the group and chill, thats cool too! We can hit up a few of the above destinations and then disband if need be! :) Please share phone numbers below if you're so inclined! :)
Hey everyone. Just wanted to ask how long everyone waited for certain things. For example seeing Rooster Teeth, Jessica Nigri or any of the special guests and how long you waited in the queue to get into the ExCel.
literally jessica nigri's teemo cosplay is my FAVE ever
If Jessica Nigri is there, you gotta get a pic with her :3
I shall see jessica nigri tomorrow,
so Ridwan saw Jessica Nigri at Expo today.. :|
yeah I'm good. Just met Jessica Nigri and she recognised me. Life complete.
The fact that I might be meeting Jessica Nigri tomorrow is making me cry oh my gOD
The closest we've got to Jessica Nigri.
I think peepz like Jessica Nigri Fan Page & Monika Lee might find this quite useful
Jessica Nigri is uber rad. There are some guys from roosterteeth at mcm London as well :(
See you there maybe, I'll likely spend most of the day in queues, first to get in, then Jessica Nigri.
Sooo... Jessica Nigri took a selfie on my phone. Thanks for that...
Emma blackery got escorted off when they seen me coming XD got a good clip with Jessica nigri though
can you please get me a print from Jessica Nigri lmao I'll pay you back when I'm back in London by December or early Jan 😁
Just has a driveby view of Jessica Nigri's bewbs
A friend just casually met Jessica Nigri at mcm expo today. okay. Not jealous at all or anything.
Happy Deadpool Friday, here is a great Lady Deadpool Cosplay by Jessica Nigri Fan Page
Knowledge of the fact I am not meeting Jessica Nigri
what do I get out of it, apart from meeting Jessica Nigri.
I could totally just get the train to London and go to MCM London today. If only to meet Jessica Nigri.
2 tools and a *** bag discussing Jessica Nigri .. just another Friday/
what about Jessica Nigri or the Rooster Teeth guys?
I dont Know what's happening but the whole internet and I approve =-O.
don't try, do it. I know you can! Channel your inner Jessica Nigri. Be the boobs.
MCM Comic Con is tomorrow :( and both Daniel Radcliffe and Jessica Nigri will be there. *sigh* here's hoping I'll be there in May!
I think you posted this on the wrong account. Also is that Jessica Nigri?
Hoping all the males who follow me are gunna feel jealous that I get to see Jessica Nigri for the next 3 days 😉
This should answer THAT commonly asked question. has a booth in the South hall at MCM
// Yes! Jessica Nigri is going to be there 😵 Yeah just help yourself to a copy ;D
you should check out one of her competitors Jessica nigri these cosplay hottt want to touch the hineey
OMG Jessica Nigri is going to be at MCM
I'd really love to meet Jessica nigri at expo but not enough to pay for it xD hopefully i'll see her just walking about and can oggle at her
what does the Jessica Nigri do on free time? I would say game.. just start gaming..
Jessica Nigri's *** I'd literally run up to her kamikaze style and suffocate myself to death in her ***
fren: ayy lets go to comic con next year! everyone else: meh, no money me: ay im down frendorino: yoo we can see jessica nigri niggaaa me: ya but I like asian cosplayers fren Oh so you like imported cosplayers
That moment when bang bang is playing in the car and you are looking for the dancing jessica nigri.thanks
I love her ^.^ Selene was my first cosplay, I wore it when I met Jessica nigri c:
I've said it a thousand times but Jessica Nigri would get a porking
Nevermind, recommended to follow Jessica Nigri. I'm good now.
Jessica Nigri's boobs are actually bigger than my head
One comment on the latest Jessica Nigri photo in Instagram: "just because I called her ugly doesn't mean Im insulting her Im just reasoning"
All I want in life is to be Jessica Nigri 😩
I added a video to a playlist Jessica Nigri - Gnar
||Jessica Nigri is the baest of them all.
I'm just working towards the day that I can have Sinon thighs and Jessica Nigri's stomach . THEN I'll be happy
Must be nice being Jessica Nigri's boyfriend and all
Jessica Nigri has a YOUTUBE CHANNEL?!? A whole lot of yes going on!
♪Guess who got with Jessica Nigri. Guess who got with Jessica Nigri. ♪. ME!. (in my dreams)
Jessica Nigri's *** are the only reason I cannot claim to be 100% straight.
Going to use Jessica Nigri's picture for everything.
Heard bang bang into the room on my lunch break will always remind me of a Bouncing Jessica Nigri and and it's not a bad thing
Jessica Nigri... Quite possibly one of my biggest fetishes XD
no, but cosplayers like Jessica Nigri seem to want to make it about that.
Jessica Nigri is all over my Instagram explore page and I love it 🙈
Starting with a sketch of the amazing Jessica Nigri!
Photoset: geekygeekweek: Jessica Nigri as Magneto  Are are some fantastic photos of Jessica Nigri decked up...
Jessica Nigri is quite close to perfect
I added a video to a playlist JESSICA NIGRI SECRET, HOT POCKET FAIL & everything else that mattered
Jessica Nigri ojessicanigri makes a duck face? Love it! :) Thanks to Chloe for the pic.
actually I know who Jessica Nigri is. I would love to meet her in person. And Luna! They bring character to life
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Ok because cosplayers have sex with people for money. Tell that to Yaya Han or Jessica Nigri stfu
People reblogging Jessica Nigri on my dash. I am not complaining.
dude, did you know your Jessica Nigri story on page 3 of google when you search for her?
Check out this sick gallery ft. Jessica Nigri's Morrigan, an awesome Cammy, and more! http:/…
Star Trek: Voyager's Ensign Harry Kim, in the same photo as Jessica Nigri. My mind has imploded just a little bit.
Wait a minute! Jessica Nigri is going to be in Edmonton!? Did you know this ?
Photoset: belowdefect: Jessica Nigri and bobs! source
omg i didn't know jessica nigri is the VA for cinder fall???
The best of Jessica Nigri. Jessica Nigri's Cosplay. Check them all out:
thats bc Jessica Nigri is a goddess
Some lucky *** won a free date with the hotest cosplayer ever!
I had a dream that I was cuddling with Jessica Nigri while watching Yu Yu Hakusho. It really doesn't get better than that.
Jessica Nigri is my favorite cosplayer ever
Let me cuddle with Jessica Nigri, Reina Skully, or Trisha Hershberger for one night and my life would be complete. I would die happy.
Love Jessica Nigri but I hate this costume of hers lol
Keeping my Instagram open though for the pictures of Cats and Jessica Nigri
a better picture off my drawing off have in mind im NOT a pro so haters stay away
I have found Jessica Nigri's home address. Yes. Yees. Yes!
Jessica Nigri is literally all the goals.
Didn't Jessica Nigri cosplay as her? Is that why you like her? Lol
Oh, naomi. I thought you said jessica nigri xD
this is proof that Jessica Nigri is defined by one Word and that word is. FUN!
I should get arrested for just thinking about the things I would do to Jessica Nigri.
I told my bf I would grope Jessica Nigri next weekend 0.0 He said If I get arrested he doesnt know me. But... Nigri bewbies.
I should not have watched a bunch of jessica nigri videos.
I liked a video Jessica Nigri Cosplay Hot Chick at Comic-Con
During this interlude I would just like to say that new name is a Jessica "The Belching Machine" Nigri.
Everytime I see Jessica Nigri in my timeline I bust a nut
if you ever meet my gf irl please walk up to her and ask her "so what are your thoughts on Jessica Nigri?". trust me, its worth it
so I can have a half decent excuse as to why Jessica Nigri is on my search history
hello Jessica nigri can you say hello to shoutout me Rasmus Carlsson from Sweden ?
more like jessica nigri cosplaying teemo :L
Photo: kypeggedboi: More Jessica Nigri for your viewing pleasure.
the real wife goals are all of you girls who support a mans love of Jessica Nigri, you da real MVP!
My reaction when a girl on my stream chat saw me looking at a Jessica Nigri picture and called her gross
Jessica Nigri's cosplay is bad, and she should feel bad.
I would do unimaginable things to Jessica Nigri
Do you know who Jessica Nigri is? I'm not being mean i dont even look at cosplay but it looks like her.
I was wondering if you have plans to make a Jessica Nigri calendar and put it on your website for us to buy?
Any news if Jessica Nigri is going to be at expo this year?
I liked a video Random Interview with Jessica Nigri
I liked a video from BITING JESSICA NIGRI AT FAN EXPO 2014!!!
I liked a video Jessica Nigri gets Weird in Bloopers!!
Aweh I wish Jessica Nigri came into my store.
also saw jessica nigri last night. didn't know it was actually her till I searched up about it
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how is it that it takes months for my Jessica nigri fan page to get 350 likes but I post 1 thing on an elsanna...
Love the art. I'd love to have see this, but I want you to get the credit. I don't know how to do all that
One can never have too many pictures of Meg Turney, Natalie Dormer, and Jessica Nigri . . 😂😆😘
but I already have Jessica nigri posters in my room
Normal guys *** to Jessica Nigri, not argue with Frost XD
Jessica Nigri talked to me last night but words could not come out of my mouth she's much more prettier in real life
Jessica Nigri is just more than my poor little *** heart can handle
Jessica nigri?? She's a really super amazing and pretty famous cosplayer. I love her so much ah
I'm still so confused that Jessica Nigri was at the concert last night
lol last night eh. left the show to find out Jessica nigri was there
I was behind Jessica Nigri the entire show tonight it was weird.
Jessica Nigri Super Saiyan Goku Cosplay. as illustrated by me via Microsoft Paint
Photo: dj-joker: This is the fist picture I saw of JESSICA NIGRI. Then when I found out she cosplay, I fell...
Lollipop Chainsaw was Jessica Nigri's best cosplay ever rivaled only by her Pikachu
I would only marry 3 people in this world. Jessica Nigri, Meg Turney, and Asuna Yuuki. But My best odds are with the third one LOL GG LIFE
Hey thejessecaron what up bro jessica nigri
I am so in love with Jessica Nigri and her boyfriend. 😭
I want to be Jessica Nigri when I grow up.
How could you possibly call someone with a Jessica Nigri picture a catfish.
Kicking books *** As well as destroying stereotypes! Ladies and Gentleman, Jessica Nigri.!!
Report for spam, >.> trying to pass yourself off as jessica nigri is low.
is it bad that i had to look up who dafuq Jessica Nigri is?
What the *** did Jessica Nigri''s parents do to make a girl like that jizzus
Jessica Nigri and Matt Lucas both followed me in the same week 😏
that person would be glad to be hugged by jessica nigri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Photo: swandog: Ok this wins the internet for today :) Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Gnar :)
Jessica Nigri is in Canada, I need to get there asap
I think Jessica Nigri was hotter when she had small bewbs. Just saying.
Woah. Jessica Nigri just filled my timeline with Benedict Cumberbatch. I am not complaining.
Will jessica nigri make a cosplay where it's not about her *** all over the place i wonder
Cinder's booty based off of Jessica Nigri booty /NodNod
Getting irrationally upset over the fact that I'm not Jessica Nigri
We've added Bruce Campbell, Danai Gurira, Jessica Nigri, and Edward James Olmos to our mail order!
Can I ask you guys for some advice/words of encouragement? Should I even bother making my Arno (AC Unity) cosplay knowing that Jessica Nigri is kicking my *** at making one too? I just don't want my cosplay to be compared with hers. It happened to me when I cosplayed Elizabeth for Bioshock Infinite but with Anna Oremli.
My goals in life are to marry Jessica Nigri, Punch Dahvie Vanity in the throat, and get a tattoo of a…
this is Jessica Nigri, she is my waifu. You will be respectful.
im working on Jessica Nigri cosplay. Try and stop me.
Jessica Nigri tries her hand at Cosplaying the great Lizardon of Pokemon! is amazing!
Jessica Nigri on my wallpaper once again
Knightingail interview AZ Powergirl at Jesse James Comics during the West Coast premiere of Knightingail Filmed in October 2011. Features Jessica Nigri a.
Why do you do this to me, oh great Jessica Nigri
I don't get how Jessica nigri's boobs are naturally that huge
Yeah, I know. The entire show has made her look bad, honestly. Her /and/ Monika. . /AND/ Jessica Nigri.
Seen a chick hoter than Jessica nigri at anima fest 2014
Forgive me for being crass, but I want to play basketball with Jessica Nigri's titties. .
Jessica Nigri cosplay as Janna from League of Legend :3 love it very much :)
The only thing that could make me regret skipping animazement this year, would be if Jessica Nigri made an appearance and I missed it.
I just played with Jessica Nigri for an hour thanks to my friend :) YES. -iMeow
Janette is super excited for Jessica Nigri at AX :)
No they would be about food, guard, league, and Jessica Nigri.
& this is why your my fav cosplayer. Jessica nigri who?
What did you dream about last night? — Jessica Nigri and snorl4x
get Jessica Nigri at the Manchester event!
Jessica Nigri was at MCM today this morning but security had her killed. RIP Jessica Nigri :( We need to stop security from being so evil.
Can me and Jessica Nigri just be best friend forever? She funny... And hawt.
Just seen that Jessica Nigri isn't gonna make it to Londons Expo. I'm not so sad about it now. :3
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