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Jessica Motaung

Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director Jimmy Tau Happy Birthday Senzo Meyiwa

This air hostess looks like Jessica Motaung in her twenties, this is gone be a bon voyage 😊
Nope. Jessica Motaung is the one that Skhumba talks about.
No, she's not. Skhumba wants Jessica Motaung, the daughter of Kaizer Motaung of Amakhosi
Jessica doesn't believe the make up artist story πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ A month?
News coming in from Naturena is that Kaizer Chiefs have offered Zlatan a 6 month deal worth R18,5 million plus Jessica Motaung.
I wonder what will say to Jessica Motaung
Skhumba and Jessica Motaung though. help the other brother tuu.
My mate and I are still arguing about who Jessica Motaung was winking at that day in Rustenburg in 2013.
Jessica Motaung is here at work and I can't help but keep staring πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😍😍 muhle lo usisi yoh!!
Jessica MotaungπŸ˜πŸ’• queen of the North wall of Naturena..
If I was Jessica Motaung, I would've rocked up at Kaizer's house.Use Google translate to learn German
Jessica Motaung, you know what to do πŸ˜‰
Jessica Motaung she is doing a great job in her portfolio. The same can't be said about Bobby.
Khosi 4Life"Jessica Motaung and Bobby Motaung during the press conference
dear Ms Montjane,since u r one of da bosses of Zaziwa show,I'd lyk to see Ms Jessica Motaung some time in ur show.plz
Your last goal was on the 23rd of February Motaung should come up with a hashtag for that.
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Congratulations to the new Miss. SA. She looks like a young Jessica Motaung!! All the best to her.
πŸ‘‘ and Jessica Motaung kcfcofficial Marketing Director. . Don't they look…
Our new Miss SA looks alot like Jessica Motaung. Muhle u Ntandoyenkosi Kunene muhle!
Is it just me or our new miss sa ntandoyenkosi has jessica motaung resemblances?
Ntando is a Jessica Motaung lookalike mara neh?
Jacqui Mofokeng started it, Jessica Motaung followed, the rest is history
58th MISS SA?? I only remember maybe 10 plus JESSICA MOTAUNG who was a runner up cos shes still hot
So my friend says mamlambo wants jessica motaung's blood so that Kaizer Chiefs can win πŸ˜‚ this is
/The only reason why I still care about Kaizer Chiefs is because of my crush Jessica Motaung,It started with that Miss SA pageant yoh/
I wonder if Mamlambo doesn't want Jessica or Bobby Motaung's blood. . It's the only explanation for horrifying performances
Jessica motaung is so so so gorgeous I still want to be her ben 3310
Haven't seen Jessica Motaung in a minute.
Bobby Motaung,Steve Kompela and Doctor Khumalo they must be dismissed with immidiate effect. Jessica must replace Bobby.
R&J the work of Jessica Nupen with assistance from all dancers of Moving into Dance company including the prolific Sunnyboy Motaung.
You and Jessica Motaung can be a good couple...
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MD Jessica Motaung talk about the final leg of Cape Of Love & Peace
All the Motaung are at the stadium but where is Jessica?
I agree with Jessica Motaung is everything
changes cn be Gorden igusend joining us nd Jessica motaung as our Football manager
My one mate is sponsored by nike and gets VIP life to chiefs game but won't take me with to meet Jessica Motaung πŸ˜©πŸ’”
I always thought Jimmy Tau was gonna settle down with Jessica Motaung
Bobby Motaung must resign with his buddy Kompela. Jessica can do a better job We want Baxter back!
Such a pity I'm not a Kaizer Chiefs fan but still good to see the team is here with Jessica Motaung
May the lord bless me with, SORRY bless Jessica Motaung...
β€œCape Town is our home away from home this season,” Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director Jessica Motaung
Lemme see the motaung of and then I will be the!
A message from Jessica Motaung to the amazing Supporters as the season resumes
And the only Jessica I recognize is Jessica Motaung. The rest are Shadow Jessicas.
Jessica Motaung does not age.So gorgeous 😍
Assistant Coach, Doctor Khumalo, Morgan Gould & Jessica Motaung are representing Kaizer Chiefs at the Press Conference
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I support Kaizer Chiefs because of Jessica Motaung, she's so beautiful
Jessica Motaung when Kekana scored the 3rd**
We look to the leadership of Kaizer, Bobby, Jessica Motaung and Steve Komphela to lead us to glory on this day!
Doctor:what can I do for you?. Jessica motaung:do you think I'm ugly?. Doctor:no I don't think you're ugly. Jessica...
hi! Jessy u creative in your job, take care baby
I only know Jessica motaung fam, yall are exposing ur age
Must say I've mad respect for Jessica Motaung's marketing genius what she's done with the brand is on another level
Did I see that alone that jessica Motaung is looks gorgeously isπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯on that dress?
Can somebody please get Jessica Motaung out that bag/dress
Jessica Motaung what a classy woman
Jessica Motaung. The hottest bae in football :)
Jessica motaung Can get it anytime πŸ˜€πŸ˜
Sitting across Jessica Motaung..she just made it to my crush list..
These rankings were calculated by Jessica Motaung, that's the only explanation.
I'm a big fan but I always find myself dialling that hollard/chiefs funeral plan number after seeing Jessica Motaung
All purpose parts banner
Did you say hi? Or did that end like the other time with Miss perfect Goddess Jessica Motaung..?
admin can I have Jessica Motaung's cell number ✌
jessica motaung is what we call beauty and brains. A very humble being
Excellent analysis . For what it's worth , you a 2015 IRS 2159 , my business used a template form here
Thanks to amazing speakers Jessica Motaung and Natalie du Toit
Let's take action from what we have learned here today" Jessica Motaung
"Put in the hard work and you'll get results." Jessica Motaung
"Let's take action from what we've learned here today." Jessica Motaung
"If you're not changing the game, you're following." Jessica Motaung
"Be part of the team and keep learning" Jessica Motaung
You are your best leader, lead by example Jessica Motaung
"Be part of a team and keep learning." Jessica Motaung
"Be comfortable and authentic with yourself." Jessica Motaung
"Sometimes you need to embrace and enjoy the journey" Jessica Motaung
"One lesson that I've learn letting go of a desire to always want to win" Jessica Motaung
We need to learn as women to tap in the uniqueness of being a women Jessica Motaung
"Sometimes you can win by not winning" Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung Marketing Director share her journey as women in sport
Challenge for me is coming from a very of excellence Jessica Motaung
Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director Jessica Motaung takes to the stage
Jessica Motaung shares her views regards business of sport
Kaizer Chiefs fans at the thrilled to see Jessica Motaung at the seminar.
Last night with and Jessica Motaung...πŸ˜Šβœ‹πŸΎ cc kcfcofficial
Great line up of speakers at tomorrow's Women in Sports Conference.Natalie du Toit, Jessica Motaung(con)
Florentino Perez should take a page out of Jessica Motaung's 'Show Your Intentions' Handbook and unveil De Gea's Jersey at lunchtime today
Thank U everybody at , the club of who BEAT everyone including Jessica Motaung for votes in
Had a great time on Saturday night with one of my role models, Jessica Motaung. KC 1st lady and OP 1st lady πŸ˜›πŸ˜ƒ
Happy Birthday to one of my woman crush , Jessica Motaung.
Yesterday i saw Jessica Motaung, my love for that lady ❀ hey, she is so humble and so pretty
Happy Birthday to the Glamour Queen Jessica Motaung, love u lots!!!
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HBD to our Marketing Director Jessica Dineo Motaung β™₯Her so much
Actually this is a birthday present to Jessica Motaung for her birthday tomorrow 4-papa! Welldone boys!
Lol it's like telling Jessica Motaung to join Mamelodi Sundowns πŸ˜„never happening!
As fan you can vote for Jessica Motaung ( Woman of the Year Finalist )
Don't forget to cast your vote on for Jessica Motaung (Woman of the Year Finalist)
5 Women of the year Finalist : Thandi Merafe , Patricia Kambarami and Jessica Motaung
Woman of the Year finalists are Thandi Merafe Patricia Kambarami and Jessica Motaung!
Jessica Motaung on Kaizer Chiefs, family businesses & football in SA -
Great to have Jessica Motaung in Studio today. Interview to follow..
"I told my TL that Jessica Motaung can Get it"
Great vibes at the Kaizer Chiefs Village. Jessica Motaung with Chomane Chomane
Jessica Motaung applauds amakhosi for the increase in sales of the KC jersey and says negotiations with IK are still ongoing
Listening to Jessica Motaung on I think is going back to Amakhosi.
Talking to Jessica Motaung and Paying tribute to on GAME ON from 6-7 on in
You know, I think ke Kemiso Motaung because the last time I asked her to talk to Jessica to unblock me she said that she was the 1..
If i didn't know better I'd say he's swearing πŸ‘‰"uFuze unyoko "Jessica Motaung is too beautiful thou""
uFuze unyoko "Jessica Motaung is too beautiful thou"
Jessica Motaung is too beautiful thou
will host another press conference to announce Jessica Motaung's new weave for 2015/16 season
u killed it on tonyt yo. U n jessica.motaung gvs us a run for our money at gym.stru
That KC Press con was fun. Esp the part where Jessica Motaung had her back to the camera laying those jerseys on the table. Best 7mins😍😍
Kaizer Motaung must give Masongo and Jessica if he want to keep them
Twitpic Jessica Motaung please "That's it from my side. fans are you happy with your new signings?"
Twitpic please "Jessica Motaung with the opening remarks."
lol one for Jessica, Motaung jnr and the other for Motaung snr.
Jessica Motaung says there are "some players we are reconnecting with".
Jessica Motaung with the opening remarks.
Jessica Motaung "Someone hook me up le Jessica Nkosi please ."
Jessica Motaung is my all time desire, today and everyday.
Tough day at the Kaizer Chiefs camp yesterday, and now the gloomy weather...Jessica Motaung needs me.
Lol this"How many Chiefs players did Jessica sleep with?"
Motaung? Haaai "How many Chiefs players did Jessica sleep with?"
It is only Jessica Motaung that I trust other than Kaizer himself.
Jessica Motaung.modimo wame...I just cant
If its one Jessica that inspires me in life,its Jessica Motaung. So much for sharing names
I think Bobby Motaung should just do the marketing together with Jessica. This thing of him managing the club is not for him.
Jessica Motaung now closing the briefing.
Sundowns must buy Jessica Motaung from Kaizer Chiefs!!!please Mr Motsepe look into it
So Itumeleng, Tefu and Baxter left ChiefsπŸ˜’, I think Bobby Motaung should step down and leave Jessica to run Chiefs.
Kaizer Chiefs chairman Mr Kaizer Motaung and Stuart Baxter, along with Bobby and Jessica, have just arrived.
Jessica Motaung is inlove with me. She doesn't know it yet.
Beautiful Jessica Motaung looks so disgusted as Bobby opens his cake hole!
Jessica Motaung looks like shes getting younger.
Somebody say hi to Jessica Motaung for me
Jessica Motaung what was the wait for kanti? (-___-')
AF "Jessica Motaung is beautiful!!!" "That's why Jimmy Tau couldn't resist her"
So we waited since last week for Jessica Motaung to tell us that she won't be telling us anything. Imagine.
Jessica Motaung is all kinds of hot. MOER
I'm just waiting for Jessica Motaung to appear on my telly again. Life makes sense when I see her.
Jessica Motaung: Obviously there has been a number of speculations in the media about who is leaving.
Ah β€œJessica Motaung: We will not be addressing issues about the new season. This is about closing the …
There will not be any talk of new signings or the 2015/16 season today according to Jessica Motaung.
Jessica Motaung: β€œWe felt that it is very important for us as a club to put the rumours to rest and provide clarity.” …
is underway. Jessica Motaung is addressing the media.
Jessica Motaung is now addressing the members of the media
But. "Jessica Motaung says today's presser is about closure,the past season and not the upcoming season
Jessica Motaung is a mediocre marketer who reads too many mediocre textbooks. Who ties a club brand to a funeral service anyway?
"Jessica Motaung takes the podium: "We've had a great season, one we can look back with a lot of pride"
Smh lol "cc "Jessica Motaung send me ur nudes plz""
Eh""cc "Jessica Motaung send me ur nudes plz""
"cc "Jessica Motaung send me ur nudes plz""
cc "Jessica Motaung send me ur nudes plz"
I have been Khosi fan since 1993. All I wanna know is if Jessica Motaung is single
Zizo is on PSL Award's red carpet. fashion. Lesley, Minnie, Cga, Josta, Jessica Motaung where there. Tonight on SELI.
I'm not sure... But I think Jessica Motaung can gerit!!!😏 LRT
I doubt he's going to be Motaung's replacement. Jessica is on the board of directors. He doesn't. Speaks volumes.
New Post: We need to build on this success – Jessica Motaung
Success is a carefully planned journey that entails a number of elements - Jessica Motaung
Motaung we hoping to see another nice design replica for next season
Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung, says the side need to build on this season's success.
Let me seek clarity from Jessica Motaung, I still don't believe this story from Sunday World, the story belongs to Daily Sun 😴😴
Moerskont... Jessica Motaung at those awards last night.
"Thank you Vodacom for staying with us throughout our journey." - Jessica Motaung.
Phuti needs to consult,if he says younger sister then yes"Jessica Motaung Skobo? Ema ha nyane hlem.. Wow.
. with sexy Jessica Motaung the Marketing Director of at the Players awards
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Jealous down Let's give Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung & the boys some RTs
I'm like hey wassup hello Jessica Motaung.
But Jessica Motaung is a flame hey guys???
EricM.Mathoho was introduced at Naturena in a doll by Chiefs marketing guru,Jessica Motaung!He,s proved one of her bes…
Jessica Motaung or Carol Tshabalala ... Any one Of the God .. I will be Happy.
U see tha Camera Man at the is showing a top view of Jessica Motaung! Tht Man deserves a Bells!
Jessica Motaung always fails to dress her self properly...
I love Jessica Motaung haholo mara this Shinny material must go!Who is her stylist?A gorgeous lady like her deserves nice dresses
Eix, Jessica Motaung i'll never mind being your ben10.
Jessica Motaung's left boob is on fleek
What kind of bun is Jessica Motaung wearing?!
Stingy fam Jessica Motaung and the Chairman have arrived
can u guys safe Jessica Motaung frm her tasteless sense of fashion..I mean really dd she cals tht classy
Jessica Motaung could wear a refuse bag if she wanted. She's above the critique of mere mortals.
I think Jessica Motaung needs a stylist. That dress does not suite her at all. After all she's Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director !
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Jessica Motaung says her dress was inspired by 'Hollywood'.
Jessica Motaung and the Chairman have arrived
On the tonight we will be joined by and Jessica Motaung of Join us in welcoming the champions!
I once almost smsed to Hollard cos Jessica Motaung was on the advert.
Jessica Motaung doesn't have a mistake .. Eish :'')β™₯
Beautiful scenes at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium as the cameraman zooms into Jessica Motaung.
Jessica Motaung Can Call me anytime..!! I may be Young But I'm Ready...!
Jessica Motaung can have her way with me any day of the week πŸ’œ
The battle of Jessica's is taken by Nkosi shem. As much as I love Motaung!
Jessica Motaung always keeps her natural hair. I like that about her. Although I'll stick to my weaves lol
Jessica Motaung is pretty. Muhlez that one!
Jessica Motaung 😍😍😍😍. I understand she's Chiefs But she need to whiten her teeth.
Jessica Motaung a marketer through and through.
Jessica Motaung is so beautiful...yaay!
I switch to SS4 and there is da gorgeous Jessica Motaung, da only beautiful thing I admire about KC ☺
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There's the bae Jessica Motaung. Can't forget what said about her lol.
Jessica Motaung can Rape me anytime anywhere πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
Jessica Motaung receiving the R10M cheque from ABSA.
Jessica Motaung is wearing sneakers, nice
Jessica Motaung must do anything in her power to ensure Baxter doesn't leave he's our Ferguson!
Gerald Sibeko went from being a star to be a tea boy for Jessica Motaung.
The only lovable thing at Chiefs is Jessica Motaung
Hubby's for days! Jessica Motaung. I don't blame him though. The woman is regal, elegant and…
Guys help me where is Jessica Motaung I haven't seen her for long now
I'll keep judging y'all for eating *** until Jessica Motaung requests me to.
I don't know why is not taking my calls
My goes to my favourite team's Marketing Manager Jessica Motaung.
Jessica Motaung is so pretty and yet so humbled. I dare you to stay beautiful woman.
U also there?RT Jessica Motaung is at Protea Glen Secondary School
Jessica Motaung of to receive an award at Glen Secondary, oh wow you go sister
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Lol LRT so the fact that Kaizer Chiefs is owned by Jessica Motaung's daddy counts for nothing?
The Nelson Mandela Library @ Protea Glen Sec has identified Jessica Motaung as one of the top women who contributes to women transformation
Jessica Motaung is at Protea Glen Secondary to receive a special award
Jessica Motaung, when will have a permanent Rugby Team and a Ladies Soccer Team?
Jessica Motaung owes us an explanation for this look! I mean, high heels maybe?! πŸ˜πŸ˜”
Some gorgeous girls were in the stands and not to mention the yummy Jessica Motaung
Power Couple Wits. Nkosi Sikelel'Afrika. Birthday gifts for the CIC before talking Chiefs' 2 Mill with Jessica Motaung. 3 PM 88.1 FM
Spent the morning at The Village with Jessica Motaung and her team and I'm very impressed with the work that has...
Highlight of the day...meeting Jessica Motaung
Tell Jessica Motaung that I still love her
O fit mme yoo OMG. Jessica Motaung just passed by our stand."
OMG. Jessica Motaung just passed by our stand.
Did you know: Jessica Motaung Joined Chiefs on Valentines Day and won a prize?
LOL"Jessica Motaung after the match last night
"Jessica Motaung after the match last night kwa –  10% Off
Jessica Motaung after the match last night
Jessica Motaung with all that money insist on keeping her crooked smile :(
Jessica Motaung is even more gorgeous in person 😍😍😍
Flanked by football leadership greats: Jessica Motaung of Kaiser Chiefs and David Dein of Arsenal Football Club
Will Jessica Motaung ever grow old...Hau Bathong ... Im sooo attending that game for one and one reason.
My lil bro TT with Jessica Motaung yesterday at the FNB Stadium
Yoh jessica motaung got a booty for days
I think my dad has a crush on Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung can be my sugar mommy anyday dammit
I would like to take Jessica Motaung out on a date, what the procedure?
Jessica Motaung was speaking on Metrofm with Joeman & she said Khune ain't goin nowhere.
Jessica Motaung and her team are doing a great job with Kaizer Chiefs as a brand.Big up!
South africa is fighting unemployment but and Jessica Motaung are fighting small business to run in stadium...
There's a selfie my uncle, aunt, Jessica Motaung & uncle Mickey took at the Durban July that turned me off Jessica forever
Jessica Motaung and her fathers team are coming to town...
I used to have a big crush on Jessica Motaung til I found out she has a kiss-madolo. The betrayal...
β€œMay she truly carry out the mission of β€œBeauty with a Purpose” that is a key part of the Miss World pageant!” Jessica Motaung
β€œI am especially proud because I know what it means to stand on that stage and represent your country.” Jessica Motaung
lool ayt girlie am glad. Big ups for following me follow ma boothang
"Jessica Motaung at in Polokwane with and
Been great "Jessica Motaung at in Polokwane with and
1. My boo Jessica Motaung had a long day putting in work for the brand. She's tired from todays work. I see it in her eyes.
Jess is beautiful maanRT Jessica Motaung live on
Jessica Motaung at in Polokwane with and
I will walk barefoot across the Sahara desert just to be with Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung is probably a better striker than Nkhatha!
A moment of silence for the beauty that is Jessica Motaung! Was with her yesterday and I Froze!
I've managed to track down the one person who doesn't know Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung: We are excited and prepared to welcome the Brazillians at home this Saturday
Amakhosi for hi to Jessica,Motaung junior.including ma Sweetheart Kaizer.Nginithanda Nonke
Yo given your alleged relationship with Jessica Motaung, please ask her to tell to unblock me
Chiefs and water point. Around the corner Jessica Motaung was cheering and working
This might be common knowledge but I had to put it out there...Jessica Motaung is just too stunning
I woulda had better time if i didnt stop to nae nae at the Kaizer Chiefs water point! *** no nyeoa HNM da!!! Feecharing Jessica Motaung
At the Chiefs water point my buddy stops for pics with Jessica Motaung. Now in the cruel Vilikazi St passed 26km mark
Do u remeber when Senzo Meyiwa was saving Chiefs so much that Jessica Motaung was literally
Ask Jessica Motaung she was literally cos Senzo Meyiwa was saving
Jessica Motaung sitting next to lucky legwathi! Watch out my Captain she is dangerous that 1
Jessica Motaung looks too good for someone in her 40s. Another lady who's not aging is Khanyi Dhlomo.
It's understandable if he decides to leave you for Jessica Motaung...
"There is a gap that needs to be filled by Itumeleng Khune at Orlando Pirates", Chakane addressing Jessica Motaung.
Chakane challenges Jessica Motaung to consider bringing Khune to pick up where Senzo left. Crowd bursts in laughter.
On Tongue in Cheek at 20:30: How to succeed in a man’s world:Jessica Motaung, Kaizer Chiefs Director tells us how...
β€œI was at the same hotel with her for the Mtn Finals! Piece of art! Since put on weight Jessica Motaung... Because: Wednesday.
"Even my white boiz cav' that Jessica is a milf." Motaung?
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I have an undying crush for that woman. "Jessica Motaung β™₯
If God really loves me, I will see Jessica Motaung again before the end of this week :)
Jessica Motaung z doin a great job big ups to her nd d rest of makhosi family
Jessica Motaung and itumeleng khune are starting to become annoying like Desmond and Lillian Dube
Jessica Motaung is that lady who's not that gorgeous, but for some reason every men would date.
it was nice to see Jessica Motaung after a while in Waterfront Cape Town, though I wanted to ...
/I would still mess with Peggy Sue Khumalo,Krishnie Naicker, Basetsana Khumalo & Jessica Motaung homie/
/Dawg,that's why Bobby Motaung wanted him to retire& Jessica has been my crush since Miss SA days,*sheds a tear*/
He also got Jessica Motaung *** ! /Jimmy Tau went from Pirates to Chiefs and then became a huge KC supporter *** ”
I would like to personally thank all the women I have worked with from Jessica Motaung to the last lady a security at the games.
I thnk all team must be aware of ds man m teling ya dr z stl more 2 come ikhosi alipheli moya motaung voice
Kaizer Chiefs Jessica Motaung should not try to improve Mandla Masango's English by asking him to read books,it will be the end of him
The only way can give Jessica Motaung a proper birthday present is to make it to the MTN 8 final
Mount Fletcher Branch would like to wish Amakhosi 1st Lady(Jessica Motaung), a Happy Birthday. Sithi ukhule Mama...
Happy Birthday to the marketing manager Jessica motaung
Happy Birthday to the ever so beautiful Jessica Motaung. She makes the brand a thorn. Manny blessings her way
Amakhosi loyal supporters and fans would like to wish our Marketing Director, Ms Jessica Motaung a Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Jessica Motaung, enjoy your day and God bless you
Happy Birthday to Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung. Stay beautiful and enjoy ur day.
Happy Birthday to Jessica Motaung the chiefs brand is growing its through u nd ur team God bless U
Happy Birthday to our lovely Jessica Motaung. We love u. God bless
Jessica Motaung: Most importantly, we are looking to more of our supporters filling up the stadium to encourage the Team to do well.
Jessica Motaung: Well, this season, we will be asking you to Inspire Greatness in others and within yourselves!
Jessica Motaung: You remember the Reclaiming the Glory campaign (Chiefs won League and Cup double in 2012/13 season)
Jessica Motaung: The Club would be asking supporters to Inspire Greatness in all they do.
Jessica Motaung: We are not only winning games since the start of the season,we are dishing out a fine display of football
I used to pray every time Kaizer Chiefs lost a game, that Jessica Motaung would come to my house and explain the defeat. I'm still praying!
My daughter with her mentor Jessica Motaung, both looking good with the colours of
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