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Jessica Motaung

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I don't know why is not taking my calls
My goes to my favourite team's Marketing Manager Jessica Motaung.
Jessica Motaung is so pretty and yet so humbled. I dare you to stay beautiful woman.
U also there?RT Jessica Motaung is at Protea Glen Secondary School
Jessica Motaung of to receive an award at Glen Secondary, oh wow you go sister
Lol LRT so the fact that Kaizer Chiefs is owned by Jessica Motaung's daddy counts for nothing?
The Nelson Mandela Library @ Protea Glen Sec has identified Jessica Motaung as one of the top women who contributes to women transformation
Jessica Motaung is at Protea Glen Secondary to receive a special award
Jessica Motaung, when will have a permanent Rugby Team and a Ladies Soccer Team?
Jessica Motaung owes us an explanation for this look! I mean, high heels maybe?! 😏😔
Some gorgeous girls were in the stands and not to mention the yummy Jessica Motaung
Power Couple Wits. Nkosi Sikelel'Afrika. Birthday gifts for the CIC before talking Chiefs' 2 Mill with Jessica Motaung. 3 PM 88.1 FM
Spent the morning at The Village with Jessica Motaung and her team and I'm very impressed with the work that has...
Highlight of the day...meeting Jessica Motaung
Tell Jessica Motaung that I still love her
O fit mme yoo OMG. Jessica Motaung just passed by our stand."
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OMG. Jessica Motaung just passed by our stand.
Did you know: Jessica Motaung Joined Chiefs on Valentines Day and won a prize?
LOL"Jessica Motaung after the match last night
"Jessica Motaung after the match last night kwa
Jessica Motaung after the match last night
Jessica Motaung with all that money insist on keeping her crooked smile :(
Jessica Motaung is even more gorgeous in person 😍😍😍
Flanked by football leadership greats: Jessica Motaung of Kaiser Chiefs and David Dein of Arsenal Football Club
Will Jessica Motaung ever grow old...Hau Bathong ... Im sooo attending that game for one and one reason.
My lil bro TT with Jessica Motaung yesterday at the FNB Stadium
Yoh jessica motaung got a booty for days
I think my dad has a crush on Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung can be my sugar mommy anyday dammit
I would like to take Jessica Motaung out on a date, what the procedure?
Jessica Motaung was speaking on Metrofm with Joeman & she said Khune ain't goin nowhere.
Jessica Motaung and her team are doing a great job with Kaizer Chiefs as a brand.Big up!
South africa is fighting unemployment but and Jessica Motaung are fighting small business to run in stadium...
There's a selfie my uncle, aunt, Jessica Motaung & uncle Mickey took at the Durban July that turned me off Jessica forever
Jessica Motaung and her fathers team are coming to town...
I used to have a big crush on Jessica Motaung til I found out she has a kiss-madolo. The betrayal...
“May she truly carry out the mission of “Beauty with a Purpose” that is a key part of the Miss World pageant!” Jessica Motaung
“I am especially proud because I know what it means to stand on that stage and represent your country.” Jessica Motaung
lool ayt girlie am glad. Big ups for following me follow ma boothang
"Jessica Motaung at in Polokwane with and
Been great "Jessica Motaung at in Polokwane with and
1. My boo Jessica Motaung had a long day putting in work for the brand. She's tired from todays work. I see it in her eyes.
Jess is beautiful maanRT Jessica Motaung live on
Jessica Motaung at in Polokwane with and
I will walk barefoot across the Sahara desert just to be with Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung is probably a better striker than Nkhatha!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
A moment of silence for the beauty that is Jessica Motaung! Was with her yesterday and I Froze!
I've managed to track down the one person who doesn't know Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung: We are excited and prepared to welcome the Brazillians at home this Saturday
Amakhosi for hi to Jessica,Motaung junior.including ma Sweetheart Kaizer.Nginithanda Nonke
Yo given your alleged relationship with Jessica Motaung, please ask her to tell to unblock me
Chiefs and water point. Around the corner Jessica Motaung was cheering and working
This might be common knowledge but I had to put it out there...Jessica Motaung is just too stunning
I woulda had better time if i didnt stop to nae nae at the Kaizer Chiefs water point! *** no nyeoa HNM da!!! Feecharing Jessica Motaung
At the Chiefs water point my buddy stops for pics with Jessica Motaung. Now in the cruel Vilikazi St passed 26km mark
Do u remeber when Senzo Meyiwa was saving Chiefs so much that Jessica Motaung was literally
Ask Jessica Motaung she was literally cos Senzo Meyiwa was saving
Jessica Motaung sitting next to lucky legwathi! Watch out my Captain she is dangerous that 1
Jessica Motaung looks too good for someone in her 40s. Another lady who's not aging is Khanyi Dhlomo.
It's understandable if he decides to leave you for Jessica Motaung...
"There is a gap that needs to be filled by Itumeleng Khune at Orlando Pirates", Chakane addressing Jessica Motaung.
Chakane challenges Jessica Motaung to consider bringing Khune to pick up where Senzo left. Crowd bursts in laughter.
On Tongue in Cheek at 20:30: How to succeed in a man’s world:Jessica Motaung, Kaizer Chiefs Director tells us how...
“I was at the same hotel with her for the Mtn Finals! Piece of art! Since put on weight Jessica Motaung... Because: Wednesday.
"Even my white boiz cav' that Jessica is a milf." Motaung?
I have an undying crush for that woman. "Jessica Motaung ♥
If God really loves me, I will see Jessica Motaung again before the end of this week :)
Jessica Motaung z doin a great job big ups to her nd d rest of makhosi family
Jessica Motaung and Itumeleng Khune are starting to become annoying like Desmond and Lillian Dube
Jessica Motaung is that lady who's not that gorgeous, but for some reason every men would date.
it was nice to see Jessica Motaung after a while in Waterfront Cape Town, though I wanted to ...
/I would still mess with Peggy Sue Khumalo,Krishnie Naicker, Basetsana Khumalo & Jessica Motaung homie/
/Dawg,that's why Bobby Motaung wanted him to retire& Jessica has been my crush since Miss SA days,*sheds a tear*/
He also got Jessica Motaung *** ! /Jimmy Tau went from Pirates to Chiefs and then became a huge KC supporter *** ”
I would like to personally thank all the women I have worked with from Jessica Motaung to the last lady a security at the games.
I thnk all team must be aware of ds man m teling ya dr z stl more 2 come ikhosi alipheli moya motaung voice
Kaizer Chiefs Jessica Motaung should not try to improve Mandla Masango's English by asking him to read books,it will be the end of him
The only way can give Jessica Motaung a proper birthday present is to make it to the MTN 8 final
Mount Fletcher Branch would like to wish Amakhosi 1st Lady(Jessica Motaung), a happy birthday. Sithi ukhule Mama...
happy birthday to the marketing manager Jessica motaung
Happy birthday to the ever so beautiful Jessica Motaung. She makes the brand a thorn. Manny blessings her way
Amakhosi loyal supporters and fans would like to wish our Marketing Director, Ms Jessica Motaung a Happy birthday.
happy birthday Jessica Motaung, enjoy your day and God bless you
Happy Birthday to Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung. Stay beautiful and enjoy ur day.
Happy birthday to Jessica Motaung the chiefs brand is growing its through u nd ur team God bless U
Happy birthday to our lovely Jessica Motaung. We love u. God bless
Jessica Motaung: Most importantly, we are looking to more of our supporters filling up the stadium to encourage the Team to do well.
Jessica Motaung: Well, this season, we will be asking you to Inspire Greatness in others and within yourselves!
Jessica Motaung: You remember the Reclaiming the Glory campaign (Chiefs won League and Cup double in 2012/13 season)
Jessica Motaung: The Club would be asking supporters to Inspire Greatness in all they do.
Jessica Motaung: We are not only winning games since the start of the season,we are dishing out a fine display of football
I used to pray every time Kaizer Chiefs lost a game, that Jessica Motaung would come to my house and explain the defeat. I'm still praying!
My daughter with her mentor Jessica Motaung, both looking good with the colours of
We wnt Jessica nt hm Who will be angry nah if Sundowns signs Bobby Motaung and loan him to Pirates? Lol! Just asking!
Jessica motaung they gave her ifa le insurance cz akazi lutho nge Soccer
U dumped my chick now, o batla Jessica Motaung?
Y bruh"I'd never baps Jessica Motaung bruuh"
Jessica Motaung is one sexy woman! Yeyi, I think Claire Mawisa and I are over.
Jessica Motaung should replace Bobby now. It's about time...
Bobby Motaung is no longer a manager! Now is Jessica..
Jessica Motaung has joined us at the MTN8 media tournament
Where is Jessica Motaung with her "iKhosi aliPEARL'uMORE-ya" phrase to comfort us?. All that twanging for and Ad fela?
Must go back to CPT & ndibe ngu Jessica Motaung pha kwi CPT All Stars, my uncle is building there, am proud!
Can someone find out from Jessica Motaung, if the Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan cover Orlando Pirates fans?
Loverly kit frm my team Kaizer Chiefs tanx miss jessica motaung
I have Jessica Motaung's pic on my wall, am I also included?
...and then Jessica Motaung rocked it...
Comments - Jessica Motaung in love triangle - Sowetan LIVE via crus r u dating ben10 jessi' no its bad.
"The only girl that's more important than Nadia Nakai in my life is Jessica Motaung" 🔥..
To the Bukhosi Sibanda fans & Metro listeners ningaphel'umoya. Not the Jessica Motaung kind of ningaphel'umoya. He will be on tomorrow 05h30
" we will make announcement as soon as we made final decision participation " Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung confirm receiving a formal invitation from to participate in the 2015, on 8 July
Safa takes after Jessica Motaung who once introduced Mathoho's jersey number
Kaizer Chiefs will be looking at returning to lifting the trophies during the 2014/15 PSL League season following the 2013/14 season where they finished second in the league, and reaching the semifinals of all competitions. The Club has revealed their intentions for the upcoming season at a Press Conference held at the Club Headquarters on Wednesday morning. Represented by the Football Manager Bobby Motaung, Marketing Director Jessica Motaung and Coach Stuart Baxter, the Club described their plans as follows: Jessica Motaung, “Welcome to The Village after a thrilling World Cup in Brazil. We are living in interesting times at Kaizer Chiefs in terms of the developments taking place. We are looking forward to a great season after luck was not on our side last season.” Bobby Motaung: “Welcome once more and good to have you at The Village. We are looking forward to interacting with you today and throughout the season. As introduction from the Club we wish to state that different Clubs operate differently ...
what a stupid and stingy manager Bobby Motaung is mxm, I wish Jessica can run ths club nt Bobby cz he cnt get us gud players
Jessica Motaung: Our vision is a long term vision. We are not looking at just the short term.
"We have received the invitation to play in the We will announce in due course." - Jessica Motaung.
"Today is about setting the tone for the new season. Last season we had many challenges." - Jessica Motaung.
Jessica Motaung: The jersey also speaks to our players to play with the heart, if you look at the stripe is extended fro…
Jessica Motaung on "Just travelled to constructive discussions with rival teams. We want flourishing league"
marketing manager Jessica Motaung before the media is given a preview of the new jersey
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The difference between a Chiefs supporter and a Pirates supporter can be determined between Jessica Motaung and Sonono Khoza.
Jessica Motaung was definitely a heater between 17-22 right now I don't feel her sax. Beautiful lady but mad mild
Ok honestly now, da next tym I c Jessica Motaung on tv ka this Hollard funeral cover, I swear I'll ...
Her name is Keke... She likes being called Keketso... While all this time I been calling her Jessica Motaung. Lol
YES, Jessica Motaung "Have you ever wanted someone you can’t have?"
"Jessica Motaung: Chiefs represented at a global stage Cde won't be pleased
Jessica Motaung: Chiefs represented at a global stage
LOL! I'd even support that pap team Kaizer Chiefs if that's the prenup for Jessica Motaung
Isn't it too early to be showing Jessica Motaung on our screens?? Batho ba ba re leka 😧
Jessica Motaung will do us proud in New York
Jessica Motaung director of Kaizer Chiefs talking to dinner re Mandela and how sport helper change S Africa
Jessica Motaung represents Kaizer Chiefs in New York Jessica Motaung is part of the Expert Panel at the Beyond Sport Conference taking place today at the Yankee Stadium in New York. The theme is “Putting community at the heart of investing in soccer”. Hosted by Dan Nicholl (CEO, Skududu Media) she will share the stage with representatives from New York Yankees, UNICEF, AS Roma, FC Bayern Munich, Sony Corporation, New York Cosmos, Seattle Sounders and lots more.
Jabu pule,jab jab jabu pule im on tht supersport like im jab jab jabu pule..oh i stll gt it/still gt it/i said fck ivan khoza bt kaizer cn still get it/khosi's the best,the best the best the best/coz we gt baxter, baxter baxter tryna give musona competition n nkhatha cnt stop me/its actually funny how the psl nominated a guy like katsande/boy skabatla *** shooter/u gnn crash wit ya car like rooi mahamutsa/im bwt to get a new car,like Jimmy Tau n jessica motaung rai kutswa/mini uKhune ushad u minnie/dlamini,but first udliwe u speedy...ay thts as far as i cn freestyle shebeleza remix lol
Bra Hugh selling funeral covers now? Hhayi, maybe we should declare his voice a National Key Point used commercially only to sing Stimela, Coincidence and all those lovely songs he has recorded over the years. That voice should not be competing with Jessica Motaung over who has got the best funeral scheme.
This time next week, hosting in NY. 'keeper Luis Robles, Jessica Motaung from both speaking.
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Jessica Motaung is so beautiful n hot! *just saying*
Jessica Motaung is beautiful...Side chick beautiful doe♥
"Win a lunch competition with Jessica Motaung and players has ended". Like really now!! Teams are looking and...
KC Mobile: Win lunch with Jessica Motaung & some of the players. Buy a KC Mobile starter pack htt…
How does Jessica Motaung stay so Beutiful Mara? Ayi I dont blame Jimmy Tau lol
eish I like it for the Pirates but yet again I like it for the Jessica Motaung..
Jessica Motaung can just brighten up a dark room.. :-)
Kaizer knew that putting Jessica Motaung on those adverts, would have niggaz watchin' . She's fine.
Iz it possible dat Jessica Motaung, the Marketing Manager of Kaizer Chiefs can get married?
Jessica Motaung says "We have an amazing league. We've taken the league to the highest level." The PSL, that is..
“Thank you Vodacom. The work we’ve done with you has enabled us to connect with our fans.” Marketing Director Jessica Motaung
Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung with the vote of thanks
Jessica Motaung dressed up for the occasion
Jessica Motaung has a younger sister? the younger sister, always rolling with Jessica”
Jessica Motaung can wear a pair of jeans n sneakers she always luks stunning. She's gorgeous njeto all
are here represented by Jessica Motaung and her father Kazier Motaung
I love my soccer, but tonight the ladies have outplayed the guys Nandi Mngoma, Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung needs to be on Ponds Advert .
Jessica Motaung isn't that beautiful though-she ok
What Jacob Zuma forgot To tell you in his last election campaign...(1) After ANC wins the Guptas are coming illegally again into the country for their honeymoon (2) He is building another Nkandla (3) He is taking 5 more wives (4) He is gonna target Jessica Motaung he is done with Irvin Khoza's Daughter (5)e-tolls are gonna be installed in all the provinces.
According to me, Jessica Motaung have everything that a woman must have. Am.i right or wrong?
Who is the most sexiest woman in mzanzi? Nna kere "Jessica Motaung"
Loool afta elections,on thursday if ZANC has maked it,ZUMA ll marry Jessica motaung loool
Lol :) askies Jessica ngwana Motaung! "LMAO I'll make u beg for my autograph when I'm famous mxm"
So Jessica Motaung brought my local watering hole to a stop.
Jessica motaung sensed this from the start that's why she came with the slogan"ikhosi aliphelu moya". Indeed umoya ugalore
I'd support Kaizer Chiefs again if they let me just touch Jessica Motaung.
Mxm the Motaung family should know their stand. The field its for d players nd coach not Bobby, Jessica nd juniorit?
That awkward moment when you switch on the TV and the first person you see and hear is Jessica Motaung saying "Ikhosi aliphelu moya" lol
I maintain that Claire and Jessica Motaung can make me ben 10 anytime
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I don't like Kaizer Chiefs but that Jessica Motaung advert has a brother questioning his loyalties. Sister is fine.
Jessica Hubbard's story in this weeks mag...makes one think about their spending habits...pretty reflec…
Jessica Motaung has parted ways with her Ben10 Thato Matuka. Im throwing a party. I hated that can he undress Jessica
/Jessica Motaung`s lips can make a man to swim across oceans just to hit it/
Jessica Motaung is literally the only interesting thing about Kaizer Chiefs
I can be jessica motaung,s Bent 10 Anytime .
Just as they to Jimmy Tau.-->Kaizer Chiefs fire Jessica Motaung's Ben 10! in your Sunday World today!
When you see Jessica Motaung first thing in the morning, you get a bounce in your step. Yes please!
Breaking news jessica motaung has just revealed a new slogan of Kaizer Chiefs.. "lunch bar!!!obvious..."
i love for the Kaizer Chiefs!for win of. the Chiefs!for the Kaizer Motaung,. For the Jessica Motaung, we are for the Celtics after tears!
Yes Yes Yes, we are growing bigger & stronger. We have now surpassed 12 000 in members. Thanks members for recruiting & referring other members into this massive group ... "Lo mlilo, owe Chiefs Fans vs Pirates Fans, uzungawothi". Members let keep on growing & naturing this group and making iit one of the biggest in the continent & being fashionable to be part of. As we all know that 2/3 of members here belong to the Mighty Kaizer Chiefs, we urge Rats fans to respect us. We may fight, argue & some of the Rats even hurl insults at us But we/ they do this all for the love of the game. We are one Big Family, united for the love of soccer & divided by supporting different teams ... Let keep this spirit of togetherness & make sure that we keep on recruiting & referring other members into this group. Soon I will invite Jessica Motaung to come & sell our products to the Rats (joking). Thanks a lot members. I salute ...
Jessica Motaung is literally the only lekker thing about Kaizer Chiefs
Im a fan of chicks with big lips but this Dr Chetty on generations got lips of the century i use to think that Jessica Motaung and Sandy Ngema were the best but i was wrongChicks with big lips Viva
tuned in☺...B4 that a buccaneer said he wuld like to see Jessica Motaung coz she is always dressed up plus opposite attracts
Angisamfuni u Jessica Motaung sengijola no Boity Thulo manje lol
i wouldn't really mind to shove Jessica Motaung's underware in my mouth anyday
the day choose Jessica Motaung and the world is gonna stand still
You can buy a starter pack at selected & stand a chance to have lunch with Jessica Motaung and players.
Glocell stores and the prize being a lunch with Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung and the players.
at all Glocell outlets and win a lunch with Jessica Motaung and the players
the store is Glocell and you can win lunch with Kaizer Chiefs marketing director Jessica Motaung
Nah he isn't. But he's been said to be in a serious r/ship with Jessica Motaung thou "2me_sweetB is he married?"
But jessica motaung is a beautiful woman yoh
:hey hey 11 points clear,we'l see about dat..Sundowns ayi pheli moyaMotaung's Accent#
News reaching us are that Orlando Pirates have put on offer for the services Jessica Motaung!
Dey began by poaching Majoro, now dey hv signed our former coach and romours are dey r now after Jessica Motaung lol. One can't trust his neighbor dez days can he??? Lol
Jessica Motaung is here representing who have been nominated for the Sport Brand of the year award
Jessica Motaung from looking beautiful as ever with
Kaizer Chiefs will be represented by Jessica Motaung at tonight's Awards
Jessica motaung confirm that it happened in maritzburg after ikhosi lephelile omoya
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Lol nangona ndingathandi but this cracked me up yaz Kuthwa last time Kaizer Chiefs competed in Caf Champions League, Jessica Motaung was still ª virgin :v :v
Kaizer Chiefs really has a 7s RUGBY team...Jessica Motaung really knows her story when it comes to marketing n branding Kaizer
In Europe they say if ur the best U have to play in the Santiago Benebau Real Madrid Football Club In mzansi still to achieve trophies, rewrite history join the tika tika ka mina ka wena Orlando Pirates football club a club with huge ambitious like Benni McCarthy the only Southern Africa to win a UEFA champions league title opted to join us not amateurs Lehlogonolo Majoro wanted to play for a big club in Southern Africa because he's tired of playing for fame but not achieving anything perhaps tired of lame coach and management tactics Every player wants to come to Parktown and wear the black, white and red colours If U can see back in the days when Pirates players left they were motivated by this Jimmy Tau - Kaizer Chiefs, Jessica Motaung hmn influence it was a decision made outside the office maybe bedside Benedict Vilakazi - Mamelodi Sundowns, decision influenced by money Pirates is a big brand whether U like it or not
I can't wait till Jessica proposes. Mbulelo Motaung has a ring to it. A platinum ring.
food 4thot I wonder if u noticed the wisdom tha has been deposited into jessica motaung,has notin 2do with feminine side
Jessica Motaung or Kaizer Juniour ? Who can be a best Replacement for BOBSTEAK?
Which team has Bobby Motaung played for since he was born?He knows nothing about football!Jessica must wake up,she must lead!
And Jessica Motaung is a national beauty "Bobby Motaung is a national crises."
Why does Jessica Motaung always give me 'chicken skin' when I see her?
I know her "are you related with jessica motaung ?"
Jessica Motaung Ready to lure Saameg Doutie at Naturen Saameg Doutie's Contract expire in June he can sign a pre-contract with the team of his choice Manyama will be replaced by Doutie do u think it wil be a Good signing?? »BILATERAL«
GLORY RECLAIMED: Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director Jessica Motaung, says looking back at the year 2013 the glory has indeed been reclaimed, winning the league after topping the log from Day 1 until the 18 May, winning the Nedbank cup for the first time, beating Orlando Pirates for the first time in the Carling Black Label cup, winning the Botswana Championship, retaining the Gauteng cup, Partnering with North-West University, going mobile with the KC Mobile partnering with their main sponsor the mobile network giants Vodacom, being Nominated for the Team of the Year competing with two national teams, clubs captain Itumeleng Khune being named the Sports Star of the year and many many other things, Jessica said the clubs achievements shows how big is the KC Brand...Indeed We Have Reclaimed Our Glory! 2013 was a year for Amakhosi! lets Enjoy as we keep on celebrating...
How did Jessica Motaung ever win "Miss anything? iKiss Madolo is extensive yoh!!! If she would by any chance have a child with Tumisho Masha.that kid would be legally.disabled i tell you
I like how Jessica Motaung says it *umoya*
Jessica Motaung "fast forward to the moment in your life where all of your dreams have come true. who's standing next to you
The lady that played a soccer exec on Zone14 could play Jessica Motaung should they decide to make movie of her.
Thas jessica motaung the marketing director of Kaizer Chiefs ,i had a hand shake with her ( excited)
I can't wait for that Tuks/Chiefs home game at Mbombela, Jessica Motaung is a savage
Qondi does look like a Jessica, Jessica's are beautiful, look at Jessica Motaung... Stunning
Today was graced by da presence of Jessica Motaung...and I mst say she's even mOre beautiful in person.
Wait!! who replaced Jessica Motaung on this Kaizer Chiefs advert?we got bigger problems than e-tolls."
Jessica Motaung on my tv screen. It's gonna be a good day
Jessica Motaung maybe rich and all that, mare u is way more beautiful.
AmaZulu have launched their own funeral plan. Not sure who is gonna play their Jessica Motaung role.
Eish jessica motaung just got an accident but she is not badly injured at hospital
*** found themselves dialing that Holland/KaizerChiefs funeral plan number after seeing Jessica Motaung
Some *** like Boity. Some Minnie. Some Bonang. But we all like Jessica Motaung bwaaay!!
Until they have a WeChat girl; I'm not joining. I suggest Jessica Motaung.
Jessica Motaung is rather popular for a marketing manager. At some point I thought she was the face of Kaizer Chiefs.
9 missed calls from Jessica Motaung again...*shakingmyhead*
Bobby jst cnt complete a signing deal doesnt he.Jessica de best.motaung is promoting mediocre in Bobby
Hmm Jessica Motaung good lord she pretty
Minnie Dlamini is My wife no Khune the money for has to stop ,I am Jessica Motaung husband chosen by kaizer Motaung in sandton in 2010 i was from work PFA .i met him in sandton squer . Khune was spoiled by the midai apcetancy of the guide that is why he is heremedia sticks to those people .he is the man he hand him selve to us .
Lol aii Jessica Motaung orata go bonwa
Say you were to get married to Jessica Motaung, would u want her to take your surname?
Jessica Motaung wearing pants delivering flowers at the Mandela house, so so so DISRESPECTFUL!!!
Jessica motaung can get it any day mfana!!!
Just like you my friend"But Jessica Motaung is too beautiful♥"
You can't anal Jessica Motaung!! Just not right!! You don't even eat it with your teeth!! You just missionary her for all of the relationship!!
I hate the fact that women has lost touch with principles and respect for death...i grew up with societal norms that from a gal to a grown woman must wear appropriate clothes as a sign of respect but no abanye sebefaka amabhulukwe beya esililweni noma ngabe ufunde kangakanani or how rich you are but never throw away your cultural,norm and values(seeing Jessica Motaung at Mandelas house)
Jessica Motaung and Mandla Mandela outside house ->
Jessica Motaung. There are no words. Her and Khanyi Dhlomo. Heish
The only good thing that's come out of Kaizer Chiefs is Jessica Motaung
Hey, Kanye rocks, ive hosted a beauty contest for charity at Echoes of Jazz, participants are so cute like Tumy Modise and Jessica Motaung, this friday im hosting a cultural day at Mmakgodumo dam
Soccer Laduma is reporting that Chiefs is interested in Moffat Mdluli and Reuben Thebakang. Not that I am against this but Mdluli is 28yrs old,and Thebakang is left footed,he plays left back and wing back in the left hand side in which we have personnel like Masilela,Jambo,Ritchie and Mtsweni. Why not add midfielders; in attacking & defensive positions? We don't have strong right wingers,why not look for such players? It may seem I am a fan of Jessica Motaung but fact is,while Bobby was being investigated, she took charge and did an outstanding job in signing players. Gaxa,Nkosi,Hlongwa,Moleko and Mathoho just to mention few. We want a strong team to compete in CAF Champs League but if our management isn't decisive enough,we will succumb to loses.
Has anyone spoken for Jessica Motaung? I think it would be in the interest of the nation if I added her name to my harem.
Kaizer Chiefs to set George 7s Tournament alight Posted on Tuesday, December 03, 2013 After they dazzled all with their flair and distinctive kit in their inaugural appearance at the George 7s PL last year, the trend-setting Kaizer Chiefs are returning to the Garden Route with a powerful team to back up the brand on the field as well. Former double Springbok international and Kaizer Chiefs 7s Coach, Gcobani Bobo, clearly did some clever recruitment since last year and will arrive at the scenic Outeniqua Park in George with a squad consisting of no less than four former Springbok 7s Internationals, some leading Varsity Cup players as well as the Southern Kings try-scoring sensation, Sergeal Petersen. The sensational Eastern Province flyer highlights a squad that includes Springbok Sevens all-time try-scoring record holder, Fabian Juries, and former Blitzbokke Danwel Demas, and Norman Nelson in an exceptional line-up of playmaking and speed. Former SA Schools fullback Leroy Bitterhout will bring even more s ...
Ay cha Kaizer Chiefs yabhoreka shame.. So they announced today that they ( Kaizer ) will have a 7's RUGBY team -_-. Jessica Motaung is BORED
Does other teams have Marketing Managers or is it only Jessica Motaung at Kaizer Chiefs? Cos we don't really see what other Managers are doing at their Clubs.
Kaizer Chiefs and their main sponsor Vodacom will embark on a Roadshow in Qwaqwa ahead of the much anticipated Absa Premiership clash against Free State Stars. The clash is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 30 November 2013. Kickoff for the game at the Charles Mopeli Stadium, in Phuthaditjhaba is at 15:30. The Roadshow details: Date: Friday, 29 November 2013 Venue: Setsing Shopping Complex in Phuthaditjhaba Time:11:00 17:00 The Chiefs and Vodacom Roadshows are carefully crafted to bring the two brands, Vodacom and Kaizer Chiefs, closer to the people. As we have seen in the past, Qwaqwa is one of Chiefs strongholds, when it comes to support. The public will be entertained and there will be competitions where lucky winners will walk away with an assortment of prizes. The KC Retail Store and the Supporters Club will be there to sell the Amakhosi authentic merchandise and the supporters will have an opportunity to apply and renew their Club Membership Cards; Marketing Director Jessica Motaung made the anno ...
Often has a silent "t",clearly Jessica Motaung has forgotten that on the Kaizer Chiefs funeral cover add
I don't know how I feel about following me, I hope it's Jessica Motaung using this account lol
Jessica Motaung - Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director unveling news plans for the 2012/2013 Absa Premiership season.
Ikhosi alipheli moya.. That's what Jessica Motaung says on the hollard funeral plan
COMPETITION: This week's competition question will be based on Kaizer Chiefs starter pack. Kaizer Chiefs recently has launched a new starter pack which boasts the following benefits: Monthly draws as follows: Home Jersey 4 life,KC electrical appliances,double VIP suite tickets to a home game,1 year's premuims of Kaizer Chiefs Insurance paid in full & a GRAND DRAW @ da end of da season which is a lunch with Marketing Director Jessica Motaung & selected players.
The ONLY thing that's beautiful about Kaizer Chiefs is Jessica Motaung.
In other News, Willard Katsande is taking Jessica Motaung to court as he feels the lady violated his rights by buying him a bar of soap for him to take a bath...smh
I Platinun Stars ayipheli 'umoya' with Jessica Motaung's voice kikikiki angihleki ngiyalinganisa lol
As jessica motaung would say, I quote"ikhosi alipheli umoya" lol morning makhosi amahle
Amakhosi aJabulile Zebra Marketing Director Jessica Motaung : eLeKhosi (chiefs fan) a Lepheli o moya. I think I will enjoy Hollard soccerzone on Monday. Kwwakd with my two buddies or enemies
Chiefs fans why didn't you tell us you were "returning the glory", no wonder Jessica Motaung a rata hore "I khosi ha iphele umoya".
Jessica Motaung will be the New coach soon!!! Better than Baxter! Goodnite:-(
Name calling is not my style. I wont call it Kaizer chips hai ftsek, but atleast they have funeral cover with Hollard. Ikhosi ali phel' umoya Motaung's voicefosek
Ke go tshameka le Mochudi Centre chiefs i don knw wat gorgeous Jessica Motaung saw n that team! Nxaa! :-(
Loool i cnt wait to listen da new track of chiefs fans ft jessica motaung... (BAXTER MUST GO!)
But, that Jessica Motaung's slogan ''Ikhosi aliphel'imoya'' applies to Orlando Pirates too, infact, even if they can steal it I wouldnt mind. I only have a problem when they start saying ''Rise Bucs Rise'' or "Bucs4Life''. Any team that, within a space of two months, has reached 2 cup finals, lost both of those and still searching for the 3rd final is worthy and/or qualifies to be refered to as, in this case, ''iBhakabhaka aliphel'imoya''
Opinions On The Importance of the SA Sport Awards: Featuring Cameron van der Burgh and Jessica Motaung.
My future wife is just gonna have to accept that she will always come second to Jessica Motaung
Next season we need Jali and Manyisa more especially Andile Jali. and Jessica Motaung
Noh noh noh Jessica Motaung can definitely acquire it...
Please like this post is you think Princess Jessica Motaung is Michelle Obama's lookalike! Just to keep me sane.
The day they lock me up in a room with Jessica Motaung. hmmm, I'll tear her up..
If i were a guy i wud have the hugest crush on Jessica Motaung!!
Gaborone Branch revived Saturday, November 16, 2013 The Amakhosi Supporters Branch was revived here in Gaborone, Botswana, on Saturday,16 November 2013. The Supporters Manager Cecil Motaung, expressed his happiness at the prospects of the revived Botswana support base. The new Branch Committee is led by Brian Thompson an ardent Amakhosi supporter and he said; "Finally we have revived the Branch in 'Gabs'. We will be working hard to swell the numbers and getting the Branch vibrant again." Brian was flanked by other Branch Committee Members, Jameela, Kefilwe and Kagelelo from Ginger in 'Gabs' who expressed optimism about the revived structure. Speaking to they said; "We have finally revived the Branch. There are lots of the Amakhosi supporters in Botswana. The new era has dawned. We have started to raise awareness and recruit the new members. As you can see the gold and black is flying high here at the Rail Park Mall." The Rail Park Mall was a hype of activity on Saturday morning. The Retai ...
She looked exquisite as alwAys RT"Jessica Motaung at last night's awards
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Stunning RT"Jessica Motaung at last night's awards
Jessica Motaung at last night's awards
I'm still waiting for her email address "Jessica Motaung at last night's awards
"Jessica Motaung at last night's awards * Jessica always killing it! *
I love that lady hey, hook me up kadi phone number daso RT"Jessica Motaung"
Jessica Motaung on my screen. *faints and falls head first through glass table*
Hands off Itu he had two of the most beautiful women in Jessica Motaung and Minnie Dlamini leading his campaign to get the votes to make him SA Sports Star of the year.
Jessica Motaung didn't prepare a speech for Itumeleng Khune and mimi was hoping he'd say thank you to my GF for smsing a zellion
Itumeleng Khune good, we heard it was not a prepared speech from Jessica Motaung
Jessica Motaung has arrived for the SA Sport Awards
If marbles was an indigenous sport. I'd be at the right now sitting next to Jessica Motaung Cc ☹
Bo Jessica Motaung ba bora always, ne o expectang? "Nah, those that presents the awards to the winners
"This Jessica Motaung Lady is HAWT shem hawt kero
Jessica Motaung on stage presenting the Photographer of the Year and Journalist of the Year awards
Jessica Motaung is beautifull & shine's better than that one Pirates Star!!!   10% Off
Yho hai no Jessica Motaung is Beautiful tuu..shuu
Lol. And the kettle neh? "Jessica Motaung! I want to buy an iron every time I see her!
Jessica Motaung seems not been married, can someone ask if she doesn't want a Ben 10.lmao
"Jessica Motaung is hella! must stay far from umsholozi aka scavenger...
Nna n Jessica Motaung re ka tshwanelana
Jessica Motaung thinks she's white nhe..
Eshhh marha Jessica Motaung 1 day is 1 day
Banna! Jessica Motaung makes a good cougar sowaar
Jessica Motaung,Knowledge Musona with my daughter and hubby.
Trekkers nyt club is th place t be...via Motaung
I think its high time i voice my opinion. ANASTACIA SIBANDA embarassed us this mornin in RB2 in the presence of JESSICA MOTAUNG. Tota go tlhabisa ditlhong ebile go a tena gore re beye batho ba ba sa itlotleng, ba sena botho, ditlhong le tebelopele mo seromamoweng. Fa ele gore Anastacia o ithaya a re o tlhabisa Mochudi centre chiefs ditlhong, o tshwantse go itse gre o re tlontlolola bo bathong. Ke lapile ke maitseo a a sa tlhamallang
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