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Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters (born July 9, 1978) is a producer and interviewer at Fox News. He frequently appears on the O'Reilly Factor and is known for his On-The-Street interviews, a segment on The O'Reilly Factor called Watter's World .

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Great first show at 9. Jesse Watters is a great addition. Still don't like Bob Beckel.
Yes Only other pple I like is Kimberly & Gregg & Jesse Watters who's taking Eric's place
Thanks for all the no spin, and for the laughs with Jesse Watters and Dennis Miller. Fox *** for bowing to obvio…
Which I'm sure he did on that weekend morning thingy. Yes, Jesse Watters should still have a job. Dennis Miller pro…
Jesse Watters already has his own show on Fox. It's called "Waters' World". So does Tu…
You must like Jessie Waters. I didn't vote because I think it should be Jesse Watters.
I'm so distressed about this Bill O'Reilly firing. What about Dennis Miller and Jesse Watters? Maybe Trump can get a 2 for 1 *** deal
I could go for Jesse Watters or Dennis Miller
Oh but first billy boy has a summer gig -- on the road with Dennis Miller & Jesse Watters. Bet…
Been doing it that way forever. Jesse Watters, Eric Bolling, Juan Williams, and others take turns hosting on Friday…
Which talent is going replace Bill O'Reilly? Eric Bolling or Jesse Watters?
Jesse Watters confronts professor over anti-Trump rant The Fairness Doctrine should be enforced in the classrooms!
Cos nothin lasts forever. And we both know hearts can change. and it's hard to hold a candle. In the cold November rain..
This one looks nice. I need to know if it hasn't ran off on it's own and been doing bad things , tho. It's new and untraine…
Watters Talks Race Relation Martin Luther King Jr. Day I have hope for America. get the violence off our streets
That's what Jesse Watters said last night.
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Watters Talks Race Relations on MLKJr. Day People are far ahead than political race-baiters!
I can't tell the difference anymore between Jesse Watters and Nathan For You
Our Special Guest on YourVoice™ Radio Wednesday night will be Jesse Watters of Watters World! Tune in at 8 ET!…
if Trump won the election or if America did!!! As for future guests Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters joins The Factor tonight with an MLK edition of Watters' World --
Love You Jesse "I am Jesse Watters and this is my world" god i LOVE that line!
Man who harassed Ivanka Trump on JetBlue flight not so confident when confronted about it by Jesse Watters.
Jesse Watters "Real class act [harassing Ivanka Trump with baby on plane]. Afraid to show your face?" Karma folks. LOL…
VIDEO: Jesse Watters confronts College president who removed the American flag from campus .
Another good response to the Jesse Watters clip the other night, this time from The Atlantic
If Ross from Friends was a racist, hack, fratboy, *** he'd be Fox News Channel's
ICYMI: This might be the most ridiculously racist Fox News segment of all time
Jesse Watters: "I wanna be on TV. I don't care why. Or for what. I don't have talent but I want to be on TV. Lemme be on…
Jesse Watters has selectively harassed Blacks, Muslims, Chinese, homeless people. He has no real comedy or journalism skills .
A bit late to this but my god that Jesse Watters video in Chinatown is just stupefyingly offensive.
reminder that Jesse Watters is the worst
O'Reilly Factor segment criticized as "racist stereotype": Humorist Jesse Watters asked people in NYC's Chinatown if he was supposed ...
Maybe instead of building a wall Trump could just send Jesse Watters to the border to harass immigrants, make them assume A…
Jesse Watters is the unoriginal juvenile frat guy that dresses in blackface or wears a sombrero for cinco de mayo b/c he t…
If would quit beating in the ratings during his segments & shows, they'd be a lot nicer to him. htt…
All of the things we learned from Fox News’ racist “Chinatown” segment via
Jesse Watters is unfunny and mean. He should be ashamed of himself. Also, he's not welcome to Honolulu Chinatown.
And no. Jesse Watters is not funny. And yes, I find him offensive. It's the 21st century FFS.
What the *** is going with this insanely racist Fox News segment about Chinatown?
The Jesse Watters bit isn't just offensive, it's frightening. Open disdain for otherness. Inviting viewers to join in on the…
Like to think I'm not easily offended. Just watched Watters Fox News segment on politics & Chinatown: I am offended https…
Fox News ran a blatantly racist Jesse Watters segment mocking Asian-Americans, just another of many offensive segments over the y…
Here's Jesse Watters telling Muslims in Michigan that no holiday is as cool as Christmas
"They are such a polite people." Presenting to you Fox News, Jesse Watters, and O'Reilly.
Jesse Watters: "What was Hillary's greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State?". If you Are Voting For Trump…
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ICYMI, here is that ridiculously racist video of Fox News making fun of Asian-Americans:
New: Statement from the president of the Asian American Journalists Association on Jesse Watters Chinatown segment:
FOX STANDS 4 RACISM Fox News' thinks his deeply racist video against Asians/ just "light" humor
Seriously imagine being Jesse Watters and having to explain to someone what you do for a living. What your CAREER is.
So "Jesse Watters" is Extremely Racist for asking people in Chinatown if they know Karate. What would you call Hillary Cl…
reporter Jesse Watters makes his Play for Secretary of State via
'Keep this guy off TV': Jesse Watters joins Chick-fil-A on Bill de Blasio's naughty list after Chinatown segment
Fox News not commenting on Jesse Watters' controversial Chinatown segment
Jesse Watters responds to criticism of Fox News Chinatown voting segment
Fox News' Jesse Watters thinks his deeply racist video against Asians is just "light" humor htt…
Jesse Watters called racist after Chinatown segment on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ - -
Somehow not shocked that anti-Asian racism is a-OK with Jesse Watters and Fox News.
The vile, racist behavior of Fox’s Jesse Watters in Chinatown has no place in our city. – keep this guy off TV.
This is that hose-bag that Jesse Watters, of the Fox "News" Channel, came down to cover for a Phony War on...
Jesse Watters is fantastic! Like when he drives Juan Williams nuts with a smirk!
Jesse Watters Confronts Al Sharpton On Past racist speech! Al said, "We’ll see if you got enough guts to show that.”
Jesse Watters is "funny" to those inside the Fox News bubble sort of like the way blackface is "funny" to people at a Klan rally.
OReilly recently sent his right-hand man, Jesse Watters, out to ask young people what they want the government to...
WATCH: Fox News’ Jesse Watters tries — and fails, spectacularly — to outsmart the Reverend Al Sharpton
BPR Buzzworthy: Jesse Watters is self-aware, loved by grandmas . . . and about to rock Al Sharpton. Cute Vids...
.actually has Dave Mustain on her show. Best Bill O could do is Jesse Watters at a Megadeth show. . Winner:
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well I like music. I like business and I like marketing. So I thought to myself, why not do something that involves all 3?
tell me more about what you're all about first. And P.S. Thanks for not sending an automated DM
If you've ever seen a Jesse Watters interview of a college student this is understandable. Wonder who they think House Moms are.
His Supporters Can't Answer The Most Basic Questions: Fox News's Jesse Watters took his mic to the street and ...
Throw in Jesse Watters and it's time to break out the disinfectant.
.gets hilarious responses from Sanders supporters via
I was shocked when Shepard attacked Trump yesterday about his wealth! Shepard a loser; lost girlfrend to Jesse Watters!
Just met our favorite Foxnews celebrity, Jesse Watters!
Thank God Gutfeld is gone today. He's an angry little man. Should be replaced with Jesse Watters.
How will Bernie make college free? asked around at Univ. of Oregon...
I can't believe I live in a world with so many stupid uninformed people.
Feels like today was a lifetime ago...
10 of the Dumbest Things Ever Said to Jesse Watters via
I'm scared to get close . I hate being alone . I long for that feeling to not feel at all
Apple vs. Feds: Watch Jesse Watters ask People In AZ “Is the company putting us all in danger?”
I'm so glad my phone quit charging.
Jesse Watters is a young man's Andy Rooney
Jesse Watters: Trump is the most conversative, with 3 core principles - Immigration, National Security and Jobs.
On Fox News, Jesse Watters just said that Jorge Ramos "acted like an illegal alien and got treated like one."
Bring on Jesse Watters to take over for MKelly. He's terrific!
I think they should have let Greg host a night or so. Jesse Watters a night or so. Maybe Tom a night
hipster bum that was on Oreilly w/Jesse Watters gotta pass by that deadbeat too Mayb I'll say "hi" to
You guys gotta watch Montage Of Heck. It changed everything for me.
listen to hole. Courtney Loves band. Anyone who plays music that bad is definitely capable of murder lol...
I thought Jesse Watters was bad. Michelle Fields is goving him a run for his douchiness.
Luigi Petrone with Jesse Watters of Fox News on Bill O'Reilly show having fun at Tutto Pazzo
I like him on cultural issues and history. Love Jesse Watters. BOR's not so great at economics. Oil company conspiracy! !1!1/
My favorite is Jesse Watters. Just want to pinch his cheeks.
I wish I wasn't contractually obligated to my job for the next two years
Bolling can't do better than Bill or Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters has proven that your average millennial knows as much about our gov't as I did when I was 6. 😕
Jesse Watters would ask questions that the candidates, people watching, & the media would want to know about!!
Jesse Watters needs to interview more people on the right. Lmbo 😂 😂 😂 really exist.
I realized I needed my grunge mates to finish something so grunge
Newsflash Jesse Watters great grandfather was an illegal Scottish immigrant! Go home peanut
Came out in January and I had no idea until last night!
Uh.obviously drink and watch the new Cobain documentary.
I asked if he was coming down this weekend and he said no
Well, that didn't answer my question😂
Seriously,Jesse Watters asks the stoners in Berkley better questions than this panel is asking tonight.
Watters since when did you turn in to this like new age hipster ***
Education is important, but goin' fishin' is importanter. Merica.
Multifaceted: The ability to do hoodrat/redneck things on the weekend, then return to corporate Merica on Monday like ain’…
As far as I'm concerned, if you're old enough to serve your country, you're old enough to buy a frickin' beer. Merica.
Be the type of person that when your feet hit the floor in the mornin', the Devil says, "Oh crap, they're up." Merica.
If I have to be drug free to keep my job, maybe y'all should have to be drug free for food stamps and welfare. Merica.
Don't forget to work hard today. Millions on welfare are dependin' on you. Merica.
they're both really good at pandering to morons. I really hope someone like Jesse Watters could ever get their type of platform.
Hoping I run into Jesse watters at the tomorrow! 😂
Trump may get the silver in Douchbaggery, but Bill O'Reilly & Jesse Watters definitely win the gold.
That report made Jesse Watters, O'Reilly&FOX no better than this:
I amSure Jesse Watters would step over a homeless person2GetCoffee,after watching this.I was shocked&disgusted.
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O'Reilly and wanker Jesse Watters reach new lows. PLUS BONUS look back at ancient teabaggers from the 70's.
Nothing really surprises me anymore.
Jesse Watters and Bill O'Reilly's Fox News piece on the homeless was disgusting
ung Turks hosts Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola ripped Fox’s Jesse Watters on Wednesday for his O’Reilly Factor...
yeah, Jesse Watters is responding to the criticism and making himself look worse -.- look
Mr.Bill,please think about Jesse Watters taking your place more often, he's much better than the others.
I want to punch JESSE WATTERS in the face right now!!!.
i love this video. and Jesse Watters should be ashamed for using the homeless in that way.
Fox News is garbage': Ana Kasparian "Jesse Watters is just a deplorable human being"
Jesse Watters: so how long have you been a lower form of human life sucking off the teat of society that should die on the street?
Wow, that Jesse Watters may be the smuggest *** bag I have ever seen.
Fox News sends reporter to New York to ask people how much homeless people bother them: Correspondent Jesse Watters was on the scene ...
Its official! Fox News is the Spawn of the Satan=Bill O'Reilly & Jesse Watters have no soul. via
"The O'Reilly Factor" sent Jesse Watters to Penn Station to investigate the alleged increase in Homelessness at...
Jesse Watters - unpleasant righwing deologue posing as a journalist.
The Eurotrolls are out en masse today. I had a Norwegian on me earlier. He was on Jesse Watters before me. Hysterical.
Don't miss Jesse Watters' report on the growing homeless population at NYC's Penn Station ---
Jesse send him a Watters World T shirt
Bill O'Reilly (can go to *** His con artist correspondent Jesse Watters can join him. What a shameless video re: homeless.
It's misleading to put "Fox News" "Jesse Watters" and "Reporter" in the same sentence. Guy's a hate-mongering hack.
Jesse Watters that was HORRIBLE reporting on the homeless. How can anyone call that journalism? Oh yea.. Fox News
I prefer Eric Bolling over Jesse Watters filling in for you.
How are locals coping with the gang violence epidemic in Chicago? We sent Jesse Watters to find out --...
Jesse Watters is going to be Greg Gutfeld when he retires
I will say that if Andy becomes host, my votes for permanent panelist would be Tom, Stacey Dash, Jesse Watters.
Bill O’Reilly sent Jesse Watters on a mission to Aspen, Colo., for the X Games, where Watters asked some standard history questions and got very unlikely answers.
i wonder if they polled ppl that Jesse Watters interviews on Bill O Reillys WATTERSWORLD, didnt know 1st pres!
uneducated man, who is a bully . tries to come off as better than the person he is interviewing and cannot make eye contact with the innocent people he throws the mike in front of.The people always come off as dignified and above the sarcasm he reeks of.
Anyone see Jesse Watters on O'Reilly last night? I wanted to smack those kids parents!! How the *** did they get out of the 1st grade!!!
Jesse Watters looks like a real life ventriloquest dummy.
Were going to be launching our YouTube channel within the next month!
I'd like to give a shout out to great band check them out
Ma and Pa Kettle know Jesse Watters. Millennials? Not so much.
Jesse Watters with the stupid people again.
You need to pull the plug on Watters World the cringe factor re: Americans lack of knowledge is just too great! Sorry Jesse.
Jesse Watters deserves his own show and O'Reilly deserves to be off the air
"I think we went into it with the idea that we wanted to be brothers in a band." -
Finally making it to the dentist...
Been watching Jesse watters for 8 years, u make no sense...
idiocracy here we come. We are becoming Rome. Just watch Jimmy Kimmel Live/Jesse Watters 'man on the street' segments = proof
Jesse Watters and Fox News got owned by HS Journalists. Way to Go Kids. Watch it on YouTube.
we love you Jesse Watters and we love your world! People to call other name just have nothing smart to say!
Last July O'Reilly sent his stalker/producer Jesse Watters to Bennington, Vermont in order to malign the...
“When you want the thing at the restaurant but are afraid you're gonna botch the pronunciation 😐” . Holliday
Jan. 19, 2015 -Jesse Watters heads to the annual Prophet in Honor and Respect' conference
Fox News producer Jesse Watters attempted to report from inside a Muslim conference that took place near Dallas, Texas over the weekend, but was denied entry. "Did you fill out the media form?" a man appearing to be an organizer asked Watters outside the "Stand With the Prophet" event.
Wow, just wow. You need to watch this video - it pretty much says it all. They wouldn't let Jesse Watters of Fox News in because he wasn't the 'right kind of media.' Right - Islamo-fascist much? And no media was allowed in there past the first 20 minutes.
Does o'reilly know that Jesse Watters donated 500 dollars to Obama's campaign in 2012...he is not only a waste of time, no talent goof, but a closet liberal who poses as a conservative.. What hypocrisy...O'reilly need s to get rid of this no talent jerk or I will never watch again...
watters is horrible...Where did o'reilly get him from...?? Sure hope they're not paying him...Should be an intern
When your boss tells you you're on point...
Power Ballads are the best love songs.
Life is short. Focus on what matters and let go of what doesn't.
MP, & - this would be a pretty kickass metal band, dontcha think??? : ) \m/
Tattoo number 2 is going to happen real soon.
I think "low information voters" refers to the kind of people Jesse Watters interviews.
VIDEO: Jesse Watters at the 'Stand with the Prophet' Summit
When you saw this in elementary school gym you knew it was going to be a *** good day
Breaking news: has started his own gear company called Sneak peek... http:/…
VIDEO Jesse Watters at the “Stand with the Prophet” Summit: “Why are stonings and beheadings tolerated?” “Beca...
Fox News Reporter Barred From ‘Defend The Prophet’ Event Despite Credentials Jesse Watters. Need more reporters like him.
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Jesse Watters is barred from entering 'Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect' conference --...
What are they hiding? MT CAIR Bars O'Reilly Factor's Jesse Watters from Islamic Confab in Texas
I would also love it if Jesse Watters would ask those who think 'free' college would be awesome, what our National debt is right now.
Islam a phobia is a myth. After all these people don't know their own religion.
Muslim Intolerance in Texas: Jesse Watters tried to report inside a Muslim convention... via
-- Fox News:. What year was the first Thanksgiving?. Jesse Watters asked that question and more to some...
Jesse Watters went to Plymouth Rock looking for answers on the history of Thanksgiving
Love it, Bob does't phase Jesse Watters like he does EBlng. Jesse smiles, throws facts after facts@ Beckel has no come bak
I haven't even spit game with her yet, but I'm not going to so I shouldn't say yet
Jesse Watters of Fox News did same type of questionaire. His social study was brutally revealing. lt was an Eye Opening Study.
unless you aren't from California...
hey guess what? Their keeping me another week here.
we got Gomez from guard as a roommate for tonight...
right... If you were at Sill already we'd come visit
yeah it's whatever I don't really care
.Jesse Watters is the best part of Bill, pompass *** O'Reilly's show.
I saw it. FOX is a joke and the ditto heads and bobble heads love them. Bah, bah. Jesse Watters finds the staff.
Before the Bake Off stars consider that is what happened to Jesse Pinkman after the finale of BB
Jesse Watters from the O'Reilly Factor paid a visit to Sturgis during this year's rally.
I've been warning our surreptitious Jesse Watters he places himself in harms way.
I can drink the chocolate milk right out of the jug milk
It's like having the house to ourselves for the weekend but even longer...
it's fine I just have to talk to you about something else too
I don't see the appeal of Jesse Watters on He's not a serious guy, and he's not funny.
Jesse Watters nailed it on The Five! Al Sharpton and NBC profiteering.
Love my job. Love my brothers. Love life. I wouldn't change anything
Guess its safe to say Jesse Watters can LOL
Morons who criticize cops on how many shots they fire to stop an attacker have no clue what he's thinking, trained for or…
The cop is supposed to shoot once, twirl the gun around his finger, then shove it in his holster.
we are grunts trapped in a Pogs body. Good to go?
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No it really isn't me and all my brothers are the exact same way...
lol well idk much bout army but I'm sure they took care of buisness
look it up I think it's called the scorpion
and Marines are way sexier... Even thee wooks...
lol😂😂 I can't argue with that one because Connor and I both agree about it
4 days off I may stop in for a while...
Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters said Wednesday during an appearance on "Outnumbered" that Hillary Clinton has been "hawkish" on foreign policy issues because she's trying to "overcompensate" for being a woman.
Does Jesse Watters find the dumbest people to ask these questions?
Just watched Jesse Watters spin the BS that Lincoln freed the slaves on his show.
Jesse Watters asking people attending a solar/wind energy conference if they drove or walked there...
The fact that you know who Jesse Watters is makes me thinks so, plus you're not a ditz.
Jesse the Watters world rerun bits tonight were hilarious. How'd you get that gig? Hilarious
Every time I watch Jesse Watters ask questions of dumb people, I want to frontal lobe lobotomize myself with a rusty spoon.
Watters world rerun bits are hilarious. Jesse how'd you get that gig? Hilarious
Jesse James or Watters and that gentrified mess, should be forced to sodomize the other and then have Anderson Cooper pick up
Jesse Watters shows us the ignorance of this nation when he asks questions to the public!!! And they are going to vote in elections???
The Jesse Watters report of all the clueless people out there . Is hilarious but quite sad about some of the people out there
Ignorance is Not Bliss: ColumnIf Thomas Jefferson stood in for Jesse Watters one day (an...
Jesse watters said 70 bill the other night but a quick search said 82.5 big ones
When Jesse Watters is asked to get a "cross section," not sure how much he'd actually gather walking around Bryant Park.
It's nice to see that O'Reilly is giving airtime to Jesse Watters at the beginning of his show. That kid is a complete waste of time.
Trying to watch but with Bob Beckel yapping and no Jesse Watters to take him on, it's impossible. Outta here.
Fox and the GOP are overconfident and blood thirsty - Bob Beckel Jesse Watters Brawl over Securing MH17 | Mediaite
Who did Jesse Watters' makeup, tan mom?
Oh I love solo Jesse Watters..he's better on his own!
Oh no, he just hates Jesse Watters. He always gets this way when Jesse's on. It's hilarious.
That's it. I want a Bob Beckel nightmare panel. Bolling, Jesse Watters, Greg, Sonnie Johnson on with Bob one day.
Jesse Watters should bring Bob Beckel a gift certificate for an anger management class the next time he co-hosts
I think Jesse Watters stumbles on to the dumbest people on the planet
Is O'Reilly's sidekick Jesse Watters the most obnoxious organism on television, or what? He beats his boss by a mile.
Every time I see Jesse's Watters World I understand why America is at the brink of a "You've got to be kidding me" *** collapse.
Yes, people are on to Jesse Watters and they're having fun with him.
Jesse Watters: "How are we going to pay for all of this?" / Response: "I have no idea." | Same old, same old.
There's good old Jesse Watters doing segment demonizing people on public assistance and using worst responses.
Jesse Watters just took Bob Beckel to School! How ignorant can Beckel be? VERY!
five Your panel needs Jesse Watters- he ends viewer frustration by silencing Bob with facts; He's prepared.
panelists, please note how Jesse Watters handles Bob, he does not buckle but rather responds with facts; key he is better informed.
.don't miss Jesse on Watters World "the FREE STUFF edition! Tonight
I want Jesse Watters on the The Five everyday, no one hammers Beckel like him!
‘That’s Bull!’ Fox Hosts Brawl over Sending Americans to Secure MH17 Site: Fox News’s Bob Beckel and Jesse Watters blew up on each ot...
Go JESSE WATTERS that's what Bob needs, he just spits out his ridiculous garbage looks like his blood pressure meds are not working
Watters truths send Beckel over the edge
Not only does Jesse Watters come with the facts, he smiles while humiliating Bob Beckel! Just beauti…
LMAO at Bob Beckel right now. You go Jesse Watters.
I usually don't make it through the whole show but I like Jesse Watters.
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Stupid Americans will vote for more of the same. Intelligent ones will vote for change   How Intelligent are Americans?       The segments when Jay Leno would take to the street to ask Americans questions about things that one would expect them to know and those when Jesse Watters of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News does the same thing invariably suggest that those interviewed are appallingly stupid. But how representative are they of the population?        The voters who reelected President Obama despite a first term that included all his policies that put the nation at jeopardy apparently made no connection between those facts and his competence. Voters who stayed home demonstrated indifference.     On July 3, following the latest U.S. Department of Labor June unemployment report, the Job Creators Network responded by noting that “We have more than 3.5 million young adults between 20-24 who don’t have a job, don’t attend school, and don’t have any degree better than a high school dipl ...
Jesse Watters is a poor man's Greg Gutfeld. Think about that for a moment. /Sings "All the Single Ladies" (Hilary C. remix)
there are always people like that just like Jesse Watters getting bashed I don't like Martha Stewart!!
Fox News professional troll Jesse Watters tried to crash the National Organization for Women conference in Albuquerque, N.M., where he mocked the "war on women" and asked women if they needed help and protection. "I want to fight in the war on women. Where do I sign up for that?" he asked one confer…
During an appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival yesterday, Hillary Clinton let her displeasure with the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling be known, saying it is “deeply disturbing that we are going in that direction.” On Tuesday, Fox News host Jesse Watters attempted to unpack the political motiva…
When Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters asked Hillary Clinton fans about the deadly Benghazi terror attacks of 2012, he got some surprising answers. None were more surprising than the ones coming from several people who had no idea what Benghazi was,… [ 214 more words. ]
Jesse Watters talks to the folks at Hillary Clinton’s book signing in New York City
Not every news story can fit into a worldview based on left vs. right, but you have to give cable news credit for trying. During a discussion about the six-car accident that killed comedian James McNair and left Tracy Morgan in critical condition, The Five co-host Jesse Watters wanted to know, Is th…
Jesse Watters does his homework. Loved how he backed Bob up against the wall with facts
No one knows who Jesse Watters one cares. Hint - he's Bill O'Reilly's condescending ***
Jesse Watters you really make Beckel look confused and sound incoherent with your facts and logic.
Jesse Watters on "And you want the guy that created to be now in charge of updating the software at the VA?"
Jesse Watters does a great job of countering The Beckels BS.
Jesse Watters has been stellar on The Five this week !! His journalistic talent exceeds Watters World!
WTG Jesse Watters on doing homework everyday you are on the five. Outstanding
Jesse Watters tried interviewing me on the beach. Therefore, he thought I looked ignorant lmao thanks 💁
Can you get Jesse Watters back ASAP. I want to see Beckel's head explode for real. Semper Fi
VERY SAD THAT OUR STUDENTS BY THE TIME THEY REACH COLLEGE HAVEN"T LEARNED ANY HISTORY. On Memorial Day, O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters headed to a Long Island beach to ask beachgoers basic U.S. history questions like “Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?” and “What was the Civil War about?” Needless to say, the answers will make your head explode.
Jesse Watters man on the beach. This clip of stupidity is incredible.
I wish Jesse Watters would come out to Sherman Oaks California I'd love to be interviewed
Add the stooge from O'Reilly, Jesse Watters Another chickenhawk who was mocking John Kerry's PurpleHeart yestrdy
Bob Beckel's reaction when Jesse Watters called John Kerry a traitor is just priceless:
There's way too many boobs out there! I'm mad as heck! On Watter's World, we see what a bunch of boobs there are out in public! Of course, this is a very small sample of our society, but doesn't it tell us something about our education system? The idea that any of these people are in college is appalling! I remember the Jay Walking segments on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He was always encountering people with no knowledge of our current events, let alone, our history. That is what is so scary, isn't it? How do we explain that people that at least graduated from high school could be so clueless? I seriously wonder how people could be such boobs when it comes to knowing anything about our history! How could that even happen? May 28, 2014 ~ The O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly Guest: Jesse Watters
TDClemans: Jesse Watters amuses himself with extra ignorant folk on Memorial Day Via
Lets get this petition signed 4 our marine.Jesse Watters is delivering 2 Mexican Ambassador on Friday.
And you are very welcome. Lets get this marine out!! Jesse Watters is bringing the petition to Mexican Ambassador, on Friday.
Watching Watters' segment last night, I would love it if Jesse would ask how much college debt those "geniuses" have accrued.
Jesse Watters of Fox News, interviewing girls with thong bikinis for the “No spin zone”
Jesse Watters is going to deliver it to the Mexican Ambassador on Friday. Hope all is well my friend.
"This week, Fox News’ Jesse Watters interviewed college-age youth at Jones Beach in Wantagh, NY, to ask some very...
I sure hope the questions Jesse Watters asked young ppl on a beach is not systemic of all young people. If so, our grandchildren in trouble.
My two new best friends: Jesse Watters and Eugene Robinson: 
Not a fan of Erin Andrews-- especially the way she treated Jesse Watters when he tried to interview her!!
Jesse Watters of ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ badgers members of Congress for advice on Nancy Pelosi via
What does Stephen Colbert really think about Fox News? That question came up Wednesday afternoon on The Five after Eric Bolling showed a clip of The O'Reilly Factor's Jesse Watters running into the Colbert Report host at a Super Bowl party last weekend. According to Kimberly Guilfoyle, Colbert only…
Actor Robert De Niro has some advice for the president: Pick your battles. “He’s a guy who means to do the right thing, he has to pick his battles, but his heart is in the right place,” De Niro told Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor” in a segment with Jesse Watters that aired Monday.PARABENS MR DE NIRO.
This week, Jesse Watters visited the annual Sundance Film Festival. However, he was not there to discuss movies with the Hollywood celebrities in attendance.That fact did not go over well with
Jesse Watters from The O'Reilly Factor gives Park City Medical Center a shout out from the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival!
A Key West citizen’s response to Bill O’Reilly and Jesse Watters of Fox News about the entirely unfair depiction of Key West on a recent segment of Watters' World
Tonight Key West PATCHwill be filming the second video in a series about Jesse Watters segment on The O'Reilly factor. 10pm Shots and Giggles. I will also have 2 -4 -1 tix for sale for the XXX-mas Comedy Series at Muse Key West. Not a shameless plug but doing all this pro-bono work has left no time for business lol.
I'm so saddened and ashamed for Jesse Watters and O'reilly Factor! They came and publicly slammed Key West without representing the population as a whole. Yes, we have people on probation, people who are homeless and people who just don't care AS DOES EVERY CITY ON THE PLANET!! It's unfortunate they chose to only put those people on TV an leave out the small business owners, the abundant military and the people who work tirelessly to make others vacations happy. Jesse Watters you should be ashamed of yourself and frankly you are exactly the kind of closed minded trash all of us *** down here in Key West are trying to avoid!!! Hm. I think I'll stay!!!
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