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Jesse Watters already has his own show on Fox. It's called "Waters' World". So does Tu…
They are moving to the 9 eastern time slot. Eric is leaving. Jesse waters is taking place.
Laura can be really whiney at times. Trish is great and is is Kimberly. Lost of good ones. Jesse waters is great.
You must like Jessie Waters. I didn't vote because I think it should be Jesse Watters.
I agree rather see Martha McCallum or Jesse Waters
If Jesse "Popped-Polo-Shirt" Waters' past, present or future *** tripping doesn't get him fired, I'll be surprised
So is Jesse Waters going to be hosting a racist show or an unfunny racist show?
Im not fan of Fox News so take this with a grain of salt, promoting Bolling, Tucker and Jesse Waters is clearly a step back for the network
How about Jesse Waters in Bills spot. You would have a lot more viewers.
Jesse Waters needs to walk out the door with him.
Jesse Waters would be entertaining as well
and Jesse Waters is taking Eric's spot on The Five starting May 1st
I think Jesse Waters would be best to take Bill's slot.
The real question is this: what will happen with Jesse Waters?
And to carry on his legacy, Fox is rewarding O'Reilly's racist stooge Jesse Waters with a show.
You about to self destruct! Might want to put Jesse Waters in Bill's spot. Martha and Tucker are terrible! You'll see! 😩
Dana Perino is a bush hack. She's horrible on The Five, put Jesse Waters in for O'Reilly
We were somewhat close. If Andy Levy had replaced Bolling instead of Waters…
petition for Jesse Waters or Dana Perino to fill O'Reilly's spot on Fox News
I like the idea of moving to Prime Time. I do not like Jesse Waters replacing Bolling.
True. The Perino Factor. No Eric Bolling or Jesse Waters they need to be fired.
Great street interview Jesse Waters, how about a weekly report for the next four years with this guy? Please!
. I saw on the internet that Jesse Waters and Bill O'Reilly are secret lovers and O' Reilly is leaving Fox
Find out more about Jesse Waters talk at on the of a Health Science Library Assistant
Jesse Waters on college campuses Turning Point USA . at Valdosta State University
.After watching Jesse Waters doing his terrifying man on the street/beach interviews, i think it's lack of info.
The only thing worse than Geraldo Rivera on is Geraldo Rivera and Jesse Waters on The Five. 👎🏻
We added a new session to our upcoming conf.: Family, Friends & Foes by Jesse Waters of
FoxNews is killing the Republican Brand. With up & comers like Steve Doocy,Jesse Waters,Greg Gutfeld All fake like Milli Vanilli
Currently watching the O'Reilly Factor. Today, Jesse Waters was at the NOW (National Organization for Women) Convention in Albuquerque. He interviewed an incredible collection femi-Nazis *** bent on castrating every man on the planet. Just sent O'Reilly an e-mail regarding the segment. I'm sure he won't use it, so I'll just copy here... " Mr. O’Reilly: Hey staffer; I know O’Reilly won’t use this, but show it to him anyway. I think he’ll get chuckle out of it… All the women interviewed by Waters at the Now Convention appear “terminally sexually frustrated.” Not one of them could get a date at Jolliet Men’s Correctional Facility if they showed up with a pound of marijuana, a six pack of Colt .45 Malt Liquor, a bottle of Ripple, a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a watermelon."
Watch as Fox News correspondent Jesse Waters asks Hillary Clinton supporters if they know what Benghazi is.
can you ask Jesse Waters to do more of those hilarious interviews with the back of Sen Charles Schumer's head?
Dennis Miller! One of only reasons I watch O'Reilly, Jesse Waters being the other...
Jesse Waters interviewed residents of Chappaqua, but not 1 resident could state even one of Hillary Clinton's accomplishmen…
Jesse Waters made Beckel his beotch. Obvious Bob don't like Jesse but he should be a bit more subtle about it.
Jesse Waters getting beat up by the Five.Dana Perino not there so chaos rules.
Jesse Waters "Waters' World" on The Factor. He was asking questions of the morons standing in line to go to the $25,000 a plate Obama fund raiser. These morons have no idea why they are supporting this moron!! Very, very scary.. Just like last election, he's black and he has a nice face. My dad told me why! I want free health care.really ? He's also half white you brainiacs! Holy crap!
You gotta love Jesse Waters interviews...he easily manages to find every moron that lives in New York..somehow, they all stand up to be counted...Waters hit Jones Beach this past weekend and questioned the sun worshipers about Independence Days' meaning..Name one of the founding fathers.answer .." Abe Lincoln"...Who was Samuel Adams..."uh, I know it's a great beer"...One person actually knew the year The Declaration of Independence was signed...another knew Thomas Jefferson signed it...but nothing more about his role.The best line of the day was...when asked to finish this line..." Give me Liberty or give me."an over zealous *** said..."Truth , Justice, and the American Way".In a quick few seconds this putz inserted the Caped Crusader.otherwise know as, Clark Kent, mild mannered a major player in American History. Look up in the's a's a's STUPIDMAN.
O'Reilly's a bozo. I do like seeing Kimberly G, Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfeld, and Dennis Miller on his show, though.
Here's when I met Bret Baier & Jesse Waters. I'm a bit older, but same enthusiasm. Keep it up Madeleine!
I wonder if George Clooney referred to "W" as President Bush? Chastising Jesse Waters for referring to obama as obama. Liberal
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