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Jesse Robredo

Jesse Manalastas Robredo (May 27, 1958 – August 18, 2012) was a Filipino statesman who served as Secretary of the Interior and Local Government in the administration of President Benigno Aquino III from 2010 to until his death in 2012. Robredo was a member of the Liberal Party.

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don't we all. He was a good man, Jesse Robredo.
"The most important ingredient of a good leader is character." - Jesse Robredo
"The most important ingredient of Leadership is Character" - Late Sec. Jesse Robredo
"Collaborate Rather than divide, Build up rather than tear down" - Late Sec. Jesse Robredo
Councilor L.A. Ruanto's now talking about how to lead like Jesse Robredo
CamSur Rep. Robredo on her late husband Jesse's non-confirmation as DILG Secretary: Nakakasuka.
this is no longer like Manila Hostage Crisis, where he bypassed Jesse Robredo in favor of Rico Puno.
"For this country to succeed we need to make heroes of ordinary people, we need to make heroes of ourselves" - Sec Jesse Robredo
Jesse M. Robredo Museum @ Naga City Civic Center, construction updates will be posted regularly...
What happened with the gun purchase contract of the PNP wc was object of inquiry by the late Jesse Robredo? May nakasuhan ba?
MANILA - The Supreme Court declared constitutional several orders issued by the late Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo meant to promote accountability in Local Government units.
MANILA, Philippines — Upholding transparent and accountable governance, the Supreme Court on Wednesday junked a former governor’s petition against the memoranda that the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo had issued requiring the full public disclosure of Local Government income and expense repor…
Who made the plans to kill him? The DILG position he has was so important for the next presidential election that they need to get rid of him, paving Roxas for the valued position as DILG secretary. They got away with it so easily.
Reading Jesse Robredo's letters to and just crying like crazy!
seven four!!. bring your EARPHONES TOMORROW for CA-Filipino and study Ang Talambuhay ni Jesse Robredo. Fav this to know you responded. -fgm
Truly, Cong. Leni Robredo is an admirable woman just as her late husband, Sec. Jesse Robredo had been an admirable man.
Cong. Leni Robredo, even the late DILG Sec. Jesse, is known to take the bus ever since I don't get why some calls it "publicity".Daming nega
JUST IN: An electric post at Jesse M. Robredo Boulevard (near Hayahay) fell. Residents are advised to be cautious...
In Masbate: As of now Jesse M. Robredo Boulevard is now flooding and water reaches the streets... see photo
As of midnight (December 7), Jesse M. Robredo Extension Boulevard is flooded due to storm surge.
As of midnight, Jesse M. Robredo Boulevard Extension is already flooded due to storm surge.
photo of Rep Leni Robredo wife of late Sec Jesse Robredo waiting for a public bus at Magallanes. wow! humble & simple
Comparing VP Binay’s accomplishments in Makati to Jesse Robredo’s record in Naga City
Congresswoman Leni Robredo (wife of the late Good Governance hero Jesse Robredo) waiting for a bus ride home ...
On going now here at Bayleaf Hotel - Matino at Mahusay: Best practices of Jesse Robredo seminar workshop for LGUs
Ready to rock Naga City! BP cheerleading finals tom @ Jesse Robredo Coliseum. See you and goodluck to…
Harvey Keh in the house! :) Harvey talks of Good Governance through the story of the Jesse Robredo Foundation.
It is Jesse Robredo's humility and actions as a public servant that differentiates him from the TRAditional filipino POli…
Jesse Robredo on Naga City: "I was in third year high school at the Ateneo de Naga when a wounded Romulo Jallores...
Jesse Robredo's bust and memorial in Eternal Gardens, Naga City.
You might want to consider working for Jesse M. Robredo Foundation, here are the details :)
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Inspector of Robredo plane fired: MANILA, Philippines--Two years after Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo died in a…
Fired! Ombudsman found inspector who cleared ill-fated plane that crashed and killed beloved Jesse Robredo guilty.
New DILG bldg to be named after fmr Sec. Jesse Robredo
Inspector for clearing Sec. Robredo's flight dismissed | Bicol Standard | Bicol news
CAAP inspector axed for allowing flight of Jesse Robredo&plane via
CAAP inspector axed for allowing flight of Jesse Robredo's plane
Inspector for clearing Sec. Robredo's flight dismissed...
CAAP inspector on late Sec Jesse Robredo's plane dismissed from service after found guilty of grave misconduct,serious dishonesty
.orders dismissal of aviation officer who allowed late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo to fly.
CAAP: Fernando Abalos, airworthiness inspector of the plane which was carrying the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo, has been dismissed.
After working at the city government of Naga for months, mas maganda talaga dito. Jesse Robredo really did an amazing job.
My friends over Naga and Bicol! Be sure to catch the UP Pep today at the Jesse Robredo Coliseum! You surely wouldn't want to miss them! :>
Pantay pantay! The UP Pep Squad at Naga City, Bicol! See you later at the Jesse M. Robredo…
intercollegiate cheerdance competition. Later @ jesse Robredo Coliseum :) can't wait to meet the UP pep Squad City
I wonder how the Philippines would have been with Jesse Robredo still as DILG Secretary. Imagine Yolanda with him instead of Mar.
Robredo: Many of the bills I filed are designed to finish Jesse's life's work: Full disclosure; FOI; tax management; . participatory budget
AN ORGANIZATION will lead the commemoration of the death of former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Jesse Robredo today, August 18. Councilor Mabel Acosta said a commemoration mass will be held at San Pedro Cathedral around noon today, Monday, for the death anniversary of Robredo. She said the mass will be sponsored by Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership and friends of the late secretary. "August 18 marks the nations' great loss in the early demise of former Naga City mayor and DILG secretary Jesse M. Robredo who perished in a fatal plane crash," she said. [READ:'No foul play in Robredo plane crash' Robredo boarded a Piper PA-34 Seneca in Cebu City to fly to Naga City, but the airplane's pilots decided to make an emergency landing at the Moises R. Espinosa Airport in Masbate City due to engine failure. The aircraft carrying Secretary Robredo along with his aide, Police Chief Inspector June Paolo Abrazado, crashed off the shore of Masbate Island. His ...
MAYORS. Please write about d late Jesse Robredo & what he did as Mayor of Naga City, Bicol Region PH.
Thank you for this, Jesse Robredo. And to Aika Robredo for sharing.
up early for my Jesse Robredo chores :-)
Jesse Robredo, indeed a man of Good Governance :) 🙏
I miss Jesse Robredo. He got it. yes. he did.
PIA-5/CAMARINES SUR: In connection with the upcoming Jesse Robredo Day on August 18, the Naga City Government is...
It's Jesse's Day on August 18, come and let's celebrate his life.. "Ta sa Lambang Nagueno, nageerok si Jesse Robredo"
PRES. AQUINO SPEECH and SEC. COLOMA Radio Interview President Benigno S. Aquino III's Speech at the Corazon Aquino Special Commemorative Exhibit Glorietta 2 Activity Center, Makati City 04 August 2014 This is always an emotional time of the year—not only for myself and my family, but for millions of Filipinos whose lives were touched by my parents. It is a time when we cannot help but remember everything they stood for—whether it was the strength and hope they displayed in the face of overwhelming odds, especially during the height of Martial Law, or their compassion and integrity in serving the Filipino people. Indeed, occasions like this are a source of new strength for us. They help recharge our hearts and souls, allowing us to go back in time to revisit the challenges and triumphs that my parents encountered. Through it, we are endowed once more with the confidence that as long as we follow their example—as long as we always offer our best for the benefit of our country and of our fellowmen—th ...
On 28 October 2011, the Philippine Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo admitted that some members of the Abu Sayyaf are related to members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and even government officials.
"Those Who Say it Cannot Be done Should not enterupt the person doing it". -Sec. Jesse Robredo (+). -that's what...
And they will clash again.. UNC Geryhounds vs. Ateneo Golden Knights. August 2, 2014. 5pm at Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum
Met with Mixie Rivera of Jesse M. Robredo Foundation. This is in preparation for the
"Leni Robredo: Noy sounded like Jesse in SONA" I'm so stressed that this made me want to cry idk it doesn't even make sense why it should
Robredo’s daughter cried over SONA, PNoy sounded like Jesse Robredo
Leni Robredo: Noy sounded like Jesse in SONA via ThePhilStar
Aug 2012: "In Jesse Robredo's death, he brought the country–and the world’s–eyes to our doorsteps."
I took this video with my cellphone while Sec. Jesse Robredo was addressing a crowd in Mabitac, Laguna. It was Three Kings' Day. So happy to retrieve this video from a lost and found and damaged external hard disk! :-)
For yuppies who want to quit, a word from Jesse Robredo via
In this episode of Galing Pook, we pay tribute to the late DILG Secretary and beloved Mayor of Naga City, Jesse Robredo. Know how Mayor Jesse empowered the p...
Inspiring words from Sec. Jesse Robredo's letter to his daughter 👌😭💼 Happy Saturday!
This morning in Naga, after continuing a tradition started by Jesse Robredo many years ago- that of giving roses to all ladies in site at City Hall during Valentines Day
so precious life.we miss Sec. Jesse Robredo.
even during the time of the late jesse robredo as dilg secretary, makati mayor binay had shown the ARROGANCE OF POWER r as indicated in a report then by abs cbn.
DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo gives his response during the Testimonial Dinner given to him and SolGen Joel Cadiz and Justice Ramoning Cruz by their high ...
Dear elected officials. 2014 is just around the corner. Maybe you can turn over a new leaf & emulate the late Jesse Robredo.
What we can do now, we have to do now because we do not know what tomorrow may bring--- Jesse Robredo
It isn’t about the power or the prestige of a position that will define us, but the quality and depth of our relationships with people. -- DILG Secretary/Mayor Jesse Robredo
Let me just share what a good friend of mine said in relation to the Binay issue (I hope he doesn't mind): "I remember a similar incident way back in 2004 when I was still working for Ayala Land. The convoy of then Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo wanted to pass through an Avida village but was refused by the guards. He didn't make a big issue out of it and just turned around to use the public road. After six months, I met with him to ask for a big favor for Avida. He wasn't angry at us. In fact, he granted our request. But towards the end of the meeting he humbly requested that he be allowed by the village to pass through during emergency cases. Such humility." I hope we Filipinos vote more for the Jesse Robredos of this world vs. the Binay's of this world. We should also help the good ones because they don't stand a chance to win in elections if they're up against corrupt money. I also hope we stop campaigning for the Binay's of this world just because we're somehow connected to them.
Lord give us jesse robredo back and take the binays instead pls pls pls
"If we are to spark the kind of change we want in our country, we must also be a leader who is never tired of learning." -Sec. Jesse Robredo
Finally, my task was completed as chair of the 2nd National eGOV Awards for LGUs (2nd Jesse Robredo Awards of...
MAR ROXAS Manuel "Mar" Araneta Roxas II (born May 13, 1957) is a former Senator of the Philippines. He is the son of former Senator Gerry Roxas, and the grandson of former President Manuel Roxas and industrialist J. Amado Araneta. A graduate of the Wharton School, Roxas worked as an investment banker, mobilizing venture capital funds for small and medium enterprises.[1] He served as the Representative of the 1st District of Capiz from 1993 to 2000. His stint as Congressman was cut short after he was appointed by President Joseph Estrada as Secretary of Trade and Industry.[2] He resigned from the position at the height of the EDSA Revolution of 2001 and was later re-appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in her new Cabinet.[3] He resigned again to run for a Senate seat in the 2004 Philippine election.[4] He was elected as Senator with 19 million votes and the highest ever garnered by a national candidate in any Philippine election and co-author of Expanded Value Added Tax Law (E-Vat).[5] Initially ...
Philcon dept. exam (1 year ago): Q: Who is the present Secretary of the Interior and Local Government? My Answer: Jesse Robredo Bryan's Answer: Jessy Mendiola WHAT.
Charm Radio update: Conferred by DILG Natl Office, out of 1,714 local govt units in the Philippines, Tagum City is the only eGov Natl Finalist of Mindanao for its effective utilization & integration of ICT on LGU services in Customer Empowerment in Jesse Robredo Awards for Excellence in Good Governance. TAGUMpay! source: CIO Cromwell Bonghanoy
“I Was Born But…” was part of the Silent film festival in Shang Cineplex, Shang Rila Plaza who screened them for free from August 24-27, 2012. Tropical Depression successfully provided the soundtrack and brought out the emotions and mood for the film submitted by the Japan Foundation Manila. For main character Ryoichi, because of his young mind and conflict with the bullies, might is right. If you cannot make other people submit to your will then you’re nothing. Jesse Robredo, Isagani Yambot, Mario O’Hara and even Dolphy were the reverse of the might is right ideal. All four men have recently passed away this year. And all four men have reached positions of power, if not reached the pinnacle in their own fields. Yet instead of imposing their own will, they made sure to serve and help others with the power and influence they gained. Clickon link for full article:
Arroyos allowed to spend Christmas, New Year with GMA By RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News Posted at 12/19/2013 9:11 AM | Updated as of 12/19/2013 12:11 PM MANILA (UPDATED) - The Sandiganbayan First Division has allowed the family of detained former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to spend December 24, 25, 31, 2013 and January 1, 2014 with her. The actual court order reads, “acting on accused Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s urgent motion, dated December 13, 2013, for humanitarian considerations, and there being no objection/opposition from the prosecution, the court hereby grants the said motion and as prayed for, accused Arroyo’s immediate family members…are hereby allowed to be and stay with the accused the whole day of December 24, the whole day of December 25, the whole day of December 31 and the whole day of January 1 at her detention quarters at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.” Mike Arroyo welcomed the development in a statement. “Praise God, the court is more humane and und ...
Four officers of CPSM who are AIM scholars of the Late Hon. Jesse Robredo got the chance to thank Cong. Leni Robredo yesterday during the Performance Governance System Certification of Police Regional Office 5. Indeed, Sec. Jesse Robredo's legacy of Good Governance lives on.
Jesse Robredo's friends and family gathers for his Commemoration Dinner.
Former Secretary Jesse Robredo, a legend of a good public service...
Jesse M. Robredo Youth Leaders Camp is back and it's bigger than ever!
Photos from our Naga City's Jesse Robredo Caravan of Good Governance are now upload on our official FB page!
It has been asked, "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?" Let’s see…    First, I would like to congratulate the group led by Carlos Celdran for causing the suspension of the construction of Torre De Manila, DMCI Homes’ 46-storey building project at the Manila Bay area. Among the numerous reasons for the opposition to the project is that it will forever ruin the view of the Rizal Monument. The group also pointed out that the planned building violates Manila’s zoning ordinance for it exceeded the floor area ratio allowed in the area, which it turned out was supposed to be reserved for schools and government buildings.   While I just talked about, again, for the nth time, the SM City Baguio expansion issue in this column last week, I cannot let this recent development in the on-going war between corporate greed and environment and cultural heritage advocates pass without calling attention to the similarities between the Torre de Manila project and the SM City Baguio ex ...
FORMER DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo : "A public servant should know how to heed the call of the people even if it's against his wishes." DUMBEST DILG Secretary Mar Roxas : "You have to understand that you are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino... Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo..." It's Christmas, Let us Forgive and Forget. Let us Forgive Mar Roxas for his Ineptitude and Forget him next election.
Not all gov't employees will get full P10K bonus Posted at 12/16/2010 7:46 PM | Updated as of 12/17/2010 10:15 AM MANILA, Philippines - Christmas has finally come to government employees. The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) said it will finally release P8 billion to fund a major chunk of the P10,000 bonus that each government employee will get. In an interview with radio dzMM, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said government employees will get their performance bonuses starting next week. He explained the national government will provide P7,000 for all its employees, while the remaining P3,000 will be shouldered by the different agencies depending on their collection for the year. This could mean that some may not be getting the full P10,000. Abad said, however, that the police and teachers will get the whole bonus. He said he was able to talk to Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, who gave his assurance on the matter. On the other hand, the DBM approved the P5.57 billion fu ...
I actually heard these lines in our Local Governance Class in Ateneo...Jesse Robredo was our Professor...
I've been dreaming of making a group that would research, showcase and promote holiness as exemplified by lives of known and unknown filipinos. In this time of societal decay, when we see officials clamoring to pass RH Bill (and soon legalize the murder of the unborn thru abortion) I pray to God to raise more saints from our beloved country to counter the tidal wave of immorality. And as a ray of sunshine, DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo came. He is the sign and hope that saints still live among us filipinos. It is high time that we know them and be inspired by their examples. I invite you, dear friends, to post lives or stories of holiness specifically of 3 types: 1) Native-born Filipinos or with Filipino Blood (church-recognized; saints, blesseds, venerables, martyrs or servants of God) 2) Honorary Filipinos (saints from other countries who visited, ministered or lived in our land. eg. Pope John Paul II, or bilocated to the country during their lifetime) 3) Other nominees (personal candidates known or unknown d ...
Just a thought...if only the late sir jesse robredo is still alive and is the man in charge of DILG, i am sure things would have different especially in handling all the calamities that had occured. No politicking, no personal agenda, no personal ambitions. Just saying...
The hullabaloo regarding Roxas and Romualdez in handling the Tacloban crises really reek of a stench of partisan politics. Shame on the two! It made me miss Jesse Robredo more and his tsinelas leadership. Had he been alive, Jesse would have approached the whole thing differently, more on the heart, less on the mouth and mind.
Sec. Jesse Robredo to daughter Aika: "Aika, working for the government is really are criticized more than appreciated..of the 100 positive things you do, people highlight 1 mistake you made. Lough out loud ka nalang. Suntukin mo ng mas maraming beses hanggang matauhan."
I am 23, having an amazing time getting myself involved in something that makes me come alive. Allow me to share with you my published article via Please check out my story about the recently concluded Jesse Robredo Youth Leadership Training Program in Pampanga and Cebu, and how they were taught to "Lead Like Jesse." Happy Friday! :)
A TALE OF 3 "R"s: After what had happened to the relations between Roxas & Romualdez due to the events in Tacloban City, many more people should realize & appreciate our great loss in the person of Robredo.. Most politicians do not have what is in Hon Jesse Robredo's person.. Character counts..
On March 29, 2003, then Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo delivered this address during the Commencement Exercises of the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City. Here is the text taken from the websit
Congratulations to nueva vizcaya for winning silver for the seal of good housekeeping. As per DILG Memo Circular 2012-78, what is being evaluated is the previous year performance plus the first and second quarters of the current year. In this photo, Secretary Jesse Robredo is awarding nueva vizcaya during the past administration seven million pesos check for winning the seal of good house keeping.
BRO. JESSE ROBREDO. A true LEADER. A good FRIEND. And a man of undying SERVICE. Commemorating the First Death Anniversary of BRO. JESSE ROBREDO - August 18, 2013.
I must say earlier on I was torn between two loves- I am excited for my Grade School Pupils who were invited by the DEPED to perform at the Jesse Robredo Coliseum for the FESTIVAL of TALENTS and at the same time sad because I won't be able to watch them because P. Diaz Group is also having their Christmas Presentation-I also would not want to miss their show. Nonetheless right after the show I called my friend to check if I have enough time to follow them but they were playing already and she was so nice she put the phone on for me to hear the kids ROAR that ROAR song and the roaring of the crowd as well- I could imagine them dancing and singing and acting those two songs. I could picture their faces and movements so clearly by just listening to the music and cheering crowd on the phone…. I spoke with Ma'am Lynn Padillo as well and she thanked us for the beautiful intermission number. She sounded so happy for all of us…she also said superintendent enjoyed and liked the number …. UNBELIEVABLE HAPPINE ...
To grade school- VOICE and GUITAR group- good luck later on your performance at Jesse Robredo Coliseum. I am proud of you. I know you will give your best performance. I have no single doubt. Thank you parents for allowing them to perform. God bless you all.
‘Cuckoo’ Miriam triggers criminal probes vs Enrile GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc (The Philippine Star) | Updated December 9, 2013 - 12:00am 13 402 googleplus0 10 Timid colleagues wish to strike off the record the biting speeches against each other of Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Juan Ponce Enrile. That would be to whitewash the issues raised. Both accused the other of lying. The right thing to do now is for them to prove their charges true – even if they forge a Christmas truce. Enrile made two points against Santiago. His bitter critic, he said, barely passed the bar exam with a grade of 76 percent. That’s on record. On record too are Santiago’s many awards and citations as public lawyer, among these the prestigious Magsaysay Prize, Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel. He also said she’s a cuckoo, which was why he opposed in vain her Cabinet posting in the 1980s. He would have to supply a psycho-report to prove that. Since eccentricity is not a crime, he’d need to show, beside her awards, . ...
Romualdez to MAR ROXAS: "Why is it illegal? As far as I know, the President is the President of the Philippines and he’s also the President of Tacloban City. I don't see anywhere in the law that says you need an ordinance from me for you to come in and do what you're doing." Roxas allegedly answered: "You have to remember, we have to be very careful because you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino." Is this the type of person we have replaced to Former DILG Jesse Robredo??
Valenzuela City first district representative, Sherwin T. Gatchalian was invited to be one of the guest speakers for Kaya Natin: Seaoil – Jesse Robredo Champion for Good Governance and Education on Friday, December 6, at the Bayleaf Hotel, Intramuros Manila. Cong. WIN Gatchalian discussed about “Realizing Good Governance Through Good Education”, where he shared to the participants the educational system in Valenzuela and how to incorporate Good Governance into the system. He said that the city needs to host an annual Educational Summit to receive input from parents and teachers on how to further improve the educational system in the city. He also shared his future projects for the education system: (1) Early Childhood Care and Development Program: Designed to prepare children for entering grade school, with volunteers and education graduates acting as teachers, (2) Special Education Program (SPED): Cong. WIN would like to prioritize the needs of special children and give them a quality education, an ...
I really enjoyed the forum I moderated this morning during the launch of the Jesse Robredo Foundation. It is...
Bukas na! A Benefit Concert for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. 7PM at the Jesse M Robredo…
The forum was held by the Jesse Robredo Foundation and on Nov.28.
The Jesse Robredo Institute of Governance in Bicol University teaches their students about bottom up budgeting.
Cong. Kaka: A lot of LGU's are already looking into it but it's hard since not all mayors are like Jesse Robredo.
"Preparing for disasters is not as simple as preparing for typhoons, it's disaster proofing your Local Government"-Jesse Robredo
[Staff] Sen. TG is here at Escaler Hall, Ateneo for the "Politicians Meet Professors" of Jesse Robredo Foundation & Ateneo School of Gov't.
Cong. Leni Robredo , chairman of the Jesse Robredo foundation now giving the opening remarks
This event is brought to you by the Jesse Robredo Foundation and the Ateneo School of Government.
Successfully finished my first Jesse Robredo Caravan of Good Governance here at Iligan City!
Kids listen intently as Rep. Leni Robredo reads them the life of her husband, "Simply Jesse"
We're a full house here at St. Michael's College, Iligan. We're currently showing the Jesse Robredo Documentary!
"Politicians Meet the Professors" for the Jesse Robredo Foundation launching!
Good morning from Iligan City! Will be taking over St. Michaels College for the Jesse Robredo Caravan of Good Governance!
PUSOG, a benefit concert for the victims of the typhoon Yolanda this Nov29 at Jesse Robredo Coliseum. An initiative of the
We are what we repeatedly do, therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit. -Sec. Jesse Robredo
We're here at Jesse Robredo Coliseum, attending the of Jehovah's Witnesses
Whom do you consider to be a hero of our times? — Jesse Robredo :)
Early morning stopover for coffee here along NLEX. Headed now for Pampanga for our Lead Like Jesse Youth Leadership Training Program for Central Luzon college student leaders. Imagine if all the future leaders of our country would have the leadership skills, principles and values of the late Jesse Robredo, I'm sure the future would be very bright for our beloved Philippines.
DID JESSE ROBREDO, former DILG secretary and predisecor of Mar Roxas, saw what was coming for Visayas and Mindanao as far as typhoons were concerned? Two years ago also, he called on the local chief executives in the Bicol Region, Eastern Visayas and Mindanao which are affected by heavy rains and floods to enforce the disaster risk reduction mechanisms in their respective localities as the weather bureau warned of widespread rains that may cause massive flashfloods and landslides in these areas. How right can he be.
That's why I was asking... "Si Jesse Robredo naging president natin? SMH"
RIP Secretary Jesse Manalastas Robredo,Today we bid farewell to a great servant of the country,
There was a recomendation from fact finding team headed by the late Sec. Jesse Robredo. What happened to it?
*** Plane crash in Masbate? I remembered what happened to President Magsaysay. DILG Sec Jesse Robredo is one of the best gov…
Whenever You Feel Alone in this Fight for Good Governance, Work Harder to Multiply Yourself. -Jesse M. Robredo
Mr. Tony Ingles and Ms. Jecel Censoro shared social accountability and best practices in their innovative...
"Day two was all about social accountability and best practices wherein Affiliated Network for Social...
Good local governance can be the conclusion of our unfinished revolution. - Jesse M. Robredo.
How do you improve education the Jesse Robredo way? Find out:
This is Cheska, a young fan of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo and her Lola.
Hopeful for collaboration (@ jesse robredo institute for governance)
On 9 Nov 2013, will launch Project POGI: The Jesse Robredo Legacy Program, in partnership with
Jesse Robredo Legacy Program Ja. Its on the 9th to 10th. :)
Get up, get up! Omw to Legazpi in a bit for Jesse Robredo Legacy Program tasks
Full time starting tomorrow for Jesse Robredo Legacy Program
Graced by the late Secretary Jesse Robredo's wife, Congresswoman Leni Robredo.
we wil be here on ds training center. Late Sec Jesse Robredo last commitment to d government b4 he died
Synergeia will build more Jesse Robredo among Local Governments
Kaya Natin! would like to thank everyone who joined us at our Seaoil - Jesse Robredo last week!
...It is your contribution that really matters—paying back what you owe the community that nurtured you.” - Jesse Robredo
Finally, d day shldnt end without Congratulating for a successful SEAOIL-Jesse Robredo Champs for Gd Governance and Educ event!
And guess what?! Today is the last day for our SEAOIL-Jesse Robredo Champions for Good Governance and Education!
We are now here at The Bayleaf, Intramuros for our Seaoil-Jesse Robredo for Good Governance and Education!
How I wish former DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo is still with us. I'm pretty sure he will handle the situation smoothly and with concrete action.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jesse Robredo is a clean politician. He is a modern hero even with his death he is still a hero for us because of what he did
Don't miss this chance to catch a glimpse of "Tsinelas Leadership" through The Jesse Robredo Documentary exclusively screening on PTV-4!
"LGUs will be assessed according to the good housekeeping scorecard that her late husband, Jesse Robredo,...
It's a working model, We've done it in Naga (Cam Sur). Check this out: :)
It's probably the same weird gesture and symbol mentality that led to August apparently being "Jesse Robredo Month" at the Ateneo.
Jesse Robredo's letter to his daughter way back 1992 😭 i cried... Huhu
Jesse Robredo was the only political figure who marched with the Sumilao farmers. :( Suddenly excited (scared) for Thurs-Sat!
I still go back to Sec. Jesse Robredo's blog... so inspiring!
Our resident storyteller read Simply Jesse: The Story of Jesse Robredo to over 300 children last Saturday
Jesse Robredo, a perfect example of what man with power should strive to become; a servant leader.
'Wore my tsinelas during the in honor of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo.'
This Jesse Robredo story is so inspiring :P
Concrete things you can do 7: study participative budgeting processes that work (Naga) and push to adopt in your area
still hoping there still leaders who have the same principle the same as the late sec. Jesse robredo.. Philippines needs that..
Your values will determine your direction as a leader. Will you be another Mandela, Gandhi, and Jesse Robredo?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
(Late secretary of interior & Local Government) Mr.Jesse Robredo's letter to his four-year-old Aika in…
Hi guys! Show Jesse Robredo some apreciation by liking and/or this photo Let's go guys!
The late senator jesse robredo's letters are so unique. There are really drawings in the middle of his sentences
maybe saints like the Late Sec. Jesse Robredo? We definitely need more Filipino saints.
Join our Jesse Robredo Essay writing contest and get a chance to be published at The
Sec Jesse Robredo...a blessing to the Filipino people.
UNDERWATER MARKER OF THE SEC. JESSE ROBREDO. Installation of a marker on the seabed of Masbate Pass, where the...
I never thought I could be a leader but now...I'm taking over! . Jesse Robredo Style!
I saw Rep earlier during the 11: 30 am mass for the late Sec. Jesse Robredo. :)
It's not enough for an official to be good. There has to be a system that forces them to be good. -Jesse Robredo
Public servants are servant leaders. Their mission is 'to serve and not to be served'. ~ Jesse Robredo ||
hope you find satisfaction in what you do. that is the best motivator to working well. of course, ambition is another. -Jes…
Invited to a lunch with Cong. Lenny Robredo tomorrow. Should not fail to express how much I admire Sir Jesse Robredo in all his ways. :)
Guess what The The Jesse Robredo Caravan For Good Governance photos at is now uploaded!
Jesse Robredo’s letter to his 4-yr-old daughter way back in 1992.This is so heart-whelming. Such a sweet sweet father …
Photos from our Jesse Robredo: Modern-Day Filipino Hero (SM City Cebu) Launch are now posted!
.sorry for the answer but the best would be/have been Jesse Robredo for 2016. I think none can surpass him, that is for me.
Jesse Robredo's letter to his 4yrsold daughter Aika in 1992
For him, no job was too small. How about you?
"What have you learned from Jesse Robredo?
What have you learned from Jesse Robredo?
Gathering some facts abt the noble Mr. Jesse Robredo. :)
7 leadership lessons from Jesse Robredo: "Be amazing at what you do."
Happy that is was a very successful first out of town Jesse Robredo exhibit. Sad to leave Cebu tomorrow. :(
Remembering the late Sec. Jesse Robredo, one of the country’s greatest public servant. nagacity…
A year ago today, the life of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo ended... http:/…
Now that we're more disgusted by Phil governance, a Jesse Robredo at the helm would've been comforting. Hay. We really lost a great one.
Happy first year in heaven to my fellow Atenean, Sir Jesse Robredo! Saludo!
Rereading this in honor of Jesse Robredo. Men like him deserve to be remembered year after year after year. :')
Here are 7 lessons on leadership we can learn from PH's former Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo
Do I do the Jesse Robredo essay for the cash or... And hey, the essay gets published. One step closer to my frustrated journalist aspiration
To remember Jesse Robredo is to strive to be like him.
Today is the 1st death anniversary of Sec. Jesse Robredo. My goal is to be able to help as much as he did. Someday.
Sec. Jesse Robredo reminds me of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay. Why did you two die young? :(
5 reasons why Jesse Robredo is a great loss (or 5 amazing things about him as a politician)
“May pasook bukas wa” what why jesse robredo larlpsal diba
The new Jesse Robredo ambassadors vowing to be "matino at mahusay"
PhilNavy sends tech'l divers to Cebu for retrieval operations. The same divers who recovered SILG Jesse Robredo last year.
Tsinelas Campaign. A walk for Sec. Jesse Robredo. We miss you Sec. Jesse :(
Jesse Robredo's letters to daughter Aika via
I keep wishing that Napoles would be found today on the death anniversary of Jesse Robredo.
Fr Ben's homily on the importance of presence and how Jesse Robredo lived this out
Jesse Robredo died last year on this day. We lost a good man & leader, we carry on his life's work. Love to
7 leadership lessons from Jesse Robredo: "Good leaders know no one can achieve progress alone" ht…
Repost from rappler. In commemoration of Jesse Robredo's death.
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7 leadership lessons from Jesse Robredo via
What would Jesse Robredo have done with his pork barrel? Leni Robredo demonstrates via
Jesse Robredo's first death anniversary: Leni to retrace husbands's journey from Cebu to Masbate...
Glad I was able to attend Jesse Robredo's Documentary Premiere w/ Cong.Lenie Robredo as one of the…
will be at SM Cebu Aug 15 for the opening of the Jesse Robredo Photo Exhibit by Kaya Natin
Saw a video of former Ramon Magsaysay awardees w/c included the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo. Gave me hope that change is indeed possible!
Jesse Robredo i just remember my uncle
Currently watching a docu of the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation about the late Jesse Robredo
Ripples for Change: Democracy and Good Governance campaign of the Ramon Magsaysay Center includes the late Jesse Robredo
NEW PHOTOS ARE UP! See yesterday's The Jesse Robredo Documentary Launch photos! Go to our FB page to check it out
Yesterday, we officially launched The Jesse Robredo Documentary at Miriam College!
New documentary shows Jesse Robredo's legacy for filmfest?
New documentary shows Jesse Robredo's legacy! by RG Cruz of
Ms.Leni the former Sec Jesse Robredo's wife visited earlier. We're lucky to be the first one to watch the JR docu
Jesse Robredo could've been a good president.
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The Jesse Robredo Documentary with the special guest Ms. Leni Robredo.
Very inspiring docu on the life of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo and very candid message from Cong. Leni. Gives hope for Good Governance.
Premiere of the Jesse Robredo Documentary earlier this afternoon at MC
Sen. Kiko Pangilinan giving the welcoming remarks at Remembering Jesse Robredo
Premiere of the Jesse Robredo Documentary currently at the Miriam College Little Theater.
Kaya Natin champion Bag-ao is currently at the launch of the Jesse Robredo Documentary in Miriam College.
@ Little Theater to watch "THE JESSE ROBREDO DOCUMENTARY: A Glimpse into the Life of Jesse M. Robredo" :)
How does Malacanang honor the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo? The answer here:
@ Little Theatre.. goin to watch the Jesse Robredo documentary
We are minutes away from launching The Jesse Robredo Documentary here in Miriam College! Stay tuned!
Keep it up Harvey Keh-full! Jesse is a great family man...a great leader, worth emulating.
In case you've missed it, appeared in ANC's Headstart to talk about the Jesse Robredo Month.
NOW ON ANC: on activities for Jesse Robredo month
In commemoration of Jesse Robredo's "Tsinelas Leadership... join now!
Schedule of Activities for the Jesse Robredo Day on August 18.
We will be launching the Jesse Robredo documentary this afternoon at Miriam College in Quezon City!
It's almost a year since Jesse Robredo died in a plane crash, & President Aquino is still full of regrets
Noy says he blames self for Jesse Robredo's death
Thank you Mr. President for honoring our fraternity brother, the late Sec. Jesse Robredo.
PIA-5/CAMARINES SUR: “I have not been a fan of the President especially after the death of Jesse Robredo. But, in...
Teared up a little when PNoy started talking about Sec. Jesse Robredo. Huhuhuhu.
Pres. Aquino commends Sec. Albert del Rosario for his service in DFA, & the late Sec. Jesse Robredo. Well-deserved good sirs!
Aquino pays respect to late DILG secreteray Jesse Robredo. Proud to say I'm from Naga and has been a witness of his wonderful governance
was it true he didn't really supported or heeded Jesse Robredo before his death?
If only all our politcians were like Jesse Robredo...
Goosebumps all over when Sec. Jesse Robredo was mentioned.
Aquino thanks Foreign Sec. Albert Del Rosario for his honest service, and remembers Former DILG Chief Jesse Robredo
President Aquino pays tribute to the late Interior Sec. Jesse Robredo, before crowd that includes his widow, Rep. Leni Robredo.
Mentioning JESSE ROBREDO to evoke emotion from the public.
PNoy remembers the late Jesse Robredo, calls officials to follow his example.
PNoy's tribute to Sec. Jesse Robredo is heart felt.
PNoy pays tribute to late Interior secretary Jesse Robredo, a friend of his.
PNoy gives tribute to Sec. Jesse Robredo, a face of Good Governance.
now PNoy is getting all dramatic over Sec. Jesse Robredo.
PNoy remembers fate of former DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo; Says he couldn't help but blame self for getting Robredo to serve gov't
That late Sec. Jesse Robredo's special mention made me teary-eyed. His great example lives on.
PNoy recognizes the late Jesse Robredo in his speech.
I could not avoid blaming myself for what happened to Jesse (Robredo): PNoy
*** Why should you mention Jesse Robredo like that pa? Enough is enough. Walang kwenta na sinasabi mo
Ninoy is blaming himself for Jesse Robredo's death. Mr. president, it's inevitable.
Aquino mentions late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo as example of public service, change in governance and self-sacrifice
PNoy remembers Sec. Jesse Robredo and his undying service to the city of Naga.
PNow now mentions death of ex DILG Sec Jesse Robredo, says he blamed himself for his death somehow.
Mom said that Pnoy disliked Jesse Robredo, only showing respect because he doed
Aquino pays tribute to the late Sec. Jesse Robredo.
No mention yet of reforms initiated by the late Jesse Robredo at DILG :(
condolences to the family of our good and dedicated sec. Jesse Robredo . Godbless!
The launching of the Jesse Robredo Month is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Limited Slots Only!
In the midst of SONA, we are declaring August as our Jesse Robredo Month!
time flies so fast! The Research Institute of DLSU's College of Law was named after Sec. Jesse Robredo.
condolence to the family of a great man DILG sec. jesse robredo..
This letter is sweet. From Jesse Robredo to his daughter Aika. Ooh :(
My Eagle Eyes column on Jesse Robredo, published Tuesday, on the day Ateneo de Manila posthumously conferred on...
Tricia Robredo daughter of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo makes it as NU Courtside reporter for UAAP 76.
Last Tuesday, the posthumously honored our Co-Founder Jesse Robredo with its Government Service Award.
Want to become one of the Jesse Robredo Ambassadors?. The Application for the 4th “Lead Like Jesse Youth...
Now at Special Academic Convocation where the late Jesse Robredo will given a posthumous Government Servi…
Students and young professionals who have been inspired by the life of Jesse Robredo, here is your chance to be heard!http:/…
Photo taken in 2008 when KN's then Mayor Jesse Robredo visited DLSU-Dasmarinas in Cavite.
Epy Quizon, director of the film bio on the late Local Government secretary Jesse Robredo, is looking for “a cerebral actor” to portray this city’s distinguished son, who died in a plane crash last August.
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If only I can vote for you Mam Leni, I will. ( photo taken at Jesse Robredo's Funeral at City Hall)…
So everybody--NSCB, late Jesse Robredo, anti-dynasty reformers--is wrong. And they, the Villafuertes, are right.
The Jesse Robredo Exhibit version 2.0 is coming! And we want YOU to be a PART of it!
The late Jesse Robredo really is immortalized in Sir Atienza's book. So much praise in the form of concrete examples.
Villafuerte attacks Robredo even after his death. Paano magiging patas ang laban? Jesse should be with him or he should be with Jesse.
Family feud will play a huge role in Camarines Sur as the Villafuertes face the widow of the late Jesse Robredo.
Everybody wants to pass by Memory lane, am i right?? My Team mates, my classmates, our old home, Jesse Robredo...
My cousin's, he talks about Sec. Jesse Robredo's Tsinelas leadership. Such a good-read.
Lets watch the concert of my brother ELY BUENDIA live here in naga, june 8, 2013 @ the Jesse M Robredo…
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