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Jesse Plemons

Jesse Lon Plemons (born April 2, 1988) is an American film and television actor best known for playing Landry Clarke on NBC's Friday Night Lights.

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It's been true for years, but Matt Damon and Jesse Plemons are basically the same person now.
The more evil a character Matt Damon plays, the more he looks like Jesse Plemons
Happy for Jesse Plemons, he was great on Breaking Bad and Fargo. Glad we get to see more of him!
Just finished Fargo S2 & I'm completely in love with both the real & fictional Kirsten Dunst / Jesse Plemons relationship.
the white guy in Detroit and jesse plemons are the ugliest actors
Son decided to watch Like Mike, and man, the cast in this movie: Jesse Plemons, Robert Forster, Crispin Glover, Anne Meara, Morris Chestnut
Jesse Plemons just happens to have been in 3 of my favourite shows of all time. Friday Night Lights, Fargo and Breaking Bad.
Saw the incredibly moving Other People last night. A must see... great performances from Jesse Plemons & Molly Shannon.
Excuse you, Jesse Plemons. Obviousment you have a PORK CHOP in your bird bath.
Ring ring. Hello Jesse Plemons. I just called my friend curry powder. He is so eel!
Jesse Plemons is a constant revelation to watch.
A tantalizing jailer (James Purefoy) selects an aloof target (Jesse Plemons) for his spree, but a local philosopher (Daisy Ridley) asks why.
Which quirky Fargo pairing did you think really nailed it? Billy Bob Thornton & Martin Freeman or Kirsten Dunst & J…
I didn't think I'd ever be jealous of Jesse Plemons, but he gets to snuggle with Kirsten Dunst and I don't
If Matt Damon and Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a kid, Jesse Plemons would be that child.
If Matt Damon and Philip Seymour Hoffman had a baby together, that baby would be Jesse Plemons
What a film. Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons. Wow. But close to the bone for me but still wow. So wow. ❤
there's an actor in this movie that looks like if Jesse Plemons was an Asian man.
And thank you for Jesse Plemons, and Molly Shannon. I can't say enough about Molly Shannon. She reminds me of my mom ❤️
Just blubbered my way through Molly Shannon + Jesse Plemons = Amazingly heartfelt and powerful
Just watched by with Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons. Good first big cry of the year.
Ps. Are we sure the great Jesse Plemons isn't Philip Seymour Hoffman's actual son
watched OTHER PEOPLE last night. Hilarious, whip smart and heartbreaking. And once again, Jesse Plemons is tremendous.
Don't watch Other People (2016) and not bring a box of tissues. Molly Shannon, Jesse Plemons & Bradley Whitford are all absolute treasures.
Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon should really be in the awards talk race for
For your consideration: Molly Shannon in She and Jesse Plemons broke my heart. Hit close to home.…
Jesse Plemons looks like a failed attempt to clone Matt Damon.
Molly Shannon & Jesse Plemons are brilliant in Bravo 👏 your movie was wonderful
Wow. Other People is incredible. Jesse Plemons is a gd delight.
17. Other People - 7.5. Chubby Jesse Plemons 👍. Family can be tough, eh? Cancer *** right? Nothing new, but a talented cast elevates it
Molly Shannon deserves all the awards. She and Jesse Plemons absolutely floored me. So blown away.
My love for Jesse Plemons never ends
Jesse Plemons looks like Matt Damon's albino brother
We need someone who looks like Jesse Plemons with hair like him and is prepared to shave his head tomorrow. . FAA...
Loplop is one of the best episodes of television I have ever seen. Jeffrey Donovan, Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst are just superb
My reaction when I saw that Jesse Plemons was in the last season of Breaking Bad
has to be one of the best films I've seen lately, Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon are superb! Such a touching and funny film
Jesse Plemons, Carey Elwes, Mike Nelson from Mystery Science Theater, or the person's current favorite white man
Jesse Plemons continues to impress, but Molly Shannon shocked me in the movie. She deserves an Oscar nomination.
Can we for just a second acknowledge how great Jesse Plemons is?
Jesse Plemons and (especially) Kirsten Dunst's characters are super hilarious.
OTHER PEOPLE is easily one of the best movies from 2016 (that I watched last evening in 2017). Molly Shannon and Jesse
OH MY GOD . Molly Shannon, thank you. Jesse Plemons, thank you. I'm more human bc of this movie 🙏🏽
Earlier at CVS I *** near recreated the Jesse Plemons grocery store breakdown in Other People.
Yes! I *just* watched this last night. Really good. Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon in particular are great.
alum Jesse Plemons for GQ: "I guess I would like to play some more extroverts"
Jesse Plemons is only a year older than me and as a child was in the Lil Bow Wow basketball vehicle LIKE MIKE.
Saw it last month, it was amazing. Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon gave such an amazing performances.
She and Jesse Plemons floored me, but especially her performance. The whole movie just wowed me really.
I know the world is in serious trouble but I thought I'd share the fact that Jesse Plemons is in LIKE MIKE.
Jesse Plemons is mad underrated my guy
Watched Other People on Netflix and it just about ruined me. Great work from everyone especially Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon.
Watching a movie where Jesse Plemons plays an unassuming nebbishy dude who somehow DOESN'T murder someone and it's kinda weird
Other People was really great. Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon both delivering career best performances.
Saw a young Jesse Plemons look-alike yesterday and Justin kept yelling "Landry!" To see if the kid would turn around...
Jesse Plemons | Usually, nerds on TV are completely...: via
Molly Shannon is so good as a mom w cancer. TL of her deteriorating health is 💔. Jesse Plemons as her *** son, dealing w her conditions. 👌
And now I know what Jesse Plemons vinegar strokes look like...
"Other People" on just devastated me. Nice work Jesse Plemons and
So far this movie has been Molly Shannon garbage disposal snoring, Bradley Whitford wearing awesome shirts, and Jesse Plemons taking a dump.
Molly Shannon was amazing but Jesse Plemons really killed that role.
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Totally didn't register to me that Molly Shannon is old enough to be Jesse Plemons mom. *** ..
I'm inclined to agree! Molly was great. Jesse Plemons was amazing. That grocery stor…
I could see Jesse Plemons playing Zach Ertz in theLifetime TV movie about NFL spousal abuse
Thank you for giving me 'Matt Damon's less attractive brother' as my new go-to descriptor for Jesse Plemons.
Jesse Plemons was great. Molly Shannon was ok.
So much better than I expected. Jesse Plemons is wonderful in every seen he's in. — watching Other People
Jesse Plemons, Other People -- captures a lifelong friction with his hometown that will be familiar to many. Evocat…
All of the awards for Jesse Plemons, Molly Shannon + incredible cast and performances. Blown away. Go watch on Netflix.
Jesse Plemons in Other People gets my vote
I did see Other People. Loved Jesse Plemons in it
"Other People" is a pretty *** good movie. Jesse Plemons is amazing, wish he got a little more hype for that. Molly Shannon great too.
We are watching Other People. I'm enjoying the level of *** face' Jesse Plemons is giving.
Jesse Plemons is generally fantastic...but especially excels in roles where he's asked to gruesomely dispose of bod…
If Jesse Plemons & Molly Shannon don't get nominations for "Other People" I'm gonna break both my thumbs
which was heartbreaking because Jesse Plemons was wonderful as Landry on FNL
Right now Jesse Plemons is being good guy Landry on ESPN Classic and Nazi Todd on AMC. That's range, baby.
'Friday Night Lights' was kind of like my college years because I did ...
Jesse Plemons | My focus is to grow, have fun...: via
I grew up in a town outside of Waco, Texas, and we had 30 acres.
Usually, nerds on TV are completely stereotypical, like Urkel, or t...
I sing a little bit. I got a guitar for my 16th birthday.
In middle school, I played quarterback. I was at a tiny school, so y...
I remember when word on the street was Jesse Plemons was gonna be cast as Luke's son!. what happened? What role?
I get a little freaked out when I'm around too many redheads. I onl...
Have Jesse plemons and Matt Damon ever been seen together
Are & hanging with or Todd from Breaking Bad (Jesse Plemons)?
I’ve just noticed: Jesse Plemons is a young Ronald Koeman
Just watched Other people. Jesse Plemons is phenomenal. So is Molly Shannon. Definitely worth watching. Inspiring story tell…
.It must be the P & L connection. It could have just have easily been Jesse Plemons or Penelope Cruz.
'Breaking Bad' is great at blurring the line between good and evil. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm open to all religions. Respecting Scientology is just like resp...
I love playing guitar. I grew up with my dad playing. But acting is def...
I grew up half the time in a small town called Mart, Texas, and hal...
My focus is to grow, have fun, and work with people who inspire me, li...
Jesse Plemons - He is of English, and some ...: via
I didn't really start doing stuff until I was 8 or so, but I was an ...
I was 3 and a half, and there was an open call for a Coca-Cola comme...
Congratulations to Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons for noms.
That film at Sundance London was Other People. Jesse Plemons has a Spirit Award nom.
Other People is beautiful and utterly heartbreaking. Easily one of the best of the year. Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon are perfect.
Jesse Plemons just gets better and better. He's going to be one of the greats of this generation. Man.
well if you feel like watching a movie that will destroy you, watch Other People. Bravo Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons
Jesse Plemons streak of perfection continues in If he's in it, see it.
OTHER PEOPLE destroyed me. Lived a lot of that; this is honest, funny, wrenching, specific. Stunning work from Jesse Plemons, Molly Shannon.
Other People was amazing. Molly Shannon & Jesse Plemons were so good, award caliber performances. Congrats, &
Everyone should watch for that final scene between Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon alone. Jesus.
I think she's a much stronger supporting player. That's Jesse Plemons' story.
Binge-watching Outlander. Tobias Menzies' switching from lovable newlywed to cold hard redcoat reminds me of Jesse Plemons in Breaking Bad.
did you watch any of the Michigan game today? The UCF coach reminded me of your infamous Jesse Plemons comment
is sooo good you guys. Wow. Cried so much. ALSO - a Jesse Plemons/Zach Woods coupling is all of my dreams come true omg omg omg
Cried so hard during this movie. Beautiful, crushing & authentic. Kudos Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons
Just saw other people and cried all my makeup off. Ty ty ty Chris Kelly, Molly Shannon, & Jesse plemons
you're probably sick of amateur opinions but I had an idea an wanted to throw in my 2¢: Jesse Plemons would be awesome as Chris
I want to see Jesse Plemons in more movies and tv
Congrats to & his talented cast. I laughed, cried, and laugh-cried. Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons were great.
icymi: my newest review is of Other People, starring Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon
hilarious & heartbreaking in the most authentic, non-condescending of ways. Jesse Plemons is wonderful. Loved it.
Mid game observation: coach looks like Jesse Plemons of FNL/Breaking Bad
Watching Fargo Season 2 and every time I see Jesse Plemons on screen, I think "fat Matt Damon".
Jesse Plemons can't believe one of his players got ejected.
Casting this UCF-MICH game for a movie. Jesse Plemons is Scott Frost, Dennis Quaid is Brian Griese.
Looking forward to Jesse Plemons playing Scott Frost in the biopic of the Flea Kicker game
UCF's coach looks like Todd from Breaking Bad I am not messing around
Glad to see that Landry Clark (Jesse Plemons) finally made it big as the head coach at UCF!
When did Jesse Plemons become the UCF coach?
When is somebody gonna cast Jesse Plemons as Matt Damon's brother? I mean...
Go see because Molly Shannon & Jesse Plemons are about as incredible as . So real, moving, and funny.
Watch to understand the strength of performance when he acts opposite Jesse Plemons WITHOUT making out with him WOW
Jesse Plemons was in both Varsity Blues and the TV show based on it, Varsity Blues: Friday Night Lights.
My heart bursts for the perfect and brave and beautiful work from Jesse Plemons and also my sweet 👏🏼❤️
The reason you want to act is to continue to explore every different part of the human psy
Jesse Plemons makes me extremely uncomfortable no matter what he's doing.
.saw a trailer on iTunes today. Cremation bit, medical marijuana scene. Funny stuff. Big fan of Jesse Plemons, too.
Jesse Plemons was Landry Clarke in but in his most recent role played Ed Blumquist in
Molly Shannon gives the performance of her career in OTHER PEOPLE, out today. Our review:
I am pleased that my son and Jesse Plemons share a name.
"Other People": Molly Shannon & Jesse Plemons are incredible in this sad, funny, naturalistic, understated, touching film. 5 stars.
Kirsten Dunst promoting Jesse Plemons' new movie on Insta got me like 😍
So who does Jesse Plemons kill in Other People?
'Other People,' starring Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon, is an earnest, playful drama:
Everybody loves Giancarlo Esposito and Gus but Jesse Plemons & Laura Fraser are terrific in Breaking Bad's final season.
Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons star in first trailer for Other People
I'll watch anything with Adam Scott and Jesse Plemons
It amazes me how Jesse Plemons is slowly taking over Matt Damon roles in a Talented Mr Ripley kind of way.
Congratulations to Jesse Plemons for his nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries!
I'm down for anything with Jesse Plemons in it
The quote-heavy poster for See the trailer and our review:
It put Jesse Plemons in position to land the BB gig, so it did it's job
In a series with such huge characters and actors her and Jesse Plemons do a really good job of stealing the show.
Jonathan from is to Norman Reedus as Jesse Plemons is to Matt Damon.
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Jesse Plemons (StarQuotes) Usually, nerds on TV are completely...: via
Kirsten Dunst Sparks Romance Rumors with 'Fargo' Co-Star Jesse Plemons -- See the Pics! -
I always think of Ricky Hitler now when I see Jesse Plemons
Congrats to Jesse Plemons, Jean Smart, Bokeem Woodbine, and the entire cast and crew of for their
Did they do that digital face grafting thing for Jesse Plemons in Black Mass, what's goin on with his facial region here
Jesse Plemons is Matt Damon's less attractive brother. Got to be.
Sometimes I worry that Forest Whitaker can't live forever & then I remember Jesse Plemons & it's comforting to know that life is a cycle.
Have you heard about the movie starring Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons? It our next
I was thinking more Jesse Plemons but, OK
I’ll be in a puddle on the theater floor, but I can’t miss Jesse Plemons.
Jesse Plemons [6 Ideas] - The reason you want to act...: via
screening is confirmed! 'Other People' starring Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemons - August 18th at The...
Michael Hogan can out-act most with half his body. Jesse Plemons is darn good too.
Jesse Plemons and Stephanie Hunt just having fun shot 6.10.2016. . . . . .
Learning so much today! Sarah Paulson, Demi Lovato, Jesse Plemons, . Keke Palmer, Nia Vardalos and Ethan Embry were on Grey's Anatomy?
Jesse Plemons (Todd from Breaking Bad & Landry from Friday Night Lights) is the bully orphan in Like Mike. 😂
Michael Barker, Chandra Wilson, Jesse Plemons to Be Honored by Texas Film Hall of Fame via
Jesse Plemons is here to support TV wife Kirsten Dunst in MIDNIGHT SPECIAL.
Jesse Plemons walked behind me at The Paramount and brushed against my hair. So don't tell me my life ain't fancy.
Just ran into Jesse plemons in the street! I am so popular right now!!
Carol Burnett, Chandra Wilson and Jesse Plemons earlier today at press conf
hey did you attend the Texas Hall of Fame in support of Jesse Plemons or what?
Jesse Plemons will forever be known as Meth Damon to me.
Jesse Plemons is in literally every movie and tv show made since like 2012. I’m ok with this.
Fans of Breaking Bad and Fargo should recognize this fellow! Jesse Plemons, ladies and…
Just checking in Jesse Plemons for SXSW and if I have one thing to say it's that he's no different from any character he ever plays
Best part of is Jesse Plemons as Kevin Weeks: I thought it was Matt Damon in a fat suit the entire film!
updates Jesse Plemons for rank 457 to 428
Adrianne Palicki who played "Tyra" on Friday Night Lights introducing Jesse Plemons aka "Landry…
Everything you know about Jesse Plemons is wrong.
Recognize them from Actor Jesse Plemons newest inductee into Texas Film HOF.
From Friday Night Lights to Breaking Bad & Fargo, Jesse Plemons returns for the Texas Film Rising Star Award.
Adrianne Palicki presenting Jesse Plemons with the Rising Star Award. Tyra + Landry 4-evs!
Jesse Plemons broke out on Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad. And now Fargo.
Receiving the Rising Star Award tonight, Jesse Plemons hits the red carpet.
Watch: Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon on the Trials and Tribulations of 'Other Peop
Carol Burnett, Chandra Wilson & Jesse Plemons are honored at this evening's -
I'm pretty ready for Jesse Plemons to play Philip Seymour Hoffman in a biopic, but I'm willing to wait for it.
Noah Hawley lied to Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons about how would end:
Best Drama Series: Fargo. Noah Hawley is brilliant, Jesse Plemons is super fat, the return of Kirsten Dunst and Jean Smart.
Has anyone ever seen Jesse Plemons and Matt Damon together in the same place?
Do you think Jesse Plemons gets so much work cuz he looks like a trailer trash Matt Damon
My boyfriend got an autographed apron from the "Butcher of Luverne" (Jesse Plemons) from his Secret Santa.
It appears that Jesse Plemons can do no wrong
When they make a movie about the 2015 will be played by Jesse Plemons.
Catching up on Kirsten Dunst & Jesse Plemons make me straight up LOL.
Jesse Plemons is known for playing Todd Alquist on and Ed Blumquist on The last names both end in "quist".
Jesse Plemons is just a walking reminder that Philip Seymour Hoffman bit the dust and Plemons is his fake son replacement.
Ditto all that says! & as u keep watching, & Jesse Plemons' characters steal your sympathies
I do think Jesse Plemons deserves an Emmy . Gained a lot of weight for role & was very believable as Ed.
Whoever failed to nominate Bokeem Woodbine, Jesse Plemons & Jean Smart from should be euthanized.
Any tv character that Jesse Plemons plays deserves to die.
Jesse Plemons has bad luck in finales. Am I right?
Jesse Plemons dies in literally everything.
I just had to watch Jesse Plemons die... again.
Jesse Plemons learned how to butcher for his role from
Jesse Plemons shadowed butcher shop for his role
Jesse Plemons is the guvnor by the way. What a fine young actor he is. Ed never lets the side down.
Having seen him in Breaking Bad, Fargo, and Black Mass, I think Jesse Plemons is a young Philip Seymour Hoffman.
yeah that accent suits her and I love Jesse Plemons. I just love everything about Fargo. Think it's been better than S1
Fargo’s Jesse Plemons learned how to butcher from Salt & Time
Jesse Plemons is one of the best actors working today. It's weird to say that about someone I still refer to as "f***ing Todd!"
no, but it has Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wilson, Jesse Plemons and co. Huge star power and it's really, really good.
Graced with an unforgettable face, the internet has labeled him
Fargo season 2 is the best show on tv. Get your head out of your *** and watch it. Jesse Plemons and will b…
Really liked Jesse Plemons turns up everywhere these days.
Jesse Plemons is on Fargo?! Now I def need to watch it! I'd been thinking about it since hearing talk about it!
TONIGHT! Seth welcomes Adam Driver of Jesse Plemons of and a performance from https…
Friends disagree, but it has to be said: Jesse Plemons is my current man crush. Is he yours?
very own Meth Damon isn't that far away from the real thing.
Matt Damon, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Heath ledger mix it up, out comes Jesse plemons
Jesse Plemons insists he only appear in the very best shows on TV… and can kill people in them.
We all probably tell ourselves that we would exhibit adroit social skills when meeting a beloved celebrity, bu...
Seeing Jesse Plemons post my Breaking Bad binge is a trip because well I just associate him with extreme feelings of disgust
TIL 'Meth Damon'/Todd/Jesse Plemons from 'Breaking Bad' actually played a young Matt Damon in 'All the pretty…
On Nick Offerman is doing John Goodman, Bokeem Woodbine is doing Billy Bob and Jesse Plemons is doing Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Great actors on getting rewarded. Taylor Kitsch major role in s2. Jesse Plemons major role in
Swear that Jesse Plemons is morphing into Philip Seymour Hoffman
Still holding out hope for a Randall "Tex" Cobb biopic starring Jesse Plemons.
What’s up with the Jesse Plemons portly Phillip Seymour Hoffman look during the fireplace scene?
So we're all just supposed to go on in a world where Jesse Plemons is stout?
Side note: what's Jesse Plemons' body count now? No matter which show, his character is always killing someone at some point.
That moment when you're watching Fargo and you realize that you and Jesse Plemons have the same body type.
Yo when did Jesse Plemons become such a bear? He's way sexyer now that he's chubby!!!
What is it with Jesse Plemons and body disposal on TV?
If you met Jesse Plemons in real life would you half be expecting him to kill you in "self-defense?"
Jesse Plemons is one of those actors that really can't do anything else for me because no matter what I always see Landry.
Season 2 of Fargo is really good so far. Like REAL good.Ted Danson, Jesse Plemons, Bokeem Woodbine & Cristin Milioti should be in everything
Has Jesse Plemons ever been in anything that sucked?
I wonder when Jesse Plemons will be cast in a role that doesn't involved him dealing with a dead body.
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Watching the new Fargo. Blimey, Jesse Plemons has put a bit of timber on since the Dillon Panthers.
I can't believe how fat Jesse Plemons has got for this season of Fargo. All the chub.
shock collars, but for people who want to call Jesse Plemons "Meth Damon"
Season 2 of is terrific so far. Smart writing and great characters. Jesse Plemons is in 3 of the best shows in last 10 years.
Enjoyed The Program, though it should have explored Armstrong and Walsh's dynamic more. Acting, especially from Jesse Plemons, is excellent.
Tyler Perry is pooping. Bob Dillon and Jesse Plemons are playing pinochle in Belgium. Worm and Constipation are kayaking in France.
my point was that, IMHO there’s not much to talk about it. Maybe just Jesse Plemons’ performance is the only thing worth of it
The things does 4 a job: Hamburger Helper for breakfast & well that whole meat grinder sitch.
Is Jesse Plemons taking over the world?
Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons and other stars of FX's "Fargo" came together on Friday in New York C…
Jesse Plemons played a young Matt Damon in "All The Pretty Horses" but his scenes were cut!
We spoke to Jesse Plemons about accents, gaining weight, and killing people on TV
I'm still not over the fact that Jesse Plemons is having far and away the best post-Dillon Panther career of anyone from FNL.
Lol omg Jesse Plemons has moobs now
It was brill. Though kept thinking Matt Damon was in it. Jesse Plemons keeps morphing into him more and more!
How much fatter Jesse Plemons became is really evident here lol
Took my Dad to see it as he's a keen cyclist for years. To his learned eyes, Jesse Plemons is the one who nails his performance the best.
In a Three Men Enter, One Man Leaves contest among Jesse Plemons' trilogy of killers, Todd's the only logical choice to win,…
Jesse Plemons and Noah Hawley on last night's gruesome 'Fargo' scene
Watching Black Mass and The Martian together is fun because you can pretend that Matt Damon is Jesse Plemons' space dad
LOL! I didnt recognise Jesse Plemons. I thought it was someone who just sounded a lot like him!
Jesse Plemons always looks like he just got stung by a bee
Day trading tip: Algonquin Lunchboxes new product offering is a bust; CZO Jesse Plemons accused of impropriety
Someone should just hand Jesse Plemons next year's Best Actor already
Jesse Plemons done killed somebody in every show I seen him in
FARGO season 2 is incredible. Everyone is amazing, but Jesse Plemons is the unsung hero.
Jesse Plemons is the master of creepy nice dude. The. Master.
Jesse Plemons reminds me of a young Philip Seymour Hoffman. I didn’t know until tonight that he played his character’s son in The Master.
'Fargo' star Jesse Plemons on Killer Landry, Killer Todd and his new killer role: CALGARY, ALBERTA. Jesse Plem...
Don't even try and make me feel pathos for a Jesse Plemons character, Fargo. I won't do it.
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Fargo’s Jesse Plemons on His Minnesota Accent, Gaining Weight, and Killing People (and Hiding the Bodie
on Killing People on TV via / He and Fargo 2.0 are ridiculously great.
Jesse Plemons is the Meryl Streep of killing people while looking absolutely confused.
If and have taught us anything, it's that if you pair Jesse Plemons with a blonde woman, somebody's going to "accidentally" die.
I'm pretty impressed with the way Jesse Plemons' career is going. I wish Caleb Landry Jones made such good choices.
Greatest Landry in football history:. 1) Tom. 2) Jesse Plemons from FNL. 3) Jones in Pittsburgh...with a bullet.
This season's cast has everyone from Jesse Plemons to Kirsten Dunst to Nick Offerman to Jean Smart to Bokeem Woodbine. Insane.
When are Jesse Plemons and Matt Damon going to play brothers in a movie?
When ppl ask me who my male celebrity crush is, I always forget: Jesse Plemons, Michael Shannon, Jon Hamm, Taylor Kitsch.
It's great seeing Michael Kelly and Jesse Plemons everywhere. I think that Plemons is having the career Aaron Paul was maybe suppose to have
would love to know what you guys (BB and BCS) think about Jesse Plemons in Black Mass?
"I'm going to keep believing that if you do people will keep calling." -- actor Jesse Plemons
Jesse Plemons tells was challenging to get into shape to play cyclist Floyd Landis. But he did it!
Jesse Plemons seems reliably terrific. Someone should give him a lede role. Good in Black Mass?
Let's face it, Jesse Plemons should just be cast in all the things
My review of Frears' THE PROGRAM, a nothing-new Lance Armstrong bio in which Jesse Plemons is the best thing by far.
Canada Toronto Film Festival The Program: Actor Jesse Plemons arrives on the red carpet at the gala for the fi...
Nice little Jesse Plemons profile with some words of sanity from a 27-year-old
Jesse Plemons continues to be the only FNL teen actor getting serious work, which is really encouraging given that he was the plain one.
"Growing up, Jesse Plemons grew up.". NYT has just totally abandoned editing! I kind of like it, they're so relaxed.
FNL, Breaking Bad, and Fargo people -- ideally, then, everyone: Jesse Plemons.
If u loved Friday Night Lights like I did, read this interview w/"Landry" - Jesse Plemons. Kid's gonna be a star.
Jesse Plemons and Matt Damon could be siblings..
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