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Jesse Palmer

Jesse James Palmer (born October 5, 1978) is a Canadian sports commentator and former college and professional football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for four seasons in the early 2000s.

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WATCH: Janet Jackson splits from her husband: ABC News' Jesse Palmer brings the…
Since when/why Jesse Palmer is hosting a show on the Food Network? This is not a dig, I love the Food Network. Just…
Jesse Palmer is now hosting a baking show. It seems like an appropriate career for a vapid puff pastry.
needs to bring back for - nothing against Jesse Palmer, but it's not…
Jesse to Food Network.odd
Jesse Palmer being the host on Spring Baking Championship is TV gold
Turned on the Spring Baking Championship.and the host is Jesse Palmer? What?
Why is Jesse Palmer hosting spring baking champions or whatever this show is called? CFB hosting money run out in off season?
Someone said this is Jesse Lingard holding Zlatan's hand 😂😂😂
We're here at the Save the Date and an evening with Jesse Palmer presented by
BREAKING: Jesse Lingard has agreed to sign new Manchester Utd contract. 4-year deal. Wages will treble to £100,000 a w…
Jesse Palmer and GMA were in town. Watch Good Morning America this morning to hear the REST of…
I don't know what is worse: Jesse Palmer on College Football broadcasts or watching with my fiancée him on Spring Baking Championship
To honor Arnold Palmer, at tomorrow's Honorary Starters Ceremony every patron on the grounds will receive this Commemorativ…
Haason Reddick vs Memphis (2016): Ironically jesse palmer talks about temple tackling in space as Reddick makes the chas…
Sure it's not for your new series, Where in the World isn't Jesse Palmer? 😄🏝
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Can you find me a Jesse Palmer Giants jersey?
Jesse Palmer to Musburger during break, "stop trying to make rascal happen"
The zip use and ink line made me think McLeod, but could also easily be Palmer, too. They come from similar schools.
(It could as easily be McLeod IMO; I just mentioned Palmer because I saw other people citing him.) could very well be right. Curious why Zeck wouldn't sign it. The ink line could very well be…
Often, but not always. . Plus, Palmer could have made them more organic.
Looks like tom palmer or dan green inks.
ABC News' Jesse Palmer brings all the details from a new biography of Prince Charles…
Shame no one at the realised how good either of these two were earlier on. Still, at least we have Jesse Lingard.. 🤔…
yeah - was just flippin' around and thought "is that Jesse Palmer"? Surely there are more qualified people.
When did ESPN football analyst Jesse Palmer start hosting cooking shows on
And a new episode of the Spring Baking Championship hosted by Jesse Palmer.
Why why WHY is Jesse Palmer hosting a show on FoodNetwork now??? 😂💀
they thought Jesse Palmer was doing a show
Has anyone ever told you that you sound 100% exactly like the ESPN commentator Jesse Palmer?
during the broadcast, Jesse Palmer called him the "fastest guy on LSU's defense"
Jesse Palmer is hosting cooking shows now?
I'm not complaining, but I also don't know why Jesse Palmer is hosting a baking competition on Food Network.
he recently beat Jesse Palmer in a put-off, so I really figured he was ready to go. Hm.
I thought the host on the baking show that is watching looked really familiar, so I looked it up and found out it's Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer is like I can't play football. I was the second worst bachelor after Nick. Now I just host every random show on TV.
So Jesse Palmer was on the Bachelor and played in the NFL? I don't watch either! lol
I've never heard of Jesse Palmer before, so unbiased opinion is he's doing a good job so far.
Why is Jesse palmer hosting this episode of cupcake wars lol
I was skeptical about Jesse Palmer hosting but he's pretty decent.
I regularly get coraled into watching cooking channel with my wife. Jesse Palmer is hosting this new show. No. Just. No!
Omg. Man candy, pastries and sweets. Oh my! Jesse Palmer is fine 😍.
I saw it was going to be Jesse Palmer when he was on The Chew the other day.
Jesse Palmer sounds like a made up name
Who is this Jesse Palmer dude anyway?
IMO made a HUGE mistake replacing with Jesse Palmer on At least Bobby was interesting..
you could have a cut out of Jesse Palmer. No one would know the difference
Jesse palmer. Who has exactly zero cooking background as far as I know. Not sure why they replaced old host
Food Network needs to stop putting Jesse Palmer on my tv.
Jesse Palmer is the host of Spring Baking Challenge? That's a bold career move I respect so much.
BTW friends, Jesse Palmer is hosting Spring Baking Championship on Food Network starting at 9 pm. I know that excites you as much as me.
Has everyone forgotten about the insanity of Jesse Palmer and Charlie O'Connell finales? Those were some "historica…
I see Jesse Palmer is hosting some show on Food Network. Knowing how much you love him, I assume you'll be watching. 😝
Hope he replaces Musberger for SEC football game of week with Jesse Palmer. Think they'd make a great duo.
TFW you realize Jesse Palmer has had a significantly better career than Tim Tebow.
Hola Jesse Palmer sectioned 2ce Julz. 12 assessment at LUCIFER. Redacted lies on. NHS..PCS..colluded..poisoned but the light shines bright. 🤔
Hola Jesse Palmer Attempted to murder me NHS has hidden his lies redacted..terrible blight on humanity March too 18th at 2 lion +lamb 5.25
Jesse Palmer. 10101010 10 get offa my cloud..from hero 2 zero
Jesse I am PLUGGED 👏🏻IN 👏🏻 I have never been more happy to be boring post-high school
Incest..My brother in law Jesse Palmer tried to get me labotomised criminal justice system is currently looking into these allegations..
Walked in on wife watching a cooking show, Jesse Palmer was a "judge", I asked her if her ears were bleeding yet
Wife is watching a cooking and I hear ... "We have Jesse Palmer, STAR football player. Tremendous quarterback." 😕😒
One of the "culinary experts" judging the finale is... Jesse Palmer. Sure.
But some..Isn't that right John Hope xxx. Jesse Palmer wtd me extinguished..5 Rose Street Haworth BD22 9PJ J'accuse..
Jesse Palmer aimedto get me sectioned + hid his lies redacted he is a lost soul +strong enough to make anyone crazy
Bang Bang..but it wasn't a game you wanted my brain Jesse Palmer of 5Rose Street Haworth BD22 9PJ
has too many Nick Collison. Jesse Palmer. This guy. I smell a reality show
Whatever it takes..rapes..miscarriages aborted child by NHS attempted lobotomy by Bill Jesse Palmer the PCS the NHs
Everyone follow or request Jesse Palmer her statuses be live
funny my son's best friend looks just like Jesse Palmer. Wild !!
Jesse Palmer one of the worst QBs I ever seen. That's like getting Driskel or Treon on to discuss gator games in 2025
Rachel Ray really said Jesse Palmer was an NFL "star" on Someone define for her what a star is.
Hola Jesse Palmer hidden his lies redacted who was responsible for generating a sectioning interview hethe NHs refuses 2 tell me the truth.
why is Jesse Palmer hosting a Food Network show? or any show really
Anyone notice Jesse Palmer NEVER talks about his time on On GMA, his co-hosts chatted Wmn Tell All and he was like 🤐😬
Jesse Palmer has actually gotten pretty decent at his job
Hola Jesse Palmer RMHN hidden his lies redacted who was responsible sectioning me the Police the NHS and Golum +Jabber the gut lied
choosing Jesse Palmer to host the spring baking championship is a great move. I am a fan, will definitely watch. 😄
Jesse Palmer is hosting a show on Food Network
Pédophile Jesse Palmer ignored by Police NHS +SS. .2 attempts Made by NHS and 2 attempts by Police . 2 section me this week.Alladin Sane
Hard to watch Jesse Palmer talk about how great Joe Mixon is. He punched a girl in the face. I would say "Great run by Mixo…
what a tease. Waiting for the day when we get weekly doses of those good good ep's. Waiting for Thursday with baited breath
Either Jesse Palmer has been hitting the weight room lately or he has been shopping at Baby Gap.
I still believe Robin Thicke and Jesse Palmer are the same person. Prove me wrong!
Jesse Palmer, get off of Food Network.
Yes Jesse Palmer is a huge "NFL star". He's thrown 3 more NFL touchdowns in his life than I have
I trusted Rachel Ray until she just called Jesse Palmer an "NFL football star!" I trusted you!! We all trusted you!!!
The culinary experts for are always so lame. Jesse palmer and a winner?
Shouldn't Jesse Palmer be holding a clipboard?
So how does being a career backup to Kerry Collins make Jesse Palmer a food expert?🤔
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"It's like I'm getting a lemon bomb in my mouth right now." Jesse "the NFL superstar" Palmer
Rachel Ray just dislocated her shoulder with that intergalactic reach introducing Jesse Palmer as an NFL Superstar.
Jesse Palmer is not, and was never "an NFL Football Star!"
Football has Jesse Palmer, MLS has TT. ESPN hates us.
I just realized that Walter (The grandpa) was running because he never got over losing to Jesse Owens at the Olympics 😩…
Go ahead and let me put on my Jesse Palmer mask.
I'm still pissy that Jesse Palmer is going to host Spring Baking Challenge. He's gross.
Why is Jesse Palmer hosting a baking show on Food Network...? 😯
Think Hasselbeck was drafted in 98 so it has to be .Jesse Palmer
which one do you think threw horribly at the combine in 2001 to Steve Smith? Tim Hasselback or Jesse Palmer?
I think he's blaming Tim Hasselbeck or Jesse Palmer
I'm really hoping that the trash QB was talking about st the combine was Jesse Palmer. That would make my day.
I'm guessing it was Tim Hasselbeck or Jesse Palmer
The QB Steve Smith is talking about has to be Jesse Palmer or T Hasslebeck.
Is still on. I thought that show was over. Wasn't Jesse Palmer the last
The moment when Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer and Auburn were welcomed to Oklahoma Football. http…
Never thought I could dislike listening to anyone more than Vitale or Jesse Palmer-then Bill Walton happened.
Hartford was out to see Parkdale point guard Briel Palmer, who finished 13 points and seven assists.
is that or Jesse Palmer with facial hair and swag?😂😂
Jesse Palmer is a big violator of that
attended bash in last week benefiting ! Check it out here:…
Serious? Brett Musberger and Jesse Palmer!?!? Why not just put Gary Danielson out there too. Geez.
he's the biggest *** in the history of analysts. Except maybe Jesse Palmer. But he's still insufferable.
for my boo... Jesse @ Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
No doubt. Just saying. He could take lessons. Jesse Palmer is good in that area too
Everytime Jesse Palmer calls UM games I cringed he can be very annoying
OMG, Larry Culpepper, you speak for all of us on Jesse Palmer. Thank you
Larry Culpepper not liking Jesse Palmer is the first time I've liked him in the 3-4 years of that ad campaign.
Dr. Pepper Guy if Jesse Palmer is his manager.
Grant picking off Jesse Palmer was awesome
Just saw Jesse Palmer in NOLA and real life adds 10 pounds, not the camera.
what about Jesse Palmer then? I think he does a pretty bangup job considering.
When you're just waiting to unleash your expert opinions on but Jesse Palmer shows up...
Larry Culpepper and Jesse Palmer in the same commercial represents a new low for humanity.
I love that Jesse Palmer is Larry Culpepper's nemesis
By far the best conversation of my broadcasting career is Jesse Palmer trying to explain the premise of the bachelor to Urban Meyer.
The only worthwhile aspect of these Dr. Pepper ads, is the Jesse Palmer hatred.
I will say tyat the new commercial with jesse palmer is kind of funny
only thing worse than Jesse Palmer is when Palmer was paired with Brent Musburger.often had to mute it!
not even McElroy is as bad as Jesse Palmer.
Greg McElroy is definitely my least favorite new-ish announcer. Makes me pine for the days of Jesse Palmer
he's sometimes a homer but the kid is knowledge for sure and imo I'd take him over Jesse Palmer 24/7/365
I will say that Jesse Palmer makes a good effort to be balanced in his analysis. Doesn't help him that the cameramen have an obvious agenda.
Love how Dr. Pepper started a random feud between Larry and Jesse Palmer in these commercials.
Disposing of Jesse Palmer's wardrobe is the first likable thing Larry Culpepper has done.
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oh christ, tell me we're getting Unlce Brent and Jesse Palmer…
Is any one else annoyed by Jesse Palmer?
Despite his poor choice in schools, I like Jesse Palmer okay.
this would have been way more fitting when Jesse Palmer was the bachelor
Also here's Jesse Leech of Killswitch Engage saying the same thing Palmer did, and no one piled on him for it:
Yesterday I sat next to Jesse palmer. Made weird eye contact. Today he liked my insta pic. Moving up in the world. (He's some espn dude)
Jesse Palmer is currently waxing poetic about this Bud Foster defense to anyone and everyone within a several mile radius of him.
I'm sitting here thinking I would rather listen to Jesse Palmer over these knuckleheads. Yep it's time to turn on the
Holy smokes.Ed Cunningham is worse than Jesse Palmer. He is just awful.
last night during the Texas A&M game Jesse Palmer talked about great SEC qbs and he said your name!! 🤙🏼
Made 1 tackle and Jesse Palmer proposed on air.
Wonder if Jesse Palmer slept in his Texas A&M jersey last night?
If you listen closely you can hear Jesse Palmer still talking about Myles Garrett...
Jesse Palmer: "Kansas State led the Big 12 in rush defense because they are just so darn good at tackling."
Glad someone else noticed! Jesse Palmer should be Garrett's agent!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I fear I never will love anything as much as Jesse Palmer loves the sound of his own voice.
Jesse Palmer gushing about Myles Garrett like Joe Buck did with Madison Bumgarner a couple years ago.
Very few times have I admitted I'm wrong. But I am. There is a worse color commentator than Jesse Palmer. And that is Brock huard
My Dan Dakich trying to match Jesse Palmer for how many words he can say covering a game.the guy is non stop rambling!!
Jesse Palmer made a good point that many might forget: Fournette broke the record on 16 carries. One of the all-time great…
Have to wonder if Jesse Palmer ever looks over at Brent Mussberger and thinks to himself "I wonder if Brent knows where the *** he is"
This might be the weirdest Poll I have ever seen. That being said, I am caught between Jesse Palmer and Tony Kornhe…
If Memphis hits 50 pts, announcers have to reenact fight scene from "The Firm". Dave Flemming as Wilford Brimley, Jesse Palmer as Tom Cruise
I take back what I said earlier. I like Jordan Rogers better as a commentator than Jesse Palmer.
Jesse Palmer: "We all know Brison Williams is not an easy place to play. Gamecocks are 34-7 at home over the last few years" 😑😑
Jesse Palmer on ESPN, discussing Clemson's schedule: "Keep your eye on Pitt down there on Nov. 12. With James Conner, that's a good team."
Jesse Palmer thinks Tebow's shirt is too tight.
2 sacks right after *** Jesse Palmer was talking about how Jared is going to get a decent shot on any of the.
Jesse Palmer never got musburgers name right
you have to love the irony of Jesse Palmer being on the call though
So your saying they keep Nassib? The guy is worse then Jesse Palmer was I don't get why he is still on roster.
Jesse Palmer is in Auburn and I'm home wut
my only plea is that the sec network give Jesse Palmer back to the rest of college football. He's a quality color analyst.
"they play 4 quarters of football in the - Jesse Palmer
I'd just like to remind y'all that, according to Jesse Palmer, the reason UT won in OT last night was that "Josh Dobbs just wanted it more."
Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer are too good to be buried on SEC Network
Jesse Palmer makes him flat out awful - think about how bad Hard Line would be with him
I look better than ol Jesse Palmer.
Dobbs is "electric" in the words of Jesse Palmer and 105 year old Brent Paedophile Musberger
Nothing says CFB is back like cramps that stop the game every other play then someone like Jesse Palmer explaining it. I lo…
Jesse Palmer, former FL QB stated on ESPN that Tennessee should stay ranked 9.
Football is back and so is Jesse Palmer.
College football is back. And so is Jesse Palmer. Both delicious.
I don't know which was worse: UTs play in general, the always awful officiating, or Brent Musberger & Jesse Palmer. Excruciating.
can't even watch them man. Jesse Palmer used to be watchable til he moved over to sec network.
Hamilton Collection
Jesse Palmer just compared that run to John Elway in the Super Bowl. You know, except for that whole holding onto the…
Jesse Palmer just compared that to Elway in the Super Bowl.
Jesse Palmer compares Dobbs' dive toward the EZ with Elway's helicopter run/hit in the SB. Like comparing the taste of…
Jesse Palmer is great but this NFL thing doesn't feel right
Jesse Palmer actually compared Dobbs fumbling into the end zone to JOHN ELWAY IN THE SUPERBOWL. I cannot stop…
"Jalen Hurd just wanted it more.". No Jesse Palmer, I'm quite certain App State defense wanted that ball just as badly.
bad link to Jesse Palmer. But you get the picture. Also UGA and UF fall-offs could be way overblown.
Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer not a good pairing ESPN. It's like putting Ryan Leaf at QB and Charles Rogers at WR, just doesn't work
Jesse Palmer remembers John Saunders' "infectious personality" and how Saunders helped mentor him:
Jesse Palmer on OTL talking about how John Saunders loved being Canadian.
Sad news of John Saunders passing. fans may remember he broadcast International Bowl 2008 with Doug Flutie & Jesse Palmer
David dude like really? Guy knows football. Ever heard of Jesse Palmer? Get over it
Jordan Rodgers: Jesse Palmer 2.0 except you played for Vanderbilt.
Jordan Rodgers used to become the next Jesse Palmer. That should yield some NCAA sanctions for right?
your take = Jesse Palmer who played at a little place called FU
could say it's the Jesse Palmer effect 🙄
Jesse Palmer but he was still in the NFL then. My point is he isn't taking a job from journalists but other former players
Jesse Palmer ain't on ESPN for his great analysis
Jesse Palmer is pretty good at what he does though. I don't see Rodgers matching his knowledge on ESPN.
Following in the footsteps of Jesse Palmer
Jordan Rodgers is basically a younger Jesse Palmer.
Will he be as awful as Jesse Palmer?
Following the Jesse Palmer career path I see.
Took a page out of the Jesse Palmer playbook: Go on a cheesy reality show, then get a gig with ESPN.
ESPN is always looking for the next Jesse Palmer ... You know, since the first Jesse Palmer is going so well.
Only if he wears smaller clothing than Jesse Palmer... Watching those buttons work is the definition of drama
Looks like Jordan Rodgers used popularity of Bachelor show to get a gig just like Jesse Palmer did
Don't disagree, but that stupid reality show gave Jesse Palmer some TV time
idk how, but I forgot about him for a brief, brief second. Bachelor Jesse Palmer pre-dates my show fandom.
Jesse Palmer just broke into a cold sweat.
think he's trying to take the Jesse Palmer route and be an analyst now
Jesse Palmer is that guy but...K. Herbie? Even being a Bucknut and all. You don't cry & eat a specific Häagen-Dazs right? 😂🍦
lol there you go! Thought he wanted to be a sports commentator for ESPN and follow in Jesse Palmer's footsteps?
Does any1 doubt for 1 second that Jordan is on this 2 get a broadcasting gig a la Jesse Palmer?
a special segment with him and Jesse Palmer
Jordan Rodgers went from backup QB to winner. It's Jesse Palmer's career path in reverse:
"When the craziness settles down" is code for when Jordan gets Jesse Palmer like money and can make a run for it.
You're welcome! Only sat thru Jesse Palmer season yet managed to get gist of every season otherwise. Whether I've wanted or not.
wow! so Jesse Palmer got your slot lol why did you turn it down?!?
all I know about these shows is that Jesse Palmer was the Bachelor once so yes this makes perfect sense
Jojo is an absolute BUM for picking Jesse Palmer jr
Will they bump Jesse Palmer to add Jordan Rodgers to Too many Bachelor folks?
"If I do this, I'll be the next Jesse Palmer, right? Right?" - Jordan to producers
won't be the first time, no? Didn't Jesse Palmer win this ages ago?
If you think Jordan Rodgers is too douchey/boring to get a gig in sports broadcasting, just remember Jesse Palmer is a thing
would you give Eli your blessing to be The Bachelor a la former Giant Jesse Palmer?
what ever happened to the original football bachelor...Jesse Palmer
makes sense. Jesse Palmer is now on gma.
Sitting here in Ogden, waiting on a load that was supposed to be ready at 15:00. On a positive note, I met Jesse Another Palmer driver!
The newest podcast has Jesse, and I talk THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH by Philip K ***
Whether you admire him in football or "The Bachelor," buy a Jesse Palmer autograph for $2.50
because it is, Carson Palmer got that dance from me
So what do you think of Jesse James Palmer & would you do him
how legit are the intentions of the women on the show? We remember what happened to Jesse Palmer on the bachelor? U Hopeful?
The Jesse Palmer poem made me spit water laughing.
how's Jesse Palmer travelling. Wasn't he close a couple of times last season?
DK vs Jesse Palmer, Kanell may lose, but would at least get a couple shots in to ugly up Palmer a bit
Learning so much today! Sarah Paulson, Demi Lovato, Jesse Plemons, . Keke Palmer, Nia Vardalos and Ethan Embry were on Grey's Anatomy?
So many things went wrong in this play lmao! Palmer had perfect pass protection, which gave him enough time to throw
Cant Believe Makael said Jay is working on "Arnold Palmer" :(
what's better than Jesse Palmer and cookies?? 😍
'Captain America: Civil War' Star Jeremy Renner Surprises 'GMA' Audience: Not to be outdone by Jesse Palmer a...
who is this poor mans Jesse Palmer ya'll got on today.
So this just happened awhile ago!!! This is the Air Force base that my hubby and I are stationed at!!! :D I'm...
Loving the fact that Anthony Mackie is there in my hometown of Hampton VA at Langley AFB with Jesse Palmer and Good Morning America!
as an Airman's wife, have to say Jesse Palmer looks pretty awesome in his flight suit!Be Air Force
And Jesse Palmer just said he reached a “top speed” of 7.5 Gs. 😑
Good Morning America and Jesse Palmer making “Top Gun” references in an Air Force jet 😐
Jesse Palmer greets Airmen as they get ready for Good Morning America!
Palmer finds out Daisy's on a date & decides to drag Donna to The Chateau in a skimpy dress to rub it in her face. Angie & Jesse wanna bang.
Jesse Palmer takes a grab about 20m out and he goals on the quarter time siren. 1/4 Time:. PA 1.2 (8) Trail 3.3 (24).
Got my table at Au Cheval before Jesse Palmer did.
If Malcolm Mitchell is nearly as good on the field as he is off it, the Pats got a steal.
omg also Jesse palmer but he's a baby and I only saw him in nab cup
Jesse Palmer asked Mike Ditka who the biggest partier he played with was and Ditka raised his hand lol.
But uh, can they add Jesse Palmer to that list? 🤔
Last night I dreamed a mummy was chasing me. When i woke up, I had Amanda Palmer songs stuck in my head. Dunno what to do with this info. :|
...Mangum threw up a ton of jump balls last year, more than either I or Jesse Palmer had ever seen one team throw...
is the Jesse Palmer of KSR. Nothing but hired eye candy.
Jesse Palmer is pretty to look at. That's exactly why he is popular.
Zeke and Jesse Palmer both have an apparel sponsor. OshKosh.
Sit down Billick, when you're at the Tostitos Cantina Jesse Palmer asks the *** questions.
Presenting Jesse Palmer Award for Outstanding Social Studies Educator today to Mr. Steven White of Pearl HS
Say wha? This is almost like the time Jesse Palmer gave the rose to the wrong girl on , but worse
New photo of Taylor Lautner with Jesse James Palmer in the 'studio' Good Morning America '' in NYC (03.31.2016).
the bachelor jesse palmer so I can scrape up all his leftovers
I agree Jesse palmer was horrible but luckily your insult carries no weight since I'm not an analyst
Ed & Jesse making some stops by before heading out on the Canada in a couple weeks! ht…
Listening to Taylor Twellman commentate is almost as bad as listening to Jesse Palmer during football season.
sooo Alexi Lalas is like soccer's Jesse Palmer, I'm gathering
I always prefer my QBs to sit a while. Don't need to be stressed like I was during the Jesse Palmer days
Greg McElroy looking Rico suave. Maybe he should be on the Jesse Palmer did, why not Greg.
I think Jesse Palmer would be great on
Jesse Palmer said it best. "Running the ball primarily against Alabama is playing right into their hands." Miles is stubborn.
Weather man & Jesse Palmer on good lawd. Makes me want to stay home and watch. Pass a towel please.
get on that food truck show with Jesse Palmer. Every season someone has a taco truck.
Well, if you believe Jesse Palmer it is
A personal Thank You video to TD from Bust A Move Ottawa and Jesse Palmer!
I felt so sorry for Jesse Palmer, George S. and Michael Strahan - Amy Robach brought no gifts for them back from Africa :(
"Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson and "GMA"'s Jesse Palmer go head to head to see who will take the Golden Iron trophy.
Jesse Palmer is encouraging an injured player to play cause of money reasons... I pray shaq Lawson do what's best for his career
ESPN will be adjusting Jesse Palmer's wardrobe to a Mr Rogers cardigan at halftime
Everytime I hear Jesse Palmer on ESPN I think he sounds like Jason Bateman chracter in dodgeball 😂.
Our hearts go out to the family of Jesse Palmer a fisherman who has been missing since the 20th on the St Marys...
it was Jesse Palmer, I think. Purr purr purr
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
who else would interview him nut Jesse palmer. Bet he wished he was in broadway
Jesse Palmer says the most amazing things.
This show is horrible so they won't give actual award out till 9:15 or so.No more Jesse Palmer or Eddie George
Jesse Palmer to Eddie George: "You see a lot of former players becoming coaches or analysts; you chose something that takes talent." XD
Jesse Palmer's one stray hair is driving me insane
Jesse Palmer basically admitting that football analysts have no talent
It blows my mind how far Jesse Palmer has become since being a mediocre QB
Just turned on the game. It appears Admiral going with the Jesse Palmer shirt size
Figured this was a Jesse Palmer reference but then remembered we don't claim his *** anyway
Jesse Palmer and his frosted tips are drunk on wine coolers
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