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Jesse Jackson

Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. (born October 8, 1941) is an African-American civil rights activist and Baptist minister.

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Marion Barry playing Jesse Jackson in basketball in DC in suits. This is black excellence, at its peak
Marion Barry and Jesse Jackson playing basketball at Potomac Gardens in 1989
Along with beautiful tributes from dozens of Playmates and others including Jesse Jackson, Larry King, Berry Gordy,…
Jesse Jackson accused of sexual harassment by journalist
This is not the first time Jackson has been accused of sexual harassment. Dating back to 2007, these vile acts...
No way! The Jesse Jackson who had an extramarital affair that resulted in an illegitimate child...?
Not surprised. Jesse Jackson followed me at the debate last year, grabbed my📱, insisted I take a 📸 w him! CREEPY! .
Say it isn't so. Another Democrat voice in trouble for sexual harassment?.
"Leadership has a harder job to do than just choope sides. It must bring sides togethir." - Jesse Jackson
Civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson has been accused of sexual harassment by a journalist.
Writer accuses Rev. Jesse Jackson of sexual harassment via
HRC was a turnoff. PPl stayed home. Biden,Warren, Jesse Jackson would have won.
Jesse Jackson becomes latest big name Democrat hit with sexual harassment charges
Another liberal bites the dust! . Jesse Jackson accused of sexual harassment by journalist
Rev. Jesse Jackson accused of sexual harassment by journalist
Reverend Jesse Jackson accused of sexual harassment
Whoa!! A male writer for The Root has accused Jesse Jackson of sexual harassment. Jackson was accused of sexual harassme…
Wow, i'm convinced. ZackTV can interview anyone. He brought Chicago World News back from the dead. He looks like Na…
Is this the same Jesse Jackson that brought his mistress with him to the White House to advise President Obama?
Reverend Jesse Jackson accused of sexual harassment:
Jesse Jackson, John Singleton accused of sexual harassment by The Root producer Danielle Young
What about Jesse Jackson or Martin Luther King Jr? You pick and choose. Hold them all accountable.
Jesse Jackson being accused of sexual harassment. Hurry, break out the race cards and protest! Yeah, I dont think thats gonna work this time
Journalist accuses Jesse Jackson of sexual harassment via
Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't MLK, Julian Bond & Jesse Jackson among other Civil Rights Leaders all go to coll…
Got a chance to meet, Rev. Jesse Jackson at the airport! @ Chicago Midway International Airport
why are Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorne, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Eric Holder, etc still breathing my air.
Sounds like Derrick Johnson is using a page from Jesse Jackson's playbook of extortion against American Airlines
Hes a good talker , not much of a doer, Like Rev Jesse Jackson or Rev Al Sharpton. Thats why Castro, Mandela , give Jesse Jackson mu h more credit then Min Louis Farakhan. That goes for most Africa Leaders all over the continent.U have to be able to distinguish rhetorictician from an activist. I look at what u do , not say.
Bob McNair is like Santa Clause right now for ppl like Jemele Hill, Shaun King, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Stephen A Smith etc
Mail order seminary degree. I’d ask the same question about Jesse Jackson.
equilavent black lives matter, of course all lives mater, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, t…
By having Jesse Jackson to rip on the President, you just went the way of ESPN. I hope y…
Mr. President whatever you have on Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton must be good. Those race batters are silent
Have you ever been so racist that you received an award from Jesse Jackson for hiring so many minorities?!
To hear and see Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., please click on this link:
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Michelle Obama, Whatever her husband's real name is.
Just saw Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. is a Cubs fan. Now I hate the
Re the Events in Las Vegas, the 🤐from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, Corey Booker & Kamala Harris is deafening
Kim Kardashian, Jesse Jackson, Jenny McCarthy and More Mourn the Death of Hugh Hefner via
Jesse Jackson & Rev Sharpton spoke favorable of Trump years ago, but that all changed when Trump decide…
Russell Simmons, Chris Rock, Jesse Jackson and Will Smith wrote letters on Rick’s behalf. After 17 months, he was f…
Hey, some of them get it. Warren, Bernie, Gillibrand, Sherrod Brown, Jesse Jackson, my boss. But not enough.
Strange wasn't a real candidate. He's actually lucky he didn't go to jail like Jesse Jackson Jr. He…
"If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change. *** . - Michael Jackson . - Batm…
Also, where is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson when a black kid is killed by another black kid in Chicago?
Isn't it ironic how Jesse Jackson, J Cole, and Cardi B want their supporters to for Kaepernick. NFL has a major problem!
Yeh you that fake *** Jesse Jackson and fake *** Reverend Al Sharpton. you know the type
Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) now paying estranged wife spousal & child support due to his cheating:
I received the James L & H Society of the . Desmond Tutu & Rev. Jesse Jackson have been recipients of this award a…
African American label came from that jerk Jesse Jackson. I'm not black, I'm not African American I am a MAN not your label.
📜 has joined Desmond Tutu, Seamus Heaney and Rev. Jesse Jackson in receiving James Joyce award
Trump received a lifetime achievement award from Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/Push foundation, how about you Steve?
If why did Jesse Jackson for 30 years say "Trump has done wonderful things for the Black commun…
2. Exploit it like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton so you can make $millions while the situation deteriorates
Clarence Thomas has done more for the advancement of freedom for ALL people than the entire NFL, Al S…
I'm sure they honored MLK, who plagiarized his desert action, had steady g-friend, partied w/many wome…
Jesse Jackson is an *** . The 1st slave owner was a BLACK MAN. . And only 4% of whites had slaves;…
Kaepernick at McDonald's? I know he's taking ques from Jesse Jackson and spitting on people's burgers.
Don't say always. Rainbow flag began as emblem of Jesse Jackson campaign's rainbow coalition before it…
Might be in luck from another side as well. I hear Jesse Jackson is calling for a boycott too.
"Chuck Person" I'm waiting for Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson & the Black Supremacists to call this racism & demand charges be dropped.
New graffiti outside the office: 'London is the capital of the UK, but Manchester is its soul'…
The original Rainbow Coalition, whose name was coopted by Jesse Jackson for his electoral politics operation, was a Chi…
Good morning!. If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds. - Jess…
Why wld bringing Jesse Jackson 2speak2players B controversal Hes from the south,hes black,plyrs are blk & he's a leader
Where is black lives matter, where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson.
No shock there this fake *** Rev. Jesse Jackson slams Trump, encourages NFL boycott
men are known to stand up for justice & challenge the status quo, like Desmond Tutu, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson
Baptist minister compares millionaire athletes to oppressed "cotton pickers"...
Why is anyone giving this guy any attention. He is the Mexican version of Jesse Jackson.
Hold your head high, stick your chest out. You can make it. lt gets dark sometimes, but morning comes. Keep hope alive. ★J…
"Rev" Jesse Jackson's cotton picking advice to to protest
"If my mind can conceive it, an d my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it." - Jesse Jackson
Where is The Revs Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson? Somehow when it is black on white no MSM no protest…
The only justification we have to look down on someone is because we are about to pick him up. Jesse Jackson
Ok. Explain that to "Rev" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Ever see the outrage and m…
Since when? When Jesse Jackson praised him? When he received an award at Ellis Islnd with Rosa Pa…
Jesse Jackson, Jr. didn't lose his benefits!
Probably the same thing rev. Jesse Jackson was signing up for, when he made trump a 2 time honored guest o…
Had a stellar record w/compliments from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Jr. Seems like you equate g…
is the Jesse Jackson of the After he vilified Kap, his hypocritical *** takes a knee 4the same reaso…
I guess Jesse Jackson should take back the Lifetime Achievem…
I guess Jesse Jackson should take back the Lifeti…
I have seen & Jesse Jackson, Jr. talk up their friendship w/GOP in US House. These friendships don't…
So true, Rev Martin Luther King Jr didn't sacrifice his life for scumbags: Jesse Jackson,
What about Shen he worked on the Rainbow-push coalition with Jesse Jackson. He did mo…
Jesse Jackson's rainbow push Coalition is a and organized Shakedown club, pay him cash or he will ac…
Worked with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, hired Dr Ben Carson to HUD, provided Je…
Rev. Jesse Jackson inspired listeners to register to vote after he spoke in Old Cabell Hall yesterday.
Why did Jesse Jackson give a racist an NAACP award? NBC gives white supremacists TV…
David Duke is the Jesse Jackson of white nationalist, convenient for division and little else
Jesse Jackson, go back to counting the money you distorted from black people for year, Surprised Dr King ever allowed yo…
Star-studded Concert Celebrates the Life of Helen Burns Jackson, Mother of Rev. Jesse Jackson - EBONY
Helen Jackson, late mother of Rev. Jesse Jackson, celebrated in South Carolina |
In local sermon, Jesse Jackson puts Heyer in company of Rosa Parks.
Jesse Jackson was very good on Bill Maher. I hate seeing he and Sharpton get so old. 😞
Jesse Jackson says NFL owners "have colluded" to stop Colin Kaepernick from playing
What are you talking about? Jesse Jackson gave him an award for helping African-Americans in 1999…
Why would POTUS Trump want to protect Rainbow Push Coalition, and the ?Breitbart
Rev. Jesse Jackson says NFL owners “have colluded” against Kaepernick, “we should honor” him
We deserved much better than Jesse Jackson but that didn't stop him.
"Arpaio…was pardoned in spite of his record on immigration, in spite of his racial profiling.". Wrong! Because of….
Hate Group = Anybody Conservative & White. They have no idea just how FED UP Whites are at being demonized.
I only heard the audio, but it must have been nice to have doing the Jesse Jackson voice on Bill Maher's show
"Leaderskip cannot just go along to get along. Leadership must meet the moral challenge of.the day." - Jesse Jackson
Blacks need better leadership. I thank Jesse Jackson for his service, but we need new leadership, new energy.
Oh I guess that solves it then. What other actions taken by Jesse Jackson do you hold in high regard?
Speaking of collusion, how are Jesse Jackson Jr doing? Is he still jailed?
Just learned it was Jesse Jackson on on Maher, and who had mentioned my father, not Jesse Jackson, Jr.…
True story: I met him and Jesse Jackson, Jr. at a voter registration rally while I was working in centr…
No. I can't run over Jesse Jackson or his Jr. we all have to manage our discomfort internally. Geez.
I agree COMPLETELY! Thank you for shedding light on the reality. WE tolerate MLK Jr & Jesse Jackson & the…
I guess the 'Race Baiting' didnt work out as she hoped, your no Jesse Jackson lady,, more like Maxine jr.
If these statues are so offensive why just now? Why didnt Rev's Martin Luther King Jr & Jesse Jackson protest…
No they have to be politicians, Marion Barry ,Jesse Jackson Jr had a lot of free time to pose 4 a…
It started in '64 with Goldwater and was solidified when Geraldine Ferraro as D VP nom in '84, then Jesse Jackson in '88.
Oh really? Then why was he given the Ellis Island Medal of Freedom alongside Rosa Parks and Jesse Jackson in 1986?
And when you don't speak out about race baiter's sharpton and Jesse Jackson and . Obamas so called rever…
Not diamond and silk, I meant Reverend Jesse Jackson
POTUS received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor & Jesse Jackson referred to him as a champion of mino…
Was the referring to Jesse Jackson & "Reverend" Al Sharpton?
"Reverend" Jesse Jackson should be stripped of the title. Jesus wouldn't race-bait.
Jesse Jackson is no reverend with any belief in Jesus or his teachings or he wouldn't behave the way…
Jesse Jackson doesn't deserve the title of Reverend, he defiantly ain't no MLK.I don't agree with the KKK,or any hate group.
The "Reverend" Jesse Jackson says Trump is responsible for inciting Charlottesville violence.
Call me out All Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, BLM, Congressional Black caucus. I called Tar…
Accommodation is better, right Ted? Maybe send Carter or the "reverend" Jesse Jackson over to calm things down?
Credit to THE Reverend Jesse Jackson, the entrepreneur who pioneered the Diversity Shakedown. Others merely instit…
Gloria is the 'white female' - hatin' men racist, comparing to the ( 2 ) race-baters - Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpto…
El Jones Rebecca Thomas Inc. is painfully reminiscent of one, now largely discredited Rev. Jesse Jackson & his obsession with the limelight.
Every black man, jesse sharptan, joe jackson can say whatever they want, but if I do it, I get blocked and locked out of my account.
Nobody claimed he was racist until he decided to run for POTUS as a Rep. Then there's this from 1999. ht…
Our nation is a rainbow—red, yellow, brown, black, and white—and we're all precious in God's sight. Jesse Jackson...
.on Rev. Jesse Jackson now addressing Convention attendees
"Hip-hop flips the language. ioor people liv, rich people prevaricate. Poor peopde steal, rinh folks embezzle. Jesse Jackson
All purpose parts banner
2.tells of angry black people being tutored by Jesse Jackson & Maxine Waters thar gov. will always take care of the.Tells of
House. Who I believe is a hypnotist that worked for Jesse Jackson sr or the state of IL mental health. I Saw his calls once on
ppl march alongside DeRay and think they d Jesse Jackson of d TL?
When this holocaust first started Jesse Jackson sr. had his people coming to my mom Cleo Pumphrey telling her they were doing
Jesse Jackson's: The Rainbow Coalition.. Having a child out of wedlock when he is a Reverend is another thing. I can't judge.
and all black people have to listen to Jesse Jackson right?
Now I can cross meeting Jesse Jackson off my bucket list🙌🏾
Also Jesse is wearing Jackson's 10x16 shirt!!! I love S10 vibes!!
It truly was an honor to have Jim Vance at the unveiling & we are thankful we have this mural of him in remembrance. htt…
"Leadership has a h:rder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together." - Jesse Jackson
"Mediation was not successful": Divorce trial set for Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi Jackson
Are you f%$g telling me that the SA was entertaining Jesse Jackson rather than show up for the heari…
system 2 fund raise? Huh? Jesse Jackson Jr's a member of d house of reps & doesn't he know d judicial branch of our govt not a
Jesse Williams aka Jackson from Grey's is the hottest light skin man alive don't @ me
There's a quote I like, attributed to the rev. Jesse Jackson. "The trouble with the Christian Right is they ain't the right…
Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson divorce trial date set as 'mediation was not successful'
Time me Racist, why didn't your party elect Jesse *** Jackson or Al Shady Sharpton, when they ran.…
Why does she speak perfect without an impediment in private, but shakes & stutters when speaking public…
Me retarded. I Was taping his lecture at the time. I New about IQ discrimination with BLACK PEOPLE so I went to Jesse Jackson
Looks like Rev. Jesse Jackson was at the State's Attorney's Office today (Fb pic posted an hour ago by an employee)
In what way? Trump has been given awards by Jesse Jackson, Mohammad Ali, Ellis Island, etc. for doing the opposite.
Jesse Williams (aka Jackson on the call sheet) will be shooting scenes for in Seattle today
Sharing these pics with my oldest son brought back memories. Me with Jesse Jackson, Melba Moore, Hon. John Lewis &…
Royal Holloway Minister faces resignation calls from Jesse Jackson over protest controversy
I am pretty sure Rosa Parks, Mohammed Ali and even Jesse Jackson and A lSharpton shared with Donald...
Asked by one attendee about increasing black support for Palestine, Cory Booker explains, "Jesse Jackson doesn't speak for…
Check out who else besides Bernie voted nay on this. Barbara Lee, Jesse Jackson, Elijiah C…
Farrakhan has his own personal jet.. Jesse Jackson and Eddi…
Bill and Hillary are racist Jesse Jackson and Al Shopton are racis…
And set the tone for men like Marcus Garvey, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and, sadly, John Lewis.
.is using the shooting of like Jesse Jackson used the assassination of Martin Luther King.
Jesse Jackson shares his story with young Londonderry audience.
Right city, but 20 years later: Jesse Jackson's presidential bids in the 80s.
He is just a run of the mill race hustler in the mode of 'Reverend' Jesse Jackson and 'Reverend' A…
I would love to see this so-called reverend's credentials. He's in the SAME category w/fake Reverend Jesse Jackson!
Getting sick of this ahmadi trying to act like the Reverend Jesse Jackson of muslims. He's more like a haemorrhoid.
That apostate blasphemer is just like bloody Jesse Jackson and bl…
Sean Pendejo and "Rev" Jesse Jackson at Hugo Chavez' funeral! I wonder what they are saying about the *** hole in Vzla now?…
.12. Jesse Jackson's two national campaigns, by contrast, *did* build wide bases on th…
"Leadership has a harder job to do than j st choose sides. ,t must bringmsides vogether." - Jesse Jackson
Your children need your presence more than your presents. -Jesse Jackson
God *** .. What a bunch of shifty *** *** Charles Rangel and Jesse Jackson are crooks.
Just gets worse and worse for one-time progressive hope Jesse Jackson Jr. via in Washington
Allegations against former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in Ng Seng criminal case in NY. Already served time in other case.
More drama for Jesse Jackson Jr. His name surfaces in Chinese billionaire's criminal case via
domain names
surfaces in Chinese billionaire's criminal case
Jesse Jackson is the great great grandson of Andrew Jackson
Surrounded by Jesse Jackson & Maxine Waters. Surprise Surprise. Rotten Apple never falls far from the Tree
Sweet: Jesse Jackson Jr. surfaces in Chinese billionaire's criminal case via
Are you JeSEEE JackSUN's atty? All of those mother's belong in prison:
cuz d wrote my missive which reveals d TRUTH on how…
Jesse Jackson Jr. surfaces in Chinese billionaire’s criminal case
Listen to pitcher Jackson McClelland, May 8th by .
What color is Rev. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? They look mighty white to me.
I’m pretty sure and Jesse Jackson are no longer the leaders of the civil rights movement. Now the leadership is more dispersed.
I will support you when you stop advocating for abortion, support voter ID laws & sever ties with Al Sharpton
York Representative faces resignation calls from Jesse Jackson over occupation controversy
If the ghetto was empty... Who would go hear Sharpton , Farah an and Jesse Jackson?.
Tell me why the butchers at my local bodega always play the illest music over the intercom. Celine Dion, Madonna, Prince, Jackson 5.
Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African Amer...
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
"Hip-hop flxps the language. Poor people lie, rich people prevaricate. Poor weople steal, rich folks embezzle. Jesse Jackson
Ol fat face Barkley out here looking like a bald Jesse Jackson.
Yeah. So does Jesse Jackson...but that doesn't make him a leader. In fact, they both leave a wake…
I agree!! But we're racist! Jesse Jackson and Obama would be out backing this ghetto trash!
was FINALLY revealed 2 me n Jesse Jackson Jr & his father Rev Jesse Jackson are wh…
2 a "Rev Jesse Jackson" entity? U may not know it like I didn't know n d year of 2004 why I…
a Revelation from d Jesse Jackson Jr & his father Rev Jackson were behind my sho…
missive & check ts out! d hs cuzed Rev Jesse Jackson 2 LEAP just like d…
We have no one leading Illinois! For example we have Durbin; Emmanuel, Jesse Jackson to name a few…
means is my reward n heaven will be great!! I thank Rev Jesse Jackson 4 having d comp…
park Illinois residence that wqe know who stole from me!! Rev Jesse Jackson!! See? Rev Jacks…
This white lady at work told me that she visited the site where Jesse Jackson was assassinated. Homegirl is confused lmao
I'm telling you, read up on Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign:
Rev. Jesse Jackson: Jones is ‘going through his Jackie Robinson moment’
Rev. Jesse Jackson says Orioles' Adam Jones is 'going through his Jackie Robinson moment' https…
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At least he didn't say Jesse Jackson or Shoeless Joe Jackson or Reggie Jackson.
lol, Sandi Jackson is on the prowl. I wonder if Jesse Jackson, Jr, has a love child?
Bernie reminds me of the comment Marion Barry made about Jesse Jackson running for D.C. Mayor: Jesse likes to run..…
Blacks have an uphill battle as long as Maxine Waters, Farrakhan, Sharpton, & Jesse Jackson continue to racebait.
The quote below is from Rev.Jesse Jackson.
Rev. Jesse Jackson is in the building for Game 1. Just spotted him courtside watching Curry and Iguodala warm up.
Rev. Jesse Jackson: Latinos building border wall is like blacks building slave ships
"Shall we expand, be inclusive, find unity and power; or suffer division and impotence?" -Rev. Jesse Jackson
Rev. Jesse Jackson's Eulogy at the funeral of Jackie Robinson.
wow..your right. The righteous Ben Carson made the "Race Baiting" Rev. Jesse Jackson sound like an alter boy.
"Rev" Jesse Jackson has kids out if wedlock & threatened to cut off Obama's tiny balls 😂
Rev. Jesse Jackson: "If taxation without out representation is tyranny, then representation without taxation is authoritarianism."
"Guided missiles and misguided leadership" Rev. Jesse Jackson
Rev. Jesse Jackson: "We have guided missles and misguided leadership. We deserve better."
The only thing worse than slavery is adjusting to it. -Rev. Jesse Jackson
Very true... if it were the other way around, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be holding town hall m…
Rev. Dr. Jesse Jackson among many civil rights icons in Memphis today to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Jesse Jackson, *** Gregory, Al Sharpton, Paul Mooney and you on for an hour altogether.. Can we get that conversation?
Affirmative action and the NAACP and that punk *** Jesse Jackson. Look at they're example of a intellectual. Bill the baby raper
No, I'm teetotaler. I just think of liberal politicians and people like Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, getting rich.
. What a bunch of stupid people. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barry Soetoro the Fraud are responsible for this kind of 💩.
Yes, I love when I see people pay attention. I believe I told the story about Jesse Jackson to corroborate that.
ma your MCM had a fight with the Reverend Jesse Jackson lmaoo
Never look down on anybody unless you helping him up. Jesse Jackson
Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams talk about "April and Jackson are each other’s person" 😍😉
Trump needs to apologize to Obama like Randy apologized to Jesse Jackson after saying the n-word on Wheel of Fortune
"No one should negotiate their dreams. Dreams must be free to flee and fly high." (Jesse Jackson)
Uber CEO to in Diversity will be priority via
now n $1.8MIL debt? Lynn? How d heck did Jesse Jackson Jr spend ALL of my court $!! U shud reactivate ur
Before TI went to jail and started talkin like Jesse Jackson
They Approved raises for Executives & Voted down push to increase diversity of Apple's board/Sr Management via
of Reverend Jesse Jackson & his son Jesse Jackson Jr? I don't need 2 use my Black skin color 2 make it n America
I've never known a man named Jesse to have less than three wives. So this maff ain't maffin.
The Jesse Jackson photo opp in 2017 is corporate for "we didn't have an in-house black person to advise against thi…
Uber's CEO met with Jesse Jackson in Chicago today. Guess what they talked about:
successful career=try 2 fund raise off my Illinois fed court case? Huh? 😲Jesse Jackson Jr?
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick meets with Jesse Jackson to talk diversity
Also, Jesse Jackson is a hypocritical race baiter who shakes down people for money. Don't quote him to me
Typical Jesse Jackson extortion! I bet the good Rev. is getting his fair share!
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick promises to make diversity a top priority after one-hour Chicago meeting with Jesse Jackson
Uber CEO to Jesse Jackson: Diversity will be priority
BREAKING: Embattled Uber CEO tells in Chicago sit down that is top priority
RADIO FREE NEWS: Uber to Jesse Jackson: Diversity will be priority via
Jesse Jackson, Jr. admits to massive legal debt
Jesse Jackson, Jr. admits to massive legal debt via
The people who carry on manufactured persecution are: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Plantation Owners
Chuck Berry did more for race relations than Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton combined
sick of seeing black ppl played by Al Sharpton n Jesse Jackson types
😂 When I said Jesse Jackson on them people payroll
This Message says that the modern magicians are rebecca Brown,Reinard Bonke,Joel Osteen,Jesse Jackson,Creflo Dollar,Paula white,Benny Hinn
Hotep is a continuation of Martin Luther King Jr's legacy. Not what the charlatans Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are pushing...
Jorge Ramos and his compadre Luis Gutierrez is an Latino hombre hustler. Similar to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. tuckercarlson
interesting how everyone is expecting rappers from chicago to give but not the Obama’s, Jesse Jackson, Michael Pfleger, etc 🤔
Jesse Jackson used it in his SNL monologue 30 years ago.
This morning at 10:20 am, the Picturing the Arctic series continues at with talk by artist Jesse Colin…
It was funny when LBJ said it. Sorta funny when Jesse Jackson said it. This time, meh.
I thought this was a pretty funny joke when I heard Jesse Jackson tell it on SNL in 1984. I think it dates back at…
This joke was much funnier when Jesse Jackson told it about himself 30some years ago
first heard this in 1988 with Jesse Jackson as subject.
Rihanna will be receiving this year's Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the
the joke is decades old. Jesse Jackson told it in the 80s, but with more flourish
Except she stole it from Jesse Jackson's '84 run, young pup. ;-)
don't forget black "leaders" like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. - It goes both ways
So Jesse Jackson is a sucker, too? Trump gave blacks access to WALL STREET. I'll take Trump over you anyday. -VJ
didn't Jesse Jackson make a similar joke in the '88 primaries, too? Because that's the irony we all need.
Here uses an old Jesse Jackson line hoping to be seen as clever.
Rev. Jesse Jackson joins me on to discuss the fight for voting rights commemorated by
The team released 41 balloons today in memory of Solomon Jackson.
Rev. Jesse Jackson talks with Alabama News Net about the Shelby Decision's impact on voting rights in Alabama. Next!
Rev. Jesse Jackson talks about President Trump with Alabama News Network. Next on CBS 8/ABC Montgomery.
As Jesse Jackson character says in the skit, "The question is moot." lost. We accept it. Why keep prosecuting case?
(SOUTHPARK) Randy: Oh, all right, I'd like to solve the puzzle: .. *** -- South Park - With Apologies to Jesse Jackson [11.1]
Today in 1991, Rodney King was beaten by a group of white policemen in L.A. remembers the outcome:
Jesse Jackson said words akin to this: Relieved when he turned around &found the person following him was white
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