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Jesse Jackson Jr

Jesse Louis Jackson, Jr. (born March 11, 1965) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since the special election in 1995. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

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Jesse Jackson Jr: Sandi refuses to set foot in Chicago ever again
Former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D., Ill.) and his estranged wife are nearly $2 million in debt.
Jesse Jackson, Jr. admits to massive legal debt
Jesse Jackson Jr looks terrible. Looks older than his father. That Illinois corruption ages you.
After conviction does Jesse Jackson Jr have a legal license?
Jesse Jackson Jr's criminal problems are self-inflicted. sorry, I know that sounds unsympatheic. But it's true.
Jesse Jackson Jr should not have within your means. cry me a river!
Jesse Jackson Jr.: Sandi and I are $1.8 million in debt
Jesse Jr. says wife, he have $1.8M in legal from criminal, divorce cases
Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. says he's in major debt
Jesse Jackson, Jr. admits to massive legal debt via
Former Governor Rod Blagojevich, and others who went to prison like Jesse Jackson Jr need to receive an apology...
Yes!! That's why I'm dionating ALL of d court $ Jesse Jackson Jr tried 2 fund raise off of 2
So how does one get $138,000 a year disability for Bipolar disorder and depression?...
Obama is nothing more than a slicked up version of Jesse Jackson Jr. the Co Chairman of Obama's 2008 campaign who went to Prison for FRAUD.
Hotep is a continuation of Martin Luther King Jr's legacy. Not what the charlatans Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are pushing...
Chairman Michael Madigan doesn't want me 2 go 2 BUT Jesse Jackson Jr & his father leave me
has a GREAT chance of winning custody!! Also Sandi Jackson wants some of d $138K Jesse Jackson Jr gets 4
Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. speaks about his divorce...
This gives me depression. Can I collect too? //How Jesse Jackson Jr. collects $138,400/year from the federal gov't
Jesse Jackson Jr. left Congress in disgrace, but taxpayers, through workers comp, are still paying him $138K a year…
what are your thoughts on Jesse Jackson Jr. getting $138,400 a year from the govt for disability? RT
This is an interesting article on JJ Jr. collects $138,400/yr from the govt
want to show your non biased? Report this story Jesse Jackson Jr
Jackson Jr.'s lawyer says bitter divorce is one reason he's still disabled -- and gets $138,400 a year from feds.
Jesse Jackson Jr collects $138K a year from the federal government .
.So...JJ Jr. gets $138K from Feds for depression caused by the conviction by the Feds?
Jesse Jackson Jr. pulls $100K in workman's comp. I don't get it. He didn't exactly lose a hand using a drill press.
Jesse Jackson Jr. continues to pull in about $140k from the federal government after...well, you know
Convicted of corruption, Jesse Jackson Jr. gets $138,400 a year in federal benefits -- most of it tax-free.
Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigns from U.S. Congress due to health problems and federal criminal investigation of his activities. (Chicago Tribune)
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Jesse Jackson Jr. ordered to pay child support
Jesse Jackson Jr. ordered to pay child support --
Jesse Jackson Jr. ordered to pay temporary child support...
takes a look back at knowing Martin Luther King Jr. and his own call to service.…
brother please brains storms with Mr Jesse Jackson's Jr,he asking us to joined Him in Alabama,USA,and Liberia president is on d table.
you live in IL? Is Jesse Jackson Jr. still in jail? What did he do? Bought rugs worth more than his voters make?
Just like Jesse Jackson Jr. Ron Blagoeivich Chaka Fatah... all Dems, all scoundrels!
Jesse Jackson Jr. still in the pokey? Seriously asking.
jesse jackson JR &his congresswoman stole over $750G tax payr's money, corrine brown stole over $800G, went to beyo…
& jesse jackson JR & his congresswoman wife stole over $750G tax payers $, & corrine brown over $800G GOOGLE her
Jesse Jackson jr. In prison for wrongful use of campaign donations. Is receiving $8,000 a month. White man still the racist
Jesse Jackson Jr. puts halt to Garry McCarthy divorce deposition — for now
Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has been subpoenaed in the Jesse Jackson Jr. divorce case...
Former Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy subpoenaed in Jesse Jackson Jr. divorce case, reports.
More democrats go to jail than Republicans. It's a right of passage for Detroit mayors. Plus Blago, Jesse Jackson Jr etc...
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In court filing, Jesse Jackson Jr. says in March of 2015 he discovered certain "acts" committed by his wife Sandi "…
Court filing says Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife Sandi had a prenuptial agreement which says divorce case should be hea…
Jesse Jackson Jr.'s lawyer alleges mysterious "acts" by Sandi Jackson in bid to keep divorce case in Chicago.…
Jesse Jackson Jr's lawyer alleges Sandi "committed acts in Illinois" that led to divorce, won't say what they were
In divorce case, Jesse Jackson Jr's lawyer alleges mysterious 'acts' by Sandi Jackson
Jesse Jackson Jr., wife Sandi spar over divorce court venue
Sandi, Jesse Jackson Jr. spar over divorce court venue
Lower in the story, the ethics troubles of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
the house ethics program was actually a good thing...hey! it put supercriminal Jesse Jackson jr. In jail swiftly.
Was the OCE was this the same department used against Sen Jesse Jackson Jr & other for imprisonment?
After finishing his 23-months in federal prison, Jesse Jackson Jr. served his incarcerated wife divorce papers.
They helped to send Jesse Jackson Jr. to jail. They also brought investigations into Corine Brown and Charlie Rangel.
This caller must have forgotten Chaka Fattah (D-PA) and Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) convicted in the last 2 years.
uh, Jesse Jackson Jr sitting in prison due to investigation wld probably disagree with you.
Obama played Jesse Jackson Jr over the senate seat w/ Blago. Jr hasn't been right since and everybody went to jail. No snitches tho!
I hope Sasha & Malia don't grow up to be *** like Malcolm X, MLK Jr, and Jesse Jackson kids did.
Sandi Jackson, wife of ex-U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., reports to prison - -
DISGUSTING isnt it? Wife of Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi, arrives at federal prison in West Virginia via
Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson, jr, is receiving "federal disability (mood swing)" payments of $10K - or 60% of his Congr…
told U & that upset me Joanie? I'm again upset cuz d interference of d successor of Mel Reynolds Jesse Jackson Jr
A court hearing next week could decide if Jesse Jackson Jr. can have his pending divorce heard in Chicago or Washin…
Me: Jesse Jackson Jr. & his wife are getting divorced. Wife: Who's Jesse Jackson, Jr., one of the Jackson 5?. Me: *Facepalm.
How does bringing a credible case to trial support racists? I guess they should not have charged Jesse Jackson Jr either?
Here's my 2013 story on how ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., qualified for disabilty payments while awaiting sentencing
Ex-inmate Jesse Jackson Jr. calls on Obama to pardon millions of ex-inmates.
Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. files for divorce from ex-Ald. Sandi Jackson.
it was such a tough competition too. Jesse Jackson Jr was a contender
1. Go to prison attempting to sell PBO old senate seat to Jesse "Fedora" Jackson Jr. . 2. Beg PBO to pardon you. . N…
Jesse Jackson Jr. files for divorce from wife Sandi - Your Black World
Where was this outrage when Jesse Jackson Jr. said more books needed to be added to the Bible about Obama's candidacy/presidency?
Jesse Jackson Jr. Files for Divorce from wife Sandi Jackson. Details inside.
This guy!! Jesse Jackson Jr. files for divorce from wife
Chris Penn describes why Jesse Jackson Jr. is getting a divorce. Begin @ 1:15.
Jesse Jackson Jr originally filed for divorce in July, while Sandi in prison, just made public today
Jesse Jackson Jr. And Wife To Divorce - Prison time can be rough on a marriage. The woes of former Congressman ...
I guess when the public sinecures and Bruce Lee memorabilia were taken, there just wasn't anything left.
BREAKING: Disgraced political power couple, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson, are getting divorced.
Jesse Jackson Jr. filed for divorce from Sandi in Cook County courts at 4:27 pm today.
files for divorce from his wife, Sandi Jackson ...
Ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. files for divorce from former Ald. Sandi Jackson
Whose kid is this because it certainly isn't Barry's. they look NOTHING alike. Did Moosh cheat with the felon, Jess…
Jesse Jackson Jr went to jail over stuff like this.
The black hate groups BLM, BP and NPB, and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other people should take good advice fro…
.it was a stupid decision. To do that to pence. I'm writing a play on MLK Jr., Jesse Jackson and Malcolm X. It'll star only whites.
🤔Rev. Jackson didn't "publicly" ask PBO to pardon Jesse Jr or his wife after the feds caught them buying cashmere capes, fake knickknacks
I don't recall him.begging Obama to pardon Jesse Jackson Jr for embezzlement. Interesting he let his son go to pris…
Wouldn't pardoning Hillary be racist because Jesse Jackson, Jr. went to prison and Corrine Brown has been indicted?
He's a good one to give advice: Jesse Jackson Jr. Gets 30 Months, and His Wife 12, Served at Separate
Jesse Jackson has a mood disorder, use it to escape indictment.
I take it back. Jesse Jackson, Jr. was released last year.
Somewhere, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is in his prison cell going, "Ummm...Dad?"
Rod Blagojevich, Jesse Jackson, Jr. spend time in Prison. Why not Hillary?
Illinois Governor went to Prison. Jesse Jackson, Jr. went to Prison. Why Not Hillary?
you'd think he'd first seek a pardon for Jesse Jackson jr.
Jesse Jackson calls for Barack Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton . TRANSLATION: And pardon Jesse Jr while you're at it!.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was assassinated last century, the...
Watch for other POTUS pardons for his buddies. Jesse Jackson Jr., Mel Reynolds, Rod Blagojevich. Others??
Maybe Jackson wants a pardon for his own son Jesse Jackson,Jr. who went to prison for misuse of campaign funds.
Only the GUILTY get matter how you spin's a FACT!
"Rev" Jesse Jackson? Twice an apostate! His life spurns the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ AND The Dream of the martyred Prophet MLK Jr.
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I wonder if she commits fraud and goes to fed prison like Jesse Jackson Jr the last person who tried to end elector…
Jesse Jackson jr. Was found out to be guilty and w…
it or not? former US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr. invited me 2 d Pres Clinton 1997
after Jesse Jackson. Jr re-elected after indictment should be all you need to know about chicago
HuffPo: Comey intervention arguably changed outcome of election, perhaps Senate, and ultimately the Supreme Court. https:/…
Is Jesse Jackson Jr. still in prison? Another stand-up Dem!
bear in mind that Jesse Jackson Jr won a seat. I bet Chelsea at least tries
Even Illinois, controlled by a Dem/mob cartel which spawned Obama, Jesse Jackson Jr and Rod Baloneyvich, now has a…
Jesse Jackson Jr. used to like to propose constitutional amendments. It didn't really matter.
When Jesse Jackson jr slide though for love and support
& expect him 2 do more time than jesse Jackson jr. Period.
Donald Trump Jr and Jesse Jackson weigh in on Trump's result comment via
We need to pardon Blagojevich, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Mc Donald, leave Chris Cristie alone, forget about law -- every man for himself.
Will Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Danger go the way of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Jackson, Jr?
My hometown-- interesting to see Jackson back he only comes around when he needs something. How's Jesse Jr?
It seems to me like we give them a pass, as in the case of Jesse Jackson Jr. I know folks in that district say he did nothing.
While Jesse Jackson Jr. AND HIS WIFE WENT TO PRISON for misusing campaign donations of 1/20 of that.…
to people still voting Hillary, I point 2 Jesse Jackson Jr. Voters after election "I didn't know he was a criminal"
Understand something. The Clinton's were like Jesse Jackson, Jr., broke, before the got into politics. Junior...
I would remind you that they elected Jesse Jackson Jr while he was in a mental institution
It's not like being under investigation by the FBI matters much anyway. It didn't effect Jesse Jackson Jr.?
Please keep in mind that Democrats don't care.
Is better than Jesse Jackson, Jr.?. HE went to jail...why shouldn't she?. The Cold Clinton Reality
Jesse Jackson Jr is in congress, that count?
I'm ONLY doing what I'm doing cuz Jesse Jackson Jr 4 some reason thought it was a great idea to mess
raise off my legal case? Ts cat Jesse Jackson Jr. makes what Mel Reynolds did look like nursery school rhymes!!
is even MORE perplexing is after Mel Reynolds resigned? He replacement Jesse Jackson Jr. wud U believe thought it was prudent to fund
Police tip: this is the group that allegedly setup Senator Jesse Jackson Jr showing Jackson on television taken away in a RED SUV...
This is incredible, interviews Trump Jr in Las Vegas, Jesse Jackson shows up and basically tells him to calm d…
He on that list with Jesse Jackson Sr & Jr and the good old Rev. Al.
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Jesse Jackson Jr.!! L! Jesse Jackson Jr tried 2 fund raise off my couer tlegal case!! Talk about crazy huh? Now
tell be about if me or you did what did just lime Jesse Jackson Jr we would be in jail, she isn't
made me an Illinois Dem Party legend!! :) So cuz of d meddling n2 my very successful career by Jesse Jackson Jr
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” --H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Monk is the Mason that killed Boo who is Jesse Jackson Jr., and put him in his son's body because he was looking fo…
I'm curious when u, Al Sharpton, and Jesse jackson got together and planned King JR. *** How did it feel to take over
personally, my favorite scene was Jesse Jackson making Donny Jr walk away with his tail between his legs
They broke Clinton/Lewinsky, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson Jr affairs. aka, Dems that the MSM cover for
killed Marguerite and perished her and they took four children that belong to Boo who is Jesse Jackson Jr., and Mar…
$!! :) Jesse Jackson Jr'll pay d price cuz my fiance/biographer knows she has 2 play her role!! :)
Sandi Jackson leaves prison camp: The former alderman and wife of ex-US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is out one month…
Sandi Jackson, wife, former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., released from federal prison. JJJ out of prison…
Wife of Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi, released from federal prison
Jesse Jackson Jr., of East Sixth Street Christian Church, talks about preventing what happened in other cities through Occupy OKC.
are you in jail yet? . Michael Grimm, William J. Jefferson, and Jesse Jackson Jr. were!
Corruption in Illinois is legion. In recent years former Democrat congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was sentenced to...
Weird how you ascribe Jesse Jackson Jr. to be a "black leader". Why not Michael Eric Dyson or Barack Obama or Michael Jackson?
National Enquirer broke the stories of Jesse Jackson Jr, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, and Lewinsky. Cruz …
position & wud have but 4 d meddling of former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. cuz I want 2 do what. says-->WORK
Have got 2 raise $ 4 d prez library & of course don't fund raise via d Illinois court system Hello Jesse Jackson Jr!!
was like a deer n his class & Brooke knows I tried 2 be that quiet deer n Richton Park BUT that Jesse Jackson Jr 4 some
& d Truth has allow me 2 KEEP HOPE ALIVE cuz d revealed 2 me what Jesse Jackson Jr
douglas of 21th century if Mayor Emanuel doesn't hire me!! So d Black Bernard Madoff Jesse Jackson Jr
U were my state rep Robin remember? So now Brooke will write how Rep Jesse Jackson Jr tried 2 fund raise on my lgl
Jesse Jackson Jr have BOTH ruined my credit cuz y'day I tried 2 have install a new furnace n my house &
but I can't understand why former US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr wud think that cuz knows I was taught d "Boss Daley" by Rudy Polk when
job that my biographer will write was interfered w/by my former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
Jesse Jackson does more than make up words: he negotiated the release of Lt. Robert O. Goodman, Jr.
No, Jesse Jackson came to my jr. High school and it was their slogan. It was awesome!!!
Jesse Jackson's along with Jr antics from my perspective has never benefitted the Blk masses only himself, especially in Chicago.
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Sanders video feature MLK, Jesse Jackson: Bernie Sanders is highlighting his previous support for two civil rights…
Just so we're clear CNN is saying Jesse Jackson & Martin Luther King Jr. are in a Sanders ad. Neither one has endorsed Sanders.
videos;Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesse Jackson another video on this post =Sen Warren usingBern langua
Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson featured in new Bernie Sanders videos - |
Yet MSM not all over this like they were Kwame Kilpatrick, Jesse Jackson Jr, or Pat Cannon.
Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy wants Jesse Jackson Jr to join his crusade for better mental healthcare
Jesse Jackson Jr's wife goes to jail. Shocked!!
Wife of Ex Democratic Congressman Reports to Jail for Spending Campaign Funds via Jesse Jackson Jr's wife
Jesse Jackson Jr.'s wife, former Ald. Sandi Jackson, now at federal prison in West Virginia.
Jesse Jackson Jr's wife is headin' off to prison today.
OMG. Kevin Johnson's going on the list with Kwame Kilpatrick & Jesse Jackson Jr.
For example, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Wife Sentenced to Jail Time for trying to bribe
Jesse Jackson Jr was jailed for corruption. Bet you adore his father
Apparently, he's never heard of Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Hannity is the only one who uses her. She often flirts with him. I heard she was a mistress to Jesse Jackson. Jr/Sr?
.looky here. Bill Cosby donated to Obama & Jesse Jackson Jr. This is also a story you could hop on.
whom I'm sharing my current life story w/has d sequel cuz my fmr Rep Jesse Jackson Jr mixed my career w/d
The only difference tween freedom & imprisonment is . Reality . Which *** if ur in prison & ur son is jesse jackson jr
U sent jesse jackson jr to prison but hes now out
This is a championship jesse jackson jr watch
Optically, not sure it's appropriate that Jesse Jackson Jr. is having a Morton's lunch. Am I wrong?
Chaka Fattah. Kwame Kilpatrick. Jesse Jackson Jr. Marion Barry. See the pattern? . What is the common denominator Sparky?.
no, you don't realize that. You mock the guy who marched with MLK Jr and endorsed Jesse Jackson
Let us remember Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr an Obama close aide and campaign manager was jailed for corruption when Obama became president.
Happy 83td birthday to my pastor and friend Dr. Rev. James S. Hall, Jr. Wonder if Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. called his mentor on this day?
Jesse Jackson Jr. is somewhere watching like
Jesse Jackson Jr. moving to home confinement from halfway hou... |
Former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. released from halfway house where he lived after prison stint
Jesse Jackson Jr. Under Home Confinement in D.C.: Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is one step closer to freedom ...
Ex-Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. may begin home detention Monday: Jesse Jackson Jr. could be home as…
Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. from halfway house to home confinement by end of June; wife Sandi to prison after that.
Please sign my petition to put Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson on
Maybe Mayweather had prayed to the decades of secret service agents who worked for Andrew Breitbart to talk to Jesse Jackson Jr.
Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Daughter Is Sent to Prison: Just as Jesse Jackson Jr is being released:
Jesse Jackson Jr. leaves federal prison in Alabama for halfway house in DC
Why is Jesse Jackson Jr. At a half way house here in Baltimore and not somewhere else ?
Jesse Jackson Jr. leaves federal prison for halfway house.
tip on MLK Jesse Jackson Jr killed him.
Jesse Jackson Jr. to be freed from prison Thursday - USA TODAY
Jesse Jackson Jr looks like he's been on vacay...
THIS MORNING: Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. reports to Baltimore halfway house. is live.
Jesse Jackson Jr. left federal prison Thursday for halfway house
Perfect timing for outgoing Congressman Aaron Schock. Ex-colleague Jesse Jackson Jr's prison cell just opened up!
Released from prison, Jesse Jackson Jr. arrives at Baltimore halfway house
Jesse Jackson Jr. sent to halfway house, begins transition back into society
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jesse Jackson Jr. was released from federal prison Thursday after serving less than a year and a half.
Jesse Jackson Jr. expected to leave prison for halfway house - Washington Post
Kennedy: Jesse Jackson Jr. leaving prison for halfway house: Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will be released…
In the Loop: Jesse Jackson Jr. cant escape the Federal Election Commission
Why does Sasha Obama look like Jesse Jackson Jr.? Could it be because she was conceived when Michelle Obama filed divorc…
Plead guilty to wire & mail fraud and misuse of campaign funds. Oh wait, that was Jesse Jackson Jr. D-IL.
Video: Jesse Jackson Jr., wife to face sentencing
Newsflash. Obama is a Marxist Revolutionary. His friends are in prison or in Black Panthers or Mafia. Jesse Jackson Jr, Nagin, Blogovitch &
Jesse Jackson Jr and Rod Blagojevich are in prison for the same or lesser crimes as Gov. McDonnell.
Rod Blagojevich, Kwame Kilpatrick, Jesse Jackson Jr, Thomas Gaffey, Peter Cammarano, etc. what do they all have in common?
Agree. Shame, but when I look at Marion Barry, Jesse Jackson Jr, Jefferson, Waters, know he gets away with it.
.Eric Holder just moved to the top of Barry's potential presidential pardon list above Lerner and Jesse Jackson Jr.
Residency Questions Roil Senate Race in Louisiana. Jesse Jackson Jr. live in Wash. but have roots in Chgo, Vote, etc.
A lot of us have opinions of Rev. Jesse Jackson, but watching and listening to him meet privately with boys last nigh…
Biggest Case of Welfare Fraud in America What a *** shakedown!!! Jesse Jackson Jr is living b…
Visited Jesse Jackson Jr. today. He's stronger, growing spiritually & looks good. On his way back.
.- Apples & oranges, but I wonder if the McDonnells will get the Sandi & Jesse Jackson Jr. treatment.
$3.8 Billion "Shifted" to his Wall Street MoneyMen. And to think Jesse Jackson Jr.'s in jail for spending campaign funds on watches, ect.
Jesse Jackson Jr is in JAIL and getting $8000 a mo disability pay (mental). He's Depressed... because he got caught. POS
Good time to remind everybody, I think, that Jesse Jackson Jr. bought thousands of dollars worth of capes.
Mr. Cain, Martin Luther King Jr would be DISGUSTED with today's black leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Holder!
If everyone's skin color was the same, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Jr. would be out of business and we might have a real president.
Jesse Jackson, Jr. was last seen speeding down the 495 loop in a white Ford Bronco.
Illinois & Oklahoma: I thought these two states, the first part about Illinois and the second part about Oklahoma, made for an interesting contrast. Part 1 Illinois ~ "A State with no Republicans!" Some interesting data on the State of Illinois...There are more people on welfare in Illinois than there are people working. Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere else in the U.S. Their pensions average average 80 - 90% of their income. Wow, are Illinois and Chicago great or what? Be sure to read to the end. I've never heard it explained better. Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago. Body Count In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago...221 killed in Iraq; AND Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire US. Here's the Chicago chain of command: President: Barack Hussein Obama Senator: *** Durban House: Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr. Governor: Pat Quinn House Reader: Mike Madigan Atty Gen: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike) Mayor: Rahm Emanuel The lea ...
Feds lay out funds case against Jesse Jackson Jr. - Washington (CNN) -- Federal...
Photo: Jesse Jackson and an A&P official sign the covenant with Sammy Davis, Jr and others look on (Oct 19,...
you won the Rainbow Push Trailblazer award and you were nominated by Jesse Jackson Jr. WOW man, respect Titus, youre awesome.
Convicted Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is scheduled to receive $8,700 per month in government disability pay, as well as a partial federal pension of $45,000. That generous $8,700 in disability comes thanks to Jackson’s sudden development of a "mood disorder" as the federal government began looking to indict him.
If these allegations are true, he should join Jesse Jackson Jr in jail ASAP
nah, she's more the Jesse Jackson Jr type lol
Jesse Jackson Jr. gets sprung from the nut house and lands in the jail house. . .
Illionois: Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned, .. and, that's right, he and his wife are both in prison.
If you re going to run for office, PLEASE DON T EMBARRASS us like Jesse Jackson Jr. I had so much hope for him!
It's time for "What the *** did Jesse Jackson Say?" on KFI. Listen live to The Tim Conway, Jr. Show.
More theft of public money from Chicago. Just like Jesse Jackson Jr. Isn't the theater tied to his case also?
Only difference between MLK jr and Jesse Jackson is Jesse Jackson didn't get shot. They was both agents.
Jesse Jackson Jr. used to promote what the Bible says about protecting life. What changed? BIG BUCKS FROM PLANNED P,
Edwin Hawkins and Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr. were presenters of the Chairman's Award that went to Rev. Dr. Clay Evans.
& has info that the slave masters SHARPTON, Jesse Jackson Jr etc ignore.
Jesse Jackson Jr was headed to the psych ward and he still won his primary, lol.
The Chicago Tribune is reporting former Rep. Jesse jackson Jr jail time will be coming to an end sooner rather than later. He will be obtaining his get of jail car early now September 20, 2015 as opposed to December, 2015. Also, allegedly, Jesse Jackson Jr has paid the balance of the $750,000 [
story of love the jesse Jackson JR and harry reid
All praises are due to Allah(God)! Brother Jesse Jackson Jr; you are an example of change. Your life is preserved by Allah (God). The NOI Prison Reform Ministry welcome you home and support your reentry.
Jesse Jackson Jr will be a asset to the reentry movement, and the many issues that people face upon release from incarceration, will be upon him as well, welcome home comrade, your family and community needs you.
Jackson Jr. gets time off projected prison term, pays $550,000 - Chicago Tribune via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
*Could Jesse Jackson Jr. taste freedom sooner than expected? That seems to a possibility, according to a Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke, who told the Chicago Tribune Tuesday that Jackson will be eligible to leave federal prison and serve out the… [ 323 more words. ]
OH lawds now we have THE Paul Mckinnley on the show with us! Paul ran for Jesse Jackson Jr's vacated seat if y'all remember his video speaking of the "machine" in Chicago politics! This show is off the hook...over here grinning have to mute my phone...
Jesse Jackson Jr. is going to spend the last year of his sentence in a halfway house...
Jesse Jackson Jr getting paid nicely while in prison.
The love of a mother's march to free my innocent son mark jr who has been abused by the jesse jackson sr, jehovah witnesses, with the go ...
When the Westwood set came on, the spirit of Micheal Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown and Jesse Pinkman all entered my body
with jesse Jackson JR in prison for candy bars
Now the Media is gearing up for the "Jesse Jackson Jr. Excuse" for => *** bammy not insane, He be Like Evil
Jesse Jackson Demands ‘Diversity’ from Silicon Valley (Part I): Jesse Jackson Jr. is a man who...
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in Talks for Plea Deal - ABC News (via
Bureau of Prisons rep calls drug program, "inmate's programming." Code words for brainwashing.
Jesse Jackson Jr. has served with honor & distinction. In prison. .
Here are the WZZA News Headlines for Thursday, June 5, 2014. *Ben Carson in Alabama . *Jesse Jackson Jr.
Quick pardon Jesse Jackson Jr. That should take the heat off of you for awhile. Everyone will love that. Trust me.
Why not, he is a Dem. Convicted U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to be released from Montgomery prison three months early,
Jesse Jackson Jr. pays off fine. must have "Preached" to a mass of *** with a hefty "Love Offering"
Did U get this much on UR refinance? Jesse Jackson Jr. says he refinanced his home 2 get the money he owes in fines!
Earlier prison release projected for Jesse Jackson Jr.
Not Al, I don't wanna interrupt the only black show on TV. We should hit up another black leader, how bout Jesse Jackson Jr.
CHICAGO (AP) – Court documents filed by lawyers for ex-U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. say the imprisoned politician is refinancing...
Jesse Jackson Jr. to refinance home to pay fines
While former Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is spending 30 months in jail for pilfering thousands in campaign funds for personal use, he’s collecting monthly federal aid due to his “mood disorder.” According to Investor’s …
Convicted ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is expected to pay back the $750K he owes by June 1, per court filings
Imprisoned Jesse Jackson Jr. is refinancing his home to pay the $550,000 he owes the feds.
See, some people qualify for mortgage modification. Jesse Jackson Jr modifies to pay Feds $550k.
I don't think Jesse Jackson Jr's marriage will survive! In the latest news reports on his agreeing to pay his restitution, she is not mentioned. Plus, he cheated on her and probably drew her into his mess that will cost her a year in jail and a lost reputation...not to mention livelihood and $. Too bad. They had such promise..I really liked them as a couple.
BREAKING: Frmr Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. will refinance current home mortgage to pay off the rest of the $ he owes the feds.
w/ Jesse Jackson Jr. as her AG Peter Principle on Steroids.
Jesse Jackson Jr. refinancing home to pay feds $550,000
Jesse Jackson Jr. refinances home to pay feds $550k
Jesse Jackson Jr. is back in the news. Why
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