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Jesco White

Jesco White, also known as the Dancing Outlaw , (born July 30, 1956) is an American mountain dancer and entertainer.

West Virginia Dancing Outlaw Wonderful Whites Boone County Johnny Depp Johnson City Roger Alan Wade Duck Dynasty

listen to welcome to *** and jesco white. Those songs are great by hank III.
Jesco White. If you've never saw that, please please do it's hilarious πŸ˜‚
Tonight's broadcast has been brought to you by Millers beer, the official beer of the Dancing Outlaw, Jesco White...
I've seen a documentry that kinda mimiced my family history,and it was on Jesco White his first documentry!
It would be good times to party with Jesco White.
"What if he was Jesus! What if jesco white was the second Jesus." - Nathan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm the Jesco White of mixCDs. I pull knives on sloppy soundtracks and dance with undersized boomboxes
Dancing Outlaw: 1991 PBS VHS cult classic about Jesco White, a backwoods tapdancing ex-huffer dealing w/ the death of his father. Insanity.
Sooo Jesco White is a dj of one of the radio stations on GTA V πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
them eggs a little bit better then what you a fryin' em - I'm tired of eatin' sloppy, slimy eggs!- Jesco White
Jesco White really ruined WV's rep for an entire generation
So I heard was gettin his Jesco White on
Can't wait to look at video from our house jam and Basement show with Jesco White at tonight's Lonesome Liz and the Band of Lost Souls rehearsal. Val West Matt Heineken Jess Daniels Todd Wright and Courtney Munster PLUS all y'all Jesco's Hellbillies stay tuned! It's like nothing anyone's ever seen him do before.
The fact that there's a *** movie about Jesco White himself is crazy..
Jesco White is one of the most honest men I have ever met. Once you get past the fame and pressures stardom has placed upon him, you will see he is one of th...
All the focus on Duck Dynasty makes me realize I've never watched a episode. It all ways seems too sterile for me. When I need my redneck fix I turn to Jesco White.
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WOW, did a *** of a lot in 2013 got to see few of my hero's in Billy Don Burns Official Roger Alan Wade hung out with Ali Randolph Joyce Briggs and had a super nice time at the Popcorn Sutton festival in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, ate at The Beacon Drive-in with Jesco White. Awesome year in Trans-South Wrestling was mentioned in a song written by my pal Kurt Fortmeyer. *** GZ Bday bash was the most beautiful thing ever put together Thanks Dan Armonaitis Dan Deel Moonshiner Josh Owens Bill Canny Deon Johnson Derik Vanderford Hannah McSherry Shannon Hellbetty Rosier Freddie Vanderford Joshua Hall Christie Marie Hall for all yall did. Saw many great local shows thanks to The Peddler Steakhouse and Ricky Harris. It was a haven for such acts as Chuck Johnson, Stevie Tombstone Fayssoux McLean and David Ezell. Sunday nights at The Brickhouse Pizzeria and Grill hosted by insanely talented Jamison Smith proved its the place to be on Sunday with everyone from Travis Smith Angela Easterling Douglass Thompson ...
Someone asked about my "I'd rather be a Dancing Outlaw" bumper sticker... I'm proud to say they are now aware of Mr. Jesco White
Ballad of Jesco White ...the long lost Kickapoo Joy Juice commercial. Performed by the band Peckerwood. Written by Ron Thomas Smith & Leo Dean.
I'd hang out with Jesco White before I'd stick around for your shenanigans! And he's dead!
I find it neat that Jesco White is a DJ on GTA5. Lawl
6-21-2013 We spent an hour w/ Here's the uncensored version LISTEN
Back on YouTube, the finest film of all time about WV: jesco white: Dancing Outlaw
I want jesco white to dance at my wedding.
Directed by Dominic Murphy. With Edward Hogg, Carrie Fisher, Stephanie Astalos-Jones, Kirk Bovill. Deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, where every man owns a gun and a moonshine still, abides living legend Jesco White, "the Dancing Outlaw". As a boy Jesco was in and out…
"Ballad of Jesco White" written by Cousin Wildweed performed by Peckerwood.
Jesco White plays the DJ voice on the outlaw country station in GTA 5
So yeah I just watched a movie about jesco white if you dont know who this is google it wow just uumm wow what did I just see???
"Everybody knows I'm crazy, but it keeps me from going insane." ~ Jesco White Yeeeaaa-uh
How many documentaries about Jesco White can I watch in one day?
Well can't sleep so I guess I'll watch some jesco white.
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I'm watching this movie called, "White Lightnin'" Jesco White has taken every drug so far, he's literally insane. I've never touched anything but wine and I'm the same level of insanity as him ._. -Kaytay Fluffybutt Laughing Jack
You live in West Virginia, thats the white trash mecca, the Jerusalem of Redneck, and Jesco White is your lord and savio…
now I'm watching White Lightnin' inspired by the life of Jesco White.
I'm glad Duck Dynasty is out of the news today. Now I have time to watch Jesco White's Social Commentary Hour on PBS.
Jesco White "The Dancin' Outlaw" can be 3 people. He's Jessie. He is Jesco. He is ELVIS!
forget it, me and my uncle, Jesco White gonna go play the banjo and make us some friends
Being introduced to JESCO WHITE. Thanks That was a definite game changer
"Anybody will say anything under the influence of madness." - Jesco White
β€œJesco White provides the voice for the DJ of Rebel Radio in Grand Theft Auto V”
Just watched a lot of things on Jesco White, who died almost a year ago now. He was a lot more famous than me and TON more screwed up than I could ever try to be! Just shows you don't need talent to be famous.. JUST FAME
you should go to Jesco White fest in Boone County W.V. heard his name again (catching up).
So i put that butcher knife up to her neck and i said if you wanna live to see tomorrow you had better start frying them eggs a lil better than what you been frying em. Im tired of eating sloppy slimey eggs. -Jesco White
Alisha Cotterman if I don't get that meatloaf tomorrow i'm go jesco white on your ***
Man, I missed my chance to meet Jesco White
I just seen a video on the YouTube you dancin with jesco white and Ralph Stanley. Would love to ask a question or two!!
And I'm appointing Adam warren to locate jesco white to come dance at my funeral.
4Real: "Jesco White, the son of a murdered Appalachian tap dancer, finds that his thirst for justice becomes too strong to just dance away."
Mississippi State is the Place to Be! Just Ask the Trophy
Is that Jesco white or Dave I can't tell
Almost forgot to say thanks to everyone who came out to Diamond Pub Friday night for the Jesco White show. What a great show it was!! We had a blast! And we were happy to play alongside our pals in The Whiskey Riders, who absolutely killed it.. Can't wait for the next show, we'll keep you posted. Next in the works is our 2nd full length, which will be out by next spring. Thanks again folks..
I wish they had Black Friday sales on "gasoline fluid" (in my best jesco white voice)
Happy Birthday to my best bo! I love you more than Jesco White loves his dancing shoes. I hope today…
Found tonight that my cousins mother in law taught jesco white in 5th grade. He brought in an engagement ring and proposed to her lol.
If the Steelers some how come back and win, when I get back to Glenville I'm going to tap dance like Jesco White down 15 mile road
Is Jesco White dead? Internet has conflicting info and no credible sources. Anyone know for sure?.
If anyone can tell me who Jesco White is I will buy you a Christmas/Hanukkah gift (don't cheat!). I…
I guess I'm going to see Jesco White with instead of going to work. I'm a very responsible young man
Did not know Jesco White is a DJ in Gta V
Oh I also found part of Jesco White's kinfolk today. They live in Parkers Lake, Kentucky.
How to find Jesco White, the famous mountain-dancing folklore legend:...
Only 2 WEEKS until the one & only JESCO WHITE takes over Nov 16th & 17th at ready πŸ‘Š
I know I'll be back in two weeks for jesco white
Mom is trying to get me to go find Jesco White. I'm going to die today. πŸ˜‘
I wanna write country songs about zoophilia, natty light, D cups, jesco white, jesus, and trucks. I could make so much money.
Made some eggs this morning for me and mine, but as Jesco White would say, they weren't "no *** sloppy eggs" 😁
of course i have seen that. Jesco White. Boone Counting
Spending my morning in Boone County, WV, home to Jesco White. I'm sure y'all have heard the Whites?
Boarding a flight to West Virginia, home of Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, and Jesco White aka The Dancing Outlaw.
Roughly 3 hours til my husband is home! Who wants to keep me sane or at least stop me from watching YouTube videos of Jesco White?
Don't act like y'all aren't going to see jesco white at martins on the 24th
"I share a birthday with Jesco White!" ***
I share a birthday with Jesco White!
who produced the track with the Jesco White eggs quote. I'm buying them a gram of wax
Is that tonight? Is that the one where we are just going to turn Briscoe loose? . "Turn me on, Turn me loose" -Jesco White
So what you're telling me is that Tesco Vee and Jesco White /aren't/ the same person?
Will someone please be Jesco White for halloween?
lmao have you ever found Jesco White on GTA V?
Anyone can do anything under the influence of madness!~Jesco White
this needs to happen, I mean jesco white is the rebel radio dj.
just informed me Jesco White is on GTAV... I obviously must discover this myself.
How about that, Jesco White, the Dancing Outlaw makes a cameo in the new Grand Theft Auto V game. Check it out.
West Virginia's own Jesco White the "Dancing Outlaw", as a hidden Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto 5. He can be found on a dead end road off the road "North Ca...
NEW tonight 12:15am. Jesco White returns as GaGaPeePap. You don't need to sleep for work. You hate that job anyway.
yeah, Dancing Outlaw was the first doc with Jesco White.
"They just caught me havin a good time." - Jesco White.
and I need to order out tickets ASAP! If only Jesco White showed up
My names not Jesco White but I wanna get plum tore out the frame tonight
There's also a rumor of Johnny Depp playing Jesco White. That could be Sacha looked so Freddy it was crazy.
I just found out Jesco White died a while back. Y'all I'm upset
Headliners white Jesco white high to hellbilly tour!!!
Yo im tryna chill with Jesco White.
We have a celebrity in the house, good ole Jesco White. Lmao
You're one of my Hero's! You inspire me to the Max! I hope I get to meet you someday brother! Have you ever flipped a trunk?
This Sunday on The return of Jesco White as Ga Ga Pee Pap! Father and son discover nature's mysteries.
"I'm just gonna do a little dance like Jesco White, mom you ever seen me tap dance?"
Actually imagining Adult Swim flying out and sitting in a studio with Jesco White made my whole night
I recognized Jesco White's voice on squidbillies!
Documentaries about Jesco white are my favorite
all that's missing is Jesco White as his grandad Pee Pap Manziel
have you seen the original from years ago called "Dancing Outlaw" with Jesco White
One of the worlds greatest ratbags has left us. RIP Jesco White, the master of all things rapscallion.
Surely you've seen me opine abt my love of Jesco White, "The Dancing Outlaw" right? He's the OG White
Jesco White is the definition of turnt up
I love watching old Roseanne episodes!. I think the best one is the one with Jesco White dancing!
Maybe you've heard of the Dancin' Outlaw Jesco White. . If so, you know what I'm thinking..."50 more dance steps".
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it's a documentary about a family from West Virginia- Jesco White- famous country tap dancer!
dig White Lightnin' on Netflix, its an embellished biography of Jesco White. Ill check out that other one tho
lmfao Jesco White is a hero to us all
I swear my neighbors are like Jesco White's family.
In the words of Jesco White, ''Im tired of eating sloppy runny eggs so you best start fryin them eggs a lil better''
And if I was going to be murdered and could choose my murderer, it'd be Jesco White. (don't get any ideas, big boy)
Watching the Dancing Outlaw staring jesco white
I may be white but I'll never be Jesco White white
Had a dream last night I got to rock with Jesco White (Official) again with some Wildwood Flower.
If smoking cigarettes makes me a trashy person, consider me Jesco White.
This just in - everything but Jesco White clogging on the Capitol Dome happening for the WV150. Read more in Weekend
my birthday Friday is gonna be pretty wicked , Jesco White , Moonshiner Josh & Bootleg Bill -Fanpage , Roger Alan Wade , Dan Deel , Beitthemeans , Italo and The Passions are gonna be there and some other surprise guests .If only Uncle Ruckus , Froggy Fresh , Dirt Nasty , ANTiSEEN , 3 and the independents would have Ric Flair drive them here and if all the women from game of thrones showed up
just guessed that I was thinking of Jesco White via
Talking about some of his earlier crimes, Jesco White says, "I got brain damage on the left or right side because I sniffed gasoline for 10 long years." (at the same time he holds up 5 fingers on his hand). ~Why this man and his kin are not the poster children for "Just Say No" is beyond me.
Can't go wrong wit watchin lil bit of jesco white and drinkin sum whiskey lol
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I'm going to West Virginia to live with the Wild & Wonderful Whites for the rest of the summer...don't be jealous.
Who should be our next Badass of the week? Give us a name!
I have 327,894 things to do at home, more than that at work along with a corporate visit this week. I left a sick puppy at home and at work I walked into a mad house this morning...all the while I have strep throat and an inner ear infection. Ohhh, it's a happy Monday, but thank God I am blessed with another day.
Just tapping my toes like Jesco White this morning.
I will be making my debut at Biggie's Bike Night in Kingsport this Thursday evening, also the big show in Spartanburg with Jesco White/Roger Alan Wade/Moonshiners/Beitthemeans at GroundZero, make plans to join me! The white cowboy hat is coming off this week and the black one is going on!
I've always been crazy but its kept me from goin insane
Grandma had to take her breathing tube out to snort some pills -jesco white πŸ˜…
What a start to a great day . I smell bacon . Can you say BLT for this daddy then the boat is leaving shore !
Actually, I'd be impressed if anyone knew who Jesco White is lol
I've met my hero. Cory's roommate has drank with Jesco White. I wish someone knew how bad I envy him.
Haz anyone seen the movie called the wild wonferful whites of West Virginia with jesco white ?? LOVED IT
The guy next to me looks like Jesco White.
Anybody wanna go to Ground Zero next Friday and see Jesco White? lol totally just found out he'd be there..The Original Dancing Oulaw
I'm gonna dance like Jesco white to the jukebox in Oceana Pizza Hut next week
Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia...when I feel bad this movie makes me feel a million times better just watching these crazy people lol
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Few songs make me burst out laughing. Jesco White's Dancing Outlaw documentary's opening music just came on at the bar. Checkmate.
Interesting things are going to happen at our show in Madison, WV "The Coal Festival" Saturday June 22nd. Our opening act will be none other than country comedian Cledus T. Judd which should be pretty crazy. And we are planning a very special surprise for during the show that should be fun and very cool for everybody. Try not to miss it and Be ready to ROCK!!
I find it necessary to occasionally share this PSA from Jesco White about "Sloppy, Slimy Eggs".
I got two turntables and a microphone
If u never watched the Jesco White doc on Netflix, then were not friends. Matter of fact, were enemies, so cross the fkn st when u see me...
Think this is worth the trip.see you guys. Not Jesco White from West by God Virginia!
if you don't know about Jesco White... leave. just leave America.
June 14 9-11p and then June 15 sometime during day Blue Ridge BBQ festival Mountain View BBQ and Deli June 21 Friday Jesco White , Roger Alan Wade , Moonshiners me and Bill June 22nd Harris Speedway June 29th Eden, NC Fairgrounds July 12th Ashevile Tourists Baseball club throwing out the first pitch in the dirt hopefully doing something real cool week of the 4th , kind of up in the air
This is one of the many classic Jesco-ism from the original Dancing Outlaw video.
All I want is a video of Jesco White tap dancing to the Dawson's Creek theme. That's all I've ever wanted.
Your decisions are basically the sound of Jesco White's tap shoes and the typhoons they cause in rural Korea.
I feel like a Wild, Wonderful White of West Virginia
Should I be concerned that one of the empty lots in my neighborhood has two perfectly rectangular "grave size" holes dug in it?
Jesco White on the news 1994
Marlena Krueger we got a new baby kitten who's black except his tummy and part of his face and his feet look like they have little white shoes on so we named him Jesco, after Jesco White. He growls very loudly for a baby cat.
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Watching The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia W/ my brother. Oh the quotes in this documentary is priceless
I completely disagree with just about everything in this article but Jim goad is still one if my fav writers. See, I still like people that aren't like me or have the same ideas as me. It's ok to do that.
Making a fist while putting up your pinkie and forefinger up in a "metal salute" for pictures is about as played out as the sideways peace sign and kissing lips pose...
Jesco white - if you wanna get to heaven 2003 thanks to cousin wildweed for the video! Please visit
Today I discovered I can dig on some bluegrass...
If anyone is up with me, what's a good flick to watch on Netflix or whatever, I'm feeling more prone more to documentaries or cerebral fare at the moment?
Jesco White is living in Five Points now, awkward.
Jesus sent Moses to warn them so they wouldnt drown. (Jesco White)
I wouldn't have nothin to lose anyway, its like the dead killin the dead- Jesco White
Saw a movie on Netflix called White Lightnin! It's the life story about Jesco White the main man in the Documentary The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia!
Nothing like hot molten steel rollin down your back at work, to get the blood pumpin and make you jump around like a jesco white at a glue sniffin festival
Just a quick note to anyone who knows who the whites of West Virginia if you have ever seen the mamie white bringing it video on youtube the phone number she gives you is still her number i called and just talked to jesco white and he invited me to call back tomorrow and tell mamie when she is awake lol *** yea
Going to see Jesco White on the 21st!
From here on out my life will be nothin but a party! Thank you for the inspiration Jesco White!!
Johnny Depp stars as Jesco White in the movie "White Trash"
Oooh! Oooh! Just show him on youtube Jesco White on Marriage: via
"when you smile it makes me smile I want to make you happy, but when I'm mad I feel like I am Charles Manson" Jesco White
I use to huff paint as a kid, got a whole in my brain bout big as a quarter- jesco white
Going to Boone County tomorrow...should I get an autograph from Jesco White?
Wish I could find a feller that knows his country music history like Eddie Stubbs, dances like Jesco White, & talks like Jamey Johnson.
man we used to give this poor woman *** We'd slow down, roll down the window & yell "hey crackhead".
That's correct... She's chasing my *** with a butter knife
How the *** has john bridges made it on here but umbrella woman (crack head) has not? Thats a btown problem itself
Watching "White lightning" (about/inspired by Jesco White)...I'm just curious to how much was artistic license? would you know?
Pretty sure that the lady who works at the parking garage at work is part of Jesco White's family.
"It's like the dead killin the dead. *laughs*" -Jesco White
Seen a kid dancing like a *** I twistered his titty and said "this ain't korealand. We only dance like jesco white around here!"
Who's your favorite Wild and Wonderful White of West Virginia? For me, it's a draw between Jesco and Kirk.
If you wanna live to see tomorrow, I said "I'm tired of eating sloppy, slimy eggs"-jesco white
it's a Jesco White t shirt. He's the Dancing Outlaw from "the wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia"
Where the *** did you find a Jesco White shirt at anyway?
Like Jesco WHite used to say...Id get all that good stuff in me...I'd be so high, Id could stop a coal train.
My husband with a 3 day facial hair growth looks less like an A&F model and more like Jesco White "The early years"...*wipes tears*
rocking jesco white t shirt in the promo video of smooth and Gilbert fight!!!
Loved your Jesco White shirt you were wearing in the interviews! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ
I see you in that promo with your Jesco White shirt.
where did u get that sweet Jesco White shirt?
did I see you rocking a Jesco White t-shirt in a fight promo?
Joe Rogan rocking the Jesco White shirt in these promos.
Jesco White (infamous hillbilly/tap dancer/criminal) & his descendants.About the most intensely hillbilly white trash family ever
My semen and the blood of Jesco White, but he's dead.
Tomorrow night is dedicated to Jesco White.
have fun amigo, don't get lost with ole' Jesco White
Im as tired of school as Jesco White is tired of sloppy slimy eggs
Tonight was one of those Jesco White nights
"Its like the dead killing the dead.." -Jesco White
probably the most famous (or infamous) recent impersonator was Jesco White of Boone Co. WV, who died back in January
Increasing my chances of meeting Jesco White and the Mothman.
I know your not going to West Virginia without looking up Jesco White
I didn't know there was an actual movie about Jesco White, other than the "Wild & Wonderful Whites of WV" documentary.
Director Julien Nitzberg spends a year with five generations of the White clan, a West Virginia family known for its criminal and colorful behavior.
That Jesco White he sure is a character
"I'm headed to West Virginia who lives there?"Jesco White the tap Dancing Outlaw
Finally gettin' exhaust ran on ole Jesco White
Ya got Netflix watch the white and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia...I am a little infatuated with Jesco..inebriated at the moment...bonfire still blazin and campin in parents back yard:)
The show that's on after myrtle manor... Oh my god
Any recommendations for Netflix movies? I'm beginning to think I've finished it.
Watching a documentary on the White family from West Virginia, all I can say is WOW
who is this Jesco White you speak of?
White lightin', the Dancing Outlaw, Jesco White
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I need something to watch. I have netflicks. Suggestions anyone?
Im tired of eating sloppy slimey eggs too Jesco White
This guy can give jesco white a run for his money
Jesco White is a badass!! And if you don't know who he is, you should look him up ;)
Watching the wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia...holy white trash
that a he's Jesco white reference from "the dancin outlaw"
So hungover today productivity for today 0%
There is nothing good about today, or any day for that matter.
Who told me to watch "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia"?
Well we watched another movie about Jesco White called White Lightnin'. Wasn't very good. I need to find the Dancing Outlaw...Anybody saw that one? Now he is watching something something about muscle cars & hemi's so that was my clue that it was time to FB.LOL
Jesco White, the Dancing Outlaw. lol. There is a documentary streaming on Netflix about him and his family
Oh Lord...there's a Jesco White documentary on Someone hold me. I wish it was The Dancin' Outlaw, but it isn't.
I fell in love with a dog named Jesco.
I think Winston is turning into Jesco White. All he wants to do is tap dance.
bout time to shower up an head to Muncheez..
As far as i know right now pickupthesnake and beitthemeans are playing the galaxy lounge in Johnson City april 12th with some of the moon shiner boys from t.v. Show. Dont know all details but will let u know as soon as i get all the info. Looking forward to seeing some old friends in J.C. From when we played with jesco white there.come get your face rocked and moonshine zonked!
This movie makes me want to meet jesco white even more
Playing the griffin tonight. No foolsies. 10pmish. Free, as the good lord intended. Tap dancing like Jesco White.
I believe I have the combination for the funniest and most amazing group of people that could ever be assembled. I would like to put Jesco White, Si from Duck Dynasty, and John C Prall In a single room. People lets make it happen.
Ive Hung out with jesco white and didn't die. That count? Lol
"our lives have been a party, and the problems start when you try and live it like a story " - Jesco white
RE: jesco white & family. completely legit to stereotype boone co. ;)
I have found the Jesco White of Chicago.
So, Jesco's dead. Who had him in their death pool? Extra points if you chose via huffing.
Bandytown, W.Va -- Fans mourn iconic West Virginia wild-man Jesco White, who died at his Boone County home after inhaling twin doses of lighter fluid and gas fumes Saturday. Fans received a rude aw...
Without posting it all over the Internet I have mamie whites number from "wild and Wonderful Whites" and all I can say is it is legit!!! Yea
The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia Now on DVD and Amazon, Netflix, & iTunes Click to order on DVD: Tucked deeply in the hills...
I watched The Wild and Wonderful Whites last night. And I loved it.
Was literally having the worst day of all time earlier .. then I stopped feeling sorry for myself and treated my problems like a man and everything's good now . And by treating them like I man I mean I took a 2 hour nap until they went away .
The wild and Wonderful Whites of WV .. Omg.. Lol arent yall close to Boone County?
Jesco White talking about threatening his 'old lady' with a butcher knife for making sloppy eggs
Jesco White was born in Bandytown, a tiny community located in the Appalachian Mountains of Boone County, West Virginia. Referred to as 'Appalachian Royalty' by some, Jesco is best known as 'The Dancing Outlaw'. Taking the shoes that were handed down to him from his father D Ray White (one of the...
Trying to get Jesco White to on the cover of our debut album!
Learned last evening that there is a Hank Williams III. I need to get out more.
So I quit smoking over 5 months ago and this is the first time I've been to a pool hall with smoking allowed, and *** it stinks in here. I was surprised because for the first time I smelled how bad bars stink.
Some of whites will be here! with Mini Thin as an opening act . that is awsome yaw got to get tickets.
Also no more covers on the bands! come out and enjoy them. Ecept on the big bands Mini Thin's cover will be well worth it. theres been alot of hype on the Whites' family coming especially Jesco.. we are doing our best to get these guys out here if your a white contact us at Muncheez
Time for more of Uncle Joey's NEW RULES (in response to atheist Bill Maher's New Rules). Hope you enjoy as always. Leave some comments, and let me know what your favorite is this week! Remember folks, and a merry heart is good medicine. NEW RULE - Boxing must be taught in elementary school in the United States just as it is in London's East End. If we're so intrigued with following the European model then let's go all out. Take the Avian water bottle out of Little Jimmy's hand, turn off the Xbox, take the hair gel out of his hair, forget his weekly appointment to the beauty salon, take him out of dance class, put some gloves on his hands, and for heaven sake let him at least pretend to be a male for a few minutes. NEW RULE - Maime White must be nominated for a Grammie for her stirring rendition of "Cole Miner's Daughter." She's a lot more entertaining than Justin Timberlake, and she's definitely more of a man than he is. And yes, Jesco White is a better dancer than Justin Timberlake. NEW RULE - John McCai ...
It is amazing how much Phil Robertson sounds like Jesco White. If you are not sure what I mean take a little time and watch the Wonderful Whites of West Virginia!
I need dance moves like Jesco White...
"The Whites of West Virginia" is hchelluv off top!!! Wow them people are egregious, now on to the X-files' pilot episode!
those wild and Wonderful Whites of toon town. this movie is basically what Jesco White sees himself as. HE brings the sun.
JUST decided that if I am ever elected President that Jamie & I will be "CLOGGING" at a "Bluegrass Festival" Inaugural *** Down! Ralph Stanley, Blue Highway, Alison Krauss, Del McCoury, Dolly Parton, & a HOST of others will be entertaining! This is Richard D. Hackworth and I approve this message!
Jesco White from "The Wild & Wonderful Whites of WVA" was in town this weekend. Friday photos on at
I sorta feel bad for the reputation Jesco White has just given West Virginia.
Ok. I have seen negative posts about Honey Boo Boo and her family, yet, some of these same very people think that the White's are some glorious folks. Maybe if Hank 3 wrote a song about them, they would be cool too.
Watching Buckwild and it's really making me miss Jesco White and his psychotic family.
Would have rather seen then Beyonce at the Inauguration.
See photos from Night of Jesco White Fest at the Galaxy Lounge on at
I liked a video from Jesco White on Marriage
I liked a video from Jesco White's inebriated shenanigans
Here's a short clip of last night's performance, guest starring Jesco White (Official)! More to come!
Introducing my parents to "the Wonderful Whites of West Virginia"... This will be interesting.
I just love living in a state that only gets publicity for Jesco White popping pills and doing jigs along with kids from the Charleston area acting a fool on MTV.
I know this is going to shock you all, but there's a lot of toothless people at this casino in West Virginia.
NEW PHOTOS from Jesco White Night at The Galaxy Lounge just posted on at
How is it that I've just now discovered "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia"?!?!? Oh about classy!
I'm really happy that surprised me with his hat signed by none other than Jesco White.
The wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia... A mesmerizing train-wreck.
Jesco white and the Dancing Outlaw is on ... Classic
Watch our first video from the Jesco White weekend on at - a little dancing to the Continental Waylay.
Got to shake hand with the american icon jesco white last night
Jesco white, Boone County West Virginia
See photos from night of the big Jesco White weekend at the Galaxy Lounge on at
Thanks once again to everyone. Stand by for our next event. It will be announced soon. Until then tag us in your Jesco White photos or post them on our page!
& I also robbed hit. Jesco White is my spirit animal.
"I was sniffin' a lot of lighter fluid at the time... And gasoline." -Jesco White
went to The Galaxy Lounge last nite and seen jesco white, not only did i see him i shook his hand(3times) and his wife wore my hat during the show! best night of my life!
Saw jesco white last night, I'm not in Grundy, and the sun is out in Tennessee.
Worked security at the Jesco White show at Galaxy Lounge last night and had a lot of fun doing it! Big Thanks to Beth Litvack for putting in a good word for me :)
Jesco White. I got a ton of videos but for some reason only 5 pictures :(
The legendary, "Dancing Outlaw" Jesco White, was here in Johnson City for a weekend down at Schmuck's Pizza. Threw a *** of a party also! Sponsored by TriCi...
Ben has leftover Jesco White decals from the show. If anyone would like one, we are selling the rest for $3 a piece. Inbox me if you would like one :)
I just talked to Jesco White. Perks of living in East Tennessee.
Jesco white and the outlaws in jc yeah buddy white lightning!!!
of coarse you's Jesco White lol.
We just added more photos to our first Jesco White album from last night. Browse them all on at
Mini vanin' it to see the Dancing Outlaw! Love being home!
It's Jesco White time, love his crazy *** ! Gonna be a good night!!
Sooo excited to go see Jesco White with Bryan Torbett, Kim Barker Lanham and Todd Beaver!!!
Bummed that I didn't get to go see Jesco White in Johnson City .So when my wild babies goes night night I will watch the movies =) I am just happy to have power once again !
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