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Jersey Shore

The term Jersey Shore is used to refer to both the Atlantic coast of the U.S. state of New Jersey and the adjacent resort and residential communities.

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Look who made the New York Post insider’s guide to the best of the Jersey Shore!
Ayyy the mini golf place on the Jersey Shore where I used to work has a blue lives matter flag gotta love South Jersey
Tan, gym, make up, mirror sunglasses. Yes he fits in here nicely . We will take him, the ac…
I love jersey shore. it is absolutely incredible.
This isn't NYC style... this is Jersey Shore.
The Jersey Shore towns that have the highest rate of DWI arrests. A ranked list
On a bus home from Jersey Shore that gets in at midnight only to get home, pack & leave for New Orleans at 5am. Thi…
They're playing episodes of Jersey Shore at the gym on Staten Island. Juiceheads are watching. I Had to leave. It Got way too literal for me
to have those good old days tv realities just like I Love Money (by VH1), The Andy Milonakis Show (MTV), Jersey Shore, etc
Girl, 13, goes missing while on vacation at Jersey Shore, last seen North Wildwood
In honor of Jersey Shore having a comeback season I propose we bring back the term "Grenade"
A baby Jesus with a Jersey Shore kind of vibe
Former Olympian Gluckstein now training other Olympic hopefuls at Jersey Shore
I'm making a deal to trade Christmas for a couple new seasons of Jersey Shore, plz lmk if u are not okay with this since it affects us all
thank you Senator! One of my most hated questions I get as a New Jerseyan is about Jersey Shore!
Jersey Shore takes over Burger King ❤️ family dinner with the new Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich 💗 love my roomies!
Jersey Shore is coming back, Fall Out Boy & Green Day are going on this middle school all over again?
Mary Lee the shark may be going to Jersey Shore for Memorial Day via
A giant sand sculpture of Chris Christie lounging in a beach chair has appeared on the Jersey Shore.
We're partnering with to hold a food drive at 9 locations down the Jersey Shore this month.
Who knew? Too bad everyone is back from the Jersey Shore today.
Back from a fantastic day out at Point Pleasant beach on the Jersey Shore...Beautiful day with…
Ashley and I started rewatching Jersey Shore and it was such a good decision.
I have found my football club: a team conceived out of "boredom in the winter at the Jersey Shore."
"Their driver is 'boredom in the winter at the Jersey Shore; there’s nothing to do.'"
This year, continue the Jersey Shore family tradition and give Dad exactly what he wants on…
Why do people watch Jersey Shore? If you want to see drunk, stoned, stupid, party teens just go to a Bar, a Club.or a High School.
Looking to Buy or Sell your home at the Jersey Shore you need @ Ocean City, New…
"Where are you from". "Holmdel". "??". "Central Jersey". "??". "About 20 minutes from the Jersey Shore". "HAVE YOU MET SNOOKI"…
Dem group will troll Trump with banner over Jersey Shore
A starry and cloudy night over a stairway to Barnegat Bay, Jersey Shore, NJ. Shooting with my…
Vinny from Jersey Shore went to SUNY New Paltz and got a BA in Political Science. He had a 3.9 GPA.
today someone asked me if my school was like the show Jersey Shore.
What's President James A. Garfield's connection to this Jersey Shore church? Listen and find out!…
Plan on the long way home if visiting these Jersey Shore beach towns this weekend:.
Hundreds of dead fish wash up in Jersey Shore river:. State environmental officials are trying to determine what...
State: Doctor didn’t wash hands at Jersey Shore clinic with 40 infections via
Mark Ryden’s pictures drive me crazy, and Vegas makes me shine. Daytona and the Jersey Shore just kill me
Neptune City NJ USA - - Doctor of wanted for Jersey Shore practice. Del *** Senft...
I love it!🌹Jersey Shore,we need more backing from the entertainment world.…
Jersey Shore boy saves family from mobile home fire
Predawn colors over the Judge's Shack in Island Beach State Park, Jersey Shore, NJ.
A silhouetted tree at moonset along the Barnegat Bat in Island Beach State Park, Jersey Shore,…
All the Kardashians. The cast of Jersey Shore. Ice JJ Fish. Sylvester Stallone as an opera singer. Judd Ogden
Things I commonly ask my son if he wants to watch: . -Catfish. -Steve Wilkos Show. -Joffrey's death/GoT . -Hanson music videos. -Jersey Shore
At the Jersey Shore, Toll Brothers has built communities in Eastern. Monmouth County within a 15 minutes of the beac…
lol have came to the conclusion Alan and i's relationship is exactly like Ron and Sam's off of Jersey Shore 🙃🙃🙃
Going to see Gogol in Asbury Park! Yeee. Jersey Shore, baby. see you again soon!
I was in a study group today about Spanish literature & managed to quote Jersey Shore
"If I'm with a girl & she's textin a dude askin whats the weather like, I still don't trust it." Jersey Shore is such a classic.
As I'm rewatching Jersey Shore, I never realized how stupid Sam was for forgiving Ronnie but she can't forgive Jenny . Stupid Girl 👌🏽
Want a friendship like Pauly D and Vinny from Jersey Shore
I'm watching Jersey Shore and I seriously just want to hang out with Pauly D and Vinny SO bad
Jersey Shore 'deplorables' show love for Trump - Asbury Park Press
America's 'enemy aliens' of the Jersey Shore - Asbury Park Press
Sarah Stern killed: Friends charged in death of missing Jersey Shore woman
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes bring the sound of the Jersey Shore to the Sunset Strip on April 8th!…
Tranquil weekend to end with a chance of snow showers at the Jersey Shore
this girl looks like Angelina from jersey shore LMFAO
I'm up at 3am falling in love with all over again watching jersey shore lmao
Jersey shore is what i watched my whole pregnancy
For your exposed/scam/scandal series can you do Jersey Shore, please?
Not that I'm in bed Jersey Shore till the sun comes up..
Here at the Jersey shore, we love our beach themes!! Which one is your favorite?. (going in to production soon!!)
if you want a new season of Jersey Shore because that is what the world needs rn. I love you jersey shore.
Currently pitching the wedding I'm going to in April as a "Jersey Shore" themed wedding to potential dates which is kind of true.
Congrats Orange County, with your latest explosion in STDs, you are one step closer to being the west coast Jersey Shore!!🙌
Sending thoughts & prayers to you & yours. Nor'easter flooding/wind at the Jersey Shore. I like changes🏁
Dallas, Pennsylvania is only a 1.5 hour drive away from Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.
Watching the roast of Donald Trump and jeez Louise that lad from Jersey Shore ain't funny at all is he? V awkward telly
Last year when I said Jersey Shore was my favorite show girls at Alpha Chi made fun of they're having a marathon...ugh
the best decision I've made in 2017 was to rewatch Jersey Shore
Sullivan County girls playoff-bound after routing Bucktail 51-9. Griffins now 11-1 with only loss to 4A Jersey Shore
Is there anything better than paperwork on a Friday while watching Jersey Shore?.probably, but this will do
There really could be only one appropriate home for Bruce Springsteen’s archives: the Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore's Pauly D knocked up a girl in a Vegas one-night-stand...Across the hall "The Situation" was blowing a dude in…
We're rewatching season 1 of Jersey Shore, *** is this where everyone calls Angelina "Jolie??" Don't remember that at al…
⚡️ “Jersey Shore as movies, the first great meme of 2017”.
Good afternoon from the gray and rainy Jersey Shore. Happy New Year everyone!
I would love for a New Jersey Shore to start, I'm so sorry everyone but I'm telling the truth.
Where is "Snooki"?!! We're getting Nicole in Celebrity Apprentice. Girl flash on the *** like on the Jersey Shore!
Low key would rather be at home watching the Jersey Shore lmao
maybe write some Jersey Shore fan fic?
Trump is like the situation from the Jersey Shore tv show. Clueless. Classless. Moronic.
Plz bc nobodys txting me and im finished with season 1 of jersey shore
All these Jersey Shore memes only make me think of this.
The Jersey Shore memes have been the perfect way to end 2016
I live for these jersey shore movie memes
Trying to explain jersey shore memes to my parents and they don't get it
I had two pomegranates today and laughed v hard from the jersey shore memes. A solid way to end 2016
Pls don't leave the jersey shore memes in 2016
Didn't like jersey shore back then, now y'all making me hate them more.
you said you didn't know what the jersey shore memes looked like so I tagged you in one
In the criminal justice system, grenade based offenses are considered especially heinous. In the Jersey Shore, these are th…
Jersey shore being reimagined as movie memes is the last good thing to happen in 2016
Amanda loves to summer on the jersey shore tan an
I love all these Jersey Shore memes😂
Can we PLEASE bring these jersey shore memes to 2017
I really love those jersey shore movie comparisons lmao
Peter lowkey reminds me of Ronnie from Jersey Shore
New reality show: put the casts of Party Down South, and Jersey Shore together in a house
For something called Jersey Shore, it's pretty great
All of the other Jersey Shore cosmetics I've tried have been busts, aside from the lip balms, which are amazing. Thi
The cast of Jersey Shore are ALL from New York, yes you read that correctly...
The most comfortable, respectful medical detox in New Jersey, convenient to the Jersey Shore. Call now
Me: "I'm from New Jersey". *people who've never left the south*. "Oh so like New York and Jersey Shore". Me:
If you're feeling down, just remember the Jersey Shore aired in Japan under the name "The New Jersey life of Macaroni Rascals."
Cold-water coral power! New protection for some of Earth's oldest creatures, off Jersey Shore via
"But Chris, if you're from New Jersey, why don't you talk like the people on Jersey Shore?"
*** from Jersey Shore at the new GF behind trees. . - KEEMSTAR is guilty
A 59-year-old man from Jersey Shore was killed after a last night crash in Lycoming County.
Like I'd know... After watching the Jersey Shore episode of South Park, I actually thought Chicago was in New Jersey
Jersey Shore has inspired me to email MTV about starting a new reality show
Take me back to New York when Lydia spotted Vinny from Jersey Shore right behind us
A moonlit shot of our new Beach Haven house on the Jersey Shore, more photos to come! Photo:
Khloé Kardashian's BFF Malika Haqq and 'Jersey Shore's' Ronnie are officially an item
Only one day after 33, and Jersey Shore's Ronnie Magro, 31, alerted the m…
Can we get a fist pump, dolls? Malika Haqq and Jersey Shore alum Ronnie Magro are officially dating. htt…
Schuylkill Valley's Jack Bennett has scratched out of the tourament at 138, Jersey Shore's Ryan Kirshner gets a FF win in consis
Khloé Kardashian's BFF Malika Haqq and Ronnie from the "Jersey Shore" are dating: WUT? https…
LISTEN: Heroin being replaced by this even deadlier drug.
Can they put Jersey Shore on Netflix, please? 😂
Watching season one of Jersey Shore..I forgot how good this show was 😂
pumped out before swallowing *** OFFICIAL JERSEY SHORE PARODY https:/…
3 top doctors for Jersey Shore University Medical Center don't like my attitude when I asked why did you kill me? Get the Police
📷 Sunset in Manhattan The picture below shot from the New Jersey’s shore.
I was watching the Jersey shore and omg was it full of drama and heartbreaks im still watching it
Throwback video from 2013 during my amateur days. This is me with "Jersey Shore MiLF."
Yes, we KNOW you used the racists to elect your corporate buffoon. Go to your Jersey Shore mansion & sleep well.
Only Karl would make a 100% chocolate model that looked like Jersey Shore member
Welcome Cool New Member Brian Berkelbach - I was raised on the Jersey Shore but made my initial trek West...
Pollution-sniffing dogs at the Jersey shore show they're No. 1 at sniffing out No. 2.
We have a jam packed December Calendar! Find Santa Sightings, Christmas Tree Lightings and more.. All the details...
Good luck to our JMHS Ice as they go up against St Rose at 8:30pm Jersey Shore Arena!!
Missing Italy so much I'm actually watching the Italy jersey shore season lmao
I've been binge watching jersey shore for the past 12 hours & I have no excuses.. I'm ashamed lmao   10% Off
Left or right? . Your realtor doing more at the Jersey Shore...
Elizabeth Castle is built on a island off shore from St Helier maintained by Jersey Heritage for visitors and...
Good morning from the Jersey shore, Bradley Beach, on Friday, December 2nd, 2016
Good morning to everyone except Angelina from Jersey Shore
Idk why I'm rewatching jersey shore
The Valleys! . Goedie Shore!. Ex on the beach!! . Last but not least, the original Jersey Shore!!! . 😂😂😂
Young Hollywood’s best young talent is flocking to the Jersey Shore to Lord Put A Ring On It-Tikki Collins Talent…
Storybook Land looks awesome with its million Christmas lights. A must-see Jersey Shore attraction for kids.
The Mon Valley is just a mix of Jersey Shore and Buckwild
And it wasn't like a classy roast like with Dean Martin or Don Rickles. No, The Situation from Jersey Shore was a member of the dais...
Anyone looking to move to the Jersey Shore? Open house today for a great 3 bedroom ranch.
Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? Scariest Halloween costume at the Jersey Shore would be a Toms River North uniform http…
Check out: Kimberly Ann Miller living near the Jersey Shore.
Alan Jouban wants to punch 'Jersey Shore guy,' at UFC on FOX 22
mmamania: .AlanJouban wants to punch ‘Jersey Shore guy’ on FOX
Alan Jouban promises to finish 'Jersey Shore reject' Mike Perry at UFC on FOX 22
Love the Jersey Shore and like to frequent or Lighthouse Gardens in Egg Harbor, NJ…
Jersey Shore Real Estate | Spring Lake NJ Asbury Park NJ: at the Jersey Shore is an amazi...
TIL 'Jersey Shore' was shown in Japan under the name 'MTV Jersey Shore: the New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals' -
They literally had a house LOBSTER dinner on Jersey Shore to celebrate the day after Angelina left 😂
Snooki puts former Jersey Shore costar ON BLAST for talking smack about her lips (via
The only person I've had sex with on Jersey Shore is my boyfriend.
Garrison Homes is pleased to introduce another Snowfield-Lewes floor plan - the Jersey Shore-inspired “Sea Girt” model.
Coastal flood advisory, strong winds have Jersey Shore on alert
Flappin our fins goodbye to summer 🐚 @ Ortley Beach, Jersey Shore
Kristen and Sandro and the ocean are on the blog today ☝🏼️☀️ @ Ortley Beach, Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore with 6 sacks in Friday's 38-21 win at Lewisburg. David Tomb with 2. Austin Breon with his 3rd interception
Of course, we can't forget Valerie's Jersey Shore phase
I mean MTV can be really annoying and keep playing ridiculousness non stop OR they can be nice and play jersey shore. Just a suggestion
Jersey Shore beaches reopen after pipe bomb blast at charity race.
yo boo needs to take a break from the Jersey Shore.
Mike knows how to cook he was thee cook on Jersey Shore com'on let's be real...Let's stop faking
Beaches in Jersey Shore town reopen even as investigation into pipe bomb continues
NYC bombing, Jersey Shore, 8 STABBED at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud MN: via
Lol *** I just realized I'm watching jersey shore 😂😂
On the episode of jersey shore when sammi punches Ronnie in the face
Pipe bomb explodes at Marine race on Jersey Shore, NJ
Are the Chelsea and Jersey Shore explosions connected?.
If you think my boyfriend hates me for using his Hulu to watch Say Yes to the Dress and the Kardashians.. I'm now watching Jersey Shore. 😇
There's more bad lip injections on this flight from SF to LA than Jersey Shore.
Jersey Shore beaches reopen after pipe bomb explosion
Cj never gets my Jersey Shore references
I remember when everybody used to watch Jersey Shore lol what happened to us
I used to be grossed out by drunk Snooki and Deena on Jersey Shore but now I'm rewatching and I'm like ...fck I am u u…
it's fine, we can ride off into the sunset down the shore as the only unmarried 30 year olds from Jersey.
Jersey Shore was such a gift to us all.
This isn't a beach in the's the Jersey Shore! Why is the water so blue?
Wow! You put that so everyone,got the message,powerful! 🌹 Jersey Shore 👍
Explosions on the jersey shore & the city today...this ones close to home.Praying for the injured & the world.Hugging my babies…
Really Laurence Fishburn is an amazing,long time actor!Best at what he does,acting 🌹Jersey Shore
2013: Prince of Jersey Shore: Harry cheers survivors of Hurricane Sandy | via
That's not JJ its Ronnie from Jersey Shore on his way to Karma
Only when and visit the jersey shore it gets bombed,
I'm stuck in a bad episode of jersey shore with and my boy
Jersey Shore Fishing: Austin to be added to Axel Carlsen Reef He worked as a mate on party…
Jersey Shore the greatest show of all time
supporting the NFL's finest here at the jersey shore
It'll be the Jersey Shore of politics. I bet it'll be YUGE! .
Honestly ive never felt this disrespected before... My entire house is watching jersey shore without me.
Jersey Shore visitors won’t let bombing frighten them - Visitors in Seaside Park on the Jersey Shore vowed not ...
Website Builder 728x90
What was your favorite Jersey Shore club you've played in? Besides the Stone Pony.
Tropical Storm Watch in effect for the Jersey Shore; threat of winds 39-73 mph within 48 hours.
The property taxes on this place: $181,102 a year! Jersey Shore's priciest listing cut by $5M
Loving Unsung,with Millie Jackson she looks great!And yes I have all her vinyl👍 Jersey Shore 🌹
Deena from "Jersey Shore" is looking SUPER different in these new bikini photos -- but WOW, so hot!
I'd rather motor boat Larry King's *** while knuckle deep in his puckered pooper than watch Jersey Shore or The Ba…
- So cave woman Dinah is from the Jersey Shore? Good to know.
See our latest NJ and click to apply: SAT/ACT Instructor- Jersey Shore (Mays Landing,... -
The dudes on Jersey Shore were so gross and misogynistic. They called Angelina the 'Staten Island ferry' when they themselves slept around
Grew up at the Jersey Shore...Surf City, Beach Haven, and Seaside Heights. Live on the west coast now. Miss the Atlantic.
I'm watching a Jersey Shore marathon what year is it
Mike vs Ron in Italy was and still is the best scene on Jersey Shore lmao
Yo! Let's head to the Jersey Shore this weekend and slam some vodka red bulls at Karma!
I can't wait to buy an ice cream cone from next summer on the Jersey Shore. He'll be the vp of that Mister Softee.
Jersey Shore up 37-33 at halftime; seven different Warriors have scored. TF Black led by Matt Cerruti (2017/Archbishop Wood) with 12.
Waters at Jersey Shore take on tropical hue, thanks to plankton
"None of us act like ppl from Jersey Shore. NONE OF US. Those fools are from Staten Island."
supports all little dogs and our Jersey Shore neighbor Craft Brewery! 🍺🍻🐶
Parade in Jersey Shore just started. We spoke with the woman who started the annual Fourth of July event over 50...
LOLZ This hacked traffic sign on Jersey Shore route may make you stop
In case you're on the Jersey Shore today, keep a look out for this banner against Scott Garrett & his bigoted views
dts, taylor ham, north vs south, Sandy, Wawa, constantly proving we're not like Jersey Shore characters, NYC day trips
Jet ski crash at Jersey Shore kills father & son visiting from Maryland:
Airplane banner on Garrett's anti-LGBT stance will fly over the Jersey Shore this weekend.
Airplane banner with congressman's anti *** stance to fly over the Jersey Shore ⏩ https:/…
FABULOUS!. Dems are going to fly an airplane banner with Rep. Scott Garrett’s anti *** stance over the Jersey Shore
off to their summer places on the Jersey Shore, Delaware beaches, or Ocean City, Md
Seriously, men. I tie all this to David Chase and Jersey Shore and Real Houswives and all that malarkey.
Fire at Fort Dix creates smell and plume of smoke at Jersey Shore.
Pauly D just walked thru the newsroom so I had flashbacks of making mango salsa while watching Jersey Shore at the Vue with
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Yeah I turned that movie off. Nope. Back to jersey shore.
this jersey shore marathon has me HYPE
And in other news, the usual crowds are starting to arrive at the Jersey shore for a weekend of fun and sun!
I can honestly say I've never watched that show. But I met Snooki once so I guess I can be team jersey shore
Pauly-D is on some "single" show and I'm here thinking, honey I've been here for you since day one of Jersey Shore.😂
I use to be in love with Pauly D on jersey shore 😭 omg
I know such useless information!! for example i could tell u where each cast member of the jersey shore is from, where they went to college
[News] Bruce Springsteen surfing film showing at Surfer's Gala◆It was a good year for surfing at the Jersey Shore, …
Try surfing the Jersey Shore on your next trip east (if you haven't already). Hang loose and may the Force be with you...
Jersey shore fist bump just came on Spotify and I'm not sure how to fist bump without here to do it with me.
They're charging $200+/night at what is basically short stay accommodation down on Jersey Shore. I mean $300 motel rooms w/ big back TV's
The proudly pink Port-O-Call features ocean views, an oceanfront pool and the indoor/outdoor Adelene Restaurant.
throwback to when and I were married & in love with jersey shore ❤️
I miss Jersey Shore. That was my favorite reality show! RAHHHN STAP
You have wild awesome fun like on Jersey Shore.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
the European version of Jersey Shore will definitely be my guilty pleasure TV showthis summer 😋😋😋
Somebody didn't want me to go workout today. @ Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
And you already know that's how we roll! Big fan puff puff! Jersey Shore loves you 🌹
Don't miss out! Get tickets to the Jersey Shore Sports Awards Banquet. https…
What's the difference between and and The latter brought tourism to the jersey shore
I don't think any MTV reality show will ever top Jersey Shore or Snooki & JWoww
Me too, what with that? I'm just having my first cup of coffee.😇 Jersey Shore loves you Sassy!🌹
Pick one: Jersey shore, geordie shore, gandia shore, acapulco shore or super shore
Rock in Rio was incredible. the jersey shore!!!
My mom's college roommate is really adamant about showing me jersey shore and where snooki visited, smh i can't
See our Page for & happening in Toms River, Ocean County, Jersey Shore.
NY DIppin Dots will be supporting the Jersey Shore Irish Feis in Brick NJ this Saturday. Contact us at...
i miss that Jersey Shore tv show and the Real World.
S/O to DJ Pauly D for making that hella mula after Jersey Shore.
Bruh, the stalker from Jersey Shore is still stalking Pauly D. lmao
Lunchtime Links With Farrah Abraham And Sophia:   Sad news for this Jersey Shore star (OK!Magazine) Supermode...
.Surprised a Fan at Their Wedding at the Jersey Shore! 👰
Rutgers sailing team populates Jersey Shore yacht clubs, waters via
For Rutgers sailing team, Jersey Shore waters, yacht clubs are invaluable -
I liked a video from The Opinion: Bad Girls Clubs and Jersey Shore
JWoww of 'Jersey Shore' announces birth of 2nd child, a boy
Tune in today at 5pm to listen in on a chat about Jersey Shore eatin' with me & News Talk 1400 WOND, 92.5-FM
On way to free GooGoo Dolls show on beach for Summer blast off at the Jersey Shore. Drive All Night comes on.. ... W/
Did you catch "Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino and fellow Food Network "Great Food Truck Race" competitors in...
3D pop art on display at Jersey Shore for Memorial Day: Artist Charles Fazzino has been called a master ...
Once upon a time, Vinny from the Jersey Shore did stand up, later & did commentary...
I would never be caught dead fist-pumping, but the theme song for NCIS makes me feel like a juiced-up white boy at club on the Jersey Shore.
It's that time of year again my fellow Jersey Shore residences 🙃 Hope you're ready to see a lot of these on the road
I just started watching The Jersey Shore from the beginning and I can already feel myself losing all control to it
The chic and swanky spots to stay on Seven Mile Island.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I don't know why I'm watching Jersey Shore again 😅😂
They should really bring back jersey shore
I miss 2009 bc life was easy and Jersey Shore was still on tv
Join APP and Eli Manning June 13 for a celebration of HS athletic excellence! Tix on sale:
Got things sorted out- this is our official set time and venue for Jersey Shore Festival on Friday. Let's party https:/…
I wish jersey shore was still a thing omfg
Me or deena from jersey shore... Holy why.
All because of our fixations with the jersey shore and Justin bieber
For a small amount of time, then dies. Jersey shore lasted what 1-2 years? He might make like 2-3k
Meet the grandmother who helped Rutgers land Obama: How a retired grandmother from the Jersey Shore help Rutg...
Next month we'll be exploring southern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. Looking forward to it!
Great to meet w/ Yeshiva @ the Jersey Shore 8th grade students & discuss civics public service & my work in Congress
I've been watching reruns of Jersey Shore and Vinny is home sick in an episode I had a crush on Vinny when the show 1st came out
Remember when we used to get hype about jersey shore back in the day? Those were strange times
This Saturday at THE JERSEY SHORE MUSIC FESTIVAL. will be performing with some awesome acts like Corevalay. stop by...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
The barrier island is ripe with inviting hotels and resorts.
7. madonna/monroe: everytime I see this piercing I just instantly think of jersey shore and chewing gum. not sure why.
Would anybody be opposed if I had a jersey shore watch party every Thursday? We'll start season 1 next week. I'm very serio…
I too am a big fan of the Jersey Shore blowout.
I am my happiest when I'm within the area where the Jersey Shore snapchat filter is available
I feel like my life has been an episode from jersey shore lately lmaooo
Stay tuned for the Jersey Shore take over at Hemingway's NJ.
well our parents won the Second World War.vacation down the jersey shore
"Another Look at Nauvoo to the Hook" George Moss, SIGNED 1st. ED., JERSEY SHORE!
TONIGHT:jersey shore poetry slam finals in GALLERY @ 6 PM! only $5! see you there?
I used to laugh at Sam and Ron from jersey shore all the time .. But now I get it 🙍🏾
You know it's summer when you spend 5+ hours laying on the couch watching Jersey Shore and not giving a single heck
Kahu's got a big Jersey Shore meets Hawaii in this hot Surfer-Boy!
Buy a beach badge with your iPhone at these 5 Jersey Shore spots this year: Manasquan, Seaside Heights, Sea I...
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