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Jerry Savelle

Jerry Savelle (born December 24th, 1947 in Shreveport, LA) is president of Jerry Savelle Ministries International (JSMI).

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2015 Will be Known as the Year of Visitations, Manifestations & Demonstrations - Jerry Savelle.
Dr. Jerry Savelle will ministering to leaders on Tuesday in Palm Coast, Fl. I have front row seats can't wait.
I'm telling you, somethin's up in the Spirit! Join us or watch Jerry Savelle tonight at at 7:15 tell us about 2014!
I just liked "Jerry Savelle Supernatural Provision Testimony" by on Vimeo:
"When you keep believing the Word regardless of what's happening around you, that's the ultimate slap in the Devils face." Jerry Savelle
For all you Word of FAITH and lovers of GRACE people this will be an excellent conference! Confirmed JERRY SAVELLE
"Too many Christians today give up too quickly!" ~ Jerry Savelle
Miss our broadcast this week? Watch Jerry Savelle on YouTube now as he goes even deeper into the Prayer of Petition!
“Don’t major on the fall, major on getting up!”. ― Jerry Savelle,
History proves when God’s people are under the greatest challenges the Glory of the Lord is revealed. Jerry Savelle
Dr. Jerry Savelle's Message from Feb 22, 2015 - "Don't Let the Devil Steal the Word"
God has seated you in heavenly places with Him! Jerry Savelle
Kenneth Copeland Ministries: 2015 PROPHETIC WORD The Lord is speaking to us about 2015, and it’s important to know what the Lord is saying! 2015—The Year of the Open Door: These words were delivered Tuesday, November 4, 2014, during the America Stands 2014 broadcast: God has given us an opportunity right now. Right now. The door is open. Opportunity for the Church to run through.… —Bishop Keith Butler It’s like Bishop said: …God, in His glory, has given us THE BLESSING of the Lord to protect us. And, here we stand again, with another open door to get up and walk through it, and stand again and say, “I will say of the Lord He is my God. He’s my refuge. In Him do I trust,” and walk right into the secret place of the Most High. Amen. —Kenneth Copeland We are going through the open door. Are we hearing God say that 2015 is “The Year of the Open Door”? Jesus said, “Behold, I stand at the door and I knock. Any man that will hear My voice [that means any man can hear His voice] and will ...
God wants you to have days of heaven on earth. - Jerry Savelle
You can watch HFCC's Sunday morning service with Dr. Jerry Savelle at this link!
A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9 NKJV) Jerry Savelle...
Jerry Savelle will be live streaming from HFCC Texas tomorrow morning 3am AEST/2pm QLD .
Many of us don't take the fight of faith as seriously as He does. You see, God does not intend to lose!. Jerry Savelle
When you realize you're blessed to be a blessing, life gets really beautiful. (Jerry Savelle)
Jerry Savelle min says "the depth of your PRAISE determines the MAGNITUDE of your breakthrough." It's the highest expression of your FAITH!
"has NO PROBLEM with . How Much U INCREASE,. Just as long as HE Gets The Credit 4 it!" . —Jerry Savelle.
For whoever finds me finds life, And obtains favor from the Lord Jerry Savelle
Don't forget prayer is not one sided! Jerry Savelle
is not about what you can get before you die; it's really about how much you can give before you die - Jerry Savelle
Make plans to join us for the Open Door Assembly Feb. 15 - 18 w/ speakers including Kenneth Copeland & Jerry Savelle!
Take up the prophecies for 2015 by faith in prayer. Watch words thru Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle re 2015:
CHURCH AND MINISTRY Kenneth Hagin’s Forgotten Warning By J. Lee Grady Charisma Magazine – Charismatic Bible teacher Kenneth Hagin Sr. is considered the father of the so-called prosperity gospel. The folksy, self-trained “Dad Hagin” started a grass-roots movement in Oklahoma that produced a Bible college and a crop of famous preachers including Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Charles Capps, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar and dozens of others—all of whom teach that Christians who give generously should expect financial rewards on this side of heaven. Hagin taught that God was not glorified by poverty and that preachers do not have to be poor. But before he died in 2003 and left his Rhema Bible Training Center in the hands of his son, Kenneth Hagin Jr., he summoned many of his colleagues to Tulsa to rebuke them for distorting his message. He was not happy that some of his followers were manipulating the Bible to support what he viewed as greed and selfish indulgence. Those who were close t ...
Join us tomorrow morning @ 7:30am for "Marriage Today with Jimmy and Karen Evans" and 8:30am for "Jerry Savelle"
Great victories often require a great fight of faith. – Jerry Savelle
Such a now Word! came to our church preaching about getting back all lost in Ziklag!
Yes! Amen! And Jesus has gone before us to pave the way for us!
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It's not over until God says it's over and God doesn't say it's over until you win~Jerry Savelle (1 Cor. 15:57)
There is an attitude of faith that makes it possible to live in the midst of trouble without being troubled.--Jerry Savelle {1 Pet 5:7 AMP}
Since Jerry Savelle encouraged us last night to read, and start speaking and claiming all the blessings in...
"The Blessing is to empower you to prosper and FAVOR creates the opportunity to make it happen." - Jerry Savelle
One of the major characteristics of a true faith person is they are resilient. – Jerry Savelle
Prayer of Petition Breaking Through the Impossible By (author) Dr. Jerry Savelle Prayer of
The word will work for anyone who works it- Jerry Savelle
You have a spiritual enemy that is dedicated to stealing, killing and destroying your life. – Jerry Savelle
You must learn to say “no” to your flesh and “yes” to the tugging of the Holy Spirit.- Jerry Savelle
NowPlaying Every day a blessing day - Jerry Savelle click to tunein
Amazing services with two amazing men of God. Dr. Jerry Savelle and Pastor Scott Webb
When the storms of life strike, it's what happens in you that will determine what happens to you. - Jerry Savelle
A few notes from last nite at w Dr. Jerry Savelle
I liked a video from Jerry Savelle 7 3 14 Southwest Believers' Convention
Honored to be a part of Jerry Savelle's 2014 ministers conference. God put a the heart of a champion in each of us!
I liked a video from Dr. Jerry Savelle - 'The Favour Of God'
Jerry Savelle Ministries International - You can't be anything less than a new creation in the sight of God! (cont)
Satan is a thief by nature. He will try to steal the Word right out of your heart. Jerry Savelle
When God speaks, His word produces joy. God's Word is good news, and good news always produces joy!. Jerry Savelle
Darren Lee - (Dr Jerry Savelle is Always Funny) More Words. Next - 'It has been My Greatest Honor to Serve as Your CEO for Jerry Savelle ...
Darren Lee ... Mentor, My Hero, My Spiritual Father and Earthly Dad, Jerry Savelle. He is the One who Took a Risk and a Big Step of ...
As a Christian, you have the right to experience the blessing of God in operation every day of your life!. Jerry Savelle
You can't praise God and be discouraged at the same time! Jerry Savelle
All God has to do to change any situation is to say the Word. Jerry Savelle
Every time the world screams “NO WAY! NO WAY!” you ought to think there is a way. GOD'S WAY!. Jerry Savelle
... confess it with his lips, and allow it to be medicine to his flesh. - Jerry Savelle
Best sunday, had it in my house. Sermon from from Jerry Savelle and Joseph Prince It was awesome. Thank You Jesus
Jerry Savelle at Glory of God Worship Center TONIGHT!! WHOOP WHOOP! . 7 pm - 1114 Rodeo Dr in Denham…
Live in moments at 7pm-Jerry Savelle at Living Word Christian Center for Upper Midwest Faith Explosion via
Here's the clip when Jerry Savelle played my song @ Kenneth Copeland's if u missed it. … …
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Never stop expecting God 2 fulfill what He said He wld do. U&I can have confidence in God 2 fulfill His promises~Jerry Savelle. Don't give up!
Jerry Savelle You Are What You Think - In this video Jerry Savelle talks about thoughts. He says that the way you...
For those that been asking about the full version of my song Jerry Savelle played at it comes out Tuesday on the cd FREE!
Video: Here’s the clip from 7-2-14 at when Jerry Savelle played a clip of my song! Favor of God! …
Jeff, Joseph, and I attended the taping of Jerry Savelle's tv broadcast this morning. It was quite a privilege to...
I'm simple enough to believe what the word says. ~Jerry Savelle~
"The favor of God changes rules, regulations, and policies if necessary to meet a need in your life." - Jerry Savelle
Join us on Sunday evening for an amazing power packed service with Dr.Jerry Savelle. Invite your…
Pickup Bro. Jerry Savelle's newest book The Spirit of Favor on Your House, go to to pick it…
DECLARE with authority and conviction that the Glory of God is manifested in your city and nation! - Dr. Jerry Savelle, …
It isn't over until God says its over,and God will never say its over until you winJerry Savelle
"If the devil can't steal your joy he can't have your stuff"~Jerry Savelle [Faith is a anchored soul to a picture of hope that produces joy]
WOOO *** you DONT WANT TO MISS OUT! of Pastor Jerry Savelle will be at West…
You have to have someone lie to you to have your hope deferred, you can’t read the Bible and walk away hopeless Jerry Savelle
When you worship God you have just welcomed in the presence of God right there! Jerry Savelle
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Rejoicing and praising God in the worst of times actually brings the presence of God right there in your home, in your car Jerry Savelle
Our generation is living in the realm of the greater glory - Jerry Savelle
Genesis 1:29 says that God intended us to live off our seed, He said our seed would be meat for us, sowing and reaping Jerry Savelle
Remember this morning that your are a beloved child of the most high God. - Gym; Jerry Savelle; Kenneth Copeland; Creflo Dollar, Bill Winston; Jesse Duplantis - my day.
Just attending Kenneth Copeland,Creflo Dollar,Bill Winston,Jerry Savelle,Keith Moore and Jesse Duplantis conference.What used to be a dream is now my reality.Surely God is faithful.I have giant faith.Global anointing.Faith never fails.
The 2014 Southwest Believer's Convention is streaming live at right now. Jesse Duplantis is speaking at the moment. The rest of today's schedule is: Jerry Savelle @ 10:30am, Bill Winston @ 2:00pm, Kenneth Copeland @ 3:00pm, & Creflo Dollar @ 7:00pm. All times noted are CST. I love how the church, as a whole, is using technology to get the Word to the masses.
Pray with Pastor Terri at at 8 AM Central | Live online on | This morning's speakers are Jesse Duplantis and Jerry Savelle
in Fort Worth is almost here!! Can't wait for Ken and Gloria, Creflo, Bill Winston, Keith Moore, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle! Yay!!
Join us Sunday, April 13 as Jerry Savelle will be our guest speaker. We're looking forward to having a great day together as a church.
God Is On Your Side There are a lot of Christians who are not convinced that God is for them. They think that God is somehow partly to blame for the bad things that happen to them. How would you like to be commander-in-chief of an army where half your troops don’t even know who the enemy is? They’ve got their weapons pointed toward headquarters, blaming you all the time for their problems! There are some people asking God, “Why did You let this happen to me?” They don’t realize that God is for them and not against them! The Bible says in John 10:10, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of peace and not of evil” (Jeremiah 29:11). It is the devil who comes to steal from you and to destroy you. God is a good God and everything He does is for your good and for your benefit. God did not and will not cause harmful situatio ...
Just Passing Through “Happy, fortunate, to be envied is the man whose strength is in You, in whose heart are the highways to Zion. Passing through the valley of Baca” (Psalm 84:5-6). Baca? What is Baca? The Hebrew meaning is something we can all identify with. It means weeping, tears, or misery. Notice that it didn’t say you’re supposed to live there. You’re not supposed to build your residence there. You should pass through it, and come out on the other side. I don’t know what you’re going through today, I don’t know what kind of hard place you may be experiencing, but whatever it is, you don’t have to stay there. You can pass through! In verse 7, we see what believers who keep their eyes on Jesus and stand on the Word do while they’re going through Baca: They go from strength to strength [increasing in victorious power]. Every time I go through the Valley of Baca, I know I’m only passing through. I know that when I get on the other side, I’m going to increase in victorious power. ...
winner, lucky... I believe Gods got some people that He causes to go through more extensive training than others. Some of you go through things that other people dont go through and you dont understand why. Gods trying to make a mighty man or woman out of you. He will even use the trials that Satan puts you through. The reason is, He wants to make a winner out of you. From the book CALLED TO BATTLE DESTINED TO WIN by Jerry Savelle
Jerry Savelle Ministries. okt. 2013. Pt.3. A great quarterback is only as good as his receivers. In this week's broadcast, Jerry and Terry Savelle discuss *** ..
God loves me as He loved Jesus-John17v23,I choose to walk in the love of God no matter, walking in the love of God has improved my leadership, wow man this is the year of Gods manifested love, and I thank Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Jerry Savelle, since i am their partner for 7 years now, shoo i am prospering man, they are building me and my family,and they pray for me, i have a family that cares, and i will not fail in Gods love.
Request your copy of Jerry Savelle's new book, "Why God Wants You to Prosper"
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): A smile and a helping hand are seeds that will produce a harves...
“The greatest expression of your faith is praise.” – Dr. Jerry Savelle
Your words have everything to do with your destiny! - Dr. Jerry Savelle — at Word of Life Christian Center Hawaii
Dr.Jerry Savelle with us this morning for the 9am and 11am services! It's not too late to join us!
If you will refuse to stop doing what you know to do then due season always comes Jerry Savelle
I added a video to a playlist Jerry Savelle - How to Get Into Position to Receive.
NowPlaying Every day a blessing day - Jerry Savelle
In prayer; starting with the word of God is starting with the answer. . ~Jerry Savelle~
In prayer let the word of God be our foundation. Let it be final authority. ~Jerry Savelle~
Do you know the Will of God? Yes, his word is his will and the final authority. . Jerry Savelle.
God is the ultimately the one who is going to change everything but He needs your participation Jerry Savelle
I took it upon myself the past 3 weeks to serious study what these tv preachers have been preaching... I Believe 100% that Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle, Joyce Meyers, Joseph Prince and all these other folks have been unjustly and wrongly condemned BY RELIGIOUS minded people for teaching us that God wants to prosper His kids. The "prosperity" Gospel or The "Word of Faith" Gospel *IS* in reality the Covenant promises from God's plan for His beloved children. It's in His WORD! If you actually believe that you are not to be financially blessed because there are poor people in this world then quit your jobs and head to the streets! Let the poor feed the poor. Let the blind lead the blind. If you actually think it's only ok for some yahoo to make 64 MILLION dollars for standing in front of a hockey net 2x or 3x a week, then you deserve to remain in your religious poverty filled mindset. Fill your boots and quit your whining and don't you dare even whisper a complaint! HOW EVER if you believe ...
Welcome 2014! Happy New Year! I am sure that some are glad to see 2013 go and a new year with new hopes and dreams come upon us. If you have been listening to the Spirit of God concerning the new year, He has had much to say about it to the church. Through Brother Kenneth Copeland, He has said that 2014 is the year of victory over death and the manifestations of love. Billye Brim said that this is the year that the church dons the glory. Jerry Savelle said that it is the year of greater. Bill Winston says it is the year of the miraculous. It sounds like the church better be ready. There is much for us to believe for. Look up, church, He's coming very soon. Before He comes has to come the greatest outpouring the church has ever seen. It's here!
type it up for you and then put it back:. JERRY SAVELLE MINISTRIES...Word of the Lord for 2014...Never stop celebrating what I've already
I am @ the library. When I went to the printer, a word by Jerry Savelle for 2014 was lying there. I waited and NOone came for it, so I'll
"For those interested in prosperity gospel, you may find the origin scary. There was this US preacher called Oral Roberts. He started a ministry, then in an ill-considered move joined the United Methodist Church, alienating most of his charismatic supporters. In comes a guy called James Eugene Ewing, famous for raising a woman from the dead from a coffin (turned out to be a hooker from the night before). Ewing convinced Roberts to write all his supporters asking for prayer requests and donations, saying he would spend a week praying for every need! Income doubled in one year from 6 million to 12 million! Ewing himself runs a direct mail order church targeting US census areas of low education, middle income. He lives in a 2.6 million dollar California beach house and drives luxury cars. He was dubbed "God's ghostwriter" by investigators and has written fundraising material for many prosperity guru's. Interesting, Kenneth Copeland, one of the richest today, was Robert's pilot. Jerry Savelle was the aircraft ...
The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter theinues in the morning with Jerry Savelle, -
I like high school, the work makes you want to graduate, but you gottasing, life gets really beautiful, - Jerry Savelle
Life marks us all down, so it's just as well that we start out by overKenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle begin a powerfu
"When u are debtfree everything u have is a potential seed." Jerry Savelle ☺ Another reason Christ wants us to owe no man anything except ♥
it's fine, I get it, You text me, call me, flirt with me, But noand, Jerry and Carolyn Savelle, Dennis and Vicki Burke,
21. "Covenant people should live better than the world."-Jerry Savelle Malachi 3:12
"If it's not good, it's not God." Jerry Savelle God is GOOD ALL the time! ♥
Planning on going to New Orleans and Baton Rouge, It wiBelieving œThe Favor of God by Jerry Savelle w
Great Word from Dr Jerry Savelle at church this morning!
Finn: "Have you ever heard of the term 'trash talk'?" - Rory: "Is thatsing, life gets really beautiful, - Jerry Savelle
When men are pure, laws are useless; when men are corrupt, laws are brokBelieving œThe Favor of God by Jerry Savelle w
Excited to have Dr Jerry Savelle in the House this weekend!
Just finished Called to Battle Destined to Win - Jerry Savelle Thankful for gifts in the body.
Winter 2013 edition of Jerry Savelle's Adventures in Faith Magazine. Love this stuff!
The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, ity, Write what you see! - Jerry Savelle
Its not a biz card exchange, Its a and, Jerry and Carolyn Savelle, Dennis and Vicki Burke,
Never mistake knowledge for wisdom, One helps you make a living; the oKenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle begin a powerfu
yes love to be of service please send details to my manainues in the morning with Jerry Savelle, -
We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give, that God hears me! - Jerry Savelle
finished Prayer of Petition: Breaking Through the Impossible by Jerry Savelle and gave it 5 stars
Love is only one word, but if you have The one next to you,,, Love becinues in the morning with Jerry Savelle, -
Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle begin a powerful week of teaching on the BVOV broadcast!
I like knowing that when I say 'Amen' to my prayer, that God hears me! - Jerry Savelle
Tonight on TBN at 9:00--Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jerry and Carolyn Savelle, Dennis and Vicki Burke,
Thanks for tuning in - The 30th Annual SWBC continues in the morning with Jerry Savelle, -
As I have got older, I have come to understand what it means inues in the morning with Jerry Savelle, -
Believing “The Favor of God” by Jerry Savelle will start your New Year off blessed!
Join Words of Life Fellowship Church for a 3 Night Service with Jerry Savelle. Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday . Blessing
There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing somethiinues in the morning with Jerry Savelle, -
Living Mantra for today April Fools Day! (repeat after me), Why ity, Write what you see! - Jerry Savelle
People say that just works for you because you are a preacher, I know a lot of preachers it’s not working for Jerry Savelle
Jerry Savelle-Terri's Fingers. Feed your faith starve your doubts
Jerry Savelle will be with us starting this Monday, Oct. 14 at 7:30pm. See you then! For more info visit
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight, -Timon that God hears me! - Jerry Savelle
Join us us for Rev. Jerry Savelle’s teaching on The Blessing! October 14, 15, and 16 at 7:30 p.m.
A friend is always good to have, but a lover's kiss is better than angKenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle begin a powerfu
To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also binues in the morning with Jerry Savelle, -
There are bigger sharks than us, My chairman's going to have sing, life gets really beautiful, - Jerry Savelle
Thought is only a flash between two long nights, but this flash is everyBelieving œThe Favor of God by Jerry Savelle w
Enjoyed the first night of 8 Days of Glory. Jerry Savelle preached an awesome word. Oh and look at the…
I would live by faith if I were the only person doing it, I've learned what it will do in a person's life Jerry Savelle
It's funny how we feel so much but never say a word, We're screaity, Write what you see! - Jerry Savelle
Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative efsing, life gets really beautiful, - Jerry Savelle
thank you for sharing the story of and her two fingers. Faith just hit home.
When asked if he needs a rest, Patrice Evra said: "I will rest when I retire,"prayer, that God hears me! - Jerry Savelle
One of my favourite ties today so I think there mad limit us - Jerry Savelle live from Fort Worth, TX -,,,
"The favor of God that's on my life will open doors for me that no man can shut!" Jerry Savelle
"If you don't like the way you were born then get born again!" - Jerry Savelle
" When you begin to look at God as your indispensable necessity, there is an intense longing for him" - Jerry Savelle
Don’t say your ship is going to come in when you have not sent any ships out Jerry Savelle
♥Teach on Favor Factor~Jerry Savelle~I say on a daily basis: the Favor of God surrounds me~is on me~& opens doors for me & it can for u too.
5 of 5 stars to If Satan Can't Steal Your Dream... by Jerry Savelle
On page 106 of 124 of If Satan Can't Steal Your, by Jerry Savelle: We protected our spirits diligently by staying ...
The truth is that if the devil isn't bothering you, then you're not a threat to him. ~ Dr. Jerry Savelle
There is nothing that can stand in your way if you set your will to be victorious. ~ Dr. Jerry Savelle
God has a way out of every situation satan has created to destroy you. ~ Dr. Jerry Savelle
In Dallas Texas at the 2013 Southwest Believers Convention, Over 10,000 Christian believers in one place, for days. Speakers: Kenneth, and Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Keith Moore, Jessie Duplantis, Jerry Savelle, Bill Winston, what a great time. Pictures taken from the plane, reminder of what a great, and wonderful, God I serve!
SWBC IS NEXT WEEK! Aka the south west believers conference. There's going to be spirit food at every turn. All day all week. From 9-9 . It's going to be amazing.. The preachers are going to be Kenneth Copeland, Kieth Moore, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle,Bill Winston,and Creflo Dollar. So come out and get you some! -location: fortWorth Convention Center
yes thank you, learned it from Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle
Nap time for now. But sooo looking forward to reading this book later on today entitled, "Favor of God" by Jerry Savelle.
- Jerry Savelle Ministries - Video Podcast - new video! We want, pray, and hope for God's favor. But something...
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): Though God will sometimes do acts of grace in a person’s life, ...
Righteous Women of God after hearing today's service at my church ministered by Jerry Savelle, God Made Us To Be CARRIERS of FAVOR which ...
GOD's motive is alwys love. Evn ven u think He is spoiling ur fun, He is actually protecting u 4m sumthng that wil harm u.-Jerry Savelle
Thank you for that word Dr. Jerry Savelle.
Dr. Jerry Savelle, guest pastor standing in for Pastor Dollar today. Great Word!
The blessing is the empowerment to prosper but the favor of God produced the opportunity to make it happen (Dr. Jerry Savelle)
We got to seize our opportunities in our lives (Dr. Jerry Savelle)
The ministry gift of Dr. Jerry Savelle is preaching today at World Changers Church International!
Dr Jerry Savelle is the speaker talkn about the favor of God.
If you are willing to stand then God says there is a due season, there is an appointed time, I believe it is approaching Jerry Savelle
Don't compromise your faith just because others don't believe it - Jerry Savelle
To have faith in God is to possess an unwavering confidence in the fact He loves you Jerry Savelle
When you are hooked up with the Anointed One and His Anointing it enables you to be ready for anything and equal to anything Jerry Savelle
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- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): Those who believe He is able to do it will receive miracles. Ch...
yeah Jerry Savelle Ministries Audio. The best podcasts I listen to
do you listen to jerry savelle and his daughter terry ? He's really good
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): If we are going to see the extraordinary become the norm in our...
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): God wants to do the extraordinary in your life. He wants supern...
Your Assignment will unfold in stages, it won’t be revealed in a lump. Jesus Christ went through 30 years of training for 3 years of ministry, Moses received training for 40 years under Jethro for 40 years of ministry,Jerry Savelle was a protege of Kenneth Copeland for several years just like other ministers and artisans trained under a mentor for knowledge. That’s the same reason we go to school to be trained and equipped in our respective professions.
This week on the broadcast, Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle continue to open up the everyday BLESSINGS God has prepared for His children.
Pastor Poju's teachings and now listening to Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle. A perfect starter to feed my faith. Psalm 68:19. TGIF
ON MINISTRY...JSavelle's ministry income DOUBLED in January of 2013 (Jerry Savelle with Kenneth Copeland on BVOV)
What a Great Word from Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle! Take a look, and listen Be Blessed
Kenneth Copeland & Jerry Savelle on BVOV all week this week talking on "The Blessing". Yesterday was amazing look fwd to hearing more of it
Why do ppl get mad when I expect God 2 bless me but not when they expect bad stuff 2 happen Jerry Savelle
Bless the Lord who daily loads us with benefits Ps.68:19, Wow daily KCM w/Jerry Savelle so good. Lord I receive those benefits today.
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): Prosperity in the midst of turbulent times will come to those w...
When God says declare His Word or declare His name or declare His marvelous works He is telling us to create an atmosphere Jerry Savelle
- Kenneth Copeland Ministries Blog: Join Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle this week and next on the Believer...
God is faithful to His Word. He will perform the promises of His Word & every benefit it contains. Kenneth Copeland & Jerry Savelle
Be careful that you don’t start thinking, talking and acting like the world, if you take a close look the world is failing Jerry Savelle
- Jerry Savelle Ministries - Video Podcast - new video! Do you know you are already blessed, and that this ble...
"I'm Called to Battle, I'm Destined to win and failure and defeat are not in my future." - Jerry Savelle
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): Pray with us for West, Texas and Boston as they recover from th...
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): The seeds you decide to sow make you responsible for your succe...
Faith is like paddling upstream in a canoe, it will seem like you are going against everything Jerry Savelle
Thanks for your support prayer . GBu
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): When your mind is renewed to the Word of God and you conquer yo...
- Jerry Savelle Ministries - Video Podcast - new video! In this series, Jerry Savelle and Terri Savelle Foy di...
You never prayer the prayer of petition not knowing or wondering the will of God! The word is his will!!! It is written!! Jerry Savelle
To build an accurate prayer life it has to be built on the world of God!- Jerry Savelle
When your facing the most impossible situation the prayer of petition is the prayer that gets the best kind of results-Jerry Savelle
David said, “you have delivered me from the pit” the literal Hebrew there means a confined place Jerry Savelle
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- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): Today, if the devil is trying to defeat and intimidate you, the...
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): "God is good, and so is His blessing. Expect God’s blessing in ...
No matter how long I’ve been standing, if I can believe anything can happen Jerry Savelle
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): With a renewed mind, a right mental attitude, and a strong will...
We need manna everyday, the Word is like manna you need it everyday Jerry Savelle
If the devil wakes you up at night screaming no way that means there is a way Jerry Savelle
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): "God is looking for ways to bless us like we’ve never experienc...
"There is no limitation to a man who has faith in his heart, a right mental attitude, and a willingness of mind." (Jerry Savelle)
- Jerry Savelle Ministries International (FB): You do not have to be defeated or destroyed by Satan's attacks.
Second row seat for Jerry Savelle at Prevailing Faith Church in Pasadena. Expecting great things w/ Lucky& Ethyl Porter
You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect change, put the Word first place in your life Jerry Savelle
Your invited to come and be blessed. Dr. Jerry Savelle will be ministering tonight Sun. the 10th 7:00 pm at...
"In the over 40 years of our relationship there has never been any strife or bitter altercation between us.There is no competition between us bcos we both hear from God what he wants each of us to do. "- Kenneth Copeland speaking about his relationship with Jerry Savelle. When Strife, disagreements, competition, and heated arguments are the hallmarks of a relationship then God is not in it.QUIT
Deception in the Church THE WORD FAITH MOVEMENT Who are the Leaders of the Word-Faith Movement? A growing number of pastors, teachers, and evangelists within the Charismatic/Pentecostal circles of the Christian church are advancing what has come to be known as the "Word Faith" movement. Its major leaders include such prominent figures as Kenneth Hagin; Kenneth Copeland; Frederick K. C. Price; and David (Paul) Yongii Cho, who pastors one of the largest churches in the world in Seoul, Korea. Other well-known Word Faith personalities include Gloria Copeland, Robert Tilton, John Avanzini, John Osteen, T. L. Osborne, Charles Capps, Marilyn Hickey, Jerry Savelle, Joyce Meyer, Morris Cerullo, Casey Treat, Dwight Thompson, and Oral and Richard Roberts. In the USA Word Faith doctrines are commonly disseminated through radio broadcasts, tapes, books, and tracts, primarily through the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which regularly airs the programs of more than a dozen of these teachers. Paul and Jan Crouch, .. ...
evri Moses,dia is a Joshua,For evri Kenneth Copeland dia is a Jerry Savelle,for evri Sam Adeyemi dia is a Godman Akinlabi
N. E. W. (NEVER ENDING WORD)MINISTRIES AKA LOCOS POR CRISTO Pastor Yolie invites you to join us this Friday 03/01/13. We have a Guest Speaker Evangelist Jeff Backer! Jeff ministers a message of faith, hope and God's love in meetings all over the world. . Jeff has ministered in conferences with Jerry Savelle, Creflo Dollar, Fred Price, Fred Price jr., Jesse Duplantis, Bill Winston, Miles Monroe, Keith Moore etc. Jeff ministers mightily in the gifts of prophecy and healing, with signs and wonders. Everything from crippled legs to cancer have been healed by the power of God in his meetings! He teaches the Word of God with a deep insight to the covenant promises we have in Jesus Christ, with a lighthearted style that keeps your attention, as he encourages the faith of the believer to great things in God! They have ministered at Kenneth Copeland’s Believers’ Convention, as well as the "International Convention of Faith Ministries" Convention Jeff a former actor in Hollywood who acted in movies, dozens ...
Mathilda Leoga K 2013 is indeed the Year of FAVOUR The bible says, 'By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established' (2 Corinthians 13:1) -Rev Chris O declared 2013 the Year of Favour -Jerry Savelle declared that it is the Year of Unprecedented Favour -Kenneth Copeland said it is the Year of Great Grace. So friends, it's indeed the year of Favour! How can anyone contest such an evidence of the truth of God revealed through His mighty servants to the world. My advise to those who were not yet aware of this, or those that were not yet convinced is that, u should better receive it and believe it, in order to be rightly positioned to receive FAVOUR this year. I love u all so much, God bless u.
God has never told me,"you finally brought Me something that I’m just not equipped enough to handle” Jerry Savelle
God never gets weary, now stop and think about that, He never gets tired! Jerry Savelle
You're so highly favored of the Lord that He says no weapon formed against you shall prosper.-Jerry Savelle
Jesus didn't say, "Who!!! This stuff DOES work! Charles Capps was right!" No. It didn't surprise Him at all. -Jerry Savelle
Just downloaded over 4 hrs of teaching from probably my fav preacher, Jerry Savelle! Can't wait 2 listen & learn from his powerful messages
Pastor and Amanda spent last week at Kenneth Copeland's, Pastor's Conference in Ft. Worth (Eagle Mountain Int. Church). There were great messages from speakers... Kenneth Copeland, Billye Brim, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Keith Moore, Jeremy Pearsons, Bill Winston, Happy Caldwell, Rick Renner, Mac Hammond, Dennis Burke, Mark Barclay, and Creflo Dollar. This coming weeks service will be exciting you'll really enjoy.
"A lack of knowledge will cause you to live way below your privileges." Jerry Savelle
"When you're honored and favored of God, that entitles you to certain privileges that other folks don't enjoy." Jerry Savelle
When you have something revealed to you from the Word of God, it causes you to become positive." Jerry Savelle
Favor can change rules, regulations, and policies! ~Dr. Jerry Savelle
Just got back from Kenneth Copeland's Ministers Conference. Glorious services. Spent about 8 hrs. a day of intensive teaching by Kenneth Copeland, Bill Winston, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Mark Barclay,Happy Caldwell,Mac Hammond, Creflo Dollar, Billye Brimm, Jeremy Pearsons, Keith Moore. Wow !! It was great! Gearing up now for our trip to Colombia. Leaving on Feb.18th. Six days of Prison ministry and Church services. What a mighty God we serve.
I think I've witnessed Humility in a New form. Lord continue to Bless Jerry Savelle Ministries!
So thankful that God sent Jerry Savelle to Birmingham this weekend
One Def of God's Favor - special attention - from Jerry Savelle at Word of Life Christian Church
Jerry Savelle tonight at word of life starting at 6
Sitting and reflecting about all the wonderful ministries I have sat under and soaked up their wisdom and knowledge...Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Jerry Savelle, Kenneth Hagin, Lester Sumrall, Gloria Copeland, Dwight Thompson, Fred Price, Joyce Meyer, Rod Parsley, Casey Treat, Mario Murillo, Benny Hinn, the Power Team, the Hunters, and my personal pastors, Leary Willis, Joe Hubbard, Donald Fulton, Brian Zahnd, Linda Saunders, Jimmie and Sherri Bratcher.I thank God for their ministries and that we live in a country where we are free to worship and I thank Christian tv for introducing some of these ministries to me where I could go see them in person. My goal for this year is to stop letting the things of this world interfere with the things of God that have been planted into my spirit and soul.
Jerry Savelle at Word of Life tonight and tomorrow!!! Gonna be great!
Cont. Jerry Savelle: Favor. Last service tonight with Kenneth Copeland, then, 1800+ filled-up ministers will be headed your way. Love ya!
God is in the business of fulfilling His promises! Jerry Savelle
"Anything worth attaining requires that we pay a price of some kind." Jerry Savelle
Another beautiful Day at KCM, find it hard to think we can top yesterday's teaching. Today Mark Barclay, Jesse Duplantis, Keith Moore, Jerry Savelle, and to close this week Kenneth Copeland.
Well, if God has a way for us to enjoy abundance then why would we want to settle for anything less? ~ Pastor Jerry Savelle
What a powerful time in USA at the ministers conference- today Jenny and I had lunch with some of the giants of our generation - Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Jerry Savelle,Jessie Duplantis, Rick Renner, Creflo Dollar, Reinhard Bonke, Bill Winston, and many others -- what a time of impartation - we will never be the same - keep us in your prayers and "Get Ready" Africa for last week of February - make sure you join us in East London especially ALL pastors and ministers --
from Jerry Savelle's book "The favor of God" Very cool story. October 1970 Shreveport, Louisiana On the final day of the conference at Carolyn’s home church, the two of us were seated near the front of the auditorium, only steps away from Kenneth Copeland as he wrapped his teaching from the fourth chapter of the book of Mark. For the past four days, he had been using the parable of the sower to demonstrate the need for us to guard and nurture the Word of God that had been sown into our lives. “Satan comes immediately to steal the Word” he explained. “And anytime he attempts to do this, the circumstances he uses will most certainly test the quality of your faith”. As a young believer, I was taking everything Brother Copeland said to heart. Little did I know that the quality of my own faith would be tested within that very hour. Parents have the innate ability to recognize the distinct cries of their own children. So when the nurse on duty for the childcare center rushed into the auditorium, carry ...
Another full day as we get things ready for Uncle Fritz's funeral service tomorrow.. our Pastor Bruce Tessen will be doing the service.. we thank God for him... Tommy and I will be singing a special song.. and Mom helped us pick out a couple of Fritz's favorite gospel songs.. my brother Roger will be sharing and some others as the Lord leads.. Tommy and I have good memories of our talking to him about the Lord.. some of his favorite preachers were- Kenneth Copland, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis and John Hagee.. He played the consertina .mostly country, gospel, old time polka... we loved it... He is with Jesus and we will be celebrating his homecoming tomorrow 10:00am at Williams Dingmann Family Funeral Home in Sauk Rapids, MN... then burial will be at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery, Little Falls, MN... at 1:00pm.. honoring him as a World War II Veteran... thanks again for all the prayers going forth for us and family...
The old covenant in the word of God is about all the laws that no one could keep without making sacrifices to God. The new covenant is all about God giving a sacrifice for us. I love listening to Creflo Dollar. He's on every morning around 8 am and later in the day. You can also listen to Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Keith Moore, Bill Winston, Mark Barclay, Andrew Womack, Scott Webb, Mark Hankins and many more. We provide FREE airtime to the ministers and you can hear them on KJRF 91.1. You can stream our Radio Station from your smart phones, lap top and wifi devices. Here's the link can never have too much word. Want change? Get the word on the inside of you!
Love waking up with the Word of God!! Thank God for teachers and preachers of the Word, like Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Alan Bagg to name but a few. They teach and inspire me to study the Word and deepen my relationship with my Daddy God!
SOME OF THE PROSPERITY FALSE GOSPEL PERSONALITIES, AND THEIR DECEPTIONS, INCLUDING KENNETH HAGIN. By Ken Silva The Word of Faith Movement, often termed “the prosperity gospel.” This group has been infiltrating evangelicalism for decades and is now the fastest growing segment of Christianity in the world. Some have estimated that up to 90 percent of those claiming to be Christians in Africa are of the prosperity gospel variety. Well-known personalities within the movement include Kenneth Hagin (deceased), Kenneth Copeland, Robert Tilton, Paul Yonggi Cho, Benny Hinn, Marilyn Hickey, Frederick Price, John Avanzini, Charles Capps, Jerry Savelle, Morris Cerullo, Joyce Meyer and Paul and Jan Crouch. As implied by the title “Word of Faith,” the supporters of this movement believe that faith works like a mighty power or force. Through faith we can obtain anything we want — health, wealth, success, or whatever we please. However, this force is released only through the spoken word. As we speak words ...
DAILY BROADCAST Functioning in the Favor and Grace of God When you remove negative thoughts, you renew your ways of thinking into a one track mind of victory. This week, on the Believer’s Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland and his special guest, Jerry Savelle teach you how to do that effectively using the Word of God.
Jerry Savelle joins Kenneth Copeland this week and next on the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. You'll enjoy their exchanges centered around the glorious favor of God in the lives of His children! Watch and listen as God opens His heart to bless you and everything that concerns you...
2 weeks from tonight, plz join us in Big Spring Tx. at FFC as we welcome our very own Dr. Jerry Savelle. Thurs., Oct. 25th, 7pm
I absolutely love the Fall weather! I can hardly wait to light the fireplace and sit in front of it reading book after book after book after book.LOL! Kenneth E. Hagin (who was my spiritual dad), Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Benny Hinn, Jack Hayford, Myles Munroe, Jerry Savelle, Bill Winston, Joseph Prince, John and Diana Hagee, Kay Arthur, John Bevere, Lester Sumrall, Paul Crouch, Carman, Smith Wigglesworth, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, and the list goes on and on and on!
Randy gave me the best gift ever- I said I wanted to learn more of where Jerry Savelle, Kenneth Copeland, learned their foundation from. I know it was the word along with other people. So he bought me 5 books. Two of them were the full lifetime sermons of these people. What a gift to learn from these people. I love when I say I am interested in something and a few days later Randy brings it home to me- Learning how these people built there faith and how they had miracles happen in their lives really excites me- Can't wait to dive in- Thanks Randy-
Keep God first place in your life and you will live a life of fulfillment. - Jerry Savelle
"Jerry Savelle came to me once and said, 'Brother Copeland, this faith thing is not working for me. I'm having such a hard time and I don't know what to do. Could you help me.' I said, " Yes I can. What you need to learn is the vocabulary of silence."- Kenneth Copeland
What if I was to tell you that in order for Jesus to atone for our sins that He had to: 1. Die spiritually 2. Become one in nature with Satan 3. Become literal sin 4. Go to *** 5. Get kicked around by Satan and his demonic imps 6. Be born again on the third day 7. Then rise from the dead Would you label me a false teacher? You should! Yet this is what many of the Word of Faith preachers and teachers (that many of you listen to) believe and teach. Yet you do not label them a false teacher! Here's just a list a few: 1. Kenneth Hagin 2. Kenneth Copeland 3. Jesse Duplantis 4. Joel Osteen 5. Joyce Meyers (Yes, Joyce Meyers people!) 6. Creflo Dollar 7. Jerry Savelle 8. Charles Capps And too many more to list! You'd better know your Bible and know who you're following! There are many false teachers in the Church today. Apostles of Satan, to be exact, disquising themselves as Apostles of Light (2 Cor. 11:13-15). ~Ronnie Creason~
Jerry Savelle at 6:30 tonight! Anyone care to join me?? Last night of the Upper Midwest Faith Explosion! Wow! It's been great! God is good!!
If you can't make it to the Upper Midwest Faith Explosion conferences at Living Word Christian Center, log on to , live!! 5pm today, 9am or 11am tomorrow. (Jesse Duplantis-tonight/tomorrow Morning, Jerry Savelle tomorrow evening)
Day 3 of the is starting now! Tune into for awesome worship, and great messages from Jerry Savelle and Kenneth Copeland!
Was blessed to go to Ft. Worth monday and hear Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Keith Moore and Jerry Savelle minister. What an awesome monday. I was truly blessed. Headed back wed to hear more. Cant wait!
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