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Jerry Sandusky

Gerald Arthur Jerry Sandusky (born January 26, 1944) is a retired American football coach.

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This is exactly what Jerry Sandusky did. This time it's with perverted Joe Biden. You both are sick.
please help me find my son jerry sandusky curry PICKLE RIIICK
that was a great come back. Signed Jerry Sandusky
creeps me out. Chester Molester alarm bells go off with this guy. Has that sa…
BREAKING: Judge rules that Jerry Sandusky will NOT get a new trial
im Jerry Rice w that sack you lookjn like sandusky
jerry sandusky A Wow wo w that tree is a spruce tree i know cuz thats how spruce trees are
To start, look up GOP politicians Mark Foley and Dennis Has…
jerry sandusky XD im good at hangman bcuz i hang my children from a rope in the sea wHerES THOMAS tank ENINGEEENYGFE
Jerry Sandusky still should be talked about today in the sports world. But he's swept under the covers and forgotten
Not surprised! Why not include Jerry Sandusky?? I’m not about race but only about action! I don’…
The NCAA kills football programs over players getting free meals, cars and cash BUT football still exists after Jerry Sandusky.
I believe the NCAA should have given the football program the death penalty over the Jerry Sandusky scandal.
I never root for because the first thing I think about when somebody mentions them is Jerry Sandusky.
jerry sandusky they think they are nice and dont have jumanji bleach my nama pac man joe jim jeff xDDD
Marylin Manson dyes hair to comfort Jerry Sandusky!
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Because it's Penn State week.. What's the only type of Nuts does Jerry Sandusky not like? . Deez Nutz 🤣🤣🤣 Got'em
"Actions of Jerry Sandusky, a lone psychopathic rapist, do not represent community, players & culture."
The Nets coach looks like he spent time in Jerry Sandusky's shower.
Dear Penn State, don't tell us about a conspiracy. Signed, Jerry Sandusky's victims
. Jerry Sandusky at youth football camp
But absolutely nothing tops "Joe Paterno covered up Jerry Sandusky's child rapes for decades" on the l…
The majority of democrats would probably view Jerry Sandusky favorably if he said something negative about Trump.
Jerry Sandusky nuff said name a woman that has done that!
Jerry Sandusky denied new trial on child sex abuse charges
Heard you were Jerry Sandusky's favorite back in the day?
Ask Jerry Sandusky for a defensive strategy on how to stop us from pounding you guys in the a…
I wonder if McGettigan touched on V9’s lunch with Jerry Sandusky and Joe Beaver Stadium.
Lock up Bush next to Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky. Bush gets away with his assaults. Pardon Sandus…
Ok how about jerry Sandusky will that suffice with you🤔
Matt would defend Jerry Sandusky and pedophilia if Sandusky was loyal to trump and hated Clinton and Obama
I didn't know Jerry Sandusky is recruiting again
Ok? This is like saying that Jerry Sandusky’s right hand is a disgrace.
Her nomination is par for the course. Jerry Sandusky is slated to head the division of youth services.…
Joe Paterno.. He knew all about Jerry Sandusky the child molester. He did NOTHING!!!
Hello my name is jerry sandusky whats your favorite flavor of PICKLE RIIICK
They need to put him in a cell with Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and Jerry SAndusky. And through awa…
Jerry Sandusky with my 11yo football loving kid.
Party over country always. They’d raise money for Jerry Sandusky if he put an R next to his name and swore al…
Leaving my son on a play date with Jerry Sandusky.
When I tell someone that I went to Penn State and they say something about Jerry Sandusky:
Why not Conrad, we vindicate Michael Jackson and Jerry Sandusky, but we villify 'peop…
A Pennsylvania judge has denied Former Penn State asst. football coach Jerry Sandusky's request for new trial on child sexual abus…
CNN might as well ask Dennis Hastert to comment on Jerry Sandusky and his victims. This is so incredibly offensive on so many…
BOB COSTAS rushed to Jerry Sandusky's side to comfort him after his arrest.
Apparently, Garland thinks that all rape victims were just "asking for it". He probably supported Jerry Sandusky. https…
Sandusky son pleads guilty to child sexual abuse
Adopted son of Jerry Sandusky pleads guilty to sexual abuse charges - ...
Jerry Sandusky's son pleads guilty to sex crimes involving teenage girls
Son of Jerry Sandusky pleads guilty to child sex abuse allegations.
Jeffrey Sandusky, the son of Jerry Sandusky, pleaded guilty to all 14 counts of child sexual abuse against him
Jerry Sandusky's son Jeffrey facing up to 8 years in prison for child sex abuse, per ht…
Jerry Sandusky's son pleads guilty to 14 counts of child sex abuse
Son of Jerry Sandusky pleads guilty in child sex abuse case
Jeffrey Sandusky, son of convicted sex abuser Jerry Sandusky, pleads guilty to 14 counts of Child Sexual abuse
Y'all blaming Jerry, by the looks of it it was grandpa Sandusky who started this
Report: Joe Paterno may have admitted to knowing about Jerry Sandusky's earlier abuses:
More evidence Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky before 2001
Joe Paterno may have known of sexual abuse claims against Jerry Sandusky years before arrest, per
Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse claim, police report reveals
First Look: Al Pacino as Joe Paterno in HBO film about Jerry Sandusky sex scandal
A first look at Al Pacino as Joe Paterno in the film about the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal…
Two former high-ranking Penn State administrators begin jail terms in Jerry Sandusky case
Former PSU officials Gary Schultz and Tim Curley began their sentences for their role in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. http…
Republicans are Penn State fans insisting that Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno did nothing wrong.
Penn State: Former AD Tim Curley has cancer, wants judge to modify sentence for failing to report Jerry Sandusky (…
"You're about as welcome here as Jerry Sandusky at an open-call for Oliver!"
eh--by 2020 I fully believe Hillary will be known as combination Charles Manson, Jerry Sandusky, Al Cap…
Friday's podcast on demand with talking Penn State. Jerry Sandusky and more.
Three Former Penn State administrators were sentenced today for their roles in the Jerry Sandusky scandal.
The former PSU officials will receive sentences of 2-3 months for failing to report Jerry Sandusky to authorities.
Jail time 4 former President & 2 others 4 the UNTHINKABLE. covering up child sex abuse by former coac…
Would you have Jerry Sandusky babysit your kids for a week?
Ex-Penn State president and AD sentenced to jail time over Jerry Sandusky scandal
The ironic thing is that if JoePa called the cops right after talking with McQueary, Jerry…
Three ex-Penn State officials are going to jail in the Sandusky case
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'A complete and utter failure:' Ex-Penn State officials sentenced to jail in Sandusky…
Three Penn State officials sentenced to jail in Jerry Sandusky case via
Don't think those Penn State 👔 thought they'd go to jail behind covering up for Jerry Sandusky 😏
3 Former Penn State officials get jail time for failing to report sexual predator Jerry Sandusky to authorities
I've said it before- without Joe Paterno and his act of telling police- Jerry Sandusky wouldn't be wrongfully in jail.
A take hotter than the hellfire Jerry Sandusky will burn in
How's this for white male privilege? This is all they get for covering up & enabling child rapes by Jerry Sandusky. Broken…
When made plea to judge, he apologized to PSU and PSU community first, then "the men victimized by Jerry S…
Ex-Penn State president sentenced to jail for failing to report allegations of sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky
All three former administrators have been sentenced to jail time for their roles in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse…
Aka the story of Jerry Sandusky showering with a bunch of little boys on the campus of Penn St and how Paterno cove…
Former Penn State president Graham Spanier sentenced to jail for child endangerment in Jerry Sandusky abuse case https:…
Pathetic men get some come-uppance. Former Penn State Pres Spanier sent to jail in Jerry Sandusky abuse case.
Former Penn State president Spanier, two other admins sentenced to jail in connection with the Jerry Sandusky case https…
Three PSU officials, including former president Graham Spanier, sentenced to jail time in Jerry Sandusky case ht…
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Remorse from those who could have stopped Jerry Sandusky …
I won't be able to form an opinion until Charles Manson and Jerry Sandusky weigh in. Get on it
I know Dennis Hastert and Jerry Sandusky are pedos even though I never met them.
Former English teacher Kay Granger (R-Texas) voted Yes on AHCA, doing for Richmond High what Jerry Sandusky did for Penn State.
Since when is he a hero anymore than Denny Hastert, Jerry Sandusky, Cosby or Bill O'Reilly? Also, air is legal & crack is whack
Penn State U. Trustee allegedly said he's "running out of sympathy" for "so-called" victims of Jerry Sandusky |NYDN
Former Penn State President Graham Spanier is accused of covering up Jerry Sandusky's pattern of child rape.
Throw all these monsters the book! This man knew Jerry Sandusky was raping kids @ Penn State & did nada!
The former FBI director who worked on the Jerry Sandusky scandal now speaks on Penn State's former president.
I thought that was Jerry Sandusky. jk
Former Penn State president guilty of child endangerment due to Jerry Sandusky case
Graham Spanier becomes latest Former Penn State official convicted in the Jerry Sandusky scandal this month.
This clown also led the fake Climategate investigation at Penn State. .
Breaking: Former PSU prez Graham Spanier found guilty of one count of child endangerment in Sandusky fallout.
“The story should be that there was no conspiracy to cover up child abuse at Penn State."
Ex-PSU president Graham Spanier guilty in Jerry Sandusky case via
Penn State's ex-president Graham Spanier found guilty of child endangerment via
This is important news: Ex-Penn State president guilty after failing to report suspected Sandusky abuse
Penn State trustee: "Louis Freeh is a fraud...I hope he still has the $8.3m...because I want it back"
2 names for you: John Miller & Jerry Lauro. Gave Sandusky a pass in 1998. If ur a man, you'll do something.
Former Penn State President Spanier was convicted of hushing up sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky.
Penn State Graham Spanier trial, verdict, Jerry Sandusky scandal | Yet no one else from TSM were criminally charged? htt…
"Evil in the form of Jerry Sandusky was allowed to run wild," prosecutor Patrick Schulte told the jury.
In which Louis loses his mind and calls for the resignation of the president of a university who has been...
Ex-Penn State president convicted of 1 count of child endangerment over handling of Sandusky molestation scandal…
Ex-Penn State president convicted of child endangerment over Sandusky molestation scandal http…
The man who ran Penn State amid allegations that assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was molesting young boy...
Graham Spanier was convicted Friday for his handling of a child sex abuse complaint against Jerry Sandusky in 2001. https…
Glenn Beck gave his guest, John Ziegler, two hours today to make the case that Jerry Sandusky is totally innocent, http…
I would teach my children to stay away from guys like Jerry Sandusky. But that's just me :)
Jerry Sandusky is the tip of the pedophile iceberg. . Wait till next wave of leaks. Entire establishment goes…
Two Penn State ex-administrators pleaded guilty in the Jerry Sandusky case
Sandusky lawyer says plea deal has no impact on PCRA
Penn State ex-athletic director pleads guilty in Jerry Sandusky case via
Based on this just released Federal Report, guilty pleas in Jerry Sandusky case are bogus & forced by bad jury pool https:…
I saw Jerry Sandusky was trending and I thought Trump made him the head of the Family and Youth Services Bureau
Two ex-PSU officials plead guilty to child endangerment in Sandusky case
Former Penn State officials cut deal in Sandusky cover-up
Jerry Sandusky isn't the only pedophile in the family. His son is a piece of trash too. I say execute them all. https:…
2 Penn State ex-administrators plead guilty in Jerry Sandusky abuse case via the app
Next up: Trump pushes for Jerry Sandusky to run Administration for Children and Families (ACF).
BREAKING: Ex-Penn State vice president Gary Schultz has also pleaded guilty to child endangerment in Jerry Sandusky child…
"They call Samoa Joe the Jerry Sandusky of wrestling, because he alters the lives of Kidds".
More Penn State officials plead guilty in Jerry Sandusky case via
and Jerry Sandusky must be pen pals.
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Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison -
Jerry Sandusky is out of maximum security in Greene County, into medium security in Somerset County.
From Jerry Sandusky transferred to medium-security prison
Pedophile ex-coach Jerry Sandusky transferred from supermax to medium-security prison
Jerry Sandusky transferred to medium-security prison
Former Penn State assistant football coach, convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky has been moved to a … via
Convexities and concavities:. Know what I mean?.
Jerry Sandusky was transferred to SCI-Somerset, a medium-security prison. via
Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison ➜
Jerry Sandusky transferred to medium-security prison AMERICAS resolution for criminals who are WHITE.
Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison Trump will pardon. Fake news
Jerry Sandusky transferred from maximum-security prison - USA TODAY
Jerry Sandusky transferred from supermax prison to Somerset
Jerry Sandusky transferred to medium-security prison in western Pennsylvania
Jerry Sandusky transferred to medium-security prison.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Jerry Sandusky has moved from a maximum-security prison to a medium-security facility in Pennsylvania.
Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison by
Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison
Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison
I see Jerry Sandusky is trending. I bet he and Obama are hanging out at the bath house together
Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison.
Jerry Sandusky transferred to a medium-security prison(Orlando news)
Man. That Larry Scott Ward story is like Jerry Sandusky on steroids. And UPenn kept him on staff for a decade after finding out!
Did you guys know there are people out there that think Jerry Sandusky is innocent?
You'll never guess what Jerry Sandusky's son was arrested for. Just take a wild guess.
Son of Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky arrested on child sex charges
Guests on Real Time with Bill Maher this week:. Jerry Sandusky . Fmr. House Speaker Denis Hastert. John Wayne Gacy.
Writing the Home Alone reboot with Kevin McAllister Jr. home alone with the Slippery Bandits played by Jared Fogle and Jerry Sandusky
What we know about the child sex abuse charges against Jerry Sandusky's son
I'm from OHIO. As a kid the name SANDUSKY was always associated with positive things! Amusement park joy! Now, people thin…
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Is the adopted son of Jerry Sandusky famous enough to be
*** Apple is rotten to the his daddy!!. Sandusky's son charged with child sexual abuse - via App
This scandal was never just limited to politics you know, it's in a number of other fields as well.
Jerry Sandusky son is the prime example of a man who was abused by his father and the mother knew about it. Focus on our kids
Jerry Sandusky's son arrested on child sex charges via the App
Jerry and Jeffrey Sandusky Clinton Connection . This is it folks
Jerry Sandusky's son charged w/child sex abuse Nut did not fall far from the tree. Have to wonder if he was abused.
Jerry Sandusky's kid got arrested for 14 counts of sexual assault
So Jerry Sandusky's son has been charged with sexually assaulting children. Please lock him up and throw away the key--pleas…
Jerry Sandusky's adopted son Jeffrey is now facing child sexual abuse charges.
Jerry Sandusky's son who always insisted his dad was innocent got arrested for child sex abuse
One of Jerry Sandusky’s sons was arrested Monday on multiple sexual offense charges involving children
Didn't abuse his son? Is this the one? That's so sick! Jerry Sandusky should've been aborted! The world w…
Hide in Plain Sight - Jeffrey son of Jerry of Penn St suspended as corrections officer at Rockview St Prison, for child sex crimes
Jerry Sandusky's son has been arrested on child sex abuse charges
Jerry Sandusky's son arrested for sexual assault on child. There's that whole "apple falling off tree the again...". htt…
Jerry Sandusky son was tying to mess with underage women? The apple does not fall far from the tree. Smh
Jerry Sandusky son went down just like him smh dirty mfs put them under the prison
Jeff Sandusky, Jerry's adopted son who always insisted Jerry was innocent, charged with sexually assaulting a child. h…
Jerry Sandusky's son arrested on child sex charges
Today is not a good day to be named Gerry Sandusky
That moment when knows he's one step closer to being arrested like Jerry Sandusky
Abuse coach's son charged with sex offences
A new judge has been assigned to oversee the Jerry Sandusky case appeal.
Jerry Sandusky’s son arrested, charged with child molestation
Sandusky's son charged with child sexual abuse
Jerry Sandusky's son charged with sexually assaulting a minor. That is unbelievable. This garbage has to stop.
Jerry Sandusky 's son arrested for pedophilia. Disgusting & unsuprising. Why does anyone question pedophiles exist in our gov't…
Jerry Sandusky's son faces multiple charges of sexual offenses involving... by via
Joe Biden got a job in the University of Pennsylvania school system?. He's no Jerry Sandusky, but he has touched people, inappropriately.
Breaking: Cat Fancy Magazine releases blockbuster story with photos of Trump receiving money and magazines directly from Jerry Sandusky.
I'm pretty sure this is not on anyone's playlist except maybe Gary Glitter and Jerry Sandusky
Wait, Baylor just hired Matt Rhule, who played linebacker at Penn State in the 90s when Jerry Sandusky was his position coa…
A completely new set of players and coaches that had nothing to do with Jerry Sandusky. it's just hate at this poi…
"I get that Jerry Sandusky is a child molester, but why should that tarnish his reputation as a college football coach?"
oh really. keep defending. Hope he's rotting in ***
how about we both hate Trump. Also, Joe is dead. Trump should share cell with Jerry Sandusky.
Today we mourn Joe Paterno a man with a laser-like focus on our Penn State Nittany Lions & the happiness of Jerry Sandusky.
Jerry Sandusky truly touched each and every one of the young men that he mentored at Penn State.
Can't wait to hear what Canada's PM has to say about Jerry Sandusky.
Jerry Sandusky will be most remembered for his years of work with the youth.
This pic reminds me of creepy things reported from Jerry Sandusky & PSU scandal.
Few men have done to more to raise awareness in the area of statutory rape. Rest in peace, Jerry Sandusky.
Let us not forget Jerry Sandusky, whose dedication to coaching was second only to his love of children.
of course not.The crap with that🔼 Sandusky. Thats the sportscaster gerry w a G! The molester is Jerry Sandusky   10% Off
Jerry Sandusky will always be remembered for his unwavering commitment to boy's hygiene.
While a controversial figure, Jerry Sandusky will always be known for the countless hours he spent with children
I can't believe the Jerry Sandusky's are actually in the Big 10 championship game
someone is happy their gunna take the pipe from Wisconsin. Jerry sandusky will laugh from his cell.
Is Jerry Sandusky outta jail cause Harbaugh looks like someone touch his no no
Jerry Sandusky is an evil man but Jerry Sandusky is not Penn State give the kids in the program and the alumni a break
& fundraiser should b a cellMATE of JERRY Sandusky for stealing $1.5 Billion from investors
Why is Jerry Sandusky on the BigTen network right now?
Jerry Sandusky was a bold reformer of Men's Shower decorum.
Fun fact: If you google Jerry Sandusky, it tells you that he's a convicted serial child molester before saying he's a retired football coach
Penn State hasn't been this happy since Jerry Sandusky found it there are no cameras the showers.
Good job maybe you can invite Jerry Sandusky as an honorary captain next weekend in Indy. Perhaps bring in Art Briles too.
At least we don't have jerry Sandusky \_(•_•)_/
Michigan State has got to feel haunted by the aura of Jerry Sandusky.
or rape a kid like Jerry Sandusky, or fake a neck injury while plowing a coed like Petrino or eat a baby like charlie Weis or
Joe Pa and Jerry Sandusky covering up child molestation for 3 decades
"Father, teacher, coach, Jerry Sandusky touched so many children with his tremendous manhood.."
saying Castro used sports to promote Cuba is like saying Jerry Sandusky used football to promote children.
Urban Meyer, Tom Brady, and Jerry Sandusky have all male tea parties together
Penn State fined record $2.4M for handling of Jerry Sandusky case -
Penn State fined $2.4 million for its response to Jerry Sandusky case via
Dept. of Education fines Penn State $2.4M in connection with Sandusky case
Joe Paterno is a scumbag for not firing Jerry Sandusky. 100% absolutely
Penn State fined record $2.4 million in Jerry Sandusky case via
Penn State to be fined $2,397,500 in connection with Jerry Sandusky case
Feds hit Penn State with a $2.4 million fine for their handling of the Jerry Sandusky complaints
Penn State faces $2.4M fine for violating federal law in Jerry Sandusky case
Then please be public in your support of Spanier Curley Schultz and of Jerry Sandusky based on your statement below.
Jerry the pedophile rapist still causing Pen State troubles
Penn State faces a record fine in the wake of assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse conviction
Wouldn't it be lovely if he shared a cell with Jerry Sandusky.
A history of cheating. A history of monsters.
Kinda funny considering jerry sandusky was convicted in 2012
What time is it. Penn State Faces Record Fine in Sandusky-Related Case
A new record! This is why fining mechanisms matter. Penn State now owes the Feds. 2.4 MILLION for violating Clery. http…
Penn State fined $4.2 million for its response to Jerry Sandusky case.
yeah but who just got fine 2.4 million dollars for the jerry Sandusky thing? Oh yeah that was psu
Penn State hit with a $2.4 million fine for how it handled complaints about Sandusky.
Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse.
At long last - The US fines $2.4M over its handling of former football coach Jerry Sandusky’s sex crimes. http…
Five-year federal investigation into how Penn State handled complaints about Jerry Sandusky leads to record fine
Tori Bookwalter only likes Penn State cause she thought Jerry Sandusky was cute not Joe Paterno
Mike McQueary gets $7.3M for running home to daddy instead of being a man & stopping Jerry Sandusky “in the act”. Sickening. sad
Another big payout related to the Jerry Sandusky scandal. How this jury sent a message back at 11p.
I retract my arguement after just reviewing the McQueary testimony at
domain names
jerry Sandusky raped a bunch of kids in Pennsylvanian what a stupid *** I'm the devil
Donald Trump defines "locker room talk" exactly the same way as . Jerry Sandusky did.
These refs are going to call the Jerry Sandusky Bowl this year
Former Jerry Sandusky defense attorney Karl Rominger has been sentenced to 20 months in prison on federal tax evasion…
Jury says defamed a whistleblower, awarding him $7.3 million in damages in Jerry Sandusky-related case https:/…
One of the first civil suits involved in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case to go all the way to trial comes to an en…
Nice job Penn State. Mike McQueary gets 7.3 million because you fired him for reporting the disgusting acts of Jerry Sandusky.
jerry Sandusky not getting a lot of minutes. Must be hanging in the locker room
Mike McQueary, the whistleblower in the Jerry Sandusky case, was awarded $7.3 million.
Jury awards ex-Penn State asst. football coach over $7M in defamation case.
Former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary awarded more than $7 million in defamation case
sorry that I'm the first person that has made humor of Jerry Sandusky and Penn State
Joke of an article. D.A Ray Gricar did not indict Jerry Sandusky..Also Gary Shultz didn't arrest. Not Joe's respons…
1999: Joe Paterno says "no" to Jerry Sandusky's retirement request to bring Second Mile kids into PSU FB facilities. ht…
Penn State’s plans to honor Joe Paterno is causing backlash because of Paterno’s link to the Jerry Sandusky case
Little Giant Ladders
The man who helped build the case against Jerry Sandusky and Penn State could be the new AG https:/…
why? You have nothing to offer? You are like Jared from Subway or Jerry Sandusky doing kids
When all charges are dismissed certain "folks" gonna have 'splainin' to do
If Jerry Sandusky deserves a new trial, then so does Aaron Hernandez, Bill Cosby, and OJ Simpson. 😒
Sandusky In Court: Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky took the stand Friday in an effo...
everybody has their own opinions but Jerry Sandusky disgusts me
i gotta find some link between Donald Trump and Jerry Sandusky's old foundation?
Jerry Sandusky is trending. People are mad... & still pretending like Paterno didn't let it happen bc he cared more abt fo…
It seems like Jerry Sandusky's testimony went well, but, so typical of this fiasco, Amendola's ego is a hinderance: https:…
Jerry Sandusky testifies: 'My side still hasn't been told': Jerry Sandusky is making a forceful denial of the... https…
If anyone can show me any legitimate evidence that Jerry Sandusky's guilty (there should be TONS by now) I will happily ta…
Interesting that on day Jerry Sandusky testifies, Making a murderer conviction's thrown out for exact same tactics used on…
OMG! Jerry Sandusky, on stand for 1st time for appeal hearing, maintains innocence in child sex abuse case,...
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