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Jerry Richardson

Jerry Richardson (born July 11, 1936 in Spring Hope, North Carolina) is the current majority owner and founder of the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League.

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Beautiful morning at Jerry Richardson Stadium. First spring practice this Saturday
Fans that are all over this coaching staff... have Whiteside, Richardson & Tyler Johnson improved by accident?
Josh Richardson: "I think going to college for 4 years definitely helped me out. I came into the NBA pretty ready to pla…
Ready to hit the city that Jerry Richardson built tomorrow
Only one baseball decade had Bobby Richardson, Jerry Lumpe and Bobby Knoop
A Super visitor out at Jerry Richardson Stadium today.
Not gonna name names, but a few staff and players families were there. Cuzo did say Jerry Richardson called my aunt to give his condolences
Thx Jerry Richardson for the special "get well" wishes. Much respect . 17-1 was uplifting -
This is why the are a first class organization as Jerry Richardson sent my father a get well letter.
Can't wait to argue with my kids about whether they should vote for the clone of Jerry Richardson or the algorithm used to price oil
I like Josh Richardson. His 3rd 3 of the game has the up 7.
Jerry Richardson is aghast that you overlooked him.
This is for you mama Jerry Richardson
Don't overlook the mutual respect between Charles Johnson and Jerry Richardson as a major factor in his decision.
Definitely seeing a different side of him. Crazy what happens when Jerry Richardson isn't your boss. 🤔🤔🤔
Jerry Richardson looks like the hand-drawn portrait of a presidential candidate on a 1930's campaign button.
Jerry Coleman Theres a high popup behind second. Richardson has got it and hes under it. no
yeah his net worth is about 160 mil which is way too low to buy one... Source: I played lax with Jerry Richardson's granddaughter
Bob Kraft, Art Rooney, Jerry Richardson, Bob McNair, and John Mara combined were no impact over Jerry Jones alone
Jerry Richardson looks like the evil king candy from the movie Wreck-It-Ralph.
Jerry Richardson is a haunted old oil painting following you with its eyes
Jerry Richardson looks like Herbert Hoover. But if he played with Johnny Unitas, all is forgiven
Jerry Richardson looks like a Pixar villain
A statue of Jerry Richardson made it to
Jerry Richardson with his best Paul Ryan impression.
If the Panthers win I want Jerry Richardson to raise the Lombardi and say "This one is for Kerry Collins" 😂
I'm excited and proud for my fellow Wofford alumni Jerry Richardson and Danny Morrison. We all got a tremendous start.
Big day for owner, Jerry Richardson & president, Danny Morrison are
Jerry Richardson invited every Panthers employee to come to SB 50. Amazing number: 630 traveled with the team. Needed 3 ch…
I asked a bunch of longtime how many times they've seen Jerry Richardson smile. "Oof. Maybe twice?"
the Jerry Richardson comment...superb as always my dude
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Jerry Richardson is paying for the interns too? 😭
Fun Fact: Jerry Richardson and Peyton Manning like to watch NCIS together because it reassures them that age trumps youth
going to write a letter to Jerry Richardson , love my Panthers, wish I could go to Super Bowl 50!! Tickets need to be …
pretty sure Jerry Richardson doesn't have a problem with anything he does lol
Fun Fact: Peyton Manning and Jerry Richardson get drunk together and reminisce about Fibber McGee and Molly radio programs
How is Jerry Richardson not concerned about kuechly's hair???
Now that's taking care of your employees!! .
Fun Fact: Peyton Manning once gave Jerry Richardson a swirlie when they went to high-school together
owner Jerry Richardson is paying for the entire Staff to come to
Lmbo after Muhammad caught that TD Jerry Richardson gave the most half-assed slow clap
folks also try to act as if they don't remember Jerry Richardson tellin Cam not to tatt himself all up 1/2
so when Jerry Richardson dabs does that mean he doesn't have class? Or are you mad cause a black athlete is doing more den u
When Cam was drafted, the owner Jerry Richardson told him not to get tats. And now he is endorsing products, thinks that hurts.
.prez Danny Morrison said team owner Jerry Richardson 1st encouraged to hand footballs to kids in …
This just in... Jerry Richardson is the real singer in Lifestyles by Rich Gang
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When Eddie DeBartolo heard Jerry Richardson was flying every Panthers employee to he chuckled.
Panthers owner Jerry Richardson paying for employees to attend Super Bowl 50
Carolina Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson will pay for entire staff to attend Super Bowl 50.
Roy says his favorite Panthers person is Jerry Richardson. Calls him a gracious man, recalls a hand-written note from him.
In honor of the going to the Superbowl!! Mr. Jerry Richardson
Say what you will about the seem like a world class organization.
Panthers owner/founder Jerry Richardson will pick up the tab for Panthers staffers and interns to go to the Bay Area
Local media gold rush in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50: Jerry Richardson paying for all of his employees to…
Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Paying for Entire Staff to Go to Super Bowl 50 via
Pack your bags employees, owner Jerry Richardson is flying you to on his dime!.
For founder Jerry Richardson in 1993 just after the team became 29th franchise
I think the name you're looking for is Jerry Richardson
Here it is.. Part of my convo today Panthers owner to Newton: No tats, piercings
Newton doesn't have tats Car owner told him don't get any"
Remember when Jerry Richardson told Cam that he couldn't have tattoos?
Just ate at hardees in honor of Jerry Richardson. First nfl player to own a team 🏈 next stop cashville
This is why Jerry Richardson is the best owner in the NFL today!
--Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is paying for EVERY SINGLE employee of the franchise to travel to and...
Not an issue... Let Cam be Cam. Only people he needs to worry about is Jerry Richardson, his team and coaches!
.president Danny Morrison said team owner Jerry Richardson is taking every employee from interns up to Super Bowl…
.owner & founder Jerry Richardson is bringing everyone to
lets hope it's not jake delhome. Would like to see Jerry Richardson do it.
.owner paying for entire staff to attend via This is awesome.
Panthers owner Jerry Richardson sending every team employee to
I'm not a big football fan but I want Jerry Richardson and his whole team to hoist the Lombardi trophy.
.owner Jerry Richardson is taking all of his employees to Super Bowl 50
Careful, Jerry Richardson. It looks like you have all the momentum, but you are a Jerry Jones proposal and secret vote away f…
Jerry Richardson stayed the course w/Rivera when many of these same Panther fans wanted him gone. This is what happens when there's a vision
Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Richardson should have a part-off!!!
Whenever the Panthers win I think of this - Jerry Richardson, Carolina Panthers
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Panthers owner Jerry Richardson always looks unhappy. He's as joyless as Sean Penn. Dude, your team is going to the Super Bowl! Smile?
Jeff Gordon greets owner Jerry Richardson prior to the team's playoff game.
ICYMI ...Jerry Richardson pounded the drum before the game!
Panthers owner Jerry Richardson on Greg Hardy: 'We do the right things'
Jerry Richardson is a rich old man who owns the Also he dabs.
ACC honors Jerry Richardson: Panthers Owner/Founder to receive ACC Commissioner's Cup in conjunction with cham...
controlling owner Amy Adams-Strunk meeting with owner Jerry Richardson on field during pregame.
Blurry phone photo, but it is owners Amy Adams Strunk & Ken Adams IV with owner Jerry Richardson
Jerry Richardson is going to be livid that this is happening in his house on national TV
I bet Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson are somewhere laughing on a golf course, sipping tea over this Greg Hardy stuff.
Props to Jerry Richardson for cutting ties with Hardy.
Pretty sure that Jerry Richardson still thinks Jake Delhomme is the Panther's quarterback
Jerry Richardson looks like a guy who has a violin case with a tommy gun in it.
congrats! You'll Love it. Jerry Richardson stadium gets loud!
who you gonna lose carries to next? Jerry Jones, Trent Richardson? Stay outta jail during the BYE week dog!
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Jerry Richardson didnt contact him for 2 weeks after the funeral, no teammates... only head coach & GM talked to him... no one at services
Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow together on defense... by the end of the season, Spoelstra will be going to that a …
Seriously... I want to see the reaction of owners like Jerry Richardson when the concept of a .gif was explained to NFL.
Jerry Richardson should of kept that man 2nd chance
To support Sydnie in the DSAGC Buddy Walk Oct 17 at Jerry Richardson Stadium
I wonder if Jerry Richardson is going to try and get the 14mil that he paid Hardy to sit on the bench back after seeing that video.
Jerry Richardson, Founder of the Carolina Panthers. Even after his heart transplant, remains committed to this team.
Jerry Richardson began driving with the license plate PNTHRS in 1989, in anticipation of the franchise.
Jerry Jones demonstrates his ignorance, desperation for wins, and the difference btw himself & Jerry Richardson.
Massive difference in who Jerry Richardson is and who Jerry Jones is. Exhibit A, Greg Hardy.
"It is very important to Jerry Richardson that the Panthers are Carolinas, dirt was brought in from every county in North & South Carolina"
It is exactly why over the protests of some of the coaching staff, owner Jerry Richardson let him leave
Jerry Richardson is obviously a different owner than Jerry Jones.
What a beautiful picture of and coach Richardson 😂.
"That tells you a lot about Jerry Richardson, springing for those crustables at half time."
Why not a Sunday game in charlotte? Did Jerry Richardson make this decisiom
Jerry Richardson, the founder of the Carolina Panthers, and his family own 48% of the franchise.
Best 15...Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaking out on behalf of Rams move...Jerry Richardson-Carolina pushing for Spanos to get approval
Jerry Richardson, Owner of Carolina Panthers & head of 6 Member board on Relocation..
Panthers still undefeated...(just throwin it out there)...on another note...What size helmet would Jerry Richardson wear...?!... Nevamind..
Jerry Richardson supports the Carson project & HE's on the 6 MAN COMMITTEE to DECIDE WHO GOES :)
I just wrote the first tip for Jerry Richardson Stadium on Bring your kids! What a great environment for a co…
I was on plane with Mayor Kevin Faulconer-coming back from Charlotte...where he met with Carolina owner Jerry Richardson-Committe on LA
Panthers owner Jerry Richardson donates $100K for Charleston tragedy
I hope that he gets well soon. How is Luke Kuechly doing? Can't wait until Sunday. Will be at the game, thanks to Jerry Richardson
Jerry Richardson and Dan Rooney visiting with ex-WR Jerricho Cotchery on the sideline. Posing for picture.
Panthers owner/founder Jerry Richardson is here watching practice.
You have conclusively proven that Ross is just like Jerry Richardson and Wofford College.
.owner Jerry Richardson donates $100,000 to families of Charleston victims:
Panthers owner Jerry Richardson donated $100K to the families of the victims of the Charleston tragedy.
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Jerry Richardson donates $10,000 to each of the families of the nine people k!lled in Wednesday…
Class move by Jerry Richardson to give $10,000 to each of the nine victimized families in Charleston, and $10,000 to the c…
Jerry Richardson did this because he wanted the Panthers to be for everyone in the Carolinas, not just Charlotteans.
Michael Jordan, Jerry Richardson top list of highest-paid ex-athletes
DeAngelo says Jerry Richardson sent him note,but only after Williams wrote this for 2 wks after mother died. htt…
DeAngelo Williams upset at lack of response by owner Jerry Richardson, organization after his mother died. htt…
Jerry Richardson firing shots at Jerry Jones...but remember how long it took Carolina to act on Greg Hardy?
Jerry Richardson and Michael Jordan are 2 of the cheapest *** Charlotte has ever seen ... clean house please
Unlike DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith still loves Jerry Richardson after being fired
Everyone is talking about his mom, Jerry Richardson, and Greg Hardy. No one is really focusing on a 31-year-old, declining RB getting cut...
Additionally, key players and locker room leaders are letting Jerry Richardson know that they want Hardy to remain a P…
Elijah wood as Webb Simpson, Angie from Angie's list as the Duke CEO, Hackman as Jerry Richardson
My big 3 of college basketball coaches were John Thompson, Nolan Richardson, and Jerry Tarkanian! All rebels within their own right!
Really sad to hear about Tark. NCAAM Jerry Tarkanian: Complex, successful - ESPN
trading for Richardson or trading away Jerry Hughes
RIP Jerry Tarkanian. great guy and contribution to the game. 🏀
I wish all these people would realize that hardy isn't coming back. It was a given after Jerry Richardson's speech.
The best thing that Greg Hardy can do is sit down with Jerry Richardson and apologize. From deep in the heart and mean it.
Oh I think it meant quite a lot to Jerry Richardson.
and they know how did jerry Richardson tell them or are they speculating like most? I'm pretty sure JR didn't tell
Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson fares only so-so in Power Rankings: In any business, s...
Thank you jerry Richardson!!! "How players manage to scalp their Super Bowl tickets:
Jerry Richardson isn't going to get emotional over DV in public and allow that guy to return
Panthers to keep training at Wofford: Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, center, accompanied by Ne...
Kraken to-do list... •Apologize to Jerry Richardson about the trust issues. •Take a pay cut. What am I missing?
Which is why Jerry Richardson won't see a Lombardi in Carolina during his lifetime.
Doesn't look like Jerry Richardson wants to see a Lombardi in Carolina during his lifetime.
As the NFL goes, he should be allowed to play. As for the Panthers, I think Jerry Richardson will ultimately be making decision on character
Richardson Stadium not Robertson. Named after Jerry Richardson who donated $10 mil to the football program. Nice piece tho!
Spartanburg Area Chamber CEO Allen Smith calls Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and his family "Truly the gift that keeps on giving."
idk how big of an impact an owner has on keeping a player, but I think Jerry Richardson will have a huge impact on this one
And Jerry Richardson will not be using those same measures to make this determination.
To the Attn of Jerry Richardson, David Gettlemen, and Ron Riviera: Greg Hardy is a free man. All this because of a greedy woman
Jerry Richardson has to trust his head coach and players on this situation and give Hardy a second chance
NAT you want Jerry richardson removed as a owner because his company Denys was sued for discrimination 100 times? thought so
i can't believe that dolan sent that email. Tell the story about Jerry Richardson replying to a boy's letter about being a fan.
Jerry Richardson wont be bringing Hardy back regardless. The State's witness made her decision but now lets hope he goes AFC
Met Jerry Richardson's (owner of the Panthers) granddaughter today. She's a grad student up here. So the question is, Jerry let you date??
Even if Ron Rivera wants to get Greg Hardy back? Jerry Richardson definitely would not let him come back
the Panthers announce their training camp will remain at Wofford College (the alma mater of owner Jerry Richardson) through 2019
Time for Jerry Richardson to stop stumping for The Shield..and start doing what is best for the team and the fans
I've never really liked how Jerry Richardson never takes chances with players. You got to now days in the league to find a solid team.
I agree. Jerry Richardson is too much of a no nonsense kind of guy.
Wofford's athletic ctr is named after owner & ex-Terrier Jerry Richardson. So yeah, CAR not going anywhere else to train.
he would have to personally apologize to jerry Richardson before he would ever think about ir
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I'll steal off on jerry Richardson myself if he try's to prevent the panthers to resign hardy
I hear that Jerry Richardson wants no more part of him because he's just too crazy
Greg Hardy is good as gone. Panthers can't afford him now. He would have to give a decent discount and jerry Richardson have to accept him
My guess is Hardy will not be back with next year. Jerry Richardson doesn't deal with drama. It was fun while it lasted.
Somebody explain to me how, Greg Hardy broke Jerry Richardson's trust?
If I'm Jerry Richardson this morning, I'm wondering why I paid a guy $13 million this year to sit if he's not going to be convicted.
Panthers prez Danny Morrison "very important to Jerry Richardson the franchise is for both Carolinas." Wofford camp helps…
When the Lord made Luke Kuechly, he whispered into Jerry Richardson's ear, "You're very welcome."
Every year, Jerry Richardson donates $750,000 to a Curtis LeMay For President PAC he founded, just in case.
That's the closest Jerry Richardson has ever been to a smile
Jerry Richardson caught brooding over being slighted by Cornelius Vanderbilt.
I would pay all the money for a Rear Window remake starring Jerry Richardson.
I thought it was because Jerry Richardson says no team or no one is above the NFL
Jerry Richardson expects Cam Newton to be released from hospital today, says he doesn't know QB's playing status...
Jerry Richardson said he remains fully supportive of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Asked if he knows what Cam Newton's playing status will be going forward, Jerry Richardson said: "I don't."
owner Jerry Richardson says he hasn’t heard an update on Cam Newton yet, but Newton is scheduled to get out of the hospital today
Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said Cam Newton is "in good shape" after speaking to his doctors at hospital. (via
owner Jerry Richardson just left CMC after speaking to Cam Newton's doctors. "He's in good shape," Richardson s…
Panthers PR: Jerry Richardson was at hospital, was unable to see Cam bc Cam was undergoing tests.
Big issue is Jerry Richardson is chasing Pittsburgh Steelers championship model. Which is a model the Steelers don't even use anymore.
Jerry Richardson please save us dave is destroying our team our good name OUR CITY
Jerry Richardson you should be ashamed letting Dave Gettlemen put our star QB behind a line that that they should make his pudgy *** play qb
Jerry Richardson and Dave Gettleman should be ashamed at the team they have assembled around Cam and Luke this season.
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Very befitting all the Richardson family has done. Jerry a great man and Rosalind truly inspirational.
Had the honor of meeting Owner of the Carolina Jerry Richardson at the board of trustees meeting.
that Reggie Wayne &Trent Richardson both had MRI's done yesterday? It was October 20th last year that Reggie had his season
I'm still seething mad about Kuechly getting tossed yesterday. It's another example of why Jerry Richardson...
Jerry Richardson was correct in his thinking ... If the want to win the need regardless of conviction
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Looks like by the way the pattern shows is that every time this team loses they get massacred. Not good if you're Jerry Richardson
Jerry Richardson made his hair fall out.
Jerry Richardson needs to clean house!
when jerry Richardson . is no longer the owner here. we have a chance at being a better than avg Fran. until then we won't
If Jerry Richardson has any pride in this franchise, he should fire Rivera and Gettleman if they keep getting blown out this year.
Because Jerry Richardson is held captive by woman's groups as we was by Blacks FBI agents who sued his Denny's
Just recieved a call from Mr. Jerry Richardson (Panthers Owner)... I'm officially on the Sunday Roster ... Look for me next week .
This is all your fault Jerry Richardson
Jerry Richardson needs to fire somebody after today. I don't care who, but it'll make me feel better after this performance.
Carolina Panther's suck so bad this year. Maybe last year success scared Jerry Richardson.
If Jerry Richardson the owner of the Carolina Panthers dose not fire Dave Gettelman then he does not really care at all about winning.
Jerry Richardson has issued an APB. If anyone has seen any of the Panthers players call the stadium.
have never had back to back winning seasons. Jerry Richardson is all about making cash not winning
Jerry Richardson made the trip. Greeting players and staff.
"Gimme my money and show me the piano"
Watch our Niner Times exclusive video from the Buddy Walk held last Saturday at the Jerry Richardson stadium!
thanks Jerry! Have fun next week! And hug mr Richardson extra tight for me!
Cam Newton would be making a lot less money if he had one
Speaking of Jerry Richardson stadium what are the plans to get lights for afternoon games.
jerry_richardson and I looking tiny in the largest lift in London
Brenton Bersin has six catches for Carolina Panthers. Ten more and he will be Wofford's all-time NFL leader. Yes, ahead of Jerry Richardson.
Did Jerry Richardson really have that few catches?
Having breakfast w momma, Wally, n jerry (@ IHOP) on
Jerry Richardson Carolina Panthers owner reaction to domestic violence. .
Good grief...there's an ugly flashback. That seems like a hundred years ago. Anybody seen Jerry Richardson this week? Unreal.
I like the piece but when did jerry Richardson come out and support goodell in the the past 2 weeks.
Still waiting to hear from Jerry Richardson. He has been silent.
Still waiting to hear something, anything, from Jerry Richardson.
so this show made fun of Jerry Richardson crying but when Schlereth does it it's great?
PHOTO: Panthers owner Jerry Richardson meditates on the morally just way to handle Greg Hardy's domestic violence
Disappointed in you. Jerry Richardson is a kind, softhearted man. Making fun of him for crying? Sad day for ESPN.
Trying to be sensitive to the difficulty Jerry Richardson is facing in light of all of this scrutiny, but it would be nic…
After ’14, Jerry Richardson will have paid Steve Smith and Jake Delhomme a combined $15.7 million to not play for the
This owner has it right. I Hope Jerry Richardson agrees
How pathetic of Jerry Richardson, owner of Panthers to put a tough front during lockout, yet weeped like a baby during Hardy scandal !
Jerry Richardson is the absolute worst. He lost all status as a good guy. Solely succumbed to public pressure.
I was on the air, so I missed the Carolina Panthers announcement on Greg Hardy. Let me guess, Jerry Richardson was a no-show.
If tape from when Jerry Richardson realized he'd still have to pay Greg Hardy $770k a week now got leaked, think it'd cost him his team?
pot/kettle thing --- You can change Roger for Jerry Richardson -- now that would've been gutsier
Curious to see how long owner Jerry Richardson and Zygi and Mark Wilf willing to pay $700K-plus to players not on field
Like my man said, if Jordan came out & did what Jerry Richardson did, methinks the capes would be in the closet
.earlier today on The Pulse on Greg Hardy, Jerry Richardson & the Hornets
Jerry Richardson: needs 2 months, mountain of public pressure to discipline player convicted of DV. but Cam Newton's piercings, tattoos?
somewhere jerry Richardson is bawling his eyes out inconsolably
apologize for the Rae Carruth comment. You think Jerry Richardson and Panthers stand for that. Nothing to do with current issue
. Have you seen the statement our owner Jerry Richardson made? I don't know what more you could ask for.
Once again, where is Jerry Richardson? He is a sniffling coward who threw his GM & Coach under the bus.
So Jerry Richardson is making, in the words of a $13M donation to awareness. Wonder how he feels about that?
I am sure Jerry Richardson is crying even more profusely now.
Jerry Richardson not at press conference to discuss Hardy move.
We'll need Ol' Jerry Richardson or MJ if we want to go MLS. MT CLT aims for long-term MLS expansion...
So, Jerry Richardson's basically making a $13.1 million donation to domestic violence awareness. I'm sure he's delighted about that.
Somebody ask Gettleman whether Jerry Richardson will ever have anything to say about this.
if anyone needs to make this announcement, it's Jerry Richardson. This is an owner call, not a GM/coach call
My guess is Panthers owner Jerry Richardson a no-show at coach Rivera's press conference when Greg Hardy's fate is expected to be announced
DG and/or Jerry Richardson better be at this presser. This should be on them.
I would like to hear Jerry Richardson on the Greg Hardy issue!
So far, we’ve heard more from Zygi Wilf and Jerry Richardson and Steve Bisciotti than we’ve heard from Roger...
When will Jerry Richardson address the Hardy situation?
Asked for comment, Jerry Richardson realized the cameras were on and sobbed and pretended to care. .
Rivera and Hardy not at practice, Jerry Richardson at stadium. Yeah, this meeting isn't going to have a good outcome football-wise.
It's time for owner Jerry Richardson to step up and explain what he is doing with Greg Hardy for Week 3.
owner Jerry Richardson also is in the building today.
Jerry Richardson is now on the clock! Time to speak. You are the owner. Man up!!!
owner Jerry Richardson being called out on ESPN's Mike and Mike for lack of leadership.
Jerry Richardson needs to speak about Hardy. He is the owner. Time to man up. Shouldn't leave it to the coach!
ESPN calling out Jerry Richardson... is anyone going to call ESPN out for not caring until they made it a story they c…
Jerry Richardson you my friend have no balls.. Get pushed around by the media.. Smh..
Men are acting in Minnesota. Meanwhile back in Carolina Jerry Richardson is crying. Evil triumphs when good people do n…
In an emotional speech, Jerry Richardson, owner of the Carolina Panthers wept while referring to domestic violence.
Panthers DE Greg Hardy has been deactivated for today's game against the Lions. Can't say that I'm surprised that this happened. Ever since the overblowing of the Ray Rice situation and then Adrian Peterson and Panthers owner Jerry Richardson giving that emotional speech. Just *** cause now I don't believe the game will be remotely close. I may be wrong, but I just don't see it.
"Panthers owner Jerry Richardson very involved in decision to deactivate Greg Hardy." -
So Minnesota will deactivate Adrian Peterson, but Jerry Richardson is weeping over playing Greg Hardy
Rae Carruth murdered his pregnant girlfriend while Jerry Richardson was cutting his teeth as a owner. This isn't new.
who's more pathetic...Jerry Richardson or Roger Goodell?
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Gantt on Goodell's job security: he still has backing of the "Roger's guys"--the Rooneys, Kraft, Jerry Jones, Jerry Richardson.
WR Brenton Bersin is only the 2nd player from Wofford College to make an NFL roster. The first is Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.
If I was Jerry Richardson or Ron Rivera I'd recruit Sam to come to our team on the double. Can't let fresh talent go to waste!
Did you know that the only owner in the NFL that actually played in the NFL is the owner of the Carolina Panthers Jerry Richardson
I was nominated by max_w10 and Noah Richardson and I nomminate bubba_lake4 and Jerry nominates Wesley…
"Welcome to this year's Super Bowl Halftime show, with the Bourgeois Barbershop Quartet! Roger Goodell! Jim Irsay! Jerry Richardson! John Ma
More accolades: Innovative Achievement Awd for Zero Waste; began at Jerry Richardson Stadium.
To paraphrase Jerry Glanville, NFL will stand for "Not for long" if Manziel keeps running like that.
Latin grad shares singleseason record of 9td's with Jerry Richardson
I discounted him the past few years because he family is friends with Jerry Richardson... But the kid is impressing me.
Brenton Bersin, who tied owner Jerry Richardson's season TD record at Wofford, grabs a TD from Anderson to regain lead.
just realized who the Jerry Richardson Stadium is named after...
.I agree but it won't happen as long as Jerry Richardson is alive. He calls it their "thank you to the NFL"
Dear Jerry Richardson. Please refund my $$$ for putting such a *** poor product on the field! REALLY???!
money. Jerry Richardson is cheap. No idea why they didnt at leasy keep Ted Ginn
You know you actually did a good job on your offertory when Jerry Richardson tells you you did a good job.
Jerry Richardson and Graham Gano talking at midfield. No doubt they're discussing story from today
The game can start. Jerry Richardson spotted on a golf cart.
Jerry Kill said on that senior DT Harold Legania moving to offensive line. Interesting. Means FR Steven Richardson is really good.
lmao. U know what, I don't have time for bickering, so why don't you jump on jerry richardson *** and lay of me..
Has anyone challenged Jerry Richardson to the ice challenge yet? I bet no one is that brave.
Bersin: My dad lived a couple doors down from Jerry Richardson, I would bring my friends there and we would throw the football around
Jerry Richardson asked about tats and he said good keep it that way and i was fine with that because i understand image.
I can see Dan Snyder being DFL in likeability (or lack thereof), but how Jerry Richardson is not is beyond me:
I'm heart broken, Steve Smith may not be a panther anymore. Jerry Richardson should do something about this. This is why the panthers cannot get anywhere. Richardson always getting rid of the good players. I guess he doesn't want a super bowl championship.
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