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Jerry Lucas

Jerry Ray Lucas (born March 30, 1940) is a former basketball player who played from the 1950s to the 1970s.

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Buy a new PF. Get somebody like Jerry Lucas or buy Hakeem and put Ben Wallace at center. After that Ruby Harden maybe
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Ohio State has had issues shooting free throws since the Jerry Lucas era.
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Jacob Pfeil and Lucas Pfeil , here.listen to someone else say the same thing I have been saying to you two...
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It's so annoying that teachers take forever to grade things. But whenever you're not here they put that 0 in real quick. 😐
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Ye I'm still to knock out historic domination so I was thinking of snapping that jerry Lucas up instead of grandmama
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Former Ohio State and NBA star Jerry Lucas talking to our Basketball Team.
Jerry Springer is such an awful show but I love it lol
I think Jerry Lucas would beat Mr. Dille in a game of 21.
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Legend Jerry Lucas made a stop by AHS today. Great 2 meet. woulda loved to had more time.
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Dak Prescott is a true inspiration. Such a humble and respectful young man. Glad Jerry Jones snagged him. 💪🏽
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“you should learn to respect your elders” is the grown-up version of “well I’m bigger than you”
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think I may get Stevie too! There is also Tony Parker, David Thompson, Jerry Lucas and Goodrich I think
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find a similar player for now like a Jerry Lucas
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Trade to Dallas jerry jones will straighten him out lmao
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idk about jerry Lucas, him and Goodrich are the least picked I think and worst choices. Mikan is an underrated pick
ok cuz like my choice keeps moving around. Now I can't decide if i want Jerry Lucas or not
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Jerry Uwaezuoke and Keevan Lucas are here speaking with the media. Watch live:
Don Papa is the nicest I've had. Very hard to come by though. Sailor Jerry is my standard.
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I really wanted to pick Jerry Lucas but I went with Tony Parker
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my 2nd best PG but who should I get Tony Parker or Jerry Lucas
ehhh idk, maybe Jerry Lucas? Heard Thompson some like and some dont
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Gary Lucas adds meat to the bones of your piece calling for the Right to embrace a carbon tax.
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Job Opening as a THERAPIST at the Questhouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101. Please contact: Jerry Lucas @ jlucas
Your top 5 is probably Jerry Lucas, Tom Heishohn, Elgin Baylor, Michael Jordan, and Robert Parish foh
Bron never had to play with Jerry Lucas and Jack Twyman, compulsive shooters...
Born on this day in 1940 Jerry Lucas, NBA center (Oly-gold-60, NY Knicks), born in Middletown, Ohio.
Possibly. Left out great F-Cs from earlier eras too though -- Bob Petit, Elvin Hayes, Jerry Lucas, many others
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jerry Lucas puts up shot as Bob Knight and John Havlicek watch in1960 game at MSG.
how is Jerry Lucas ahead of Willis Reed and Patrick Ewing?!?!?!
When Jackson drafted told everyone he was going for the Jerry Lucas center thing..
Pharoahe Monch is the Elgin Baylor of hiphop while AZ is the Jerry Lucas
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So far every NFL stadium I've been to except Jerry's World and Lucas Oil was a dump
Pitino said its the best team he's coached in 40 years... Not Jerry Tipton didn't make that up
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start in 5 hours. Who will win groups and make QF? Writer Lucas Aykroyd tries to predict scores:
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Let's take a look at this legend's profile:
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well - the Active Duty Boys know how to play!
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George Lucas is a joke. He would've destroyed Star Wars if he had control over empire and Jedi. Blah.
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Brown Confirms Meeting With Hayes And Lucas III: Well, they're certainly "basketball people"... When Jerry…
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John Lucas? 76ers Jerry Colangelo really thinking outside the box. What a great hire!
Found this old picture of my Grandpa Jerry Lucas when he played Basketball!
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The Cowboys and Jerry are exactly like Star Wars (episodes 1, 2, 3, 6)  and George Lucas. Everybody around the...
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say what you will about The Empire, but the trains ran on time.
that's because you had a VCR before everyone else.
A Christmas Carol: how to enjoy your post-apocalyptic holiday season
I don't remember the 80s being this violent, Jerry.
That guy would have been an great HR person.
Jerry see's in Lucas Duda what he see's in CQ. Lefty with some pop who can't put it all together.
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Jerry Lucas is eating and I cupcakes!!!
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Jerry Lucas bringing the morning message at Tedrow Mennonite this morning.
"...Pat Boone leading David Thompson and Jerry Lucas against Marvin Gaye's team of Phil Chenier and Zelmo Beaty."
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Weekend Lineup - Tonight, in the Backseat, Jerry Lucas and Blues Bound will be on stage starting at 7 PM. Our...
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Jerry Jones on Tony Romo: “I wouldn’t trade him for any other QB. He can win Super Bowls.”
exactly! They also told me that I have dust mites...
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I just pulled mj and Lebron Wiggins and Jerry Lucas
Jerry Lucas' playoff rebounds per game does not appear to be configured correctly.
team with ross teeter, jerry lucas, wade carnes, stephen curry, and Gavin young
only ones I kept are mj , ewing , kyrie , Jerry Lucas , and Blake . oh and my like 6th pack I pulled Elgin Baylor
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team with jerry lucas, batman, wade carnes, Gavin young, and Paul george
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Maggie recommends: Teen killed in church wanted out - The fatal beating of Lucas Leonard in the sanctuary of Word ...
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team with homer, stewie, jason Voorhes, jerry lucas, and James Harden,tyson chandler
`One advertisement was written from the perspective of the “We are part of the family of Jerry and Traci..."`
team with spider-man, joakim noah, Dwight Howard, jerry lucas, and damian lillard
team with ross teeter, Carmelo Anthony, jerry lucas, justin riley, and scooby doo
But Jerry do you go hard in the paint?
team with jerry lucas, captin crunch, joakim noah, spider-man, and Caleb Barnes
team with John wall, jerry lucas, patrick, Vegeta, and ross teeter
team with kevin garnett, jerry lucas, Gavin young, jared west, and spongebob
Good riddance to Jack Z. Please let Jerry Dipoto be on the way in.
NBA hall of famers John Havlicek & Jerry Lucas are in town for Fred Taylor's gym dedication at OUZ. Story at 7 & 11.
if your dad played hoops in ohio he played with real players like Jerry Lucas
lol yeah jerry I know you did it was more for her 😂😂😂
The only thing our student section knows how to say is jerry. Yeah that's gonna get us real hyped and excited
Mark your calendar- Jerry Lucas, former Buckeye, will speak at both Sunday Services on September 27th and on Monday night September 28th!
Lucas was my MOTM before he went off. Skrtel pipped him overall. Solid point 👌
Wilt Chamberlain goes for the lay in over Jerry Lucas. Such a sweet picture!
love how Lucas is ranting to me about cats, his phone, and jerry from straight outta Compton
Lucas Duda could be headed to the disabled list
60 Ohio State had Jerry Lucas & John Havlicek who are both hall of gamers. They won every game in the tourney by 20 each
*** though i could get away with both i change it to Jerry Lucas
whatever ol kracka. Bring it tomorrow. Best be lacing up your Chuck Taylor's, with ya Jerry Lucas jersey on
I think the good Reverend Efrain Rodriguez grew ip watching to much of Jerry Bruckheimer and George Lucas movies.
Ppl act as if Bill Russell didn't go up against Wilt Chamberlain, Nate Thurmond, Jerry Lucas, Willis Reed, and company but w.e
Jerry Lucas, John Havlicek and Bobby Knight will help dedicate the Littick Hall gym to former OSU coach Fred Taylor:
They can channel Oscar Robertson and Jerry Lucas. Or Gail Goodrich and Connie Hawkins.
I opened about 50K VC worth of packs on 2K15. Best pulls were Terry Porter and Jerry Lucas. Not terrible.
Postcards from Columbus, Ohio. Campbell Basketball plays at No.-16 Ohio State Wednesday 7 pm (Big Ten Network). Interior and exterior views of the 18,809-seat Value City Arena inside The Schottenstein Center, including banners of all-time greats John Havlicek and Jerry Lucas.
Bill Lee is to baseball as Jerry Lucas is to basketball as there’s actually a guy named Ed Balls.
I wanna be Frank Lucas handing out turkeys to the neighborhood lol
and Gary and Larry are REAL different than.JERRY
sorry corey but this is the 72-73 knicks. Jerry Lucas didn't join the team till 71-72 and he's the one on the very left.
The 20 PPG + 20 RPG season has happened only 14 times: Wilt (10x), Jerry Lucas (2x), Nate Thurmond, and Bob Pettit htt…
Jerry jouw.U will recorgnize ur own path whn u come up on it.Bcoz you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.
I've been Jerry Stackhouse since the 5th grade.
I get the vibe Kevin Love's days in Cleveland will be like Jerry Lucas's days in San Francisco.
One statement from Bill Raftery tonight that got my attention. He said Ryan Spangler goes after rebounds like Jerry Lucas. Wow. High praise.
Jerry Lucas is so crazy he might just be on to something
Hubbly Bubbly lunch in College Park is the BEST Jerry.
Jerry from receiving one of the first copies of book by
Anywayz... Reed was coming off the bench for us. Stodamire and Jerry Lucas can more than enough fill the backup role for Ewing.
I’m watching When the Garden Was Eden… Jerry Lucas is a lunatic! I had no idea.
Jerry Lucas played in the era of great rebounders (Russell, Wilt, Mate Thurmond, Willis Reed to name a few). Still got 20 on the regular..
Willis Reed and Jerry Lucas were an incredible front court.
Stupid friend Lucas' death was cartoonish and slapstick, like Tom and Jerry. Exactly like Tom and Jerry.
VIDEO: Fan catches Lucas Duda home run ball in his bucket of popcorn
turn on SNY you'll see lucas duda hit a walk-off against mo
Great article from Spencer Lucas on The Non-Conference: a conference for non-believers. "In Seinfeld, Jerry sits...
My fav dialogue is when Fanny's daughter says "there was Mario, Rosario, Lucas, Jerry, Larry, Lewis, Stephen..." major
“Android Users Looking At Everybody Download iOS 8 Like 😂 the Galaxy does all the iOS 8 does
Kings will retired Stojakovic's number. But Jerry Lucas is still waiting ...
Jerry Lewis taught film school - two of his students were Steven Spielberg and George Lucas!
【9/15 NEXT TV News】Jerry Yan has entered the Japanese film industry by playing the archrival of Lupin in “Lupin... htt…
Every person in the plaza of Lucas Oil Stadium resembles Jerry Gergich.
Jerry Lucas to speak at Franklin High School benefit. tickets available now
You got a 2-0 football team and a gigantic sweet tea. Smile Jerry.
Jerry Lawler: Who wouldn't want a deal like that you can relive when I'd say Puppies and the Attitude Era
Two players on the Royals won rookie of the year, Oscar Robertson (1961) and Jerry Lucas (1964)
tell me that's Jerry the bird in ur dp😂
This Date in History: NY great Jerry Lucas signs 3-year extension. READ:
64 days left till the season starts! Dedicated to memory wizard Jerry Lucas, who was NBA rookie of the year in '64:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
:Jerry Lucas: the power forward with maniacal rebounding, deft passing, and a long-range J
The launch order will be up soon on our website. A local business owner, Jerry Lucas, will open his business, Outhouse Tackle Co. at 4:30 am this Saturday and will have ice, drinks, last minute tackle etc. He is located at 11609 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, N.C. 27614. He is only 3 miles from the Barton Creek boat ramp. Stop by and visit him and thank him for opening up early for us.
In the top 50 of the NBA's greatest and former New York Knicks great Jerry Lucas joins us Monday in the "Press Box" on 95 seven and 1580 The Zone.
You know, since we are talking basketball. I look back to the 1971-72 New York Knicks, and I am not a Knick fan but that team had to be one of the most complete teams from then or now. You look at who they had on that team; *** Barnett, Bill Bradley, Dave DeBusschere, Walt Frazier, Phil Jackson, Jerry Lucas, Dean Meminger, Earl Monroe, Willis Reed, Mike Riordan and Dave Stallworth. They must be one of the least appreciated teams of the time only because of the stiff competition that they faced in the east and the west. Those were the days.
Ohio State made NCAA BBall title games in 60-62, & had future NBA top 50 players Jerry Lucas & John Havlicek on those teams.
During the OSU-Dayton game the announcer compared Aaron Craft to Mel Nowell who played at OSU in the early 60s. He played with greats Jerry Lucas & John Havlicek & they together won a national title in 1960. Bobby Knight was a reserve on those teams. I have a color photo with the 3 guys kneeling down in front of the team. I believe it's either a '61 or '62 photo. Can't get to it right now. Gary Bradds was also on the team. Quite a story on him.
Wednesday night at 7PM: Ohio State great Bill Hosket (pictured) joins us for RARE BASKETBALL FILMS, a program of vintage newsreels from the 1930 - 1970s featuring the likes of Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Jerry Lucas, Wilt Chamberlin, Bill Walton and more! Following the films, Hosket will take the stage to discuss his career at OSU where he lead the Buckeyes in scoring and rebounding for three straight years, culminating in a trip to the Final Four in 1968! Bill also was part of the 1968 gold medal-winning Olympic team and the 1970 World Champion New York Knicks! Visit for tickets and more information.
There have been 31 different Buckeyes to score more than 500 points in a season with Jerry Lucas, Michael Redd, William Buford each with 3
THIS DAY IN CLEVELAND/Ohio State SPORTS HISTORY: March 11, 1960 -- Jerry Lucas scores 36 points and grabs 25 rebounds as Ohio State opens the NCAA Tournament with a 98-79 victory over Western Kentucky in the Mideast Regional semifinals at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Ky. The Buckeyes, who trailed 43-37 at halftime before overwhelming the Hilltoppers 61-36 in the second half, also got 17 points from John Havlicek, 15 from Mel Nowell and 12 from Larry Siegfried.
That's a good group. For Ohio Lebron and Jerry Lucas are givens. I go small with Clark Kellogg, Jim Jackson and Havlicek.
Reading wikipedia about Ohio State ballers...Did you know Jerry Lucas played for George Steinbrenner?
Sittin here with dad and grampa makin a list of top 50 NBA players of all time and comparing them to the real list. They're minds aren't too shabby. They got 42 out of 50. Unfortunately we missed a lot of Nicks players but they were too over represented. We missed Robert Parish who played the most games. Also missed Moses Malone, Sharmon, Arizin, DeBusschere, Jerry Lucas, Robinson, ad Wilkins.
The Member/Guest Tournament this weekend had good golf, good food, hot/humid weather, and great friends and socializing afterwards. We were lucky enough to complete the tournament and scoring before the storms rolled in! The Ladies played a match play/points system that was won by Andrea Stewart & Julia Smith with 22.5 points. Shirley Mayer & Karen McIntyre tied with Carla Mahan & Linda Williams for 2nd with 20.5 points. The Men's 1st Flight was won by Pete Snow & Jerry Lucas with a gross score of 140. Mike Mahan & Eric Lucas were 2nd with 144. The best net score was 124 by the team of Wallace Bernard & Ronnie Williams. Bob Smith & Speedy Stewart were right on their tails with a 125. The Men's 2nd Flight went to Tom Wilson & George Sevier with a gross score of 152. Charlie Zettler and Buzzy Zittrouer claimed 2nd at 160. The best net score was 131 brought in by Jerry Ledlow & Adam Denton. 2nd net went to Ron Ledlow & Rune Grinna at 135. The Sunday Blitz was a little smaller this week because many regulars ...
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