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Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Levitch; March 16, 1926) is an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director.

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Oliver Platt on working with Jerry Lewis on Funny Bones:
Did not know the Jerry Lewis telethon aired on 44. More familiar with its airings on WFLD (where it started) and WG…
Putting on a 1-hour special and calling it a ‘telethon’ doesn’t make it one. Jerry Lewis did telethons. They weren’t over in 60 minutes.
.is like the who pledges a big donation to the Jerry Lewis telethon, just to hear his name on TV.…
A piece on the problem with Jerry Lewis and telethons for disabled people. It outlines the low expectations set...
Great piece by on how Jerry Lewis defined the to millions >>
Of course. My nephews were both on his telethon.. Jerry Lewis came to there house before hand just to…
Come for our reporting on the city's attorney fees - half a million bucks - and stay for the Jerry Lewis photos.…
During the 1995 telethon Jerry Lewis recruited two other Jerrys including to support his “show about something.…
I wonder if Jerry Lewis ever screwed up and sang "You'll Never Walk Again" instead of "You'll Never Walk Alone" on…
Celebrities, loved ones remember Jerry Lewis at Las Vegas memorial hosted by Tony Orlando
Donnie Foster, who lives with CMT, shares his story of trekking from MO to Vegas to meet Jerry Lewis at the telethon
For me today was always about Jerry Lewis and the MD Telethon... RIP Jerry- bet you are surrounded by love ❤️ just like you ga…
Too bad they don't do an annual telethon, a la Jerry Lewis, to build a massive, permanent, liquid disaster relief fund.
Tuesday after Labor Day, better get your work hats on, and don't fret, we still have memories of the Jerry Lewis telethon! 😂😂😂😂
Jerry Lewis movie marathon for Labor Day. Wish his MDA telethon was still live on TV.
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It's fitting that chose Labor Day for a Jerry Lewis marathon, when he would host the MDA telethon. h…
Yes, I worked the telephones for a number of years here in Baltimore. I really miss the Telethon and Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis was the man behind the annual Muscular Dystrophy telethon for decades, raising millions. https:/…
Interesting Sandra Bernhard is wearing Jerry Lewis trademark white socks as she runs him down; he in stylish boots.
Need a good one and on comes "King of Comedy." Perfect. (Labor Day homage to Jerry Lewis, I suppose.) By the way, whither Sandra Bernhard?
The King of Comedy starring De Niro, Jerry Lewis & Sandra Bernhard is on at 7pm. Drop everything and watch.
Stella Stevens did alright. Playboy, Jerry Lewis, Elvis Presley and Matt Helm. And the pilot of "Hart to Hart".…
While it's all a little murky what went down with Jerry Lewis and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, it's...
This Labor Day; Give a Donation to Muscular Dystrophy Association in the memory of Jerry Lewis. Mean B.R. has spoken . .
Jerry Lewis, comedian, telethon host, dies at 91
Thank You, Jerry Lewis - The late comedian raised vast sums of money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, wh...
Interesting article about a young Jerry Lewis & how he defended himself against bigotry. .
Aunt Bea has the same laugh as Jerry Lewis.
I discuss Charlottesville, hate for Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and we somewhat mourn Jerry Lewis.
Charlotte Moorman plays Jerry Lewis like a cello on The Merv Griffin Show, 1967.
My Mr. Moon River and the legend himself, Jerry Lewis. Love looking back. JERRY LEWIS & ANDY WILLIAMS via
RIP Jerry Lewis, he was a *** celebrate that Mel Brooks is still alive and a total sweetie
Martin Scorsese, Sandra Bernhard, Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis on the set of 'The King of Comedy'.
I think this is my last Jerry Lewis for sale: DON'T RAISE THE BRIDGE LOWER THE RIVER Jerry Lewis 1sht…
And we're remembering one of the truly great cinema artists, Jerry Lewis. Here with Stella Stevens for The Nutty P…
yeah Jerry Lewis was great. I also liked Red Skelton
The post-speech panel is the best thing I've seen for humor since watching the old Jerry Lewis outtakes.
"You're my favourite fan, I mean it sincerely" Jerry Lewis para Sammy Davis Jr.
Jerry Lewis was not racist. I guess you forget the Sammy Davis Jr (who was part of the Rat Pack) wa…
That's because no one at the CNN Entertainment desk is old enough to know who Jerry Lewis was. RIP Jerry.
I never found Jerry Lewis or *** Gregory funny. Hybrids gave us crap like Samantha Bee...vile leftist activist.
I got a better idea of Jerry Lewis from Paul Shaffer's autobio ("We'll be Here for the Rest of Our Lives") than from seeing him on TV in 70s
Celebrities mourn death of comedian Jerry Lewis https…
Our thoughts are with family & friends of Jerry Lewis. Jimmy was on the Martin & Lewis show in 1952.
The owner of an amusement park wants sexual favors, the passing of comedy legend Jerry Lewis, and the eclipse.
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Wow, I was so occupied yesterday that I didn't not know until just now that Jerry Lewis passed away. He filled my...
Dane Cook, Margaret Cho, Gilbert Gottfried and other comedians mourned the death of Jerry Lewis
Would you rather interview non-dead Jerry Lewis or Rick Carlisle after a 10 game losing streak?
A classic piece of criticism in which Jonathan Rosenbaum argues for Jerry Lewis's superiority over Woody Allen
You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good… Jerry Lewis is dead. Good. (a la Bette Davis)
Jerry Lewis. You were blessed, and blessed us with the perfect combination of comedy and Tragedy. A perfect clown who could…
WATCH | The late great Jerry Lewis was so right about the wave of illegal migrants flooding Europe. Clueless Merkel sh…
Jerry Lewis & Sammy Davis, Jr. back together again.
Jerry Lewis with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the Jerry Lewis telethon, 1972.
I can't think of any better way to start Monday that with a Jerry Lewis intro of a Montgomery Gentry song. . What...
RIL to Jerry Lewis and *** Gregory! Both are gone but will never be forgotten!
Jerry Lewis and Sammy Davis Jr. at the telethon 1978. .
ICYMI - Jerry Lewis has passed away; American Funnyman partnered with Dean Martin for much of his comedic career https…
Jerry Lewis was another real HERO, who ended up dedicating his life to those in need... The world of comedy lost big this past…
I used to watch an old VHS tape with Jerry Lewis and Sammy Davis Jr. The laughs I received from Jerry made a hard scho…
Jerry Lewis loved his country & helped it enormously. I occasionally spoke with him about policy-he was on it, very engage…
I'm so heartbroken that Jerry Lewis passed away. His buddy films w/ Dean Martin are still some of my all-time favorites...
Legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis dies at 91 via
We lost a legend of comedy today. Jerry Lewis has passed away at 91. (Photo: Sammy Davis Jr., Brad Garrett and Jerry L…
I'm sad to hear of Jerry Lewis's passing, grew up watching a lot of his films especially my favorite The Nutty Prof…
Comedy legend Jerry Lewis died today at 91 . A tribute to "The Nutty Professor" in "The City of Shifting Waters" by Christ…
From the Nutty Professor to the Telethon King: See Jerry Lewis' Life in Photos
Our condolences to the friends & family of Jerry Lewis: comedian, director, writer & member.
The great comedian Jerry Lewis has joined his fellow legends Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe in immortality. Rest in pea…
Rest In Peace, Jerry Lewis. I loved your movies as much as France did. The Nutty Professor and Cinderfella will always be cl…
Comedy legend Jerry Lewis has died at the age of 91.
My late father, Tom Thomson, was a chemistry professor at where they filmed exteriors for Jerry Lewis' The Nutty…
From "The Nutty Professor" to "Funny Bones," here are ten great Jerry Lewis movies to stream
When I was 5, Jerry Lewis was my favorite comedian, and The Nutty Professor is still great. Rest In Klaven With The Ni…
Death is always sad. But it's especially sad when it involves someone who brought joy to so many. RIP, Jerry Lewis.
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Can we all just take a second to appreciate the utter CHAOS that Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin are causing in Heaven today…
The Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis movies are worth a look back. Especially if you have never seen one. Clean, goofball comedy.
Last time I saw "Jerry Lewis" was at a Doctors office in LA. We had a very nice conversation about his pal Dean Martin. R…
Awesome. I grew up watching Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin and the Rat Pack. I remember smelling that sauce…
I know it was a corny film, but I went to You Tube to watch Hollywood or Bust with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I...
Jerry Lewis' marriages, children and friendship with Dean Martin via JerryLewis RIP MemoryLane
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis- The money Song via One for Jerry who passed away today.
Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin, together again. RIP Jerry, God Bless your family.
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, finally back together. You paved the way for us who came along behind your legendary careers…
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis one of the best comedy teams of all time. They were magic together.
I will mourn Jerry Lewis when I’m sitting in the closing credits of the Nazi movie he made.
Stan Laurel signed photo dedicated to his friend Jerry Lewis. . *Photo courtesy of Tyler St Mark.
Jerry Lewis dies at 91, publicist says: Jerry Lewis, the slapstick-loving comedian…
MDA would not be what it is today if it weren't for Jerry Lewis & his tireless efforts. Thank you, Jerry ❤️
We're sad to report that Jerry Lewis has died at age 91. Jerry was the first celebrity to pop out of a window during a Batc…
As a little kid I loved him. As a teen I had the shock of my life when he walked into the newsagency I worked in Rosebud. Vale Jerry Lewis
10 great Jerry Lewis movies that demonstrate the breadth of his talent
Jerry Lewis, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese during the filming of The King Of Comedy. RIP
The NYT obituary for Jerry Lewis, the comedian and filmmaker who was a defining figure of American entertainment
A makeshift memorial for the late Jerry Lewis appeared around his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles
Truly the King of Comedy. . Farewell Jerry Lewis. Thanks for a lifetime of love and laughter.
Opinion: Jerry Lewis outlasted his critics - Everything, it seemed, was a joke when it came to Jerry Lewis. Eve...
It was incredible knowing & laughing with the Amazing Jerry Lewis! He'll keep'em laffin in the ever after!
Jerry Lewis, comic great and humanitarian with enormous body of work, dies
Breaking News: Jerry Lewis has died. The comedian and filmmaker was a defining figure of American entertainment.
Fake news again!!! Don't know the difference between Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis.# fake news!!
Jerry Lewis was a national treasure. My heart is saddened. May he rest with God.
We're deeply saddened by the death of beloved comedian, humanitarian & former MDA telethon star Jerry Lewis.
Jerry Lewis, comedy icon and telethon host dies, at 91 - St. Augustine Record
Jerry Lewis’ publicist Candi Cazau reflects on life and legacy of the actor and comedian who died today at age 91
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RIP Jerry Lewis. The world has fewer laughs in it now. Terrible day.
Iconic comedian Jerry Lewis died Sunday morning at the age of 91
🙏RIP Jerry Lewis. Thank you for the laughs, your generosity & tirelessly helping children w/ Muscular Dystrophy. You wil…
Rest In Peace Jerry Lewis. Thank you for an entire lifetime's worth of laughs. You were one of a kind.
R.I.P Jerry Lewis (1926-Forever). we've lost another legend! Thank you for making our lives a little more fun and happ…
R.I.P. Jerry Lewis, who has passed away at the age of 91.
That fool was no dummy. Jerry Lewis was an undeniable genius an unfathomable blessing, comedy's absolute! I am because he wa…
Remembering the fabulous Jerry Lewis. He was such great fun we dropped half the show to keep talking to him.…
BREAKING NEWS: Comedy legend Jerry Lewis has passed away at age 91.
RIP Jerry Lewis- one of my comedy inspirations and the basis for the voice of Kerwyn.
I was gonna be rude and say maybe Lil Duval would be the third comedian to go, but *** Gregory and Jerry Lewis were actuall…
Comedian and actor Jerry Lewis has died, aged 91
Jerry Lewis on President before the 2016 election. RIP Jerry!
BREAKING: Actor, comedian and philanthropist Jerry Lewis has died, according to his publicist. He was 91.
First *** Gregory and then Jerry Lewis. The Yin and the Yang of Comedy. I guess after this week even God was desperat…
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Jerry Lewis dead: Comedy legend dies at 91
true true, genius and the man who brought back slapstick r i p Jerry Lewis you were truly great as a comedian and a humanitarian
Remembering The New Jersey roots of the comedy icon
Jerry Lewis, king of low-brow comedy and charity fundraiser, dies at 91
OH NO!! :( R.I.P Jerry Lewis! So sad.. I loved watching this guy growing up he was so funny.. and so giving and...
Ivanka and Jared tried to stop Jerry Lewis from dying, according to two sources familiar with the situation.
Jerry Lewis had 20 or 30 years left of amazing comedy ahead of him. I'm stunned. Totally shocked and floored he's gone. h…
Heartbroken over the loss of the great Jerry Lewis. A special talent in front of and behind the camera. Farewell to…
Jerry Lewis will always be remembered as a true humanitarian raising over $2.6 billion for the Muscular Dystrophy Associ…
Jerry Lewis, a complicated soul who made the whole world laugh has died.
mobile homepage has two articles about jerry Lewis and not one about *** Gregory.
Comedians, actors and writers remember "The Nutty Professor" creator, funnyman Jerry Lewis who died today at age 91
Seven minute LAST interview with Jerry Lewis was hilariously awkward --->
I usually say this about my mom vs my dad but today I'll say it about Jerry Lewis vs Dean Martin- the wrong one died first.
What, you've never seen a Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis movie!!
"Your Late" and it's time to start crouching again. (Jerry Lewis was actually taller than Dean Martin)
R.I.P. Jerry Lewis...thanks to Al, for this clip idea...I've always loved Dean Martin...I was a little young for...
Frank Sinatra brings Dean Martin to Jerry Lewis for 1976 Reunion via
1976: Jerry Lewis's legendary reunion/reconciliation with Dean Martin on live TV
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin were reunited by pal Frank Sinatra — it was a classic live TV moment
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin reconciled on live TV in 1976 thanks to Frank Sinatra’s magic: “I think it’s about time”
Yes. Jerry Lewis, Don Knotts, Tim Conway and Carol Burnett make me laugh until I cry. Time for a Netflix marathon.
Yes!! One of the greats! My favorite 4 will forever be, Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball & Carol Bu…
Sad to hear Jerry Lewis passed away today. He was such a gifted comedic talent. All though the years, I never missed the…
So so sad!!! Jerry Lewis was Labor Day growing up with the MDA telethon.
Jerry Lewis walks alone: The ritual of the Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day Telethon
RIP Jerry Lewis. I grew up watching him host the Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy, and watching his hilarious movies.
Bummed. RIP Jerry Lewis. Labor Day weekend always meant Jerrys MDA telethon. And, laughing at him being an *** in his old movies
"Jerry Lewis" Please everyone, say a prayer or a moment of silence for this great man who held the Labor Day Telethon to help children.
Another legend has left us. The Labor Day Telethon won't be the same without him. Jerry Lewis (1926-2017)
This. From my earliest childhood, Labor Day meant the Jerry Lewis telethon. Farewell, funny man.
Wow! Two comedy legends on the same day. Grew up watching Jerry Lewis every year on and the Labor Day Tele…
And, I don't feel any way about Jerry Lewis dying.
Regret not telling Jerry Lewis how I grew up with this VHS when I passed him in the halls of Chelsea Piers studios.
please play call into telethon and Doug Beattie with Sam Kinison re: Jerry Lewis
. Nice "reporting" fake news Tom. calling Gilbert godfried "good friend" of Jerry Lewis he said he met him a couple few times
Martin Scorsese remembers Jerry Lewis: "He was a giant. He was an innovator. He was a great entertainer"
Jerry Lewis passed away today. He was 91 .R.I.P. THIS apparently was his last interview in 2016. It was .
Rick Godley one of 2 favorite Jerry Lewis skits.Enjoy!
Had the great privilege of interviewing Jerry Lewis once; he was smart, funny, and sharp as a razor. He also starred in S…
Jerry Lewis made Millions of children laugh! Generations of kids delirious with laughter watching his movies! Can't imagi…
Jerry Lewis has been reunited with Dean Martin and Company on the biggest stage in front of the largest audience for eternity. RIP brother.
Sad to hear Jerry Lewis died. His movies with Dean Martin still make me laugh.
Say what you want about Jerry Lewis but leave Gilbert alone.
Special tribute to Jerry Lewis. Brilliant man but complex & capable of being most unpleasant. Coming up
Jerry Lewis's very talented son Gary Lewis and his Playboys!. ...and that is a very young Teri Garr in the clip...
R.I.P. Not to Jerry,. from Rick and Morty. But . R.I.P to you Jerry Lewis.
We lose another show business icon - My time with . Jerry Lewis go to "Rick's Blog
I don't care that Jerry Lewis died and I think Rick and Morty is vastly overrated.
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin in "Artist and Models": Phone Call for Rick Todd . Still GREAT!
The residents of heaven will be rolling in the aisles tonight. Goodbye to the master of the visual gag. RIP Jerry Lewis.
Kinda *** Jerry Lewis died today but I'm glad Rick and Morty will be there to cheer me up
Jerry Lewis, king of comedy, dies at 91
BREAKING: Actor and comedian Jerry Lewis has died at 91, NBC News confirms
Jerry Lewis. A legend is gone. I was honored to be a part of his Labor Day Telethon in Montgomery. ALNewsNetwork
The French were right about him all along. RIP Jerry Lewis
Rick Malkin got some great pics of Jerry Lewis when he was in Nashville five years ago directing the world...
Let's think of a list that could get away with it: Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jerry Lewis, Rip Taylor...
Hurry Amy - before the Jerry Lewis labir day wknd telathon
Look at it that way or look at it this way--may God grant you one wish, that you know show people. (Jerry Lewis.)
Apparently if Jerry Lewis shot someone in California the trial should be held in France because they love him there. http…
Lynch works through Jerry Lewis, Richard Lester, and Ernie Kovacs in Pt 12 of TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. How so? Recap:
July 25th 1946 - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis stage their first show as a comedy team (
This day in 1956 at NYC Copacabana Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis perform their last comedy show together began on 7/25/1948
It's not easy playing Dean Martin to Rick's Jerry Lewis. All I could think was how huge t…
On this day in... 1950: The television show "The Colgate Comedy Hour" debuted featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. https:/…
They actually talked about Inspector Clouseau, French vs Freedom fries and Jerry Lewis..
The Nutty Professor is a Jerry Lewis movie! Eddy Murphy's is faux nutty.
Keep waiting Movie people keep him busy in comedy Why ? Jerry Lewis was show off , Eddy Murphy a riot both in Nutty Prof .
Yeah, my only issue is that I don't want it to look like the Jerry Lewis telethon, lol.
Yes. And the challenge of taking a great Jerry Lewis comedy on and somehow being just as good if not better.
Best golf movie, "The Caddy" starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. For something more serious, " The Ben Hogan Story."
Jerry Lewis being interviewed about his former partner in theatre,Dean Martin,
first time watching THE GEISHA BOY (1958) starring Jerry Lewis, also the first film for Suzanne Pleshette.
Does t his guy look like Jerry Lewis i n the Nutty Professor?
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He's like a combination of Woody Allen and Jerry Lewis
when did you hired Jerry Lewis (Stuart Jones)for acting assistant Secretary of State? UN F BELIEVABLE ! Talking about crazy
Ambush bug is like, a Jerry Lewis, vaudeville AW SHUCKS parody and deadpool is 90…
*while stock market was falling like Jerry Lewis' telethon numbers, in reverse.
I mean, I just heard "Nutty Professor" era Jerry Lewis say it in my head, but I like yours too
Jerry Lewis and Stella Stevens in the comedy film 'The Nutty Professor' 1963.
I often got Jerry Lee Lewis + Jerry Lewis mixed up. Easy mistake to make if you think about it. I loved Jerry in The Nutty Professor!
FBI Director Comey was about as effective as Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor. Good riddance.
I remember going to see this with at The Adelphi Theatre with the legendary Jerry Lewis in 1997. AMA…
I liked a video Jerry Lewis on teaming up with Dean Martin -
I liked a video Jerry Lewis on the Martin-Lewis Reunion & Dean's Death
Ummm... 3 guesses, is it, Steve Martin? Nooo!,,, Is it, Jerry Lewis? NOooo! Then, it must be, well…
SANDY WEXLER reminds me of Jonathan Rosenbaum's review of Jerry Lewis's HARDLY WORKING
is so "last century". I keep looking for Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jerry Lewis and listening for the canned laugh track.
Martin and Jerry Lewis made frequent appearances on ‘The Colgate Comedy Hour,’ starting with the very first episode…
Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston are the best comedy duo since Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.
Back in my day we had Bruce Lee, James Bond, John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Toni Curtis, A...
"Jerry Lewis" signed in 1959, "Rita Moreno" in 1966 (won the Oscar for Westside Story as supporting actress) and...
France, if you read that Emmanuel Macron hates scarves, prefers color to B&W, and doesn't find Jerry Lewis funny it's…
No wonder Jerry Lewis is so popular
Marine Le Pen is the worst decision by the French since Jerry Lewis.
Joe Piscopo doing Jerry Lewis, teaching Data how to laugh. Billy Campbell and Teri Hatcher guest star. I'm with Dat…
Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn and Jerry Lewis photographed by Bob Willoughby at the Paramount Studios publicity departme…
Time for a list of older icons who are not allowed to die:. Kirk Douglas. Mel Brooks. Carl Reiner. *** Van *** Jerry Lewis. Jan…
The most important quote of my career... WOW!!! Honored!!! 🕴🏻. "The greatest magic show I have ever seen in my life!". -Jerry…
So funny: Jerry Lewis boxing in movie Sailor Beware
I love you & ur dirty Jerry Lee Lewis incredible portrayal! So good. Folks that's him playing…
I have a dollar to donate to keep them afloat .. we could do a charity drive for red eye .. Jerry Lewis still awake?
I liked a video from Don Rickles Roasts Jerry Lewis
Happy birthday to the one and only Jerry Lewis! 🎈🙌
Guys, when I was young I had a really big crush on Jerry Lee Lewis.
The two things I'd like to learn are 1) how to play the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis & 2) how to make silk screened art prints. Now you know.
There's another jazz and oldie favorite coming up next on - Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis.
Hmm, dunno... I was saying it like Jerry Lewis.
This is fabulous. Jerry Lewis and (Jo Ann Phlug?) from the old days. No joke about T Rumpola. Very well done. 😀
When Jerry West said he'd prefer to no longer be the NBA's logo, gave him some alternate choices: Kareem, Jor…
another bad loss thanks to Hadley . Crashman and Jerry Lewis Girardi on the way out
I vote for Meyer Lansky. Don is like Jerry Lewis and Michael is like George Carlin.
VIDEO: Watch this hilarious interview of Jerry Lewis now in his 90s.
From the makers of "The Nutty Professor", starring Jerry Lewis, we present: "The Nutty Dictator" starring Donald John Trump
Netflix Doubles Down on Adam Sandler With New Four-Film Deal. do we get a discount now? Isn't Jerry Lewis available?
ugh! no more Adam Sandler. Is he trying to be an awful Jerry Lewis?
Before Elvis, Jerry Lewis, Bob Dylan, Hooker, The Beatles, The Stones...there was this guy! Who…
Jerry Lewis turns 91! . Mel Brooks wrote the first draft of The Ladies Man (1961) and Bill Richmond was Lenny Bruce's dr…
2/ Look how Johnny Carson treated Fred deCordova at the end. Jerry Lewis? World class philanthropist AND jerk.
This dude might be the love child of Peewee Herman and Jerry Lewis.
listening to episode with Ron White and Jerry Lewis did interview on with Marc Maron, and he cut it off after 30 minutes
You may think you're cool but, you'll never be Jerry Lewis setting his piano on fire and playing "great balls of fire"…
Did you know Jerry Lee Lewis only had two piano lessons? Hear the story straight from The Killer himself:
Harry Giles sounds like a fake boyband member Jerry Lewis would play.
Better get Jerry Lewis to host, because you're going to be on the phones for a while! Make deals to re-buil O-Line and D-Line.
I added a video to a playlist Jerry Lee Lewis "You Win Again" (1979)
If you don't like Jerry Lee Lewis, gtfo.
Lucky man, Nick. Lucky man. She is a beautiful and funny LADY!(said with Jerry Lewis inflection) Cheers.
"The fun is, when you risk and it scores, it's hallelujah." - Jerry Lewis
Anyone remember the 40 time of Ray Lewis, Ronnie Lott, Teddy Bruschi or Jerry Rice? You can play or you can't.
Dig this: It's 2017 and both Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis are still alive.
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin (by Philippe Halsman from his Jump series)
Well, I'm Mike D, I got the deuces wild (yeah boy). A list of girlies numbers that I've dialed. I do the Smurf, the Popeye,and the Jerry Lewis
1919 Jerry Lewis and Eva Gabor in Artists and Models, 1955, directed by Frank Tashlin.
Jerry Lewis telethon style argument for democracy!
Right, as opposed to "we need a guy who looks a little like Jerry Lewis but dimmer" Earl.
The world’s BEST Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis tribute! Classic entertainment for the whole family!. February 4th at 7:30PM!! h…
I remember all those Bugs Bunny cartoons! Jerry Lewis, Carol Burnett. How the cultural climate has changed.
Sounds good. Post war, great music Jimmy Swaggert, Jerry Lewis. Sam Phillips is a good role for you.
I agree with Michael. Jerry Lewis made a career with 1 character. Abbott and Costello too.
Died December 25th (1995) Dean Martin, King of Cool. On-set partner of Jerry Lewis. Martin was a crooner and a membe…
listen to podcast with he has a great Jerry Lewis story!
We had in studio with us on Monday and discussed the charming Jerry Lewis
That's the hardest I've laughed in 2016. Jerry Lewis into Ron Goldman is genius.
my favs are Seinfeld, Jerry Lewis, Rodney Dangerfield, and Dica Clay, who has a beautiful wife Val. But I got ta say Bull & Fox !
VIDEO hilarity. Jerry Lewis is still gold at age 90. Just doesn't give two cents about this. Classic.
Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis is definitely not a yes man. The 90-year-old entertainment legend ...
Listen up young'ns, this is NOT how you interview Jerry Lewis really not how you interview anyone. ever.
Las Vegas showbiz legend Jerry Lewis can be a tough interview: .
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hey, 2016, can we bring back a legend you took this year and maybe send Jerry Lewis instead?
Wrong side of the bed?⚡️ “Jerry Lewis gives most awkward interview of 2016”.
This makes me love even more. The only thing that makes this awkward is the reporter's awfulness.
I admire this reporter's ability to keep this interview with Jerry Lewis going for almost 8 minutes.
Good lesson for interviewers. Always prepare more Qs than you think you'll need. Why? Watch Jerry Lewis be a jerk:
I love Trump. Sometimes when he's talking he sounds like a cross between Christopher Walken & Bud Costello. With a touch of Je…
I think Jerry Lewis could be my new hero. .
Comedian Jerry Lewis just gave the worst interview ever
Kind of glorious. Ninety year old Jerry Lewis angrily beats an interviewer to death.
And the award for person in pop culture I feel most sorry for in 2016 goes to...the poor guy who interviewed...
Saw the THR Jerry Lewis interview. So many close-ended questions were sure to get yes or no answers from him. No rapport at all.
Watch Jerry Lewis endure possibly his worst interview ever:
This is my nightmare scenario and it's also the best thing I've seen all month. Love Jerry.
It can at one and the same time be true that a) Jerry Lewis is a *** and a holy terror and b) That's great and hilario…
This may have been painfully awkward for the interviewer, but I thought Lewis was hilarious:
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Listening further, it's almost as if the interviewer hadn't seen any of Jerry Lewis' work. That can't be right, but...
I have to say Jerry Lewis gives a great interview. ACV
Interviewer: How have you sort of maintained your audience over the years?. Jerry Lewis: You tell ‘em you’re playing there, and they show up.
Try retitling We Got Schooled by Jerry Lewis and Should Fold as a Publication to Repent for This Embarrassment
Watch Jerry Lewis display utter contempt for a series of inane and pointless questions for seven minutes. Amazing.
incase you don't know this, that video with Jerry Lewis is so awkward because the interviewer asked unbelievably boring questions.
I hear Reddit just booked Jerry Lewis for an Ask Me Nothing. Psyched!
Jerry Lewis is a trip. And not a pleasant one!
When I grow up I want to be Jerry Lewis via
Love this and Jerry L. so much. . The essence of every comedian on display. Wish this was mine. .
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