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Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis (born Joseph Levitch; March 16, 1926) is an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director.

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Sad to hear Jerry Lewis passed away today. He was such a gifted comedic talent. All though the years, I never missed the…
So so sad!!! Jerry Lewis was Labor Day growing up with the MDA telethon.
Jerry Lewis walks alone: The ritual of the Muscular Dystrophy Labor Day Telethon
RIP Jerry Lewis. I grew up watching him host the Labor Day telethon for Muscular Dystrophy, and watching his hilarious movies.
Bummed. RIP Jerry Lewis. Labor Day weekend always meant Jerrys MDA telethon. And, laughing at him being an *** in his old movies
"Jerry Lewis" Please everyone, say a prayer or a moment of silence for this great man who held the Labor Day Telethon to help children.
Another legend has left us. The Labor Day telethon won't be the same without him. Jerry Lewis (1926-2017)
This. From my earliest childhood, Labor Day meant the Jerry Lewis telethon. Farewell, funny man.
Wow! Two comedy legends on the same day. Grew up watching Jerry Lewis every year on and the Labor Day Tele…
Special tribute to Jerry Lewis. Brilliant man but complex & capable of being most unpleasant. Coming up
Hurry Amy - before the Jerry Lewis labir day wknd telathon
Look at it that way or look at it this way--may God grant you one wish, that you know show people. (Jerry Lewis.)
Apparently if Jerry Lewis shot someone in California the trial should be held in France because they love him there. http…
Lynch works through Jerry Lewis, Richard Lester, and Ernie Kovacs in Pt 12 of TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. How so? Recap:
July 25th 1946 - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis stage their first show as a comedy team (
This day in 1956 at NYC Copacabana Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis perform their last comedy show together began on 7/25/1948
It's not easy playing Dean Martin to Rick's Jerry Lewis. All I could think was how huge t…
On this day in... 1950: The television show "The Colgate Comedy Hour" debuted featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. https:/…
They actually talked about Inspector Clouseau, French vs Freedom fries and Jerry Lewis..
The Nutty Professor is a Jerry Lewis movie! Eddy Murphy's is faux nutty.
Keep waiting Movie people keep him busy in comedy Why ? Jerry Lewis was show off , Eddy Murphy a riot both in Nutty Prof .
Yeah, my only issue is that I don't want it to look like the Jerry Lewis telethon, lol.
Yes. And the challenge of taking a great Jerry Lewis comedy on and somehow being just as good if not better.
Best golf movie, "The Caddy" starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. For something more serious, " The Ben Hogan Story."
Jerry Lewis being interviewed about his former partner in theatre,Dean Martin,
first time watching THE GEISHA BOY (1958) starring Jerry Lewis, also the first film for Suzanne Pleshette.
Does t his guy look like Jerry Lewis i n the Nutty Professor?
He's like a combination of Woody Allen and Jerry Lewis
when did you hired Jerry Lewis (Stuart Jones)for acting assistant Secretary of State? UN F BELIEVABLE ! Talking about crazy
Ambush bug is like, a Jerry Lewis, vaudeville AW SHUCKS parody and deadpool is 90…
*while stock market was falling like Jerry Lewis' telethon numbers, in reverse.
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I mean, I just heard "Nutty Professor" era Jerry Lewis say it in my head, but I like yours too
Jerry Lewis and Stella Stevens in the comedy film 'The Nutty Professor' 1963.
I often got Jerry Lee Lewis + Jerry Lewis mixed up. Easy mistake to make if you think about it. I loved Jerry in The Nutty Professor!
FBI Director Comey was about as effective as Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor. Good riddance.
I remember going to see this with at The Adelphi Theatre with the legendary Jerry Lewis in 1997. AMA…
I liked a video Jerry Lewis on teaming up with Dean Martin -
I liked a video Jerry Lewis on the Martin-Lewis Reunion & Dean's Death
Ummm... 3 guesses, is it, Steve Martin? Nooo!,,, Is it, Jerry Lewis? NOooo! Then, it must be, well…
SANDY WEXLER reminds me of Jonathan Rosenbaum's review of Jerry Lewis's HARDLY WORKING
is so "last century". I keep looking for Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jerry Lewis and listening for the canned laugh track.
Martin and Jerry Lewis made frequent appearances on ‘The Colgate Comedy Hour,’ starting with the very first episode…
Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston are the best comedy duo since Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.
Back in my day we had Bruce Lee, James Bond, John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Toni Curtis, A...
"Jerry Lewis" signed in 1959, "Rita Moreno" in 1966 (won the Oscar for Westside Story as supporting actress) and...
France, if you read that Emmanuel Macron hates scarves, prefers color to B&W, and doesn't find Jerry Lewis funny it's…
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No wonder Jerry Lewis is so popular
Marine Le Pen is the worst decision by the French since Jerry Lewis.
Joe Piscopo doing Jerry Lewis, teaching Data how to laugh. Billy Campbell and Teri Hatcher guest star. I'm with Dat…
Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn and Jerry Lewis photographed by Bob Willoughby at the Paramount Studios publicity departme…
Time for a list of older icons who are not allowed to die:. Kirk Douglas. Mel Brooks. Carl Reiner. *** Van *** Jerry Lewis. Jan…
The most important quote of my career... WOW!!! Honored!!! 🕴🏻. "The greatest magic show I have ever seen in my life!". -Jerry…
So funny: Jerry Lewis boxing in movie Sailor Beware
I love you & ur dirty Jerry Lee Lewis incredible portrayal! So good. Folks that's him playing…
I have a dollar to donate to keep them afloat .. we could do a charity drive for red eye .. Jerry Lewis still awake?
I liked a video from Don Rickles Roasts Jerry Lewis
Happy birthday to the one and only Jerry Lewis! 🎈🙌
Guys, when I was young I had a really big crush on Jerry Lee Lewis.
The two things I'd like to learn are 1) how to play the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis & 2) how to make silk screened art prints. Now you know.
There's another jazz and oldie favorite coming up next on - Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis.
Hmm, dunno... I was saying it like Jerry Lewis.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This is fabulous. Jerry Lewis and (Jo Ann Phlug?) from the old days. No joke about T Rumpola. Very well done. 😀
When Jerry West said he'd prefer to no longer be the NBA's logo, gave him some alternate choices: Kareem, Jor…
another bad loss thanks to Hadley . Crashman and Jerry Lewis Girardi on the way out
I vote for Meyer Lansky. Don is like Jerry Lewis and Michael is like George Carlin.
VIDEO: Watch this hilarious interview of Jerry Lewis now in his 90s.
From the makers of "The Nutty Professor", starring Jerry Lewis, we present: "The Nutty Dictator" starring Donald John Trump
Netflix Doubles Down on Adam Sandler With New Four-Film Deal. do we get a discount now? Isn't Jerry Lewis available?
ugh! no more Adam Sandler. Is he trying to be an awful Jerry Lewis?
Before Elvis, Jerry Lewis, Bob Dylan, Hooker, The Beatles, The Stones...there was this guy! Who…
Jerry Lewis turns 91! . Mel Brooks wrote the first draft of The Ladies Man (1961) and Bill Richmond was Lenny Bruce's dr…
2/ Look how Johnny Carson treated Fred deCordova at the end. Jerry Lewis? World class philanthropist AND jerk.
This dude might be the love child of Peewee Herman and Jerry Lewis.
listening to episode with Ron White and Jerry Lewis did interview on with Marc Maron, and he cut it off after 30 minutes
You may think you're cool but, you'll never be Jerry Lewis setting his piano on fire and playing "great balls of fire"…
Did you know Jerry Lee Lewis only had two piano lessons? Hear the story straight from The Killer himself:
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Harry Giles sounds like a fake boyband member Jerry Lewis would play.
Better get Jerry Lewis to host, because you're going to be on the phones for a while! Make deals to re-buil O-Line and D-Line.
I added a video to a playlist Jerry Lee Lewis "You Win Again" (1979)
If you don't like Jerry Lee Lewis, gtfo.
Lucky man, Nick. Lucky man. She is a beautiful and funny LADY!(said with Jerry Lewis inflection) Cheers.
"The fun is, when you risk and it scores, it's hallelujah." - Jerry Lewis
Anyone remember the 40 time of Ray Lewis, Ronnie Lott, Teddy Bruschi or Jerry Rice? You can play or you can't.
Dig this: It's 2017 and both Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis are still alive.
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin (by Philippe Halsman from his Jump series)
1899 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on the set of The Caddy (1953) with director Norman Taurog.
Well, I'm Mike D, I got the deuces wild (yeah boy). A list of girlies numbers that I've dialed. I do the Smurf, the Popeye,and the Jerry Lewis
1919 Jerry Lewis and Eva Gabor in Artists and Models, 1955, directed by Frank Tashlin.
Jerry Lewis telethon style argument for democracy!
Right, as opposed to "we need a guy who looks a little like Jerry Lewis but dimmer" Earl.
The world’s BEST Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis tribute! Classic entertainment for the whole family!. February 4th at 7:30PM!! h…
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I remember all those Bugs Bunny cartoons! Jerry Lewis, Carol Burnett. How the cultural climate has changed.
Sounds good. Post war, great music Jimmy Swaggert, Jerry Lewis. Sam Phillips is a good role for you.
I agree with Michael. Jerry Lewis made a career with 1 character. Abbott and Costello too.
Died December 25th (1995) Dean Martin, King of Cool. On-set partner of Jerry Lewis. Martin was a crooner and a membe…
listen to podcast with he has a great Jerry Lewis story!
We had in studio with us on Monday and discussed the charming Jerry Lewis
That's the hardest I've laughed in 2016. Jerry Lewis into Ron Goldman is genius.
my favs are Seinfeld, Jerry Lewis, Rodney Dangerfield, and Dica Clay, who has a beautiful wife Val. But I got ta say Bull & Fox !
VIDEO hilarity. Jerry Lewis is still gold at age 90. Just doesn't give two cents about this. Classic.
Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis is definitely not a yes man. The 90-year-old entertainment legend ...
Listen up young'ns, this is NOT how you interview Jerry Lewis really not how you interview anyone. ever.
Las Vegas showbiz legend Jerry Lewis can be a tough interview: .
Hey, 2016, can we bring back a legend you took this year and maybe send Jerry Lewis instead?
Wrong side of the bed?⚡️ “Jerry Lewis gives most awkward interview of 2016”.
This makes me love even more. The only thing that makes this awkward is the reporter's awfulness.
I admire this reporter's ability to keep this interview with Jerry Lewis going for almost 8 minutes.
Good lesson for interviewers. Always prepare more Qs than you think you'll need. Why? Watch Jerry Lewis be a jerk:
I love Trump. Sometimes when he's talking he sounds like a cross between Christopher Walken & Bud Costello. With a touch of Je…
I think Jerry Lewis could be my new hero. .
Comedian Jerry Lewis just gave the worst interview ever
Kind of glorious. Ninety year old Jerry Lewis angrily beats an interviewer to death.
And the award for person in pop culture I feel most sorry for in 2016 goes to...the poor guy who interviewed...
Saw the THR Jerry Lewis interview. So many close-ended questions were sure to get yes or no answers from him. No rapport at all.
Watch Jerry Lewis endure possibly his worst interview ever:
This is my nightmare scenario and it's also the best thing I've seen all month. Love Jerry.
It can at one and the same time be true that a) Jerry Lewis is a *** and a holy terror and b) That's great and hilario…
This may have been painfully awkward for the interviewer, but I thought Lewis was hilarious:
Listening further, it's almost as if the interviewer hadn't seen any of Jerry Lewis' work. That can't be right, but...
I have to say Jerry Lewis gives a great interview. ACV
Interviewer: How have you sort of maintained your audience over the years?. Jerry Lewis: You tell ‘em you’re playing there, and they show up.
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Try retitling We Got Schooled by Jerry Lewis and Should Fold as a Publication to Repent for This Embarrassment
Watch Jerry Lewis display utter contempt for a series of inane and pointless questions for seven minutes. Amazing.
incase you don't know this, that video with Jerry Lewis is so awkward because the interviewer asked unbelievably boring questions.
I hear Reddit just booked Jerry Lewis for an Ask Me Nothing. Psyched!
Jerry Lewis is a trip. And not a pleasant one!
When I grow up I want to be Jerry Lewis via
Love this and Jerry L. so much. . The essence of every comedian on display. Wish this was mine. .
How long has Jerry Lewis been chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Drive? Television
Funny when it's a movie. Who's VP, Jerry Lewis? I suppose Jane Wyman is 1st Lady & Jack Benny is SecTreas!
This the reputation the FBI is getting. It's a Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello or Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin organ…
Kids are watching Back to the Future. . "Ronald Reagan? The actor?! Then who's vice-president – Jerry Lewis?"...
Pierre was the 3rd thief in Bresson's PICKPOCKET. . He designed Mon Oncle poster. . Jerry Lewis cast him in infamous DAY THE CLOWN CRIED.
Yo, I saw Cinderfella when I was 6 and had no clue that it was Jerry Lewis was nor Frank Tashlin.
He was a disaster and not likely to get better: like watching Jerry Lewis debate Margaret Thatcher.
Howard on Menzies akin to Greg Sheridan on Tony Abbott, Jerry Lewis on Dean Martin, Laurel on Hardy..comedy duos!
New post on my blog: Words for the Day… by Jerry Lee Lewis
What if it's Goebbels styled like Jerry Lewis who is styled like a clown?
in the book, "Sports Fan Violence in North America", Jerry Lewis emphasizes the idea that blacks don't have the luxury of...
Jerry Lewis on his latest dramatic film: 'It's almost like saying goodbye'
I just watched your interview with Jerry Lewis. What an excellent interview.
One year ago today, we kicked off Jerry Lee Lewis week at the Rock 'n' Roll Freaks blog, with contributions from...
Whatever it is that Ray Lewis, Jerry Rice, Shaq & Cam Newton been Smokin, Don't smoke that.
Jerry Lewis’s dedication to has not gone unappreciated
Jerry Lewis returns to Las Vegas with a live show at South Point hotel-casino
What a treat! Matthew Empson aka Jerry Lee Lewis gives us a taster of what's to come...…
I grew up on Don Knotts and Jerry Lewis and all the guys from Second City.
Ray Lewis, Cam, Jerry Rice, switching their stances cuz of pressure n prob they folk callin em out. Naaah we heard u the first time coonin
It's okay, y'all. I know that if I were Dean Martin, would be Jerry Lewis
Too many selfies can drive a man insane (With apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis).
When Sinatra won his Oscar Jerry Lewis tackled him and said “I’m so proud of you I’m going to kiss you on the mouth” http…
it could have been Jerry Lewis or Jerry LEE Lewis and I still would've thought they were both dead. They're not.
"Ronald Reagan is the president? And who is the vice, Jerry Lewis? " ( Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man ).
I finally read up on Lord Buckley last night. Yes, I'll buy your book. PS: Ever get an interview with Jerry Lewis?
And we ARE the lucky ones, because Jerry Lewis is back. See him in starting September 2nd!
to Jerry Lewis never failing to make us laugh! See him again in starting September 2nd!.
An intimate conversation with 90-year old Jerry Lewis about comedy, directing, MD and yes, Dean. This https:…
Including that hard to find cut of Jerry Lewis going "UH-WAH-AH-AH, Dean!"
I can't stop saying your last name while doing a Jerry Lewis impression. What do I do?
Although the original Jerry Lewis telethon is no longer in existence, Jay Tolman still celebrates Labor Day...
Jerry Lewis has returned to the big screen. opens TODAY in NYC before expanding nationwide all month! http…
Don't want to miss this. Who doesn't love Jerry Lewis? ❤️
No offense to Jerry Lewis, but I didn't even realize he was still alive, much less starring in a new movie...
My brother the filmmaker gets great review for "Max Rose" with Jerry Lewis. Yes, Jerry Lewis. Thank you, Rex Reed!
I read this in the voice of Jerry Lewis hosting the MDA Telethon. "And now a race-realist version of Jazzman Billy Crystal"
So happy to spend time with Jerry Lee Lewis! ❤️
Jerry Lewis is returning to the big screen!
$SRPT 50th anniversary of the old MDA/Jerry Lewis Labor Day wknd telethon.
nytimesarts: "Max Rose" has laughs, tears and Jerry Lewis:
Just learned that Jerry Lewis is back in a movie.
"Max Rose" has laughs, tears and Jerry Lewis:
Jerry Lewis back in the movies! I talk to his director At Landmark Sunshine NYC today.
I found the intersection that was named by Jerry Lewis! ;)
Justin Bieber singing Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis at karaoke bar in LA - August 28, 2016
"If you are polite, you will be one of those people standing in a line..." --Jerry Lewis
I'm sorry to say that just isn't the same without the MDA Telethon & Jerry Lewis.
Watching Jerry flip out in the waning hours of the telethon was the essence of Labor Day throughout the 70s/80s. .
Today in 1995, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Booker T. & the MGs, Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash performed for the opening of the
More super information symmetry-watching strait at the sun while iPhone playing: Jerry lee Lewis-You are my Sunshine
but was her idea the show being hosted by Eddie Murphy and Jerry Lewis?
Jerry Lewis should have passed on 'Max Rose'
Jerry Lewis is committed, credible in the conventional MAX ROSE via
Call it Labor Day Weekend if you like, I'm going to remember it as Jerry Lewis Appreciation Days.
Jerry Lewis not having an overact-off with Nicolas Cage might be the saddest thing I've heard all day.
Stella Stevens was very funny, and very cute, in The Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis.
2 legends hit the big screen this September when Mort Sahl joins Jerry Lewis in
Jerry Lewis's movie looks really good, but I can't wait to see Luke's new movie! 😊👍🏾
Upcoming guests on my show - The Shaggs, Herbie Flowers and Jerry Lewis biographer Shawn Levy
Jerry Lewis, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Peter Lawford in a skit on The Jerry Lewis Show, February 13, 1968.
12yo daughter and I watching Jerry Lewis' The Ladies Man so she can get a handle on Professor Frink and Jim Carrey's work.
“She brings a dash of the young Jerry Lewis to the role with a glint of Amy Poehler” on Kate McKinnon
It keeps going like the Jerry Lewis telethon. The goal is just minimum wage
Should hire Jerry Lewis and do a telethon.
GOP Convention may be on UHF/AM! What if Bernie threw a Labor Day Independent Convention ala Jerry Lewis' old MD Telethon from 'Vegas?!!!
Would the UK economy and stg hold up if Mark Carney were continuously on TV? A Jerry Lewis-style telethon for 2 years.
"I'm submitting a sketch to SNL in which Trump holds a telethon ala Jerry Lewis and mocks and imitates all the kids"
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gurl, you have taken over today. Good for you. Are you the new Jerry Lewis? Is this your telethon moment? ;)
He got along with Jerry Lewis, and he wrote for The Carol Burnett Show.
Behind the Scenes: Jerry Lewis, Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese discussing a scene on 'The King of Comedy' (1982) ht…
Bill Richmond, writer for Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis, has died.
& on the same TV station. I sense a Bob Newhart/Jerry Lewis kind of on air pairing will emerge :D
Jerry Lewis at the Friars Club Roast of Terry Bradshaw >>
Drew Friedman chats with Tony about Jerry Lewis, Groucho Marx, and drawing his favorite old comedians.
Jerry Lewis, Robert De Niro and director Martin Scorsese on the set of The King of Comedy, 1982.
I liked a video from Richard Pryor and Jerry Lewis (Merv Griffin Show 1966)
Just thinking. Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, and *** Van *** are all still alive and in their 90's.
Very special visit from dear and long-time friend Jerry Lewis yesterday -TC
63 yrs ago today ~ Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope at the National Golf Day in Chicago, May 25, 1953.
You're right. Dean Martin was w/Jerry Lewis. Also Chuck Yeager & Colin Powell drove pacecar. Carson not at 500
Johnny Carson drive laps at though not sure he was at race. Jerry Lewis as well. Ryan Reynolds, Jim Caviezel attended.
Maybe Brits love Matt LeBlanc like the French love Jerry Lewis. That's the only chance Top Gear has.
Paul Reubens and Jerry Lewis are clocking in rather low on the sauceometer.
.great honour to join the ranks of Jerry Lewis and Topo Gigio from the Ed Sullivan show
- Tommy Doc once said on City player Mike White ' He runs down wing like Carl Lewis and Crosses it like Jerry Lewis '
and Jerry Lewis... whoops, no. Forget about that one.
QOTD "Jeff was the Jerry Lewis and we were his Dean Martin's"
The Nutty Professor (1996). So many farts. IMDB says Jerry Lewis decided not to do a cameo because of all the farts. Everybody farts, Jerry.
an Alaskan Polar Bear Heater made for me by Acacia. Invented by Jerry Lewis in Nutty Professor 🍸
South African mole rat reminds me of Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor
Was this before or after Stella in The Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis?
Memoirs! Alan Alda, John Lithgow, and Jerry Lewis, just to name a few.
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis for PurOlator Oil Filter ad 1953 for USD9.99
The Caddy, starring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin - Our house just fills up with laughter when we put
Artists and Models 1955 film poster - starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Shirley MacLaine
Veteran comedian Jerry Lewis was joined by guests including Jim Carrey to celebrate his 90th birthday at New Yorks Friars Club
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis decide who will co-star in Young Lions with a game of "paper, scissors, Marilyn Monroe".
I think there may be something wrong with my iTunes Match. Don't remember Jerry Lee Lewis covering this
On Air: is C'est La Vie by Jerry Lee Lewis on Wake up with Webbo
To have all those great videos? A friend sent me 3 dvd's of old Todd Rundgren vids, some from Jerry Lewis marathons NJ
I suggest you to watch also 1965 Boeing Boeing starring Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis
JUST ASKED BY A CUSTOMER: "Bob Hope in a battle versus Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - who would win?"
Jerry Lewis and Robert Deniro, 69th and Madison between takes of King of Comedy (Martin Scorsese), 1982. https:/…
Jerry Lewis, Tippi Hedren and Loretta Young all lived in Deepwell, Palm Springs. Here is another…
People forget the "French love Jerry Lewis" came from New Wave filmmakers praising his directorial techniques and innovations.
Congrats. However any comedy list without Richard Pryor or Jerry Lewis has no validity for me.
The dissolved into silliness when Jerry Lewis spat water at a Merv Griffin and Richard Pryor. Never Dagmar.
The larger point is that writers aren't respected. Only in France, like Jerry Lewis and Jim Harrison.
I hate this *** Billy Gardell ad. A few years ago we were inundated by "Jerry Lewis at the EQC ads", so I went. It was amazing.
Jerry Lewis wants to live to be older than George Burns
I'm jealous about football. I am TOTALLY sports-impaired. I'm like Jerry Lewis in any sport, but I dance!
Jerry Lewis wows MoMA at world premiere of 'Max Rose'
Boys' night out for Jerry Lewis' 90th birthday: From left: Jeff Ross, Richard Belzer, Jerry Lewis and Jim Carr...
A pair of hot Las Vegas celebs? Wayne Newton and Jerry Lewis: Hey, idea time: Wayne Newton and Jerry Lewis might be…
Who agrees with me that Carl Winslow is a black Dean Martin and Steve Urkel is a black Jerry Lewis?
He is one of my favorites!!! Jerry Lewis will always entertain with his comedic acts and classic movies!! They...
Friars Club hosts 90th birthday tribute for Jerry Lewis :Auto pickup by wikyou
A Tribute to Jerry Lewis by Wendy from St0rmyw1nd of Natureography
Me opening for Jerry Lewis & U being GOP nominee. What are things that'll never happen Alex?
"Did anyone ever tell you you're a moron?" - Jerry Lewis, The King of Comedy
I'm watching an episode of Merv Griffin with Richard Pryor and Jerry Lewis. no for realz.
Thank you for the R-J column item about Jerry Lewis' Norman Rockwell art:
just a tale...caught your daddy on his first Merv Griffin, his act was a lot of dancing & singing and he met Jerry Lewis too
You could be the Frank Sinatra to their Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. If it was you, would you want them to help you?
I don't like how young Adam Sandler looks like young Jerry Lewis, not... one... bit...
congratulations to Jerry Lewis on another incredible telethon - but what happened to "What the World Needs Now" toteboard music?
A great moment in television history...Frank Sinatra reunites Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis for the first time since...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jerry Lewis' one-of-a-kind classic THE Nutty Professor next month at the 4/10!
Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis reunite by Frank Sinatra!! Awesome clip, check it out󾌲
Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis reunited by the only one that could have ever men that could have ever done it, Frank...
Jerry Lewis, "little Richie" Pryor on Merv Griffin. I'm starting to love this getTV
Watching an old Merv Griffin Show with Jerry Lewis and Richard Pryor. The tension is palpable.
Watching bizarre old Merv Griffin with "little Richie" Pryor, the Everly Brothers, and Jerry Lewis on
I love the line that goes from Jerry Lewis to Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee) to Lucas Cruikshank (Fred).
I would love to spend just 5 minutes with Jerry Lewis
Via Turner Classic Movies: TCM: Happy 90th birthday, Jerry Lewis What is your favorite Jerry Lewis film? Some of...
. You share a birthday with Jerry Lewis. LMAO
"I think Jerry Lewis is worth discussing seriously as a bone of contention between American and French criticism."--Andrew Sarris
I added a video to a playlist Jerry Lewis discusses the Colgate Comedy Hour- EMMYTVLEGENDS
Ur Dean Martin 2TedCruz's Jerry Lewis as Dean Ushould be understanding mature straight man.Jerry has changeable characters
Watching Dean Martin& Jerry Lewis much simpler times .they were funny & no swearing just fun ...
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in - 1951. Thought you'd like this one .
All purpose parts banner
Unless you & Do a . Headley / Rivers marathon one , like a Jerry Lewis telethon & $'s goes 2 charity
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis could have been on the episode of
Rubio is the Jerry Lewis to Trump's Dean Martin "I'll be here all week, media. Don't forget to tip your sponsors."
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in The Caddy. That's what I live for ✨
George Clooney in 'Batman & Robin'. is to the Dark Knight... what 'The Day the Clown Cried'. was to Jerry Lewis.
What happens to The Day The Clown Cried when Jerry Lewis dies?
When Dean Martin left Jerry Lewis, was the same as when Jeb left the Donald. Everything lost its sparkle.
Jerry Lewis on the set of The Day the Clown Cried (1972).
CNN says Scalia belonged to the Friars Club. I never saw him there. Someone ask Freddie Roman or Jerry Lewis. Did Scalia work Catskills?
let's just say it was no Jerry Lewis in The King of Comedy, right? So underrated
Melbourne doesn't have MOMA but has a Jerry Lewis double of Nutty Professor & THE GEISHA BOY. Swell.
Rare and wonderful sketch with Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis.
.Speaking for who value our great country and want our laws followed... 100% with Jerry Lewis:. ht…
Buddy Rich & Jerry Lewis - Drum Solo Battle (1965)I found a video of that jam we had at Frog's house.
"Lynch seems to be doing a Bunuel script with a Jerry Lewis rewrite" - Ebert panning Wild at Heart but making it sound awesome back in 1990.
This is going to be an epic SXSW. New Jeff Nichols, Ti West, Pee-Wee, that weird Nic Cage/Elijah Wood/Jerry Lewis movie, Preacher...
The kid at 11:39 and 12:10, with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, is Christopher Walken.
So no British comdey, Jerry Lewis, Bea Arthur/Maude, Belushi & Amy Schumer makes it but Keye & Peele don't? Whatever.
94.6 million nickles! (I feel like Jerry Lewis and his telethon!)
1978 MDA Telethon - Sammy Davis Jr. and Jerry Lewis via jerry ad I use the same clubs
Old comedian Larry Storch turns 93 years old today. He & Jerry Lewis are the only comedians alive who played Ciro's: ht…
Jerry Lewis gets a kiss from Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis candid 8x10 photo
Friday's Threesome Fantasy Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis. . All I know is that I'm grateful they're both circumcised.
Jerry Lewis in Arizona at the State Fair 10-27-13 no.2
For every toxic, morally bankrupt Donald Trump and Jerry Lewis in the US, there is a decent and principled human...
Here is an interesting video clip from a blast from the past Jerry Lewis - - I did not watch whole video
More from Jerry Lee Lewis "Brother, not one little bit. You got to walk and talk with God to go to heaven. You...
The gospel per Jerry Lee Lewis "Jerry Lee would have had no problem. But at some point the biblical overtones ...
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