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Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis (born September 29, 1935) is an American rock and roll and country music singer-songwriter and pianist.

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Jerry Lee Lewis questions lack of Hall of Fame spot
Jerry Lee Lewis wants into Country Music Hall of Fame - Press Herald
Fix your *** headline-read your own article. . Keith Urban wasn't there, Toby Keith was! . via
Jerry Lee Lewis tribute: All Killer, no filler at Skyville Live
Jerry Lee slams major snub - Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the early pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll music, but he doesn’...
Jerry Lee Lewis doesn't get Country Music Hall of Fame snub (from
"Y'know, there's nothing like tearing up a good club now and then." -Jerry Lee Lewis
Tune in to now to live stream Toby on the Jerry Lee Lewis tribute:
Jerry Lee Lewis confused by Country Music Hall of Fame snub via the Android app
George Strait, Keith Urban & more honor Jerry Lee Lewis at Skyville Live
Jerry Lee Lewis snubbed by Country Music Hall of Fame >>
Jerry Lee Lewis isn't in the Country Music Hall of Fame and doesn't understand why. Do you think he should be...
Fake news again!!! Don't know the difference between Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis.# fake news!!
CNN reported Jerry Lee Lewis died. They're a news organization and didn't get it right. No worries, Mr.Daniels.🙄
Part 1: We drove to Mississippi to tour Jerry Lee Lewis's house. Jerry Lee Lewis III (his son) gave the tour.
Ray Charles, Fats Domino, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Taping of Fats Domino and Friends, June 1986 in New Orleans.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Not mine. . They are on display at Jerry Lee Lewis's Club on Beale Street in Memphis
Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins come to life onstage and raise the roof in this...
On December 4, 1956, one man brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley to play...
“One Night in Memphis,” the official and number one tribute to Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and...
In our defense Jerry Lee Lewis is better than
...two famous and by far more appealing cousins before the LORD , Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley, and…
Now playing on radio_sydney WHITE: "Rock and Roll (featuring Jimmy Page)" by Jerry Lee Lewis, from 'Last Man Standi…
I would buy first row ringside to see Jerry Lee Lewis shoot fight someone on Great Balls of Fire.
imagine Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Johnnie Ray, and Jerry Lee Lewis all in one room... what a concept
Nicolas Cage, Lisa Marie Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and someone else I don't know
I have just listed: 'Jerry Lee Lewis - Live From Austin Texas', for 7.55 via
Now playing on radio_sydney RED: "Hadacohl Boogie (featuring Buddy Guy)" by Jerry Lee Lewis, from Last Man Standing
Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Squire after the "rock me tonight" video, anyone on Hollywood Squares.
Wednesday the 17th, Elvis Presley & Jerry Lee Lewis tribute bands are at the Stage in Bonita Springs. Click on our web…
I'll take Jerry Lee Lewis. The north can have Jeffery Dahmer and Ed Gein
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I often got Jerry Lee Lewis + Jerry Lewis mixed up. Easy mistake to make if you think about it. I loved Jerry in The Nutty Professor!
Are they courting? Sir Tom Jones cosies up to Priscilla Presley... next to Jerry Lee Lewis!.
Winona Ryder was getting into it with Dennis Quade when he played Jerry Lee Lewis and she his too young…
Grew up listening to Buddy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Little Richard and my fav Sammy Davis Jr.
"Those CFO$ kids haven't even HEARD of Jerry Lee Lewis. Jimmy J's time to shine!". -Jim Johnston, while snorting rails of blow with Vince.
For those who enjoyed Million Dollar Quartet Here's a taste of the real Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis:
Depends. If you disagree that Jerry Lee Lewis is the greatest rocker of all time, you better watch out.
I love you & ur dirty Jerry Lee Lewis incredible portrayal! So good. Folks that's him playing…
Guys, when I was young I had a really big crush on Jerry Lee Lewis.
The two things I'd like to learn are 1) how to play the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis & 2) how to make silk screened art prints. Now you know.
There's another jazz and oldie favorite coming up next on - Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis.
Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true. Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil. Jesus was an architect previous to...
Listening to Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On by Jerry Lee Lewis, on the album: Sun Records' Greatest Hits
From John Denver to Jerry Lee Lewis, who else would you have on this list?
Bar debate while watching basketball over whether or not Mickey Gilley is a cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis & Jimmy Swaggart. I won.
Jerry Lee Lewis & Eva Cassidy did superb versions, too. Judy was the best! Such a treasure to humankind forever.
Jerry Lee Lewis : He came from Ferriday , Louisiana. His cousins are Jimmy Swaggart and Mickey Gilley . He was...
Tonight should be the episode of Sun Records where I appear as a girl named Shaney Hollister in a scene w/Jerry Lee Lewis & Jimmy Swaggart.😁
Which member of the Million Dollar Quartet are you? ...Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perk... via
John Fogerty, Billy Joel, Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Richards, Neil Young and Steve Winwood and the bandleader Chuck...
“[My mama] said, ‘You and Elvis are pretty good, but you’re no Chuck Berry.'”. — Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Wanda Jackson are last ones. Treasure those rocknroll legends, folks.
CMT selling a series about the birth of Rock and Roll featuring Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. My brain hurts.
I love the music especially. Elvis Presely, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash
musicians in early stages--Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King and many more. Stars
TONIGHT! Come Rock N Roll to the hits by Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, & Johnny Cash!
Added a new video: "Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran par Lone Redneck"
President Greg Harris writes letter to Country Hall supporting Jerry Lee Lewis for induction.
We had a great time last night at Town Theater. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins gathered st...
Jerry Lee Lewis reportedly sues daughter for alleged abuse
This... so much this . Before Elvis, before the Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis . Was Sister Rosetta Tharpe . ( look her…
If this is true, they are the scum of the earth.
It's important to induct in the Country Music Hall Of Fame! Please sign & then share!…
Jerry Lee Lewis claims his daughter abused him.
as Jerry Lee Lewis makes me so happy. ❤
Jerry Lee Lewis suing his daughter for alleged abuse | Blew through $5 of his money? Did you read?
Rock ‘n roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis just came forward with shocking claims about his own daughter
Jerry Lee Lewis sues daughter for elder abuse, accuses her of stealing millions -
Jerry Lee Lewis suing his daughter saying she 'abused him for years' with a 'heavy cocktail of psychotropic drugs'… Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive.
You guys Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive I'm "shook" as the kids would say
MirrorCeleb: Jerry Lee Lewis is suing his daughter, saying she gave him 'a cocktail of drugs' …
Did you know Jerry Lee Lewis only had two piano lessons? Hear the story straight from The Killer himself:
I added a video to a playlist Jerry Lee Lewis "You Win Again" (1979)
If you don't like Jerry Lee Lewis, gtfo.
Dig this: It's 2017 and both Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis are still alive.
On this day 1978, the IRS raided the home of Jerry Lee Lewis at dawn and removed cars worth over $170,000 to pay off his tax debts.
I liked a video Sun Records on CMT | Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart Tackle the Piano
1978, The US internal Revenue Service carried out a dawn raid at the home of Jerry Lee Lewis and removed (cont)
and you guys killed it as Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart, nice piano skills!👓🎹
not even close to Rufus Thomas or WC Handy or Jerry Lee Lewis.
This proud Arizonan says Palo Duro is to the Grand Canyon as Jerry Lee Lewis is to Oscar Peterson.
Excited for Read THE SPARK THAT SURVIVED, the story of Jerry Lee Lewis's childbride & her great spirit…
New show tonight about Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis through the early years of their...
Watching Rock n Roll America is also reminding me of awful miscastings: Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis, Larenz Tate as Frankie Lymon...
On the road in his early days, opened for Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackson Browne, The Eagles, Mountain,Chicago
Jerry Lee Lewis, Barbara Mandrell, and Willie Nelson wrap up today's version of
Winemaker Charles Smith on Wine, Music: "You Don't Fly in Jerry Lee Lewis and Get Cheap on the ...
I was very keen on people like Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis,...
Saw Million Dollar Quartet at MTC. Kris Ulrich as Carl Perkins rocks with his guitar. Elliott Loran as Jerry Lee Lewis on the…
Her Canned Heat, Doc Watson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Feat and many others in this 50 Shades of Boogie playlist.…
Tom Jones singing Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls of Fire is the best thing I've seen this year
Awesome jam session with 3 of the greats. Fats Domino,. Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles. Check out who's doing... https:…
I start my day with Bill Winston ministries and Jimmy is better than his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis
Just watched a Christmas special of his from the 70s ... had Guy Clark, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins ... good stuff.
True, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis are still alive if not exactly well.
might have been 76? Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. Fab!
Lots of rock stars have been linked to that stuff at 1 point or another: Pete Townsend, Derek Longmuir, Jerry Lee Lewis & more.
My FIL prefers the Jerry Lee Lewis version;The Big Bopper is the ultimate,I say!Played the American Graffiti soundtrack endlessly.
I am thankful for this demented sequence featuring Brian Auger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Fats Domino:
me too. He was the best of that era I think. Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis etc
I liked a video from Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin´ Goin´on
Shannon, Please stay away from Californication the next couple of weeks! Jerry Lee Lewis for Governor. WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN!
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On by Jerry Lee Lewis is in The Plough Bar & Grill.
producer Don Dixon to “Little Richard was fun, Elvis was cool, but Jerry Lee Lewis was frightening.”…
I saw Million Dollar Quartet! Blown away by the Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis characters and musical talent.
yes Ma'am. Let's see I've got Faron, Cal Smith, Bobby Bare and Jerry Lee Lewis... Looking forward to it.
It's a bit like explaining the superior musicianship of Marin Alsop to Jerry Lee Lewis fans.
Brian Fallon following is like Chuck Berry following Jerry Lee Lewis after he set the piano on fire.
New post on my blog: Words for the Day… by Jerry Lee Lewis
One year ago today, we kicked off Jerry Lee Lewis week at the Rock 'n' Roll Freaks blog, with contributions from...
What a treat! Matthew Empson aka Jerry Lee Lewis gives us a taster of what's to come...…
Too many selfies can drive a man insane (With apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis).
Old Keith has got some Jerry Lee Lewis moves! Thanks! 💀🎸🎹
I heard Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, and that was it. I didn't ever want to be anything
Though he had only three Top Ten hits in the first phase of his career, many believe Jerry Lee Lewis was as...
Sincerely, why weren't you outraged when freeway was named after Jerry Lee Lewis, who was involved w a 13-yr-old?
Enjoy Jerry Lee Lewis - Breathless plus more 1950 thru 2000s Classic Hits on
The story as it unfolds..."Goodness gracious Great Balls of Fire" courtesy of Jerry Lee Lewis!
Jerry Lee Lewis - Another Place, Another Time via I never tire of this song or this entertainer.
now playing:. Jerry Lee Lewis & His Pumping Piano - Great Balls of Fire. from the Decades of Music.
Jerry Lee Lewis goes country on George Jones' "You Win Again" and others in this playlist.
Tell you, the older he gets the more EJ solos like Jerry Lee Lewis. Hammered static chords and arpeggios abound. Still got it though.
now playing:. Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends - Save The Last Dance For Me. from the Decades of Music.
To paraphrase Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole lot of stupid going on. Scary stupid.
didnt really play out well for Jerry Lee Lewis.
The Donald is the Jerry Lee Lewis of politicians. This is a compliment.
Great show yesterday, Jerry Lee Lewis was my favourite character! Lovely to meet you after too. 👌🏻
"Great Balls of Fire": Jerry Lee Lewis. ...goodness gracious...Great Balls of Fire!"
Goodness gracious great balls of blue velvet. Jerry Lee Lewis and Bobby Vinton mash up surprisingly well.
2nd visit to watch tonight! Perfect seat to see how fantastic plays that piano as Jerry Lee…
So happy to spend time with Jerry Lee Lewis! ❤️
Today in 1995, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Booker T. & the MGs, Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash performed for the opening of the
Bob Ross (yeah the painter) looks like he listened to Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis when he was young.
All Killer No Filler by Jerry Lee Lewis, the closest I could get... ♫
My dad said the music died when Ritchie Valens and Jerry Lee Lewis died
I will always sing (yell) at the top of my lungs to Johnny Cash & Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis live on stage 1983 via My Oakie coming out! Got to hand to Jerry Lee!
Jerry Lee Lewis live on stage 1983 via
on Underground Garage: I'm listening to All Night Long by Jerry Lee Lewis.
The 80yo DJ at this wedding just segued Jerry Lee Lewis' "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" right into "Shake it Off" and I shook his hand.
On radiohhh_com BLUE "That Kind of Fool (featuring Keith Richards)" by Jerry Lee Lewis from 'Last Man Standing'
yes it's awesome we are on beale now BB Kings & Jerry Lee Lewis are awesome but next is wrigley
Jerry Lee Lewis in Memphis is legit. This guy Landon lane is the best
My first 2 eight tracks: Eddy Arnold, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis. it was destiny 👍👊😎
Today in 1983: Jerry Lee Lewis' fifth wife, Shawn Michelle Stevens, dies of a methadone overdose at the Killers' home in Nesbit, MS.
Today in 1983, scandal-ridden Jerry Lee Lewis 5th wife, Shawn Michelle Stevens, was found dead. He remarried in 1984
Aug 24th 1983, The fifth wife of Jerry Lee Lewis, Shawn Michelle Stevens was found dead at their Mississippi home of a methadone overdose.
How about an archival release from Lucky Town/Human Touch tour!? Say, Dublin with Jerry Lee Lewis & Joe Ely, perhaps? Please!
So many to fit in its impossible to be correct, Loretta Lynn, June Carter so so many. Oh Patsy Cline even Jerry Lee Lewis
That's bizarre she's just been listening to QOTSA! We're on to Jerry Lee Lewis now!
Million Dollar Quartet has the music of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins & Elvis Presley!!
Elvis Presley with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash recording at Sun Studios in Nashville
Christian Lees dressed as the young Jerry Lee Lewis in the new TV production of the “Million Dollar Quartet
Never forget: the old ways are the best. This qualify as classical music by now. Jerry Lee Lewis and Tom Jones,...
Jerry Lee Lewis performs his first hit "Crazy Arms" as depicted in the great film "Great
Jerry Lee Lewis at The President Hotel, Guilford Street WC1 [1966] sorted by and his X-Ray* vision. https:/…
Anatomy of a Piano starring Jerry Lee Lewis. Prepping for another week of Rock & Roll. Thanks…
He's like the lovechild of Danny Kaye and Jerry Lee Lewis.
Free on Jerry Lee Lewis SUN record 45rpm WOW rare and cool !. Get it here -
Jerry Lee Lewis LP - Jerry Lee's Greatest, on the London label # SU 1265
Great balls of junk! Rock & roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis sells off Mason jars and a bag of bottle caps - as well as his cream-colored
Jerry Lee Lewis will be our test case.
Jerry Lee Lewis decides to declutter and hold a massive yard sale
I lost count of how many times Jerry Lee Lewis refers to himself as a "motherhumper" in this song I'm listening to
On this day in 1957: Jerry Lee Lewis made his TV debut on the Steve Allen Show. It's still scary.
Today In Rock History - June 28. 1957: Jerry Lee Lewis makes his first appearance on The Steve Allen Show,...
In 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis first performed on television, doing his big hit “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” on “The Steve Allen Show” on NBC.
Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart are on stage together in this video beginning at EXACTLY 9:45:
“I saw a photo of Jerry Lee Lewis in Valdosta & thought, 'Well, if it's good enough for Jerry Lee...'”
Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry all on the same bill? Very impressive.
Reading Rick Bragg's new Jerry Lee Lewis bio; 15 pages in, I feel like Bragg is only writer who could accurately capture the Killer.
Great night at London with and and Gene Terry for the Jerry Lee Lewis reunion
btw this article re the mysterious death of Jerry Lee Lewis's 4th wife is a chilling read:
Watching Great Balls of Fire and I came to the realization that Jerry Lee Lewis was a pervert
.presenting Jerry Lee Lewis tribute show "Great Balls of Fire" on Saturday. htt…
Enjoyed personal memoir of virtuoso performer pioneer of rock elder statesman Jerry Lee Lewis.
Stones, Howlin Wolf, The Who, CCR, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, NY Dolls, Johnny Winter...that's one of the best soundtracks to a show ever
On this Day May 22, 1958: Jerry Lee Lewis arrived at London's Heathrow Airport to begin his first British tour,…
Jerry Lee Lewis : "Don't Be Cruel" [Live at the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival] [1969] - YouTube
Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the greats
Come on over baby, whole lotta Bacon goin' on - Jerry Lee Lewis
great news. Hope you show up (Jerry Lee Lewis was booked for a Jools Holland show but didn't turn-up!)
Shaking my nonexsistant money maker to the classic Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis on kick it radio
make them listen to Jerry Lee Lewis. That'll educate 'em :)
You've lost that loving feeling should be on repeat all day long. On the hour every house, some Jerry Lee Lewis...
Is there a more effective use of Philip Glass music than Richard Gere singing Jerry Lee Lewis over the top of it in BREATHLESS
have you read Rick Bragg's book about Jerry Lee Lewis? He interviewed Jerry Lee over time & wrote this awesome book.
Woody Allen, although are so many to choose from, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roman Polanski, N Bill Cosby, to biggest Politician's.
Proxy Pesdos should be a supergroup consisting of Garry Glitter, Ian Watkins, Michael Jackson, R-Kelly and Jerry Lee Lewis
recital great work boys! Music by John Williams, Queen, Jerry Lee Lewis & more
Rockin' Luke, Kenny Kidd, Daniel White and Peter H rockin' it out at Jerry Lee Lewis' Cafe and Honky Tonk on...
The latest in our Alan Green does Jerry Lee Lewis.
On this day in 1961 Ray Charles hits with One Mint Julep and Jerry Lee Lewis hits with Charles’ What’d I Say
Despite 2016's disheartening losses, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis & Chubby Checker are all still with us! :) :)
I think there may be something wrong with my iTunes Match. Don't remember Jerry Lee Lewis covering this
On Air: is C'est La Vie by Jerry Lee Lewis on Wake up with Webbo
Orignal Rock legends like Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Fats Domino - guys who essentially created the rock and roll...
Nice cameo by the Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and the King, Elvis Presley!
Jerry Lee Lewis working with Chuck Berry in a dance-pop style, produced by Lee Scratch Perry
In 1962, the three-year-old son of rocker Jerry Lee Lewis drowned while playing in a swimming pool.
Tim McGraw is my cousin's cousin and Jerry Lee Lewis was my great grandmother's cousin. Music is pretty much all we have here.
Legendary musician Jerry Lee Lewis was arrested by Memphis police in November 1976
09:30 Ken Bruce: Leo Green picks the Tracks of My Years, with music from Jerry Lee Lewis and the Beatles.
I took the boys to meet a new piano teacher. As I talked with her, the boys did what was basically a Jerry Lee Lewis i…
Today in Music History - April 11: In 1958, Jerry Lee Lewis' first wife, Jane Mitcham, filed for divorce. Lewi...
Jerry Lee Lewis' biggest hit was about venereal disease. Goodness gracious...
Hey it's Johnny Maraca. Tonight on the Riot, Mister Excitement--Jackie Wilson, plus Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis,...
Bombshell. Jerry Lee Lewis has just endorsed Rafael Cruz for   10% Off
You truly don't understand about Jerry Lee Lewis until you have been there!
I'm in bed and my boyfriend spent the night mingling with DeNiro, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Jim Carey. OK.
can I just say, 'scuse me?? Did I read that right? I'm from MS and we don't do that - unless you're Jerry Lee Lewis that is
Isn't that called in-breeding? Persecuted rock-n-roller Jerry Lee Lewis for doing that in 50s. Why tolerant now?
Sorry, but I prefer the Jerry Lee Lewis version of this song.
Amazed how many first-wave rockers are still around. Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis: Alive, alive, alive alive.
got a little Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis in there too.
Elvis, Jonny Cash, Rufus Thomas, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more recorded in this storefron…
I liked a video Darren Green sings Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls of Fire"
Nothing better of a evening. YouTube playing everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Bobby Darin to Rod Stewart. Even bit of Rolling Stones.
Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Check Berry, Elvis, were all better than the Beatles. 100% USDA Organic Homegrown!
My uncle Leo Feathers toured with Jerry Lee Lewis at age 17
Another holy roller who got caught with hookers. Trivia bit: Swaggert's cousins are Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis.
Now playing: Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis listen at - Buy it
John Belushi put the Saturday Night into - His death was 34 years ago today. Here he is with Jerry Lee Lewis h…
you could say he was, the same ad Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Wyman!
and Jerry Lee Lewis! My life would be different without their music. I want to show my appreciation of their talents. God's gift!
not so much Elvis as he is Jerry Lee Lewis
Watch a video about Sam Phillips, discover of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and others:
Canadian music star, Ray Griff has died. Wrote over 700 songs including for Jerry Lee Lewis & Wilma Burgess
Pictures take concert-goers back to days when Jerry Lee Lewis and Morrissey wowed Newcastle https…
If you like Jerry Lee Lewis, you'll love Stephen Ackles, Norway's premier performer and recording star.
Watched a 1972 live rock concert on TV, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley all had it.
Gene Vincent & Jerry Lee Lewis fans will love this gig on Fri 25 Feb!
Who is watching the tonight? John performed with Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis in 2008.
so does it make it worse that he's a black entertainer? Jerry Lee Lewis married a 13 yr old, Woody Allen.
I get an old school Jerry Lee Lewis vibe from this photoshoot
I'm loving Jerry Lee Lewis on the radio!!
1984: Jerry Lee Lewis, singer & pianist, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Memphis, TN, on tax evasion charges
Jerry Lee Lewis - Life is like a mountain railroad. Live in London Engla... via
If u don't know Jerry Lee Lewis u are (Vine by
Check my blog to get the story on my latest piano featuring Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis
Listening to Carol / Little Queenie (Live Version) by Chuck Berry, on the album: London Rock & Roll Show: Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, …
JERRY LEE LEWIS TRIO Great Balls of Fire 1957 via nimrod on air
Jerry Lee Lewis - Wild One via nimrod on air radio free amerika
Listening to a live recording of Jerry Lee Lewis. THRILLING.
Jerry lee lewis turnt af on the piano
I can now say with confidence that I've heard Elvis cover Jerry Lee Lewis. Well... that happened.
Great Balls of Scandal: How Jerry Lee Lewis' marriage to a 13-year ...
Jerry Lee Lewis makes me a bit uncomfortable..
but like Mark E. Smith and Jerry Lee Lewis and James Brown.
Burris, like many who came of age in the 1950s, grew up listening to Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis...
that's it! I remember Billy Bragg likening it to a shopping centre...saw Jerry Lee Lewis there!
Highlight of the is PG contrasting his worldview with Nick Tosches through the prism of Jerry Lee Lewis.
did you know that Bro. Swaggart cousins are Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley
combined ages of Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Charles Aznavour = 254 years
1958, Jerry Lee Lewis was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Great Balls of Fire'. Lewis was the only (cont)
Larry Graham has a brother named Dennis Graham, Dennis was drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis and Al Green, and Dennis's son
didn't Jerry Lee Lewis legally marry his cousin?
"He's walkin' in my tracks, but he can't fill my shoes..." Jerry Lee Lewis is what's playing on hold with
Drink of the Week: For our Fireball lovers, the Jerry Lee Lewis at
Hey all you rockin' fans, can you tell us in what year Jerry Lee Lewis' first single was released?
They were playing some of Jerry Lee Lewis music Great Balls of Fire
I wonder what Jerry Lee Lewis is doing right now.
Real Madrid are changing managers like Jerry-Lee Lewis and Martin Scorsese used to change wives...
Find out what Jerry Lee Lewis had to say about the piano, plus check out our recent video-of-the-week!
"I don't want no headstone on my grave. I deserve a monument!" - Jerry Lee Lewis
Highlights of 20,000 Days on Earth - Nina Simone and Jerry Lee Lewis anecdotes & W Ellis telling N Cave his song sounds like Lionel Richie
Hits on this day in 1958. At the Hop – Danny & The Juniors. Stood Up/Waitin’ in School – Ricky Nelson. Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis
in 1985, a DC 3 owned by Jerry Lee Lewis crashed with Rick Nelson & his band aboard flying high to a TX NYE gig
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
More from Jerry Lee Lewis "Brother, not one little bit. You got to walk and talk with God to go to heaven. You...
The gospel per Jerry Lee Lewis "Jerry Lee would have had no problem. But at some point the biblical overtones ...
I liked a video from Jerry Lee Lewis -- What A Heck of a Mess
I have that book, not read it yet, but am a big Jerry Lee Lewis fan. Any good?
Equal parts Hank Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash. That sounds hyperbolic, but this hits that sweet spot like a bullseye.
Back to the 1950's with Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis.
Some genius should promote a bare-knuckle grudge match between Chuck Berry & Jerry Lee Lewis while it's still possible. Settl…
.Jerry Lee Lewis missed a trick there.
Any concert with Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, or Fats Domino will be good. But all 3 on the same stage all at once?
Dueling Pianos – Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis & Fats Domino. This is a clip from the legendary Fats and Friends...
My life consists of getting 3 baths a day, listening to Elvis,Johnny Cash,Jerry Lee Lewis & doing my hair, also reluctantly going to school
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