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Jerry Lawler

Jerry O'Neil Lawler (born November 29, 1949) is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, wrestling commentator, musician, businessman, commercial artist and film actor, known throughout the wrestling world as Jerry The King Lawler.

Jim Ross Corey Graves Michael Cole Byron Saxton Mauro Ranallo Ric Flair Bill Dundee Renee Young Brian Christopher Joey Styles Memphis Wrestling Jake Roberts Chris Benoit Waffle House

We have great Jerry Lawler, Memphis Wrestling & WWE memorabilia. Come eat & drink and get to give you a history…
Damien Sandow vs Jerry Lawler with Bo Dallas as special referee on
Kerry Von Erich vs Jerry Lawler. Back in the day when Monsters ruled the ring
Why at the time was Jerry Lawler so over on Kerry Von Erich?
Buy tickets to presents Jerry Lawler in maybe a 🍔 for lunch!…
Where is the Jim Ross and Jerry the King Lawler commentry when you need it... vince mcmahon would be proud…
the next guy is probably going to try talking smack about his mamma. Like Jerry Lawler on Helen Hart
I added a video to a playlist Jerry lawler Best moments
As they say, anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation...
get me a Jerry Lawler style singlet and I'm there.
Firsht Jerry Lawler closhed the kitschen, then and closhed the shtage!…
Jerry Lawler said every misogynistic thing in the book every Monday night during my entire childhood lmao
can't wait to go to jerry lawler's next week and pick up matts jacket after he forgets it there. Nice jacket
Packed house here at the Jerry "The King" Lawler's Restaurant.where they just told us they closed the kitchen
check out the latest film from staring Jerry Lawler &…
oh man, I thought it was common knowledge that Jerry Lawler married her
Shannon the Dude has done nothing but talk about eating at Jerry Lawler's on KSR. Make a guys dream come true.
I don't know of any wrestler who hasn't, at one time or another, be...
Jerry Lawler or Bob Huggins in a wrestling match today?
>Jerry Lawler. no wonder why he was (finally) kicked from the pre-show table
Is wearing his TV champion belt to Jerry Lawler's?!!
Getting a grip: Titles change hands and Linda McMahon finds a new job
On weekly (or so) ‘getting a grip’ column: Linda McMahon, on title changes and more…
Apparently along with Lita they Fired Jerry Lawler aswell they are slowly killing off any traces of The Attitude Era 😪😥
And Jerry Lawler is now on a legends contract. He has been pulled off all pre shows. Jerry is next set to host the HOF i…
I am told Jerry Lawler vs. Matt Riddle was a must see [7/17]
My childhood heroes have always been Kings, King Rex, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Elvis. In that order.
They let Jerry Lawler call some games, good god. It was such a fun little meme idea.
jerry lawler coming to the big event lagaurdia plaza airport hotel march 4th brought to u by NEW northeast wrestlin…
NEWS: Jerry "The King" Lawler with a four-day spoken word tour in the United Kingdom.
Jerry Lawler did an interview talking about the show on 7/18 in Hayward, CA for a falls count anywhere match with Vic Grimes vs.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It was time for Jerry lawler to go home he's got nothing left to prove in the WWE!
As discussed on the latest with Jerry Lawler & his cousins. Art by
I liked a video Jerry Lawler shoots on Jim Cornette
Back in the day, Jerry Lawler was a funny commentator. His comments about Stu & Helen Hart & Hart family. LOL
These small animals are acting somewhat like humans while set to the voices of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Fascinati…
If and are the Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler of MTG commentary then is the Mauro Ranallo.
This is a week ago: me, Larry Karaszewski and Jerry Lawler after a screening of MAN ON THE MOON.
Ahmed Johnson vs Ryback vs Jerry Lawler vs Big Show in a Fatal Four Way Lumberjack match at
So, in 1996-1997, it was Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler. In 2014, it's Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL.
in 1990: Jerry Lawler wins a 21-man tournament to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship.
The Miz & Chris Jericho vs Adam Rose & Jerry Lawler in a tag team match at
Lee Marshall, in ECW took place on 6/7 at the ECW Arena where Jerry Lawler & Brian Christopher & Scott "I wanna be Eddie Gilbert" Taylor.
Jerry Lawler is dressed as a Trapper Keeper I had in the 7th grade.
Memphis crowd is not gonna dig this show unless Doug Gilbert shows up & runs over Jerry Lawler in a car after Lawler throws a fireball
I added a video to a playlist Sam Roberts & Michael Cole on Jerry Lawler, Wrestlemania Match, Cena
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Knew it was a bad sign when the crisis negotiators were Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Hearing WWE may use Jerry Lawler's recent arrest as an excuse to release him. Corey Graves has been discussed to replace him on
Jerry Lawler suspended ?! I want to see Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves & Renee Young.
I won't be commenting about this unfortunate situation so please don't ask. Thanks. via
Jerry “The King” Lawler and his girlfriend, Lauryn McBride, were both
Jerry "The King" Lawler was suspended from WWE following a domestic violence arrest in Memphis
BREAKING: Jerry Lawler and his fiancée were each charged with domestic assault this morning. "Zero tolerance", per
Jerry Lawler in his spare time during his suspension
Just hearing about Jerry Lawler @ a bar with captions on tv. Can't decide whether to be shocked or lol bc cc calls him Jerry…
Jerry Lawler Wants a fresh badass that flashes jugs
Wrestling icon Jerry Lawler, girlfriend, 27, arrested for beating each other up
This & Jerry Lawler being arrested for abuse of a woman (AGAIN), don't @ me with "no problem w/abuse in wrestling".
what happened to Mauro? Something with Jerry Lawler situation?
Finally Jerry Lawler's voice will NOT be heard on current WWE TV program and events. FINALLY!!! 😃
WWE wrestling legend Jerry 'The King' Lawler and fiancee arrested after domestic fight in their Memphis home
Jerry Lawler Knows a poopy badass that flashes thugs
Wrestler Jerry "The King'' Lawler has been arrested—and indefinitely suspended by the WWE:
Jerry Lawler prolly going to get released & I got no problem with that lol, bring up Corey Graves lol
Pretty sad for Jerry Lawler! hopefully he gets the help he needs but I'm hoping Corey Graves finally gets to...
What a time to be alive Smackdowns going live and Jerry Lawler gets booted. Lets get yah boy Corey Graves in that seat.
Just found out that Jerry Lawler owns a '66 Batmobile & drives it to shows in Memphis, so this Wresting in Comics panel was WORTH IT. 👍
Perfect timing for Jerry Lawler to get sacked, get him off before brand split, promote Tom Philips and Corey Graves
Kerry Von Erich with his daughter Hollie before his title unification match with Jerry Lawler.
- is what Memphis Wrestling would be in '16. is Jerry Lawler for us w/anxiety issues.
I got to interview childhood favorites including Dusty Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Jerry Lawler and so many others
My first 6⭐️match would include Jerry Lawler pile driving the Young Bucks on the floor and Bill Dundee stomping on Joey Ryan's balls
CM Punk. Velvet Sky. Wade Barrett. Mandy Rose. . JBL, Jerry Lawler, and Sunny if they count.
I liked a video from WWE SYM : Jerry The King Lawler
Deserves it, he has been fantastic and jerry lawler needs replacing
Jerry Lawler is back out at ringside and is ready to continue commentating.
are to wrestling fans . As puppies are to jerry lawler
Jerry Lawler vs Tazz in a Strap match.
It's almost like while you are working for the WWF everything is fine ...
I hope you touched on the creepiness of Jerry Lawler, which u brought up to his face on air once "Aren't I little old for you" 😂
That time John Cena wrestled with a *** and Jerry Lawler could barely contain himself:
Jerry Lawler only there to check out Paige. I do not throw stone
Best commentary was found in the WWE... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler... "Ooh!!!" "My God the Rock bottom rock bottom rock bottom"
I would happily stop at Memphis if that meant Jerry 'The King' Lawler would greet and sketch me. Too deep a cut? My bad guys.
ok i am not here for jerry lawler saying Ric Flair is the only reason charlotte is successful YOU'RE THE HEEL ANNOUNCER
smackdown announcers, JBL and Michael Cole? And raw announcers Corey Graves and Jerry Lawler? What do you think?
Jerry Lawler will forever be one of my favorite heels of all time.
King of the Ring 97. JR says, "All the kings men and all the kings women couldn't wake Jerry Lawler up again". Not the best rhyming
I hope Stephanie and Shane are forced to draw straws for Jerry Lawler come the brand split. God he is awful
Jerry Lawler is clearly drunk as he just referred to a match involving Zack Ryder as great
Jerry Lawler rockin the leprechaun in the hood look tonite on
It confuses me when heel commentators go after heels for being heels, Jerry Lawler going after Charlotte for Ric Flair. JBL's done it before
fun idea, get rid of Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
Jairam undoing the top button would be like Jerry the King Lawler pulling the straps down.
Dude, Jerry Lawler makes life more interesting.
Jerry Lawler, I love you. But... Your commentary makes me cringe and I just love you the same. So please leave
Jerry Lawler is supposed to be a heel but he's defending Ric Flair against Charlotte. A heel would be on Charlotte's side.
I think I'm done with Smackdown until they completely get rid of Jerry Lawler. He's an even more annoying heel than JBL.
Jerry Lawler giving Charlotte the side eye
So according to Jerry Lawler the saddest day of Ric Flairs life is when Charlotte turned on him not when his son died?
Yeah... I really don't think Monday was the saddest day of Ric Flair's life, Jerry Lawler.
Jerry Lawler as a "heel" announcer is about as believable as people cheering for .
Hey Jerry lawler, your racism is showing...
Jerry Lawler is so much more tolerable as a heel.
Embarrassing fact: I only learned Grandmaster Sexay was Jerry Lawler's son like last year
What the *** is Jerry Lawler wearing? His graphic t's just get more and more ridiculous
Jerry Lawler with another dumb shirt.
I'd rather sound like Jerry Lawler than be a fan of Enzo and Cass.
Lol to when Jerry The King Lawler said "the what!?" to cause he referenced the Crossarm Breaker as the Juji Gatami
I'm not sure what Jerry Lawler is going for with this shirt but well done sir.
SuNN Jerry The King Lawler had on a Green Migos shirt on
Jerry Lawler's wearing this shirt again
Jerry Lawler's shirt tonight may be his most ridiculous yet.
why is Jerry Lawler hatin cuz he ain't never win a wwe tittle and zack will?
Also today in history,in 2009 teamed w/ The Miz,Cody Rhodes,Ted DiBiase Jr & The Big Show to lose to MVP,Jerry Lawler,.
Jerry Lawler on being more known as a broadcaster than a wrestler and Jackie Fargo
Lesley Young visits Jerry Lawler's new Beale St. Joint and the Dixon's first restaurant.
Bobby “the Brain” Heenan talks about the abilities of Jake Roberts & Jerry Lawler
Who has blocked you? Our list: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Chris Jericho, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, The Usos (probably more but not sure)
Jerry Lawler: "Chris Benoit with the belly to back suplex" "and he gets the trifecta"
Macho Man Randy Savage vs Jerry Lawler in an Encrypted Hard Drive on a Pole match
Renee Young boring, Booker t drunk, Jerry Lawler confused, Corey Graves just there.
up to the panel Corey Graves, Jerry Lawler & Booker T with host Rene Young
Renee Young. Booker T. Jerry Lawler. Corey Graves. Jury duty doesn't even gather up such an odd collection of people.
KickOff show is live on the WWE Network now! Hosted by myself, Corey, Booker-T, and Jerry Lawler.
Here is tonight's pre-show panel Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Corey Graves , to matches for the pre...
Memphis Wrestling-the best of the Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch mantel feud dvd via eBay
Photos of Chyna salvaged from Jerry Lawler's old site: submitted by /u/SaintRidley [link] [comments]
I liked a video Jerry Lawler vs Paul Heyman in a debate
For It would have 2 commentators like Mauro Renoldo & Heel Jerry Lawler. Different set, theme song, presentation
Here's me on a wrestling web site talking about Jerry Lawler .
Martel I agree with. But obviously greatest wrestlers list starts with Jerry Lawler and then Ricky Morton.
Yes that was another issue.Then WWE was forced to bring Jerry Lawler back
Shawn kills for a hobby and JBL is an *** kisser.The only one that doesn't *** kiss is Jerry Lawler
We've finally told the world that this is sports entertainment, and I think...
Seahawks picked jerry the King Lawler son Kenny
Little Giant Ladders
I liked a video Jerry "The King" Lawler on Slapping Andy Kaufman on David Letterman
Oh cool, a version of Jerry Lawler's theme is in this show. XD
working on stage wall at jerry lawler bar that is now open .Memphis in may is going on and it has slowed me down...
see Yung Boi was Shy Boi in Louise Arbour he fukn needed a barber he was a young king Jerry Lawler he use to ball hard n play cards
Opening "King" Jerry Lawler's Hall of Fame Bar & Grille just in time for Memphis in May! 159 Beale St.
WWE doesn't have bad matches, it's the same type of matches which Jerry Lawler warned about 2 years ago that is hurting WWE
I am happy to announce that I am now Director of Operations for King Jerry Lawler's hall of Fame Bar and Grille...
WWE Jerry Lawler kiss Bret Harts feet King of the Ring 1995 via
See the latest edition of WWE Presents which tells the story of Jerry Lawler. On Demand:
"It's fun to boo Roman Reigns. He Don't Mind" ~ Jerry Lawler. The King has joined our cause.
But, AJ Styles vs Alberto Del Rio and Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho are enough to deal with Jerry Lawler and an editted crowd.
Jerry Lawler, the Wrestler and new owner), Principal Belding (Saved By The Bell) and the DJ,…
Jerry Lawler vs Bubba Ray Dudley with Tamina as special referee at
Jerry Lawler buying Beale Street bar and grill via
While Lesnar is away, why not add Heyman to the commentary table? Along with Ranallo and Joey Styles or Jerry Lawler?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Rolling Stone did an article on the original "Rock & Wrestling" connection created by Jerry Lawler
Rick Rude, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Sunny all Interfering in the Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer Match... That's impressive :)
Eva Marie confirm Alien because she slapped Jerry Lawler for nothing years ago: :P
Jerry Lawler is reading off his bits about Raw 100 like it's a 2K video game shoot.
Jerry Lawler was a top notch heel. He's always been great on the mic. Sad he never got a World Title run once.
Jerry Lawler can't keep up with he sounds really jealous of his knowledge and speed of commentary
DAILY DRAWING since 2012, I've been lucky enough to work on several WWE projects. Today, Jerry Lawler.
I need him in the booth on all days he is not pitching. And then doing the Jerry Lawler mic work while he beats up jobbers.
When Jerry Lawler said "maybe your dad doesn't love you is bc you're dressed in drag kissing men like a flaming *** " to GOLDUST lol
the Jerry Lawler podcast is the best you've done. Plenty more of those please
has been brilliant recently. The Woods/Rhodes and Jerry Lawler episodes in particular were great to listen to.
Friday, March 25th, Waverly TN - Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Brian Christopher IN ACTION at the Waverly...
I love watching wwe pay per views. Booker T & Jerry Lawler on the opening shows are hilarious. Love their energy & attitude.
I just saw the og Jerry Lawler from WWE...
Jerry Lawler is appearing in the current *** Tracy storyline as...a homeless person?
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Saxton is a less horny, more annoying version of Jerry Lawler.
When did Jerry the King Lawler become such a hater?😂
and Were the Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler of events. They can tell you!
😂😂😂😂 good one Jerry Lawler is proud right now his joke got over
Listening to Jerry Lawler on Some great stories, for sure!
Loved Jerry Lawler on TIJ! Best episode yet! It ended too soon, looking forward to next time!
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are the best commentating team ever, but JR and are my favorite.
Rock and HHH, Austin and Bret, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, Batista and Taker.
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler need to be at that commentating table. Cole, JBL and this new *** are BEYOND dry.
Never thought I'd see the day that Byron Saxton was the best commentator on 😒 How did JBL become face Jerry Lawler bad?
Raw's team is awful, Smackdown has Mauro Ranallo and a resurgent Jerry Lawler
place was a madhouse, the loudest I ever heard it was when the lights went out and Jerry Lawler appeared, Cornette was 2nd
No one should have to suffer through Jerry Lawler.
Jerry Lawler makes better jokes than that.
remember 6 years ago when I ended up on the WWE YouTube channel with Jerry Lawler and Melina featured in NBC s Science of Love
>They could have called him John. Well, Jerry Lawler called him John Sheamus once.
Thursday, March 24, Memphis TN - Join Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher at Minglewood Hall in Memphis for Wild...
How about Terry Funk vs Jerry Lawler at an empty AT&T stadium match!!!
Tune in next week when Jerry Lawler gives Dean Ambrose the invisible foreign object he used to win matches in Memphis
Kevin Owens with a frog splash. If Jerry Lawler from '05-'15 was on commentary, it'd be called the "hog splash"...
I'd root for but Jericho, and is root for but he's a *** so in rooting or Jerry Lawler because best announcer
Forty-one years ago today on this date: Jerry Brisco defeated Jerry Lawler in Atlanta, Ga.
Getting Smackdown watched before Raw. Been putting it off because I know Mauro trying to teach Jerry Lawler about NJPW will make me cringe
Have a WAYS to go for Obama to have to address whether Vince should have + call Mania match
Didn't expect a cool Seinfeld story from Jerry Lawler on awesome stuff.
Today on "Dr Sketchy's Most Burlesque Wrestler of The Day" we have royalty Jerry The King Lawler
Last year my friend and I took a picture with Jerry the king Lawler at ComicCon
Swear to all things holy I just saw Jerry the King Lawler sitting front row at the
Jerry Lawler calling out Hillbilly Jim for never giving him his leather jacket back is the most Jerry Lawler thing
Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler - It was all a hoax, but still funny. RIP Andy
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Can we replace Jerry Lawler with Corey Graves on commentary?
from this in Jonesboro Arkansas around 1974 Jerry Lawler & Tommy Rich
Jerry Lawler has some of the best worked punches in the business, obviously, but Harley Race's selling of them is even better. Superb stuff.
The real question: who's gonna induct the Godfather? Jerry Lawler, Steven Richards, one of the ***
The New Generation era is when I started seriously watching. Back when Kane was Jerry Lawler’s dentist.
Honestly, Jerry Lawler is the king of Memphis lol.
Project Pat Jerry Lawler and Penny Hardaway are the only ppl that can appoint who the next king of memphis is
This is the most appropriate this Jerry Lawler gif will ever get.
I've seen a lot of real out-of-line attitudes since I have been in the WWF ...
Snooze fest between Los Boricuas and DOA. Somehow it's Jerry Lawler who makes the first ever mention of the phrase "WWF Attitude".
I added a video to a playlist New Jack on Jerry Lawler being a racist
Bill Dundee talks his long rivalry with Jerry Lawler, working Mid-South, Jim Cornette & more
On This Day in 1991: Joel Goodheart’s TWA held a show headlined by Jerry Lawler facing Terry Funk in a wild match.
Ok at the Jerry Lawler reference but yes when Benoit, Eddie & Jericho were there
Jerry Lawler vs. Akira Taue in a Hair Vs Hair Match on Nintendo DS
hi eddie Austin and jerry lawler what's up
jerry lawler got arrested in the 70s for doing a teenager. how does he still have a job and a HOF ring?
The first mutual under @ C would have sex in a hot tub with Jerry Lawler
I wrote in Jerry Lawler for circuit court judge tho...
Mr Lawler sir any chance my son Jerry Alan can get a birthday shout out from you. He will be turning 9 thank you sir
Jerry Lawler, he will bring the puppies back and make America great again
Jerry Lawler announces he is an actual penguin.
I see you point on that but Jerry Lawler is a heel commentator on SmackDown but he doesn't do it like JBL does
The result of genetic research conducted by Jerry Lawler?
King? I'm Jerry Lawler? I'll just blame Illuminati on this one.
It doesn't give me the option to pick Jerry Lawler only for $60, just the super combo for $100
How can I purchase an autograph & photo combo ticket for Jerry Lawler this Sunday?
Did anyone on my TL get to see Jerry Lawler wrestle Andy Kaufman at the Midsouth Coliseum? If so, I'm super jealous.
Main Event promo battle: Bobby the brain Heenan vs. Jerry the king Lawler
Excited to join the Smackdown broadcast team alongside Jerry Lawler and
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Terry Gordy and Jerry Lawler going at it. See don't tell me these old school matches don't hold up. I actually believe these ones
Jerry the King lawler could be better at commentating on Football than the Spurs TV commentator.
Bummer you won't be this year! Nolan North will be there as well as Jerry Lawler and Norman Reedus
Jim Ross vs Jerry Lawler in a BBQ Beef Stick Match @ WM32 in the main event
didn't Jerry Lawler do that at smackdown?
hi eddie Austin and jerry lawler what's up with you.
I love Jerry Lawler and i wish he was back on Raw and I also wishes The Authority go away forever because they are ruining it.
We demand Jerry The King Lawler return to RAW!! Who's with me?
Need I remind you they put Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus at 27 on the Pre-Show in favor of Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler?
Raw should move JBL to smackdown and bring Jerry Lawler back to Raw..would help immensley.
the reason the Monday Night Raw ratings going down the toilet Jerry The King Lawler's not there on commentary
You shoulda seen the scattered *** behind me in line for Jerry Lawler's autograph. All the *** come out for the King, baby!
Jerry Lawler & both dressed like women in their 70's
"Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Byron Saxton are out for commentary. No Mauro Ranallo."
"Commentary on this week’s WWE SmackDown will be done by Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Byron Saxton. ". OH nope. Nope.
I eagerly await the day Byron Saxton goes off on JBL like Joey Styles did to Jerry Lawler.
Get rid of Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler, keep Cole and JBL and put Y2J with Mauro Ranallo.
Jerry Lawler vs Curt Henning from 1988 in the AWA
Jerry Lawler explains his heel turn move on the announcing team, Booker T to appear at screening for Jake…
Jerry Lawler endorsing Donald Trump perfectly explains how the King's sexist character got its roots.
Don King wanted Hulk Hogan vs. Mike Tyson bad in February 1990.and Jerry Lawler spitting hot fire.only on BTS.
Sun Records Howlin Wolf and Little Richard, this GPS was more Memphis than Jerry Lawler eating BBQ at a Waffle House!
Sorry Nate and Whisper you guys are not Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.
and are the modern day Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
ME: Why was Jerry Lawler never on King of The Hill?. Because that show had class.
do they have any Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross memes?
still one of my all time favorite promos. Austin Idol is BURNING mad at Jerry Lawler. Lawler threw a fireball.
Jerry Lawler making jokes about drinking too much to Jake Roberts is super uncomfortable.
ICYMI: Jerry Lawler talks about old school wrestling vs. sports entertainment and Andy……
I should note that Jerry Lawler will not stop bringing up Mae Young. Lawler is putting Mae Young doing something dumb/gross over, big time
domain names
no little by little Jerry Lawler is turning to the heel color commentator
ok never mind it's Jerry Lawler he is the Color Commentator
Brian Christopher and Jerry Lawler on commentary together during No Way Out of Texas. If you haven't seen it... good for you
On this day in December 13, 2003~ Dan Maff defeats Jerry Lawler & Shane Douglas to win the Jersey All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title
As a Kentuckian this is the 1st time I've been proud of the Bluegrass State since Jerry Lawler was acquitted for...never mind.
Commentary wise they should get rid of Byron Saxton & Michael Cole to replace them with Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross
"You want some advice? Stay away from the ropes in a Royal Rumble match" - Jerry Lawler doing commentary for a TLC match at Royal Rumble
Jerry The King Lawler! U can also get his auto from Topps Undisputed
drink every time Jerry the king Lawler says something creepy during a divas match
There was a bit incoherent as he called Lawler "Jerry King" on the first reference and "Jerry The Lawler King" the second time.
Jerry Lawler does only announcing now for WWE he does a good job.
Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler now. Lawler dissed the *** out of Bret's geriatric parents who were in the audience on Raw a few weeks back
Jerry Lawler and Booker T on the same commentary team should be made illegal.
Jerry Lawler plays the heel commentator role so good. That reaction from him when Johnson called him out -
I like Booker T & Jerry Lawler on commentary more then JBL! Sorry Milhouse Rich Brenan is even more like a Michael Cole Robot
I liked a video Jerry Lawler and Ric Rudes Fued in Memphis!
I liked a video Macho Man Randy Savage and Jerry the King Lawler Promo
completely owning Jerry Lawler on commentary tonight...
I hate to say it but Smackdown would be better if there was no more Jerry The King Lawler.
Thanks for shutting down Jerry Lawler on commentary,
Kevin Owens and Jerry Lawler verbal sparring is something else
Did Book just attempt to school Jerry Lawler on Ebonics?
as the King Jerry Lawler would say.. "hooray for puppies!" I miss the WWE attitude era
Something that doesn't get said enough by the way. Jerry Lawler has NEVER been a good commentator in WWF/WWE. Ever.
Its pretty bad when Jerry Lawler is the least hated commentator.
lmao Ike. Jerry lawler is every woman's nightmare
I forgot just how awkward all the JErry "Hates Booker T cuz Jail" Lawler stuff was
"everybody is entitled to my opinion!" - Jerry The King Lawler
is insane! Best piledriver since Jerry Lawler can't wait see him on
I once saw a misprinted flier touting Jerry "Thinking" Lawler. Must have been misunderstood over phone
JR still laughs about the fact that Al Roker called me Jerry "the Ring" Lawler! I was sooo mad!
"He's tougher than a Waffle House steak"- Jerry Lawler on Chris Benoit, 2004.
On this day in November 6, 1995~ Ahmed Johnson defeats Jerry Lawler for the USWA Unified Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee
LAST MONTH: Jerry Lawler vs. Shane Matthews in a Match For Charity in Chinatown
Jerry Lawler in a car accident, hope the king and his partner are okay
I spared Jerry Lawler because I want JBL out and the King back in!
Mikel Scicluna vs. Jerry Lawler in a Hellacious Holyland Match on Wrestling Observer Radio
Jerry Lawler used his art skills to get into the wrestling business. 168 championships & a HOF career followed. https:…
"Come on JBL, everyone knows unicorns don't exist, just like New Day's tag team titles won't exist!" - Jerry Lawler
"put the King down" just makes me imagine Jerry Lawler getting swung around the ring and am wondering why that's not happened yet
Big fan of Jerry Lawler implying an ugly man should not sleep with a load of women. Jerry Lawler. Jerry The King Lawler.
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