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Jerry Krause

Jerry Krause is a former professional basketball scout and general manager for, among other franchises, the Baltimore Bullets and, most notably, the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association.

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Tyson Chandler & Eddy least according to Jerry Krause.
Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause on Michael Jordan's greatness & why he never asked for help:
Jerry Krause made a phone call, told Jordan the Bulls would match the Knicks offer, MJ with suitcase & plane ticket in hand, went back home
Just made 20 - 50k for doing the jerry set like 5 times in 30 minutes. Quick 200k profit. Krause is also a good one to do.
I'm still waiting for a Jerry Krause video.
What Jerry Krause say? "Management wins games not players and coaches." Gar and Pax must feel the same way smh
I can't wait for the Vertical podcast w/ Jerry Krause. Time to hear his side of the story regarding the 90s. Make it happen!
Us Bulls fans went through this with Jerry Krause
Jerry Reinsdorf giving a ringing endorsement for former Bulls GM Jerry Krause to make the Hall. It’s been a big bone of cont…
Don't doubt it. That is the small, petty man who chose Jerry Krause and Tim Floyd over Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson
Reinsdorf trusted Jerry Krause over Phil Jackson after '98 ring, paying for it ever since
How about after he tried to KILL Jerry Krause, for daring to build around him?
But I think back to issues with Jerry Krause and Phil. Something dysfunctional must come from The Chairman.
MJ also never won anything until GM Jerry Krause built that team and made Phil the head coach.
Jerry Krause, for all his faults, is the true architect of that Bulls team. Phil Jax inherited TWO HOFers drafted by Krause.
tell Mike, Jerry Krause ran Phil Jackson out of Chicago back in 1998 after winning their Sixth Title
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Read and listen to what Jerry Krause had to say about Johnny Bach.
SHARE! Jerry's Pet Spa in North Richland Hills, Texas. Apparently not a good place to board pets.via
2013 Gun Digest 67th Edition by Jerry Lee and Krause Publications paperback
like Jerry Krause with Michael Jordan.mainly because Jack Ramsay took Sam Bowie
Freighting how fast John Paxton has turned into Jerry Krause.
Maybe Phil realizes how good Krause was.
the baby's at the rec with Tee Tees momma they be back at 5 after jerry springer
On this Devil's Advocate Mike Krause and on legacy of Jerry Kopel on & :
Good for DeMarco Murray to get his deal. Good for Jerry Jones to stick to his blueprint. Go draft a guy & u…
Did your owner read a book about team management written by Jerry Krause in the late 90's?
He's playing horse with Kornel David and Rusty LaRue. Jerry Krause nods in approval.
if Jerry wanted to keep Murray they would have already signed him. If Chip and get Murray, Bradford will be just fine at QB
Jerry Krause it was thought they build that team and they could build another bah
Today's Bulls birthday... Charles Oakley turns 51 today. Pictured here with Jerry Krause and then rookie Scottie...
I've seen Furley bid in person. Jerry Krause / Rick Hahn like. I'm more like Cashman.
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If Michael Jordan had played straight from 83-03,he’d have won 9 straight titles & finished with the most points ever. Thanks Jerry Krause.
Oh, how quickly they forget how Jordan talked to Jerry Krause.
IDK If MJ took it to Jerry Krause like that tho...then again the Bulls never had a period like the current Lakers w/MJ
So now that he's fixed the Cubs, can Theo Epstein work on the Bears? Or John McDonough? Kenny Williams? Jerry Krause?
Phil Jackson sure has turned Knicks around, hasn't he? Maybe Jerry Krause had a clue after all.
Find your gift, develop your gift, then give your gift away - Jerry Krause by way of
But as much as MJ hated Jerry Krause, I doubt he'd ever curse out management so openly like that.
"I don't know who invited him � I didn't." - Jordan on Bulls GM Jerry Krause at his HOF ceremony
Jerry Krause must be enjoying the disastrous start to PJ's managerial career more than anyone.
Chicago youngsters Scottie Pippen and Charles Oakley pose with Jerry Krause.
Wow Jay Cutler is becoming more hated in Chicago than Jerry Krause or Steve Bartman.
" And when Jordan tried to flex influence over the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Krause pushed Air Jordan into retirement."
...and a new battery and alternator later and the Exploder is back in business. Dear Ford, thanks for the years of fNo more please, I'm full and refuse to take another bite. Consider yourself a notch closer to the top on my personal "hate" list. You're now in tier three with Jerry Krause, Allan Baird, Scott Pioli, and a certain former NovaStar Exec. You don't really want to move up in rank with the likes of John Elway and Donkey fans, the Lakers, every bully from middle school I have yet to find, and the mother of the afore mentioned John Elway. I think out relationship is beyond reclamation, and the best we can do is forced civility moving forward. I'll do my part and not bring my baseball bat/gas can/lighter/empty field fantasy from becoming reality for now. Keep playin though...
Ted Thompson = Jerry Krause. Pack will suck just like Bulls sucked w/o MJ. A dozen GMs could've assembled better guys around Rodgers.
Jerry Krause on why he drafted Eddy Curry His Mama had big Hands, his intangibles & His Mama had big hands Lmao
I'm not as worried as much about this power struggle as I was that little no biggie rift Jerry Krause had in the late 90's.
Those were the top ten ppl I hated that were involved with the Bulls. Jerry Krause gets the lifetime achievement award
Jerry Krause was a pretty underrated GM when you really think about it
MJ & PIP sent their message in 1st game, once again that message was really to Jerry Krause, not Kukoc.
Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause is here at U.S. Cellular Field scouting for the Diamondbacks.
2 words = JERRY KRAUSE “Why can't NBA superstars have the same loyalty as the NFL superstars?”
For those hanging on our scout census at Peavy's start, I'm told Jerry Krause, the old Bulls GM who now works for the Dbacks, is also there
I remember when Jerry Krause thought Tim Floyd could replace Phil Jackson in Chicago.
Jerry Krause had a bad relationship with Phil Jackson. Kenny Williams with Ozzie Guillen. Now Gar with Thibs. See a pattern???
Bulls on the clock. Remembering when Jerry Krause drafted Eddie Curry and raved about his huge hands.
So, this past homestand I gave my business card to the man that assembled my favorite basketball team when I was little, Mr. Jerry Krause. He's not a man of many words, but he enjoyed my 'Ty Cobb' story.
looking back on it, trading Elton Brand for Tyson Chandler was one of the worst moves Jerry Krause ever made
Jerry Krause was a great GM for the but giving up Tyson Chandler to draft Tyrus Thomas was a bad ending. Rather have him than Boozer.
Nope, THAT Jerry Krause works for the Arizona Diamondbacks, which is also kinda weird.
Chicago’s Most Wanted Man (Wanted Dead) Summer 1990 Micheal Jordan didn’t know anything about Jerry Krause when he joined the Bulls, but their relationship would sour quickly. Jordan was the one who nicknamed the GM “Crumbs” (“he always had doughnut crumbs on his lapel” said Jordan), and by the 1990-91 season he was convinced that Krause was incapable of acquiring the kind of veteran talent Jordan felt was needed. Jordan, who has been known to lead the team in –mooing- like a cow when Krause would appear in the locker room (others would hum the theme from “Green Acres”), lobbied extensively during the 1988-89 season for a trade that would bing New Jersey’s Buck Williams to the Bulls. Jordan didn’t particularly care for Horace Grant, Krause’s other pick in the 1987 draft, never believing Grant would develop into a responsible player, and lobbied hard for Williams, who was represented by Jordan’s agent, David Falk. Krause did not like to trade 1st-round picks, so Williams eventu .. ...
Cries of conspiracy echoed around the NBA Sunday night. Calling Oliver Stone. From "JFK" to "MJJ"?Michael Jeffrey Jordan vaulted over the man who plagued his Bulls life, Jerry Krause, to win the...
The Bulls traded the Sheik and he's killing them! Jerry Krause kick rocks.
Former Bulls GM Jerry Krause in attendance -now a scout with the D-Backs...should be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Seriously
Bulls GM's past and present Jerry Krause and Gar Forman enjoying a pregame meal together here in Phoenix.
Jerry Krause in the house for Bulls-Suns. The Diamondbacks' scout owns an offseason home here.
As Steve Kerr told me the other day, Pippen’s the greatest teammate ever. As Jerry Krause said, Pip’s very bright. Mystery he hasn’t coached
So what did we learn from the NBA's opening night? Well Lebron James is still really good, Rajon Rando is still a huge d-bag, and Rick Carlisle is pulling a Jerry Krause by not allowing the Eddy Currry and Elton Brand experiment to begin. Sad times.
I guess Elton Brand and Eddie Curry can play together. Jerry Krause lied to the city of Chicago in 2001.
Does Jerry Krause work for the Mavs? Eddy Curry & Elton Brand
Jerry Krause is watching Elton Brand & Eddy Curry dominate Dwight Howard and, he's probably just eating butter with his hand.
Right now Jerry Krause is yelling at a tv "Ed-dy Cur-ry, Ed-dy Cur-ry" as tears made of that orange cheetos powder rain down his fat face
Jerry Krause is watching Eddy Curry do work, patting himself on the back, and eating a self congratulatory donut
the Mavs have had Tyson, Elton & Curry in the past couple years, are you sure Jerry Krause isn't a secret consultant? CC:
Eleven years after Jerry Krause sent Elton Brand to the Clippers, former Bulls No. 1 Brand finally teams up with Eddy Curry...
Eddy Curry would start at center on the Players Jerry Krause Vastly Overrated squad
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Jerry Krause was right, Chandler & Eddy Curry 2 rings in 10 years, Bulls zero :(
I thought was starting tonight?! Somewhere Jerry Krause is smiling. Can Dallas trade for ?
Somehwere, Jerry Krause is infuriated that the Mavericks would DARE play Elton Brand and Eddy Curry together.
Players think that Jerry Krause is still here and believe that the Bulls don't pay players, I don't think that view is reality.
The 1990's Chicago Bulls was a fun team to observe, most of the time. It was a real rollercoaster ride being a 90's Bulls fan living in Chicago. This is a segment I found on an old VHS tape that pretty much explains it all. Sorry for the poor
11 years later, Bulls fans finally get to see if Jerry Krause was right about Elton Brand and Eddy Curry not fitting together.
You know who I thank?I thank Jerry Krause for drafting Horace Grant AND trading for Pippen inthe SAME draft! VP bball operations of the year
The 1997–98 season was one of turmoil for the NBA champion Bulls. Many speculated this would be Michael Jordan's final season with the team. Phil Jackson's future with the team was also questionable, as his relationship with team general manager Jerry Krause was one of growing tension. Scottie Pippen was looking for a significant contract extension that he thought he deserved, but was not getting from the organization. In spite of the turmoil that surrounded the Bulls, they still had a remarkable season, with a final regular-season record of 62–20. Michael Jordan would be named the league MVP for the fifth and final time, and the Bulls went into the playoffs as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.
"We were not playing against Toni Kukoc, we were playing against Jerry Krause in a Croatian uniform." - Michael Jordan
Watching nba tv. Jerry Krause and Neil Funk should be in the class of 2013
Watched a mini-doc last night on 'The Demise of the Chicago Bulls' and how Michael Jordan & Phil Jackson did not get along w/ Jerry Krause.
For a while, there, Los Angeles Lakers guard Eddie Jones was a scene, man. Eddie Jones was the guy that former Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause wanted in Chicago, with Michael Jordan playing baseball with the Birmingham Barons, to take … Continue reading →
Taj Gibson got a note from Jerry Krause and Donald Sterling "pay Elton Brand back for all the years we wasted on him"
The South Bend Silver Hawks would like to welcome former Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause to the ball game tonight.
Find your unique talent or gift, develop it, and give that gift away every day - Jerry Krause
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John Paxson is channeling the spirit of the Jerry Krause, Tim Floyd, and the 2000 Bulls
Just got caught up on my Bulls news and half the team is gone. Is Jerry Krause back?
"hey Jerry Krause, this bus moved a whole lot faster without your fat *** on it!"
Is Jerry Krause tearing apart the Bulls again? Management must be on these bath salts. Smfh
James Dolan is a better owner then Jerry Krause! But atleast dolan is willing pay to win!
To "frustrated" Bulls fans, I say would you prefer the Jerry Krause era? Lighten up!
Jerry Krause and Gar Forman just shut the temporary window on their own team! I dont get it!
has a little Jerry Krause goin' on. Lucky with Dirk & suddenly a personnel genius. What about Nash, Odom & Chandler?
i will always hate Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf
If jerry krause wasnt such an *** how much rings wud Michael Jordan really win?
Have you seen the Trib's Jerry Krause story by
Poor MJ. And they used to think Jerry Krause was bad as a gm in Chicago.
The Bench Mob is being dismantled. This is the saddest offseason since Jerry Krause broke up Michael & The Jordanares.
"I wrote more books and produced more DVDs than anyone in the history of basketball." -Jerry Krause.
Great piece on former GM now scout Jerry Krause by Part of the interview done gm
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Jerry Krause still throwing the money around for Chicago?
Jerry Krause to on ... Veeck, Reinsdorf, MJ, Phil Jackson, Eddy Curry, Tim Floyd, Dennis Rodman and more.
Of all appreciated feedback on Jerry Krause story (this is early fave: "Used to hate him; changed my mind a little."
Krause reflects on a life of scouting
He's 73, owns 6 NBA championship rings. Why does Jerry Krause still work? Spent 4 days with him and answer was obvious.
Some new and old-timey photos of Jerry Krause, through the years:
Well this my opinion and I might be wrong about this but i beginning to think when it comes to free agency with the bulls who try to recruit big names players like lebron james or brandon roy the bulls always having bad luck of not getting big free agents to come to the bulls. I think this stuff happens to the bulls because of the days back when MJ, Pippen, Rodman left the bulls after the second three peat back in 1998 where Jerry Krause was a accused of messing up the dynasty made alot of nba players discouraged to come to the windy city cause of the mangenment. Look over the years of players the bulls try to bring like tracy mcgrady, tim duncin, Pau Gasol, and the big three in miami. Chicago mangenment always have problems bring the guys in. So that makes me think now with players like brandon roy just now going to the timberwolves, nash lakers, and fisher probably going to nets which the bulls trying to recruit making me think these players just don't like chicago.
Remember when Jerry Krause drafted Higgs Boson in the second round in '95 and people hated the pick? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? Sweet vindication.
The rule of thumb is not to trade big for small, but Bulls GM Jerry Krause smartly bucked convention in acquiring a swingman in Pippen, who would help the Bulls win six titles and come to be voted one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players. The 6-foot-11 Polynice averaged 7.8 points and 6.7 rebounds per g...
So, I guess Jerry Krause was right - Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry ARE championship level players!...
25 years ago today Jerry Krause traded Olden Polynice for Scottie Pippen. Worked out better than Elton Brand for Eddy Curry & Tyson Chandler
Tyson Chandler got a championship ring last year, and now Eddy Curry gets a championship. Wow! turns out Jerry Krause was a genius after all.
Somewhere, Jerry Krause smiles. Looks like he was right about that Elton Brand trade after all.
Last year, it was Tyson Chandler. This year, it'll be Eddy Curry. I guess Jerry Krause knew what he was doing. Next year, it'll be Tim Floyd
didn't they say the same about Tim Floyd once upon a time? MJ channeling his inner Jerry Krause?
I love how much Pippen and Jordan hated Jerry Krause and Toni Kukoc. That is always hilarious to me.
Jordan & Pippen - "He wasn't Toni Kukoc, he was Jerry Krause in a Croatian uniform."
I think it is safe to say that Jordan didnt like Jerry Krause
you're Jerry Krause and she hanging around yo front office, offering tom thibodeau money to coach her team smdh
Somewhere, Jerry Krause is smiling. On the official draft camp measurements, both hand length and hand width are listed.
: Jerry Krause telling us we hit it with Ron Mercer and Eddie Robinson."they're just as good as T Mac."
Find your unique talent or gift, become the best you can be with it, give it away every day- Jerry Krause
Great win boys!! Proud of my Bulls. It ain't over till Jerry Krause sings!!
Congratulations Michael Jordan. Its official that you are the GM of the worst team in NBA history. And you didnt even have Kwame on this team. I know i know its not his fault he drafted a fat fuk Sean May who played "never". Jordan you are a joke. Go play some more golf. Your really making Jerry Krause look like a genius. Your best player is a Dukie. YOU ran the new Carolina NBA team into the ground. Hopefully we land Rivers, but im sure youll fuk that up too
Michael Jordan should hire Jerry Krause to be General Manager of the Charlotte Bobcats...
I will never forgive Jerry Krause for trading Elton Brand
maybe mj should bring in Jerry Krause in to show him the way!
Right, because Jerry Krause was incredibly competent...
Jerry Reinsdorf & Jerry Krause killed the we're Chicago thing ever since the events/aftermath of the 98 season
I've been listening to old Jerry Krause tapes from 98. It was all about how he was gonna rebuild the Bulls after MJ.
Want to see former Bulls GM Jerry Krause trying to dance? Of course you do.
He makes a cool, comfortable shoe but how does Nike's Phil Knight go in Basketball Hall but not GM of Bulls' 1990s dynasty, Jerry Krause?
So Phil Knight gets into the Basketball Hall of Fame while Jerry Krause and Mitch Richmond aren't even finalists? What a joke.
Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame snubs Jerry Krause (again). And compelling case also could be made for Johnny Bach.
The Bulls' Jerry Reinsdorf+Jerry Krause told me they wanted to avoid was taking a long time to win a title after MJ. They're still waiting.
Jerry Krause is viewed as this fat little conformist, but he wanted Phil as his coach with Tex. He moved everything around to get that.
The have hired Jim Hendry and Jerry Krause as "Special Assistants" What is in the water in the Bronx?
Hard to believe Jerry Krause once thought Eddy Curry was the next Shaq.
Some executive who is Jerry Krause smart will corral the next generation of triangle coaches in Brian Shaw and Luke Walton by, say, 2014
Krause and Bach nominated for basketball Hall
Jerry Krause and Johnny Bach among Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame nominees.
Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Jerry Krause, Vlade Divac top the list of Hall of Fame nominees with NBA ties.
Phil Jackson: Jerry Krause worthy of Hall of Fame induction: “Jerry has made a name for himself in basketball, a...
Phil Jackson says Jerry Krause belongs in Hall of Fame
Jackson supports Krause for Hall of Fame: Former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson and general manager Jerry Krause ...
Phil believes Krause will make Hall eventually
Another source of conflict for Jerry West+Phil Jackson: West was friends with Bulls GM Jerry Krause during Jackson's war with Krause 95-98
Jerry Krause should be in the Hall of Fame: Local fan's perspective (Yahoo! Contributor Network): Den...
Reunited: Phil Jackson and Jerry Krause have common cause ...: SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Phil Jackson entered the Nai...
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