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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Jerry Jones cut Corey White and Christine Michael that didnt cause trouble and but he keeps *** ok keep a convict ***
Jerry Jones must have faith that Darren McFadden won't get hurt since the Cowboys released Michael and Randle is gone.
Jerry Jones expects LB Sean Lee to return this Sunday. CB Morris Claiborne is questionable, on
Jerry Jones: Sean Lee "should" play Sunday at Miami. Morris Claiborne "questionable" with a hamstring injury
Longtime Dallas broadcaster Norm Hitzges goes off on Jerry Jones, Cowboys in ... - Dallas Morning News
Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys employs wife beaters while Barack Obama floods America with 10's of 1000's of male Middle …
you with a street guy. The bosses are Donald Silver and Jerry Jones.
Didn't know Jerry Jones was a big investor in Draft Kings. That explains Chris Christie's fantasy football outburst during the GOP debate.
It's annoys me seeing how Jim Irsay and Jerry Jones run their organizations that people think Jeffrey Lurie is a bad owner.
I am included in this Tampa Bay Times article today discussing the DISGRACE of the Cowboys & owner Jerry Jones...
I think the Sam Adams is working. I just asked my wife who she would rather get it on with; Celania or Jerry Jones?
Aikman on Hardy: Jerry Jones will 'pretty much accept everything' if player ... - Dallas Morning News
I would not be surprised to see Jerry Jones try to acquire Boogie Cousins for the Dallas Cowboys.
so is Dez Bryant, Joseph Randle was and so is Jerry Jones
Hey ... This is Jerry Jones, Bud Adams, Al Davis and Steinbrenner- level stupid... Combined
Easier to blame JJ for being Jerry Jones. Harder to look at golden child of front office and wonder if hes at fault
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Dale Hansen goes in on Greg Hardy's self-proclaimed martyrdom Dale won't be getting an Xmas card from Jerry Jones.
who is Lisa more upset at over the Hardy situation--- Jerry Jones, Roger Goodell, the league as a whole?
As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I agree with Cathy, there's nothing to be proud about with Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones. Is winning really worth employing an abuser? Don't you have any respect for the women in your life?OBVIOUSLY NOT
Ahh. Jerry Jones should fire her. No place for a rich, athlete, that beats up their boyfriend in (cont)
Joseph Randle slapped with 4 game suspension for violating personal conduct policy. So now Jerry Jones is gonna want him back
So, the majority of Cowboys fans want Jerry Jones to cut Greg Hardy (65.7%). Stop going to the games until he's gone. Force Jones' hand.
Jerry Jones that happens to look like Maurice White.
They PLANNED on LETTING Hardy win that appeal. Jerry Jones had inside deal with Roger. Theory maybe, but?
INTENTIONALLY bad so Hardy could get back in. Roger had a deal in place with Jerry Jones. Can't prove it, but solid theory!
Jerry Jones still sounds wistful about “great one” Johnny Manziel - Pro Football Talk .. I kinda like it
Jerry Jones' handling of Greg Hardy only adds to his reputation as an enabler.
I hate when people have super common names like Jerry Jones, or Derrick Davis, or Christina Taylor... its too many to search
Dropped Joseph Randle in fantasy after the details of his misconduct were released. It's time for Jerry Jones to step up on Greg Hardy.
Well, duh, Brandon. And a huge part falls at the feet of Jerry Jones & his 'boy' Jason Garrett.
So Jerry Jones was concerned about Joseph Randles mental well being, but Greg Hardy is fine? Jerry Jones is a joke.
Jerry Jones is one 10 gallon hat away from turning into Yosemite Sam.
Jerry Jones says he's concerned about Joseph Randle's mental well being, but the org cut him instead of seeking help...
"Jerry Jones: Romo won't sit even if Cowboys can't contend"
Jerry Jones says even if DAL falls out of the playoff race, if healthy, Tony Romo will play.
Reports out of Dallas say Jerry Jones is standing on the roof of Dallas Cowboys Stadium fiddling
Tony Romo is set to return November 22 & despite the losing streak, Jerry Jones has no intention of holding him out. htt…
Jerry Jones and Donald Sterling. Proof that money and power don't reflect character.
Why is Greg Hardy playing football. Like Donald Sterling, Jerry Jones should have to sell team for being tolerant to domestic v
.said Jerry Jones would've signed OJ Simpson if he had beheaded Nicole Brown at age 29, but acquitted.
now Kubiak just lowered my respect for him.Welcome to the Jerry Jones and Jason Garret garbage serving chow line Gary!
That was an absolutely outstanding interview with Dale Hansen. Great insight on Jerry Jones & Dem' 2 & 6 Cowboys*
yes because Jerry Jones isn't the type who cares what others think of him. You can tell by the 10 plastic surgery he's had
Is it just me, or is Jerry Jones looking more and more like Mr. Burns?
More than the winning, I enjoy watching Jerry Jones sulk out of his box like a thousand year old baby.
Jerry Jones said after this game that Greg Hardy "has a commitment to do the right thing." Get the entire f**k out of he…
Jerry Jones don't care all he want is the money, cheap *** SMFH
Jerry Jones has no heart, it's made of money
Jerry Jones traded some great players so he can keep paying for them prostitutes smh
Jerry Jones is definitely paying these refs
Jerry Jones has no heart for the cowboys, he don't care cuz he still get paid, we will never win with Jerry smh
Jerry Jones should change his name to Caitlyn smh
Jerry Jones don't care about the cowboys all he want is money, he won't pay good money for good players smh
it's hard to root for you & management is a bunch of morons. Please die Jerry Jones
Lol. I kinda like the Cowboys, but I hate Hardy and I don't like Jerry Jones.
Eagles fan: "Who did Jerry Jones pay to make that field goal in?". Me: "Dan Bailey"
Jerry Jones you dirty dog paying the refs
Is it just me or does Jerry Jones look like Mr. Burns when they show him on tv? Who is that man Steven? Why it's Matt Cassel sir.
That comic where Red Hood falls into a vat of acid and becomes the Joker only it's Jerry Jones and he dies from severe chemical burns
Jerry Jones saying hardy is a "leader" reminds me when Marge Schott claimed hitler was good for Germany. He's a complete *** !
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I bet Jason Garret has let Jerry Jones punch him in the face. I also would bet Garrett likes to be peed on.
I'd like to see them as a league put it on teams. "Yes he did this, don't like it, talk to Jerry Jones."
Jerry Jones tells that Matt Cassel and Dez Bryant had a great Friday practice, were on the same page.
I don't ask you for much, football, so if you could just make Jerry Jones' team lose 94-0 on national tv tonight, that'd be swell
not until Irsay is gone. He can't draft worth beans. Becoming as bad as Al Davis / Jerry Jones / Bud Adams
if Jerry Jones is so concerned about 2nd chances, what happened to Joseph Randle?
ICYMI: Jerry Jones' continued enthusiasm for Greg Hardy is an embarrassment to NFL - and thinking people everywhere. https:…
Glen, I know u hate pregame shows, But watch NFL Today on CBS the first 7 min they DESTROY, Jerry Jones & Cowboys
Jerry Jones started this with Deion Sanders, had to have Terrel Owens, and now Greg Hardy, he's not changing.
Sunday Morning QB: As Greg Hardy case shows, Jerry Jones only about wins -
Christie gets someone else to pay the bill. Like the King of Jordan or Jerry Jones
Other people who are great leaders in Jerry Jones eyes: Bill Cosby, Ike Turner, Floyd Mayweather
Jerry Jones needs to grow a pair and let "it" go. Not like he helps them win games seeing as they've lost 5 straight anyways
After sadly missing out on Rae Carruth,Lawrence Phillips and Aaron Hernandez now Jerry Jones is ecstatic on being able to lock up Greg Hardy
Jerry Jones on Greg Hardy to HBO RealSports in Sept: "He might not have been convicted because he didnt do it." 🙈
Holy crap that statement by Jerry Jones. Every time you think football has hit the bottom
Not big fan of but gotta hand it to this AM for his radio attacks on Greg Hardy+Jerry Jones. And Sam Hinkie 4 slop.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones backs Greg Hardy after photos of his alleged victim surface
I feel sorry for Jason Garrett, he seems like a nice guy but he is a puppet for Jerry Jones.
Something tells me Jerry Jones would've given Charlie Manson & Osama Bin Laden 2nd chances if they were great athletes.
Next time Jerry Jones sees Greg Hardy he should go "Hey Greg, come here" *fake handshake/nut tap* *YOU'RE CUT BABAY" *…
Hey Wonder if Jerry Jones + Jason Garrett would giv 2nd chance if it was their daughter that was brutalized
If you had to chose between the two, who would you rather have as owner/CEO of your team, Jed York, or Jerry Jones?
As long as Jerry Jones is in charge, no one should root for the Dallas Cowboys, argues Jackie MacMullan:.
Shots Fired at Jerry Jones & The Cowboys organization courtesy of Bruce Feldman. .
I completely support Jerry Jones & the having Hardy on the team. What side are you on?
Jerry Jones and is so desperate for another super bowl
Bill Cowher: Jason Garrett is afraid of Greg Hardy or Jerry Jones via
In the upcoming weeks, Hardy may or may not be cut from the team, with a statement from Jerry Jones, a few players and Jason Garrett
Jerry Jones needs to cut Greg Hardy from the Cowboys: Jerry Jones, keeper of America’s Team, ne...
Little Giant Ladders
They're saying Jason Garrett is either afraid of Hardy or Jerry Jones. I think Jones is afraid of Hardy! Hardy is evil!
Byron Scott and Jerry Jones out here saying some suspect stuff man...
Hey Kroenke! So glad you have Jerry Jones as your biggest supporter to move the Rams to LA. Such a high character witne…
If you're Jerry Jones, how do you look at your wife and say this guy beat his gf repeatedly but he can play so I'm giving him millions of $?
Greg Hardy is a terrible human being and should be in jail and at the least kicked out of the NFL. Jerry Jones should be ashamed
Greg Hardy has never shown a bit of remorse for this incident. Jerry Jones calls this guy a leader. So does Jason Garrett.Cowboys are trash.
How can Jerry Jones be ok with this?
In light of the Greg Hardy photos, I've got to believe owner Jerry Jones would back away from this... https:/…
Jerry Jones trying to justify his McFadden signing.
Jerry Jones has called Greg Hardy a team leader and expressed a desire to sign him to a long-term deal. . Give me a break.
Don't get me wrong Greg Hardy is a POS but still not sure how Jerry Jones did anything wrong but signing a man that the N…
If the were not aware of the evidence against Greg Hardy, it was because they chose not to know. Jerry Jones kne…
Jerry Jones in his office right now:
Jerry Jones said THIS after the Ray Rice incident:
Jerry Jones won't cut Greg Hardy. Jones would sign Ray Rice if he thought Rice was better than Darren McFadden.
On The Fan, Jerry Jones says Darren McFadden and DeMarco Murray are amazingly similar especially in their health and availability.
On The Fan, Jerry Jones says Darren McFadden is really getting in the groove of running with authority. "We call it planting that foot."
And I haven't heard the clip of Jerry Jones talking about Brandon Weeden yet.
did you see Mark Schlereth impersonation of Jerry Jones? Spot on!
Transcript of the final part of the negotiation between Dez Bryant and owner Jerry Jones:
In honor of Jerry Jones, ranks his Top 10 Zoo animals.
Darren Woodson on Russillo & Kanell, after three straight 5-11 seasons, Jerry Jones said 'You ever heard of the scorched earth process?'
**BREAKING** Cowboys release Joseph Randle ... Now we know why Jerry Jones was short this morning about good ol' Joseph (
Waiting for Jerry Jones and Garrett to tell us how great of a leader he is
Jerry Jones pulls the strings in Dallas, my friend. Garrett is just a puppet:
Jerry Jones: "Dez Bryant's monkey is one of our locker room leaders"
That is the most dumbest asinine thing in the world to have done when Jerry Jones lost Jimmy Johnson what a *** Jerry is!
Can you please tell Jerry Jones that Garrett conservative play call has failed? Field goal instead of TD is a losers Mentality
"He should be ready by the time we get to Tampa.". - Jerry Jones
Im just sick of Jerry Jones making a fool out of fans each year. Garrett should still have 1 win during this slide
Jason Garrett will still be there and Jerry Jones will still have all the control in Dallas. Looks like a Push to me.
but as long as we have Jason Garrett as the coach and Jerry Jones as the owner well enough said
I listen to both of the comments from Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones after the game and it was typical
Jerry Jones: Refs 'screwed up' on Seahawks' consecutive TOs.
Bill Cowher calls out coach Jason Garrett 4 being afraid of Greg Hardy — or Jerry Jones.
the answer to that question is a simple two words gentlemen: Jerry Jones; enough said, the new Al Davis
Message to Jerry Jones: You will never win with "Yes Men" in charge!! The NFL is not your oil company!! Get rid of Jason Garrett!!
I watch your shows all the time but do you have the balls to ask Jerry Jones to fire Jason Garrett? He is not a real coach
Bill Cowher ripped Jason Garrett, saying he's afraid of Greg Hardy or Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones makes this announcement to the fans again after the game.
CBS' Invoice Cowher: Jason Garrett is both afraid of Greg Hardy — or afraid of Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones is wondering if he should suit up? Or put in Garrett!!
Jerry Jones was so happy about Greg Hardy's first career interception –
Jimmy Johnson name still isn't the ring of honor. Jerry Jones is mad petty.
After that play by Greg Hardy, Jerry Jones might just sign Aaron Hernandez this week.
So, the hit from Golden Tate on Sean Lee was a "classy" hit? And Paul Allen is the same bottom feeder Jerry Jones is.
The entire team is filled with trash humans that are enabled by King Trash Human, Jerry Jones.
"But Greg Hardy is a leader of this team" - Jerry Jones logic
My man Bruce Jenkins nails it again on topics of Dusty Baker, Grantland(sad) and Jerry Jones (fraud). https:/…
Troy Aikman: Under Jerry Jones, Cowboys wait for his reaction, and there are no consequences
>> Troy Aikman: Under Jerry Jones, Cowboys must wait for owner's reaction; there are no
Troy Aikman: Once Jimmy Johnson left, Cowboys and Jerry Jones handled things differently via
"Greg Hardy's a great leader. Kinda reminds me of that Marsellus Wallace character, in that sense. - Jerry Jones .
WIP's Angelo Cataldi says Jerry Jones is the "personification of evil in sports" via
Jerry Jones is looking to acquire another ex panther...Rae Carruth.
For the sake of Texas, will Jerry Jones ever give the crazy talk a rest?
I'm pained too!This reporter was visibly pained by Jerry Jones' defense of Greg Hardy and so were we
I bet Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson are somewhere laughing on a golf course, sipping tea over this Greg Hardy stuff.
On The Fan, Jerry Jones says fans used to write him letters telling him that Troy Aikman needed to have more fun on the sidelines.
Jerry Jones might as well sign Ray Rice
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Blend the comedy team of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis with the comedy team of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, and you get Greg Hardy & Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones needs to wake up and cut Greg Hardy Just Do It!
Jerry Jones says Tony Romo will return in Week 10; by rule, Romo can't return until Week 11
They let Jay Ratliff get away with cussing Jerry Jones in front of the club so...
Greg Hardy potentially impacting the Dallas defense like Charles Haley once did is why Jerry Jones enables him.
Watch the reporter's face in the background while Jerry Jones calls Greg Hardy a "real leader"
"if Jerry Jones could find someone who could play from the state penitentiary, he'd get early release" 😂😂😂
Jerry Jones on Greg Hardy: "…one of the real leaders on this team…that’s the kind of thing that inspires a football team."
Jerry Jones (re: Greg Hardy) ... "We really did our homework.". In other words they talked to Ray McDonald's parents.
yet Ray Rice is radioactive...and Jerry Jones is defending Hardy.and Jerome Simpson gets suspended a year for pot.
Jerry Jones can invest in Draft Kings? But Pete Rose is still banned from MLB
BRAVO! Terry Bradshaw rips Greg Hardy and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in fiery rant -
Face it, Jerry Jones been head coach since he fired Jimmy Johnson. Just doesn't give himself the title.
I'd still take Jerry Jones over the Ford family
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said today that Tony "Romo will be back against Tampa." That's week 10, after 2-4 Cowboys host …
As long as Jerry Jones is around Cowboys are going nowhere.
Looks like Jerry Jones is bring back Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman out of retirement
Jerry Jones has to be banging on the door in the announcers booth screaming for Troy
no difference between him and Ray Rice! Except Jerry Jones need a DE not a RB! Disgusting
Remember when the Head of NFL Officiating Dean Blandino partied and accepted gifts from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? I remember that.
Jerry Jones is such a scum for allowing wife beaters on his team, surprised he didn't pick up Ray Rice also
I'm sure Jerry Jones is regretting letting DeMarco Murray go to Philadelphia, he was the main reason the Cowboys made the playoffs.
It's with deep regret I inform you Ray Farmer lost our 1st round draft pick in a high stakes poker game with Jerry Jones. We will be better.
Last year's Jack Shoalmire Award winner Jerry Jones is in the spot on the Rider List but he admits it would be...
Jerry Jones looks like Creed Bratton, but Pete Rose is Creed's personality
Jerry Jones speaking to the team at our dinner at
Wanna talk to Jerry Jones about Romo or the good days with Marion Barber? Enter to win today!
Yes, as usual, you are lost. Only five teams own their own stadium. Jerry Jones doesn't own his. https…
Jerry Jones should keep his foot, and Dez Bryant's, out of his mouth. .
Is there a chance Dez Bryant will be back this Sunday? Dr. Jerry Jones thinks so
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jerry Jones explains what will have to happen for Dez Bryant to play Sunday
Jerry Jones on the possibility of Dez Bryant playing Sunday vs. the Giants:
Jerry Jones says he's not ruling Dez Bryant out from playing Sunday against the Giants.
No way, Jerry Jones bluffing. That takes 8-12 weeks to recover from
because Ed Werder would've just regurgitated everything Jerry Jones said
On The Fan, Jerry Jones says he likes having the chance to play La'el Collins at left guard. He also says Chaz Brown is coming along at ST.
RIGHT NOW on ... Jerry Jones on offensive line, "I like having (La'el) Collins ... (Ron) Leary has gotten a little bit rusty"
And we have Bradley Cooper with Laurie. Jerry Jones can keep Christie.
Bradley Cooper in the owners box with Jeffrey Lurie? That's a much better visual than Chris Christie with Jerry Jones
Bradley Cooper sitting with Jeffrey Lurie > Christ Christie sitting with Jerry Jones
2 of America's greatest icons Jerry Jones & Honored 2 be a fly on the wall 4 this incredible meeting https…
Terry Bradshaw was dead on about Greg Hardy and Jerry Jones:
Terry Bradshaw rightfully ripped into Greg Hardy and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on air.
Jerry Jones on Tony Romo: “I wouldn’t trade him for any other QB. He can win Super Bowls.”
they are also backed by: Comcast, FoxSports, NBA, MLB, Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft, etc. Online poker couldnt say that.
Bill Callahan is a great teacher. Particularly good at correcting mistakes...Jerry Jones: Yes, we miss Bill Callahan ht…
Jerry Jones said I think you are sounder if you have 2 - 3 backs giving you 100 yards a game than one. He has no regret…
Maybe could convince Jerry Jones to give all former MRIs.
On The Fan, Jerry Jones says Joe Randle is not on his list of disappointments nor is the running game.
who you gonna lose carries to next? Jerry Jones, Trent Richardson? Stay outta jail during the BYE week dog!
Remember, Jerry Jones has thought starting Drew Henson and Ryan Leaf were also good ideas at different times
I'd like to hear kids read the Jerry Jones transcripts each week.
Today is owner Jerry Jones' 73rd birthday.
BB drafted Peter. Still stings. I'm glad they relinquished rights same weekend. Jerry Jones is no Bob Kraft
Outside of Jim Nantz, CBS cozies up to Jerry Jones and Greg Hardy
Jerry Jones needs to trade in the miller light sponsor for a milk sponsorship. Milk builds strong bones.
Terry Bradshaw is sick of Greg Hardy. He’s sick of Jerry Jones. And he’s right.
Hehe.Guess who's sitting next 2 Jerry Jones @ the Pats game..? Leslie Moonves.. "Hey, Jerry! Cud u tell him2cancel NCIS after this season?"
VIDEO: Terry Bradshaw rips Jerry Jones, calls him "desperate" for signing Greg Hardy.
Bill Cowher just handed Jerry Jones his weekly get out of jail card. You can hear the Benny Hill theme song , when Bill does interviews.
Thank you Anna...but where's Roger considering misogynist views mimicked by Jerry Jones?
Bell: Jerry Jones won't keep thoughts to himself
Mike Bell is garbage. Greg Hardy is garbage. Jerry Jones is garbage.
for bemusement purposes only. An interview w/ Jerry Jones' daughter why the Hardy signing was good.
Jerry Jones gushes about Michael Ovitz LA stadium model, with his arms around Ovitz and LA-hungry Mark Davis.
Jerry Jones: The wagon train has got to go without Tony Romo
Jerry Jones demonstrates his ignorance, desperation for wins, and the difference btw himself & Jerry Richardson.
Massive difference in who Jerry Richardson is and who Jerry Jones is. Exhibit A, Greg Hardy.
Jerry Richardson is obviously a different owner than Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones jabbed the STL 160 mil naming rights deal telling The Sports Business Journal,the amount "would buy a lobby" in an L.A. stadium.
Brandon Weeden unshaken by Jerry Jones' tough evaluation - .
Jerry Jones wants you to know he's a heterosexual:
SI Dallas?s Jerry Jones has odd reaction to Greg Hardy?s media session
Jerry Jones on Greg Hardy's Tom Brady comments: "When I saw him marry her (Gisele), Tom went up in my eyes 100%."
Dallas's Jerry Jones has odd reaction to Greg Hardy's media session.
Jerry Jones reacts to bizarre comments about “guns blazin'” and Fresh from suspension,…
Can't wait til asks about this from Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones responds to Greg Hardy comments on Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen via
Jerry Jones had some interesting things to say about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.
Jerry Jones reacts to Greg Hardy's bizarre comments about "guns blazin'" and Tom Brady
Brandon Weeden unshaken by Jerry Jones' tough evaluation:
Brandon Weeden unshaken by Jerry Jones' tough evaluation: Weeden not rattled by owner's remarks fol...
USAT Brandon Weeden unshaken by Jerry Jones' tough evaluation
Brandon Weeden unshaken by Jerry Jones' tough evaluation
oh ok, so basically your sources are Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder
yes the fans deserve Caldwell to give some answers. This wouldn't happen to a Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft team without answers!
Best 15...Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaking out on behalf of Rams move...Jerry Richardson-Carolina pushing for Spanos to get approval
NFL says teams can't own stakes in daily fantasy companies, but their owners can. Robert Kraft & Jerry Jones have stakes …
fans don't need the shock factors of Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless. has Jerry Jones! More than enough!
Did you get a ride on Paul Allen's Party Bus like you did Jerry Jones' last year. Always screwing the Resign now.
The fact that Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft own stakes in those companies should also send up red flags.
Please ally yourself with Jeffery Loria, Jerry Jones, and Jimmy Haslam. Maybe Goodell, Kraft, and Gary Bettmann.
Stephen Ross isn't Jerry Jones. Just stop. If you have influence and are a journalist base your opinion on facts.
Jerry Jones commended Roger Goodell for his decision to uphold Tom Brady's suspension. .
I remember 1-15. Jerry Jones first year, Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman. I'm sure you all know what happened a few years later.
Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft own the nfl
idk but Jerry Jones and Roger Goddell definitely bet on it
great read. What's interesting is that the only owner publicly supporting Kroenke is Jerry Jones.
sorry I didn't specify -- Jerry Jones likes to be big daddy not AP
Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson are at it again over Brandon Weeden vs. Troy Aikman - The Washington Post
Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones, H. Ross Perot & 16 more locals top Forbes’ list of richest Americans http:/…
Jerry Jones looking back on Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, Brad Johnson all Super Bowl champs. Makes Weeden seem plausible.
Jerry Jones: I didn't say Brandon Weeden was better than Troy Aikman.
so much fun. Just everything I'd want to read in a Jerry Jones profile. Pure joy
no in all seriousness, Don Van Natta's piece on Jerry Jones was the most fun I had last year
Jerry Jones excellent draft picks of O Line is paying off. Weeden is comfortable with plenty of time to operate.
Jerry Jones is Al Davis all over again😃
Loved Jimmy at the U buy he lost the eye of the tiger after Jerry Jones. The was not his passion.
Jerry Jones calls Arts And Crafts Tony Romo to ask if he can quickly create a better quarterback than Brandon Weeden out o…
When Demarco signed with the Jerry Jones was bumping Kendrick Lamars " we gon' be alright "
Jimmy Johnson: How does it make you feel that Jerry Jones said Weeden throws the prettiest ball he's ever seen?. Troy Aikma…
Jerry Jones also said Goodell doing an outstanding job as commissioner so he clearly has poor judgement.
Jerry Jones has officially entered the Al Davis realm of "zero credibility." At least Stephen is ready to step in.
I cant wait to hear Bert blame the loss on Jerry Jones...
Jerry Jones, Troy Aikman and Bill Parcells all make cut in week's Top 10 sports quotes.
Thank you Jerry Jones, at least he can fire Bert in person with the game being in his stadium.
Dez Bryant is still expected to miss a few more weeks, but Jerry Jones is happy with his road to recovery. .
Also includes chat with ESPN's who talked to Jason Garrett and a look at Jerry Jones piece
Whose next on the hit-list? Sean Lee? Newman? Jason Garrett? If anyone, please lay out Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones quoted a Saudi Prince when asked about handling injuries to the Dallas Cowboys
you think Jerry Jones goes to Texas Stadium on days when the Cowboys don't play to watch Netflix with friends?
Here's Jerry Jones telling Paul Burmeister that will be back this season:
Rich forever Jerry Jones, I got a hustle keeping my destiny gone like the house of Derèon
as Jerry Jones reminded us of old man Roth from Godfather II .. "this is the life we have chosen"
give up Jerry Jones and make that Strother Martin!!!
Called the old pimp himself, Jerry Jones, and told him it's time to make me a Cowboy, this is what America has been wai…
Jerry Jones argues that Greg Hardy may be innocent by Mike Florio hes taking shot again with the gumbel report
Why wouldn't we held out for a 2/3 pick.Jerry Jones would have done anything to get Cassell. Supply/demand
"Brandon Weeden can throw the football better than anyone. *trades for Tyrod Taylor's backup*. Jerry Jones is a national treasure.
Try not to laugh at Jerry Jones's evaluation of Brandon Weeden:
Jerry Jones must be hitting the bong and shoving shrooms' in his mouth pre interview .
TO had his agent reach out to Jerry Jones to bring him back.
Jerry Jones hasn't been this sad since Barry Switzer stepped down as Coach back in the late '90s. .
Barry Katz to Jerry Jones,no glory holeing man...
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on how he felt when Tony Romo went down w/ fractured collarbone: "Just about as low as a crippled…
“as low as a crippled cricket’s *** ” That's a new one, Jerry Jones. From and
How did Jerry Jones feel when Tony Romo got hurt?
Jerry Jones channels Hyman Roth in comments to Paul Burmeister: "This is the life we've chosen."
Jerry Jones: "We've got a lot of help coming." Is he talking about Kyle Orton or Jon Kitna?
If I'm Jerry Jones, I bring in Tebow just to add a little short-term intangible spark to an offense that now needs to …
What if Bernie Sanders is actually Jerry Jones and wants to become POTUS so he can manipulate the NFL?
Jerry Jones needs to make a trip to Arkansas and sign Tyler Wilson tonight.
Jim Kelly talking trash to Tom Brady is like Martha Stewart talking about paying your taxes, and about Jerry Jones, one word KARMA
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