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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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It's was speculated during the draft that Manziel, himself, figured he'd fall a bit if Clowney was drafted at And then after teams were not going to draft high for a QB. Cleveland was the sure fit but only Dallas stood in the way because of what everyone figured what Jerry Jones was going to do! And if Dallas would have passed on him. I'm sure his agent figured Jerry Jones would be crazy to pass up this future up in coming franchise QB! And he really did want Dallas to Draft him. That's why he had on the Dallas colors during the draft to give Jerry Jones a "wink" on television if you'd say because then he would of had a matching Dallas hat! But when Cleveland drafted him, you could really tell then that he was going to show his true colors! Well, when they picked Zach Martin, he felt a part of him was disappointed in their decision! You could tell in Manziels face when the announcement came! My take...I think they really should of taken him! But as long as Jason Garrett is head coach, it wasn't ...
Jerry Jones "absolutely believes" Dallas will make the playoffs. Unfortunately for Cowboy fans, Jerry was referring to t…
Jerry Jones, owner (and also terrible general manager) of the Dallas Cowboys, got some spla'in to do! The married 71 year old is now also the star of a couple ...
Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys 11"x15" Garden Flag: These garden flags are a great way to show who your favorite team is
If all goes wrong this season and Jason Garrett is fired, I hope Jerry Jones throws all the money in the world at Nick Saban.
Jerry Jones: Cowboys would make spot for Josh Brent ..Cowboys NFLNews
Jerry Jones can take his Tony Romo cowboys and shove it! I am 100% Washington Redskins fan! The best sports team nickname in sports. Politics and political correctness should stay out of sports . yes! Red Redskins!
Jerry Jones said Jon Bon Jovi is a great father. Sounds like he's an expert.
Tony Romo questionable. Ryan Mallett possibly tradable. Jerry Jones is an Arkansas alum. You do the math.
At work trying to focus, but all I can think about is the money Jerry Jones is paying Tony Romo to sit on the bench tonight
Leave it to Jerry Jones to reel me back into reality. Whew that too close for comfort…
Here is a pic of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with some young females.what do you think about this?
Anyone who lives is Dallas isn't surprised at all by these Jerry Jones pics.
"Americas team" ain't the only thing he bought, Jerry jones got the *** y'all.
Is Jerry Jones now worried?: Tony Romo’s back injury is still affecting his deep throws | ProFootballTalk...
Jerry Jones must have in his side pocket because there was no mention of the naughty pics today during your news tonight. smh...
Hilarious meme of Jerry Jones and the new controversial photos that have surfaced.
he's almost as annoying as Jerry Jones!
"Been hearing some different stories on the pictures of Jerry Jones. How bout y'all?
True! This could just make things worse. Jerry Jones is a crazy dude I've never really known what to think of him.
Here's a lady rubbing her face on Jerry Jones's crotch:
Please, let this be the scandal that gets Jerry Jones removed as the Cowboys owner. Find someone to actually better the team...
Between Jerry Jones' photos & Dan Snyder's self-serving ESPN interview, today wasn't a good day for NFC East owners.
Looks like Jerry is acting like an ego driven *** again. I feel sorry for fans. .
Now we know why Jerry Jones didnt draft Manziel. didnt want the competition...
Hey fans you might want to try and declare your owner JJ legally incompetent might improve things.
Jerry Jones with 2 younger women. EXCLUSIVE photo right here
Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones normally seems to be quite comfortable as the center of attention. But the 71-year-old might not appreciate everyone gawking at the racy photos that appear to be of him partying with a pair of younger women that quickly gai...
Pictures of Jerry Jones all up on some young women leaked? Lol
Jerry Jones prolly leaked his own infidelity pic. Wouldn't shock me at all.
Cowboys have 29 days and 22 hours to uncover racist recording of Jerry Jones.
one of the greatest Jerry Jones quotes too place.
Jerry Jones has eye on ex Dartwan Bush coaches like him, he'll play alot vs. SD. Gr8 chance to make team http:…
Not sure why those pics of Jerry Jones w the young girls are so shocking? He's worth 3 billion & has been getting boy band *** for years.
I just identified one of the victims in the Jerry Jones grope photos. It's
"Maybe Jerry Jones just needed someone to clean his glasses 😱😱😱😱
My take on Jerry Jones pictures: I want to be his friend. I want to go where he goes.
I've always criticized the decisions and moves Jerry Jones has made but he finally made a move I can agree with.
This is not a good look, Jerry Jones.
Those weird photos of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and some ladies hanging out in what appears to be a bathroom come with an equally bughouse backstory. They were first put on the internet by a man named Frank Hoover, who alleges that they were taken by people looking to set up Jerry Jones in an extort…
Looks like Jerry Jones done got him some of that glory hole he'd been wanting.
Unfortunately I thinks it's just a matter of time before we all see a Jerry Jones *** pic.
I will build a new stadium that will make Jerry Jones cry if I get the team. 😭😭😭
“Photo evidence of Jerry Jones being mock-fellated by someone other than Tony Romo:
An injury report, a new depth chart, Jerry Jones, and the "Black Unicorn" all appear in tonight's Nightly:
Jerry Jones on San Antonio: I'd like the Dallas Cowboys to get some of that stuff that's in the drinking water down there t…
Jerry Jones and 10-year contracts go together like lamb and tunafish. (Perhaps you prefer spaghetti and meatball?)
Jerry Jones showing Donald Sterling how its done
Keep going out and partying with girls 40 years younger than you, Jerry Jones. We'll focus on actually making the playof…
Your boy Jerry Jones don't know how to act wit all that money! Lmao 😳😳
Who knew Jerry Jones is the Rick Ross of NFL Owners!!
What was Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones up to in these photos?
My glass half full thought as I drift off to sleep tonight: At least my day was better than Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones caught with two females LoL
Stevie A Smith back tomorrow but he might be PG, BUT JERRY JONES MIGHT MAKE HIM RATED R
You know I could have gone the rest of my life WITHOUT seeing a picture of Jerry Jones feeling up on some blonde. I can now NEVER unsee that.
Dallas Cowboys fans what is up with y'all owner Jerry Jones ?
Jerry Jones trying to get ahead lmfao I see you Jerry... much props lol
Hold up Cowgirl fans is that y'all owner Jerry Jones?...Aw man don't tell me he's jumping out the bushes on little girls..He's about to catch a Freaky Jason charge...SMH...LMAO!!
DALLAS -- Jerry Jones woke up Tuesday morning in the middle of a scandal! No, not whether Tony's back is really back or if just paroled Josh Brent will rejoin the team. Nope, he's dealing with a wh...
Have you seen these Jerry Jones pics yet? Obviously I'm no better of a person, but you think guys like Jerry Jones would have an entourage to protect them from poor decisions. If you haven't seen them.DON'T! It's too weird lol
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Jerry Jones with 20yr old. Possible extortion case
Jerry Jones will make room on the roster for a convicted felon but not a committed Christian? And you wonder why your team is 8-8 every year?
So jerry Jones said if Josh Brent is reinstated by the NFL he will make a roster spot for him. The NFL is full of second chances and the brown family has forgiven him. What do you think of this?
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been known to make questionable decisions. Whether it was something like signing Tony Romo to a mega-contract extension, even though Romo has yet been able to guide ‘America’s Team’ to the playoffs, or taking a chance on high-risk criminal athletes that have been…
Jerry dirty ole perv you! Smh! Mr. Landry would roll over in his grave!
I'm ready for an honest unbiased discussion. What are your thoughts about Jerry Jones cheating on his wife? He gave up fifty years of marriage for the child molesting cookie jar.
Earlier this morning, a series of photos hit Deadspin ostensibly showing Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones engaged in various stages of...
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones caught in pics with young hot girls, in one it looks like he is getting head.aren't you supposed to win the Super Bowl first, then celebrate?
Blimey, you wouldn't wanna have a night with Lavezzi and Jerry Jones would you? There'd be photos of your every move!!
Those two girls allowing Jerry Jones to grope them set feminism back to the stone age. Old gross rich man? Anna Nicole would be proud.
Jerry can't 'feel any better' about offense: Jerry Jones' mind doesn't race right to the mid-1990s glory days ...
Retired defensive tackle Josh Brent will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday in his bid to seek reinstatement to the league, according to Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.
What an awesome day! It began with a Pastor's Retreat that was filled with worship and teaching. That was followed by officiating a wedding that for me was very special. First time I ever did a wedding that had an intentional fly-over just as the reception was ready to start. Then we finished the evening by listening to Jerry Jones sing the oldies (50's-70's) at Dunkirk Depot Park. God is the best day planner I have ever known. Now tomorrow, I don't have to, but get to preach- twice. I BELIEVE!!
Jerry Jones, as positive a thinker as I've ever known, sent out playoff tickets b/c he truly believes it. Of course, t…
So the Cowboys sent out playoff tickets? Jerry Jones is the Ruben Amaro of football...delusional
Jerry Jones stays finding new ways for people to hate his team.
Just waiting on Jerry Jones to have a Donald Sterling moment.
I think its Davis playing Oakland. Doubt he's serious. Plus I don't think Jerry Jones let's it happen.
but at the same time, I understand the moves. They're not stupid moronic Al Davis/Jerry Jones moves.
Just when I thought Danny White > Romo rant was epic, tops it off with a hilarious Jerry Jones impression.
like Jerry Jones & Al Davis? I'd rather he hire people that know how to win, get out of the way.
Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis. The future is very grim for America's Team.
Jerry Jones and Bob McNair ain't letting that happen
Jerry Jones has officially turned into Al Davis . via
Mark Davis responds about San Antonio, so did Texans' owner Bob McNair and Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones
OAK [Silver And Black Pride] - Mark Davis responds to San Antonio rumors, Bob McNair and Jerry Jones do too
The long-term Tyron Smith deal (40 mil guaranteed) was the best money Jerry Jones has spent in a long time. A cornerst…
Jerry Jones said he would have drafted me at I would rather wear black face and be drafted by Donald Sterling!
DeMarcus Lawrence hurts right ankle, Jerry Jones says Dallas Cowboys rookie DE will have X-rays; Tyron Smith reacts:
the only owner who could match egos with Jerry Jones. Go Donald!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
“Donald Trump says he'll submit a bid to buy the but does he think he'll win?" He will be worse then Jerry Jones
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he was close to drafting former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.
Jerry Jones: Cowboys were 'that close' to drafting Manziel
owner Jerry Jones was 'that close' to bringing Johnny Manziel to Dallas:
Jerry Jones Cowboys were that close to drafting Manziel
Jerry Jones: "Manzeil is going to be a great nfl talent. ...I came close to drafting him."
Wire: McNabb: Almost a Cowboy? What in Jerry World is Jones thinking? Follow
Saw a poll today; is Tony Romo the problem in Dallas? Obviously no. It's Jerry Jones. Until he relinquishes the GM position they're doomed.
Varane will also cost £25-30m. But he's young and quick also. Perfect partner for Jones & Evans.
Chair of the board of the Chamber and Tualatin Hills Park and Rec board member, Jerry Jones Jr. and his son JJ... http:…
Jerry Jones is bullish on NFL in L.A., but making it happen is a bear - The world zigs, and Jerry Jones...
Can Jerry Jones ever stop talking about Johnny Manziel?
Just like the Cowboys owner to get in on the Manziel hype. Who cares?
Jerry Jones says he was close to drafting Johnny Manziel
Jerry Jones optimistic about NFL team in Los Angeles -
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jerry Jones says Cowboys training camp is 'tradition' but injuries are concerning: Oxnard Mayor...
Jerry Jones came close to drafting Johnny Manziel via
Are we buying this? could have been a Cowboys' Jerry Jones Says Johnny Manziel Almost Had His Draft Card
Stephanie is like the Jerry Jones of WWE. She actually turned the crowd in her favor, best heel in the WWE
Jerry Jones: On draft night, 'it was that close' to putting that Johnny ...
Jerry Jones: On draft night, ‘it was that close’ to putting that Johnny Manziel card in: NEW YORK, NY - MAY 08...
I wanna sit next to Jerry Jones when we win our next Superbowl.
Don't forget Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett press conferences.
Jerry jones gon regret not drafting
Jerry Jones doesn't realize every good cowboys team has had a great defense like the defenses Jimmy had were
Jerry Jones on Tony Romo's health and why he is still considering Josh Brent
I'd like to go on record saying thank you to Jerry Jones for listening to the fans.
Jerry Jones: Kyle Orton doesn't plan to retire from NFL ..Cowboys NFLNews
Jerry Jones is the best. Just the best...
Jerry Jones. Romo doesn't run the team and drafting Manziel would've been a disaster.
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"The blind squirrel will find the acorn before Jerry Jones gets it right."- Dale Hansen 😒 Tell me something new. "What is we gone do?!" 😩 Fix it, Jesus!
Jerry Jones about as talented as James Dolan when it comes to running a sports franchise if we being 💯
The thing is Jerry Jones, when you purchased Cowboys you got Troy Aikman and built a team around him, which worked. It just hasn't w/ Romo.
. owner Jerry Jones just said on that he was close to turning Manziel draft card in... But he mad…
Why do we have to talk to Jerry Jones on the failures of the Dallas Cowboys it's Garrett's team?
Yardbarker: Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett believe 'it's not about next year' with young defense via
Jerry Jones on Jason Garrett: 'This is not a make or break' year
Jerry Jones gonna die before he fires Jason Garrett SMFH
Jason Garrett is coaching for his job, even if Jerry Jones says he isn't
Paul Catalina explains why Jerry Jones is so supportive of Garrett | FOX Sports Radio via
Jerry Jones: Not a 'make or break' season for Garrett
Only if Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones are not with the Cowboys anymore.
Jerry Jones: Not 'make or break' year for Jason Garrett ..Cowboys NFLNews
Where is Jerry Jones' sense of urgency!? His anger!? His "or else" attitude!? Obviously perfectly content with 8-8. Ma…
Q: What does Jerry Jones do after winning the Super Bowl? A: Gives the X Box back to grandkids
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“Jerry Jones just called this field "fungible"” >> you're hilarious
Jerry Jones just called this field "fungible"
John Elway cries like a marry about his owner having alzheimer's. Yet Tony Romo smiles about Jerry Jones.
Someone should ask Jerry Jones at the Cowboys press conference what the timeline is to him firing the current GM and h…
Jerry Jones says that Robert Newhouse was the first Landry Cowboy that he invited into the fold when he bought the team.
Bengals owner says Andy Dalton’s next deal should be around $110M. These are the results of Jerry Jones overpaying Ton…
Calling all Dallas Cowboy fans: Autographed Official Dallas Cowboy football! Signed by owner Jerry Jones and WR. Dez Bryant. Glass case included along with letter of authenticity. This item is being auctioned off for our Charity Shoe Drive here in Memphis! Inbox me if your interested; Bidding begins at $150.00 Free Shipping!! Come on Cowboys fans, WALK THE WALK for Shoes for Shelby County Kids!!
Thanks to a few you all will have a better ride at Miller's.Leah & John Ward, Jerry Jones, Jerry Bratt, Terry ?, joe ?, and Mike ?.
. Question: kill one, cut one, loose one in the desert. Jason Garrett. Tony Romo. Jerry Jones. GO!
Jerry Jones says Cowboys aren't ruling Tony Romo out just yet - Jones said on his radio show Tuesday that his...
That's funny I thought Jerry Jones built this team, not Jason Garrett.
Jerry Jones has a new strategy. Draft guys with familiar names. We have demarcus now we need an Emmit, Michael, and Troy.
Michael Jordan has gotten better at being an executive, cuz he got people to understand his vision...Jerry Jones needs to take notes
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett must see something in Brandon Weeden that I don't. Cowboys to cut Kyle Orton, leaving only Romo and Weeden
it takes 22 solid starters to win, so you can't pin losses on 1 man. Jerry Jones and Garrett are the problems
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Unless it'd be funny for me to pretend to be Jerry Jones and offer Nutt Jason Garrett's job. I can do that.
Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Jason Garrett.. just the entire Cowboys organization..
Still remember when Jerry Jones fired Wade Phillips 15 minuets after the Cowboys lost to the Packers in week 9😂😂
ESPN's Chris Broussard has reported that LeBron James has blocked Johnny Manziels number. Jerry Jones was quoted blaming Romo and Tim Tebow prayed about it.
Sounds like his ego will fit right in with Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, and the late Al Davis if he were still alive.
Late Davis talked Jerry Jones out of trading Irvin - . Jerry Jones’ wildcatter approach to
I guess this is the curse of benefit. Ray Davis/ Jon Daniel are the new Jerry Jones'. Okay, I hope not.
Cool to think that Monte Kiffin, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Pete Carroll and Jerry Jones coached or played at Arkansas. …
Plenty of examples of owners over shadowing brand: Steinbrenner, Al Davis, Jerry Jones. Some don't: Art Rooney, George Halas.
Jerry Jones the devil. I bet he charged his grandpa
The only thing offensive about them, is their horrible owner who thinks he's Al Davis or Jerry Jones.
National columnist: Jerry Jones is a 'fool running his team into eternal mediocrity' Published: 30 June 2014 08:40 PM Updated: 01 July 2014 11:16 AM It seems like every time an owner of a sports team gets publicly criticized, one name always gets brought up for comparison: Jerry Jones. The Cowboys owner has been ridiculed by the media because of his stubbornness, high visibility, and lack of success with the team in recent years. Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports recently wrote a column destroying new Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry for how he handled the Jason Kidd situation. Doyel calls Lasry 'embarrassing' and 'a meddler.' He compares Lasry to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones because he says both believe 'they are smarter and know better than everyone else.' "Smartest guys in the room never realize their mistake, assuming they ever realize their mistake, until it's too late," Doyel wrote. "Look at Jerry Jones, another self-made billionaire who bought America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys, installed him ...
Jim Nill, Jon Daniels, Donnie Nelson & Jerry Jones run the pro sports franchises that I root for. Who's Ringo in this picture?
The "Giant Sucking Sound(Ross Perot)" Jerry Jones is hearing is called Soccer. JJ & must be horrified at the ratings...
I'd usually say Romo & Dallas but Jerry Jones has set such low standards that Romo & Garrett don't have to improve.
Memo to . Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett--check out this guy: via
DAL News: Emmitt Smith: Hard to explain Jerry Jones, but Garrett is on 'short little leash'
You have to ask who built The Staples Center?. It's like asking who built Jerry Jones' $1 Billion Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas?
Jerry Jones has owned the Dallas Cowboys for 25 years. According to, the franchise is currently worth $2.3 billion, $500 million more than any other NFL team (the Patriots are next at $1.8 billion). That figure is mind-boggling for a couple reasons. First, Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 for $140 million. Second, despite being known as "America's Team," the Cowboys have done little in recent years to earn the nickname. The club has had back-to-back-to-back 8-8 records and haven't made the playoffs under coach Jason Garrett, who took over for Wade Phillips in 2010. But in a game where success is measured by regular-season records and postseason appearances, Jones has found a way to make a lot of money in the absence of wins. And on some level, he seems OK with that. Back in April, during a conference announcing that AT&T Stadium would host the 50th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in April 2015, Jones had this to say about the Cowboys' incredible popularity despite, you know, all the medi ...
Do the math, the George Strait concert last night. 104,000 attended, tickets were about $200 each and way upwards from there, then add $70 parking, then add booze, beers, foods, t-shirts,...good gosh MILLIONS $$ were made, just try to figure that one out! Jerry Jones is NOT stupid. He is genius! And so is George Strait!
Jerry Jones was a part of the 3 Super Bowls in the 90's since he purchased the team in 1989. Going forward, will Jerry ever win another Lombardi and/or will the chances be better to win another one once his son Stephen Jones takes over?
In the months leading up to, and the weeks after the NFL Draft, one of the primary conversations was the dream scenario linking of Johnny Manziel and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. And for all the downplaying of it afterward, it appears the Jones was rather torn as to whether he should draft Manziel to…
Jerry Jones' net worth is $3 billion, and he can't afford a tailor to work on that jacket? No wonder Dallas ***
I legitimately am hoping to see Tony Romo and the Cowboys succeed and win a lot of games next season. Not really a Cowboys fan, I just feel that the guy receives so much unnecessary criticism when it is a TEAM sport. Which includes a coach. And an owner. An owner who should care less about glamour and headlines and money, and care more about his team winning a Lombardi Trophy. I truly believe that Jerry Jones is the problem with the Cowboys and that his mere presence on the sideline puts way too much unwanted/unneeded pressure on his team, because players and coaches fear him due to his reputation of being quick to fire coaches or release players at the first sight of underachievement. He has no patience and needs to hang it up. What do you think Aaron Adams?
Jerry Jones is smiling right now because the long term contract he gave Tony Romo is no longer the dumbest one in the NFL.
Larry Bird is the real deal. I think he has to be the most honest person I've seen at a press in a long time. Most owners like Jerry Jones be lying through their teeth, but he's answered the questions truthfully. Wow!
Mark Cuban on why he looks up to Jerry Jones and LeBron vs. M.J. - Dallas Morning News
Jason Garrett will succeed not because of Jerry Jones but in spite of
In the past week I've met Jerry Jones, Jim Nantz, Jason Garrett and Lance Bass. Can I get a job at TMZ please?
Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is sitting at the table across from me. Where's Jerry Jones when you need him
Media: Jerry Jones talks too much, don't have to tell everyone your thoughts. Media: Jason Garrett never says anything, I hate it!
"There's no greater feeling than knowing you were perfect.". - Jerry Jones . Okay, Jerry really didn't say that, but Barney Fife did.
I guess yall know Jerry Jones has fired Jason Garrett and replaced him with an Asian guy,and his name is Wen Won Soon lol
If you are Jerry Jones and you were going to give WR Dez Bryant a contract deal how much money would you pay him along with the years?
*** do I miss football season. Looks like WR Dez Bryant is about to cash in before pre-season. The Dallas Cowboys WR deserves it. He put up way bigger and other stats over Johnson, Fitzgerald, and Marshall at there respective positions last season. He has the best hands in pro football. The best WR in the league works for Jerry Jones, he will get paid.
Hosted by The RIver Gallery, 308 Trenton Street and the Antique Alley Association, the merchants are opening their doors until 9pm and hosting artists in conjunction with the Downtown Gallery Crawl. Artists include Melanie Massey, Jerry Jones, Nina Stephens, Dakota Mill...
starting QB for the 8-8 Dallas Cowboys getting paid huge $ by Jerry Jones
Dez Bryant eyes long-term deal - via Jerry Jones needs to open his wallet for this guy.
Cowboys moving to new 'burb in Dallas - Accompanied by cheerleaders and city officials, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones...
All I kno is Jerry Jones better pay Dez Bryant his money cus if we lose him I'm goin to Texas to shut all that stadium down lol! Jerry playin wit my emotions and clearly he dnt wanna win!!!
Who is the worst owner Donald Sterling or Jerry Jones?
With that being said, this shows that the Cowboys will NEVER win a SuperBowl under Jerry Jones as owner/GM.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to Ben Gardner, on Stanford: “You’re coming from a place that’s got it figured out."
Dez Bryant has been playing at a very high level, and Jerry Jones needs to keep him around for the long haul.
- not having Jerry Jones as a GM and owner is in order to save the season
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Another owner dies but Jerry Jones lives on. ;_;
A friend just posted this :) Meanwhile in Dallas, Sean Lee tears his acl in practice and is done for the year. Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett, say next man up.. 4th round pick from Lorain Ohio... Anthony Hitchens will fill the void...
if Jerry Jones is still the owner, then yes lmfao
Why is Jerry Jones the president general manager and owner, you just lost your best def player for the…
So it seems that the "Stars" owner has a bit of a Jerry Jones complex. What a joke.
The only way he gets the money he thinks he deserves is to go to another team. Jerry Jones is the worst owner/genmanager/coach
"Forgetting to be Afraid by Wendy Davis , prologue by Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones can't be cursed he got championships as an owner.Romo has to be cursed by the football gods
Don't worry Cowboys fans. Found Sean Lees replacement already. The one n only Dario Ramirez. I'm his agent, tell Jerry Jones to call me so we can talk numbers.
'Sean Lee' and 'injured' have become synonymous ever since he first suited up for Dallas. Yet the Cowboys have consistently written this off as 'bad luck', and 'nothing to worry about'. That's complete nonsense and he's NOT the answer for the Cowboys at the absolutely critical position of MLB and it's about time the Franchise woke up to that fact. We took OG/OT Zack Martin in the 1st Round, and he's going to be a solid player for us in the years ahead. BUT, everyone knew our biggest needs were on the defensive side of the ball, and we did virtually nothing to address them. Now, we have Sean Lee potentially out for the season, we have Anthony Spencer back after receiving zero interest in his free-agent foray but he's not able to suit up for us, either. Henry Melton, who was the Cowboys' reason for not Drafting a badly needed DT this year, is coming off a major ACL injury and we have no idea when, and how well, he'll be able to play for us. Jerry Jones is making 'happy talk' about DE Tyrone Crawford and off ...
Found out today dat owner Jerry Jones works for the Columbian Cartell
I like Mark Cuban he's a interactive owner how many NBA owners are like that? And as far as NFL its been Al Davis, Jerry Jones, & Dan Snyder
Jones says free agent busts have hurt Cowboys - . owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he should have not offered...
re: Grizzlies owner. Did you forget that Jerry Jones fired his friends on sidelines & front office? It's his team. Leave unless $
Michael Irvin once stabbed a teammate in the neck with barbers scissors and owner Jerry Jones paid the victim hush money.
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Well what do you know, the first day of OTA's for the Cowboys and starting Middle Linebacker Sean Lee get hurt again. In 4 years with Dallas he has been hurt every year missing 18 games in 4 years. At Penn ST he was hurt all 4 years and missed games each year. Come on Jerry Jones release him, he will never play a full season. Time to move former Hawkeye Anthony Hitchens in to the starting line up. At least Justin Durant or Devante Halloman if you do not want to start a rookie. Enough is Enough.
The fake Jerry Jones and the fake Quincy Carter 11-17-03
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, speaking to reporters at the NFL meetings in Atlanta, said veteran rocker Jon Bon Jovi would be an "outstanding" NFL owner.
[Dallas Morning News] - He said what? The greatest quotes from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones..
sorry but it's true. Unfortunately, the clown married into Jerry Jones' families, so y'all are stuck with him
Or at least call Jerry Jones to see if he wants to trade.
(Livin' on a prayer? Bon Jovi has Jones' vote: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, speaking to repor...
Jerry Jones says he thinks the need a new stadium long term
Great to meet Jerry Jones granddaughter Jessica during the
IRVING, TX—After surprisingly passing on the opportunity to pick quarterback Johnny Manziel during last week’s NFL Draft, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones told reporters Thursday he has not ruled out eventually trading away...
Jerry Jones acknowledged after the draft last weekend that he spoke to Tony Romo about the Dallas Cowboys’ interest in Johnny Manziel.
Jerry Jones money *** you a running back. Herschel Walker, Bo Jack, Ricky Waters better run that dope back.
Come to the Cowboys Andre Johnson I know Jerry Jones isn't the best owner but he'll pay the bill we've had luck with past Miami hurricanes ;)
Jerry Jones has to get out of Tony Romos *** and realize he's garbage. Those *** should've took Manziel when the had the chance
Jerry Jones already turned me off the NFL. Cowboys fan since late 70's... I'm not picking a new team, so no NFL.
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Jerry Jones said the did not need to draft a safety high because they view S Matt Johnson as the equivalent to high-ro…
Brand new Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo "Texas Stadium" bobble head. I have a Cowboys Texas Stadium Final game program. Jerry Jones had these made in silver just for this game. I am asking for $25.00 for both. Ocotillo and Ironwood
Dallas Cowboys haters. Everyone thought that Jerry Jones were going to get rid of Tony Romo, sorry Romo is here to stay, back injury or not.Gotta love dem *** Cowboys.
OK I know it's a lot of Cowboys fans out there (America's Team) so why didn't Jerry Jones draft a Quarterback, surely he don't think they will win a Championsip with Tony Romo which by the way is long overdue. Give me yall take on it. Ferlando Parker
Well , I have to say it ... If Johnny Football is "Elvis " and Tony Romo is " George Straight" , then you Jerry Jones has to be "Tiny Tim" there it's off my chest
"He's Elvis Presley," Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said of Manziel. Uh Mr. Jones, I think you need to stop smoking the cheap stuff. Manziel will never be anything close to Elvis Presley.
Now I understand! Jerry Jones sent Demarcus Ware to the DENVER broncos because he thought he was going to draft him in the second round for less money. No, Jerry. That's Demarcus LAWRENCE from the BOISE STATE broncos.
OK NOW y'all here in HOUSTON, and in the rest of the country too ! PLEASE lay off of Johnny Manziel. Seems like everybody and their cousin is making stupid jokes about the NFL's under-acheiving AGGIE ! So what if the Dallas Cryboys lost their chance to draft the vato? So what if some folks thought him the logical successor to Tony Romo? Give a rest folks, Romo is on his way out, and in Dallas there can only be one star, and it is NOT the one painted at the 50 yard line in ATT stadium, but their WACK owner !!! So no more Johnny Football jokes please, most are not even that funny,and I am a standup comic, for chrissakes ! See if you don't agree with me: say in TEXAS, it's all over but the cryin', and Jerry Jones passed over Manziel time and time again, finally settling for a lineman from freakin' Notre Dame!...and so as far as Manziel is concerned, the desert is quiet, Cleveland's cold, so the story ends we're told, Jerry just did what he he thought he had to do, so say a prayer or two, for Johnny F ...
The Dallas Cowboys owners Jerry Jones said he would draft Johnny Manziel if he could. NFL team members see themselves in the kid. At the NFL Combine, Johnny scored a highest-ever 32 on the Wonderlic test, and then he offered the sell the answers to the test for a nominal fee. I read in the paper that Prince William drew praise after he was photographed flying coach on American from Memphis to Dallas. It was a stopover. Prince William landed in Dallas to remind the folks of Texas if the Dallas Cowboys didn’t get Johnny Manziel in the draft, to keep calm and carry on.
Jerry Jones said he didn't draft Johnny Manziel because he can't have two celebrity quarterbacks. Who's the other one?
Good morning FBF, how DARE Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, compare Tony Romo to George Strait! That's like comparing a pimple on a cockroach's behind to a purebred stallion's regal mane!!! Now if it was Roger Staubach, that I will accept!!! Have a blessed day.
Jerry Jones not thinking QB heading into draft - IRVING, Texas (AP) — Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager...
Johnny Manziel was atop the Cowboys' draft board when they picked at No. 16, meaning we were this close to have a Manziel-Romo-Jerry Jones dysfunctional love triangle.
Jerry Jones says he was set to pick Manziel, but someone in Draft war room asked him if a rag smelled funny and doesn’t re…
Excellent read..RT..Cowlishaw: Cowboys had Johnny Manziel ranked higher, but Jerry Jones knew it couldn't work.
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WHY do the cowboys have to be owned by Jerry Jones??? Good Lord your gonna pass up on Johnny Football, because you've got "too much invested" in Tony Romo. Yea no joke! And it ain't paying off your still wasting time and money!! Just because someone is a family friend doesn't mean they deserve a retirement contact worth billions.. Jerry Jones is forgetting the fans and how many times we get disappointed EVERY year, mainly due to Tony Romo. We've had star offensive lines, star defensive lines, none of it matters cause when it's our time to play they can't get the freakin ball down the field. good Lord maybe I'll be able to enjoy watching the Panthers this year at least...
The more I think about it, the more I like our draft so far and the less credibility I give to anyone that thinks Jerry Jones is operating the war room with an iron fist. If left alone, I really think he would have picked Manziel. Teamwork makes the dream work!
Miami Herald - Jerry Jones: Manziel, aka Elvis, should be NFL hit
Tim Cowlishaw: For Jerry Jones, one rock star quarterback is enough: Whatever would be the...
Tell Jerry that “Jerry Jones says he told Romo not to spend any time thinking about the Manziel talk http:/…
Jerry Jones: Manziel “is a celebrity. He’s Elvis Presley” and too big a distraction to be a backup
My take on the selection and 'trade up' for Demarcus Lawrence: He had a horrible Combine and he has character issues. But, if you're Jerry Jones, what's not to like?
Jerry Jones on choice he had to draft Johnny Manziel: "It’s not the usual development guy.He’s a celebrity. He’s Elvis…
And he's not raw at all he's nfl ready 😍 Jerry Jones steppin up
I’m not a Cowboys fan. Romo the worst QB in the league and Jerry Jones is, well, Jerry Jones.
Cowboys had been said they was not real serious in selecting Manziel. The media need something to harp on and Jerry Jones is known to select style over substance anything that can bring the dollars in no matter if the product mediocre. I think Johnny Football will do good in the NFL, but Manziel is not what our Cowboys need. I think Zack Martin will be a good player but our cowboys needed help on defense no matter the position (DL, FS, LB, CB) all defense position needs addressing. I hope Dallas go the defense route tonight in the second round thru the 7th round if we don't all Cowboys fan will look forward to a 6 or 7 win and 10 or 9 lost season.
What is the world coming to when Jerry Jones makes the right and safe pick? Best draft in years so far. Mel Kiper was completely wrong. Lol.
To all my fellow Dallas Cowboys fans lets get this straight. Yes, we do need a defense! Jerry Jones needs to learn to let his coaching staff do the job they get paid to do! And I don't give a *** how good Romo's stats are, he chokes every time and if you disagree please tell me what the *** are you watching? I,for one, have been a Cowboys fan for 40 years and Romo needs to go. Agreed he is not their only problem but he IS a problem! Keep talking stats and lets see how far that gets them this year!
RANDOM THOUGHTS: 1.If you just became a Bama fan within the last 5-8 years..Not a true fan. 2.If you talking about leaving the Lakers cause Kobie Bryant is at the end of his career...Not a true fan. 3.If you talking about leaving Dallas Cowboys cause of Romo and Jerry Jones..Not a true fan. 4.Gus Malzahn will be the reason Nick Saban lose his job. 5.Please don't jump on our (Florida State) bandwagon cause we back to dominating, and winning championships!!!
and that's why Jerry Jones wanted to pursue him in Purely for the sales
*** Jerry Jones had a chance to get that CB from MICHIGAN ST. or that Safety from Louisville or Mosley from Bama. And even could have gotten Johnny Football. Just Saying cowboy fans.
Am I the only person surprised that Jerry Jones didn't pick Johnny Football? He usually tries to sell tickets. I suppose he wants Romo to be upright. Good pick with Zack Martin. I wanted him in Miami
So a homeless man told Jimmy Haslam to draft Johnny Manziel and he did it. Still a better owner than Jerry Jones.
Johnny Who? ;) STEELERS are gonna Rock his World! Sorry cowboy Fans, but Jerry Jones is an *** At least with a losing season with "Johnny Who" you would at least filled the Stadium.. Que Wey!
Versace Versace, Cleveland Browns drafted me and now Jerry Jones is salty.
I am no longer a Dallas Cowboys fan.. I've had enough of Jerry Jones's shenanigans.
As a Cowboy fan I have to say I am past frustrated with Jerry Jones!! Obviously he is content with going 8-8 every season. Why would you NOT pick Manziel?! He was basically handed to us and he picks a offensive lineman?! FOR WHAT?!! We have the most inconsistent QB in the league, and Jones passes up on a Heisman trophy winner that could help the team!! Well maybe Jerry Jones is a genius by picking Martin because it's gonna be exactly what the Cowboys need now someone to tackle the players who intercept Romo!! UGH!!! 😡 Seriously the best draft scenario for the Cowboys would have been if Jerry Jones would have been drafted during Vietnam!!
Now Dallas Cowboys fans I ain't hating...I love offensive lineman but y'all know Jerry Jones should've picked either Johnny Football or Teddy Bridgewater with their first round pick...they need a quarterback for the future and Johnny Football would've made Jerry richer...but even if they didn't pick one of those two, they could've drafted a defensive player...there we're some good defensive players still available when they drafted that offensive tackle.I mean the defense couldn't stop a nose bleed this past year.c'mon man!
Hello Robin my name is Charrise Smith and this is my son Cahnye' Smith I would like to share his video about the draft he is a hugh fan of Johnny Manziel and he was very upset when Dallas didn't pick him. So he wanted to express his feelings to Jerry Jones. I hope you enjoy this video.
DALLAS HAS THE WORST DRAFT PIXKS EVERY YEAR I AM NO LONGER A COWBOY FAN SEATTLE 16. Dallas Cowboys Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame Did someone duct-tape Jerry Jones and toss him in a closet to keep him from picking Manziel? Instead, the Cowboys take a guy who can help quarterback Tony Romo stay off that balky back and help the running game. Martin started a school-record 52 games, and has terrific athleticism to pull and trap.
God I hate Dallas Cowboys fans sometimes . You're going to sit there and say F you Jerry Jones ! Jerry Jones *** If the scouts and new director I'd personnel weren't in control jerrah would have took Johnny *** .
*Jerry Jones press conference on the radio* Dave yells "you suck, the defense *** and so of course you get an offense player"
Wasn't going to say anything but YOU Dallas Cowboys fans are sumn else. You nitwits Jerry Jones made a sound move! Romo just got a contract deal with 50mil guaranteed! Why would he draft another QB? 1)He gonna make Romo work for that money 2) why in the *** would he pay another QB millions just to sit on the bench? 3) salary cap!!! He decided to keep him but Romo is going to work for that contract and Jerry is building around him. Not sure why he has so much confidence in him but the man made a nice financial move! Now tell me I'm wrong!
But on a more serious note, screw you Jerry Jones. . Sincerely,. All Dallas Cowboys fans
So in the end, Jerry Jones got Brandon Weeden and Browns got Johnny Manziel.
Can we trade Jerry Jones to the Philadelphia Eagles.
Jerry Jones took that 16th pick on an offensive lineman. he could have drafted Me.and with the 16th pick Dallas Cowboys Fans pick Walter Pines from G County.I could have at least
If Mel Kiper is so good at analyzing draft picks, why doesn't he work for an NFL team? Maybe you should interview him Jerry Jones.
Stephen Jones: Hey dad I think we have two great quarterbacks behind Romo one is 39 years old and are 3rd string is 34 years old. We don't need a 22 year old quarterback when we have experience. Jerry Jones: Now I know why hired you son your so smart. You will be the next owner when I retire. Troy Aikman: Dumb and dumber at it again. Michael Irvin: What happened did I miss something. Devon Sanders: Can we buy the Cowboys? Emmit Smith: Till he'll freezes over.
This could be Dallas Cowboys Fans, but Jerry Jones playin'.
The 2010 holding call on Cowboys' OT Alex Barron that lost the game vs WASH is why Jerry Jones has picked Smith, Frederick & Martin.
I love the Dallas Cowboys but Jerry Jones is an *** defense dummy! Ijs
literally. Jerry Jones kills me bro he's out of his mind.
Jerry Jones sure does know how to mess up my nights.
Jerry Jones is completely stupid worst defense in the league and picks a offensive lineman But if your going to pick a offensive player why would u pass on a Heisman Trophy winner
Is it possible that Jerry Jones thought that Zack Martin was a DT? Sometimes "O's" look like "D's" when you're 93 and eyes laced with cataracts.
Oh G_d, please don't let the Dolphins draft Cyrus Kouandjio. I hope Jerry Jones didn't ruin some other team's draft this time.
Somewhere in a duplicate draft war room, with body doubles for the coaches and scouts, Jerry Jones is still yelling "Johnny Football" into a dead phone.
The only way Jerry Jones didn't pick Manziel is because they lured him out of the war room with a squeaky toy.
Zack Martin!?!? Jerry Jones, you sir, are an *** It sure is hard to be a Cowboys fan!
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Jerry Jones does it again by taking somebody he don't need I know all Dallas Cowboys FANS MAD AS ***
Well, Jerry Jones has officially lost his mind. I have never wanted anyone in this world to die more than him. He better have a good security team or the Dallas Cowboys fans are going to tear him to pieces.
Jerry Jones, in my Fred Sanford voice, YOU BIG DUMMY! The Cowboys need to improve on defense. At least he didn't take Manziel.
OT Zack Martin is a COWBOY Jerry Jones was locked out of his war room!
What is Jerry Jones doing? Zack Martin is a solid player and he made the right choice on that one. Top lineman in the draft in my opinion.
Jerry Jones just took zach martin over Johnny Manziel. Which means Jerry is more concerned about winning next year, wh…
Jerry Jones just popped all Dallas Cowboys fans bubble not picking Johnny Football
Jerry Jones please go visit Donald Sterling and say something racist so we can get rid of your *** . We need defense DUMMY!..
[Jerry Jones gazes longingly at the Baconator]. [sighs]. "I'll have the salad, I s'pose."
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