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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Jerry Jones' short list of lessons learned as owner of the Dallas Cowboys: "There’s no short list...".
This day was amazin 😭😍met Jerry Jones owner of my Dallas Cowboys
There is no doubt that Jerry Jones has impacted many cities in the DFW area. The Star in Frisco is only one example…
Jerry Jones meeting with Dallas Cowboys prospects like...
I would do anything to sip Jonnie walker blue with Jerry Jones and hear OG cowboys stories
I just want to know what was up with Jerry Jones' hair
Star-Telegram: Brad Sham's top five players during the Jerry Jones era
ALERT: Jerry Jones confirms OL Chaz Green has shoulder injury. Could be more than short-term deal here.
Chaz Green has injured his shoulder. No survey needed, but owner Jerry Jones says "he'll be out for awhile."
Per Jerry Jones, Chaz Green will be out a while with a shoulder injury
You have to be the first to ask Jerry Jones about the Barrel of Johnny Walker Blue Label that AB got fo…
Jerry Jones said Chaz Green has a shoulder strain and will miss some time. No surgery required.
Next week Jerry Jones goes into Pro Football HOF because he made 1 smart decision to hire Jimmy Johnson and has been a hack ever since.
Jerry Jones literally brings in the most money, he's the best thing for foo…
Not the Cowboys. Jerry Jones told them stand for the anthem or you're fired.
Jerry Jones is perfectly fine w/ signing a guy who did this to his gf. But has a huge problem with Kaep's silent pro…
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Jerry Jones on how Cowboys have changed his life:
Change the name to the American delinquents ... jerry jones is bad for the
Love it!. Jerry Jones: Luke McCown a better fit than Colin Kaepernick
Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are sending a dangerous message
Tomorrow on owner Jerry Jones shared his story with
Hello, Byron Jones. He picks off Dak in the end zone.
On Aug. 5, Jerry Jones will be inducted into the HOF. Here's how his name became a world in this
Lol Jerry Jones is really just like the warden from the longest yard..
6 players have been inducted into the in the Jerry Jones era: Aikman, Allen, Haley, Irvin, Sanders, Smit…
"Jerry Jones is Evel Knievel. Crashes didn't hurt his legacy, they empowered it." — on Cowboys' disciplinary issues…
.discusses the strides he's made this offseason and his thoughts on Jerry Jones' Hall of Fame induction.
I think Jerry Jones said it wasn't in their best interest or something like that.
FYI, Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones told his players "You will stand for the National Anthem, or your *** w…
How Jerry Jones' fierce loyalty has made many Cowboys see him as more of father figure than boss vi…
Jerry Jones would approve of the barrel of JW Blue...
Jerry Jones literally said Cowboys signed Luke McCown instead of Kaepernick because they wanted someone who could be a…
Jerry Jones: Luke McCown a better fit than Kaepernick
Jerry Jones says Luke McCown was a better fit than Colin Kaepernick
Jerry Jones is the only man to both play for a collegiate national championship team & own a Super Bowl winning club.
Jerry Jones signed GREG HARDY but refuses to sign Kaepernick. Baltimore fans…
Jerry Jones: Luke McCown better fit for Cowboys than Colin Kaepernick
Jerry Jones said Luke McCown was a better fit for the Cowboys third quarterback opening than Colin Kaepernick.
Why did Cowboys sign Luke McCown over Colin Kaepernick? . Jerry Jones explains | .
Bad look for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys
insiders in Oxnard tell me that when told of pardon of Lucky Whitehead of fame, Jerry Jones' face remained tightened.
"Jerry Jones reiterates support for Ezekiel Elliott" { by Mike Florio } via
Jerry Jones: Jaylon Smith is looking really good. All testing looks as good as I could have hoped. The nerve is certainly r…
First day in Oxnard, Jerry Jones says he's seen absolutely nothing that points to domestic violence involving Ezekiel Ellio…
Great ride with Terry Plenert, Jerry Jones, Ken Davis, Lonnie Cooper and Kelly Harper at Fall River. There was...
Steve Kerr looks like one of Satan's best human disguises, while Jerry Jones looks like one of Satan's worst human disguises. -
Chief would like to thank NFL Commish Roger Goodell and Dallas Cowboys CEO Jerry Jones and HC Jason Garrett for joining no on Sirius XM
BREAKING: Cowboys sign new free agent RB OJ Simpson . Jerry Jones: "He's got exactly the kind of character we look for…
The annual Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett press conference that officially opens training camp. I've collected insig…
I ilke Jerry Jones and but this is what is wrong with society.
Garrett has no balls when it comes to standing up to Jerry Jones! That's why players do whatever the hec…
Comments made by Coach Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones today at Cowboys Football Clinic were truly inspiring! What an amazing organization.
Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones & Jason Garrett .RetiredCop (24 years) offering my security services to your team.
My team is a *** circus and Jerry Jones is wearing the big honkin clown shoes while Jason Garrett itches his fat c…
I think J. Garrett and Jerry Jones "right type" of people comes from same list as Marvin Jones and Bengals
Ever see anyone wearing a Jeffrey Lurie or Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder jersey?
Jerry Jones still wouldn't sign Kaepernick because Jones is a Texas Republican, and Kaepernick would…
While we're working from the low bar:. Jerry Jones > Roger Goodell, Hitler, Charlie Manson, David M…
Jerry Jones meeting with future Dallas Cowboys prospects like...
Wire: Jerry Jones' wife will be his Hall of Fame presenter
Jerry Jones' wife, Gene, will be his official presenter at his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction
taking shots with Jerry Jones wyd today
Jerry Jones dumb af for passing up on Randy Moss
A "magical day" for Jerry Jones and Gene after meeting The Pope!
First Jim Harbaugh, now Jerry Jones. Doesn't the Vatican have standards?
An audience with the Pope a short while ago. Here's how Jerry Jones and wife Gene describe that rare oppo…
Watch Cowboys owner Jerry Jones present Pope Francis with a gold helmet at the Vatican.
Jerry Jones asks Pope to open Cowboys Pro Shop in Vatican.
Exclusive reaction from Jerry Jones and his wife Gene on meeting
Jerry Jones meets with Pope Francis today: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his wife, Gene, are scheduled to……
From If Dan Gilbert copies Jerry Jones on how to run a team, that's his right. But there will be fallout.
Emmitt Smith discusses the value of watching Cowboys owner Jerry Jones do business |
.legend discusses the value of watching Jerry Jones do business |
Jerry Jones' decisions to stick with Garrett/Romo should get him Executive of the Year. Few owners would've done it.
You'll never win anything. Jason Garrett & Jerry Jones will never lead you anywhere. Whenever you have a great seas…
Jerry Jones knows who will present him in Canton. I know who it should and needs to be. COL
Arkansas coach legend Frank broyles " To Jimmy Johnson , n Jerry Jones! 1963" you guys r playing just good enough to look good losing"🏉🏉!
Tune in tomorrow to hear Shannon talk about Tiger Woods and Skip to talk about Jerry Jones.
The Cowboys Triplets and the feud between Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson.
Jerry Jones says his team has inspired the Millennial generation to get into watching football. . 🔗…
Jimmy Johnson on Jason Garrett's 'leadership': "They (players) don't have answer to Jason Garrett. They have to answer to Jerry Jones".
Favorite story from open locker room today? CB Jourdan Lewis telling us he got draft call from Jerry Jones while he was at t…
Jerry Jones wants to host Canelo-GGG at AT&T Stadium. We'll find out soon enough if he gets his wish or it takes place in…
Dallas has Jerry Jones he will keep his ego on TV only w/winners so rel…
NLR detective Michael Gibbons admits he broke law in accepting gift from Jerry Jones.
Arkansas Ethics Commission says there were violations when NLRPD accepted free tickets, travel and lodging from Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones on getting Ezekiel Elliott more involved on offense: "He's really problematic for defenses in the passing game.…
John Daly and 'Dad', Jerry Jones walk in to the clubhouse with Jason Garrett at the annual golf tournament.
Jerry Jones is a great guy until he fires you:
FRISCO, Texas - Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he was skeptical of a ...…
Secret Audio: is overcome with emotion as he gets the call of a lifetime from Jerry Jones. 🎥:
Jerry Jones: "Yes we're a better defense than we were when we ended the year."
Ryan Switzer draft call:. Jerry Jones: "We just picked you. You're a Dallas Cowboy.". Ryan Switzer: "Oh my God. Are you ser…
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys are satisfied that they'll be ok with Jourdan Lewis. Cites his high character "throughout his li…
Jerry Jones said the Cowboys are not moving veteran cornerback Orlando Scandrick. "I don't know who started...
Jerry Jones said the speculation to trade Orlando Scandrick is absolutely erroneous. Called him a valued member of the team.
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys are "absolutely not" looking to move Orlando Scandrick. "That's completely erroneous."
Jerry Jones said reports about Cowboys trying to move CB Orlando Scandrick are erroneous.
Jerry Jones is trying to steer the draft to make its way to Frisco, Tx and the new facility The Star. But it will be hard to match Philly
Some owners just don't care what you think. Mike Brown drafts Joe Mixon. Now Jerry Jones drafts Jourdan Lewis, who's faci…
Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones shaking hands with Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones. Stephen pumping his fists. Big smile
Jerry Jones reminding media this is the first first-round draft pick he's ever introduced here at The Star in Frisco.
.icons Jerry Jones, Roger Staubach teaming up for tower at
Draft party at The Star in Frisco 'far exceeded' Jerry Jones' expectations via
Dallas Cowboys icons Jerry Jones, Roger Staubach teaming up to build Frisco tower
Jerry Jones previously said Cowboys needed a "war daddy" pass rusher. I asked him if Taco Charlton was that guy. Je…
Jerry Jones goes on to say Frisco or AT&T stadium for a draft location "good with both"
Jerry Jones on Philly crowds and prospect of bringing the draft to Frisco... "I'm envious"
If I'm not mistaken, Jerry Jones paid Taco 250k and Mark Cuban paid him the 1 mil
And they say Jerry Jones doesn't know what he's doing...
Jerry Jones just wants to put Taco's on a Dallas Cowboys shirt😂
Cowboys: Will "Trader Jerry" reappear this week? Since 1989, Jerry Jones has made 64 draft-day trades - Todd Arche…
When asked about fifth-year option stuff Jerry Jones says that Stephen has got "a nice book" that he's written on that. is it leather bound
Jerry Jones doesn't strike me as the type to be too worried about public perception
Jerry Jones lapdog and Trump groupie Chris Christie takes time from his busy schedule to lecture on how Eli Manning is a bad guy.
Statement from Jerry Jones on the passing of Pittsburgh Owner Dan Rooney:
Jerry Jones and Mark Davis after playing Sheldon Adelson and Goldman Sachs
My latest w Inside the Raiders move to Vegas, starring Mark Davis, Sheldon Adelson and of course Jerry Jones ht…
Jerry Jones move up in the draft get Myles Garrett. Brown have a problem with him, again and again Brown pick the wrong guys.
Behind the scenes video of Jerry Jones saying goodbye to Tony Romo. (Video via
Seriously unlikely that Garrett had any choice i.e. Jerry Jones
Mostly poor teams? He was on 1 team which *** As long as Jerry Jones keeps being involved like a coa…
Dear airlines & airline workers: Next time Jerry Jones is on one of your flights, please euthanize the old *** …
You need to include Dallas on the list. Jerry Jones is going to advocate like crazy for that game…
I'd say so. He had a good career and was held back by Jerry Jones' meddling more than anything. .
Jerry Jones always felt the position easiest to miss on the draft was pass rush DE. Rd's 2,3 and 4 can still bring that pos.
NEXT on Shane McMahon does his best Jerry Jones impression by making AJ Styles Retire but then releasing him.
Yes it would. At the press conference a Romo heel turn where he hits Jerry Jones over the head with a chair th…
Jerry Jones & head coach Jason Garrett released statements on 14-year tenure with the organization. 📝: http…
Jerry Jones statement on Romo release:. "He is a young man who is just getting started on a long journey in life. All the…
Statement from Jerry Jones, who wishes "all the best" to Tony Romo.
The statements from owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett on Tony Romo's retirement:
"This is the single greatest thing that could have happened to Jerry Jones and to Dak Prescott." — on Tony…
**BREAKING NEWS**. CBS wins bidding war for Tony Romo also has exclusive contract with Cowboys (Jerry Jones) that he ca…
Jerry Jones wants the Marijuana ban in the NFL dropped, he's for the people !!
The NFL's marijuana policy hurts players, and Jerry Jones wants to change it
Report: Jerry Jones wants NFL to drop marijuana ban
Jerry Jones reportedly pushed NFL to end marijuana ban, off-field conduct investigations.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, when asked about Ezekiel Elliot's off the field behavior,. "..unfortunate and not good.".
Wow...I just saw Jeffrey Lurie, Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones, and John Mara exiting the Freemason building in City Hall together!
got Jerry Jones.. Jayz.. Jordan it doesn't get no bigger than that bruh
Jerry Jones: Tony Romo decision to be made by training camp
Jerry Jones: Tony Romo has options, we’ll know by training camp
Jerry Jones is in no rush on Tony Romo situation, expects resolution &training camp&.:
Jerry Jones: Deadline on Tony Romo decision is training camp
Translation: He's still locked in Jerry Jones basement. No ransom sent in yet for his immediate release.
Mum’s the Word: owner Jerry Jones is strong, silent type when it comes to Ezekiel Elliott parade video ». http…
Jerry Jones isn't trading him till June.
Freaking Vinny..Jerry Jones ain't gonna allow this. lol
Owner Jerry Jones says there is no angst with QB Tony Romo in limbo
John Elway isn't budging. Jerry Jones will blink first. :P
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on learning of his Hall of Fame induction.
Jerry Jones: Training camp is deadline for Cowboys' Tony Romo decision
I would say San Antonio. Largest US city to never have own team. Maybe Jerry Jones dies b4 Buffalo's lease expires?
my personal opinion, once Jerry Jones got a hold of Mark. It was over
Jerry Jones virtually mum about Ezekiel Elliott parade video - 247Sports
Jerry Jones... cackling with his blue eyes all the way.
No doubt they've been good, but let's not forget that Jerry Jones didn't intend to pick Martin or Fredrick.
Burlington's Tony Romo's status with the Dallas Cowboys will be decided before July training camp per owner Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones: move on Tony Romo to be made 'before training camp’, says two sides are on ‘great terms’ ». https…
owner Jerry Jones has set a deadline for a decision on Tony Romo
Jerry Jones on current relationship with Tony Romo: "We're on great terms. ... I feel good about how we're doing."
.uh hey JJ, I heard that Jerry Jones was too scared to release Tony. You should address your QB situation on
Jerry Jones dragging his feet on Tony Romo decision is fine for the Cowboys but bad for everyone else -
Jerry Jones spoke with the local media at the 2017 NFL League Meetings. Full Interview: https:/…
ICYMI-owner Jerry Jones: team in Las Vegas won't compromise the integrity of the game . Read more→htt…
Our latest Why Jason Witten's extension works for both sides; Jerry Jones weighs in on Tony Romo:
a total departure for world class GM Jerry Jones
On Tuesday, Jerry Jones addressed the off-the-field matters regarding Ezekiel Elliott.
While there's no update on Tony Romo's future, Jerry Jones says they are on great terms with good communication. 📝: htt…
Jerry Jones: Jeff Heath's season "jumped out at us," influenced free agency decisions. Spoke similarly about David Irving a…
Jerry Jones sets training camp deadline for decision on Romo |
Have to suspect Jerry Jones, driving force behind relocation, is a lot less inclined to support this.
Jerry Jones on Cowboys' free agency losses: "We certainly have created more options, in my mind, than we've lost."
I'm starting to believe Jerry Jones wants to hold onto Tony Romo. *** ?
Jerry Jones sets deadline to make decision on Tony Romo's Cowboys fate. .
Jerry Jones to cash in big with Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
Jerry Jones is essentially a part owner of the 49ers, Rams, Chargers, and soon to be Raiders. that plus the cowboys is almos…
Jerry Jones is secretly the real commissioner of the NFL.
I want to clarify what Jerry Jones said to me last night. "It's going to be an exciting day, for Las Vegas"
Spoke with Jerry Jones after he came over shook my hand and said "love your hat". "Tomorrow will be exciting" Thank You Jerrah!
One of the most influential owners - Jerry Jones - speaks: "I think it's gonna be an exciting day for Vegas."
John Elway, Jerry Jones to attend NFL meetings with Tony Romo in suspense via
You put Jerry Jones, Michael Irvin in the NFL Hall of Fame and Terrell Owens came close?... that is why ratings are down.
ever wondered if there were a free market, with no cap??? Jerry Jones and Steve Ross would be making it ☔️
Nestor: I'm guessing Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys will be calling Deion Sanders to play cornerback any minute now...
Fodder for the off season: Can Anyone explain how Jerry Jones is getting a bust in Canton before Kramer or Butler?
Lance Alworth, Jerry Jones, and Bill Clinton all went to the University of Arkansas
He looks like Paul Stanley and Jerry Jones had a love-child...
Looks like good old Jerry Jones is doing anything he can to cockblock Houston from getting Tony Romo
Jerry Jones is controlling the narrative but we won't have to trade for him. Let that man go on the market. This c…
We won't wait until June 1st to get Romo that's for sure... With this said Jerry Jones is not helping Tony Romo he is helping Jerry Jones.
Loomis is not to be toiled with. Dell Demps did a lil something now Jerry Jones making moves. Just wait till this "Can of Cooks" opens
All left over free agents.. Wait until after June 1st!. - Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones on Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence case: 'nothing anywhere that indicates anything'
OK, is it Thurs or June 1? June makes most $ sense. Jerry Jones likes winning football games. He likes $ more. Most…
This one is tough: Jerry Jones' love for Tony Romo is boundless. I saw it in Jones' suite in June 2014. From my ESP…
Jerry Jones is not ready to close the door on Tony Romo remaining with the Cowboys in 2017 and beyond.
Jerry Jones plans on training camp practices in Frisco, TX, being open to the public, just like if they were in Oxnard.
I wish that old fool Jerry Jones would concern himself less with matters.
Jerry Jones reportedly wants to pair Adrian Peterson with Zeke.
that's Jerry Jones for you lol that's why I can't stand him
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' ugly feud with Jimmy Johnson appears to finally be over
Jerry Jones has won 3 Super Bowls as owner, president and GM of the Cowboys.
On this date in 1989, Jerry Jones took control of the Cowboys for an NFL franchise record $140 million.
On this day 28 years ago, Jerry Jones bought the
160 days until Cowboys football is back in the 2017 game as we celebrate Jerry Jones' induction!. https:…
Vivik Ranadive might like Buddy Hield more than Jerry Jones likes loves Tony Romo. That's hard to do.
Jerry Jones will screw it up again by releasing !Jerry,don't listen to the sports media,keep Tony!
he can talk about his sumo wrestling with Jerry Jones at the Lions Cowboys playoff game
Jerry Jones used to read 'Oh the places you'll go' to Tony Romo.
As the great Jerry Jones once said:. "Any publicity is good publicity".
Jerry Jones loves a circus. Romo will be gone. Sanchez is a FA. No pressure on Manziel to perform w/ Dak as the starter/future.
Wire: Jerry Jones: I don't even want to think about Tony Romo leaving Cowboys
Myles Garrett pleads for Jerry Jones to trade Romo, picks to for No. 1 pick so he can play for
Myles Garrett’s plea to Jerry Jones: Trade Tony Romo to Browns and make me a Cowboy.
Myles Garrett asks Jerry Jones in video to trade up and draft him
Myles Garrett is pleading for Jerry Jones to trade Tony Romo to the Browns so Cowboys can draft him with the pick.…
Take an exclusive look at when Jerry Jones and the Jones family found out the good news about the Hall of Fame. 🎥: http…
Myles Garrett pleads with Jerry Jones for to trade Tony Romo to Browns for 1st pick and draft him: [
It's Mike Tirico joins us at 4pm ET! Plus, James Dolan vs Charles Oakley, Jerry Jones' hall of fame credentials & more!
Y'all, Jerry Jones didn't buy his Hall of Fame nomination. He traded Herschel Walker for it!
Donald trump, Jerry Jones, Vince McMahon, Phil Jackson: all the same person
Jerry Jones has no business in the Hall Of Fame. He gets In cause he made millions for 30 other owners!? He Built a big stadium l!? So what
Tyrone Crawford just gave new member Jerry Jones (and his chopper) a shout out on his Snapchat. (h/…
Underrated factor in momentum change: Arthur Blank pulling a Jerry Jones by coming down to the field.
Adrian Peterson loves Jerry Jones. But he also likes idea of winning a ring w/ Dallas and retiring to Texas w…
Jason Garrett: Coach of the year. Dak Prescott: Offensive Rookie of the year. Jerry Jones: Hall of Fame inductee.
How TO and Isaac Bruce not get in the HOF, but Jerry Jones and Terrell Davis make it? Makes no sense.
The moment Jerry Jones found out he was going to Canton.
and Morton Andersen, and Kurt Warner, and Terrell Davis, and Jerry Jones
How about this for HOF Game comeback on Aug. 6: Broncos (Terrell Davis) vs. Cowboys (Jerry Jones) with starting for…
"Hey guys. Let's ignore John Mara or Jerry Jones. Kahn's team *** and he's Muslim!!!"
Jerry Jones orchestrated the Herschel Walker trade to Minnesota that killed the Vikings in the early 90's.
Jerry Jones? For what? Cowboys won 3 SB in the 90s because of good drafting after the Herschel Walker trade. Nothing since!
Big shoutout to Coach G, Dak, Zeke, the O-Line and most importantly Jerry Jones for the big honors this week!!!
whoops at first I thought you were talking about the unflattering shot of Jerry Jones scouring face
Jerry Jones in, Don Coryell not in. Kenny Easley in, Joe Jacoby not in. Terrell Davis in, Terrell Owens not in. This cl…
Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis, Morten Andersen, Jason Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson are headed to Canton. https:/…
if jerry jones made it into the HOF for any reason other than "he's old and has made us a ton of money" i'd like to know what it…
•Dak wins Offensive Rookie Player of the Year . •Coach Garrett wins Coach of the Year . •Jerry Jones is apart of the H…
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The longest discussion of the HOF meeting was Paul Tagliabue for an hour. Jerry Jones was next at 33 minutes, 45 seconds…
Jerry Jones is the third former Arkansas player elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jerry Jones' Hall of Fame ride started on a bus to Little Rock
Let me get this straight...Tony Dungy and now Jerry Jones both got into the before That's actua…
It is indeed a great night for the Congratulations to Coach Jason Garrett, coach of the year and Mr. J…
Surrounded by family, Jerry Jones gets the news that he officially has been inducted into the 📝: https…
To review:. Offensive ROY: . Offensive Line of Year: Coach of Year: Jason Garrett. Hall of Fame: Jer…
Congratulations to Jerry Jones who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame!
To the "greatest owner ever, Jerry Jones" Congratulations on the Proud to call you a friend…
Congrats Jerry Jones owner of on being inducted into WELL EARNED & WELL DESERVED! https:…
Jerry Jones, Mort Anderson make the Football HOF; Brian Dawkins and T.O. don't. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to Hall of Fame as NFL contributor via
Stoked to hear about Jerry Jones being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame! Congrats to Mr. Jones, his family, and the entire o…
Jerry Jones is going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Headed to Canton: Take a look back at the career that led Jerry Jones into the
All purpose parts banner
Looks like he could still get 75 yards Hershel Walker talks with about Jerry Jones and…
For whatever reason an image of Jerry Jones writing a check, subject line "cocaine and hookers" popped into mind. I smiled
The next thing you know, they'll want Texas back. . How about them ninos! Jerry Jones for el presidente.
Jerry Jones is said to be interested in bringing Canelo Alvarez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight to AT&T Stadium
Jerry Jones deserves your Pro Football Hall of Fame vote because Dallas has won the Super Bowl three times under his re…
It's a great day when Jerry Jones, and Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders all come to your restaurant tonight
Jerry Jones vs Daniel Snyder. That's just too perfect!
Jerry Jones speaks at the Senior Bowl about his plan for the upcoming offseason. 🎥:
“I’m not going to get into that at all – whether we’ve talked or not,” Jerry Jones said on Tony Romo. .
Kraft is wasted and treats Jim Nance like he's Jerry Jones's son in law. 😂.
Jerry Jones put a curse on Green Bay
Jerry Jones not shutting door on Cowboys' options for Tony Romo
...Cowboys Nation# Tony Romo will be the starter after the preseason games next season,Jerry Jones knows.
Jerry Jones talking about future of Cowboys roster: "Jaylon Smith is a piece to this puzzle that's dramatic."
Garrett has a much higher and tougher hill to climb than Tom ever did.Jerry Jones
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It's being reported that Jerry Jones has singled out 4 players that cost him the game.
I dunno, odds of either Andy Reid or Jerry Jones winning a Super Bowl in my lifetime seem pretty slim. Snakebit in playoffs
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is Sad today, which means that I'm happy.
Early reports are that Jerry Jones thinks the Russians interfered w the last :35 of the game. Claims the Packers aren't leg…
Man, I just feel terrible for Jerry Jones. A heart breaking, gut wrenching, brutal loss. Boy, you just feel so badly for…
Any day that Jerry Jones loses, is a great day. Maybe next year Jerra.
So many missed calls in this game, Goodell is loving it. Jerry Jones all up in his throat.
Andy loses to Cowboys on clock issue. Jerry Jones' face literally melts.
Jerry Jones: Zack Martin, Aaron Donald, Anthony Barr and Ryan Shazier had the same grade on Cowboys' board
Jerry Jones: Zack Martin was graded right there with Anthony Barr, Aaron Donald and Ryan Shazier. Wanted one of those four.
I think Jerry Jones can do it better lol
Many criticize (rightfully so) when Jerry Jones & Arthur Blank rah-rah on sidelines. I'd love to see Mike Brown so invested in his Bengals.
"I can only assure you of one thing. It was a catch." Jerry Jones in the Lambeau Field visitors locker room after t…
I don't like Jerry Jones but Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are too classy not to cheer for so BABY LETS GO
.You better believe Jerry Jones is on the phone right now, figuring out how to get Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake to Dallas.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jerry Jones looking over shoulder at past failures
Tom Jones singing Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls Of Fire is the best thing I've seen this year
There's a Jerry Jones interview on NFL Network tomorrow at 17:00 for anyone who has NFL Gamepass.
Cowboys' Jerry Jones looking over shoulder at past NFL playoff failures
We predicting owner Jerry Jones will buy the Houston Texans and merge with the Cowboys to make a super team and win the nex…
Jerry Jones with a big smile celebrating that his 1st string QB went down so now their in the playoffs with Dak. What a guy.
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