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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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That TD is most impressive thing Cole Beasley has done this month behind only this photobomb
Why do they always have to show Jerry Jones up in his fancy box seat whenever the Cowboys make a big play
Jerry Jones fam be acting like we won a super bowl after a victory! Smh
Jerry Jones has always been jealous of my love for Milo.
Jerry Jones on Beckham vs. Dez Bryant: "In Dez, we have our Odell Beckham as well. He makes plays like that."
Jerry Jones and doing some negotiating before close by as well
ROY WILLIAMS deal by far! Nobody liked him except his momma, and Jerry Jones. As for Carr??? He flat out ***
I'm sure the power rankings of Sam Walton and Jerry Jones will keep them outside
Want to live next to owner Jerry Jones in an 100-year-old house? It'll cost you
Well by Gawd ... Joe Avezzano is dead. And he died coaching in Italy. I blame Jerry Jones. RIP, Joe.
Jerry Jones told me LT Tryon Smith is "probably our best player on offense" which includes Romo, Dez, Witten, Murra
Jimmy Johnson had the best coaching staff of all time under Jerry Jones
Is this Dallas Cowboys coaching staff the best of the Jerry Jones era?
Jerry Jones will build another layer to take that 'unofficial' record as well. ;-)
Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones both spoke to reporters Tuesday night at AT&T Stadium, as the team unveiled the name of its new practice facility. Tuesday was also one of the first times either Jones has spoken publicly since reports came out during the weekend that the Cowboys were concerned about offering Bryant a long term contract because of his off-the-field conduct. It was an idea Jerry Jones seemed to shrug off. "What we want to do is have an agreement for the rest of Dez's career. So that's what we want," he said. "To me that says a lot about the concern about off-the-field concern if we want him on the Dallas Cowboys for the rest of his career." Bryant's rookie contract expires after the 2014 season, and it's a given that his next contract will be substantial â whether it's with Dallas or another club. Jerry Jones said there is more to consider in contract negotiations than on-field production, but he added that he's happy with Bryant's develo ...
Randy Moss and Michael Irvin could have been snorting blow together. *** you Jerry Jones
Michael Irvin off season troubles played a huge role on Jerry Jones passing on Moss
. you could say the way Cowboys win games is not sustainable either having Tony Romo,Jason Garrett & Jerry Jones
here’s an accurate statement. Joey robbed Jerry Jones with that contract he signed years ago
Jose Mourinho was among the crowd and in conversation with Dallas owner Jerry Jones pre-match at Wembley yesterday. ht…
If Jason Garrett doesn't pull Romo soon, Jerry Jones will probably run onto the actual field and get him himself.
Look at Arthur Blank on the field like a second rate Jerry Jones.
Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones have to be related! They both start the game in the sky box, and end on the sideline!
what? This ain't Jerry Jones or Paul Allen we're speaking about. He inherited all his wealth yo.
Larry Sanders is getting more handsy with Gasol then Jerry Jones on an elevator with a couple hot chics.
I hate the Cowboys, but Jerry Jones is an utter moron if he pushes Romo to play this week...Y'all really want to lose huh?
Guess Steve ROss doesn't have the clout Jerry Jones does? Can't see the Cowboys ever conceding this!
Cowboys QB Tony Romo is practicing today in London. Jerry Jones expects him to play Sunday.
Jerry Jones looks like he had a few too many glasses of scotch last night.
Cowboys QB Tony Romo practicing in London, Jerry Jones says he expects him to play vs. Jaguars
True but Jim Buss trying to be Jerry Jones or Dr. Buss
Idk who I hate more. Jerry Jones or Jim Buss...
Going as Jerry Jones for next Halloween. Frank is gonna be Romo. .
Jerry Jones never seems to surprise us.
In my opinion Joe Theisman could have continued in that game against the Giants. Signed, Dr. Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones says he’d bump his wife from first class for Tony Romo. He was kidding. We think.
Why The Dallas Cowboys Desperately Need Tony Romo There’s a reason Tony Romo starts at quarterback for the Cowboys and wears a $108 million security blanket from Jerry Jones. There’s also a reason Brandon Weeden backs Romo up this season at a veteran minimum salary of $570,000. It’s the same reason the Cleveland Browns cut Weeden two seasons after spending a first-round draft pick on him. You pay quarterbacks to win in the NFL — and Weeden doesn’t win. He brought a 5-15 starting record with him to Dallas from Cleveland this season with more career interceptions (26) than touchdowns (23). So asking Weeden to go out and beat the best team in the NFC on Sunday in his first start for the Cowboys was a tall order. And Weeden certainly wasn’t up to the task as the Arizona Cardinals prevailed, 28-17. His loss (16) and interception (28) counts both grew. Weeden couldn’t generate an offensive touchdown until the final 70 seconds of the game. He didn’t get the ball to Dez Bryant, his most dynamic pl ...
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy, Jerry Jones. . "It's a good day when the Dallas Cowboys lose.
.owner Jerry Jones talks up Tony Romo return in London -
Jerry Jones believes Tony Romo will play in London
one of the great decisions by Jerry Jones (sarcasm)
Jerry Jones said Cowboys medical staff is more concerned about Tyrone Crawford's knee than Rolando McClain's. Crawford h…
Jerry Jones: "The old London lights will not be appealing to this bunch after these two losses ... We'll have our mind on business."
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems very confident that his quarterback Tony Romo will play in next week's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London after missing Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Jerry: Romo will definitely be on plane to London. Doesn't know if he'll play, but "we're betting on it." — David Helman (November 2, 2014… [ 27 more words. ]
Jerry Jones betting on Tony Romo playing in London
Jerry Jones' ego approaches concupisence. Gives him a distinct lack of perspective
Little Giant Ladders
I get that. Not sure Jerry Jones does.
Jerry Jones on visiting with Rolando McClain about his knee injury: "He feels pretty good about it. Right now I'm not conce…
Dez Bryant signs with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, to the dismay of Jerry Jones
Jacoby Jones has 4 kickoff return TD since start of 2012 season, most in the NFL.
Jerry Jones says his wife will sit in bulkhead so Tony Romo can fly first class to London. No word on where the strippers will sit.
Jerry Jones: Cowboys DT Tyrone Crawford has strained MCL in his right knee
The Top Ten Things that whiny haters currently like to ask me : 1. Do you think the world revolves around the Dallas Cowboys ? ( answer : yes, it does . ) 2. Do you think Romo is a *** ? ( answer : no , he is not and that is a very ugly word . ) 3. Do you seriously think that your cowgirls are gonna make it to the superbowl this year ? ( answer : yes , i do and don't call them that again or i will have to hit you in self defense ) 4. Do you not have anything else to talk about besides the cowboys ? ( answer : yes, i do but not with you ) 5. When is the last time you all got a superbowl ring ? ( answer : more recently than you have so stfu ! ) 6. Did Jerry Jones get caught messing with a hooker ? ( answer : no, she was a stripper and he did not get caught , he got set up ... by a *** rat like you ) 7. Why did one of your players steal underwear and cologne ? ( answer : because he made a *** decision without thinking about the consequences much like you are doing now aggravating me about my cowboy ...
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys are betting on QB Tony Romo playing next weekend despite back injury via
Dez Bryant has signed with Jay-Z's against owner Jerry Jones' wishes according to
Jerry Jones woke me up out a good sleep asking me to help him look for a quarter back. So I said okay Jerry these guys are ready never played as a quarter back, but has played football and they're good. Jerry they're better than what you have now. So Bernie Bumb and Justin Williams are ready. I will also need to send Paul with them to check out the contract. These guys need to be back for Friday night football game. Jerry money man Jones can make this happen. QUARTER BACK NEEDED!!!
BREAKING NEWS: Saints tom benson and cowboys jerry jones in talks to combine their teams for the 2015 nfl season. Teams new name will be the "COWAINTS".Starting quarterback will be named later, but anonymous sources say the qb will be non other than journeyman " Drewny Breemo".updates to come.
Uncle Russell calling the game. These game reviews are always smart. maybe Jerry Jones should add Uncle Russell to his team.
Note to Jerry Jones and the Cowboy's management (Oh wait, that's the same thing): There's a reason Brandon Wheedon was traded. You saw it today!
Jerry jones needs to stay off the dam sideline
NFL Media's Desmond Purnell talks with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the probability that quarterback Tony Romo will play next week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jones says Romo will indeed fly with the team to London.
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In 2 days the election will be over, for one I will be happy it is. I have watched as people that say they are friends have done things later they should be ashamed of. It is no secret I support Jerry Jones for Sheriff. I have been asked why? The reasons are many. If reduced to political ideology I offer this. No party can claim the moral high ground, given what some have done. This said, I believe today’s Democratic Party has been high jacked by those that would, given the chance, destroy my county. Firsthand I have seen tactics used I will call nothing short of racketeering to influence elections. We have open borders, crippling debt, inflamed racial tension, a growing international trade deficit, a weakened military, children are being indoctrinated towards a new world order with Common Core, millions of the unborn are murdered, support for Israel is under attack, and so much more. I oppose the transformation of my county, and refuse to bow to her enemies. Remember the “Oath Keepers” I have b ...
Jerry Jones reminds me of Richard Dawson in The Running Man. You know he wants to throw Romo out there to war even with a broken back.
Jerry Jones bout to have Romo in the iron man suit this weekend
Tom Brady will get benched once again and put on his Uggs. Gisele will say after the game, “Please pray for Tom. He’s in a tough spot.” Only after she pulls a Jerry Jones, leaves her suite, and rips into Brady and Bill Belichick on the sideline. The talk will resurface how “washed up” the […]
(2008-09-01) Playing to Win: Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, David Magee,
ESPN >> Jerry Jones: The future of Sean Lee is at weakside linebacker
With the Jerry Jones presence on Cowboys' sideline last night...Pete Rozelle kept owners off sidelines, calling personally to stop practice
what are you really going talk about with Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett?
Ahh haaa, that's why Jason Garrett still has a job... He does whatever Jerry Jones says. Firing him would be like Jones firing himself
Watch closely to see Jerry Jones hiding behind the chair handing Jason Garrett his answers in halftime interview.
Jason Garrett says team still waiting on CT-scan results to determine whether or not Jerry Jones actually has a brain in t…
Rangerettes met Jerry Jones and Mack Brown at the National Championship Luncheon today! htt…
My aunt is gonna be Jerry Jones for Halloween and make a Jason Garrett puppet 😂😂😂😂
“Jerry Jones: Top priority in my sideline visit was to inspire Cowboys in Tony Romo's absence Shocked-shocked it didn't work!
My man pberg44 giving Jerry Jones the business on state of play! I encourage you all to follow Pete.
Jerry Jones be like John Voight in Varsity Blues, "But can he play!?"
Not sure if Jerry Jones, or Jon Voight in Varsity Blues.
New post: "What was Jerry Jones doing on the sideline?"
What was Jerry Jones doing on the sideline?
Jerry Jones is trying work a trade to bring Colt McCoy back to Texas as we speak.
All eyes on Derek Jeter, on the 50 with Jerry Jones' family - Dallas Morning News
.taped a special with Jerry Jones before last night's game to air tonight, profiling the "7-1" Cowboys. . L. O. L
It's times like this I wish Jerry Jones would draw up his own plays, too
Jerry Jones must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express because he medically cleared Tony Romo.
bold prediction, 2015 off season Jerry Jones trades 1st and 3rd round picks for Johnny Manziel, your thoughts?
So happy Jerry Jones muffed the Johnny Manziel pick in May. Cowboys fans act like he should be a cowboy.pshh
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett ain't going to get satisfied until Tony Romo gets broken up and been in a wheelchair Tony Romo dont give a *** about his health he will think about when he gets old for wife take care of him.
Interview during the game. Jerry Jones: "Every play is the last play of the franchise." Next play: Tony Romo gets injured. Nice job Jerry.
Owner, GM, Director of Player Personnel, Etc.add team doctor to Jerry Jones list of titles.
Romo risking his life and Jerry Jones stomping around the sidelines is just incredible theater
Man, Jerry Jones on the sidelines talking to Garett...makes the look like such a cluster f*%k of an organization.
Jerry Jones is really Kevin Spavey in Horrible Bosses. He's The Owner, President, GM, VP of Sales, and Food & Beverage Director.
Finally we discover Jerry Jones' true usefulness. Delivering injury updates to sideline reporters.
The world needs Jerry Jones to get so hyped that he runs on the field and lays the boom on somebody.
"Jerry Jones looks like one of those Make A Wish Foundation kids who they let on the sidelines" . FACT.
Jerry Jones would fire Mike Nolan and keep Mike Smith.
According to Lisa Salters, Tony Romo told Jerry Jones he wants to return in this game. . Jones now talking to Garrett
Jerry Jones just needs to trade Murray for Johnny Football and Josh Gordon.and then trade a 4th round pick for Lynch...make it happen
Jerry Jones' reaction as he watches Brandon Weeden take the field as QB
Colt McCoy's Dad getting more air time than Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones and my uncle Al Davis was big homies
Jerry Jones is a *** Jason Garrett is an *** feeling *** Tony Romo is the rag they both ejaculate on.
Gerry. Jerry Jones deserves more than 2% of the credit. I agree Garrett deserves the most. Jerry can be foolish.
Jerry Jones won't talk about a Garrett extension but I will!. Agree or disagree?.
Every time Jerry Jones defends Romo my heart smiles . Just because I know he got rid of Jimmy Johnson. Jerry is a Genius 😂
Hm?!?! * Wonders with all the BAD publicity this will surely generate, how DUMB of a move this MIGHT BE by Jerry Jones and crew when the Cowboys are in the midst of success they haven't see in a very long time! * OH...and in case you aren't aware, Michael Sam is the very first openly *** NFL Player that caught many headlines this past off season. ...LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES, SHALL WE?!?!
Why does Renee Zellweger suddenly look like Jerry Jones?
Loved what Jerry Jones had to say about the Washington Redskins. Put him on your destroy list Mr McCarthy.
if you been around sports like me you know whats going on and who the white man won't to go to the superbowl to make white history and put money in their crooked *** pockets you knw I know the Dallas Cowboys is 1 team who is going to make it to the superbowl is because the NFL and Jerry Jones are sure they will be there because he got big money to fix games. and I know why the Denver Broncos going to be the other team in the supernow is because they keep letting payton Manning brakes records I know for sure now because he broke the great Brett Farve record sunday night please quit fixing games and let a team win fair and sqaure
Jerry Jones and his Johnny Walker Blue Summer drink are mine ;)
I can't wait til the cowboys choke and fall flat on their face. Nobody I hate more than Dallas...and Jerry Jones
I wonder if Jimmy Johnson is back as the cowboys secret GM? Jerry Jones has stepped down as the leader of the Dallas Cowboys.
I'm glad someone pulled Jerry Jones head outta his *** and said Linemen not Johnny Football
BREAKING NEWS: Jerry Jones has invited Jimmie Johnson and Barry Switzer to the Cowboys Super Bowl game in 2015 vs Ravens
"Jerry Jones probably can't get a *** not cause he is old, but because he's already done everything" - Cody Johnson
Joseph Randle got a chance to play today. Jerry Jones paid his $123.00 shoplifting bill.
still mad at Jerry Jones for running Jimmy Johnson out of Dallas though
Jerry Jones to Tony Romo pre-2014 "Stephen won't let me get Johnny, so I want you to play like him.".
Sorry, Jerry Jones, this week was NO TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES. Both lines getting whipped. Come on, Dallas, let go of S…
Remember however well Cowgirls do, success is not sustainable with Jerry Jones. He wanted to draft Johnny Clipboard.
Charissa Thompson: "What's your relationship like with Jerry Jones?". Jason Garrett: "I'm a huge fan of Jerry Jones..."
ICYMI: Jerry Jones had some interesting comments on Joseph Randle's arrest.
Jerry Jones: Joseph Randle will 'pay a high price' for shoplifting
Jerry Jones on Joseph Randle: "He's certainly going to pay a high price for some underwear"
Jerry Jones jokes Joseph Randle's price for crime might be higher than Dez Bryant's rookie tab
Jerry Jones says Joseph Randle will "pay a high price for some underwear"
Jerry Jones tells that Randle's fine will probably surpass the tab when Dez paid for dinner as a rookie (that tab…
5 Reasons why the Rams are moving back to Tinsletown . . . Los Angeles. The City of Angels. The City of Sunshine. The Entertainment Capital of the World. The city with no NFL franchise. Los Angeles has been without an NFL team since 1994. Before that, it had two, the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Raiders. After that season, both teams moved on to other markets, St. Louis, Missouri, and Oakland, California respectfully. The rumors have been running rampant as of late that an NFL team will be returning to LA. This could happen as soon as 2016. The NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell are on board, but which team (if any) will be the one to relocate? It’s certainly no secret that the St. Louis Rams are at the top of a very short list. There have been rumors of a return for many years, but here are the 5 reasons why we believe the Rams are returning to Los Angeles: Los Angeles is hungry for a team It has been 20 years and counting since the city of Los Angeles last saw professional football. When both ...
Rex Ryan can always get a job from Nick Saban or Jerry Jones!
I can't believe patriots fans are happy with this lucky win thank god Robert Kraft can buy out the reveries I only wish jerry jones was as smart as him lol OMG
PHI LVL: Jerry Jones has lawsuit filed against him by stripper dismissed
Bob Kraft and Jerry Jones have the same embarrassed look when their adult kids go crazy over the team wins in their booths.
I wana kick with with jerry jones, yo gotti and foo
I swear Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones get the most TV time for NFL Owners
Order Miche Bag Online!
So had her suit vs. Cowboy's Jerry Jones dismissed w/no $ payout. Oh well, there's always her dream of co…
I don't know how there are any Jets fans left. Team fights and fights but *** management is so bad. Like Jerry Jones with strippers bad
Jerry Jones doesn't have time for the shenanigans so he's decided to settle in his recent sexual assault suit. No details as to how much the alleged victim wa…
“Lawsuit against Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is dismissed No, you mean "Jerry paid her off with hush $$"
Jerry Jones' sexual harassment suit settled in mediation and his accuser gets nothing! 😳 He paid her for years to stay quite... 😒
Lawsuit against Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is dismissed
IRVING - A lawsuit filed by former exotic dancer Jana Weckerly alleging sexual assault against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been dismissed, according to attorneys on both ides of the case.
The Jerry Jones suit was an agreed dismissal after Jones settled with the plaintiff, not a win
Jerry Jones reaches a settlement, but uggh didn't he say he was INNOCENT??? Chile these lawsuits these days, gonna need to get me one...
BtB Cowboys Staying Grounded During Hot Streak . They have won five games in a row, but nobody in Dallas is takin...
A court hearing had been scheduled today in the case of Jana Weckerly v. Jerry Jones, in which the former stripper accuses the owner of the Dallas Cowboys of sexual…
Is the NFL under contract to show Robert Kraft and jerry jones In their boxes 50 times a game
Show rob kraft and Jerry jones every touchdown
The lawsuit pitting Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones against a former stripper from Oklahoma is no more.
Jason Garrett has kept the Cowboys focused on what they have to do next, not the 5-1 record.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has settled sexual assault lawsuit
So Jerry Hughes gets pushed into Brady and penalty. Jones blatantly goes low on Geno and nothing. Love the NFL
Panthers’ Benjamin might not play against packers
The logos had me in tears. And retarted *** Jerry Jones stole the episode.
A lawsuit filed against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones by a woman claiming he sexually assaulted her five years ago has been dismissed.
Jerry Jones isn't allowed to talk about Manziel
A judge in Texas ruled on Thursday that a suit against Jerry Jones fell outside the five-year statute of limitations. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Football
I wish I could see Jerry Jones Jr. again so I'm listing to some old school music on Pandora thinking about him
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had been accused of sexual assault, but that's now been dismissed.
I go to a lot of political events, fund raisers, and meetings. It's part of the Circus that I travel in. Sometimes they are great and sometimes they are flops, sometimes the food is good and sometimes I have to eat again on my way home. But last night I attended a dinner for Jerry Jones, it was the best political event I have been to in the last 12 years. Everyone knows I support Jerry, that is not new and is not what this post is about. Last night was a gathering of people from all across the board, race, social and economic. What made it so great was it was political but it was genuine. It was genuine to see a man that wants and cares for people to be in a sitting with those that he cares and serves. There were people there that didn't care of party affiliation, they were there to support a man, set all differences aside. It was a revival of sorts, a community supporting their community. Several times over the past few years I have asked myself why do you mess with this, Lord knows I have enoug ...
I don't think this is what Jerry Jones meant by Joseph Randle getting more touches.
Jones Gives Garrett Not-So-Subtle Endorsement: One of Jerry Jones' favorite moves is to sa...
Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett had his finest hour as a Cowboy, but not ...
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells 105.3 FM that starting right tackle Doug Free is out 3-4 weeks with fractured foot.
Jerry Jones doesn't tip his hand on Jason Garrett's contract status on but of course is happy with him right now.
Jason Garrett won't like this but Jerry Jones says Cowboys should "smell the roses" a little bit with 5-1 start.
Jerry Jones makes Jason Garrett highest paid coach in the NFL
Even after a 'Jason Garrett win' as Jerry Jones calls it, it's too soon for a new deal
Only someone as totally convinced of their own infallibility as Jerry Jones would've stayed with Jason Garrett as coach and Tony Romo as QB.
Jerry Jones declines to discuss possible Jason Garrett extension after Cowboys' validating win over…
So, was that Jason doing Jerry Jones doing Rusty Cohle?
I hear Jerry Jones said there are at least 500 other coaches besides Garrett who could have got the Cowboys to 5 and 1.
I know it's early, but Jerry Jones leading candidate for NFL Executive of the Year and Jason Garrett for Coach of the Y…
owner Jerry Jones said that Sunday's 30-23 win over the Seattle was coach Jason Garrett's "finest hour as a Cowboy".
gave Jerry Jones an early birthday gift: a win against the reigning SuperBowl champs
Jason Garrett is in the last year of his contract, Jerry Jones must be about to replace him with Linehan, the locker room wants him gone!
Gotta tip your hat to Jerry Jones for sticking with Jason Garrett the entire time
Jerry Jones after win: "This is probably Jason Garrett's finest hour as a Cowboy."
Jerry Jones: 'This is probably Jason Garrett’s finest hour as a Cowboy.'
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Also: Does DAL's 5-1 start justify Jerry Jones' faith in Jason Garrett? Jameis Winston & FSU done permanent damage to his r…
Jerry Jones has Dallas Cowboys thinking Super Bowl: Behind the stellar play of DeMarco Murray, Dallas owner Jerry…
Jerry Jones has Cowboys thinking Super Bowl - After a statement win over the Seahawks, Dallas owner Jerry Jon...
No one in the Dallas Cowboys locker room, with the exception of owner Jerry Jones, would say as much after an eye-opening 30-23 victory over Seattle. The players by and large echoed the sentiments of tight end Jason Witten, who said the Cowboys can’t afford to make this win bigger than what it is.
I find it comical that with the Dallas Cowboys at 5-1 this season their fans have already forgiven Jerry Jones for ruining the image of the Cowboys and for the last 17 seasons of him padding his pockets while sporting a mediocre football team.
Jerry Jones on Tony Romo: "He'll be sore, but I'm told he'll be OK."
Cowboys PR already preparing for the future leaked photos of Jerry Jones partying tonight.
Just feeling so depressed thinking about all the poor hookers that are gonna get an up close look at Jerry Jones' ball…
Jerry Jones turned his train wreck around and Art Rooney's has become worse. Unreal.
Jerry Jones is a genius for assembling this team!
unless your name is Art Rooney II. Or Al Davis. Or Jerry Jones. All are the same.
Jerry Jones taking credit for Walker trade.
Did hear earlier that Bert has the backing of Jerry Jones, so he has that going for him
Jerry Jones' biggest regret was not drafting Randy Moss. The smartest move be never made? About to tell you on
It's just a matter of time before Jerry Jones replaces Al Davis as the lead for Tales from the Crypt...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
moose is probably right. There was still a lot of animosity towards Jerry Jones because of Tom Landry.
Number three: Jerry Jones drinking a chilly Miller Lite in the Cowboys' draft room
Jerry Jones optimistic about Rolando McClain's status, not Bruce Carter's
Jerry Jones on KRLD-FM says he feels better about LB Rolando McClain playing at Seattle than LB Bruce Carter.
Lol Tony Romo basically just put Jerry Jones on blast
It looks like Cowboys ticket prices will go up if this continues! Ya think Jerry Jones wont see the market that...
For starters I want to say I am a proud Dallas Cowboy fan and I am also a little sour Houston had more fans than the Cowboys at the Cowboys home game... That being said, to me, listening to Romo or Witten or any athlete for that matter, complain that their fans sold their home tickets is a touch hypocritical. These athletes (in general) hold out because the millions they make aren't enough. If a fan wants to sell his/her over priced ticket to make an extra buck... let 'em. Blame yourselves and your owner, Yes, you Jerry Jones, for buying out your 'everyday' fan.
Given that his players admitted Sunday's home game felt like a road contest, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones won't be able to deny that there were a lot of Houston Texans fans at AT&T Stadium on Sunday...
Jerry Jones said he has to find trophy for winning battle of Texas over Texans' Bob McNair: "Im not sure who's got it, but I'll hunt it up."
I feel that Jerry Jones and Jason Garret need to send Gundy a thank you note or fruit basket or something
Jerry Jones waiving his wallet too much
Jerry Jones: have you seen my video board?. Bob McNair: we gotta get a bigger video board than Jerry's.
Frida Kahlo, Jerry Jones, and a little old lady walk into a blog:
Please, Jerry Jones, don't heap undo pressure on your coming-together team by making even remote comparisons to Cowboy…
VIDEO: Frank Caliendo answers numerous questions as Jerry Jones, Jaws, Mel Kiper Jr. and more
Why I hate MLB wild card game possibly ever and is covering Jerry Jones and the New Orleans Saints
I have to give Jerry Jones credit. While the team was going 8&8 for the last 3 years Jerry was building a Pro Bowl OF Line.
RTC: What Jerry Jones and Bob McNair share: Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans... Jerry Jones...
Al Davis was worse than Jerry Jones. You must be drinking that kool-aid, homie.
¦ 286 ¦ Aggies to welcome back Manziel ¦ ARLINGTON, Texas -- As if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones w...
Here's my FOX column on what Jerry Jones is calling the "perfect triangle."
*"MY NFL VIEWS".Well, football fans...I'M BACK!!! (Had to take a necessary, but brief hiatus), however, I notice there are a few happy Dallas Cowboys fans running around like they've just won a "SUPERBOWL"!!! lol Well, just let me be's so great to be all excited when your team is WINNING...but what counts the MOST???...Can you win a "playoff game"??? The Cowboys are very, VERY consistent in THAT category, when it comes to playoff-time.they can't seem to get in the DOOR!!! Time after time, after time again...I keep reminding everyone that TONY ("Tonya") ROMO, will never...(I repeat)...NEVER, EVER take the Cowboys ANYWHERE!??? I will take THAT to the bank, and most of you think I'm WRONG!??? Well, he's known to all to be a "choke-artist"...and until (Owner) Jerry Jones steps the *** out-of-the-way.the Cowboys will never win, nor get anywhere NEAR a SUPERBOWL!...So, STOP THE MADNESS!!! Meanwhile, my favorite team (the REDSKINS) are on a downward spiral! Not using excuses, however, many injuries . ...
Jerry Jones & have opened 9 Dunkin Donuts. They plan to open 41 more by 2017
“Jerry Jones' creepy victory smile terrifies the nation I was smiling with him 😁
Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the world and it's all because Jerry Jones is the greatest owner and Tony Romo is a Hall Of Fame Quarterback! Thank you, thank you, so much!
REPORT: Jerry Jones pushes NFL toward shortening games to just 3 quarters.
Jerry Jones is having a great time tonight.
Jerry Jones paid off the refs I'm convinced
is Jerry Jones the number one road block preventing Dallas from taking it to the next level?
Johnny Manziel is gonna be in Jerry World tomorrow. Hope he gets to ask Jerry Jones why he didn't draft him.
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The former exotic dancer who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Jerry Jones earlier this month says the Cowboys owner and general...
The former stripper who is suing Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he paid her for years to keep quiet about a sexual assault.
The show has been on since I was in 5th grade and South Park still makes me belly laugh, just from the way they draw and animate people. Jerry Jones: "My eyes aren't too far apart"
They way they depicted jerry jones last night 😂😂😂😂
Jerry Jones lawsuit accuser says he paid to keep her silent via
Jerry Jones has denied Jana Weckerly's allegations and the Cowboys on Wednesday referred to an earlier statement from Jones' attorney Levi McCathern calling the claims "completely false."
South Park's take on Jerry Jones, hilarious.
why are Jerry Jones eyes so far apart?
South Parks version of jerry jones was fricken hilarious
Photo: Woman say Jerry Jones paid her to keep quiet about alleged sexual assault A stripper suing Dallas...
South Park's depiction of Jerry Jones is just the best.
So the woman that is suing Jerry jones is just not suing him? But had no problem cashing checks for 5 years from him ?
South Park Redskins episode was good, but they crushed it with the Jerry Jones eyes. Absolutely hilarious.
Brilliant episode. Took swings at sports and American gullibility. The Jerry Jones clip was funny as ***
Ummm so a Jerry Jones Accuser says jones paid her per 4 years to hide an assault, I'm no lawyer but I smell extortion
Anyone want to go to San Antonio tonight and eat dinner with Jerry Jones? I have an extra spot.
Bank records prove pymnts made to victim
“The South Park burn on Jerry Jones was also pretty nice.
Wonder if this will help Jerry Jones figure out the meaning of "effective defense." via
I did enjoy that not subtle at all digs at Jerry Jones
Well I guess The NFL is not going to let JERRY JONES go to the Cowboy games . Might be a while in court. Give me a break. If the owners can do these things , I guess his players think if the boss is doing we can to. Another fine example.
I laughed at the Jerry Jones getting a *** bit
Wonder what's gonna happen to Jerry Jones with this latest allegation.
I'm checkn the site out jerry jones a fool lol
The hush money didn’t work, apparently. A stripper suing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for sexual assaulting her claims he paid her cash to keep quiet about the 2009 incident, an amended lawsuit filed this week in Dallas court says.
Jerry Jones paid hush money after groping: suit via
Doouble-rainbow celbrating Jerry Jones What you think of your boy now?
Accuser says owner Jerry Jones paid her to keep silent
Jerry Jones in new South Park episode. I say pretty spot on.
Without looking, I HAVE to imagine that Jerry Jones' depiction is included...*clicks* NUMBER ONE
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So when do the protests of the Cowboys and Jerry Jones start? Will he be suspended. Any demands that sponsors leave the NFL.
Watched this Entourage episode last night - amazing to think this was actually said, and said by Jerry Jones.
Woman says she was paid hush money by Jones not to report sexual assault
“Is there ever a legitimate reason to switch sports teams?” Jerry Jones did it for me. Go Cardinals!
Just bursting out in laughter constantly and randomly today because of and Jerry Jones LMAO!!
Accuser says Jerry Jones paid her to keep silent about sex assault: Attorney says lawsuit seeking $1 million i...
Maybe 38-31 Hogs. If that happens, Jerry Jones and Bill Clinton will be asked asked about the upset on
Stripper suing Jerry Jones says JJ paid her "hush money", which tells me she doesn't understand what that means
owner Jerry Jones was also ridiculed for having eyes that are too far apart.
In the 18th season-opener for South Park on Comedy Central let's just say football was the hot topic of the night. They ran shop on everyone and everything from Jerry Jones, Ray Rice, Roger Goodell...
Whatever you were expecting to see on the "South Park" Season 18 premiere, it probably was not a bug-eyed Jerry Jones receiving oral sex in AT&T Stadium
Ripping on Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, etc. South Park goes there.
"Yeah and Jerry Jones must be happy, this means a forfeit and another win for the Cowboys."
Mo Claiborne has not lived up to Jerry Jones' draft expectations:
Jerry Jones: Morris Claiborne isn't what we hoped for
Author: Johnny Manziel draft card was snatched out of Jerry Jones ...
Where is Roger Goodell? He is in hiding. Is he D O N E? I hope so. I hope Jerry Jones isn't far behind him. One can hope, right?
The way scouts are talking Jameis Winston could fall all the way down in the draft to the Cowboys and make Jerry Jones …
Kelly Gregg. With the accusation against Jerry Jones, shouldn't the league suspend him immediately.
I just made up a conspiracy theory, wanna hear it: Adrian Peterson tells Jerry Jones he'd like to play for Dallas. Jerry Jones says, "I'll see if we can make that happen!" Adrian Peterson gets indicted in Texas for something that happened months ago. Minnesota says "all options are on the table, including cutting Peterson." Peterson ends up playing for Dallas! Now that would be crazy
So Vikes are looking to trade AP now? Someone get Jerry Jones on the phone and let's get a Herschel Walker trade deal done here.
Also re-thinking this whole Rob Ryan scapegoat thing...can't stop the Browns w/o Josh Gordon? Did I just give Jerry Jones a compliment?
Jerry Jones signed Michael Sam before Champ Bailey. Think about that. Smh
Sunday Morning Quarterback: Starting with Roger Goodell and Ray Rice, our Top 10 image-destroying problems facing the NFL Jamie Squire/Getty Images NFL commish Roger Goodell knows he messed up with Ray Rice, but is unlikely to lose his job. Roger Goodell’s credibility and job are on the line, Adrian Peterson has been indicted for abusing his son, Ray Rice beat up his wife, Jerry Jones has been sued for sexual assault, Daniel Snyder is under siege to change the name of his team, two players involved in domestic violence cases are starting in games Sunday, the concussion crisis continues and… well, isn’t that enough? I have been covering the NFL since 1978 and this is the worst beating the league’s image has ever taken at one time. Just one week into the 2014 season and Goodell’s beloved shield has been dented and nearly demolished. Here’s the top 10 image-destroying problems the NFL is facing: I have known him since he was a public relations intern in the NFL office in 1982. That’s 32 years. ...
I'm a Cowboys fan till death. I just can't stand Garrett or Jerry Jones. To the point I will TiVo tomorrow game.
Mayweather vouched for Rice and Jerry Jones is backing up Goodell. If we can just get Joe Jackson to speak out for Peterson, we're good.
The can release Adrian Peterson all they want. A.P. IS NOT Ray Rice. EVERYONE will take a chance on AP, especially Jerry Jones.
Is Jon Daniels like Jerry Jones and wants credit for team success and runs out the person who actually gets the credit?
I kinda wish Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo would all punch their chicks in an elevator.
Now, if Dallas would just deactivate Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett.
New post: Jerry Jones: I believe Roger Goodell is telling the truth
Jerry Jones: I believe NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will do better in the future
NOW: owner Jerry Jones on 105.3 The Fan w/ Jones: "My biggest concern is what we're taking to Nashville, not what we're running in to in Nashville" Jerry Jones "real impressed" with how the Titans played against KC last week. Biggest concern "correcting things that set us back" "I don't think he has a high priority on being in sync with what others have said" - Jerry Jones on Garrett not acknowledging injuries Jerry: "As you know, Jason Garrett spends so much of his time in the defensive meeting rooms." "We are certainly concentrating on several other things, I really don't think it's a daily priority" - Jerry on Dez contract talks. Jerry "I think you see more snaps from him, I'd like to just think some kind of increase." Guesses about 50% more than last week for Melton Jerry: "He said he has not and I believe him" - on if he thinks Roger Goodell saw the video in April Jerry: Goodell has been a very good commissioner, and he's acknowledged he mishandled this.
Cowboys put Josh Brent on NFI/Reserve list before NFL discipline. Jerry Jones now setting the moral high ground? Help us all...
Not sure I agree. Rarely hear from Paul Allen (SEA) or Pat Bowlen (DEN), but always hear from Jerry Jones and Dan Synder
Jerry Jones would sign him in a heartbeat.
Jerry Jones and DeAngelo Hall blame Seattle Seahawks for increased penalties.
Another girl (claiming she was sexually harassed) from Oklahoma is now gaining popularity in the US, and this woman is Jana Weckerly. Jana (27 years old) is a former exotic dancer and ex-stripper. She sued Jerry Jones who is the owner of NFL (National Football League) Dallas Cowboys and owner for se…
Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones sued by Jana Weckerly over 'sexual ...
Jana Weckerly is seeking $1 million in punitive damages from Jerry Jones, saying he sexually assaulted her in 2009.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accused of by former exotic dancer.
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