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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Jerry Jones to cash in big with Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
Jerry Jones is essentially a part owner of the 49ers, Rams, Chargers, and soon to be Raiders. that plus the cowboys is almos…
Jerry Jones is secretly the real commissioner of the NFL.
I want to clarify what Jerry Jones said to me last night. "It's going to be an exciting day, for Las Vegas"
Spoke with Jerry Jones after he came over shook my hand and said "love your hat". "Tomorrow will be exciting" Thank You Jerrah!
One of the most influential owners - Jerry Jones - speaks: "I think it's gonna be an exciting day for Vegas."
John Elway, Jerry Jones to attend NFL meetings with Tony Romo in suspense via
You put Jerry Jones, Michael Irvin in the NFL Hall of Fame and Terrell Owens came close?... that is why ratings are down.
ever wondered if there were a free market, with no cap??? Jerry Jones and Steve Ross would be making it ☔️
Nestor: I'm guessing Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys will be calling Deion Sanders to play cornerback any minute now...
Fodder for the off season: Can Anyone explain how Jerry Jones is getting a bust in Canton before Kramer or Butler?
Lance Alworth, Jerry Jones, and Bill Clinton all went to the University of Arkansas
He looks like Paul Stanley and Jerry Jones had a love-child...
Looks like good old Jerry Jones is doing anything he can to cockblock Houston from getting Tony Romo
Jerry Jones is controlling the narrative but we won't have to trade for him. Let that man go on the market. This c…
We won't wait until June 1st to get Romo that's for sure... With this said Jerry Jones is not helping Tony Romo he is helping Jerry Jones.
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Loomis is not to be toiled with. Dell Demps did a lil something now Jerry Jones making moves. Just wait till this "Can of Cooks" opens
All left over free agents.. Wait until after June 1st!. - Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones on Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence case: 'nothing anywhere that indicates anything'
OK, is it Thurs or June 1? June makes most $ sense. Jerry Jones likes winning football games. He likes $ more. Most…
This one is tough: Jerry Jones' love for Tony Romo is boundless. I saw it in Jones' suite in June 2014. From my ESP…
Jerry Jones is not ready to close the door on Tony Romo remaining with the Cowboys in 2017 and beyond.
Jerry Jones plans on training camp practices in Frisco, TX, being open to the public, just like if they were in Oxnard.
I wish that old fool Jerry Jones would concern himself less with matters.
Jerry Jones reportedly wants to pair Adrian Peterson with Zeke.
that's Jerry Jones for you lol that's why I can't stand him
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' ugly feud with Jimmy Johnson appears to finally be over
Jerry Jones has won 3 Super Bowls as owner, president and GM of the Cowboys.
On this date in 1989, Jerry Jones took control of the Cowboys for an NFL franchise record $140 million.
On this day 28 years ago, Jerry Jones bought the
160 days until Cowboys football is back in the 2017 game as we celebrate Jerry Jones' induction!. https:…
Vivik Ranadive might like Buddy Hield more than Jerry Jones likes loves Tony Romo. That's hard to do.
Jerry Jones will screw it up again by releasing !Jerry,don't listen to the sports media,keep Tony!
he can talk about his sumo wrestling with Jerry Jones at the Lions Cowboys playoff game
Jerry Jones used to read 'Oh the places you'll go' to Tony Romo.
As the great Jerry Jones once said:. "Any publicity is good publicity".
Jerry Jones loves a circus. Romo will be gone. Sanchez is a FA. No pressure on Manziel to perform w/ Dak as the starter/future.
Wire: Jerry Jones: I don't even want to think about Tony Romo leaving Cowboys
Myles Garrett pleads for Jerry Jones to trade Romo, picks to for No. 1 pick so he can play for
Myles Garrett’s plea to Jerry Jones: Trade Tony Romo to Browns and make me a Cowboy.
Myles Garrett asks Jerry Jones in video to trade up and draft him
Myles Garrett is pleading for Jerry Jones to trade Tony Romo to the Browns so Cowboys can draft him with the pick.…
Take an exclusive look at when Jerry Jones and the Jones family found out the good news about the Hall of Fame. 🎥: http…
Myles Garrett pleads with Jerry Jones for to trade Tony Romo to Browns for 1st pick and draft him: [
It's Mike Tirico joins us at 4pm ET! Plus, James Dolan vs Charles Oakley, Jerry Jones' hall of fame credentials & more!
Y'all, Jerry Jones didn't buy his Hall of Fame nomination. He traded Herschel Walker for it!
Donald trump, Jerry Jones, Vince McMahon, Phil Jackson: all the same person
Jerry Jones has no business in the Hall Of Fame. He gets In cause he made millions for 30 other owners!? He Built a big stadium l!? So what
Tyrone Crawford just gave new member Jerry Jones (and his chopper) a shout out on his Snapchat. (h/…
Underrated factor in momentum change: Arthur Blank pulling a Jerry Jones by coming down to the field.
Adrian Peterson loves Jerry Jones. But he also likes idea of winning a ring w/ Dallas and retiring to Texas w…
Jason Garrett: Coach of the year. Dak Prescott: Offensive Rookie of the year. Jerry Jones: Hall of Fame inductee.
How TO and Isaac Bruce not get in the HOF, but Jerry Jones and Terrell Davis make it? Makes no sense.
The moment Jerry Jones found out he was going to Canton.
and Morton Andersen, and Kurt Warner, and Terrell Davis, and Jerry Jones
How about this for HOF Game comeback on Aug. 6: Broncos (Terrell Davis) vs. Cowboys (Jerry Jones) with starting for…
"Hey guys. Let's ignore John Mara or Jerry Jones. Kahn's team *** and he's Muslim!!!"
Jerry Jones orchestrated the Herschel Walker trade to Minnesota that killed the Vikings in the early 90's.
Jerry Jones? For what? Cowboys won 3 SB in the 90s because of good drafting after the Herschel Walker trade. Nothing since!
Big shoutout to Coach G, Dak, Zeke, the O-Line and most importantly Jerry Jones for the big honors this week!!!
whoops at first I thought you were talking about the unflattering shot of Jerry Jones scouring face
Jerry Jones in, Don Coryell not in. Kenny Easley in, Joe Jacoby not in. Terrell Davis in, Terrell Owens not in. This cl…
Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis, Morten Andersen, Jason Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson are headed to Canton. https:/…
if jerry jones made it into the HOF for any reason other than "he's old and has made us a ton of money" i'd like to know what it…
•Dak wins Offensive Rookie Player of the Year . •Coach Garrett wins Coach of the Year . •Jerry Jones is apart of the H…
The longest discussion of the HOF meeting was Paul Tagliabue for an hour. Jerry Jones was next at 33 minutes, 45 seconds…
Jerry Jones is the third former Arkansas player elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jerry Jones' Hall of Fame ride started on a bus to Little Rock
Let me get this straight...Tony Dungy and now Jerry Jones both got into the before That's actua…
It is indeed a great night for the Congratulations to Coach Jason Garrett, coach of the year and Mr. J…
Surrounded by family, Jerry Jones gets the news that he officially has been inducted into the 📝: https…
To review:. Offensive ROY: . Offensive Line of Year: Coach of Year: Jason Garrett. Hall of Fame: Jer…
Congratulations to Jerry Jones who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame!
To the "greatest owner ever, Jerry Jones" Congratulations on the Proud to call you a friend…
Congrats Jerry Jones owner of on being inducted into WELL EARNED & WELL DESERVED! https:…
Jerry Jones, Mort Anderson make the Football HOF; Brian Dawkins and T.O. don't. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to Hall of Fame as NFL contributor via
Stoked to hear about Jerry Jones being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame! Congrats to Mr. Jones, his family, and the entire o…
Jerry Jones is going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Headed to Canton: Take a look back at the career that led Jerry Jones into the
He's in! Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Looks like he could still get 75 yards Hershel Walker talks with about Jerry Jones and…
For whatever reason an image of Jerry Jones writing a check, subject line "cocaine and hookers" popped into mind. I smiled
The next thing you know, they'll want Texas back. . How about them ninos! Jerry Jones for el presidente.
Jerry Jones is said to be interested in bringing Canelo Alvarez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight to AT&T Stadium
Jerry Jones deserves your Pro Football Hall of Fame vote because Dallas has won the Super Bowl three times under his re…
It's a great day when Jerry Jones, and Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders all come to your restaurant tonight
Jerry Jones vs Daniel Snyder. That's just too perfect!
Jerry Jones speaks at the Senior Bowl about his plan for the upcoming offseason. 🎥:
“I’m not going to get into that at all – whether we’ve talked or not,” Jerry Jones said on Tony Romo. .
Kraft is wasted and treats Jim Nance like he's Jerry Jones's son in law. 😂.
Jerry Jones put a curse on Green Bay
Jerry Jones not shutting door on Cowboys' options for Tony Romo
...Cowboys Nation# Tony Romo will be the starter after the preseason games next season,Jerry Jones knows.
Jerry Jones talking about future of Cowboys roster: "Jaylon Smith is a piece to this puzzle that's dramatic."
Garrett has a much higher and tougher hill to climb than Tom ever did.Jerry Jones
It's being reported that Jerry Jones has singled out 4 players that cost him the game.
I dunno, odds of either Andy Reid or Jerry Jones winning a Super Bowl in my lifetime seem pretty slim. Snakebit in playoffs
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is Sad today, which means that I'm happy.
Early reports are that Jerry Jones thinks the Russians interfered w the last :35 of the game. Claims the Packers aren't leg…
Man, I just feel terrible for Jerry Jones. A heart breaking, gut wrenching, brutal loss. Boy, you just feel so badly for…
Any day that Jerry Jones loses, is a great day. Maybe next year Jerra.
So many missed calls in this game, Goodell is loving it. Jerry Jones all up in his throat.
Andy loses to Cowboys on clock issue. Jerry Jones' face literally melts.
Jerry Jones: Zack Martin, Aaron Donald, Anthony Barr and Ryan Shazier had the same grade on Cowboys' board
Jerry Jones: Zack Martin was graded right there with Anthony Barr, Aaron Donald and Ryan Shazier. Wanted one of those four.
I think Jerry Jones can do it better lol
Many criticize (rightfully so) when Jerry Jones & Arthur Blank rah-rah on sidelines. I'd love to see Mike Brown so invested in his Bengals.
"I can only assure you of one thing. It was a catch." Jerry Jones in the Lambeau Field visitors locker room after t…
I don't like Jerry Jones but Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are too classy not to cheer for so BABY LETS GO
.You better believe Jerry Jones is on the phone right now, figuring out how to get Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake to Dallas.
Jerry Jones looking over shoulder at past failures
Tom Jones singing Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls Of Fire is the best thing I've seen this year
There's a Jerry Jones interview on NFL Network tomorrow at 17:00 for anyone who has NFL Gamepass.
Cowboys' Jerry Jones looking over shoulder at past NFL playoff failures
We predicting owner Jerry Jones will buy the Houston Texans and merge with the Cowboys to make a super team and win the nex…
Jerry Jones with a big smile celebrating that his 1st string QB went down so now their in the playoffs with Dak. What a guy.
Inside the Cowboys' first family, including the time Jerry Jones made Stephen interview for a job at Wendy's …
Does Jerry Jones own Because they've shown this cringeworthy interview with Jerry Jones about 10 times today 😒
You can make Star Wars themed hype videos all you want but never forget that Jerry Jones is Emperor Palpatine
How Jerry Jones Will Ruin Another Dallas Cowboys Season Wished Jones would SALE them and Move back to Arkansas!
okay Jerry. Just because you have Julio Jones socks doesn't mean you can automatically say he's the best.
he could be a guy that "thinks he knows" like Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones. I applaud him knowing his limits
Haircut, oatmeal... every time I put on , Jerry Jones' *** is all over everyone's face over there
Inside Jones family dynamic, including time Jerry made Stephen interview for a job at Wendy's  v…
I may not be a fan of Jerry Jones, but I am so proud of this team and what Jason Garrett has done with this team.
Meanwhile, , still a day away but Jerry Jones is waking up like.
Preview of conversation w/ Jerry Jones. Airs Sunday on Morning at 9a ET on
Congratulations to Jerry Jones for proving with unlimited resources and 25 years he can kinda, sorta be successful with…
Jerry Jones spoke about home field advantage today on
I thought I heard Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones were backing the move. If that's the case, it's a done deal. LV Raiders 😁
, the best part of the win over the Cowboys is always the look on Jones' face with another failer
kinda like Jerry Jones with the Cowboys in the beginning
Allen Iverson posted a picture wearing Cowboys gear, hanging out with Jerry Jones -
smh Jerry Reese is a good GM, but he's had his share of awful picks per Coughlin.
"[Dak's] got this whole team inspired.". owner Jerry Jones joins to talk about the team's sp…
Jerry Jones & Texas owner weren't going to let a 3R team in TX. I think if egos didn't get in the way from Chargers owner &
Not sure if Jordy is Jerry Jones thinks Dak Prescott Sunday against Aaron Rodgers for the
Jerry Jones: "I really hope to have Randy Gregory back on the field. And I don't want to be long or short there" regarding…
Seems much more luck than anything Jerry Jones did. He's just a squawk box.. and reminds me of Donald Trump.
Dan, the reason Jerry Jones has had a better team is not 'Luck' Will McClay is now acquiring the talent. Do your homework.
Jerry Jones wasn't a cute little Cowboys-Eagles and Clemson vs St. Nick Saban or Wentz? NOW on Undisputed that Sean Lee was
Interestingly, Jerry Jones once hired Jason Garrett as a coordinator before he announced a HC hire. That HC was Wade Phillips.
Finalists for 2017 Hall of Fame class include Jerry Jones, Paul Tagliabue
Who am I putting in the hall this go round? LT. TD. Joe Jacoby. Morten Andersen. Kurt Warner. Tagliabue. Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones defends Tony Romo, Jason Witten trip to Cabo in 2007
Jerry Jones: Scott Linehan can multitask; I'm not worried about NFL teams contacting him via
Jerry Jones: La'el Collins done with rehab; 'I think he's going to physically be able to go' via
.says John Elway should call Jerry Jones about Tony Romo, but doesn't want to trade QB:…
Jerry Jones and Jeffrey Lurie talking at midfield. Jones bought the Cowboys in '89 for $140 million, Lurie the Eagles in '94 for $195 mil.
Jerry Jones is holding the heaviest slice of pizza in history. Crying
One day, everyone should strive to find someone who's as into them as Jerry Jones is into Tony Romo. That love affair is inte…
bingo. Also, Garrett is just a puppet for Jerry Jones. If anything give Jerry COY over Garrett.
Jerry Jones "puppet master", Howdie Doodie Garrett "the puppet", the star, America's team" saying, the stadium, diva Bryant, and..
Has to be Garrett.. None of these others have to deal with Jerry Jones
someone inform the clowns there Jerry Jones doesn't tell Jason Garrett who to start. How'd that JJ will ruin this thing work out?
Jason Garrett isn't even the coach. Jerry Jones is. Lmao. I'll take black jack over anybody. W…
Jerry Jones is the cowboy's coach, Garrett is his puppet.
Jerry Jones wants to force out Jason Garrett bc he's not playing Romo
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and TE Jason Witten get emotional when recalling the day Witten signed a 6-year extension:
I'm a fan of Jason Witten. Dak has won me over too as he seems to be a good kid. Jerry Jones on the other hand...
Jerry Jones stuck with Garrett through several 8-8 seasons and built thru the draft. End of the day, you still need talent!
The Steelers, Patriots, Green Bay, and the fact that Jerry Jones has stuck with Jason Garrett. They keep coaches and win. A few examples.
Do they ever ask Jason Garrett about his own decisions? Lmao no way *** like working for Jerry Jones, young..
Jerry Jones endured three straight 8-8 seasons with Jason Garrett. It got him two division titles in three years. Pegulas need to take note.
Jason Garrett has the easiest coaching job. Jerry Jones makes all the decisions lol
Jason Garrett is not the coach. Jerry Jones is
I really respect Jason Garrett/Jerry Jones for not holding Back Dac b/c they have clinched! When you think complacent, you play complacent!
EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears says Jerry Jones would be crazy to play Tony Romo
Jerry Jones: Dak Prescott will start vs. Eagles; will Tony Romo or Mark Sanchez back him up? |
Jerry Jones: Tony Romo will play only if Dak Prescott is injured
Britney Spears has a warning for Jerry Jones if he's thinking about playing Tony Romo
Tony Romo walked to the locker room with Jerry Jones's grandson, Highland Park QB John Stephen Jones...
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys will start Dak Prescott vs. the Eagles. Not worth "risking" Tony Romo. .
It's almost comical how "little credit" Jerry Jones gets for "grooming AND sticking with Garrett as Head Coach"
We got a quote sheet from Jerry Jones tonight. Martha Ford has not so much as said hello to Lions reporters all season.
I feel like Garrett purposely didn't put Romo in on the last 2 drives, just to prove a point to Jerry Jones.
I see Jerry Jones told Jason Garrett to use that reverse play that his grandsons team used
so funny it's Jerry Jones announcing, Garrett is a puppet
Martha Ford 👵🏻 can't play the game like Jerry Jones 🤡
I think Jerry Jones uh I mean Jason Garrett said no he was playing to win. Won't rest. Wonder if that holds next week 2 vs NYG
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones chatting it up with the family Ford, including owner Martha...
Jerry Jones.. Pick up Joe Mixon in the late rounds to pair up with Elliot. He will be a steal!
"[Jerry Jones] is about to replace Dak Prescott with Tony Romo for the playoff run." —
Jerry Jones matches Zeke by donating Tony Romo to the Salvation Army.
Dak Prescott is daring Jerry Jones to doubt him. More now on FS1
WALL ST. JOURNAL Jason *** talks with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about th...
Jerry Jones joking about Ezekiel Elliott's TD celebration, said he'll take it to the Supreme Court if he gets fined
WALL ST. JOURNAL With an improved team, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones...
WATCH: Highland Park fans rush the field, prompts calls of 'special treatment' due to Jerry Jones
Tony Romo sitting beside Jerry Jones today at AT&T Stadium as Jerry watches his grandson QB Highland Park in state-title ga…
Jerry Jones was asked today if he thought Randy Gregory would be available for practice Monday.
Dak Prescott: No need for Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, etc. to give me extra encouragement b/c of outside noise. They know h…
Jason Garrett is not the coach of the Cowboys. He is a puppet for Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones now that he got a reason to insert Tony Romo into the starting lineup
is Jerry Jones afraid of the race card if he puts the white QB in, who is obviously way better...
Jerry Jones clearly just wants A white QB
Jerry Jones: Jaylon Smith 'unequivocally is going to be an outstanding defensive player for us' - Dallas News (blog)
Jerry Jones: Darren McFadden will be promoted to 53-man roster
Giants hounded Prescott so much Jerry Jones got asked about Romo
In all seriousness, I hope Jerry Jones doesn't bench Dak in replacement for Romo because of this game, It's Dak's team and he deserves it
Jerry Jones in the suite praying to white jesus that Dak throws a INT this drive
Jerry Jones like 103 yrs old now huh ?? Been having white hair since the 80s 😂
Jerry Jones: We are having a good season and could win it all. Also Jerry: Start Romo.
This is why I've never been able to be a fan. "Jerry Jones dreaming of Hollywood finish for Cowboys with Tony Romo":.
Mr. .Jerry Jones don't messed up the Dallas Cowboys winning Super Bowl by using Qb Room if it broke don't fixed it .Its team Karma ok .
Now that's comical. Jerry Jones thinks he can convince Tony Romo to stay with the Dallas Cowboys.
Jerry Jones is the reason why the Cowboys won't win a Super Bowl. He's dumb af 😂😂😂
Jerry Jones was quoted "I think Romo may get his opportunity to get us to the Super Bowl" . you're a HAN at its fi…
Jerry Jones: Tony Romo will play part in Cowboys' Super Bowl run.
North America's team? Jerry Jones says the have the most NFL fans in Canada, too
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Jerry Jones standing and clapping at AT&T Stadium for his grandson's Highland Park team winning in final minute to head to…
Jerry Jones said he still believes in Randy Gregory. Do you?
had no clue what Jerry Jones was talking about.
Former great Charles Haley having fun with Jerry Jones at practice.
A barefoot Charles Haley sneaking up on Jerry Jones during today's practice
Jerry Jones told his players were actors in a play called football and he owned the theatre. take note.
Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett are @ The Star to watch Jerry's grandson, John Stephen, play QB for Highland Park in the stat…
Jerry Jones' grandson, John Stephen, scores on the QB keeper to put Highland Park up 28-0 vs Lake Ridge at The Star.
Jerry Jones on QB Dak Prescott's stiff-arm: 'He's the daddy when he does that' -- | ht…
Clippers Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin hang out with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones htt…
Jerry Jones on his continued support for suspended defensive end Randy Gregory: He is our baby. He may be an ugly baby.…
What a day with the Cowboys. It began with owner Jerry Jones calling Randy Gregory our ugly baby. Ended with Tony Romo'…
fish knows of he lets kroenke put in who he wants, he keeps his job (cite Jerry Jones and Garret)
Jerry Jones has better celebrations. Snyder looks so smug. Eddie Haskell
Source: Tony Romo flew on Jerry Jones private plane, not team charter, to Pitt last week, where was told he would backup…
Jerry Jones on why Dak Prescott is the right guy to be the Cowboys QB right now:
Romo did not say that he's done with football (Yahoo Sports): Jerry Jones might have to face the fact that like Jim…
I agreed 1000% with ur take on Jerry Jones situation . I'm usually with skip on cowboys matters u nailed it. Let Garret coach
Ex-NFL Players Defend Depos of Jerry Jones and Jim Irsay as "Necessary" in Painkiller Lawsuit, via
Jerry Jones says Tony Romo will be a 'great offensive coordinator' one day.
When Tony leaves the cowboys to play for someone else, I'm following that team, Jerry Jones and Red Garret can suck a ***
With Dak Prescott as the starter, Jerry Jones is still pleased with the depth at quarterback. .
Thats what Im talking about, throws down the fat wallet and travels with team. Ross wants to be Jerry Jones!
If by "willing" you mean Jerry Jones beat me with a switch until I agreed to it, then yes, I'm "willing" to be the backup htt…
was this a copy and paste statement that Jerry Jones used last season for Greg Hardy...looks like he gave up on him though
Tony Romo will be active next week vs the Ravens & will be Dak Prescott's backup, acc to Jerry Jones per media reports f…
Jerry Jones finally makes official what everyone else already knew - when Tony Romo returns next week, it'll be as Dak…
I remember when Jerry Jones used to look at me like this 😭
"Dak has got a hot hand and we're going to go with it.". Jerry Jones says the Cowboys are sticking with Prescott:
I swea young if they put Romo in I'm buying a plane ticket and smacking Jerry Jones& Jason Garret
Jerry Jones said after Sunday's win against Pittsburgh that Tony Romo will be active next week as the backup QB vs. the Ravens…
I'm not a Dallas Fan but it's hard not to root for the Dak-Zeke Combo, but I still can't stand Jason Garret and Jerry Jones
My mom said she wanted to throw a ninja star at Jerry Jones' head!
Jerry Jones and Jason Garret deserve none of this
When you realize Jerry Jones is the best GM football has ever seen.
You are Doug Whaley and Jerry Jones calls you offering to trade Romo. What do you say
yeah and Jerry Jones said that when he's fully healthy it's up to Jason Garret if he'll start
Jerry Jones on Dez Bryant being better with Romo than Dak: "I wouldn't say that at all...I just can't say enough about how…
Is it just me or should it be Jason Garrett that should make the decision to play Dak or Romo and not Jerry Jones? I mean…
Trump needs to talk to Jerry Jones about how his Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy experiment went.
Jerry Jones makes me mad and I'm not even a cowboys fan lol
Jerry Jones says QB issue may 'never' be sorted out, more on Barry Church and Ronald Leary injuries »…
One big challenge Jason Garrett faces as coach to 7-1 team; how he's rubbing off on Jerry Jones via
Jerry Jones in Shark Tank business? owner willing to help startup companies at The Star |…
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has not ruled out activating Tony Romo for this Sunday's game against the Steelers. "He will do more"
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I have faith that Jerry Jones will screw it all up.
Last week Jerry Jones quickly ruled Tony Romo unavailable for game in Cleveland. Today -- "Unlike last wee…
Jerry Jones 'won't speculate' on Tony Romo's return for Cowboys
Jerry Jones said he's not sure if Tony Romo will be active vs. the Steelers next Sunday, but thinks Romo will do more this…
Jerry Jones doesn’t rule Tony Romo out of being active for Steelers
Jerry Jones excited about where Tony Romo is at. "Nothing but getting better and we'll certainly see him executing really w…
It's a small world fr the President of Bushnell that took my dad hunting is personal friends with Jerry Jones and Sam Walton
"Garrett's greatest accomplishment thus far... is persuading owner Jerry Jones to spend three first-round picks on offensive linemen" Yes.
I've always liked Jason Garrett. Fans are like Jerry Jones, they want results right now or boot the person.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says Barry Church, Morris Claiborne to miss multiple games
People want there to be a BIG press conference where Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett announce Prescott as "The Guy". Sorry, you wont get that.
We keep hearing how Jerry Jones feels about Romo vs Dak... How come when don't hear what Jason Garrett thinks? Should be his call right?
Summary of Jason Garrett's thoughts on Jerry Jones' Romo/Dak comments: "We're focused on Wednesday."
The evolution of Jerry Jones on Tony Romo and Dak Prescott.
Jerry Jones: Tony Romo making progress, but 'not ready to play' - ESPN
Nick Foles looked good. I'm feeling it now. Romo to KC. Dak breaks leg next week. Jerry Jones cries. Dez throws to self.
INJURY ALERT: Kellen Moore carted off the field with injury. Jerry Jones confirms it's a broken ankle.
I dream of someone pulling a John Wilkes Booth and taking out Jerry Jones in his comfy owner's box.
How did Tony Romo become Dallas' QB? Easy. Jerry Jones didn't want a black QB for America's Team. So they cut Quincy Carter.
Joseph Parker is set to head to the home of Jerry Jones. Dallas here we come.
theres a reason ur the most hated man in SF. Are u tryna be like Jerry Jones or Al Davis at a point in their careers? Hated
Jerry Jones on Cowboys' impending QB quandary: "I don't have any idea".
NFL owners in Houston for fall meeting. Jerry Jones arriving this morning.
Jerry Jones on Ezekiel Elliott: "He's dictating the defense right now. The defense first looks at what he's doing and they'…
only Jerry Jones can screw up these cowboys by benching a hot qb
Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, & Michael Irvin didn't even get this special treatment that Romo's getting from owner Jerry Jones!!!
Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, & everyone else thinks Dak Prescott should remain the starter. . Jerry Jones responds by naming… this point, I double dare Jerry Jones to say Romo will be the starter way Romo can/should get his job back..
Goodell,Jerry Jones,Robert Craft,Spanos,Kroenke,Rooneys can all go suck a *** if they think will sell the
Jerry Jones need to sit his old *** down he not the coach of Dallas Tom Brady was made off of an injury not saying Dak is Brady though
Jerry Jones said Tony Romo is still the QB. Apparently Jones now has Alzheimers & doesn't remember the Cowboys first 5…
it is bc Jerry Jones taking out Dak & bringing Romo 🙄 se van ir ala verga
Can you imagine Jerry Jones, Paul Allen, Bob Kraft and every other real owner let $14M get in the way of winning?
Jerry Jones, Romo isn't number 1.. Dak is your guy!
I don't give a *** what anyone says, I STILL believe the via Jerry Jones, will find a way to mess thing…
Are we a good team? Gotta wait and see. Is our team consistent. Not until Garrett and Jerry Jones die.
Jason Garrett has lived long under Jerry Jones. But when will he prosper? |
Jerry Jones or J. Garrett betta not bring Romo back..
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett give updates on Friday (Week 5)
Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones give updates on Tyron Smith, Dan Bailey and more ».
Garrett presser and Jerry Jones on the air at the same time. They’re trolling us. Just saying.
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