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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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The start of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's exuberant embrace of Jerry Jones are among the trending stories on today's CBSN10.
I just lost all respect for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Why are you in the box with Jerry Jones? You're a New Jersey Governor and you're in the box with your local team's biggest rival? That's terrible man. That's poor.
"Jerry Jones paid the refs" well if it's about money,how come we went 8-8 for 3 years? Why don't he just buy the Super Bowl e…
Oh please,Nfl officials hanging on Jerry Jones bus as well. Dez running on the field . Should I keep going ? You should zip it!!
how about those refs! Terrible call against Lions! Jerry Jones has deep pockets. And why was Chris Christie in his suite? Weird
Cowboys win on a questionable call. Chris Christie in Jerry Jones' posh suite. Coincidence? Time for some linen problems
Doesn't Chris Christie have a state to run? Instead he's having tickle fights with Jerry Jones in his private box. Cute.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie didn’t make any new friends back home when he was spotted celebrating with Dallas owner Jerry Jones in Sunday’s playoff game against the Lions.
Just saw the video of Chris Christie *** Jerry Jones. That. Was. Awkward. Wish was in season so he could make fun.
God help the hookers ordered by Jerry Jones and Chris Christie tonight.
I wonder who is paying for Chris Christie to fly to all these Dallas Cowboy games to sit in the Jerry Jones box.
Was that Chris Christie jiggling in Jerry Jones' suite?
I'm really surprised that Creed's Scott Stapp wasn't in the Luxury Box with Jerry Jones and Chris Christie.
Anyone else wondering WHY Chris Christie was in Jerry Jones' box for I knew politics made strange bedfellows, b…
.Casts big shadow over the game. We should be making fun of Jerry Jones leaving Chris Christie hanging on a high five. Robbed.
cc “I think Chris Christie is banging Jerry Jones
So that fat *** Chris Christie humped Jerry Jones again.
Chris Christie and Jerry Jones leave the Cowboys game
Jerry Jones gyrating and hugging Chris Christie is terrible to watch. And yet I can't look away.
Well it's official. Jerry Jones has hired baby Huey Chris Christie.
Jerry Jones and Chris Christie celebrate to Pony! (Original vine by
Chris Christie is gonna suffocate Jerry Jones with his titties
Chris Christie rooting for the Cowboys from Jerry Jones' box in a rigged game is the perfect metaphor for America
I saw Chris Christie bouncing around that Owner's Box with Jerry Jones. The two of 'em look like something out of a funh…
Was that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that I saw in Jerry Jones owners box during the Dallas game today? Sure looked like him.
Chris Christie hope you had fun with Jerry lost my vote
What is Chris Christie. DOING? He is in the same BOX with JERRY JONES? I have Zero respect for Christie. Why would a guy like Jerry Jones want to be bosom buddies with that mentality? I thought that was a one shot deal two games ago. Of all personalities on the planet and Jerry chose Christie? Oh... that's right... Money, and Payoffs... nevermind... I was just having a moment of football enjoyment...
Not for nuthin' . but if you are a fan of the New York Giants, how apoplectic were you to see New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ... you know, the governor of the state where THE GIANTS PLAY THEIR HOME GAMES ... in Jerry Jones luxury box in Dallas, wildly celebrating the COWBOYS' playoff victory. You know, the Cowboys? Your NFC East arch-rivals?
Why the *** was Gov. Chris Christie hugging on Jerry Jones in his box at the game today? Weird, and he will hear about it from the NY media.
We all knew Chris Christie is a big Cowboys fan. We didn't expect a visualization, though. For the Cowboys' wild-card game against the Lions on Sunday, Christie had seats in owner Jerry Jones' suit...
Jerry Jones has not only bought Chris Christie, but the league officials now too.
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*** was Chris Christie doing in Jerry Jones's luxury box? Giants fans should impeach him.
WOW.I dont know who is more annoying.Pittsburgh Penguins fans or the Dallas Cowgirls fans.take this to the bank.There ain't NO fuggin way Dallas wins in Gb.if they do then we all know that this SuperBowl was bought and paid for.and did i see Chris Christie Making out with Jerry Jones?.Tuddy's Tirade Numero Uno for 2015
Did anyone else see governor Chris Christie acting for the tv after every Dallas score in the box with Jerry Jones on his knees pretty much blowing him so he could try pissing off people. Guy is a total ***
If Chris Christie comes to Lambeau to hang out with Jerry Jones, will Scott Walker join them?
I don't want to hear about another right-winger complaining about President Obama playing golf over the Christmas holiday, when Chris Christie is off running around three of the last four weeks on taxpayer dollar playing tickle with Jerry Jones...
Chris Christie was in the Dallas Cowboy's owner's suite during the game between Detroit and Dallas, and was hugging it out with the owner Jerry Jones.
OMG! That was Chris Christie in the luxury box with Jerry Jones!
Jerry Jones looks up at giant HD TV in his stadium. He's told its no longer the worlds largest TV. Jerry slams fist on desk "get me the world largest politician." Boom Chris Christie
I saw Chris Christie hugging it up with Jerry Jones in the Cowboys' box today. The Cowboys are division rivals of the NY Giants, who play their home games in New Jersey, where Christie is governor. It is the equivalent of Nathan Deal whooping it up with the owner of the New Orleans Saints. Of course, Christie has done this sort of thing before. He slobbered all over President Obama just weeks before the 2012 election. Many feel that display helped undercut Mitt Romney. This after Christie gave the keynote speech at the convention. If Christie were to become president, I would expect his first state dinner to be in honor of the leadership of ISIS.
I missed watching my Texans today but I cheered the Cowboys on to victory. It was a very exciting game. Glad the state of Texas is still in the playoffs. Now, with that being said, someone please explain to me why Chris Christie was in the owners box with Jerry Jones. I'm so very confused.
Is there a drink strong enough to get the image of Chris Christie side *** Jerry Jones out of my head?
*** even Chris Christie is celebrating with Jerry Jones. What a traitor!
Did anybody see Chris Christie in Jerry Jones's suite? No words.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shared an awkward hug
From here on out I am done with the NFL, Eff Texas and their flag, Eff Dallas, Tony Romo, Jerry Jones, Eff the lone star state, I curse the day they joined the union, I curse the day they built the stadium I curse the day every dallas players mama every laid down with their daddies, I curse the entire organization and ball club, I curse those cheating *** refs: Eff the Texas Rangers, eff Walker Texas Ranger, the fans and anyone else that support Dallas. I'm going to bed Eff'm all can't play fair cheating *** 17 years now they have to lie, beg and steal to win. Eff Dallas as a ball club organization. I hope they rot in *** and never see another Super Bowl.
It should probably be mentioned here that the game was indeed played in Dallas, in the presence of owner Jerry Jones, in his multi-billion dollar palace known as AT&T Stadium in some places and “Jerry World” in others. It should also be known that a Cowboys’ win means a matchup with the Green Bay Packers next weekend, a game that will be sure to garner far bigger TV ratings than if it were the Carolina Panthers heading to Lambeau Field, which would have been the matchup had the Lions won (they’d have played at Seattle under those circumstances). And finally, it should probably be known that NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino was spotted hanging out and laughing it up with Jones and his son Stephen (a Cowboys’ executive) on a Cowboys’ party bus last summer. Conspiracy? Perhaps. Here’s former league head of officiating and current FOX Sports’ rules expert Mike Pereira on the call. Mike Pereira ✔ Follow I am out of here. Biggest call was the DPI pickup. It was DPI and it was defensive ** ...
Celebs at Cowboys game:Chris Christie hugs Jerry Jones; Rick Perry; Tommy Lasorda Saw the Frisco Mayor in one pic.
Just realizing now that was Chris Christie in Jerry Jones' box. Initially thought it was Jupiter.
hey great game today. Did you give game ball to the officials? Jerry Jones putting Sam on practice squad sure worked out
Jerry Jones uses burner phone to call ref who picked up flag, tells him he can find the “package” under the trash bin in s…
I'm sure Jerry Jones would be happy to pay their fine, pastor
Jerry Jones paid the ref to let romo suck him off during halftime for one big horrible call. They used it for that play.
Jerry Jones paying these refs or nah?
They should remake the Baldwin/Fishburne movie Fled with Chris Christie and Jerry Jones handcuffed to each other.
Watching Chris Christie hug Jerry Jones in a suite after a Cowboy playoff win makes me understand why Screech had to stab …
Jerry Jones n Christie celebrating in that suite, I'm expecting Darth Sidious, Hannibal Lecter n Nixon's frozen head to join the party
Hmm let me just pick up this flag after the call was made cause Jerry Jones bought me a new car
A Chris Christie / Jerry Jones presidential ticket would make me jump off of this planet.
Jerry Jones payed every ref on that field a extra million 💰
I would like to thank The Refs, The , Obama, Josh Smith, and Jerry Jones for this Lions loss
I hate all Dallas Cowboy players, cowboys in general, Dallasians, NFL referees, and Jerry Jones.
Can't wait to see Chris Christie jumping up and down and hugging Jerry Jones in 2016 attack ads.
Y'all saw Jerry Jones and Chris Christie jumping and hugging, yes? Meet ya at the bar. We have work to do.
Chris Christie awkwardly and joyously hugging Jerry Jones is my everything.
Most awkward Republican hugging: Chris Cristie & Jerry Jones. All you need is Arnold in there. I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Go Green Bay!
What’s black and white and green all over?. The refs, after this game, bathing in the Jerry Jones's money.
stolen game. Jerry Jones has a few refs in his pocket It looks like Pastor Jakes!
Did they just overturn a pass interference call?? Well done Jerry Jones, well done! . 💵💵
Now its in Matthew Stafford's hand I gotta put double diapers on but y'all saw how Jerry Jones sent the envelope down to the referees locker .
Chris Christie in Jerry Jones' booth lookin sharp in a red sweater.
Please don't show Jerry Jones. I think I'm gonna be sick.
Chris Christie is in the press box with Jerry Jones in TEXAS. GET HIM OUT
I guess Jerry Jones's check to the refs must have cleared just in time.
Jerry Jones is looking up the return policy on the Cowboys' offensive line.
Jerry Jones is going to have a stroke if the Cowboys keep playing like this
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I can't stand Jerry Jones, but my BIL works for the Cowboys. So, there it is...
Wow; quick score Lions after 3-and-out Cowboys. Jerry Jones reaches for his Johnny Blue. (Which is a very nice blend, but still a blend.)
Nothing will change. In many ways Ed Snider is the Jerry Jones of the NHL. Too much influence and too many bad decisions.
On this day in 2003, Dallas Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones introduced Bill Parcells as the club's new head coach.
Phil Knight, the owner, down on the field like Jerry Jones.
who can Jerry Jones get cheaper the returning best RB or some guy who was suspended all season,
that'd be nice, but i don't think Jerry Jones is letting him go. Worst case, they'll probably slap him with the tag.
No one mentions Harbaugh to Dallas? Jerry Jones will break the bank for him. He and AP will be in Big D next…
you're right, Jerry Jones to the falcons.
I BET MONEY..Josh Gordon, Manziel & Suh have had phone convos with Jerry Jones recently & got the blueprint 2 getting cut from a sorry team
Suh's gonna go out there Sunday and step on everybody! Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Jerry Jones, The big jumbo tron, the hot dog guy...
Show me where it says that Jerry Jones is “the worst person in football.”
Matt, don't think that Jerry Jones won't lobby for a suspension either. That would only help Romo and Murray.
Hope you 9ers fans enjoyed the past 4 years. Cuz its the closest you'll come to a Super Bowl for a while. The Organization is a joke. To trash and give away your golden goose is very Jerry Jones-esque.
Jerry Jones is looking like a genius for picking Zack Martin instead of Johnny Manziel htt…
Dallas has proved that continuity works. Jason Garrett has done an excellent job. Jerry Jones stuck with him despite some to…
I still can't get over going bonkers about the Vikings not picking Manzeil. And look what Jerry Jones would have done.
Is it me or is Governor Chris Christie doing a lot of butt kissing with Jerry Jones lately. He was with the owner of the Cowboys in his box. If I was a resident of NJ and I had 3 pro teams (Jets, Giants and Devils) playing in my state and 3 right across the line( Eagles, Flyers and Phillies), I'd be careful whose cheek I was smooching. Imagine Chris meeting the Eagles, Flyers and Devils in the same hotel. The pummeling that would happen. Well that's what happens when you play politics in sports, you usually trip over your own loyalties. Bye the way Chris, it looks like the diet is working, you only picked up 10 lbs.
Is NJ governor Chris Christie the lucky charm? See what Jerry Jones had to say on the subject
Can anyone photoshop Chris Christie into that photo of the Jerry Jones with the chick?
DAL News: Jerry Jones: If (NJ governor) Chris Christie is that lucky charm, I'm going to do all I can to have ...
A December sunset at Jerry Jones' little house on the Texas prairie. /via
Jerry Jones letting Jimmy Johnson go should go down as one of the worst moves ever!
Merry Christmas to you, to Jerry Jones and to Marc Cuban. Something good is going to happen before the end of this year!!!
Monday's First Take and Stephen A Smith has on an "I love Jerry Jones" Tshirt lmao
Before I die I needa party with Jerry Jones, Dan Blizerian, Jeremy Piven in Ari Gold mode, and Manziel when he wins an NFL game
Jerry Jones thinks Dallas Cowboys can compete for another Super Bowl title
Dallas Cowboys will franchise Dez Bryant if needed, Jerry Jones says
It took 2 years, but Derek Dooley's got the right where Jerry Jones wants them
Jerry Jones loves his marketability and would easily give up a late 1st for him.
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Jerry Jones says Cowboys will tag Dez Bryant if they can't reach a long-term deal this offseason
Remember Jimmy Johnson & Jerry Jones in Dallas what's going to Happen with the 49ers if Harbaugh leaves
Romo: Jerry Jones' top move was sticking with Garrett -
My man Stephen A Smith was a good sport wearing an "I (Heart) Jerry Jones" Tshirt for all 2 hours to pay off our bet. …
Stephen A. Smith is really wearing an "I ❤️ Jerry Jones" shirt 😂😂😂😂
I guess crazy Alice was right. The cowboys are rebuilding! It's not Jerry Jones
Life must be good for Jerry Jones in the owners box. He has his son in law to wash his glasses and Chris Christie to wa…
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attended another Cowboys, this time traveling to Dallas. Christie sat next to owner Jerry Jones last week at Philadelphia. This week, he sat in the…
Iam here to defend Jerry Jones and it hurts to do so . We Cowboy fans have been yelling for Romos head for years but to his credit Jones stuck to his guns so after Romos near perfect game against the Colts I guess we have to eat crow and admit Jones knew something about this guy we didn't .Don't let no one tell you the Colts did not have any thing to play for Andrew Luck is a very good and a relentless competitor and ALWAYS has something to play for
Jerry Jones excited that Cowboys are now 3-0 with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in attendance
Ya know, Chris Christie, its bad enough you were in Jerry Jones' booth in Philly last Sunday but being there in Dallas today too? C'man man!
Jerry Jones looks like a pimple. my boys in green and me will have the best year! I can feel it!
Jerry Jones excited that Dallas Cowboys now 3-0 with New Jersey go
Cowboys QB Tony Romo: one of best decisions made by owner Jerry Jones is to stand by Jason Garrett
Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant, owner Jerry Jones say QB Tony Romo should be NFL MVP this year:
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones second-guesses his decision to release DE DeMarcus Ware in offseason:
Via Tim MacMahon ESPNDallas - fter claiming their first division title since 2009, the Dallas Cowboys started making a case for quarterback Tony Romo as the NFL MVP. "He certainly is in my book," owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Sunday after the Cowboys clinched the NFC East title with a 42-7 rout of the Indianapolis Colts, keyed by Romo completing 18 of 20 passes for 218 yards and four touchdowns. "He is for me. "Yes, he is, because [DeMarco] Murray has certainly carried his share, but Tony's quarterbacking this year was indispensable. We couldn't have had the team, and we have a team that probably right now is in the top four or five teams in the league. That's pretty good qualification of the vote." Despite managing a surgically repaired back, Romo leads the league's quarterbacks in completion percentage (70.3), yards per attempt (8.49) and passer rating (114.4). Romo has thrown for 3,406 yards with 32 touchdowns and only eight interceptions, leading the Cowboys to an 11-3 record in games tha ...
Jerry Jones says Tony Romo should be NFL MVP: “Tony’s quarterbacking this year was indispensable. And we got a team probably in top 4 or 5.”
Jerry Jones on Ware: "A major pressure player out here right now would make you want to give a quarter of the stadium for him."
Jerry Jones: "What if you had Ware out here the way he's playing? We didn't cost ourselves a Super Bowl because we don't have him, did we?"
Congrats to my friend Jerry Jones and the Cowboys on winning the division and clinching a playoff berth!
That's New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (in red) in front of Jerry Jones heading into Dallas Cowboys locker room:
Chris Christie continues his pursuit of the Texas Tea Party vote. At the Cowboys game again schmoozing with Jerry Jones.
Chris Christie, Governor from the State of NJ, watched the Cowboys-Eagles game in Jerry Jones' box. South Jersey is Eagles territory. One of the biggest reasons Eagles fans hate the Cowboys is.Jerry Jones. Chis has bigger game in mind--the Presidency--but think his pursuit of higher office may also result in him pissing off his base? There are some faux-pas you do not make in politics, and screwing up the sporting teams is a big mistake. Kerry visiting Detroit and praising Ohio State. There was Mitch McConnell's campaign producing a video with the Duke Blue Devils, not the UK Wildcats. Then there was Hillary, a life-long Cubs fan, putting on a Yankee cap when during her first Senate campaign. The Governor of New Jersey breaking bread with the owner of the hated Cowboys may be one step too far for South Jersey voters.
Jerry Jones is "pretty sure" Murray will play Sunday... Yeah He's not playing lol who does he think he's fooling..
Jerry Jones on Orlando Scandrick: "How he's played really make him one of the main reasons we're having the success this year."
Now that Jerry Jones sees what Cowboys can do, he’s raising the bar – Dallas Morning News (blog)
it came up a few yrs ago, word was that Bill Parcells warned him about Jerry Jones
so everyone attacks Bill Cosby, but it's ok for Jerry Jones to behave the way he does? Double standard.
Chris Christie hanging with Jerry Jones. You lost my vote.”
WTH is Chris Christie doing in the booth with Jerry Jones at Eagles game? Why doesn't the *** move to Texas.
So what if sat with Jerry Jones at last night's game, maybe he's not an Eagles fan. Wish I knew Dan Rooney.
It would actually be more like Bobby Jindal sitting with Jerry Jones as Christie is the governor of the adjacent state
Jerry Jones: This team has exceeded my expectations
Jeffrey Lurie didn't offer Chris Christie as much food as Jerry Jones did
Hey Indy! Why don't we play this thing at your crib. Cool? Cool! - Jerry Jones
I'm actually glad won. Otherwise, the guy in the sweater sitting with Jerry Jones might've shut down the Walt Whitman Bridge.
Dallas will lose to Indy. So this isn't a huge deal. But seeing "our governor" celebrate w Jerry Jones is nauseating. What a ***
Mark it down: Chris Christie's Presidential run ended in Jerry Jones suite.
Jerry Jones has Chris Christie in his box, but Jeffrey Lurie has Bradley Cooper. So who's the real winner here?
Don't know what's more nauseating:. The camera showing Chris Christi in the Jerry Jones box Or Bradley Cooper in the Jeffrey Lauria suite.
Let's be real Jeffrey Lurie and Bradley Cooper are cooler then Jerry Jones and Chris Christie
Almost like Jerry Jones is trolling Jeffrey Lurie (BIG liberal) having Republican Chris Christie in his box
You guys won't believe this, but Jessica Simpson got to the Eagles game tonight at halftime and is watching from Jerry Jones' box
Hey Darryl Katz take a lesson from Jerry Jones and go to your teams games.
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Jerry Jones would trade for this team. /Herschel Walker joke
Jerry Jones will do everything in his power to get Adrian Peterson in Cowboys uniform next year mark it down. 100% Guaranteed!
Jerry Jones on managing DeMarco Murray's workload: "Every down has Super Bowl meaning to it. We're not saving anything for …
After yesterday's CIA revelations, former Bush administration honcho Condoleezza Rice has been dropped as the "certain" successor to Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner. "A war criminal is worse than a liar," a source close to Dallas owner Jerry Jones told eTrueSports.
I'm real live the Jerry Jones of fantasy football. . Now this man Andy Dalton wants to ball out today
Eagles have Chip Kelly and the rest of the teams in the division have Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and Eli Manning. ❤️ you, NFC East.
Absolutely no question. Jerry Jones is Wellington Mara compared to Dan Snyder
And y'all say Jerry Jones is a horrible GM no where near close to Dan Snyder no where
title back home o and Jerry Jones you the man so please sign Dez Bryant to a fat long contract!!!
Jerry Jones: Dez Bryant is a teddy bear with a lot of passion
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Jerry Jones has no problem with Dez Bryant’s passion.
BREAKING: With the Dallas Cowboys undefeated on the road this year, Jerry Jones is contemplating moving AT&T stadium out…
No one cares about Jerry Jones. Stop showing him during EVERY Cowboys game.
Gloria Allred has Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Puff Daddy, Jerry Jones all beat when it comes to being "all in the videos" shesh
Jerry Jones built a perfect stadium, with perfect lighting, to take perfect pictures, of his team sucking.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jimmy Haslam should have pulled a Jerry Jones. Hoyer is awful.
Adrian Peterson may have a future away from the Minnesota Vikings after his suspension is lifted and if he is released or a trade goes down, teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks could be interested, as the Cowboys have DeMarco Murray set to be a free agent and Jerry Jones could look to…
I'm thinking Injun headress for Washington would cause downfall of all of league and Jerry Jones would implode.
"Jerry Jones on Bennie Logan saying Cowboys O-line is just OK: "He's gonna get his you know what knocked off."" OR NOT. Lol
Jerry Jones going home and breaking out the beast tonight
Joe Buck says "Jerry Jones “deserves a lot of credit for building this team.” Two playoff wins since 1996. Yes, great job,…
Eating thanksgiving lunch in the same room as Jerry Jones and his fam rn
OMG!! I remember this like yesterday. The looks of disbelief on Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones - priceless!
If I was Jerry Jones, I'd start talking how much I love Jeff Garcia, just to mess with people. Then sign Jimmy Clausen to clean my glasses
my ballot of worst owners in sports. 1. John Mara. 2. Jerry Jones. 3. Jeff Lurie. 4. Ted Leonsis. 5. Mark Lerner (or his Daddy)
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks about his pregame conversation with Jay-Z
With the possibility of a superfight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather open again, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is desperate for first dibs on hosting what could be the biggest boxing event in history.
Last time Floyd didn't fight in Las Vegas was 2005 'Jerry Jones wants Floyd/Manny mega-fight at AT&T Stadium'
Ah.good morning face book! It is truly a beautiful day. The sun is shining bright.the breeze feels very nice.and Duke is enjoying his beef flavored dog bone. Now let me move on to more pressing business. First man Nate Barnes...oh my word! How do i describe Nate? A true New Yorker...a Giant fan to say the least. Well...he came out from under a rock last night to call me out. Guess he should have waited to do that huh? I told you Nate..happy now sad later. And now for the Creme de la all know him as Greg Sims...better known as Go Go Boots. His plane lands tomorrow at 10:30am.Jerry Jones is sending his limo to Tampa airport to pick him up immediately after he gets off the plane. Greg.the day we've been waiting is now here. I know your stomach mumps are acting up! You cant sleep...cant eat...slapping your birds around. Stop Greg...its not worth it...dont fight the inevitable Sir! Oh i almost forgot... Rex Anderson.youre gonna owe me an apology also! Now to all my latino family.bob your hea ...
Jerry Jones did you always buy roses for your boyfriend too when you hit port ? Lmao
I would like to wish my mom an dad a happy 41st anniversary! I love you both so much!!! Jerry Jones Drusilla Jones
Jerry Jones is just a more successful Buck Strickland
Jerry Jones is more turnt than when he barks after he hits a three
Yeah...but COWBOYS FOOTBALL is really another part of living in Jerry's world. JONES' got the cash; he'll find a way.
Former Jerry & Stephen Jones' Partygirl /crotch Grabber will return to Cowyboys scene after Sanchez' Eagles win NFC E
Romo should have been immediately ejected. Put this man in jail. Jerry Jones is an enabler.
According to KNOE, Fourth Judicial District Attorney Jerry Jones has dismissed the ticket cited against the 16-year-old driver in a fatal car wreck that claimed the lives of five East Texans.
2 Giants Cowboys games in 2 years. 2 Tony Romo game winning drives. What are the odds of that? Jerry Jones should hire me as good luck
Jerry Jones' wild expectations for Tony Romo: Jones said he sees similarities between this group and the 2007 ...
What do the Cowboys and a dry mattress have in common? Jerry Jones knows how to ruin both of them.
Thank U, India: 18 reasons that songs give thanks:
Going through the post from last night, and i see Dem boys won. Congats!!! But why all the hostility, cause i feel like a lot of it is directed to Saints fans. Can't win for losing. Say something yall made at us, dont say nothing yall still mad at us. Guess we bump heads much cause we close like family. Well dont worry,we look forward to yall comments tonight as we take the lead in our division. Can u say rematch!!! But for now we are focused on job and not what yall are doing. (They hiside worse than Jerry Jones) Oooh yall can read that. kms
Suge Knight comparison to Jerry Jones is spot on.
Dallas already ahead in preparing for Philly showdown
From Earlier: Jerry Jones on Odell Beckham Jr.: He's a "man among boys"
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If we don't [compete for a Super Bowl] while [Romo's] active, it'll be the biggest disappointment for me." ― Jerry Jones
tell Tom from Medford if he doesn't want to see jerry jones jumping around change the channel like he does when the games on
Jerry Jones met Jay Z at the Cowboys-Giants game
owner Jerry Jones on his talk with Jay Z, whose company reps Dez Bryant: "Yeah, I was working on a halftime d…
I need to see Dez being a pissy little girl on the sidelines, & I need to see Jerry Jones all livid in his little box. Plea…
Jerry Jones says he's more impressed with Odell Beckham now than during the draft process, was a "man among boys" at time…
Jerry Jones on Eli Manning's win in 1st game at AT&T Stadium: "When Eli signed my locker down there, I’ve got that memorialized."
For some reason i want to meet both Dallas team owners Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones on Romo: "It will be the most negative thing about my ownership if Tony has a career here and we don’t win a Su…
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on New York Giants rookie WR Odell Beckham: "He looked sometimes like a man among boys out there."
Jay Z has field access for Cowboys-Giants, chats it up with Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on NY Giants WR Beckham: "I thought Odell tonight was one of the finest players I’ve seen in the …
Chris Christie schmoozes with owner Jerry Jones at Cowboys vs. Giants –
For the love of all things pigskin, please STOP showing Jerry Jones after big moments. Please, I beg of you.
Spent all week tracking drums in Nashville for the new Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones record. Produced by Jerry Douglas .
That TD is most impressive thing Cole Beasley has done this month behind only this photobomb
Why do they always have to show Jerry Jones up in his fancy box seat whenever the Cowboys make a big play
Jerry Jones fam be acting like we won a Super Bowl after a victory! Smh
Jerry Jones has always been jealous of my love for Milo.
Jerry Jones on Beckham vs. Dez Bryant: "In Dez, we have our Odell Beckham as well. He makes plays like that."
Jerry Jones and doing some negotiating before close by as well
ROY WILLIAMS deal by far! Nobody liked him except his momma, and Jerry Jones. As for Carr??? He flat out ***
I'm sure the power rankings of Sam Walton and Jerry Jones will keep them outside
Want to live next to owner Jerry Jones in an 100-year-old house? It'll cost you
Jerry Jones will be Bud Adams' roommate in ***
Well by Gawd ... Joe Avezzano is dead. And he died coaching in Italy. I blame Jerry Jones. RIP, Joe.
Jerry Jones told me LT Tryon Smith is "probably our best player on offense" which includes Romo, Dez, Witten, Murra
Jimmy Johnson had the best coaching staff of all time under Jerry Jones
Is this Dallas Cowboys coaching staff the best of the Jerry Jones era?
Jerry Jones will build another layer to take that 'unofficial' record as well. ;-)
Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones both spoke to reporters Tuesday night at AT&T Stadium, as the team unveiled the name of its new practice facility. Tuesday was also one of the first times either Jones has spoken publicly since reports came out during the weekend that the Cowboys were concerned about offering Bryant a long term contract because of his off-the-field conduct. It was an idea Jerry Jones seemed to shrug off. "What we want to do is have an agreement for the rest of Dez's career. So that's what we want," he said. "To me that says a lot about the concern about off-the-field concern if we want him on the Dallas Cowboys for the rest of his career." Bryant's rookie contract expires after the 2014 season, and it's a given that his next contract will be substantial â whether it's with Dallas or another club. Jerry Jones said there is more to consider in contract negotiations than on-field production, but he added that he's happy with Bryant's develo ...
Randy Moss and Michael Irvin could have been snorting blow together. *** you Jerry Jones
Michael Irvin off season troubles played a huge role on Jerry Jones passing on Moss
. you could say the way Cowboys win games is not sustainable either having Tony Romo,Jason Garrett & Jerry Jones
here’s an accurate statement. Joey robbed Jerry Jones with that contract he signed years ago
Jose Mourinho was among the crowd and in conversation with Dallas owner Jerry Jones pre-match at Wembley yesterday. ht…
If Jason Garrett doesn't pull Romo soon, Jerry Jones will probably run onto the actual field and get him himself.
Look at Arthur Blank on the field like a second rate Jerry Jones.
Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones have to be related! They both start the game in the sky box, and end on the sideline!
what? This ain't Jerry Jones or Paul Allen we're speaking about. He inherited all his wealth yo.
Larry Sanders is getting more handsy with Gasol then Jerry Jones on an elevator with a couple hot chics.
I hate the Cowboys, but Jerry Jones is an utter moron if he pushes Romo to play this week...Y'all really want to lose huh?
Guess Steve ROss doesn't have the clout Jerry Jones does? Can't see the Cowboys ever conceding this!
Cowboys QB Tony Romo is practicing today in London. Jerry Jones expects him to play Sunday.
Jerry Jones looks like he had a few too many glasses of scotch last night.
Cowboys QB Tony Romo practicing in London, Jerry Jones says he expects him to play vs. Jaguars
True but Jim Buss trying to be Jerry Jones or Dr. Buss
Idk who I hate more. Jerry Jones or Jim Buss...
Going as Jerry Jones for next Halloween. Frank is gonna be Romo. .
Jerry Jones never seems to surprise us.
In my opinion Joe Theisman could have continued in that game against the Giants. Signed, Dr. Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones says he’d bump his wife from first class for Tony Romo. He was kidding. We think.
Why The Dallas Cowboys Desperately Need Tony Romo There’s a reason Tony Romo starts at quarterback for the Cowboys and wears a $108 million security blanket from Jerry Jones. There’s also a reason Brandon Weeden backs Romo up this season at a veteran minimum salary of $570,000. It’s the same reason the Cleveland Browns cut Weeden two seasons after spending a first-round draft pick on him. You pay quarterbacks to win in the NFL — and Weeden doesn’t win. He brought a 5-15 starting record with him to Dallas from Cleveland this season with more career interceptions (26) than touchdowns (23). So asking Weeden to go out and beat the best team in the NFC on Sunday in his first start for the Cowboys was a tall order. And Weeden certainly wasn’t up to the task as the Arizona Cardinals prevailed, 28-17. His loss (16) and interception (28) counts both grew. Weeden couldn’t generate an offensive touchdown until the final 70 seconds of the game. He didn’t get the ball to Dez Bryant, his most dynamic pl ...
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy, Jerry Jones. . "It's a good day when the Dallas Cowboys lose.
.owner Jerry Jones talks up Tony Romo return in London -
Jerry Jones believes Tony Romo will play in London
one of the great decisions by Jerry Jones (sarcasm)
Jerry Jones said Cowboys medical staff is more concerned about Tyrone Crawford's knee than Rolando McClain's. Crawford h…
Jerry Jones: "The old London lights will not be appealing to this bunch after these two losses ... We'll have our mind on business."
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems very confident that his quarterback Tony Romo will play in next week's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London after missing Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Jerry: Romo will definitely be on plane to London. Doesn't know if he'll play, but "we're betting on it." — David Helman (November 2, 2014… [ 27 more words. ]
Jerry Jones betting on Tony Romo playing in London
Jerry Jones' ego approaches concupisence. Gives him a distinct lack of perspective
I get that. Not sure Jerry Jones does.
Jerry Jones on visiting with Rolando McClain about his knee injury: "He feels pretty good about it. Right now I'm not conce…
Dez Bryant signs with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, to the dismay of Jerry Jones
Jacoby Jones has 4 kickoff return TD since start of 2012 season, most in the NFL.
Jerry Jones says his wife will sit in bulkhead so Tony Romo can fly first class to London. No word on where the strippers will sit.
Jerry Jones: Cowboys DT Tyrone Crawford has strained MCL in his right knee
The Top Ten Things that whiny haters currently like to ask me : 1. Do you think the world revolves around the Dallas Cowboys ? ( answer : yes, it does . ) 2. Do you think Romo is a *** ? ( answer : no , he is not and that is a very ugly word . ) 3. Do you seriously think that your cowgirls are gonna make it to the superbowl this year ? ( answer : yes , i do and don't call them that again or i will have to hit you in self defense ) 4. Do you not have anything else to talk about besides the cowboys ? ( answer : yes, i do but not with you ) 5. When is the last time you all got a superbowl ring ? ( answer : more recently than you have so stfu ! ) 6. Did Jerry Jones get caught messing with a hooker ? ( answer : no, she was a stripper and he did not get caught , he got set up ... by a *** rat like you ) 7. Why did one of your players steal underwear and cologne ? ( answer : because he made a *** decision without thinking about the consequences much like you are doing now aggravating me about my cowboy ...
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys are betting on QB Tony Romo playing next weekend despite back injury via
Dez Bryant has signed with Jay-Z's against owner Jerry Jones' wishes according to
Jerry Jones woke me up out a good sleep asking me to help him look for a quarter back. So I said okay Jerry these guys are ready never played as a quarter back, but has played football and they're good. Jerry they're better than what you have now. So Bernie Bumb and Justin Williams are ready. I will also need to send Paul with them to check out the contract. These guys need to be back for Friday night football game. Jerry money man Jones can make this happen. QUARTER BACK NEEDED!!!
BREAKING NEWS: Saints tom benson and cowboys jerry jones in talks to combine their teams for the 2015 nfl season. Teams new name will be the "COWAINTS".Starting quarterback will be named later, but anonymous sources say the qb will be non other than journeyman " Drewny Breemo".updates to come.
Uncle Russell calling the game. These game reviews are always smart. maybe Jerry Jones should add Uncle Russell to his team.
Note to Jerry Jones and the Cowboy's management (Oh wait, that's the same thing): There's a reason Brandon Wheedon was traded. You saw it today!
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Jerry jones needs to stay off the dam sideline
Sunday November 2nd, 2014 Ashland Avenue Baptist Church Buddy Break Alert! All Buddies on board for upcoming Saturday November 8th Ministry opportunity from 11.00-2.00P.M. We have scheduled 11 families who will be bringing kids in for a Buddy Break. We will need all hands on deck and if anyone else has interest in participating in this fantastic ministry please get in touch with Stephanie Randolph. Sunday Morning / Series- "Able to stand" / Pastor Jerry Jones Message "Stand Up!!" Scripture references: Daniel 4 / 4-27 Galatians 6 / 1&2 1st Corinthians 10 / 12 Matthew 7 / 3 & 4 Ephesians 6 / 11-13 Daniel 4 talks about the dream and the interpretation of it. Pastor Jerry Jones did some research on dreaming and the meaning of it this week. Dream Research. If you dream of. Falling- Something in life is out of control Forgetting-Do not feel prepared Stuck-Feeling overwhelmed Dirty Water-Sickness or disease in the body Chocolate-Deserve rewarding Going to the bathroom- Means you need to go to the bathroom N ...
In 2 days the election will be over, for one I will be happy it is. I have watched as people that say they are friends have done things later they should be ashamed of. It is no secret I support Jerry Jones for Sheriff. I have been asked why? The reasons are many. If reduced to political ideology I offer this. No party can claim the moral high ground, given what some have done. This said, I believe today’s Democratic Party has been high jacked by those that would, given the chance, destroy my county. Firsthand I have seen tactics used I will call nothing short of racketeering to influence elections. We have open borders, crippling debt, inflamed racial tension, a growing international trade deficit, a weakened military, children are being indoctrinated towards a new world order with Common Core, millions of the unborn are murdered, support for Israel is under attack, and so much more. I oppose the transformation of my county, and refuse to bow to her enemies. Remember the “Oath Keepers” I have b ...
Jerry Jones reminds me of Richard Dawson in The Running Man. You know he wants to throw Romo out there to war even with a broken back.
Jerry Jones bout to have Romo in the iron man suit this weekend
Tom Brady will get benched once again and put on his Uggs. Gisele will say after the game, “Please pray for Tom. He’s in a tough spot.” Only after she pulls a Jerry Jones, leaves her suite, and rips into Brady and Bill Belichick on the sideline. The talk will resurface how “washed up” the […]
(2008-09-01) Playing to Win: Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, David Magee,
ESPN >> Jerry Jones: The future of Sean Lee is at weakside linebacker
With the Jerry Jones presence on Cowboys' sideline last night...Pete Rozelle kept owners off sidelines, calling personally to stop practice
what are you really going talk about with Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett?
Ahh haaa, that's why Jason Garrett still has a job... He does whatever Jerry Jones says. Firing him would be like Jones firing himself
Watch closely to see Jerry Jones hiding behind the chair handing Jason Garrett his answers in halftime interview.
Jason Garrett says team still waiting on CT-scan results to determine whether or not Jerry Jones actually has a brain in t…
Rangerettes met Jerry Jones and Mack Brown at the National Championship Luncheon today! htt…
My aunt is gonna be Jerry Jones for Halloween and make a Jason Garrett puppet 😂😂😂😂
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“Jerry Jones: Top priority in my sideline visit was to inspire Cowboys in Tony Romo's absence Shocked-shocked it didn't work!
My man pberg44 giving Jerry Jones the business on state of play! I encourage you all to follow Pete.
Jerry Jones be like John Voight in Varsity Blues, "But can he play!?"
Not sure if Jerry Jones, or Jon Voight in Varsity Blues.
New post: "What was Jerry Jones doing on the sideline?"
What was Jerry Jones doing on the sideline?
Jerry Jones is trying work a trade to bring Colt McCoy back to Texas as we speak.
All eyes on Derek Jeter, on the 50 with Jerry Jones' family - Dallas Morning News
.taped a special with Jerry Jones before last night's game to air tonight, profiling the "7-1" Cowboys. . L. O. L
It's times like this I wish Jerry Jones would draw up his own plays, too
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