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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Jerry’s World should be renamed Fantasyland now that owner Jerry Jones has said that CTE does not exist.
Jerry Jones probably used to argue the world was flat too..
Jerry Jones confirms to the world that he is an ***
I would greatly appreciate it if the media would stop placing a microphone in front of Jerry Jones. The man lives in another world.
Jerry Jones says it's absurd to link CTE and football-he also will not travel by ship as he is afraid of sailing off the edge of the world
Didn't you work in the oil business? Who are you fooling? The media? Jerry Jones? The world?
Jerry Jones thinks it's absurd to link and football?? What world is he living in.
If Dallas ain't lit this weekend I'm blaming it on Tony Romo n Jerry Jones.
Jon Gruden says Carson Wentz is pro ready.. Jerry Jones said he won't take a QB at No. 4; will he start to reconsider?. Dennis & Friedo
makes some poor decisions. First Fred Wilpon, then Jerry Jones, now this:
Updated: 10 tips for Jerry Jones so he doesn't mess up the draft, offseason http…
You need to get with Jerry Jones and tell him Zeke Elliot is the guy at 4.So many positives taking him. Look at 2014 with 29
Jerry Jones is a joke of a owner, should have signed Cromartie like Michael Irving Said.
I'll never forgive Jerry Jones for that Roy Williams trade back in 08
Jerry Jones is a retard. Cassel and Weeden didn't work so let's bring in Moore. Wow!! Garrett will take the heat for it.
Jerry Jones...the man who can coach from his luxury suite by simply letting Jason Garrett think he is doing something
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wonder if Hunt was a Kraft ally? This is what happens when Jerry Jones & John Mara pull the levers while hiding behind RG
Cowboys stay quiet during Day 1 of NFL Free Agency, Jerry Jones says “Not enough Criminals out there for my liking.”
never wanna be a bandwagoner but I also don't wanna support Jerry Jones' mark *** anymore what to do...
After 3 1st round & 1 2nd round picks Washington cuts RGIII - Daniel Snyder - only man can make Jerry Jones look like a good GM
Jerry jones fired the greatest coach, an ex ny giant, Tom Landry, and Jimmy Johnson, so that tells you Jerry Jones knows.
Concern for Illinois should be if the Cowboys struggle again and Jason Garrett is fired, Jerry Jones loves Lovie. Wanted to hire him before.
Jerry Jones is changing the game when it comes to NFL training facilities!
Cowboys: Jerry Jones is changing the game with team's new $250M training facility in Frisco, TX - Jean-Jacques Taylor -via ESPN
Jerry Jones' new shining star of a headquarters in Frisco. Maybe will make it back to Frisco after all.
Jerry Jones & the Cowboys are giving a run for its money as the largest economic impact in Frisco.
Jerry Jones wants Romo to help groom next Cowboys QB. . "Just like Favre did with Rodgers"
So, Kirk Cousins is a franchise QB??? Daniel Snyder had a little Jerry Jones in him! lol
Trey Wingo, Darren Woodson and Eric Allen are skeptical about Jerry Jones' idea that Tony Romo ca... - via App
Jerry Jones saddened by Joseph Randle's continued troubles
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones too old for rookie quarterback: Cowboys still banking on Tony Romo for anothe...
Jerry Jones: called about Joseph Randle re: sports gambling. Oh, I bet they did (too soon?) via
>> Jerry Jones: NFL called about Joseph Randle and sports gambling
is Jerry Jones the only person in the world to use the word "trite"?
Jerry Jones ‘very’ sad for Joseph Randle, vehemently denies sports gambling link by
- Jerry Jones saddened by Joseph Randle's continued troubles: Jones denied at Da...
Jerry Jones more confident Cowboys can find quality RB than key pieces on defense: Frisco Mayor Maher Maso, ri...
“I think Romo is going to be our QB for 4 or 5 years,” Jerry Jones said. “And we’ll make all decisions accordingly.”. htt…
Jerry Jones expects Tony Romo to be Cowboys QB for next 4-5 years: Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch c...
Jerry Jones said he is planning on Tony Romo being the Cowboys quarterback for the next 4-5 years, which...
Jerry Jones: I think Tony Romo will be our quarterback for the next 4-5 years and we'll operate accordingly
You know Shane will jump off the cell. *** he might jump off Jerry Jones' obesely sized jumbotron.
Sports History for Feb. 25, 1989 - Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, fired head coach Tom Landry after a 29-year career.
I admired Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Stephen A. Smith. They have become as inexcusable as Jerry Jones, Romanowski a…
I like this kid, Trevone Boykin. He obviously knows how to get into trouble. . ~Jerry Jones.
What do you expect. His coach is Jason Garret and the owner of the team he plays on is Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones money *** you a running back, Herschel Walker, BoJack. Ricky Waters better run that dope back. *Rick Ross bark*
I think its time Jerry Jones have a job evaluation done by Cowboy nation or how about he just step down
Jerry Jones: 'I scream into my pillow' because Cowboys not in Super Bowl...
☺basically just can't stand Jerry Jones. Love Landry, Stabauch, Troy & others
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jerry Jones floor it to the ring and shoot eli with a bow and arrow repeatedly. Austin calls for the beer..
So is Jerry Jones going to try and go after Treyvon Boykin?
I like Jason Garrett but if Jerry Jones got someone else the Cowboys would be a Super Bowl contender easily!
For the record, I see Goodell as a higher paid Jason Garrett. They are both owned by Jerry Jones.
Brandon Carr = Robin Hood. He steals money from the rich (Jerry Jones) and gives it to the poor.
Garrett doesn't do anything but stand on the sidelines and clap after every play. The real coach is Jerry Jones and everyone knows it.
"I think Jerry Jones has more power right now in the NFL than anybody. More power than Roger Goodell." -- Don Van Natta
Jerry Jones brings in Greg Hardy and has expressed interest in Manziel and he is seen as a wise leader?
I love Jerry Jones the owner and the guy but not Jerry the GM. Jason Garrett is the man when it comes to drafting I think Goff or Lynch
Bob Kraft, Art Rooney, Jerry Richardson, Bob McNair, and John Mara combined were no impact over Jerry Jones alone
Wow. Jerry Jones got a city their team back. WHAT A NICE GUY
SpeedeNews Inside the NFL's L.A. vote: Jerry Jones talked 'big balls' and Bob Iger bombed
The best parts of ESPN’s fantastic NFL LA story — Bob Iger is Michael Scott and Jerry Jones stays insane.
Jerry Jones is unpredictable though so he could take Myles Jack because Lee can't stay healthy
Great article. Shows exactly why Jerry Jones has all the power and Dean Spanos is chump change.
Jerry Jones: Being at the Super Bowl but not having the Cowboys playing in the game makes me 'scream in my pillow'
Jerry Jones: We've got to get Tony Romo a better supporting cast; improving the defense is a big part of that
I bet Wade Philips called Jerry Jones nd Jason Garret like I got 1 now
best chance Cowboys have of ever being over .500 is Romo retiring, Garret being fired and Jerry Jones hiring an actual GM
Jerry Jones gotta get Lynch or Calvin Johnson can't let both retire
I would hate to see Jerry Jones & the pass on Carson Wentz or Paxton Lynch w the 4th pick in draft
Melissa Stark just told Jerry Jones the SF fans were chanting for him... But J.Rice was actually behind them... She really thought that?
Crowd was cheering "Jerry" cuz Jerry Rice was outside, Melissa Starks gon lie to Jerry Jones & say they calling him lol!
Johnny Manziel in trouble. Cowboys not interested. Johnny Manziel facing charges. Jerry Jones: Johnny, how'd you lik…
Paxton Lynch sounds just like Jerry Jones' grandson when he pops on with the Musers!!!
Michael Irvin wants Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys to sign Johnny Manziel and save his life
Heard this week: Don't be surprised if Kroenke pal Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys open preseason vs Rams in LA Coliseum.
The great thing about the year of 1975 in history is that Jerry Jones was not the Owner!
ARTICLE: Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are poised to royal screw up. Check out America's Team:
Jerry Jones owns Dallas. fake Manziel report IOT get him released. so Jones doesn't have to trade for him!
Very true. Jason Garrett and Stephen Jones have had a positive influence on Jerry Jones in that regard
Jerry Jones is open to that idea... Stephen. Not so much
Jerry Jones is uncle Jr to Stephen Jones Tony Saprano. He thinks he's in charge.
Jerry Jones is surprised Cowboys have gone 20 years without a title: Posted by Michael David Smith on January ...
u know Jerry Jones called him after seeing this. "U have a bright future in football."
Jerry Jones looking at possibly signing von Miller 👀
Wouldn't surprise me if Jerry Jones drafts Braxton Miller if Bosa isn't available.
. “Jerry Jones: We don't need to draft QB this year. --> ht…
if you want a small list, Joe Buck, Urban Meyer, Max Sherzer, Brian Kelly, Greg Hardy, and Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett did not watch UM football.
yeah he is all about himself..My dad lost a lot of interest once Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Are we sure this isn't just Greg Hardy attempting to increase his value in the eyes of Jerry Jones?
"Demarcus ware is done, Greg Hardy is a leader and Brandon wheeden throws the best ball I've ever seen" - Jerry Jones: personnel master
the cowboys have gone down hill ever since Jerry Jones bought team and fired The Legend, Tom Landry.
Careful, Jerry Richardson. It looks like you have all the momentum, but you are a Jerry Jones proposal and secret vote away f…
Jimmy Johnson was always deferential ONLY giving credit to the Cowboys while Jerry Jones was all into his ego. Destroyed our dynasty
You ought to be thanking Jerry Jones. No way Jimmy Johnson would have cut DeMarcus Ware.
How you know Jimmy Johnson built the Team of the 90s: Jerry Jones cut who played like Batman today beating Brady's ***
Cowboys were never the same after Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson
I like the Cavaliers, I just cannot figure out what goes through Dan Gilbert's mind. He's like the Jerry Jones of the NBA
This reminds me of Jerry Jones firing Jimmy Johnson shortly after they won the Super Bowl.
Ian_OConnor As Wellington or John Mara once said of Jerry Jones it is nice to see arroga…
Jerry Jones is the Johnny Manziel of team owners. They would have so much fun together.
Jerry Jones putting Disney's Bob Iger in his place was a bad omen for Carson project
That's not true, that was a ploy by GOODELL, Eric Grubman, SK & Jerry Jones to get to LA, St.L & Carson had NO SHOT
Week's Top 10 Sports Quotes features Jerry Jones and Coach K and some historical perspective on Nick Saban.
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Video on NFL owners Jerry Jones & Steve Tisch react to relocation vote; discuss outcome for WATCH: ht…
I can't imagine Jerry Jones would let that happen, much less the Houston Texan's ownership.
Jerry Jones: "I know this, Dean loves SD. He wanted a competitive situation... We'll see how it works out." . WATCH:
"The thing Dean (Spanos) cares most about is his San Diego Chargers and the fans," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.
Did You Know: Powerball is now $1.5 billion, or what Jerry Jones would spend on free agents (if there was no cap) to b…
"Dean, come on, look at the man's haircut. It's time to let him go." -Jerry Jones, obviously
now comes Jerry Jones proposal.will it be an offer that Dean can't refuse???
That's just to *** off Jerry Jones. Good leak by Davis
Message from Mark Davis to Jerry Jones: keep your nose out of the LA Deals or we will move to San Antonio and compete against you
I think Jerry Jones took Mark Davis under his wing secretly and said " tell the media you want to stay but leak other plans = leverage" lol😭
The great Al Davis was a friend of Jerry Jones and Jerry knows Mark won't make it in L.A. but Stan, the man, can!
Jerry Jones doesn't want anyone passing him. Especially Mark freaking Davis
Shout out to Jerry Jones tho! Keep my boi who built this chit alive! Al Davis has always been a Oakland Raider even in LA
Jerry Jones stabs Mark Davis in the back.
Marvin Lewis gets to keep his job.Jerry Jones must own the too? Crazy
Jerry Jones and Al Davis were best friends. Jerry knows how important Oakland is to the Raiders.
out for 20 years now. The common denominator is Jerry Jones. Until Stephen
My only regret is that this didn't happen to Jerry Jones and his motley crew of vagabonds
"Well, we'll only sign Burfict. Pacman already sucked for us." -Jerry Jones
AJ McCarron underrated QB did good past couple of weeks in replacement of Dalton. If only Jerry Jones trades a 4th/5th round pick for him.
I really hope the Bengals don't cut Vontaze Burfict. Only because he's exactly the kind of *** that Jerry Jones wood sign
Jerry Jones should hire Marvin Lewis and trade for Johnny Manziel that's the only way a team is more disfunctional
I'll bet the only vote the Raiders will get will be from Jerry Jones.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is proposing Rams, Chargers NFL team-up in LA, Spanos still committed to partner Davis
I think it's 🐔💩 of Jerry Jones to try and swindle Mark Davis out of coming to LA considering him and Al were "friends"
Al Davis did so much for Jerry Jones this is the way you pay him back.
Jerry Jones is a modern less qualified Al Davis "wannabe". He needs to focus on his own team before the others.
Jerry Jones probably has his own interests in mind but I’ll take his proposal as an alley oop to the City of Oakland &🖕🏽Mark Davis.
Jerry Jones planting the knife in Mark Davis back
Jerry Jones relocated the entire city of Dallas, Texas to the east coast. Watch Wild Wild West it shows it.
Jerry Jones. The only man capable of making Stephen Ross look like a desirable owner.
I didn't want Jerry Jones to sign Greg Hardy, wanted Jerry to cut Hardy during the season, now hope Jerry does NOT re-…
we can fly our fleet of jets to the Kentucky Derby and have dinner after with Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft.
know why Jerry Jones won't let his buddy Jason Garrett go, swallow his *** pride and call Bill Cohwer.
Is Arthur Blank turning into Jerry Jones with Jason Garrett when it comes to Dimitroff?
I'm watching footage of Jason Garrett meet with Jerry Jones, like wearing a tie and stuff. This really happens, doesn't it?
Why everybody tripping on why Jerry Jones won't fire Jason Garrett??? That's his *** team and he can do what...
Forget the money that is owed. No way Jerry Jones should've kept Garrett. This dude always has a deer in the headlights look on his face.
is it like Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett ?
Lets get 1 thing straight. Garrett doesn't veto anything. Jerry Jones makes every personnel decision. He will say if Hardy stays or goes.
Can you guys call Jerry Jones on the air and ask that man why the *** Jason Garrett still has a job?
Even they had had enough of Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones it seems.
Jerry Jones...Jason Garrett,JASON,Garrett is Dallas Coach from now till WE WIN PLAYOFFS Jim Mora PLAYOFFS PLAYOFFS
Chip was never loved by ownership, got no pass. Jason Garrett is loved by Jerry Jones, gets pass. Same with Marvin Lewis
would Rod Marinelli be interested in asking Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett if they could add Lovie Smith to his defensive staff?
If Dallas Cowboys boss Jerry Jones fired head coach Jason Garrett, if, who would you like to see replace Garrett?
I know right. It's because Jason Garrett does whatever Jerry Jones tells him to do.
Jason Garrett is Jerry Jones puppet though.. Not many other dudes signing up for that..
After our interviews with Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett this week I think. 1) Manziel is coming. 2) Greg Hardy is l…
Jason Garrett doesn't have a job because he's white he has a job because he's willing to be Jerry Jones' puppet
LRMR (sports mkting firm of LeBron and Maverick Carter) cuts Manziel, reports (good scoop.) I don't think Jerry Jones will care!
False alarm guys. Jerry Jones came to NO for a King Cake and Vlive
Haslam needs to stop being a mini-Jerry Jones and get out of the way.
Starting to think that Jerry Jones is telling Johnny to do these things just so he can end up in Dallas 😂😂
needs to tell Garrett or Jerry Jones to pick Hunter Henry TE from the Arkansas Razorbacks in the 2016 draft!!! Best TE
And this is why the will not be winners under Jerry Jones… “Jerry Jones sees Moore as viable No. 2 QB”
Greg Hardy wants return, but says Jerry Jones will decide his future
Jerry Jones is gonna go out and get Johnny Manziel and Ray Rice this offseason and then sign Greg Hardy to a max deal lol
if Jerry Jones had brain, he would went after AP! Drew Brees and Bu QB Colt McCoy
C'mon Jerry Jones, lets go full on crazy. Hire Sean Peyton, pick up Bob Griffin, John Manziel and Ray Rice!
Its long been Payton's dream to coach the Giants near his daughter in CA working for Jerry Jones again on the beach in Mia…
Did one more update on my Kellen Moore story, with quotes from Moore and Jerry Jones, and some video.
Kellen Moore gets HIGH praise from owner Jerry Jones. He believes Moore can win games in the NFL.
Jerry Jones is licking his lips. HERE COMES JOHNNY!
McMahon and Jerry Jones meeting at the Hall of Doom to vie for the rights to Johnny Manziel
Losing Bill Callahan really hurt us this year, Jerry Jones should of offered more!
I'd like to thank Jerry Jones for destroying America's team and making them the laughing stock to our haters.
-don't think Hickey was ever allowed to do his job by Ross -he's like Jerry Jones w/o any FB
you never know if a Sean Peyton or a top level coach like that comes out I could see Jerry Jones making that move
List of people you may or may not have known are Sith Lords: Donald Trump, Kanye, Bill Belicheck, Mylee Cyrus, Jerry Jones & The Kardashians
I mean, if there's justice in the universe, he'll avoid teams owned by Jed York and Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones stumped by Brandon Weeden's success with Texans via Sounds like Garrett is gone.
But nah If Von Miller came to Dallas I'd give my first born son to Jerry Jones
Ex-Cowboy Brandon Weeden admits he’s glad Jerry Jones will be watching the playoffs from home
Brandon Weeden is a clear indictment how bad Jerry Jones is as a GM and how bad Jason Garrett is as a coach
Something tells me Garrett is on a VERY hot seat !?!. Weeden takes shot at Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones perplexed by Brandon Weeden's success with the
Jerry Jones on said Tony Romo will heal naturally, won't have a plate attached to collarbone unless there's a s…
Jerry Jones says on that they will "try all ways to get Tony a backup" while at same time looking at future.
how much money was lost? Then gained by Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft? That's the news!
celebrity sightings keep coming. Marv and Polian earlier this season, Tim Murray and today I literally bumped into Jerry Jones.
.you better pay that man only good player on your roster. Dont let Jerry Jones steal him. Pay. Lamar. Miller.
it should come down between Chip Kelly and Jerry Jones, in my humble opinion...
Dallas radio host plays ‘Hail to the Redskins’ for Jerry Jones my dawg with the balls to do it lol
In his farewell column, Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway has his final words for Jerry Jones
I think Jerry Jones actually hates the Cowboys and just bought the team to sabotage them for as long as possible.
It’s been a long time since Cowboys talked Greg Hardy extension, as Jerry Jones admits pass rush was disappointing htt…
nah Miller will get his money. Somebody like Jerry Jones will overpay for him. I like Miller a lot but not at his price.
The Detroit lions owners name is marth Firestone Ford, that's like Jerry Jones being named Jerry Oil Texaco
I feel for Dallas Cowboy fans. They don't deserve Jerry Jones, anymore than the heartache of watching another season go …
Jerry Jones tells that owner Woody Johnson is a great owner for Todd Bowles.
Power duo akin to Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson.
Okay, good. Piggybacking on a observation, I hate Jerry Jones for making me hate Barry Switzer for a spell.
Jerry Jones says Cowboys coach Jason Garrett gets just as mad as any other redhead gets https:/…
If it's Texas, I think there's a certain stadium that Jerry Jones owns that might be in the running
Johnny Walker Blue-loving Jerry Jones after the 28-7 loss to the Packers, likely ending Cowboys slim playoff hopes: "Th…
Jerry Jones is Owner, GM and Satan (When it comes to Cowboys Future)
Jerry Jones is chomping at the bit to trade for Johnny Manziel & continue the Cowboys streak of not going to the Super Bowl
He's definitely a Jerry Jones franchise guy now
That Kraken sack is what Jerry Jones had in mind when they signed him. playoff loss to GB in Jan was reason team signed Hardy.
Jerry Jones concerns about Carson have always been about "getting LA right" this is about securing stadium bid closer to 24 votes
I'm surprised Jerry Jones hasn't got the Army/Navy Game at his stadium.
I saw here in Bay. Not sure if has him broadcasting or Jerry Jones has him starting QB
Jerry Jones is critical of the coaching staff? For real? He fired Wade Phillips & Bill Parcells! It's you & your style, dummy!
Jerry Jones (via Stephen Jones) is on the NFL New Stadium Committee. So no conflict of interest when SK has been a jerk to STL's efforts
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Stephen A on first-Take: "Jerry Jones failed miserably by hiring his pal Jason Garrett, 'he's a ROONEY RULE evader/dodger' by doing so."
"There's no reason to listen to anything Jerry Jones has to say about football"
Must be one seriously nice stadium. Just don't let Jerry Jones know you outspent him! :p
"If I were his mother, I'd wear your *** out." -Jerry Jones to after Jesse said Dan Bailey was "just a kicker"
On The Fan, Jerry Jones says if he was Dan Bailey's mother, he'd wear butt out for saying Bailey is "just a kicker."
Jerry Jones is now Thinking of Dan Bailey as he Showers
You know Jerry Jones paying for the strippers for Dan the man Bailey
I'm usually for free football, but if Bailey misses this I'm writing a strongly worded letter to Jerry Jones.
Dan Bailey and Sean Lee are the reasons why Dallas won. Jerry Jones better give them a big contract.
If I were Dan Bailey, I'd walk into Jerry Jones' office TOMORROW and say, "I'm the best kicker in this league, let's talk $$$"
Jerry Jones, please give Bailey Demarcus Murphy's money. He really earned😁
Dan Bailey better get paid. Jerry Jones you better not let up on paying that man
Jerry Jones if you ever get rid of Dan Bailey I will burn you alive.
Or we could have had a drink at the continued humiliation of Jerry Jones. Zero sum game, really.
But we could have been drinking in the continued humiliation of Jerry Jones...
Jerry Jones needs to sign the team over to Dan Bailey.
but Jerry Jones is happy in the process, so it's at least a wash, right?
has Mo left valley ranch yet? Gotta be THE most disappointing draft choice in Jerry Jones tenure.
I'm ashamed I drafted Dez Bryant. I am no better than Jerry Jones and his love affair with Greg Hardy.
Is there a dumber player than Des Bryant? Oh yeah, they also have Greg Hardy. and of course. that genius GM, Jerry Jones! Garbage!
I think Jason Garret & Jerry Jones are on line 1 for you.
Watched undeniable with Joe Buck and even Troy Aikman says Jerry Jones cost the Cowboys a dynasty
Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys NO WINNER SINCE TROY AIKMAN Never reach the playoffs until he gets a football mind as general mgr.
On The Fan, Jerry Jones says Mike Holmgren felt really good about taking Brandon Weeden with the
Jerry Jones needs to make immedate offer to Oscar Pistorous. Total speed merchant&would add much needed leadership to loc…
Michael Irvin's on Tim and Sid, and he's referring to himself in 3rd person and saying Jerry Jones should bring in Manziel. welp
how about Jason Garret? is good Offensive coordinator not a good HC, he should be fired, wait, we have Jerry Jones, forget it
*Cowboys don't put Romo on IR*. 100% certain Homer Simpson wearing a Tom Landry hat would be a far better Cowboys owner than Jerry Jones is
What Jerry Jones should do: Draft Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch. What Jerry Jones will do: Trade for Johnny Manziel
What the NFL and it's don't understand, is that Jerry Jones was an ALL AMERICAN at University of Arkansas Razor Backs
you guys keep going Jerry Jones which is accurate, however keep in mind Steven Jones making the decision more
Outstanding story by on Jerry Jones' assistant in the
Jerry Jones: Tony Romo won’t need surgery but is out for season
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells that QB Tony Romo has a hairline fracture and will not need surgery, but is do…
Jerry Jones confirms Tony Romo is out for the remainder of the season w/ hairline fracture to left collarbone.
Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones told that QB Tony Romo has hairline fracture and is done for the season, as Ed Wer…
Jerry Jones confirms Romo is done for season
This time Tony Romo has a hairline fracture to left clavicle. Jerry Jones said previous one included 6 fractures, a clean b…
Skip Bayless is so desperate he's asking Jerry Jones to call Bret Farve finish their season...he is so sick lmao
Obviously with it being Jerry Jones, can't rule out a run for Johnny Manziel. . Also, what is the deal with Kellen Moore...?
It's dessert time at Jerry Jones' place and Romo's serving up turnovers. Help yourself.
Jerry Jones: Didn't the Vikings dump that Ragnar guy?. J. Garrett: Yah, but he was their mascot!. Jones: Well we can't play Kellen Moore!
It's dessert time at Jerry Jones' house and Romo's serving up turnovers.
Jerry Jones got em to replace his clavicle with a cool ranch Dorito
tell Jerry Jones to let Kellen Moore play in a game. What do we have to lose?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hey here is some good reading for Jerry Jones. I mean, if he wants win.
Thanksgiving 2016: Jerry Jones said Johnny Manziel is fine to start despite outstanding warrant for sexual assault and missing…
“But it ain’t his throwin’ collarbone,” yells Jerry Jones to a doctor who is no doubt reconsidering the choices in life th…
Happy Thanksgiving from Jerry Jones, his wife, & Jerry's ***
How inept is Jerry Jones at running the He makes Matt Millen look like Jimmy Johnson.
At what point does a drunken Jerry Jones call up Tyler Wilson
Jerry Jones' wife looks like a person that would spit on the poor people as her Titanic lifeboat floated away half full
Some prep for today's .game. .on Jerry Jones and his relationship with Greg Hardy.
Moore: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wonders whether he could've done more in Greg Hardy situation
Now that Joseph Randle has been arrested, again, how long before Jerry Jones brings him back and calls him a great leader?
Commissioner Goodell and Jerry Jones: Get Greg Hardy out of the NFL! - Sign the Petition! via CdnChange
Was he speaking of Cowboys fans and Jerry Jones?
Sources say Greg Hardy & Jerry Jones met to improve Hardy's behavior. He's a grown man who needs to be told beating wom…
Jerry Jones is the only owner you see with cameras and recorders in his face after the game because Jason Garrett is his puppet
a front man just like Jason Garrett is for Jerry Jones!
Update your maps at Navteq
Goodell is firing shots at Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones. I like this:
Imagine if Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft, et. al. are ever indicted for, inter alia, aiding and abetting? NFL much different!
Jerry Jones admits he's 'tried to get cute' finding QBs; Stephen Jones: Internally, Greg Hardy hasn't been an issue https:/…
"Class-action lawsuit filed against daily fantasy partners names the NBA, Jerry Jones, and more" JL Riches, Et. Al.
Jerry Jones: I’ve tried to get cute at the quarterback spot
Here's FULL list in this "Hall of Fame", Chris Christie, Kenneth Cooper, Joe Jamail, Jerry Jones, George Pyne and Casey Wasserman
is chip Kelly secretly being paid by Jerry Jones to bone the eagles
On I asked if Jerry Jones knew that one of his star players, Nate Newton, nearly killed his p…
"Remember the gryphons" starring Jerry Jones and chip kelly
Chip putting confidence in Smith is like when Jerry Jones said Weeden was a gifted passer. Let's hope Marcus Smith does well.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been under fire all season for signing and supporting defensive end Greg...
Jerry Jones tempers talk of signing Greg Hardy to extension: Comments made on Tuesday by Jerry Jon...
Norm Hitzges goes OFF on Jerry Jones. And I agree with him.
The longer it goes, the less firm Jerry Jones sounds about his support of Greg Hardy’s future in Dallas
Enough is Enough with the Jerry Jones Era Seriously! 0 results since Jimmy Johnson left the house he built!
Of COURSE Jerry Jones has done his stupid part from keeping this from potentially happening.
From local Dallas media, pretty much sums it up!.
Jerry Jones has said that Tony Romo looks "Razor Sharp." Hopefully good weeks are ahead of us.
If Jerry Jones is still the owner of the Dallas Cowboys in 5 years, they will never win a Super Bowl
I'd rather have Jerry Jones as my GM than ESP as my beat writer
Cowboys' Jerry Jones ripped in epic rant by Dallas radio guy
Jerry Jones on said Tony Romo has been "razor sharp" with his classroom work and has moved the ball around well…
Does Jerry Jones need any dancing men for his circus, I mean stadium?
Greg Hardy is another failed Jerry Jones gamble
Greg Hardy is another failed Jerry Jones gamble: Team chemistry is a crucial aspect of any team sport…
Texas won't let in any Syrian refugees unless Jerry Jones finds one who can rush the passer.
Mobile has to be fast, engaging and intuitive - should not need any training to use an iphone app. - Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones now counting the days until he can sign Aldon Smith.
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