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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Jerry Jones joked after game about close call with Tony Romo: "I'm not going back to Dallas. I'm checking in a hospital. Heart issues."
Jason Garrett says Jerry Jones should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer
I honestly feel like Jerry Jones gonna have Tony start but I know Garrett wants Prescott to be starter
No worries bro Paxton Lynch gonna be da truth! Can't forget Prescott has Jerry Jones as GM & Garrett as his HC.😏
If I was Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones, week 1 of the season I'm sending out Dak Prescott and giving romo a clipboard
common sense except with Jerry Jones and his "yes man" Jason Garrett at the helm
Garrett isn't going anywhere. He knows exactly where to rub Jerry Jones and when to do it
Jason Garrett touts Hall of Fame credentials for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones via
Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett after Dak's performance in Saturday's preseason game
Jerry Jones is not a first ballot HOF. Without Jimmy and the Herschel Walker trade, he may have had one Superbowl win as a owner.
Why does it feel like Doug Peterson is to Jeff Lurie what Jason Garrett is to Jerry Jones? Vibes, man. Just a vibe.
Check out Von Miller, Jerry Jones and more...doing "home sweet home" for an NFL ad
Jerry Jones admits he should have had more 'tolerance' with Jimmy Johnson
Jerry Jones out to eat with Stan Kroenke. TMZ camera guy asks why the Cowboys aren't interested in Johnny Manziel. Jerry:…
On KTCK, Jerry Jones reflects back and says: "I probably should've had a little more tolerance with Jimmy Johnson."
"Don't put him in the Hall of Fame yet. But still, I like what I saw." . - Jerry Jones on Dak Prescott's performance
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Looks like Michael Irving and Jerry Jones are having a good time watching the game.
Jerry Jones: 'Should've had a little more tolerance' with Jimmy Johnson - via App
This is me after the gym this morning. Right, Ginger Pulver, Kim Miller and Jerry Jones? lol 󾌴󾌴󾌴
Jerry Jones has regrets about former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson
For the first time this week, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seemed to express regret for that drunken night in...
maybe I missed the conclusion...has Jerry Jones caught a salmon?
If Jason Garrett doesn't take the Cowboys deep into the playoffs, Jerry Jones should call Jimmy Johnson and make amends.
Los Mañana Museros performing on the Ticket in Frisco this morning. Es Diablo de Jerry Jones?¿
“To be very candid with you, we’re going to evaluate these quarterbacks,” Jerry Jones said. http…
Fun Stat about Jerry Jones' HOF push. He still has more rings than every owner not named Rob Kraft but yeah use ring count to discredit.
Rams played the Jerry Jones card in move from St. Louis to Los Angeles: A key figure in the negotiations to m...
Jerry Jones is getting 'comfortable' with the Cowboys' backup QBs: The Dallas Cowboys' 2015 season fell apart...
[Sporting News] Don't buy what Jerry Jones is selling about Cowboys' backup quarterbacks
It should not be a shock that after Jerry Jones' comment on in the state of the Cowboys, that he'd choose another team.
Jerry Jones letting Stephen Jones know Nick Foles won't be coming to the Dallas Cowboys
Family would not have done to Tom Brady what Jerry Jones & John Mara orchestrated.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters that backup QB Kellen Moore suffered broken right ankle at practice.
Kellen Moore has broken his leg/high ankle, according to Jerry Jones. Declined to address what club will do moving forwa…
Tony Romo ate Jerry Jones during the offseason.
Johnny Manziel told TMZ he's coming back to the NFL and will play for the Cowboys. Your turn Jerry Jones.
7:45 on - The Adams' Theory by - Sean tells you who Jerry Jones reminds him of. Listen:
speaking of that we need to have an private meeting with Jerry Jones
At least four failed drug tests, and no sacks later, Jerry Jones on Randy Gregory: "We drafted him right where we should…
Bruh I remember when Jerry Jones spent all that money on mediocre *** Marion Barber.
Saudi prince mentioned in 9/11 docs was a frequent Dallas guest of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones https:…
my dad's a diehard watch every game type of Cowboys fan and he hates Jerry Jones so much
Jerry Jones? I know you're not talking about the Dallas owner Jerry Jones
Like Paul Allen, and Jerry Jones, and Kroenke, all got Public $$$
and so was George Walker Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, Jerry Jones and others. They were named complaint filed January 2000
Saudi Prince, who was Cowboys fan and frequent guest of Jerry Jones, named in 9/11 report
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Salary is determined by a committee of 3: Jerry Jones, Arthur Blank, & Rob Kraft. Est net worth of them combined = $12.5bill
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: President Obama was 'so so impressive' at today's Dallas memorial for fallen officers
Hey...den, CHASE THIS! Wow, what a performance. Bieliema of Arkansas and Jerry Jones of Dallas...GET READY!
I actually wish that Jerry Jones or Al Davis owned the Warriors instead of some tech ***
Jerry Jones is a joke, he's a mix of Al Davis and Vince McMahon... out of touch and senile. And probably a wicked HGH addiction.
ego man. It's the downfall. Once Phil left he thought he was Al Davis, Jerry Jones
Now, I feel like, and it seems like as well," that Jerry Jones and Cowboys will definitely sign Von Miller
James Dolan is worse than Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and Jeffery Loria?
Jerry Jones: Kellen Moore can be an 'outstanding backup' QB to Tony Romo; the best lesson his dad ever taught him https…
Jim will never overshadowed The ruling from the DA Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones on believing in Kellen Moore, NFL's impressive TV ratings and hosting the scouting combine
I mean, American Airlines Center isn't hosting him, so I don't know where else he'd go unless Jerry Jones really wants him to come into town
Jones's ranked:. 1) Martin. 2) Mike. 3) Tom. 4) Literally everyone with Jones in their name that's not Jerry Jones. 5) Jerry
Jerry Jones: Kellen Moore can be an ‘outstanding bac... via
owner Jerry Jones says Kellen Moore is the right man for the team.
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This Trump idea reminds me a bit of when Jerry Jones got his ego bruised and decided to turn the legendary 90s Cowboys over to Barry Switzer
Jerry Jones on says he loved playing baseball and played catcher ... Watch out Bobby Wilson
the only way to get integrity back is for you to resign! Also force Stan Kroenke and Jerry Jones to sell!
Photos: Best of Jerry Jones ... star of the big screen; telling tales with the media, via
S/O to the guy in the old beater car trying to show off to the girl in the new mustang on Jerry Jones.
I have a serious tan goin on. I am now Jerry Jones orange. John Boehner burnt orange. Smh.
I think Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft being in favor of Vegas is huge, and helps a lot, but I'm still not sure. Lotta viability questions.
Punch gremlin looking Jerry Jones for being ok w Raiders going to Vegas but cockblocking San Antonio for a football team
Jerry Jones is going to want to sign Steven Adams as a backup QB when he sees this
The Gene and Jerry Jones family has pledged to donate $16.5 million to organizations supporting Arlington youth.
"Terrible idea but it will bring money & headlines for the league". THAT'S why Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft are for it.
Bob Kraft and Jerry Jones are backing the to Vegas. I think this may actually happen now.
It's time for Jerry Jones to hand over the GM reins to Stephen - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
Not sure it matters as long as Jerry Jones is in charge.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones supports team in Las Vegas...
Jerry Jones is confident that Randy Gregory understands the expectations for him.
will Jerry Jones be booking them for MMA fight at Death Star?
Vegas looks like good bet to get pro team: Influential NFL owner Jerry Jones endorses Las Vegas as Oakland Ra...
Jose Reyes suspended 52 games & will lose $7 million for domestic abuse. Jerry Jones responded by offering him a DB po…
Jerry Jones: Randy Gregory top pass rusher in last two drafts .
Jerry Jones is the ultimate NFL power play owner. But Mark Davis is an absolute WILD CARD. It would be like Terry Benedict vs. Charlie Kelly
Jerry Jones: "Randy Gregory has the highest SAT score out of any players the have signed."
Support from Jerry Jones could signal NFL warming to idea of Raiders moving to Las Vegas. https…
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: Randy Gregory has demons but all thumbs are up
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones open to having NFL team in Las Vegas
McKinney is hiring the same construction company that Jerry Jones used to build AT&T Stadium. (and Ron Poe's future). https:…
like Jerry Jones didn't take Brandon Weeden right off our hands.
Ron Wolf logic... weird grudge against Jerry Jones?... thats all I got
Jerry Jones may be content 'overpaying' for players like Jaylon Smith, but that's...
Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith on not going on IR: Owner has faith in the guy he drafted: Jerry Jones said earlier t...
when comparing the Jerry Jones vs Jeff Lurie eras - you wanted to dismiss the Superbowl victories
Jerry Jones: We will not put Jaylon Smith on IR in case of playoff run.
Jerry Jones: We hope Jaylon Smith will be back for the playoffs
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Jaylon Smith Could Return For NFL Playoffs: Jerry Jones has always been the type of ow...
Jerry Jones on about his confidence in Kellen Moore backing up Romo at QB: "He's got the instincts. He's got…
"He gives me and us a great feeling about basically improving." Jerry Jones on Kellen Moore. htt…
Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson were friends. That worked out well... until it didn't.
"We will not place Jaylon Smith on injured reserve.". - Jerry Jones. . 🎥
Lol caller. Lurie *** because he is not a football guy like Jerry Jones is. Prefers Josh Harris to Lurie.
Jerry Jones just put final tab of team's new practice facility, The Ford Center at The Star, in Frisco, Texas, and shops at…
"I'm Ed Werder and I'm about to do supercocaine with Jerry Jones."
Missed opportunity?. Jerry Jones regrets not trading more to draft Paxton Lynch:
Jerry Jones is covering backside by regretting not landing Paxton Lynch? He should be more worried about taking Dak Pr…
Jerry Jones “still mad” about missing out on Paxton Lynch. . “I probably should have overpaid”
I think it is a revenge of Davis against Jerry Jones, becuase Jerry didnt show loyalty to Mark re…
Jerry Jones is upset at not getting Lynch in the draft, will regret it?
Jerry Jones drafted like it was for 12-4 team, not a 4-12 one. Luxury RB, failed bid for QB, redshirt LB, hoops star conv…
Jerry Jones: "When I look back on my life, I've overpaid for my big successes every time. I probably should've overpaid for P…
. It turned out that John Elway outlasted Jerry Jones & Trent Baalke in the recent draft... Lebanese DNA.
The paper bag is staying over my head in embarrassment. The OWNERSHIP is the problem. Jim Buss is like Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones should buy Dan Mullen to coach him ;)
Dreams came true for Watch his emotional call from Jerry Jones:.
That's what Jerry Jones gets for blocking us from Carson!
Sports - Jerry Jones declares the Greg Hardy era in Dallas officially over: Hardy spent o... Martin Diaz Alvarez
Jerry Jones says the Dallas Cowboys have ruled out the re-signing of... via
question for you Stephen A? Would you consider Jim Buss to be the Al Davis or Jerry Jones of The NBA??!
Jerry Jones said second-round pick Jaylon Smith was among the top five players on the Cowboys' draft board,...
Agreed. It would be nice to see Jerry Jones have a success story come from his gambles. Hopefully it's Randy.
I think it's a bold strategy for Jerry Jones to rebuild the DL that gave up 408 yards to Melvin Gordon.
Strange but true Draft news: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones trades 3rd round pick to Leo Dicaprio's character from Django Unchained
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For Jaylon Smith's sake I hope I eat my words, but it smells like another Jerry Jones failure.
Hate to see Jaylon be involved with Jerry Jones in any way.
This is as much of a Jerry Jones draft as I can possibly imagine for the Cowboys.
Jerry Jones got some big balls. Crazy *** old man
Jerry Jones is the type of guy to take Braxton Miller too.
Why is Jerry Jones trying to trade uo 2 spots? You pick 3rd in the 2nd.just chill bruh. Spencer Dodd, Miles Jack, or Ogbah will be there
Lifelong Dallas fan. Jerry Jones. Our every day is like your draft day. Quit whining.
Jerry Jones confirms Cowboys tried to trade back into the 1st round and draft QB Paxton Lynch, who went to Broncos. https…
owner-GM Jerry Jones says Ezekiel Elliott was top-rated player on team's draft board. Stephen Jones say top-grad…
After taking Elliott, Jerry Jones says McFadden is "very much in the picture" as is Morris and Dunbar.
"well, it was the right pick although it wasn't the right pick, it was the right for us, you see, uh." -Jerry Jones
When asked who they wanted Jerry Jones to add to his team, Cowboys fans responded "Jimmy Johnson.". eric @ Tygr Express
Jerry Jones gone shock us all and pick a kicker
Well, Cowboys RBs coach Gary Brown is at the table in the war room right now talking to Jerry Jones. Good sign it's Zeke No…
Eric Spoeltra is Pat Riley's hand puppet like Jason Garret is Jerry Jones hand puppet
Jerry Jones says Cowboys likely to stay at 4, confirms Lawrence faces ban: Mel Kiper Jr. speculates the ...
Yahoo: Jerry Jones: Cowboys likely staying at 4, but QB/RB unlikely -
Drafting Tony Romo's successor may not be a priority for Jerry Jones now, but Cowboys still need to add depth at QB
Jerry Jones says Tony Romo will be Cowboys starting QB for “next 4 or 5 years”
"You like that picture over there? It's of me with Jerry Jones celebrating a Cowboys win... oh. You're a Giants fan."
Jerry Jones on not spending big like others in NFC East: "People know we'll shoot ... and we have some bullets to shoot wit…
Jerry Jones says "in this draft, it's not" a high priority to draft a QB who could eventually take over for Tony Romo.
is Jerry Jones whistling during his press conference ala Jesse the Usher?
Jerry Jones says he knows it's en vogue to move RBs down, but those first 4-5 years are actually the best years to have them.
Jerry Jones on Joey Bosa: "His character issue would not be a factor in drafting him."
Jason Garrett: "We've had great visits with Joey Bosa.". Jerry Jones: "His character would not be a factor in whether or not we draft him."
Jerry Jones telling Jason Garrett what questions to answer lol
Jerry Jones: "Ability is availability." Doesn't matter how talented you are, if you're not on the field, you're not helping…
Coach Garrett, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones are LIVE! Watch the press conference on
Jerry Jones says the loss (suspensions) of Gregory and Lawrence is a setback, but adds it wont impact the Cowboys draft plans
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Jerry Jones says the loss of Randy Gregory and Demarcus Lawrence is a setback. But doesn't think it will impact this draft
Jerry Jones on loss of defensive ends Gregory & Lawrence to suspensions: it's a setback but don't think it has impacted us in draft.
Jerry Jones said the loss of Gregory and Lawrence has not affected draft strategy
Crazy to hear ppl saying Shawn Oakman could go undrafted. Still think someone will take a flier on him. And by someone I mean Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Jason Garrett etc will be on Cowboys pre-draft presser at 1:00 on
But the Cowboys and co *** of the year Jerry Jones were praised for taking Gregory in Rd 2 last year for his "great value"
Jerry Jones on Titans-Rams trade: 'I didn't know Herschel ...
Johnny Football, Jerry Jones, Jim Irsay & JJ Watt would be the perfect cast for a football based TV Sitcom.
.to work out Jared Goff with Jerry Jones present (via
I guaran *** tee you Jerry Jones will sign this guy. He won't be able to control himself...
Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett is our coach of the future today. Paul Ryan: I've no intentions of running or do I want to be the nominee today.
it's died down for now. I was out in it earlier. Oh got a pic of Lance Armstrong, Jerry Jones, & Dr. J VIP ENT
That's what Woody Johnson gets for helping Stan Kroenke. Hope Jerry Jones gets what's coming to him also. {{-_-}}
👀 With No. 4 pick looming, how have Cowboys fared with first-round picks under Jerry Jones?
Dallas need new GM's , Marc Cuban and Jerry Jones is pure ***
The last time there was this many sweaty older men in AT&T Stadium, Chris Christie was jumphugging Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones making sure all the Dallas Cowboys things happen at Wrestlemania
Jerry Jones is so much better at creating than Dave Brandon
Former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith was arrested for a DUI last night. Jerry Jones has responded by inviting him…
Jeff Heath must have some dirt on Jerry Jones
Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban just made a Jerry Jones logic comment. @ $96 million Parsons won't get hurt again.
love it, except for Roger Goodell, the corrupt Park Ave office & slimy owners such as Jim Irsay, Jerry Jones & John Mara
Re: Paxton Lynch's workout with the I'm told it lasted about two hours. Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Jason Gar…
which would be true if Garrett was the head coach...Jerry Jones is
As long as Jerry Jones has a "Yes" man aka Jason Garrett idk if the Cowboys will be successful get a real coach in there
“Jerry Jones: There's no question in my mind, Kellen Moore can win games in the NFL”
Jerry Jones said he won't rule out signing Johnny Manziel. He is being investigated for hitting his ex-gf so he'd fit righ…
Certainly not thru the draft. Nelson is as bad as a GM as Jerry Jones is at drafting players.
Is Donnie Nelson any better GM than Jerry Jones? He drafts as bad. His key player acquisitions r minimal. Why does he keep his job?
These John Amaechi burns on Jerry Jones are "stop the fight" territory.
Jerry Jones: Darren McFadden still No. 1 back over Alfred Morris; 'open' to Greg Hardy
Matt Mosley: Here's what's absurd, scary and embarrassing - that Jerry Jones would question link between footb...
Danny love your show I saw the Jerry Jones of interview on YouTube
National analyst: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones putting up smokescreen when it comes...
Jerry Jones says the link between CTE and football is Absurd? Really?
Jerry Jones wants to help Johnny Manziel get life back on track.
Jerry Jones desperately wants to finally be right, on something, before his ego & time clock expire
me when Jerry jones said that he's open to bringing back Greg Hardy
Jerry Jones wants to help Johnny Manziel before signing him
Jerry Jones wants to help Johnny Manziel off the field before he considers signing him.
Jerry Jones's thoughts on CTE remind me a lot of the GOP views on climate change.
someone needs to show Jerry Jones this...
How Jerry Jones is like Donald Trump - Colin Cowherd explains how Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the Donald Trump...
Note to owner Jerry Jones: the evidence shows a link between CTE and football
I almost spit out my coffee reading this Jerry Jones foolishness
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"Jerry jones the donalx trump of the nfl"lmao
Jerry Jones and CTE: Green matters more than gray matter.
Jerry Jones claims playing football doesn't cause CTE. However watching Dallas last season caused severe CTE for Cowboy…
what you say about Leave Jerry Jones alone.
Jerry Jones says it's absurd to link CTE to football. Not as absurd as letting Matt Cassel & Brandon Weeden start 11 games…
.Jerry Jones is the Donald Trump of the NFL.
"No, that's absurd.". Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not convinced there is a link between CTE & football.
Jerry Jones would have made a great tobacco farmer.
Dunbar. Morris. McFadden. "Darren McFadden will probably get the majority of the work.". 🎥 https:/…
Loved the rant on about Jerry Jones, but I'm a Giants fan, so I would...
[San Antonio Express-News] Jerry Jones is at it again with crazy talk about football concussions - San Anto
In other news Jerry Jones believes the world is flat and only 6000 years old.
Jerry Jones probably thinks the world is flat too
Jerry’s World should be renamed Fantasyland now that owner Jerry Jones has said that CTE does not exist.
- Jerry Jones comments about CTE isn't related to football. Can it be related to his Johnny Walker Nlue?
Jerry Jones probably used to argue the world was flat too..
Jerry Jones confirms to the world that he is an ***
I would greatly appreciate it if the media would stop placing a microphone in front of Jerry Jones. The man lives in another world.
Jerry Jones says it's absurd to link CTE and football-he also will not travel by ship as he is afraid of sailing off the edge of the world
Didn't you work in the oil business? Who are you fooling? The media? Jerry Jones? The world?
Jerry Jones thinks it's absurd to link and football?? What world is he living in.
Jerry Jones, Jeff Lurie should star at Flat Earth symposium -- The Miserablist (
In the year of Trump, Jerry Jones fighting like a tiger to retain his "Dumbest living American" title.
Jerry Jones said he is comfortable with Kellen Moore as the backup quarterback though they would like to get him some competition
Jerry Jones is still enamored with Johnny Manziel, but ...
Dale Hansen is the only man that's not afraid of Jerry Jones on talk Radio in the DFW
Cowboys' construction plan has draft as its cornerstone: ... Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garret...
If Dallas ain't lit this weekend I'm blaming it on Tony Romo n Jerry Jones.
Jon Gruden says Carson Wentz is pro ready.. Jerry Jones said he won't take a QB at No. 4; will he start to reconsider?. Dennis & Friedo
makes some poor decisions. First Fred Wilpon, then Jerry Jones, now this:
Updated: 10 tips for Jerry Jones so he doesn't mess up the draft, offseason http…
You need to get with Jerry Jones and tell him Zeke Elliot is the guy at 4.So many positives taking him. Look at 2014 with 29
Jerry Jones is a joke of a owner, should have signed Cromartie like Michael Irving Said.
I'll never forgive Jerry Jones for that Roy Williams trade back in 08
Jerry Jones is a retard. Cassel and Weeden didn't work so let's bring in Moore. Wow!! Garrett will take the heat for it.
Jerry Jones...the man who can coach from his luxury suite by simply letting Jason Garrett think he is doing something
wonder if Hunt was a Kraft ally? This is what happens when Jerry Jones & John Mara pull the levers while hiding behind RG
Cowboys stay quiet during Day 1 of NFL Free Agency, Jerry Jones says “Not enough Criminals out there for my liking.”
never wanna be a bandwagoner but I also don't wanna support Jerry Jones' mark *** anymore what to do...
After 3 1st round & 1 2nd round picks Washington cuts RGIII - Daniel Snyder - only man can make Jerry Jones look like a good GM
Jerry jones fired the greatest coach, an ex ny giant, Tom Landry, and Jimmy Johnson, so that tells you Jerry Jones knows.
Concern for Illinois should be if the Cowboys struggle again and Jason Garrett is fired, Jerry Jones loves Lovie. Wanted to hire him before.
Jerry Jones is changing the game when it comes to NFL training facilities!
Cowboys: Jerry Jones is changing the game with team's new $250M training facility in Frisco, TX - Jean-Jacques Taylor -via ESPN
Jerry Jones' new shining star of a headquarters in Frisco. Maybe will make it back to Frisco after all.
Jerry Jones & the Cowboys are giving a run for its money as the largest economic impact in Frisco.
Jerry Jones wants Romo to help groom next Cowboys QB. . "Just like Favre did with Rodgers"
So, Kirk Cousins is a franchise QB??? Daniel Snyder had a little Jerry Jones in him! lol
Trey Wingo, Darren Woodson and Eric Allen are skeptical about Jerry Jones' idea that Tony Romo ca... - via App
Jerry Jones saddened by Joseph Randle's continued troubles
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones too old for rookie quarterback: Cowboys still banking on Tony Romo for anothe...
Jerry Jones: called about Joseph Randle re: sports gambling. Oh, I bet they did (too soon?) via
>> Jerry Jones: NFL called about Joseph Randle and sports gambling
is Jerry Jones the only person in the world to use the word "trite"?
Jerry Jones ‘very’ sad for Joseph Randle, vehemently denies sports gambling link by
- Jerry Jones saddened by Joseph Randle's continued troubles: Jones denied at Da...
Jerry Jones more confident Cowboys can find quality RB than key pieces on defense: Frisco Mayor Maher Maso, ri...
“I think Romo is going to be our QB for 4 or 5 years,” Jerry Jones said. “And we’ll make all decisions accordingly.”. htt…
Jerry Jones expects Tony Romo to be Cowboys QB for next 4-5 years: Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch c...
Jerry Jones said he is planning on Tony Romo being the Cowboys quarterback for the next 4-5 years, which...
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Jerry Jones: I think Tony Romo will be our quarterback for the next 4-5 years and we'll operate accordingly
You know Shane will jump off the cell. *** he might jump off Jerry Jones' obesely sized jumbotron.
Sports History for Feb. 25, 1989 - Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, fired head coach Tom Landry after a 29-year career.
I admired Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Stephen A. Smith. They have become as inexcusable as Jerry Jones, Romanowski a…
I like this kid, Trevone Boykin. He obviously knows how to get into trouble. . ~Jerry Jones.
What do you expect. His coach is Jason Garret and the owner of the team he plays on is Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones money *** you a running back, Herschel Walker, BoJack. Ricky Waters better run that dope back. *Rick Ross bark*
I think its time Jerry Jones have a job evaluation done by Cowboy nation or how about he just step down
Jerry Jones: 'I scream into my pillow' because Cowboys not in Super Bowl...
☺basically just can't stand Jerry Jones. Love Landry, Stabauch, Troy & others
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jerry Jones floor it to the ring and shoot eli with a bow and arrow repeatedly. Austin calls for the beer..
So is Jerry Jones going to try and go after Treyvon Boykin?
I like Jason Garrett but if Jerry Jones got someone else the Cowboys would be a Super Bowl contender easily!
For the record, I see Goodell as a higher paid Jason Garrett. They are both owned by Jerry Jones.
Brandon Carr = Robin Hood. He steals money from the rich (Jerry Jones) and gives it to the poor.
Garrett doesn't do anything but stand on the sidelines and clap after every play. The real coach is Jerry Jones and everyone knows it.
"I think Jerry Jones has more power right now in the NFL than anybody. More power than Roger Goodell." -- Don Van Natta
Jerry Jones brings in Greg Hardy and has expressed interest in Manziel and he is seen as a wise leader?
I love Jerry Jones the owner and the guy but not Jerry the GM. Jason Garrett is the man when it comes to drafting I think Goff or Lynch
Bob Kraft, Art Rooney, Jerry Richardson, Bob McNair, and John Mara combined were no impact over Jerry Jones alone
Wow. Jerry Jones got a city their team back. WHAT A NICE GUY
SpeedeNews Inside the NFL's L.A. vote: Jerry Jones talked 'big balls' and Bob Iger bombed
The best parts of ESPN’s fantastic NFL LA story — Bob Iger is Michael Scott and Jerry Jones stays insane.
Jerry Jones is unpredictable though so he could take Myles Jack because Lee can't stay healthy
Great article. Shows exactly why Jerry Jones has all the power and Dean Spanos is chump change.
Jerry Jones: Being at the Super Bowl but not having the Cowboys playing in the game makes me 'scream in my pillow'
Jerry Jones: We've got to get Tony Romo a better supporting cast; improving the defense is a big part of that
I bet Wade Philips called Jerry Jones nd Jason Garret like I got 1 now
best chance Cowboys have of ever being over .500 is Romo retiring, Garret being fired and Jerry Jones hiring an actual GM
Jerry Jones gotta get Lynch or Calvin Johnson can't let both retire
I would hate to see Jerry Jones & the pass on Carson Wentz or Paxton Lynch w the 4th pick in draft
Melissa Stark just told Jerry Jones the SF fans were chanting for him... But J.Rice was actually behind them... She really thought that?
Crowd was cheering "Jerry" cuz Jerry Rice was outside, Melissa Starks gon lie to Jerry Jones & say they calling him lol!
Johnny Manziel in trouble. Cowboys not interested. Johnny Manziel facing charges. Jerry Jones: Johnny, how'd you lik…
Paxton Lynch sounds just like Jerry Jones' grandson when he pops on with the Musers!!!
Michael Irvin wants Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys to sign Johnny Manziel and save his life
Heard this week: Don't be surprised if Kroenke pal Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys open preseason vs Rams in LA Coliseum.
The great thing about the year of 1975 in history is that Jerry Jones was not the Owner!
ARTICLE: Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are poised to royal screw up. Check out America's Team:
Jerry Jones owns Dallas. fake Manziel report IOT get him released. so Jones doesn't have to trade for him!
Very true. Jason Garrett and Stephen Jones have had a positive influence on Jerry Jones in that regard
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