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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault in lawsuit - USA TODAY
Jerry Jones, Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino walk into a bar. knows what happens
If I'm the Browns, I call Jerry Jones today and offer Johnny Manziel, writes Rick Gosselin
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is being sued for sexual assault by the woman that took the lewd photos of him this summer ht…
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault in graphic lawsuit
Brandon Weeden is the backup QB in Dallas?! Man...Jerry Jones must really be senile.
Let me just start by saying this is gonna be a very long year..I'm so glad by bro Zach Lawrence got me playing fantasy football for really the first time ever to take my mind off of my depressing team even for a minute. My favorite team..the team I grew up cheering for since I was old enough to watch..the team once coached by Tom Landry then jimmy Johnson..the team that use to represent a winner as America's Team with Hall of Famers and ultimate champions like Roger Staubach, Randy White, Calvin Hill, Ed Too Tall Jones, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Moose Johnston and Jay Novacek, Larry Allen and Charles Haley..Darren Woodson and Deion Sanders..just to name a a JOKE! A flat out JOKE!! Jerry Jones has turned our of the proudest franchise's in all of sports..into a complete joke. A team that gets outnumbered by 49er fans..or maybe it just seemed that way because their was nothing to cheer home in our opener in our new monstrosity of a home "Jerry Wor ...
Word is, Tony Romo has a lunch appointment with Jerry Jones today at Outback around 1:30.
The Dallas Cowboys defence is so bad that it could be 4down and 50 yards to go and the other team still would have a 50 /50 chance of getting the first down. And you can't tell me that Jerry Jones and Tony Romo aren't lovers. Why else is he still the quarterback?
Well, finally read the piece on Jerry Jones and entry in Best American Sports Writing of 2015:
Jerrah knew he saw ALL that red in that stadium. Eff up Jerry Jones.
I am officially renouncing my loyalty of fan-ship to the Dallas Cowboys. Year after year all we hear is Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo speak on the missed opportunities and bad decisions made during the game. News flash, bad decisions can't happen all game every game. You let Demarcus Ware go, and kept Romo?! I can't keep following a team that always makes excuses, but never fixes anything that needs to be fixed. Jerry Jones needs to spend his money a little more wisely and get a NEW quarterback. Romo is playing like he is in pee wee football. I will continue to follow the Panthers and my second team of choice to follow is. the Denver Broncos. I despise Manning as a person but as a quarterback he's great. To all of my friends who are Cowboys fans I apologize. You know exactly where I am coming from though. I am just tired of supporting a team who doesn't take care of the ball and pricey issues.
Only Reggie White has a better sack rate..GOOO Ware and thank you Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones ;)
What's the name of the coach of the Dallas Cowboys? He's never in the public eye. Every time there's an interview Jerry Jones is the one conducting it. That franchise is a total mess.
Hey um since the Dallas Cowboys were mathematical eliminated from the playoffs today. You think Jerry Jones will refund my playoff tickets he sent with my season tickets? LMAO.
Jerry Jones needs to rewind his clock and figure out what WAS working, back in the day.
The day I worry about the Cowboys is the day Jerry Jones hires a GM and leaves him and the HC alone to do their jobs
Jerry Jones clearly added the officials to the payroll at the half..yet another questionable penalty called against th…
Donkeys of the day go 2 Tony Romo Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones
Romo gotta have a Donald Sterling tape on Jerry Jones or something.
I like the idea of Kirk Cousins playing for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones needs to make that phone call to the Skins.
Jerry Jones was clapping like his son just struck out for the 4th time for the day but he still had to let him know he did a good job.
The only person who had a worse day than the Pats could be Jerry Jones.
I long for the day when I can go a whole NFL weekend without seeing Jerry Jones on my TV.
Now you see Jerry Jones face with one touch down! Camera haven't showed his old *** all day!
Hey fans. Jerry Jones will always screw up your team and he will never, ever sell. Have a nice day
Looks like Jerry Jones is going to fire his son for snatching that Johnny Football card out of his hand on draft day
Romo just isn't the clutch QB the cowboys need. The day Jerry Jones realizes that is the day the cowboys will win more games.
: Not from where I'm sitting. I'll be playing that on a loop until the day Jerry Jones is no longer running my team.
Jerry Jones just want my day to be the worst ever.
BREAKING NEWS!!! Jerry Jones is gonna pull his entire girls team off the field and call it the day...
Jerry Jones calling commissioner to institute a Mercy Rule for when the play.
Well and other Cowboys fans who hate Jerry Jones must be having a FIELD DAY right now..
I hope Jerry Jones see what 99.9% of us see and been sayin...We will Never win wit Romo at QB...He can stuff the stat sheet all day
Jerry Jones needs to hire Kevin Sumlin, plus follow his gut from draft day and grab Johnny Football too.
would be having a field day if Jerry Jones drafted and Romo was a playing like this
Tony Romo must have a collection of photos with Jerry Jones in compromising positions in order for Jones to keep him aroun…
Jerry Jones is rethinking that decision he made on draft day...
LMAO. I hope Jerry Jones is getting his money worth. Between is over paid QB and terrible management Cowboys R terrible!
Best day ever! Cutler lost, Romo *** and Jerry Jones is somewhere weeping!!
Jerry Jones just doesn't wanna be wrong. He still hopes every day that Romo is gonna turn it around.
Strange day when I no longer feel a rivalry with the Cowboys, and I don't even want to do a victory dance over Jerry Jones' wilting frame.
Jerry Jones calls the Competition Committee, asks for a Mercy Rule.
*Jerry Jones stares longingly at a photo of Johnny Manziel. A single tear rolls down his cheek.*
Jerry Jones should be on the phone with Bill Cowher. Now.
Dan Hicks/Jay Cutler/Hideki Matsuyama/Billy Horschel/Tony Romo/John Gibbons/Johnny Miller/Jerry Jones and Bubba Watson can all kiss my ***
Jerry Jones says Romo is like a fighter pilot. To be fair, he never said for what country.
We should have got Manziel thanks a lot Jerry Jones 😒
On a scale of Russian soldiers on leave to David Hasselhof how drunk is Jerry Jones right now?
Jerry Jones wanted 2 sign a QB that choked less than Romo but David Carradine was indisposed.
Jerry Jones signed Michael Sam for a publicity stunt nobody's dumb but the boys good and nothing is wrong with being *** 💁
Jerry Jones: NFL didn't ask us to sign Michael Sam
Cowboys drafted Michael Sam after the Rams dropped him. Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, "We're hoping he'll lead us to the Brokeback Bowl."
A whole new meaning to Pick 6 MT Jerry Jones discusses partnership with TX Lottery
So does Jerry Jones just want drama? He's annoyed at missing out on Manziel, just picked up Sam.
In a desperate attempt for publicity,. Jerry Jones has brought Michael Sam to Dallas' practice squad.
Jason Garrett: the signing of Michael Sam is about football only. . Not in Jerry Jones' universe!
Im not a Cowboys fan at all, but if they want to win, Jerry Jones and Jason Garret are gonna have to be fired
Jason Garrett should've been fired the last 3 years. He gotta be in a relationship with Jerry Jones
every time I see Jason Garrett I thank Jerry Jones for blocking him from joining the Ravens.
Cowboys sign Michael Sam and I wouldn't expect anything less from Jerry Jones and the rest of that circus 😂
Don't like Garrett or the Cowboys at all but if the Boys suck that's ALL on Jerry Jones.
now I want Jerry Jones to get Tebow so we have he and Sam on the Same team
In the owner's suite, on his private jet or among Dallas' beautiful people, JERRY JONES seems a happy man. But what he really wants, he cannot have.
Jerry Football. Our 13 minute feature on Jerry Jones followed by my chat w/ 9 am ET.
Up next Jerry Football: Our feature on Jerry Jones. Produced by my pals &
It would be Jerry Jones...but...he's like the corrupt evil old man in the movie "Chinatown".
Jerry Jones: In Cowboys' opener, you'll see healthy, improved Tony Romo
Jerry Jones will be the next owner to be fined...
And I thought Jerry Jones was crazy. Crazy smart that is.
Now, if they sign Sam to team/practice squad, those jerseys will sell & Jerry Jones will make a killing
we'll definitely will be getting more media attention. Just what Jerry Jones likes.
"If (Jerry Jones) can't sell Manziel jerseys, he might as well do the next best thing & sell Michael Sam jerseys" .
BREAKING: Jerry Jones is personally going to give Michael Sam his physical.
Tremendous piece by ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. on Jerry Jones. Must read if you're a sports fan.
A long but interesting read if you can't sleep and are a Dallas Cowboys fan or just plain curious about what goes...
Jerry Jones Trying to get them jersey sales up also.
National reaction Jerry Jones baild out if any team can handle
So Stephen Jones, Will McClay, Jason Garrett decide the 53 man roster and Jerry is playing God with the practice squad? …
On Tuesday, Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones said that he wasn't concerned about receiving credit because 'The most important thing is to win the football games.'
I did. And it's true, too. I had one earlier calling Michael Sam Jerry Jones' "show pony".
""I get madder, every day, about missin' [Manziel]." WOW!
Jerry Jones becomes director of Brokeback Mountain sequel after bringing in Michael Sam to get physical with Cowboys.
*** Jerry Jones, you're starting to sound overly desperate doing interviews about being mad that AP and Manziel aren't cowboys and wanting Sam. Maybe don't announce these things to the press?
For once, in a very long time, I am proud of Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones can't buy what he really wants // Honestly great profile and read on many fronts.
Important note on signing of Michael Sam: The decision went as high as possible in the organization. A Jerry Jones c…
check ur fact bra AP wana be a cowboy after hes viking days are up read tha article jerry jones aint give a f bout him
Jerry Jones not surprised Kyle Orton signed with Buffalo Bills
“"I get madder, every day, about missin' [Manziel]." that the *** from Saw?
Cowboy's bringing in Michael Sam.. I think Jerry Jones wants his team to suck the best this season.. I know,
Jerry Jones profile best sportswriting I’ve read this year.
Michael Sam can play football and will provide depth to some team. I just don't think it should be Dallas. Yes Dallas desperately needs defensive help, but the last thing they need is more distractions and media attention. There are other teams that need defensive players, yet they did NOT claim him off of waivers. If he had Clowney talent he'd be worth the distractions, but 31 other teams decided he isn't worth it. In steps *** clown Jerry Jones because he's the biggest attention *** on the planet. Here's something to think about---If Michael Sam was really worth signing, why didn't Jerry add him to the 53-man roster rather than the practice squad?
Thank god I am not a Cowboys fan... Sorry, but that team has no future as long as Jerry Jones is running things. What a nightmare.
Josh Brent has been conditionally reinstated by the league and is eligible to play again for the Cowboys after 10 weeks. The NFL ruled the Cowboys' defensive tackle, who had retired with the team, will be suspended without pay until at least Week 11. The Cowboys don't have a game that week, which means the earliest he could return to play is Nov. 23 against the Giants. Brent hasn't played since 2012 following a drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of his friend and teammate, Jerry Brown. It's been 21 months since Brent last stepped onto the football field. Owner/general manager Jerry Jones said at training camp Brent would be welcomed back by the team and would have a roster spot waiting for him if he got cleared to play. That was before any talk of a 10-game suspension, however. Brent can't visit the facility or participate in team activities the first six weeks of the season, according to a league release. He can return to team meetings and do individual workouts and conditioning in Week 7. ...
Why does Michael Sam to the not surprise me at all?? NFL jersey sales even getting cut. Jerry Jones. Hm...
Kornheiser on Jerry Jones' possible thinking behind signing Michael Sam: "Media circus? Come on over here to Dallas!"
no, I mad they are bringing in a marginal player for a special interest distraction. Jerry Jones has become a joke.
National reaction: Jerry Jones bailed out NFL; if any team can handle Michael Sam 'distraction,'...
Tonight Jerry Jones is trying to figure out how to sell practice squad jerseys. That old man don't miss a trick.
Jerry Jones needs to shut up and focus on his team instead of just trying to create the biggest media attention for the Cowboys.
looking to add to practice squad. Meanwhile, Jerry Jones is steaming that Dallas didn't get
surprised Jerry Jones didn't jump all over that with his Dad being an X Cowboy...but I guess the 1st *** player was bigger 2 him
Jerry Jones is angry that Dallas missed on Manziel. He signs Michael Sam. Sam can make the 53-man roster & do well, but his mind is on $
"Michael Sam in Big D" the Jerry Jones marketing that writes itself.
Looks like Jerry Jones is finding new ways for the Dallas Defense to keep sucking ***
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“"I get madder, every day, about missin' [Manziel]." dumbasses
"I get madder, every day, about missin' [Manziel]."
Wow so Jerry Jones sings Michael Sam?? you know who else made minorties wear stars on there shirts right?
Visiting my friend Jerry Jones . Update he is groggy but looking good. thanks John Katsilometes for the info...
Rookie defensive end Michael Sam is getting his chance to make an NFL practice squad with Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys.
Jerry Jones is all about DAT HYPE and the Dallas Cowboys are a perfect example where you use "DON'T BELEE DA HYPE!"
Do yourself a favor and read this bio piece on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. It's the best thing I've read in a while.
Dallas have been choking for years. Now Tony Romo may get competition! More choking guaranteed...Jerry Jones is the best!
Michael Sam to the Cowboys? Wow, Jerry Jones is a marketing genius !!
Jerry Jones is the same age as Monty Burns. 😭😭😭
Dallas D needs all the help it can get. Also, if Jerry Jones can't sell Johnny Football jerseys, might as well sell Micha…
Sam to the might be best move for him to just be a football player. Overshadowed by Romo and Jerry Jones, team's underachieving.
"Cowboy Stadium wasn't built for the 100k inside the building, but the 30M watching on TV." - Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones has to be the 2nd best NFL team owner. After Robert Kraft.
Barry Switzer sounds like he is still on Jerry Jones payroll. I guess he has no shame claiming Super Bowl win w/Jimmy's team.
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.Do you think Jerry Jones looks like that guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark whose face melted …
"I am still so *** mad. I get madder, every day, about missin' him." - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Johnny Manziel »
FANTASTIC. “Read of the Week: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to have it all.
- for next week's show: was the Charles Haley RoH induction more about Jerry Jones than Charles Haley?
It's time for Jerry Jones to turn the page and let it go. Jimmy Johnson belongs in the Ring of Honor.
Terry Pegula has a higher net worth then Jerry Jones. Just throwin that out there.
Jerry Jones :Rolando McClain is not the savior; I don’t expect him to be *** Butkus or Sean Lee -
Jerry Jones need to go claim Michael Sam off of waivers cause we need a pass rusher BAD!
College Scouts? You crazy, Got Sean Payton, Bill B, and Jerry Jones out here
So much Johnnie Walker Blue. Fascinating read by on Jerry Jones:
Jerry Jones says thing he most disliked about ESPN The Mag profile was mentions of Johnnie Walker Blue. But did say: "Well…
.writing for ESPN Pravda, on how he put together his Jerry Jones profile:
"Jerry Football" A profile of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: (by new
Jerry Jones was surprised w/ how much ESPN story mentioned him drinking Johnnie Walker Blue. Made it sound like he was drin…
you deserve to be in the Ring of Honor. Don't listen to old man river, Jerry Jones.
"Jerry Jones 'not happy' Dallas passed on Johnny Manziel.
sometimes I wish Jerry Jones would pull a Donald Sterling so we could get rid of his ***
For I wrote about our cross-platform profiles of Jerry Jones. Don't miss at 9 am ET Sunday:
The Dallas Cowboys completed their first winless preseason since 2000 Thursday night at AT&T Stadium. Denver smashed Dallas 27-3 as the Cowboys joined the Indianapolis Colts as the only teams to lose all four exhibition matches. The Cowboys lost their four games by a combined score of 116-60. The 56-point differential was the NFL's largest. The Cowboys went 0-5 in 1962, 1986 and 1998 and 2000. Chan Gailey's 1998 team that had Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders went 10-6 and won the NFC East. None of the other teams made the playoffs. Nothing owner Jerry Jones has said in the last 24 hours should make you feel optimistic about the 2014 season. Jerry Jones knows this Cowboys team has a lot of question marks on defense. In an ESPN The Magazine article Jerry is quoted as saying he's still mad the Cowboys didn't quarterback Johnny Manziel in the first round because it would've made them relevant for another decade. Has Jerry really been so seduced by the Cowboys' cache and marketing pro ...
I can't watch SportsCenter for more then 5 minutes without hearing the names Johnny Manziel, Michael Sam, Jerry Jones, and LeBron James.
It'll be nice for a few weeks, until the reality sets in that Jerry Jones will probably live forever.
Jerry Jones wondering if Kenny Hill can give the Cowboys 10 years of relevance...
Hadn't thought about that but he could be just what Jerry Jones needs. Much like Lurie and Chip
I remember looking at my uncle while watching the draft in OH and saying "That's not a Jerry Jones pick"
I just panicked and took Matt Prater in the first round of my fantasy draft so I get it Jerry Jones, I really do.
Texas native Adrian Peterson told Jerry Jones in a phone call he'd like to play for Cowboys. http:…
Outside the Lines -- Vikings' Adrian Peterson tells Dallas owner Jerry Jones he wants to be a Cowboy
Report: Vikings' Adrian Peterson told Jerry Jones he'd play for Cowboys
Adrian Peterson told Jerry Jones that he wants to be a Cowboy
The moment my uncle got his ball signed by Jerry Jones came on ESPN.. And I'm right there next to him.
Report: Adrian Peterson tells Jerry Jones he wants to play for Cowboys
If Adrian Peterson told Jerry he wants to be a Dallas Cowboy-why is he not a *** cowboy?? I don't understand Jerry Jones at all.
Jerry Jones sounds like Mr Burns telling Smithers to hop into the Spruce Moose at gunpoint in this:
"hey you know that big Texas guy In Dallas?" . "Jerry Jones? ". " Troy Aikman?" . "Big Tex... 😐"
JUST IN: According to an report, Adrian Peterson told Jerry Jones he would like to play for the Cowboys »
I don't like John Gruden but he's better then Garrett Dallas is a joke Jerry Jones is a moron
Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys are the glitz and glamour of the NFL
"Fantasy draft tip: dont do what Jerry Jones would do.." DON'T BE DISRESPECTFUL! (Stephen A. Smith Voice) 😭😭😭
Which further pisses me off Laura Miller didn't have the vision or business accolades to help Jerry Jones build ATT Stadium in Fair Park.
It’d be really ironic if Jerry Jones kicked *** at fantasy football.
I give Jerry Jones a lot of credit for keeping the Cowboys relevant. Never have I seen a trash team remain in the spotlight so long
Gonna ask Dean Blandino about the Jerry Jones nonsense?
Aug 19: On this day in 2011, Jerry Jones announced that Charles Haley, Larry Allen and Drew Pearson would join...
Wow. Brandon Boykin picks off Kyle Orton and ends the Cowboys season. Jerry Jones apoplectic
0-2 for the Boys' during preseason so far. Right on track for a normal regular season. Please fire Romo and lock Jerry Jones in his office, let the coaching staff run the team and then we can return to the Super Bowl.
Jerry Jones was 'that close' to making Johnny Manziel a Cowboy:
Cowboys' Jerry Jones was 'this close' to drafting Johnny Manziel:
Jerry Jones says Cowboys were 'that close' to drafting Johnny Manziel:
Jerry Jones on Johnny Manziel: "He's a good player. In my mind, he's going to make an impact."
"I'm not into the eyeballs as much as we just wanna be as effective a team as we can be" - Jerry Jones on all the eyes on Johnny Football.
Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett dumps ice water over his head, but owner Jerry Jones escapes dry
Can I just say that my husband and I are so jealous that they got to meet Jerry Jones and be in their locker room!!!
Dallas cowboy training camp. Quick tour of the locker room. They meet Jerry Jones owner of the Cowboys. They get practice gear and got to meet several players. They all are on a high of seeing people, especially the players etc... Can't wait to watch Thursday night football on CBS.
Jerry Jones said he didn't draft Johnny cause Johnny can't be a backup. But has to sit behind unproven Hoyer?
OG Austin Howard may have future in boxing. Ok, maybe not but Jerry Jones likes his hook.
Steve Ballmer will quickly become one of those villain owners: Marge Schott, Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, Donald Sterling.
Can Ryan Malone and Jerry Jones please have an "excuse off"?
“Raiders owner Mark Davis on Jerry Jones: "Great relationship. I look to him for answers on almost everything."”>Oh dear
I blame the head Jerry Jones and his bad decisions of hiring Jason Garrett. Dude doesn't deserve a NFL head coach
'Big Brother’ contestant apparently not impressed by meeting Tony Romo, Jerry Jones
Report: 'Big Brother' contestant not impressed by meeting Tony Romo, Jerry Jones
If this is where Jerry Jones' photos stopped, can't wait to see pics of Jim Irsay and HIS *** ..
Jerry Jones just said Orlando Scandrick has been suspended for the first four games by the league.
Jason Garrett will finally be fired this year...he released those Jerry Jones pics he's had 4 blackmail all these years
Jerry Jones: Suck my *** and you can keep your job. Jason Garrett: k
Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones holding an emergency press conference on the future of the Cowboys! 😛
The problem with the Dallas Cowboys is NOT Tony Romo. It's Jason Garrett. And to a lesser extent, Jerry Jones.
maybe buy and be a staunch party in emending the policies? (we need more non-Jerry Jones/ Jim Irsay types of owners)
I disagree, not in private but in public too i.e Jim Irsay and Jerry Jones. Remember Jerry got busted w/ a gun @ the airport.
Plead the FIF! "Jerry Jones: No comment on 'misrepresented' photos. WATCH:
Asymmetrical as his approach to offense is, Jason Garrett has many strong characteristics which are muted by Jerry Jones macro message.
You have to blend in sometimes... w/ Jerry Purpdrank, MAX JR, Gary Rojas
What lengths did Cowboys owner Jerry Jones go to Saturday to avoid the media? Jones normally enters the practice fields through the tennis courts near the hotel complex. Yesterday, he entered on the opposite side of the complex through a dirt field where fans park. He then took his seat in the tower between the two practice fields.
Yea if Jerry Jones stop tryna be coach "TrynGetItYaBish cowboys will be good next year"
Time to take the Tony Romo jersey to the gun range... Brand new, never worn.. This is what Jerry Jones should have done years ago!!
Jim Irsay , owner of the Colts, Drugs and Liquor. Jerry Jones .Strippers and who knows what else. Dean Blandino NFL Official, Gifts, parties
How are those Jerry Jones pics embarrassing to the franchise? The franchise is embarrassing to the franchise.
Jerry Jones offered me a job on the Leadership Team but I told him my loyal is to the Jets. Awesome stadium.
Hear, hear Meanwhile, Jerry Jones seems to be avoiding reporters. Wonder why?
Racy photographs allegedly of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, in sexually suggestive poses with young women, hit cyberspace Tuesday in an apparent extortion plot.
The Washington Redskins & my Dallas Cowboys has a match in the scoring department. They won by 20 points, we lost by 20 points. I don't want Jerry Jones to die or even get sick, but I wish he would spend the next 10 seasons in Heaven or somewhere he can not reach our Coach or Players other than to pay them. Gez
Jerry Jones is incompetent and he is dragging this franchise down a road to the cellar of the NFC. Jones actually made what appeared to be a prudent, mature football decision by taking Zack Martin in the first round.Read more...
remember when your boy Jerry Jones ok'ed Josh Brent to be on the sidelines after killing teammate.
Cowboys’ Jerry Jones: ‘When we’re not practicing, we entertain a lot’
"Report: The VP of Officiating was seen on Jerry Jones' party bus
The women in those racy Jerry Jones photos have lawyered up
The women in those racy Jerry Jones photos lawyer up
No like an old fool. stripper pals too drunk to recall party night via
Jerry jones you a fool for this lol!
Lol, keep being trolls for Jerry Jones, he has u right where he wants u
Jerry Jones’ stripper pals too drunk to remember night photos taken - Two young...
More worried about justice for than strippers and Jerry Jones
I think it's refreshing that Jerry Jones isn't a ***
Tony Stewart ran over a dude. A fellow driver. He is dead. But y'all worried about five year old pictures with Jerry Jo…
caught up with Jerry Jones on Friday night to ask him about recent events. Here's Jerry ...
It's was speculated during the draft that Manziel, himself, figured he'd fall a bit if Clowney was drafted at And then after teams were not going to draft high for a QB. Cleveland was the sure fit but only Dallas stood in the way because of what everyone figured what Jerry Jones was going to do! And if Dallas would have passed on him. I'm sure his agent figured Jerry Jones would be crazy to pass up this future up in coming franchise QB! And he really did want Dallas to Draft him. That's why he had on the Dallas colors during the draft to give Jerry Jones a "wink" on television if you'd say because then he would of had a matching Dallas hat! But when Cleveland drafted him, you could really tell then that he was going to show his true colors! Well, when they picked Zach Martin, he felt a part of him was disappointed in their decision! You could tell in Manziels face when the announcement came! My take...I think they really should of taken him! But as long as Jason Garrett is head coach, it wasn't ...
Jerry Jones "absolutely believes" Dallas will make the playoffs. Unfortunately for Cowboy fans, Jerry was referring to t…
Jerry Jones, owner (and also terrible general manager) of the Dallas Cowboys, got some spla'in to do! The married 71 year old is now also the star of a couple ...
Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys 11"x15" Garden Flag: These garden flags are a great way to show who your favorite team is
or for some scandal to hit Jerry Jones really bad LOL
If all goes wrong this season and Jason Garrett is fired, I hope Jerry Jones throws all the money in the world at Nick Saban.
Jerry Jones: Cowboys would make spot for Josh Brent ..Cowboys NFLNews
Jerry Jones can take his Tony Romo cowboys and shove it! I am 100% Washington Redskins fan! The best sports team nickname in sports. Politics and political correctness should stay out of sports . yes! Red Redskins!
Jerry Jones said Jon Bon Jovi is a great father. Sounds like he's an expert.
Tony Romo questionable. Ryan Mallett possibly tradable. Jerry Jones is an Arkansas alum. You do the math.
At work trying to focus, but all I can think about is the money Jerry Jones is paying Tony Romo to sit on the bench tonight
Leave it to Jerry Jones to reel me back into reality. Whew that too close for comfort…
Here is a pic of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with some young females.what do you think about this?
Anyone who lives is Dallas isn't surprised at all by these Jerry Jones pics.
"Americas team" ain't the only thing he bought, Jerry jones got the *** y'all.
Is Jerry Jones now worried?: Tony Romo’s back injury is still affecting his deep throws | ProFootballTalk...
Jerry Jones must have in his side pocket because there was no mention of the naughty pics today during your news tonight. smh...
Hilarious meme of Jerry Jones and the new controversial photos that have surfaced.
he's almost as annoying as Jerry Jones!
"Been hearing some different stories on the pictures of Jerry Jones. How bout y'all?
True! This could just make things worse. Jerry Jones is a crazy dude I've never really known what to think of him.
Here's a lady rubbing her face on Jerry Jones's crotch:
Please, let this be the scandal that gets Jerry Jones removed as the Cowboys owner. Find someone to actually better the team...
Between Jerry Jones' photos & Dan Snyder's self-serving ESPN interview, today wasn't a good day for NFC East owners.
Looks like Jerry is acting like an ego driven *** again. I feel sorry for fans. .
Now we know why Jerry Jones didnt draft Manziel. didnt want the competition...
Hey fans you might want to try and declare your owner JJ legally incompetent might improve things.
Jerry Jones with 2 younger women. EXCLUSIVE photo right here
Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones normally seems to be quite comfortable as the center of attention. But the 71-year-old might not appreciate everyone gawking at the racy photos that appear to be of him partying with a pair of younger women that quickly gai...
Pictures of Jerry Jones all up on some young women leaked? Lol
Jerry Jones prolly leaked his own infidelity pic. Wouldn't shock me at all.
Cowboys have 29 days and 22 hours to uncover racist recording of Jerry Jones.
one of the greatest Jerry Jones quotes too place.
Jerry Jones has eye on ex Dartwan Bush coaches like him, he'll play alot vs. SD. Gr8 chance to make team http:…
Not sure why those pics of Jerry Jones w the young girls are so shocking? He's worth 3 billion & has been getting boy band *** for years.
I just identified one of the victims in the Jerry Jones grope photos. It's
"Maybe Jerry Jones just needed someone to clean his glasses 😱😱😱😱
My take on Jerry Jones pictures: I want to be his friend. I want to go where he goes.
I've always criticized the decisions and moves Jerry Jones has made but he finally made a move I can agree with.
This is not a good look, Jerry Jones.
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Those weird photos of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and some ladies hanging out in what appears to be a bathroom come with an equally bughouse backstory. They were first put on the internet by a man named Frank Hoover, who alleges that they were taken by people looking to set up Jerry Jones in an extort…
Looks like Jerry Jones done got him some of that glory hole he'd been wanting.
Unfortunately I thinks it's just a matter of time before we all see a Jerry Jones *** pic.
I will build a new stadium that will make Jerry Jones cry if I get the team. 😭😭😭
“Photo evidence of Jerry Jones being mock-fellated by someone other than Tony Romo:
An injury report, a new depth chart, Jerry Jones, and the "Black Unicorn" all appear in tonight's Nightly:
Jerry Jones on San Antonio: I'd like the Dallas Cowboys to get some of that stuff that's in the drinking water down there t…
Jerry Jones and 10-year contracts go together like lamb and tunafish. (Perhaps you prefer spaghetti and meatball?)
Jerry Jones showing Donald Sterling how its done
Keep going out and partying with girls 40 years younger than you, Jerry Jones. We'll focus on actually making the playof…
Your boy Jerry Jones don't know how to act wit all that money! Lmao 😳😳
Who knew Jerry Jones is the Rick Ross of NFL Owners!!
What was Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones up to in these photos?
My glass half full thought as I drift off to sleep tonight: At least my day was better than Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones caught with two females LoL
Stevie A Smith back tomorrow but he might be PG, BUT JERRY JONES MIGHT MAKE HIM RATED R
You know I could have gone the rest of my life WITHOUT seeing a picture of Jerry Jones feeling up on some blonde. I can now NEVER unsee that.
Dallas Cowboys fans what is up with y'all owner Jerry Jones ?
Jerry Jones trying to get ahead lmfao I see you Jerry... much props lol
Hold up Cowgirl fans is that y'all owner Jerry Jones?...Aw man don't tell me he's jumping out the bushes on little girls..He's about to catch a Freaky Jason charge...SMH...LMAO!!
DALLAS -- Jerry Jones woke up Tuesday morning in the middle of a scandal! No, not whether Tony's back is really back or if just paroled Josh Brent will rejoin the team. Nope, he's dealing with a wh...
Have you seen these Jerry Jones pics yet? Obviously I'm no better of a person, but you think guys like Jerry Jones would have an entourage to protect them from poor decisions. If you haven't seen them.DON'T! It's too weird lol
Jerry Jones with 20yr old. Possible extortion case
Jerry Jones will make room on the roster for a convicted felon but not a committed Christian? And you wonder why your team is 8-8 every year?
So jerry Jones said if Josh Brent is reinstated by the NFL he will make a roster spot for him. The NFL is full of second chances and the brown family has forgiven him. What do you think of this?
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been known to make questionable decisions. Whether it was something like signing Tony Romo to a mega-contract extension, even though Romo has yet been able to guide ‘America’s Team’ to the playoffs, or taking a chance on high-risk criminal athletes that have been…
Jerry dirty ole perv you! Smh! Mr. Landry would roll over in his grave!
I'm ready for an honest unbiased discussion. What are your thoughts about Jerry Jones cheating on his wife? He gave up fifty years of marriage for the child molesting cookie jar.
Earlier this morning, a series of photos hit Deadspin ostensibly showing Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones engaged in various stages of...
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones caught in pics with young hot girls, in one it looks like he is getting head.aren't you supposed to win the Super Bowl first, then celebrate?
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Blimey, you wouldn't wanna have a night with Lavezzi and Jerry Jones would you? There'd be photos of your every move!!
Those two girls allowing Jerry Jones to grope them set feminism back to the stone age. Old gross rich man? Anna Nicole would be proud.
Jerry can't 'feel any better' about offense: Jerry Jones' mind doesn't race right to the mid-1990s glory days ...
Retired defensive tackle Josh Brent will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday in his bid to seek reinstatement to the league, according to Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.
What an awesome day! It began with a Pastor's Retreat that was filled with worship and teaching. That was followed by officiating a wedding that for me was very special. First time I ever did a wedding that had an intentional fly-over just as the reception was ready to start. Then we finished the evening by listening to Jerry Jones sing the oldies (50's-70's) at Dunkirk Depot Park. God is the best day planner I have ever known. Now tomorrow, I don't have to, but get to preach- twice. I BELIEVE!!
Jerry Jones, as positive a thinker as I've ever known, sent out playoff tickets b/c he truly believes it. Of course, t…
So the Cowboys sent out playoff tickets? Jerry Jones is the Ruben Amaro of football...delusional
Jerry Jones stays finding new ways for people to hate his team.
Just waiting on Jerry Jones to have a Donald Sterling moment.
I think its Davis playing Oakland. Doubt he's serious. Plus I don't think Jerry Jones let's it happen.
but at the same time, I understand the moves. They're not stupid moronic Al Davis/Jerry Jones moves.
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