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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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A year by year analysis of the way Jerry Jones manages the since Garrett became the HC: via
The Evolution of Jerry Jones in the Jason Garrett Era via Nation -
Defense is problem but at the end of games, romo is Garrett at Jerry Jones
I hate Romo, Garrett, Jerry Jones. All of em. I expect the same disappointments as always
Would Donald Trump be more of a noisemaker with the Bills as Jerry Jones is with the Cowboys or Al Davis with the Raiders?
Herb Kohl won't control the Bucks anymore! Hoozah!. now if only Jerry Jones would do the same.
"An empty wagon makes the most noise"- the late Rev. Jack Jones! Bro. Jones was founder of Jigger Apostolic (Pentecostal) Church at Jigger, La. For many years-the District Secretary of the La. Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ. Bro. Jack was a farmer and understood wagons! Ironically, he performed the marriage ceremony, in Nov. 1972, of Bro. and Sis. Jerry Jones-(a cousin) who is now General Secretary of the United Pentecostal Church!
but apparantley our WEAK manager thinks he will get better just like Jerry Jones an Al Davis
Highly recommend the Movie "Draft Day" with Kevin Costner. Not one cuss word, no sex, no violence,no nothing except a great plot and very well written. Even non sports fans will enjoy. There are some characters who really resemble some real life folks, such as Johnny Football, Jerry Jones, Barry Switzer. Also all the ESPN folks are in the movie as well as Commissioner Roger Goodale. Frankly, I cant say enough good about it. If you are a friend of this site you will definitely like this movie.
Donald Trump want to buy The Bills. I don't care for him and he failed as a usfl owner, but if he keeps his ego out of it (unlike Jerry Jones) and stays true to his word and keeps them in Buffalo im good with it.
I just got off the phone with Jerry Jones. He told me to tell yal that Johnny Football WILL HAVE A STAR ON BOTH SIDE OF HIS HELMET. Ok Well...
he would be no worse than Al Davis or Jerry Jones
A Las Vegas woman arrested for throwing a shoe 60 ft and hitting Hillary Clinton was bailed out by Jerry Jones and hired …
Andrew you never worked for Jerry Jones or Al Davis though.
04/07/14 – Huggy Lowdown is giving the scoop on what he would do if he were Jerry Jones this weekend and should Joe Jackson move…
BREAKING NEWS: Due to the tremendous success of hosting the Final Four and next year's ACM awards show, an undisclosed source out of Valley Ranch has confirmed that Jerry Jones has completed a deal to host the 2015 Masters at AT&T Stadium. Jerry was heard saying, "I, and by that I mean, we, are v'ry v'ry happy to have this opportunity to show that this Schtadium can, in fact, ahh ummm Ahhh, host a major golf championship with an over hanging vidja board, and they said it couldn't be done." He then literally LOL'd, and chunked up the deuce and said he had to go take a dump and asked if anyone could recommend some good bathroom reading material not "draft" related. He's "tired of hearing about it." Been a rough couple days, and that popped into my head and made me laugh because IT COULD HAPPEN. Miss my good funny goofy friend Mr. Shaun Hagy.
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OKC now the team to beat in NBA. Heat playing w/ fire. Jerry Jones is RIGHT about Cowboys' TV popularity. MWayans! Lai…
I would've traded Damarcus Ware to the Patriots for Ryan Mallet. But Jerry Jones don't think like me.
See I told you I would bring a championship to Cowboys Stadium." -Jerry Jones
My alternate title was "Science proves nobody really wants to watch a basketball game at Jerry Jones' stadium" ...
Good start to the Masters, always my favorite major. The golf channel commentators suck. Hopefully its Adam Scott or Bubba. I don't see Els or Lefty pulling it off. Best part of it all is not hearing Eldrick Woods name. I hate him like Jerry Jones and his Cowboy cult.
AT&T Stadium aka "JerryWorld" will host the 50th annual Academy of Country Awards next year. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said this at the press conference announcing the event: "As you know, the Cowboys have not gone to the playoffs in several years. We have not gone, yet we’re the most popular TV show there is on television. We lead all teams in TV ratings. We lead, 24 of the last top 25 shows were NFL games, and any time your Cowboys play they’re up there at the top and leading. Now what causes that? What causes that is creating some aura, creating some excitement. We want to use that as best we can to make this award show the greatest ever." Cowboys fans.are you good with your team owner basically bragging about what continues to make him filthy rich while giving you guys an inferior product on the field every season?
The Dallas Cowboys could make a splash with a trade for Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel or Mike Evans in the 2014 NFL draft this season, as a deal with the St. Louis Rams to move up to the number 2 overall pick is within the realm of possibility for Jerry Jones and company.
Things that make you go, 'Hhhmmm.': The Detroit Lions had the 6th best offense in the League last season, but their defense (ranked 16th) was what kept them from being as good as they should have been. So, what's the big 'pre-Draft' buzz? That the Lions are going to try and trade up to the slot in the Draft so that they can take WR Sammy Watkins to pair up with one of the best in the NFL, Calvin Johnson. At that position in the Draft they could probably get Jedeveon Clowney. Other then the 'dazzle effect' ("Geez, Gina! Can you imagine Watkins on one side, and Johnson on the other??"), how does this make sense? Oh, and speaking about teams that desperately need help on defense, lest we forget, under geriatric Monte Kiffin and his 'boy' the 'defensive genius' Rod Marinelli, the Dallas Cowboys had the worst defense in the NFL last season (they were ranked dead last in Total Defense). But, at least Jerry Jones knows what he has to do in this years' Draft. Now if he could just figure out the 'coaching' part .. ...
Jerry Jones' VIP section at the NCAA title game included two former presidents and Tony Romo: ht…
Americas Team RT“Jerry Jones: Cowboys have missed Playoffs, but we’re still most popular
quarterbacks. If he was given the choice between quarterback Johnny Manziel or defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, the Dallas Cowboys legend says he would take Texas A&M's Heisman Trophy winner with the No. 1 overall NFL Draft pick. And Staubach compares Manziel to an undersized quarterback who just won the Super Bowl. "I think Manziel is a Russell Wilson-type player," Staubach said today on the NFL Network."He doesn't have the height, he has a strong arm, he throws with accuracy." "I just think there's something about this kid. I think Manziel is going to be a valuable player in the NFL." Staubach is of course still a Cowboys fan, but the odds of Jerry Jones getting Manziel are slim to none. "I'm hoping the Cowboys get a few diamond in the roughs this year," Staubach said. Do you agree or disagree with Staubach?
Arizona will host the Super Bowl AND the Pro Bowl.not the new Whiners stadium.not the Tri-state.not Miami.and most certainly NOT Jerry Jones wet dream (Cowboys Stadium)'s all about 'Zona peeps.
Jerry Jones didn't want to see sack Tony Romo so the Broncos play the in the final preseason game smh.
Marcus Spears put the WORLD on notice concerning the Dallas Cowboys. So Tony Romo and Jason Witten gets invited to sit in Jerry Jones suite during the Final Four along with Bill Clinton, George Bush, and several other dignitaries??? How many other players on the Cowboys roster were invited???
Jerry Jones should have invited John Kerry and John McCain to his suite for the NCAA Championship.
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Truly you do live only once. This trip to Dallas was worth everything. Witnessing UConn compete at the National level was amazing in itself. The Championship coming back to Connecticut for the 4th time since 1999 is jaw dropping and simply amazing for Husky Fans. I was so proud to be a part of this moment and am so happy that in my last semester as a grad student and UConn student that this was achieved by Shabazz, Boatright, Coach Ollie, and Co. No one believed in Connecticut, yet they proved themselves as being the Team in spite of being banned recently. Truly inspirational it was and a life event. Bleeding Blue forever. I can't believe that all this happened in the attendance of all the following folks: Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Jim Calhoun, Drake, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, and more. UConn really made this one count in a record breaking attendance where all were against them. I will never forget how many Florida and ...
Even when it's not football season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can't catch a break. Romo and Cowboys tight end Jason Witten were spotted in Dallas owner Jerry Jones' suite at the 2014 NCAA championship game...
Jerry Jones and Tony Romo watching the NCAA Championship game last night will be the closest they will even get to a title..
I understand Jerry Jones and Tony Romo were at the Final Four this weekend at ATT Stadium. I guess they wanted to see what it's like to experience a playoff game being played there.
if Houston passes up Manziel does Jerry Jones have the stones to trade down and get him?
I'm just happy that Jerry Jones and Tony Romo were able to watch a championship in person for probably the last time last night
DAL News: Inside the Final Four suite with Jerry Jones, Clinton and Bush
Great night watching with Coach Richardson, Coach Sutton, Jerry Jones & 43.
Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, and Jason Witten watching the game tonight with President Bush and Clinton.
Who gets to sit in front of Jerry Jones & a pair of Presidents? Well of course! .
I see Jerry Jones hanging out with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush up in the owners' suite at Jerry Jones Stadium and the first thing I can think of is how ol' JJ could prolly pay off the national debt with the cash this stadium generates.
So Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are in Jerry Jones' luxury box. But where is Papa John?
George W. Bush and Bill Clinton finally got to meet the most powerful man in the free world: Jerry Jones. Go UK!
they showed them already sitting with Jerry Jones.
My game prediction: Jerry Jones will get boo-ed, and Bill Clinton will be praised! Any bets???
The funniest thing said at the ACM's last-night was Blake Shelton there's a special guest tonight Jerry Jones "Luke Bryan the 50th ACM's will be at Cowboys Stadium"Blake Shelton you never see an awards show at Cowboys Stadium "Luke Bryan you never see a playoff game at Cowboys Stadium"
A day after Jerry Jones was booed at the Final 4 in his building, he was booed at the ACM Awards. And was a punchline
Watched the last 10 minutes of the ACM show last night and came away with this. 1. George Straight is really short (I never realized) 2. Taylor Swift is weird 3. Jerry Jones will rent his stadium out for anything. It's a shame his football team hasn't won a playoff game in 15 years.
Jerry Jones and the King George Strait announced that next year ACM Awards will be at the Cowboys Stadium.
I'm watching the American Country Music Awards and I just heard Jerry Jones and George Strait announce that the ACM's will be hosted in AT&T Stadium next year! Being that I'm a country music fan and a die hard Cowboys fan this is so awesome! I'm definitely gonna try and go :-)
Oh *** Luke Bryant just clowned Jerry Jones. And that is all I payed attention to in the country music awards.
Jerry Jones gets boo-ed 😂😂😂😂 "and you never see a playoff game either" omg!
Jerry Jones laughing about how there is never a playoff game in the Cowboy's stadium
NaFL news. The Cmish Paul Klein was spotted today on his bday .several scouts were invited to his house for 'Klein Pro Day'. In his possibly last ditched effort to ride his one time gunslinger arm back into the NFL, he took cues from Johnny Football's pro day.hip, 'with it' tunes, full pads and helmet, and lots of celebs (although Matt Birk declined and Joe Mauer was in Cleveland). Rumor also has it that an ample supply of chicken wings and after pro day party with lots of Pepsi beverages is on the schedule for later. Word is that the Cleveland Browns and Jerry Jones of the cowboys will attend. When contacted about the possibility of the Vikings releasing Christian Ponder to make room to sign the CMish, new Vikings OC and former Redskins coach Norv Turner said, "wait that man looks awfully familiar to another gunslinger I once knew"
Jerry Jones, Rider and his Gold Wing at the Veterans Memorial in Kennewick, Washington. 1st place finisher...
Guest list for Jerry Jones' Final Four suite revealed: Jason Garrett, Johnny Manziel and more
I pray to the ghost of Khalid El-Amin that Kevin Ollie does not do a photo op with Jerry Jones before monday.
Tony Romo & Jason Garrett supported Duke and they lost. Jerry Jones was supporting Florida as soon as they got off the bus. They lost.
Room and Garrett support D*ke and the go out first weekend...Jerry Jones wishes Billy Donovan luck and they lose too...
Jerry Jones hosting Johnny Football along with Jason Garrett and Troy Aikman as his special guests may be the bigger story here.
79,000 in attendance at the Final Four and 54,000 for the 5A Texas State championship. Mr. Jerry Jones is doing it right with AT&T stadium.
79,444 ... largest crowd in history. Somewhere, Jerry Jones pulled the Monty Burns card from "The Simpsons."…
It is impressive isn't it? Not a Jerry Jones fan but the stadium is very cool.
Jerry Jones got booed at Jerry World, which is a little like Walt Disney getting heckled on Main Street, U.S.A. During the first half of Saturday's first Final Four game, the Dallas Cowboys owner w...
Jerry Jones: "What's the big deal with Coach Cal & the 'one-and-done' thing. That's longer than Tom Landry lasted after I bought the team."
Jerry Jones cost the Gators to lose & Tony Romo & Jason Garrett cost Duke to lose. If you want to win do not meet a Cowboy before a game
Anyone else notice both Duke (Romo and Jason Garrett) and Florida (Jerry Jones) had pre game ties to Cowboys personnel and lost a big game?
No wonder Florida lost, Jerry Jones greeted Coach Billy Donovan and the gators getting off the bus!
Billy Donovan's first mistake was shaking hands with Jerry Jones. Gotta be a bad losing omen or something.
The reason Florida lost is because I just found out Billy Donovan shook hands with Jerry Jones lol
Billy Donovan, head coach of Florida, shook hands with Jerry Jones before the game! OOPS!! Bad move! LOL!
I guess Billy Donovan shouldn't have shaken Jerry Jones hand before the game.
ATTN Final Four contestants: Any team that comes in contact with ANY member of Dallas Cowboys (Garrett, Romo, Jerry Jones) UR team will LOSE
I knew the game was over when I saw Billy Donovan shake Jerry Jones' hand. The cowboy choke germs got on Billy and the gators.
The Gators choked because of the Cowboy curse... Billy Donovan shouldn't have talked to Jerry Jones before the game
Florida was doomed from the start when Billy Donovan shook hands with Jerry Jones
Billy Donovan shook Jerry Jones's we know why they lost.
Billy Donovan should of never shook Jerry Jones' hand when he got off the bus. Nothing good coming from that..
Billy Donovan shook hands with jinky *** Jerry Jones that's why they lost
Oh, that's why the gators lost, Billy Donovan shook Jerry Jones hand
It all makes sense now. Florida lost because Billy Donovan talked to Jerry Jones before the game
Jerry Jones put the loser stink all over Billy Donovan w that pregame handshake.
Billy Donovan shook Jerry Jones's hand before the game. *** that's why they lost.
Jerry Jones does it again. Billy Donovan should've known better than to shake that cursed hand before the game.
Never a doubt that Florida would lose after Billy Donovan caught bad juju from Jerry Jones pregame. You don't touch Jerry. Bad juju.
There curse of Jerry Jones... Rubbed off on Billy Donovan
I love that footage of Jerry Jones putting the Cowboys stink on Billy Donovan. Keep rolling it, TBS.
Wait a minute. Billy Donovan had a chat with Jerry Jones before the game? That explains it .
Romo & Jason Garrett jinx Duke, now Jerry Jones jinxes Florida. Note to all college basketball teams, keep the Dallas Cowboys away from you
We lost because Jerry Jones and his retarded self had to say hi to Billy Donovan
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fans should blame Jerry Jones for this loss...he shook hands with Billy Donovan pre game.
Jerry Jones shook hands with Florida head coach Billy Donovan before the game.. Explains everything.
Jerry Jones shaking hands with Billy Donovan and Florida goes down
Jerry Jones shook Billy Donovan's hand prior to the game. Kiss of death.
Jerry Jones spoke to Billy Donovan before the game. No wonder they lost! Lol
Jerry Jones shaking Billy Donovan hand was a kiss of death or nah?
But for real, I blame Jerry Jones talking to Billy Donovan before the game as the reason for UF's loss.
Avoid anything cowboys. Romo was at the duke game, they lost to Mercer. "Billy Donovan shook Jerry Jones ha…
Aww man Jerry Jones shook Billy Donovan's hand before the game...kiss of death lmao
Jerry Jones shook hands with Billy Donovan and next thing you know Florida caught the L.
See that's why the Gators lost, Jerry Jones shook hands with Billy Donovan
Billy Donovan shaking Jerry Jones' hand before the game made them lose
Billy Donovan was talking to Jerry Jones pregame?!?!?!??! *** That's why they lost! Smdh
Billy Donovan should have never talk to Jerry Jones. That was his mistake lol
Jerry Jones talked to Billy Donovan smh.. That's why they lost, you can't have no affiliation with the cowboys and expect to win..
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I just saw that Billy Donovan shook hands w/ Jerry Jones before the game lol
Billy Donovan shook hands with Jerry Jones pregame. The Cowboys Curse lives on!
Florida lost because Billy Donovan was choppin it up with Jerry Jones before the game
If Billy Donovan ain't talk to Jerry Jones before the game, Florida woulda won
Florida lost because Jerry Jones spoke to Billy Donovan. His mediocrity rubbed off on him
Jerry Jones rubbed off his bad luck on Billy Donovan
No I blame Jerry Jones for shaking the Florida coach's hand and wish him luck. Remember when Romo and Garrett cont
What's dumber? Buying a ticket knowing you're gonna need binoculars to see the basketball game, or paying Jerry Jones $10 …
Billy Donovan y da fucc u let Jerry Jones touch u before the game? No he janky
Charles Barkley is hilarious! They show Billy Donovan shaking hands with Jerry Jones and he said Cowboys karma gots the Gators in trouble! Sad but true!
"Probably don't want any of that Karma... that Cowboy Karma" Billy Donovan shook hands with Jerry Jones... bad news for the Gators
Billy Donovan shakes hands with Jerry Jones before the game.explains first half choke.wash your hands Billy!
"Jerry Jones just offered me the Cowboys job but I turned it down!".sncrly Conzo Martin
It's about time Jerry Jones got some credit, says See why Newberry thinks Jones deserves some love:
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones mocks Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow in video -
At least this is a FAR better situation than when Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones decided they couldn't be together anymore.
Demarcus Ware gives new Denver Broncos teammate Von Miller career advice: "I am just glad that Jerry Jones and...
You know what Jerry Jones should do to show how to win a Super Bowl bring troy, emmitt, and irving back, let og show the new school how it's really done. .
NO CLUBHOUSE FOR OLD MEN: a team once considered a dynasty being ruined by an owner and his ego. The story of Jerry Jones
I am a huge fan of former Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy. I just learned that he has signed with the Washington Redskins. Colt, while I am very happy for you, I am between a rock and a hard place as a longtime Dallas Cowboys fan. However, with Jerry Jones personally running the historic franchise into the ground, it is becoming easier to root for other teams. Congrats Colt and Hook em Horns \m/
Jerry Jones *** are you doing call Jimmy Johnson you damaging your legacy like your mentor Al Davis
Jerry Jones ... what are you thinking please enlighten Cowboy Nation !!! You just let a top 5 wide receiver stay in our division and not F ing sign him to replace Miles Austin! I have seen way worse convicts on the cowboys and you don't even blink an eye for Desean Jackson !!! How are you a billionaire, I don't think I have see one smart GM or business move from you yet !
how can Jerry Jones fire Tom Landry and Jimmie Johnson yet he won't fire Jason Garrett?
Gotta at least dip my toe in the April fools day shenanigans. Sorry to all my Cowboys fan friends but come on... "Americas team" ?!?!?!? Pft... Who says? Ol' crazy Jerry? Jerry Jones is like Ross Perot of football. Don't get me started on Tony Romo... Good thing April fools day isn't in December... Otherwise it'd just be called Tony Romo day. I'll give the Cowboys this though... They can be 'Mericas team.
Enjoying this segment on Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones 🏈
Jerry Jones guaranteed a Super Bowl championship this year or he would relinquish power. APRIL F…
Jerry Jones wanted Jimmy Johnson to bow to him. Jimmy tried to force Jerry to fire him and got him.
Watching A Football Life: Jimmy Johnson. Jerry Jones make a smart move and bring back in a Elway type role!!!
I had no idea Jerry Jones and Port Arthur native Jimmy Johnson played on the same football team at Arkansas
Gus Johnson needs to go. His soccer knowledge is about the equivalent of Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones has finally decided to hire a GM. Great Day in Cowboyland...
Jerry Jones will have people doing the strangest things! GO STEELERS!
Dave Tex AndersJuly 20, 2012 at 3:58 AM I saved Rex and Rob Ryan's life. In my book "You Might Be A Fool If" I constantly got into Rob Ryan's face about his appearance..mostly hair..clothes ect. rather than weight. After he tried to win a email war with me over my blog, I did refer to him as Fabio, Slobio, Flabio..some of those I got from my readers..I remember he replied the Flabio hurt. My book was in partly retaliation for having my blog blocked(e mails) by the Cowboys(Jerry Jones) and some close friends. My book was titled like this in case some of you haven't seen it..You Might Be A Fool If.You big time Dave Tex Anders(Author) or call Michael Irvin a *** Rape A Young Lady.Steal From Joe Namath.In reference to Jerry Jones...Barry Switzer..Larry Lacewell. It went to Number 5 on Amazon your kindle or computer in 30 seconds for 2.99. I had about 30 original Quotations in it...referring to people in the book."One was the Ryan Brothers could only win at the Buffets in Las Vegas". I know they ...
we tried to get Peyton, Alex, and even Carson, but I guess you get what you get. -Jerry Jones
20 years ago today, I joined a Super Bowl winning team put together by Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. Great memories
and rock Jerry Jones's house!! I can't wait to see Cowboys Stadium full of BLUE!
Houston Texans need a QB, Jerry Jones needs to be in the news. First: Cowboys sign DeShawn Jackson Next: Trade Romo and some draft picks to Texans for and get Johnny Football Finally: Tell Mark Cuban the Mavericks will NEVER be more popular than the Cowboys in Dallas or anywhere else Any takers Marcus Johnson, Patrick Hudson, Greg Johnson, Charles Henderson, Chris Cole, Mark Gerberman???
The Dallas Cowboyification of America: I'm convinced that Jerry Jones doesn't care if the Dallas Cowboys win or lose, or go to the Superbowl. He just wants people to like the Cowboys, to wear their blue and gray jerseys, and buy Cowboys stuff. The more the Cowboys fail, the more the sports junkies talk about it, and the more "Romo" jerseys Jones sells. Obama shares the Jerry Jones strategy. Obama doesn't want America to win, as long as everyone is "liking" us, and buying our (non-petroleum) products. This latest move by the Administration to give up control of ICAAN and the Internet to the "world community" is absolutely crazy. A community is a group that shares common values. But this "world" community contains the likes of Denmark and Great Britain on one hand, and Iran, Syria and North Korea on the other. Do you really think that this is a "community" worthy of regulating the Internet? What happens when the "world community" decides to tax Amazon or Google for "using" the Internet? What happens when th ...
Jerry Jones you need to sign deshawn Jackson.
Snyder & Jerry Jones make a habit of going to Competition Committee to fix their own roster/coaching woes and its becoming rather annoying
Cowboys have 3 offensive coordinators, 2 defensive coordinators and Jerry Jones is their real head coach/GM.
Jerry Jones: owner, president, general manager, head coach, team doctor of the Dallas Cowboys. All that's left is starting QB
I am glad Jerry Jones is ok with mediocrity. That shows the confidence in Coach Garrett and in the Cowboys Future!
Retard. "can we consider Jerry Jones as the most idiotic owner ever
Jerry Jones: 'You don't rebuild with Tony Romo' The loss of four-time All Pro Demarcus Ware will make it tough for the Dallas Cowboys to keep pace with the Philadelphia Eagles, but Jerry Jones isn't ready to concede the NFC East under the guise of a rebuilding effort. "Not at all," Jones told reporters Tuesday at the NFL Annual Meeting, via The Dallas Morning News. "You don't rebuild with Tony Romo.
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History may be on your side, but I'll take Jeffrey Lurie over Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones, esp given the last 20 years.
NFL answers Cuban's 'hoggy' criticism; Jerry Jones: ' I know more about pigs than Mark' via
There's something about Mark Cuban that, when he says crazy things, I don't find myself cringing away, washing my ears out like I would when, say, Jerry Jones spews ridiculous phrases out in front ...
Hey Mark Cuban! You accused the NFL of "over saturating" by adding the Thurs Night Game? The NBA starts about week 4 of the NFL season, ends at the start of Summer, then 2 weeks off before "Summer League", then it's right back to starting again, week 4 of the NFL season, that BTW ENDED IN FEBRUARY! What's next, Mark? Jerry Jones is a megalomaniac team owner? At least he knows better than to stay off the field during the game. Your wannabe *** can't stay off the court. Being rich is never a remedy for assholery.
Lately, Jerry Jones has been receiving a lot of praise for what he has done this offseason. His supporters are saying that by letting aging players walk, he is 'finally' beginning to see this team for what it is, and perhaps he has entertained embracing a rebuilding project. My response: As far as I'm concerned, this team has been 'rebuilding' since the Triplets began their decline in the late 90s. THAT is when the rebuilding project SHOULD have begun. The fact that Jerry wants to rebuild 'now' shows me that he has been in denial with his team for years, and he is over a decade too late. They had a few decent seasons sprinkled in with their 17 years of mediocrity, but they have not been able to have any sustained success. Instead of building on the momentum that Bill Parcells began with the team, Jerry made a series of personnel blunders that have the arrow of progress with the Dallas Cowboys pointing downwards. First of all, the drafts have been more miss than hit. From 2008-10, the Cowboys only have thr ...
A full on March Madness party last night at the Celebrity Piano Bar, with Felice Garcia leading the way! Thanks to Felice and Mike Beans Benigno for a great show! And a thank you to Lisa Marie Smith for an awesome opening set!! Coming up next, on March 28 - Jerry Jones is the special guest, with "Deep Cuts and B-Sides, Vol. 2"! And on April 4, a night with Louis Charles Gazzara, as we celebrate his birthday! Michelle Johnson on April 11th sings "Tapestry" from cover to cover, as we keep going at the Tuscany!!
Pump the brakes on the idea that Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is allowing his son, executive vice president Stephen Jones, to call most of the shots at Valley Ranch. The Cowboys signed free agent defensive tackle Henry Melton on Wednesday. On Thursday, Melton said he ...
I LOVE you guys...but... It is my considered opinion "senior leadership" had better FIND its collective BALLS - and SOON - or this once WORLD-BEATING collection of *** KICKERS is going the way of Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys. Today's Air Force is fast becoming an organization MEN want OUT OF, whose "senior leadership" is a bunch of gutless, Obama-sucking, uncaring, incompetent liberals. STAND UP GIRLS, and BE COUNTED...!!!
I have a confession to make. Its official.. I love my San Antonio Spurs more than I love my Dallas Cowboys.. reason.. Spurs win they produce results.. 4 rings.. 5 final appearances.. Most winniest coach.. List goes on.. Dallas they about headline's and lining Jerry Jones pockets with more dough.. Until Dallas produces I am no longer a FAN!!!
Jerry Jones is a joke, Jimmy Johnson resurrected that team in the 90s and Jerry Jones ruined it
Jerry Jones will never be a typical GM, but is he finally changing how he goes about his duties?
Hmmm. Jared Allen left Seattle without signing... Jerry Jones calling him? He'd be a part time pass rusher for the Sea Hawks, a three down player for Dallas. Interesting.
Last week, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones was praised for making the difficult decision to release Demarcus Ware. For all that Ware accomplished (team's all-time sack leader) and for all that he meant to Jones, the owner stuck to the disciplined outline the Cowboys are operating under in 2014. So now that Henry Melton and Jared Allen have come and gone from Valley Ranch, you can't blame Jones for not being willing to spend big bucks on somebody he just met. If he was "right" in deciding to part ways with Ware -- for the record, I think it was the wrong move and would have signed him to a re-worked deal although not at the level the Denver Broncos paid Ware -- then at least he is being consistent by not giving into the contractual demands of Melton and Allen. At least for now. We'll find out this season if Jones was "right" in holding strong if they don't end up joining the Cowboys and go to another team and either play well or they don't play well. Melton is off to his fourth team on ...
Hey Bryan what do you think about this? Jerry Jones finds a way into the top 5 possibly to take Clowney.
Sherrington: Rod Marinelli's stock rising to Barry Switzer levels in eyes of Jerry Jones:
Rod Marinelli's stock is rising to Barry Switzer levels in the eyes of Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones is the stupidest person alive!
Cowboys no not Cowboys it's Jerry Jones he don't listen to people That's why the Cowboys not that good
Hate him or love him Jerry jones gets what he want and make it happen
I'm losing hope as a cowboys fan...weeden really?!! Worst decision ever jerry jones is an ***
Good day FB peeps. 2 things I have to say and I'm OUT: Isn't this missing Malayasian airliner beginning to have an weird resemblence to the ABC drama, LOST? And wondering WHY the Cowboys picked up Brandon Weeden. In just 20 starts he is 5-15. This kid was receiving DEATH THREATS as the QB for Cleveland Browns. What EXACTLY is his role with the COWBOYS. And I'll add a 3rd thing.why is it that OWNER Jerry Jones was SO quick to fire and get rid of LEGENDARY COWBOYS COACH Tom Landry, but can't find it in his heart to GET RID OF and FIRE Jason Garrett? Have a GREAT day everyone!
/kinda feel that Ph Jackson is going to make things worse,unless the coach isn't that important,ala Jerry Jones?
ESPN Video: Jerry Jones joins Suzy Kolber and Chris Mortensen to discuss the 25th anniversary of him owning the Dallas Cowboys.
to be fair, it's Jerry Jones we're talking about; a crackpot Al Davis reincarnation. Let's not pretend he knows what he's doing.
Though this year marks the 50th anniversary of President Johnson’s War on Poverty, homelessness is still an epidemic, and in big cities, it’s on the rise. National Coalition for the Homeless’ Jerry Jones discusses with Ronan Farrow.
Brandon fuccin Weeden. Jerry Jones I hate you.q
Lol @ Cowboy fans... Y'alls salary cap is fugg'd off cause of Romo, then y'all backdoor and sign Weeden? Jerry Jones is one of the best members of the Redskins, LMFAO!!!
please come to retire there.. Jerry Jones and the fans will love u forever! And you will get paid bro!!
If Jerry Jones puts me in during the 4th quarter we will win the playoffs. Because i can throw a football over them mountains.
so.we get Rid of D Ware and he goes to the Broncos. We get rid of Jason Hatcher and he stays in the same division with the Redskins. We let Miles Austin go and im totally ok with that cause he has been a waste of money for the last two years. We meet with Jarred Allen today. Pretty excited about that. But this next decision up sets me the most. We sign weeden to a two year deal??? WHY!!! The Browns didn't even want this Bum. If Romo gets hurt during the season weeden couldn't run the show. Jerry Jones I pray u know what ur doing. Cause I can't handle another 8-8 season.
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Dan Snyder and jerry jones... Leave now so our teams have a chance at another Super Bowl... That is all..
This just in: Jerry Jones offers Melton a bite of his kidney as a signing bonus.
Ed Werder and I walked out of a hotel lobby bar in Orlando following an all-night session with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. As we headed back to our rooms, we knew the end of the Cowboys dynasty was near.
For all the Jerry Jones supporters, please read this. If he gets credit for winning SB, he gets blames also'
I could just kill jerry jones. What an ***
"Jerry Jones releases solid citizen to sign guy who bites ears in bar fights." Brilliant move!
Meanwhile in Dallas today, we bears will find out if Melton is coming back. Come on Jerry Jones let's trade for Chris Conte for a seven round round pick too. LOL.
Finally, Jerry Jones has earned some credit for not being a complete *** Dallas signed Brandon Weedon last night. Give Romo the hook and lets go get another ring Boys!
No Jerry jones I do not want to be the starting quarterback ! Stop calling me
"Just when you thought Jim Irsay was the NFL's dumbest owner, Jerry Jones signs Brandon Weeden."
The signing of weeden shows just how bad jerry jones is lol
After signing Brandon Weeden to 2-year deal, Jerry Jones joins Irsay as 2nd NFL owner in 24 hours to make stupid decision …
What the *** !!We already have a quarterback that throws interceptions.That won't replace Demarcus Ware!Has oboma bought out Jerry Jones?
Dallas Doomsday Preppers: jerry jones edition. Stocking up QB's that stay fresh for ten years.
Jerry Jones is retarded. He let ware hatcher and ratliff walk but u sign weeden. His *** cant play dead. Here's an idea Jerry fix the *** defense and have garret put in a *** run offense.
Uncle Rico - "Back in 82, I used to be able to thrown a pigskin a quarter mile." Jerry Jones - Are you serious? Dang, sign this dude up to compete with Weeden.
Brandon Weeden signs with the Cowboys.. I love you Jerry Jones
Haslam on the signing of Weeden "Sure glad Jerry Jones spent a billion dollars to show off those backhanded flip INTs on th…
Hanging with Jerry jones and Papa free pizza yet.:(
And just when you thought Jim Irsay was the dumbest GM in the Jerry Jones goes and signs QB Brandon Weeden ---> ht…
Cowboys sign Brandon Weeden? Wow can't wait to get my Super Bowl tickets now! Way to go Jerry Jones you make me so proud of being a Cowboys fan!
Breaking News : Dallas Cowboys are signing both Henry Melton and Jered Allen wow jerry jones is destroying the cap with his CC spending
Tony Romo, Kyle Orton and Brandon are all in their 30's!! Oldest avg age for string of QUARTERBACK'S in NFL history. .. WOW! Nice job Jerry Jones, once again you are a COMPLETE *** !
Wanna relive the night Jerry Jones decided Jimmy Johnson was no longer his BFF? remembers fondly: http:/…
Jerry Jones logic, release your best player for the past 6 years in Demarcus Ware who has led the league in sacks, and sign Brandon Weedon??
Demarcus Ware gave the Dallas Cowboys an opportunity to match the offer he was given by the Denver Broncos on Wednesday. Ware's agent Pat Dye called Jerry Jones when he received the three-year, $30 million proposal, but Jones said Dallas wouldn't be able to make that type of commitment. Dye felt the Cowboys were trying to spread their available money around to several players rather than spend it all on one. The Cowboys never mentioned a salary figure when they had discussions with Ware leading up to the opening day of free agency. They didn't want to insult him with a low number. But as Dye made known in a Thursday morning radio interview with Shan Shariff of 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM], Ware was willing to take a pay cut. "Certainly we recognize that DeMarcus will be 32 in July and he's had some injuries and his production was down last year," Dye said. "For those reasons, we were willing to entertain a reduction. But I just don't think it was going to be to the level that maybe the Cowboys could afford." I ...
The Dallas Cowboys have selected Brandon Weedon as thier big time off season pick up. When interviewed Jerry Jones said he was the best linebacker left so it was a no brainer!
Jerry jones might be nuts sometimes but at least he's loyal. Something the browns organization knows nothing about.
Woke up this morning, my headache was real! Way too much laughing yesterday. Thanks Jerry Jones, you made my day!
Maybe Jerry Jones will sign somebody today that actually makes a
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Jerry Jones is now in his 25th year as owner of America's most popular and most valuable sports team...
If you’re under the impression Jerry Jones hears nothing but the steam turbines of his ego at full tilt, you should know he listens a lot. It’s when he stops listening and does something that problems generally start.
Jerry Jones is at it again, has 3 over Qb's on roster now because he is so strapped by salary cap. Needs a GM, that can stay within the rules and build a winner. Jerry got his money by a shady gas and oil deal that barely made it through the courts in Arkansas. Now that he has to go by NFL rules he has put the Cowboys in hock. 2014 has 8 AND 8 WRITTEN ALL OVER IT BECAUSE HE HAD TO DISMANTLE MEDIOCOR TEAM and get within the salary cap. Now 2015 looks even worse. Help football God's put us out of our misery and strike that *** down. Go Broncos!
Kids. Uncle jerry has just left his 20's. Happy birthday jerry jones... You scoundrel...
The big news from Indy this week is the owner of the Colts has had a terrible pain pill medication addiction for 15 years. This guy has been a narcotic zombie for 15 years and yet his drafts are still better than Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones got his quarterback to replace Romo with after this season, smart move, that will be a big cap savings for the future!
Jerry Jones' Cowboys, 2014: "Yes, we'll take failed Cleveland Browns, thanks." Hang in there, Cowboys fans! You've almost…
Can't believe Jerry Jones woke up and was like "I'm gonna sign Brandon Weeden today!"
'Wine and dine all they want,as long as Jerry Jones is there and Romo there going nowhere!!!
Go home Dallas your drunk! Smh you just love losing don't you jerry Jones
Jerry Jones really does just like good college quarterbacks and average NFL quarterbacks. he even remember a guy named Troy
Brandon Weeden signs with the Cowboys. Now we know for sure Jerry Jones has dementia.
Jerry jones is out of his mind for sign brandon
Jerry Jones is using coupons again!!! Wheaton from the Cleveland Browns.26 it's in 23 games.He makes it hard to be a fan.
Sweden went to high school with Jerry Jones. Sentimental value.
if they suspend the Colts owner, Jerry Jones will never have to buy another drink in his life
"Our defense was historically awful last year - let's release our 3 best defenders and sign Brandon Weeden for a quick …
So I'm starting to believe that Jerry Jones really enjoys a fun filled game of "lets see what will *** our fans off the most"... You know, sitting back in your multi-million dollar home, drinking expensive alcohol, smoking Cuban cigars.. Telling your maid to make you a dinner that your not gonna eat (just cause you can) and then a brilliant idea hits you... "Lets sign a QB when our defense is in need of work.. Yea, that will get the peasants going"...
I'm told Jerry Jones was impressed by the way Brandon Weeden stared him down during the contract negotiations.
I just want to make sure I am correct on this: the cowboys just lost Demarcus Ware, (which by the way it took Denver less than 24 hours to sign). Jason hatcher is gone, so what does Karnak the Magnificent Jerry Jones do? Yeah he signs Brandon Weeden to back up Kyle Orton, who backs up Tony Romo! Man I love me some Jerry Jones ! Maybe this year the cowboys will go 0- for, and we can get the top pick , but I am sure jerry would screw that up also
Brandon Weedon! Are you kiddin me?!?!?! We just unloaded all these quality defensive players thus makin our defense even worse and we decide to pick up a garbage QB that the brown trouts didn't even want. I love my team but I think I am officially at the end of my rope with Jerry Jones.
Jerry jones has lost his mind I believe.
I don't always wait a week to sign players in free agency, but when I do, I start with Brandon Weeden" - Jerry Jones
That had more to do with the salary cap, not Jerry Jones being an infidel.
“So Jerry Jones and Jim Irsay walk into a bar.” Get drunk. Jerry walks out w/ Weeden and Irsay w/ Richard…
Its official Jerry Jones has made my top ten sh ** list for 2014
Can it be? Will it be? Has To Be? What all of us in know the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones gonna learn
So cowboys owner jerry jones just proved he is dumber than the browns entire organization! Good job jerry lmao
Jerry Jones must be getting blind and senile in his old age
I seriously think Jerry Jones should retire. *** is he doing with the COWBOYS!? FRUSTRATED! My heart.
Cowboy's Ace General Manager Jerry Jones must have seen something in Weeden's fine play with the Browns no other NFL reinsman noted
jerry jones and Boone Pickens are great friends. That's why they signed him. C'mon now
Maybe Jerry Jones needs a bingo partner or someone to join him for the early bird special.
Another rant about Jerry Jones. Great pick up Jerry. Cowgirls sign ex browns Quarterback flop Brandon Weeden with the browns is 5 and 15 had 23 T D s and 26 picks. What an addition to Tony Blow Moe. Yep cowgirls are getting better
Demarcus Ware no longer a Cowboy, what the heck is Jerry Jones thinking
NFL ROUNDUP.the DRAFT. In less than two months, the 2014 edition of the meat market known as The NFL Draft takes, place in Midtown Manhattan. General managers and directors of player personnel and GM's will be scratching their heads trying to "buy" the players for their teams. Huge deals and trades are made, and each team hopes that their decisions all which cost large sums of money will eventually pay off. All the evaluations are long completed, now teams will be trying to determine the players much can they afford to pay any player. If they can get a player that they really want in the lower rounds they don't have to pay him much money. The NFL roster is 53 men, so it stands to reason that teams will need players from many rounds.the NFL roster is full of players from lower the trick is trying to get a bargain. It is not unheard of, for teams to anonymously spread false negative rumors about a payer they really want in order to diminish his stock and worth, which will drop him int .. ...
*** you Jerry Jones! You need to step down and let someone else run the team! Why would you let go of this guy??? Well I guess we are having a Raiders like season this year!!!
We need Jarred Allen..a good motivator...please Jerry Jones don't mess this Up...
DAL News: Sherrington: Marinelli's stock with Jerry Jones is rising to Barry Switzer levels
Finally Jerry Jones had sense to get a decent QB
Congratulations Jerry Jones. You already have one worthless quarterback. What do you need a second one for? Get rid of Ware and bring in Weeden. Do believe Jones has finally went senile. LOL
Dear Jerry Jones, it's clear you're senile. You gave a QB that has 438 of 784 passes for 5,116 yards with 23 touchdowns and 26 interceptions OH YEAH he's 5-15, $1.23 million for 2 years. I thought you played the game to win?
Brandon Weeden? Really Jerry jones? So it's so bad now that we're picking up what the Browns r throwing away. Now I c why Romoe is still employed. Lol. Keep the Cowboys in ur prayers people. It's not looking good next season.
And ya'll think Jerry Jones is a problem!
If Henry Melton signs with Dallas Cowboys, he will be the 2nd Texas Longhorn in the last 20 years to ever play here under Jerry Jones. The other one is OG/OT Leonard Davis
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All of Dallas feels this pain..Once again Jerry Jones has hurt this team. Good bye my Warrior became the greatest of them all...number one sack leader 117 of the 4-3 Doomsday D.I feel the pain.of your lost .sorry be-ware...I'll be watching
Jerry Jones has officially lost his mind..
R.I.P. Jerry Jones brain.. u get rid of pro bowler Ware, but pays Romo retardedly who hasn't did nothin but come up short when it really counts, and now u sign Brandon Weeden.. lmao.. hes an *** .
I swear Jerry Jones needs 2 wake up.this saddens me 2 c DWare leave he is such a great player...he is deff gonna b missed:'(
Okay I have to share this thought. Every year the Cleveland Browns take flack for just about everything, so I sit here thinking Haslam is not waiting eons to win and you gotta love it so kudos to him. Now everyone talks about how stupid our front office is selecting garbage for players in my opinion the worst pick ever has got to be *** Holgrem selecting wannabe quarterback Weeden.but guess what THE Dallas Cowboys ARE BY FAR MORE STUPID THAN THE BROWNS. Weeden was never a good quarterback and will never be I'm just dumbfounded that Jerry Jones a wise owner would allow a butt headed move to sign this *** so Cowboy fans now you'll truly understand the Browns fan's agony lmdao. Trust and believe he will not be a superstar ever.
What is Jerry Jones thinking Signing Weeden. Now they got two quarterbacks thats not sure which color jersey to throw to.
So Jerry Jones is officially Al Davis. We jettison Demarcus Ware and Miles Austin. And who you ask does are illustrious all knowing football guru bring in??? Brandon Weedon. He is so bad he got ran out of Cleveland. That is bad my friends. So if Romo goes down the opposing team now has an extra player playing for them. Jerry Jones I DESPISE you and what you have done to my beloved Cowboys. Can Cowboy fans hold a referendum on getting rid of YOU? *** ..
The New York giants are continuing to get better. Thank you jerry jones for being the worst owner in sports .
Hey, Doris... have you skimmed the comments on the Cowboys post about signing Weedon?,..Man, the fans don't seem to like he could do something that would diminish the team... I wish him lots if luck...he can do no less than Romo does...I suppose the only thing lamer than Jerry Jones' decisions is the opinion of Dallas Cowboy fans in general...he'll give his best and that is all you can ask of a two year hopeful nearing forty...
Weeden to Dallas is a genius move. Well player Jerry Jones.
I think I just heard Jerry Jones picked up a QB from Cleveland? I need a dvr on my car radio...,,any truth to this? And if so, WHY?
I hate jerry jones right now I hope he's happy how screwed us and Welp I'm sick of all this I really am
My Dallas Cowboys signed Brandon Weeden, What in the world are thinking Jerry Jones?
Jerry Jones is a football moron, that is all!
All pro defensive linemen, nah we need old quarterbacks that can't keep their jobs with other teams! I just don't know, I don't think Jerry Jones WANTS to win anymore!
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The Cowboys signed Brandon Weeden. Wow. Just wow. This truly goes to show how Jerry Jones has to get out of his own way and hire a GM.
Tony Romo will be out of Cowboys team. Jerry Jones hired Brandon Weeden Cowboys QB player! What the *** with JJ! That Suck! Brandon Weeden SUCK! JERRY JONES SUCK!!! I WAS SO ANGRY!
Here is my opinion...Jerry Jones you can really screw up our Cowboys but you will never and I mean never drive me away from the boys!!!
Please tell me why did Jerry Jones sign Brandon Weeden!?
Well were six days into free agency and so far the best player the Cowboys signed is Brandon Weeden. At least we won't be going 8-8 this year.because 2-14 seems what Jerry Jones is shooting for.
Jerry jones just signed Brandon Weeden. Him and Romo the same age. ***
With jerry jones giving money to all these old *** football players I wonder how much I might be worth screwed up back and all.jerry jones has lost his mind.
Jerry Jones is this dumbest owner I've ever seen in my life. SMDH. Go Rams.
The cowboys signed Brandon Weeden... Why?!? Another reason why jerry jones is an ***
I believe Jerry Jones owner of the cowboys just cemented himself as the worst General manager off all time by signing Brandon Weeden to a two year contract.
Is this a joke? Weeden goes from the Browns to the Cowboys? Why are you doing this to me Jerry Jones? WHY!
Let jerry jones get busted like irsay.. wouldn't be able to get on fb period lol.. but since its the Colts "no big deal"
Hey Jerry Jones, Tim Tebow looking for a job too how bout you give him a call! I can see that happening right now since you making these POWER MOVES!! 2 YEAR DEAL TOO?!?! AWW YEAH JERRY A BEAST Y'ALL!!!
Brandon Weeden is once again a Cowboy! Guess that's another way to get me to cheer for Dallas. (Still not a Jerry Jones fan!)
Why don't Jerry Jones just step down? Did you really just sign Brandon Weeden?
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Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, than step on their toe's, interfere, second guess them and than run them off. Sounds like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder
Brian Swartz. And every other Cowboy (or Jerry Jones worshiper). Now you have the best of both worlds. Tony Promo and Brandon Weeden. How great is that?
Cowboy fans about to hate Jerry Jones for signing Brandon Weeden😂I actually like the pick up, just think he was on a horrible team!
Cowboys signed Brandon Weedon really. And the hits just keep going on and on. Jerry Jones what are you thinking?
What part of last season were the Cowboys front office watching! They sign Brandon Weeden?! Did anybody see how bad our denfense was! We need defensive players jerry jones not more QUARTERBACKS!!
Cowboys sign Brandon Weeden a quarterback who Cleveland Browns didn't want and he bout older than Romo what's wrong with Jerry Jones
If this is what the Colts owner is up to, I wonder what they'd find in Jerry Jones' possession w/ the decisions he's been making lately.. Cynthia Walls Redd Henry Getting rid of Demarcus Ware was just. (loss for words)
Who is the worst owner in the nfl? Its close between jerry jones and Jim Irsay. Dan Snyder wipes the sweat from his head
Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said hes been doing some of his best work in years, despite the fact that his team is 21-21 since Jason Garrett took over as head coach in 2011.
So Jim Irsay got busted for possible DUI. Who cares. Just cuz he's got money means he can't screw up? I've read all kind of stuff where people are ripping him. He's done more good for his team and city as an owner then many others. Would you rather have Jerry Jones??? I sure wouldn't
Brian's new Ford F150! Congratulations and best wishes from Glen Sain Kennett and Jerry Jones.
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