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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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The Cowboys signed T.O. at like 3am i think...never ruling out anything with Jerry Jones, could wake up tmr and AP could be a Cowboy
Boy if we ever end up trading Dez for AP imma put a bounty on Jerry Jones
Tell Jimmy that Jerry Jones is waiting for him in the closet. He'd be so pumped.
😂😂😂😂 depending on how much Jerry Jones willing to spend
Jerry Jones now making player / personnel decisions for the Rangers.
the Cowboys will NEVER again win a Super Bowl with Jerry Jones as the owner.
If Josh Hamilton comes to the Rangers, Jon Daniels is the new Jerry Jones.
Need a meeting with Jerry Jones? You'll have to go through this guy:
Dallas loves them some Melvin Gordon. Jerry Jones doesn't mind moving up. Even Mayhew can get jones to overpay
This just in jerry jones is secretly trying to trade for
that is some Jerry Jones type stuff.
*** son.Jerry jones help my boy out man
Just ran into Jerry Jones in the bathroom in Rogers
long as its shark tank ... Sure ...but he is nba version of Jerry Jones .. only he recently won a nba title
Marc Cuban and Jerry Jones are the same person
Idk whose a worse owner out of Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones is in the rafters holding onto the strings that control that Jason Garrett doll thing
What a show doing on in Dallas. I thought Jerry Jones was the ring leader of the circus.
Dallas teams won't prosper again because we have owners like Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban.
Did anyone else just see Mark Cuban pull a Jerry Jones and almost hit that ref?
Hardy is a scumbag woman beater Jerry Jones is an *** for signing the *** !
Jerry Jones may be the best business man in Dallas Period .
Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones hands down the best Owner in Professional Sports and richest other than Mr. Kraft
you mean - "who ever Jerry Jones paid $1 mill to destroy it did a good job "
Translation: Jerry Jones got money for days
That awkward moment when Adam Jones tries stealing 2nd and still hits into a double play..
Tony Romo and jerry jones are rolling over in their graves
Rangers owners trying to out do Jerry Jones on who can lead the best circus in town. Lol.
Lurie knows what getting Mariota does to his franchise. Knows value of franchise QB. He isn't Jerry Jones, but I bet h…
Who deserves more credit for the Dallas cowboy championship rosters Jerry Jones or Jimmy Johnson? And why?
someone said jerry Jones is the new gm...
domain names
Jones asked the ump if the swing and miss was a strike, then got mad at himself. Didn't argue
JD stealing a page out of jerry jones play book
doesn't Jerry Jones usually do that? I think Romo just beat him to it this year 😂
what are your thoughts on Chip Kelly being possessed by the demon of Jerry Jones ?
Jerry Jones is about to be in the restaurant I'm in. Should I ask him what the deal is w/ AP?
Be Jerry Jones for a day: The Cowboys are on the clock. Who would you pick...?
Why doesn't Jerry Jones put t shirts on the seats lol
“We sign Greg Hardy,” said Jerry Jones in his lair. "Cuban, trade for Rondo, then exile him. Daniels, go get Hamilton. It'll be…
If Jerry Jones signs Polk I'm going to be sick.
Not too sure why they have these illusions of grandeur in "Big D". First Jerry Jones and now Tony R…
Channel your inner Jerry Jones and make a pick for the
Am I the only one that thinks John Elway has the same problem Jerry Jones has? A little too much input. Fox to Kubiak, not an upgrade
I'd take York over Paul Allen, Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and others.
Jerry Jones will not give Jason Garrett a contract extension just yet … via
Jerry Jones on the TL, Isaiah Thomas in the DMs
Chris Christie has not, and will not, recover from being seen alongside Jerry Jones in that press box in Arlington.
But in other news, i think imma create a petition telling Jerry Jones to cut Brandon Carr. And i'm serious
NY prosecutors looking at World Trade Center observation deck deal for company of friend Jerry Jones htt…
who do you have in next year's WM main event Vince McMahon's ego or Jerry Jones' ego?
Tony Romo has restructured his contact freeing up about the same amount as Adrian Peterson's salary. Jerry Jones...
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys have to start thinking about who'll be Tony Romo's replacement »
I can't stand Jerry Jones. Good for Tony Romo taking a cut tho, his contract was outrageous.
QB Tony Romo has restructured his contract saving the Cowboys $13M on the cap. Jerry Jones creating cap space for Adrian Peterson?
Tony Romo on said he's told Jerry Jones in the past that he would take a pay cut if it was needed:
Jerry Jones: We need to start looking for future Cowboys QB | FOX Sports (via
So in other words we can thank John Tyler for Cummins, cowboy hats, and Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones was "worried about Demarco's injuries and ability to stay healthy" yet he picks up D-Mac😂
Jerry Jones believes Darren McFadden can be a difference maker
Jerry Jones officially has no problem with the catch rule, even though he thinks Dez Bryant caught the ball
Coming up on today's at 5:30 p ET - Interviews include Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Rex Ryan, Robert Kraft and Jeff Fisher.
Jerry Jones desperate lmao. Their fluke season ended with a gut punch. DMC ain't gonna replicate what Murray did. Romo will throw it away.
It's weird to me that I can't ever remember Jason Garrett is the coach of the Cowboys because Jerry Jones does everything.
Jerry Richardson firing shots at Jerry Jones...but remember how long it took Carolina to act on Greg Hardy?
As much as I didn't like Jerry Jones as GM, I'm loving Stephen Jones/Will McClay working together to captain franchise.
Just had lunch sitting next to Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett. Wanted to be smarmy but they were cheery lads.
Dale Hansen on effect of ‘Unplugged’ format: Cowboys’ Jerry Jones better at taking a hit than Mark Cuban
The Cowboys Became CLASSLESS since Jerry Jones bought team & sacked Tom Landry. Signing of LOWLIFE no news.
This Man just smacked Jerry Jones & The Cowboys to the Ground... Dale Hansen Unplugged: Greg Hardy:
well done Dale great seeing a media member call out Jerry Jones for the scumbag that he is
Watch: Sports Anchor Slams Dallas Cowboys for Player Signing: Dale Hansen rips team owner Jerry Jones for taking on Gr...
"What's Rae Carruth up to these days? Can he still run a good route?" - Jerry Jones
LRT signing Chris Johnson would be such a Jerry Jones move
It took HIM that long, or Jerry Jones that long to move Garrett out of the playcalling business??
Cowboys: Read Jerry Jones' official statement on Demarco Murray signing with the Eagles
Jerry Jones is the dumbest MFer in football. Jerry sell the team to Mark Cuban, please.
King of the Cowboys Book The Life and Times of Jerry Jones Jim Dent Book
This week in sports: NFL New Year gets pricey, Jerry Jones goes to court, and Tampa Bay cheerleaders...
Hey You could see Philly was on the minds of Jerry Jones & Chris Christie last season.
Jerry jones needs to fire himself as GM please jerry do this step down as GM
Tony Romo deserves ring more then anyone romo won't get a ring becouse Jerry jones stupid GM Jerry need to for himself GM
Jerry jones is main reason why romo don't have ring jerry didn't put good enough team around romo to get a ring it's sad
Michael Irvin on Demarco Murray: 'If Jerry Jones wants to sign him, he can sign him' | FOX Sport.. Related Articles:
Jerry jones failed as GM to put good enough team around romo over the years for romo to get a ring jerry failed very badly
jerry jones loves to sign injured prone players McFadden is worse then Murray ever was that's bad
South Padre Island brother. I don't enjoy Jerry Jones land more than the next guy but I'm just here to party
Man Darren McFadden...?? *** Jerry Jones. U should've drafted a rookie.. McFadden not gon cut it bro.. U pissin me off
I think if that were to happen,Jerry Jones would do whatever it took to get him
Just a Blur aimed at Country Championships qualifer: Paul Jones believes Just A Blur will be ideally weighted ...
Because Princess Godzilla needs a cake too. Jess Jones
I agree about Jerry Jones. I think he's trying to get Adrian Peterson
Jerry Jones did well giving money to an old Arkansas player, Darren McFadden. He could have waited for Gurley. Now let's see if he stays fit
Thanks for the money. I forgot to tell you I'm a double agent. Jerry Jones sent me here to infiltrate the new duck dynasty
Jerry Jones: Demarco Murray would be a Cowboy if not for salary cap
Cowboys finally are getting wise with personnel moves
Jerry Jones is one smart man signing my dude Darren McFadden. Bringing the wood to Dallas!
I wonder if Darren McFadden signed with the Cowboys because he and Jerry Jones went to Arkansas
two-year Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was reportedly tempted to draft…
I really think Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones wants to Acquire RB Adrian Peterson in my Opinion! I could see that happening
They need an owner like Jerry Jones or that guy from Indy. Someone who wants to win. Or even Kraft from New England.
2 more drinks and Yung Jerry jones needs to begin upgrading the roster 😏
Darren McFadden, who grew up a Cowboys fan, talking about Jerry Jones before the 2008 draft:
In 2008 Jerry Jones was robbed out of his RunningBack and his future but had to settle for his Arkansas back up FelixJones. Now Jerry has
Jerry Jones has finally lost his mind, team, and a lot of GREAT fans
Child owners SUCK > Letting Murray walk signals that someone other than Jerry Jones is calling shots for Cowboys
Basically confirms that my opinion about this feeling like a Stephen Jones move
Dude said jerry Jones money and your the running back
Such a good service with Bro. Jerry Jones tonight at Mattoon AC!
Dmack to the Cowboys 😄👌🙌yes so perfect I can't wait to 👀 this put on for the bity Relo lr Ar. 501 AR jerry jones sign…
Jerry Jones says the reason Demarco Murray isn't still a Cowboy is due to the salary cap.
they could have made room. But jerry jones still wanted money hanging out of his pockets. Greedy ***
The world is stunned to realize Stephen Jones real role with the Cowboys. But not us.
Jerry Jones is in Hog Heaven with a RB from Arkansas now toting the rock for the 'Boys.
“Jerry Jones is an Arkansas Alum, McFadden is an Arkansas Alum...” Finally somebody gets it
They probably got Jerry Jones in a straight-jacket right now, because if they didn't he'd have signed Adrian Peterson by now.
I just spoke with Jerry Jones and he said that Adrian Peterson will be the RB for Dallas this year
Wonder if Jerry Jones has had any recent communication w/ Texas-born Cowboy fan Adrian Peterson, fresh off playing onl…
Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Duke Johnson and Jay Ajayi all fit the Cowboys Offensive System but who will Jerry Jones draft??😳😳
Jerry Jones went 2 his 1980's cliff notes like Al Davis. -Ship best HB. -Hershel Walker out. -Get Troy, Irvin, Smith
I could see Jerry Jones going after an ole Arkansas RB in Darren McFadden
I guess Jerry Jones forgot that Emmitt Smith won him a few Super Bowls... Live and die by the Romo!
Good for Demarco Murray to get his deal. Good for Jerry Jones to stick to his blueprint. Go draft a guy & u…
Jerry Jones gone sign Darren McFadden... Arkansas connection lol
Jerry Jones + Razorback ❤️ = Darren McFadden. From washed up to the Pro Bowl
Jerry Jones love them Arkansas boys so lowkey I see it... “Darren McFadden to the Cowboys.”
/obvious statement about Jerry Jones and Darren McFadden
Eagles signing Demarco Murray would literally be spitting in Jerry Jones and the Cowboys face's... I love Chip Kelly 💚
Raiders offered most $$$, Eagles offering scheme and years and featured back. Jerry Jones is pooping his diaper.
Jerry Jones won't mind going all in but would he trade a the 27th pick plus more picks for AP & take on that salary for a 30y…
Bruce Carter leaving. Jerry Jones *** you doing! Sign your players & stop waiting on Murray he probably leaving anyway.
In all seriousness, what's Jerry Jones spending his $ on? Hookers and Super Bowl lawsuits? Pay Demarco!
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Demarco Murray: 'We'd like to get him back' |
Yeap.. DMC and Jerry Jones both former Razorbacks!!! That's my money where Darren ends up
Jerry Jones agrees to trade Demarco Murray to the Raiders for Darren McFadden and one night with Del Rios wife
Chip Kelly is secretly cashing checks from Jerry Jones
Chip Kelly on Jerry Jones payroll, gotta be
Chip Kelly was planted by Jerry Jones!! It all makes makes sense.
what are the chances Chip Kelly was hired by Jerry Jones as a mole in the Eagles organization
I think you mean Jerry Jones. Dallas is the real winner of Kelly's trades.
I'm convinced that Jerry Jones is paying Chip Kelly big money to ruin the Eagles
So I think we can all agree that Jerry Jones is secretly paying Chip Kelly to sabotage the Eagles...
Secret meeting with Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Chip Kelly..."Just say yes to every trade and we'll take real good care of you"
I think Chip Kelly is a mole sent to the Eagles by Jerry Jones to tear the Eagles apart from the inside
We need to check the paper work on Chip he on Jerry Jones's payroll? Who vetted this ninja?!
: I know you're busy, but can you check to see if Chip Kelly is secretly employed by Jerry Jones?
Chip Kelly is showing you what would happen if the Dallas personnel didn't lock Jerry Jones in a padded room at the start of free agency
Chip Kelly gotta be a double agent for Jerry Jones or something
After the past few days before free agency begins, I am now convinced Chip Kelly is actually a double agent for Jerry Jones
I wonder how much Jerry Jones paid Chip Kelly to do this to the Eagles.
Chip Kelly is continuing an offseason only the likes of Jerry Jones and Al Davis could understand
Chip Kelly is either going to somehow draft Mariotta or we'll find out Jerry Jones has actually been paying him to destroy the Eagles.
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Dawg.Jerry Jones sent Chip Kelly to Philly as a sleeper cell to ruin the organization from the inside, I'm convinced.
Chip Kelly was hired by Jerry Jones bruh 😂😂😂
At this point I think Jerry Jones paid Chip Kelly to leave Oregon to come to the Eagles and sabotage their roster well mission complete
this isn't Chip Kelly doing this...this has to be Jerry Jones or something. THE DEVIL IS BUSY
Sources say Jerry Jones has Chip Kelly on his payroll.
BREAKING: Jerry Jones is paying Chip Kelly to implode the Eagles... "It's the cost of winning." -Jerry Jones. Per Sources
I feel like Jerry Jones is paying Chip Kelly to ruin the eagles 😂😂😭😭
Chip Kelly may have early onset dementia. Or is getting side money from Jerry Jones.
Greg Hardy would be a solid get for the right price. Jerry Jones is the king of second chances after all lol
My sources are Zombie Hitler, Alex Rodriguez, Sidney Crosbys cousin Dave and Jerry Jones.
any truth to the rumor that Chip Kelly is friends with Jerry Jones and he only became a coach to one day sabotage the Eagles?
How can Jerry Jones not sign Murray. best RB since Emmit Smith
J was that DJ Jason Smith on Deep Cuts late night radio or was that a young Jerry Jones in his 1970's disco leisure suit?
Jeff Saturday had one message for Jerry Jones about Dez Bryant on NFL Live
More than likely there was a cover up and Jerry Jones' check didn't clear.
Jerry Jones is gonna make someone very rich...and it's not just Bryant
Whoda thunk Mike Brown would be off this list and Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder on it? RE
Jerry Jones give Dez Bryant Long-term Deal so he can be a Dallas Cowboys WR for Life And then Win Super Bowl
On this day in Texas history, in 1989, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, fired head coach Tom Landry...
only weathermen and grandpa jerry jones can be wrong over and over and over and STILL have a job...
Jerry Jones said he has no issues with off the field. I wish people would stop digging. Nothing's there
"Waiting on to drop the Dez Bryant video.." So is Jerry Jones & D.Murray
Jerry Jones said he's not excited about possibility of having to use the franchise tag on Dez Bryant. Wants him locked up l…
NEWS: Port Authority blocks release of any correspondence from admin abt deal for Cowboys' Jerry Jones http:/…
Asked a similar question when Jerry Jones was on "The League". He REALLY wants 2 b famous. Is he jealous of
Why was Chris Christie sitting with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at the Eagles game?
Dem Boy$ Dallas hall of fame plaque going between DSR and Jerry Jones
I still think both Rams/Raiders to play in LA this season. It can go to court like Jerry Jones indicated.
Brandon Carr, Dallas Cowboys discussed paycut: "I don't have anything to report there," owner Jerry Jones...
Which would make sense of the way Jerry Jones is acting about signing him.
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Jerry Jones is in process of coughing up some serious bread to get rid of that Dez Bryant video of him beating his mom.
Wonder if there's any truths to Dez Bryant being about on video having a Ray Rice moment?! Oh yea Jerry Jones got pull it won't b released
born and raised one. Regardless rumor or not I'll be saddened if it's true. Maybe Jerry Jones is putting out these rumors right?
Dez is going to look real bad, Jerry Jones finna get that home town discount. Well played sir, now the boyz really gonna keep demarco
Jerry Jones wasn't tripping about keeping dez, there saying this video been floating around. Isn't it ironic that its going to pop out now.
or Jerry Jones mentions after a bad offseason move lol
you know whats next...stories of Jerry Jones paying people off in dark ally'
tackled me and said "What's his name again? JERRY JONES!" (She meant Jon Jones cuz we just played
It's been rumored for a while and supposedly Jerry Jones son has even mentioned it. That's why no contract yet.
The rumor of a Dez Bryant "Ray Rice tape" is to justify Jerry Jones not paying him his money. He's being set up by the cowboys.
Jerry Jones has a history of these things wit the best players. Emmitt had to fight hella to get paid
Jerry Jones gotta be the guy leaking this Dez Bryant rumor to gain an edge in contract negotiations
Something tells me that Jerry Jones has had this tape for some time. Might be a "if I can't have him, no one will" situation.
The Dez video will drop. After Jerry Jones people finish editing it.
Jerry Jones greatest owner of all time
Jerry Jones trying to get AP cut by the Vikings and now trying to get Dez to sign a cheaper deal with this lol
Jerry Jones paying somebody big hush money. Video should have came out by now. Hope it does
Jerry jones need to call them goons and handle this one jack
*** never heard about Dez Bryant tape Jerry Jones and dem must have known this whole time
You know Jerry Jones behind the Dez video just so he can sign Dez to a cheaper deal
It is probably him and Jerry Jones showing one of Jerry's beloved strippers the eiffel tower
because you're scared of Jerry jones dome
Stephen Jones denies knowledge of Dez Bryant 'incriminating video' -
Jerry Jones cares more about Jason Garrett and Tony Romo more than Dez Bryant if we're being real.
neither do i. Unless Jerry Jones gets SUPAH greedy.
fakeee. Jerry jones gonna get him out of it
AP calls Jerry Jones prior to the event, now AP is saying he doesn't want to return to Minnesota, based on the lack of support.
Man idk. I have a theory that Tony Romo and Jerry Jones are lovers...disgusting. But possibly true...
Jerry Jones says Dez Bryant shouldn't pout if he's tagged; here's how Dez could make the Cowboys pout, eventually http…
I was in the same hall as Jerry Jones today.literally
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are you really that dumb? Roger Goodell is a puppet. Jerry Jones and Bob kraft run the nfl. Both want rams in LA.
bro..Roger Goodell is a puppet. He even says the "bylaws" are just guidelines. Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft run the NFL
all Jerry Jones thinks about is Jason Garrett not the football team! Dez Bryant and Murray NEEDS TO SIGN with the Redskins!!!
Demarco Murray belongs with the Washington Redskins at least they would appreciate him not like Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett
Come on Jerry Jones and Garrett, please sign and pay 88, we need him.
Jerry Jones if we get rid of Dez please get Sammie Coates 😁👍 -Tay
Just landed in Dallas. Now it's time to find Jerry Jones, George Strait, and Walker Texas Ranger
NFL: Chris Christie's lucky orange sweater speaks about the Dallas Cowboys, the governor and Jerry Jones:...
Jerry Jones on the BS we dont need Melvin Gordon
remember, just this season Jerry Jones was down on the sidelines telling Garrett who to play at QB.
Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett 'really just getting started'
Nice to see Arthur Blank living up to his word about not being Jerry Jones.
Jordan's King, Jerry Jones, hmmm who else is he taking money from? Where are Sandy monies,ppl still waiting!Hmm
Jerry Jones is about Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett that's all they care about in Dallas
If Seahawks were Cowboys story would be Jerry Jones told Garrett to throw so Lynch wouldn't MVP forcing them to pay him!
Yeah, but that's only because everyone knows Jason Garrett is a lifelike animatronic controlled by Jerry Jones.
Jason Garrett would have made the right play call- Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones is about to call Jason Garrett. and cuss him out and say "this could've been us Jay" and hangs up lol
Carroll has done better than Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett Cuz he can at least win a Super Bowl in the past 20 year
People who could've run that ball in : Katy Perry, Betty White, Me, Dr. Funk, Steven Hawking, Jerry Jones, Woody the Cowboy, Vladmir Putin
Paul Allen's Super Bowl offer was accepted by Goodell sorry Jerry Jones!
Terrell Owens is the only man to have been fired by Jerry Jones and Donald Trump. Does that qualify him for some sort of hall of fame?
..The Vince & Al Davis analogy seems spot on. A visionary in his prime who got stubborn and old. Jerry Jones next.
I wonder if Jason Garrett is texting Jerry Jones to ask him what to do here??
Dez, Tony, Witten, DeMarco, 2 OL, Scott Linehan, and Jason Garrett! Did Jerry Jones pick this team?
Jason Garrett don't worry Jerry Jones won't fire you for losing you don't have to blitz.
Tony Romo is pressing Jerry Jones to re-sign DeMarco and Dez but Romo doesn't offer to take less.
ESPN example: "This just in, Tom Brady took a dump before the game and felt lighter and more comfortable. How will this affect LeBron James chances of purchasing a Dallas Cowboys jersey directly from Jerry Jones?" Lol journalism.
Tony Romo consistently getting on Jerry Jones to bring back Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray
Jerry Jones can count on hearing from Mr. Romo about deals for Dez & Demarco. Over. And over:
She'd be the female version of Al Davis or Jerry Jones. No Thanks!
What was Jerry Jones saying to Garrett there, I wonder?
Jerry Jones make it official Jason Garrett Cowboys coach for the next 5 year
and Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett should be punished 4being dumb enough to ok Tony Romos aching back in Pro Bowl
Jerry Jones announces the Cowboys have signed Jason Garrett to a 5 year contract
what's important about the Dallas Cowboy fans is the FANS! not Jerry Jones & what he feels he can accomplish from Jason Garrett!
Interested in Garrett's thoughts on Jerry Jones and Tony Romo?. Hear from the Dallas Cowboys head man himself.
Cowboys' Jason Garrett opens up ... about Jerry Jones' loyalty, Tony Romo, much more.
Jerry Jones donated $10.65 million to the University of Arkansas »
Why is Jerry Jones thinking about giving Claiborne $11mill lol
The same PR person that told Chris Christie to hang out in Jerry Jones' suite must be behind this A-Rod-Barry Bonds pairing.
“TV director who invented instant replay dies at 81: In a coincidence, Jerry Jones was vis…
Dallas is loosing records as well as games now, all due respect to the late and great Tom Landry. Thanks Jerry Jones
The only thing that would have made that comeback better is if it was against the Cowboys with Jerry Jones and Chris Christie on TV.
Jerry Jones was mad at the packers so he paid for the Seahawks to win. Only thing it can be!
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Woody Johnson's comments about Revis were no different than Jerry Jones' comments about Adrian Peterson. All we ask for is consistency
Timeline of Chris Christie and Jerry Jones\' friendship
NEWS: move to close a state-owned arena is a stealth gift to Jerry Jones & to two top GOP donors
If Chris Christie didn't meet Jerry Jones till 2013, why was Jones calling Christie in 2009?
go on google search Jerry Jones talking about AP. JJ Admitted to talking with AP over the phone
Jerry Jones tells Roger Goodell he doesn't remember comments on Rams moving to L.A.: Goodell called up the Cowboys owner to get clari...
The panicked spin by NFL exec Eric Grubman in this story on Jerry Jones' relocation comments is hilarious.
I think Jerry Jones is trying to low ball Demarco Murray so he can swing something to get Adrian Peterson.
Ditching great coaches like Bill Parcells & Wade Phillips so quickly & Jason Garrett gets another 5 years. Whats Garrett got on Jerry Jones?
Jerry Jones think. he's slick, low balling Demarco Murray knowing he aint gon take that deal. He really got his eyes set on Adrian Peterson.
Obviously Chris Christie's love affair with Jerry Jones has helped him!
Today's episode of Outside the Lines got very awkward thanks to the presence of country singer and gadfly Kinky Friedman. While participating in a panel discussion about Jerry Jones and Chris Christie's blossoming bromance, Friedman went straight for the *** jokes.
BREAKING: Jerry Jones and Governor Chris Christie have broke up
If I'm Jerry Jones, it's no way I'm singing Murray top dollar. Draft Melvin Gordon or TGurley & they can produce with that OLine
Gosh Fox Sports forgot to show Chris Christie cavorting w/ Jerry Jones at the Packer game. Must've been an oversight: http:/…
Jason Garrett signs 5-year extension with Cowboys, according to reports: Jerry Jones appears to have locked down Jason Garrett for th...
Jerry Jones tonight: "I think it is an absolute home run for college football to have had this playoff."
Jerry Jones is dropping all the confetti he's had saved up since the 90's!
Jerry Jones is actively trying to sign Urban Meyer following a win at AT&T stadium in Mid January.
LeBron took that Jerry Jones elevator with a quickness
that's because Jimmy Johnson was smart!! Jerry Jones, well, not so much! He will pay anyone a ton of money..
After the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) poked fun New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) for his love of Dallas football. Christie took some heat last week after he hugged Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when the Cowboys won last weekend.
Uh... what?... Reminiscent of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson parting ways - not enough room for both egos in that...
Cowboys turn attention to extending Garrett: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says a priority of the offseason is to ...
Rod Marinelli, get ready to meet Jerry Jones' checkbook.
NFL Announcement: Jerry Jones paid Ndamukong Suh to stomp on the replay official in Green Bay. Ray Rice drove the getaway car.
Here are the reactions of and Jerry Jones when the Dez Bryant catch was overturned: (h/t
A disappointed Jerry Jones thought this team could have broken the 19-year Super Bowl drought
Dallas vs Green Bay was a well rounded game and the call that everyones flipping out about was definitely a crap call. Is it me or has there been a lot of missed calls and bad calls this play off season? Granted I dont blame the loss on that one call because anyone who watched knows that murray definitely could've had that one yard needed. I definitely am a happy Dallas fan, getting this far. Still hate Jerry Jones but that wont change... IND vs Seattle for the superbowl
I said last week Jerry Jones's money does not spend in Green Bay. I think I hit that one right on the head Cowboy fans
Jerry Jones on the phone with the replay official like...
I suspect Jerry Jones is re-negotiating his soul-selling contract with Satan right about now.
Jerry Jones just kicked Chris Christie off his private jet. Welcome back to Newark.
That rule will be changed, if Owner/GM/VP of Officiating/Football Operations/CEO of the manipulation/mob boss Jerry Jones can and will do it
Y'all really acting like Dez Scored UH he clearly was down .mike Ferrara even said it Jerry Jones just couldn't buy two games
Somewhere Chris Christie gives Jerry Jones a gentle kiss on the forehead. .
Dallas football is forever cursed as long as Jerry Jones still around LOL
Jerry Jones should let Bill Cowher write his own check.
Not one Chris Christie or Jerry Jones sighting either.made that game even more satisfying
Jerry Jones can just suck it forever and ever and ever
Well at least Chris Christie and Jerry Jones can have a loving and emotional 69 after the game. Enjoy that mental image, errebody!
Jerry Jones just told Chris Christie he can take the bus back to New Jersey.
Jerry Jones inside the officials' locker room after the game
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