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Jerry Jones

Jerral Jerry Wayne Jones (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman, known for being the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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I don't think this is what Jerry Jones meant by Joseph Randle getting more touches.
Jones Gives Garrett Not-So-Subtle Endorsement: One of Jerry Jones' favorite moves is to sa...
Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett had his finest hour as a Cowboy, but not ...
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells 105.3 FM that starting right tackle Doug Free is out 3-4 weeks with fractured foot.
Jerry Jones doesn't tip his hand on Jason Garrett's contract status on but of course is happy with him right now.
Jason Garrett won't like this but Jerry Jones says Cowboys should "smell the roses" a little bit with 5-1 start.
Jerry Jones makes Jason Garrett highest paid coach in the NFL
Even after a 'Jason Garrett win' as Jerry Jones calls it, it's too soon for a new deal
Only someone as totally convinced of their own infallibility as Jerry Jones would've stayed with Jason Garrett as coach and Tony Romo as QB.
Jerry Jones declines to discuss possible Jason Garrett extension after Cowboys' validating win over…
So, was that Jason doing Jerry Jones doing Rusty Cohle?
I hear Jerry Jones said there are at least 500 other coaches besides Garrett who could have got the Cowboys to 5 and 1.
I know it's early, but Jerry Jones leading candidate for NFL Executive of the Year and Jason Garrett for Coach of the Y…
owner Jerry Jones said that Sunday's 30-23 win over the Seattle was coach Jason Garrett's "finest hour as a Cowboy".
gave Jerry Jones an early birthday gift: a win against the reigning SuperBowl champs
Jason Garrett is in the last year of his contract, Jerry Jones must be about to replace him with Linehan, the locker room wants him gone!
Gotta tip your hat to Jerry Jones for sticking with Jason Garrett the entire time
Jerry Jones after win: "This is probably Jason Garrett's finest hour as a Cowboy."
Jerry Jones: 'This is probably Jason Garrett’s finest hour as a Cowboy.'
Also: Does DAL's 5-1 start justify Jerry Jones' faith in Jason Garrett? Jameis Winston & FSU done permanent damage to his r…
Jerry Jones has Dallas Cowboys thinking Super Bowl: Behind the stellar play of DeMarco Murray, Dallas owner Jerry…
Jerry Jones has Cowboys thinking Super Bowl - After a statement win over the Seahawks, Dallas owner Jerry Jon...
No one in the Dallas Cowboys locker room, with the exception of owner Jerry Jones, would say as much after an eye-opening 30-23 victory over Seattle. The players by and large echoed the sentiments of tight end Jason Witten, who said the Cowboys can’t afford to make this win bigger than what it is.
I find it comical that with the Dallas Cowboys at 5-1 this season their fans have already forgiven Jerry Jones for ruining the image of the Cowboys and for the last 17 seasons of him padding his pockets while sporting a mediocre football team.
Jerry Jones on Tony Romo: "He'll be sore, but I'm told he'll be OK."
Cowboys PR already preparing for the future leaked photos of Jerry Jones partying tonight.
Just feeling so depressed thinking about all the poor hookers that are gonna get an up close look at Jerry Jones' ball…
Jerry Jones turned his train wreck around and Art Rooney's has become worse. Unreal.
Jerry Jones is a genius for assembling this team!
unless your name is Art Rooney II. Or Al Davis. Or Jerry Jones. All are the same.
Jerry Jones taking credit for Walker trade.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Did hear earlier that Bert has the backing of Jerry Jones, so he has that going for him
Jerry Jones' biggest regret was not drafting Randy Moss. The smartest move be never made? About to tell you on
It's just a matter of time before Jerry Jones replaces Al Davis as the lead for Tales from the Crypt...
moose is probably right. There was still a lot of animosity towards Jerry Jones because of Tom Landry.
Number three: Jerry Jones drinking a chilly Miller Lite in the Cowboys' draft room
Jerry Jones optimistic about Rolando McClain's status, not Bruce Carter's
Jerry Jones on KRLD-FM says he feels better about LB Rolando McClain playing at Seattle than LB Bruce Carter.
Lol Tony Romo basically just put Jerry Jones on blast
It looks like Cowboys ticket prices will go up if this continues! Ya think Jerry Jones wont see the market that...
For starters I want to say I am a proud Dallas Cowboy fan and I am also a little sour Houston had more fans than the Cowboys at the Cowboys home game... That being said, to me, listening to Romo or Witten or any athlete for that matter, complain that their fans sold their home tickets is a touch hypocritical. These athletes (in general) hold out because the millions they make aren't enough. If a fan wants to sell his/her over priced ticket to make an extra buck... let 'em. Blame yourselves and your owner, Yes, you Jerry Jones, for buying out your 'everyday' fan.
Given that his players admitted Sunday's home game felt like a road contest, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones won't be able to deny that there were a lot of Houston Texans fans at AT&T Stadium on Sunday...
Jerry Jones said he has to find trophy for winning battle of Texas over Texans' Bob McNair: "Im not sure who's got it, but I'll hunt it up."
I feel that Jerry Jones and Jason Garret need to send Gundy a thank you note or fruit basket or something
Jerry Jones waiving his wallet too much
Jerry Jones: have you seen my video board?. Bob McNair: we gotta get a bigger video board than Jerry's.
Frida Kahlo, Jerry Jones, and a little old lady walk into a blog:
Please, Jerry Jones, don't heap undo pressure on your coming-together team by making even remote comparisons to Cowboy…
VIDEO: Frank Caliendo answers numerous questions as Jerry Jones, Jaws, Mel Kiper Jr. and more
Why I hate MLB wild card game possibly ever and is covering Jerry Jones and the New Orleans Saints
I have to give Jerry Jones credit. While the team was going 8&8 for the last 3 years Jerry was building a Pro Bowl OF Line.
RTC: What Jerry Jones and Bob McNair share: Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans... Jerry Jones...
Al Davis was worse than Jerry Jones. You must be drinking that kool-aid, homie.
¦ 286 ¦ Aggies to welcome back Manziel ¦ ARLINGTON, Texas -- As if Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones w...
Here's my FOX column on what Jerry Jones is calling the "perfect triangle."
*"MY NFL VIEWS".Well, football fans...I'M BACK!!! (Had to take a necessary, but brief hiatus), however, I notice there are a few happy Dallas Cowboys fans running around like they've just won a "SUPERBOWL"!!! lol Well, just let me be's so great to be all excited when your team is WINNING...but what counts the MOST???...Can you win a "playoff game"??? The Cowboys are very, VERY consistent in THAT category, when it comes to playoff-time.they can't seem to get in the DOOR!!! Time after time, after time again...I keep reminding everyone that TONY ("Tonya") ROMO, will never...(I repeat)...NEVER, EVER take the Cowboys ANYWHERE!??? I will take THAT to the bank, and most of you think I'm WRONG!??? Well, he's known to all to be a "choke-artist"...and until (Owner) Jerry Jones steps the *** out-of-the-way.the Cowboys will never win, nor get anywhere NEAR a SUPERBOWL!...So, STOP THE MADNESS!!! Meanwhile, my favorite team (the REDSKINS) are on a downward spiral! Not using excuses, however, many injuries . ...
Jerry Jones & have opened 9 Dunkin Donuts. They plan to open 41 more by 2017
“Jerry Jones' creepy victory smile terrifies the nation I was smiling with him 😁
Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the world and it's all because Jerry Jones is the greatest owner and Tony Romo is a Hall Of Fame Quarterback! Thank you, thank you, so much!
REPORT: Jerry Jones pushes NFL toward shortening games to just 3 quarters.
Jerry Jones is having a great time tonight.
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Jerry Jones paid off the refs I'm convinced
is Jerry Jones the number one road block preventing Dallas from taking it to the next level?
Johnny Manziel is gonna be in Jerry World tomorrow. Hope he gets to ask Jerry Jones why he didn't draft him.
The former exotic dancer who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Jerry Jones earlier this month says the Cowboys owner and general...
The former stripper who is suing Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he paid her for years to keep quiet about a sexual assault.
The show has been on since I was in 5th grade and South Park still makes me belly laugh, just from the way they draw and animate people. Jerry Jones: "My eyes aren't too far apart"
They way they depicted jerry jones last night 😂😂😂😂
Jerry Jones lawsuit accuser says he paid to keep her silent via
Jerry Jones has denied Jana Weckerly's allegations and the Cowboys on Wednesday referred to an earlier statement from Jones' attorney Levi McCathern calling the claims "completely false."
South Park's take on Jerry Jones, hilarious.
why are Jerry Jones eyes so far apart?
South Parks version of jerry jones was fricken hilarious
Photo: Woman say Jerry Jones paid her to keep quiet about alleged sexual assault A stripper suing Dallas...
South Park's depiction of Jerry Jones is just the best.
So the woman that is suing Jerry jones is just not suing him? But had no problem cashing checks for 5 years from him ?
South Park Redskins episode was good, but they crushed it with the Jerry Jones eyes. Absolutely hilarious.
Brilliant episode. Took swings at sports and American gullibility. The Jerry Jones clip was funny as ***
Ummm so a Jerry Jones Accuser says jones paid her per 4 years to hide an assault, I'm no lawyer but I smell extortion
Anyone want to go to San Antonio tonight and eat dinner with Jerry Jones? I have an extra spot.
Bank records prove pymnts made to victim
“The South Park burn on Jerry Jones was also pretty nice.
Wonder if this will help Jerry Jones figure out the meaning of "effective defense." via
I did enjoy that not subtle at all digs at Jerry Jones
Well I guess The NFL is not going to let JERRY JONES go to the Cowboy games . Might be a while in court. Give me a break. If the owners can do these things , I guess his players think if the boss is doing we can to. Another fine example.
I laughed at the Jerry Jones getting a *** bit
Wonder what's gonna happen to Jerry Jones with this latest allegation.
I'm checkn the site out jerry jones a fool lol
The hush money didn’t work, apparently. A stripper suing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for sexual assaulting her claims he paid her cash to keep quiet about the 2009 incident, an amended lawsuit filed this week in Dallas court says.
Jerry Jones paid hush money after groping: suit via
Doouble-rainbow celbrating Jerry Jones What you think of your boy now?
Accuser says owner Jerry Jones paid her to keep silent
Jerry Jones in new South Park episode. I say pretty spot on.
Without looking, I HAVE to imagine that Jerry Jones' depiction is included...*clicks* NUMBER ONE
So when do the protests of the Cowboys and Jerry Jones start? Will he be suspended. Any demands that sponsors leave the NFL.
Watched this Entourage episode last night - amazing to think this was actually said, and said by Jerry Jones.
Woman says she was paid hush money by Jones not to report sexual assault
“Is there ever a legitimate reason to switch sports teams?” Jerry Jones did it for me. Go Cardinals!
Just bursting out in laughter constantly and randomly today because of and Jerry Jones LMAO!!
Accuser says Jerry Jones paid her to keep silent about sex assault: Attorney says lawsuit seeking $1 million i...
Maybe 38-31 Hogs. If that happens, Jerry Jones and Bill Clinton will be asked asked about the upset on
Stripper suing Jerry Jones says JJ paid her "hush money", which tells me she doesn't understand what that means
owner Jerry Jones was also ridiculed for having eyes that are too far apart.
In the 18th season-opener for South Park on Comedy Central let's just say football was the hot topic of the night. They ran shop on everyone and everything from Jerry Jones, Ray Rice, Roger Goodell...
Whatever you were expecting to see on the "South Park" Season 18 premiere, it probably was not a bug-eyed Jerry Jones receiving oral sex in AT&T Stadium
Ripping on Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, etc. South Park goes there.
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"Yeah and Jerry Jones must be happy, this means a forfeit and another win for the Cowboys."
Mo Claiborne has not lived up to Jerry Jones' draft expectations:
Jerry Jones: Morris Claiborne isn't what we hoped for
Author: Johnny Manziel draft card was snatched out of Jerry Jones ...
Where is Roger Goodell? He is in hiding. Is he D O N E? I hope so. I hope Jerry Jones isn't far behind him. One can hope, right?
The way scouts are talking Jameis Winston could fall all the way down in the draft to the Cowboys and make Jerry Jones …
Kelly Gregg. With the accusation against Jerry Jones, shouldn't the league suspend him immediately.
I just made up a conspiracy theory, wanna hear it: Adrian Peterson tells Jerry Jones he'd like to play for Dallas. Jerry Jones says, "I'll see if we can make that happen!" Adrian Peterson gets indicted in Texas for something that happened months ago. Minnesota says "all options are on the table, including cutting Peterson." Peterson ends up playing for Dallas! Now that would be crazy
So Vikes are looking to trade AP now? Someone get Jerry Jones on the phone and let's get a Herschel Walker trade deal done here.
Also re-thinking this whole Rob Ryan scapegoat thing...can't stop the Browns w/o Josh Gordon? Did I just give Jerry Jones a compliment?
Jerry Jones signed Michael Sam before Champ Bailey. Think about that. Smh
Sunday Morning Quarterback: Starting with Roger Goodell and Ray Rice, our Top 10 image-destroying problems facing the NFL Jamie Squire/Getty Images NFL commish Roger Goodell knows he messed up with Ray Rice, but is unlikely to lose his job. Roger Goodell’s credibility and job are on the line, Adrian Peterson has been indicted for abusing his son, Ray Rice beat up his wife, Jerry Jones has been sued for sexual assault, Daniel Snyder is under siege to change the name of his team, two players involved in domestic violence cases are starting in games Sunday, the concussion crisis continues and… well, isn’t that enough? I have been covering the NFL since 1978 and this is the worst beating the league’s image has ever taken at one time. Just one week into the 2014 season and Goodell’s beloved shield has been dented and nearly demolished. Here’s the top 10 image-destroying problems the NFL is facing: I have known him since he was a public relations intern in the NFL office in 1982. That’s 32 years. ...
I'm a Cowboys fan till death. I just can't stand Garrett or Jerry Jones. To the point I will TiVo tomorrow game.
Mayweather vouched for Rice and Jerry Jones is backing up Goodell. If we can just get Joe Jackson to speak out for Peterson, we're good.
The can release Adrian Peterson all they want. A.P. IS NOT Ray Rice. EVERYONE will take a chance on AP, especially Jerry Jones.
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Is Jon Daniels like Jerry Jones and wants credit for team success and runs out the person who actually gets the credit?
I kinda wish Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo would all punch their chicks in an elevator.
Now, if Dallas would just deactivate Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett.
New post: Jerry Jones: I believe Roger Goodell is telling the truth
Jerry Jones: I believe NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will do better in the future
NOW: owner Jerry Jones on 105.3 The Fan w/ Jones: "My biggest concern is what we're taking to Nashville, not what we're running in to in Nashville" Jerry Jones "real impressed" with how the Titans played against KC last week. Biggest concern "correcting things that set us back" "I don't think he has a high priority on being in sync with what others have said" - Jerry Jones on Garrett not acknowledging injuries Jerry: "As you know, Jason Garrett spends so much of his time in the defensive meeting rooms." "We are certainly concentrating on several other things, I really don't think it's a daily priority" - Jerry on Dez contract talks. Jerry "I think you see more snaps from him, I'd like to just think some kind of increase." Guesses about 50% more than last week for Melton Jerry: "He said he has not and I believe him" - on if he thinks Roger Goodell saw the video in April Jerry: Goodell has been a very good commissioner, and he's acknowledged he mishandled this.
Cowboys put Josh Brent on NFI/Reserve list before NFL discipline. Jerry Jones now setting the moral high ground? Help us all...
Not sure I agree. Rarely hear from Paul Allen (SEA) or Pat Bowlen (DEN), but always hear from Jerry Jones and Dan Synder
Jerry Jones would sign him in a heartbeat.
Jerry Jones and DeAngelo Hall blame Seattle Seahawks for increased penalties.
Another girl (claiming she was sexually harassed) from Oklahoma is now gaining popularity in the US, and this woman is Jana Weckerly. Jana (27 years old) is a former exotic dancer and ex-stripper. She sued Jerry Jones who is the owner of NFL (National Football League) Dallas Cowboys and owner for se…
Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones sued by Jana Weckerly over 'sexual ...
Jana Weckerly is seeking $1 million in punitive damages from Jerry Jones, saying he sexually assaulted her in 2009.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accused of by former exotic dancer.
Right now the NFL league office is praying for the release of more Jerry Jones stripper photos...
My first act as commissioner would be to force Jerry Jones to sell the team to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Cowboys win the next 50 Super Bowls
Documents from Jerry Jones' legal team show email exchange with Jana Weckerly's lawyer, and a meeting where he asks for a settlement.
"NFLN: Rape Allegations for Jerry Jones, who is accused of rape. TO DALLAS W/ MORE ON JONES SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE PAY ATTENTION PAY ATTENTION"
Jerry Jones named in sexual assault lawsuit -
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is being sued by a woman who says he sexually assaulted her. Jana Weckerly, a former exotic dancer, filed a suit in Dallas County District Court on Monday alleging Jones...
Cowboys' Jones extortion via Jones is a creep. He and Goodell should both be thrown out of league.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been accused of sex assault. The team's attorney says it's "completely false."
Roger Goodell should call Jerry Jones and ask him to promote Michael Sam to the active roster. That'll certainly change the topic on ESPN.
not saying Dallas would be a bad job. Just nobody wants to work with Jerry Jones
A former exotic dancer has filed a lawsuit against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, accusing him of sexual assault.
Lawyer says suit ‘nothing more than an attempt to embarrass and extort Jerry Jones’
What You Think? Dallas Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones accused of alleged sexual Assault by women from 2009. He says it's a shake down. Now in light of the "High Lighted NFL issues, is the timing suspect? Why'd she report it so late?
Lol now Jerry Jones is being charged for sexual assault? What a great week for the
Oh yeah the exotic dancer is just targeting Jerry Jones out of nowhere. He did it.
According to former exotic dancer Jana Weckerly, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones sexually assaulted her sometime back in 2009 - and now, the NFL should do something about it.
While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been criticized in many corners for his handling of the Ray Rice case, one of his bosses thinks he’s doing a good job. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Goodell has come back strong after the admitted mishandling of Rice’s punishment the first time through. “We…
what about this Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault in lawsuit related to racy photos via
the controversy surrounding the sexual assault allegations brought against Jerry Jones.
What a joke. you guys are not media members. you are cheerleaders for Jerry Jones. Pitiful.
The NFL is Satan’s favorite football league! Greetings True Christians!! Today I would to talk to you about the evil and ungodly National Football League. This ungodly abomination supports homosexuality, promotes violence, de-sanctifies the Sabbath, destroys the sanctity of marriage, promotes alcohol consumption, promotes gambling, promotes lustful behavior, and leads our children to idolize professional athletes instead of Jesus! I have put much research into this post, and will share it all with you here. The NFL is Satan’s sport, and it must be destroyed immediately! There is just too much ungodliness in this league to go around, so I’ll take it by team: Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals are ungodly to the core. Did you know that their mascot, the cardinal, was named after the Roman Catholic Cardinal? The Arizona Cardinals, much like the New Orleans Saints, glorify that *** of Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church. Not only that, but they have heathenistic drug addict Tyrann Matthieu on th .. ...
"Jerry Jones: Getting out of the 8-8 rut drives everything I do Does that include ex-strippers?
If TMZ can take Jerry Jones down, I'll be in an infinite state of bliss
He white so he gon beat the case . “
GREAT analogy of Jerry Jones and Diddy lol. You're doing a great job on radio.
Jerry Jones sued over sexual assault via
My opinion.NFL went easy on Ray Rice until Jerry Jones or some Golden Boy QB cleared criminal charges.Once done Ray Rice was fair game.
Gantt on Goodell's job security: he still has backing of the "Roger's guys"--the Rooneys, Kraft, Jerry Jones, Jerry Richardson.
Jones accused of sexual assault by former exotic dancer via
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accused of assault:
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accused of sex assault
A former exotic dancer is accusing owner Jerry Jones of sexual assault:
I do Not Believe, and refuse to believe that Jerry Jones did what that woman is claiming that he made her watch him do sexual acts with other women,and made her perform a sexual act on him. I think he'd have the intelligence not to risk a thing to do that, risking his career, his family, and his marriage. Plus: I just don't think he has that kind of heart to do that. I think that broad is just trying to get a big sum of money to retire on. Considering her past career, I can see why she'd want out of that career but think she's going about t the wrong way.
Are you a fan of the Dallas Cowboys but are tired of the mediocrity, stop buying tickets and merchandise until Jerry Jones hires a real GM.
Former exotic dancer sues Jerry Jones for sexual assault. Pay her. You took steamy pics with her. Y are a fool
If Nutt wins immediately at SMU and is already in Dallas, there's an 80% chance Jerry Jones hires him as Cowboys HC.
S/O to Jerry Jones because I know he jamming that Chris Brown track, "These *** Ain't Loyal"
Bills' sale proves embattled Goodell's job is safe
I would be shock if they investigate Jerry Jones at all...NFL is not looking good right now.
Jerry Jones says the the sexual assault suit against him is a 'money grab'
Rice admitted he punched/knocked her out. Why look for more tape? Jerry Jones denies sexual assault, yet nobody's checking NFL.
.is on at 2p today. Coming up: Does the NFL need to investigate Jerry Jones? Will Roger Goodell survive the f…
DALLAS, TX -- A former stripper is suing Jerry Jones for $1 million.
Jana Weckerly says she was sexually assaulted by Jerry Jones. i don't know if it's true or not. it's T media's job to investigate.
A former exotic dancer has filed a harassment suit seeking at least $1 million from Jerry Jones, claiming the Dallas Cowboys owner sexually assaulted her five years ago. An attorney for Jones denied the accusations made against one of the best-known team owners in the National Football League and called the lawsuit filed on Monday a “money grab.” “These allegations are completely false,” attorney Levi McCathern said on Wednesday. [ 145 more words. ]
Goodell says Ray Rice may play again. Cowboys/Jerry Jones will announce they are interested so they can get the FREE compelling publicity.
For all my Jerry Jones fans out there !! :D
A 27-year-old woman from Ardmore, Okla, has accused Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of sexual assault and is seeking more than $1 million in damages in a lawsuit that an attorney for Jones has decried as an extortion plot.
How in the heck can these Pittsburgh Lames make fun of Dallas Jerry Jones sexual assault case? Wen they got a certified Rapist at Quarterback . Y'all sound ridiculous! Let's laugh wen Baltimore whoop dat *** Thursday. carry on
Sounds like Jerry Jones needs to put Ray Rice on the Cowboys payroll to take care of his women problems.
Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, right, is accused by the woman who took this photograph in 2009 of sexual assault. Jana Weckerly claims the billionaire groped her repeatedly.
Wow! It was just announced in ESPN that Jerry Jones is offering a refund for the 49ers game. up to but no more than $115 per ticket! Thats robbery if I say so myself!
A woman in Dallas filed a lawsuit this week that accuses Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of sexual assault.
CONGRATULATIONS JERRY JONES: you have just won the World Champion *** AWARD! I hope you get "relieved" of all your hard work.plunging the Dallas Cowboys into a nosedive!
Jerry jones is being investigated for sexual assault on a stripper. Looks like the cowboys fans may get what they have wanted for a long time now. I mean shouldn't he be barred from the NFL indefinitely ?
JERRY JONES is a freakin' joke!...random Cowboys' vent of the afternooon.
Ok I have been a Dallas cowboy fan my hole life but after Sundays game I'm am done ! I can't take jerry jones any more or the complete joke he has mad this team ! It's been bad for 16 years and is only getting worse ! Romo is a joke jerry jones is a joke everything about them is a joke ! I already love the pirates and the penguins so I'm just going the root for the steelers for now on !! As of today sept. 10th 2014 I'm am officially a Pittsburg steelers fan ! Thanks jerry jones !
What will the NFL do with Jerry Jones if the sexual assault law suit against him by a former exotic dancer are proven true?
Like I keep telling people Jerry Jones out of all the owners in NFL you can't touch him… You know why? Because this is "The Guy!" This the same man that had in the early 90's "The Cocaine Cowboys"
We'll I see how they dealt with Ray Rice jerry jones has a sexual assault case I wonder will they sweep that under the rug
I guess we now know what Jerry Jones asks for when offering a Klondike Bar.
So the young lady filing the lawsuit against Jerry Jones is from Ardmore, Oklahoma. Gotta love our hometown folks trying to bring him down. Love it, making Ardmore proud. :)
O.K. I have a question. How is it you get sexually assaulted in 2009 by the owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones? Your asking for a settlement of 1 million dollars. Why in the *** you coming out of left field wIth this in 2014?
Jerry Jones sued over sexual assault
Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are being sued for sexual assault and alleged subsequent cover-up. In a lawsuit filed in...
I wonder if Jerry Jones is over there.
Jerry Jones is being sued by a stripper for sexual assault... Please Please Please can we get him banned from the NFL?
Jana Weckerly filed a lawsuit against Jerry Jones seeking more than $1 million. She claims the Dallas Cowboys owner touched her genitals is getting out of hand. All of this garbage (and it truly is garbage) regarding Rice AND NOW Jerry Jones is ridiculous. The TV news is doing nothing but report report and report some more as if we are all on the edge of our seats...UGH.really ??? I could not care less. It is simple . Rice slugged a woman and should be given the maximum punishment for being the thug he appears to be and who cares who Jerry Jones "plays" with. The girl making these claims will stop at nothing to get her 15 min of fame. It what happened REALLY did happen she is a fool to,allow this to go on as long as it has. Jerry Jones must know there are some people who do anything to get what they want PLUS you are married and in the public eye..jeez. Would rather not know any of this for it is not news it is cheap gossip. There. I fell better
I've always kind of wanted to write "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" in a status update. I can now move on to the next item on my Bucket List. And for an astute observation on my part, regarding the Cowboys association with Swiss watchmaker Hublot, Jerry Jones said his team is "still the glitz and glamour" of the NFL. At first blink, his comment is laughable, until you put his statement in acronym form: Still The Glitz And Glamour In other words, the Cowboys are the "ST. GAG" of the NFL. Saint Gag sounds about right to me. You may now advance beyond this meaningless shtick to read your next item on your Newsfeed.
DALLAS KTVT- An Attorney for Jerry Jones is firing back after a lawsuit was filed, accusing the Dall
Jerry Jones named in sexual assault lawsuit
A woman has sued Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his organization, accusing Jones of sexually assaulting her.
Jana Weckerly, the woman who took those gross photos of Jerry Jones posing with some strippers and finally emerged last week via a statement from her lawyer, has now filed a civil suit against Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys alleging that Jones sexually assaulted her. Some of the allegations with…
So wut the NFL go do wit Jerry Jones
49ers fans dominated the crowd at AT&T Stadium this past Sunday. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tried to explain why that happened.
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Wayment!.Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones out here "victimizing & forcibly pummeling" young yams and y'all aren't "outraged" like y'all been for the last 3 days about Ray Rice? What gives?
Jerry Jones lawsuit: that was Franklin hysterical!
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault via Oh Jerry... why am I not surprised?
Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault in lawsuit - USA TODAY
Jerry Jones, Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino walk into a bar. knows what happens
If I'm the Browns, I call Jerry Jones today and offer Johnny Manziel, writes Rick Gosselin
The lawyer for Jana Weckerly, the woman seen in leaked photos with Jerry Jones, tells me she is suing the owner for…
when Dale Hansen mocks Jerry Jones for not "seeing the 49ers fans" and someone is heard laughing in news set = i LOL
Brandon Weeden is the backup QB in Dallas?! Man...Jerry Jones must really be senile.
No surprise to learn Jerry Jones doesn't notice the fans. .
Let me just start by saying this is gonna be a very long year..I'm so glad by bro Zach Lawrence got me playing fantasy football for really the first time ever to take my mind off of my depressing team even for a minute. My favorite team..the team I grew up cheering for since I was old enough to watch..the team once coached by Tom Landry then jimmy Johnson..the team that use to represent a winner as America's Team with Hall of Famers and ultimate champions like Roger Staubach, Randy White, Calvin Hill, Ed Too Tall Jones, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Moose Johnston and Jay Novacek, Larry Allen and Charles Haley..Darren Woodson and Deion Sanders..just to name a a JOKE! A flat out JOKE!! Jerry Jones has turned our of the proudest franchise's in all of sports..into a complete joke. A team that gets outnumbered by 49er fans..or maybe it just seemed that way because their was nothing to cheer home in our opener in our new monstrosity of a home "Jerry Wor ...
Word is, Tony Romo has a lunch appointment with Jerry Jones today at Outback around 1:30.
The Dallas Cowboys defence is so bad that it could be 4down and 50 yards to go and the other team still would have a 50 /50 chance of getting the first down. And you can't tell me that Jerry Jones and Tony Romo aren't lovers. Why else is he still the quarterback?
Well, finally read the piece on Jerry Jones and entry in Best American Sports Writing of 2015:
Jerrah knew he saw ALL that red in that stadium. Eff up Jerry Jones.
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I am officially renouncing my loyalty of fan-ship to the Dallas Cowboys. Year after year all we hear is Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo speak on the missed opportunities and bad decisions made during the game. News flash, bad decisions can't happen all game every game. You let Demarcus Ware go, and kept Romo?! I can't keep following a team that always makes excuses, but never fixes anything that needs to be fixed. Jerry Jones needs to spend his money a little more wisely and get a NEW quarterback. Romo is playing like he is in pee wee football. I will continue to follow the Panthers and my second team of choice to follow is. the Denver Broncos. I despise Manning as a person but as a quarterback he's great. To all of my friends who are Cowboys fans I apologize. You know exactly where I am coming from though. I am just tired of supporting a team who doesn't take care of the ball and pricey issues.
Only Reggie White has a better sack rate..GOOO Ware and thank you Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones ;)
What's the name of the coach of the Dallas Cowboys? He's never in the public eye. Every time there's an interview Jerry Jones is the one conducting it. That franchise is a total mess.
Hey um since the Dallas Cowboys were mathematical eliminated from the playoffs today. You think Jerry Jones will refund my playoff tickets he sent with my season tickets? LMAO.
Dale Hansen via Jerry Jones go beg Jimmy to come and rescue this lousy organization.
Jerry Jones needs to rewind his clock and figure out what WAS working, back in the day.
The day I worry about the Cowboys is the day Jerry Jones hires a GM and leaves him and the HC alone to do their jobs
Jerry Jones clearly added the officials to the payroll at the half..yet another questionable penalty called against th…
Donkeys of the day go 2 Tony Romo Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones
Romo gotta have a Donald Sterling tape on Jerry Jones or something.
I like the idea of Kirk Cousins playing for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones needs to make that phone call to the Skins.
Jerry Jones was clapping like his son just struck out for the 4th time for the day but he still had to let him know he did a good job.
The only person who had a worse day than the Pats could be Jerry Jones.
I long for the day when I can go a whole NFL weekend without seeing Jerry Jones on my TV.
Now you see Jerry Jones face with one touch down! Camera haven't showed his old *** all day!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hey fans. Jerry Jones will always screw up your team and he will never, ever sell. Have a nice day
Looks like Jerry Jones is going to fire his son for snatching that Johnny Football card out of his hand on draft day
Romo just isn't the clutch QB the cowboys need. The day Jerry Jones realizes that is the day the cowboys will win more games.
: Not from where I'm sitting. I'll be playing that on a loop until the day Jerry Jones is no longer running my team.
Jerry Jones just want my day to be the worst ever.
BREAKING NEWS!!! Jerry Jones is gonna pull his entire girls team off the field and call it the day...
Jerry Jones calling commissioner to institute a Mercy Rule for when the play.
Well and other Cowboys fans who hate Jerry Jones must be having a FIELD DAY right now..
I hope Jerry Jones see what 99.9% of us see and been sayin...We will Never win wit Romo at QB...He can stuff the stat sheet all day
Jerry Jones needs to hire Kevin Sumlin, plus follow his gut from draft day and grab Johnny Football too.
Jason Garett is GARBAGE! Never liked him as OC much less as HEAD COACH! Jerry Jones was stupid to fire Rob Ryan Should've offered him HC job
would be having a field day if Jerry Jones drafted and Romo was a playing like this
Tony Romo must have a collection of photos with Jerry Jones in compromising positions in order for Jones to keep him aroun…
Jerry Jones is rethinking that decision he made on draft day...
LMAO. I hope Jerry Jones is getting his money worth. Between is over paid QB and terrible management Cowboys R terrible!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Best day ever! Cutler lost, Romo *** and Jerry Jones is somewhere weeping!!
Jerry Jones just doesn't wanna be wrong. He still hopes every day that Romo is gonna turn it around.
Strange day when I no longer feel a rivalry with the Cowboys, and I don't even want to do a victory dance over Jerry Jones' wilting frame.
Jerry Jones calls the Competition Committee, asks for a Mercy Rule.
*Jerry Jones stares longingly at a photo of Johnny Manziel. A single tear rolls down his cheek.*
Jerry Jones should be on the phone with Bill Cowher. Now.
Next on the HALFTIME REPORT: Jerry Jones adds Head Coach to his responsibilities, fires Jason Garett.
Dan Hicks/Jay Cutler/Hideki Matsuyama/Billy Horschel/Tony Romo/John Gibbons/Johnny Miller/Jerry Jones and Bubba Watson can all kiss my ***
Jerry Jones says Romo is like a fighter pilot. To be fair, he never said for what country.
We should have got Manziel thanks a lot Jerry Jones 😒
Great job by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys letting the 49ers fans take over their stadium. Super embarrassing.
On a scale of Russian soldiers on leave to David Hasselhof how drunk is Jerry Jones right now?
Jerry Jones wanted 2 sign a QB that choked less than Romo but David Carradine was indisposed.
Jerry Jones signed Michael Sam for a publicity stunt nobody's dumb but the boys good and nothing is wrong with being *** 💁
Jerry Jones: NFL didn't ask us to sign Michael Sam
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Cowboys drafted Michael Sam after the Rams dropped him. Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, "We're hoping he'll lead us to the Brokeback Bowl."
A whole new meaning to Pick 6 MT Jerry Jones discusses partnership with TX Lottery
So does Jerry Jones just want drama? He's annoyed at missing out on Manziel, just picked up Sam.
In a desperate attempt for publicity,. Jerry Jones has brought Michael Sam to Dallas' practice squad.
Jason Garrett: the signing of Michael Sam is about football only. . Not in Jerry Jones' universe!
Im not a Cowboys fan at all, but if they want to win, Jerry Jones and Jason Garret are gonna have to be fired
Jason Garrett should've been fired the last 3 years. He gotta be in a relationship with Jerry Jones
every time I see Jason Garrett I thank Jerry Jones for blocking him from joining the Ravens.
Cowboys sign Michael Sam and I wouldn't expect anything less from Jerry Jones and the rest of that circus 😂
Don't like Garrett or the Cowboys at all but if the Boys suck that's ALL on Jerry Jones.
now I want Jerry Jones to get Tebow so we have he and Sam on the Same team
In the owner's suite, on his private jet or among Dallas' beautiful people, JERRY JONES seems a happy man. But what he really wants, he cannot have.
Jerry Football. Our 13 minute feature on Jerry Jones followed by my chat w/ 9 am ET.
Up next Jerry Football: Our feature on Jerry Jones. Produced by my pals &
It would be Jerry Jones...but...he's like the corrupt evil old man in the movie "Chinatown".
Jerry Jones: In Cowboys' opener, you'll see healthy, improved Tony Romo
Jerry Jones will be the next owner to be fined...
And I thought Jerry Jones was crazy. Crazy smart that is.
Now, if they sign Sam to team/practice squad, those jerseys will sell & Jerry Jones will make a killing
we'll definitely will be getting more media attention. Just what Jerry Jones likes.
"If (Jerry Jones) can't sell Manziel jerseys, he might as well do the next best thing & sell Michael Sam jerseys" .
BREAKING: Jerry Jones is personally going to give Michael Sam his physical.
Tremendous piece by ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. on Jerry Jones. Must read if you're a sports fan.
A long but interesting read if you can't sleep and are a Dallas Cowboys fan or just plain curious about what goes...
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