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Jerry Garcia

Jerome John Jerry Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995) was an American musician best known for his lead guitar work, singing and songwriting with the band the Grateful Dead.

Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia Band David Grisman Bob Weir San Francisco Phil Lesh Tony Rice Merl Saunders Frank Zappa Golden Gate Park Mickey Hart Robert Hunter Southern Poverty Law Center Freddie Mercury Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration

1996 – Bassist John Kahn, a bassist who played with Jerry Garcia, dies at the age of 48.
Jerry Garcia is remembered as an avuncular psychedelic cheerleader, but a new doc locates in him something darker
Jeff Brantley is apparently unwise to the fact that Jerry Garcia has been dead for over 20 years. But hey, great broadca…
The only other time I cried when a musician died was Jerry Garcia. Prayers go out to his family and band mates RIP
Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, or Jerry Garcia. You get to play with one. Who is it?
Don't really get the hype about Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry's 🙄
What is it about The Dead? And Jerry Garcia? Cool 77 show from Cornell out on Friday. 5 lp box!!
Come on man! Jerry Garcia..Dark Star. The longer the better!!
A new Grateful Dead doc details the rise and fall of one of Marin's most famous residents, Jerry Garcia:…
Jerry Garcia Band versions of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" are way cooler than Dead versions. The reggae vibe&solitary guitar are too fuego
should check out some Jerry Garcia ties...get some color going. Lacking in the reds spectrum...
I liked a video Jerry Garcia on The Acid Tests | Blank on Blank
I don't wear a tie like I use to, I still have many. I always looked for fun, colorful, rise like this many I have…
If anyone wants to bring me Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry's you'd be my favorite person ever!
Jerry Garcia is alive & well & dwelling inside the body of David Letterman.
I added a video to a playlist Jerry Garcia Band - Stop That Train
I'm gonna smoke me some illegal marijuana and listen to the Jerry Garcia Band.
mama june to picture of JERRY garcia coming soon sharklasers dotcom, bonesonrong minutes away new posting
What will Jerry Garcia call the Grateful Dead in the afterlife when they reunite?
"Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead did as much for mankind as any president." - Grace Slick
Jerry Jones: "Yes we're a better defense than we were when we ended the year."
My boyfriend was born the day before Jerry Garcia and I was born the day after him. coincidence? Probably, but still amazing 😁
. Hello Jerry my name is Francisco Garcia wanted to know if you are for sure going to be in the 33rd salsa festival june 10th.
Why did Jerry Garcia sacrifice himself to become the spiritual embodiment of Ben & Jerry's
Whiffed on Foster, Cunningham even Garcia. Jerry Reach again thinks he smarter than every other GM. Grade C for picks
I wonder if Phil is up for trying any New Riders of the Purple Sage songs. Jerry Garcia played pedal steel with them!
Jerry Garcia - The Movie That Changed My Life, Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein. Scared the crap outta me too!
Ah, the familiar sound of Jerry Garcia on steel! How about playing some New Riders Of The Purple Sage one day feat. Jerry?
Here's a random memory.I saw Stop Making Sense at the 57th Street Playhouse same day as. Jerry Garcia ac…
THE Grateful Dead CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Missed the Grateful Dead in its heyday with Jerry Garcia? Don’t worry,...
.Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Playoff radio GOLD with and my Jerry Garcia tie…
Former Grateful Dead keyboardist, came by to talk about his music festival, pranking Jerry Garcia, and bea…
1972 – Grand Funk Railroad fire their producer/manager Terry Knight. 1973 – Jerry Garcia is busted for speeding on the New Jersey turnpike
I love the Catalyst. Or did when I was there. Great pic. Blondie, Jerry Garcia, Dave Mason, to name a few shows there.
Round Records had released early recording of the Hart Valley Drifters, feat. Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, David... htt…
Jerry Garcia played a guitar called "Lightning Bolt" made from the recycled rosewood of a bed from an Asian opium den
And in just short of 2 hours, the talented Granison Crawford, Jerry Garcia, and Julian Michael…
Jerry Garcia's guitar, "Wolf" to be auctioned, proceeds to Southern Poverty Law Center. Wonderful!
Jerry Garcia's Wolf guitar to be auctioned off in Brooklyn on May 31st to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center 🎵.
It *** that my two favorite musicians I will never be able to see live.Jerry Garcia and Bradley
A few of the many Joe Niehuser images of Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Phil Lesh. All photos taken between 1974 and... htt…
Jerry Garcia's iconic "Wolf" guitar will be auctioned to benefit Southern Poverty Law Center http…
First the Joe Walsh, now Steve Miller. Please no politicos named Jerry Garcia.
Interview: Charlie Starr on playing with at TRI, the legacy of Jerry Garcia and more ::…
Get your tickets now for Whitewater Ramble performing "Pickin' on Jerry Garcia" with…
Health IT guru A big fan of data analytics, Donald Berwick – and Jerry Garcia
Antennae Radio Presents Author Oliver Trager.Oliver is talking Bob Dylan,Lord Buckley,Jerry Garcia and his...
Cold, drizzly, gray day in the office calls for Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders.
Jerry Garcia Net Worth: Jerry Garcia was born on the 1st August 1942, in San Francisco,…
Kick off your weekend with This Is: Jerry Garcia, a playlist covering all the years combined.
Last time I was on a tram was 1995 in San Francisco. It happened to be the day Jerry Garcia died & Haight-Ashbury was a scene to behold.
Jerry Garcia used to take his paints on the road. I don't do that. Ei...
You apparently got more than one write-in vote in Vermont. I think you beat Benedict Cumberbatch and Jerry Garcia!
I have to say I feel bad for your friend! Abby Hoffman and Jerry Garcia plus others were the ones I knew growing up.
Guitars played by Jerry Garcia and Prince. (Now owned by Indy Colts owner Jim Irsay) A good…
"Aw, man! Lousy timing: My bush looks like I'm sitting on Jerry Garcia's face." . Yeah, I'm watching Archer.
Jerry Garcia and a massive wall of sound
Jerry Garcia interested, Robert Hunter tried to get him in Jerry Garcia never made it, Hunter was told the experiments are over
Garcia goes 50 yards for his third TD run of the evening. Early 3rd, it is SCA 42 and South Williamsport 0.
Only one place guitars owned by Jerry Garcia and Prince will convene tonight:
I mean, whatever kills you kills you, and your death is authentic no ...
Listening to Jerry Garcia's improvisations on Love Scene from Zabriskie Point and you came to mind
Now playing on Rock The Revolution Radio:. Jerry Garcia - I'll Take a Melody
Jerry Garcia's Tiger and Princes' Yellow Cloud on display at with In the Fountain Square T…
"Grateful Dead" photos by Robbi Cohn. She was there.
ICYMI the mural on former building is gone:
I'm shopping around for something to do that no one will like.
After Malik told me jerry Garcia was CIA I started looking around bro
Willie Nelson, Jerry Garcia, Les Claypool & more received votes for president, proving good candidates do exist ::
Famous People who you didn't know were Ninjas:. Eleanor Roosevelt. Both Abbott & Costello. Jerry Garcia. Lewis (but not Clark).
A few months before he died, Allen Toussaint honored Jerry Garcia with this rendition of "Get out of My Life, Woman…
...nothing says San Francisco (to me) like a Jerry Garcia mural on Haight Street!
New territory for me; good Friday vibes... Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia - Keystone Companions: The Complete 1973...
Happy birthday to Paul Humphrey, legendary drummer who worked with Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders in 1974.
Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia's 'Live at Keystone' to Be Reissued in Six-LP Box Set
love your bio, learned the range and genius of American music via Jerry Garcia et al. Utah Phillips, Lizba Cotten,Bill Monroe
I picked out the most ridiculous Jerry Garcia/ Terrence McKenna looking glasses the optometrist had.
Today in 1970: Acoustic/electric Grateful Dead in NYC. Jerry Garcia on piano. Audio:
Stuff that's hidden and murky and ambiguous is scary because you don't know what it does.
Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart. Rainforest Press Conference, . United Nations. 9/13/88. When asked why the...
The deadhead ale recipe I have was Jerry Garcia favorite beverage!!
The death of Jerry Garcia is closer to the release of "We Are The World" than today!
“Choosing lesser of 2 evils is still choosing evil.” -Jerry Garcia.
Media, journalists: you have forgotten that -- as Jerry Garcia once said -- you are the eyes of the world.
Nice juxtaposition of the musings of Jerry Garcia and how they apply to marketing concepts. Nice work by Gail Taras!
Song of the day: Jerry Garcia Band - Love in the Afternoon
Found a Grateful Dead sweatshirt w/ Jerry Garcia playing the banjo & for a split second thought it was Jesus
Now's your chance. vote The Not-Its! who just played the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater last week or our own local...
I only want a baby if it looks like Jerry Garcia Conner forever
Sat Sept 24th presents a tribute to & for the family 3pm . .
📷 caseysbell: The Center for the Arts in Jerry Garcia Birthday Celebration -...
.Luvin the What Would Jerry Garcia Do plates. 99% sure this u
Jerry Garcia... because he would be laughing the whole way around!
I saw somebody with Jerry Garcia's handprint on the back of their car and my heart died.
Coming from the Jerry Garcia of high school football
rehearsing for the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration show with at ! https:/…
"A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine." —Jerry Garcia
Elvis Presley, Jerry Garcia & Quentin Tarantino are all fans of ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN.
Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) and Paul Kantner (Jefferson Starship) sharing a reefer, circa 1978 or so.
All-star Jerry Garcia tribute gigs to feature Warren Haynes, Avett Brothers, Alison Krauss and more
Carlos I have written a song about Jerry Garcia for you,pm me for a listen x
flemming and Miller just announced Jerry Garcia appreciation night at att. That's pretty grim
Backwards Down the # Line - Phish, Duane Allman's slide on Layla, Jerry Garcia on any Scarlet Begonias from 1977
watch a Zombie perform a Jerry Garcia guitar solo
Ornette Coleman and Prime Time with Jerry Garcia — 3 Wishes: right now on
Happy Birthday to the late Jerry Garcia. Uncle Jerry was my favorite rock star that I've ever worked for.
Ol' Jerry gets the job done still (Amazing Grace by David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, Tony Rice) ♫
Only one week until we get together to celebrate the legacy of Jerry Garcia! Our outdoor beer garden, "The Lot,"...
THIS AUGUST we celebrate jerry garcia! grab your tickets @ today!
We will pay tribute to all our idols on Thursday. From Prince, to Peter Gabriel, to Sting, Jerry Garcia, Frankie Valli, *** even Tom Jones.
In How the West Was Won he played a paterfamilias river pirate who could've been Jerry Garcia as the Devil.
Check out Jerry Garcia hanging out with Stephanie McMahon.
When I hear the name Jerry Garcia, the first thing I think of is ice cream.
A customer told me I looked like I should be wearing a Jerry Garcia tie and I've never been paid such a high compliment
... he said, as he pressed the button to convert yet another downloaded Jerry Garcia Band show into MP3.
At the Hacienda Showcase in SA with Rick Garcia and Jerry Benavides and Radio KEDA
there is a guy sitting down that looks exactly like Jerry Garcia
"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil." - Jerry Garcia.
And the live show is still our main thing.
America is still mostly xenophobic and racist. That's the nature of America, I think.
man I had a dream that I met Jerry Garcia and watched all of Grateful Dead perform live... a little salty that it wasn't real 😒
in 1972 the ABB played a show in Gaelic Park in Bronx, NY with Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir
jerry Garcia was there yet the Dead concert was the concert where it was about the music not the band
Is the best Jerry Garcia replacement I have ever heard.
Win tickets to see Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration in NJ 8/7 or NYC 8/8
U dont merely want 2 B considered just the best of the best. U want 2 B considered the only ones who do what U do ~ Jerry Garcia
What happens if I nick name my hypno "Jerry Garcia" asking for a friend
CURRENT STATUS: watching lightning in the distant sky, The Entertainer on TCM (muted), Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, trusting God
yes I know that Jerry Garcia said that...but I don't see her as evil.
Yo Steve. You look like Steven Spielberg & Jerry Garcia had a kid. Lol
No, Jerry Garcia won't be here, but Bill, Rich and Pete of the Gully boys WILL BE this Wednesday, July 13th from...
I sat next to Gary Snyder at a bar. Also, used to bump into Jerry Garcia all the time (before he died.)
Nov 1981, San Rafael, Ca, USA --- Jerry Garcia, poses for pictures at his home with Joan Baez and Mickey Hart
Warren Haynes is playing Jerry Garcia music with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
I found bluegrass weirdly through Jerry Garcia, then David Grisman and Tony Rice, but I found it! Beautiful American art form.
Happy 77th & Furthur-more to Merry Prankster George Walker. With Jerry Garcia at Woodstock.
I'm listening to Shady Grove by Jerry Garcia, David Grisman & Tony Rice on
Listen to Whiskey in the Jar by David Grisman & Jerry Garcia on
and Jerry Garcia... gray together aged 35 and 38 respectively
Jackson Truax sat down with Peter Rowan at the Huck Finn Jubilee to talk bluegrass, Jerry Garcia and the birth of...
Listen to Bag's Groove by David Grisman & Jerry Garcia on
I liked a video Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - Shady Grove
Frank Sinatra, Jerry Garcia och Alfred E. Neuman in the crowd.
😂. Hartman as Elton John. Farley as Jerry Garcia. Silverman as Cher. Mckeaan as Elvis Costello. Meadows as Aaron Neville
Album of the day/ David Crosby w/Graham Nash, Neil Young, Phil Lesh,Jerry Garcia, Joni Mitchell and Grace slick
Harry Patch didn't get enough recognition. Jerry Garcia got too much.
According to Jerry Garcia, the sky was yellow and the sun was blue. If everything on the Internet is true, then...
"What a strange, long trip it's been." . -Pam when re-signing Kelly's year book . -me in regards to this day . -Jerry Garcia, apparently
Great day for some Jerry Garcia Band
Swingin' 70th to Bill the Drummer, Jerry Garcia called him the Gang of One.
Video of Tribute Concerts to Jerry Garcia, Dr. John and Emmylou Harris to be Released
only a matter of time until kids who never saw Jerry Garcia start calling them "the core two"
New Riders of the Purple Sage in 1969-1971, with Jerry Garcia playing pedal steel guitar.
too many Gallegos. Did you know that Jerry Garcia was half Galician?
Jerry Garcia was the wealthiest Latino Jew in the USA when he passed away..
I don't think any of these musicians that died this year are actually dead. . Just retired on an island with Jerry Garcia & Hendrix etc etc
I am haunted by early photos of Jerry Garcia with no beard and his recessed chin 👽
Listen to Recording 6 Jerry Garcia (cover song) DEAL by jjduplechain on
Check out this new digital art that I uploaded to https:/…
O Captain! My Captain! The legendary life, love and legacy of Jerry Garcia -
Now playing on GDRADIO: Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - 1991-02-03 Arabia
idk how people don't like Grateful Dead Jerry Garcia was the man ! makes me so sad
"There is now an abundance of evidence that marihuana is not an addictive drug." - Sci Am 1969
Jerry Garcia, David Bowie, Jim Morrrison,Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, and Amy Winehouse are rockin it in the coolest concert ever.
still not over the death of Jerry Garcia
Selling today print art Concert. via
I bet Jerry Garcia and Nordstrom don't get along great.
Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies or as I more often all them Jerry Garcia Cookies either name they are yummy:) http…
Yep, that's Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales holding up an issue of Scientific American
My heroes were Frank Zappa and John Lennon and Jerry Garcia. It is terrible to outlive your heroes.
A cousin once told me Jerry Garcia said was the greatest guitarist he'd ever seen. Jerry was pretty close to the mark...
I was at Jerry Garcia's last show ever. Brent Mydland's also.I was bad luck.
Do the kids even know who Jerry Garcia is or do they just think he's some guy whose name sounds like the Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor?
thank you. Jerry Garcia was the grandfather i never had i saw them 22 times. To mourn these people is natural to me.
Dude. How did Scientific American end up in this Jerry Garcia–Howard Wales album art?
Although I have few memories of the day Jerry Garcia died. I was in the field with a bunch of well-stocked archaeologists. I blame them.
New Band: Prince on Vocals, Jerry Garcia and Paul Kantner on Guitar. Lemmy on Bass and Keith Moon on Drums.
Another hero of my youth gone. Frank Zappa, Freddie Mercury, Jerry Garcia, Keith Emerson, David Bowie, and now Prince 😔
. "We know everything there is to know about you, Gus!". -- Jerry Garcia, New Year's Eve '87 "Ask The Band" segment
Q. Jerry Garcia was one of the founders of which band?
Jerry Garcia Band keeps me breathing ⛅️
Watching a Jerry Garcia Band show 12-19-92& was standing by the *** screaming dark star. At the Warfield, it was not had to figure out.
"John Wooden, Jerry Garcia and Rafael Edward Cruz are the same person" William Theodore Walton III
IMO they're the best touring band in the world and have been since Jerry Garcia died.
How have you not covered Heartbeeps yet? Andy Kaufman & Jerry Garcia as robots. Randy Quaid is the film's best actor. Do this already
.Gallery has opened its 'Art of Jerry Garcia' exhibit ::
Aspen Times - reports from the Jerry Garcia shrine - Wed, April 6
Author Tom Wolfe meets with Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead manager Rock Scully, at the…
Ash (vs the Evil dead) vs Jerry Garcia from the Greatful Dead
Rock Calendar 3-27-73: Jerry Garcia is arrested when police in New Jersey find cocaine and LSD in his car when he is stopped for speeding
Phil Lesh told the story of an intervention held for Jerry Garcia in 1985 and his subsequent arrest. Listen:
Listen to real talk from Phil Lesh about Jerry Garcia's drug addiction and his infamous Golden Gate Park arrest
Seen Dead 3 times but was always with Jerry Garcia. Bob Weir carries band, tho.
I just used Shazam to discover Amazing Grace by Jerry Garcia & David Grisman & Tony Rice.
Photo taken in 1967 of the American rock band ,The Grateful Dead's ,Jerry Garcia
. Wouldn't call myself a Dead Head, but Jerry Garcia's musicianship is world class
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Celebs who may have gotten the herps from Derek Jeter... -Jessica Alba. -Jessica Biel . -Jerry Garcia. -Scarlet...
TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Look at this lineup, I will be hitting the stage with Comics: Jerry Garcia, Julio G, Rick...
Playing in the Band, Portrait of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh
Can we as humanity sacrifice Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to get Ronnie Van Zant and Jerry Garcia back?
THIS MONDAY!! Look at this lineup of heavy hitters in comedy: Jerry Garcia, Julio G, Rick Izquieta, Shaun Latham,...
I didnt know Jerry Garcia created Rick and Morty. Youre at the top of your game now, Jerry!
Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia fans! 1077 The Eagle Presents "A Reckoning - Half-Step to GrateVille" is going...
"Oh so Jerry Garcia is named after cherry Garcia" - 🙄
Apparently, Sherlock Holmes and Jerry Garcia would have been really good friends, according to Stephen Moffat.
Jerry Garcia was a great guitar player
There's no Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia cmon
Beautiful drive and weather — listening to Jerry Garcia at Potomac River Bridge
I have the SF shirt, got it at the 1st Jerry Garcia night at AT&T Park
Quote of the Day: "We're one of the few adventures you can still have in America." Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead, 19…
I forgot that Roseanne named her baby Jerry Garcia. The show started to get really weird then
Sample signature ice cream flavors like Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey at Ben & Jerry’s.
Let there be songs to fill the air.. ~Jerry Garcia . I love music. . Playing For Change is a movement created to...
I love you Jerry Garcia, thank you for always being here with me in me & providing me the same, I believe in the very berry blossom iheartu
Jerry Garcia is alive in my heart. & many others, I am asking every1 for a good thought to be sent to Jerry right now, or when you read this
It's in the way she moves , Gaia never is at a stand still our babe is alive, she is very very very very berry cherry Garcia Jerry ALIVE
Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. -- Jerry Garcia
Dennis McNally finally brings into the light many unpublished Jerry Garcia interviews
Never knew Jerry Garcia & Grateful Dead were at the Chateau back in the early 70s. Very informative article.
Best of Jerry Garcia Curves and Lines 6 Tie - Men Buy Now at
Jerry Garcia Band, some hot tea, and a freshly packed pipe. Pure tranquility
I added a video to a playlist Sitting In Limbo by Jerry Garcia Band
Watching this footage of Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia scuba diving and it felt so familiar.
I bet you that Jerry Garcia was very kind. Also, my dad just turned 50. It was very fun.
Cherry Garcia is the best Ben and jerry's tho
I am at cottage Inn for the first time and the guy behind the counter is so high he's jammin with Jerry Garcia in the sky
Website Builder 728x90
I have a cousin who likes to say her husband looks like Andy Garcia. ...More like Jerry Garcia. ;) . (I'm going to *** Sorry.)
The return of the Honky Chateau A hugh piece of and roll history. Check the garcia photograph
The only dead musicians I miss are Rick Danko, Warren Zevon, and Jerry Garcia.
been in Reno for an earth quake last show of Jerry Garcia and his band
OK Rich Light I answer your "J" music posting challenge with Jerry Garcia and John Kahn - Deep Elem Blues.
~ Without Pigpen the band never would have made it~Jerry Garcia.
Here is where Jerry Garcia lived and hosted Janis Joplin and friends 710 Ashbury by Haight Street in San Francisco
Thank you Joe for making this the best year since Jerry Garcia passed away leaving us all orphans...u started the fire again~
even MC Hammer, Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash, & Kris Kristofferson served time in the military. Very proud of our history!
Just a pup! ;o)) Jerry Garcia as Soulmate & born on the Feast day of Saint Thomas More - Martyr & of his Age ~
Today in 1972: Jerry Garcia & Phil Lesh jam with Doug Sahm, Leon Russell, & more in Austin.
I have a soft spot for Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Gladys Knight, Carole King, Jerry Garcia. hits em all on that album.
Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir on Lettermen 1987 3/3 ok I'm on a roll. sure has been a long hard ride
"If all you got 2 live 4 is what U left behind Get yourself a powder charge& seal that silver mine".Robert Hunter&Jerry Garcia
Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Keith Haring, Ansel Adams, Jerry Garcia, and Edgar Allen Poe are my idols   10% Off
Jerry Garcia and David Grisman performing "Friend of the Devil" in San Francisco in 1991.
Today Anthony Kiedis is exactly as old as Jerry Garcia was the day he died: 19,367 days
Jerry Garcia fans are basically always in costume.
show should be set in the 25th century, ships named after Grace Slick, Debbie Harry, Jerry Garcia, Keith Richards, Alice Cooper.
Jerry Garcia said the old garden was a place so tough the rats wore leather jackets... TDGarden coming of age...
Nice to see Seva among other orgs featured on the Jerry Garcia Foundation's photo campaign
is Jerry Garcia grammatically correct in his use of lay/lie in to lay me down?
Jerry Garcia had a line of neckties. I'd be willing to wager the man never wore a tie. Has anyone ever nailed a job interview in a Jerry tie
Tie Tuesday!!. Come check out our Awesome selection of Jerry Garcia Ties.
.will bring his Jerry Garcia tribute to San Francisco in December ::
"Arkansas Traveler" played and talked by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Awesome tune. Fun to play.
“The sun will shine in my back door one day..” . ― Jerry Garcia
What id do to see Jerry Garcia live
Some of the people who play on this album: Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, Jorma Kaukonen, Phil Lesh, Joni Mitchell, Micke…
Oh, so Dave Grohl will look like Jerry Garcia when he starts going gray.
TODAY! Ethan Tucker is joining Jerry Garcia alumni Steve Kimock at Unity Festival in Guerneville, CA!...
Sure, IRONMAN Lake Tahoe is this weekend. But that's Sunday. From Melvin Seals and JGB's tribute to Jerry Garcia...
This guy spent $100K on Gene Clark's No Other, brought Jerry Garcia to Link Wray's session, & Steely Dan to his.
Song of the day: Listening to The Thrill Is Gone by David Grisman & Jerry Garcia
Mr Richards, Jerry Garcia had more talent in his missing finger, then you have in your whole crypt keeper body.
Not burned any bridges, though. Remember, the skull ring he ALWAYS wears was given to him by Jerry Garcia. Tribute.
RICK GRIFFIN truly was Without A Net . as was his close friend Jerry Garcia. Both of whom bought comic books from...
Jerry Garcia played banjo in the 1978 film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" directed by Phil Kaufman with fabulous San Francisco locations
not even close. Jerry Garcia can't be replaced. It's like Adam Labert with Freddie Mercury in Queen
“On this day in 1942, Jerry Garcia was born in San Francisco, California.
Martin Sexton remembering Jerry Garcia today, on the 20th anniversary of his passsing
Sunday will be the 20th anniversary of the loss of Jerry Garcia. Listening to Terrapin Station reminds me of all our mortality. . RIP Jerry.
could you send me the link for the deal for the Jerry Garcia Band vol. 2 CD that posted earlier???
And the guys in the band would be the first to point this out. As did Jerry Garcia with regard to the Dead.
Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir are the background on my phone and I have a feeling I'll have to explain who they are a lot...
Thank you so much for the wonderful Grateful Dead tribute on Jerry Garcia's birthday! Nice to see Bob Weir share his sports
'Throwing Stones' by Grateful Dead, from In The Dark 1987.: Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir lead one of the…
Find out how the rock band the Grateful Dead began w/ Bob Weir randomly meeting Jerry Garcia:
Jerry Garcia and Derek Trucks (actually Bob Weir) at the Eiffel Tower, 1971. Photo by Rosie McGee.
Ok, this is a tough one - Who would you bring back for one last show: John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, John Bonham,...
“Jerry Garcia died, Netscape went public..then comes the attention economy.. taking the internet away from deadheads”
Seems Mac channeled his inner Jerry Garcia and Donald Fagen for this one.
Next Week Essra Mohawk (wrote Cyndi Lauper's "Change of Heart" - performed with Frank Zappa and Jerry Garcia)...
Sundaypm, The Funky Blues Revue, celebrating the life of Jerry Garcia
c'mon Joe that isn't what Jerry Garcia would say
Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia's Midnight Moonlight Live 2CD is on Keyhole on 24 July, as is Gil Scott-Heron's Nothing New LP, on XI.
Steve Kimock’s Tribute to Jerry Garcia at House of Blues (A Gallery)
Chicago Police Department on Jerry Garcia at Soldier field for the Grateful Dead 50th "Fare thee well" show
Dead Images - Audio and Videos: Jerry Garcia and Steve Kimock - Zero Live at Golden Gate Park on … via
Zero Live at Golden Gate Park on 1988-07-16 *with Jerry Garcia, Merl Saunders, Mickey Hart, Norton Buffalo and...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
" A line on paper is like a note on air " - Jerry Garcia on Art
Come celebrate the one & only Jerry Garcia's birthday with Chris Jacobs & Friends .Rock on this August 1st
Twenty years ago today, the Grateful Dead played their last concert with Jerry Garcia, at Chicago's Soldier Field. htt…
"Picked up a dictionary and the first thing I saw ..was 'The Grateful Dead.'" -Jerry Garcia
Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Jerry Garcia, Carl and Dennis Wilson most definitely make my top ten though.
Do all these people realize that Jerry Garcia died 20 years ago? It's kinda like 'The Doors with Ian Astbury' saying farewell.
Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice (Pizza Tapes) - House of the risi... via
Jerry Garcia performs with the Grateful Dead in Chicago, April 1987, at the UIC Pavilion. Jerome John…
The Grateful Dead are playing Soldier Field July 3-5 And in case you're on too many drugs to notice Jerry Garcia has been de…
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