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Jerry Falwell

Jerry Lamon Falwell, Sr. (August 11, 1933 – May 15, 2007) was an evangelical fundamentalist Southern Baptist pastor, televangelist, and a conservative commentator from the United States.

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Jerry Falwell Jr supported a moal monster and all he got was an invoice from the Devil.
Jerry Falwell showed his true colors.
I read my Bible nearly everyday. I see very little of the Christianity of Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Donald Trump,…
Sheesh, they should have been worried about since about 1980, with Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority.
Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. - is this the best you've got, evangelical Christians, to represent the teachings o…
Moore . Keep in mind, Jerry Falwell Jr supported this Moore POS.
Has any one checked on Jerry Falwell?
Right now, Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. are wondering if there is a God.
When people make fun of Christians, Roy Moore, Jerry Falwell Jr, Franklin Graham and comments such as…
When I told my mom that James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Jr and Franklin Graham supported Roy broke her heart.
Don't forget that Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr. both endorsed Roy Moore.
Ok where’s the next election, I’ll get the tour bus for Bannon, Sheriff Joe, and Jerry Falwell Jr. my treat
Jerry are such a con man. A disgrace to every belief you…
I did! But then again I’m not a Journalist, I’m just a servant of our Lord and Savior J…
Wow. I just found out Jerry Falwell, jr has blocked me!! I’m so proud!
Feeling your hate against Jerry Falwell & Robert Jeffress via the air.
I do not pray as much as I should. In fact, I seldom do. But when I saw Jerry Falwell, Jr. praying on line today fo…
I mean, Jerry Falwell Jr. spake unto the masses hoping they would prove the "Spirit of Lynyrd Skynyrd" was alive and well. What happened?
In addition to Trump's support, Moore was vocally backed by members of the president's evangelical advisory board—e…
Does anyone have a livestream of what Roy Moore is doing right now? Franklin Graham? Jerry Falwell? Donald Trump? Anyone?
I wonder what Roy Moore, Jerry Falwell Jr., and the rest of them think God is telling them right now.
Some greedy crook is looking for a tax break while sucking off church goers
When Jerry Falwell Jr quotes Lynyrd Skynyrd lyrics and has NO idea what the lyrics even mean. 🤣😂
Jerry Falwell listened to Lynard Skynrd? Now that has to be fake news.
Jerry Falwell is a fraud, a criminal and is possessed by the devil.
If by “white evangelicals” you mean Jerry Falwell Jr and Joel Osteen, then those aren’t what I mean when I think evange…
John Hagee,Paula white, Jerry Falwell Sr and jr, Pat Robertson and the BIBLE.
And shame on Mike Pence, Jerry Falwell, Eric Metaxes, & all these “godly” men who chuckle along as their buddies brag…
False equivalency got us where we are today. I'm old enough to remember when Jerry Falwell first b…
I'm an theologian from and I OPPOSE Jerry Falwell, Tony Perkins , James Dobson and…
Jerry Falwell called Archbishop Desmond Tutu a phony and supported the Apartheid government in South Africa and you…
This is who they’ve been since Jerry Falwell and Ralph Reed were given power in the
Oh a LARGE portion goes back to deals with Jerry Falwell and the "Moral Majority" (whi…
Extra shout out to Jim Baker, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and all the other predatory profiteers and misinterprete…
Perfect for the moment. Christopher Hitchens on Jerry Falwell via
My dream is that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson won't be able to sleep tonight.
Jonathan Martin says he's been banned from Liberty University's campus for criticizing Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Trump is a deeply racist white supremacist president. And Jerry @ J…
"The facilities should be separate. When God has drawn a line of distinction, we should not attempt to cross it." — Re…
“The *** does not want integration. He realizes his potential is far better among his own race.” ~ Rev, Jerry Falwel…
Hah. Christ left the building as soon as Jerry Falwell started screeching in 1979.
OH JERRY falwell. you are a piece of work
Trump is a pile of human waste, a vile and selfish man who is supported by people like Frankli…
Every day a grade B soap opera. But it's not. bullied the Republican Party & Billy G…
Falwell says Trump could be great if it weren't for obstacles. What an *** Great Presidents overcome obstacles. https:/…
and his whole crusade against Jerry Falwell, classic 👍
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"A good Christian would kick Jerry Falwell in the *** " - Barry Goldwater.
He’s now Rev. Pastor Trump, ordained by Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell
Jerry Falwell, was probably the best TV Evangelist, aside from Billy Graham. Baker, and…
If you mean knowing God like Jerry Falwell, Jim Baker or Joel Osteen know God, I’d rat…
Also DISagreed w/Jerry Falwell saying AIDS was Gods judgment on homosexuals, tho their behavior largely brot about its sp…
SO is Jerry Falwell Jr.They're all just hypocritical scum. 😼
Where's Jim Bakker, Franklin Graham & Jerry Falwell Jr. in all of this?
I would say the spiritual hellspawn hybrid of Jerry Falwell and Pat Buchanan, but okay.
"The evidence will show ur Honour..." will he cry like Jerry Falwell?
The spiritual daughter of Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell manages to be more appalling than her two dads…
I've ignored TV preaching thieves since the Jim Baker/Jerry Falwell days in the 80s.
Hey Jim Bakker, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., etc you DO NOT speak for all Christians or for Christ for that…
Here's a little factoid that might cheer you up: Jerry Falwell has croaked!
Reminiscent of religious fanatic and evil troglodyte, Jerry Falwell, attributing the attacks on 9/11 to abortion ac…
He isn't the only one. Look at this "scandal" from Jerry Falwell Jr, president of Liber…
Wherever Jerry Falwell Jr, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham & Trump are going in the afterlife, I definitely do not want to…
Liberty University's founding family has a hostel known as "a cesspool of vice"
You might be thinking of Jerry Falwell. It's sometimes hard to tell the apart.
Reached for comment, Jerry Falwell Jr. said "Trump's not perfect but let he who has not registered a VaginaBoy doma…
Indeed. And you don't have to be Jerry Falwell to see the message in American history's greatest storm si…
We should be hearing from Jerry Falwell Jr. and Pat Robertson any minute now how God is punishing Houston because of all the…
Jim Bakker along with Jerry Falwell and Joel Osteen, is an evangelical, not a Christia…
No Exit, but it's Jesus locked in a room with Joel Osteen and Jerry Falwell.
Liberty U (Jerry Falwell)? Might as well plaster TRUMP- MAGA on the car. Will alienate many people. Why do it?
If Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell Jr, and Pat. Robertson represent Christianity, I'd. rather be an atheist.
Same Jim Bakker that Jerry Falwell called "the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,…
Falwell family involvement in Moral Majority in 80's, and now own hostel in South Beach w/i…
These so called pastors are as fake as Jerry Falwell, Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson.
Remember when Jerry Falwell said Katrina was punishment for the sins of New Orleans?
These guys are the two headed calves of religion. The freaks. The closet cases. Look at Jerry Falwell Jr and his…
Has anyone asked Jerry Falwell if the *** caused this hurricane? I think Obama did it with his dark Kenyan Muslim magic...
You are totally bonkers but you are right up there with Jerry Falwell, and Tammy and Jim Baker.U stand with a racis…
Jerry Falwell of Liberty University was fantastic on The Fake News should listen to what he had to say…
Face the Nation - Boy George, Jerry Falwell, Gore Vidal, Leslie Stahl - ... via dayyyum its 2017 now same
Yep. remember it well. All started with your bud Jimmy Swaggart and emphasized by Jerry Falwell.
And Jim Bakker did not rape Jessica Hahn. And Jerry Falwell was straight.
I saw this coming when Ronald Reagan hired Jerry Falwell's moral majori…
So sad that since the 80s (Moral Majority, Jerry Falwell) christians stopped believing in religi…
Something for which he is now frying in *** along with Jerry Falwell. Both being stabbed by…
To quote Christopher Hitchens when Jerry Falwell died: “If you gave the man an enema he could have been buried in a matchbox.”
On hearing of Roger Ailes' death, I couldn't help but think of Chris Hitchens' impromptu eulogy to Jerry Falwell.
I agree with Thomas Jefferson and love the fact Jerry Falwell Jr quoted him!!! God bless
Lynchburg News remembers the life of Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., 10 years after his death. .
Yes we do. He has the heart of *** Cheney, values of Jerry Falwell and the Intellect of…
.Jerry Falwell, Jr. is more of a business leader than a theologian
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Jerry Falwell Jr. inherited a mega church worth millions Of poor people $. There is nothing self made about him, same as…
Jerry Falwell Jr. Learned it well from his very own father which is Pervert Men that have no self co…
I once rode in a limo w/Bruce Jenner. I got squeezed by Don King. I met Jerry Falwell. I was in a bar with Robert Hays but didn't approach.
Students at Liberty University, Jerry Falwell's school, complaining about Trump speaking at commencement is like Democrat…
FBI Director James Comey's undergraduate thesis: "Reinhold Niebuhr and Jerry Falwell: the Christian in politics."
FBI director James Comey's undergrad dissertation compared the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and the televangelist Jerry Falwell.
But they got leadership positions Jesse Helms, Trent Lott, Haley Barbour, Jerry Falwell
6) D’Souza ignored anti-civil rights Repubs who began as Dems (e.g., Trent Lott, Jerry Falwell, Haley Barbour) who rose in GOP.
There I go again thinking Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, James Dobson & Jerry Falwell, Jr. has some integrity.
Jerry Falwell wants roll back rules on campus sexual assault. I couldn't make this up if I spent the rest of my life try…
It's the Christianity of Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker and Oral Roberts. Very different from the message of the New Testament
Liberty University — a private Baptist school founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971 — has talked in recent years about b…
well, Jerry Falwell & Harold Camping & Fred Phelps & Jack Chick all died, so they kind of did.
I am a born again Christian. I had no respect gor Jerry Falwell to begin with, but Franklin Graham? He is now in my…
As we watch, Jerry Falwell's son and, to a lesser extent, Billy Graham's are leading the Religious Right over a cliff. htt…
Unbelievers, if you watched Jerry Falwell, Jr. on CNN tonight I want you to know by the authority of God's Word that wa…
Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr...probably would hire him for dean of public affairs!
It's about the corruption of 35 years of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and the whole pack of American…
5-"... led by the redoubtable Jerry Falwell and inspired by the thought of the venerable Francis Schaeffer..."
Why do most conservative talking heads look like Jerry Falwell or Jim Baker?
Aug 11, 1933 Birth of Jerry Falwell, founding pastor of Thomas Rd. Baptist Church. Heard him speak a few times.
Do you remember when Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell, & Ted Turner wanted to buy CBS, to make it conservative? 1985...
Jerry Falwell Jr. a pastor gave a highly politized speech at the RNC. Has his church been taxed?
The same white evangelicals a al Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberson - who merged evangelicalism with republicanism - were the
Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberson argued that America should go back to their Christian roots and vote to religious Christians
Lol, yeah. Actually met Jerry Falwell. I remember him saying "A *** person would just as soon kill you as look at you".
Jerry Falwell announced at the RNC : Liberty University now excepts homosexual preachers in his father's school and ch…
you must be talking about Jerry Falwell, Jr. Who supported Trump, a philanderer, cause he promised to repeal Johnson Amd.
Just spent the afternoon touring Jerry Falwell Library. WOW. Impressive space and amazing campus all around.
Jerry Jr Falwell be careful of false (Prophets) people they are not always who they say they are.
All purpose parts banner
Jerry Falwell Jr. is speaking at A cartoon about his father, Jerry Falwell from the archives:
As we accept Christ’s love and honor His commandments, our lives bear testimony to His power and to His Grace. - Jerry Falwell Sr.
Jerry Falwell, is the biggest FAKE since Tammy faye, so it's not like you, got someone worthy, a CROOK!!
Will Never Endorse Bernie Sanders will vote for her campaign in 2008, and the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University last
I'm not surprised by Jerry Falwell Jr. selling his soul to Trump. Runs in the family. But Wayne Grudem? So much for Christian scholarship.
VA has Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr, rural low education voters, so we have GOP General Assembly This must change
Endorsing Trump puts you in the company of Putin, Kim Jong-un, Mugabe, Hulk Hogan, and Jerry Falwell Jr. Wouldn't that make you think twice?
I'm in good company Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr, James Dobson Michelle Bachman etc go vote for Hillary & have fun.
This isn't the ignorance of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr. Or that horrible Franklin Graham. This is a man who...
Pretty sure Jerry Falwell Jr. did not drop anything but eyelids at the
Hypocrite much? Did you object to the RNC Jerry Falwell Jr's speech? Didn't think so. Go sell crazy elsewhere!
Jerry Falwell and the other evangelical leaders who endorse Trump have lost their Christian voice. Therefore, have zero credibility.
God may lead you through the wilderness before directing you to the promised land. Be patient and keep seeking His fac…
Sanders and should have with the ‘Inevitable’ Democratic nomination in the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University last year.
The NRA speaking for "all gun owners" is as ridiculous as the WBC or Jerry Falwell speaking for "all Christians."
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Christians like Jerry Falwell Jr are the leading cause of atheism.
Reverend Jerry Falwell was a friend of mine. I miss him, his voice and the dedication to speak truth about America.
A committed supporter and friend to Donald J Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr. God bless.
Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are just two more reasons not to vote for Trump. Thanks, RNC!
Sure, but he said in right in the middle of a big section about the evangelical vote, Jerry Falwell, etc.
Lyin' Ted announced he was running for President on Falwell College. Jerry Jr. Falwell NEVER supported him! 🙌
Jerry Falwell, king of the racist homophobe society. We get it, Don, you've locked down the *** vote.
have & Capt Khan's parents while Donald Trump & Jerry Falwell are calling for torture & water boarding.
"Women are not intended for the NFL or the military. — Jerry Falwell
Do you know Rev. Barber or does he need to be more like Jerry Falwell to be a real preacher?
embarrassing to be hanging out with Jerry Falwell
Not to throw shade, but I feel like Rev William Barbee II is preaching a heck of a lot more than ole Jerry Falwell Jr.
This time last week, it was Jerry Falwell, Jr. on stage.
"Great 2B back in with Jerry Falwell Jr joining me in Davenport - this past winter. h…
Rev Barber telling it , like it is! Are you listening Jerry Falwell Jr !!!
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Rev. William Barber of 'Moral Mondays' speaking at . About same slot as Jerry Falwell last week & couldn't be more different
TIL that in 1985, Edward Johnson programmed his computer to call Jerry Falwell's toll...
One of Jerry Falwell's sons has endorsed Trump. The other has not. Their divide tells us much:
Why is the crowd dressed like the Billy Graham, or Oral Roberts, or Jerry Falwell, or Jim Baker, or Joel OIsteen audience. '68-'88ish
That time when Bernie spoke at Jerry Falwell's university & got students to cheer: htt…
Jerry Falwell, Jr. & other evangelicals checked Jesus at trump's door. It's good to know, though, who's for real and who's not
I just bought Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s belt buckle on EBAY.
Do you think it was more honorable for establishment evangelicals like Jerry Falwell, Jr. to pander to likely winner?
My mistake, I thought they were referring to Jerry Falwell, didn't know there was a Jr. I prefer Trump to her.
I say wake up evangelicals and stop listening to Trump and Jerry Falwell.
- Jerry Falwell, Jr. .gave baptists a bad name by endorsing the cave troll. http…
that bogas, what about Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell and I could go on
I'm glad he spoke out, he's correct, the endorsement does reflect negatively on the university. via
First thing on Liberty University's media voicemail: "If you are calling about Jerry Falwell's endorsement of Donald Trump..."
"The bewildering evangelicals (Jerry Falwell Jr. and Robert Jeffress) are few. Anti-Trump evangelicals are many.". https:…
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You are the lowest of low. I hope the students and parents at see who you really are.
Misleading headline, he was forced out and treated coldly by board members because he dared to disagree. Only...
Jerry Falwell was an evangelist who financed campaigns to get rid of Democrats in Congress and started the Moral Majority
Jerry Falwell, who started the Moral Majority, was one of the prominent religious conservative leaders of the 70s and 80s
- Open the Bible & start reading up on what a man of honor, integrity, & principles look like
God never called me to be popular. He called me to be faithful. Jonathan Falwell quoting his dad Jerry Falwell.
Jerry Falwell just favorited my . This is more exciting than when I was homecoming queen
Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Rick Warren, and Jerry Falwell to name a few living in mansions, while the homeless living under freeways in street
OK then do U perfer Billy Graham Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell ?
Jerry Falwell, Jr must be so proud.
Like Mark Cuban, Terrell Owens, Wayne Newton, Carl Icahn, Jan Brewer, Jerry Falwell, Jr. to name just a few of the 1000's.
I'm tired of the Canadian-Cuban-adulterer-Jerry Falwell wanna be and the gov. Put on the gloves thunder thighs here comes Don
I hope the pseudo-conservative voters, Jerry Falwell, Robert Jeffress, and the GOP are happy. It's time to own...
If only Jerry Falwell, Sr were alive, he could explain blasphemy, sin, confession, repentance, King David to Junior
congratulations to Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on their successful support of the *** Agenda.
Shout out Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson for bringing Marriage Equality to America
"Say what you will about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, but at least they put *** on the map with their frothing, regressive loathing"
Anybody ask Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell, Jr. about the Trump campaign’s treatment of women today?
.(What happens to the Trump ship when he invites Jerry Falwell & Sheriff Arpaio on board!)
Whoa: Donald Trump has won just SEVEN % in Liberty U.'s precinct in Lynchburg, VA? So much for Jerry Falwell, Jr.
He is most likely the love child of Jerry Falwell and Tammy Fae Baker.
I'm speaking today at Liberty University--hey, that's me with Jerry Falwell when he spoke at Dartmouth in 1982
.and Jerry Falwell Jr miss the Moral Majority and their new bombastic leader is Trump.
Hey Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell, Jr. — Trump is defending Planned Parenthood again.
Jerry Falwell and Sarah Palin have been pretty quiet after Trump's vocal support of Planned Parenthood. Want to retract…
his death invoked the same exact response from me as when Fred Phelps and Jerry Falwell were called home by Lucifer their maker
Laura Ingram, Hannity, Jerry Falwell, Sarah Yep, you're right, I don't see anyone voting for this moron
Donald Trump plugs his endorsements: Willie Robertson, Sarah Palin, Jerry Falwell, Sheriff Joe "and so many more."
Did you criticize John McCain in 2000 for speaking out against Jerry Falwell? BET NOT.
Gonna go with both. Kinda channeling that Jimmy Swaggart/Oral Roberts/Jerry Falwell spirit right now.
Little Giant Ladders
Liberty Univ offered free scholarships to San Bernardino victims children~ Jerry Falwell
Jerry Falwell, Jr. of Liberty Univ. with Trump tonight campaigning at his rallies in Iowa. Falwell, endorsed Trump -
GOOD FRIDAY WITH PAUL EDWARDS: Jerry Falwell, Jr. likens Donald Trump to Jesus...and to Jerry Falwell, Sr. . Is...
Jerry Falwell is deceased...Trump may have been endorsed by his son, Jonathan Falwell.
"On January 18, Jerry Falwell, Jr. welcomed Donald Trump to Liberty University to speak in the school’s chapel.
Donald Trump won the endorsement of Jerry Falwell, Jr. because Trump is the modern day face of bigotry and white supremacy.
Jerry Falwell, Jr., is not a Pastor. The son Jonathan is the Pastor of the church Sr. left behind.
Jerry Falwell said, we aren't electing a pastor, president has to know how to get things done
Jerry Falwell praised Trump and reminded that we're not electing a Pastor. We need a leader who's not bought.
But as Jerry Falwell said in his introduction, We're not electing a pastor. No one cares.
1/2 "Cruz is leading in the Jerry Falwell wing, Marco Rubio is leading the Billy Graham wing and Trump is leading the Jimm…
"God caused the Jews of the world to gather in Israel" . Who said it? . A) Isaiah . B) Jerry Falwell . C) al-Baghdadi . https…
to Jerry Falwell: No, Christians should not carry concealed guns.
John Piper rebukes Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell over call for students to carry guns
Should Christians be encouraged to arm themselves? John Piper responds to recent comments by Jerry Falwell, Jr.
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Jerry Falwell, Jr. talks about 'ending those Muslims'.
Jerry Falwell, Jr. calls for more concealed carry permits in wake of San Bernardino shooting via …
Fitting that Jerry Falwell founded his empire there, now run by Jerry Jr.- as bad or worse than dad!
By that logic & since the tent is so big, why not invite David Duke or Jerry Falwell, Jr.? Stay tuned - more to come.
How is call to arms ‘Christ-centered’? Center for Justice & Peacebuilding director letter to Falwell via
Jerry Falwell Jr.: The Resignation of Jerry Falwell, Jr as president of Liberty University! - Sign th... via
Jerry Falwell Jr. is Right, Hillary: Christianity is Fine With Using Guns to Stop a Massacre. -
Here's the trouble with Jerry Falwell Jr.'s words on violence and why they should concern all of us:
We "good" Christians need to be heard speaking-out against the hate-rhetoric perpetrated by Christian extremists...
Students Talk Guns, Safety after Mass Shootings: Jerry Falwell Jr.’s suggestion to get concealed-carry permits...
"While these sorts of remarks epitomize the ever-growing fear and hostility directed toward Muslims, we as...
With Jerry Falwell Jr and Donald Trump, there’s no better time for Christians to rise up and stand against hatred carved into…
What crazy leftys do best, deceptively edits Jerry Falwell Jr. comments about Muslims.
A Liberty student challenges Falwell, Jr. on guns and Muslim comment:.
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We proudly support for all and share the view and message of and
Will colleges preach the theology of the friend or the theology of the gun when it comes to
Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. urged students Friday to carry concealed weapons on campus to counter any …
Jerry Falwell & his Moral Majority ruined the Republican Party, can't win following that model.
16 years on from Christian televangelist Jerry Falwell's 'Tinky Winky is *** revelation!
Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had some tough words for GOP presidential candidate Ted...
Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham and the Sad Effects of Terrorism on Christianity
Jerry Falwell Jr. Stirs it up with via
Jerry Falwell Jr. Stirs it up with "End those Muslim" Comments via
Why I stand with Liberty University's Jerry Falwell, Jr. on guns via the Android app
Thank you, midnight pizza, for saving my life. The end. @ LU Jerry Falwell Library
The resignation of Jerry Falwell, Jr. as president of ...
Good to see some push back from below the border
Why we, Wheaton College students, are condemning Jerry Falwell Jr.'s remarks on guns and Muslims
Jerry Falwell, Jr. of Liberty Univ. says gun owner shops are all out of guns. He's for Trump, Cruz, Carson. Said Trump like his father.
Jerry Falwell, Jr. of Liberty Univ. called Hillary a liar for taking his statement out of context. He told his students to arm themselves.
Scroll back in time & you'll find snake oil merchants Jimmy Swaggart, Jim & Tammy Fay Baker & Jerry Falwell, among others
Yeah, I've noticed it's even possible to be a pro-Israel anti-Semite, eg Nixon, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, and John Hagee.
We had Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson not only telling their TV congregations to back Reagan/Bush plans but they used …
then he told them that if "you'd given (Jerry) Falwell an enema he could've been buried in a matchbox "
You can replace Osteen with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Donald Wildmon or any other televangelist/fundie and it...
God has bigger plans for you than you have for yourself. -Jerry Falwell
oh my gosh I'm texting Jerry Falwell rn. He needs to come to convo 😂
However, if you keep acting like Jerry Falwell maybe not. How can you possibly think this law suit is a good idea?
Rev. is now becoming the new Rev.Jerry Falwell to guide us in our political decisions. To heed his advise would be wise.
deems Books 'fair but standard helps Oracle Android-Java case
The family mourns the loss of Macel Falwell, wife of Dr. Jerry Falwell.
I'm young enough to remember when the left laughed at Jerry Falwell for not appreciating Hustler's parody of him.
Another Rashad Jennings quote: "I remember looking at him and saying, 'I accept.'" Him = Jerry Falwell.
We are back on campus! Stop by our table in the Jerry Falwell Library to learn about the rest of our…
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And if GOP do get full control in 2017, ramming through John Birch/Jerry Falwell wish list will not endear them to younger voters
The Caudell Reading Room in the Jerry Falwell Library is a two story traditional reading room. It…
Pat Robertson, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts. All people that need to get a job.
Macel Falwell, then Macel Pate, was an 18-year-old piano player at Park Avenue Baptist Church, when then-Lynchburg...
Jerry Falwell should have been aborted.
still, that 99% on-time rate compared 32 O_O. Where's Jerry Falwell when u need him, this is divine punishment
Jesus did not preach a message of retribution or revenge; He spoke words of compassion and forgiveness. We must imitate Him-Jerry Falwell Sr
Praying for the entire Falwell family in the passing of Macel Falwell, the widow of Dr. Jerry Falwell.
Hamas and Day of Rage, Obama vs. The Generals and Macel Falwell Passes Away, Wife of The Late Rev. … via
"You have no right to be ordinary. God has called you to be extraordinary!" - Dr. Jerry Falwell
Yep.. The late Jerry Falwell.. He was my great uncle.
Oh, now it makes sense. went to Jerry Falwell's top-tier Liberty University for law skool.
. we got Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham. and that Freeflo Dollar guy. are you looking to invest in eternal salivation?
I like to think that Jerry Falwell's personal *** is that he has to spend eternity in a *** pride parade.
Macel Falwell | Wife of evangelist, 82: Macel Falwell, 82, the widow of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr., has died…
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Our prayers to the Falwell family; Macel was an incredible woman of God.
Boyagoda: Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell model of public engagement not helpful acc to Neuhaus
Jerry Falwell's back exit is stuffed with cash. Or so I hear.
.Imagine going to heaven and finding Jerry Falwell there. Is there a back exit? Perhaps a VIP lounge.
My thoughts and prayers to the Falwell family after the passing of Mrs. Jerry Falwell
Macel Falwell, widow of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, dies
Macel Falwell, wife of late Jerry Falwell, has died
i can make a short list! Jan Crouch, Jimmy Swaggert, and the Ghost of Jerry Falwell, lol,lol
Sometimes the mysteries of the universe just seem unknowable. For example, why can't Jerry Falwell or Andrew Breitbart die twice?
Eternity is a long time to be wrong. BTW, I wonder how Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker are doing? Any word from upstairs?
Burnout, doubts, & ministry; or how I flipped Jerry Falwell's four wheeler. thoughts:
Youtube link to Bernie Sanders WONDERFUL presentation at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University:
An alumni of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University rBernie Sanders speech. Is he feeling the Bern???...
Capturing a Town for Christ by Elmer L. Towns and Jerry Falwell (1973,...
I'm guessing all the St. Bernard supporters are foaming at the mouth right about now as he is introduced by Jerry Falwell, JR.
Being introduced by Jerry Falwell, Jr. right now
To the student body: "Nobody loves you more than your president Jerry Falwell Jr." -
Monday, September 14th: See at Liberty College (founded by Jerry Falwell) on C-SPAN beginning at...
Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Billy Graham all supported Jimmy Carter in 1976.
Martin Luther, Spurgeon, Jack Hyles, Jerry Falwell, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, and Lance Cadel had to put up with the same thing
"This culture war is more Albert Schweitzer and Dorothy Day than Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham; more...
Here I was thinking Jim Baker & Jerry Falwell were the original Clowns for Christ
but they have Jan crouch, Jimmy Swaggart, Fred Phelps, 700 club Jerry Falwell cheering for you, pathetic!
Jerry Falwell infamously called Bishop Tutu a "phony" — much like how he previously attacked Martin Luther King.
Jim Baker's house (Tammy Faye's make up), Crystal Cathedral guy, Jimmy Swaggert, Jerry Falwell - all got rich preaching.
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