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Jerry Bruckheimer

Jerome Leon Jerry Bruckheimer (born September 21, 1945) is an American film and television producer.

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Turned on and all I've seen is a Marvel NBA promo & Jerry Bruckheimer, POTC director. Such a waste of a channel now,
Why is Jerry Bruckheimer on ESPN SportsCenter right now?
Jerry Bruckheimer just announced he's making the movie Top Gun 2 Lookout!
Dear Jerry Bruckheimer,please let Barbossa come back in Pirates 6! The best pirate ever!🙏
Legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer on how he got Paul McCartney to appear in the new Pirates of the Caribbean!.
Pirates of the Caribbean will never carry on without Johnny Depp, says producer Jerry Bruckheimer:.
I legitimately fell asleep to a Jerry Bruckheimer interview playlist. I find his voice to be therapeutic and soothing.
Bravo Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney. This has got to be one of the best Pirates sequels yet. I felt 12 again, Thank-you. Captain Jack's back
Went to go see POTC at the El Capitan... Jerry Bruckheimer AND Orlando Bloom were there.
A 5 minute interview on with movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer is why is the worldwide leader in sports.
hey, Jerry Bruckheimer is from Detroit, but he's an L.A. Kings fan now. have a nice holiday weekend.
Huge fan of Jerry Bruckheimer's naturally ginger hair for a man of his age. And beard. Incredible genes.
Saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It's really good if you like smelling a turd Jerry Bruckheimer can't figure out how to flush.
I turn on SPORTSCENTER for the first time in literal years, and they are talking about Jerry Bruckheimer being a great director. Great.
ESPN is interviewing Jerry Bruckheimer to promote his Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This is why I won't pay for cable.
stick with sports please. I want sports highlights on SportsCenter, NOT Jerry Bruckheimer interview. Asking too much?
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Right now ESPN is running an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer talking Pirates of the Caribbean. What does that have to do with sports?
Glad I turned on sportscenter to see a Jerry Bruckheimer interview. Because it's a sports movie about sailing and all...
Tom Cruise officially confirms sequel to one of his most iconic films
It's almost a Jerry Bruckheimer or Oliver Stone movie at this point.
I love how people watched a movie and they were like 'this movie needs Keira Knightley' and Jerry Bruckheimer made it happen
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says that we will NEVER see a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie without Johnny Depp!
Top Gun is a 1986 American romantic military action drama film directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don Simpson
It would be wonderful to see the actor in Jerry Bruckheimer's next production.
Its shocking to me that movies produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, based off of an amusement park ride continue to suck.
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer on creating great characters and 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
Veterans support org: Army to salute action-film mogul Jerry Bruckheimer in Long Beach
"It's great working with Johnny. How he comes up with dialogue. How he changes scenes!" Jerry Bruckheimer .
When you work on a Jerry Bruckheimer film, you can be sure of ...
Jerry Bruckheimer really is an executive producer, who obviously is the most successful pro
Jerry Bruckheimer really is an e xecutive producer, who obviously is the most su—
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Coming to a theater near you next summer from Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay...
Jerry Bruckheimer is the most hands-on producer that I've worked with.
Selain Quentin Tarantino, Jerry Bruckheimer is one of my fave Movie Director. They always exceed my expectations about a movie
Our military thought that they couldn't get to Pearl Harbor, that it w...
I say go back to the 90s and bring in Jerry Bruckheimer
After a Cavs loss, thus is the cherry on the sundae! Well done. Who did that? Jerry Bruckheimer?
"Definitely, it's a fear of failure that drives me." - Jerry Bruckheimer
Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer leave the CBS Upfront dinner party in NYC
Lakers: Kobe Bryant calling up Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Jerry Bruckheimer to discuss ideas for his new companyvia
Jerry Bruckheimer is the king if series.
We are in the transport business. We transport audiences from one place to another. By Jerry Bruckheimer
"And this is my dog, Jerry Bruckheimer III"
Now that he's retired, is trying to become the next Walt Disney and I think we should all support him 😂.
Bruckheimer Please don't give up on a third Treasure movie with original cast.
Because you can't do anything halfway, you've got to go all the way in...
Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott conspiring to subvert masculine norms. Totes.
OMG who says that? Unless you're Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bey or JJ Abrams.end it.
The Jerry Bruckheimer Film Festival starts TONIGHT. Click the link for details.
Bryant getting advice from Hollywood heavyweights Spielberg, Bruckheimer, Abrams for Kobe Studios via
Kobe Bryant gets advice from Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Jerry Bruckheimer as he runs Kobe Studios:
When Kobe needs film advice, he bounces ideas off Steven Spielberg.
Kobe going Hollywood? 😎 Kobe Bryant bouncing film ideas off Spielberg, Abrams, Bruckheimer - via
Jerry Bruckheimer is working on a sequel to two of his classics, Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop!.
On a scale of Michael Bay to Christopher Nolan, I'd say was a Jerry Bruckheimer. 😜
Check out Savant's newest blockbuster hit, courtesy of Jerry Bruckheimer and DSI Luxury Technology.
Don Simpson + Jerry Bruckheimer / They like the elegance of Eastman film.
"...the late Tony Scott, Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer..." Don Simpson's dead too, you cold *** ***
> The 1997 version is essentially a John Carpenter to the Jerry Bruckheimer and Zack Snyder of the 2005 and 2015 versions.
- Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer at for more news.
Anyone else see a Head & Shoulders commercial in the future? A nice Jerry Bruckheimer three abreast slo-mo shot
You could be my Secret Agent and earn 10% of my earnings, if you pitch "The Secret War" to Jerry Bruckheimer, CEO at JBFilms.
CSI MSNBC is not one of Jerry Bruckheimer's best procedurals
We had the pleasure of having Cuba Gooding Jr, Jerry Bruckheimer and friends visit Ashford this weekend! htt…
The infamous Captain Jack and the famous Producer Jerry Bruckheimer :) "😚
. When Jerry Bruckheimer was the Executive Producer of every badass series.
American Life Turns Into Bad Jerry Bruckheimer Movie every year since 9/11 this is more and more true
May be wrong but I believe the entire list is in response to this.
"I've never read any other YA, no, why do you ask?"
The Core (2003) - a wonderful film. I highly recommend it. Imagine if Jerry Bruckheimer was turned down from 11 to 8.
The most interesting part of this news is the comments: via
we'll pay lip service to some vague link to terrorism first then throw out some Jerry Bruckheimer worthy sound-bites ... oy
novel The Cruelty now sold in 16 territories with a movie deal with as producer in the bag.
Jerry Bruckheimer is involved in the upcoming show Hopefully he can keep the show from liberal control.
I think the good Reverend Efrain Rodriguez grew ip watching to much of Jerry Bruckheimer and George Lucas movies.
"Training Day" To Become A TV Series: Antoine Fuqua is teaming with super producer Jerry Bruckheimer for a TV ...
Update your maps at Navteq
Tom Ellis stars in title role of new supernatural series from producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Len Wiseman,
Con Air: Con Air is a 1997 American action film directed by Simon West and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, prod...
Popcorn of the Caribbean coming Summer 2020 from Jerry Bruckheimer
Or a still from a Jerry Bruckheimer production.
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer reveals 1st photo of Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates 5’.
Despite being a disaster, Jerry Bruckheimer believes this film will be rediscovered as a masterpiece...
Jerry Bruckheimer partners with Barco to develop projects for Barco Escape
Sony has Jerry Bruckheimer on board and 'will turn Friar Tuck and the Merry Men into a team of Avengers-style superheroes'.
Jerry Bruckheimer partners with Barco. Escape is alive!
First photo of from upcoming film goes viral |
This inning is turning into a Jerry Bruckheimer film…
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer takes tongue-in-cheek stab at Pirates of the Caribbean's Johnny Depp: R...
Jerry Bruckheimer producer of the Pirates films has given us the first glimpse of Johnny Depp back in…
Jerry Bruckheimer reveals first photo of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow ... - New York Daily News
Jerry Bruckheimer leaks first image of Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'. See it here at Cinemas Online:
Jerry Bruckheimer reveals Johnny Depp’s return to 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' via
Jerry Bruckheimer posted a picture of Jack Sparrow in I'll post of from the ride!
Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed the first photo from and Captain Jack's in trouble
Gabrielle Union & Jerry Bruckheimer at US movie stars Will Smith (L) and Gabrie
Johnny Depp & Jerry Bruckheimer at Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Tokyo Photocall
Jerry Bruckheimer & Keira Knightley at Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Press Conference with
Gore Verbinski & Jerry Bruckheimer at World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's
Happy Birthday Denzel Washington. December 28, 1954.Washington has received much critical acclaim for his film work since the 1990s, including his portrayals of real-life figures such as Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Melvin B. Tolson, Frank Lucas, and Herman Boone. He has been a featured actor in the films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and was a frequent collaborator of the late director Tony Scott. Washington has received two Golden Globe awards, a Tony Award,and two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Glory (1989) and Best Actor for Training Day (2001).is an American actor, film director, and film producer.
Ernest Borgnine and Jerry Bruckheimer are baking kidney stones. William Howard Taft is crocheting hemorrhoids.
Bad Boys 3′ is in the works, confirms Martin Lawrence Handout Martin Lawrence (left) and Will Smith in ‘Bad Boys 2.’ A third installment of the action franchise is apparently in the works. Signs are good for a "Bad Boys 3." Martin Lawrence told Conan O’Brien that he’s expecting to reteam with Will Smith on a third installment of the buddy action comedy franchise. "I believe so, yes," Lawrence said of the rumors of another "Bad Boys." "I just talked to (producer) Jerry Bruckheimer. He said it’s real, they’re working on a script. They’re getting close and it all looks good." There’s plenty of financial incentive for Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay to dust off the franchise — the 1995 original and 2003 sequel earned a combined $414.7 million worldwide at the box office. The original also helped launch Smith from a sitcom actor to action movie stardom. Lawrence, who currently stars in the FX sitcom, "Partners," told O’Brien that there would be a part for him in the new movie. Tea ...
A few things were announced today. First off Lionsgate has announced the Power Rangers reboot has a release date of July 22, 2016. Now we just have to patiently wait for some casting news. Also, today on a taping of Conan, Martin Lawrence announced that Bad Boys 3 is indeed in the works and that Jerry Bruckheimer says a script is already being written. And lastly, HBO has renewed their new series, The Leftovers for a second season and Nintendo has announced a Super Smash Bros 3DS bundle will hit Europe. No word on a release stateside as of yet.
Tom Cruise, Don Simpson, Kelly McGillis and Jerry Bruckheimer on the set of Top Gun.
Today is the 43 birthday for Josh Lucas --- Movie Actor Happy Birthday from Home Cinema's Lover's Group !!! About:- Over his career, Josh Lucas has worked with many of the film community's greatest talents. He has starred alongside Jon Voight in Jerry Bruckheimer's Glory Road (2006), for which Lucas added 40 pounds to transform himself into legendary basketball coach Don Haskins. Lucas also starred with Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfuss in Wolfgang Petersen's Poseidon (2006). He starred with Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford in Lasse Hallström's An Unfinished Life (2005). He also starred opposite Jamie Bell in David Gordon Green's Undertow (2004), which was also produced by Terrence Malick. Additionally, Lucas worked alongside Christopher Walken in Around the Bend (2004). He performed with Jennifer Connelly and Eric Bana in Ang Lee's Hulk (2003). He was in Ron Howard's Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind (2001) with Russell Crowe. Plus, he starred opposite Reese Witherspoon in the Walt Disney Company's smash ...
What team-ups do you like best? I like Adam Sandler-Rob Schneider, Ben Stiller-Vince Vaughn, Leonardo diCaprio-Christopher Nolan, Joss Whedon-Chris Hemsworth. I used to like Team Spielberg-Tom Hanks. I still like Johnny Depp-Jerry Bruckheimer. Not to mention the team up with musicians like Hans Zimmer. :)
woah! Just found out a new CSI is coming for fall called CSI: Cyber! Startting Patricia Arquette (from Medium) CSI: Cyber (CBS) Patricia Arquette stars as Avery Ryan, Special Agent in Charge at the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI in Quantico, Va. She is tasked with solving high-octane crimes that start in the mind, live on-line, and play out into the real world. Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman will executive-produce; Carol Mendelsohn, Anthony Zuiker and Ann Donahue will write and executive-produce.
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Old movie but has many of my favorites in it. Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Barry Pepper, Scott Caan, Jon Voight, Jake Busey, Jack Black. Jamie Kennedy, Tom Sizemore, Jason Lee,Regina King, Seth Green etc, etc! Great pre 9/11 picture that has come to fruition. I think Tony Scott (Brother of Ridley Scott) and Jerry Bruckheimer nailed this one!
RUMOR: The NHL is a 99 percent lock to expand to Seattle and (in what is certain to *** off fans in Hartford and Canada) Las Vegas, with play beginning for the new teams in 2016. Supposedly details are being finalized with Jerry Bruckheimer and MGM being the primary owners of the Vegas team and Chris Hansen of the Seattle team. Bobby Miller JP Perreault
Lets have some fun with math. First... let's agree that celebrities are grossly overpaid. Let's take a look at what the top earners of 2013 made: Madonna - 125 million Steven Speilberg - 100 million Simon Cowell - 95 million E L James - 95 million Howard Stern - 95 million James Patterson - 91 million Glenn Beck - 90 million Micheal bay- 82 million Jerry Bruckheimer - 80 million Lady Gaga - 80 million Tyler Perry - 78 million Tiger Woods - 78 million Oprah Winfrey - 77 million Robert Downey Jr - 75 million Dr. Phil - 72 million Roger Federer - 71 million *** Wolf - 70 million Rush Limbaugh - 66 million Toby Keith - 65 million Mark Burnett - 63 million Bringing our top dawgs to a total of $1648 million. There is an average of 33 thousand people in America, living in poverty. We all know how celebrities love to preach about giving back and doing your part. So, let's imagine they walked what they talked by donating last year's income to the impoverished people of America. To be nice, let's leave them each .. ...
Hugh on working with director, Jerry Bruckheimer: “I have preposterously worked with Jerry three times, on Black Hawk Down, King Arthur, and Confessions of a Shopaholic,” said Hugh Dancy, who was with his wife, Claire Danes. “Probably three of the most disparate films ever made,” he added. Bruckheimer does everything on an immense scale, Dancy explained. “It feels like you’re arriving at Cape Canaveral for some kind of space launch,” he said about a Bruckheimer set. “And whole villages spring up around him, and I feel like he leaves small communities in his wake, you know, like churches and schools and hospitals,” he laughed. “Like, people probably still think we’re making those movies. It’s a real experience.”
Beverly Hills Cop marathon on Jerry Bruckheimer's best + vintage beats vs everytime.
Blockbuster producer Jerry Bruckheimer has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, but there are still a few well-known actors who've never collaborated professionally with the producer, including Michael Douglas, Sigourney Weaver and Claire Danes, who all showed up to a star-studded party at…
Jerry Bruckheimer says Brett Ratner would direct Eddie Murphy in the new Beverly Hills Cop. "We're in the process of getting the script finished. Paramount is very excited about making it, Eddie is...
'Beverly Hills Cop' Reboot Set for 2016 Release -- Jerry Bruckheimer will produce the project, with is bringing back Eddie Murphy to star as Axel Foley, the Detroit cop from the original film series.
Yes! Mickey Rourke would play an amazing Donald Sterling. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, of course.
Beverly Hills Cop 4 release date set for March 16th, 2016, with Eddie Murphy, director Brett Ratner, and Jerry Bruckheimer producing for Paramount.
Beverly Hills Cop 4 has a release date. The new Eddie Murphy comedy, directed by Brett Ratner and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, is coming March 2016.
Briefly: Last year we learned a new Beverly Hills Cop was part of Jerry Bruckheimer's new production deal at Paramount Pictures, which seemed to indicate
Uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently revealed plans for sequels to two of his biggest hits: Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop.
"National Treasure 2" Treasure: Book of Secrets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia National Treasure: Book of Secrets (also known as National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets) is a 2007 mystery/adventure film. It is a sequel to the 2004 film National Treasure and is the second part of the National Treasure franchise. It was directed by Jon Turteltaub, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and…
Jerry Bruckheimer talking about some sequels in the works, Top Gun 2, National Treasure 3, Bad Boys 3 and Beverly...
"We're all working very hard to get it done" - Jerry Bruckheimer [On Top Gun 2]
Want to be the next Jerry Bruckheimer or Shonda Rhimes? Here's how to become a superstar producer
'Top Gun' sequel will see Tom Cruise grappling with drone warfare, Jerry Bruckheimer says.
"The Lone Ranger," was as bad as I'd heard. But, Jerry Bruckheimer has filled so many rice bowls for so many people for such a long time, I won't hold it against him. Besides, what the *** do I know?
"Feels like you're riding a giant scrotum with a 4 day, Jerry Bruckheimer like, stubble" - Anthony Bourdain on riding an elephant
In an interview with The Huffington Post, Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that the plot of the forthcoming Top Gun 2—which comes just 28 years after the original—will once again feature a tough talking-pilot played by Tom Cruise, but this time, his enemy will be unmanned drones. "The conce...
"Extra's" AJ Calloway was at our New York studio at H&M in Times Square chatting with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, best known for producing "Top Gun," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "CSI," and a slew of other hit movies and TV shows.
The long-rumored Top Gun 2 is almost certainly happening, at least according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer. In an interview with The Huffington Post last week, Bruckheimer expressed how...
Top Gun 2: what we want from the second movie . Tom Cruise is set to battle robotic drones in the Top Gun sequel, Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed.The film producer teased that the long-awaited follow-up to the 1986 film would be updated to reflect the changing world of warfare."The concept is, basica...
"I feel the need, the need for speed." No, not the movie currently in theaters but a sequel to the iconic film where the quote originated, "Top Gun." Jerry Bruckheimer, (Top Gun, Armageddon, Pirates of the Caribbean just to name a few), announced he will be producing the sequel to the 1986 film starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer about the Naval flight school. This time Cruise reprising his role as Maverick will not be pitted against pilots like Kilmer as he was in the original but against drones which Bruckheimer states in the film are replacing pilots and Maverick plans to prove that pilots are still king of the skies! After facing dozens of delays production is soon to start with no release date set but likely 2016.
It has been 28 years since Top Gun first took to the skies, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer reveals that a sequel is close to becoming a reality. The producer told The Huffington Post that a follow-up to the Tom Cruise blockbuster, which was set at the Navy's elite fighter weapon school in San Diego…
Tom Cruise says Top Gun 2 is still in the discussion phase with producer Jerry Bruckheimer.
Jerry Bruckheimer teases the plot of Top Gun 2, which is going to be about Tom Cruise showing a bunch of punk drone pilots what's what.
I don't know how many others want this BUT I DO! "Jerry Bruckheimer talks up Top Gun 2's plot:
Jerry Bruckheimer talks up Top Gun 2's plot:
"Jerry Bruckheimer says 'Top Gun 2' in the works, offers first details -
Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer are trying to make a sequel to Top Gun. It's going to be about drones replacing pilots and blah blah blah If this movie doesn't have Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise playing Vollyball at some point... it is doomed to fail.
To be a teen again...Top Gun 2 to tackle drones, says producer Jerry Bruckheimer
"Top Gun 2" is still happening according to Jerry Bruckheimer, and its plot is as modern as ever. The super producer stopped by HuffPost Live on Thursday to discuss his new book, "Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes, Four Decades...
Jerry Bruckheimer is from Detroit. He just spoke about The old mercury movie theater on Seven Mile. I Remember the last time I went there.
Johnny Depp, Amber Heard throw post-engagement bash...!!! Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard threw a high profile party celebrating their recent engagement. Their family members and a slew of celebrities joined the do. The party took place March 14, reports Us Weekly. The guests at the bash included Marilyn Mason, Steven Tyler, Jerry Bruckheimer, Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams and Andy Garcia. Depp's mother and his long time tattoo artist too marked their presence. Heard is said to have worn a white silk, spaghetti-strap "vintage dressy" attire, while the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star flaunted a casual black suit with a matching top hat. The duo met while shooting the drama "The Rum Diaries". This will be Depp's second marriage. He was earlier married to makeup artist Lori Anne Allison from 1983 to 1985, and the 50-year-old was also in a 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children. As for Heard, she dated photographer Tashya van Ree for four years. It ended three years ba ...
William Petersen at the 27th American Cinematheque Awards which honored Jerry Bruckheimer on 12th Dec
I just saw a commercial for the movie, "Son of God" and thankfully realized that Johnny Depp isn't taking on the role of Jesus and adding his oh so zany silliness to it... This proves to me that there really is a God and that Jerry Bruckheimer and the Deppster are not trying to take on every character ( fact and fictional ) and ruining the stories. I'm also glad that Russel Crowe not Jack Sparrow, is play Noah...
Russell Simmons , P Diddy , Jay Z , Warren Buffett , Jerry Bruckheimer , the only people I look up to venture wise 😩
Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has reunited with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp to bring the cult classic tale The Lone Ranger back to the big screen. The idea for the masked avenger was first conceived in the 1930’s as part…
This WAS one of my favorite movies. I tried to watch it again recently and it does NOT stand the test of time. The effects are extremely old and it is overly compressed. It is the perfect candidate for a reboot, not a remake but, a complete reboot. But, it has to have the right director: Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro, Zack Snyder, Ang Lee or Francis Lawrence, would be great. My fear is, like most of Hollywood, they only see dollars, and would hire any random tool, to direct it. Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Brett Ratner, Bryan Singer, M. night Shyamalan, Scott Summers, would ruin it.
didn't know about -Jerry Bruckheimer, Robert Wagner, Sonny Bono, Tom Skerritt, Christie Brinkley and few others
The Producers Guild of America have announced that Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions will receive the 2014 David O. Selznick Achievement Award in Motion Pictures. The award recognises a producer’s outstanding body of work in film. The award has a rich and distinguished history with past recipients including such legendary producers as Clint Eastwood, Billy Wilder, Brian Grazer, Jerry Bruckheimer, Roger Corman, Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg. The award will be presented at the 25th Annual Producers Guild Awards ceremony on Sunday, January 19th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.
Jake Gyllenhaal discusses taking his shirt off for Jerry Bruckheimer in Prince of Persia Sands of Time
Jon Lovitz talk with Access about his friendship with mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Jerry is deserves the 27th American Cinematheque Award. Then, director Jon Turteltab interrupts the interview to say Lovitz isn’t being funny.
Paramount Pictures and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have finalised a three-year first-look deal. The partnership opens the way for the Beverly Hills Cop producer to add a fourth installment to the popular film franchise. Eddie Murphy's already closed a deal to reprise his role as Detroit cop Axel Foley - this time Foley will return to his Detroit roots, although a script hasn't been completed.
Jerry Bruckheimer, Mike Newell, and Jake Gyllenhaal discuss the character of Dastan from THE PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME.
Jerry Bruckheimer just recently signed a first-look deal with Paramount, and Deadline has learned that the producer's first project with the studio is going to be a new Beverly Hills Cop film, with Brett Ratner directing. Eddie Murphy will be back as Axel Foley, and according to Deadline, the charac...
Cuba Gooding Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Armie Hammer, Marg Helgenberger, Sir Ben Kingsley, Helen Mirren, Luc Robitaille, Jon Turteltaub, Jon Voight and Diane Warren will be among those paying in-person tributes to Jerry Bruckheimer when he receives the 27th American Cinematheque award Thursday night at...
Jerry Bruckheimer is back with Paramount, and his first project is said to be Beverly Hills Cop 4, directed by Brett Ratner and starring Eddie Murphy. He\'s also setting up Top Gun 2.
The film is on the fast track following a deal between Paramount Pictures and Detroit-born Hollywood mogul Jerry Bruckheimer. Eddie Murphy is expected to return in the role of wisecracking Detroit police officer Axel Foley.
After failing to make it as a TV series, the long-gestating follow-up to the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy has just come full circle. Brett Ratner has signed on to direct Beverly Hills Cop IV, about five years after he was initially in talks. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing for Paramount. More details...
Related: Warner Bros No Longer In Play As Jerry Bruckheimer Negotiates With Paramount HOLLYWOOD, CA (December 6, 2013) – Paramount Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer have reached a three-year, first-look agreement for theatrical films that will begin in April 2014. The deal was announced jointly...
Movie Review: "Déjà Vu" (2006) (*** out of 5) - "Déjà Vu" is a high-action, crime-drama, sci-fi, thriller which is exactly what you would expect from Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of such action-adventures as "Con Air," "Enemy of the State," "National Treasure," "Pirates of the Caribbean," and another Denzel Washington favorite, "Remember the Titans." "Déjà Vu" stars Denzel Washington together with Val Kilmer, Bruce Greenwood, Matt Craven, Jim Caviezel, Adam Goldberg, and Paula Patton. The screenplay involves ATF agent Douglas Carlin, who travels back in time in attempts to prevent a domestic terrorist attack that takes place in New Orleans and to save Claire Kuchever, with whom he falls in love.It was written by Bill Marsilii and Terry Rossio.And,it was directed by Tony Scott. New Orleans-based maverick ATF agent named Doug Carlin is brought in on a top-secret government program to catch the terrorist that is responsible for a ferry bombing that kills hundreds. Able to do what most law enforcement of ...
I'm pretty sure this is in everybody's opinion. "IMO, Jerry Bruckheimer > Chuck Lorre"
Christopher Young to score Scott Derrickson's 'Beware the Night' starring Eric Bana & produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.
Jerry Bruckheimer: Top Gun 2 still in the works with Cruise via
Jerry Bruckheimer is probably the best motion picture producer alive
1,300-ft asteroid may hit Earth on August 26,2032 - I hope Michael Bay & Jerry Bruckheimer are prepared for this !
Charles Huang is currently the CEO of Green Throttle Games, Inc., a startup based in Santa Clara, CA focused on creating video games on TV in the new era of video games. Previously, Charles was co-founder of RedOctane and the co-creator of the Guitar Hero video game franchise. In 2005, the company published Guitar Hero, which went on to become the fastest video game to reach $1B in sales and a franchise that has exceeded $5B of total revenue to date. Guitar Hero was the best-selling video game in the world in 2007 and 2008. In 2006, Mr. Huang, along with his brother Kai, was elected as one of the top 50 producers in New Media by the Producers Guild of American New Media Council membership which includes such famed movie directors as Jerry Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer. Mr. Huang immigrated to California as a young child and currently resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and two daughters. Mr. Huang holds BA’s in Economics and Asian Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Charles Huang C ...
Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer to end longtime partnership
▪ Dynamic duo of Disney, Bruckheimer to part ways: Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer will end their lon...
I’m sorry, but you really can’t call it Disney Infinity when all the characters are from Pixar and Jerry Bruckheimer films
Soon you'll all know the mad genius that is Sheri Elwood and I'm so goddam'd happy about it Contrats xxoo
Jerry Bruckheimer, Disney Split After Nearly 20 Years - Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Studios have decided to...
Fear of Movie Duds Makes Disney Rethink 'Tentpoles': Disney to end partnership with Jerry Bruckheimer after 'T...
Jerry Bruckheimer claims he wants to return to "more mature films" whilst citing Top Gun & Bad Boys sequels! HA!!
Happy 70th birthday to my friend Jerry Bruckheimer
Fear of Flops Makes Disney Rethink Blockbusters Disney to end partnership with Jerry Bruckheimer after 'The Lone ...
New post: Disney ends partnership with Jerry Bruckheimer
Disney has ended its deal with 'Pirates of the Caribbean' super producer Jerry Bruckheimer following the failure...
Hostages has its series premiere on CBS at 10:01.  From executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer and starring T
Jerry Bruckheimer to leave Disney: . LOS ANGELES — The Walt Disney Co. has announced that it would not rene...
Jerry babe have i got a deal for you.
Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer to end longtime partnership -
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Disney ends partnership with Jerry Bruckheimer via
Looks like Disney was not happy with Lone Ranger & ended
My life would be a lot more interesting if it were from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer.
OH, HOSTAGES IS FROM JERRY BRUCKHEIMER? that makes a lot more sense.
New shows should not run promos during Who's going to think, "Hey I'll bet that Jerry Bruckheimer show will rock EVEN HARDER."
Sometimes I'm not sure who has more power in Hollywood: Mark Burnett, Jerry Bruckheimer, or Seacrest
Disney ends partnership with Jerry Bruckheimer: Weekly (blog): Disney said it will keep working...
Jerry Bruckheimer ending partnership with Disney: Jerry Bruckheimer ending partnership with Disney .
Wow, I guess Disney is not taking any more chances. Stick w/ Star Wars and Marvel.
Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer will end their partnership in 2014, but don't blame it on The Lone Ranger
Disney has ended their partnership with famed producer Jerry Bruckheimer
Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer to Part Ways - thank you for reporting
Testament to or busy weekend for Hollywood - uniformly positive comments on a Deadline article?!
Congrats ! This is bound to be wickedly funny:
Prolific producer Jerry Bruckheimer doesn't plan to renew his contract with in 2014: via
“Happy 70th birthday to my friend Jerry Bruckheimer” impeach Obama!
Jerry Bruckheimer Walt Disney Co. part ways in 2014 after 22 year association 27 movies and a tinch under $9 billion in BOR's
Disney ends partnership with Jerry Bruckheimer -
Happy Birthday to Joan Atkins, Don Preston, Julie Chin, Bill Murray, Stephen King, H.G. Wells, Liam Gallagher, Nicole Richie, Riki Lake, Luke Wilson, Chuck Jones, Leonard Cohen, Nancy Travis, Ethan Coen, Cheryl Hines, Henry Gibson, Don Felder, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Max Mars, who all would have or who have celebrated birthdays today!
Very short on time, gang, so set celeb borthdays to heavy stun and fire!: The very funny Fannie Flagg of "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" and Match Game is 72; Jerry Bruckheimer dreams up another CSI at 70; Stephen King gets out from Under The Dome at 66; Bill Murray sings about "Bar Wars" at 63; Rob Morrow of NUMB3RS blows out 51 candles; the lovely Faith Hill sings out strong at 46; Ricki Lake searches for her lost career at 45; Autumn Reeser of Hawaii Five-O is 33; and finally Maggie Grace is still "Lost" at 30. Happy Birthday one and all!
Jerry Bruckheimer in Talks to Return as Producer on Beverly Hills Cop 4; Bad Boys 3 Script in Development
wants paramount to franchise TF movies, one a year directed by both Micheal Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer ala infinity ward and treyarch
Disney will ONLY spend $200 mil on PIRATES 5, and won't let Jerry Bruckheimer have final cut (weird he ever had it):
Jerry Bruckheimer has money coming out his buttcheeks.
Jerry Bruckheimer says "Lone Ranger" will be a great movie in 10 years. Does he know it came out a month ago?
Bruckheimer: “I think [Lone Ranger] is going to be looked back on as a brave, wonderful film.".
Jerry Bruckheimer | Pirates of the Caribbean 5 to begin filming this year | via
"You best come proper when you talk about Jerry Bruckheimer." -My Mom
Jerry Bruckheimer says he is not fazed by the bad reviews for The Lone Ranger
I need another Guy Richie Tim Burton or Jerry Bruckheimer movie in my life! Would be cool if it was Corpse pirate holmes n rolla
I wonder how many thank you letters The Who have sent to Jerry Bruckheimer thanking him for keeping them relevant.
Despite the box office flop factor, Jerry Bruckheimer says will be appreciated in 10 yrs
qualities win over the Jerry Bruckheimer's formulaic script, I guess that won. Congrats!!!
You gotta watch a Jerry Bruckheimer film coz. Reputation
Jerry Bruckheimer on "The Lone Ranger": "A Brave, Wonderful Film": Though widely regarded as a summer movie fl...
Jerry Bruckheimer has come out in defense of "The Lone Ranger." That's it. I'm going to bed.
Jerry Bruckheimer believes 'Lone Ranger' will be judged favourably over time
Jerry Bruckheimer has bee drinking Michael Bay's juice
Jerry Bruckheimer believes history will look back on The Lone Ranger as a "brave, wonderful film"
Jerry Bruckheimer believes 'Lone Ranger' will be judged favorably over time
Jerry Bruckheimer believes history will vindicate The Lone Ranger
See use Cisco as our 1st Innovator on The
But it's Guillermo del Toro versus say like a Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay movie... So why the low expectations?
What domains Jerry Bruckheimer, Papa John’s, and 27 others bought last week
Disney's The Lone Ranger has ended up in the box office stockades, with the studio and even producer Jerry Bruckheimer facing a substantial loss after the meek opening of the Johnny Depp-Armie Hammer Western in North America and in its first overseas markets.
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"Native American so behind this movie, it's fantastic," Jerry Bruckheimer tells
Johhny Depp & Jerry Bruckheimer are remaking "The Lone Ranger" and recently a still photo has hit the internet from an apparent "...
Thank you so much Jerry Bruckheimer for producing such great and fantastic films, makes the movies so fun to go to!
The Wu Tang Clan inadvertently becomes a local chapter of the KKK in this charming tale of racial reconciliation by Jerry Bruckheimer.
My Jerry Bruckheimer bluray boxset has shipped! The Rock, Con Air, Crimson Tide... I feel a marathon coming on. And not of the running kind
Sad to see kind of tanking. If it wasn't for Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Jerry Bruckheimer would've had 3 consecutive flops.
The Lone Ranger: The first and last thing that come to mind when I think of Director Gore Verbinski and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer ar...
Jerry bruckheimer has a metacritic account?
From producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski, the filmmaking team behind the blockbuster “Pirates of…
At all. His argument contradicts itself. How is it Jerry Bruckheimer rap & at the same time pulling new/boundary pushing producers.
Fun, clever. But a blockbuster history lecture from Disney, Gore Verbinski & Jerry Bruckheimer is just a bit surreal for me.
Filming a Jerry Bruckheimer film in front of my house
Armie Hammer will be 'an enormous star,' says Jerry Bruckheimer
Sorry, I gotta ask: Is Jerry Bruckheimer, in some way, shape or form, sponsoring Kurt's ride tonight?
I just wanna meet famous people like Donald Trump and Jerry Bruckheimer... I'm certain they'd love me and we'd immediately be best friends.👍
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Excited about Jerry Bruckheimer's Lone Ranger coming out Wednesday. Even more excited about the sushi and drinks we'll be…
Blockbuster über-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Gore Verbinski and writers Justin Haythe (from Revolutionary Road to this, who would have thought?), Pirates alumni Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, with the considerable efforts of a stonking cast, stunt co-ordinators, animal wranglers et al, immortal music and the scenery enshrined as John Ford Country resoundingly deliver the rootin’, tootin’ goods and the potential for an ongoing saga to rival Pirates Of The Caribbean. Empire Magazine's verdict on The Lone Ranger (2013). *** YES!
Photo: wonderous-world: Storm in the Afternoon by Carlos Gotay All I can see is the Jerry Bruckheimer Films...
Best westerns: 10 cowboy classics and icons of the Old West: Lone Ranger super producer Jerry Bruckheimer said...
Exclusive NSA transcript of Jerry Bruckheimer's pitch meeting w/Disney for "Lone Ranger."
Disney scraps trip to China for Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer to promote Lone Ranger via
Jerry Bruckheimer needs to stop dicking around and deliver Bad Boys 3.
You can't go wrong with Jerry Bruckheimer. Bad Boys 1 is as classic as it gets.
I had to drive this tank from the Bronx to Manhattan. I ain't hit the brakes once. Looked like a Jerry Bruckheimer film.
The Lone Ranger movie review: Someone in the Disney-Jerry Bruckheimer corporate suites has decided that today'...
On Wired : This Fourth of July weekend, we present to you the history of the explosion, from the Big Bang to Jerry Bruckheimer to Kei...
Hi *** Silver, Away! Well, not so much. Gore Verbinski, Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp team-up once again, this time to tell the tale of The Lone Ranger. The movie begins in San Francisco, 1933, where a very old and wrinkly Native American...
The Lone Ranger exclusive! Ruth Wilson on the magic of Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer & Gore Verbinski
So Jerry bruckheimer lives in Kentucky and I saw where he lives . 😁
...though it was sort of like a glimpse into what it'd be like to have Jerry Bruckheimer direct a Malick film.
Jerry Bruckheimer on the World Premiere red carpet.
A Disney western produced by Jerry Bruckheimer with a 2.5-hour running time and dismal reviews-- I'll prob skip
they should just stick to awesome cartoon movies. No Jerry Bruckheimer.
The brilliant team of Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski that gave us 'Pirates of the Caribbean', is back with...
OUCH! "Jerry Bruckheimer-branded tentpole (The Lone Ranger) may not even pass $45M for its first 5 days barring a miracle"
MOVIE NEWS. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 will start filming at the end of this year. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has...
not sure what to say about the new Lone Ranger film. very Jerry Bruckheimer probably covers it
'He created this character unbeknownst to us, and then came to us,' recalls producer Jerry Bruckheimer. By Amy...
Movie news now, It seems that The Lone Ranger is going the way of John Carter, it's been panned by american critics so how much will Disney lose on it? I have an idea it might be less then $200 million cause of Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinski & Jerry Bruckheimer's company involvement, so note to Disney & Mr Bruckheimer no more collaborations
Top 10 Great Things About America (Honorable Mentions go to Splash Patio Bar at the Inn at Longshore, The Walking Dead, The A-Team, Baggo, John Cusack and Castle Grayskull) 10.) Jerry Bruckheimer movies. The Rock, Days of Thunder, Armageddon, Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure… And ohh yeah, Beverly Hills Cop. BOOM. 9.) Barry Weiss, from Storage Wars. In my wish list of potential all-time drinking buddies to hang out with - this guy is up there with Genghis Kahn and David Lee Roth. 8.) Shark Week. Self Explanatory 7.) Maple Syrup. Indigenous people living in the northeastern part of North America were the first groups known to have produced maple syrup and maple sugar… what up Europe? How you like us now? 6.) The Philadelphia Flyers. In 1976 (Our Centennial Year) the Russian Red Army team toured American cities, dispatching each team they faced. The last stop on that tour was Philadelphia. Let's just say that things didn't end well for our comrades from across the way. Fast forward t ...
It turns out The Lone Ranger is actually Jerry Bruckheimer's directorial debut. "Directed by Gore Verbinski" was a safety precaution.
.The Lone Ranger Movie will Release on 3 july 2013.The Lone Ranger produced by Walt disney pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer film.It is Based on Lone Ranger play.
It’s been a little over a year since Alan Horn took over as chairman of the Walt Disney Studios, which is about to face its biggest test of the summer: On July 3, it releases the mega-budgeted The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, with Gore Verbinski directing and Jerry Bruckheimer...
Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp honoring Jerry Bruckheimer, and presenting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. — in...
Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise came out to celebrate Jerry Bruckheimer's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June...
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Looking for opinions on PRINCE OF PERSIA. I want a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie for next week's Awfully Good to coincide with Lone Ranger. Would this fit?
Jerry Bruckheimer was honored with the 2,501st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Guest speakers Johnny Depp and Bob Iger helped Bruckheimer unveil his Star in the Category of Motion Pictures on Monday, June 24,2013 Other actors from around the industry supported their friend Jerry Bruckheimer, Actors Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Martin Lawrence and Director Gore Verbinski... Photos: SPHINEX Magazine/ Jessica M. Guillen
Congrats to Jerry Bruckheimer on his Walk of Fame induction.Might be a good idea for johnny and Tom to make a movie.
Johnny Depp & hit Hollywood Blvd. as uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer is honored with a Star:
I was trying to figure out whos autograph is Just above scrooge McDuck`s I believe I got Lana Parrilla`s The Evil Queen from OUAT. and I cant make out who the other autograph is in the upper left hand corner. As you can see on the back side of the dollar I got Bernie Koppell Doctor from the Love boat. and Armie Hammer (aka The Lone Ranger) and Jerry Bruckheimer`s Autographs. On the envelope I got Saginaw Grant, Rick Dees, Olivia Holt,and I think the sideways one was Andy Garcia. This was from the Lone Ranger red carpet world premier this past weekend.
Though he’s produced dozens of films over four decades, you rarely hear producer Jerry Bruckheimer credited as the “auteur” of his distinctive and personal filmography. Just as there was once a “Lu...
Man of Steel. I hated it. It was like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie except with more explosions and minus the quipping lead role and cliche comic-relief characters. (3/10), please don't make a sequel.
I was at the premiere for The Lone Ranger yesterday at Disneyland California Adventure. It was fun, but hot. I met some great people while waiting for the stars. I bought a Lone Ranger Hat for Johnny Depp to sign. I wore it on my head waiting for him to walk down the red carpet. He was nice to everyone and spent a long time signing. When he actually stood within 20 inches of me saying-"How are you?" - I totally forgot about the hat on my head (Gee, I wonder why) and handed him my personal autograph book instead. What a dumb cluck!! I did manage to get the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer to sign my hat. Luckily, my business contacts have obtained many Lone Ranger autographs for me to sell for my business. Yesterday was for me. Armie Hammer was so good looking and seemed very nice but most people didn't seem to know who he was. He didn't do a lot of signing in my area. Unfortunately, Helena Bonham Carter wasn't there. Penelope Cruz did show up for the premiere, although she is not in the movie. She looked ...
The Lone Ranger london Premire CONFIRMED UK Film premiere is at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, London on Sunday 21st July . Directed by: Gore Verbinski people on the red carpet : Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Armie Hammer, Ruth Wilson, Harry Treadaway, Tom Wilkinson, Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer attend
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