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Jerry Brown

Edmund Gerald Jerry Brown, Jr.

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Maybe Jerry Brown can get all the illegal aliens he's been supporting to go rebuild the state's infrastructure that's gone into disrepair
Jerry Brown heads to D.C., with Schwarzenegger right behind him
Thank you Jerry Brown for representing the will of the people in the face of such illogical opposition.
Gov. Jerry Brown heads to Washington as Trump and Republicans offer plans with big consequences for California
Jerry Brown heads to Washington to talk nuclear danger, more
Sanders probably consults with Maxine Waters and she consults MOONBEAM Jerry Brown. It's a California connection. H…
A Stark Nuclear Warning | by Jerry Brown | The New York Review of Books (If you didn't catch Vice news on HBO yest)
Very odd! Jerry Brown and Tom Steyer with Berkeley homicide suspect?
Tax-raising liberal Jerry Brown and tax-slashing true believer Sam Brownback took office at the same time. How's it going?…
Jerry Brown, Chinese farm land buyers, Richard Blum -- Fortunes made on ruins of
Respectfully disagree about US law irrelevant Jerry Brown. was a lawyer & former Attorney General. Cal has many fine…
"California is not turning back. Not now, not ever," Gov. Jerry Brown said.
It'd be a hella lot better if we can shake Jerry Brown outta Sac Bro, Shasta County in the house straight up I-5 Cali proud...
'the king' is broke! Jerry Brown & his cohorts better run for the hills - in another coun…
Jerry Brown is the worst governor since Pontius Pilate.
The cracks appeared in 2013. However, Jerry Brown basically "owns" all Cali disasters. Obama is on board too, though! Mr. Lazy
Update your maps at Navteq
Bush? I'm no fan of Bush but the dam was the State of California's responsibility. CALIFORNIA. Jerry Brown elected in 2011 1/2
Gov. Jerry Brown talks Sanctuary State and cities trash, then turns around and asks for Federal Funds for the Oroville D…
Tell us what you think. Should President Trump give federal funds to CA Gov. Jerry Brown for Oroville Dam crisis?
Jerry Brown & Obama wasted so much on illegals, cucking.America needs MUCH!
California Governor Jerry Brown Spends $25B per year to support Illegals What if you spent that money on the Oroville Dam?…
if it's yellow it's mellow if it's brown flush it down. Bye bye Jerry please leave California.
Dam failure. Snowmelt. Impending storms. Jerry Brown. Northern CA is completely screwed. It really is that b…
California is a cesspool and Jerry Brown continues to fill it up. http…
and welcome to downstream...will Governor Jerry Brown be there to show us how safe it is?
Our state of California has the HIGHEST STATE INCOME TAX in the USA. Where's all that money Jerry Brown? ***
Gov Jerry Brown thinks its more important to pay $BILLIONS for lawyers, doctors, education for illegals than fix this hole i…
California warned by environmental groups about Jerry Brown didn't heed warning. Why no protests?. Nearly 2…
Americans should be protesting across the nation since Jerry Brown didn't heed warnings to fix . Silence.…
Anyone who thinks Jerry Brown has done a good job needs an intervention.
Will you be sending me a royalty check? Jerry Brown hugs U & says how much he cares as he murders U & burns UR house.
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Governor of California Jerry Brown spends 25 BILLION on illegal immigrants, but doesn't spend 760 million on highly criti…
dam crisis occurs under MIA jerry brown, but still manage to pin on trump! amazing!
observation: when flint water crisis hit, everyone wanted Repub governor gone. anyone calling for Jerry Brown to go?
Why aren't democrats protesting that warned California about the and Jerry Brown did nothing?…
Giant cavity opens in Oroville Dam spillway as Jerry Brown focuses on Delta Tunnels
JUST POSTED: Jerry Brown supports Eagle Mountain hydropower next to Joshua Tree, and wants Trump to help fund it:
Congratulations to our own Mr. Jerry Brown for receiving the Genesee County Outstanding Senior Award!
There is DIRECT EVIDENCE of criminal behavior from Michael Eisner, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown and Bonnie Dumanis and (con't)
The amazing Jerry Brown is driving California into the ground. How many Americans realize this half wit did same in…
This has Gov. Jerry Brown's name all over it!
Sign the petition to recall California Governor Jerry Brown.
they leftist goons acting like 1930s Nazi brown shirts. Should be called Jerry Brown Shirts.
Nice to see Jerry jerkoff Brown denouncing the Berkeley Campus acts of domestic terrorism tonight. The DNC and MSM…
what is the California National Guard doing? Maybe Jerry Brown knows.
Political Watch 2/2/17: 02/01/2017: • It was gloves off for California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) during his State of the…
Jerry Brown: Give an equitable education to all California students - Sign the Petition!
Jerry Brown never had any in the first place.
Great idea since gov Jerry Brown would rather watch his state burn like Nero. Weak and ineffective governor
I blame Jerry Brown & Mayors they won't let police do their jobs! . Get the Troops to CA "The Black Box" terro…
he's getting as bad as Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown of California
for years Jerry brown has allow the university to teach violence radical behavior stop JB
Jerry Brown is too old. Biden said he'd do it but same problem. Newsom needs the governorship first. Warren?
ATTN: The should arrest the Berkley Mayor and Governor Jerry Brown For inciting these riots.
CA governor to Trump: CA is not turning back. Not now, not ever. -
Shame on Gov. Jerry Brown for not stopping this madness by paid protestors of SORO'S
California's Governor Jerry Brown will sign it. He's always been a fool.
Jerry Moonbeam Brown was governor of CA the same time as Reagan was President 1981-1983. Ronny got it done.
the fraud is out of control! Jerry Brown again! Something definitely wrong with that.
Gov. Jerry Brown still has $15 million in campaign cash — and makes no promises how he'll spend it
Flashback: Jerry Brown, Biden and other Dems refused to accept Vietnamese refugees
1. The media reported on this and 2. This was done by the State of California (see Jerry Brown) not Trump
definitely a riot. Hope people go to jail. Take Jerry Brown with them!!!
Jerry Brown and Warren Buffett want to rewire the West
"It's scary to leave California. I don't want to be outside Jerry Brown's jurisdiction" . -
Jerry Brown: Tell Governor Jerry Brown of California to monitor California farms for animal abuse - Sign the...
It's ok Joe.The big one is coming and CA will become a sand bar!Jerry Brown will become fish poop!
Fearing catastrophe, California's Gov. Jerry Brown wants the world's leaders to stop 'goofing off' vi
Great show. Jerry Brown, the world needs more leaders like you.
We have to support science because "error and falsity is spreading like a cancerous plague all over the world" -Jerry Brown going off on NPR
Jerry Brown says world leaders need to stop "goofing off" and start talking about major threats like climate change and nuclear weapons
adios!! Jerry Brown will lead you to 3rd world status but now we will need another fence to keep all the crazies in
I'm sure Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo will fully cooperate. I'm sure Jerry will be happy to 'school' the White House.
“California is not turning back”: Gov. Jerry Brown puts Trump on notice
In fiery defiance, Jerry Brown vows, “If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own.”
Gov. Jerry Brown ends his State of the State address with a forceful declaration of California's future
In an era of political uncertainty, Gov. Jerry Brown's State of the State address sees California as a...
thank goodness for Jerry Brown and Cory Booker!
Jerry Brown & Cory Booker are both opportunistic, bought politicians who will take your liberal votes & destroy what u l…
Can you Californians please do something about Jerry Brown? Every time he opens his mouth, we get swamp with more people here in Oregon.
Jerry Brown to California and beyond: "California is not turning back. Not now. Not ever. His truth is marching on." Trump,…
Jerry Brown asks: 'Who is the most forgotten soul in California?': Jerry Brown, the Democratic governor of…
California has betrayed America! "Governor for Life" Jerry Brown is conspiring against America only for CAL's needs!
I envy Californians: strong economy, ability to fight back Trump, Jerry Brown in charge, and Governor News…
CA doesnot want our taxes to help Jerry Brown & his team of *** pay Eric Holder to fight Trump
Here's the Berkeley murder suspect, Pablo Gomez Jr -- or "X" -- posing with Jerry Brown & Tom Steyer -
I am native born Calif, have watched Cal be destroyed by ,the American traitor Jerry Brown and a democrat…
Gov. Jerry Brown selects two top advisors for spots on the Cali..
Jerry Brown: California to Bypass Trump on Climate Change Jesuit Ed left out constitution 101.
on Naughty list and last on Nice list Gov. Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown's Clown Show continues in . Brown pardons 9 convicted of crimes in .
California Governor Jerry Brown vows his state will be a haven for science under Trump
Jerry Brown: failed once as governor, so let's give him another chance.
She should run for Governor of CA! Jerry Brown endorsed her. She received 2x as many votes as Trump. Go 4 it!!!
Jerry Brown is a great governor so you know nothing.I am a baseball fan and never heard of you,couldn't be good.
asks Gore Vidal is he will run 4 the Senate. He unsuccessfully challenged Jerry Brown 4 Democrat nomination in CA
TODAY: Ben Mankiewicz (on Jerry Brown, *** s Angels, and the Democrats urgent need to connect:
Jerry Brown: If Trump turns off weather satellites, "California will launch its own *** satellite" ht…
Jerry Brown: 'California will launch its own *** satellite' if Trump stops climate data collection
The "Jello Biafra loves Jerry Brown, too." tattoo, probably.
Some of the backstory on how Gov. Jerry Brown came to appoint veteran Rep. Xavier Becerra attorney general
It was Jerry Brown's Motor Voter Law. I asked Congressman Duncan Hunter to stop it. He didn't.
they've been broke since Gray spent the surplus Pete Wilson left. Jerry Brown will finally be Presid…
The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed a legislation to ban police from charging people under the...
California Uber Alles was originally written about 1970s governor Jerry Brown, but was updated and re-released after Reagan came to office.
California Governor, Jerry Brown, warns Trump California won't back down on FT THANK…
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura were succeeded as governor by Jerry Brown and Tim Pawlenty, for what it's worth.
Jerry Brown lets illegals get licenses, they vote. Seems suspicious heaviest blue in the results is at borders.
I say Jerry Brown,look at what he's done in Calafornia.
Why? He wasn't vetted,got less votes than her and her supporters hate him.They need new ideas.Jerry Brown.
Gov. Jerry Brown warns Trump that California won't back down on climate change
Gov. Jerry Brown calls on all Californians to unite and be civilized: | Neon Tommy photo
Jerry Brown of California should be on that list.He's done a great job.
Proposition 57, Gov. Jerry Brown's push to loosen prison parole rules, is approved by voters
The state of California has Jerry Brown and his father Pat Brown both governors of California.
Lil' history: the full context of the "cookies" quote is that Jerry Brown (current CA governor) was attacking Bill over Hillary's career.
She said this in '92 when Jerry Brown accused the Clintons of "corruption" and claimed Bill had steered state busin…
When I was a kid that was CA's hallmark. Then Reagan, Pete Wilson & Arnold ruined the state. Jerry Brown's got us back on track.
Huh, Jerry Brown's wife for AG after likely AG Harris win for U.S. Senate?
Spurred by Brock Turner case, Gov. Jerry Brown signs laws to toughen laws against rap
Gov. Jerry Brown speaking at this years
Gov. Jerry Brown signed the measure, which imposes a mandatory minimum sentence, in response to the jailing for only three months of Brock
Gov. Jerry Brown and Mayor Ed Lee, among others, offer 11 possible solutions to the crisis:
Fully autonomous self-driving cars get lift from Gov. Jerry Brown
CA Gov. Jerry Brown contemplates in prison-reform measure by
and only half of that if you take out Christian Hellmers and Jerry Brown
Gov. Jerry Brown has reversed Leslie Van Houten's parole recommendation. Where the Manson Family is now:…
A judge has upheld Gov. Jerry Brown's decision to keep Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten in prison
It would be Sherrod Brown on drums, Bernie Sanders on base, Liz Warren on tambourine, Jerry Brown on slide guitar.
John Kerry is 72. So is Jerry Brown. . The party of the young, hip, vibrant America we all wanted in 1978
This is Assemblywoman Shirley Weber & Gov. Jerry Brown's new constituency. .
Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that states all single stall toilets in California be designated as gender neutral.…
Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that ends a statute of limitations on prosecuting rape cases.
Can we give those drugs to Jerry Brown and Kevin de Leon because they both are terminal diseases for Ca in my opinion.
Gov. Jerry Brown weaves the philosophies of John Muir, Teilhard de Chardin & Professor Irwin Corey in speech to
Alex Padilla and Jerry Brown both got paid to throw the election. 2 questions with a polygraph exam , their done.
is that a result of Gov Jerry Moonbeam Brown and his global warming scam?
Welcome to the regulations brought to you by Uber liberal Gov. Jerry Brown. He makes life in Cali more difficult than it has to be.
It is proven. The reason for liberal idiocy is cow farts. Jerry Brown has proven it. It causes severe brain damage. Sniff away!!
Jerry Brown is taking totalitarian to a new level.
Cow farts cause brain damage. It is proven...look at California. Jerry Brown needs to stop sniffing cow behinds. .
Governor Jerry Brown will decide whether California will ban jails from forbidding visitors — Quartz
Giv dis pal a hit... Nice Edit Jerry Brown (JB) its been we took selfie together... All points to him
UGUYSRNUTS: Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that regulates cow farts . . .
Jerry Brown needs to be called out for fake "pardons" - he is not a man of mercy.
or like Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown w/Donahue.
Feminist organizations ask to veto bill creating mandatory minimum for rape. https…
It was that golfed on an all white golf course until Jerry Brown called him out! .
Jerry Ozor has an assist on goals from Matt McDonnell and Anthony Viteri to help us snap an eight-game winless streak ag…
The People of California: Recall Jerry Brown - Sign the Petition! via
Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign a bill requiring utilities to use biomass facilities for dead tree disposal:
when aka regulates I want to annex from NorCal
Sniff, Sniff. Lol. Only Jerry I was a dope smoking hippie Brown would want to control a fart.
Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown is for illegal immigration. Republicans are not for illegal immigration.
Jerry Brown should be required to personally verify each one.
Jerry Brown's Peripheral Delta Canal will kill them all?
They will have to start by getting rid of leftwing liberal *** 🐜 ant governor Jerry Brown.
Jerry Brown is worthless & his gun laws are making it impossible for the law abiding.Get him out !! We got 30k signatures (con)
Oh FFS. . If this isn't reason enough to root for SMOD 2016, I don't know what is. . (Is there a poot emoticon yet?).
What's going on? Gov. Jerry Brown signs 'toughest' restrictions on pollutants in Long Beach - LA Daily News
What's up Mel ? It's Justin Brown from Dix Hills. My Dad is Jerry Brown, remember you trained me and my brother
California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the strictest law on climate pollutants
Because the ridiculous Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill to regulate cow farts, let's review the fart scene from... http…
Think of all the "Fart Counter" jobs this will create! => Democrats are caricatures of themselves.
Just when you thought California Governor Jerry Brown couldn't get any more bizarre .
After listening to Jerry Brown I think maybe a wall needs built around California. All Trump supporters should leave now. That…   10% Off
Support Brandon through his artwork via
Emerging illustrator award (great prizes too) from Little Brown, judged by Jerry Pinkney DIVERSITY special interest…
Round him up & ship him out but don't forget Jerry Brown, Obama, Lynch, Comey, McCain, Ryan, McConnell...etc.
Governor signs "orca bill" in California. "Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Tuesday that will outlaw orca...
Jerry Brown, fearless crusader for non-menstruators, vetoes the CA bill that would have eliminated the tampon tax. https:/…
Trump supported Sanctuary City promoters like Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsome...Ooopps
Howard Dean, Pelosi, Boxer, Jerry Brown, Warren on and on all turned out to be paid fake losers.
Meg Whitman ran for Gov of California. She was defeated by Jerry Brown in the 2010 California gubernatorial election https:…
2) Sanders on trail bad mouthing every Dem from Obama to Jerry Brown. Of course DNC should be concerned.
Final note. Am I the only one who thinks Hillary's first pick for the "Climate Justice" supreme court bench will be Jerry Brown.
Congrats to CEP America PA Jennifer Carlquist on being appointed to the CA Physician Assist. Board by Jerry Brown!
Gov. Jerry Brown: Democrats must be "on guard, on alert and on the attack"
AS THE CALIFORNIA BURNS: Who's governor of California? This week, it's not Jerry Brown
John Hutson along with gov Jerry Brown now Chuck Todd at the DNC. So much mis-information.
I really love Jerry Brown. I hate that he got elected back in after I moved out of California. I'm so jelly. We...
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The most qualified candidate for presidency from the Democratic Party is currently speaking on stage at California's Jerry Brown.
Jerry Brown speaking about climate change, "the existential threat of our time," at as California literally burns
California Governor Jerry Brown seems to be very popular inside the arena
Bernie guy rages against the dying of the light, shouts "Count the votes!" in Jerry Brown's face during roll call. https:…
Jerry Brown calls Democratic convention 'a love fest' compared to 1992
1 of my thoughts... Jerry Brown for VP. Yes his age but that puts Newsom in Gov's seat. sets up2018
Oil in our crops? Sign this letting Gov. Jerry Brown know you want this to stop:
Hillary should be picking between Gov. Jerry Brown and Elizabeth Warren imo.
Gary Johnson/ Weld are a factor! Kaine & Warren do nothing to stop Johnson! Jerry Brown *** the oxygen from these alternatives!
Gov. Jerry Brown signs 6 measures tightening laws in
Gov. Jerry Brown today signed a draconian gun control package that turns California’s law-abiding gun...
Updates on California politics: Gov. Jerry Brown signs landmark gun violence bills into law...
S. massacres 2nd Amendment in drive-by burst of ‘gun control’ laws. Gunpocalypse: Gov. Jerry Brown signs six new...
I've solved and Barry n Jerry Brown go to each attack n Barry negotiates w his folk. U kno leads by example.
California passes new bills on gun control: The US State of California approves new gun laws that will expand...
Marc Steinorth did nothing to stop Jerry Brown from signing 5 gun control bills.
Jerry Brown just signed a bill that would require an ID and background check to purchase ammunition
Gov. Jerry Brown of California signed legislation imposing new restrictions on assault weapons
I continue to be impressed by Jerry Brown's thoughtful veto messages.
California: signs major new restrictions on firearms owners, rejects others - (via…
California Governor Jerry Brown signs gun control bills into law today via /r/Libertarian
In move to 'enhance public safety,' Gov. signs gun-control proposals into...
Truer words have never been spoken. Jerry Pinkney attributes his success as an artist to his teacher Mr. Sam Brown.
California Enacts 6 New Gun Control Bills - Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed six new gun control l...
Gov. Jerry Brown signs most of a sweeping gun-control package into law
Kalifornia Uber Alles: Jerry Brown signs bill creating database of everyone in California who has ammo
Yay Governer Jerry Brown and California State Legislature! TODAY July 1, 2016 is a historic day for California.
Breaking: Gov. Jerry Brown signed six stringent gun-control measures Friday that will require people to turn in... htt…
Yet Jerry Brown did just that to California today
California Gov. Jerry Brown signs new gun control legislation in the wake of mass shootings across the U.S.
Jerry Brown may be my favorite politician. Who would have guessed.
Gov. Jerry Brown just signed California's budget, including $22 million to create businsess incubators at UC schools.
Geez, doesn't Tim Kaine make Jerry Brown seem like Patch Adams.
California Governors, Pete Wilson and Jerry Brown, fared no better with the California bar. Winston Churchill famously failed the entrance
So Mount Baker Vapor the first stop selling to California due to the California regulations thanks Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown don't gut the California Environmental Quality Act & Coastal Act! We need housing but HEALTH comes first!
I don't care who Jerry Brown endorses. He covered up the gas leaks in Porter Ranch: The worst environmental disaster si…
Ah, I see. Jerry Brown sent CA lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom to Washington State for this. California Uber Alles indeed.
Jerry Brown has been ineffective since Linda Rondstadt 😂 not good for CA any time and all in with Clintons - no help
Jerry Brown on list of the world's most influential people Join us at to hear him s…
Actually Bill won CA in '92. But, Hart won in '84, Ted in '80 and Jerry Brown did win in '76
.Bob, that photo is of a man who just approved offshore fracking - Gov. Jerry Brown, The Frackinator!
is listening to popular governor Jerry Brown and his endorsement of .
don;t worry, Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein will steal it for Hill Bill
Jane Sanders just suggested Gov. Jerry Brown is an establishment politician, was pressured to support Clinton. Confronted,…
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Jerry Brown backing Hillary over Bernie: “Democrats have shown by millions of votes they want her as their nominee" https…
Jerry Brown's my favorite Governor. Since I moved to Iowa 1 1/2 yrs ago, I miss him more every day.
. I have BS w Honors in Chemistry fr Cal Berkeley - so I see no conflict. BTW Jerry Brown, George Lucas Buddhist
Jerry Brown announced Hill is The Dem Nominee. He calls her lead insurmountable but of course BS cult & Jane continue to lie.
Jerry Brown has impeccable judgement, relays that Hill's lead is 'insurmountable. ' If only BS wasn't lying.
Why is everyone shocked Jerry Brown endorsed Hillary? He let methane destroy our atmo for 2 months because of donors and connections.
Glad that Jerry Brown Endorsed Hillary Clinton: Good for Jerry Brown, Governor of California, to endorse Hill...
Hill scores big endorsement from Jerry Brown.
Jerry Brown is too establishment? Bernie would have crawled through barbed wire to get that endorsement. Usual s…
How long until the great liberal progressive Jerry Brown is pegged as a corrupt shill or moderate republican by Bernie Bros?
Jerry Brown was already bought: $20,612,943.38 I bet Cali doesn't see that $
Jerry Brown is not so green. I'll never again vote for someone without checking their backer$ first
CA: Gov. Jerry Brown wants to take development power away from cities. But he needs their help for his…
For those who might not understand depth of disdain bw Jerry Brown & the Clintons, dredges up 92 debate https…
Jerry Brown is same inept debt-run-amok governor today that he was 30 years ago, feeds on same money trough as…
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Now some of the Bernie Bros and other Sandernistas are throwing Jerry Brown under the bus because he endorsed Hillary Clinton. SMH
CA Gov. Jerry Brown endorses calling it "only path forward" to "stop the dangerous candidacy of
Success of Jerry Brown, and California, Offers Lesson to National Democrats: Blending elements of Bernie Sand...
Yet they keep re-electing Jerry Brown. Must be in the water
If I were her Mom, I'd sue the state of Cali! Gov. Jerry Brown is a disgrace. No reelection!
Everytime i see a pic of illiana i think of that little cute brown mouse from that episode of Tom & Jerry 😂
Help spread the word: Huffington Post article on Yulin Dog Meat Festival via
Jerry just tryna watch Russ work and his life crumbles to pieces on the TL
Congratulations to endorsed candidate on her endorsement from
I back Jerry Brown's plan because it uses government, not the market, to encourage developers to include affordable housing.
Wait then why did Jerry Brown say he would build a wall to keep Trump out? ;)
more of them would be affordable if Jerry Brown's statewide proposal to expedite 10-20% BMR projects was already in place.
Jerry Brown. High Speed Rail , . Come out of the Dark Ages. Let someone who knows how to do it ,...
Didn't Jerry Brown get the memo from California's corporate leaders?. NEVER name the true opponents of reform.
The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Is Governor Jerry Brown OK with people assaulting California police officers?
Tasty delivery today from The man in brown brought wonderfully aged for me to go nuts with during the holiday weekend
CA is doing much better since Jerry Brown, a Democrat, became Governor.
New has long interview with Gov. Jerry Brown. Bill Clinton has his copy!
Strathmore's Jerry Brown of JB Sound accepted as Professional of the Year & LT member of America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals
YO. I got the internship in Jerry Brown's office. I truly did not think this would happen.
Florida's governor sticks his head in the sand ...
Jerry Brown interview: The long struggle for the environment
Should Jerry Brown run for president? -
Moonbeam Jerry Brown should be sending in the Guard --and ICE deport the *** .. Deport Moonbeam too...
Bad news for Jerry Brown administration -->
Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown, once Democratic rivals, meet to talk politics
I am member of Yountville VA home. Adm Ververka hand picked by Jerry Brown? Veterans home to be resort for rich & famous?
the origins of todays water problems lie with the poor decisions of Dem leaders in the 70s - including Jerry Brown.
CA governor Jerry Brown pushes for "as of right" housing zoning regulations, with 10-20% affordable unit requirement
Electronic Device Insurance
Gov. Jerry Brown speaks at UFW convention in Bakersfield | KBAK
Jerry Brown's housing proposal to spur construction will spark the most important fight for California's future:
If they put Jerry Brown into a time machine & sent him back to when he was 1st governor to build some dams I might care wht he thinks
Jerry Brown, 2nd best governor in family. Father created modern-day California. Higher ed, water infrastructure,etc
Jerry Brown: Great governor, or greatest governor? But we need to change the system so even mediocre governors can get more things done.
If you listen to California Uber Alles and replace "Donald Trump" with "Jerry Brown" it fits totally okay and its still true
Bakersfield Californian: Governor Jerry Brown speaks at UFW convention in Bakersfield
“Have the governor right in your pocket...” in discussion of Linda Ronstadt’s career, referring to her relationship w/Jerry Brown.
Jerry Brown is doing a great job as governor of California.
Howard Dean, Bill Bradley, Gary Hart, Jerry Brown and Ted Kennedy all won the hearts of young voters in the years they ran
I'm not sure freshness is how we elect candidates. Jerry Brown is my governor lol.
I'm really gonna miss having Jerry Brown as Governor. He really turned California around.
Jerry Brown hopes to leave on high note, but fears downturn: Governor reveals concerns about how he will leave…
It is amusing to me every time I listen to this song that Jerry Brown is the governor of CA, like, even now.
.law to issue licenses to illegal immigrants was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and took effect at the beginning of 2015.
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Jerry Brown spends one tax increase and sets California up for another:
SB County wd do that if they could. Jerry Brown is easier to work w/, but the local gov't wants it stepped on.
Why are so many people showing up for Because the party of Jerry Brown is nearing it's end
That's what happening in Cali, Jerry Brown sold out to big labor unions! No biz were invited to his back rm deal
I had no idea Jerry Brown was from Decatur, Illinois. Or that his wife was named Connie ... Wait a minute.
Please join me in asking California Governor, Jerry Brown to deny parole to Manson Family monster Leslie Van Houten.
"Economically, minimum wages may not make sense," said Jerry Brown as he signed $15 minimum wage in California
.reminds California Republicans that Trump "has given $12,000 to Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris."
Donald's support of people like Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsome is enough 2 make our blood boil in CA
. If you can’t rally behind the guy who bankrolled Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsome
Carly also lost to Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown! Proving she's not only a lousy business woman but a crappy politician too!
On the Governor's list, add Jerry Brown of California, and yes, Andrew Cuomo of New York.
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