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Jerry Brown

Edmund Gerald Jerry Brown, Jr.

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Interesting. You didn't say that about Bernie? Kamala? Jerry Brown? Corey Booker?
Sounds good - to be revisited. Who you liking more? Bernie? Kamala? Jerry Brown? Corey Booker? (all plausible)
Editorial | Gov. Jerry Brown — don’t demand a decision on the delta tunnels.
(AP) -- California lawmakers vote to send affordable housing bills including $4 billion bond to Gov. Jerry Brown for signature.
Note: It is good that Jerry Brown, just as it is true with Hillary Clinton,…
Jerry Brown presenting information about District's virtual museum. Love his passion for Fort!
I confess I am still mad that Bill Clinton won the 1992 nomination instead of Jerry Brown. We'd be living…
The bill requires final Senate approval before heading to Gov. Jerry Brown.
Bill Bradley would have won. Howard Dean would have won. Paul Tsongas and Jerry Brown, alas, would not have.
Jerry Brown just does't get it. And next, they will have Kimberly Guilfoyle's ex what's his name? LOL
Van Houten killed for Manson in 1969. Gov. Jerry Brown has 120 days to affirm, reverse or take no action. He overru…
Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten granted parole by CA board. Gov. Jerry Brown still has power to overrule the decision
Gov. Jerry Brown must now once again decide whether to release her from prison after 40 years.
Van Houten was recommended for parole in 2016 but Jerry Brown denied it. What's your point?
Los Angeles wildfire grows as Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency
~The newly formed California Native American Cannabis Association is asking Gov. Jerry Brown to begin government-to-government co…
Update your maps at Navteq
I've told you before it's liberal cool aid.ask Hillary and Jerry Brown they supported…
Are California Governor Jerry Brown where's the outrage Step Up be a man defend the…
If you're going to quote something understand, Hillary Clinton,and Jerry Brown endorsed,Jim Jones…
Presuming they must be alive, Jerry Brown, John Kasich, and Rick Snyder. They each have key perspectives on American governance.
Next on ... squares off with on the cultural aftershocks of Jerry Brown's rom…
That's going to be hard, we have Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters, a…
DESPERADO - Linda Ronstadt when she was cuddly with young "space-alien-Zen" Gov. Jerry Brown.
Baroque ceilings are pretty busy. Tag California Governor Jerry Brown in "The Apotheosis of Sant'Ignazio". Tag Sain…
Since "Jerry Brown" is on his way out, it's time we Conservatives in CA gather around Travis Allen for governor!
State Supreme Court Justice Kathryn Werdegar will retire, giving Gov. Jerry Brown a pick on the panel
Gary Hart, Al Gore, Jerry Brown, Barbara Jordan; all could have been great leaders but that they were…
Jerry Brown essentially endorses suing the Trump administration over sanctuary city grant funding
When George Lopez, Aka Alex Padilla, gets his head out of Jerry Brown's ***
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes a bill that would make it a crime to "willfully release" helium balloons https…
Why is wasting billions on Gov. Jerry Brown's when state dams are eroding?
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11. I voted for a Democrat in 1990. In 1992, I liked Paul Tsongas' fiscal approach and Jerry Brown's reliance on small…
Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom have everything backwards: They laud criminals and punish the law-abiding.
Aree however, in CA case, Gov Jerry Brown put it on ba…
Just like Jerry brown out of touch.
Sister of California Gov. Jerry Brown on SoCalGas board via
Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, and new GavinNewsom can't even get the folks o…
California Gov. Jerry Brown makes dire plea to lawmakers as he scrambles to get support for climate change deal.
Jerry Brown on CA's extension: “That's what good government looks like."
Thank you for the courage of your concoctions "Jerry Brown" on climate change, wind turbines & out CA $26B deficit.
We need to arrest the mayors of these cities and even the governors if they don't cooperate, like Jerry Brown !! He's a disgrace
congratulations Jerry Brown and California - try and get all the other governors to do it as well - keep going
California vote ensures that the state continues as a national leader on efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: https:…
When there is no leadership only dysfunction coming from WH admin, local & state govt's have to step in - Thank Y…
Jerry Brown cut 1 billion from affordable housing. Please invite him to tour the results of his work.
'This isn't for me, I'm going to be dead. It's for you' Jerry Brown on necessary climate change action: https…
DEVELOPING: California Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency in Mariposa County due to which has grown t…
Gov. Jerry Brown says the state's housing crisis is his next priority, but reaching a deal won't be easy
JUST IN—California has extended its cap-and-trade program through 2030 to fight climate change, after heartfelt appeals from Go…
Gov. Jerry Brown shows President Trump the upside of experience, writes
Leadership by Jerry Brown deserves huge credit for cap and trade bill. Brilliant and effective. Give the master his due, ple…
BREAKING: California lawmakers pass extension of landmark climate change law that Gov. Jerry Brown holds up as global model.
lol that's awesome. I kinda love Jerry Brown, thank you for this! He sure beats Charlie Baker whomp whomp
Support Travis Allen, he can fix the mess Jerry Brown and the democratic Legislature has made of California!
FOLLOW THE MONEY: Health insurers funneled big cash to Gov. Jerry Brown before he undermined single-payer bill
Gov. Jerry Brown & Speaker got $3 MILLION from health industry before they undermined single-payer bill https:…
If you look closely, you can see Jerry Brown and Richard Blum among those zombies! No amount of money satiates Rich…
Gov. Jerry Brown keeps assuming the mantle in leading the US on climate change action:
Gov. Jerry Brown to call for a 2018 global climate summit in San Francisco (article also in LA Times)
California's governor is ramping up his battle with Trump by inviting 'the whole world' to…
A moderate that backed Gary Johnson! Bring it on!!! Jerry Brown / Gavin Newsom need to go!
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It’s up to tens of millions of us together to combat the existential threat of
It's a great time to be moving back to California! Gov Jerry Brown to Announce a global Climate Summit in California
Governor Brown to Announce a Global Action Summit in California in Sept. 2018
California Governor to host climate summit amid clash with Trump What does Jerry Brown think having summits that
That time Jerry Brown channeled his inner Spiro Agnew…
Jerry Brown to Announce a Summit Meeting in California via
Californians is losing the mega rich and their tax revenue thanks to Jerry Brown.
Shadow President Jerry Brown stalks the other via video link in Hamburg. h/t
Ahead of to announce global action summit via
Despite Trump's withdrawal from the America is still committed to fighting
According to office, it'll be first meeting a US state hosts to support climate change negotiations.
Gov Moonbeam, no more. Really Gov Beam of Light. . Jerry Brown to Announce Climate Summit in California via
California to host global climate summit in September 2018
California Governor Jerry Brown to announce Climate Summit Meeting. Important for keeping up momentum!.
Jerry Brown will issue a sweeping invitation to a global "climate action" summit in California
Hamilton Collection
Trump and Pence "leading from behind" on climate. Thankfully, CA Governor Jerry Brown is here to be the environment…
California's governor is inviting 'the whole world' to a climate summit in San Francisco
Trump "is trying to get out of the Paris agreement, but he doesn’t speak for the rest of America"
Help us in California! Jerry Brown is trying to cripple and crush the people here.
To, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters. California and New York are next in the crosshairs. You…
I think Jerry Brown is arguably the best Governor in America right…
Democrat corrupt Jerry Brown, now Eric Holder involved. Big money Soros in everything!
Have you seen CA Governor Jerry Brown... lol
I'd say Jerry Brown has your Governor beat in the worst category.
Jerry Brown: Tell Governor Jerry Brown of California to monitor California farms for animal abuse ...
Jerry Brown did it in his first term as governor giving them a huge increase now we are taxed to death just to cover it.
Jerry Brown was a fool the 1st time he was Governor. He's still a fool. The only difference; he was a young fool th…
I'd love to know how Governor Brown worded HIS refusal, LOL; he is worthy of the eyepatch, our Jerry Brown, 😎
Eric Holder will be running for the dem ticket for Governor in California. He and Jerry Brown wants California…
He will be back Jerry Brown will hide him or another corrupt governor Should have been thrown in on…
Take the good with the bad, my dear--remember: you don't have Jerry Brown as a governor any more!
Jack Ohman cartoon: Don Bachardy revisits his portrait of Gov. Jerry Brown...
Jerry Brown and his stooges are trying to do it here /
I'm not one to praise Jerry Brown but he seems to have good judgment regarding these Manson cretins.
How CA's Gov. Jerry Brown is impatiently tackling climate change Great profile by
Climatewire: Jerry Brown's journey from "Gov. Moonbeam" to climate beacon, by
UC system was tuition free to CA residents under Pat Brown, Jerry Brown's father. The gre…
The great Michael Travin just sent over this blast from the past (1992) when Jerry Brown was the t…
Gov. Jerry Brown and California legislators are granted pay raises by citizens panel
So happy I live here and calm Jerry Brown my President
Yes. We need help in CA. And what the heck with Jerry Brown signing international climate agreements?
Right-wing pastor says ‘amen’ when guest wants to see Gov. Jerry Brown ‘hanging from a rope’
Donald Trump drops out of Paris Climate Agreement...Jerry Brown steps in with his own plan
Huntington Beach Assemblyman Travis Allen is looking to repeal the 12 cent gas tax signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.
Jerry Brown is in direct violation of 1 stat,613, 18,USC c 953 (The Logan act) .
Breast Cancer Awareness
I have consulted the Law firm of N Peel & R Peel to verify my assumption that Jerry Brown, gov of CA is in violation of the L…
Keep voting for certified insane Democrats and you keep getting the same results, 🤡Jerry Brown is a certified nut
Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Allen Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, no wonder dems are losing so many elections. They care about PARTY not THE PEOPLE!!
An indisputable fact is that the Browns are worse than the Clintons. Pat Brown, Kathleen Brown, Jerry, Etc.
Jerry Brown has violated the Logan Act in the California Climate Deal with China which is a felony
Jerry Brown's wasteland brown over green. Litter on the sides of freeways…
SP has now become a campaign issue, but Jerry Brown never has to run for anything again. He won't sign the bill. It will be a v…
What would be good is to complete the 4K Signatures to get rid of Jerry Brown! At least get…
Jerry Brown is a fruitcake like Waters. What is wrong with these sad lunatics?
A Little over 4K signatures is all that are needed to Recall Governor Jerry Brown. Then we can have some real fun on T…
California's Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a deal with China on "climate change" that is in direct...
Not exactly fading into the sunset: at 79, Jerry Brown, in China, fills void left by Trump on climate change.
Confession: I've always kind of liked Jerry Brown, crazy & left-wing as he is.
You are the epitome of the misguided, moronic liberal California politician. Must be related to Jerry Brown
Waiting to see how Jerry Brown is going to hold his end up re:$$ especially if he goes to c…
Surely THIS will solve all of California's fiscal problems!
California's Governor Jerry Brown's deal with China on "climate change" is in direct violation of Article 1,……
Please impeach Jerry Brown he is destroying California, we need an outside auditor 2 investigate where o…
And Gov. Jerry Brown who just sighed a Climate Deal with China. As incongruous as that sounds, it's quite notable!
While Trump pulls out of climate deals, signs them
CA Gov. travels to China to spur investment in renewable energy - China investing $360 Bil, creating 13 Mil new jobs
Trump can't handle the big leagues. Jerry Brown can. It's good he's defying Trump. https:/…
Gov. Jerry Brown's berserk. The man's out of his mind. Tides will rise, insect infestation, habitats destroyed, people will die. Man is nuts
As Trump pulls out of deals, Jerry Brown signs them via
This is why Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to secede from USA.🇺🇸😝⬇
According to Gov. Jerry Brown the apocalypse is upon us for withdrawing from Paris climate agreement. God's plagues will encompass the world
Jerry MOONBEAM Brown is anti-American Its no surprise that he always acts AGAINST US interests
Jerry Brown Plays President, Signs Climate Deal with China - Brown does NOT have the authority to sign any Treaties
Did Jerry Brown just violate Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution by signing a treaty with China?.
Calif. governor travels to China to spur more investment in renewable energy
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California Governor Jerry Brown in China with a climate message to the world: Don't follow America's lead.
Jerry Brown signs his own Treaty deal with China. It's unconstitutional but Cali's don't seem to care. Who will pay fo…
In case there was any doubt, has become the de facto American negotiator on climate change.
Help me in getting this petition signed!
CA Governor Jerry Brown: GOP-led Congress is dragging U.S. to 'medieval period'
Trying to figure out if Steve Kerr takes the Warriors to Sacramento to meet Jerry Brown or Obama's new house
Hey I see few Ultra Libs like Jerry Brown support Kathy Severed Head call her a victim. Well y not have a…
Jerry Brown is leading the way and meeting with China over climate change
Jerry Brown should b included. His father along with his *** made millions (or more) from "BIG OIL" ir…
your Jerry Brown impersonation was so perfect my father thought Brown himself was really arguing that the cows would all die.
Jerry Brown admits he's afraid of insects - "People Will Die". California Governor: Trump's decision is crazy
Along with and Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown, we're forming the United States Climate Alliance.
Gov. Jerry Brown calls for alliance of states if President Trump leaves climate deal. via
Should be fired her and Jerry Brown putting money in there pockets disclosing false papers to make t…
Jerry Brown: Tooth fairy won't fix California roads, so we must pay
"Lawmaker misleads with claim Jerry Brown has axed funds for California's dying trees" -
Jerry Brown's Prop 47 and 57 will set this guy free in no time...
So I'm not gonna get to hang Jerry Brown on the steps of the California capitol?
Kristen Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Tim Ryan, Jerry Brown, Mark Cuban and more. .. we have AWESOME presidential candidates waiting...
Jerry Brown on the Left Coast Donald Trump on the right Coast, makes me think of a song.
Jerry Brown is an *** Liberal, but there are many Republicans in California.
The lack of money is because Jerry Brown is spending it on illegals!
CA Gov. Jerry Brown has set aside $858 MILLION of TAX-PAYER DOLLARS for Fast and Furious Eric Holder to Fight Trump https:/…
Glad I live in a state with a Governor like Jerry Brown instead of a callous ideology b4 ppl *** like Walker.
Jerry Brown? That'd be a *** of an alternate universe. On the flip side, you might end…
Jerry Brown's evolution on sanctuary cities.
What if Colbert did his rant on oboma, Hillary, Martin l King, Biden, Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown. The left…
Gavin Newsom, Al Franken, Jerry Brown, Julian Castro, she had many other viable choices.
Gavin Newsome would definitely have my vote...but I suspect he will be replacing Jerry Brown eventua…
Republicans out west need direction the words out John Cox drain the swamp of Jerry Brown all supervisor SF Dems…
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Democratic Congress members upset at Jerry Brown over tobacco tax money not going to Medi-Cal reimbursement rates
OMG if you are talking about CA no wonder. How many illegals has Jerry Brown let in? I'm done with this ridiculous…
In particular, an 8-point about the Eastman-Kodak company, a 6-point about Gov. Jerry Brown, and a 20(!) point about The Punisher
FYI, this project is supported by Democrats like Jerry Brown & Eduardo Garcia. And Obama administratio…
Oh yeah, and Jerry Brown supports it too. He put it on a list of infrastructure projects he wants Trump to fund.
Not quite a Portrait of Dorian Gray, but a perfect description of the Moron Governor, 'Jerry Brown'.
BREAKING: Gov. Jerry Brown declares an end to California's 5-year-long drought. The state's had one of the wettest winters in…
Jerry Brown, Governor of California, born April 7: he has my back---and my vote.
Want to know what Schwarzenegger thinks about Trump, the Republican party, Jerry Brown? From
Great idea Keith. Even better when the highest elected Democrat in the US is Jerry Brown. You drooling kook.
in the governors Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown of New York and California respectively, we are before an unpublished fact
100% agree. Gov. George Wallace was arrested for defying Fed Law, start with Jerry Brown and keep going. Put them i…
Two truths I cling to in this wacky world: (1) Jerry Brown will be governor of California for all time (2) Harrison Ford is a crappy pilot.
-Jerry Brown gives false sense of reality to illegals. Citizens are 2nd class citizens in CA
With $569 million in winter storm damage, Gov. Jerry Brown asks Trump for more federal disaster help
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
its nothing new. Has been going on in Ca. ever since Jerry 💩Brown has been in office
Reminds me of Jerry Brown protesting when out Vietnam vets returned!
our leader, President Governor Jerry Brown, is in DC this week to battle over the EPA and Climate Change .
I support Howard Dean for DNC chair & I hope ropes in his friends Jerry Brown & Bernie Sanders for wise counsel! Keith El…
After watching 60 minutes Janet Napolitano and Jerry Brown need to be tarred and feathered. Jail them. F the American worker
Caltrans is almost as incompetent as Jerry Brown himself! The traffic is worse than ever. With the help of the CHP we get nowhere.
Jerry Brown should be ashamed 4 creating an atmosphere of slave labor in CA. .
Governor Jerry Brown: Stop the senseless killing of animals in the shelters - Sign the Petition! via
2020 Vision: Jerry Brown for President. A real liberal with Vision and Guts.
Here is the list of Calif Depts,. Read it and believe it ,. Taxifornia at its best !. Jerry Brown at Work !
Jerry Brown you Muslim loven treasonous pr!ck.
Jerry Brown on taxing out-of-state corporate income in late 1970s
a fun story about one of Steve Bannon's old college chums, & their chance encounter on a train last July…
Maybe Jerry Brown can get all the illegal aliens he's been supporting to go rebuild the state's infrastructure that's gone into disrepair
Jerry Brown heads to D.C., with Schwarzenegger right behind him
Thank you Jerry Brown for representing the will of the people in the face of such illogical opposition.
Gov. Jerry Brown heads to Washington as Trump and Republicans offer plans with big consequences for California
Jerry Brown heads to Washington to talk nuclear danger, more
Sanders probably consults with Maxine Waters and she consults MOONBEAM Jerry Brown. It's a California connection. H…
A Stark Nuclear Warning | by Jerry Brown | The New York Review of Books (If you didn't catch Vice news on HBO yest)
Very odd! Jerry Brown and Tom Steyer with Berkeley homicide suspect?
Tax-raising liberal Jerry Brown and tax-slashing true believer Sam Brownback took office at the same time. How's it going?…
Jerry Brown, Chinese farm land buyers, Richard Blum -- Fortunes made on ruins of
Respectfully disagree about US law irrelevant Jerry Brown. was a lawyer & former Attorney General. Cal has many fine…
"California is not turning back. Not now, not ever," Gov. Jerry Brown said.
It'd be a hella lot better if we can shake Jerry Brown outta Sac Bro, Shasta County in the house straight up I-5 Cali proud...
'the king' is broke! Jerry Brown & his cohorts better run for the hills - in another coun…
Jerry Brown is the worst governor since Pontius Pilate.
The cracks appeared in 2013. However, Jerry Brown basically "owns" all Cali disasters. Obama is on board too, though! Mr. Lazy
Bush? I'm no fan of Bush but the dam was the State of California's responsibility. CALIFORNIA. Jerry Brown elected in 2011 1/2
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Gov. Jerry Brown talks Sanctuary State and cities trash, then turns around and asks for Federal Funds for the Oroville D…
Tell us what you think. Should President Trump give federal funds to CA Gov. Jerry Brown for Oroville Dam crisis?
Jerry Brown & Obama wasted so much on illegals, cucking.America needs MUCH!
California Governor Jerry Brown Spends $25B per year to support Illegals What if you spent that money on the Oroville Dam?…
if it's yellow it's mellow if it's brown flush it down. Bye bye Jerry please leave California.
Dam failure. Snowmelt. Impending storms. Jerry Brown. Northern CA is completely screwed. It really is that b…
California is a cesspool and Jerry Brown continues to fill it up. http…
and welcome to downstream...will Governor Jerry Brown be there to show us how safe it is?
Our state of California has the HIGHEST STATE INCOME TAX in the USA. Where's all that money Jerry Brown? ***
Gov Jerry Brown thinks its more important to pay $BILLIONS for lawyers, doctors, education for illegals than fix this hole i…
California warned by environmental groups about Jerry Brown didn't heed warning. Why no protests?. Nearly 2…
Americans should be protesting across the nation since Jerry Brown didn't heed warnings to fix . Silence.…
Anyone who thinks Jerry Brown has done a good job needs an intervention.
Will you be sending me a royalty check? Jerry Brown hugs U & says how much he cares as he murders U & burns UR house.
Governor of California Jerry Brown spends 25 BILLION on illegal immigrants, but doesn't spend 760 million on highly criti…
dam crisis occurs under MIA jerry brown, but still manage to pin on trump! amazing!
observation: when flint water crisis hit, everyone wanted Repub governor gone. anyone calling for Jerry Brown to go?
Why aren't democrats protesting that warned California about the and Jerry Brown did nothing?…
Giant cavity opens in Oroville Dam spillway as Jerry Brown focuses on Delta Tunnels
JUST POSTED: Jerry Brown supports Eagle Mountain hydropower next to Joshua Tree, and wants Trump to help fund it:
Congratulations to our own Mr. Jerry Brown for receiving the Genesee County Outstanding Senior Award!
There is DIRECT EVIDENCE of criminal behavior from Michael Eisner, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown and Bonnie Dumanis and (con't)
The amazing Jerry Brown is driving California into the ground. How many Americans realize this half wit did same in…
This has Gov. Jerry Brown's name all over it!
Sign the petition to recall California Governor Jerry Brown.
they leftist goons acting like 1930s Nazi brown shirts. Should be called Jerry Brown Shirts.
Nice to see Jerry jerkoff Brown denouncing the Berkeley Campus acts of domestic terrorism tonight. The DNC and MSM…
what is the California National Guard doing? Maybe Jerry Brown knows.
Political Watch 2/2/17: 02/01/2017: • It was gloves off for California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) during his State of the…
Jerry Brown: Give an equitable education to all California students - Sign the Petition!
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Jerry Brown never had any in the first place.
Great idea since Gov Jerry Brown would rather watch his state burn like Nero. Weak and ineffective governor
I blame Jerry Brown & Mayors they won't let police do their jobs! . Get the Troops to CA "The Black Box" terro…
he's getting as bad as Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown of California
for years Jerry brown has allow the university to teach violence radical behavior stop JB
Jerry Brown is too old. Biden said he'd do it but same problem. Newsom needs the governorship first. Warren?
ATTN: The should arrest the Berkley Mayor and Governor Jerry Brown For inciting these riots.
CA governor to Trump: CA is not turning back. Not now, not ever. -
Shame on Gov. Jerry Brown for not stopping this madness by paid protestors of SORO'S
California's Governor Jerry Brown will sign it. He's always been a fool.
Jerry Moonbeam Brown was governor of CA the same time as Reagan was President 1981-1983. Ronny got it done.
the fraud is out of control! Jerry Brown again! Something definitely wrong with that.
Gov. Jerry Brown still has $15 million in campaign cash — and makes no promises how he'll spend it
Flashback: Jerry Brown, Biden and other Dems refused to accept Vietnamese refugees
1. The media reported on this and 2. This was done by the State of California (see Jerry Brown) not Trump
definitely a riot. Hope people go to jail. Take Jerry Brown with them!!!
Jerry Brown and Warren Buffett want to rewire the West
"It's scary to leave California. I don't want to be outside Jerry Brown's jurisdiction" . -
It's ok Joe.The big one is coming and CA will become a sand bar!Jerry Brown will become fish poop!
Fearing catastrophe, California's Gov. Jerry Brown wants the world's leaders to stop 'goofing off' vi
Great show. Jerry Brown, the world needs more leaders like you.
We have to support science because "error and falsity is spreading like a cancerous plague all over the world" -Jerry Brown going off on NPR
Jerry Brown says world leaders need to stop "goofing off" and start talking about major threats like climate change and nuclear weapons
adios!! Jerry Brown will lead you to 3rd world status but now we will need another fence to keep all the crazies in
I'm sure Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo will fully cooperate. I'm sure Jerry will be happy to 'school' the White House.
“California is not turning back”: Gov. Jerry Brown puts Trump on notice
In fiery defiance, Jerry Brown vows, “If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own.”
Gov. Jerry Brown ends his State of the State address with a forceful declaration of California's future
In an era of political uncertainty, Gov. Jerry Brown's State of the State address sees California as a...
thank goodness for Jerry Brown and Cory Booker!
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Jerry Brown & Cory Booker are both opportunistic, bought politicians who will take your liberal votes & destroy what u l…
Can you Californians please do something about Jerry Brown? Every time he opens his mouth, we get swamp with more people here in Oregon.
Jerry Brown to California and beyond: "California is not turning back. Not now. Not ever. His truth is marching on." Trump,…
Jerry Brown asks: 'Who is the most forgotten soul in California?': Jerry Brown, the Democratic governor of…
California has betrayed America! "Governor for Life" Jerry Brown is conspiring against America only for CAL's needs!
I envy Californians: strong economy, ability to fight back Trump, Jerry Brown in charge, and Governor News…
CA doesnot want our taxes to help Jerry Brown & his team of *** pay Eric Holder to fight Trump
Here's the Berkeley murder suspect, Pablo Gomez Jr -- or "X" -- posing with Jerry Brown & Tom Steyer -
I am native born Calif, have watched Cal be destroyed by ,the American traitor Jerry Brown and a democrat…
Gov. Jerry Brown selects two top advisors for spots on the Cali..
Jerry Brown: California to Bypass Trump on Climate Change Jesuit Ed left out constitution 101.
on Naughty list and last on Nice list Gov. Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown's Clown Show continues in . Brown pardons 9 convicted of crimes in .
California Governor Jerry Brown vows his state will be a haven for science under Trump
Jerry Brown: failed once as governor, so let's give him another chance.
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She should run for Governor of CA! Jerry Brown endorsed her. She received 2x as many votes as Trump. Go 4 it!!!
Jerry Brown is a great governor so you know nothing.I am a baseball fan and never heard of you,couldn't be good.
asks Gore Vidal is he will run 4 the Senate. He unsuccessfully challenged Jerry Brown 4 Democrat nomination in CA
TODAY: Ben Mankiewicz (on Jerry Brown, *** s Angels, and the Democrats urgent need to connect:
Jerry Brown: If Trump turns off weather satellites, "California will launch its own *** satellite" ht…
Jerry Brown: 'California will launch its own *** satellite' if Trump stops climate data collection
The "Jello Biafra loves Jerry Brown, too." tattoo, probably.
Some of the backstory on how Gov. Jerry Brown came to appoint veteran Rep. Xavier Becerra attorney general
It was Jerry Brown's Motor Voter Law. I asked Congressman Duncan Hunter to stop it. He didn't.
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