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Jerome Powell

Jerome H. Powell (born February 1953) is a governor of the Federal Reserve. He took office on May 25, 2012, to fill an unexpired term ending January 31, 2014.

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Jerome Powell confirmation hearing, Martin Schulz prioritizes "strengthening the EU" for any German coalition and M…
By MARTIN CRUTSINGER AP Economics Writer. WASHINGTON (AP) - Jerome Powell says that if confirmed…
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says she'll leave Fed once Jerome Powell is sworn in as Chair.…
Chair Janet Yellen says she will depart from the Board of Governors once her successor Jerome Powell is confirmed and sworn…
Janet Yellen announces she will leave Board of Governors seat when successor Jerome Powell is sworn in. htt…
Robert Kaplan on Jerome Powell as next Fed Chair: Powell will bring a continuity in Fed's approach
President Trump nominates Jerome Powell as the new Federal Reserve chairman.
Trump to name Jerome Powell to head Federal Reserve
picks Jerome Powell for Federal Reserve's top job - If confirmed by the...
PHOTO OF THE DAY. President Trump announced the nomination of Jerome Powell to be Chairman of the Board of Governors of…
Excellent appointment by President Trump for the Fed: Jerome Powell. Good direction toward a
nominates Jerome Powell as new Federal Reserve chief
Jerome Powell is expected to replace Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve chairmen once approved by the Senate.
NEW Pres. Trump formally names Jerome Powell as next chair of Federal Reserve
Trump just announced Jerome Powell as his pick for the Federal Reserve Chair. He's the first chair in 40 years without an…
Jerome Powell-led Federal Reserve could be US dollar-positive in long term..
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Jerome Powell should be thanking Steven Mnuchin. The U.S. treasury secretary helped sway Trump to select Powell...
Economist Bruce Yandle says Jerome Powell, Trump's nominee for Fed Chair, will have this big banking issue to tackl…
My hope is that Jerome Powell will abandon Yellen's resistance to transparency and finally agree to a full audit of the Fed.
BREAKING NEWS: President has selected Federal Reserve Board member Jerome Powell as the next chairman of the nation's c…
President Donald Trump is set to nominate current Federal Reserve governor Jerome Powell to replace Janet Yellen.
How is Jerome Powell similar to and different from the current Fed Chair, Janet Yellen?
President Trump has nominated Jerome Powell for Federal Reserve chair. If confirmed, he'll succeed Janet Yellen.
Jerome Powell's views come closest to those of current Fed chief Janet Yellen, making him a safe gamble.
Jerome Powell is poised to be named chairman of the Fed: Heir to the chair? YOU could forgive Janet Yellen, the……
Trump picks Jerome Powell to replace Janet Yellen as Fed Chair
President Trump nominated Jerome Powell to chair the Federal Reserve, bypassing Janet Yellen for a second term
Trump nominates Jerome Powell to succeed Janet Yellen as Fed Chair - Washington Examiner
Today, it was my pleasure and great honor to announce my nomination of Jerome Powell to be the next Chairman of the
Hi Jim, alexia here - could you please get in touch with me ASAP re interview on Jerome Powell - follow to DM - thx
Hi Jim, Alexia here - wondering if we can interview you today re Jerome Powell - please follow to DM asap - thanks
Just read a piece by Thanks to you Denise I have opened my mind on the Appt of Jerome Powell. What's a Jim Grant guy to do?
Jerome Powell is our goy. First gentile to lead the Federal Reserve in 30 years. Wrestled control from the Jews.
Congrats to Jerome Powell on nomination to be the next Fed. Chair. Let’s keep our economy growing!
What makes Jerome Powell a suitable Fed Chair to President Trump? Stephen Gandel has an answer that involves money.
In his own words. This is what Jerome Powell thinks about monetary policy.
President Trump expected to tap Jerome Powell as next Fed Chairman today
Jerome Powell was appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors by Barack Obama. Prior, he served in Bush Sr. Admin. Holy crap.
Wouldn't keeping Yellen be the safest pick?
Jerome Powell may be Trump's choice to be next head of the Fed. Check out this video for more on Powell.
Jerome Powell is ushering a new era of lax banking regulations , explained
Jerome Powell is the favorite of Steve .
Odds for Janet Yellen as next Fed chief sink to 17%; after Treasury chief Mnuchin said to favor centrist Jerome Powell f…
Trump is expected to nominate Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve chair. Watch his remarks at Brookings last year:
Donald Trump is likely to announce Fed governor Jerome Powell as his nominee to be the next Fed Chair
Trump expected to name Jerome Powell as Fed Chairman, Mnuchin's top choice. Powell's view on GSE reform- $FNMA
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is expected to appoint Jerome Powell as the next chairman.
Powell will continue Yellen's policies but get all the credit, huh.
LIVE: What would the Fed look like with Jerome Powell as the head?
There will be few major policy changes: Fed Governor Jerome Powell is likely to be next Fed chief via
"Trump expected to nominate Powell for Fed Chair" & via
"Central casting" read: white male non-Jew. Optics for base. Trump Expected to Name Powell Fed Chairman via
Fed Governor Jerome Powell is Likely to be President Trump's Pick as Next Fed Chief
On Thursday Trump is expected to name Jerome Powell as next Fed Chairman.
expected to name to lead Fed. Yellin term expires early 2018.
Trump expected to nominate Powell for Fed Chair
Learn more about Jerome Powell, President Trump's expected pick for Fed Chair:
Trump Decision making: Jerome Powell...hmmm...almost sounds like Thomas Sowell.people will like it.
Yellen really should be reappointed, but at least this doesn't make being wrong about everything a key qualification https…
The president hasn’t made a formal decision, but at this point has settled on Powell via
Who is Jerome Powell, the likely next chairman of the Fed?
The incoming Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, is actually very knowledgable about Bitcoin. His speech on it from March . ht…
TOIlet writes that R3 should be US Fed Governor. He was not even a finalist... US Fed an economist? Powell?
My take on Jerome Powell, Trump's likely pick to lead the Federal Reserve.
Jerome "Jay" Powell DJT's pick to replace Yellin. Powell, A Barak Obama pick to Federal Reserve in 2012. DJT, this is a massive mistake!
Which was nine days after we did . on Oct. 19th. .
Trump to pick Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve chairman: Report via
Trump expected to tip insider Jerome Powell to lead Fed
President Trump is likely to pick Fed Governor Jerome Powell as the next Fed Chair.
Jerome Powell, President Trump’s likely choice to head the Federal Reserve, explained - Vox
Trump expected to tap Federal Reserve official Jerome Powell to replace Janet Yellen as central bank chi...
Everything you need to know about Jerome Powell, Trump's likely pick to lead the Fed via
expected to pick Jerome Powell as next Federal Reserve chief
Trump expected to nominate former investment banker Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve chair
Would the candidates to Fed pass the litmus test? . John Taylor, Janet Yellen, Kevin Warsh, Gary Cohn, Jerome Powell
The final candidates for Fed Chair are Kevin Warsh, Jerome Powell, John Taylor, Gary Cohn and Janet Yellen,…
While Kevin Warsh has been considered a front-runner to head the Fed, Jerome Powell has emerged as a candidate.
Kevin Warsh, incumbent Janet Yellen, Jerome Powell and Gary Cohn are the current leaders for chair of the Fed.
Jerome Powell has some curious ideas about housing finance
Fed’s Jerome Powell calls for housing finance reform
A top Fed official is urging Congress to review a postcrisis ban on proprietary trading
you know I don't mess with fakes. Another homie out the 615 coming up. Check his EP.
Good Afternoon world. Rome just dropped a new ep. Don't sleep ✌🏽️
Great leaders are almost always great simplifier who can cut through the noise to offer a solution everybody can under…
If me Jerome and Nique have powell together next year >>>>
Fed Governor Jerome Powell says data-driven Fed policy is likely to surprise markets "from time to time"
umm.. Fischer(CITI), Jerome Powell(The Carlyle Group), they are obviously not separate... Are you anti-Sanders Kai?
My brother, Jerome Young, Jr. was serving in the Navy on this ship during 9/11. Thanks Sis. Wanda Mosley-Chomenko...
Freshman Football falls tonight at Jerome T. Osborne Stadium 21-20 to the Mentor Cardinals on a last second field goal bloc…
by David Stockman Fed governor Jerome Powell is living proof that we are heading for another calamitous financial...
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Fed's Powell Sees Potential Rate Rise by September: Federal Reserve governor Jerome Powell said he expects the U.S. central bank to b...
gone for who were cheaper or available on loan (I.e. Cameron Jerome) and wish we got Graham earlier
My uncle Jerome Powell landed in Cali to perform tomorrow on a cruise. This dude still does the splits on stage.
NAFCU Board met with Fed Gov. Jerome Powell to cover CU issues yesterday.
oBama's plan to name Stanley Fischer as vice chairman of the Federal Reserve was made at the same time he named Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell to positions as governors on the seven-member Federal Reserve Board. Fed Chairman Janet Yellen and Vice Chairman Fischer also serve as governors. Unremarked in any of the media coverage of the appointments is the significant fact that all four of these oBama nominations to one of the most powerful PRIVATE institutions on the planet are not only members, but high-level operatives, of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the premier U.S. "think tank" promoting world government for the past century. Federal Reserve Board Governor Daniel Tarullo is also a CFR member. Stanley Fischer was named this past September to be a "distinguished fellow" in residence at Pratt House, the CFR’s New York City headquarters. Many additional CFR members and officers have rotated in and out of top positions at the Fed, Treasury, and the big Wall Street firms. Pratt House influence ...
Obama gives a clean sweep to the Fed — with Janet Yellen, Stanley Fischer, Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell |
NO COMMENT. Obama To Nominate Former Bank Of Israel Head As Fed Vice Chairman Today Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/10/2014 President Obama has just nominated Lael Brainard as a Fed Governor, Jerome Powell to his second term and most notably, Stanley Fischer (ex Head of the Bank of Israel) as Vice-Chairman of the Fed. "These three distinguished individuals have the proven experience, judgment and deep knowledge of the financial system to serve at the Federal Reserve during this important time for our economy,” Obama said in statement. Bear in mind that Fischer is skeptical of forward-guidance (as we note below) which is soon to become the Fed's main weapon to jawbone markets. • Stanley Fischer's term as governor runs through 2020 (vice chair through 2018), Brainard's term through 2026 and Powell's through 2028! Tenure anyone? We are sure they will still do a great job...
reports Obama nominates Stanley Fischer, Lael Brainard, and Jerome Powell to the |
THANKS MOM! Got my old songs that few people have ever heard! Jerome Dillon, Jeffrey Powell, Ric...
Who are these intended nominees for the Fed: Stanley Fischer, Lael Brainard, Jerome Powell - See
Breaking: Obama preparing to nominate Stanley Fischer, Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell to Federal Reserve.
Just in on Fed: POTUS nominates Stanley Fischer as Vice Chair; Lael Brainard as Governor, & Jerome Powell for 2nd term as Go…
Whitehouse nominates Stan Fischer Lael Brainard Jerome Powell to the Fed - Fischer apt welcomed by Governor Carney.
Obama nominates Stanley Fischer as Fed Vice chair, taps Lael Brainard for a vacancy and renominates Jerome Powell.
Stanley Fischer, Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell nomnaited for the board leaves one vacant position. Will it go to a community banker?
POTUS Fed noms: Stanley Fischer to serve as Vice Chairman & Gov., Lael Brainard as Gov. & Jerome Powell for 2nd term as Gov.
to nominate Stanley Fischer as vice chair of Federal Reserve; Lael Brainard, Jerome Powell as govenors.
President Obama to nominate Stanley Fisher, Lael Brainard, Jerome Powell to Fed today. (via
White House to name 3 to Fed: Stanley Fischer; Lael Brainard and Jerome Powell.
Also being nominated to the Fed: former Treasury UnderSecy Lael Brainard and extending the term of Jerome Powell, currentl…
Timing of end to Fed's bond-buying is uncertain: Fed's Jerome Powell - Economic Times
Think Progress: Fed Official Says More May Have To Be Done To Break Up Big Banks : "In a speech today, Federal Reserve Board member Jerome Powell said that lawmakers may want consider new measures to break up the nation’s biggest banks. While he has confidence in the new rules laid out by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, Powell said that “public discussion and evaluation of these ideas [to break up banks] is important”: Some urge the adoption of more intrusive reforms, such as a return to Glass-Steagall-style activity limits, more stringent limits on size or systemic footprint, or a requirement that the largest institutions break up into much smaller pieces. I believe that public discussion and evaluation of these ideas is important. At a minimum, we need to thoroughly understand these alternatives in case the existing reform project falters. [...] My own view is that the framework of current reforms is promising, and should be given time to work. In any case, too big to fail must end, even if ...
"We don’t know where the tipping point is. Wherever it is, we’re getting closer to it” - Jerome Powell
Governor Jerome downplays prospect of Fed losses, arguing that there are broader benefits from -
Fed's Jerome Powell today: "There are legitimate concerns associated with the cost and benefits of continuing asset purchases."
The first speech by new Fed Governor Jerome Powell is here
The Fed's minutes was the catalyst for this drop - Jerome Powell of the Fed is speaking tomorrow at a monetary policy forum in NYC.
Just wondering if my computer was broken or is it that: Allison Cutter Risher, Jerome Powell, Anthony Johnson, Valerie L. Johnson, or any of the other Falcon nation fans FB accounts have been suspended 'cus I don't hear all that Dirty Bird chat'r. Did somebody say WE dat? Jerome.
Lawyer and investment banker Jerome Powell and Harvard economics professor Jeremy Stein to take 14-year terms on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
Jerome Powell added to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.
“Like Matt Yglesias, I think it's more than obvious that Vitter and other Confederate obstructionists are blatantly trying to crush the U.S. economy for their own political gain. Vitter, wrote Yglesias, "likes the jobless rate right where it is or perhaps wishes it were even higher. By adopting less 'activist' policies, the Fed could push nominal spending levels even further below trend than they currently are. And with nominal spending lower, more people would lose their jobs. With more people unemployed, there'd be fewer people commuting to work and fewer people renting apartments. The key housing and energy segments of the Consumer Price Index would fall and Vitter and other monetary hawks could declare mission accomplished on price stability. Ethically and economically, I think that would be a disaster, but to Vitter's credit he's being admirably clear about what his beef with Jeremy Stein and Jerome Powell is. There's no trumped-up charges here and no nonsense. Vitter believes that adding Stein and ...
The Senate’s votes to approve Jeremy Stein and Jerome Powell bring the seven-member Federal Reserve Board to full strength for the first time since 2006, before the economic crisis struck.
Academic work of our new Fed board members, Jerome Powell and Jeremy Stein
Senate confirms Jeremy Stein and Jerome Powell to Federal Reserve's Board of Governors. Story: via
The nominees to Board of Governors are Jeremy Stein and Jerome Powell
Apparently Diaper David Vitter finds it amusing to block the Senate confirmations of Jeremy Stein + Jerome Powell...
stand with David Vitter and object to cloture on Jeremy Stein and Jerome Powell
I received this from Campaign for Liberty today.wanted to share. Dear Lynn, Thanks to Campaign for Liberty’s Audit the Fed efforts, the Federal Reserve is under more scrutiny than ever before. But considering the damage an out-of-control Fed has inflicted on our dollar and our economy over the years, you and I can’t afford to lay off the pressure to hold it accountable. Currently, there are two open seats on the Fed’s Board of Governors, and those who eventually occupy those spots will also sit on the Federal Open Market Committee, meaning they will have tremendous influence over the direction of our economy. A full term for a Fed Governor is 14 years. So it’s vital that the Senate, which is in charge of confirming the President’s nominees to the Board, never take its responsibility lightly. Yet, recently, Senator David Vitter has come under harsh attack for simply demanding a full debate over the President’s nominees, Harvard economist Jeremy Stein and investment banker Jerome Powell. The Fed ...
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