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Jermaine Jenas

Jermaine Anthony Jenas (born 18 February 1983 in Nottingham) is an English footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

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The Former Tottenham midfielder explains how he knew the Spaniard was going to be relieved of his duties
Jermaine Jenas reveals the tell-tale signs a manager is about to be sacked with incredible Juande Ramos story…
Jermaine Jenas has all the foresight and intuition of Helen Keller
good point to be honest. So many half decent ex players on the box. Jermaine Jenas is poor.
Jermaine Jenas: This Tottenham academy player has blown me away
Jermaine Jenas fears for Middlesbrough this season - here's why
Jermaine Jenas says Crystal Palace should have had a penalty...
'Clueless Stoke' - says Jermaine Jenas. Now where have I heard that expression before?? 😕😕😕
You can't put Dele Alli in the same bracket as Gerard he's a glorified Jermaine Jenas
You know it's bad when Jermaine Jenas is laying into your club. 🙈
Jermaine Jenas telling me on 5 Live Spurs are fine tuned to peak at the business end of the season. . 3 days after losing to Gent. Unbiased
why are we having to listen to the utterly false Jermaine Jenas.
Jermaine Jenas sure talks brown. Take the aggression away and you save countless players from having broken legs.
Jermaine Jenas said Spurs missed an opportunity to advance in Europa bc Gent was really bad. Lol. Doesnt this *** get that Spurs was worse
Jermaine Jenas is here today, covering the game. ICYMI spoke to him this week on Poch and
Why is that Jermaine Jenas Dude a commentator?. Aint Dude like 20 something? Smh
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I liked a video FIFA and Chill with Robbie Savage, Jermaine Jenas and Chris Sutton | Poet and Vuj
Just saw on Azpilicueta has a wee game of basketball in the box, incredibly Jermaine Jenas doesn't think it's a pen
Jermaine Jenas' analysis of Burnley compounded by him getting the Keane's mixed up..
Jermaine jenas on MOTD talking absolute crap. A stone wall penalty for handball for Swansea.He's almost as bad as Phil zzz Neville pair of 🤡
Jermaine Jenas doesn't think it's a penalty. How the *** is that moron a pundit?!
Jermaine Jenas showing his football knowledge there.. Gana Gueye was already at everton before Koeman.. 😳😳
Jermaine Jenas' accent reminds me of long nails been scraped down blackboard at school.
Jermaine Jenas thinks Davies 'shanked' the pass to Coleman! That would be because he has never hit a pass like that.
Jermaine Jenas if that's not handball then I don't know what is. Horrendous.
Jermaine Jenas doesn't think that was a penalty
Jermaine Jenas said he shanked it and was aiming for Ross. Deliberate IMO
Don't think I've ever disagreed with Jermaine Jenas so much on MOTD.
"He put Huddlestone on the wing. He was fired the next day". Jermaine Jenas thinks player power might have seen off Juande…
Completely agree with Jermaine Jenas, that wasn't a penalty. Heard about it being stone wall but *** that most square footage I have seen
I love Claudio, but if Jermaine Jenas thinks Seville was us back to our defensive best his career as a pundit is over before it's started.
Jermaine Jenas has 32 though, if anyone's wondering
Jermaine Jenas is a terrible pundit
I find Jermaine Jenas so uncomfortable to listen to 🙉
Good to hear Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas say it was a definite Penalty on
Really am interested to hear jermaine jenas talking about Leicester
is it just me, or is Jermaine Jenas a clueless pundit?
Jermaine Jenas just said that Gueye was already at Everton before Koeman took over and Koeman bought Davies. Knows his…
A great day to be born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Roberto Baggio (50), Gary Neville (42), Claude Makelele (44) and Jermaine Jenas (34).…
Gabriel Jesus has made an impressive start at Man City, but he is not better than Sergio Aguero says MOTD 2 pundit Jermaine Jenas.
are Jermaine Jenas, Darren Fletcher, Karl Robinson, Gab Marcotti wrong as well?
NEWS: UKIP outrage continues over images of young black men on BBC. And that's just Jermaine Jenas and Trevor Sinclair.
Jermaine Jenas says is not an upgrade on Steve...
Jermaine Jenas calling for Troy Deeney for England? Will you keep quiet
Jermaine Jenas has a lot of respect for how Gary Cahill handled Andre Marriner's decision...
Jermaine Jenas is the Martin Bashir of our generation
Breast Cancer Awareness
Just spoke to Garth Crooks and Jermaine Jenas and both of their score predictions are: 1-1
Good watching Gabby Logan and Jermaine Jenas filming the Premier League show!
Just seen Gabby Logan and Jermaine Jenas in person. World class.
Casually bumped into Gabby Logan and Jermaine Jenas in Manchester..
Likes of Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright and Jermaine Jenas have their say on QSF: .
Everytime I see Jermaine Jenas on MOTD I remember the time I called him Kieron Dyer to his face on a train. 😪🙈
Standard Beating Tottenham is all Chelsea's players care about now this season, insists Jermaine Jenas
Jermaine Jenas to appear on Question Time as former Newcastle and Tottenham midfielder tackles big issues
Pundit says he was pretty convinced of Klopp and Liverpool setback: Liverpool surprised the world last week wi...
Jermaine Jenas says he was convinced Liverpool were going out of the Europa League
Column for nice to see English clubs flying the flag in Europe again! Can they both win it?
Jermaine Jenas the latest star after Joey Barton to take on the Question Time debate… but how did the Match of the…
Jermaine Jenas exclusive: De Bruyne and Klopp could inspire Manchester City and Liverpool to European glory
sounds bizaare, but he reminds me a lot of jermaine jenas circa 2003. Leggy with an eye for a goal.
Dele Alli, the player we all thought Jermaine Jenas was going to be when we signed him!
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Stealing a jermaine jenas shiny spurs match attack card out of someones draw in primary
Jermaine Jenas was a good prodigy.. His career just never blossomed
Afellay looks like the *** lovechild of Erik Lamela and Jermaine Jenas
Jermaine Jenas looks like he's on peak playing for Ajax Cape Town
oh dear. Thought it was Gary Neville. Here we got Legendary Jermaine Jenas!
Jermaine Jenas looks like an 18yr old Cape coloured who was forced to retire from football because of his intense addiction to papsak
Jermaine Jenas retired ka bonana santse ele lekau, he was so unlucky with injuries
Jermaine Jenas names the player who epitomised Sunderland against Norwich
Jermaine Jenas: "Mesut Özil has not received the credit that he deserves for his brilliant form this season."
I added a video to a playlist EXPRESS: Jermaine Jenas
Jermaine Jenas explains why it is so hard for Newcastle to win games'
Nottingham's Jermaine Jenas giving his honest opinion 😂 What about Huth being dragged to the ground that wasn't given just before?!
Jermaine Jenas' blue jumper on the telly last night was quite a nice jumper. Can I buy this in New Look,
Jermaine Jenas has a warning for the next manager of Aston Villa
Jermaine Jenas asked on BBC if he would ever have played for the tinker man said no and predicted Leicester will be relegated
Jermaine Jenas gives his verdict on which two of Newcastle, Sunderland and Norwich will be relegated: 17th Apr...
the 2"expert pundits"were Jermaine Jenas and Trevor Sinclair. Barrel being scraped springs to mind.
Why did you practise penalties a lot when you was at the spuds Jermaine Jenas??
Jermaine jenas saying the second was a pen lol do one
It's worth listening to Jermaine Jenas on just to hear him say "areas"
read that as 'Jermaine Jenas' and was confused
"The likes of the Yayas and the Fernandinhos." Textbook pundit-speak from Jermaine Jenas on
Trevor Sinclair: "... He looks comfortable with a man up his backside.". Jermaine Jenas: *smirk giggle*
Behind the scenes at with Jermaine Jenas and Trevor Sinclair @ MediaCityUK
Jermaine Jenas is the best pundit on TV. Really great - does anyone disagree?
Lmao y Jermaine Jenas gettin so much hate, I think his decent still
Trevor Sinclair think that wasn't a penalty for Sunderland. Well done to Jermaine Jenas - quite rightly saying was reckless
'They will probably come back stronger next season'. Aye, Jermaine you really are a Jenas.
Really like Trevor Sinclair and Jermaine Jenas as pundits. Warm, upbeat and astute. Them two and Danny Murphy the best at the beeb.
Jermaine Jenas on Match of the Day - "Hes comfortable there with the ball at his feet and a man up his backside"
Trevor Sinclair and Jermaine Jenas share the same dealer.
Trevor Sinclair said Tadic is comfortable with a 'man up his backside'. He's not Jermaine Jenas mate
Fair play to & Jermaine Jenas on MOTD, quality analysis. City superb.
Jermaine Jenas is nearly as bad at punditry as Michael Owen
Jermaine Jenas just tried to talk me through how to save a penalty 🤔
Excellent analysis from jenas on " if you miss 2 penalties and 1 of them doesn't go in " priceless
Jenas:we used to practise penalties at Spurs. . No, Jermaine, you used to climb the fence to get the ball back
Jermaine Jenas: 'If you miss two penalties and one of them don't go in you are going to be very disappointed.' ⚽️🙄🙈
"If you miss 2 penalties, and 1 doesn't go in" - Jermaine Jenas. WTFFF IM SCRATCHING MY HEAD BRO
Jermaine jenas : if you miss 2 penalties your disappointed one of them didn't go in ? ***
Jermaine jenas makes everything about himself on match of the day 😂
Jermaine Jenas. Master of stating the bleeding obvious on MOTD.
BBC pundits Jermaine Jenas, Pat Nevin, John Hartson and Chris Sutton all believe West Ham will claim the final UCL spot this season!
Match of the Day pundits John Hartson, Jermaine Jenas, Chris Sutton and Pat Nevin have backed West Ham to finish in a champions league place
Jermaine Jenas: Why Kieran Gibbs would be brave to leave Arsenal Kieran Gibbs would be…
Ex-Tottenham man: We are not in Arsenal’s shadow: Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jermaine Jenas has ...
Former Newcastle and Tottenham star Jermaine Jenas to appear on BBC Questio..
Jermaine Jenas to replace David Dimbleby when he retires
Jermaine Jenas on Question Time, looks totally lost, surprised it's not Clare Balding though
I sincerely hope Jermaine Jenas on QT means David Dimbleby is on Football Focus soon.
First Joey Barton, then Jermaine Jenas. I for one can't wait to hear Adel Taarabt on the state of politics next year from QPR's 12/13 squad.
Question Time from Liverpool. Who's on the panel? In my head Derek Hatton. On the telly Jermaine Jenas. What the *** is going on?!
David Dimbleby and Jermaine Jenas are in the same room as each other. Weird that.
22:45 Question Time: David Dimbleby is joined by Dominic Raab, John McDonnell, Louise Bours and Jermaine Jenas.
Jermaine Jenas dismisses v rivalry: "They're close to Spurs geographically, but so are Charlton"
Jermaine Jenas is that one *** that takes the sport relief bake off dead seriously
Great article by sums up all that's wrong with modern day football - money, status & power.
Managed to convince a female I used to play professional football for Newcastle and Tottenham Hotspur and my name is Jermaine Jenas
Jermaine Jenas on Would I Lie to You? Swear he gets everywhere nowadays.
refreshing view on football (in general) from Jermaine Jenas. also highlights his disjointed time with
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Great piece with Loved seeing him develop at panenka vs Stockport stands out!
Jermaine Jenas on retiring and being Match of the Day pundit. via
[Daily Mail] . JERMAINE JENAS: Young lads who don't even play are on £20k a week with Range Rovers... football is …
Retired at 32 and a regular, lived a fascinating career
I think I might be in love with Jermaine Jenas
On This Day in 2003, Jermaine Jenas scored an injury time winner as Newcastle United won 1-0…
Great to meet Jermaine Jenas as he launches his new Educational company in Canada
Great to meet Jermaine Jenas and good luck with new educational company in Canada.
Darius Vassell and Jermaine Jenas retiring, surely this throws a huge spanner into Roy Hodgson's Euro 2016 plans
Former Forest midfielder has a special message for Magnus Academy pupils
Taking striker Olivier Giroud off cost Arsenal the chance to get something from the game, says MOTD pundit Jermaine Jenas.
clearly stuck in the same time warp as Jermaine Jenas
Btw, the most apt comparison for the young Dele Alli is the young Jermaine Jenas, pre-injuries/confidence issues.
How can MOTD sit Ruud Gullit down next to Jermaine Jenas and expect them to debate about football 😂
Jenas backs Dier and Alli to star at Euros: Jermaine Jenas believes Eric Dier should be England's holding midf...
All purpose parts banner
I'll make a relatively substantial wager that Jermaine Jenas's pastry skills will be somewhat lacking
It's day 3 of - get some tips from and fuel right for 5-a-side
WATCH: says can still produce top football talent More on this week's news.
In case you forgot, predicts Adebayor could be the signing of the window for strikerless Palace
This weeks column for -he's been patient but now is the time to pick mark noble for England.
Former England midfielder Jermaine Jenas has officially announced his retirement from football after failing to recover fro…
Jermaine Jenas on England CM options: “A player who has been consistently overlooked is Mark Noble.”
Jermaine Jenas has words of advice for Berahino amid Tottenham transfer links...
Transfer news: Jermaine Jenas says Saido Berahino should learn from Luka Modric
This Jermaine Jenas column via will make for interesting reading for supporters
This weeks column for on players careers suffering when that move doesn't happen.
didn't think I'd ever see the headline JERMAINE JENAS EXCLUSIVE again...
JERMAINE JENAS EXCLUSIVE: Berahino is not entirely to blame - his career is being mishandled
Yeah, that's fair. He looks like the player Jermaine Jenas was meant to be back in the day.
Former Spurs & Newcastle star Jermaine Jenas believes has the world at his feet: http…
Peter Crouch and Jermaine Jenas. Both polite & friendly. Felt like a proud grandma.
Any planned appearances on Match of the Day lined up? If Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy are on then you never know...
I thought the pundits couldn't get any worse that Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy. I was very wrong
Alli shows flashes...flashes of John Bostock, Jermaine Jenas and David Bentley
Well done First to find Jermaine JENAS in our QPR
the new Gerrard will soon become the latest Jermaine Jenas
his just another jermaine jenas. If we are talking about Alli
Sitting nice at the top😃. Spurs fans bangin on about Alli ANY JERMAINE JENAS😂😂
Okay, Dele Alli: time to not only better but in this case at least emulate those Jermaine Jenas comparisons...
Delle Alli reminds me of Jermaine Jenas for some strange reason. Can't put a finger on why exactly he does.
Spurs fans hoping Dele Alli don't turn out to be another Jermaine Jenas
My boy has it spot on. Alli is the new Jermaine Jenas but not as good
Dele Alli, cracking player. . A bit like Jermaine Jenas, but with a pulse.
he reminds me of a young Jermaine Jenas. But more consistent.
I'd rather have Jermaine Jenas in the midfield than Tom Carroll right now
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I'm really enjoying Erik Lamela at the moment. Read some good insight on him from this week:
I don't understand the hype on Dele Alli he reminds me of Jermaine Jenas not really great at anything.
Jermaine Jenas: “Even if Van Gaal goes, United will have a struggle to get into the top four."
or Jermaine Jenas with an emotional reading of the notebook..?
yes because jermaine jenas is the equivalent of Einstein
Column for on Erik Lamela being worth the wait!
Memphis Depay can learn from 'fitter, faster' Lamela, says Jermaine Jenas
Jermaine Jenas continues to offer some interesting insight from a players perspective, worth a read.
Jermaine Jenas claims his opinion on Tottenham's Erik Lamela has changed, credits Pochettino
JERMAINE JENAS EXCLUSIVE: Lamela and Pochettino show the way for Memphis and LVG via
Jermaine Jenas at 40/1 to replace Neville? Would love to see Roy Keane alongside Carrager, would make great TV
Kieron Dyer, Jermaine Jenas, Thomas Gravesen AND Lee Carsley all doing im a celeb this year wow! what are the chances !>?
We thought Michael Owen was bad but Jermaine Jenas takes it to an all new level! All is forgiven Mark Lawrence!!
Jermaine Jenas is quite quickly becoming the Adrian Chiles of the BBC.
Former Tottenham player, Jermaine Jenas: “I personally think that Arsenal are going to win the league this season"
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Jermaine Jenas reveals what footballers say to each other on the pitch
bestone: Football Focus presenter Dan Walker is joined by Jermaine Jenas and John Hartson to look ahead to Sun...
Danny Murphy rather damning Dele Alli with faint praise there: "he's like a young Jermaine Jenas"
he,Jermaine Jenas, was in Time Crashers and was really very good.
Controversial statement. Jermaine Jenas, sounds less of a buffoon than I expected. Don't actually mind listening to him on MOTD 😳
Sounds like the special one will soon be known as the sacked one
Anyone ever seen Jermaine Jenas and Trevor Noah in the same room together? I ask this because their facial features are quite similar.
Jermaine Jenas suggests Sunderland can be positive, explains why
"Pisses me off when Jermaine Jenas is on match of the day, he retired at the age of 12"
Imagine believing an Exclusive by Jermaine Jenas on the Chelsea dressing room 😂
Interesting article from jermaine jenas
EXCLUSIVE: JERMAINE JENAS - Chelsea players losing faith in Mourinho...
My thoughts on mourinho and the problems at Chelsea for
Chelsea players losing faith in Mourinho's managing skills says for
No Hall of Fame for Jermaine Jenas today! Thanks for voting:
Jermaine Jenas went up in my estimation by saying Saints should have had 2 pens and Falcao dived.
Catching up on Please don't use Ian Wright as a pundit again. Out with the old, in with the new; Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas
Hall Of Fame? Jermaine Jenas played 110 games between 2002 and 2005 scoring 9 goals. Just reply or
Motivational moment from Jermaine Jenas as introduced by Heather Tarrant
LOUIS VAN GAAL does not trust his back-up centre-halves, Former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas believes.
Former Tottenham midifielder Jermaine Jenas comments on Walcott's performance today. via
What did you think of Theo Walcott’s performance against Manchester United?
Jermaine Jenas "They gave United not one chance, they were the far superior side and got what they deserved" .
Jermaine Jenas "That game had nothing to be positive about if you are a United fan, they didn't turn up, they were pedestrian."
Former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas: "It was a brilliant afternoon for Arsenal, they got exactly what they...
Incisive punditry... Jermaine Jenas: "Arsenal look like they are going to score more goals to me and that is not a good sign for United"
Jermaine Jenas on Arsenal: "What a first-half of football to watch, it just shows what this team is capable of, they have bee…
"Everything Arsenal do is a level above Man Utd" . Jermaine Jenas on 3-0
Tottenham got to the Champions League quarter-finals with a central midfield pairing of Wilson Palacios and Jermaine Jenas. Mad.
Big Martin Jol and new signing Jermaine Jenas at Spurs Lodge 2005
I think you mean Alan Hutton, David Bentley, and Jermaine Jenas.
Gary Lineker introduces Premier League highlights and reaction with studio guests Ian Wright and Jermaine Jenas.
Ian Wright looking like Jermaine Jenas's uncle who's come over from Ghana for a wedding
Jermaine Jenas in his prime was no better than Franco di santo at Wigan, British players are to overrated
New season of Would I Lie to You has some superb panelists. Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Richard Hammond & surprisingly, Jermaine Jenas.
British boxing sensation Anthony Joshua may be unbeaten in the ring but former Premier League player Jermaine Jenas fancied his chances
PFA Young player of the year means a lot when Harry Kewell, Lee Sharpe, Jermaine Jenas, Scott Parker, Kyle Walker & James Milner have won it
however Jermaine Jenas rifled one right in the top corner
Still wondering how Kirstie Alley and Jermaine Jenas know each other 5 days on.
Yo Jon Obi Miguel has any1 ever told you that you look like Jermaine Jenas brother love that ESPN WWE coverage brother HH
Tottenham loafed when they let Carrick walk to Man U, guess they thought Jermaine Jenas was the truth
As a youth I worked in a Tyneside supermarket & dropped yoghurt on Jermaine Jenas' shoes, apologised & he was fine about it, nice lad
I think it might have been that one. Topped off by a Jermaine Jenas winner at the death.
Niall Quinn & Graeme Souness could send an insomniac to sleep. Must say I'm starting to like Danny Murphy & Jermaine Jenas on though.
Jermaine Jenas is an outstanding pundit
Don't know why, but Jermaine Jenas really gets on my nerves.
Sat opposite Jermaine Jenas in Sheffield train station and I really want him to tell me why Tottenham are awful but he's got headphones in
Got a lot of time for Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy
Jermaine Jenas "Newcastle fans should be grateful Pardew was there earlier in season or they could've been in danger."
anyway, watched MOTD last night, that *** Jermaine Jenas said Chelsea been playing well. 😳 that's why ppl can't make opinions
*Turns golf off*. *Puts MOTD on*. Gary: "A warm welcome to Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy". *Puts Golf back on*
Jermaine (Goldfish Bowl) Jenas referring to Pardew - "Newcastle should count themselves lucky he (Pardew) was there so early in the season"!
Listening to jermaine Jenas on MOTD u would think he's won everyone there is to win in the game
I'm sorry. But Jermaine Jenas is a fidiot...
Jermaine Jenas on speaks like a seasoned pundit. That's not meant as a compliment.
Jermaine Jenas can't even pronounce Newcastle correctly so his opinion is invalid. .
Love Jermaine Jenas, the definition of average, criticising other players. Maybe if he practised his preachings, he'd still be playing.
Jermaine Jenas asks a key question of Daniel Levy
didn't Jermaine Jenas forget how to play football aged about 25??
Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas followed by Leroy Rosenior. Why BBC, with these pundits you are spoiling us
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I really like Jermaine Jenas. talks sense and is nice with it
I know I say it alot but you can't tell me that Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas are the most charismatic "experts" the bbc can find
Jermaine Jenas is 32 he looks 22. Black don't crack my *** 🎶
I swear Jermaine Jenas hasn't even retired? Did he decide to take a placement year at the BBC?
Anyway I have to agree with Jermaine Jenas on us having Pardew. Can you imagine having Carver from August onwards? 😂😂
Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy. What have we done to deserve this?
Jermaine Jenas' voice is unbelievably annoying 😖
Jermaine Jenas really is a useless analyst. Hull did have some decent chances today. Hansen really is missed
"Me and murph" Jermaine jenas hanging out of Danny Murphy's *** comical.
Jermaine Jenas and other pundits regarded us as 'toothless' at top and no end product, I can agree with that we have struggled to get a
Cannot stand how scripted jermaine jenas is on
Jermaine Jenas isnt the best of pundits tries to hard!
What does Jermaine Jenas even contribute to the panel? Just repeats everything Murphy or Lineker says in different words.
What on earth is Jermaine Jenas doing on TV? The man is a rodent. I thought he didn't like being in the spotlight anyway?
Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas doing a good job of motd better than lawro and hansen
Jermaine Jenas looks like an athletic, Alan Carr with 20/20 vision
Jermaine jenas talking about hulls run in as tough as it gets!!! Did he not see our last 4 games last year!
Jermaine Jenas like Alan Shearer are excellent pundits, so honest, unbiased and good knowledge of the game.
Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas are a poor man's Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville. 😴
How old is jermaine jenas? Surely he could still do a job for a team
Jermaine Jenas isn't that bad as a pundit actually.
fairly sure MOTD mastermind Jermaine Jenas got one, no other reason he would be there
Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas, both had such amazing football careers (!)
Jermaine Jenas had so much potential as a footballer. Now he's just a pundit with gap teeth
Can't believe it's April 2015 and Jermaine Jenas still hasn't become the spokesmen for Voi yet...
Jermaine Jenas just keeps repeating everything Danny Murphy is saying
Danny Murphy is going to kill Jermaine Jenas during the next match...
Why did the BBC think it would be a GOOD idea to get Alan Hansen out of Match of the Day but Jermaine Jenas in???
why are jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy tryna have footy banter like they were sick?!
Why has Jermaine Jenas gone into punditry when he looks about 12
LOL @ Jermaine Jenas talking like he could actually play football.
Feels weird that I'm about to give praise to a football pundit... but I do like Jermaine Jenas.
Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy struggling to praise Arsenal, it just hit me they're 2 former Spurs players, the jealousy is riveting. 😂
Lineker will say that Southampton are having a great season. Jermaine Jenas will smile and say they're playing good football this season.
Just bumped into Ruud Gullit and Jermaine Jenas within a few minutes of each other - both top blokes
Jermaine Jenas says Juande Ramos took the squad quad-biking and to the casino for teambuilding ahead of the 2008 final.
What exactly qualifies Jermaine Jenas to analyse football? It's like appointing a police officer as a high court judge.
If it's your birthday today you share it with Nathan Aké (20) Bryan Oviedo (25) Jermaine Jenas (32) Gary Neville (40) & Robert…
Nigel Pearson blasts Match of the Day's Gary Lineker, Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas for reaction to ...
Manager says Gary Lineker, Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas made 'mountain out of a molehill'...
ah yes because it was absolutely Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas who had their hands on his throat
Pearson called you a fountain of knowledge but then he also included Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy in that group.. Oops
For me it has to be Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy. Excellence without bias.
linekar? Mate if there's a head presenter it's me. Sit your Jermaine Jenas *** down.
answer me this, why does Jermaine Jenas look like a small child?
I still don't understand why Jermaine Jenas has stopped playing football
Jermaine Jenas said Sunderland had lost 14 pts from winning positions. Who does the stats? It's nowhere near 14.
Loved how Jermaine Jenas referred to Spurs as ''we'' yesterday on MOTD
How is jermaine jenas a pundit, bore off mate
Jermaine Jenas is actually the only MOTD pundit interesting to listen to
Jermaine Jenas has the look and charisma of someone voted off the X Factor finals in week two.
Jermaine Jenas you lucky lucky man. Your Mrs is a 10
we can officially say we have no interest in Jermaine Jenas. We are however, interested in Bobby Zamora
Jermaine Jenas rocking a Patek Philippe on last night. Boy likes timepieces. 👍
Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy on MOTD. *** Anderson and Bebe would be better choice.
I've only just noticed this, but HOW is Jermaine Jenas a football pundit? He barely played? Where's Hansen and Lawrenson?
Have to say I think Jermaine Jenas is becoming a really good pundit on radio and TV. Nice to hear a Nottm accent on the BBC too.
Jermaine Jenas seems like a decent pundit though.
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