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Jeremy Wade

Jeremy John Wade (born 5 May 1956) is a British biologist, television presenter, extreme angler and writer specializing in travel and natural history.

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Somebody needs to take me fishing so I can feel like Jeremy Wade ...
Happy girl Jeremy Wade is on tonight!!!
Just want to lay in bed and watch Jeremy Wade catch ridiculous fish.
Trying to be Jeremy wade this morning 🎣
right now and Jeremy Wade's in Papua New Guinea. I see beautiful huts by just human hands. Amazing, looks so cozy.
wow Jeremy wade your handsome just like hayes
Maybe it's the grass, but I'm pretty sure I just saw an episode of "River Monsters" in which Jeremy Wade reeled in The Honey Boo-Boo Thing..
New season of Jeremy Wade's River Monsters every Tuesday at 9pm!. One of my favorite series! 🐠🎣😊🐟.
Jeremy Lin has been introduced by the Los Angeles Lakers.
River Monsters: untold stories is on today, what is Jeremy Wade hiding?
β€œJeremy wade I just wanted to know who is Jeremy wade. I'm thinking u named ur fishπŸ˜‚
Jeremy Wade has the coolest job in the world.
You know who I miss?. Jeremy Wade.and all his basking glory. -drools-. Okay. Seriously, peace.
Waiters and Wade (rookie) had similar seasons at 22. Wade's got the edge, but not by a whole helluva lot.
Watching Jeremy wade fly fish makes me feel better about myself
Call Jeremy Wade! glad you've got the night vision, and good (cont)
I wanna fish everywhere Jeremy wade has
I need 10 fans pointed at me its too hot..or can I have Jeremy Wade hugging me bc that would be nice too
Best face swap ever, Jeremy Wade is a lad
Jeremy wade talk anacondas on ricer monsters
Kid at basketball camp asks Dwyane Wade why he flops all the time 😭😭😭
Someone should call Jeremy Wade so we can get Lake Hopatcong on tv
I dreamt of Jeremy Wade last night. It was a great conversation on how fish on!
I don't jump into rivers bc of jeremy wade lolol
Jeremy Wade is taking on the Loch Ness right now in your bedroom and you're making me dippy eggs 😏😘😎
My nephew is trying to tell me that Jeremy Lamb is better than DWYANE WADE.
That's the 16th hit Wade Davis has given up this year. Jeremy Guthrie has given up 24 in his last 14 innings alone.
Jeremy Wade, you got nothing on me.
I wish I could go on a fishing trip with Jeremy Wade
Watching RM S6/E3. I started watching as bonding time with my old man, now I am hooked. Jeremy Wade is a legend!
Next week I'll be in the Caribbean Sea, beer in hand, reeling in monster fish like Jeremy Wade.
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If i could have Jeremy Wade's job id drop everything and do it right now
Jeremy Wade probably the ruggedest old man i've ever seen.
July 22, 2011: Jeter passes Wade Boggs on the all-time hits list.
β€œThis month's FHM Hero: River Monsters' Jeremy Wade - love this guy!
Look who dropped by O'Three World HQ yesterday to pick up his 6x5 Semi-dry, Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade captures a Japanese giant salamander with his bare hands, then helps a scientist tag the animal for research before releasing this "fish with hands"
Jeremy Wade is always wylin on River Monsters
we are obsessed with Jeremy Wade. River Monsters is the greatest TV programme ever made and possibly mankind's greatest achievement.
Jeremy wade as a rad college student
Just watched Jeremy Wade catch monsters. I'm about to catch some Z's. Does that count?
This dude will never compare to Jeremy Wade
Saw this earlier today.. "Forget LeBron/Wade/Bosh the real Big 3 is Jeremy Lin, Swaggy P and Boozer." Can't stop laughing... lol.
Jeremy wade catches some crazy fish man. He's the fish whisperer
Seattle Officers Jeremy Wade and Ryan Gallagher honored by for starting Beds for Kids project. ht…
Jeremy wade is just the guttsiest person ever
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeremy wade catches what he wants...wolffish for what
Jeremy Wade makes Robsons Greens extreme fishing look like a day ticket on the local lake!
This guy just tied Jeremy Wade from River Monsters as the last person I would ever want to have a conversation with.
Hope it keeps raining going to get my Jeremy Wade on tonight and catch some fishies.
Finally fishing with native joe. Two hours and ill be learning from a pro. Get at me jeremy wade
More fish biting balls, this time in the Great Lakes. Where's Jeremy Wade?
Bout to go jeremy wade on these fish🐟🐟🐟
S/O to for holding my down today. Tyty. I won't let you or Jeremy wade down.
Everybody who said Kobe coming back and getting a ring πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Ž Not with Jeremy Lin, Ed Davis & Jordan Hill
we will make robson green and Jeremy wade look like amateurs,we are the UKs version of deadliest catch
whoo just had Jeremy Wade say he will sign a photograph of his Gromit for me if i send him one but it will take...
awesome chat session with Jeremy Wade from great stories and even better guy for taking the time to chat
If you know who Jeremy Wade is then you're a good person
Seeing the type of fish that Jeremy Wade catches, makes me hesitant to go in water.
I want to fish with Jeremy Wade and imitate him and make my own show
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Just realised I missed Jeremy Wade's River Monsters. What a full on *** that is.
I think I'm in love with Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Lin gets paid more than Dwyane Wade. Let that sink in.
This sounds like a job for Jeremy Wade of River Monsters...
A sneak peak of my amazing sitcom about Jeremy wade, snoop dogg and David Mitchell
Top 5 ppl I'd want to be: mike trout, Jeremy wade, Lionel Messi, Johnny depp, lebron
Well seeming I'm bored I might get to work on a sitcom I'm writing about Jeremy wade, snoop dogg and David Mitchell as college roommates
Reading sister mag FHM for the Jeremy Wade interview.
.Shark spotted in Lake Ontario?! Sounds like a case for Jeremy Wade!
NBA. LeBron joins Kyrie Irving in the Cavs. Wade is staying in Miami with Danny Granger and Deng . Rockets trade Jeremy Lin to Lakers.
hey, Jeremy Wade is the real winner.
Got me some fishing gear mofo Jeremy Wade
Killer Whales, Bears and Jeremy Wade sightings all in one day
I wish I had the bars like Jeremy Wade
My number one bucket list item is to fish with Jeremy Wade
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I thought you were talking about my boy Jeremy Wade. He's the British dude in River Monsters
If there were two people I could have read a book to me while I go to bed it'd be Jeremy Wade and Harold Reyonlds
"He's like the Indiana Jones of giant fish" -- on Jeremy Wade
They put more seasons of River Monsters on netflix. Hey Jeremy Wade, I'd catch your fish.
River Monsters is such a bad *** show and Jeremy wade seems like a guy id like to go fishing with.πŸ‘Œ
but fr I'm seriously meant to be the next Jeremy Wade
Someone explain to me why Jeremy Wade is my celebrity crush 😍
rewatching episodes of River Monsters never gets old. Jeremy Wade is my idol
Report: Houston and Philadelphia have agreed on a deal that would send Jeremy Lin and future picks to Philly
Jeremy Wade is like, "Yeah, sorry about your wife getting eaten by a bunch of piranhas. Now where are the good fishing spots around here?"
didn't know Jeremy wade was in town
Personally "the decision" alone makes him the most disloyal. But I feel no sorrow for the heat. But Wade left $40M. Moron. Lol
Catching up on and have decided that Jeremy definitely needs a Segway as he's constantly moaning about walking around :D
I guess you could say that I'm the next Jeremy Wade πŸ’
Becoming a master angler to likes of which Jeremy Wade couldn't amount 🎣
Fishing update: Devlin: 1 fish, Connor: 1 fish and 2 catfish, and Me, aka Jeremy wade: one fish and a 40 pound snapping turtle
Penalties are tense but not as tense as Jeremy Wade diving with a 20ft Annaconda
Lmao Kyrie better than Wade and he never took a team anywhere. Wiggins ain't even played a NBA game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
If anyone is bored watching a game which will be a snorefest, put itv4 on, Jeremy Wade is the don!
brb gunna go be Jeremy Wade at the lake
Tonight 9pm River Monsters, Jeremy Wade investigates creatures that stalk children in Japan
Jeremy Wade, do you ever have nightmares about the monsters you catch?
I've watched two whole seasons of River Monsters and I am not ashamed. I aspire to be as amazing as Jeremy Wade someday.
Jeremy Wade of River Monsters has some competition! Check out Bill Wards latest midnight catch!
Ya big boobs whatever I'm going to watch Jeremy Wade catch BIG FISH
Bosh will sign with the Rockets, Bron with the Cavaliers, Melo with the Lakers, & Wade probably back to the Heat
Jeremy wade talks to much, I just wanna see this dude fish
Im a fan of Jeremy Wade. He's the fish angler in River Monsters. I know everything there is to know about freshwater species
β€œThe African Goliath Tigerfish, which is known to attack humans. Jeremy wade is the man
Jeremy Wade from River Monsters should come to Tampa and catch this go tell him!
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Bosh going to houston n melo going to join lebron n wade in Miami
I feel Jeremy Wade's pain when his line breaks on a massive fish.. 😳
I really want to go fishing with Jeremy Wade
I love fishing I be going all out like Jeremy wade
Do you think Jeremy Wade is single? Because I just want to travel the world and go fishing with him! πŸ˜‚ πŸ’ŽπŸŒŽπŸŸπŸŽ£
"Jeremy Wade is the Indiana Jones of marine biology"
Our pool is this nice green color. Jeremy Wade came and jumped in after a giant catfish like *** dude
Kyrie > Wade, Wiggins (predicting) > Granger. Youth > old age. I still believe Lebron comes home to the Clev.
I would do anything to fish with Jeremy Wade.
Done been noodled. I'm sure Jeremy Wade is bursting with pride. (Look at the whisker things look at them)
So jeremy wade has his own custom made rod from US.. High tech gears from germany and hooks from japan... Epic
I bet the lands more prize catches with his lines than extreme angler Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade of River Monsters has the greatest job ever
I'd pay all the money in my wallet to go on a fishing trip with Jeremy Wade. Unfortunately, $23 probably won't buy one
Just working out how to patent our board game, 'Guess What's In My Anaconda', based on the THRILLING Jeremy Wade's 'River Monsters'.
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jeremy wade is an awesome guy. I love watching River Monsters!
The CrowdChat with Jeremy Burton has been extended by 30 minutes! Ask your questions now!
River Monsters 6 is premiering on Discovery Channel now. I met Jeremy Wade when he came to Singapore! See:
Just watched a man hand reel a shark from a canoe. Jeremy Wade is a legend.
Jeremy Wade proved the loch Ness monster is a Greenland shark, Bryan Sykes just proved that the yeti is a still living prehistoric bear
It would be awesome if I get to meet Jeff Corwin and Jeremy Wade. PLEASE
Side note: River Monsters with Jeremy Wade is one if the most enthralling shows I've ever watched. And not just for the dramatic rhetoric
River Monsters with Jeremy Wade on Animal Planet, He is fishing the Indian River Lagoon in Fort Pierce,It's on Now, A Must see Show, Don't miss it
After watching River Monsters for the past week, I've come to two conclusions: 1) I REALLY want to go fishing with Jeremy Wade and 2) I will never step foot in the amazon river. :)
Where's Jeremy Wade when you need him
Where is Jeremy Wade??? Come on, save all the peeps from the awful Killer Lamprey River Monsters!
Memorial Day can only get better with Jeremy Wade raking in big fish on the season finale
How do I get a life like Jeremy Wade's? I want to travel the world & fish!
Dear Jeremy Wade, please let me fish with you for one day...
Jeremy Wade took some time out beneath the waves with a gentle breed of marine mammal at the River Safari freshwater aquarium in Singappore.
Me an Cody was out there like Jeremy wade today
River Monsters presenter Jeremy Wade takes to the deep to feed river mammals | Mail Online
Feelin like Jeremy Wade off of River Monsters out here.
we'll be alright as long as D Wade and LeBron drop 20+ on them again and Ray Ray comes in hot at the end
I'm wrong!! Tune in to at 9pm and watch that sick *** Jeremy Wade try to catch a mermaid on
caught more fish than Jerzy today, call me Jeremy Wade Jr.
I wonder how much they paid Jeremy wade to be in this cheesy film?
.On my bucket-list very close to the top is-. Go monster fishing with Jeremy Wade!. I love him! We need more shows with him!
Jeremy Wade the hottest old man alive!
I was watching this just to see Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade should have been a main character in
Jeremy Wade knows what he's talking about! Better listen
Jeremy wade has such a dramatic voice
SHAN - interview on air with Jeremy Wade at 8am (host of River Monsters)
Jeremy Wade and Christopher Lloyd were in this too.
Jeremy Wade just put a lamprey on his neck
That awesome moment when you see Jeremy wade in a movie! :)
oh πŸ˜” don't judge me... I love Jeremy Wade 😍🐠🐟🐳
My ideal life would be being some sort of cross between Tony Stark and Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade is so dramatic we know you are gonna get your fish you always do
Jeremy Wade, the only man ik who can solve cases with a fishing rod
back in the day Jeremy wade called oot the Loch Ness Monster for a scrap at fratz park. It's never been seen since.
Watching River Monsters and rarely do you ever see Jeremy Wade get weirded out. When he was harvesting lampreys, you could see and here it in his voice how uncomfortable he was.
is this Jeremy wade? My most favourite extreme angler in the history of me knowing that there is such a thing?
Jeremy wade needs to switch to saltwater soon and start a new fishing show but still do River Monsters
strousy is Jeremy wade if anyone is
"The water is murky. It's not clear." -Jeremy Wade
River Monsters might be my favorite show. Jeremy Wade has it made.
Jeremy Wade from River Monsters wears the same outfit every single episode
My name is Jeremy Wade, fresh water detective
How is everyone's Memorial Day going? Going good at my house. Enjoying a "River Monsters" marathon. I enjoy this show a lot. The last one I saw he caught a 254lbs lau-lau in the Amazon. That fish was HUGE! I enjoy fishing but I will leave the big, ugly, scary ones for Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade just caught a 17 inch Pirahanna..
Jeremy Wade being allowed to fish in The Chernobyl cooling pond. Could be interesting.
"The only way to see if the doro went after the people in the water is to see if it goes after me" . Jeremy wade, ur a bad ***
Well between Jeremy Wade and Forest Gump I got fairly distracted but At least there are some lines on this BIznatch
Jeremy Wade went diving after an Anaconda...
If Jeremy Wade actually catches a mermaid tonight, I'll need a new pair of pants.
Every time Jeremy Wade loses a fish an angel sheds a tear...
I am sitting inside watching Jeremy Wade fishing for all kinds of humongous fish, when I should be somewhere fishing for little fish or losing the bait on my hook!
Jeremy Wade is actually the man. Heavy love him.
Xavier, Jeremy finally caught his man eater , 256 pounds 50 some inches round but darn it ,,, I didn't hear the length!! WADE that is,,, Mr. Jeremy Wade
River Monsters is the best show and Jeremy Wade is a legend
Watching Shannon Doherty and Jeremy Wade is in it.
Jeremy Wade uses a Shimano TLD, off to academy I go!
they call me Jeremy Wade jr for a reason
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Been watching River Monsters for first time on Animal Planet. Jeremy Wade and the locations are quite mesmerizing on this boring lazy day!
I could watch River Monsters all day. Jeremy Wade is a boss.
Season finale of River Monsters tonight! Mmmm Jeremy wade
Finally having a relaxing Monday with Jeremy Wade on River Monsters and finishing up birthday presents!
Jeremy Wade just made our day at the River Safari diving with the manatees and feeding them
Due to overwhelming demand for tickets β€˜River Monsters Face-to-Face with Jeremy Wade’ has moved from the Pillar Room to the much larger Main Hall at Cheltenham Town Hall for the show on Friday 21st March – extra tickets will be released from 6pm GMT today. Here is a taster of the opening night in Leatherhead…
24th May, Saturday, 11.35a.m. The challenge of getting the limited passes from Astro for a meet and greet session with Jeremy Wade seemed worth it when you stand amidst Jeremy's most recent achieve...
Jeremy Wade from and I at River Safari yesterday. 😁
Anybody else watch Jeremy wade off River Monsters and think you can go catch anything?
So me and James Kishbaugh were talking about t shirt designs, a Che Guavera design on the front with a portrait of Jeremy wade instead, on the back it says "suck my rod"
Animal Planet has finally lost it. A movie about killer lampreys. At least Jeremy Wade is in it. And Christopher Lloyd plays the mayor. Great scott!
Over the Weekend, Don and myself had the opportunity to cover Jeremy Wades event as one of their media partners. So we headed over to meet the man himself Je...
Jeremy Wade Heather Wade see you couldve got the cat down outta the tree if u really wanted to..
Headed to the Ohio with Shaff.Time to show Jeremy Wade how to catch a River Monster.Love you Cadi daddy is going to catch a big fish for you!
Megalodon is my new favorite animal! Such a beast even Jeremy Wade couldn't catch him!!
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Jesus in the first episode Jeremy Wade caught a massive 255LB Lau Lau fish!
After the Heat win 2 more then Paul George can start chasing the trophy he really wants.He and teammates can join Jeremy Wade (River Monsters) and catch the biggest bass we've ever seen!Do it Paul,we got faith in you.when it comes to fishing that is!!! LMAO!
Watch out, Jeremy Wade. Dashel is piloting a new show, "Pond Monsters"
Fish on! End of an an exciting day with Jeremy Wade at the River Safari
No way! No way! Jeremy Wade is in SG and my friend got a picture with him at the River Safari!
Fishing with my friends/fisher lady mentors has been canceled. Is there any other seasoned fishermen that are up for a couple hours of mentoring 2 novice/ wanna be Jeremy Wades. My 30 eisenia hortensis/ Big Red Worms are dying to be eaten.
Am sure Jeremy wade disni have this trouble doin River Monsters come on am up the feckin canal lost ma only bubble I came wi tae fukin fish
Getting ready to go and do my Jeremy wade impression with Danny Phum and Tim castle and catch us a river monster at markland dam.
Good morning everybody!! Get outside today and enjoy this beautiful weather,, but most importantly have a great day!! :P About to head out fishing and get my Jeremy Wade on lol
Woke up this early morning with my honey to what do what people? Fishinngg! What out Jeremy wade (river monster) here comes Big Al
Jeremy Wade is here in Singapore to promote River Monsters. =D
Big plans for sons of jeremy wade how would people like shirts made ? Lets take some votes, comments suggestions? Let's here it.
I want to take a picture and see Jeremy Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade in the Amazon flooded forest!!!
At the River Safari's Amazon Flooded Forest, where Jeremy Wade will be diving in to feed the arapaima at 11.45
How come Jeremy Wade can catch all kinds of River Monsters and I'm over here lucky to catch a brim? Lol
What a great day to drop by River Safari! Jeremy Wade of River Monsters ( Discovery Channel) had a meet and greet session with 150 fans. Awesome Sunday :)
Kevin is the Jeremy wade of Oneida Lake!! He caught a river monster today!
River Monster's Jeremy Wade is in Jakarta sharing his tales of catching monster fish in Asia
Wondering if I'm the only one watching so much River Monsters that my kids can now do an effortless Jeremy Wade impression.
Yes, this actually happened. Jeremy Wade swam with an anaconda! >> htt…
Bareng & the River Monsters catcher himself, Jeremy Wade!
River Monsters host Jeremy Wade came up close and personal to a 200-pound anaconda in Brazil.
Are you a fan of Discovery Channel's River Monsters? Come on down to Sunway Pyramid blue zone concourse on 24th May at 1pm to meet extreme angler, Jeremy Wade as he recounts some of the most exciting and dangerous moments from his adventures. The event is open to public
Sittin here watchin River Monsters. This show always freakin tempts me to get my *** outta bed and go throw some lines. *** it Jeremy Wade
Can't beat watching Jeremy Wade being a bad *** on River Monsters! LOVE this show!
River Monsters all week on Animal Planet. I'm hooked, literally. If you need me I'll be admiring Jeremy Wade catch catfish the size of a horse.
There are still River Monsters waiting to be found! We are happy to share that River Monsters will return for a seventh season in 2015! Listen to the announcement from Jeremy Wade himself. Monster Week continues TONIGHT at 8PM EP, concluding with the River Monsters season finale MONDAY, May 26 at 9PM EP!
River Monster's intrepid host Jeremy Wade faced down his greatest fear when he came face-to-face with a deadly 200 pound anaconda on the latest edition of his hit show, River Monsters.
I think Jeremy Wade should hire me as a fishing partner on "River Monsters". Yup new job sounds good.
There's no doubt I'd drop out of school to be Jeremy wade's protΓ©gΓ©
I half expected Jeremy Wade to try to pick up that 20+ foot anaconda he saw at the end of the show!
Just watched tonight's new River Monsters for the second time! It's official Jeremy Wade is the coolest person ever
Jeremy Wade make me wanna get up & go fishing instantly.. But not for no little *** fish.. I want the big mf's like he e catchin
I love River Monsters, and Jeremy Wade is a bad as
Jeremy Wade is going under water to look for an anaconda 😭
Jeremy Wade is insanely brave. I love this show.
Jeremy Wade is so fishing with his croakies
It'd be dope to listen to Jeremy wade's stories
I just want to be Jeremy Wade from River Monsters.
No Game of Thrones next week, and the last episode of Mad Men for a year. Well, at least I still got Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade is most definately the coolest person ever lol
Jeremy wade catches anacondas now... He should be a wide receiver at Iowa State cause he catches everything
Jeremy Wade is going after a bone crushing beast controlling the Amazon TONIGHT at 9PM EP on
Jeremy Wade could be the most interesting man in the world!
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Studying Jeremy Wade's man eating catfishing techniques for and I's bass expedition tomorrow morning.
River Monsters with Jeremy Wade never gets old!
Jeremy Wade fishing gear is just unbelievable.
Switching back and forth between and . Jeremy wade is stalking the killer arapaima.
Yes, Jeremy Wade is scuba diving with anacondas. Is he the hunter, the hunted, or just crazy?
man I ain't no *** Jeremy wade but I can catch them lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Say it with me now. Jeremy Wade is indeed a bad ***
I want to get really rich and go fishing with Jeremy Wade
Not only does Jeremy Wade catch giant *** fish he catches anacondas
Learning how to catch River Monsters from Jeremy Wade. Fish won't have a chance after I watch this
Jeremy wade is probably my favorite person on the planet
This dude Jeremy wade went from catching giant fish to snakes lol
Jeremy wade is teaching me how to catch monsters.
If and Jeremy wade from had a baby it would have the most glorious head of silver hair ever
will you ever get Jeremy Wade of River Monsters on your podcast?
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Jeremy Wade just looked a 20ft anaconda face to face underwater in the Amazon!
*** why can't I catch big fish like Jeremy wade does *** the ones I've been catching is barely big enough to fit on my hook lol
Jeremy wade is insane! 😧 I swear he's the new crocodile hunter of the 2000's
God *** River Monsters' host Jeremy wade is the biggest badass
Jeremy Wade is absolutely crazy being face to face with a 20ft anaconda in the depths of the water
Also, Jeremy Wade is insane! No big deal, just swimming with a 20+ foot long anaconda in it's natural habitat.
Every time Jeremy Wade says "fish on!" in his accent I think I'm straight for a few seconds πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
I watched earlier. Jeremy wade is the swagman
I wonder how big Jeremy Wade's life insurance policy is. Couldn't pay me enough to jump in a river with anacondas.
Jeremy Wade is CRAZY!!! Anyone else watching him swim with the anacondas?!?!
Jeremy Wade has balls of steal...guy jumped into a river with anacondas.
he's Jeremy wade marine biologist and extreme angler
Jeremy Wade is like the real life Indiana Jones.
If I could fish with Jeremy Wade that would be awesome
Jeremy Wade is famous for going places where people wonder if a fish killed someone...But he NEVER actually solves the case
Why is Jeremy wade fishing for anaconda.
Jeremy wade is makin me nervous with these anacondas...dont like snakes lol.
Okay, so this is where my spam comes to an end. Sorry everyone. I'm usually active at night. Time to watch River Monsters w/ Jeremy Wade :D
Monster Week - AN EPISODE ABOUT ANACONDAS WITH JEREMY WADE. Has my life just been completed? Yuppp.😊😊😊😊
The Amazon is filled with some of the biggest predators around. Which ones will Jeremy Wade get his hook into? Find out when Monster Week begins TOMORROW at 9PM EP with an all-new River Monsters.
Jeremy Wade loves macaroni and cheese
I aspire to be like Jeremy Wade on River Monsters.
Oh good. River Monsters tonight is Jeremy wade going after anacondas. So now I'll know why I have snake nightmares tonight.
Host of TV's River Monsters Jeremy Wade is the latest international celebrity to hit out at WA's shark-kill policy:
watch the video. This is why I love Jeremy Wade
I bet Jeremy Wade could catch Sasquatch with a fishing pole, if he really wanted to.
River Monsters.. I'd like to go fishing with ol jeremy Wade..
Jeremy Wade is a straight up gangsta!!
Fell asleep on the floor, had a dream about Jeff accidentally letting a couple snakes, a couple geckos, & a fancy rat loose in the house. The 2nd snake was an Anaconda. Jeremy Wade, of River Monsters, was narrating my dream & wrestled the Anaconda in our living room. Then I woke up. Just in time to see Jeremy Wade go swimming in search of man eating Anacondas. He came across a 12' & a 20' one. I may not sleep again tonight.
Jeremy Wade is a Badass a lil crazy sometimes but a Badass I'd love to go fishin for man eating predators in wild exotic places jus not by myself or without that dude lol
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I'd really love to go on a fishing expedition with Jeremy Wade off of River Monsters.
How does one get so lucky to have Jeremy Wade or Jeremy Clarkson's job? Maybe I should change my name to Jeremy...
Nothing like new episodes of River Monsters: Unhooked with Jeremy Wade.
River Monsters should really be named "Jeremy Wade Debunks Local Legends And Tells Them It's Just A Catfish"
Playing cards with John Eisele Diana Lawson and Jeremy Wade Lawson is always so interesting
Anthony Bourdain and Jeremy Wade are straight up ruling Netflix right now..
Time for a bit of River Monsters with Jeremy Wade.
im tryin to be Jeremy Wade today and play River Monsters but Raven wont act as my film crew ***
At 9pm this Sunday on Episode 4 of the 6th Season of River Monsters, Jeremy Wade travels to Guyana to see what has led to many disappearances and men found swallowed whole inside of fish (see image). My guess is the Piraiba will be the top suspect, which is a cross between a catfish and shark that roams South American rivers and grows to over 8 feet long, 700 lbs.
This evening's episode of River Monsters has host, Jeremy Wade fishing for eels in New Zealand. Such beautiful scenery, I really would like to visit someday!
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