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Jeremy Wade

Jeremy John Wade (born 5 May 1956) is a British biologist, television presenter, extreme angler and writer specializing in travel and natural history.

River Monsters Loch Ness Animal Planet Adam Richman New Guinea

Jeremy Wade is right up there with Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson in terms of being just awesome.
If I had the chance to go fishing with one man other then my dad or grandpa I would definitely pick Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade reveals how he managed to capture the gigantic Greenland Shark. | For more River Monsters visit ...
Jeremy Wade's investigation reveals how the legendary lake got its name. | For more River Monsters visit
Watch Alan Titchmarsh Show ITV Thurs 6 Feb 3pm to see Jeremy Wade and see him in the flesh Mon 17 Mar here
Jeremy Wade's River Monsters , great viewing, he's just so serious!
Tonight on River Monsters, oxygen thief Jeremy Wade goes in search of the Loch Ness monster. No prizes for guessing the outcome of tonight's programme. A loch is not a river either Jeremy.
Much as I dislike Jeremy Wade, River Monsters just starting about the Loch Ness Monster could be interesting.
I`m going to watch River Monsters with Jeremy Wade on Itv at 7.30pm.This week the first part of a two part special on Loch Ness!! yay!! :)
Something about Jeremy Wade's voice puts me right to sleep
According to Jeremy Wade, I need to send my knives to New Guinea women for a good sharpening
Jeremy Wade went on the in New Zealand, eh ? Sew cool
I added a video to a playlist Jeremy Foster, Wade Adams vs Washington Bullets
tomorrow night mate. Jeremy Wade is the man!
worst fisherman 😂 loves it though, got a man crush on big Jeremy Wade myself
You probably all know the famous fisherman from Animal Planet?s River Monsters , Jeremy Wade. featured in NBC s Science of Love
River Monsters' Jeremy Wade to appear in Basingstoke in March (From Basingstoke Gazette)
Jeremy Wade spoke to a local Aussie lad about the crocodile danger. The lad’s entire dialogue was subtitled. MATE.
Give me Jeremy Wade's gear and I'd easily catch bigger fish
If I could be anyone in the world I'd probably choose jeremy wade on River Monsters
Could watch River Monsters all day and night and not get bored. Jeremy Wade is some bloke
me or does anyone else think Jeremy Wade looks like Van Damme, especially with his sunnies on!!
Best job in the world this Jeremy wade my dream job
make it quick ad he's due to sail the seven seas with Jeremy Wade!
This Thursday night is Analog Apostles' first show of 2014, last with Jeremy Wade on drums. Very excited to host David Josiah Curtis of Run Kid Run and share the stage with our homeboys in Ø Galaxies Ø as well! Please come out and bring a friend! It will be momentous! David Curtis, Galaxies & Analog Apostles @ The Green Lantern
Time for Jeremy Wade to come out of retirement? "Carnivorous fish injure 10 Argentine river bathers"
I might turn over and watch River Monsters with Jeremy wade, at least in that the fish put up a fight. Not like this utd team
Jeremy Wade has been getting reports about a river monster. From his river monster contacts in the river monster community.
Just got home. Chilling on the sofa watching River Monsters. Jeremy Wade is the coolest man alive
HIV patients wade warily into health marketplace: Jeremy has AIDS and no income. He lives with his paren...
In this episode of River Monsters, there's this ridiculous montage of Jeremy Wade getting ready for battle. He's the fresh water Thor.
Special thanks to my Xbox and Jeremy wade for celebrating my birthday with me
I just want to feel better. I'm so bored and tired of laying in bed!! And Jeremy Wade Stamper is getting tired of taking care of me I can tell! :)
Knox is sitting on the couch chanting 'Jeremy Wade!' Guess it's true, everyone loves 🎣
it's lucky I like you and miss you. You are forgiven. I also prefer Jeremy Wade.
where is the location to meet Jeremy Wade in March? Is there an opportunity for signing/autographs? Many thanks
Jeremy wade River Monsters eat your heart out? Lol cod at mirror creek ;) loud and proud ✌
Reggie Jackson, Jeremy lamb can get buckets too. Only bron,bosh,wade and Chalmers on a random good night lol
Strike. I am so going to be ready to kick your *** Jeremy Wade bowl on lol
Help us welcome back Wade Maltsberger for a night of dancing and dueling DJ's w/Wade and Jeremy!! Tomorrow night starting at 10pm!!
Catching up on River Monsters.Jeremy Wade is my Hero
While the boyfriend is out for the eve, I shall be perving over Jeremy Wade lol
Fishing TV continues its series of exclusive interviews with River Monsters Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade's had 25 years fishing experience.. I've only had 18 :/
OK I totally want to see a stage musical version of Jeremy Wade's
Jeremy Kyle's special episode today was fantastic.
tots addicted to Jeremy wade here in Oz on Abc2
Watching my man crush Jeremy Wade catch fish.
Watching on netflix really makes me wish Jeremy Wade would make another season. But I many fish species are there?
River Monsters on ABC2 with Jeremy Wade makes me never want to get into a lake, river or ocean. Especially after his story about sharks.
Jeremy Wade, the presenter of the global hit series River Monsters, biology teacher and angler turned seat-of-the-pants explorer will undertake a live tour to 13 venues in March 2014! Man-sized piranhas, fish that electrocute, nine-foot river sharks (yes, river SHARKS)... You've seen the programmes;...
If this is true, Analog Apostles is amazing. Jeremy Wade Aaron Farris
The Discovery Channel's new series on the Amazon will be shown next Friday. Its presenter, Jeremy Wade, explores one of the world's most unlikely cities.
Really want to go grand to see River Monsters jeremy wade BIG FAN
.just had my weekly fix of the very exciting Jeremy Wade - wonder if there is a Mrs Wade!
Will's watching his new favourite programme 'River Monsters'! Apparently Jeremy Wade is awesome.
THE fifth series of River Monsters started on Tuesday, January 7 and Jeremy Wade’s adventures are certain to pull in a huge audience of keen anglers and non-anglers alike. It’s prime-time viewing on ITV1 at 7.30pm.
Just over 8 weeks to 'Carpin On' on the 15th and 16th March at 5-Lakes, Essex..If the idea of Jeremy Wade on stage, Team Korda, Terry Hearn, Terry Dempsey,Bill Cottam and Alan Blair talks, mine and Mike Kavanaghs Rig Clinic etc sounds good check it out at and see you there..
Who wants to some tickets!? This week on offer we have tickets & merch to see River Monsters face-to-Face, with Jeremy Wade, as well as top seats to see The Russian State Ballet and Opera House on any date of the company's current UK tour. PLUS, win tickets to see the pioneering American singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega on her new UK tour! Just click the links below to enter this week's on Ents24!
Jeremy Wade. Jaime Wade. this horse is so cool..
I’m Jeremy Wade, biologist and fishing detective. For twenty-five years, I’ve explored our planet’s remotest rivers and lakes, hunting for monster-sized fish. It’s become something of an obsession for me. . . . Called “the greatest angling explorer of his genera...
Big, scary and dangerous. No, we're not talking about Jeremy Wade - but the fish he catches in his worldwide hit TV series River Monsters. Here, we catch up ...
From the Jeremy Wade book "River Monsters"... "Casting a line into the water is like asking a question." I couldn't agree more.
Playing The White Horse at 8 pm with Joshua Hoag, Andy Lentz, and Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade is back and will travel the globe and risk life and limb on his journey to uncover the truth about the dark secrets of our planet's rivers. Mysterious predators with the potential to kill include the Giant Snakehead, Goliath Tiger Fish, Nile Perch and Sturgeon. Episodes: Demon Fish, Death Ray, Killer Snakehead, Congo Killer, Alaskan Horror, Rift Valley Killers and Hidden Predator
Interesting programme on ITV last night about Chernobyl. Extreme angler Jeremy Wade is on the trail of a monster at the site of the worst nuclear accident in history - Chernobyl - braving radiation in a race against time. cant beat a bit of River Monsters with Jeremy Wade...
Anyone else watching this nutter on ITV fishing at Chernobyl, Jeyzuz! Jeremy Wade is Barking Mad!
What a lovely way to spend an evening watching the very talented jeremy wade catching River Monsters cuddling holly the kitten and the husband 󾌲
Itv1 is dishing out the eye candy this week, jeremy wade tonight 󾟿
River Monsters tonight on ITV 7.30pm, with Jeremy Wade, catch him at the theatre on March 19th, don't miss it. Watch this space to win a free set of tickets, share this link please
River Monsters Jeremy Wade and Wildlife Cameraman Doug Allan are appearing at Tamworth Assembly Rooms in March and April Tickets are now on sale:
That was the most incredible nature I've seen in my life. Jeremy Wade, you lead an amazing life.
Title track from the 1983 Solomonic Records release featuring trailer excerpts for the Animal Planet hit series, River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, extreme ang...
my God I just got another 10step on another lady wanting to marry jeremy wade to get to my miracle son, without me. I will post it and you wil lsee the rings on the 10step.
Time to go fishing again ain't been in awhile bout to pull a Jeremy wade of river monster believe me jus watch
I am very excited to see what new River Monsters Angler Jeremy Wade can pull out of fresh water. (I have realistic expectations for the new year)
Very sad when Jeremy Wade joins Monty Don in a private fantasy?
Paseo is a GOOD Place to FISH AGAIN!!! FISH-ON!!! - Jeremy Wade
River Monster marathon! I wish I could go fishing with Jeremy Wade some day!
Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for a great year. 2013 was our first year of the Precipice Fund. The panel funded 18 artists collectives involving more than 60 artists. Congratulations to all the grantees. It was also the first full year in our space. From performances by Jeremy Wade and Brendon Fowler last winter to the New Arrangements exhibition in the spring, Anna Craycroft's C'Mon Language all summer, TBA events in the fall and Sergei Tcherepnin in November, we have been busy. We also held a 3 day symposium with a performance by Emily Johnson and a fish skin lantern workshop, had 3 resource room residencies, launched the Field Guide for Dance and hosted many community events and talks. Thanks to all who participated, our staff and volunteers, our board, all our contributors, and of course, all the artists who make this work so vital. Looking forward to another exciting year. Welcome to 2014.
River Monsters time. i seriously wanna go fishing with Jeremy Wade!
Animal Planet is having a Rive Monster marathon. I can watch Jeremy Wade all day!
A tribute to one of the last real adventurers in the world, the brilliant presenter of River Monsters Jeremy Wade. Whilst making this I came up with the rath...
Called “the greatest angling explorer of his generation” (Independent on Sunday), Jeremy Wade takes viewers where no wildlife program has gone before. Now Wade goes truly beneath the surface, disclosing full details of how he catches each species and recounting the off-camera highlight...
'River Monsters - Legend Of Loch Ness' @ 9pm on Animal Planet. Jeremy Wade is on a mission to track down the famous monster of Loch Ness, but can he succeed where so many have failed?
I've done it again.. I'm watching River Monsters.. Swimmer has been attacked in a channel and Jeremy Wade is now hunting.. sharks! How could I swim in the Bank Channel again??
Jeremy wade can't catch the Loch Ness monster with a fishing rod...
Happy Christmas Everybody!! Don't forget to look online at all our upcoming productions for the new year including JOE MCELDERRY, PAM AYRES & JEREMY WADE (and it's not too late to see our Christmas panto - oh no it isn't!) Book online or over the phone on 01536 414141
Watching the finest program on television, "River Monsters" with Jeremy Wade. You can have your Man from U.N.C.L.E., Hogan's Heroes, Project Runways and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, but I'll take five seconds of Jeremy Wade saying "Fish on!" over back-to-front episodes of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. any day of the week.
If Jeremy Wade wants to see a real river monster he needs to come watch me have a bath younahmean
Hamilton Collection
Think when it comes to catching my sharks ill give Jeremy Wade a call
All helmets watching TOWIE when River Monsters is on. Can't beat a bit of Jeremy Wade
Keep forgetting I have a framed picture of Jeremy Wade
woo! Going to see Jeremy Wade at Kettering for birthday!
I want to catch the fish Jeremy Wade does😤🎣
i miss watching Jeremy Wade and Adam Richman..
Do you have a question Jeremy Wade? Get your tickets to his tour for your chance to ask!
I admit it. I have a crush on Jeremy Wade.
Hmm.. ruined it. Lol. Just kidding! Only because Gibbs is my third role model. Passed by Larry the Cable Guy and Jeremy Wade.
Ok time to watch what I really wanted to tonight Jeremy Wade catch River Monsters
Call Jeremy Wade from River Monsters, this is gong to be a HUGE catfish.
it's. About. To go. Down. I was just thinking of you watching Jeremy Wade wade in eel infested waters
"To draw them in, I soak my clothes in fish guts." Okay, Jeremy Wade.
Wade draws some ridiculous fouls. And by that I mean it's ridiculous that he draws the foul, not ridiculous that a foul is called.
Just me, Jeremy wade and a couple of heavy weight fish tonight
if I was older.Jeremy Wade, I like a guy I can go fish, crab, & hunt with. Go hiking & mountain…
Documentary on played by jeremy wade.
First time I've skipped an episode of River Monsters because it was boring me. So sorry Jeremy Wade. I've betrayed you
-Rodney Stuckey (Pistons) is out. -Dwyane Wade (Miami) will play today. Michael Beasley remains out. -Jeremy Lin...
Don’t miss Jeremy Wade and his quest to find the legendary kappa in Japan. Join the crew on in five minutes
""sid you really aay jeremy lamb for dwyane wade? Gtfoh that man isnt In the same category as wade
Do you enjoy fishing? Or want to take up a new hobby? Make sure you join with Jeremy Wade on at 8pm
Dwyane Wade is expected to return tonight for Miami Heat against Indiana Pacers.
I want to travel all over the world like jeremy wade. What a nice guy. So humble and simple.
Stuck with Christmas gift ideas? How about tickets for Jeremy Wade's live tour? Perfect for any fan!
Watching a Grizzly stealing the first salmon Jeremy Wade has ever got on his line is HILARIOUS.
your just mad of excuses. Smh, your no Jeremy Wade
I wish I could go on one of the crazy fishing trips with Jeremy wade
Sorry to anyone who wants to marry me, I am already marrying Jeremy Wade.
hi. I'm a massive fan of fishing. Is there anyway I can get contact with Jeremy Wade?
"OKC is rumored to be willing to trade Jeremy Lamb in exchange for a veteran guard."Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade?
I eventually got to start Jeremy Wade'n it. I saw a couple keepers today, but didn't give my lure presentation.
“Rumor: Thunder willing to trade Jeremy Lamb, looking for a veteran guard in return. (with d wade trade lol
Thunder willing to trade Jeremy Lamb for a veteran guard. Heat looking for a guard to fill in for D-Wade. START THE BIDDING WAR.
I would love to go fishing with Jeremy Wade Love monster fish!
In a reality TV playoff style bracket Jeremy Wade from River Monsters would be a unanimous seed lol.
Wolverine sequel was more grueling to get through than a swim meet with a molasses filled pool & Jeremy Wade just throwing in River Monsters
Treated myself to a chicken salad butty and grapes while watching Jeremy Wade - River Monsters!
yea but now many new player I don't really know, my latest info is lebron, wade, Carmelo, rose, Jeremy and bosh
Big fan of Jeremy Wade, as a man as much as a fisherman.
Just a quick update on Jeremy Wade at Carpin On Five Lakes show.He will JUST be doing the saturday show so be aware of that ticket wise :-))
How I know swamp people is full of it Jeremy Wade struggles getting fish out of the water and they can pull an "800lbs" gator out 1-handed.😒
Jeremy Wade catching everything but aids on this show tonight!
“The Pacific Lamprey. It *** the blood off of other fish jeremy wade caught this
oh what's up Jeremy Wade still kissing catfish?
"River Monsters is such a good show Jeremy Wade fish on!
he would still be an amazing player... He didn't have wade in Cleveland
I'm going to fish with Jeremy wade one day😳🎣
Darko Milicic with the 2nd pick of the 2003 NBA draft. Where is that guy now? Thought he shouldve been better than Wade, Melo and Bosh? Smh
"It's dawning on me that...all I've done is run away from my problem. Which is with those gods back in India." - Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade needs to take me on a fishing trip.
D-Wade to LeBron OFF THE BACKBOARD for the alley-oop! »
I wish im jeremy wade. His job is so fun.
this dude Jeremy Wade on River Monsters just jumped into a river full of pirhanas i be damned
"Lets see what we can do you useless scaly abominations of this particular reef" LOL I LOVE JEREMY WADE
I'm about to go Jeremy wade on these tarpon
"I'm momentarily transfixed, torn between curiosity and fear...I'm Jeremy Wade and this... is River Monsters"
someone teach me I want to be Jeremy wade
Jeremy Washington.I get the feeling u kno them
Jeremy though he was getting a hug today ✋
Looks like something Jeremy Wade caught! Good one!!
Been watching every night, would love Jeremy Wade's job and i want to catch another shark!!
Dwyane Wade will not play in tonight's
When Jeremy wade shouts 'fish on' it gives me goosebumps and quivery legs
Hopefully Jessie will be happy for me. I support her and her Jeremy Wade addicition.
we go together lol Lebron and Wade. Or Curry and Thompson, were nuts
Laying Mullin's horses presently must be akin to what Jeremy Wade feels on entering a river full of hungry longfin eels
When is Jeremy wade going to catch the River Monster in Paolo's pants?
Jeremy wade does all his own stunts
I guess you could say Jeremy Wade and I are soul twins
There's hella fish in there. There WAS. Now we about to run out. No more Jeremy Wade. No more fish on. No more brews and docks and poles.
Jeremy Wade is too much of a badass.
For my next job , id love to be the assistant to Jeremy wade on River Monsters. Or the new roomate on new girl.
The Panthers defense is dealing out more face shots than Ron Jeremy.
I want to be like Jeremy Wade on River Monsters
Hawl when you gettin the national treasure that is Jeremy Wade back on our screens??
The lockness monster is a newly discovered "Greenland shark" that made way into the Lockness. Research Jeremy Wade's opi.
I love Matt Hayes/Jeremy Wade and the discovery channel
You simply don't appreciate the size of the fish that Jeremy Wade catches until you see other fisherman claim to fish for 'monsters'.
Watching River Monsters. He's off his head Jeremy Wade
Today is a home cooking, clean sheets and favourite telly kind of day... Jeremy Wade and are definitely in there somewhere!
Hears about man-eating caiman; looks for it. Jeremy Wade, are you for serious.
Wade amazing block and half court shot
Watching and Jeremy wade just caught a man sized catfish!!! I wanna catch me some big catfish!
better yet - combine "Man vs. Food" with "River Monsters", and Jeremy Wade and Adam Richman eat an entire River Monster.
US New movies for October 02, 2013 The Big Green (1995) In a depressed Texas town, British foreign exchange teacher Anna attempts to inject some life into her students by introducing them to soccer. Of course, they're terrible at first, but Anna and her football-hero assistant soon whip them into shape. Hart of Dixie: Season 2 (2012) New York-trained doctor Zoe Hart continues treating the residents of small town Bluebell, Ala. -- and learning some lessons about life and herself along the way -- in the second season of this comedy-drama series. Escape from Planet Earth (2013) This all-ages animated comedy follows the adventures of astronaut Scorch Supernova, a hero of the blue aliens who has a vast appetite for adventure. Ignoring his brother's warning, Scorch sets off on a deep-space rescue that proves to be a trap. River Monsters: Season 4 (2012) Obsessive angler Jeremy Wade returns to travel the globe's most remote regions searching for fresh water monsters. Follow Jeremy's adventures as he hunts a gian ...
My dream job is to travel the world and go fishing all day like Jeremy Wade in River Monsters
Dear Jeremy Wade, and I have yet to catch a in lake windward. We must be doing something wrong..
an episode of River Monsters in which Jeremy Wade discovers that the real monster is inside all of us
Jeremy wade must have the best life.
Jeremy Wade is the best boyfriend ever :))
aye it's a little too chilly to be getting our Jeremy Wade on now lol
me too! We need to get on our Jeremy Wade and go fishing!
I love River Monsters/Jeremy Wade. I mean, what a badass.
Jeremy Wade be catching some crazy 💩
Watching Jeremy wade and his River Monsters ❤️❤️x
:-( “Jeremy Wade has the life. Fishing all around the world for some killer fish! Why can't I do that 😞
No iv seen rakes of them, are you talking about the programe with Jeremy Wade or somthing in it? Goes fishing? Lol
KD is so petty. He lost in the '12 finals he cried. Westbrook got hurt he injured Jeremy. Wade whooped his *** he screaming harden better
Jeremy Wade caught one of those pacu in New Guinea using meat; they are supposed to be vegetarian.
I've been brainwashed. Gotta a crush on Jeremy Wade. F'ed up grill and all.
dude I don't even know but Jeremy Wade better watch his back!
Fixn to put Jeremy Wade into early retirement
Nah some dude called Jeremy Wade, Apparently he has a passion for dangerous fish! 👌Gets amongst it! Shoud check em out Stef
Observation: it's never fine weather when Jeremy Wade reaches his exotic fish plucking destinations
Jeremy Wade in America catching snakeheads on River Monsters. What more dya want for £12 a month tv license
Totally gripped by the Snakehead and Jeremy Wade. Brilliant TV
Not only does he have large bulbous fish eyes, the presenter is called Jeremy WADE!
Watching Jeremy Wade fish for the mutant monsters of Chernobyl :)
Jeremy Wade has nothing on this pond. Or the massive 0.5lb bass I caught.
same but with River Monsters and Jeremy Wade.
Yea, I guess there IS something to Sheila's aversion to swimming in lakes or Rivers. . Thanks Jeremy Wade.. now...
I have an obsession with Jeremy Wade and River Monsters!!!
Not every zoologist, biologist, or marine biologist gets to be like Steve Irwin, Jane Goodall and Jeremy Wade but I definitely can get there
River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones that Didn't Get Away: I’m Jeremy Wade, biologist and fishing detectiv...
Dropping out of ASU to join Jeremy wade on river monster
is a bit more hands on then Jeremy wade
And just how many languages does Jeremy Wade speak?
you have a river monster you might need Jeremy wade
What’s scaly and terrorizing the river? And where's Jeremy Wade when you need him?!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Jeremy Wade bravely poses with the 5ft long goliath tigerfish caught during an expedition up the River Congo, Africa http:…
Jeremy wade just got into a tub full of piranhas
Why is "River Monsters with Jeremy Wade" so interesting? I never liked watching fishing shows when Dad was in charge of the remote. Lol...I even like "Top Hooker". ( it's about fishing!!)
I want to see Jeremy wade bank account.
He said this fish I'm about to eat smells like urine and ate it. Jeremy wade is retarded
Jeremy wade is off his rocker. Serious this guy is asking to be eating by freshwater monsters.
I swear I think this every time I watch river monster... Jeremy Wade has the best job in the world
I don't want 2 go fishing yet I will watch Jeremy Wade fish all *** day. I'm horrified 2 see what he pulls out of the Columbia.
Naah! Jeremy Wade's fishing trip is the worst and dangerous fishing trip I ever known.
River Monsters is the bomb and Jeremy wade is the bomb
If I could meet anyone it would be Jeremy wade off of River Monsters
Jeremy Wade just caught an arapaima and I mean I've caught one on animal crossing before so I think he'd be pretty impressed
I want to hang out with Jeremy wade one day, he seems like a chill guy
Jeremy Wade never ceases to amaze me
hearing Jeremy Wade grunting while he's fishing &watching him thrust trying to pull in the fish translates to something different in my mind
River Monsters top 10 beasts is on, Jeremy Wade is that dude 🐟
can't blame him Jeremy wade is a legend !
I hate fishing but I love River Monsters with Jeremy Wade!
There is a hilarious amount of fake Jeremy Wade accounts. Too busy battling
River Monsters is all well and good but when Jeremy wade fails on every episode and catches nothing more than a piranha i duno what to do
Jeremy wade needs to get himself to Loch Ness
Jeremy wade on itv4 has cheered me up a little
my favourite program of them all.Jeremy Wade is epic!
Best programme on telly is definitely River Monsters. Jeremy Wade is the man.
When I found out that me and both had an obsession with Jeremy Wade.
Photoset: animalplanet-monsters: Some great shots of Jeremy Wade doing what he does best. See if you’ve got...
My hot neighbour that looks like Jeremy Wade is sitting in his garden shirtless :)
River Monsters with Jeremy Wade..that is a Goliath Tigerfish! mini clip great show!
Kids are playing Doctor Who meets River Monsters. I have one Doctor, one stingray, and Amy Pond doubles as Jeremy Wade. My kids rock.
Jeremy wade is a zoomer I suggest it strongly
Jeremy wade I love you I respect you I wish you were my grandpa
Sidenote: I have the BIGGEST schoolgirl crush on Jeremy Wade!
Upon further investigation it was not Jeremy wade.
woah woah woah the Goliath tiger fish won't catch it's self will it! We love Jeremy wade
Me & my son just watching River Monsters featuring Jeremy Wade, guy's a complete nutcase
I think I just saw Jeremy wade in Academy
I find watching River Monsters both fascinating and frightening! Ah Jeremy Wade :') x
Such loud and stirring music and so luck just to happen at the same time that Jeremy Wade lands a Congo Tiger fish.
Wish I lived the exciting and care free lifestyle of Jeremy Wade off ITV's very own River Monsters
Jeremy wade catches some brutal fish on River Monsters 🙀
This fish is mugging off Jeremy Wade
So I was thinking... - IF Jeremy Wade did ever find a woman who was a great fit for him and he decided to...
7 pound grouper I caught. You can call me the next Jeremy Wade, its cool.
Jeremy Wade on a Bank Holiday, just goin wild on some River Monsters
That jeremy wade has sme guts,i'll give him that
The big mans obviously a fan of Jeremy wade and chicken currys
Chicken curry and Jeremy Wade I'm living the dream
I would love to listen to Nev Schulman and Jeremy Wade explain to each other their idea of catfish
Jeremy Wade would be proud of the River Monsters I caught today
a ray is a flattened shark. pinch the shark's fat right from the tip of the tail to the mouth. smushes into a ray. thank you Jeremy Wade :-)
Jeremy Wade has prepared for this moment
Jeremy Wade, host cte River Monsters pn suka buat show dia kat Afrika. Its the place to see monsters!
Jeremy Wade is doing Loch Ness on River Monsters. I just squee'd, but in an entirely manly fashion.
Jeremy Wade move over, we caught this on The Dronne!
Jeremy wade starts swearing so much when he thinks he's gonna lose his fish. Lol
Obsessed with the programme River Monsters with Jeremy Wade
Channeling my inner Jeremy wade. Going to catch myself a river monster tonight
he shud watch TV with Cooper...his fav EVERY NIGHT: River Monsters w/Jeremy Wade or NatGeo. Watching it now!
Not only can Jeremy Wade catch 200 pound catfish he's now catching sharks and sting ray with a fishing rod he doesn't care
'I'm Jeremy Wade, biologist and extreme angler' River Monsters love that SCHET !
My current tv addiction is River Monsters, Jeremy Wade is definitely only doing it so he gets paid to catch 200 pound fish around the world
Jeremy Wade never caught anything like that!!
I wish I was half the man Jeremy wade is
Jeremy wade is jumping into a river with just trunks on, right, and there are fish that rip your foot and arms off in there, strange man
Jeremy Wade has an irritating habit of using *fishes* as the plural for *fish*
I'd love to drag Jeremy Wade around by a metal hook through his lip for a while see how he likes it
You don't see catching fish like Jeremy wade in naughty snake heads
Literally addicted to , Jeremy Wade is all man.
it's a tie between Jeremy Wade and Kent Murphy for my all time idols
Happy birthday to Jeremy wade himself! enjoy it brotha
Jeremy wade with his awesome luring tactics and crooked British mouth...simply inspires manhood.
Jeremy Wade is in Japan. Awesome. I haven't seen this episode before.
River Monsters time 😍 but I'm also hungry... I should ask Jeremy wade to catch me some fish and fry it for me 😍😂
On this episode of River Monsters, Jeremy Wade is trying really hard not to know the thing attacking people in Lake Champlain is a lamprey.
The questions remains, who is more badass.. Paul from Gator Boys. Or. Jeremy Wade from River Monsters
Jeremy Wade is so crazy. When he says he is an "extreme angler" he means it.
our daughter loves Porter Ridge has a crush on Jeremy Wade of River Monsters n loves the new shirt
I had the WEIRDEST dream about Jeremy Wade last night.
appreciate good tv Alex. Jeremy Wade is a god
well. In the great words of Jeremy Wade. There's only one way to find out. ANGLING SESSION lol
The problem with listening to Jeremy Wade's soothing and beautiful voice while you fall asleep is then dreaming about man-eating fish.
Jeremy wade Finna catch that riva monsta cuz he da bomb n stuff
I refuse to believe there's a sexier man than Jeremy Wade
I plan to... On my honeymoon with Jeremy wade that is
Boutta get my Jeremy wade on and catch some fish
Bout to go fishin. I always feel like im Jeremy wade but I end up fishing like a 4 year old
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