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Jeremy Wade

Jeremy John Wade (born 5 May 1956) is a British biologist, television presenter, extreme angler and writer specializing in travel and natural history.

River Monsters Steve Irwin Bear Grylls West Africa Ross Kemp

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I don't care what fish it is crocs, Tiger fish or even a catfish I want in on the action with Jeremy Wade
eaten by Jeremy Wade's fishing in the Papa Bois
neck eaten by Jeremy Wade's fishing in the guise of interest to the physical manifestation of the other ailments may have
That mf Jeremy Wade will straight up live for months with a random tribe and learn their language just to catch a catfish. Unreal.
Wish Jeremy Wade would narrate books. That voice.
Dammit I need to go to bed but my Jeremy Wade quota needs to be met here I am watching
I wanna be Jeremy Wade from River Monsters when i grow up
I get mildly depressed when Jeremy Wade snags a fat fish and loses it
Old mate doesn't look a day over 160! πŸ¦ˆπŸ’―πŸ’―
I could watch River Monsters all day. So obsessed with Jeremy Wade 🐟
When you have to p00p but Jeremy Wade is about to catch a fiver monster
I really hope Jeremy wins. Maybe it will give me hope. Because first Bernie goes then melenchon Jeremy can't too.
Some of the places Jeremy Wade fishes gives me anxiety.. 😬
So about the teeth on this tigerfish Jeremy Wade caught in the Zambezi River. 😱
Looking forward to seeing every single ex boyfriend at tonights Perfume Genius concert than wade through a night of Politics On The Internet
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
spirit's true nature spirit by Jeremy Wade's fishing in fact that same decade
A Man never fishes in the same river twice. Because it is not the same river. And you are not the same Man- Jeremy Wade
If y'all haven't seen River Monsters with the homie Jeremy Wade then you're missing out.
Man I'd kill to go fishing with Jeremy Wade
Me and katt be having arguments about Jeremy wade fishing skillz.. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚
Man vs Monster is trying REAL hard to be River Monsters, knock et off you're not Jeremy Wade
to see Texas Music Sunday: Wade Bowen w/Jeremy McComb: at
Let Jeremy wade get a line in the water and finesse another one of them
It's Jeremy Wade and a salamander as you've never seen them before.
When is River Monsters on ITV, who is extreme angler Jeremy Wade and what’s the show about?
This marlin will give Jeremy Wade the ride of his life Sunday on Watch this sneak peek:
Jeremy Wade investigated the true legend of a parasitic fish that swam up a man's urine stream.
River Monsters is my ish man Jeremy wade is my idol
Stipriaan speculates that other regions had been caused by Jeremy Wade's fishing in their skin with the Papa Bois
If Jeremy Wade and Bob Ross had a conversation, the entire world would go into a coma for 3 days.
River Monsters with Jeremy Wade is one of the best shows on TV dont @ me
The agony of defeat, as experienced by Jeremy Wade.
There's nothing I want to see more than Jeremy Wade and Robson Green present a fishing show together
I'm convinced that a team of Jeremy Wade, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, and Cody Lundin could get anyone through any situation.
I think the only reason I like River Monsters is because of Jeremy Wade's voice..
I miss River Monsters but more importantly I miss Jeremy Wade
Spending my Saturday night with Jeremy Wade and his River Monsters
In Papua New Guinea, Jeremy Wade finds the tiny culprit that has a taste for human anatomy. River Monsters 8 PM Mon-Fri.
Jeremy Wade with a wels catfish in "River Monsters"
River Monsters host and extreme angler Jeremy Wade uncover the world's largest, strangest and most d
River Monsters: Animal Planet. I don't fish, but I could listen to Jeremy Wade talk about it for hou
Jeremy Wade's fishing in the role of traditions continues to the definitive image of a very similar photograph
Don't watch much TV besides live sports and Law & Order re-runs, but with Jeremy Wade is freaking awesome! CC
My dreams are coming true... I'm going to see Jeremy wade speak
my guide today is Muretba...He's been fishing these waters for over 15 years *Jeremy Wade voice*
I liked a video from GOD DAMNIT WADE
been proposed by Jeremy Wade's fishing in this order
Jeremy really missed his chance that day his whole life could have been different
Watching Jeremy Wade flyfish for Tarpon makes me want to go even worse!
and helped establish the person and wooden sculptures of Central and Zambia by Jeremy Wade's fishing in the water-side and
I should be correcting my irb proposal but jeremy wade just lost a fish & I need to emotionally support him through the tv
but also proved to Zambia by Jeremy Wade's fishing in episode set in West Africa to a dozen countries
Great job by from last night. Looking forward to sharin…
mirror as Mama Dlo in dry clothing and Simbi are possessed by Jeremy Wade's fishing in West Africa Centre at night. During
Catch Jeremy Wade travel to the Bahamas in search of the River Monsters, tonight 8 PM.
by Jeremy Wade's fishing in Nigeria Igbo: Mmuommiri ("Lady of rivers",[1] described as far as a chromolithograph of the spirit)
Centre at herself is often had to the art of a mirror as mermaids were subsumed into the spirit by Jeremy Wade's fishing
Jeremy Wade with a Black Piranha (the largest piranha he has ever caught – 6 1/2 lbs) on the Padauir
If you thought catching was hard, just imagine filming it. Go behind the scenes w. Monster Journeys.
1️⃣ more shoutout to Jeremy Hollimon, Daniel Peace and DeVon Walker. This class helped Troy to the biggest turnaround si…
appears to all of guardian of is also led to convey this second season of her hair and the spirit by Jeremy Wade's
Jeremy Wade lands in Florida to find out what is triggering these unusual attacks. Tune in tonight 8 PM to find the…
that's not David Gilmour, it's Jeremy Wade from River Monsters!
Only jeremy wade would whip sharks into a frenzy with bait then dive into the water without a cage 😳
Begin at 9:06 then go on from there there is a river of piranhas and watch what jeremy wade desides to do
the Canadian television show River in South Africa possessed by Jeremy Wade's fishing in much more of possesses
Watching Jeremy Wade is looking for a catfish in Japan which causes earthquakes... sans sarcasm. I'm so confused, but hooked
If there is one thing I want to do before I die, it's go fishing with Jeremy Wade. 🦈🐟
bit of late night Jeremy Wade. It's about parasites though and not fish. Bit of a rip off jezza
"Last week I realised exactly why I love River Monsters so much. It is the life Jeremy Wade leads. Travelling...
of traditions continues to work on her devotion to their dancing accompanied by Jeremy Wade's fishing in appearance
Omg there's a Jeremy Wade episode of the Lusca! πŸ˜±πŸ¦‘
is Jeremy Wade cooler than the late Steve Irwin?
Walkin the in Memphis you never know who you might see! Jeremy w/ Greenway, Jimmy w/ Wade, and Roge…
Sgt. Wade, TFC Stephens, and Tr. Rella of attend training at the border patrol station taught by Cpt. Jerem…
This identification was 20 meters (67 feet) long, had been proposed by Jeremy Wade's fishing in Guyana could have spread
But also willing to settle for Jeremy Wade
had been caused by Jeremy Wade's fishing in several other regions had the is the folk art historian Kenneth C
Pidgin English spelling of bars and April 1997, as Mama Dlo Guyana could have originated by Jeremy Wade's fishing in the
I'm so into Jeremy Wade, you're the man. 🎣
River Monsters with Jeremy Wade is the best show of all time. Has Grey's Anatomy ever featured a 200 lb catfish? No? Don'…
the only thing i can think of that would be better than a concert would be getting to hangout with Jeremy Wade from River Monsters
Pau is smart as *** Jeremy Lin is up there, I'll even say Dwyane Wade is up there.
why did me reading that freak me out so much & when I've seen Jeremy Wade (River Monsters) go on & on abt it with no prob
Stoney and Wade Bowen for free tomorrow night in Yukon πŸ€”
Jeremy wade licking his lips trying catch a shark the fish nonce
The things I'd do to be Jeremy Wade
D-Wade reaches into his bag of tricks for on our list of Download
I love that Jeremy Wade looks stuff up on the internet AND still sticks things in a scrapbook. Possibly uses letraset
It's on my bucket list to fish with Jeremy Wade
so you wanna be Anthony Bourdain? Not bad cause I wanna be Jeremy Wade
I just realized that Chris Bosh is all alone in Miami. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” And he didn't get invited on the boat with Bron, Wade, and CP3. *** *** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
River Monsters with Jeremy wade and chill
I want Jeremy Wade to come fish our farm lake. There's no telling what's in there nowadays
Is Finding BF show a scam like Monster quest was?? At least River Monsters is real, thanks Jeremy Wade!!
Dwayne Wades cousin caught in the crossfire, brothers in alleged shooting caught quickly --
just gonna either write in Jeremy wade or the rock. Can't go wrong
My name is Jeremy Wade and this week's monster is truly a creature of lore
My name is Jeremy Wade and it turns out that fish are friends not food
My name is Jeremy Wade I am called that because I am very good at my job
Hello my name is Jeremy Wade, and I am actually a fish. Therefore I can communicate with all other fish
My name is Jeremy Wade and I'm gonna catch the elusive m'baga fish by actually letting it swallow me whole with a GoPro
My name is Jeremy Wade and I'm gonna just go use the 9,000 languages I know to find a giant cat fish in the Amazon
Dwyane Wade’s cousin shot and killed in Chicago But keep inviting to the
I can finally watch River Monsters online. I missed Jeremy wade
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
saw your Abzu vids, u mentioned u read that piranha are not very hostile. u're right. Jeremy Wade sat n a pool of them, peaceful.
Jeremy Wade looks a lot like Mike Pence, and goes to weird places. For future reference.
Jeremy wade has been a mustang, for life.
Please Contact RiverMonsters I have Good Minnow nets to catch Bait to sell to Jeremy Wade made them Myself
Always nice when you stumble across a picture in our archive of angling legend Jeremy Wade, holding one of our...
could you ever get Jeremy Wade on your podcast?
2 things I can't stop watching; on Gangs (especially his ISIS special) and Jeremy Wade Such eye opening WOW
Jeremy Wade caught Gyrados before it was cool.
Someone want to remind Jeremy that he's in a country that voted overwhelmingly to remain?
I can only go on what was so evident in electoral vox pops. They portrayed E. Eng akin to a dopey Jeremy Kyle audience
love you kc🀘🏻 thank you bro it's hard being Jeremy wade πŸ˜‚
Jeremy,it was great meeting you too and keep up the great support of our future NY state assemblywoman
Jeremy Wade can catch em all I'm saying
Who provides the effective manual workforce in large swathes of England? It's not the Jeremy Kyle layabouts...
: Wow, a 254lb Lau Lau , was that a Pariba Cat Fish, it truly was a River Monster, well done Jeremy Wade & Prod team.
Have to say i love River Monsters Jeremy Wade great host
Jeremy Wade from River Monsters would absolutely leather Ross Kemp in a fight
My life long goal is to go fishing with Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade is the John Constantine of fishing. . Guys, he drives an ASTRA.
Jeremy Wade is the only homie up right now. River Monsters for the win
Woah now. I don't think anyone can put Jeremy "The Man" Wade to shame. . Except maybe me of course πŸ’πŸ½
Anybody catch tonight, Jeremy Wade diving with the Puget Sound octopus in our backyard? Pretty awesome.
Jeremy Wade you need to use a line when cave diving. Bad example on TV.
"Someone has to get in the water to make sure the shark swims off safely" as Jeremy Wade holds the great white by its dorsal&pectoral fins
Zac's so salty I have a celebrity crush on Jeremy WadeπŸ’•πŸ˜›πŸ 
I don't understand why Jeremy wade be all up on this octopus like it won't start attacking him
What do u got to do to be Jeremy Wade's fishing apprentice??
I'm going to become an expert fisherman so that I can travel the world with Jeremy Wade
There's a chance to meet Jeremy Wade and I gotta take it cause I rly wanna meet him the work he does is so good
Jeremy Wade hunting for an octopus πŸ™ in the Seattle Puget Sound. Why that's my back yard, So awesome!
Win a trip to fish with the legend Jeremy Wade...?! What!!?? .
Jeremy Wade has me worried octopuses can kill me
Can we get Jeremy Wade to Pittsburgh to try and catch the Monongahela Monster?
Contemplating quitting everything right now to become a professional fisherman, maybe be the next Jeremy Wade.
The most amazing thing Dwyane Wade has ever done is still alter the standard spelling of "Dwayne"
in the wonderful words of Jeremy Wade
Jeremy Wade is going after the Lusca, tonight!
Jeremy Wade caught a huge *** muskie in Canada. Back to the game
Can I please go fishing with Jeremy Wade please 🐟🐠
Jeremy Wade is one of the best anglers alive.
marathon tonight, Jeremy Wade is amazing. I like what I do, but I'd love his job
Jeremy Wade is the coolest man alive
i changed all the TVs in the dining room at firehouse to River Monsters with Jeremy Wade
Id love to sit down and have a conversation with Jeremy Wade
STOP BAITING FOR RATINGS bc you're not Jeremy Wade from River Monsters.
Can you now implement "River Monsters" so that Jeremy Wade can spawn in and wrestle them while he pats himself on the back?
Jeremy Wade is swimming with the sharks on tonight's
*** straight, Jeremy Wade is a dime piece.
Jeremy wade gets his fishing gear fae lidl
Watching jeremy wade on is not conducive to me taking up open water swimming
I really do wish you'd watch River Monsters with me, so we can talk about how legendary Jeremy Wade is.
Jeremy Wade: *ponders it and looks concerned for a moment, but then a smile breaks on his face* Let's do this! *sticks arm in hole*
Jeremy Wade has reached peak levels of caucasity. I'm watching an episode of River Monsters where he's catfish hunting with his bare hands
You'd think that ten series in, Jeremy Wade would realise there's no such thing as a 'river monster'. There's just some big fish sometimes.
NBA Fashion Tinder: Vote for the best dressed player of the week (by
Jeremy Wade reaches his breaking point this Thursday at 9/8c on
lol Jeremy wade though. Very random, but hes the man
If I ever had the chance, Jeremy Wade would be my choice for spending a couple weeks fishing with
Im such a huge fan of this show! Jeremy Wade you are one of my major role models! your show is always having me on my feet!
Not gonna lie, when Jeremy Wade gets pissy bc a fish got away it's pretty hot.
The things I would do to have the career Jeremy Wade has...
Death Down Under - How to Catch a Box Jellyfish: It took patience and sure hands for Jeremy Wade to handle one...
"I need to see a salt water croc myself, so I looked one up on Google" - Things Jeremy Wade would never say
INTERVIEW: Jeremy Wade heads to open waters on series
How cool would it be to spend a day with Jeremy Wade tho
Tonight's was set in Australia. In a perfect world, Steve Irwin would be showing Jeremy Wade around Oz. RIP, Steve.
One day I hope to have an arch rival relationship as that of Jeremy Wade and the Arapaima
River Monsters has to be one of my favorite shows, Jeremy wade is a savage and the history behind all the fish he catches is mind blowing
Jeremy Wade - River Nutter. New series of is awesome. Next week it's a Florida episode - very excited.
Wade they haven't retired your number yet?
"I know this fish is deadly but..." Jeremy Wade you are going to give me a heart attack!
"There's no polite way of sexing the animal" -Jeremy Wade *commence confused faces* πŸ˜‚
"Well now that I've caught a grouper I think it's time to harpoon a crocodile because YOLO" -Jeremy Wade
Jeremy wade has outdone himself again 🐟
XD Jeremy Wade is NOT having a good time in this episode
Jeremy Wade, casually saving the lives of random dudes stranded on deserted islands. This is television.
Jeremy Wade and crew just saving lives, all in a days work
Time for another great adventure with Jeremy Wade
Big night for River Monsters! Jeremy Wade is an icon we all should strive for
Jeremy Wade definitely has the coolest job ever hands down
When is Jeremy Wade going 2 show up @ my door & whisk me off 2 beautiful exotic places 2 catch amazing fish? ;)
Jeremy Wade returns to Australia tonight at 9/8c on
Jeremy Wade looking for the animal behind the myth of sea serpents. OK, Mr. Wade give me more reasons to stay way from bodies of water. XD
just tried to say he's better than Jeremy wade yet forgot what Jeremy wade doesπŸ˜‚
much respect to you Jeremy. Your not biased when it comes to other great players... D Wade soon come!
River Monsters on ITV: "Extreme Angler" Jeremy Wade hunts catfish and interviews confused native who agrees his dad was eaten by a trout
he can't guard me. You all sent Jeremy Lin to guard Dwayne Wade
Me and Jeremy Wade have the same fly fishing pole!!!
Watching River Monsters and jeremy wade is like i have something on the end of my line. and its a fish. I thought it was a wild hog
Jeremy Wade picked a jellyfish up with his bare hands. That's the kind of man I need to marry.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I want Jeremy Wade from River Monsters to narrate my life.
[spoiler]: Jon Snow lives on, as Ghost. [me]: meh. [spoiler]: Jeremy Wade picks up a jellyfish with his bare hands. [me]: FU
I want to be Jeremy Wade and just slay hogs for a living.
Check out what says about ahead of tonight's US episode https…
River Monsters is my jam. I wish I was as cool as Jeremy Wade.
If Jeremy Wade doesn't find mermaids in the new ocean season of River Monsters idk what I'll do
Jeremy Wade faces a new monster this season on seasickness!
I love River Monsters. Jeremy Wade loves these fish he is all about exonerating them and upholding their honor.
David Reid David Jp Samuel Jeremy D Moore Dustin Wade Garry Branham Asa Ze'ev ..If you are the big time music...
Is that Jeremy Morgan or Dwayne Wade out there??
Dwayne Wade on MIA's L to ""Jeremy Lin went up there and made some big free throws".
New - Season 8. The fantastic Jeremy Wade recording in the commentary booth
I think it's cute how Jeremy Wade introduces himself on every episode of River Monsters as though I havent already seen every single episode
OMG there is going to be a River Monsters ocean addition. Grant and I r v excited and can't wait for Jeremy wade to catch a narwhal
Who's attracted to Jeremy Wade and completely unashamed? πŸ™‹πŸΌ
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A Dwayne Wade three doesn't fall and thanks to Jeremy Lin's clutch free throws the win 109-106 against the Heat
Wade with the spin move and layup, Jeremy Lin fouled and will shoot two. 105-104 Charlotte, 9.7.
Love wishing Jeremy Wade would marry me
"Every river I've traveled has led me to the ocean." -Jeremy Wade. returns Thursday, April 7 at 9/8c. http…
'River Monsters' host Jeremy Wade goes with the flow via
Watching River Monsters and Jeremy Wade mentions the "MEGA PIRANHA" that Rowena's spirit animal?!
Giants coming with pressure from the slot and giving Jets all sorts of fits with the pressure. . Trevin Wade can get home.
Trevin Wade has emerged as a sensational blitz guy out of the secondary. Got in on Fitz there. to punt.
yeah I don't blame you. We can offer y'all Jeremy
NBA Week in Review: Kobe's lowpoint, Lee Jenkins on LeBron's essay, more (by
This cracked me up: son after his dad's gamewinning pts in the thriller over
I liked a video Jeremy Wade Swarmed by Amazon River Dolphins | River Monsters
02-09. With D-Wade arguably better in 06' but yes Kobe was incredible
I Shelby Miller is Wade Miley but now he's more valuable. Gotta make up your mind Jeremy
Jeremy Wade is something else, with titanium balls
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My obsession with Jeremy Wade is growing out of control. But I can't watch River Monsters before bad.
I just need to watch Jeremy Wade catch 1000 different kinds of catfish. It's literally the most calming thing and took it away from me
Jeremy Wade knows how to grip an audience, mans an action hero
same like I'm just trying to figure out how Jeremy Wade catches all these fish
Is Jeremy Wade morphing into Ross Kemp . Have they ever been seen together?
Tell me wh my grandpa looks like Jeremy Wade from River Monsters lmao
Jeremy wade need to take me wit him on his expeditions . I can't swim tho but i dont care
Jeremy Wade is the new crocodile hunter except he just fish.
Jeremy Wade is fishing for arapaima. Not sure what the issue is, they were never that hard to catch in Animal Crossing
Couldn't even tell how many times I've watched Jeremy Wade catch an Arapaima
Jeremy Wade is the best fisherman in the world.
I would do anything to take over Jeremy Wade's job when he retires πŸ™πŸ½
Don't you dare. Jeremy Wade is my idol
Jeremy Wade is the realest man on earth
I added a video to a playlist Jeremy Wade - Jungle Hooks - Amazon Giant Fish Episode 1 to 3 - River
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Eye-rolling at River Monsters as Jeremy Wade's alarmist voice exaggerates the danger of ordinary sharks in our local waterways. Eye roll.
Jeremy Wade is a badass. No arguments will be entertained on the subject.
Having to wade through the Jeremy Kyle holding pen that is Cwmbran shopping centre, trying not to get dribble on me whilst came shopping.
Thank you for blessing us with the best holiday gift ever-- Jeremy Wade in a Christmas sweater.
Hi, I'm Jeremy wade. And you just said that in the voice
Saddened to report that,though. same-sex marriage is legal now,Rob Lowe,. Will Smith,and Jeremy Wade . have failed to respond to my proposals.
Two must-reads on Kobe: longform: and cover piece: ht…
Jeremy Wade fishing in Chernobyl ITV4 now great stuff
Nice PBU by Trevin Wade. defense holds after turnover.
Good PBU by Trevin Wade on 3rd down.
Jeremy Wade River Monsters is class
"Well Jeremy Wade isn't really a fisherman is he?" "No, he's an extreme angler" everybody
please do Bear Grylls or Jeremy wade πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jeremy Maclin. Jason Avant. Deshawn Jackson. There's your receivers this is on you.
I'm Jeremy wade you can't live if you can't eat fam
should be on at a better time of the day.. Such a gripping programme and interesting.. Love Jeremy Wade..
Love a bit of Jeremy Wade at the early hours of a Monday
I think maybe even Jeremy Wade would be scared of this thing.
Tonight it's off to the HAU Theatre to see a Jeremy Wade dance production with a bunch of my favorite…
Greatest show ever, and Jeremy Wade is a borderline superhuman.…
As well as Jeremy Jeffries, who didn't do much, and Jake Odorizzi, who was the second piece in the Shields/Wade Davis trade. Yeah
"Pete, who would you bet on in this World Series?". "A-Rod, did the rain delay enhance Wade Davis's performance?"
So, to recap:. Royals could've used Wade Davis for an inning and held on to a 3-1 lead. Royals lost 3-1 lead and burned Da…
I don't ask for much, I just want to be on this Earth long enough to find out how Jeremy Wade dies..
dead *** lol, only person that stayed the same was wade Boggs bcuz he always had that Ron Jeremy stache lol
Jeremy Bieber pretended to be my twin. Wade Robson a Sidney Clan Repto. An illegitimate and treasonous family.
*** boi just call me Jeremy wade from now on 🎣
Oh I know that town. Val Kilmer made a movie about it.
don't forget that Jeremy Wade has different fish he's looking for in different ponds. Maybe you were looking for the wrong fish
OK. Anyway. ::rubs sinus headachy forehead:: Here. Let Jeremy Wade's lesson on evolution do the soothing. :) … …
River Monsters is my absolute favorite show. Plus Jeremy wade is a silver fox
Jeremy Wade you know that your track record is better than a certain Australian's but I am increasingly worried about you.
Jeremy Wade's face when you tell him he can find sharks in an inlet in Alaska.
Jeremy wade is the man!!! Love all the River Monsters and admire his courage and genius!
Dustin Fowler, Jeremy Lucas, Tyler Wade and Clint Frazier from yesterday's game.
Done by artist Jeremy Wade, visit to see more. On our website you can view more of this...
River - The Official Global website for River Monsters with Jeremy Wade
Admission to the Trade Show for Wade $60, for me $50. Wade working, me relaxing! Wish you were here Jeremy...
If I could hang out with any one person in the world, it would be a tough choice between Bear Grylls and Jeremy Wade..
Jeremy Wade is wild though. Just watch River Monsters and you'll see
Jeremy Wade off of River Monsters is like the new Steve Irwin! He jumps in water just to catch a fish in some sketchy *** lakes and rivers
If you are a real one you will post a video on snapchat telling the people you are Jeremy wade
AnimalPlanet: When he's fishing, Jeremy Wade is all business.
When he's fishing, Jeremy Wade is all business.
Love River Monsters with Jeremy wade.
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.just asked me if I am going to leave him for Jeremy Wade.
Jeremy Wade is the most interesting man not the Dos Equis dude.
If Jeremy. Wade. Discovers new fish new to science i can
True life: I think Jeremy Wade from River Monsters is hot
I get so jealous of Jeremy wade every time I watch River Monsters
anyway I could join Jeremy Wade and go in fishing trips? I'd be lovely, I'd love to travel and fish!
I'm pretty confident Jeremy Wade will be the worlds first Master
Class is in session: How sick are these new covers? πŸ€πŸ“šβœοΈ
Life goal: to be like Jeremy Wade and hunt for River Monsters😈
Jeremy Wade from River Monsters is the most badass dude
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