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Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Guy Vine (born 17 May 1965) is a British author, journalist and news presenter for the BBC. He is known for his direct interview style and exclusive reporting from war-torn areas throughout Africa.

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Driver who threatened Jeremy Vine jailed as police say it should serve as
Mother-of-one "Shanique" gets jailed while Ronnie Pickering becomes a celeb - pathetic .
^ Dunfermline + | Driver found guilty of threatening Jeremy Vine has conviction appeal dismissed
Actual footage of me finishing first semester
'Road rage' driver who screamed obscenities at loses appeal .
Video of 'road rage' clash with Jeremy Vine BBC Radio and TV presenter
Woman jailed for road rage attack on BBC presenter Jeremy Vine
Could someone get Jeremy Vine a chair to sit on
Driver who lashed out at Jeremy Vine has conviction appeal dismissed
Jeremy Vine 'road rage' driver jailed after losing appeal
Police say jailing of driver who threatened Jeremy Vine in a road rage incident is a "warning" to other motorists.
Driver who threatened Jeremy Vine in road rage clash jailed for nine months
This princess got sent down for a road rage incident against the BBC's Jeremy Vine. Can't imagine why.
Road rage driver who threatened Jeremy Vine loses her appeal
The whole ordeal was captured on Mr Vine's helmet cam
Jeremy Vine has been nominated by Sara Cox this is so cool radio 2 is massive
Gordon Brown apologies for 'bigoted woman' comment on Jeremy Vine show
Jeremy Vine could face jail after being found - BBC News - 🇬🇧
Send this racist to jail, Nuff said!. Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine -
Convicted for words. And anyway, Jeremy Vine is a prize bell-end.
Jeremy Vine road rage driver 'not happy' after being warned she could face jail
Jeremy Vine 'road rage' driver found guilty of road rage
Jeremy Vine 'road rage' driver could face jail after being found guilty
Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine via
BBC - Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine
"Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine"
Now- Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine
I wondered how long that would take. This is an island of immigrants. Some of us have ancestry going back beyond...
Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine-NewsCO
Always refreshing to see some genuine remorse... . Driver who screamed abuse at Jeremy Vine convicted
Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine
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Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine |
Driver screams obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine ^BBC
Driver who screamed abuse at Jeremy Vine convicted Hmm, her suffering is clearly monumental (perhaps drop the monu?)
Should lock up Jeremy Vine for his wet, pathetic presentations on radio & TV.
Lawyer thinks it's to call a person black / white? What's the alternative then?
Woman driver filmed screaming at Jeremy Vine in road-rage spat has been convicted - The Sun
Driver who made 'gun' gesture at Jeremy Vine in road rage row faces jail .
This vile scumbag of a woman was FILMED ON VIDEO verbally and physically abusing Jeremy Vine, you moron!
Driver who screamed abuse at Jeremy Vine convicted
If anyone sees Jeremy Vine cycling dangerously please capture it on camera and post it to social media. See how he likes it.
Road rage driver who threatened to knock out Jeremy Vine says: 'I'm not happy' as she faces jail
Driver 'not happy' at facing jail threat over Jeremy Vine road rage row
Jeremy Vine is an overrated and overpaid obnoxious BBC *** Typical of cyclists who think they own the road and who are in…
"out of character" for someone who was on suspended sentence for ABH, theft and resisting arrest?.
Motorist is GUILTY of road rage after being filmed screaming at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine
All purpose parts banner
I am extremely grateful to the police, especially Fiona Ross of the Met, and the CPS for bringing this case.
BREAKING Road rage driver who screamed at Jeremy Vine in shock clip found guilty.
Based on this report, case was always going to CC for sentence if D convicted. Should have been tried there too!.
Vanessa Feltz sitting in for Jeremy Vine with all the intellectual rigour of a flaccid turd
BBC star Jeremy Vine checks his privilege and enjoys some diversity enrichment from a female driver.
Just heard Clive Anderson v Jeremy Vine is on the undercard of the soulja boy V Chris Brown fight..
radio gold on the Jeremy Vine show today!!!
Is there no escaping the appalling Paddy O'Connell on Radio2? He was in 4 Jeremy Vine now Lisa Tarbuck.
Stephen Fry, Sir Roger Moore, Jeremy Vine and more pay respects to Robert Vaughn
Jeremy Vine: Cyclists will stop getting angry at drivers when the police start doing their jobs by Martin Porter v…
Good to see a BBC Liberal Luvvie getting a taste of enrichment. via
TV presenter Jeremy Vine posts video of disturbing road rage encounter with driver
Due to cutbacks at the BBC, Jeremy Vine has to go out and make his own "Crimewatch" shows.
I share motorists frustations, but she's going way OTT here. I have no doubt she'll get away with her actions...
Jeremy Vine road rage incident was racially aggravated.Whites, a minority in are abused like this daily
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Conflicted over this Jeremy Vine road rage clip. On one hand, the driver is clearly well out of order...
For some perspective think about all the people who get threatened over the TV Licence from which Jeremy Vine gets paid.
Have a feeling that Jeremy Vine's road rage assailant doesn't watch Panorama or know much about law. She will soon. htt…
Cyclists watch out for MT56 ECJ. She's a bit feisty and quite possibly dangerous.
Driver assaults cyclist in London. Cyclist happens to be TV personality
Crimewatch presenter and keen cyclist Jeremy Vine posts video of angry driver threatening to knock him out
BBC star Jeremy Vine posts shocking footage of WOMAN road rage driver threatening him
Jeremy Vine shares video of himself being 'threatened' in viral road rage video
Uber luving privileged media muppet Vine antagonising motorists like he does with cabbies on Twit…
Interesting how in a very clear video of a black woman attacking a white man, the assault is "alleged".
As a fellow cyclist, I really felt for over this. Took real guts to go public after that 'gun' sign
Friday - such a horrible moment on my cycle home. Luckily I filmed it. No fun getting a kicking.
Jeremy Vine gets ‘a kicking’ from female driver while cycling in London
If you think Jeremy Vine should have allowed car to pass, please read what happened to Sam Boulton.
Jeremy Vine sends people to prison mainly women for not paying his BBC wages. .
Wonder if he'll be putting this video on vine?.
.THREATENED with violence by aggressive road rage motorist in London
Jeremy Vine posts video of alleged road rage incident
The real point here is that Jeremy Vine encountered dangerous reality that cyclists have every day in London.We need better infrastructure.
BBC's Jeremy Vine suffers tirade of vile abuse in road rage row
Vauxhall Corsa MT56 ECJ doesn't appear on this service Valid Car Tax ?. Jeremy Vine you OWN CrimeWatch !
Jeremy Vine to host BBC's revamped Crimewatch Can't wait. I love
Jeremy Vine to host BBC's revamped Crimewatch The Guardian World News . Jeremy Vine is to follow up his star turn …
guardian: Jeremy Vine to host BBC's revamped Crimewatch
Jeremy Vine to host BBC's revamped Crimewatch: Radio 2 presenter to take over from Kirsty Young alongside Rad...
BBC to announce Jeremy Vine as the new Crimewatch presenter taking over from Kirsty Young -
bro that piece on Jeremy Vine yesterday, I was listening and I felt you man, lots of respect over here! 👍🏻 big up nanny pat!
Jeremy Vine explains how the Leave vote emerged. With the help of a virtual reality Downing Street, the BBC's Jeremy Vine explains how the
can't wait to see what Martin, Richard Bacon & Jeremy Vine can do on Netflix!
Listen to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 for Mental Health Week (or not?),2
Little Giant Ladders
They've trapped Jeremy Vine in the virtual world YET AGAIN I see?
Something different for your Bank for Jeremy Vine from
Points of View: live footage from CCTV cameras above a Waitrose carpark. Jeremy Vine speculates on what customers might be thinking
I've been laughing at that vine for the past five minutes
when a pet owner acts like their dog isn't a wild beast 😂 (Vine by DISNEY MASTER)
When she says she only dates country boys
When your Dad says something really corny but you need $20...
When she tells you she threw up twice yesterday and today and she don't know what's wrong
When your professor refuses to bump your 47 to a 92
I always wanted to be a substitute teacher (Vine by
When your life is falling apart and you don't give af
You really don't want to touch A-Rod's bat after he uses it unless you've got a hazmat suit. (Vine via h…
Jeremy Lin has raised the stakes on the Dunk Cam: Dunking on his mother (Vine by
That friend that does the absolute most when you see them
DeMar DeRozan is doing work!. Raptors lead the Pacers, 78-64 heading into the 4th! . They can smell the 2nd Round. http…
Drinking a Sweet Child of Vine by at —
Alex Rodriguez couldn't find some other way to dry off his bat?
Love if only NHS staff could speak like this to Jeremy Hunt!
Um, yeah I think it went in some OMG🤕.
Kemba Walker & Jeremy Lamb of the arrive in for Game 7!
Jeremy Corbyn fan club out in force for
Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin this whole series.
Move Jeremy Vine to Radio 5, put on Radio 2 in his place, problem solved...
BBC 1, point of a view, is it jus Lee or does Jeremy Vine rook rike a Paul O'Grady?
Just heard this young lady on Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show. She is from Cardiff - up and coming fashion designer...
Jeremy Vine, Ken Bruce, Simon Mayo, Steve Wright, I feel like they're our pals. Love 'em. Love Radio 2!
Biggest defensive play of the game via Dion Waiters
So I wanted to randomly put the audio on other vines. Well... ... (Vine by Jeremy's Music & Edits)
used this Vine in my new story, hope you don't mind!
Dear This Gaunt shouty man - no thanks. It's not news and it makes your channel look like Jeremy Vine
Trying to Vacuum over stuff that you should probably just pick up (Vine by
An accurate representation of my life
Jeremy Gilbert 😈😱. dt; kaichester . If someone made me a Jeremy edit I will love you 😍 (Vine by
Today there's nothing as *** pants funny as Jeremy Vine's sniffy outrage at 'silly' people voting for Boaty McBoatface
. Says Jeremy Vine. The one sat in his office chair,talking on the radio...😏
she had such a great partner in Jeremy Vine last year on brought out the best in her! 😃👏
"I was just playing ... Girl you know your Mac n cheese is better than my Momma's"
Fascinating discussion on Jeremy Vine today with some interesting comments on women's football
The First Lady couldn't believe this catch.
if Kendrick Lamar worked at McDonalds. (Vine by
Welcome to Jeremy Vine, who has joined us to open our Elena Power Simulation Centre at Epsom Hospital.
Jeremy Lin gets the ice water shower from Nic Batum after the Hornets beat the Spurs
What's the difference between your job and your wife?
What do you call a 5 year old with no friends?
How do you know your sisters on her period?
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What's the difference between a girl and a washing machine?
Why did God invent yeast infections?
.was the MVP last night, and knew it.
Share your reactions to Jeremy Lin's clutch play with +
Nelly crashed Jeremy Lin's sideline interview yesterday after the Hornets beat the Spurs.
Earthy woman just said "smart *** on Jeremy Vine. Tony Hall was too busy sacking innocent DJs to hear
Harry Leslie Smith on Radio Two right now talking to Jeremy Vine about how refugees in France deserve more respect ♥️
Stanley Johnson of E4E tells Jeremy Vine why environment is the key reason to stay in the EU (37 mins in) listen:
Jeremy Vine and Simon Mayo are both open about their faith; how is Dan Walker different?
Last post was via the excellent newsletter Data Is Plural by Jeremy Singer-Vine
Nice heads up play from Jeremy Bracco (feeds puck to Ryan MacInnis (scores as he drives to the net.
Watch Jeremy Corbyn getting too big for his allotment boots
My favourite quote from last night was Dr Lauren Gavaghan exposing
Vanessa standing in for Jeremy Vine. . Poor, scripted interviewing
you can with Jeremy Vine. I want him on trial when he's dead
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Jeremy Corbyn burns PMQs heckler 'are you done?'
Vanessa Feltz sitting in for Jeremy Vine. *switch off *
When you believe in yourself and you still fail
12:00 Jeremy Vine: Vanessa Feltz sits in for Jeremy Vine with news, views and live guests.
I swear the doctor we just saw was Jeremy Vine.
Watch this short video to see what Jeremy Vine has to say about The Daily Express People's Choice Award. …
LRT: You know someone’s crossed the line when Jeremy Vine gets angry and swears.
Jeremy Vine on his career: 'Journalists are the luckiest people in the world'
Jeremy Sumpter's transformation is so under appreciated 😍 (Vine by attractive celebs)
Jeremy Vine. What a boring choice for BBC Bowie tribute prog. Should of been Danny Baker or alike. Someone who lived and loved his music.
Been doing manly things this morning and chopping wood. Breaking for Jeremy Vine discussing memories of Bowie.
Revealed: the 40 MPs who attended arms dealers' dinner 1 was Vince Cable; BBC's Jeremy Vine spoke, go…
40 MPs attend arms dealers dinner and hear the insights of BBC correspondent Jeremy Vine. All seems legit.
Horrifying: Jeremy Vine criticised over speech at arms dealers dinner
Just enjoyed Evan Davies having his *** whipped by Ann Coulter. Evan, must you be so BBC. Turning into Jeremy Vine
Why cant DJ Jeremy Vine do the *** job he is paid for and play records instead of trying to be the next Tory Prime Minister
Excellent GE slide from Jeremy Vine. 1970 'surge to Edward Heath'
well done Bishop Stephen for you interview on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine about Lord's Prayer Advert. Brilliantly argued!
Katie Derham's Strictly Diary: 'Jeremy Vine was our team leader'
It would be nice to have new talent as opposed to all the nepotism. Jeremy Vine, David Vine, Zoe Ball, Johnny Ball etc.
CliftonVineyard: Jeremy Vine reveals he dropped partner Karen Clifton
Jeremy Vine reveals he dropped partner Karen Clifton
That moment when you realise that Tim Vine and Jeremy Vine are brothers 😱 and Giles Coren and Victoria Coren Mitchell are siblings 😱 m
Miami - meet Duke DB Jeremy Cash. 14th TFL in seven games.
Somehow this was not called a travel last night.
I heard the Jeremy Vine interview. She adored the clothes, but in the same breath demonised Mrs T for creating 'Climate change'
Jeremy Vine dancing a tango to Go West on Saturday. RIP me this weekend.
Not according to a lot of people or John Terry.
When you're about to make a big play but you remember you're Ted Ginn Jr
Because I'm losing my lover, to the arms of another💔😔 EDM Feels, (Vine by HousePartyEDM)
out on the ice for morning skate in New York. (Vine by
Tyler Hollmer-Cross getting destroyed. Wipeout of the Year entry Video |
Jeremy Vine's voice goes through me
Cyclists are extremely touchy. Been blocked by Jeremy Vine for suggesting they obey the Highway Code!
Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Jeremy Vine teases his serious "news face" for his tango
If Towns is going to make three's this season...😳
This will forever be the best vine 😍
Strictly Come Dancing 2015: week six: JEREMY Vine and Karen Clifton were top of the leader board on Strictly C...
He should leave come dancing because he is making a fool of himself
If you missed it last night, here's Mike Dean celebrating Spurs' first goal last night. 😭
When I hear kids saying they can't wait to finish school...
hope you're feeling better. You missed a cracking Jeremy Vine - "could you have used the pig carcass as a battering ram?" 😂😭😂
Please listen to BBC 2 Jeremy Vine show today 29th Oct - great section on the reality of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, it may s…
Accountant on the net. Good luck jeremy vine on strictly.
Vivienne live now on BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show - talking Margaret Thatcher
gotta love the Jeremy Vine show ' could you have used a pig carcass as a battering ram?' 😆😆
Why does Jeremy Vine ask such stupid questions? "Did you try again and again?" No, Jeremy. I tried once, and then I gave up.
More info on that plan to scrap tuition fees here:
Interesting discussion with Jeremy Vine at the moment...
The way this woman is speaking on Jeremy Vine is really annoying.
you are starting to sound like Jeremy Vine 😆
12:00 Jeremy Vine: Jeremy Vine presents news, views and live guests.
she shouldn't be leaving! Jeremy Vine and Carol Kirkwood by far the worst dancers!
Strictly Come Dancing 2015, live: Anita Rani impresses but Jeremy Vine is "a zombie": Join Michael Hogan for r...
Jeremy Vine and Steve Wright, . The Lord Haw Haw and Tokyo Rose of BBC Radio, broadcasting EU lefty propaganda.
Who's your favorite maniacal character?
A recap of the playoffs this year. LeBron had the best stats in Final's History. Gonna get that ring this year!
How you act with your babe compared to you around your friends
Jeremy Vine reveals he accidentally touched Kirsty...
sounds like an issue for Jeremy Vine to have his say on..
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Had a pint with Jeremy Vine and Karen Clifton great people and I hope they do well on strictly .. Dave
Really hate how they always laugh at Jeremy Vine! He tries so hard!!!
Girl: come over. Me: but you're on the other side of the ocean. Girl: but I'm home alone. Me:
Jeremy Vine - the best Crazy dancing you will see anywhere!! He really goes for it - it's a 10 from me!
4 weeks in& I still can't get over how long Jeremy Vine's legs are. They must've given him 's wardrobe!
Jeremy Vine's dad dancing is adorable!
Just catching up with I used to have a work blouse like Jeremy Vine's shirt
Still adore Jeremy Vine. Perhaps even more so. Now there's a guy who doesn't patronise anyone.
/... discussion about MND/ALS on BBC Radio 2 on Friday with Jeremy Vine. Should be available on BBC iPlayer on internet.
This catch by a 6th grader is INSANE!
Jeremy Vine was pretty good on strictly come dancing this week tbh
Williamson is to football what Jeremy vine is to strictly.
if you want to know what you will look Like when your older whatch Jeremy vine on
Did you watch Jeremy Vine dance on ?
Safe to say South Carolina interim head coach Shawn Elliott is fired up for his debut.
Jeremy Vine on Strictly makes my day 🙌🏻
spending Saturday nights. watching Jeremy Vine jive,. oh what a time to be alive!
Blue Monday on Strictly paves the way for Jeremy Vine dancing to Atrocity Exhibition in the Halloween Special.
Strictly judges placed Karen Clifton and Jeremy Vine bottom tonight, but what about the viewers?.
When the handshakes too strong... W/ (Vine by
Movie week again? Jeremy Vine jives like Forrest Gump
Daniel O'Donnell as Danny Zucko. Charleston with light sabres. Jeremy Vine as Forrest Gump. Ainslie Harriott as penguin AND Charlie Chaplin.
Also send Jeremy Vine, George Galloway, Lee Jasper, Chi Onwurah, David Stockdale, Dipu Ahad and hope they never return.
Jeremy Vine is first celebrity CONFIRMED for Strictly Come Dancing
Paul Gambachini seriously laying into Scooby Doo Alison Saunders on Jeremy Vine today. Another fan of the CPS
Jeremy Vine: my values ...from 7 sources, over 22 days.
Listening to Jeremy Vine interviewing Gyles Brandreth, says our language is the most rich language in the world, why? because its so diverse
I must lead a quiet life as I don't know many of these celebrities - Jeremy Vine - Lord give me a break R2 show is awful
Jeremy Vine will be the act everybody loves to hate; Darcey Bussell will be the highlight of the judges.
Jeremy Vine and Ainsley Harriott. Well that's a good start - two I've actually heard of!
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Dear Ms Byam-Cook. After our chat on Jeremy Vine earlier I took your…
If Richard Osman says Jeremy Vine is nice, then he IS!
Just turning into to listen to & talk to Jeremy Vine about working together as at 1pm :)
Jeremy Vine finds his exit poll prediction is no laughing matter: Nick Robinson recently revealed Jere...
Couldn't you just leave this to Jeremy Vine to over-dramatize on Panorama Worse than one of Abe Simpson's shaggy dog stories
Tune in to now. Ken Dodd (comedy legend!) is talking to Jeremy Vine. Not long until his show this Aug
Did you see Paul Daniels slagging of Dermot Murnaghan / Jeremy Vine's quiz presenting techniques in Today's Metro?
Alternate footage of LeBron's interview from last night
When it's the last day of school & the girl who wouldn't let you copy her answers is sitting next to you
If you had a bad day, here's some corgi dancing.
Maybe this is why girls don't like me…🚀
Trying to do cardio after leg day...
yep. There will be nationwide anger tomorrow, Jeremy Vine will have to dedicate his whole show to it. This'll be fun.
Trowback to lollapalooza CHILE CHILE! Above and Beyond viene a c... (Vine by
When the Lifeguard tells you no running around the pool.
😏😏😏 *** so good gotcha nutting without even touching ya *** (Vine by Jeremy Reese)
If you missed 'our stories' hosted by Jeremy Vine on radio 2 during carers week last week -
When your song comes on in the car 🎶
When they tell you no running to the lunch line
Jeremy Pruitt on this coverage by Mecole Hardman: "That's perfect!" Safe to say, he's having a fine camp, a... https:/…
Freddy hurts his finger! (Blooper) Jeremy Olenski as Freddy Krueger. shot by (Vine by
When you leave a party drunk but the bush lowkey been trying to get at your girl all night😂
Tom Brady wearing 4 rings + Migos is the best thing on the Internet
today makes 1 year I've been on vine . The past year has been great and i plan on ... (Vine by
Should I make my own remix of a song??! 😈 (Vine by D.V)
Start your day by watching Tom Brady "dance" with 4 rings
When your laptop is in your backpack and it starts raining .
Roger Goodell: Tom Brady dancing to hippity hop, is he? 800-game suspension!
When you get a fine girl's number and walk back to your friends
Jeremy Vine kicking off with history of swingometer a nominee for Legal Adviser of the Year - Pr…
On the radio today I heard Jeremy Vine ask Johnny Walker 'if our souls have met in a previous life?'
I think he got a bit cranky in the early hours-understandably but Jeremy Vine and Emily Maitlis did 18 hours straight!
Huw Edwards handsome face is burnt onto my retinas and I can only comprehend things if Jeremy Vine throws them around a green screen
Ramsay MacDonald was not the leader of the Labour Party in the 1931 election, Jeremy Vine.
OMG, highlight of election coverage is Jeremy Vine in his virtual house of commons, surrounded by disappearing dead-eyed uncanny valley MPs.
the bigger question - who is the nodding front bencher next to Cameron on Jeremy Vine's graphics. Is it Julian Huppert?
Really wanted Jeremy Vine to blow on his Lib Dem house of cards. This year's graphics are pure Brass Eye.
At what point does Jeremy Vine produce Debbie McGee?
the BBC because Jeremy Vine's roaming in a world of Brass Eye graphics and David Dimbleby just watches, lifeless, confused.
Not just Bennett struggling in media, James [Landale]. Jenny Jones v poor on Jeremy Vine, & Lesley Grahame DREADFUL on Look East
Jeremy Vine on the Ten, not long after a brief encounter with me outside Radio 2. And I saw Ken Bruce
Pfft, give me Radio 2 with pedigrees like Ken Bruce, Terry Wogan, Jeremy Vine, Paul O'Grady, Jamie Cullum, and even Chris Evans.
Did Nick Clegg refer to himself as Mary Jane on the Jeremy Vine show because like Spiderman he creates a webb, but of lies instead.
Always weird hearing Jeremy Vine cos he's from my neck of the wood
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
How did Lawro get on this week?: See how Mark Lawrenson got on against Jeremy Vine and the Eggheads in his wee...
Jeremy out of all Justin's songs u choose this to let ur kids dance on it?
yea yea the one that jeremy posted dekat vine tu kan sO cUtE *** *** go la date jaxon & i date jazzy heyeheheuheh
Russell Westbrook got mad at Jeremy Lamb for this.?
Scott Disick is the true definition of Savage!😂👏. Thats something id say.
Don't roast if you know your not safe
When your parents find out you skipped school 💀
BBC Sport football expert Mark Lawrenson takes on Jeremy Vine and the Eggheads in the weekend Premier League games.
Derrick Williams crushes home the poster SLAM!
“John Wall back at it... What the Beast?
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