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Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Merton Sisto (born October 6, 1974) is an American actor.

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Update: I'm pretty sure he's dining with Jeremy Sisto aka Elton from Clueless
. "Jesus" in which Jeremy Sisto plays the infamous role.
Of the four I go with Hunter. Other Cinematic Jesus' I like are Henry Ian Cusick (the Gospel of Joh…
Jeremy Sisto will always be known as “Rolling With the Homies” to me.
When Jeremy Sisto joined the cast, he set his home DVR to record episodes, to get more familiar with th…
Jeremy Sisto looks like Charlie Day's tall brother.
I find something about Jeremy Sisto very sexy.. maybe it's his voice 😆
Jane levy was in shameless with noel, which she left for Suburgatory where jeremy sisto played her dad. Sisto is in…
The guy with the Pittsburgh Pirates cap in Los Angeles trying to go Kevin Kline in Grand Canyon. Where are Da…
'It was hard not to be affected ... .' – Jeremy Sisto on filming 'The Long Road Home' on
The has Kate Bosworth & Jeremy Sisto on it, and now I want to watch Win A Date w/Tad Hamilton and Clueless.
In the wise words of Jeremy Sisto, "my foot hurts can I go to the nurse?"
It is about this young couple that fight in a diner. Jere…
big fan. Im sure u heard this before but u sound just like Jeremy sisto
Got told today I look like Jeremy Sisto...that was a first.
I see we've reached the Jeremy Sisto episodes in the marathon. 😐
Margrace kinda looks like Jeremy Sisto in HD.
Jeremy Sisto named his kids Charlie-Ballerina and Bastian Kick.
Wrong Turn, starring Desmond Harrington, Eliza Dushku, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Jeremy Sisto, was released on this day in 2003…
Without Jeremy Sisto, like would we even HAVE Adam Driver?
Jeremy Sisto of screen tested opposite Kate Winslet for the lead role in this film
Srsly Law & Order? Jeremy Sisto plays a hotshot lawyer in 1 episode and the new buddy cop in the VERY NEXT EPISODE!?
Hideaway has early 90s CGI. Jeff Goldblum is psychically connected to Jeremy Sisto. All adapted from a Dean…
Have you done Hideaway, yet? Starring Jeff Goldblum, Christine Lahti, Alicia Silverstone, Alfred Molina and Jeremy Sisto.
Becoming a father, your life, and that's one thing I am constantly reassured. -Jeremy Sisto
who is jeremy sisto dating in Adelaide
I liked a video The Guy Who's Way Too Competitive (with Jeremy Sisto)
Am I clueless, or does Ethan Happ look like a young Jeremy Sisto?
jeremy sisto he played in 1st Wrong Turn and was on that show with Chuck from GG a few yrs ago
The Law & Order universe has folded in on itself. Jeremy Sisto was a lawyer in one ep. then introduced as a detective in the next.
Oh no, I think Leo is the better choice here! Jeremy Sisto is better at playing dudes who are a little weird, lol.
JEREMY SISTO SCREENTESTED FOR JACK IN TITANIC? that would have been so different.
who is jeremy sisto dating in Frankfurt
who is jeremy sisto dating in Qatar
disappointed that danny glover didn't introduce bernie with the line "STONER BASHING TIME!", and I look like Jeremy Sisto"
Or a Lifetime Movie of the Week starring Tori Spelling as a adoptive single mom & Jeremy Sisto as a small town dr.
jeremy sisto dating in San Francisco
I ruined another movie night by yelling out "SISTO!" every time Jeremy Sisto entered the film
Lu.. You gotta watch the series 'ICE'. Really good, stars Jeremy Sisto and Ray Winston although his US acsent is poop
Do you have a favorite movie or TV Jesus? Like Jeffrey Hunter in KING OF KINGS or Jeremy Sisto in JESUS the TV movie?
do you recognize the . Jeffrey Hunter, Max von Sydow, Jeremy Sisto, Chris Sarandon, Claude Heater, Henry Byron Warner [contd]
I knew I was going to love my daughter, but I had no idea how much I w...
"Hideaway" On book Hideaway by Dean Koontz & stars Jeff Goldblum,Jeremy Sisto. Koontz used legal means to get name off film.
no! But don't watch hangman with Jeremy sisto. Complete waste of time and money
Jeremy Sisto cracks me up in of Girl Flu. This is the second time I've shot him on the red…
related: why isn't Suburgatory watchable on any streaming service as of yet? Is Jeremy Sisto's contract really that demanding?
There's a lot of actors out there or people who want to be actors. It'...
Jeremy Sisto. - super cute, especially when he was younger. - underapprrciated . - good hair . - was amazing as Julius Caesar
Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under hanging out on the Girl Flu red carpet.
You can't have a happy family if you don't have a happy marriage.
Jeremy Sisto of Six Feet Under staring in Girl Flu interviews on the red carpet.
There is just not enough Jeremy Sisto in this movie.
but it has Jeremy Sisto in it, so I'm willing to overlook *** Walking Dead Laurie.
DON'T talk to me while I'm watching six feet under, ESPECIALLY if it's an episode w/ jeremy sisto in it
Western mass-media's least ridiculous Jesus so far is probably Jeremy Sisto. Sad, since he probably looked like young bin Laden.
was the Jeremy Sisto rub your beard on me one of your livejournal tags?
I need a Jeremy Sisto circa Clueless in my life
In your twenties, if you have any amount of complexity in your childho...
There's not a lot of room anymore for what I call 'made-up' drama. The...
In general, you don't want to move your kids when they're teenagers. T...
I’ve been meaning to for ages. I had a crush on Jeremy Sisto in my teens.
I liked a video The Other Side of the Door TRAILER 1 (2016) - Jeremy Sisto, Sarah Wayne Callies Movie
If you ever finish it, I assume you'll ship David (Michael C. Hall) & Nate (Peter Krause). Or Nate & Billy (Jeremy Sisto)
Jeremy Sisto has never looked more attractive than this ep. *swoon*
OMG, yes. It's a Billy ep! He was the most messed up so he was obvs my fave plus Jeremy Sisto. 😍
If you think about movies that are adapted from books, they never feel...
Well, I was coming off of being on 'Law & Order,' and I was a little w...
I'm married now, but back when I had girlfriends, you were always wond...
Adam Driver gives me Jeremy Sisto vibes for real
Watching MAY and Jeremy Sisto's character has a Opera and Dario Argento poster in his room. So sick.
In 'Law & Order,' your main job is to stay out of the way of the plot.
Wrong Turn (2002) directed by Rob Schmidt starring Eliza Dushku and Jeremy Sisto
I miss Jeremy Sisto. He would have been my angel had I been born in the early 80s. Now I can only see him as his golden years have passed.
I love comedies. I love watching them. I think I've always been afraid...
Jeremy Sisto as Elton, not sexy. Jeremy Sisto as Billy Chenowith, so sexy.
There should be a Ryan Merriman, Mat Vairo, Jeremy Sisto, and John Gallagher Jr.
I just remembered Jeremy Sisto exists somewhere in this earth and my day improved. The Taj makes me sad.
My 'Clueless' crush, Jeremy Sisto, just passed me in his convertible on the Fox lot. He didn't say "Get in the car, Cher!" But he did smile.
I was waiting for it to get better...I love Jeremy Sisto!
The only good thing about being home sick is Jeremy Sisto on Law&Order reruns.
Jeremy Sisto and Reedy Gibbs have starred in 5 movies together
Say what?! Jeremy Sisto's best memory was wanting to cheat on his wife
Jeremy Sisto has always come and gone from movies and he usually leaves his mark. Terrific in THIRTEEN.
I have just found my future husband.. He looks like a young Jeremy Sisto.. oh my
I rly liked that show once ur past the pilot premise that dads own their daughter's sexuality. *** jeremy sisto was :( tho
I wish they'd introduced Jeremy Sisto as "Wicked City star Jeremy Sisto"
I did too. Any movie where Jeremy Sisto is the normal one, you know is going to be bizarre.
...U'no like Jeremy Sisto. He played Jesus in 1 movie & uh was some crazy guy in "Six Feet Under." That's a impressive actor's resume.
Anthony Anderson as Robert Capers please and Jeremy Sisto as Diego Rodriguez
Jeremy Sisto currently slaying my life
We are like, totally buggin' over this Clueless reunion at the
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Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto had an amazing Clueless reunion at the 2015 AMAs:
Just found out "Wicked City" was cancelled after just a few episodes.WTH?This show was AWESOME!Jeremy Sisto was great in this.:(
Birthday shoutouts go to Ioan Gruffudd (above), who is 42, Jeremy Sisto is 41, Elisabeth Shue is 52, and Britt Ekland is 73. What I learned…
Exclusive Interview with the Cast of ‘Break Point’: Tennis anyone?In a comedy about dreaming big, Jeremy Sisto...
Jeremy Sisto and David Walton talk tennis and ...
I added a video to a playlist Exclusive Interview with David Walton, Jeremy Sisto and J.K. Simmons
Jeremy Sisto and David Walton talk tennis and 'Break Point'
I liked a video Jeremy Sisto and David Walton On
(although Jeremy Sisto / Jesse L. Martin was an underrated pair)
It's game, set, match for , Jeremy Sisto, David Walton & Vince Ventresca! BEST GUYS EVER!! Thank you for today!
When Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto reunited on Suburgatory >>
Watching a movie called Starring Jeremy Sisto and Fred Durst. My Saturday night just got excellent.
I'm not too sure. My guess is Jeremy Sisto or some musician of some kind.
Jeremy Sisto in clueless is a bloody beaut
I shall fashion Jeremy Sisto a crown out of a hamburger holder from in n out, I shall sharpie 'as if' and 'Nate & Bren 4ever' upon it
Jeremy Sisto Cast as the New Lead for ABC's 'Wicked City' -
Jeremy Sisto looks like a baby in these pics...same as Brittany Murphy
Did I just hear Jeremy Sisto in an Advil commercial??? *** ?
Jeremy Sisto lands lead in drama after recasting
u'm wow "Emily Kinney will join in Season 3:
Jeremy Sisto as George singing the part with the dogs from Sunday in the Park; he's TWO dogs and they're both JUST LIKE HIM
Dennis Leary, Jeremy Sisto, Patrick Wilson, Vince Vaughn, TJ Miller, Danny Mcbride and Seth Rogan as Ken in Freaks and Geeks. 😂👌
Here's how 'Titanic' would've looked *without* Leonardo DiCaprio -->
Can you imagine what Titanic might have been like had the dad Jeremy Sisto beat out Leo? Well, here's a preview.
Besides my girl MEW, Jeremy Sisto is also on ELTON!
Jeremy Sisto just being creepy, as usual.
The Returned has a great soundtrack and Jeremy Sisto, so yeah, I'll be tuning in next week.
have you ever seen "May" or "Suicide Kings" with Jeremy Sisto? Both are so good but May is creepy
Jeremy Sisto is on The Returned...making the debut of this show even more exciting!
I need Jeremy Sisto to button that top shirt button.
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I mean this in the nicest of ways, but who picks Jeremy Sisto over
Funny how Jeremy Sisto is the therapist type. On Law and Order, he was a hot headed detective
"and Michelle Forbes." I mean let's give it a chance people!! (plus Jeremy Sisto!)
Jeremy Sisto! Yeay! Didn't really read too much about this show yet.
Omg Jeremy Sisto is in The Returned I love him
original and how can you go wrong with Jeremy Sisto and Mark Pellegrino
'Clueless' Actor says he was "heartbroken" after losing 'Titanic' role to Leo
I like Jeremy Sisto as an actor & wondered what he's currently doing. New show on A&E. Forget about it.
Jeremy Sisto was ''heartbroken'' after he lost the Titanic role to Leonardo DiCaprio:
my initial reason was Jeremy Sisto, but then I was annoyed at the realization it was a recreation
If you hate subtitles + love Jeremy Sisto, A&E's The Returned remake is probably for you. More TV on
Jeremy Sisto talks about the time that Chris Pratt rescued his kids, for real:
'I was a little heartbroken': Clueless star Jeremy Sisto breaks his silence on losing Titanic
Jeremy Sisto was heartbroken after losing 'Titanic' to Leonardo DiCaprio -
last couple seasons with Linus Roach are actually really good. Jesse Martin + Jeremy Sisto was a good cop combo
Remember that time I forgot Jeremy Sisto was in Clueless?. Well, not anymore 😍😘😍
madly inlove with Jeremy Sisto in Clueless 😍😅
Check it: for a split second when this hit my dash I thought it was Bob Morley in the center instead of Jeremy Sisto!:
young Jeremy Sisto will be the death of me😍💯
my life is so confusing because Jeremy Sisto was so hot and now he is the dad on suburgatory and idk what to do
I hate that Earl is such a terrible character, because Jeremy Sisto is just, the man is a golden god.😍
Jeremy Sisto is just beautiful. I don't give a deflategate (what?) who you are, the man is a sculpted marble angel from the heavens.
Jeremy Sisto in Clueless is so fire
Young Jeremy Sisto is just my dream
I have always had a thing for Jeremy Sisto 😍
I've only seen an ep or 2 of the show. A friend sent me this vid the last time I was lamenting over jeremy sisto
Jeremy Sisto. Saw him sing this in Feb, 2010, at Caffe Vivaldi. Escape Tailor - Just Cuz:
Patrick Flanery, Johnny Galecki, Jay Mohr, Jeremy Sisto, and Henry Thomas as a group of high society twenty-somethings who kidnap Walken.
And now Jeremy Sisto is crying about olives, and I may have missed some things.
Jeremy Sisto was so so pretty in Clueless omg my heart
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.Jesus in movies: charismatic maybe but dour, serous, sombre - then Jeremy Sisto plays him as happy, joyful - more authentic!
So I'm at a party with Jeremy Sisto right now. What?
If you look at Jeremy Sisto in the you'll see how the make up department earn their money
and Jeremy Sisto would do a full duet of !
Jeremy Sisto from Law & Order and Suburgatory was in the store today. Nice looking dude.
Did you know? Jeremy Sisto was born in ! Who else do you know that was famous and born in this...
It'd be wrong not to mention how Jeremy Sisto is so easy on the eye
Suburgatory had its flaws, but I have to thank it for introducing me to Jane Levy & making me think of Jeremy Sisto as a normal human being.
Watching and Jeremy Sisto has a gorgeous beard now 👍
I find Jeremy Sisto's face today just as attractive as it was in the 90's.
Don't steal my Belle Gunness movie. ("Method" doesn't count, despite the presence of Jeremy Sisto.)
Uh is there a place I can apply to become the wife of jeremy sisto
Hmm. Strong case could be made for Jeremy Sisto (Elton). Had a good tv run with Six Feet Under and Law & Order.
Jeremy Sisto in Waitress is a way scarier villain than Darth Maul.
Watching some LAW & ORDER. I think apart obviously from the great Jerry Orbach, Jeremy Sisto is probably the best cop they had on the show.
For example, Jeremy Sisto is not 20 anymore.
An odd girl named May w/ a creepy Doll who's her best friend. She tries to start a relationship w/ Jeremy Sisto...
Jeremy Sisto in clueless is what I'm about
YES!!! I LOVE the way Jeremy Sisto Looks in May. TOTALLY My Type!! Always had the biggest crush on him:) I first saw him
Ohhh a guy's voice can melt me too! And Jeremy Sisto had that curly hair didn't he? I like Jensen Ackles' voice ;)
That's when Jeremy Sisto was still hot!!! Jeremy Sisto is in the 1st Wrong Turn Movie:) I LOVE his voice!!!
"Jeremy Sisto was so beautiful in Clueless
I keep thinking this is Jeremy Sisto circa Clueless.
Spotted (stalked) Jeremy Sisto all around Fashion Island with his kids (and some woman thing). I promise to love the kids as my own.
Jeremy Sisto's klaxon wails, he changes form, slips under your door as poison mist to protect kinda-famous vampires everywhere
Emilie de Ravin, Jeremy Sisto and Rupert Graves are starring in the mini-series
1/4 of the way there! . Jeremy Sisto knocks this terrifying monologue out of the park.
I sound like Jeremy Sisto when I have a cold
Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto reuniting on Suburgatory is really getting me right now.
omg I forgot all about Jeremy sisto bc I never see those eps! 😍
My 3rd book ARMOUR is in gestation stage now. Here are my 2 latest muses: Jeremy Sisto (Lloyd) and Tom Hardy (Derek)
No offence, Jeremy Sisto. Law & Order and Suburgatory made me like you a lot. But nowt will come close to the French original.
There's going to be an American remake of ( with Jeremy Sisto as the grief therapist. . UNNECESSARY. 👎
THROWBACK! Woot woot! 10 years ago, my first tour! 1.LOS ANGELES BAND PIC (taken in THE DOME parking garage by my good friend, actor Jeremy Sisto) 2. Pic is from a "stop off" outside concert (same your) in Marion, Illinois before we headed to shows with ZZTOP & George Thorogood!
EXCLUSIVE: Coming off a three-season starring turn on the ABC comedy Suburgatory, Jeremy Sisto is returning to his drama roots with a lead role opposite Ma
Jeremy Sisto is just to die I right ladies
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jeremy Sisto, and more have joined the cast of A&E's adaptation of the acclaimed French series 'The Returned'
Jeremy Sisto, aka George was just announced to have accepted a 10 episode run in an A&E show The Returned.
You feel a little bit like a kid in a grown-up's body — you still love video games, comic books, and junk food. But despite your sometimes childish proclivities, you're super smart and creative in your work life and you're able to come up with innovative solutions to problems that no one else can solve. You're portrayed by Jeremy Sisto on Law & Order.
Behind the Lines Powerful and Revealing American and Foreign War Letters & One Man's Search to Find...
Important Jeremy Sisto news. (All Jeremy Sisto news is important.)
'The Returned' on A&E continues to add to it's cast...shooting to begin soon... .
Does anyone else think Caputo on looks like he could be Jeremy Sisto's dad?
Jeremy Sisto has aged very well by the way.
So if this is the remake of the French series The Returned, what the *** is Resurrection?
Joins remake of the french show . I want back
Mary Elizabeth Winstead& Jeremy Sisto in A&E's 'The Returned' liking the cast so far
The Returned casts Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jeremy Sisto //Well, good. But, again, why?
Nel remake merigano di "Les Revenants" ci saranno Jeremy Sisto e Mary Elizabeth Winstead. NOW you have my attention.
.Where's the mention that this new 'The Returned' is a remake of the French show 'Les Revenants'.
A&E adds Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jeremy Sisto to the cast its remake of "The Returned":
I'm so conflicted. I really don't want there to be an American remake of The Returned, but Jeremy Sisto is going to be in.
Newswire: Jeremy Sisto and Mary Elizabeth Winstead hired to help you tell Resurrection and The Returned apart - ...
I rented 'Suburgatory' for the Jeremy Sisto. But the Cheryl Hines and Alan Tudyk are total bonuses. Yay!
WOW!! See TITANIC? Anyone Else know Jeremy Sisto was supposed to play Leonardo Dicaprio's role!?! Weird. Watch this!
REVIEW: 'Break Point,' brothers Jeremy Sisto and David Walton hash out their differences on the tennis court
Jonathan Fielding (Broadway’s Pygmalion, The Seagull) has landed a role in the NBC drama pilot Odyssey and must step out of Thomas Ward’s International Falls, a dark comedy about a stand-up comedian and a hotel desk clerk. Ward will play Fielding’s role in Greyman Theatre Company’s inaugural New York production Feb. 27 through March 7 at The Tank. The official opening is Feb. 28, and the March 8 and 9 performances have been canceled. The New York premiere of International Falls also stars Carrie Heitman (Off-Broadway’s Phallacy) with sound design by Cynthia Booker. Daniel Hubbard directs. Ward’s other plays include Keeping Watch, Going with Jenny (co-written with Sherry Jo Ward), and Binge. He co-wrote the screenplay of the independent feature film Sironia starring Jeremy Sisto, Carrie Preston, and Tony Hale. As an actor, Ward was last seen in New York in The Unseen Off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theatre. According to Greyman, “International Falls explores what happens when a man who ...
Dane Cook makes Jeremy Sisto look bad cuz JS owns it Law & Order style. Dane Cook ran outta gas after that misbehavin' wedding guest role which really wasn't all that hilarious anyway.
A mental patient (Jeremy Sisto) affected by a multiple personality disorder, is about to undertake an evaluation test. And his doctor wants to ask him a coup...
Day 8 Press tour and an ABC day: Jeremy Sisto, Chris Parnell (again), Cheryl Hines, Timothy Busfield, Steve Zahn, the recently wed Christian Slater,Connie Britton, Ryan Seacrest (again), and many more
Queen Latifah hosts comedy legend Rhea Perlman and actor Jeremy Sisto on an all new episode. SUBSCRIBE: About Queen Latifah: ...
Queen Goes Head-to-Head with the Hilarious Rhea Perlman and "Suburgatory's" Jeremy Sisto today @ 4 on Pittsburgh's CW.
May (2002) starring Angela Bettis, Anna Faris and Jeremy Sisto. Scene were may practically lost it and start making his own friend.
Directed by Lucky McKee. With Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto, Anna Faris, James Duval. Psychological horror about a lonely young woman traumatized by a difficult childhood, and her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with the people around her.
The mind is a battleground. BlackBoxTV Presents: Inside. Starring Jeremy Sisto and Directed by Trevor Sands Troll us on Tumblr ...
Jeremy sisto is sew caaute in Suicide Kings! Omf. I cant
Star sighting @ The Grove: one of my long time crushes since Hideaway in 1995... Jeremy Sisto.
I want a time machine so I can get with 90s era Ethan hawke, *** ulrich, Jeremy sisto and Christian slater. That'd be the dream
Seeing Jeremy Sisto took every fiber of my being not to scream sing "Rollin with the homies" in his presence cc
Jeremy Sisto was the hottest of the hot Jesuses
I had the hugest crush on Jeremy Sisto in Clueless.
May. On recommendation from . I do love me some Jeremy Sisto .
Jeremy sisto is a beaut now a days. He's deffo gotten better with age since the Wrong Turn back in 2003.
yes! The 1st time I heard Elton's (Jeremy Sisto's)voice I instantly knew he was George from Suburgatory!He's aged really well😉😘
It's funny how I first watched Suburgatory a few years ago and I heard Jeremy Sisto's voice and instantly recognized it. He
Love me some Jeremy sisto. Mmm hmmm
I find Jeremy Sisto deeply hot in that role and it bothers me.
I added a video to a playlist INSIDE - Starring Jeremy Sisto - BlackBoxTV Presents
Eliza Dushku Movie Night Wrong Turn (2003) It's the last one you'll ever take. Storyline Chris Flynn is driving his car for a job interview in another city. However, an accident with a trunk transporting chemical products blocks the highway and Chris looks for an alternative route through the mountains of West Virginia to accomplish his schedule. Due to a lack of attention, he crashes another car parked in the middle of the road with flat tires. Chris meets a group of five friends, who intended to camp in the forest, and they decide to leave the couple Francine and Evan on the place, while Chris, Jessie, Carly and her fiancé Scott tries to find some help. They find a weird cabin in the middle of nowhere, where three violent cannibalistic mountain men with the appearance of monsters live. The two couples try to escape from the mountain men while chased by them. Director: Rob Schmidt Writer: Alan B. McElroy Stars: Eliza Dushku, Jeremy Sisto, Emmanuelle Chriqui
Directed by Mark Piznarski. With Josh Hamilton, Julia Stiles, Jerry O'Connell, Jeremy Sisto. The Herlihys are a working class family from Chicago whose three children take wildly divergent paths: Brian joins the Marines right out of High School and goes to Vietnam, Michael becomes involved in the ci...
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Jeremy Sisto, omfg...the new love of my life 😍
These guys had the BEST smiles!! (And doesn't dad look like Jeremy Sisto??)
The cool thing about working in an airport is that sometimes you see d-list celebrities. Kristin Stewart, Julian McMahon and now Jeremy Sisto. I watch too much TV I think. I shouldn't know who all of these people are. Especially Kristin Stewart.
This is really a cool movie. Starring Jeremy Sisto, it portrays Jesus as both a man and Lord. Many folks reject Jesus because they are afraid. This is not a story of a vengeful God, but of a loving God who came to earth in the form of a man to die on a cross to pay for all of the sins of all mankind. How can you dislike a God like that? It is very lengthy so we will probably view it in two meetings, depending on the desire of the attendees. “The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1:29
We saw Jeremy Sisto from Law and Order at Disneyland.
Yeah, that was totally just Jeremy Sisto we saw at Disneyland... Fun to see everyone enjoying some holiday family fun
Believe it or not, there have been 300 movies in which actors have played the role of Jesus. Too many too list here, but here are many of them. My favorite is the actor in the above photo from the movie, "Jesus." The only accurate movie of Jesus, seen by over 6 billion people world wide. I don't even know his name. Can't seen to find out as it isn't mention in the film or on the DVD. Jim Caviezel, Robert Powell, Max Von Sydow, Jeremy Sisto, Christian Bale, Chris Sarandon, Martin Donovan, Victor Garber, Jeffrey Hunter, Ted Neeley, Will Ferrel, Willikam Dafoe, Kenneth Colley, H.B. Warner, Halvard Hoff, Roy Magnano, Brian Deacon, Didier Bienaime, Claude Heater, Donald C. Klune, and John Rubinstein.
Its saturday night n im home in bed ill watching the same episode of suburgatory for the 4th time in 2 days just coz im in love with the way jeremy sisto sings at the end of the episode ♥
Guys, it's International Jeremy Sisto Day! Let's celebrate the magic that is Sisto
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Jeremy Sisto and Jeff Goldblum deliver lines very similarly
I may or may not have watched Clueless last night. It may or may not have had something to do with my man crush on Jeremy Sisto.
Ah Jeremy Sisto. You are the only reason I'm watching this show. *sigh*
Jeremy Sisto is our date tonight..."am I supposed to walk in and be all quiet or something?" Let's hope not.
I'm in the mood for something with Jeremy Sisto in it
I was on about Jeremy sisto and vid goes 'who's jeremys sister?'
i have access to Jeremy Sisto's home address. WHO WANTS IT?!
We've been watching "Kidnapped" all day. That Jeremy Sisto is one dreamy human.
clueless is one of the best movies mostly because of Paul Rudd and Jeremy Sisto and Breckin Meyer
Clueless is on and Jeremy Sisto was such a babe.
I think it's really cute that Jeremy Sisto and Alicia Silverstone reunite in Suburgatory.
I ALMOST FORGOT! I wanna wish a very Happy Birthday to MC Lars, Levon Aronian and Jeremy Sisto! Three of the coolest dudes I know.
Jeremy Sisto read opposite Kate Winslet for the role of Jack Dawson in ‘Titanic’.
They were gonna get Jeremy Sisto to play Jack Dawson lmao could you even imagine
Jeremy Sisto singing Bump and Grind by R. Kelly is the best.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I thought L&O was really back in its groove with Anthony Anderson and Jeremy Sisto. Was very disappointed they cancelled it.
Jeremy Sisto in 1995 is my definition of perfect 😍
what are your thoughts on Jeremy Sisto's performance as Batman in Justice League: New Frontier? I loved it.
I would do terrible unforgivable things to Jeremy Sisto🙊
to The Jeremy Sisto Handbook - Everything you need to know about Jeremy Sisto - Emily Smith
I just love clueless so much still not over the fact that jeremy sisto plays a father of a teenage girl on a show. he is ELTON wat
He looks like Jeremy Sisto's little brother in that pic.
Oh reigniting my love for pop socks, tiny backpacks and the total 'Baldwin' that's is Jeremy Sisto
Will never get over the fact that its Jeremy Sisto from Suburgatory as Elton in Clueless
Jeremy Sisto was so beautiful in Clueless
I only just realised that Jeremy Sisto is in the Wrong Turn... oh my god!
I feel like ill never be as cool as when Jeremy Sisto sings "Rollin with the Homies" in "Clueless"*. *I'm still a real *** til I die
I also live near Jeremy Sisto, Anna Farris & Chris Pratt, Rob Dyrdek, Michael Rapino, and the *** that make The L Word. Do you
Jeremy Sisto has THE most sexiest speaking voice ever!
I know. been following u since u started. It's now a habit. Jeremy Sisto -
Nobody's stood out too much. Jeremy Sisto has been the worst in recent history, but otherwise everyone is a 'serviceable'.
If we are including voice, I have to include Jeremy Sisto to that.
People who have also played Batman: Jeremy Sisto, Diedrich Bader, Peter Weller.
“All I know is that once you have children, you put them before anything you're feeling or going through...” ~ Jeremy Sisto
OMG, Jeremy Sisto for Titanic...never knew. This is great, thanks for sharing.
Jeremy Sisto gets even better with age😍
But Joker, I left my Cranberries CD in the park! I'll be back in five minutes. (also, of course, Elton/Jeremy Sisto would be a fine Batman)
I adore this album. Definitely one of my favourites ♫ Escape Tailor – Jeremy Sisto
Jeremy Sisto plays Elton in Clueless O.O NEVER WATCHING SUBURGATORY THE SAME AGAIN! How did I only just realise this?
Jeremy Sisto is as gorgeous young playing Elton as he is older playing George.
Young Jeremy Sisto is perfect, older Jeremy Sisto is perfect, Jeremy Sisto is perfect
Jeremy Sisto was so gorgeous when he was younger. Especially in Clueless!!
just realised that Jeremy Sisto is in clueless aw he looks so cute
Jeremy Sisto has really let himself go. . Still would.
Pierson passes the TV parental shenanigans test, as he's about 25 years older than Jeremy Sisto.
Jeremy Sisto talks 'Suburgatory,' being wacky and indie film
Henry the Sports Bug was in his first Hollywood movie! Jeremy Sisto, David Walton and Josh Rush.
best at casting vids Jeremy Sisto, Minka Kelly, Anne V, Candace Bailey Tania R most important the fans of Daylight Maroon 5
Several faces in "Suicide Kings" now recognizable. Johnny Galecki of Jeremy Sisto, Denis Leary, Jay Mohr, Brad Garrett...
Here's a link to check out the recent Hunnypot Unlimited show we did with Joey Singer, Oona, Jeremy Sisto, &...
its called Break Point starring Jeremy Sisto and Amy Smart and Chris Parnell and Kate Flannery.
Jeremy Sisto, David Walton, Amy Smart, J.K. Simmons, many more set to star in indie comedy Break Point:
Jeremy Sisto and David Walton to star in indie comedy 'Break Point'
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