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Jeremy Peace

Jeremy Roland Peace (born 13 August 1956 in West Bromwich). Since June 2002 he has been the chairman of West Bromwich Albion F.C., a professional football club in the West Midlands, England.

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'How can you support anyone who shook hands with the IRA?' . We have peace because people like John Major, Jeremy C…
How John and I brought peace to Northern Ireland.
Gal 5:22: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8
Theresa May is appalling, however, I feel that Jeremy Corbyn believes he can magic world peace butterflies out of donkey ***
5/7, 5:45pm, Sultan and Saint - a film about Muslim-Christian peace making narrated by Jeremy Irons.
The Day After Peace (1/60): Jeremy takes to the League of Arab States.
Jeremy Corbyn isn't 'soft' on defence, he's strong on peace and common sense and has been on the right side of history his e…
And if it it wasn't for Jeremy Corbyn, the peace agreement never would have happened. It's that simple.
It was Thatcher that struck secret deals with them. It was Jere…
rest in peace george washington. Gone but not forgotten ..
Need Journey to Peace" is a posthumous collection of the homilies of Cardinal Bernardin e…
Jeremy corbyn as PM would be a disaster for the UK and would leave us defenceless by thinking we are in peace time when not
Theresa May is prepared to Nuke innocent people v Jeremy Corbyn who wants to promote pea…
..that reminds me of the happy times when I caged my kids so I could watch Jeremy Kyle in peace..
"They were enemies of the peace process. They had a clear choice between IRA & peaceful nationalism and chose IRA."
LORD MAKE ME AN INSTRUMENT OF YOUR PEACE. — Where there's hate, let me sow love. — Where there's injury, pardon. — Where there's d…
Jeremy Corbyn voted against peace in Northern Ireland, not everyone has perfect voting records!
Thank you very much. Hopefully others join in on our quest for peace.
Mental stability is the key. Your mind needs to be at peace or things won't flow right
Currently waiting on Jeremy to go take his hour long shower so that I can eat the cake I bought in peace.
Audrey Hepburn and Jeremy Brett in "War and Peace", from Tolstoj. Film from 1958.
They like what he says but don't like him, none of these policies would exist w…
Peace One Day the documentary (31/31): Jeremy meets with Ahmad Fawzi in the UN to discuss the future of Peace Day. https:…
You may have heard it already:. "Islam is a religion of peace". Couldn't be further from the truth!
So why was that Jeremy Corbyn fella sniffing round Sinn Féin back in the day? Truth is, he was pushing a new peace strategy…
"Self-flying cars are going to be the peace fividend of the drone wars" Jeremy Conrad of Lemnos Labs . Via
Peace campaign for Kurdistan: Solidarity message to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party
can't believe Jeremy Peace has tried to sully the Working Man's Game with this traitorous merch.
Jeremy Taggart was the drummer for Our Lady Peace for 21 years. Now he's a frequent contributor to…
Peace maker Jeremy Corbyn versus the great modern warmonger Tony Blair
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Strange . It's impossible to find a picture of 'maintaining a dialogue for peace' with Rev. Dr. Iain Paisley.
That's a lie pure & simple. Corbyn opposed the peace process & wanted the IRA to win don't…
Again, Jeremy Peace has another puppet dancing, from Saido to Daniel Levy and now Simon Jordan 😂
West Bromwich Albion to be sold to Chinese investment group: West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace agrees a deal…
Thank you Jeremy Peace for building a sound,stable and proud club, on the solid foundations Paul Thompson gave you.boing boing.COYB.
It should be remembered Jeremy Peace became chairman of a Premier League football club and it was Paul Thompson who put us there
West Brom is sold to Chinese investment group as Jeremy Peace resigns as chairman after 14 years
Jeremy Peace says goodbye in farewell message to West Brom fans
14) West Brom. Saido Berahino played a few more times for Jeremy Peace.
May that baby Rest in peace and may the family find comfort in their time of loss
the actual peace that seeing Jeremy and Laura hang out brings me
Today was a 16hr work day. I'm finally off and it feels so good!! If anybody needs me I'll be procrastinating finals. Peace. ✌🏽️
Any time Jeremy Corbyn wants to sit round a table and talk peace to Isis Read this from Reverand There used to be...
EXACTLY!!! Only 2 people to point the finger at. Jeremy fuggin Peace & Tony friggin Pulis
[Piper was at peace in a dream where she was about to let go of Jeremy.] Where am I?
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Peace out, I think this is where I retire.
Didn't he say he wants to abolish the armed forces ? And wants to sit round a table with ISIS and talk peace...
ICYMI: Nick Hammond can't wait to get started as Chairman Jeremy Peace welcomes Albion's new Technical Director
“Daniel Berrigan’s rage against war was fuelled by his undying hope, rooted in faith, that peace is possible.”
Alberta RCMP mourn the loss of Constable Jeremy Perdue Rest in Peace Jeremy
I added a video to a playlist 05.01.2016 Peace (Jeremy Klein)
Open Democracy's soft left, peace studies agenda cannot be trusted.
worth remembering this Corbyn has fought for peace all his life
Technical Director Hammond can't wait to get started
Jeremy Peace on what Albion fans can expect this summer
Jeremy Peace on what West Brom fans can expect this summer
Albion chairman drops a hint about the close season .
*trollface* I thought Jeremy Corbyn had more to do with the peace process than those two *trollface*
Technical Director Hammond can't wait to get started:
West Brom News- Technical Director Hammond can't wait to get started
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Power to the People. What''s so Funny about Peace, Love and Understanding? All I am Saying is Give Jeremy a Chance.
“I’m absolutely delighted to be joining,” says new Technical Director Nick Hammond
did far more than Jeremy Peace will ever do for us.
Sir Richard, how can we get through to you so that Ukraine peace can be made a reality? Pls contact
The inventor of the Dagga tampon might just deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. . The inventor of the dagga tampon might...
Hi Jeremy, I see you're also interested in Yoga, I am Stuart this is me peace
Literally been here since I was born and it's so weird that she's gone now, rest in peace Cassie
I must've missed the day he became a UN Peace Envoy
'For world peace we must destroy Israel' - Alan Johnson on the absurdity of new AntiSemitism in
rest in peace Jeremy's dreams for chick fil a
Solidarity Forever and Hope. The battle for peace and justice and a better world will never be lost. Thank yo…
Jeremy Lin about to set Miami on fire. peace and blessings
Jeremy is disturbing the peace in something about justice and peace?
I'm a Vietnamese. Although i was born after Vietnam war but i really appreciate what you contributed for our country's peace. RIP
In the spirit of peace and reconciliation, lets swap Joan Burton for Jeremy Corbyn.
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Rest in peace Jeremy! While I didn't know you, I really wish that I did. The stories at your TCNJ memorial service were pretty amazing.
If you think Jeremy Hunt is destroying our NHS, please sign this. I have signed. Bri
Prayer is the peace of our spirit, the stillness of our thoughts, the evenness of recollection, the seat of meditation.. ~ Jeremy Tailor
Awww may she rest in peace and be with Jeff and nic and Jeremy 🙏🏻
Rest in peace to the entire Anderson family. Lol
Kind of annoyed I can't watch a movie with my girlfriend in peace
only Jeremy Peace has deeper pockets
Well played Joleon & well deserved. Is this a gift from Jeremy Peace?
Rest in peace Jeremy. Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. Happy Valentine's Day. ❤️
Labour will win the most seats in the next general election Jeremy Corbyn will be prime minister Peace will be restored to foreign relations
An hours peace before lunch, brew in hand, watching Jeremy Kyle whilst realising how wonderful my life is compared to these people
Education is a right, not a commodity - my interview with the about scrapping university tuition fees http…
Can you be my nightingale Sing to me I know you're there You could be my sanity Bring me peace Sing me to sleep Say you'll be my nightingale
I'm terrified that I will never find someone who loves me like Jeremy loves Kirstie . They have set my standards too high
I added a video to a playlist Jeremy Zucker - Peace Signs
Little Giant Ladders
60,000 have signed a petition calling for a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt
Prayers lifted up. May the peace and comfort of God flow through Jeremy and his family.
Jeremy peace went up north for a new defender
Jeremy Corbyn is a man of peace, all he wants is for all humans to live a decent life.
thank you Roshana, a dedicated professional !
I can honestly say I'm finally at peace with everything and everybody and it feels good certain people and...
Jeremy Corbyn is perched atop a deeply hostile PLP. Attempting to achieve artificial peace won't work. Build movement to kick out Blairites
Can't believe it's been a whole year since you passed away may you keep resting in peace Jeremy 💚
I look forward to President Bernie Sanders, meeting Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn. We may get a world that is more at peace with itself!
Lance and Jeremy fighting over my honey chicken while watchin Deadpool, boi let me bloody watch in peace
I liked a video from Jeremy Zucker - Peace Signs
West Brom: Jeremy Peace house move indicates desire to sell club before new season...
My article for Total Politics on how to bring peace to the NHS
Jeremy Peace frantically looking for Mike Ashley's number to see if he can still get 21 million for Berahino
Jed. Jeremy Peace hit £20M for Curtis Davis and Diomansi Kamara. He always gets it right. Trust me.
You will be getting offered a job at next Partha - peace keeper extraordinaire 😉
Amazing peace talk with Jeremy Gilley in my 5th grade class!!
Peace can't be found in solitude, it has to be found in turmoil.
Rest in peace Jeremy. I hope justice is done.
If jeremy hunt leaving his role would help peace come to this issue. Might be better him going elsewhere within the cabinet
JEREMY DAVID MARDIS. 6 year old shot five times in the head and chest that died Tuesday by the Police. Rest in Peace little man.
Libya Dialogue Peace Plan is in grave doubt after this. GNC , Tripoli Gov't vindicated regarding their complaints.
rest in peace Jeremy. I have sooo much junk on me
HE HAS A NAME: Jeremy Mardis (age 6) killed after police shot his dad’s car as he fled cops trying to issue warrant htt…
You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.
Ben A New Dream of Politics, a tribute to
Look at those who are honest and good, for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace. Psalm 37:37
Jeremy Corbyn: "We believe in people. We want to see a world of peace and not of war. "
The Stop the War Coalition has been promoting the White poppy as a symbol of peace. Yet former chair Jeremy Corbyn refuses to wear it.
It's 20 years since Yitzhak Rabin and the peace process were shot. Here's Jeremy Bowen trying to work the news:
trying to figure rotations out. Jeremy most certainly deserves more mins but he seems perfectly at peace
Jeremy Corbyn says visit to made a “mockery” of PM David Cameron’s claims to be promoting peace and justice in the Middle East.
I think Jeremy tries to report as he sees - the assasination of Rabin halted the momentum of the peace process :-(
Why does Jeremy Corbyn not campaign for massive cuts in conventional defence expenditure and celebrate the culture of peace?
Jeremy Bowen: Did Rabin assassination kill the best chance for peace?
Lord. I miss Jeremy. Rest in peace buddy
More on Corbyn, McDonnell and the IRA. They were working for an extreme sectarian group, not 'peace':
The world lost another great man, rest in peace Jeremy. Thanks for helping to teach me to rabbit hunt.
Praying for you Jeremy. Grace and peace.
cancer took yet another loved one in my life; Rest in peace Jeremy, we're going to miss you so much
Corbyn 'forgives all' who make 'personal attacks'
As Liam Bryne speaks up for Jeremy Corbyn, is peace breaking out in Labour's ranks?
Can't just be me that thinks Andre's a dead ringer for Saido Berahino in glasses. Must be doing owt to get away from Jeremy Peace
Peter Odemwingie lays into Jeremy Peace over Saido Berahino saga and his own failed move.
Berahino refuses to play for after Jeremy Peace blocks move .
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Or perhaps Berahino is simply refusing to play the role of Jeremy Peace in the musical that's being produced about the chai…
Sad how i cant say exactly how the club has treated me but i can officially say i will never play Jeremy Peace.
It'll take more than that. This is Jeremy Peace. He got 10 million for Curtis Davies 7 years ago.
Does anyone seriously believe Jeremy Peace would sell Berahino for a measly £15m? This man got Villa to pay £10m for Curtis Davies, ffs.
I remember when Jeremy Peace sold Curtis Davies for 8million... The rest is history.
he went out like a G, rest in peace 🙏
"War brings closure to disagreements but history teaches us peace rarely prevails longterm" Sir Jeremy Greenstock
Would you rather punch a baby to achieve world peace or set fire to Jeremy Clarkson for 10 minutes extra in bed?
If you believe in love and finding peace, please listen and share this tune I wrote with my friend, Jeremy Garrett​...
1/2 As walk-in found ⭐️. Bilateral treaty gives our citizens travel peace of mind but costs recharged each gov. Thx
Jeremy Clarkson is a racist homophobic misogynistic dinosaur. Let him and his career rest in peace.
"First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil" 🔊
We deserve to be 2-1 up about as much as Jeremy Clarkson does a Nobel peace prize!
Liverpool is by far the most unfit, idiotic, worst team on the face of this earth. P.S. Top Gear is Jeremy Clarkson Peace :P(Barca)
Jeremy McGilvrey Thank U for flying with me on You're at the right place if you're looking for peace of …
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So Jeremy Clarkson got Hangery (hungry/angry) Peace would reign if we all had a handful of peanuts before we reacted to something annoying.
how can I bring you peace today Jeremy
Jaguars pay for Julius Thomas potential Peace ✌️Julius thanks for helping me quit smoking!
Anyone placing bets on what Jeremy Clarkson will do for his next job? My money's on UN Peace Envoy!
Just heard Britain has appointed a new peace envoy. A chap called Jeremy Clarkson. Anyone know anything about him?
wait, Piers Morgan coming up for Jeremy Clarkson? What's next, peace in the Middle East?
hilarious but tragic! Imagine if Jeremy Clarkson now finds his calling as a UN Peace Envoy. Think I might sign the petition now..
*** ain't got time for Allat.. Police killing us left and right, we need to get it in or peace out
BBC good at shooting itself in the foot .Jeremy Clarkson ought be reinstated, might find world war brake out. peace please
I wholeheartedly believe in peace, love and understanding. However, a reminder: it is morally irresponsible to tolerate Jeremy Clarkson.
Clarkson decked one of the producers and now Top Gear is dead rip in peace.
May Saint Jeremy rest in peace. A new star shines in Ukip Heaven tonight.
We won the bowl with Jeremy Shockey!!! PEACE OUT GRAHAM
Let's hope Jeremy Clarkson can somehow make peace with the BBC. Wouldn't be the same without him!!
what are you doing? without Jeremy, will be just a peace of.
Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear. Now I know that genie was for real I wish I'd wished for world peace
"Metta World Peace in China. Why...? are those supposed to be Jeremy Scotts?💀💀
QB Jeremy Johnson will get first snaps in spring ball, but the tailback will rotate between Roc Thomas, Peyton Barber and J…
Some people on Jeremy Kyle makes me laugh 😂 why go on TV to embarrass yourself?
Thanks for getting in touch. I've forwarded your details to my team who will be in touch very soon. Thanks, in peace, Jeremy
The peace of the Spirit lets you know you are on the right path. :)
“What is one word to describe how you feel about Maclin leaving for Kansas City? | peace ✌️
Last night during Bible study, Jeremy talked about the peace that we have in life because of the…
can I get one of those degrees where u don't have to do anything but be famous? Big jeremy Lin fan here. Peace.sooper smart
I think Pulis is a dream match for WBA. Shame he’ll have to adapt to the way of Jeremy Peace. Must be one of *the* richest clubs.
West Brom chairman Peace stands by Irvine - for now: West Bromwich Albion chairman Jeremy Peace will stick wit...
Ravel Morrison will be touted about to Premier League strugglers in January by West Ham, once his loan spell at Sky Bet Championship club Cardiff ends. Liverpool edged a step closer to landing Martin Odegaard after the 15-year-old Norwegian starlet trained with the Anfield side. Newcastle manager Alan Pardew says big clubs are certain to be watching his star midfielder Moussa Sissoko. Alan Irvine has held talks with West Brom chief Jeremy Peace, but is not expecting the sack even if 16th-placed Albion suffer a fifth defeat in a row when they visit to fellow strugglers Hull on Saturday. Nigel Pearson is set to remain in charge of Leicester this weekend despite his astonishing blast at the club's fans. Manchester United have reassessed their targets for the season after winning four game in a row under Louis van Gaal. Utd's players are starting to believe a tilt at the title is now possible. Papiss Cisse has insisted he will play through the pain to help Newcastle.The striker is being nursed back after disl ...
"Albion: Berahino not for sale" West Bromwich Albion chairman Jeremy Peace has responded to mo...
West Bromwich Albion chairman Jeremy Peace confirms the club have no intention of selling striker Saido Berahino.
Jeremy Peace's incredible journey at the Hawthorns as West Bromwich Albion chairman: In a rare interview, club...
Catch up on a Jeremy Peace interview on free radio about the transfer window and future !
Jeremy Peace and Mark Jenkins appoint an Accounting firm as sponsor, now there's a surprise...
Busy day. Alan Irvine, Burton & Jeremy Peace all interviewed. Full coverage to come from myself and in/at Birmingham Mail
Alan Irvine, Jeremy Peace strikes again. Always the cheap option, gearing us up for a return to the Championship. I hope I eat my words, but I doubt it!!
THE SUN Chelsea are bracing themselves for a second mega swoop from Paris Saint-Germain as the French giants have launched another bid to grab Eden Hazard. Patrice Evra has given Louis van Gaal a massive boost by agreeing to stay at Manchester United next season. Hull lead the chase to sign Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi. West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace has admitted he was to blame for the club's nightmare season. We Hoolahan has handed in another transfer request - just 24 hours after the club appointed Neil Adams as manager. Costel Pantilimon will leave Manchester City on a quest for first-team football. DAILY MIRROR Liverpool fear Luis Suarez will be rushed back too quickly from knee surgery by Uruguay. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will kick-start his search for a new boss this weekend - once the result of the Champions League final is known. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has ordered his scouts to keep tabs on Schalke's Japan international right-back Atsuto Uchida. Atletico Madrid's Juanfran is also ...
Pepe Mel has parted company with West Brom following talks with chairman Jeremy Peace. Mel took charge in January after the departure of Steve Clarke but his future at The Hawthorns was in doubt for most of his reign.
So Pepe Mel has been sacked, Jeremy Peace should go as well.
West Bromwich chairman Jeremy Peace has led an internal probe into a dressing-room dust-up that followed ...
West Brom star Saido Berahino involved in dressing room bust up: West Bromwich chairman Jeremy Peace has led an...
Jeremy Peace was absent from the West Brom AGM yesterday, Chris Lepkowski gives his thoughts on the widening gap between the club and the fans
Lets face it Pepe was hung out to dry by Jeremy Peace from day one.we wont a Spanish revolution ,but u must work with Downing & Kiely
Its very frustrating being a West Brom supporter this season, especially after how well we did last season. I know Pepe Mel is a good manager u only have to look at what he did with the Spanish clubs he managed. But why we got rid of Steve Clarke, who helped us finish 8th last season, i will never understand. To top it all off we then went and sold Shane Long, who in my opinion was our most valuable player. As a result of this we're fighting relegation and not scoring goals. Jeremy Peace, i blame you!
Diego Lugano you were superb last night. A mighty headed save & then an amazing goal! Boing, boing! Jeremy Peace, when will you reply to me?
Can't really blame Thomas Schaaf. I wouldn't want to work for a moron like Jeremy Peace
Pepe Mel has failed to come to an agreement with Jeremy Peace, the West Bromwich Albion chairman, and negotiations for his move to the English club have broken down following a meeting in London on Friday.
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Kaizer Chiefs coach Stuart Baxter is being linked with the West Bromwich Albion job. Baggies chairman Jeremy Peace travelled abroad to speak to a candidate for the vacant head coach position last week, fuelling rumours that he could be targeting Real Madrid assistant coach Paul Clement or Baxter, currently in charge of South African side Kaizer Chiefs. Spaniard Pepe Mel is also being linked with the post.
West Bromwich Albion's incoming manager will not receive any money for the January market. The Telegraph says Albion are stepping up their search for Steve Clarke's replacement but will expect his successor to mount a revival with the existing squad. Jeremy Peace, the chairman, operates a "topping up" policy in the New Year and is reluctant to provide further transfer funds after spending almost £12million on Stephane Sessegnon and Victor Anichebe in September. Albion also paid Manchester City a £2million loan fee for winger Scott Sinclair while Nicolas Anelka's wages are over £35,000 a week. Their summer expenditure means the next appointment at the Hawthorns will be under orders to firefight without any new signings, with fringe players Graham Dorrans and Markus Rosenberg expected to leave in order to trim the squad.
Jack is embroiled in a club v country row; Steve Clarke could leave are to bid for Kostas and Julian could yet move to - here are the main stories making headlines in today's newspapers. Wilshere in England injury storm: Jack Wilshere is at the centre of a club v country storm after sustaining an injury while on international duty for England against Germany, reports the Daily Mail. The paper claims that Roy Hodgson's decision to play the midfielder on Tuesday's friendly angered the as they had requested he plays only in one of the two recent matches. He took a hefty knock on his ankle in the 1-0 defeat, leaving Arsenal "stunned" their plea was ignored. Clarke could leave West Brom: West Brom run the risk of losing manager Steve Clarke for nothing in the summer after failing to open contract talks, reports the Daily Mirror. Baggies owner Jeremy Peace is yet to table even an initial offer with just seven months left on Clarke's current deal and rival clubs may be tempted to act on the situation and try to ...
Jeremy Peace just like Huw Jenkins. Doesn't spend unless he has to, always has future in mind (i.e. managers) as well
The behaviour from West Brom is nothing short of shocking. Bordering on the ridiculous. Jeremy Peace told me the deadlin…
Jeremy Peace right on West Brom academy poser
Jeremy Peace could scrap West Brom academy via who could blame him?
Chairman Jeremy Peace even provided a layer of mystery during a rare media appointment last week. Peace stirred up debate amongst the West Brom masses when discussing onward strategy as a club. He repeatedly suggested that West Brom are a ‘mid-table Championship side who are over-achieving’ and that a 14th place finish would be deemed a success for the club next season. Those words themselves seem simple enough, yet Baggies fans have become accustomed to Peace over the last decade. A man who has developed a reputation for being cold and not to be crossed. On the occasions that Peace has been thrust into the media spotlight, it’s been at a time of crisis or with the purpose of negotiation as a backdrop. Make no mistake, Jeremy Peace is a Public Relations master. This is the man who sold Diomansy Kamara for £6million and Curtis Davies for £10million. He also, only last week, confessed that he refused to sell Peter Odemwingie to Queens Park Rangers because of how it may adversely affect the way that ...
West Bromwich Albion are in search for a sriker to replace Romelu Lukaku, who was on loan from Chelsea for the entire 2012-13 season and was instrumental in the club finishing in the eighth position in the league. Nicolas Anelka seems like a viable option for the club as chairman Jeremy Peace is not willing to provide sufficient funds for transfers. Anelka is currently a free agent.
Jeremy Peace doesn't say the right things does he.
Ha! My question to Jeremy Peace made it into the article
Ive spoke to Steve Clark, Jose Mourinho and Jeremy Peace today and got you another season at . Pick you up 8am
West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace presented Sir Alex Ferguson with this special cake before yesterdays game.
Jeremy peace signed me it made my day
Steve Clarke has told his chairman Jeremy Peace to make sure that midfield star Youssouf Mulumbu stays with the club. (Sky Sports)
Lukaku confirms after a talk with mourinho he will stay at Chelsea! Gutted! I'm sure Jeremy peace wil get us another decent striker
West Bromwich Albion Money to spend? West Brom are often cited within the Premier League as operating an ideal model so expect a sober and parsimonious summer of transfer business Who's spending it? On the football side Steve Clarke, the manager; on what can actually be spent Jeremy Peace, the chairman. As Clarke says of the club's careful policy: "There has been year-on-year improvement for the club over the last few years and that's all we try to do. We will try to improve again next season. There is no reason to doubt that what we're doing is correct because year on year it's working." Ins? Congo international Dieumerci Mbokani of Anderlecht and Wigan Athletic's Franco Di Santo are interesting Clarke Outs? Jerome Thomas, and Gonzalo Jara have been released and there is also surely no future for Peter Odemwingie after his drive down to Queens Park Rangers to desperately try to force a move in the January window - MK
Gareth Bale has been told not to pass up the chance of moving to Real Madrid this summer by former Bernabeu star Steve McManaman. Mark Hughes hopes to make Holland international Erik Pieters his first big signing at Stoke City. Louis van Gaal, the coach leading Holland to the World Cup Finals in Brazil, says he wants to join a Premier League club next summer. John Heitinga has urged Fenerbahce to make a fresh bid to rescue him from his Everton nightmare. Steve Clarke wants West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace to step up contract negotiations with Youssouf Mulumbu – to avoid losing him to Fiorentina. Rene Meulensteen is set to become the new manager of Wigan this week. -rahul
Romelu Lukaku, you are a living legend! Jeremy Peace, I don't care how much it costs, but get your bloody cheque book out.
English clubside West Bromwich Albion on Friday said it had taken disciplinary action against Nigerian striker Peter Odemwingie ``in respect of his conduct’’ over the past fortnight. In a statement placed on its website, the club said the player had also issued an apology and would resume full training next week with his teammates. ``Odemwingie has accepted his punishment. He will now resume full training with his team-mates and is available for first-team selection,’’ it reads in part. The statement also quoted Odemwingie to have, in his apology letter, said: ``I understand how my actions have been viewed and want to apologise to the club and our supporters for any distress I have caused. ``I want to reassure everyone at the club and our fans that I will continue to give my all whenever I am selected. ``We have enjoyed a good season so far and I aim to play my part in keeping the club as high up the table as possible.” The statement also quoted the club chairman, Jeremy Peace, to have said: ``T ...
Some more comments from West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace as the club report that Peter Odemwingie has accepted a punishment for attempting to talk to QPR about a transfer without permission, and will now return to training with the first-team. "We have made our position very clear throughout - both privately to Peter and publicly," Peace says. "Peter has apologised for his conduct to me personally and the club and our supporters as a whole. It was important that we resolved this episode as expediently as possible to enable everyone to focus on the most important issue at this club - competing in the Premier League."
The whole Peter Odemwingie situation is a mess. Him trying to force a move to QPR on deadline day was ridiculous and I am sure West Brom manager Steve Clarke and chairman Jeremy Peace would love to suspend him if they could. It told us a lot about Odemwingie's character as a person. And, as a player, when it comes to him walking back into the dressing room it will be very difficult for his team-mates to accept him.
Odemwingie left in cold on deadline day Peter Odemwingie faces an awkward return to West Brom after the club admitted they were "disappointed" by his "unprofessional" attempts to secure a deadline day transfer to QPR. The statement read: "Albion can confirm that no agreement was reached with QPR over the transfer of Peter Odemwingie before the closure of the January window and that the striker remains under contract at The Hawthorns. "The club were extremely disappointed to witness TV footage of Odemwingie arriving at Loftus Road on Thursday evening despite further talks between the two Premier League sides proving fruitless. Odemwingie was also never given permission to speak to QPR about a potential move." Meanwhile, West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace claims Odemwingie has tarnished his reputation and must see out the remainder of his contract. "This evening's developments have brought a conclusion to what has been an unsavoury affair," Peace said. "The only way we would have considered letting Peter leave ...
Jeremy Peace's statement, plus more, on yesterday's events
Here's my favorite song from the new "Right Now" album! Group members are tenor Jeremy Peace , lead Tim Rackley (featured singer), baritone Doug Roark, and b...
Jeremy Peace one week Graham Taylor the next, why can't someone Blues related use the dry cleaners?!
Ray Wilkins has revealed that he would love to get another managerial job after last holding the reins in 1998. The former Chelsea assistant was at the helm at QPR and Fulham in the late 1990s, with his last head job being at Craven Cottage almost 15 years ago apart from short spells as caretaker at Stamford Bridge in 2000 and 2009. 55-year old Wilkins has admitted that he interviewed for both the Wolves and West Bromwich Albion jobs recently and although he was unsuccessful is very keen to get back into management. ""Jeremy Peace very kindly asked me to go along and have an interview and I went along to see Steve Morgan at Wolves as well on his request," he told Sky Sports. " "So I had a couple of interviews but obviously they have decided to select other guys. "But it was very nice to be able to have a chat because I have applied on numerous occasions for other jobs and unfortunately have never got a reply. "It didn't materialise and I don't know what the future holds to be perfectly honest. I'm very ha ...
Steve Clarke ! really ? not impressed with this if true you can have my season ticket back MR Jeremy Peace dont come out with he was first choice ***
Former Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri is in talks with West Bromwich Albion. The Telegraph says Ranieri was summoned for an interview at Albion’s London office yesterday and met Jeremy Peace, the chairman, and sporting and technical director Dan Ashworth. The 60 year-old has been out of work since being sacked by Milan in March but could make his return to the Premier League for the first time since May 2004, when he was replaced at Stamford Bridge by Jose Mourinho. Albion are intent on naming a new manager by next week and are also interested in Birmingham’s Chris Hughton, though an approach has still not been made to their Midlands neighbours.
West Bromwich Albion and Jeremy Peace must be about to get a gun out and put it to their heads...
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This song will be on a new CD coming soon! Group members are Jeremy Peace, Tim Rackley, and Douglas Roark.
If David Bernstein had rung Daniel Levy at same time as he first contacted Jeremy Peace, might have already sewn up automatic CL place
Jeremy Peace: I want to reassure supporters we will do everything possible to identify and appoint the right Head Coach
Di Canio & Jeremy Peace is an explosion waiting to happen. Can't see Martinez either, sadly
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