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Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Shu-How Lin (born August 23, 1988) is an American professional basketball player with the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Kenyon Martin Anthony Bennett Brook Lopez Sean Kilpatrick Joe Harris Derrick Rose Jeremy Lamb Sean Marks Seth Curry

Chris Paul, Draymond Green, Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin have gotten injured so far this season. What’s going on?!?!
🏀. I hope Jeremy Lin goes back to the Lin & Porzingis could be a force.
Lil B curses Kenyon Martin after making fun of Jeremy Lin's dreads
Jeremy Lin spoke extensively about Kenyon Martin's comments after the game:
Jeremy Lin for the win against K. Martin
I didn't get a chance to listen to you yesterday, but what you thought about Jeremy Lin clap back to Kenyon?
This is stupid and Jeremy Lin is stupid get him out
Jeremy Lin's response is so Harvard. Have to respect him. So many people in this world trying to divide us. Embrace culture.
Jeremy Lin with an early strong case for Defensive Player of the Year 💀
Jeremy Lin leads the way with 16 PTS for BKN. take 107-88 win over
Kenyon Martin has an issue with Jeremy Lin's dreads
*** Jeremy Lin literally killed Kenyon Martin with kindness
Jeremy Lin petty af talkin bout "I had a poster of you on my wall growing up"
Kenyon Martin accused Jeremy Lin of trying to be black. Jeremy Lin responded:
lmao Kenyon Martin got schooled by Jeremy Lin. I’m so weak right now
Son Jeremy Lin literally destroyed Kenyon Martin without even being mean at all lmao
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How is it possible for Jeremy Lin to have the dopest haircut... Every single time he gets a haircut?
FINAL: Nets 107, Heat 88. Jeremy Lin: 16 points & 4 assists. Nets are 2-0 in the preseason and look like a whole lot of fun as…
Jeremy Lin responds to Kenyon Martin's criticism of his dreadlocks: 'You don't have to like my hair.'
Jeremy Lin out here roasting K Mart with so much respect idk how to feel
Jeremy Lin bout to steal All y’all girls. Wait til he get a beard...
Jeremy Lin roasted Kenyon Martin with so much respect
This is what Kenyon Martin said about Jeremy Lin:
Jeremy Lin's response to Kenyon Martin wasn't what you might expect.
What Kenyon Martin said and how Jeremy Lin responded.. This is how you handle negativity. Don’t fight hate with hat…
Just because Jeremy Lin wrote a thinkpiece about his hair doesn't mean Kenyon Martin is not allowed to be upset about it
"He's far more than a mentor," Sean Marks said when asked about the long-term plan for Jeremy Lin.
Spencer Hawes and Jeremy Lin combine for one of the saddest and sloppiest NBA plays ever
Leslie Alexander made Daryl Morey sign Jeremy Lin and hire Mike D'Antoni. What will the Rockets do without him?
and u should put in the 2012 New York knicks when Jeremy Lin was on the team
analyzes how valuable Jeremy Lin was to the last sea…
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David Wright. Endy Chavez. Didier Drogba. Lucas Duda. Wilmer Flores. Honorable mention: Jeremy Lin for that one month
This 14-year-old's name is really Jeremy Lin and he's a baller just like him too. 🎥:
courageous quotes ✊. Join Lin7 2017 Jeremy Lin Sharing on July 21 in Taiwan.
.tells how UCSF research fellow taught him to better https:…
Cool Jeremy Lin, contradicting Westerners' sense of superiority in a Western-led sport... Even in American...
Jeremy Lin? Really? You're now comparing Lonzo to Lin? I thought he was the next Jason Kidd?…
Lol 😂😂Do u know Jeremy Lin. He took the league by storm Where's he, u judging…
Ya but Trade Lonzo + Deng to the Nets for an expiring Jeremy Lin and a late first round pick.
Floyd Mayweather thinks Jeremy Lin is overrated, which is funny because Jeremy Lin has managed to be undefeated without…
Theresa May insults firefighters who saved lives at Grenfell. So Jeremy Corbyn steps in [VIDEO] | The Canary…
Most people like to talk smack abt jeremy lin. Not a single person can even dream of being in the nba in their wildest dreams - just talk
Jeremy Lin tore up summer league in 1st gm,I guess he became an all nba 1st teamer afterwards...
Tzu-Wei Lin of Red Sox hits MLB with his own Linsanity and follows God's guidance like Jeremy Lin, too.
2010 Jeremy Lin was the talk of the town in Vegas. All his summer league games was standing room o…
Odd man out is the 30 year old journeyman Jeremy Lin
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Of course Jeremy Lin would be right next to me as we board our flight and I get too scared to say hi... 🙄
Jeremy Lin ain't cutting it anymore. I'm a Zhou Qi fan now
Especially when Jeremy Lin starts over him
Keep on throwing dirt at my name bro, I'll use that same dirt to burry yours alive .
Also: Move back Jeremy Lin all is forgiven.
Not sure what that would mean for Jeremy Lin if they landed KCP. Potential 6th man role or explore the market. Too early to tel…
Hate how Jeremy Lin is still considered an overrated player. That man is straight hustle and heart. His game deserves respec…
Lonzo stinks trade him to Brooklyn for a proven vet like Jeremy Lin!
Jon Wall got served by Jeremy Lin in summer league and look how his career has gone. Summer league is not a good predicted 😂
People forget Jeremy Lin lit up John Wall in the summer league. where is he now?
That was 6 years ago. Nobody tried since?. Jeremy Lin set NY on fire for 3 weeks, that could be every n…
Dlo's best teammate will be Jeremy Lin
Ask Jeremy Lin. Got so much hype, Miami was playing playoff defense vs him. Embarrassed him
Remember that time we didn't resign Jeremy Lin because someone made a scary offer like 1/3rd this siz…
I'll get u a warriors Jeremy lin jersey
All purpose parts banner
Don't sleep on the Jeremies::. Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lamb. Jeremy Renner. Jeremy Giambi. Jeremy spoke in class today
Sean Marks did a great job last year signing Anthony Bennett, Randy Foye, Justin Hamilton, Jeremy Lin, and Joe Harr…
If Melo leaves to Houston, all the East will have is Jeremy Lin, Ron Baker & Jeremy Lamb
Deron Williams was really never the same since Jeremy Lin sautéed him in Barclays
Say what you want about Harden becoming too good and wouldn't stay- they got Jeremy Lamb for him. Not even Jeremy Lin.
let's say Jeremy Lin, sean Kirkpatrick, Kawhi Leonard, Hollis-Jefferson, Brook Lopez. I take that over Indiana and Chicago right now
15 year old Jeremy Lin used to have a blog where he would post things like this.
Please DO NOT EVER put Jeremy Lin and Collin Kaepernick in the same sentence 😂😂😂😂
he's paid 28 mil/yr and his PER is worse than guys like mason plumlee, hernangomez, Jeremy Lin and Beasley. Ranks 70th
Kenny Atkinson is great at developing players. Just ask Jeremy Lin. This isn't the same management/coaching from th…
Jeremy Lin told some disturbing stories about the racism he endured playing college basketball
Jeremy Lin says he was targeted by more racial slurs in the Ivy League than in the NBA:
harden won 45 games with Jeremy Lin and omer Asik
Rockets are gonna whoop the Spurs. I heard David Robinson is out for the season and Tim Duncan is benched. Spurs can't guard Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin speaks out on stereotypes.
.Jeremy Lin had a Q & A session with NAAAP Philadelphia after the 76ers game at Wells Fargo Center on Apr 4
Reggie Evans (junkyard dog) Jeremy Lin (okay) so it's hard for an undrafted player to make a team, but if you really want it, you can do it.
The Brooklyn Nets with Jeremy Lin this year are 14-22 with him playing. 6-39 without him.
Jeremy Lin & Brook Lopez have played the entire third quarter for the as Brooklyn mounted their comeback.
Jeremy Lin lip sings to Wang Leehom + Shoutout in Mandarin
Lopez has 23 points as Nets top slumping Hawks, 107-92Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin, left, shoots as Atlanta Hawks forward Ersan Ilyasova,…
Jeremy Lin now officially listed as doubtful for tomorrow night's Detroit game. Joe Harris (shoulder)/Sean Kilpatrick (hammy…
The Nets outscored the Knicks 67-49 in the second half. Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez, Caris LeVert, and RHJ were all phenomenal.
he had Jeremy Lin looking like the second coming of Steve Nash lol
Jeremy Lin instead of Tyler Fagson and we cash quins :(
Jeremy Lin isn't just back on the court but in the limelight, appearing on 'Fresh Off the Boat' via
Inb4 Hedo Turkoglu bought a team like Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin, Kemba Walker and Frank Kaminsky shared a moment following the game
Tristan Thompson is about to get traded for Jeremy Lin
Seriously, Brewer FGs nullified by charges is the new Dwight Howard goaltend, which was the new Jeremy Lin "toe-on-the-line" long 2.
Jeremy Lin's injuries. This is an article recommending trading away Brook Lopez. We do not entirely agree.
Describe Dwight Howard's character with 1 word for his dab against Jeremy Lin , I'll wait. an…
Jeremy Lin went from "Mom I got a 95 on my test" to the villain in a movie about underground street racing
They would've been better without Carmelo they also had a chance to keep Landry fields and Jeremy Lin.
Foye oh Foye: beat the Hornets, 120-118, but lose Jeremy Lin to injury.
Jeremy Lin always plays like Michael Jordan whenever he faces the Raptors
i want to trade 4 a back up PG.guys like Jeremy Lin or Seth Curry would be ideal.Clear Mo Williams wont play so need2replace him
Cavs are really going to miss Delly in the playoffs unless they get a back up PG like Seth Curry or Jeremy Lin etc
Jeremy Lin is the 2nd most searched Athlete on Yahoo Taiwan in 2016. Only behind MLB Taiwanese pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. http…
Anthony Puccio. I think Sean Kilpatrick wants Jeremy Lin back more than Jeremy Lin fans want him back.…
went to Harvard. So did Jeremy Lin. Richard Sherman went to Stanford. We only hear how smart Fitzpatrick is
Reporter Sarah Kustok of YES: Jeremy Lin told me he's going to keep talking to help teammates until Coach Atkinson tells him to shut up.
Jeremy Lin out at least 2 weeks: Who will pick up the slack? - New York Post
A sad day for Nets fans after the Jeremy Lin injury news; here's a look at how they will try to fill his role.
nah man no excuse losing to a team with Jeremy Lin and Anthony Bennett
Nets lose Jeremy Lin to injury but hold on to beat Pistons - New York Daily News
We are definitely gonna miss having Jeremy Lin on this second unit...
To me, Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez were wrecking Indiana all day but what did them in was the Sean Kilpatrick late game barrage of 3's.
nytimes "RT andrewkeh: Jeremy Lin is Asian. We're Asian. That's the whole joke.
What are your thoughts on Dario Saric?? Should I add him and drop Jae Crowder or even Jeremy Lin for him?
Jeremy Lin banishing Derek Fisher to the shadow realm with a spin move
The are on a 14-0 run. 1st appearances of the season for Chris McCullough + Anthony Bennett as well. Jeremy Lin imperson…
In news tonight: J.R. Smith, Steven Adams, Reggie Jackson, Derrick Rose, Jeremy Lin and more. Read
Can I state once again for the record?: Jeremy Lin will have a better season than Derrick Rose, and it probably won't be…
Lost in all this, how does Jeremy Lin get from the 3-point line to the cup without dribbling👀
The tips Jeremy Lin is giving to Isaiah Whitehead
Jeremy Lin had nothing but praise for rookie Isaiah Whitehead, who he has also taken under his wing.
Who is No. 0? The Nets have eight 0s on their roster, and that is not Jeremy Lin, Anthony Bennett, Joe Harris or an…
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