Jeremy Kyle & Maury Povich

Jeremy Kyle (born 7 July 1965) is an English radio and television presenter, best known for his British daytime television chat show on ITV, The Jeremy Kyle Show. Maurice Richard Maury Povich (January 17, 1939) is an American TV talk show host who currently hosts his self-titled talk show Maury. 5.0/5

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No. Take child to Maury Povich or Jeremy Kyle show to find out who the Daddy or Mother is. . Simple. .
It'd be awesome if Maury Povich and Jeremy Kyle thought they were the father of the same baby.
“Maury Povich is sexy 😳😍” not sexier than Jeremy Kyle or judge Alex
Wish itv would show Maury Povich instead of Jeremy Kyle.
That was be "Maury Povich-style" in American English. Really hope the Richard III DNA tests will be announced Jeremy Kyle-style
Maury Povich is so much better than Jeremy Kyle
Wouldn't mind being off tomorrow. I'd watch Jeremy Kyle, and Maury Povich all day.
ahhh... So he's like Springer or Jeremy Kyle or Maury Povich etc?
When I grow up, I want to be one of the following 5 people: Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos, Jeremy Kyle, or a male version of Ricki Lake.
Jeremy Kyle or Maury Povich. Who would win in a dual to the death.
I hate scumbags like Jeremy Kyle, Jerry Springer and Maury Povich pretending to help people but they're just profiting from their plight!
I want to be a talk show host because if anyone gets into problems like Stalking an ex, Tell the lover that you're a transsexual, BULLYING!!, STD Test, Genetic Father DNA Test, and so much more... Its like being Jeremy Kyle, Maury Povich, Trisha Goddard, Steve Wilkos, Bill Cunningham, and Jerry Springer!
Been watching Maury Povich and Jeremy Kyle all day.its sad how these DNA test results instantly destroy lives. Young it the old fashioned way! Get married settle down and plan your parenthood.
Jeremy Kyle has nothing on ma boy Maury Povich
Ok. Jeremy Kyle of the Jeremy Kyle Show and the "powers that be" have to stop running that commercial where he says his show will be like nothing ever seen before. Jerry Springer just went off the air not that long ago, dude. I'm going to go to your show and start chants of "Jerry. Jerry. Jerry." And your show needs a surprise DNA test. Isn't it the love child show of the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich Shows? SMH. Dude. It's been done. RECENTLY! -Y.K. Disclaimer: I don't, and won't watch any of these shows. But it's any ones individual right and choice to do so. There is clear entertainment value. From someone who does believe in judging, there's no judgement here. No cable right now, but my secret pleasure was Bridezilla, but only the back-to-back marathons, but regularly watched Dance Moms. I'm in the mirror, SMH at myself. :) Greatest day ever to you.
A few thoughts. About 9/11, it was horrible when it happened. but as for all bad events, that either happened to me or others, the thing that I do first is to do something that make me happy, whether it is collecting autographs, watching a comedy show, listening to a good song, or whatever. I dwell on fun, not tragedy. If everyone was like me, the Trade Centre would still be there. Ok, something else, there is Katie Couric, Jeff Probst, Steve Harvey, Dr, Phil, The Doctors, Dr.Oz, Dr. Phil, Jeremy Kyle, Bill Cunningham, The View, the Talk, Ricki Lake, Anderson Cooper, Maury Povich, Kelly and Michael and Jerry Springer. God, enough already. David Letterman and Jon Stewart alone are way more talented that all these people combined, except for maybe Sara Gilbert. What happened to Regis, he wasn't too bad. Most of these shows just exploit people and just care about rating, they don't really help very many, although, the show when the Talk women had no makeup was a good one, and something I agree with.
Jeremy Kyle is the new Maury Povich. Altho I am highly entertained by this show.
Jeremy Kyle show is classy Maury Povich and Maury is classy Jerry Springer.
I love you Maury Povich. You are 10x better than Jeremy Kyle
So I'm assuming Jeremy Kyle is the British equivalent of Maury Povich.
Now that I've seen this at the pharmacy, will Maury Povich or Jeremy Kyle continue to stay on air?
I'd say that the Jeremy Kyle show is much more better than Maury Povich .
My Dear Lovely, Strong Sisters, today is Fathers Day please try your best to refrain from voicing your displeasure with your children's fathers or as you call them your "baby daddies". This is not the format for such negativity today. Do remember you selected and chose these men to procreate with. If you successfully screened them as potential fatherhood candidates despite their being "Bozo The Clown" in reality, consider your judgement in the matter. You have 364 days to deal with their fatherhood liabilities & inconsistncies. You have all of our permission to take this day off & care for yourself. We have seen you voicing your concerns on "Maury Povich", "Jeremy Kyle", "Steve Wilkos", "Judge Joe Brown" & the Emmy Award - winning "Jerry Springer" show. If you raised your children successfully solo as many have before you, thank God & go in the direction of gratitude. In short, have a seat please, applaud yourself without acknowledging the other party. Trust me, your delinquent child's father is quite pos ...
NO, Jeremy Kyle & Maury Povich are just out thereee.
no just burn it as long as we get Maury Povich! Please revoke Jeremy Kyle's passport
Who is this Jeremy Kyle guy trying to be Maury Povich? Get out.
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