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Jeremy Irons

Jeremy John Irons (born 19 September 1948) is an English actor.

Isabella Rossellini Brideshead Revisited Ben Affleck Dev Patel Tom Hiddleston Brendan Gleeson James Earl Jones Michael Caine Dead Ringers Sienna Miller Bruce Wayne Ingrid Bergman Jim Cummings Viola Davis Anthony Andrews Die Hard

I know and joined the "how many capes will Jeremy Irons wear during this project" but we never bet on riding boots.
FINALLY. 3 episodes left and Jeremy Irons makes his debut. He's so adorably young.
Jeremy Irons. That man's voice is the perfect combination of an angel and a serpent. Perfect way to describe me too…
Jeremy Irons has always gotten it. For awhile I wanted him to be on Game of Thrones. He could play a flashback Targaryen king.
Why haven't we had more Jeremy Irons in comic movies?
Jeremy Irons was the guy in the movie adaptation.
I got bored with Borgias after 2 episodes. The one with Jeremy Irons? Camelot on STA…
Hopefully about how good the Jeremy Irons version was and what we have now 😔
Started to watch The season 3. Wonder if Jeremy Irons will ever get Knighted? Or has he lived in Ireland for too long for that?
MHO, they didn't do enough to establish credible plot. "Bats and Supes are fighti…
Maybe don't typecast black people? As I said he JUST played Shere Khan. An…
Gosh I love Jeremy Irons. I wish he could read me to sleep every night
Recommendation for now: Skip those, unless you really want to see Jeremy Irons school you in Over-Acting.
While Jeremy Irons doesn't have the greatest singing voice, Be Prepared is still easily one of the greatest songs.
There are lots recently. I've enjoyed The Borgias (but not the one with Jeremy Irons, the other one).…
An anthology series based on The birds starring Jeremy Irons on Twitch
Jeremy Irons; 'Public awareness of ocean plastic pollution is at a tipping point.'
A night of with ft. the Jeremy Irons
Here's Jeremy Irons getting his hand in for the Glandore Classic Regatta?
Look! A chance to write a whole novel and have it read by Jeremy Irons! As long as it is 25 words...…
Just walked past Jeremy Irons on Brewer Street looking like he ought to be in Tomb Raider!
I've got nothing more on Jeremy Irons.
Oh come on, are you telling me you DON’T want more Jeremy Irons butler?. He was literally the best thing in Batman kisses Superman.
Im still hoping they do a Batffleck film where it is nothing but Jeremy Irons bemoaning the downfall of the Wayne legacy.
Flash Fiction competition for unpublished writers. Winning story read by Jeremy Irons.
On behalf of ERTSAR, Thank you! An incredible time with our Patron, Jeremy Irons.
Jeremy Irons & Ben Affleck's Bruce and Alfred reminds me of Batman: Year 1 (highly rec) with a militaristic background Alfred.
"Buy less, buy just what we need, buy things we can mend..." - Jeremy Irons the power of consumers to tackle plastic waste…
Jeremy Irons' voice as Scar haunted my childhood.
Jeremy Irons (?) is good too but Tony Jay's voice sets my blood on fire in a way tha…
Jeremy Irons opens the plastic from
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Summer TV movie watching: Appaloosa with Ed Harris, Vigo Mortensen and Jeremy Irons.
This hotel room is full of photographs of Jeremy Irons and I'm not sure why.
DS: John Rhys Davies . DnD: Jeremy Irons and some of the interaction between the protagonists. Both are good bad movies.
Alas. . ALSO: Did y'all know Jim Cummings takes over for Jeremy Irons halfway through Be Prepared?
Delighted to announce that Jeremy Irons will join Mag. College Choir to perform the Oxford Elegy. Tickets here:…
This sounds like that riddle on Diehard 3 w Samuel L Jackson & Jeremy Irons
I hope they get Jeremy Irons back like they got James Earl Jones for Mufassa
5/7, 5:45pm, Sultan and Saint - a film about Muslim-Christian peace making narrated by Jeremy Irons.
Watched Lolita and did some research bout Jeremy Irons then found out that Max was his SON. HOWEVEN. The Irons boys…
used to be a True or False round on Shooting Stars with some of these. "True or false: Lyn Faulds-Wood/Jeremy Irons" etc
Anyway, listening to more of _Brideshead Revisited_ by Evelyn Waugh and narrated by Jeremy Irons. May be my new favorite book actually
Other than my own, I suggest Normandie Fischer's books! Also, Jeremy Irons reading Brideshead Revisited is amazing.
Giving you one of each: rainbow, the Lamppost (defunct Jersey City bar), church, Jeremy Irons.
We have Donald Glover and James Earl Jones for Can we expect to see Jeremy Irons & Whoopi Goldberg…
Actors that terrify me but I'd still want to invite to dinner at my house:. -Daniel Day-Lewis. -Tom Hardy. -Jeremy Irons. -Rufus Sewell
Alternative Harry Potter casting:. Jeremy Irons as Lupin. Benedict Cumberbatch as Voldemort. Mark Williams should have been Fudge, not Arthur W
Jeremy Irons is expected to be in attendance tonight at the CHICKENSHED annual fund raising gala, held at Hard Rock Cafe London .
Everyone that works with ZackSnyder is in awe of his talent; Amy Adams, Affleck, James Cameron, Jeremy Irons, Dave Gib…
Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Irons reportedly shooting at the Book Cafe Lotz Hall in Budapest.
let's not forget his mom and ghost dad. Battfleck just had Jeremy Irons and ruinous characterization
I'd love to hear Jeremy Irons read his stuff. In a gallery or a church or something.
Ok, so... Ben Affleck as Deadshot, Jeremy Irons as Brainiac, Jai Courtney as Guy Gardner, Will Smith as Black Manta.
📌 Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Irons in the new promo posters of 'Assassin's Creed'. { src: 20th century fox }
Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons at photocall for "The French lieutenant's woman" (1981)
I met Jeremy Irons tonight and he still couldn't tell me what a is. Thanks for the laughs!
Interesting views on work and credit by Jeremy Irons -
I keep rewatching BvS and coming to the same conclusion that the best part of the movie is Jeremy Irons as Alfred
Every time I read/see/hear something about I just like him even more. And Smudge.
Jeremy Irons is in Atlanta right now JEREMY COME FIND ME
"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dream…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I forgot about Jeremy Irons as Avery Brundage. He's good too.
Jeremy Irons played in a rock band called The Four Pillars of Wisdom. That's catnip for a certain woman I know.
Just saw Jeremy Irons looking so dapper! I smiled at him and he gave me a little wink back. Shoulda snatched him up 😏.
You had me at spy thriller . But this cast ? wow
Amazing and so true ... yes brainwashed that is what are a lot of us ... but there will be more and more who...
Now there is a guy doing a Jeremy Irons impression. I am struggling to get into this show.
Jeremy Irons smoking a stogie in every scene he's been in for the past two episodes omf
4 is set in DC. 3 is in NY with Jeremy irons. And yeah, 5 isn't very good.
nope, he already did Four Quartets a few years ago. audio here
Two actors join Jennifer Lawrence in the spy thriller 'Red Sparrow'
Ummm... you left out Die Hard, Die Hard 2 & Die Hard with a Vengeance (and Jeremy Irons in the same…
Home, Jeremy Irons will tell you, is wherever he happens to be
A trip to the mainland was a big event and happened maybe once a y...
“I don’t like rules, and break as many as I can. To me, it’s an exciting way to run one’s life.”
I needed this article about Jeremy Irons and scarves. 🚬
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of course then I read about his cuckoo crazy views and it shatters the illusion
After reading this article on Jeremy Irons, I had to look for photos of his terrier Smudge.
I've just realised why BvS wasn't as good as it could've been. Jeremy Irons' Alfred doesn't tell one riddle Die Hard 3-style
I am late to the game.. but Jeremy Irons visits MoMath! (Played Hardy in The Math Who Knew Infinity) Go !!
I feel like if Michael Ironside and James Urbaniak had a kid together it would be Jeremy Irons.
Jeremy Irons is the new Chancellor of Bath Spa University. The installation ceremony (where he officially becomes...
Ben Afleck is so good as Batman and Jeremy Irons could even be better than Michael Cain as Alfred
only if they bring Jeremy Irons and Matthew Broderick back 😉
Appoloosa with Ed Harris Viggo Mortensen & Jeremy Irons but Renee zellweger is really bad
You’ll love it! "We few, we happy few" Jeremy Irons delightful cameo in St.Crispin's Day speech
Venice film festival 2016: Emma Stone, Sam Mendes and Jeremy Irons at the opening night - in ...
Pulled pints for John Malkovic, Jeremy Irons & Gabriel Byrne in the same room.
Man in the Iron Mask cast is unbelievable. Malkovich, Jeremy Irons, Depardieu, Gabriel Byrne, Hugh Laurie and TWO Leonardo DiCaprios.
Wow ...Must watch movie The Man Who Knew Infinity , hats off to Dev Patel , Jeremy Irons. though a biopic on...
Oscar deserving film as well as acting, Dev Patel as Ramanujan and Jeremy Irons as Hardy were perfect. Must Watch.
Third film of the day: Jeremy Irons & Dev Patel in "the man who knew infinity" here at the film festival.
It's pleasing to watch the wonderful chemistry between Dev Patel & Jeremy Irons in htt…
yes! What do you mean?! I'm only 26!!😉 Tenko,To The Manor Born, what was that thing with Jeremy Irons & Anthony Andrews?
2009 was crazy enough! I can't believe I worked with Jeremy Irons, Joan Allen, Marsha Mason, Cat
Jeremy Irons as Father Gabriel, blowing his horn in "The Mission." Morricone's music from the film 7:25A on
did u like Die Hard with a vengeance Jeremy Irons was awesome as Simon Gruber
Jeremy Irons on how Alfred's view on Bruce reflects on our own thoughts in every day life.
I'm being informed that the judges would also accept Jeremy Irons an older Bruce Wayne.
intriguing. I was thinking more along the lines of Donald Sutherland, Jeremy Irons, or Eric Roberts.
Enjoyed Ultimate Batman vs. Superman. Especially liked Jeremy Irons as Alfred, as Wonder Woman and as Bruce Wayne.
I liked a video from Green Arrow in DC Films?, Jeremy Irons on BvS & More - DC Movie
Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons star in THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY. Tickets and trailer:
Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons were excellent in the new movie
Watched the remake of "Lolita" with Jeremy Irons and Melanie Griffith. *** poor compared to the James Mason and Shelly Winters classic.
I always thought Mark would be good as the DEL. Or Neil Patrick Harris, or Jeremy Irons.
Eliot's: 'pentecostal fire / In the dark time of the year' - Jeremy Irons' wonderful recording here
Why are Dominic West, Jeremy Irons and Sadie Frost cuddling an adorable pig?
The guy playing the business man looks like a very young version of Jeremy Irons.
Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Colin Firth, Jeremy Irons, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman. My fav people in one sentence.
Today we talk about HIGH RISE from director BEN WHEATLEY with Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons
Luke Evans, James Purefoy, Elizabeth Moss, Sienna Miller & Jeremy Irons are in HighRise too. Still no idea what's happening but it's pretty
Yeah he doesn't impress me at all. Still Luke Evans, Sienna Miller, late career Jeremy Irons, and Peggy Olsen.
I would totally get behind a live action Lion King if and only if James Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons return for it
Jeremy Irons in Brideshead Revisited was without a doubt the Adam Driver of 1981
Throw Viola Davis, Jeremy Irons and Jesse Eisenberg up in there and god ***
Jeremy Irons was Simba's bad uncle, now he's the ultimate Alfred for Bruce Wayne. . Always around kids whose parents got killed. . Mh.
thank you for loaning me Jeremy Irons. Patrick Stewart is my OWM crush. LOL
nope. Jeremy Irons gotta be Alfred though
Oh holy god stop what you are doing the truly menstrual Damage with Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche is on Netflix.
Some of the performances were cracking though. Reece Shearsmith underused. Jeremy Irons spot on.
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Jeremy Irons moves from the Man Of Steel to The Man Who Knew Infinity | Hull Daily Mail via
Alan Napier, Michael Caine and now Jeremy Irons all have done the faithful butler justice. He is the true hero of the Batman story.
spaceship earth's Jeremy Irons version on repeat.
John Malcovich in Dangerous Liasons, Jeremy Irons and Gary Oldman is anything, Heath Ledger as Joker Anthony Hopkins
He's RIGHT! Join the Pro Life Revolution and SPEAK UP for LIFE! Thank you Jeremy Irons.
oh also, of you have Jeremy Irons in your cast, GIVE HIM MORE LINES - and better ones! same goes for Laurence Fishbourne
And another thing, Jeremy Irons was wasted in this role, he was playing a sophisticated Buddy Hackett from the Love Bug.
I do not 'ship' but if I did it would be Jeremy Irons' hot Alfred with Diane Lane's hot Martha Kent.
Which also stars Jeremy Irons as Hardy. Who is in With Ben Affleck. Who wrote & starred in Good Will Hunting. Six degrees!
Jeremy Irons giving his son the old nod & a wink
We talk a lot about older actors not getting good roles. So let's talk about Jeremy Irons, can we?
Seriously, if you go & see can you explain the vertical leather back strap on Jeremy Irons' waistcoat? What is it for?
Tickets to see Jeremy Irons and Lesley Manville in Long Day's Journey Into Night at the Bristol Old Vic for only a fiver. Unbelievable.
Jeremy Irons fights a losing battle in this movie, but with dignity. So: yes, yes., yes.
Everytime I see Jeremy Irons name I mix it up with Michael Ironside so now I really want him to play Alfred for Batman
If Jeremy Irons is in Batman v Superman, than there is at least one reason to see the movie.
Movies huh, Highrise, now that's the only recent movie starring Jeremy Irons filmed in the Bangor swimming pool you need to see.
Ben Affleck *is" an older Bruce Wayne. Exactly how you'd imagine him to be. His Alfred, Jeremy Irons, equally so.
Hey would Dungeons & Dragons be more watchable with an all Wayans cast?And then also Jeremy Irons?
only reason I can think of to see BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is Jeremy Irons taking over from Caine as Alfred. Ot…
um Alfred as played by Jeremy Irons? yeah, kinda. 😜
I wonder if Jeremy Irons ever quietly laughs to himself when he is ironing
Jeremy Irons talks High-Rise and Batman v Superman in this week's
*Jeremy Irons purring voice* "We must make the necessary arrangements to facilitate the purchase of some Asian cuisine. 3 in 1? Absolutely."
Random thought: not only is Affleck now my favorite cinema Batman but I think Jeremy Irons might be my favorite Alfred
If BATMAN V. SUPERMAN doesn't end with them making out, or feature Cronenbergian sex between Holly Hunter and Jeremy Irons, I…
Jeremy irons was ruined for me. I read more Nabokov right before I found Bukowski.
well according Jeremy Irons he's more hands on with helping Batman than Michael Caine
Snapshot from the set: Jeremy Irons & director Zack Snyder with our IMAX camera.
Watch sing Beyonce's "Halo" live on radio as Jeremy Irons, Alex Jones, Paloma Faith watch in studio
In case you missed it here's the 'sweary' from Jeremy Irons on this morning. Well handled by ht…
Should ever give it up, I think Jeremy Irons might be a shoo-in for David Brent.
on stage, I've only seen Alan Howard and Jeremy Irons
Die Hard: With a Vengeance. No question. Samuel L Jackson and Jeremy Irons are in it.
You know you've watched The Lion King too often when you can tell where Jeremy Irons had to stop singing and Jim Cummings had to take over.
Jeremy Irons is a guest on the Leonard Lopate radio program on WNYC, on 18 February. The audio will soon be...
Investigating the NYC Rent Racket, Jeremy Irons on 'Race,' the 'Spotlight' Effect
Inspirational, Jeremy Irons reminds me so much of my late Dad
I loved the Brideshead with Jeremy Irons. Didn't care for other versions. Only found it a few years ago.
Q2. In citing the history of global crises, Jeremy Irons makes the "genetic fallacy"...
Jeremy Irons has a wish. Will you share it? Watch the full film at
*** .. I need a Gordon. Jeremy Irons as Alfred is inspired casting IMHO
Not because I relate the most to a sassy, *** lion that has a strong resemblance to Jeremy Irons, or anything...
Well, there goes another theory about that bites the dust, Jeremy Irons IS ALFRED. Fans should help with plots, seriously.
SO I just heard Jeremy Irons is Alfred Pennyworth in Batman vs Superman. I hope he won't be this bad...
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Well that's me booked for London in March hopefully get chance to meet Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, jeremy irons,...
Perfect brain bubblegum. Less painful than Die Hards (hammy Alan Rickman is a fave, Jeremy Irons in string singlet not so much).
Listen to Jeremy Irons read a poem on climate change ♫
Should not have seen the movies prior, though there are worse things than hearing Jeremy Irons narrating in my mind for hours at a time
Lionel Messi is probably the worst flat mate ever. Jeremy Irons on the other hand.
Whoa Jeremy Irons is Alfred in Batman vs. Superman 👀. ...maybe it'll be good?!
Everytime I see that one BvS teaser, the film grows on me more. Something about the way Jeremy Irons says, "You're going to go to wawh!"
If there's one thing haters know is true, it's that Jeremy Irons as Alfred is inspired casting.
Also I totally forgot that Jeremy Irons is playing Alfred in this movie until now...and...yikes this is still v unfortunate
But Ben Afleck is the god *** Batman. He and Jeremy Irons look like the only good things about
I don't care how dumb the idea of Batman vs. Superman is. Jeremy Irons is Alfred, and I love him
The most exciting thing about the new Batman film is Jeremy Irons as Alfred
Jeremy Irons is a great actor, but Michael Caine IS Alfred. He always will be. Such perfect casting.
Michael Caine in TDK trilogy reminded me of Alfred from BTAS, the age. Jeremy Irons' Alfred looks like he just retired from MI6.
Just saw a commercial for RACE, the Jesse Owens biopic. So, William Hurt and Jeremy Irons will get all the noms, right?
Not much on TV so I'm learning about the Hittites on Smithsonian Channel. Listening to Jeremy Irons narrate makes learning sexy...!
Jeremy Irons presents Steven Zaillian the Oscar for Adapted Screenplay for Schindler's List
Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich should make another movie together.
Tom Waits as Ben Folds while Jeremy Irons next to Hugo Weaving.
LOVE Jeremy Irons and Joseph too.but it's Michael Jackson...
Did anyone else wonder about a Simon & Hans Gruber terrorist team-up (if only to see Jeremy Irons + Alan Rickman)?
Jeremy Irons in the Bristol Old Vic Spring Season 2016 Brochure vía
Never watched Dead Ringers, call myself a Cronenberg fan? Sheesh! Anyway, the film is one of his best. Jeremy Irons is mesmerising.
No contest - best dual lead performance is Jeremy Irons as twin gynecologists in Cronenberg's Dead Ringers.
Think of what David Cronenberg did with Jeremy Irons in his masterpiece Dead Ringers.
A new old-fashioned Western on now. With Ed Harris, Jeremy Irons and Timothy Spall! YeeHiyah!!
Will you be retiring your Michael Caine impersonation for a Jeremy Irons?
This one does have Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans, both of whom chewed the scenery excellently.
Apparently I walked past Jeremy Irons on Hampstead Heath today without noticing. It saved us both from an embarrassing outburst.
One thing I like is how WB surrounded Gal Gadot with legendary actors: Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Danny Huston, R…
Fantastic behind the scenes footage from "The Correspondence", starring Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko, from...
YES that's really what made me think of it. I thought it was Jeremy Irons until I remembered it was Andy Serkis.
I have such a crush on Jeremy Irons.
Watching Dead Ringers. Jeremy irons and William hurt are two actors I need to watch more of
Everyone talks about Die Hard but what about Die Hard with a Vengeance. I mean, it has Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Irons.
A well-spent two minutes. Jeremy Irons has...
This movie, but with Jeremy Irons' ham level from D&D as the mad scientist.
Everything about Lolita is perfect, especially 1997 Jeremy Irons
New Batcave images from plus new interviews with Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons
Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. The one narrated by Jeremy irons.
Jeremy Irons reads 'The Naming of Cats', Radio 4 in Four - BBC Radio 4
Jamie Briggs bursts in on Brideshead Revisited set...starts punching on with Jeremy Irons
Wow just watched the last lions on Stunning camera work, what a story. Superb narration by Jeremy Irons
Mmmmuah as was I when you got My Jeremy Irons Scar ref. On Another Level Tim. Mmmmuah technology style.
how about Ralph doing an impression of Jeremy Irons as Alfred.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Reminder that one of the most critically acclaimed actors of all time: Jeremy Irons is playing Alfred Pennyworth.
There are no words to describe how beautiful Jeremy Irons' voice sounds, reading T.S. Eliot. Lovely piece:.
Have a listen. If only for Jeremy Irons' voice.
There's Jeremy Irons finally, looking like a slightly young Rod Stewart. He should do something about that mullet.
Sad times. Can't say I'm that fussed about them. I like the riddle stuff in the Jeremy Irons one...
I'm babysitting and they're watching a dreadful post-Twilight supernatural teen film but here Jeremy Irons and Viola Davis are in it
Chick from said: Jeremy Irons has 6 years old son with Japanese chick living in Nagasaki, they are planning to move to
I want to buy photo/print of Jeremy Irons & Anthony Andrews from Brideshead Revisited. Any other suggestions than eBay?
Fact. Lee Child wants Jeremy Irons to play him in the movie (not Tom Cruise) Mr Irons? via
Listen to celebrities from Jeremy Irons to Ruth Wilson reading poems on - great series
Jeremy Irons reading TS Elliot, Mary Berry and the radio premiere of Calendar Girls are among the highlights of BBC Radio this Christmas.
The best Pinter for me is the Betrayal film with Jeremy Irons, Ben Kingsley, Patricia Hodge.
Penthouse and Pavement: Tim Hayes reviews Ben Wheatley's "High Rise," with Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons.
Danny Kaye is better than Jeremy Irons or Tom Hardy. Best 'Twins with different personalities' film evs.
They already have people like David Thewlis, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Robin Wright, Will Smith, Leto, Affleck, Viola Davis + more gtg
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Listen to Be Prepared by Jeremy Irons, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin & Jim Cummings on
Today I played with Jeremy Irons' dog. That is a sentence I can now say
It's the best news I've seen in a long while; are bringing back Jeremy Irons reading Brideshead Revisited unabridged!
Jeremy Irons is Alfred . Viola Davis is Amanda . Chris Pine is Steve Trevor . Is this real life??
.and Jeremy Irons confirmed for London gala, November 3rd! Purchase tickets - htt…
Dead Ringer with Bette Davis or Dead Ringers with Jeremy Irons...or BOTH
Jeremy Irons, reportedly, attended a performance of the play "Ticking" at Trafalgar Studios in London, tonight.
I think Gene Wilder or Jeremy Irons... I mean Willy Wonka or Danny's dad.
original, and the third. Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons are kind f great at what they do. *** Olyphant in the 4th is good.
Jeremy Irons in the TG4 documentary on the making of “Langrishe, Go Down” with Judi Dench
No more ads with celebrities playing two different characters unless it's Jeremy Irons reprising his "Dead Ringers" roles.
watching last week's Only Connect. Picture round: Gordon Banks, Tom Waits, Britney Spears, Jeremy Irons. I got it on 2.
Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson join the cast of the movie.
Brendan Gleeson and Jeremy Irons joins the cast of Assassin's Creed -
Oh yeah, my first Crispin Glover, too! I promptly fell in love with Sean Penn. He was later displaced by Jeremy Irons.
Brendan Gleeson and Jeremy Irons have joined the movie
. Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson have joined the cast of Assassin's Creed. The pair will join...
Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson will also star in the Assassin’s Creed film
Jeremy Irons and Lesley Manville to star in anniversary play at Bristol Old Vic
According to Deadline, the new Alfred in Oscar winner Jeremy Irons and veteran...
Jeremy Irons and Zoe Wanamaker at opening night of Mr Foote's Other Leg -
Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss, Tom Hiddleston, and Jeremy Irons at the world premiere for at
Rowan Atkinson Live Pink tights and plenty of props Jeremy Irons couldnt make it by - via
aye, and Jeremy Irons, Ben Wishaw, 4 in total in season one, bout 10/12 hrs , well worth it, especially Henry V
Standing like an *** in front of Roy Thomson Hall before going to dinner. Will I see Jeremy Irons??
Photo: the-king-of-coney-island: blejz: Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews in Brideshead Revisited* 1981 ⊱✰⊰
I want to wish a happy healthy birthday to Jimmy Fallon, Jeremy Irons, David McCallum, Paul Williams, Adam West, Sanaa Lathan on 919/2015
HQ Stills of Jeremy Irons & Anna Chancellor in 'Never So Good' (2008) -...
Jeremy Irons & Isabella Rossellini were at London's Royal Festival Hall, on Sept. 6 2015 for
Photos from tonight at Southbank Centre of Isabella Rossellini and Jeremy Irons ...
Very touched by Isabella Rossellini and Jeremy Irons' lovely & fitting tribute to the beautiful Ingrid Bergman tonight
Isabella Rossellini and Jeremy Irons pay tribute to Ingrid Bergman.…
Profoundly moving evocation of Ingrid Bergman's life at RFestival Hall tonight with Isabella Rossellini and Jeremy Irons. Hit heart and mind
Isabella Rossellini & Jeremy Irons in a tribute to Ingrid Bergman. Her film Notorious is one of my…
Jeremy Irons and Isabella Rossellini at the Ingrid Bergman Tribute tonight at the Southbank Centre in London.
Isabella Rossellini's tribute to her mother's centenary was beautiful (Jeremy Irons was of course great too)
Great feature today on Jeremy Irons & the new documentary narrated by him - The Genius of George Boole.
pelvimetry earlier reminded me of a creepy david cronenberg movie. the one with jeremy irons playing twins AND ob-gyns. o.O
Wish I had the accent of Jeremy Irons and the singing voice of Josh Groban or Michael Buble
Jeremy Irons pictured in the upcoming film ‘High-Rise’.
Meanwhile, the photo of one 'mr rochester - who already bears two of jeremy irons, for one person. "PINTEREST SEEMS PRETTY HOT RIGHT NOW.
Congrats to Dramatisation of The Sea The Sea Jeremy Irons Fab as Arrowby And great support from a wonderful Cast
guiding me w/my directions? Talk about long overdue. Next I'd suggest: Morgan Freeman, Darth Vader and/or Jeremy Irons.
If you're gonna use I demand Jeremy Irons as Toland the Shattered
Jeremy Irons is good but NOT that shouty bloke orff the X Factor.
They were the 3 off the top of my head. I could add many more - Jeremy Irons?
Professor asks me, "why are y'all raised to think so highly of Texas?" Me -"Are there waffle irons in the shape of your…
2 new stills for feature Tom Hiddleston, Elisabeth Moss, and Jeremy Irons
Jeremy Irons peeks out as Anthony Royal in
The movie line that best sums up Roger "It wasn't brains that got me here, I can assure you of that." —Jeremy Irons, "Margin Call"
anyone notice that John Hammond looks like when he turns to the side & a bit like Jeremy Irons …
Is BBC weatherman John Hammond the love-child of Robbie Williams & Jeremy Irons? TELL US THE TRUTH
Gravesend: Actor Afolabi Alli hopes to join Daniel Day-Lewis and Jeremy Irons by treading the boards at the Br...
Jeremy Irons is a character Daniel Day Lewis practices now and then.
Adrian Lyne, Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain on the set of "Lolita" (1997)
Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain in The 1997 version of Lolita
Harrison Ford at his peak. The most beautiful man. Even beats my Jeremy Irons and young Bob Dylan addiction
Bianca Jagger, Jeremy Irons, Richard E Grant and Sinead Cusack at the Liberatum cultural honour gala…
I would like a really distinctive voice with lots of gravitas. Like Sean Connery, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons or Russell Crowe.
reserve judgement until finding out if Cecil was a James Earl Jones or a Jeremy Irons type of lion.
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Great people who may be at TIFF 2015! (1/2). Mark Ruffalo. Jake Gyllenhaal. Kate Winslet. Julianne Moore. Jeremy Irons. Johnny Depp. Emma Watson
it's all a wee bit violent for me so I've never watched any. There's that recent series with Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo Borgia.
shared audio space w/likes of David Tennant, Hugh Laurie, Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi;to be a fly in those halls
Dapper: Ricky Martin pulled out all the stops with a patterned silk scarf, while Jeremy Irons
Pheasant makes me think of Roald Dahl's story 'Danny the Champion of the World'. Also the reason for my crush on Jeremy Irons.
cheers mate :), it got an awesome cast Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Elizabeth Moss, James Purefoy, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller
Jeremy Irons and Ben Whishaw read 'Prufrock'. [via 'T S Eliot has been stol…
An hour-long video from Jeremy Irons's Masterclass has been added...
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