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Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt PC MP (born 1 November 1966) is a British Conservative Party politician who is the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport and the Member of Parliament for South West Surrey.

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These images show how quickly Jeremy Hunt has bankrupted healthcare in England.
It's Jeremy Hunt & the DoH, so you have your answer right there...
ALPHA1s Being left 2 die in UK, 5th richest nation?
As bad as winning High Court case against Junior Doctors contract Drs…
& Why was Retired nurse Paulette Robinson, dying from emphysema, put in a 'cupboard' at Royal Derby Hospital?
"I hunt quail, Jeremy. They're overpopulated in this region and they're decimating the grubworm population. You got…
When so many nurses say NHS is in crisis, Jeremy Hunt must take notice.
Medical cannabis needs 2b in Chemists 2heal D sick not just LA Holland & Colorado u can IT make a killing !!
How much does does Jeremy Hunt earn? Yet he begrudges a paltry increase in his tax to support our NHS. Who benefits from low taxation?
didn't you once say "our aim should be denationalising the NHS" ?. .
EU nationals registering as nurses in England has dropped by 92% since Brexit referendum!
EU nurses NHS: I'd say 70% of team that healed my girl's badly broken arm are 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen. immigrants. Take note!
Truth be told would be long gone if he wasn't delivering exactly what the government planned for NHS...
Thru Scot Pat safety prog-mortality, MRSA & C.Diff at lowest level ever. If wants to know how - listen to th…
Fantastic support by Redbridge residents to oppose closure of King George A&E. Hope you're listening Jeremy Hunt.
Shona Robison says "it's time Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May got on with the day job" instead of focusing on Brexit.
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As George Osborne is announced as new Editor of the Evening Standard, Jeremy Hunt announces he shall edit the BMJ.
You talk about But this email was sent by a hospital TODAY. This is not OK! 😡
hello Dr Dan! Isn't it because Jeremy Hunt has demonized and eroded doctors stature in the NHS and society ?
Jeremy Hunt teabagged a Dachshund at the Bullingdon club
.The idea of nursing as a vocation or calling is often used to justify why nurses have to accept low wages/po…
Soon we hope to welcome to a local meeting like this where he finally announces he will https…
An open letter to Jeremy Hunt from a whistleblower
Last year there were 1,000 more unexpected deaths in mental health trusts. Just asked how he can allow this…
The cynical reforms pursued by yourself and predecessor Andrew Lansley have killed more patients than Harold Shipman.
Hi just been answering survey questions on how much I might pay to see a NOT trying to privatise pri…
Very strong speech from setting out the positive choices SNP have made to support + improve NHS -so differen…
Scientists say the average boob weighs 1.5kg, but can't work out the average weight of a *** So could someone put Jeremy Hunt on the scales
Hear this Jeremy Hunt & Theresa May. Your CUTS are hurting OUR Please RT.
So the £4K nursing bursary has been scrapped, and instead we pay £5k to recruit from overseas - Jeremy Hunt makes absolutely…
Poster boy for evidence-based policy? UK trust in a tad hire than for Jeremy Hunt! .
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Gail Adams (unison) challenges Jeremy Hunt re staff pay vs savings on agency spend
the BMA has accused Jeremy Hunt of being a game yourself, definitely. What sort of 8-bit RPG roguelike centred around Fray Bentos
Here is Jeremy Hunt pretending to be Jack Nocholson for posh family game of charades- Here's Jeremy, he's mucho loco🙃
'It’s clear in the manifesto!' BBC host slams Jeremy Hunt over Budget tax increases
Find someone who looks at you the way Jeremy Hunt looks at Philip Hammond ❤️
Surrey is the home county of Chancellor Philip Hammond and Jeremy Hunt. Coincidence...🤔
Jeremy Hunt = Simon Stevens an unelected public servant be warned! What he receives here is what he doing!
Surrey MPs include: Philip Hammond, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Chris Grayling, and Kwasi Kwarteng. Rotten to the core Tory.
Please sort his out Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health.
Very interesting to hear Dr Gill's take on "Jeremy Hunt-the distraction" and the dangers of Simon Stevens (United H…
What are the Department of Health & the DWP up to in their joint Green Paper? (Hint: Jeremy Hunt thinks its great)
Yes Theresa May , Jeremy Hunt, Boris Johnston & Trump keep your hands off it was set up for the people of GREAT BRI…
Jeremy Hunt says the NHS crisis is "unacceptable". Guess what.if Sarah Wollaston was Health Sec, maybe the crisis would be eased a bit!
Jeremy Hunt just now says the NHS Crisis is 'unacceptable'. We agree Jeremy. You are the longest serving Health Sec. it's y…
Jeremy Hunt on state of NHS 'completely unacceptable.' But its happening on his watch, he's responsible. Just hollow words…
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Jeremy Hunt says the NHS Crisis is "unacceptable"
Dear you as health secretary since 2012 have of course no responsibility in the appalling emergency care crisis, right?.
Well I certainly hope reads this and considers how he responds to the public and stops the willful bli…
Yes, I agree with you , your ineptitude running the IS unacceptable BBC News - NHS Health Check
Jeremy Hunt (sic) has been the Heath Secretary for five years.
# health secretary says there are no excuses for worst A&E waiting since records began. Things must change
NHS problems 'unacceptable', and its because of you Take responsibility for your actions.
'Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he did not expect the UK to remain within the EMA'. RT
Jeremy Hunt should hang for starving NHS of cash
Jeremy Hunt's response to 13-hour NHS wait. A man floundering, out of his depth, inept and with no idea what to do.
I think you meant 'magic bullet' on the news. Silver bullets are for killing werewolves.
Im sick of it. Jeremy Hunt thinks you & I are stupid. That they can state there is "no silver bullet" to waiting times whil…
As an older person I don't think the NHS solution is a either!
Today's claim that rise in deaths is down to better reporting is low even for you
"A&E in England had worst delays ever in January, leak suggests". And May reappointed Jeremy Hunt as Health Sec ... https:/…
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Why the *** is being interviewd by in a clinical setting, as though he's an expert in his working environment?🤡
don't agree with violence but would happily slap u round the face with a cricket bat so u can wait 13hrs in A&E!
The NHS is not on its knees because of refugees or immigrants, but because of Jeremy Hunt et al
By every criterion the NHS is on life support. Jeremy Hunt is doing a great job: killing our Health Service to priv…
Same lame excuses from Jeremy Hunt - it's time for him to go
Jeremy Hunt trotting out the same old crap on BBC Breakfast re NHS. Get a grip man the NHS is in a mess. More funding needed.
Jeremy're the reason there are 36 hr waits. You're unacceptable
Don't you dare blame the public Lack of GP access, lack of social care. That's the problem. NOT the people we serve!
giving airtime to Jeremy Hunt to spout misinformation. It takes most people days to get a GP appointment. Fix that and relieve A&E!
Jeremy Hunt talking about a silver bullet to solve hospital overcrowding due to the ageing population?
Health Check: says NHS problems 'unacceptable' | nothing to do with him then?
Same lame 'it's not my fault' excuses from Jeremy Hunt - it's time to go, you are the problem
is one of the main problems in the NHS.
Not sure how appropriate it is for Jeremy Hunt to talk about a silver bullet for the ageing population...
Turns the Tv on, Jeremy Hunt,. "We have a plan for the NHS". 😡 yeah your going to sell it !. ( & AGAIN the Beeb fail to mention underfunding 👎)
As your plans over the last 5 years have increased pressure on the NHS, how are the new plans different https…
just on BBC to blink a bit about the still peddling the Tory line. Here's the truth:
saying he's in the job because he wants the NHS to be the best in the world. His action show otherwise. T*at!
why does BBC allow be given lots of airtime to spread & avoid explaining his NHS MESS ?
"Here is the news. The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has...". **PRAYS FOR RESIGNED**. "..acknowledged long waits in the…
Jeremy Hunt has a smirk on his face that I want to wipe out with a shovel 😷😠☻
STOP saying "Silver Bullet". Just do your job or give yourself a silver bullet - we are sick of you dodging the bullet of truth!
- it's like talking to a brick wall. Have you no conscience, no shame ?!
Hunt's own adviser: "You can't continue on a war basis forever". So what are you going to do about it, htt…
Bit disturbed by Jeremy Hunt mentioning "silver bullets" when discussing ageing populations and the NHS on the telly this morning.
Always a joy to hear Jeremy Hunt citing the "ageing population" as a "challenge" (pain in the neck)
How can you sort out chronic underfunding and no beds
Does Jeremy Hunt actually believe his own spin or is he a consummate liar?
No but the country would be if Jeremy Hunt stood down
When you say there’s new money for NHS is has to be that. “Efficiency” savings & rearranging deckchairs isn’t new money!
7.30 in the morning, Jeremy hunt with his sleeves rolled up. We're all in this together with the NHS, too early for utter *** sack him
broadcasting Jeremy Hunt lies with straightface
On now saying no silver bullet to solve problems How about some cold hard cash NOW?
Typical diversionary tactics. The BBC who wouldn't report on the NHS being sold off, says it's bad!
So states long waits in NHSEng are 'unacceptable'.-like it's someone else's fault! Dec-EDs A&E 4hr NHSE 79.…
You do not know what you are doing. You are a fraud. You are not doing what you can. Liar...
Jeremy Hunt now looks like a frightened child not knowing which way to turn and totally out of his depth!
What’s unacceptable about NHS problems is failure of to invest properly. Robbing Peter to pay Paul not helping!
Jeremy Hunt should hang his head in shame for starving NHS of cash .
Sheer genius by Jeremy Hunt. The NHS is crumbling around us and he manages to get the top BBC story tobe those pesky Foreig…
Dr Meirion Thomas: Upfront charges for NHS overseas patients won’t work as well as Jeremy Hunt thinks
Jeremy Hunt has promised to get serious about health tourism before. Is he serious this time, asks J.Meirion Thomas
Jeremy Hunt urged to ban GP fees for 'immoral' domestic violence letters
Jeremy Hunt urged to ban GP fees for domestic violence letters
Oompf.. Jeremy Hunt unveils his visit to USA to build closer relationship with US Private Health Firms & UK health https:…
Jeremy Hunt still doesn't seem to have grasped the scale of the crisis as intensive care 'at its limits'
Big Brother UK Style - Jeremy Hunt has been caught getting the NHS to spy on patients for the government
Jeremy Hunt admits Brexit could mean the end of free medical treatment for travellers to the EU…
Brexit and health: Jeremy Hunt replies to Chair - News from Parliament - UK Parliament
Parliament news: Jeremy Hunt questioned on impact of Brexit on healthcare, Health Committee questions Secretary of…
Jeremy Hunt appearing before Health Select Committee to give evidence on Brexit & health & social care
Commons Health Select Committee to quiz Jeremy Hunt over what Brexit means for the NHS, follow it live: via
Jeremy Hunt to be questioned on impact of on 2:30pm today
there was a Jeremy Hunt one I think too? That has a hunting horn sound effect 😂
GP campaign group demands resignation of Jeremy Hunt | GPonline
earns £15m whilst he hacks NHS to pieces and everyone goes "oh"
BBC News - Hunt makes millions from sale of Hotcourses NOW READ THIS
thanks for this! Yes 2012 info~but answers my query 'Why's still in post?' Incredible!
Waste in the NHS that can be managed, Show British Passport or pay up, you are not short of money just…
Jeremy Hunt, . Ask not what your doctors can do for you, but what you can do for your doctors.
Hunt earns millions from sale of Hotcourses: Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt becomes one of the UK'..
So cash-rich Jeremy Hunt sorted for his (private) healthcare, unlike those relying on an NHS that's unravelling on his watch.
UK taxpayers pay £350,000 for 1 Nigerian health tourist.NHS will collapse if this goes on,charge immigrants/tourists h…
Calls for Jeremy Hunt to hand some of his £15m windfall to health charities.
BBC(!) reports what Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt are hiding. Now let's see them resign via
Mirror front page going after Jeremy Hunt after Hunt's business deals were exposed by investigative journalists today. https…
Perhaps Jeremy Hunt is just on a personal mission to forever become a part of Cockney Rhyming Slang...
Rich Jeremy Hunt rubs it in as the NHS is starved of cash while he rakes it in
What the right really mean when they say there's no money for e.g. is they despise notion of common good
Has been overseas during Dec NHS crisis - on non NHS business.
Jeremy Hunt.probably not looking any NHS workers in the eye any time soon.
and made Jeremy Hunt very rich I believe.
Jeremy Hunt's not worried what the NHS can do for him. His £14million windfall gives him a 'vested disinterest'!
OUTRAGEOUS! i simply cannot put into words, what i feel about that vile creature. RESIGNE NOW! 👎
Congratulations on your £14m cash-in, May I suggest you use it to buy a ticket to Mars from your mate
Did Jeremy Hunt negotiate the £35million sale of his business during the collapse of our NHS? Is that a question voters des…
Evening Does this help give you any idea as to why our health service can no longer cope? You should be a…
Enjoy Jeremy: . That'll buy you a pile of BUPA Care: . Hunt's £15million payday as he cuts crisis-hit NHS to the bone . htt…
Jeremy Hunt in line for £14.5m windfall over Hotcourses sale
Jeremy Hunt HIMSELF does not even know a GP is always available at weekends. Dial 111 - if you are ill you will be seen. COME ON!
Most in Bananabelieve there is no money for yet [siphoning] proves otherwise
Jeremy Hunt would be proud of this table as It shows he is doing such a good job! We have more doctors than Uzbekistan! http…
If he took the and built it up that surely being a good businessman? or am I missing something?
Jeremy Hunt to get £14m from sale of stake in Hotcourses. He'll use ££ 'AFTER HE LEAVES POLITICS'. . No. could it be? He'…
Ah, now we know why he missed all those important NHS meetings. He clearly had more important things to organise. http…
We paid at least £101k while he went AWOL to sell business for £35m htt…
Oh look, it's Jeremy Hunt's office number.
Jeremy Hunt 'proud' as he nets £14.4m from business sale amid NHS crisis
ICYMI here's my piece on what it was like earning £14k a year to make Jeremy Hunt £14m.
Trying to get an appointment with MP Jeremy Hunt, no weekend appointments available either :
All purpose parts banner
I've written to Jeremy Hunt demanding that he gives the NHS the proper funding it needs to overcome this winter crisis.
At least Jeremy Hunt will be more than just about managing
Superb analysis of root causes of the Theresa May & Jeremy Hunt deny, from
"Jeremy Hunt is doing a good job as Health Secretary":. Agree: 12%. Disagree: 53%. (via ComRes / 11 - 13 Jan)
Why is Jeremy Hunt still in his job? Frank Spencer could do a better job than him!
Dennis Skinner's response when Jeremy Hunt fired his advisers instead of doing the honourable thing and offering his own re…
Jeremy Hunt will be pushed in labour debate on NHS later but real action might come when NHS boss Simon Stevens appears befo…
John Humphries you are a disgrace. Jeremy Hunt having the easiest ride of his life on
If only Jeremy Hunt had been given as hard a time y/day by John Humphries as Jeremy Corbyn has been on Hunt is…
Today the meeting will take place with Jeremy Hunt to discuss the future of local A&E provision. Mark Pritchard...
Jeremy Hunt 'living proof' human body can survive with no brain, doctors say
Piers Morgan accuses Jeremy Hunt of letting NHS return to the 'dark ages' via
Before the UK joined the EU it was called 'the sick man of Europe'. . Jeremy Hunt & Theresa May have brought us full c…
Jeremy Hunt accused of watering down flagship A&E target to treat all patients within four hours…
.says 4 hour A&E target only meant for urgent cases. This is what clinicians have been saying: Needs to be clinical…
please help- lost his dog and ate it. Please provide 24 hour NHS to stop dogs dying
Presumably hiding in a bunker with Jeremy Hunt. Impossible for me to have a lower opinion of this vile, useless gov…
Jeremy Hunt accused of watering down vital NHS target
Jeremy Hunt on saying "vast majority" of hospitals coping better this year. Which hospitals has he been visiting?…
Piers Morgan HUMILIATES Jeremy Hunt in explosive NHS row: 'Nurses don’t want your thanks!’
Jeremy Hunt is blaming sick people for going to see a doctor
Very ungracious of Jeremy Hunt to refuse to congratulate Welsh NHS staff at Royal Glam for their great work in A&E and ac…
How can get away on saying that the is only happening in one or two of hospitals!! I despair…
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt 'out of touch with scale of A&E problems'
Hospital is on BBC Two at 9pm on Wednesday.
Im confused. Jeremy Hunt claims 30% A&E attendees inappropriate, should go to GP. Then says he'll 'release' GPs to help i…
Would the health secretary be happy to send his family to any NHS hospital? Jeremy Hunt gives a telling answer
Dear - pressure on A&E depts and hospital beds wouldn't be so critical if you hadn't cut and closed so many…
Do us all a favour Jon Snow, and rip that badge off Jeremy Hunt's lapel, it's a gross insult he wears at times of such…
Hunt resurfaces. Immediately sinks. Jeremy Hunt was just torn to shreds, but not by who you'd expect.
Senior A&E doctor declares working in NHS emergency medicine *** you in and spits you out'
Jeremy Hunt sets out the measures to relieve 'distressed' A&Es
I've been asking to debate with me or another junior doc on for over a year. Still hoping he'…
Health Sec Jeremy Hunt wants an "honest discussion with the public about the purpose of A&E departments" https…
Jeremy Hunt completely out of touch with NHS. Complacent and fiddling while health service burns. Country needs action NOW…
Jeremy Hunt, who took his own child to A&E because he cldn't get to see a GP, now says WE musn't! Do as I say .
Another of Jeremy's lies. His nose must reach from London to Brighton.
Government using money for children's mental health to plug NHS gaps
Is this hospital number 1 or number 2 ?
Here's one of them. Hunt has absolutely no credibility.
So response to the non Blame patients, restrict access to A&Es and scrap the 4 hour target fo…
if you agree. This crisis only exists because this government is crippling NHS funding. Jeremy Hunt must go and May mu…
300 people a minute are demanding Theresa May & Jeremy Hunt properly fund the NHS. Add your name to the petition:
DEATH POLL. Between destroying the NHS in England. & when was using the to kill folk. Who…
Jeremy Hunt. Once again in the news for being a total bellend.
"Chronic under resourcing mean that A&E can't stick to a 4 hour target. What is your solution?". Jeremy Hunt "I am getti…
WATCH: SHAME Jeremy Hunt in explosive NHS row: 'Doctors don't want your thanks!' ht…
GPs across England delighted to finally have something to do as Jeremy Hunt says he will 'release' them to help in A&E
Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt: One is rewarded and in private healthcare, the other held in contempt by NHS staff.
Dear "Jeremy Hunt", we won't let you do this to our patients. All who care about their health meet Thursday DoH 6pm. http…
How does Jeremy Hunt think that loosening targets will in any way improve patient care or reduce deaths or suffering?
Great but why restrict new qualified? They already have already been 'on the job' for three years as students for degree course
1 in 3 Trusts unable to offer full care, patient safety compromised, staff working flat out yet says it's…
The NHS faced a real crisis over Christmas. . While the Red Cross was drafted in, did Jeremy Hunt bother to visit any of our h…
So after the failed we now have pledging to by scrapping 4 hour t…
Hard to listen to Jeremy Hunt waxing lyrical about how much he cares about mental health when there are 5,309 fewer Mental…
Wow, this is worth reading. Jeremy Hunt totally floored by good questions & unable to put up any defence.
Patients need 'good alternative options' to A&E says Jeremy Hunt - such as waiting 2-3 weeks to see a GP?
Jeremy Hunt forgetting to mention Labour under enrolled 85,000 more nurses and 32,000 more doctors. Must have slippe…
Jeremy Hunt now says commitment to see A&E patients within 4 hrs only applies to urgent cases. If you're missing the target, m…
Mr Hunt's been awfully critical today of 'inappropriate' patients in A&E. But before blaming others, remember this? . htt…
Leveson Inquiry: 'I did not hide behind a tree', says Jeremy Hunt. Let's not forget the lying
'We heard nothing in the Health Secretary’s statement which patients and NHS staff will take comfort from'
Jeremy Hunt's response to the winter crisis appears to be to blame the patients,restrict access to a&e and disregard the…
Erm, we've seen Corbyn today! It's the Tories in government! Should be asking where is Theresa May or Jeremy Hunt?…
Jeremy Hunt on hearing the Red Cross have declared a humanitarian crisis in the NHS.
Jeremy Hunt knows another organisation with a red logo is lining up behind the Red Cross to "help" our NHS. htt…
Where is Jeremy Hunt? Patients are dying after long waits in hospital corridors yet he seems to have vanished
NHS England is in crisis and has approached the British Red Cross for help. Do you think Jeremy Hunt should resign/be s…
Lets hope that we never find him. Jeremy Hunt accused of ‘hiding’ as Red Cross declares ‘humanitarian crisis’
£5 says Jeremy Hunt's flunkies (paid for by us) are besieging Charity Commission boss (Eton, a charity) re the Red Cross charitable status.
It is nothing short of shaming that UK forced to rely on humanitarian aid for our health care. . How can Jeremy Hunt possibl…
What did Jeremy Hunt say about this? director Peter Lewis jailed over corrupt hospital contract
Jeremy Hunt's "truly seven-day NHS". Emergency only, seven days a week. What an utter omnishambles.
Jeremy Hunt must slam himself for cancelling ops at Xmas over bed shortages when the Health Sec attacked striking docs f…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeremy Hunt furious at Pfizer leeching money out of the NHS as that's his job.
This is so close to the mark. Jeremy Hunt could star in a Christmas Carol.
Our children's lives are now at risk. Theresa May & Jeremy Hunt, you are responsible for this. Stop killing our NHS.
Jeremy Hunt shrugs off pleas for cash while doctors are stressed and overworked
Jeremy Hunt thinks Silicon Valley can wave a magic wand and stop kids sexting. .
Jeremy Hunt & Theresa May scolded by watchdog over NHS funding claims. Let's have no more of the £10billion fiction https…
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt calls on social media companies to help stop teens from sexting
Nursing is going back in time we should be using evidence to design our workforce not just cut costs at expense of patients.
Jeremy Hunt says child mental health services are NHS's biggest failing. No, they are just another one of yours.
and I thought Jeremy Hunt said he valued NHS front line staff. "They do a tremendous job"
Wow this country is SUCH a dump. Talk about censorship and data collection both being irreversibly out of control. .
Jeremy Hunt slammed for raiding NHS repair funds as hospitals crumble
Jeremy Hunt calls for companies to block explicit messages being sent by under-18s . .
Jeremy Hunt apparently wants mobile providers to do their part to stop kids "sexting". Presumably by invading everyone's pri…
Apparently is concerned about teenage 'sexting' shouldn't he b more concerned about what's he's doing to our
Like banning something EVER stopped under-18s from doing *anything*! Total waste of time and effort!.
I ask myself: when did reality and uk gov start to diverge (esp wrt tech) .
This is definitely a good use of everyone's time and would be 💯 % workable and enforceable and everything's great. http…
Hey your mate wants to put snoops inside people’s phones (“won’t someone think about the children?”)
perhaps instead we could educate society and generations to come that no-one need send explicit pictures over the Internet. 1/2
Block children from sending sex images on Jeremy Hunt sa... social+media
Someone doesnt understand how technology or the internet works. Jeremy Hunt proposes ban on sexting for under-18s
Block children from seeing Jeremy Hunt on social media.
Dear ..- you choosing to cut services is placing patients at risk. .
.~ I received yr email. But, again you peddle the lie that u r giving the £10bn - u are not. Expect another…
Block children from sending sex images on social media, Jeremy Hunt says -
Tory wet Stephen Dorrell has a go at Thatcherites Philip Hammond and Jeremy Hunt.
Jeremy Hunt has destroyed GP services. 500% hike in unfilled GP posts. 1126 fewer GP surgeries. 6% fall in GP to Patient rat…
Jackie Smith quoted from Jeremy is his fault that the NMC Legislations have not been changed...changes prom…
If Sam Fox married Jeremy Hunt, would she be Sam Fox-Hunt?
Tess Daley is the Jeremy Hunt of television. Nobody likes them, they're terrible at their jobs and yet they inexplicably…
Jeremy Hunt teabagged a crocodile at the Bullingdon club
James Lyons, Deputy Political Editor Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had pledged to make the issue his No 1...
I agree you can't say "everything is tickety boo" with the NHS winter pressures but you neglect to mention WH…
the second the report clearing her came out I was googling "jeremy jamm witch hunt gif"
Extra funds are to be pumped into the NHS to help hospitals tackle the superbug crisis
A significant moment in today's interview with Jeremy Hunt, pretty much missed by everyone apart from
Jeremy Hunt shoved a cucumber up a deer in a gimp mask
Jeremy Hunt: forcing May to reveal Brexit plan would damage economy
FAILS to rule out snap election if Parliament blocks Article 50
Farage backs street protests, Jeremy Hunt backs Daily Mail headline on judges - Britain's lurch to the right grow…
Jeremy Hunt on "independence of the judiciary is the bedrock of our democracy."
Funny how sings the praises of NHS staff on - after a year of bullying doctors & nurses on the front line…
point on that MPs lie to public was endorsed by as he continues his plan re
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says General Election is the "last thing voters want" Perhaps he means the "last thing the…
Great slap down to by Jeremy Hunt: "I was a Remainer until June 23 and after that I became a democrat."
Jeremy Hunt, if you cared about NHS staff, you wouldn't remove the nurses bursary and vilify junior doctors.
Theresa May will call a general election if Brexit stalls, Jeremy Hunt hints
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt should resign and probably be put on trial.
just watched Tom Blenkinsop hold Jeremy Hunt to account on the state of the NHS figures.
Guess what? Jeremy Hunt's OWN local NHS trust is facing a cash crisis. So is Theresa May's. And most of the Cabinet. https:…
Time for Jeremy Hunt to wake up & act decisively on CCG incompetence & arrogance!
Feel like the fourth letter in the chain confirms that Jeremy Hunt and I are penpals
Jeremy Hunt now has to threaten doctors to keep them in the country
..responds to Jeremy Hunt: We must address reasons junior doctors are leaving
Conservative Party Conference 2016 recap: Jeremy Hunt tells junior doctors to 'call off the strikes for good' -
We'll replace foreign doctors with UK talent after Brexit, says Hunt - This man lives in a dangerous fantasy...
.says in Daily Mail today that he is imposing contract. In court he said he definitely isn't. Which is true?…
Oh do bog off, Jeremy, us 'homegrown' doctors need all the help we can get .
We can replace foreign with Or try paying doctors instead of undermining   10% Off
Good morning planet earth, quick question. How does the Minister for Health sleep at night?
Sounds like Jeremy Hunt heard my speech at conf. on lack of medical training in UK.
free market; sane could be said for U.K. Drs deserting NHS
Jeremy Hunt interview with Daily Mail: Nice idea but on his watch HEEs budget has been cut. Will…
Great Repeal Act: calls for repeal of EU ecig regs + snus ban. Letter to Jeremy Hunt >
U have & continue to alienate doctors of all nationalities! 1/2
Jeremy Hunt wants fewer foreign doctors after Brexit via
Says man who's shown huge disrespect to from government that's slashed pay.
Mr Hunt, the NHS is so lucky to have every one of my wonderful EU doctor colleagues. And YOU are driving us away 🇪🇺😔 htt…
Jeremy Hunt's claim that 43% of doctors are at work questioned after it's revealed his figures include the cast of Holby…
What told Mr Justice Green in the High Court, vs what he said in the House of Commons about
It turns out the junior doctors actually won the court battle against Jeremy Hunt via
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