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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (born 26 May 1949) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 1983.

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meteoric rise of Jeremy Corbyn & Ruth Davidson will see SNP vote collapse if another general election this year.No indyref2
Jeremy Corbyn at 'the elite got it wrong'
Er where's Jeremy Corbyn? Is he ill ? I am confused as it's 'support our armed forces day'. U know the poor buggers who defend us
BBC Jeremy Corbyn to speak at Glastonbury music festival NO not at Armed forces day,. Young votes more important
Theresa May at Armed Forces Day and Jeremy Corbyn looking confused in a field.
Jeremy Corbyn arrives at He's introducing Run the Jewels onto the Pyramid Stage at 4pm
Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury: Labour leader gives rousing speech before Run The Jewels set - The times they are a...
Run the Jewels x Jeremy Corbyn is my OTP
Came to the Pyramid Stage today to see Jeremy Corbyn. Stayed for Run The Jewels. Did not regret it!
rocking the Pyramid Stage. 🎶 Ooh Jeremy Corbyn. Ooh Jeremy Corbyn 🎶. Its the anthem of hope. Sing it htt…
Pyramid Stage was as full as I've seen it (Beyoncé levels of full) for Jeremy Corbyn, who got quite the reception
Jeremy Corbyn just gave a rousing speech at Glastonbury
Jeremy Corbyn's message for Donald Trump as he receives rock star welcome on Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage
This was last night: Jeremy Corbyn takes the Pyramid Stage at 4pm.
festival-goers chant "oh Jeremy Corbyn" as he arrives on The Pyramid Stage
Jeremy Corbyn draws 'biggest Glastonbury crowds in years' for rousing speech
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
*** ! ! ! Jeremy Corbyn now viewed as more capable Prime Minister than Theresa May' | via FFS
Jeremy Corbyn will look to 'force an early general election' as poll gives him lead for the first time.
Behave yerselves. This is what following Jeremy Corbyn does to you - all this grime malarkey. Stormzy? Blud? My God…
Jeremy Corbyn overtakes Theresa May for first time in poll as Labour leader becomes favourite for - Evening Standard
People want Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. It's about time Theresa May resigns and allows labour to govern for the many not…
Jeremy Corbyn polls better than Theresa May on Prime Minister suitability
EXC YouGov/Times POLL: Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa May for the 1st time as voters' choice for who would make th…
Jeremy Corbyn didn’t bow to the Queen at state opening of Parliament (VIDEO) -
Jeremy Corbyn supporters are making a grave mistake. He is a brexiter at heart and a disaster for Britain politically.
Jeremy Corbyn's son is to stand in safe Labour seat in the election- because 1 crazy Corbyn isn't enough
Labour MPs demand Jeremy Corbyn fights to stay in single market in new party split
Finally, the lip readers reveal what was really said between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May.
baby boomers when they hear about Jeremy Corbyn refusing to bow for the queen
Guess what? was RIGHT not to bow for the Queen today. Theresa May was the one who blundered.
Certain hard right media outlets seized on Jeremy Corbyn for not bowing today, however he followed correct protocol👍 http…
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Jeremy Corbyn has begun to look surprisingly prime-ministerial
Could Jeremy Corbyn be just days from power?
Jeremy Corbyn is snubbing Britain's hard working troops to preach to Glastonbury festival goers inst...
Not the same Boris Johnson who, less than two months ago, called Jeremy Corbyn a "mutton-headed mugwump"?
"We're ready to form a govt if this govt collapses - we have a clear program" : Jeremy Corbyn
Did the queen forget to bow to Jeremy Corbyn?
Jeremy Corbyn absolutely hammered the Tories after the Queen's speech. The look on their faces was priceless [VIDEO]. htt…
Corbyn loves Iranian mullahs and Republicans more than the monarchy:
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn just had a very long, awkward walk together
Jeremy Corbyn absolutely hammered the Tories after the Queen’s speech. [VIDEO] via
Did the queen forget to bow before Jeremy Corbyn?
Jeremy Corbyn gives a cheeky wink after failing to bow to HM Queen at the State Opening of Parliament
Maybe it's time that MPs are reminded that when they jeer Jeremy Corbyn, they are…
Jeremy Corbyn complains about underfunding of the police. The same Jeremy Corbyn who supported the IRA while it was kill…
Jeremy Corbyn's economic adviser on why he supports Scottish independence. One for this morning:
Breast Cancer Awareness
People queueing at Glastonbury start chanting 'Jeremy Corbyn'
"My Government will limp on, trying to save the nation from the calamity that would be Jeremy Corbyn"
Jeremy Corbyn is currently tearing the Tories' disastrously failed agenda to shreds. The looks on Tory faces alone makes i…
Um... Idc what y'all wanna say, those flats would've never been purchased for survivors if it wasn't for Jeremy Corbyn's pres…
TheEconomist: The biggest winner from Britain’s turmoil is Jeremy Corbyn
Theresa May shakes her head as Jeremy Corbyn talks about Conservative policies left out of the
Jeremy Corbyn did not bow to Queen - but he wasn't meant to and it was Theresa May who breached convention
Jeremy Corbyn refusing to bow respectfully to the Queen during her address this morning. Zero class.
Jeremy Corbyn is no longer the leader of the opposition – he has become the People’s Prime Minister
Very happy to take back my criticism: Corbyn observed correct protocol
Today was one of Jeremy Corbyn's best performances as leader of the Labour Party. He nationalised her ***
Austerity and inequality are choices, they are not necessities; they are not unfortunate outcomes . - Jeremy Corbyn
Unelected Labour & Lib Dem peers 'to plunge Brexit into CHAOS by ignoring protocol'
Attempt to manufacture another head bowing-related scandal to distract from Tory calamity falls flat on its face.
Broadcasters gave just 1.5% of airtime during the election, compared to 4.8% for UKIP.
mistake from the BBC here as they call Jeremy Corbyn "Leader of the Opposition" instead of "Prime Minister"
They say he's anti-semitic and anti-Israel but good on Jeremy Corbyn for appointing as Shadow Defence Sec the late…
I was wrong about Jeremy Corbyn - he's shown unusual skill in capitalising off the deaths of sleeping children recently. Mea Culpa, Momentum
Jeremy Corbyn, Dennis Skinner, Harry Leslie Smith, Owen Jones, Emily Thornberry and Paul Mason are like my political dream team
Pat McFadden and Toby Perkins both come out batting for Jeremy Corbyn today - how times change
Jeremy Corbyn is a left wing George Bush Jr.
whatever happens, one thing is clear: the Georgia special-election was a huge win for Jeremy Corbyn
Teresa May makes bad decisions & Jeremy Corbyn who seemed timid is a vile Monster of Epic proportion with cunning devious associates
Theresa May heckled, Jeremy Corbyn cheered when leaving
Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have a Queens speech ready to go. Why is Theresa May and her Conservative party such…
Jeremy Corbyn has consolidated a bourgeois capture of the Labour Party begun by Tony Blair, writes
So with this in mind, Jeremy Corbyn supporters are the true modernisers: adapting the Labour Party to a post financial crisis…
Richard don't you know Jeremy Corbyn, Islam and Labour are above criticism?…
Read what Jeremy Corbyn is sayin about the incident in Finsbury. His heart is broken. wish he gave same feelings to our children.
if you agree Jeremy Corbyn should promise to nationalize all Trump hotels/resorts in the UK and turn them into affordable s…
UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he's "totally shocked" and has been in touch with police and mosques re. the
Jeremy Corbyn 'disappointed' over Eagle leadership bid - BBC News -
There's a genuine agenda against homelessness & Jeremy Corbyn in this country, resulting from right wing propaganda…
Corbyn calls on supporters to 'occupy' empty homes to help victims of tragedy vi…
Jeremy Corbyn says he is shocked by 'awful' Finsbury Park incident
So Labour lose but demand the winner steps down and lets the loser form a govt. No respect for democracy.
In the euphoria many forget how much he really supported the dirty, war on Thanks
Ian Murray, who campaigned for Theresa May to be PM, raging at not being offered a job in Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet.…
Thinking it's time to give people like Sanders Jeremy Corbyn and Shorten a try .. The other mob isn't working it's Awful…
Anyone who doesn't already see this is too blind and self-interested to be taken seriously.
Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May both make statements after van ploughs into Finsbury Park mosque worshippers
. The Tories are dying. Their light is going out. It's time to Reverse Brexit. .
Jeremy Corbyn, whose constituency includes Finsbury Park, says he is "totally shocked at the incident"
Sunday Times calling Jeremy Corbyn, who they've run endless smears stories against, "Prime Minister in waiting". How thing…
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says he was "totally shocked at the incident at Finsbury Park" https:…
Jeremy Corbyn tells supporters to "occupy" vacant properties to help victims of Grenfell Tower fire & the homeless. https:…
Jeremy corbyn is our Prime Minister idc.
Finsbury Park: Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May say thoughts are with victims after van ploughs into mosque worshippe…
Jeremy Corbyn: "Every day, hundreds of people are stranded at airports and they are found hotels straight away". https:…
Jeremy Corbyn is my Prime Minister now. Britain has endured multiple tragedies in recent weeks & each time, he's risen…
And Jeremy Corbyn with his shadow chancellor
Jeremy Corbyn 'totally shocked' as he condemns 'awful' attack in London
Jeremy Corbyn is speaking to the community & mosques late at night. What is Theresa May doing at 4am?? SLEEPING LIKE A DICKH…
Jeremy Corbyn is awake communicating with mosques at 3:44am. Please deep how much this guy cares about us
Sorry, centrist liberals, the politics of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are the progressive path forward
Toxic Blairite Neil Coyle won't be a 'cheerleader' for Jeremy Corbyn, but he will for Rupert Murdoch, Paul D…
Why it's wrong to call Jeremy Corbyn a populist. My column:
Why you need to stop calling Jeremy Corbyn a populist immediately
We all need to stop calling Jeremy Corbyn a populist because populism is a dangerous political……
Jeremy Corbyn will take the stage at the Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury 2017: Jeremy Corbyn to support Run the Jewels on the Pyramid Stage | The Independent
Jeremy Corbyn to appear on Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury festival 2017
Jeremy Corbyn to appear on Pyramid Stage at festival 2017.
Exclusive preview of Jeremy Corbyn's appearance with Run The Jewels on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival.
Demonstrators chanting 'O Jeremy Corbyn' outside 10 Downing Street! Can really survive this? . h…
Why do we call him Jeremy Corbyn and not Jam Master Jay?
This country needs Jeremy Corbyn more then ever.. enough of the tories..
"Jeremy Corbyn is all for show" oh right yes Corbyn who is seen comforting the victims of grenfell genuine human empathy is an act is it?
Patrick Stewart, Stephen Fry, or Jeremy Corbyn. That's like asking who's better. Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, or Sean Maher.
The roots of the festival go in tandem with many of Jeremy Corbyn's beliefs. If you don't like that then you shouldn't go.
Jeremy Corbyn behaved like a human being as he visited the Grenfell Tower. No so the PM, says Nick Ferrari
.calls on Govt to take over 'luxury' foreign homes to house homeless via
Rundle: thank God for Laurie Oakes and why Mia Freedman bullied Roxane *** via
Jeremy Corbyn rebelled against the whip over 600 times. Willing to bet he was right every single time.
Jeremy Corbyn says we should requisition empty homes from the rich to house Grenfell Tower survivors. How should we house the disp…
People ask whether Jeremy Corbyn's policies are affordable. But really, looking at the tragedies austerity cuts cause,…
The effect: Jeremy Hunt hints at lifting of nurses' pay cap
If Jeremy Corbyn was now Prime Minister he would begin to fulfil a manifesto commitment to recruit 3,000 more fire fig…
Corbyn: Theresa May's chief of staff who received tower block safety review - and sat on it - must be questioned.
Jeremy Corbyn says he feels 'very angry' about Grenfell Tower ... Grenfell as Corbyn ➡️ ➡️ ➡️
Jeremy corbyn is unelectable because he is an unabashed communist. And we already know how that turns out
Jeremy Corbyn: Empty homes owned by rich should be 'requisitioned' for Grenfell Tower residents
For 40 yrs politics has disappointed me. Jeremy Corbyn addresses the issues that should have been addressed long ago.
40% of UK voters supported this party which now calls for the overthrow of democracy.
Here's the difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May's visits to Grenfell Tower.
Jeremy Corbyn is a rarity. The man seems like he actually cares. Don't confuse Corbyn with the Labour Party. They tried to…
Theresa May made a private visit to the scene of the tragedy. Jeremy Corbyn *** himself to the cameras. The guy's shameless.
Who cares where Jeremy Corbyn speaks from. His policies have all been tried and they failed. The "young" need to read t…
Jeremy Corbyn is currently meeting and talking to Grenfell residents alongside Emma Dent Coad, MP for Kensington. https:…
Jeremy Corbyn speaking with quiet fury - and real moral authority. He has been campaigning for better social housing i…
"The truth has got to come out," Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tells community leaders at scene of fire https…
Jeremy Cobyn meeting up Faith leaders in local community. Corbyn promises to get to the bottom of this tragedy
If Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale had not promoted tactical voting to defeat Jeremy Corbyn *would* be Pri…
Tell me who really looks like a representative of the people? That’s my Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.
Time for Jeremy Corbyn to be given a chance to form government which obeys both international and British law…
Jeremy Corbyn just won biggest swing in British politics since 1945. Portillo, Kendall and Ferrari embarrassing televisio…
Tim Farron: "Jeremy Corbyn is too weak to lead this country". Tim Farron: *resigns because it's too hard to be nice to ***
‘We want a MILLION on the streets’ Labour’s John McDonnell urges UPRISING to take down May
The Tory is right, Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto does take us to a very different place. A much better place that values 't…
What a contrast in Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May's visits to the Grenfell Tower fire debacle
Jeremy Corbyn calls for uninhabited luxury properties to be requisitioned to house Grenfell Tower s…
Theresa May's plummeting poll rating is now much lower than Jeremy Corbyn's
Portillo says, incorrectly & slanderously, that Jeremy Corbyn is an 'IRA sympathiser. and s…
All that media tripe about Jeremy Corbyn's supposed IRA links and it's Theresa May who ends up sitting down to talks wi…
I love how people label Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn as "fake" for genuinely caring about people.
After all that was said about Jeremy Corbyn and what would happen if he became PM, it's May that invites Adams for talks.
Have you listened to ep 4 of yet? We talk Harvey Pekar, comics, Israel/Palestine, Jeremy Corbyn, & slugs
This is what happened when Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn visited the scene of the fire .
Distraught residents of Grenfell Tower tell Jeremy Corbyn they are angry that Theresa May refused to meet them. BBC fa…
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn visited the Grenfell Tower site this morning. Only one actually met with residents and membe…
Distraught woman resident tells Jeremy Corbyn: "Theresa May was here but she didn't speak to any of us. She was s**t."
Jeremy Corbyn is currently walking around and listening to Grenfell Tower survivors. Because that's what leaders do.
Theresa May was 's***', Grenfell Tower resident tells Jeremy Corbyn after PM refused to meet survivors
In the movie version of 2017 Jeremy Corbyn is played by Arthur Darvill
Isn't that Jeremy Corbyn's foriegn policy advisor?
Tony Blair and other Labour moderates owe Jeremy Corbyn as much loyalty as he showed them. None.
Jeremy Corbyn gave speech at demo attended by followers of hate preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad
Jeremy Corbyn can always sink to new lows
.tells 'Jeremy Corbyn is the greatest election leader Labour have ever had'
Jeremy Corbyn takes money from country who executes homosexuals by hanging them from a crane in public squares.
.and Monster Raving Loony Party lose out to Tim Farron, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn
Looking at that I got the impression Jeremy Corbyn was morphing into George Lansbury!
Jeremy Corbyn's youngest son looks like he's about to climb mount doom and destroy the one ring
Had a thought this morning... As well as Jeremy Corbyn did, he has essentially only just recovered The Labour...
Jo Cox's killer, sitting in prison, watching Jeremy Corbyn resurrect a true left Labour Party. Best argument against the death penalty eva.
A true progressive alliance would have made Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister | Clive Lewis and Caroline Lucas
Jeremy Corbyn absolutely brilliant, had Theresa May squirming in her seat, now that John Bercow back as speaker The To…
Check out how much Jeremy Corbyn and John Bercow love
73 seconds of pure class. Jeremy Corbyn may not have won the election (this time) but he owns the House of Commons, now. Owns. I…
Harriet Harman:"The public looked again at Jeremy Corbyn and changed their mind.". No, that's press and polls. Public v…
"I'm proud of the results tonight. People are voting for hope and turning their backs on austerity" - Jeremy Corbyn. https…
Even likes of Banks Hannen et al never said anything about leaving single market only produced it
Jeremy Corbyn’s critics predicted he would destroy Labour. They were radically wrong.
First battle, long war. Where next for Labour?
Please may we have a round of applause for Jeremy Corbyn's current Shadow Cabinet. They've shown loyalty, talent & great se…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Was going to skip reading this-Information overload. Read it and laughed. The Book of Jeremy Corbyn
Re-DUP and Tories. At 2.20. Here's Jeremy Corbyn praising the "inclusivity and tolerance" of the Iranian regime.
It's no longer a question whether Jeremy Corbyn will lead this country  -  the question is when
'Dumb' Theresa May criticised for sacking minister who saw Jeremy Corbyn's appeal coming
Further establishing the honesty and diligence to the cause that Jeremy Corbyn offers
What would happen if Jeremy Corbyn held up a Queens Speech and then shacked up with Sinn Fein? The Home Counties would…
Why has the Grime scene embraced Jeremy Corbyn? finds out at a event in North London
and at no point did Jeremy Corbyn throw a hissy-fit and leave the only party capable of defeating the Tories.
The left may have finally awoken from its slumber — and the attacks from the right will only escalate.
This is brilliant. Read it if you are interested in
Breaking news: mum just said she'd have voted Jeremy Corbyn if his numbers added up !!! Breakthrough in the Tory household
This will terrify the Tories: Labour won 50% of vote to Tories' 30% from 35 to 44-year-olds, poll suggests http…
Jeremy Corbyn to speak to a 200,000 crowd at Durham Miners Gala
Jeremy Corbyn now tied with Theresa May for who would make best PM at 39% - his personal best and her personal worst
Marr: "Is Jeremy Corbyn in this for the long term?". Corbyn: "Look at me, I've got youth on my side."
Jeremy Corbyn's election night celebrations couldn't have been more Jeremy Corbyn if he tried
LBC radio caller says he was driven to vote Labour by Daily Mail's negative coverage of Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn​ has won the first battle in a long ​war​ against the ruling elite | Paul Mason
Jeremy Corbyn negotiated with Sinn Fein (Political arm of IRA) for PEACE. May negotiated with the DUP (Political arm of UVF/U…
The is pro British, pro Business, pro Israel and anti terrorism. Everything that Jeremy Corbyn isn't.
Todo el apoyo a Jeremy Corbyn. For the many, not the few ✊
Looks like Jeremy Corbyn is winning round the swing voters...
Diane Abbott: Jeremy Corbyn set to axe bumbling Shadow Home Secretary in reshuffle -
Gramsci on importance of disrupting "the accepted common sense that really keeps the elite in power" https…
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party still in election mode says campaign co-ordinator:
This is Corbyn’s moment: he’s rescued Britain from the chains of austerity | Polly Toynbee
Jeremy Corbyn has caused a sensation – he would make a fine Prime Minister.
Jeremy Corbyn vows to oust Theresa May 'within a matter of days' - exclusive interview with
Emily Poole, a former Tory minister's advisor, reveals why she voted for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour
Why did Bernie Sanders campaign for the British anti-semite Jeremy Corbyn? My latest for
NZ MPs w/ the right number of syllables in their name for the Jeremy Corbyn chant: Ardern, Jacinda; Bakshi, Kanwaljit; Cole…
Snap Election - Thor Ragnarok parody with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn
Especially for knitted (apols for it not being crochet) Jeremy Corbyn by the Women's Institute. A fine p…
Bernie Sanders & Jeremy Corbyn have proved that young people will come out to vote for old, white haired communists.
'Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!': how the Labour chant all started
The secret to Corbyn's success was rejecting PC culture as well as populism
Jeremy Corbyn voters are really stupid and quite vile.
Would you mind if I were to inquire with you as to your particular thoughts regarding Jeremy Corbyn?
Imagine having Jeremy Corbyn as ur dad it'd be mad tbh he wouldn't tell you to clean ya room he'd INSPIRE you to clean it
Jeremy Corbyn urged to reappoint existing shadow cabinet
It's time to dispel the myth that another Labour leader could have done better than Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn could be forming his own government within weeks – and without another election
Barry Gardiner and Keir Starmer (and even Jeremy Corbyn) sound more pragmatic about the single market than the Hard Brexit…
History is repeating itself. By playing the long game, Jeremy Corbyn will be the Prime Minister
Jeremy Corbyn will challenge Theresa May with "significant" amendments to her plan of legislation in the Queen's Speech https:…
Jeremy Corbyn is playing long game-if history is repeating itself,he'll be Prime Minister
Intressant parallell med 1974: Jeremy Corbyn is playing the long game.
Yes, but Jeremy Corbyn once had a Cup of Tea with Gerry Adams.
Theresa May won the largest share of the electorate's vote since Margaret Thatcher, Jeremy Corbyn barely did better than Gordon Brown.
Step forward Jeremy Corbyn. Save us from this shambolic bunch. Britain needs a Labour government now. Not in 5 years.…
Tristram Hunt: If Jeremy Corbyn leads us into a GE we face a 1931-style wipe out. Reality: Labour's biggest vote shar…
BBC published fabricated crisis about Jeremy Corbyn - but ignores the Tory MPs calling for Theresa May to resign - a fa…
'Join Labour' searches surge after Jeremy Corbyn electrifies country with shock result
Lift your heads up people. Another way. Bernie Sanders 'delighted' by Jeremy Corbyn's results in election vote
Jeremy Corbyn wins the election and Theresa May is still Prime Minister. Richard Hammond crashes in flames and Batman dies. What's going on?
Jeremy Corbyn was just 2,227 votes away from chance to be Prime Minister | The … see more
Jeremy Corbyn was 2,227 votes away from becoming Prime Minister
Jeremy Corbyn was only 2,227 votes away from becoming Prime Minister
Theresa May - I URGE YOU TO RESIGN ! - Sooner or later you need to RESIGN. - Jeremy Corbyn will be a good Prime Minister !
How dare Chris Leslie on BBC R4Today criticise Jeremy Corbyn for not winning! If he and his ilk had supported him no doubt…
Bonded with my Addison Lee driver over Jeremy Corbyn, now we're going out for lunch on Thursday. Love not hate 🌹
Oakeshott was happy to rake over the past when it was Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn was a mere 2,227 votes away from becoming Prime Minister
I was clearly wrong: What MPs who opposed Jeremy Corbyn said then and what they're saying now.
"Real Time with Jeremy Corbyn" didn't screen well with test audiences.
Theresa May. . The woman who accused Jeremy Corbyn of being a terrorist sympathiser. .
Dems will never get this. Obama should have gone after the banksters.
Just sayin: If every Corbyn supporter in Scotland had voted SNP,Jeremy Corbyn would be forming a government right now.
My dad's really mad at me cos I was singing We Didn't Start The Fire but I replaced all the words with Jeremy Corbyn
Trying to wrap my mind around the worldview of someone who thinks "Jeremy Corbyn is like Hillary Clinton" is a brilliant take
The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has re-energized his party and altered the landscape of British politics
"i was saying 'Jeremy Corbyn is ineluctable'"
Even if the Tories are able to form a government, Mr Corbyn will be the powerful leader of a powerful opposition
To many young Brits, Jeremy Corbyn is their Bernie Sanders, and they voted to help usher in change
As Corbyn arrived at his constituency it was clear something historic taken place in British politics via ht…
Sanders allies emboldened by Labour's gains Labour lost last I checked! Amazing!
For those of you who plotted against Jeremy Corbyn, called him names, smeared & vilified him, this result was despite…
Think Jeremy Corbyn should come to Glasgow for a party 💫
political editor Nick Watts 'Last thing Tories want is now another election as it would mean Jeremy Corbyn as P…
Hanging with and Tom Frank here in Chicago at the We discussed prog rock & Jeremy Corbyn.
There was a big swing to Labour in lots of areas where Jeremy Corbyn's rallies were held
All the arguments of the centrists lie in ruins.
Jeremy Corbyn has just increased Labour's share of the vote more than any other leader in any other election since Attlee…
Jeremy Corbyn letting them know why he's the best in the scene
Bernie Sanders could have won. That's the Corbyn lesson for America | Steven W Thrasher
folks, it appears Hillary Clinton is Jeremy Corbyn. beautiful stuff from "SJW MEGATRON"
Look, the Tories jumping in bed with the DUP,. Isn't the same as Jeremy Corbyn talking to sinn-féin,. Rupert Murdoch will expl…
Jeremy Corbyn just demonstrated the potential of Principled Progressive Politics. Last night was one for the True beli…
I believe Jeremy Corbyn his God chosen man. He has one bad fault in his nature,he is to l…
The "unelectable" Jeremy Corbyn's Labour have won KENSINGTON !!! Gosh how the Blairites will have to eat their hats…
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She also said that Jeremy Corbyn would be a useless ineffective leader (on Loosewomen) I usu…
Two years of smearing Jeremy Corbyn on IRA rubbish and now Theresa May will apparently rule with supporters of the UVF and U…
The parliamentary Labour Party & tabloid press "played a huge part in making Jeremy Corbyn the underdog & someone to root…
.has made history with the greatest increase in Labours vote share since 1945. New blog
When you've spent 2 years calling Jeremy Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser but now you're wanting the DUP to prop your gove…
Jeremy Corbyn: *How can it be right that $ is being siphoned straight out of our children’s schools & directly into po…
I understand the point here, but I don't think Israel's a winner in an election that shows Jeremy Corbyn is eminent…
Nothing could be a better endorsement of Corbyn . than criticism from a terrible president i.e. Bill Clinton . https…
I predicted a hung parliament and I was right. But one thing's for sure: Jeremy Corbyn has made his critics look absolu…
If Jeremy Corbyn is a 'terrorist sympathiser', then what will Theresa May be called when she joins with the DUP?
BBC News: 'In 2015, Ed Miliband achieved 28% in the general election. Jeremy Corbyn has more than exceeded that with 40…
Bernie Sanders allies have been emboldened by Labour's gains in the UK election
"Labour supporters should never have doubted Jeremy Corbyn – this must mark the end of Blairite centrism for good".
11 photos of Jeremy Corbyn looking happier than you've ever seen him before via
Opinion: Why Americans should be afraid of Jeremy Corbyn via
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J. K. Rowling, Barack Obama, the list goes on. Prominent liberals all opposed Jeremy Corbyn — and it didn’t matter. https:/…
Theresa May promised again and again that if she lost six seats, Jeremy Corbyn would be PM. Last night she lost at least…
Who is Jeremy Corbyn, the "British Bernie Sanders" who shocked the world with his election result? ht…
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