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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (born 26 May 1949) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 1983.

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Surge in betting on Jeremy Corbyn to become next Prime Minister
British Communist party will not field any candidates and throws support behind Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn has done 7 public rallies, 1 doorstep & 1 phonebank in 4 days. Theresa May has done 3 closed meetings & 1 sta…
Jeremy Corbyn has blazed a trail through Scotland, England & Wales meeting real people. Theresa May has gone into hiding fr…
Judge for yourself whether Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May should be Britain's next Prime Minister.
I assume that 'patriotic' Murdoch tabloid is applauding Jeremy Corbyn's excellent plan to make St Georges Day a bank h…
Well heres the best reason to vote Jeremy Corbyn
Tony Blair said Theresa May is on course for a landslide majority & that Jeremy Corbyn stands no chance of becoming Prime Min…
Jeremy Corbyn is unbelievable, who would want this absolute head case anywhere near Downing Street? He'd bring Brit…
In live conversation with Andrew Marr, Jeremy Corbyn has explained Tucker's Law of Politics.
General Election 2017 Jeremy Corbyn referred to as "C word" by Labour MPs.
Jeremy Corbyn insists ‘future of Warrington matters to Labour’ on visit to town ahead of General Election
General Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn vows to 'overturn the rigged system'
'Don't mention the C-word' Jeremy Corbyn blasted by Labour MPs
Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will introduce four new bank holidays
Jeremy Corbyn manages to avoid disaster as he risks photo op with young kids Fake Bear folks! Not in my Cave   10% Off
Jeremy Corbyn’s 10 pledges to transform the country
“No politicians sound like normal people, or understand normal people – but Mr Corbyn is looking out for us” h…
It is not just Jeremy Corbyn whom Theresa May deems unworthy of a debate. She also thinks meeting you is beneath her. More…
How many of Jeremy Corbyn's policies do you actually disagree with?
I've waited all my life to hear a Labour Leader say something like this. Today, it finally came to pass. Thank you Jeremy C…
This from the cretin who supports unlimited immigration.
F*** Tories f*** new labour this country desperately needs Jeremy Corbyn's left wing policies!
15 times when Jeremy Corbyn was on the right side of history via
Jeremy Corbyn in Cardiff North: "We are out, on the road, taking our message to the country."
Cartoon of British… |Subscribe to see entertaining videos!
Queen's birthday: Jeremy Corbyn jokes that Elizabeth II has 'seen off' 12
Theresa May will be made out to be angel according to our corrupt media…
I'm convinced that if every voter could meet Jeremy Corbyn, or hear him speak at a meeting, we'd have a Labour landslide.
Jeremy Corbyn is a genuine man of the people for the people. Watch this video and contrast with Tory arrogance .
'Labour is gaining ground on Tories', insists Jeremy Corbyn.
Theresa May won't face Jeremy Corbyn on TV and GSK employees she visited weren't allowed to ask her questions. A frigh…
When you vote in the election never forget Corbyn backed the IRA for years.Jeremy supports everything that hates our c…
of British politician dabbing inspires a glorious meme
Packed classrooms are the consequence of unlimited immigration. Labour support this. Corbyn = hypocrite
Jeremy Corbyn gets plenty of support when he visited Cardiff
Labour ruled out 'The Tories are the real extremists' slogan 'amid fears it could backfire on Jeremy Corbyn'
Theresa May is on the side of the merchant bankers. . Jeremy Corbyn is on the side of the foodbankers. . on…
Having a hard time figuring out why people in Britain might not want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn
If you want to go to university and not have a huge debt over your head
Feeling helpless and hopeless in the face of 8 June? Might be better than doing *** all:
Cartoon of British politician dabbing inspires a…
And this is why won't with the party has no cohesion whatsoever...
Cartoon of British… |Subscribe to see entertaining videos!…
Yvette Cooper and Keir Starmer are the joint favourites to be the next Labour leader.
Here it is - my 1st General Election column for nearly 2 years...
'Do you vote for Jeremy Corbyn? ... Why the laugh?' One woman's strong reaction to the Labour leader's campaign stop in her to…
this might be the best picture of Jeremy Corbyn I've ever seen
Here's just 3 reasons Jeremy Corbyn would lead a better government than Theresa May
.has a strong message for anyone accusing him of being unfair towards Jeremy Corbyn - or any politician
.can connect with anyone - because he genuinely cares about them. You can't fake that
Just think, if we vote Labour we could see Corbyn meeting Trump
Your choice at this election: strong, stable leadership for the United Kingdom or a coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corby…
So my initial "Jeremy Corbyn" of French politics was not too far off base then.
Sheeple and a blind fool as well. ...
'General Election: Jeremy Corbyn to visit Cardiff - BBC News'
Over 114,000 people voted in this ITV poll. 22% voted for Theresa May and 65% for Jeremy Corbyn. . This makes a total m…
Corbyn says UK is LUCKY to have mass immigration and hints MORE migrants would be welcome
I will not vote for a woman who wants to give £13 Billion to foreigners whilst our pensioners are forced to live...
Jeremy Corbyn is looking more and more like a statesman every day.
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Jeremy Corbyn is here to stay but he's a loser, says Jess Phillips - Birmingham Mail
Jeremy Corbyn's visit to Cardiff North today is a timely reminder for people across Wales that they face a simple choice…
Josh Widdicombe: "when you're playing monopoly with Jeremy Corbyn and he tries to spread out the wealth" 😂😂😂
Jeremy Corbyn gets stuck in at Brentry Children’s Centre where he talks to staff and reads 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'…
When are the press including the welsh press going to get behind Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party look at the...
Ken Loach: "If you care about the destruction of our society get behind Jeremy Corbyn's Labour, he stands for the interes…
I see we're all watching Jeremy Corbyn debating Theresa May on television about why she's scared to debate him on televisio…
Tory ministers laugh as Jeremy Corbyn highlights cuts to poorest
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn hit the election campaign trail 
Theresa May: “The election is about leadership. It’s a clear choice between me and Jeremy Corbyn, which is why I’ll av…
At 7 with Emma - Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn hit the campaign trail, and Victoria Beckham gets her OBE at Buckingham Palace
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour are backing a Tory hard Brexit. We know what side we're on. Let's change the direction of this country!…
If you missed you won't have seen Jeremy Corbyn destroy Theresa May, again.
May has called a referendum on Jeremy Corbyn and is going to pretend the result is a mandate for her Brexit strategy
If you missed you will have missed Jeremy Corbyn destroy Theresa May, again. No wonder she won't debate him. http…
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The good news is Jeremy Corbyn will be gone in 6 weeks. The bad news is we'll have a Tory govt forever. Goodbye and good luck…
Wanna know what Bernie-driven Democratic party'd look like?. Take a gander at what's up with the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn took over.
Why on earth would working class voters opt for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party?.
4/5...or quietly hold their noses and reluctantly vote for Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn to disrupt
Jeremy Corbyn is so weak that Theresa May has just ruled out having any TV Debates with him. She is running scared of p…
Jeremy Corbyn gets the battle bus ready.
Jeremy Corbyn was brilliant on BBC just now. He is clearly delighted at the chance to put his policies for justice & equali…
BREAKING NEWS Theresa May has today announced the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn on the 9th June 2017
Theresa you are a snivelling coward
Imagine being so cautious you're scared of debating Jeremy Corbyn.
.says let the people decide. So why is she avoiding a debate?.
Labour is in deep trouble, but it’s our only defence against a Tory landslide | Owen Jones
SUPPORTERS OF JEREMY CORBYN:. Everything that happens to Labour in this election is on YOU. NOBODY else is responsible.…
Jeremy Corbyn's logic is that once a General Election is called, the BBC are required to give him balanced & fair coverage.…
John McDonnell nails why Jeremy Corbyn is under constant attack by the oligarchy. . His social reforms will give power…
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Birmingham: Jeremy Corbyn's first speech after General Election announcement
On who would make the best Prime Minister:. Theresa May: 50% (+1). Jeremy Corbyn: 14% (-2). Not sure: 36% (+1). (via YouG…
Has the General Election been triggered by Brexit or Jeremy Corbyn? reports
Jeremy Corbyn to announce policy to increase by £10 a week for "unsung heroes"
My thoughts on Theresa May's motivations and Jeremy Corbyn's chances. Share if you agree!
Grotesque that rather than fighting the Tories this absurd exercise will be undertaken .
Jeremy Corbyn releases a statement in response to the announcement of a snap General Election...
Without Jeremy Corbyn, Labour would be languishing, says Diane Abbott.
there is a chance that Jeremy Corbyn could be the Prime Minister in charge of simultaneous negotiations on Brexit and Scottish independence
Jeremy Corbyn "in control of the party and therefore he's going to be owning the result". Peter Mandelson pinning the blame early.
if Jeremy Corbyn cared about the working class or the Uk he would step down today, but he does NOT. He never has
Lord Mandelson pointedly says Jeremy Corbyn is in control of policy making so he will own the result of the
Carers are unsung heroes. Labour will boost the to give them the financial support they deserve
If Labour under Jeremy Corbyn don't have the gumption to stand up against Brexit, what's the fecking point of them?
JEREMY CORBYN. I'd avoid bacon sandwiches for the next few weeks, if I was you.
Theresa May will remain Britain’s Iron Lady Mark II – for as long as Jeremy Corbyn leads Labour…
Theresa May to refuse doing any TV debates in build-up to General Election
Labour MP quits before the election because he can't stand Jeremy Corbyn, even his own MP's won't back him
Jeremy Corbyn reacts to news of the
If Jeremy corbyn wants to win the election he should take the retirement age back down. That should earn him more than a few votes!
Jeremy Corbyn predicted last year May would announce an early General Election - right again
Civil war is off, for now. After HuffPost story, NEC officers (+ Unite) hv killed idea of trigger ballots for MPs:
The only two people that this snap is bad for are Jeremy Corbyn and Douglas Carswell
Jeremy Corbyn has wasted no time and has already hit the streets of Britain to canvass for votes...
Is there any chance Jeremy Corbyn would be willing to step down and let Don't Know have a go?
My take on Theresa May's refusal to debate with Jeremy Corbyn:
Now's the time to unite and fight for the future of our country. Leave the arguments for later. My piece:
Paul Gascoigne has just arrived at Jeremy Corbyn's house with a cooked chicken, a fishing rod and a bottle of whisky.
Blimey. John Woodcock says he will seek re-election "but will never countenance voting to make Jeremy Corbyn PM". https:…
Watch Jeremy Corbyn calmly, cooly and confidently respond to questions on Theresa May's call to hold a snap election ht…
Theresa May is refusing to participate in TV debates with Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders before the election. W…
Jeremy Corbyn seems pleased with the announcement of a General Election, he's been in here all day knocking back Jägerb…
Jeremy Corbyn recently announced a series of new policies to transform Britain. Only Labour can transform Britain into…
Like the ones Jeremy Corbyn doesn't like? 😳
Newspapers claiming now that Theresa May will refuse to do TV debates with Jeremy Corbyn and other leaders
Paul Gascoigne has just turned up at Westminster with a crate of Stella and a fishing rod saying he knows Jeremy Corbyn
Labour saboteurs freaking out about snap election. Serves you right for spending past year attacking Jeremy Corbyn aft…
Jeremy Corbyn on his bike before General Election via
Say it ain't so. Theresa May unwilling to debate Jeremy Corbyn in TV debates?
Jeremy Corbyn reacts to the Prime Minister's statement:
on Lord Mandelson (in the vowels of a old Tory grandee) sneers that Jeremy Corbyn will 'own' the Labour result in
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he welcomes Theresa May's decision to hold early in June
Jeremy Corbyn faces chaos as Labour MPs say they won't stand. Time to go. via
Nigel Farage: "Jeremy Corbyn is going to get absolutely mullered in these elections" Ouch...
World cup of Jeremy Corbyn audible nose breaths.
Theresa May "This General Election is about Leadership". Reporter "So, will you debate with Jeremy Corbyn". Theresa May "No w…
Blairite Tom Blenkinsop says he won't stand in snap election due to irreconcilable differences with Jeremy Corbyn https…
Jeremy Corbyn and his team must put forward a winning vision.
While Theresa May took a holiday, Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has been talking ideas and policies - John Prescott https…
No 1 works harder to make sure Jeremy Corbyn gets a fair hearing in our press than May I please ask you to consi…
Given the boost appearing on HIGNFY gave to Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, do you think Jeremy Corbyn should appear on it?
Listen to body language expert describe how Jeremy Corbyn is a genuine politician, as opposed to Osborne, Cameron..
Pushing out Jeremy Corbyn 'would leave Labour below 10% in the polls' claims Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott
Labour members warn Jeremy Corbyn that their voices are under attack.
Independent: Labour would insist all government contractors recognise trade union collective bargaining
“He’s (Jeremy Corbyn) the first Labour leader who’s ever stood on the picket line along with workers.” - Ken Loach
I think Jeremy Corbyn is a genuine, honest and good man. But I worry that he's lost a lot of support. Self fulfilling prophecy almost, shame
Guest Notes: Corbyn’s Labour Party may want to win in the polls after all.
In an alternative universe most of Labour's support is due to Jeremy Corbyn
Can we now stop pretending was ever a Remainer😏 He was clearly always one of the deluded
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A leaked email shows the Labour rulebook only applies to Jeremy Corbyn supporters
The PLP shows Jeremy Corbyn his new office.
Lemming-like, Jeremy Corbyn follows May's band of Brexiteers over the cliff - says Brexit may 'upgrade our economy'! ht…
First Class Corbyn supports British firms and suppliers in visit to Doncaster train manufacturer
Brexit will give Labour more powers to boost workers' rights, Jeremy Corbyn claims - Evening Standard
"This is what makes these Labour MPs so despicable. They aim to destroy Labour in the local elections." ~ Ken Loach ht…
Filmmaker 'Jeremy Corbyn’s election was the most hopeful thing since the Labour Party began'
- So Jeremy Corbyn put on a baseball cap and checked out a train toilet
.says Jeremy Corbyn is against leaving the UK, despite previous comments about a second referendum…
Closet Brexiteer, Jeremy Corbyn who limply campaigned for Remain says Brexit may 'upgrade our economy'
Jeremy Corbyn wants to use Brexit to favour British companies - Mirror Online
Diane Abbott says that if someone else replaced Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, they would be under 10% in th…
Jeremy Corbyn says Brexit may 'upgrade our economy' Great leadership from an unfairly berated politician. Go Jezza.
Jeremy Corbyn says Brexit may 'upgrade our economy' - YES, 120 million in poverty in austerity low…
A Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Govt would call time on corporate scroungers & use Govt procurement to drive up standards.
An MSM insider explains *exactly* how the BBC goes about smearing Jeremy Corbyn. Via
I'd much prefer hearing Ken Loach talking UK politics than any of the paid political commentators or journos.
'Jeremy Corbyn is indispensable to forging a new politics'
In the timeline where Jeremy Corbyn is Southern Rail East's Rolling Stock QA Director, Labour has a 3-point poll lead over the…
When ordinary, decent members are called a "cult". There's not a clearer example of the arrogance we're up against.
Unfortunately, we were left no other option. We're not a "cult" we are members fighting for fairness & transparency.
Most of Labour's remaining support is down to Jeremy Corbyn, says Diane Abbott
I'm not convinced Jeremy Corbyn does add 18-20 points to Labour's vote.
Labour would force all government contractors to recognise trade union collective bargaining
Jeremy Corbyn says Brexit may 'upgrade our economy' Good sense comes from the least expected people sometimes
Jeremy’s commitments to peace, equality& investment-led growth set him apart from the political failures of the past htt…
Jeremy Corbyn to release list of meetings with media proprietors after criticism
Jeremy Corbyn to release list of meetings with proprietors after criticism, by
Theresa May has 37-point lead over Jeremy Corbyn in poll - News & Star
And it has because now the Russians are getting ansy! Once again Jeremy Corbyn is proved RIGHT. FGS listen to him B…
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It's not about Jeremy Corbyn. It's about running local councils. And you Blairites will be out on your ***
LABOUR MPs have publicly braced themselves for a heavy defeat in next month’s local elections, as they played do...
Jeremy Corbyn attacked by Labour MPs as Sadiq Khan warns he must stop missing 'open goals'
£10ph minimum wage confirms that Compo is an enemy of small businesses struggling to make a profit.
[from September 2016] Jeremy Corbyn has been on the right side of history for 30 years. That’s real leadership…
Labour divisions exposed as John McDonnell says Tom Watson wrong to back US air strikes in Syria
Jeremy Corbyn - On the right side of history Article - Video - http…
Ah, Jeremy Corbyn, that great entrepreneur who has generated so many jobs through his ventures and understands how businesses work. 🙄
Len McCluskey: ‘If Labour is divided, we’re in trouble. Give Jeremy Corbyn a chance’
Jeremy Corbyn Turned Blind Eye to Paedophile Abuse in Islington for Years - via
Blairite core cuts itself adrift of Jeremy Corbyn's statesmanship - PLP lets it
Time was this warmonger was seen by neoliberal Brits as a viable replacement for Jeremy Corbyn.
In moments of hysteria, when people lose their heads and demand apocalyptic wars, you appreciate anew the value of Jeremy…
Say what you like about Jeremy Corbyn but he was dead on about the Iraq war and he's dead on about war in
After Brexit, radicalism is Jeremy Corbyn's only chance of success
Do you believe Jeremy Corbyn would take orders from Donald Trump the same way Theresa May does?
Yanis Varoufakis on Jeremy Corbyn & Labour:. "If the message is right, the media can be by-passed." - 2015
Jeremy Corbyn pledges to increase minimum wage to £10 per hour | The Independent .
Principled Jeremy Corbyn sticks to his guns and continues to champion human rights and peace
Be about time, need some detail on support for small business to counter fear from the right though.
Strange caller on LBC having a go at Darren Adam for his use of "Jeremy Corbyn fan club"
Labour will renews its pledge for £10-an-hour living wage as Jeremy Corbyn vows to 'boost income and opportunities' htt…
Last year, Ed Miliband called on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down
This from Ed Miliband's advisor on Syria. Jeremy Corbyn's policy on Syria represents 5 years of continuity at the top of La…
Jeremy Corbyn issues statement on US action in Syria. So happy to have this person leading a major UK party
That Diane Abbott is shadow Home Secretary says all you need to know about the paucity of talent in Jeremy Corbyn's…
Jeremy Corbyn says US air strikes in Syria 'wrong'
Jeremy Corbyn gets photographed with school kids, shows Theresa May how it's done
To the tune of Free Nelson Mandela:. 🎶Give / better coverage / to Jeremy Corbyn 🎶
Tom Watson a Blairite? Absolutely. And that Jeremy Corbyn's starting to look a bit Blairitey too.
Theresa May has more balls than Jeremy Corbyn .
Jeremy Corbyn and Captain Edward Smith - Both went down on a sinking ship https…
Jeremy Corbyn just accused the BBC of spreading 'fake news' corbyn defends anti working class and anti brexit views
To all those (mostly anti-Jeremy Corbyn) Labour MPs kicking off about Ken Livingstone - here's a message for you from t…
Here is the video of Jeremy Corbyn reacting angrily to questions about his leadership
Jeremy Corbyn: Theresa May sacrificing human rights on altar of arms trade
Only a matter of time before this man is your Prime Minister. Oh yes...
Basically being led by the Piers Morgan & Jeremy Corbyn of protests.
Jeremy Corbyn reacts angrily to a question from about his leadership
Corbyn: "It's the press's fault that Labour doesn't have a media strategy strong enough to counter my shortcomings"
"Haven't you got anything else to ask about?” Jeremy Corbyn’s frosty exchange with our reporter…
You understand that Jeremy Corbyn actually said this? You call it puerile. Trump and Farage would c…
Jeremy Corbyn tells ITV News: "We have a strong opposition in this country if you bothered to report what we were doing.”
Corbyn reacts angrily to question about his Labour leadership from 'utterly obsessed' media. Low calibre leadership.
Social care for the elderly and disabled is in crisis –while the super-rich & big business get giveaways worth £73bn. http…
Jeremy corbyn:' local government has paid the price for austerity, not the bankers who caused the problem'.
Jeremy Corbyn: I'm fed up of food bank and poverty Britain!
Media wouldn't be interested if people weren't concerned. Corbyn treating voters with contempt is why he's unpopular.
party "rebels" are a bunch of *** for their treatment of Jeremy Corbyn! He has principles! A right leader for wrong ***
With some analysts saying are going to lose 100s of seats in local elections, loses it on itv news http…
Election launch: Jeremy Corbyn will on Tuesday accuse the Tories of “running our country down in every way”
Is Jeremy Corbyn the only human being in British politics? The only one who will…
Asked by ITV about his struggling leadership and dire poll ratings, Mr Corbyn replied: "It's your failings."
Peter Mandelson: "I am working every day to bring down Jeremy Corbyn” . You can't get a more blairite then Mandelson https:/…
Tony Blair demands “urgency” if Labour is to remain relevant. Jeremy Corbyn is expected to respond on April 24th.
This little girl has done more than Jeremy Corbyn to stand up to this *** who has done so much damage
Jeremy Corbyn forced a vote to pause Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia but he was defeated 283 MPs to 193 MPs. (50 SNP MPs support…
Jeremy Corbyn loses his temper at Labour local election launch, blaming media for party's dismal polling.
Jeremy Corbyn has arrived and is introducing his shadow cabinet
Labour would be a stronger opposition if the media "bothered to report what it was doing" says Jeremy Corbyn.
The 18 months of Corbyn's leadership that seem like 18 years. In one paragraph, by Tel £
Oh my, JC has lost the plot as well as most the voters. Not my fault, it's all the fault of the media.
Jeremy Corbyn has been an MP for 35 years, try as they might the…
EXCLUSIVE: Corbyn loses his cool. Not happy with my questions about his leadership, blaming media for poor polls. https:/…
'Haven't you got anything else to ask?" Jeremy Corbyn gets frosty at Labour's local election launch.
Here are Jeremy Corbyn's policies. . If you like them, . please consider sharing this.
Jeremy Corbyn slams Theresa May for jetting off to suck up to Saudi Arabia while the UK profits from bombing Yemen https:/…
Actually, it looks a lot like Jeremy Corbyn who is, himself, a JC:
Jeremy Corbyn sparks life expectancy row -
Angry Jeremy Corbyn says media are 'obsessed' with his leadership
Tony Blair, who lost 4 million working class voters, attacks Jeremy Corbyn for reaching out to working class voters htt…
Pretty sure and would still be doing great work without your hindrance m8.
Corbyn making everything about him yet again.
Imagine going for a job interview and having to admit your last role involved advising Jeremy Corbyn on how to dress.
Got to love Martin Rees - not shy of giving his view on everything from alien life to Boris Johnson & Jeremy Corbyn.
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Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, Henry VIII and Britain's future. Part 1: Corbyn, the PLP and the great betrayal.
Jeremy Corbyn has turned down a fresh invite to Israel’s Holocaust museum. Senior MPs want him to go to help...
and it has. Our Pols now do precisely what the press tell them to; except Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway and Dennis…
Ah, I see Jeremy Corbyn is still bleating around the Commons like a lost goat
Today's Times reports a YouGov poll which claims Jeremy Corbyn is less popular in London than Paul Nuttall.. Must be April Fools Day!
Jeremy Corbyn so unpopular in London that even Labour supporters think he is doing badly -
Jeremy Corbyn suffers another blow to his leadership, as a poll finds he received a negative rating from every key group…
Oops. Jeremy Corbyn, in pro-Remain London, is less popular than Ukip leader Paul Nuttall.
Jeremy Corbyn less popular than Paul Nuttall in London The Independent: On his own doorstep this is a worrying sign!
And on this weeks "Wish you were here" we send George Osborne and Jeremy Corbyn to a tropical paradise for a week
. They are listen on the Belfast agreement about as much as Jeremy Corbyn & McDonnell - not at all anywhere.
as relevant as confusing Mickey Rooney & Wayne Rooney or Tommy Robinson & Nick Robinson or Jeremy Corbyn & Jeremy Clarkson
Labour can't win an election with Jeremy Corbyn as leader So what? It couldn't win *without* Jeremy Corbyn, either. https:…
Theresa May, David Cameron & Jeremy Corbyn will be remembered as the triumvirate of destruction of the Union of the United Ki…
TRUMP DAILY: Poll finds Jeremy Corbyn is less popular than Donald Trump
Jeremy Corbyn unveils plan to 'renationalise' NHS and cancel PFI contracts - Mirror Online
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn given 15 months to save his job by major union backer Len McCluskey
1/7 Who is Len McCluskey to decide that Jeremy Corbyn has 15 months to prove himself?
Len McCluskey says we'll have an answer about Jeremy Corbyn's electability in 15 months. Shorter timetrame than John McDonnell has outlined.
Dear PM This article is 18 years old. Please may I ask that you read it & apologise to Jeremy Corbyn
Good article this morning in the times. I still wonder if Jeremy Corbyn denounces the 'shoot to kill' policy.
I added a video to a playlist Stewart Lee - Jeremy Corbyn
In a statement on the 22 March Westminster attacks, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a call for unity...
Jeremy Corbyn still coming to FSB in Torquay this pm. Join us outside Riviera Centre at 1.15, or 12.30 Albert's Bar, Belgrade Rd, Torquay!
Emily Thornberry accuses Labour Party bosses of trying to 'quash' Jeremy Corbyn's leadership'.
Time for Jeremy Corbyn critics to leave Labour and set up their own party, says Labour Ronnie Campbell
Knockout punch from Jeremy Corbyn: "Why is cutting taxes for the rich more important that children's education.".
Jeremy Corbyn is a left wing figure in Britain who glorified martin McGuiness,calling him a' family man'.He forgot to m…
James O’Brien and this Jeremy Corbyn fan don’t quite see eye to eye
George Galloway showing his commitment to Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party by standing against it in Manchester Gorton.
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Jeremy Corbyn probably won't mind that George Galloway is standing against Labour - he congratulated him in 2012. http…
The sheer hypocracy of MPs and media. . Jeremy Corbyn had a lot of influence on Martin Mcguiness and Jerry Adams...
labour keeping Jeremy Corbyn clear of microphones and tv cameras now "Martin McGuinness" is brown bread,this could tip the scales for them
Is Yvette Cooper REPLACING Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader? MP REFUSES to answer Piers Morgan on GMB
🖕 To serial killer & cowardly IRA terrorist Martin McGuiness.If it was up to Jeremy Corbyn there'd be a statue of him…
Tories are in disarray over Brexit and the Budget, yet Tom Watson and Blairites decide to attack Jeremy Corbyn and Mome…
Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn issue rare joint statement
Jeremy Corbyn pledges he will fight 2020 election and calls on Labour to unite to regain power
The Trump style, populist, rebrand of Jeremy Corbyn has been as fake as Trump’s hair.
Thumping brilliance from As invigorating and exciting as listening to a great album:
These pledges have been around for 18 months. An absolute disgrace. Democracy should not be CENSORED.
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