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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (born 26 May 1949) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 1983.

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Didn't Jeremy Corbyn just lose a general election? That's a failed politician and a failed policy right there.
Jeremy Corbyn warns government against dragging Britain into military intervention in North Korea
Jeremy Corbyn warns government against 'catastrophic' military intervention in North Korea that will effect the https…
Jeremy Corbyn tells Trump and Kim to stop the 'war of rhetoric'
Jeremy Corbyn's top Labour strategist Seumas Milne - "North Korea is rational to have nukes" via
. Campaign for Accessible Changing facilities at every UK motorway service station.
Jeremy Corbyn fence-sitting and condemning violence on both sides regarding = total leftie silence and acceptance. 2/2
Jeremy Corbyn still cannot bear to condemn his fallen idols in Venezuela | The Spectator
No other MP could have made the advances of Jeremy Corbyn. Insulted from every quarter he stood his ground. That's resili…
If anything's a 'must-read', it's this demolition of the Lexiter position by .
The Conservatives think that Venezuela will hurt Jeremy Corbyn. They're wrong, writes
Jeremy Corbyn warns government of 'catastrophic' intervention in North Korea that would effect the 'whole world'
Do you agree on Jeremy Corbyn's non intervention position on North Korea?
Jeremy Corbyn has a habit of being on the right side of history. Seems strange that nobody in the media wants to share…
So what? Jeremy Corbyn's supporters tell me he can walk on water.
The left-wing argument for Brexit is embarrassingly flimsy
In the interests of sanity and safety for the world, global pressure for dialogue and diplomacy must be overwhelming http…
I like Jeremy Corbyn and I'd rather he was UK PM. But that's no reason to vote Labour in Scotland:
Ooh you look less like Jeremy Corbyn now 😂
EAST END. Jeremy Corbyn spoke emotionally of his mothers role in ANTI-FASCIST street fight as 100s of people marched. https:/…
Trump's inability to condemn white supremacists without bringing up extraneous issues reminds me of Jeremy Corbyn's hand…
You need to get your facts straight. Jeremy Corbyn has condemned violence in Venezuela and…
The 'Lexit' case is built on wilful ignorance and ideologically-induced blindness. My column:
Jeremy Corbyn is doing a great job of PM right now, but where exactly is Theresa May? https:…
Theresa May should prepare to quit No 10, according to damning new poll results
John Prescott: Venezuela used as another stick to beat Jeremy Corbyn but he will survive regime change call...
Support for Theresa May to keep job until next election has dwindled to 29% of British public - exclusive poll. https:…
Jeremy Corbyn's called on US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to "wind down the war of rh…
Jeremy Corbyn provides real hope for those who want to solve inequality | The Independent
Jeremy Corbyn silent on Venezuelan dictator President Maduro AGAIN as ally Diane Abbott…
If Trump wants to 'de-nuke' the world he may have Jeremy Corbyn's help on that one - he doesn't want to fire nukes even in emergency
A Tory MP is now living to regret branding Jeremy Corbyn a hypocrite via
standard: 'Former Prime Minister David Cameron pictured with Jeremy Corbyn fan at Wilderness festival'
I think Jill might be channeling Jeremy Corbyn.
'Jeremy Corbyn's Venezuela statement is completely hopeless even by his standards'
Jeremy Corbyn's refusal, even now, to condemn Maduro's regime is a terrifying warning as to what…
Or is Jeremy Corbyn just another hopeless ***
Jeremy Corbyn obviously still thinks He is right and refuses condemn ‘violence' of a brutal regime
Excellent from Corbyn, condemning violence 'on both sides'
Jeremy Corbyn first speech of GE2017: 'June marks end of May' (20Apr17) via
Get ready everyone, Jeremy Corbyn's back from his summer holiday
Tories won't condemn Saudi Arabia for using weapons Theresa May is selling them to bomb Yemen, but they attack Jeremy C…
Jeremy Corbyn: Message of hope resonated strongly with Sussex voters including in
"I sincerely hope that Jeremy Corbyn condemns these atrocities at the earliest opportunity."
Jeremy response to crisis will test his leadership, says Labour MP 
Jeremy Corbyn is just such a cowardly cockwomble. People are starving in Venezuela and suffering hugely. Kids are dyi…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Brian Monteith writes in the Scotsman - Venezuela exposes risk of Jeremy Corbyn revolution - - Gre…
Anti-War campaigner Jeremy Corbyn refuse to take sides - calls for dialogue to end civil unrest in Venezuela!.
Jeremy Corbyn STILL refuses to condemn President Maduro's actions in Venezuela.
If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. Jeremy Corbyn
BBC's breaking has: "Jeremy Corbyn has condemned all violence in Venezuela but hasn't condemned the president" It's time to…
Jeremy Corbyn backs giving the vote to prisoners- I really do despair
SHARE: A viral video of Jeremy Corbyn is possibly the cutest thing of the summer so far... Oh, Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn would have been attacked regardless of what he said about Venezuela. It is just a weak excuse to attack a…
This is what Jeremy Corbyn sounds like when he is condemning the actions of a government.
Maduro snatched all the moderate left-wingers from their beds to engage in the u…
Despite not being PM, Jeremy Corbyn has condemned violence in Venezuela by "both sides". That is absolutely correct. N…
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour is more popular than Tony Blair's in 1997, suggests poll
Jeremy Corbyn has spoken out about Venezuela and condemns the violence
Gentlemanly Jeremy Corbyn helps woman up massive staircase with huge pram at Crawley railway station
Jeremy Corbyn's statement on the 72nd anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs. READ https…
Brexit will be catastrophic. Yet I still support Jeremy Corbyn. Excellent article. Everything NOT about Brexit.
Jeremy Corbyn. You are an absolute diamond.
Jeremy Corbyn to the rescue !. - as appalling lack of step free access shown up at Crawley rail station today
I don't do politics but this Jeremy Corbyn guy kinda feels like he's one of us 😂
David Cameron unwittingly poses with a Jeremy Corbyn fan at Wilderness Festival
Jamaica's bobsleigh team. Eddie the Eagle. Jeremy Corbyn. Don't worry sometimes a loss is a win in the eyes of the people.
Jeremy Corbyn on 7th June..."they've still got to go to South Thanet...and I would love it..."
Lord Sugar: I'd fire Theresa May and send Jeremy Corbyn on a nice little trip to Siberia.
Records show that it was Jeremy Corbyn who let the dogs out.
Jeremy Corbyn knows who let the dogs out but won’t tell.
Worked for for 40 years to take back control, says sorry, leader,
GMB union urges Corbyn to prioritise curbing free movement over membership of the Single Market
Jeremy Corbyn Venezuela Theresa May Saudi Arabia Libya and Tory arms deals to 22 of 30 most repressive regimes in the World…
Jeremy Corbyn declined an official invite for the Battle of Passchendaele commemorations
Tory decided to attack Jeremy Corbyn today. So it's only right people get to decide on whose integrity t…
is just an out of power Jeremy Corbyn. Lets keep it that way for both of them.
Labour’s policies are crumbling before our eyes – their plans would mean higher taxes, lower wages & fewer jobs
Jeremy Corbyn is on holiday and it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect
O'Rourke will be performing live at with Jeremy
Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell were inspired by Venezuela. Given the chance they'd do the same in Britain. .
Tory lies about Jeremy Corbyn and student debt never worked, as Labour still ahead in the polls. So now they're using…
This is actually the headline story on Guardian's mobile app. What a little lapdog of the Anglo-American elite
There’s one massive problem with the Tories' desperate attempts to smear Jeremy Corbyn over the crisis in Venezuela htt…
Why is Jeremy Corbyn still keeping quiet as Venezuela burns?.
Ask many Brits what's happening in Venezuela they'll reply "Don't know, but it's all Jeremy Corbyn's fault. It says so…
Has Ken Livingstone got pictures of Jeremy Corbyn in the shower?! What will it take for Labour to expel Livingstone? htt…
Woman who attacked Jeremy Corbyn for standing up for the poor, the disabled and abused women, rakes in £72m a year http…
My column on Jeremy Corbyn's respective attitude to WW1 veterans and Nicolas Maduro
What a man! Never cease to find Jeremy's honesty and integrity uplifting.He is just one of us.
Jeremy Corbyn and the hard left have never met a banana republic they didn't like - columnist and…
7 political holidays that look totally joyless next to Jeremy Corbyn's summer break.
Jeremy Corbyn's Labour gained council seats from the Tories and UKIP last night. Hope will always win over division an…
"Serial rebel" Jeremy Corbyn, the MP that voted with the whip 85% of the time - and when he didn't, he was always on the money.…
I am Jeremy Corbyn. If you don't like my principles, I have others.
Somebody, anybody, needs to draw this to the attention of Jeremy Corbyn. It's not the EU's rules, but our interpretation of…
Group of young kids about 6 on train chanting 'ohhh Jeremy corbyn' and Friday has never felt better
'Hang on even your own party seems a bit chaotic when it comes to things like the Single Market, what the future is’.
22) If yourself and Jeremy Corbyn had been listened to in 2012-15, the UK would now look like Venezuela. W…
BBC bossses on seeing 'oh Jeremy Corbyn' going out on prime time.
Allies of Jeremy Corbyn urge him to commit to EU free movement. 'We win when we’re principled & offer alternatives'.
Tory MP Simon Hoare accuses Jeremy Corbyn of having a messiah complex for caring about hungry children
Tory MP Alan Duncan has attacked Jeremy Corbyn over Venezuela. This is what Alan Duncan really thinks of the poor. http…
They tried, and failed, to stitch up Jeremy Corbyn. Now they need to call out real lies.
I've had enough of people excusing Jeremy Corbyn, despite huge evidence to the contrary. So.
Jeremy Corbyn's talk of foreign workers "destroying conditions" was the opposite of what Labour needs. By https:…
Party time at as play 7 Nation Army. ("Oh Jeremy Corbyn!)
Telegraph published this two days after I made a blog post which focused on this precise point. Ahead of the game 😎. https:…
8ft Jeremy Corbyn mural is unveiled on side of pub
The crowd sing .oh Jeremy corbyn .at
'Did he mislead voters?' Thornberry GRILLED over Corbyn promise to write off student debt. Of course He did!
As long as the momentum remains Jeremy corbyn will remain stronger. Together we can build a country for the many not the few.
I cannot understand why anybody would vote for this treacherous man.
Jeremy Corbyn MP: My vote for Labour was NOT a vote for Brexit - Sign the Petition! via
Still such a good common sense read.
Britain's bankers would like to ignore Jeremy Corbyn. They may end up regretting that
OR just repeat Oh Jeremy Corbyn' till you're less tired and emotional
.said he was “appalled at the glorification of killing wild and rare animals on this TV channel”.
Good to see Jeremy Corbyn express his anger over Arsenal owners new trophy hunting TV channel
Peter Hitchens: this nonsense of attacking Jeremy Corbyn is neither civilised nor sensible
JC will go down in history as a man who betrayed the Labour Party and the country's young.
Jeremy Corbyn: “As an Arsenal fan I’m disgusted that Stan Kroenke is involved in such a brutal, unethical and unnecessary a…
Jeremy Corbyn says spending 'shedloads' on remembering WWI soldiers is POINTLESS
Corbyn 'disgusted' at Arsenal owner over hunting TV channel
If Corbyn is elected it won't be long until the UK becomes like Venezuela
Jeremy Corbyn, himself an Arsenal fan, attacks owner over blood sports TV. Time for a mass boycott of Arsenal??
could looking the tactics used on the opposition and thinking "Hmmm 🤔I wonder"
Jeremy Corbyn never promised to cancel student debt. But Theresa May did pledge to cap energy prices. Media hound Corbyn, ignore May.
Ben Fogle & Jeremy Corbyn take aim at Arsenal owner over new hunting channel showing killing of lions and elephants
Jeremy Corbyn SLAMMED for his silence as he refuses to comment on growing Venezuela crisis
You're a lying hypocrite! Suppose you never said this either?!?
Jeremy Corbyn betraying young people on Brexit? What colossal nonsense, writes Matt Zarb-Cousin
She lost votes because of a terrible manifesto that looked more like a punishment to those who have paid in and... htt…
Jeremy Corbyn 'disgusted' with owner Stan Kroenke as Labour leader calls for hunting channel to be banned! ht…
Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Salmond have sold out their Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows
Jeremy Corbyn sells out his Edinburgh Festival Fringe show via
Our Prime Minister is in Belgium paying tribute to war heroes whilst Jeremy Corbyn unveils a tribute t…
Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Salmond both sell out Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows
Tory Donor Charlie Mullins advocates having Jeremy Corbyn killed on his official company website
Labour grandee and traitor of the working class Neil Kinnock calls for Jeremy Corbyn to embrace a 'softer Brexit' https…
So have members of Labour: Jeremy Corbyn, Gisela Stuart, Dennis Skinner, Kevin Hopkins, Kate Hoey and even the late Tony Benn
Naomi Klien interviews Jeremy Corbyn for The Intercept. "The war on the collective is crumbling" We are many
Alan Johnson was heading up Remain campaign not Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn did…
Naomi Klein on Jeremy Corbyn's surprise election result.
Jeremy Corbyn speaks to thousands in Parliament Square via
Jeremy Corbyn's Venezuela is on the brink of civil war.
1966 wasn't all that long ago. Jeremy Corbyn was 17 years old. 7/
Labour could CHANGE its Brexit stance if public mood shifts says member of Jeremy Corbyn's top team.
When we said Jeremy Corbyn is the Prime Minister, it was just a meme. Not a statement that should actually inform your priori…
Corbyn is wrong to think you can only be part of the Single Market as an EU member, Norway isn't an EU member.
Corbyn: IDS must resign over disability benefit death figures
Jeremy Corbyn is wrong. You don’t have to be a member of the EU to be part of the Single Market. via
Lord Sugar called Jeremy Corbyn a cheat and told him to resign. Personally I think Lord Sugar is greatly overrated. Plese…
Jeremy corbyn and Sadiq Kahnt obviously do not understand democracy, they lost the Ge here.…
James O'Brien on the about Jeremy Corbyn & how 'bonkers' the British media has become
'JezWeDid!' Moment Jeremy Corbyn announced new Labour Party leader -
Jeremy Corbyn is never going to change his mind about the European Union. Jeremy Corbyn has never changed his mind about any…
Just 21 days. Jeremy Corbyn. From Messiah to Liar. Backed up by deceitful That's
'Shine is coming off!' slates saying youngsters no longer trust him on debt
Jeremy Corbyn is getting a reputation and it isn't a good one.
: 'Do you REGRET it?' Robinson SLAPS DOWN Jeremy Corbyn ally over student debt 'promise' . LABOUR’S shado…
Lying about Jeremy Corbyn is the favourite activity of this country's media. They are so used to it they don't know how r…
Labour has slipped rightwards on immigration. That needs to change | David Wearing
Seems yet another Liebour MP believed it too.
Did you listen to the Jeremy Corbyn comment re John Arnott & TMS?
Jeremy Corbyn wrong AGAIN after Labour corrects itself on incorrect childcare cost figure
YouGov poll (owned by Tory MP) finds 17% of 18-24 yr olds thought Labour would wipe away all student debt.But Jeremy Corbyn…
It wasn't fake news from the Tories as far as I can see. But it has been a c…
James O'Brien explains why the latest media attacks on Jeremy Corbyn are just 'bonkers'
Only 17% of 18-24 year olds interpret Jeremy Corbyn's fees statement as meaning he would write off student debt
Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are turning the UK into a laughing stock.
Watch take down for perpetuating the about Jeremy Corbyn 👏👏👏
Jeremy Corbyn is the catalyst, he is the gift.. it's just the beginning.. a movement is being built that will change the wo…
She is addressing Jeremy Corbyn when she says this
Jeremy corbyn ended his speech at with a John Cornford poem:.
'Shine is coming off!' Farage in massive sideswipe at Corbyn as student fee row rumbles on
Why Jeremy Corbyn ruling out Single Market is betrayal of future generations
Corbyn pressure to rethink opposition to the Single Market after unions urged him to keep his options open
What about ALL Lies? Lord Sugar calls on Jeremy Corbyn to resign over student debt 'lie' via
Veteran Eurosceptic, Jeremy Corbyn, who has a long history of Euroscepticism, faces a backlash now voters realise he may…
I still struggle to understand what several tax-avoiding billionaire media moguls and their tinpot journalists have ag…
Vast majority of Labour voters think Brexit is a disaster. Unfortunately Jeremy Corbyn thinks it's an opportunity.
'Jeremy Corbyn has pledged "That every existing student will have all their debts wiped off"' via
‘You are a cheat & should resign!’ Lord Sugar SLAMS Jeremy Corbyn over student debt u-turn
.points out why the latest tirade against Jeremy Corbyn is “bonkers”
Shocked at this language from Jeremy Corbyn. Comments about Central European migrants could have been made by UKIP. htt…
Theresa May. is *** The DUP... is *** Jeremy Corbyn... is *** This election was lost... by Theresa May. - Carol Ann Du…
Jeremy Corbyn vows to increase funding for cash-strapped Royal Stoke | Stoke Sentinel
Tomorrow's Daily Mail front page: Jeremy Corbyn admits he had no idea how much student debt was when he vowed to "deal with…
The Greens are losing young votes to Labor as parallels are drawn between Bill Shorten and Jeremy Corbyn.
Never seen The Beatles dedicate a song to Jeremy Corbyn so for that reason alone Cast > The Beatles
Very disappointed by position on Single Market & Is he leading or UKIP?
I've waited all my life to hear a Labour Leader say something like this. Today, it finally came to pass. Thank you Jeremy Cor…
Jeremy Corbyn officially has the same position on Brexit as Nigel Farage. Support him if you want, but you're no different th…
Welcome that Govt has listened to LGBT+ activists. will support any law to improve rights of trans people . http…
It's simple: nobody with this view can claim to... - support workers. - be interested in trade. - care about jobs.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Corbyn admits he had NO IDEA of student debt policy cost as Tories say voters were MISLED
Jeremy Corbyn: I never promised to abolish student debt
The new Jeremy Corbyn mural at the N19 pub
Jeremy Corbyn to issue increasingly terrible opinions, just to see who goes along with them, for laughs.
When voting did you believe Jeremy Corbyn would clear student debt if labour won the ?
Jeremy Corbyn just came out guns-a-blazing over the BBC pay scandal via
I like Jeremy Corbyn as much as the next progressive but hm..
Jeremy Corbyn just talked about migrants in almost the exact same way UKIP did in their 2017 manifesto.
More proof if it were needed that Tony Blair really is stupid
Today had two Tories & a Brexiteer reviewing the papers. . This is not unusual on BBC political shows panels https:/…
According to David Mundell and Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein do not exist.
Jeremy Corbyn will be the greatest Prime Minister this country's ever seen he speaks for people he speaks for truth https:/…
If Jeremy Corbyn doesn't change his stance on Labour haven't a cat in *** s chance of forming the next government
For the hard of thinking: Jeremy Corbyn repeats what he actually said before - dealing with student debt means looking at option…
.is spreading fake news about Jeremy Corbyn and student debt. . Here's what he really said: .
Update your maps at Navteq
Labour would take Britain out of the EU Single Market, Jeremy Corbyn says
"Fifteen Tory MPs 'to sign Theresa May no confidence letter'".
A Labour MP has accused Jeremy Corbyn of hypocrisy after leaked figures revealed he employs more men…
15 Tory MPs to sign Theresa May no confidence letter
Amazing news: after pressure from and Labour, the Tories commit to new trans rights
Jeremy Corbyn has an unbreakable bond with young people, they inspire him & he inspires them. http…
Dear Students, ever had the feeling you've been used
Jeremy Corbyn says he wasn't aware of the size of the student loans debt before the election when he said he would 'deal wi…
1st speech as leader: "Cut out the personal abuse, cut out the cyberbullying and esp. the misogynistic abuse online" htt…
Jeremy Corbyn rules out membership of the Single Market. We will keep fighting to protect jobs and living standards from a…
15 Tory MPs sign a letter of no confidence in Theresa May come on 33 more you know you can do it for the good of UK https:…
Daily Star pervs on while suggesting her selfie reflects badly on Corbyn. Embarrassing & hypocritical. http…
Poorly educated and small-minded politician tells us, unwittingly, that he doesn't understand the Single Market.
Says it all. admits he was unaware of £100 billion of student debt when he pledged to 'deal with it'. ht…
Disgusting anti-immigrant rhetoric from the leader of an anti-immigrant, hard Brexit party.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
This Tory pantomime has to stop, the country needs leadership not this charade...
15 Tory MPs 'sign no confidence letter in Theresa May'
You need to tell Jeremy Corbyn this please HT
Jeremy Corbyn insists he never promised to write off student debt.
"The whole point of democracy is that the people decide". Jeremy Corbyn absolutely smashes the debate on deselection. It's so si…
"The Single Market is dependent on membership of the EU" says Jeremy Corbyn, just like the Brexiteers. It isn't.
I didn't know this happened. What a terrible spectacle, Brown having to plead. I despise Corbyn for this
Labour would leave Single Market, says Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader has opened the door to deselections of MPs critical of his leadership
So, Jeremy Corbyn tells the in this weekend's edition he listened to Vaughan Williams symphonies during election campaign
Jeremy Corbyn, Peter Capaldi and Gemma Collins: Your top 5 most commented and
If u can spare 1/2 an hour, read and digest this. How the msm works to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.
How about Theresa May as Mainwairing's wife, Boris as Walker, Jeremy Corbyn as Fraser and Vince Cable as Jones?
US trade deal would be "race to bottom" Jeremy Corbyn in staggering Brexit swipe
Tony Blair should accept his era is over. Jeremy Corbyn is right for today | Owen Jones   10% Off
Without Jeremy Corbyn there would be no hard Brexit.
Does Jeremy Corbyn's Labour represent benefit claimants as well as workers? Yes it does via
Jeremy Corbyn: Parliament must have a say in Brexit negotiations -
I used to love a slideshow at school. Perfect opportunity for a doze. Please vote for Seema and Billy to strengthen Je…
This is called "Michael Cashman trying to save his own *** when Jeremy Corbyn is PM" . Pro…
Jeremy Corbyn 'very good friends' with preacher who compared *** to paedophiles
Next time someone tells you Jeremy Corbyn made a "promise" to wipe out student debt - tell them to take a look at this.
The Left will not report the Left. Muslim will not report Muslim. 'Report it!'
With independistas voting for unionist Labour... Jeremy Corbyn to hold series of mass rallies in Scotland
In comparison to May - how rich is Jezzer!. Parody article Daily Heil stylee 👍. JC4PM 🇬🇧
An open top bus is driving around parliament with people chanting "Oh Jeremy Corbyn". What a time to be alive.
Arsed we have football stadiums and Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto pledged to cap the pension age at 66.. Tory *** Party raise it to 68 not in manifesto https:/…
Here's why our own Jeremy Corbyn is offering hope to the left-wing in the USA.
How you can help Jeremy Corbyn win - and destroy the Labour Party - via
Jeremy Corbyn tells George Montague: "You are an idol." After he leaves, Montague says: "This is the best day of my life."
.and Mike Pence must not encourage anti-LGBT discrimination
Tony Blair should accept his era is over & is the right leader for here & now https:…
Is Jeremy Corbyn still hanging on in there tell him to have some dignity and resign.
If Theresa May is strong and stable why is she so afraid to debate Jeremy Corbyn. She is just weak and Wimpy.
I'll bet, Chunky Mark, your blood pressure go down with Jeremy Corbyn as PM? That would be nice wouldn't it?
Jeremy Corbyn wants trans rights overhaul – and will support the Conservatives to make it happen.
Not in Scotland they haven't!. [Has anyone told Jeremy Corbyn about devolution?]
Jeremy Corbyn speaks to Telford this afternoon. Explaining the strength of the Labour manifesto at the heart of his camp…
Democrats' new slogan doesn't go nearly hard enough. Why not repackage some variation of Jeremy Corbyn’s "for the many, not…
Jeremy Corbyn's advice to Bernie supporters in the US: Don't be discouraged.
Tories slam Jeremy Corbyn over student debt 'vows' that have 'unravelled like an old jumper' https:…
Remember they said Ed Miliband lost because he was too leftwing? How Labour's right got it all wrong - my column:
Jeremy Corbyn on Philip Hammond's public sector paycap: "He's living on a different planet to many others..".
Jeremy Corbyn destroyed the tories on their poor record on economy, wages, living standards & lack of touch with reali…
Jeremy Corbyn has literally one million more followers than Theresa May. 1.39m to 0.37m. Who can tell me which is the a…
Jeremy Corbyn responds to Theresa May's comments about Liverpool children
Jeremy Corbyn blames austerity for first stall in life expectancy for 100 years .
ordered to 'fire on dangerous enemy' Jeremy Corbyn with 'military discipline'. -Crass in the extreme. Jo Cox h…
Jeremy Corbyn vows to slash pay for BBC stars under a Labour government
Lilly Allen and Jeremy Corbyn to do benefit concert for Coverack
Jeremy Corbyn today pledged cash for "patients not contractors", fleshing out plans billed as aiming to...
ROCK FOR CORBYN: Momentum announces music festival in support of Jeremy Corbyn via
Jeremy Corbyn and his followers need to step up to the plate, listen to it's members and the country, & oppose.
Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May’s final PMQs of the summer was nearly shut down today by disabled protesters
No, Jeremy Corbyn didn't 'mislead' people over tuition fees - and Theresa May is misleading people about it.
Only one party leader has gone back on their word to students - and it's not Jeremy Corbyn
Amber Rudd said nobody knows what Jeremy Corbyn stands for, so turned the point back on the Home Secretary
Jeremy Corbyn to Theresa May at PMQs: 'Take a check with reality' – video highlights
Jeremy Corbyn taunts Theresa May over her 'squabbling cabinet'.
Jeremy Corbyn wiping the floor with Theresa May, yet again.
Jeremy Corbyn lied about dealing with student historic debt of £100bn to con young into voting Labour in
Theresa May 'like a supply teacher struggling with unruly class' as she takes on Jeremy Corbyn by
Jeremy Corbyn calls on the Tories to introduce new rights for trans people. Over to you,
Please stop lying. Every word Jeremy Corbyn states in this NME interview STILL stands:
Jeremy Corbyn has outlined plans for a huge Summer campaign blitz, targeting 95 seats across the country.
Imagine what a different world this would be if Jeremy Corbyn became mayor of London and Sadiq Khan were Labour leader. https…
"The best chief whip the Government has is Jeremy Corbyn," quips Charles Walker.
Jeremy Corbyn on Iraq Inquiry: Gordon Brown's turn to testify -
DUP leader Arlene Foster on Ian Paisley, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the deal with…
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