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Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Charles Robert Jezza Clarkson (born 11 April 1960) is an English broadcaster, journalist and writer who specialises in motoring.

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Signs you live in the Home Counties: Jeremy Clarkson lookalike cruising in his merc windows down, blasting Phil Collins.
Blame the narcotics: Jeremy Clarkson has designed a jumper letting his mouth poke Several been by
On Top Gear a few years ago ,Jeremy Clarkson had Rooney just right .A Potato headed Ofe . Looks like the P…
Piers Morgan bumps into Jeremy Clarkson at the GQ Awards via
Plot twist: Jeremy Clarkson to join One Direction and Zayn Malik to be the new host of Top Gear.
Vietnam: The Worst Car in the World - Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld - BBC
Piers bumped into Jeremy Clarkson who has recently survived pneumonia, and is trying to give up ... via
I always "hear" narration in Jeremy Clarkson's voice.
Jeremy Clarkson is actually a robot.
As is Jeremy Clarkson. They can be our dodgy financial backers. No pol…
See that's where you went wrong. Capital is to cutting edge dance music what Jeremy Clarkson is to high fashion 😉
I liked a video Jeremy Clarkson's view of off road cars - Clarksons Car Years - BBC
We need to get this picture to Jeremy Clarkson
He looks like the love child of Norman Tebbit and Jeremy Clarkson
Smells like sick! Jeremy Clarkson has a liver filled with what appears to be Delhi airport!
Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what'll get you! - Jeremy Clarkson
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Licked half a sleeping pill and was a zombie,imagine what the 1 in 10 adults who take them every night must be like.
Jeremy Clarkson has done great VO for Forza, get involved in the series.
Jeremy Clarkson turning into a malign version of the Yoko Ono bot is reminds me of a url on a K* My**rs article in the Indo.
Jeremy Clarkson and James May say it is and have disdain for anyone pronouncing it otherwise.
Nab him, grab him, stop that pigeon — and let the homeless eat him now, writes
Scrounging EU officials will annihilate every child in the UK unless Jeremy Clarkson makes feminism illegal.
I do love Jeremy Clarkson's regular article in The Sun. I like to see how far down his column I can get before I gag on…
Is it me, or does George Carlin's impression of a cow sound like Jeremy Clarkson? 🤔
The infamous Jeremy Clarkson puts the Mitsubishi Evo up against the Subaru Impreza...and the Evo runs circles around
I liked a video Jeremy Clarkson about Mitsubishi Dangan, Daihatsu Mira TURBO and Honda BEAT Amazing
On who is the best Jeremy:. Beadle: 2%. Bentham: 4% . Corbyn: 90%. Hunt: 0%. Clarkson: 0%. Irons: 3%. Paxman: 1%. Kyle: 0%. Via S…
The rumour that A levels now only exist in order to allow Jeremy Clarkson the opportunity
Jeremy Clarkson's daughter Emily issues health update for her dad after pneumonia scare
Ooooh look at me I'm Jeremy Clarkson I failed a levels now I say racial slurs and punch people who don't give me food
Jeremy Clarkson cares as he has pneumonia, you should to. Your rag's story linked pneumonia and pollution…
Jeremy Clarkson reveals he 'thought about killing himself' in pneumonia fight -
Jeremy Clarkson is a huge racist and fascist not to mention a misogynist!!!
I wouldn't want a lift from a racist fascist misogynist like Jeremy Clarkson. Can't th…
Er... Yes, the South Pole... You should have turned right at Alberquerque! But Jeremy Clarkson's jeep'…
Jeremy Clarkson reveals he 'thought about killing himself'. via
I'm hearing that pneumonia has recovered from Jeremy Clarkson.
I'm pleased Jeremy Clarkson survived pneumonia & decided not to off himself. But I would be overjoyed if he were to retire from pubic life.
Jeremy Clarkson reveals he 'thought about killing himself'.
Jeremy Clarkson: I was told I would die if I left hospital.
Met Jeremy Clarkson at a charity do once. He was really racist and VERY Tory.
Richard Hammond back behind the wheel after almost being KILLED in Grand Tour horror crash
Jeremy Clarkson reveals he nearly died from pneumonia in hospital -
Jeremy Clarkson reveals he 'thought about killing himself' during battle with pneumonia
Jeremy Clarkson was warned he would DIE if he didn't stop working to recover after falling……
Jeremy Clarkson 'thought about killing self' after life or death pneumonia diagnosis
British TV personality Jeremy Clarkson is being treated for pneumonia after being admitted to a hospital in Spain
Jeremy Clarkson: I was told to stay in hospital or die - The Telegraph did they discharge him 😀
When I went to hospital, I was at death’s door. But a far, far worse fate awaited me .
Jeremy Clarkson reveals he almost DIED as he opens up about…
I liked a video BTCC Drivers in road cars Tiff and Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson was told he would die if he left hospital following pnuemonia diagnosis
Jeremy Clarkson ‘thought about killing himself’ in hospital during pneumonia battle as he……
The Grand Tour hosts Richard Hammond and James May speak out about Jeremy Clarkson's pneumonia
James and Richard weigh in on Jeremy Clarkson the only way they know how
So Richard Hammond has a car crash Jeremy Clarkson comes down with pneumonia, worried for James May now 😭😭
Richard Hammond and James May ROAST Jeremy Clarkson as they react to his health scare
I'm gonna call it. Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will show up.
Jeremy Clarkson hospitalized with pneumonia while vacationing in Spain
Jeremy Clarkson has caught pneumonia whilst in Spain...But i thought Mallorca was 🔥🔥
Jeremy Clarkson - known for hosting TV shows "Top Gear" and "The Grand Tour" - hospitalized for pneumonia. See IN-…
Jeremy Clarkson has been admitted to hospital while on holiday in Spain.
BTW if you want Jeremy Clarkson to die then you are clearly a humourless *** of a human being
Jeremy Clarkson admitted to Mallorca hospital with pneumonia
Jeremy Clarkson rushed to hospital with pneumonia
No we cant lose Jeremy Clarkson my life will be over if he dies, get well soon Jezza
Jeremy Clarkson rushed to hospital with pneumonia during family holiday in Spain
'I'll be out of action': Jeremy Clarkson reveals pneumonia diagnosis 'forcing him to take…
Jeremy Clarkson is rushed to hospital with severe pneumonia
Jeremy Clarkson admitted to hospital with pneumonia while on holiday in Majorca
Jeremy Clarkson: “You won’t be hearing much from me for a few weeks." No problem, could you make that a few years? https:/…
Journo friends - we have an update here from Jeremy Clarkson after his hospitalisation:
‘I’ll be out of action’: Jeremy Clarkson reveals pneumonia diagnosis ‘forcing him to take indefinite’ leave…
BBC News - Jeremy Clarkson in hospital with pneumonia
My thoughts are with the Spanish hospital workers at this difficult time
Jeremy Clarkson: The highs and lows of the TV star -
news - 🇬🇧 leader Jeremy Clarkson in hospitals with newmonium 😢 🏋️
Wow. I didn't know he had a job. Jeremy posted in JEREMY CLARKSON'S TRIBE on
Jeremy Clarkson hospitalized with pneumonia - CNN
funnily enough, I don't think he is a Brexiter. Read this
Television presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been admitted to hospital during a family holiday in Spain and is being treated…
Jeremy Clarkson in Spanish hospital with pneumonia.
Thinking about Jeremy Clarkson, recovering from pneumonia in Majorca today - thoughts are with Spanish hospital staff.
A pneumonia bug has been admitted to a Spanish hospital after catching Jeremy Clarkson. Drs describe the bug's condition as '…
Jeremy Clarkson in hospital with pneumonia
Jeremy Clarkson: "The only functioning member of right now. God help us." 😂
Jeremy Clarkson's pneumonia diagnosis forcing him to take 'indefinite' leave from work
Jeremy Clarkson in hospital with pneumonia -
Whether you love or hate Jeremy Clarkson, wishing death upon them makes you some special sort of ***
Was my jeans/shiny shoes combo and selfish driving a show of support for Jeremy Clarkson? No, just what we Sevenoaks folk do. 😎🚙
TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson, 57, is in hospital in Majorca being treated for pneumonia
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jeremy Clarkson, host of Amazon Prime's "The Grand Tour," is hospitalized with pneumonia
First Hammond, now Jeremy Clarkson is in hospital... Watch Now:
Leilani Munter is the thinking person's Jeremy Clarkson. Should be the co-presenter of Top Gear with Sabine Schmitz.
On the plus side, we no longer have to lament at the inflated salaries of Jonathan Ross and Jeremy Clarkson.
Jonathan Ross and Jeremy Clarkson and the boys???
Ross kemp talk like a bald Jeremy Clarkson.
This is how much Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James Mary made making The Grand Tour 🤑
Jeremy Clarkson, Rowan Atkinson and Boris Johnson are among VIPs at book launches in London this evening – details on site.
Sam Kriss, Owen Jones, Richard Keys and Jeremy Clarkson in a room, belly laughs, flipcharting Britain's best banter.
Just In>> ". Deli visited by Jeremy Clarkson caught up in meat scare. " .
Actually i would like Jeremy Clarkson. Sometimes it is good to have an AXE fall on old wood.
Seeing Jeremy Clarkson on TV Ads a lot - thats good. Even on a really bad day, he always instantly makes me feel better about myself.
Torque/ It's a measure of force applied in a rotation/ Now you know Jeremy Clarkson
Communist Eastern Europeans will nationalise the NHS unless Jeremy Clarkson bans the burka.
Jeremy Clarkson 'stopped by police' while Matt LeBlanc celebrates new Top Gear role
Whoah, I bet Jeremy Clarkson got nothing on him. . So cute thou ☺️
Flintoff has just gone up in my estimation saying that he's not a Jeremy Clarkson fan.
Jeremy Clarkson is a legend. So going to buy Emily's book.
Jeremy Clarkson calling for the killing of badgers in Sun today what nasty piece of work he is
Organising a 'straight pride' parade. So far, we've got a float shaped like Jeremy Clarkson, and no music or dancing, just awk…
The Welsh bloke at Finsbury Park who looked like Jeremy Clarkson?
Working with Jeremy Clarkson is still the coolest thing
Richard Hammond injured in Swiss crash: Jeremy Clarkson says it was the "biggest crash I've ever seen",…
Remember, I am a Jeremy Clarkson. Not the I've never met him or I'm just a regular guy. Sort of
Tory strategists baffled that Ken Loach tack did better than the political equivalent of "Jeremy Clarkson caught saying n-word"
Clarkson and May feared that the Hamster was done for.
I know you got soul by Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson and James May both thought Richard Hammond was DEAD after horror crash
New post (Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond has escaped serious injury ...) has been published on Auto News -…
'Jeremy Clarkson and James May thought Richard Hammond was dead': Supercar crash sounded 'like bomb going off' -
Jeremy Clarkson says Richard Hammond's Switzerland crash was "biggest" he's ever seen .
Imagine Boris Johnson in talks with Europe. He's basically a political Jeremy Clarkson.
Jeremy Clarkson: Amazon show is ''Top Gear' in witness protection' . Read full story for latest details.
Richard Hammond showing us all that he still knows how to crash better than Jeremy Clarkson and James May.…
Richard Hammond's crash was the ''most frightening car accident Jeremy Clarkson has EVER ...
3 of 5 stars to The Top Gear years by Jeremy Clarkson
Richard Hammond in hospital after 'most frightening' crash Jeremy Clarkson has ever seen via telegraphnews
Richard Hammond ‘airlifted to hospital’ after SHOCK CRASH filming The Grand Tour:
Jeremy Clarkson and James May spotted filming in Huddersfield - live news
Jeremy Clarkson treats new girlfriend to FA Cup final date as romance continues to heat up.
as relevant as confusing Mickey Rooney & Wayne Rooney or Tommy Robinson & Nick Robinson or Jeremy Corbyn & Jeremy Clarkson
Murdo wants to be the Jeremy Clarkson of Scottish Parliament but he comes off as a lying scoundrel instead.
Jeremy Clarkson has made a pretty successful career by avoiding political correctness
Getting rid of the Jeremy Clarkson of HHM will backfire. Along with Roy Chubby Brown
Been on telly for Donkeys years. Started off with Jeremy Clarkson presenting, then Craig Charles later. Spotty herberts show 😂
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were credited as stunt performers
If that's May and Hammond it can only be Jeremy Clarkson.
If smartphones had been around in 2004 then Piers Morgan getting lamped by Jeremy Clarkson could've been the original Richard Spencer meme.
Jeremy Clarkson: should old Top Gear host feel threatened by Matt LeBlanc?
'It’s c**p like Brexit!' Steve Coogan DESTROYS Jeremy Clarkson over his 'bullying comedy':
Any photographer that makes Neil Flynn look like Jeremy Clarkson should not be allowed near a camera. Shameful,…
On the subject of awful men upsetting equally awful men remember when Jeremy Clarkson apparently punched Piers Morgan
Imagine if Jeremy Clarkson was only ever allowed to punch Piers Morgan. The world would be happier, and we'd still have old Top Gear.
to bad Jeremy Clarkson didn't punch morgan hard enough, it could have help him see clearer
Punching Piers Morgan was one of the best things that Jeremy Clarkson ever did.
whenever Jeremy Clarkson does something weird I just remember when he slammed Piers Morgan in the face.
Ugh. Piers Morgan is like Jeremy Clarkson without the charm. Vile.
Piers Morgan is such a sleaze ball that even Jeremy Clarkson punched him.
I only agree with Jeremy Clarkson on two things, one being how much of a wanker Piers Morgan is. He's an utter *** womble.
Tell you what: if Jeremy Clarkson will go punch Piers Morgan for us again, we'll petition the BBC to take him back.
Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farage walk into a bar. I'd love to tell you the punchline but I downed my pint and left IMMEDIATELY
I'm envious of Jeremy Clarkson. If only because he got to punch Piers Morgan in the face.
Ppl say Piers Morgan should be sacked a'la Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson punched sum1, but Morgan only punches his own face, metaphorically.
Is Morgan the new Jeremy Clarkson, favourite of the blobs, menace to decency?
say what you want about Jeremy Clarkson, but he did punch Piers Morgan one time so he's not all bad
I was moderately negative in my opinion of Jeremy Clarkson until I learned just now that he's punched Piers Morgan MULTIPLE times. 10/10
Before Piers Morgan's CNN show i only knew him as "that bloke wot got knuckled by Jeremy Clarkson innit." I still don't know who Clarkson is
Oh man, MLC wrote a snarky article about Piers Morgan and I've never been so torn since that time he was punched by Jeremy Clarkson
@ the 2003 British Press Awards, Piers Morgan was punched three times by Jeremy Clarkson. ive never been so conflicted over a celebrity feud
Marxist Eastern Europeans will exterminate the NHS unless Jeremy Clarkson makes feminism illegal.
I'm not in Burma with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May though.
IMDb sits down with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May from to discuss their favorite m…
Jeremy Clarkson in an Aston Martin DB11. James May in a Rolls-Royce Dawn. Richard Hammond doing doughnuts & ruining everything in a Hellcat
Tour star Jeremy Clarkson pictured with societys most eligible women on NYE ...
Grand Tour star Jeremy Clarkson pictured with society's most eligible women on NYE
Suzi Perry, Jeremy Clarkson, Lorraine Kelly, and Susannah Reid at the Millies; for more, visit…
If only Jeremy Clarkson had just punched him, using his powers for good for once.
Carrie Fisher and now this. I don't wanna live on this planet anymore!
It's no surprise Richard Hammond doesn't like ice cream since Jeremy Clarkson will punch you for serving anything cold.…
It's years of working with Jeremy Clarkson wot dun it.
If you're in any doubt as to how stupid Richard Hammonds comment was, in the video, Jeremy clarkson pulls him up on it. JE…
Dear Grim Reaper.Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan are still here
Richard Hammond: 'Eating ice cream is *** comment on Grand Tour prompts backlash. From the professionally offended!
Being in love with Jeremy Clarkson 'much gayer than eating ice cream', Richard Hammond told
So good to know that beloved folk heroes Piers Morgan & Jeremy Clarkson survived 2016's cull of the most popular, now that the year is over.
Come on 2016, there's a few days left. Let's even things up a bit. 2 words. 'Clarkson' and 'Jeremy' - get my drift. There is still time.
I hate Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear with all my heart
Even Jeremy didn't find it amusing.
People are furious at the Richard Hammond 'joke' even Jeremy Clarkson tried to back away from
James May says he once thought about killing Jeremy Clarkson
Order Miche Bag Online!
Surely at the point when *Jeremy Clarkson* is looking at you as if you've taken the whole un-PC bloke-lad thing a bit far you just... stop?
.JEREMY CLARKSON likes ICE CREAM. Does that mean he is G*Y? According to Richard Hammond he must be.…
And all this time I thought Jeremy Clarkson was the designated right-wing bigoted *** among the Top Gear hosts.…
James May insists he still thinks Jeremy Clarkson is a 'k***'
NEWS! Being in love with Jeremy Clarkson ‘much gayer than eating ice cream’, Richard Hammond told ht…
when even Jeremy clarkson finds your bigotry baffling you know you're an idiotic ***
Waste of time getting upset at what Richard Hammond and Jeremy clarkson and the other one say because all three are full time *** heads.
Richard Hammond SLAMMED by viewers for *** ice cream’ remark on The Grand Tour
Hammond informed that being in love with a man more *** than liking ice cream
Aye. Why can't Grim Reaper take tossers like Jeremy Clarkson and Katie Hopkins instead? There's still a few days yet.
That's some achievement by Richard Hammond, managing to be the biggest *** on a show featuring Jeremy Clarkson.
James May reveals how he really feels about Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson
Give or take a laughable perm and Marty Feldman's eyes, Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farage look identical. Somebody look into this.
New post (UPDATE: Jeremy Clarkson Is Officially Out of the BBC, Game Over for Top Gear) has been published on . NEW…
I have just woken up from a dream where I am part of a Mexican gang in a horror film where I find Jeremy Clarkson asleep on the toilet, ***
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The Grand Tour: Clarkson comes over all Christmassy – but he's still in panto mode
A giant Jeremy Clarkson head keeps popping up to promote 'The
(In case you couldn't pick it out, that's meant to be Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammon and James May)
if [Jeremy] Clarkson can say the prime minister is a one-eyed Scottish *** then I can say that I hope his children go blind.
This week, Jeremy Clarkson and chums are pitching up in Lapland and decking their tent with tinsel. But instead ...
Seeing Linda Robson on Queens of Disco is like Jeremy Clarkson appearing in Paris is Burning
Jeremy clarkson falling over is the only entertainment I need
I added a video to a playlist Jeremy Clarkson's Car Years (OLD 1999) - How Japan Took over the year
No Jeremy Clarkson got fired. And the other two left to join him on thier new show called The Grand Tour on Amazon.
. Didn't realise Jeremy Clarkson was an age.
According to by way of I need an Aston Martin DB 11 for Hanukah via
In the tells me why works as a travel show, and how sheep made the best roads https…
A quick, fun read ... Globetrotting gearhead Jeremy Clarkson on secrets and terrible airports via
Spend £8 a month to watch Jeremy Clarkson and James May eat a flake on The Grand Tour
new job for Jeremy Clarkson, compare fighter jets instead of super cars so trump can bag a good bargain
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I agree with this more than doctor who. I liked Matt Smith a bunch. Bring back Jeremy Clarkson 😠
Old Top Gear from 1991 - Jeremy Clarkson reviews a Ferrari 348 via when Jeremy had hair.
Jeremy Clarkson came out in favour of the EU. Journalists laugh.
Highlight of the evening watching Jeremy Clarkson strut round a Finnish studio like a swollen stork on wheels 😂
I just read this in Jeremy Clarkson's voice.
watching Jeremy clarkson full throttle on the final gear add-on thanks!
Remember when Jeremy Clarkson couldn't believe all the intoxicating sounds that come from the F-Type?
Jeremy Clarkson's most loved cars of the year - Business Insider
The wit and sarcasm of Jeremy Clarkson is unparalleled.
The Grand Tour is free to watch on Amazon this Christmas - but only for a limited time via…
People watching that ask for Jeremy Clarkson DVD's for Christmas.
Drove more gorgeous roads - into then through rocky valleys. "I like how you're basically Jeremy Clarkson in female form"
"Joe. you're not Jeremy Clarkson and this isn't Top Gear" 😂😂
This week Jeremy Clarkson eats some cheddar.
Which airport is the world's worst? We asked globetrotting car nut Jeremy Clarkson
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Globetrotting gearhead Jeremy Clarkson on travel secrets and terrible airports via
Former 'Top Gear' host Jeremy Clarkson reveals the cars he loved the most this year.
If there is one thing I want to do before I die, I want to review cars with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.
Here's my number one selling point for an Amazon Echo. You can have Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May all try to wake you up.
I bloody love the chemistry between James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. I'm so pleased to watch
Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond from the now not so cool
OH EM GEE! Massive headstones of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have arrived in Sydney!…
Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond certainly have got big heads.
I wonder how many times a day Piers Morgan's parents wish they had a son that isn't such a *** Someone like Jeremy Clarkson maybe..
Neil Degrasse Tyson, Jeremy Clarkson, Matt Farah, Chris Harris. These man's are living legends who's work speak for itself.
First images of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Loch Ness: The Top Gear trio have arrived on Loch…
I finally got to see The Grand Tour by former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May
With being fired from BBC Top Gear both Jeremy Clarkson and Richard "Hamster" Hammond are forced to dance and make…
Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond are best known for hosting the BBC's Top Gear but they're no...
LONDON — Remember hearing about the online motoring community that The Grand Tour and Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, Richar…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
When your mind sets out to confuse you. Alain Passard becomes Jeremy Clarkson and Matteo Renzi channels Mr Bean. 🤗🙃
There’s now a Jeremy Clarkson alarm for the Amazon Echo
Jeremy Clarkson angers gypsies with word fun on The Grand Tour debut
Jeremy Clarkson on how 'Grand Tour' differs from 'Top Gear'
The Jeremy Clarkson yes is something else
Jeremy Clarkson angers Gypsies and travellers with offensive joke
Watch James May BLOW UP building in explosive car chase on
Motoring presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s return to the small screen has been a long wh…
did you mean to write this in the Jeremy Clarkson voice?
Apparently Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble for making a joke about gypsies not having car insurance?
I liked a video Top Gear - James May rages at Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson angers gypsies with insurance joke on The Grand Tour debut.
- Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May Show Us the last 24 hours
Jeremy Clarkson will visit Game of Thrones set for The Grand Tour -
Jeremy Clarkson sparks backlash with gypsy comments on Grand Tour debut.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
We all know that small cars are good for us. But so is cod liver ...
the essence of the souls of future men, of Overmen." – Jeremy Clarkson
The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson angers Gypsies and travellers with offensive insurance joke
Jeremy Clarkson's narration calms my nerves
New is out - Tesla NZ, Amazon Prime NZ, Google Earth VR and guest Peter Hall
Jeremy Clarkson looks like a ballbag with teeth.
Jeremy Clarkson's The Grand Tour launches tomorrow. Exclusive preview here for those who don't have Amazon Prime: http…
Fill your boots, folks. It's like a digital car-bores' cafe. A message from Jeremy Clarkson: DRIVETRIBE
The Grand Tour: Travellers FURIOUS with Jeremy Clarkson after ‘gypsies’ joke -
"Please don't contact me if you admire Jeremy Clarkson" ❤️ (Q, 58)
Amazon's $250 million bet on Jeremy Clarkson's new show is already starting to pay off (AMZN)
I liked a video Jeremy Clarkson: Top Gear problems got 'bigger and bigger' BBC News
There is a punchy Jeremy Clarkson vacancy for which he would be marvellous.
10 reasons why The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson will be bigger than Top Gear
Jeremy Clarkson has 6.5M followers. He follows 170 people. One of them is now You should too.
My neighbor was telling me today how he just got Amazon Prime because he wanted to watch that new Jeremy Clarkson show. *moves house*
Jeremy Clarkson is back on top in 'The Grand Tour'
Jeremy Clarkson offends gypsies in first episode of The Grand Tour
Wow, I hear jeremy clarkson still hates Prius. What a great feature to hang millions of Amazon dollars on.
I despise what THE Grand Tour is implying, while acknowledging its skill:
I thought "that head-the-ball looks a lot like Liam O'Maonlaoi". Turns out it was, Outside a tent, In a desert. With Jeremy Clarkson. Odd.
Ok, who do I have to pay to stop Jeremy Clarkson appearing on my television all the time?
I'm sure I saw Jeremy Clarkson in Euston today.
Not sure if it was being on the internet but Richard Hammond looks shorter than ever. Should avoid standing next to Jeremy Clarkson!
Ladies and gentlemen, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond nd James May are back in a new Motoring series calld The Grand Tour! Thank me later😊
I liked a video from The Grand Tour The Trailer Sesond 1 Jeremy Clarkson
if Jeremy Clarkson, Gordon Ramsay and James Corden were on fire and you could extinguish just one, what sandwich would you make?
Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson's best mate has given him a good review in the newspaper for which they both work.
et al see outside a tooth whitening bar. Did you go in there ?
7 times Jeremy Clarkson and The Grand Tour basically waved their camshafts at the BBC.
Hopeless. We have 30Mb fibre and the show was still unwatchable. Amazon said we were lucky even to get a picture,
I am enjoying the Grand Tour. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May - this trio just works.
How did Jeremy Clarkson get sacked by the BBC - Interview With Pedro Lopez: via
That was an epic show and by far bypasses the new TG! New TG just tried to be Jeremy Clarkson and friends, but it wasn't real
People are insulted by Jeremy Clarkson's name for new track, it's not the BBC so political correctness can go jump
Why hasn’t Jeremy Clarkson changed his name to Jennifer yet?
for some laughs this morning, check out this SJW review of The Grand Tour
Jeremy Clarkson blows up old home to make way for new Cotswold farmhouse via > What an ***
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