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Jeremy Abbott

Jeremy Abbott (born June 5, 1985) is an American figure skater.

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Has Diane Abbott been doing the maths again? Does she think this will only cost them £30 a year too?
Well done to Diane Abbott, Jack Dromey and Jeremy Corbyn for collectively moving the odds of a Tory win to 1/33!!!
.Only 1 of these 7 things is a policy.
You might do Mary but does Jeremy corbyn and Diane Abbott? Personally I don't think so
This is great, but how do we pay for it? Corporation tax can't pay for everything... is Diane Abbott doing the sums?
Jeremy Would you buy a cabinet from this man?
Of course they will. Abbott, the magic money wizard will see to that
Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn could start a new comedy duo, Jez and the fat bird,probably be funnier than laurel and Hardy 😂
Diane Abbott doesn't seem to have found room for her friend Jeremy Corbyn on her leaflet. Strange.
More pathetic, bias coverage from when was a mug a terrifying policy?.
7 terrifying Labour policies you shouldn't forget about
Looks like Jeremy Corbyn was staying at Hilton Leeds last night - also heard Diane Abbott had some trouble locating correct room number...
Angela Rayner is almost as thick as Diane Abbott. Jeremy Corbyn has had a shocker picking this hareem.
Just stumbled across this. Sweet baby Jesus, a little bit sick in my mouth. via
Boris is a bumbling *** However, he's infinitely more capable than Diane Abbott,…
Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott show Labour are living in La La Land
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Not even Diane Abbott mentions Jeremy Corbyn in her literature. Nor her neglect of constituents over Brexit…
Labour should expel Jeremy Corbyn on June 9. It's point 1 in my ten-point plan to save the party.
Keys in the bowl provided by Jeremy Corbyn and Dianne Abbott
Britain's shortest reigning Prime Minister ever. Think that's five words? I'll blame Diane Abbott if it's not.
Farron a cretin Corbyn dishonest Abbott is embarrassing Remain is let down by collective buffoonery of banal ***
Drop Diane Abbott and save the election, Jeremy. It'll gain you thousands of votes
Diane Abbott is my favorite MP alongside Jeremy Corbyn and Dennis Skinner. Those bullying her make my skin crawl.…
labour are doomed for sure, to much jargon. They need to lose Abbott. She is hopeless. Jeremy is quality but press hate him
Our Jeremy has put Our party on the road to unity Friends!
"Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman doesn't speak for Jeremy Corbyn", cheers Diane Abbott for that reminder of Labour's incompetent leadership
I do believe that Labours shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has handed the keys to number 10 to UKIP as its...
Abbott at odds with Corbyn spokesman over immigration via
Labour say they will not vote against Article 50, even if Jeremy Corbyn’s amendment fails
So, says spokesman should have his quote 'discounted'. It's like
Many people don't realise that Jeremy's only claim to fame is not Diane Abbott but that he was born into wealth with no worries
Labour cannot win general election as 'Ukip-lite', home secretary Dianne Abbot warns -
Disingenuous of you to try and invent divisions on shadow cabinet re: immigration Helen
if you defeat Jeremy abbott will be very angry and might even put a spell on you beware
Diane Abbott: Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman doesn't speak for him
Does anyone know what Labour's approach to immigration is? Are they just hedging their bets on utter confusion?
Diane Abbott says Corbyn spokesperson doesn't speak for Corbyn. Total shambles (as usual).
The left hand doesn't know what the further left hand is doing Abbott at odds with Corbyn spokesman over immigration
Skating, I think I was told once, is the second most expensive spor...
Jeremy Corbyn stands up to the PLP. Says the right things. Diane Abbott does too. Most Labour MPs keep causing trouble.
I found Jeremy Corbyn's spine, it's hung around Diane Abbott's neck
Diane Abbott tells lies - again!! At odds with Corbyn spokesman over immigration:
Labour wrong about immigration and everything else.
Abbott at odds with Corbyn spokesman over immigration
Diane Abbott disagrees with Corbyn spokesman on numbers policy
"Ending free movement has become synonym for racism" -That's rich coming from an actual racist!.
Diane Abbott disagrees with Corbyn spokesman on immigration numbers policy
Diane Abbott says Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman doesn't speak for him
[KHON2]Kurt Browning and Yuka Sato, and national champions Jeremy Abbott and Tak…
Jeremy Abbott sass and hipster quiff. 👏
Johnny Weir!! I was more of a Jeremy Abbott fan but he srsly makes me smile with all his outfits
Congratulations on saying "Jeremy Corbyn" rather than Diane Abbott's clawing "Jeremy", as if he is a toddler.
Highly rated Dianne Abbott said "Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most talented people running for PM I've ever seen." You're right DIanne!
It must be a happy experience being Diane Abbott.
Abbott misses the love of her life, Jeremy "big *** Corbyn, and will say anything to have him inside her again!!
Diane Abbott is one of only two Labour MPs who I think is doing a good job, the other being Jeremy Corbyn. Listen to her on now.
Diane Abbott trying to claim the London mayoral election for Jeremy. Give it a rest Diane, he's moved on, so should you.
My personal story has always been about perseverance and always getting up ...
Victory for Sadiq Khan would vindicate Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott says, and would be one bright spot in testing...
"More people have heard of Jeremy than have heard of Sadiq. In London, it’s all about Jeremy.” Desperate comment byDiane Abbott
Today I got to see Jeremy Abbott practice, and he is so dang inspiring 😭 Thanks for taking a pic with crazy fans!! 💙 ht…
have you seen this? (Diane Abbott in 'living in parallel universe' exclusive)
Diane Abbott: Labour elections results under Jeremy were “the beginning of something,it’s not the end of everything”. htt…
Election results show Jeremy Corbyn on track to win general election, says Diane Abbott
Abbott is as vile as George Galloway & the monster Jeremy Corbyn "THE ENEMY WITHIN"
"Jeremy appoints the shadow cabinet, not the other way round", Diane Abbott warned amid a row over Syria airstrikes
Incredible moment left-wing MP Diane Abbott praised Mao via What ever Jeremy wants she wants! Go 4 it.
Labour MP Diane Abbott has defended Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to air strikes in Syria.
Ms Abbott, a staunch ally of Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow minister for International Development, defended Mao on BBC One's politics
Diane Abbott on Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to airstrikes in Syria How can anyone have confidence in this Politician
So, you're all just recognising that Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn, Dianne Abbott etc ... are a bunch of tools. Like, for…
Centre-left moderates must get together to save Labour. Jeremy Corbyn and cronies like Diane Abbott must go.
I doubt Diane Abbott would trust Jeremy Corbyn with her cream bun though.
What Britain would like under Jeremy Corbyn's rule from DOMINIC SANDBROOK - Daily Mail
Corbyn has got big feet, I feel sorry for Diane Abbott😳
Diane Abbott, shadow development secretary, "sat writing a big stack of Christmas cards" during PLP debate on Syria https…
November 11: Tony Abbott, Miranda Devine on a panel to launch the CIS's Jeremy Sammut's book on the "adoption taboo"
Jeremy Corbyn spends another night with Diane Abbott. Tasty.
Ruth Davidson takes a swipe at Diane Abbott: After Diane Abbott was appointed to Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabine...
Ah thought auld Jeremy Corbyn hud only got wun good fook left in him, and that's the wun holdin him taegether, but Diane Abbott ?
Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott were doing a ting in the 70's? mad mad.
I heard a similar joke that involved Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn.
*** shot and missed and I came back jumpin
jeremy abbott won cup of china in 2011, i think? but it's the US men's first skate america win since evan
Jeremy Abbott is all that matters to me
Is Jeremy Abbott out yet? I love how Adam Rippon finally came out, but I was like, "Honey, there was no door on that closet."
yeah, but if practice counted Jeremy Abbott and Brendan Mroz would have world championships.
spin doctor lives "in 1992" according to the Mail. Wish I could join him...
I like Chartrand but her take on Pina is not as well choreographed as Jeremy Abbott's from the last Olympic season. It's a little bland.
Miner - very Jeremy Abbott-esque program. Love the choreographic elements in it.
Who else is thinking of Jeremy Abbott right now?
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I don't *care* that Diane Abbott & Jeremy Corbyn had a 'thing' a long time ago. Why do you keep going on about it?
[KHON2]and national champions Takeshi Honda and Jeremy Abbott. Golden Moment Hawaii is…
"Jeremy, it's me. You know, your girlfriend, Diane Abbott. You know that new sound you've been looking for?"
China in 21st century has achieved miracles. It's even got Jeremy Corbyn into white tie & tails. Do you think it can also shut up Ms Abbott?
Joe Hockey doesn't realise it but serving as Abbott's treasurer will be the lowlight of his career. A good bloke, I wish him & family well.
You ought to practice what you preach!
Jeremy Corbyn, Luciana Berger, Diane Abbott, David Lammy all speak up for people like you. Join Corbyn’s Labour party
"Jeremy Corbyn recreating the *** pic he sent to Diane Abbott" glad to see one of my fave jokes make the 'best of'
[KHON2]Yuka Sato and Miki Ando, and national champions Takeshi Honda and Jeremy Abbott. Go…
Jeremy Abbott to sit out figure skating season -
My favorite skaters are Jeremy Abbott and Alissa Czisny-neither have a World Title, but they are brilliant at what they do.
A first look at Ashley Cain's new program to Birdie's 'Skinny Love,' choreographed by Jeremy Abbott.…
[USA Today]SOCHI, Russia – Jeremy Abbott has been grounded. After the four-time U.S … Inst…
No audio but so happy to see gorgeous skating! Thanks for uploading! FrenchieSkate - Jeremy Abbott:
Portillo looks at Abbott as if she smells like Ron Jeremy's moustache
Anonymous said: How about one of Jeremy Abbott's short programs? Lillies of the Valley or Sing, Sing, Sing...
If Diane Abbott wouldn't do for free, Andrew Neil should ask Jeremy Corbyn. I bet he'd do it, and he'd be even better. Dave Nellist?
Up now: Jeremy Abbott of on Cross Border Acquiring: Risks and Opportunities
“Sickest ping pong shot of all time 😳
Jeremy Abbott from gives keynote on being at ‘The Heart of European
Jeremy Abbott: I want to finish figure skating on my terms via
Ah... makes sense now for 6 'death cult' references
Abbott: 'it's great to be here today with my roommates'
Looks like Abbott Racing is off to Jamboree later this year as Jeremy Hewson officially passes on his entry.
Jeremy, why are you imitating my mum?
Heydon has delayed all action against HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson despite recommendation from Jeremy Stoljar SC.why…
Abbott Govt cut $3.9M in career advice & support for older Australians but managed to find $3.34M to pay Jeremy Stoljar?
Jeremy Abbott taking the gala selfie, while Adam and Evan do their own thing
US figure skating champion Jeremy Abbott, with UNCSA saxophone ensemble performed my arrangement of John...
Good stuff Jeff. I listen to Mark Abbott & think "fossil"."Founders Syndrome" can be a problem in all orgs including MLS.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'll go with... Jeremy Abbott. I love prizes :P
I'm lucky(?) that figure skating isn't so popular here. I got to see SOI with Jeremy Abbott, Jason Brown, Mirai Nagasu,
How long has Jeremy Abbott's instagram name been idreamofjeremy lol
All about Jeremy Abbott Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
► radical recovery: Attempting a quadruple toe loop, Olympic skater Jeremy Abbott swiveled into the air and fe...
Jason Brown, Rohene Ward, Emanuel Sandhu, Kurt Browning, Jeremy Abbott, Toller Cranston, John Curry - the few men that can dance on the ice
Joshua Farris is my future hope for the American men, he comes closest to Jeremy Abbott's artistry, too bad he has WD from Cup of China
Gorgeous program from Jeremy Abbott at The Ice show in Japan:...
Day whatever: Still not over the fact that Jeremy Abbott might not be retiring.
According to Japanese media, Jeremy Abbott is unsure whether he'll compete this season.
Jeremy Abbott has been anonymously posting stuff about you on various tumbir pages. So you know.
Selective hearing, Jeremy? Have a look at your sign-off and tell me what is selective about my hearing. That's an defence.
Abbott: "Let's wait and see what will happen. But let me give you this assurance: Australia is a self-respecting country." …
Abbott on Putin attending G20: "We want to ensure that visitors to this country...are people who have done the right thing b…
Pack 5-2: Tim Burke, Jeremy Abbott. Ack, there was also a Christina Gao in there! My bad. :(
"If this was Jeremy kyle you'd have a full house"
PM Tony Abbott is interview guest on tonight, talking Senate & the week in
Abbott: "We'll scrap the mining tax & spend assoc with it. The school kids bonus,low income Super contribution,low income support"
Waiting for Jeremy Abbott in the The Ice!Excited and cheerful!
I can't help but fangirl over Jeremy Abbott idek...I think he likes les Mis as well 🙊
More Jeremy Abbott love, on his birthday. :)
Wasn’t it Abbott who said that the job of the opposition is to oppose (which I disagree with, btw.)
Ohmigosh its jeremy abbott's and alex half-a-bagel's birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to the amazing and so talented Jeremy Abbott!! I hope you have an awesome birthday and best wishes! 🎉😘
Happy Birthday to Julia Lipnitskaia who turned 16 today and Jeremy Abbott who celebrates his 29th.
More birthday love for Jeremy Abbott. So glad I saw this incredible performance live and from the front row.
Happy Birthday to one of my favorites: Jeremy Abbott!!
Happy Birthday to 4 time U.S. Champion Jeremy Abbott (Here's his FABULOUS winning short...
Happy Birthday !!! Jeremy Abbott !!!. Your guts of the SP of the Olympics was very impressed.
OMG 1 day left...still have no idea what to say to Jeremy Abbott...because of so much...
The ‘void’ in Jeremy Abbott’s career via I hope he'll continue his competitive skating.
Remember when Jeremy Abbott had a mane of hair?
. All politics, no policy; all complaint, no solutions': Tony Abbott nails himself.
did you see 'Last Week Tonight' on HBO last night? this is what we are talking about
Just watched for the 3rd time. Can't stop crying with laughter!. Tony Abbott - Last Week Tonight
.Abbott's office is just a bottomless void of graceless undergraduate trollage
D-Day message from Abbott conflated with budget and open for business. How embarrassment
Politicians wrapping themselves in patriotism to make a partisan point is rightly seen as unworthy. Abbott's D-Day message…
Abbott doesn't realise he's been set up by his own party. He's also idiotic to go through with speech. Suffer in ya speedos!
when Diane Abbott was Junior health minister she seemed almost silent about NHS
Very much enjoy watching Murdoch's Tory toadies struggle to control their rising fear that Abbott has lost the plot.
Probably same WA Lib source 2 yrs ago said Abbott is just the wrecking ball to get rid of JG then install Turnbull
“Liberal Source says that Turnbull has the numbers to challenge Abbott. Supporters playing it down but there is talk.
You know you're doing something right when people who previously blocked you start RTing you're slaps at Abbott & Pyne. .
.go hard & insist climate change is on agenda at G20. Don't let Tony Abbott off the hook. . Kind regards, the Australian People
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World stunned is demolishing scheme while many other are building theirs. htt…
Only 5 days before Jeremy Abbott's 29th bday!
So happy that 'Tony Abbott - Happy' is trending tonight. Bloody brilliant! Now for Utopia on
With US President Obama warning on climate change Tony Abbott is set for a cool reception
What is missing in Jeremy Abbott's competitive career that makes him want to continue? Here's the story:.
The ACCC are the only body holding back Coles Woolies duopoly and the IPA Abbott govt want to abolish it. It's on the 75 point wish list
.the ACCC are in the IPA Abbott crosshairs too. Just a matter of time
Ok peeps. Now we know the connection between Abbott & the IPA (the auditors) what are we gonna do about it? .
Dodgy pension cuts explained Tony recalls how to deny cuts to pensions but effect will echo down ages
Tony Abbott will rue cutting advisory boards. Rue indeed. Bring on double dissolution Senators.
talks about his pending retirement and why he would continue his competitive career. Check it out:
here's my final piece from my interview with you at Thanks again for speaking with me.
That's just slimy by Abbott and Co.
Abbott lied and said altho ctax is repealed, the compensation for pensioners will remain.
Besides Jason Brown, Gracie Gold, and Jeremy Abbott ❤ cuz they have made my day a while back, they didn't push me into Tartarus😂
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It is a fan of Jeremy Abbott. Please follow me
Come join us Saturday 5/10 for Skatefest! Special guests Polina Edmunds, Ashley Wagner, & Jeremy Abbott will...
Company directors losing faith in Abbott Government - and that was before the !!!. .
New fan account for all jeremy abbott fans!
I just need her to dump Jeremy Abbott (maybe she has? he's never been there!) so they know.
How many times does Indonesia have to say no before we get it?
Most mothers (and fathers) worse off under PM's parental leave scheme | via
British MPs Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, and John McDonnell criticise timimg of Adams arrest.
"There's almost nothing wrong with our country that wouldn't be improved by a change of government" - Tony Abbott .
Got to see my love Jeremy Abbott today! So amazing. @ Xcel Energy Center
Remember how Jeremy Abbott and Alissa Czisny did a duet at stars on ice❤️
Is that Ron Jeremy's shoulder in the foreground?
BBC. Jeremy Clarkson a Apology for a Man. Grovels at the thought of losing Money. {at the thought}. Bows before Dianna Abbott
.piece about left-wing revulsion over Jeremy Clarkson was yesterday's most interesting Guardian story
I refer you to the There's No Such Thing As Society™ Handbook (Thatcher, M.revised edn Abbott, T)
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Sociopathic Tony Abbott sees MH370 as a loser now so at last has decided to shut up What a ninc…
Thank you Gracie Gold and Jeremy Abbott for taking picture with Angie and Nickie
For sale: 3 tickets to Stars On Ice, at Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL. May 3rd at 7:30 pm. Great seats, 6 rows from the ice. See some of our olympic champions skate up close. $240.00 for 3 tickets, save $44.00 and get better seats than you can buy now. Meryl Davis, and Charlie White, Gold medalist, Ashley Wagner, Gracie Gold, Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradly, and more. Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to see our Olympic Champs! PM me please.
Photoset: Team Figure Skating Olympic Bronze Medallist at Sochi, Jeremy Abbott, sported our "can’t hold us"...
We're excited to welcome USA's golden couple Meryl Davis and Charlie White on Thursday, April 10. They will headline the cast of Stars on Ice and will be joined by their bronze medal winning teammates. Fans can also expect to see two-time U.S. champion Ashley Wagner, 2014 U.S. champion Gracie Gold, four-time and reigning U.S. champion Jeremy Abbott, 2014 U.S. silver medalist Jason Brown, two-time reigning U.S. pair champions Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir and many more!
Tomas says unless you are Lambiel, Kostner, Jeremy Abbott or Daisuke Takahashi, where your programs will show artistry…
The men's figure skating roundup is HERE, in which Jess calls Jeremy Abbott the Lady Edith Crawley of the sport:
Are you watching the drama on (and off) the ice at the Olympics? So is Dorothy Hamill! The 1976 gold medalist is sharing her insider’s take on the figure ­skating competition in Sochi—from women’s skating star Ashley Wagner to USA’s men’s skater Jeremy Abbott and beyond—with her exclusive blog at Pa...
This is for Jeremy Abbott and Ashley Wagner, stop you silly antics and watch T. J. Oshie put the exclamation point on Shut The F*** Up!
i'm so proud of jeremy and jason tonight! they skated so well in these olympic games. jeremy gave us olympic moments that we'll never forget! it was so good to see him nail his long program. i'm so happy he leaves his last olympic performance on such a high note (and with a personal best score for his long program!). and Jason Brown did have little mistakes in his program, but who cares when he can PERFORM like THAT! gah! this guy is going to be amazing! A.MAZ.ING. i hope you all stayed up for the NBC late night interview meredith viera had with jason. he just looks so absolutely grateful to be at the olympic games at the start of his career. congratulations to both Jeremy Abbott and Jason Brown! in a few years when i ask myself "what were the big figure skating stories in sochi?" my first thoughts are going to be: jeremy abbott and Jason Brown :)
“For the record, there are no openly *** male skaters in Not Jason Brown, not Jeremy Abbott, not Yuzuru Hanyu nor Patrick Chan.”
The men's figure skating competition concluded on Friday with Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu capturing the gold medal despite falling twice during his free skate. Canada's Patrick Chan took the silver and the bronze went to Denis Ten of Kazakhstan. The Top American finishers were Jason Brown who finished 9th and Jeremy Abbott placed 12th.
I watched Jeremy Abbott fall yesterday during his short program, laying there on the ice in pain, probably in all sorts of confusion and agony, and rather than getting up immediately he took an extra moment to regroup and then skate the remainder of the program with the greatest of vigor. Furthermore, I saw him come back and skate today in pain his personal best ever! Definitely worth watching, see if you can find online his performance from yesterday and today. This is just one more metaphor for life and example to emulate, when you slip and fall hard, the only option is to take time to regroup, find your inner strength, and finish the program of life with your best performance, and the world will be there right behind you, supporting and cheering you throughout the journey.
Analyst Scott Hamilton, gold medalist in '84, says of Jeremy Abbott, "That was unbelievable. A lot of drama in this building …
What a beautiful long program just skated by Jeremy Abbott in spite of still having pain from yesterday's hard fall. True Olympic moment. And a personal best in score!
Jeremy Abbott is back in black and Kevin Reynolds has his blue-white costume on... This group will be more interesting.
Shaun White showed grace in defeat and so did Jeremy Abbott and Evegeny Plushenko. It's tough to fail so publicly. They are true...
Kudos to Jeremy Abbott for picking himself up after that wipeout and finishing his routine! figure skating
U.S. champion Abbott falls hard in short program: Jeremy Abbott was wedged up against the boards, spraw...
Forever crushing on Jeremy Abbott and shuan white.💓
Is it bad that the men's singles Iceskating on the Olympics is making me cry? Between Ivan Pavlov and Jeremy Abbott, bless them.
Jeremy Abbott is like the Nuke Laloosh of men's figure skating...
HUGE congrats to Team USA figure skaters for winning the bronze in the first-ever Olympic figure skating team event, and special shout out to EWC skaters Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir, Jeremy Abbott, and Jason Brown! So excited to see bring it in the individual events!
Here they are, your 2014 Olympic team event bronze medalists: Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir, Jason Brown, Ashley Wagner, Jeremy Abbott, Meryl Davis and Charlie White and Gracie Gold! Head over to U.S. Figure Skating for more photos!
MCM. I guess feeling the spirit of the Olympics. Jeremy Abbott. I love his smile. 😄
I liked a video Jeremy Abbott looks within for Sochi
Congratulations to Jeremy ABBOTT for winning the bronze in figure skating at the Sochi, Russia winter Olympics. Go USA!
World champion ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White stood behind the seated Jeremy Abbott in the Iceberg... http:…
like I seriously just teared up in the Wedge Room watching Jeremy Abbott fall down during his routine ugh he just wanted to WIN
Great Olympic debut by Gracie Gold! You were just stunning on that ice tonight! So proud of Team USA. They came so far after the unfortunate first skate by Jeremy Abbott in the team competition. Looking forward to all of your individual programs. Meryl Davis and Charlie White...,you two are AMAZING! Russia.I have to give you props! All of you were excellent in the team competition. You deserved the Gold medal. Congratulations to you.
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Yuzuru Hanyu's coach, Brian Orser makes champions because he understands the psychology of losing. Jeremy Abbott coulda …
A UK opinion of Abbotts performance so far - by Politicoid. *Rated PG: strong language.
Sigh. If only Jeremy Abbott had done better.
i'm rooting for jeremy abbott's booty. and Patrick Chan! AND JAPANESE YUZURU
Jeremy Abbott tho he was so disappointed in himself the feels I just
the one that broke my heart was the US Men's skater from the US Team Skating Event. Jeremy Abbott. :(
None of the Men's Single Figure Skaters are Cute! Only Jeremy Abbott is :-)
Omg Jason Brown is the cutest little fairy boy and Jeremy Abbott can just not
Jeremy Abbott choked in men's short program putting us in third for the team event.
DSC congratulates our Olympians for the team medals they won today.Patrick Chan Silver.Jeremy Abbott Davis&White Bronze hooray!!!
Well after Jeremy Abbott skated bad you guys had to try to play catch up. If he skated well would've been close.
Team Bronze Medalists ! Esp. Meryl Davis, Charlie White & Gracie Gold who rocked today...see them later on NBC. And teammates Ashley Wagner, Jason Brown, Marissa Castelli, Simon Shnapir & Jeremy Abbott -- you're all Olympic Medalists now! Congrats for well deserved podium finishes by Russia and Canada too! But USA, USA !
I love watching Figure Skating:) excited to watch Gracie Gold and Jeremy Abbott skate!
remember thunderbird year when you were obsessed with Jeremy Abbott? 😂
Jeremy Abbott is where it's at. He's the whole package. And magical feet. :)
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I'm glad the American team changed to Jason Brown, from Jeremy Abbott, in the second half of the figure skating competition. But really, NBC, why no kiss&cry for the Italian man ? How much time does that take ? There are only FIVE men competing. You spent nearly 2 hours on the women's biathlon today.
. Thank your team mates Jeremy Abbott. They did their parts. You did not. They deserve a medal. You do not!
Congrats. Could have and should have been silver. Thanks Jeremy Abbott. Show up next time when the USA counts on you!
I have been told I look like Jeremy Abbott the Olympic skater
Y'all say what you want about Jason Brown but he skated better than Jeremy Abbott
if it hadn't been for Jeremy Abbott. Very would be skating for silver not bronze. Thanks Jeremy. Go USA
American figure skating team came in 3rd and got the bronze medal thanks to Gracie Gold and the ice dancing pair. No thanks to Jeremy Abbott.
I just want to bake Jeremy Abbott some cookies.
well it is snowing again today. the u.s is crappy at the olympics. bode miller takes first in all three time trials and then blows it and doesn't make the podium. sure won't win one with jeremy abbott or Ashley Wagner. it seems like they train for nothing. my beautiful granddaughter turned 16 today. i remember holding her at just a few hrs. old. where has the time gone. i don't feel any older.Happy Birthday jACKLYN!
We can officially say that knot by TIFFA is worn by Olympic Bronze Medalist Jeremy Abbott!!! Congratulations to Team USA on their bronze in the Team Skating event!
if Jason Brown & jeremy abbott both skate clean the US could potentially take the top two spots for men's figure skating
I think usa at third is pretty accurate bc jeremy abbott messed up so much and our pair wasn't very good
Even if Jeremy Abbott had scored better, Team USA still wouldn't have caught Canada for silver. Whew, I'm relieved for him!
Jeremy Abbott & Ashley Wagner are Olympic medalists! I'm glad I got to see the day. Can they make it 2x medalists?
Our ice dancing is amazing. Jeremy Abbott totally screwed us on the team medal!!
remember when i met jeremy Abbott and johnny weir OH H BBDSYJD
It's amazing the US still medaled after Jeremy Abbott's performance. Props to the rest of the team for killing it in their events!
Yay! Good job making up for Jeremy Abbott, USA!
Jeremy Abbott spent so much time on his *** during the short, I assumed he was performing a program based on the life of FDR.
But still, the US takes bronze in the team event. Maybe we could have taken gold if Jeremy Abbott hadn't accidentally performed luge.
I’ll take bronze after that Jeremy Abbott disaster
Well I can't say I'm not surprised Russia got gold in the team competition after the Jeremy Abbott disaster.
Jeremy Abbott screwed up the USA ice skating team
Most anticipated winter Olympic events for me (in addition to Women's Curling): Speedskating, Bobsled, and Luge. Although the figure skating has been surprisngly compelling (for me--never been a big fan), because of all the back stories: Has Ashley Wagner finally conquered her nerves? Can Jeremy Abbott redeem himself? Will Plushenko go out with a bang?
and...Jeremy Abbott...yeah this is weird
I would opt to not award the bronze medal to Jeremy Abbott, Marissa Castelli, and Simon Shnapir.
Jeremy Abbott and Ashley Wagner will be Olympic bronze medalists.
This guy, however, I feel bad for. :o(.
That's why they brought Jeremy Abbott. He has a quad. But he fell doing it. LOL.
Even with the fall, that was still fabulous. I hope you were talking notes, Jeremy Abbott...
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Well, at least it wasn't tragic like Jeremy Abbott. He literally slid into the well
Adorable Jason Brown skating the free for USA in place of Jeremy Abbott. He's not skating up to par, though. :(
Jason Brown doesn't look like he's completely miserable out there, unlike Jeremy Abbott.
Jason Brown is going to placr ahead of Jeremy Abbott in the individual event
Why isn't Jeremy Abbott there with his team? Embarrassed? He should be.
Watching recording men's skating shorts and am thrilled and can't stop smiling because my all time favorite skater is BACK! Yevgeny Plushenko! Hasn't skated in 3 years but he's back and I'm thrilled, even if he is Russian. Now my 3rd favorite, Jeremy Abbott, from Colorado, is following Plushenko. Not good because he is talented, artistic and trained enough to almost rival Plushenko; but he has a problem often with nerves. Just missed the quad. Our Evan Lysachek, Plushenko's prime rival, is in the audience. Forgive me but I'm rooting for 31 year old Plushenko, the most artistic and passionate skater ever!
The Olympics games showcase some of the best human interest stories. It’s so exciting to live in a town with 4 Olympians at Sochi. We’re cheering for Jeremy Abbott, Simi Hamilton, Noah Hoffman and Torin Yater-Wallace and their families.
With the Sochi Olympics officially underway, the first medals will be handed Saturday. Don't know what to watch when? Here's what you should keep an eye out for on Day 1 (all times ET). All events are live-streamed at Saturday's tape-delayed daytime coverage (2 p.m., NBC) includes ski jumping, biathlon, speed skating and cross country skiing. Tape-delayed prime time coverage (8:00 p.m., NBC) includes snowboarding, freestyle skiing and figure skating. Snowboarding, men's slopestyle final When: 3:45 a.m. (live); 8 p.m. on NBC (tape delay) This new event has the distinction of being the first medal round of the Games. Eight men qualified for the 12-man final in Thursday's heats, including Canadians Max Parrot and Sebastien Toutant. Their countryman and gold medal favorite Mark McMorris, who fractured a rib at the Winter X Games last month, did not and will have to compete in the semifinal (12:30 a.m.) for one of the last four finals spots. Figure skating, team event — short dance, ladies' ...
So Cal represents in Sochi! Ashley Wagner didn't fall and the USA qualified for the finals of Team Figure Skating (were you paying attention Jeremy Abbott?). Still not my favorite sport but you gotta root for everything red, white and blue!!!
Russia's Evgeni Plushenko put on a show for sure. He was absolutely wonderful on ice. So great that he put a lot of fear in the heart of America's Jeremy Abbott. Abbott was just not there at all.
Watching the figure skating winter Olympics that I recorded yesterday and it's sooo heartbreaking when they fall...ughh poor Jeremy Abbott from USA!!!
Go USA!!! Good luck to all my FB peeps, skaters and coaches, representing in Sochi! We are cheering you all on!! Jeremy Abbott Meryl Davis Evan Bates Yuka Sato Kaitlyn Weaver Jim Peterson Amanda Evora. And to the rest of team USA!
Anyone else want to slap the female American skater standing behind Jeremy Abbott during the scores? Wipe that smirk off your face, your team mate is devastated!! Ugh!
Even glader I'm not watching. While the figure skating team event is bogus, the word is Jeremy Abbott our US Champ (I had him 4th at the trials and off the team) cracked under the pressure. No. That's impossible. No one can be that consistent, no one can blow it time after time atfer time at the highest level over a six year period and keep getting sent back for more. SHRUG
U.S. Olympic figure skater Jeremy Abbott struggles on the world stage, and did so again in the men's short program portion of the new team event. Abbott falls attempting his quad then popped his triple Axel, resulting in a low score of 65.65.
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Looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Games tonight. As I have an interest in Russian history and have twice visited the country, I am sure I will be impressed with the pageantry. Watched the team skating last night and am amazed at 31 year old Evgeni Plushenko, Russian male skater. He is still fabulous and, no doubt, still arrogant! The Japanese guy was really outstanding as well. USA's Jeremy Abbott, not so much.
My heart goes out to what Jeremy Abbott went through in team figure skating. Hope he's keeping his head high. Ready for more USA action!
Jeremy Abbott 65.65 on your short program? About right for missing your triple axle and falling on your quad.
Man, Jeremy Abbott, what a disaster! A SINGLE axel?! If he's this bad off I can only imagine how awful Ashley Wagoner is going to be!
Poor Jeremy Abbott :( I ♡ him. However, I have to give mad props to Plushenko. I detest him because of his arrogance (the same reason I don't care for Evan Lysachek, Ashley Wagner & Sasha Cohen) but this is his 4th Olympics & he still has it at 31. Amazing!
Catching up on the Olympics, watching men's figure skating. Pluschenko was arrogant and strong and practically technically perfect. Jeremy Abbott had style, a natural grace, beautifully choreographed piece, 2 errors, otherwise spectacular and did it all with heart. I say Abbott wins.
It just breaks my heart when the Olympic athletes don't have "the race of their lives" at the Olympics.or when they fall and get injured! Kills me inside.brings tears.I want all the Olympians to shine like the sun; especially TEAM USA! You can do this Jeremy Abbott! And Shaun White; you rock!!! I don't care what others know what you can do! GO TEAM USA!!!
I enjoyed watching the new events in the Winter Olympics last night. Since figure skating is my favorite event, it is nice to be able to see more skating in the new team figure skating event. It was disappointing to see the USA figure skater Jeremy Abbott perform poorly, making it difficult for the other USA competitors to score enough to medal. The slope style snowboarding was also fun to watch. I can't imagine jumping so high in the air and doing several rotations before landing!
And the score thus far is Karma one, Jeremy Abbott zero. Keep up the good work Karma.
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